Were you prepared for THIS? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Homecoming”


It looks like someone just found out Charlie’s Angels was canceled . . .

Howdy, Fangbangers!  Well, it looks like we have bit, staked, compelled, danced, and de-hearted our way through another mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries.  And man, was this episode a doozy!  For me, “Homecoming” struck me very much as the unofficial sequel / bookend to one of my favorite TVD episodes, of all time.  Of course, I’m referring to the epic “Masquerade.”


Think about it.  Both episodes featured a major black tie optional event at the Lockwood Mansion.  Both episodes featured a plan, concocted by the Scooby Gang to take down a significant enemy, in which most of the main characters played a significant role.

Both episodes contained a number of shocking twists, turns, and fake outs, as the show wound its way toward its epic conclusion.  And both episodes offered up some doppelganger hijinks, which resulted in Elena being absent for a key portion of the action.


Of course, there was one very important difference between “Masquerade” and “Homecoming.”  In “Masquerade,” the Scooby Gang’s ultimate goal was to KILL Katherine (or at least entomb her for a few million years).  But in “Homecoming,” Katherine ended up being, arguably the most important secret weapon the Scooby Gang had against their REAL enemy . . . Klaus.


So, slip into your favorite dress or suit, and choke back a few bags of blood.  Because it’s time to attend “Homecoming” . . .

(Andre, as always . . . the screencaps were amazing!  Thank you!)

The Body

White Oak Daggers .  . . all the BEST Originals are wearing them.”

We begin this episode, with Stefan calling his boyfriend, Klaus, from La Casa de Rich and Awesome, to inform him that his Daddy’s dead, and to ask him what he wants to do with the body.

“I’ve been missing our nightly phone sex chats, Klaus.  You haven’t forsaken me for that Teeny Bopper Wolf, Tyler, have you?

The fact that this episode both begins and ends with a phone call involving the care and maintenance of Original corpses is just one of the many brilliant touches to this multi-faceted little gem of an episode.   Another interesting irony of this scene?  Stefan’s words actually end up being TRUE, by the episode’s end.

But, since we are just at the beginning, let’s try not to get too much ahead of ourselves here . . .

As it turns out, Stefan’s phone call to Klaus is actually the SECOND STEP, in the longest, most drawn out, Scooby Gang plan to murder its Big Bad . . . EVER.    We flash back a bit, at this point, to just about twenty or so minