Unfinished Business – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Ghost World”

“Hi, is this 911?  I have an emergency.  I may have just impregnated a ghost through eye-f*&king.” 

Fangbangers, do you find yourself living hopelessly in the past . . . 2010, to be exact?

Are you still wearing your “Jeremy & Anna Forever” t-shirt to bed every night?

Do you still feel 50% cheated by that scene in “Brave New World,” where Tyler took off his shirt, like a Good Boy . . .

. . . but Mason had to wear that ugly tank top thingy?

“I prefer to call it a Bro, or a Manzierre!” 

Do you still send Damon Salvatore hate mail for whacking Lexi in “162 Candles?”

And, perhaps most importantly, are you the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET who actually misses the TOMB VAMPIRES?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then “Ghost World” was the episode for you . . .

(Once again, all the awards go to Screencapper Extraordinaire Andre, for all the glorious, non-gif, images you see here.)

Reunited and it feels so . . . burny.

When we last left our good friend, Damon Salvatore, a Ghost Mason Lockwood was gleefully, and invisibly, tossing him around the room, for sh*ts and giggles.


 This week, the fun continues, as Mason ties poor Damon to a chair with silver chains, takes off his Magic Sunscreen Ring, and lets the sun shine in to La Casa de Rich and Awesome.

“I wish I could say this is the first time this has happened to me . . .” 

“You guys really need to get more creative with your torture techniques, ‘tied to a chair’ is fast becoming as cliched as The Wall Slam.”

Damon’s torture scene is a macabre homage, both to Damon’s torture and subsequent murder of Mason last season, which just so happened to occur, while the latter was strapped to the EXACT SAME CHAIR, and Caroline’s dad’s “Aversion Training” session on his daughter.

“The sun will come out, tomorrow.  Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sunnnnnnn.” 

Of course, this time, things are just a little bit funnier, because Damon still has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who’s doing this to him.  Enter Ripper Stefan to take advantage of the situation, by poking, prodding and tickling his captured brother.  I mean, that’s just cold . . .


DAMON: “Laugh all you want, Brother Dearest, but in about 10 minutes, someone is going to do this to YOU!” 

Though we never see it happen, we can assume that either (1) Mason got bored of playing with his new vampire toy; or (2) Stefan finally got up off his lazy bloodsucking ass to help.  Because, mere moments later, Damon is sunburn free, and cruising around Mystic Falls in his hot sports car, looking for answers . . .

“Greetings Blondie . . . Witchy”

Meanwhile, outside La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Mystic Falls is engaging in, SURPRISE, yet another town celebration.  This one is called the Night of Illumination.  I swear, the reasons for these town parties, get more ridiculous every week.  At this rate, next week, we’ll probably learn that someone from the Fell family invented toilet paper, and have a Potty Party, in his honor . . .

Speaking of the Fells’, they do seem to be the one Founding Family that gets the shortest shrift on this show, don’t they?  If Mystic Falls was Hogwarts, the Fells’ would probably be Ravenclaw.  (Oh, and just in case you were curious, the Gilberts are Gryffindor.  The Forbes are Hufflepuff.  And the Lockwoods, of course, are Slytherin.)  I only mention this, because “Ghost World,” marked our first, and last introduction to Tobias Fell, Head of the History Department, and soon-to-be winner of the Senseless Death of the Week Award . . .

R.I.P. Tobster!

Anywhoo, Tobias is waxing poetic about lamps in Mystic Falls, or some other useless crap,  while Ghost Anna is adorably mocking him.

“This guy is going to be so much more interesting, when he’s a corpse.” 

Meanwhile, Jeremy is trying his best not to look like a total freak show, while, at the same time, chatting up and holding hands with his new “Imaginary Friend.”

Alaric is standing nearby, and clearly notices something is up.

“Well, Jeremy may be nuts.  But on a lighter note, I definitely prefer his imaginary girlfriend to his real one.  This one is way less cheesy.”


However, having been on this show for three years now, he’s long ago learned not to call attention to other people’s bizarre behaviors.  To do so, inevitably causes you to end up with a stake through your heart, burnt to a crisp, or, in the case of Tobias Fell, strung up in a tree, like a Big Ole Bloody Christmas Ornament . . .

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Yearrrrrrr  . . . 

Speaking of freak shows, Bonnie and Caroline are having a VERY serious conversation about how Bonnie’s boyfriend might be cheating on him with the female version of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Caroline, who has clearly watched way too may episodes of Dr. Phil and Oprah, is really pulling for Bonnie to express her anger over Jeremy’s ghostiality.  (It’s kind of like bestiality only with .  . . well, you get the idea.)

And Bonnie is angry.  But she’s also a bit humiliated.  I mean, rejection is hard to take, no matter what.  But when your competition is INVISIBLE, and lacks a PHYSICAL BODY, that’s pretty darn harsh.

Here comes Damon in his swanky convertible.  He’s driving with the top down, of course, because he CAN.   (Oh, the joy of Sunscreen Rings, and vengeful ghosts who get bored of torturing you, before the first commercial break.)

*wipes drool from computer monitor* 

Damon wants Bonnie and Caroline (but mostly Bonnie, because this is SOOOO her fault) to know that he is none too pleased about how SOMEONE’S recent spellcasting, has enabled Mason Lockwood to “break on through to the other side” (That’s a song, right?) and spit roast Damon in his own home.  “When I kill someone, they are supposed to stay dead,” explains the undead vampire, matter-of-factly.


(Careful, Damon!  I don’t think Alaric would like that remark very much . . .)


Speaking of people responsible for this mess, Mr. I Did Some Spell to Bring My Sister Back into this World, so She Could Try to Murder My Ex Girlfriend, Matt is listening in on this exchange, and looking more than a bit guilty.

“Uh oh, it’s Bonnie and Caroline.  Maybe if I pretend I’m a ghost, they won’t see me.” 

But when Caroline and Bonnie interrogate him as to his knowledge of the Return of All Dead Characters to This Show, Matty Boy is pretty clueless.  Of course, this is not all that surprising, considering we are talking about a guy who took nearly three years to figure out that most of his friends were no longer human . . .


Then Bonnie’s bookbag, and her spellbook falls out, which makes me think, she should probably find a safer place to store it.

“Read ME!” 

(Hmm . . . I wonder if ancient spellbooks come in e-reader versions for your Kindle, Nook or iPad.  Witches ARE pretty tech savvy, nowadays.)  The book opens to some specific spell, that Bonnie must immediately go and chant.  It’s time for more Scary Latin Muttering . . . but no nosebleeds.

I’m starting to think Bonnie’s nosebleeds have gone the way of Damon’s occasionally becoming a crow, and Elena actually writing in her diary . . .

Speaking of diaries . . .

Oooh . . . now EVERYBODY can see DEAD PEOPLE!

Elena, Jeremy and Alaric are eating OUTSIDE the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  (I feel like they started shooting OUTSIDE the Mystic Grill, in the hopes that some of us would be fooled into thinking the gang is actually at another restaurant.  But us TVD fans are a wily bunch, and will not be so easily duped.)  Elena is perusing Stefan’s diary, and begging Jeremy to summon Lexi from the dead, so that she can SAVE STEFAN’S SOUL.

“Yes, I do carry around all 2,500 of your diaries, with me everywhere I go.  Do you have a problem with that?” 

It’s interesting how Elena is totally cool with bringing the dead back to Earth, if they save precious Stefan, but not if they (1) make out with Jeremy, or (2) try to roast Elena in Alaric’s car.  It doesn’t work, both ways, honey!

Then Stefan arrives, to taunt Elena about reading his diary, and to make some Damon-y jokes about eating people during the Night of Illumination.  Him and Elena then have THIS exchange, which is, more or less, a variation on the same conversation they’ve had every week, ever since Stefan became Klaus’ b*tch, back at the beginning of the season . . .


After blowing off Elena’s suggestion,  Jeremy eventually excuses himself to the public restroom, because, apparently, this is where all the cool ghosts, like to hang out.  Of course, Anna is there waiting for him.


VERY Dramatic Music starts playing the background.  And I’m wondering if there’s a speaker in one of the toilets.  How romantic!  Jeremy monologues about how he doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to play Ghost Whisperer with Anna, but that he simply must make out with her, before the Ghostbusters come, and turn her into a steaming pile of ectoplasm.


The pair then make out.  It’s pretty awesome, especially because I’m a Jeremy / Anna fan.  But I’m still kind of wishing their first kiss in two years took place somewhere other than a public restroom . . . because public restrooms tend to smell like pee . . .

We then cut back to a number of scenes, in fairly quick succession.  First, there’s Bonnie and Caroline, who have returned to that All Powerful Witch Burning Site, so that Bonnie can conduct the spell her spell book suggested to her.  She starts chanting.  Fortunately,  WE get to leave, before it starts getting too annoying.  “I don’t like this,” says Caroline, when the lights start getting all flickery.

Yeah, we feel ya, Caroline.  We don’t like it either . . .

Meanwhile, INSIDE the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Damon is trying to kiss and make up with Alaric, who’s being all pouty and toddler-like.  “I don’t like you anymore,” huffs Alaric, as he sticks his tongue out at Damon, and blows him a raspberry. 🙂

ALARIC:  “Shhh . . . I’m just playing hard to get, so that he’ll want my Chunky Monkey even more.”

DAMON:  “I heard that, you know!”


“But remember when you did like me, and we both conspired to kill Mason Lockwood.   Well, he’s back.  And I think he’s a little pissed off,” Damon replies, offering his ex-bromantic buddy, his best version of the Eye Thing, in hopes of winning his favor.

Elsewhere, Stefan has taken a break from the Ripper / Elena comedy hour, and is off to find his car.

We’re now back in Spellville with Bonnie unfortunately.  At least, she’s finally finished chanting (THANK YOU, WRITERS!)  But here’s the weird thing.  Her GRANDMA is standing next to her . . . as in the same grandma who died casting a spell with Bonnie to open that tomb, back in Season 1.

“Are you up for a game of Ring Around the Rosie, by chance?” 

 (If I recall correctly, Grandma’s death was the plot point that first ended my “friendship” with Bonnie.  After that, she got an ugly haircut, and started hating on vampires, and literally giving Damon a headache, every chance she got.  Now that I think about it, I’m not quite sure I’m thrilled about Grandma’s return.)

But, that’s not all.   Now, Elena has walked in on Jeremy and Anna kissing.


And she can SEE Anna.

ANNA: “Busted!”

JEREMY: “I swear, Elena, it’s not what it looks like.   Anna just had something in her teeth, and I was helping her get it out.”

ELENA: “With your tongue?” 

Back at the bar, Mason sits down next to Alaric and Damon to do a shot, and break a glass on Damon’s head.

MASON: “Come here often?”

DAMON: “Of course, I come here, often.  This is the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls!  Where else would I go?” 

ALARIC: “Don’t mind him.  I think it’s his time of the month, if you catch my drift.”

And Damon and Alaric can SEE him.  Outside in the parking lot, Lexi has bashed Stefan’s head into a car window.  And HE can see her TOO . . . before he falls unconscious, at least!


In other words, this sh*t just got REAL!

“I get by with a little help from my GHOSTS”

Back in Spellville, Bonnie is blubbering.  And Grandma is basically telling her to shut the f*&k up, so that the two of them can start cleaning up the MAJOR mess this teen witch has made.  It seems that Bonnie’s act of sending Vicki back to the Demon Dance Club From Whence She Came, has opened some portal between this world and the next, giving basically EVERY ghost with “unfinished business” a free multi-day admission into Mystic Falls.

Since Vicki obtained HER ability to cross over from the Original Witch, and the Original Witch is tied to Elena’s necklace, Granny says that the girls need to get that necklace back, and destroy it, in order to close the portal.   Caroline calls Elena, who’s still in the smelly bathroom, reading Jeremy the riot act for cheating on her friend with Ghost Girl.  Basically, Elena thinks that Jeremy is setting himself up for a World of Hurt, by getting caught up in a relationship with a Dead Girl, that is simply NOT REAL.


The OBVIOUS IRONY of Elena’s arguably hypocritical statements are completely lost on her, at this point . . .

After rudely leaking to Gossip Girl Caroline the details of her brother’s ghostly smooch, Elena is determined to help Caroline and Bonnie find her necklace, so that she can banish Ghost Girl Anna to the Great Beyond.  She tells Caroline that Damon has the necklace, and then hangs up the phone to stomp out of the bathroom angrily.  (SHE SHOWED THEM!)

“Geez, Ripper Stefan.  When is the last time, you brushed your teeth?” 

But then, Elena runs into Lexi, who’s all about SAVING STEFAN FROM RIPPERDOM through an Aversion Therapy that ALSO seems remarkably similar to what Caroline’s dad put her through, a few episodes back.  Lexi has even locked Stefan up in that same dungeon, where Caroline was once a prisoner.   Now that it’s in HER best interest, Elena is TOTALLY PRO GHOST!  In fact, she even calls back Caroline, to put a stall on the whole “destroy the necklace” thing.

Did I mention that Lexi has magical mystical ghost powers now?  Yeah . . . apparently, all she has to do is stare at Stefan, and his body is painfully leached of all human blood.   According to her, he is now at the equivalent of being “Nine Months Sober.”  Convenient, right?   I guess this is how the writers plan to get around the whole “last time, it took Stefan 30 years to come back to himself.”

Lexi, apparently, is really big on the whole “Tough Love” thing.  She’s stone cold, as Stefan screams in pain, as the veins in his arms and face bulge out, and his body gets soaked in sweat.  In fact, she almost seems to enjoy it!  It takes a real “special” woman to be able to be able to stomach this, even once.   And we know that Lexi has performed this little “service” for Stefan quite a few times, by now.

Among other things . . . 

Elena is having a bit more trouble coping with watching her lover boy in pain.  (Personally, I just wish Lexi had taken off his shirt, before she started.  I don’t know about Stefan, but that would certainly make this experience  a lot more enjoyable for ME!  That was one thing the Tomb Vamps got right!)


Things get particularly difficult for our heroine, when Stefan starts pleading for her to help him, while claiming that he loves her.  But when Elena doesn’t budge, Stefan’s true Ripper persona shines through.  And he hurts Elena in a way that only he can . . .


Wow, Ripper Stefan!  Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a point to all this angst, and pain, and moaning.  The idea is that by forcing Stefan to feel SOMETHING, even if its hatred, anguish, or a desire to die, Lexi can reawaken the part of him that FEELS.  I’m just wondering what they’ll do when Stefan has to go to the bathroom.  Vampires still do that, right? 😉

Of course, Stefan.  What goes in, must inevitably come out . . . 

Back at the bar, Mason claims he wants an apology from Damon for murdering him in cold blood.  Alaric thinks this is pretty hilarious, and so do I.  Damon’s not really big on the whole “I’m sorry,” thing.  In fact, the only person he EVER really says he’s sorry to, is Elena.  And that’s because he LOOOOOOOOVES her.  But Damon doesn’t LOOOOOOVE Mason, which is why Mason get’s THIS, instead: “I do a lot of things I don’t have to do.  I didn’t HAVE to kill you.”

“I just did it because it was FUN!” 

Mason finds this awkward attempt at apology kind of hilarious, and so do I.  I notice that Ghost Mason, in general, is much more happy-go-lucky guy than his living incarnation.  Screwing Lady Gaga is, apparently,  GREAT for one’s well being. 

Smiley, shiny, happy Mason admits that his “unfinished business” comes from him knowing that Tyler has turned hybrid, and pretty much gone “gay for Klaus.”  Having missed out on “Baby’s first, second, and third werewolf transformation, as well as Baby’s First Taste of Human, Mason is not about to miss another milestone in his nephew’s life.”  When Mason first arrived in Mystic Falls, it was to provide a positive male influence in Tyler’s life.  Since that idea got shot to hell, the least he figures he can do, is kill Klaus, so that Tyler won’t turn out to be a TOTAL EVIL DOUCHEBAG.

“I’m arm wrestling for your SOUL!” 

So, Mason has decided to HELP Damon kill Klaus.  He’s chosen to help his former enemy, because he knows that they have the same goal.


After all, killing Klaus will not only save Tyler’s soul, it will also save Stefan’s, by breaking the compulsion Klaus has put on him.  Additionally, it will keep Elena from becoming a human bloodbag, for all Klaus’ hybrid minions.  All in all, a pretty good deal, right?


That being said, part of me wishes Mason actually took the time to TALK to Tyler, and give him some advice, in person.  Because THAT would have been a great scene to watch . . .

Anywhoo, apparently the “tools” to kill Klaus are located where almost everything in Mystic Falls seems to be located, lately . . . the Lockwood cellar.  Damon tentatively follows Mason there.  And just like the rest of us, he can’t help but be a bit skeptical of his former enemies motives, bringing the vampire into a dark enclosed space on property that used to belong to his family.  “You think I’m leading you into a trap, don’t you?”  Mason asks smugly.


“The thought crossed my mind,” Damon admits.

Mason is FINALLY able to prove to all of us that he’s a Good Guy, when a security system in the Lockwood cellar, shoots Damon’s with large wooden stakes (MAN, this is REALLY not a good episode for Damon, is it?), and the former werewolf, singlehandedly rescues him.  You know, I’m kind of bummed Mason couldn’t stick around longer.  I think he would have made a really nice addition to Team Badass . . .

Further down, in the cellar, however, Damon finds himself unable to pass, because . . . wait for it . . . he hasn’t been “invited in.”

Hottest . . . mime . . . EVER! 

So, Mason continues down the path, by his lonesome, and sees . . . well . . . I’m not going to tell you, yet. 😉

It’s Not in the SOAPDISH!

Hilarity ensues, when Bonnie and Caroline, unable to get in touch with Damon, start tearing through his house, in search of Elena’s necklace.  Caroline makes me literally roll on the floor laughing, when she searches for the SUPER important artifact in Damon’s soapdish, which, most of us remember as the AWFUL hiding place the Elder Salvatore chose for last season’s all-important Moonstone.  Poor Damon!  He’s just never going to live that down, is he?


(Again, kudos to the TVD writers, for their adherence to continuity, and their obvious ability to laugh at their own, sometimes inexplicable, plot points.)

Meanwhile, in what is perhaps the LEAST happy of the TVD Ghostly Reunions, Frederick and his Tomb Vamp friends (or, as I used to not-so lovingly call them, the Hidey Hole Vamps), have returned to seek vengeance against the Founding Families, for keeping them entombed all those years.

“We’re BAAAAAAAACK!  Did you miss us?  No?   Well, WE DIDN’T LIKE YOU, EITHER!” 

The Tomb Vamps successfully manage to publicly lynch poor Tobias Fell (Oh, if I lived in Mystic Falls, I would have moved away YEARS ago.  How often do things like this happen here, and no one says anything?), AND crash Carol Lockwood’s car at the Night of Illumination, before SOMEONE finally musters up the courage to stop them . . .

Everyone is in danger of being made into tree ornaments by the Tomb Vamps, but they’d prefer to yell at Jeremy than to  . . . you know . . . run.  When Jeremy calls Bonnie, Caroline picks up the phone, and tells him that, if he doesn’t watch out, he’s going to lose EVERYTHING.  Well . . . actually, he’ll just lose Bonnie, but, whatever.  Then, Elena arrives to chime in.  She turns her ire on Anna, accusing her of holding Jeremy back from having sex with real live human girls.  She also accuses Anna of stealing her necklace, which, so far, no one has found.

Anna denies this, but only because she’s a liar, liar, pants on fire . . .


Once Elena has left — probably to go moon over Stefan some more — Anna admits to stealing the necklace.   Wait . . . hold up . . . wasn’t the necklace in La Casa de Rich and Awesome, after Damon retrieved it, and returned it to Elena, at the end of “The Reckoning?”


Man, someone needs to install a new security system in that place, now that EVERY WITCH, VAMPIRE, ORIGINAL, GHOST, WEREWOLF, and their mother can seemingly just walk in, whenever they feel like it.

Anna tells Jeremy that she did this, because she hasn’t found her mother on the Other Side, and she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.


Then, she gives Jeremy the necklace and starts crying.  But I’m not crying.  Nope, not me.  No sir.  It’s just raining on my face . . . and I have something in my eye . . . Did I mention I was recently chopping onions?

Yeah, so Jeremy heads off to find Bonnie, so he can give her that stupid necklace . . . a piece of jewelry that I only like when Damon uses it to
flirt with Elena . . .

Otherwise, that necklace can KISS MY ASS!

Caroline and Bonnie are driving toward the necklace, when Caroline asks to be let out the car, so that she can kick some Tomb Vamp booty, and save her Possible Future Mother-in-Law, Carol Lockwood from a possible vampiric demise. You GO GIRL!


“Please hold your applause, until after the recap.”

Without giving even a second thought to the safety of her supposed best friend, who, under normal circumstances would be NO MATCH for the much older, stronger, and more plentiful Tomb Vamps, Bonnie drives back home. (Nice one, WITCH!)

And they all just DISAPPEAR!

Back at Spellville, Jeremy finds Bonnie and gives her the Phantom Necklace, which she promplty tosses into the fire.  More Latin Chanting with Bonnie and Grandma ensues.  “You are stronger than all of this.  I am so proud of you for screwing everything up, as royally as you did this week,” Granny says.


They are holding hands.  Then, suddenly, they aren’t.  Grandma is gone.  The portal is closed.

Elsewhere, Mason disappears, conveniently before telling Damon the importance of whatever the f*&k it is he has found inside the Lockwood cellar.  (So much for helping Tyler!  Something tells me Mason’s business is still “unfinished.”  So, the poor guy will probably still be lurking around in Purgatory for awhile . . . hopefully shirtless.)

Lexi disappears too, after hearing from Stefan, how lame it is that she has nothing better to do with her Purgatory time, than to save his life.  He’s got a point.  But Ripper Stefan really has to stop calling his exes pathetic.  It can’t be good for their self esteem . . .


In the seconds before she vanishes, Lexi reminds Elena that Stefan is still “in there,” so she musn’t give up hope.  Elena nods agreeably, telling the disappearing Lexi that she knows exactly what to do now, thanks to her.  Who knows?  Maybe if Elena turns Ripper Stefan upside down, and shakes him really hard, Good Stefan will fall out of his mouth . . .

Open wide and say, “Ahhhhhh!” 

Anna disappears too, but just before she does, she meets up with her mom, and they hug, vanishing into thin air mid-embrace  All together now, “AWWWWWW!”



Caroline’s kicking Frederick’s butt, when he fades out too . . . bummer.

“Come back!  I’m not done emasculating you!”

After all the Special Guest Stars ghosts are gone, things wrap up pretty fast.  Bonnie tearfully dumps Jeremy’s ass for preferring to make out with the air in the men’s room, than make out with her . . .

“Wait . .  . before you go . . . would you mind taking off your shirt for me, one more time, so I have something to remember you by?”


Oh, did I mention that after all that hand-holding and chanting the Original Witch’s Necklace (which, according to Lexi, represents Stefan’s LOVE for Elena) . . .

STILL hasn’t been destroyed!

Who would have ever thought that, out of all the vampires, witches, ghosts, and werewolves on the show, the biggest badass of all would be a piece of cheap costume jewelry?

Then, Elena tells Stefan that she is not giving up on him yet, but if he doesn’t clean up his Ripper act soon, she’s going leave his ass to rot in the Torture Chamber.  Then she  .  . . leaves his ass to rot in the Torture Chamber.  But this time, I’m pretty sure it’s only temporary . . .


“Well  . . . I am getting a stiffy from you leaning over me, and touching my face like that.  Does that count as ‘having feelings?'”

In my FAVORITE moment of the episode, Alaric and Damon finally “kissed” and made up, after Damon called him to explore the Lockwood cellar with him, admitting that, aside from Elena, he had no one else to call. “Sometimes I do things I don’t have to do.  I didn’t have to kill you,” says Damon with a smile, repeating the same pickup lines he used on Mason earlier.

Of course, Alaric calls him on it.  And of course, Damon has a response for that too.  “I didn’t mean it with him,” he says adorably.

I hereby take back all the mean things I’ve said about this sweet Chunky Monkey, since he started fighting with my Damon.  I guess sometimes I do things I don’t have to do, either. 🙂  Oh, and you want to know what Mason saw in the cave that seemed to shock him so much . . . It was . . . wait for it, LAME CAVE PAINTINGS.

Yeah, I was disappointed too.  But, I actually think a history nerd, like Alaric, is going to absolutely eat this sh*t up.  So, more power to him, I guess . . .

And that was “Ghost World” in a nutshell.  I just have one question though.  Where was Useless Jenna in all this?  Are we expected to believe that she had NO unfinished business at all?  Oh, wait, I know!  She was the one who stood at the door of the portal, and told Vicki and the Original Witch, along with all the Evil Tomb Vamps, to just COME ON IN!

It all makes perfect sense now . . . 

Next week on TVD, we get a flashback to the lives of the Original Vampires, BEFORE they were vampires.  And we all know what that means, ELIJAH IS BACK B*TCHES!

You can check out the trailer for the episode here:

By the way, did you catch DAMON DANCING in it?  Can I get a HELL YEAH?

Until next time, Fangbangers . . .

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  1. East Coast Captain

    Very interesting episode I have to say.

    Lexi I didn´t know she was such a hardass. Did she ever hop in the sack with Stefan? Whoa, that was intense detox session maybe Stefan will learn to control his bloodlust through it.

    But Bonnie jealous of Jeremy´s ghost ex? A little ridiculous but understandable.

    I´m glad Damon apologized for acting like a 3 year old child throwing a temper tantrum. I miss Team Badass.

    I honestly have no idea how Damon is still technically alive. With all the people he´s killed I would imagine they would ban together to tear him several new ones.

    That was pretty heartwarming how Anna reunited with her ma to be together for good. All she wanted was her mom.

    But that was funny how Anna laughed at how much of douchebags the founding families were and they were douchebags targeting even innocent vampires and stealing from them. But thinking about it, the council would be pretty much powerless if dealing with something like Klaus and the Originals, there a bunch of ignorant morons even if they don´t know it. Only naive and stupid vampires have ever gotten killed by them.

    But the promo looks good although Elijah said they were from Eastern Europe, the stills look like they´re from Scandinavia or something. But thinking about your TVDTB story, Klaus and Eric would have been childhood friends instead.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! You are right. I definitely sensed some sexual tension between Stefan and Lexi. And yet, according to past episodes, she’s just his friend and . . . let’s call it . . . “life coach.” And yet, I think Lexi really had to love Stefan to put up with this “off the rails” crap multiple times throughout their history together. I mean, now she can just stare at him, and make him nine months “sober” in the blink of an eye.

      But, I imagine, back when, she was alive, she actually had to hang out with a chained-up Ripper Stefan, cursing her out, and being unbelievably mean to her for NINE MONTHS at least! Now, that’s love! I think Stefan had a point when he meanly noted how much of Lexi’s own life she gave up to cure the Ripper. She really must be a sainted vampire!

      Good point about my fanfiction, and about the general time period of next week’s Originals’ flashbacks. I actually think you might be on to something regarding Scandanavia, and Eric Northman (which would mean I got VERY lucky, in choosing Klaus and Eric to be longtime comrades in my crossover). Remember back in “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Rebecca made a random comment about the Vikings when she first entered history class? I think that was TVD’s clever way of hinting from WHEN, in history the Originals hailed.

      Of course, I could be wrong. 😉

  2. Veronica

    Hey, this is the first time I have ever commented on any of your recaps but I have been reading them for over a year and not just the The Vampire Diaries ones. I just have to say that I enjoyed your recap more than the episode which I found quite boring. The only part I liked was Alaric and Damon making up. I was literally laughing out loud for just about all of your recap. That made the episode worth it.

    Bonnie and Caroline were tearing up Damon’s room and didn’t find anything at all kinky? I was surprised. And what was up with douchbag Stefan just letting Damon get tortured. Hopefully he helped out off screen.

    It looks like Damon punches Stefan next week. Is it weird that I am totally looking forward to this and find it a little hot? For once it looks like Damon may not be the punching bag of this episode (who am I kidding, Stefan will probably get up and probably beat the crap out of stefan with his magical ripper powers that only appear when elena is not around). Seriously though, I think both Stefan and Damon have been this season’s punching bags ( I add Caroline too but she seemed to gain “inexplicable ass-kicking of way older vamps than herself” powers). I hope that Damon is the one that actually gets through to Stefan. I think that Stefan loves his brother more than he loves Elena anyway. I think Damon lets Stefan out and takes him for a brotherly night out at a bar (could it be the mystic grill?) but Stefan acts a bit douchey and it ends in a fight.

    Is anyone else pissed that Lexi has hauled Stefan from ripperdom many times without him even asking but didn’t give a sh*t about Damon to once try and help him? I think Stefan may have a very golden body part to be treated this way with every single female on this show.

    Anyway, can’t wait for next weeks episode and your recap. Hilarious as always!

    • Hey Veronica! Thank so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so honored that you enjoyed the recap, especially considering this episode wasn’t one of your favorites. (It actually wasn’t one of mine either . . . shhhh, don’t tell anyone! ;)) And of course, we both agree that the best part of the episode was the Team Badass / Dalaric Reunion. It’s about time Damon reignited the bromance with his favorite Chunky Monkey! 🙂

      LOL. Great point about Bonnie and Caroline. The writers were clever enough to make the soapdish joke, but it would have been even funnier if, in looking for the necklace, Bonnie and Caroline found a whole bunch of sex toys, costumes, a cute teddy bear, similar to the one he played with in Elena’s room, and a collection of chick flick films, like The Notebook and Titanic. 🙂 Here’s hoping there’s a deleted scene featuring this in the Season 3 DVD ;).

      You are right about the Salvatore brothers and Caroline really getting the stuffing kicked out of them this season, in nearly every episode! So much for being “invincible.” I love the idea of Damon taking Stefan out bar hopping (especially, if it involves Damon dancing again)! And you are right, there is just something about the Salvatore Brothers wall slamming one another that is oddly erotic, in a way that it shouldn’t necessarily be, considering they are related (and decidedly heterosexual).

      I do think Stefan loves Damon more than anyone in the world . . . even more than Elena. There really is nothing stronger than a blood relationship, especially one that has lasted as LONG as Stefan’s and Damon’s, even if the two were estranged for a large portion of it. I think Stefan proved that, when he sold his soul to Klaus for Damon’s life, even if he knew that meant potentially giving up Elena, forever.

      That said, it would be fitting, if it ended up being Damon who managed to make Stefan feel. Sadly, I think for this to happen, Damon will have to find himself in grave danger, and on the verge of death. I suspect it would take something that deepy emotional to snap Stefan out of his Ripper State.

      LOL about Stefan’s golden (VERY LARGE) body part! I’ve thought myself many times. No matter how douchey Stefan is to these ladies . . . Katherine, Lexi, Rebekah, Elena . . . they all just seem to keep coming back for more abuse, don’t they?

      As for Lexi not helping Damon, you bring up another excellent suggestion. After all, Lexi DID warn Damon, back when she first met him, that he was in for a world of hurt, if he didn’t deal with his anger issues.

      On the other hand, as destructively angry as Damon became in the past I don’t think he ever really got to the point of needing a detox like Stefan. Sure, Damon has done some awful things in his existence. But his worst acts tend to be the result of an outpouring of emotion (heartbreak, loneliness, anger, guilt), as opposed to the lack of emotion we see from Stefan, when he turns off his humanity. Unlike his brother, Damon seems pretty capable of controling his bloodlust. Even back in those early episodes, where Damon was portrayed as more villainous, his kills seemed more calculated to achieve a specific result, than they were driven by hunger and animal instincts.

      In an interview I read once, Paul Wesley said that the difference between Ripper Stefan, and Damon, is that Ripper Stefan, in his worst incarnation, is pretty much a TOTAL psychopath. To explain this, Paul made the analogy of being in a dark alley with a vampire, and having to choose whether that vampire was Damon or Ripper Stefan. Paul noted that, with Damon, at least, you could probably reason with him . . . and get him to spare your life, in exchange for something else the Elder Salvatore wants more than your blood.

      With Ripper Stefan, all bets are off. There is NOTHING he wants more than your blood. And, once he gets a whiff of it, there’s no telling what he’ll do! 🙂

      • Veronica

        I think you may be right regarding Lexi not helping Damon. He is very emotional and he acts on,impulse but he is not distant. I don’t think he ever truly had his feelings turned off. Poor Damon is just lonely. If this show does not end with a happy ending for Damon (hopeful Delena) I will be devastated. I think that romantic relationships aside, Damon and Stefan’s will be the true endgame of the show.

  3. Anju

    I enjoyed the damon/alaric bromance and did u notice that dalaric were juz smiling a lot at each other, while apologising ? Maybe ian and matt found the scene quite funny. Damon got hurt a lot in this physically : ( with all that wood and the sunlight. The next episode has delena interaction yay i missed them this week

    • Hey Anju! You are right! Damon and Alaric did seem very smiley and jokey with one another in that last scene. I think the actors enjoy one another’s company, just as much as their characters do. And, from what I’ve heard, both Matt Davis and Ian Somerhalder are huge pranksters on set. And who knows? Maybe Ian wrote something funny on those cave walls, to get a good reaction shot from Matt . . . just like he wore that elephant face on his Happy Place to get a good reaction out of Nina, when the pair was filming the Nude Scene together for “The Birthday.” 🙂

      Speaking of Delena . . . oh yes . . . it definitely seems like we are going to get some good scenes between the two of them, in the upcoming episode. And, I for one can’t wait! I NEED my weekly Delena fix! 🙂

  4. Amelia

    UGH MY JEREMY/ANNA SHIPPER HEART. How are they so beautiful? I was really pissed at how nobody was willing to hear Jeremy out, I mean, he didn’t break up with her,she died. And since she came back into his life,even as a ghost.. who wouldn’t want to hold on to that,even for just a little while? However, Anna let him go because she was holding him back from reality, which is interesting because she made him face reality in season 1 by him becoming a better student and overall person.
    But then, I know a lot of people dislike her, but I love Bonnie..and I felt really bad for. Bonnie had a nosebleed and risked *everything* for Jeremy’s ass,and he cheats on her with a ghost. That’s got to suck, she has the worst luck in love. Her and Matt should get together! Monnie,anyone?
    The final scene with Anna and her mom broke my heart. I admire how close they are, and I’m glad she’s no longer alone on “the other side”. In a way,Anna’s story came full circle because she originally came back to Mystic Falls to find her mother and bring her back, and now they have found peace with each other. Everything hurts!

    Also,the Dalaric post ~breakup scenes were just golden. They argue like 8 year olds, it’s so cute! I’m glad the bromance continues to live.
    I love Elena,but her hypocritical ways and selfishness in this episode bothered the hell out of me. Oh,so ghosts are bad until you find your own benefit for it? Really? Plus she was telling Jeremy that he is holding onto the past and he needs to let go, WHEN SHE’S DOING THE SAME THING WITH STEFAN! sigh.
    Also, I saw this on Tumblr and I laughed so hard. “Lexi did more for Stefan in 10 minutes than Elena did all summer.” LOL!

    I loved his episode,it kind of had a late season one feel to it. I didn’t even really care that there were no Delena/Forwood scenes, because I love TVD,and I watch it for more than just ships.. until like other shows. *coughGossipGirlcough* 🙂

    • Hey Amelia! “Ghost World” did have a late season one feel to it! In fact, the structure of the episode (along with many of the characters involved . . . the tomb vamps, Anna, Pearl, the endangered Founding Family members, including the Mayor ;)) was very similar to that of the episode “Founders Day.” So, in “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the writers paid homage to the pilot, and, in this episode, to the Season 1 finale. Very fitting!

      Like you, I was frustrated that everyone was SO understanding of Matt’s little “I’m going to let you come back to life, so you can kill Elena” dalliance with Vicki, but were completely unforgiving of Jeremy’s reconnecting with Anna. After all, Anna was Jeremy’s true first love . . . I mean, he cared about Vicki a lot. But I still think that was more a lust thing, than anything else. And, just as Matt, couldn’t resist doing whatever it took to get Vicki back into his life, even if a part of him knew deep down that it was wrong, Jeremy couldn’t resist reaching out to his first love, even if he knew his ability to do so was only temporary.

      But I think Bonnie recognized, in seeing Jeremy and Anna “together,” that he would never truly love her in the way he loved Anna. (Plus, Bonnie and Jeremy never really had great chemistry, in my humble opinion.) That said, I think you are absolutely right about a Bonnie / Matt (Monnie . . . Batt?) courtship in the upcoming episodes. After all, Julie Plec did tease that Matt would get laid this season. And, even Matt’s ex Caroline seemed to notice and hint at the connection developing between Bonnie and Matt lately. This could definitely work . . . 🙂

      Haha – Dalaric breakup scenes, indeed! 🙂 It warm my heart that these two loveable dudes were able to finally put aside their differences to “kiss and makeup” this week!

      I noticed that quote about Lexi and Elena on Tumblr too! Not only is it hilarious, the writer of it really makes a great point. In Elena’s defense though, she lacks Lexi’s Crazy Blood-Draining Ghost Stare . . . 😉

      And yes, it is no secret that Delena, Damon in general, and Forwood are, by far, my favorite parts of this series. But I do think it’s a testament to the TVD writing staff, that we can find SOME intrigue and interest in other aspects of the show too. (Because, yeah, Gossip Girl really is just one big Chair fest for me. :))

  5. As usual, great recap! Dear TVD writers, please make Mason finish his ~REAL~ business. Huhu, one episode of Mason is not enough when we got Vicki (ugh) for so long.

    Anywaaaayy, just glad Dalaric is back because I miss this bromance so much! There has been no bromance for the past ep since Klaus is gone so no Klefan hihi so yay for Dalaric.

    And ugh, Elena and her hypocritical damsel in distress ways. At least she didn’t need saving this week. And though there was no Delena or Forwood, JerAnna *pompoms* and Mason/Damon/Alaric made up for it for me. And LEXIIIIII! I love Lexi and she’s one kickass BFF Stefan got there. She had done that tons of times, what a great friend. Hihi. Hope she comes back again. Actually, I think I want everyone to come back maybe except Vicki, Rose (sorry I didn’t like her) and hmmm, that’s it? And it’s about frickin’ time Bonnie and Jer break up and well, I’m indifferent to both Bonnie and Matt so they can go be together and I’m cool with that. Now, what’s gonna happen to Jer? *pout*

    And I think Damon did not give the necklace back to Elena. Elena refused to get it because it’s a reminder of Stefan’s love and in that ep, she was like “he’s gone blahblah”.

    Really excited to see the original family next week! I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER I AM ITCHING TO WATCH THE NEXT EP!!!!

    • Hey whoopeeyoo! First, let me just say that I adore your little pink piglet gravatar! That is SO adorable! I want one! 🙂

      I’m definitely with you on Mason Lockwood. I feel like there was a lot more that could have been done with this character, particularly as far as his relationship with Tyler was concerned. On one hand, I understand why he needed to be out of the picture, so that Tyler could turn to Caroline for help with his first werewolf transformation. (YAY FORWOOD!) But now that Tyler is going off the rails, he needs Mason’s help more than ever! (Oh, yeah, and I think Dalaric could definitely use a Third Amigo for their Bromantic and Alcoholic Escapades at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls!)

      Oh, and you are not alone, I didn’t like Rose either. In fact, I always referred to her as Man Stealer, back during her story arc, as she was majorly cockblocking my Delena. To say, I wasn’t exactly heartbroken, when she got wererabies and died is pretty much the understatement of the century. I DID feel bad for Damon when Rose’s death caused him to have a breakdown though. So, I’m not totally heartless. 🙂

      I do wonder what is going to happen with Jeremy, now that his Ghost storyline is finished, and he is sans girlfriend, especially since it does seem like Matt and Bonnie are headed for future coupledom. Hey, maybe Rebekah and Jeremy can hook up! (I’d say Jeremy and Katherine . . . but since she looks so much like his sister, that would just be gross). That said, I do think that Jeremy’s connection to the “other side,” will come in handy again, when our Scooby Gang inevitably battles the Original Witch toward the en dof this season.

      Good point about the necklace too. The last we saw of it, before this week, Damon had given it back to Elena, at the End of the Reckoning, but she never put it on. I guess, after that, Damon took it, and hid it someplace other than his soapdish in La Casa de Rich and Awesome. But somehow, Anna managed to find it. Poor Damon! He’s just really awful at hiding things, isn’t he? 😉

  6. Kroy

    Oh, I liked the part wherein Mason says he wants redemption over revenge..Deep Indeed..and the Damon-Alaric Scene was Super Cute. Apart from that, I loved Anna’s scene with Pearl..Really Touching scene..Kelly Hu looked Gorgeous!;)

    Where the Hell is UAJ??I cant believe she has found her peace..In fact, I think she deserved to have plenty of unfinished business..(Atleast with Alaric’s chunky monkey if not with anyone else..Read:Elena or Jer)..Kinda missed her in the ghost brigade..Guess, she is Useless even as a Ghost!!UAJ>>U r absolutely the worst guardian ever!!Just wondering- None of Elena’s Biological or adopted parents are concerned for her well being enough to come as ghosts..but Mason came for tyler..he even bromanced his mortal enemy in the process..i liked that part as well!!

    Lexi and Caroline were Kickass..Bonny was well..kinda irritating and so was Elena..Oh but then she wasnt in her ponytail mode in this episode..Pity!!I like her best in her scenes with Damon!!Electrifying..

    Which reminds me….

    I missed Delena Moments in this episode..But I think im gonna like the next one (Delena Moments, Damon’s Dance, Awesome Locks-Elijah, Catfights b/w rebs and elena regd..Stefan??What does that guy have that Damon doesnt??)I mean like..what??!!!!

    And I loved that comment on the tumbler which says “Lexi did more for Stefan in 10 minutes than Elena did all summer.” So true..Maybe Useless Aunt Jenna passed on some of her uselessness through the open portal to Elena this season..Maybe thats why she cant heal stefan or even DO IT WITH DAMON!!!!!:(

    Pull up ur socks or Put on that Ponytail Gal!!And Yes, Waiting for the next episode..Hopefully it will be better than this one..

    • Hey Kroy! Yes, the Anna / Pearl reunion was a nice surprise at the end of the episode. I may have even gotten a bit teary watching it ;). Kelly Hu was really well cast as Pearl, since she definitely looks like she could be Malese Jow’s (VERY YOUNG) mother. And you are right, she looked amazing, in modern clothing, and without that snooty bun Pearl always used to wear in her hair. It looks like someone got a makeover in Heaven! 😉

      Poor Elena and Jeremy . . . everyone seems to want them dead, and NONE of their guardians . . . neither their parents . . . nor Useless Aunt Jenna . . . nor Uncle / Father John thought it was worth while to waddle over to the portal and make sure their kin were OK. Now, that’s just COLD! No wonder Elena’s been on the whiny, mopey, judgmental side, lately. She needs a Mommy (and to get laid by Damon, of course)!

      Thank goodness, next week’s episode is going to give us (and Elena) the Delany Goodness we SO deserve . . . AND Elijah! Oh, how I’ve missed my Elijah . . . I believe the phrase we are looking for is OMFG. 😉

  7. Tricus

    Umm this episode was okay.
    Ironic Eelan speech to Jeremy about not spending your whole life loving a ghost.Technically Elena has loved a ghost since the beginning because that wasn’t even the true Stefan when he first came to MF. Just a shadow.So now the writers are going with the power of Elena’s love will save Stefan?
    I don’t think we have seen the last of the ghosts.
    I wonder sometimes how the Mystic Falls residents doesn’t react to certain violence. Stefan head got smashed into a car window,he fell out in broad daylight and no one seem to react.
    Mason smashed a glass on Damon head and no one reacted.
    Jeremy/Anna stuff- I get that he loved Anna but you don’t do that to Bonnie especially when it was YOU who wanted to be with her.

    I actually teared up and felt sorry for Bonnie there at the end when she told him to leave.
    Bonnie need a guy who she actually have true chemistry with. Someone new to the show for a few episodes because there is no one on there right now for her
    Damon/Alaric/Mason apology was hilarious. It is sooo hard for Damon to apologize to anyone but Elena. It seems to actually pain him. hahahahahha Glad Dalaric bromance is kinda sorta back on.

    Yeah Mason would be a great addition to Team badass.
    Side note: How did Caroline get so strong, with fighting skills, to fight the tomb vamps? Even Stefan had trouble. Not believable writers.
    Sad and sweet that Damon only trusts Elena and Alaric. The writers have to work on the Stefan/Damon bro relationship once Stefan is back to normal.

    • Hey Tricus! Excellent insight about Stelena. I actually think Elena’s speech to Stefan at the end of the episode, illustrated that she recognized her own hypocrisy, in accusing Jeremy of putting his life on hold for the love of a ghost. Sure, Stefan will probably come back to himself, somehow, eventually. But, right now, the image Elena has in her head of Old Stefan ISN’T real. Just as the notion that Jeremy could carry on a relationship with a Ghost wasn’t really either.

      And I agree that the Ghosts will probably play a role in the ultimate battle between the Scooby Gang and the Original Witch. So, yes, there’s a good chance these characters will return, in addition to OTHER ghosts, like maybe Aunt Jenna, perhaps . . . or even other witches, like Luka and his family, or Maddox.

      You are absolutely right. Stefan got his head bashed into a car window, and NO ONE batted an eyelash. (Perhaps, the whole town was busy at the illumination ceremony at the time?) And you would at least think that the BARTENDER would have reacted to Mason breaking glass on Damon’s head RIGHT AT THE BAR! Weird! But hey, at least they all seemed to notice Tobias Fell’s nasty lynched corpse. So, I guess that’s progress.

      Yeah, I get that Caroline was able to temporarily take out Damon, because she caught him by surprise, and was driven by a “love” for her father. But, for a new vampire to take on an ENTIRE host of Tomb Vamps, just to save Carol Lockwood? I didn’t buy it either. Fortunately, the Tomb Vamps disappeared before things got too ridiculous!

      And again, I adore your assessment of Damon. He does seem only capable of truly apologizing to Elena. But his Man Pride prevents him from truly apologizing to everyone else. I hope Elena appreciates that! 🙂 It IS kind of sad that Damon only feels he can trust Elena and Alaric right now. Who would think of a cocky, confident, beautiful, and funny vampire like Damon being LONELY. But he IS!

      Here’s hoping that his brother, along with Katherine, Caroline, and the rest of the Scooby Gang win his trust back by the end of the Season. Our Damon deserves to be happy, dammit! 😉

  8. I liked this episode much more than I expected. You know the one thing I miss about the Tomb Vamps is the fact that you called them the Hidey Hole Vamps. Ripper Stefan isn’t too nice to his exes, is he? He’s rude to Rebekah and obviously “rude” to Elena. We haven’t seen him with Katherine though, not really.

    I laughed so much at this: “I just have one question though. Where was Useless Jenna in all this? Are we expected to believe that she had NO unfinished business at all? Oh, wait, I know! She was the one who stood at the door of the portal, and told Vicki and the Original Witch, along with all the Evil Tomb Vamps, to just COME ON IN!”

    This explains everything!!!

    And yes, all hail Lord Elijah and the originals next week. I personally love their epicness.


    • Hey Noelle! LOL about the Hidey Hole Vamps. I actually contemplated referring to them that way throughout this recap too. But I didn’t think there was anyone out there, who has been reading my recaps long enough to understand what the heck I was talking about. So, I’m honored to hear that you remembered! 🙂 Speaking of blasts from the past, I also got to use my Senseless Death Award. I haven’t gotten to do that in a while! 🙂

      Stefan IS a really bad ex-boyfriend, isn’t he? He calls Elena pathetic. He tells Lexi that her life was wasted. He manipulates Rebekah, and then makes fun of her mercilessly to her own brother. And he’s rejected Katherine, and told her he hated her, more times than I can count. He wasn’t even going to let her help him in his Kill Klaus games, during The End of the Affair!

      At least, if your Damon’s ex, he’ll still make out with you, for old times sake! 😉

      Hmm . . I wonder what evil Useless Aunt Jenna will let into Mystic Falls, next week? We haven’t seen that Werewolf Brady and his friends in a while . . .

      All hail, Lord Elijah indeed! I don’t usually adore “flashback episodes.” But even I’m willing to admit this upcoming Originals One looks awesome. I can’t wait to meet the Original Mother, Klaus’ dad, and the rest of the siblings! Oh, and, of course, I want to meet Elijah’s dad . . . all that gorgeous hair had to come from SOMEONE didn’t it? 😉

  9. AwesomeNESS as always, I have sooooooooo missed reading your recaps I have just been so tired and busy lately. I cannot miss YOUR recaps My guilty pleasure any more. YAHOO and I loved it; I was so laughing most of the time. YOU ROCK JEWLS………with a thousand Stars!! Yeah Where was Jenna is she the only Ghost that had a Gig that week LOL outside of TVD world.

    • Hey sassyfran! How are you doing? I can’t wait to hear all about your Supernatural convention adventures! Let’s e-chat, soon OK!

      Haha, yes Useless Aunt Jenna has officially become the Bouncer at the Portal between this world and the next. Watch out Mystic Falls!

      Oh, and thanks so much for the awesome recap kudos. 🙂 Your kickass recaps are my guilty pleasure too! 😉

  10. serendipity

    Hi Julie!

    Your recap was awesome!

    And yay for pointing out quite some inconsistencies here: why is Caroline so strong? She cannot possibly be stronger than the tomb vamps, just like she was stronger than Damon a few eps ago…

    And what was that with Lexi’s super-detox-sh*t? I thought I hadn’t seen that correctly… WTH? Are they seriously going to get Stefan back to his broody, mopey self so quickly? He’s only been a true ripper for one measly episode – although the true extent of his ripperdom seems to be having sorority girls (where are they always coming from?) do a bloody game of twister and be obnoxious and rude to ex-girlfriends.
    BTW where was Rebecca while all this was going on? Taking a long relaxing bath at La Casa Salvatore and doing her nails?

    And I’d say with all the people that were killed off during the past two seasons, there would be more ghosts with unfinished business skulking about… Jenna, for one. The mayor perhaps? Logan Fell? And um… Elena’s parents?

    And not a word on Katherine either… nor a peep from Mikael.

    And of course boo for no Delena scenes. I just knew that we’d gotten just a little too much last week (the hot training session, the first aid moment), so there was nothing this week of course. I did like the Mason/Damon snarkiness, and I LOVED that Ricky and Damon made up! He just never wants to apologize (well, apart from to Elena, but then again, that ‘s true lllluuurrrrvvvveee)? Stubborn. LOL

    So I am curious about next week. Indeed, Rebecca had already hinted at something with her the vikings discovered America. So they are from Viking descent then? Rebecca at least has the coloring for it. Also, I saw Damon go into the dungeon with Stefan… I would love it if indeed he would be the one to get through to Stefan. After all, I do still have the idea that Stefan feels much more for his brother than he ever did for any of his girlfriends, including Elena. After all, he gave up his cherished broodiness to save Damon, just like he forced him to turn back in the day… but knowing the supposed Epic-ness of Stelena love, that will just be wishful thinking on my part alas).

    The dancing scene: it didn’t look like the Mystic Grill… and who was dancing up there with him? That can never in a million years be Elena, but it was certainly an Elena lookalike LOL And hopefully there will be some Elijah in the flashbacks: wonder how his hair will look à la Viking?

    Great work with the brilliant recap, Julie! You actually made me enjoy it this week more than the actual episode! You rock!

    • Hey Serendipity! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap. *blushes* Yep, I had the exact same reaction as you did to Lexi’s “Now, you’ve been sober for nine months” remark. In fact, I’m pretty sure I yelled at the TV screen. “NO! Now, he’s been sober for NINE SECONDS!”

      Fortunately, based on what I’ve gathered from interviews with the actors and staff writers of TVD, I don’t think they are going to “cure” Ripper Stefan so fast. However, I do think they used Lexi’s convenient Magical Blood Draining Ghost Spell to respond to fans (like us :)),who will undoubtedly remind writers, when Stefan DOES become cured (which I suspect will happen toward the end of this season), that they specifically promised us that he would stay this way for at least thirty years. 😉

      It was a lazy plot device, for sure. But it did give us that weird bug-eyed stare Lexi made, during the episode, which, at least, gave me a laugh, while I was groaning in frustration.

      “BTW where was Rebecca while all this was going on? Taking a long relaxing bath at La Casa Salvatore and doing her nails?” LOL You always crack me up. 🙂

      It’s either that, or she’s off with Tyler, eating the rest of the Mystic Falls cheerleading squad (except Caroline, of course), as part of her campaign to become head cheerleader. 😉

      I too love the idea of Damon being the one to “cure” Stefan. However, I doubt that will happen this week. Though I’m sure there will definitely be some Salvatorey-Goodness to be had in “Ordinary People.” 🙂

      I’m still of the mindset that, Stefan will need to see Damon in grave danger again, to snap him out of his Ripperdom. After all, it was the desire to save Stefan’s life that got him in this position in the first place. How awful would it be for Stefan (AND all of us), if Damon ended up dying, anyway. It’s not going to happen of course, but I think Stefan has to BELIEVE it’s happening to get well.

      You are absolutely right. Now that you mention it, that definitely looked like a different bar than the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls. In fact, it looked more like the bar from the film Coyote Ugly. 🙂 And who IS that lucky extra who’s getting to boogie on the bar with Damon? (At least we know it definitely isn’t Vicki Donovan. ;))

  11. Andre

    Unlike with the previous episodes this one, as well as your comment, left little to be desired or commented on in my eyes. It didn’t even bother me that the witches were again some sort of plot device because this time it actually made sense. In most other instances they were just deus ex machinas, used for all sort of explanations.

    Ok, now to the actual episode:
    Finally we get some drama that actually makes sense. I mean Jeremy practically cheated on Bonnie so it is understandable that she is upset.
    And Matt, well, let’s face it the characters were so far way too accepting of the whole situation, it was about time one of them at least tries to simply walk away from it and Matt is the only one that at least somehow has a realistic chance at doing so.
    So far the reactions of the characters were the most realistic I had seen so far in a long time on the show and it kinda makes you wonder what comes after death on this show since while Pearl seemed to have found peace she clearly didn’t stop existing.
    But one thing first. That Mason didn’t speak with Tyler might be because the writers didn’t want to, but in-show you could argue that Tyler was with Rebekka at the moment.

    And Mason’s reappearance made me wonder again about the demographics in this show. I mean he is at most in his early thirties whole there is no way that his brother was younger than late 40s. It was similar with Jenna and her sister, so it is really weird what sort of age difference is on this show. Kinda like in Teen Wolf or on Ugly Betty with Wilhelmina and Renee.

    And since my suspicion regarding Rebekka and her Viking reference gained more foot with this episode I hope those drawings don’t mean (or are a hint) that Tyler is related to Klaus somehow, that would be too cliché even for this show.

    Lexis comment regarding that Stefan says that every time makes me wonder how often he slipped and whether it was really him or rather Lexi all this time who kept him sane.

    One thing before I end my comment:
    That the Originals as humans were with the Vikings in North America – of course with a big maybe since we don’t know for sure – doesn’t really fit with Elijah’s story since he said that they are from Eastern Europe.

    • Hey Andre! You know, it’s funny. Just as I expected my fellow Delena and Forwoodies to be less than thrilled with this episode, due to its noticeable lack of emphasis on either couple, there was a part of me that predicted you would enjoy it, based on its emphasis on both mythology, and characters other than the Big Three.

      Good ole Matt . . . while I can certainly understand why, after all that has happened to him, he wants to try his best to stay out of all this “supernatural stuff,” I’m not sure I approve of his actions, or lack thereof, during this episode. If Bonnie felt responsible for opening the portal, due to the snafu that undoubtedly took place , back when she tried to send Vicki back from whence she came, part of me feels like Matt should have felt equally liable for doing the spell that strengthened Vicki’s foothold on “Earth,” in the first place. I feel like, in making that decision, Matt consciously made himself a part of this supernatural world he hates so much. So, to back out now, just when things are at their roughest, and humans lives are at stake . . . well . . . I know you and I will never agree on Matt’s motivations and character. So, I will just leave it at that. 😉

      I do agree with you on why the writers failed to write an exchange between Mason and Tyler. As much as I would have wanted to see that exchange, I believe the writers are in the process of taking Tyler down a dark path, for purposes of his hybrid storyline. And an interaction with Mason might have derailed that. From Mason’s perspective though, knowing he probably had limited time on Earth, I would think that Tyler would be the first person he would want to contact . . . not Damon. Then again, if Tyler IS currently with Rebekah, as you wisely suggested, that might make contact with him largely impossible, particularly if Mason wanted to give Tyler the “Anti-Klaus” talk.

      Interesting point about the similar difference in ages (roughly ten years) between both Jenna and the late Mama Gilbert, and Mason and Mayor Lockwood. It kind of reminds me of the Secret Circle, and how all of the parents on the show both (1) died young; (2) married and had babies the year they graduated high school. This is an odd coincidence for sure. But, in Secret Circle, this actually makes up an important plot point for the show. . . or, at least, the books, which I won’t spoil, for viewers of the show, who haven’t read them. Here . . . I don’t know. Perhaps Jenna and Mason are simply both, as they say, Change of Life, babies ;)?

      I also like your assessment of Lexi having “fixed” Stefan so many times throughout history, possibly signifying that the TRUE Stefan IS Ripper Stefan, whereas the OTHER Stefan is just Lexi’s better behaved incarnation. I suspect Stelena fans would HATE this assessment of the Stefan character. But Klaus would LOVE it, and I think some Delena and Damon fans would too . . . 🙂

      • Andre

        Well, whether Matt’s decision was the right one, or the writers even thought about it much, it is at least a realistic one.

  12. I completely enjoyed this episode just wish they had continued it longer as this episode brought back minor characters who left a major impact on the story and fans of the show. I would have loved to Lexi cure Stefan and Mason help Tyler deal with his hybrid side. This episode left me hungry for more and eager to know what’s next!

    • Hey Nidah! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      Regarding the ghosts of Lexi and Mason, you never know . . . Given that the Original Witch’s necklace was never actually destroyed, there is always a chance that some of the ghosts we saw in “Ghost World” will make another appearance toward the end of the season. 🙂

      Anything’s possible on TVD, right? 😉

  13. hypakitty

    Hey! Its meee again! lmfao.. still behind.. my social life needs to slow down.. I HAVE VAMPIRES TO CATCH UP on! xD soo.. not to bring you completely back to the past..

    Just a few points!
    So.. I’m wondering.. Is it really mean I actually thought Tobias Fell was a badly done piniata in mockery of the “party”?.. I guess in a sense he was a bloody piniata.. hah!

    I loved Damon’s fustration over undead-redead ghosts coming back to haunt him.. like GOD! Doesn’t anyone know, being killed means staying killed? its in the “Book of dead 101 handbook!” rule 1 i believe :p

    The kiss with Anna and Jeremy totally had it going on.. but somehow.. they lost their chemistry a bit.. maybe its just me? Anna is a biatch! she took the necklace and lies to jeremy.. hello.. you used him -to find your mama.. but still-.. AGAIN.. and he fell for it … AGAIN!

    I wonder why Bonnie wasn’t able to see her grandma the way Jeremy and Matt where.. with them they “came back to life” but surely she had some witch thing to help her along?

    Lexi and Elena really did the whole girl power thing to a tee.. wish she could have stayed..

    Elena fighting with Jeremy in the toilet was too funny.. like SERIOUSLY? darling.. your in love with a vampire.. one who’s technically.. older than your great great grandad.. it can’t work … and doesn’t want you.. while your busy eye fucking his brother.. and getting all touchy touchy.. and sharing a house with.. your in no position to get all high and mighty..

    I must admit I didn’t believe Mason was going to help Damon.. right until he disappeared to get the shovel to help Damon.. then it came obviously clear, “he’s not standing around enjoying his misery… means he’s actually gone to help him” wow..

    It would have been to easy for the portal to close.. EVERYONE – even the blind – would have figured the necklace wasnt gonna stay fucked up..

    and on my final point.. ALARIC your a disappointment as a history teacher! How can you not know what those.. picture thingys are? Got a feeling.. his exwife Isobel probably had some sort of a book.. or something that’ll help out here

    • Hey there, hypakitty! This is actually the perfect time to catch up on TVD. After all, at the rate you are watching the episodes, you will most definitely be caught up, by the time the show returns in January. 🙂

      This episode was a bit of a reunion episode, in that we got to see so many dead characters return, and see whether the way they interact with certain Mystic Falls’ residents has changed, since we saw them last. With some of the characters, like Mason, Lexie and Anna, it might have been interesting to keep them around a bit longer, to see how they respponded to the other cast members. But for others, like Frederick, and Bonnie’s grandma, I found myself saying, “been there, done them.”

      That said, all in all, the episode also felt a bit like a standalone one, in that all the changes that happened in the beginning, were undone by the end of the hour. But you are absolutely right. Damon was still completely enjoyable and hilarious throughout the entire thing! I’m so glad Mason ended up wanting to help him, as opposed to torture him, throughout the entire hour, as he would have been well within his rights to do, under the circumstances. I mean, Damon did murder him, after all. 😉

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of the next two episodes, hypakitty. 🙂

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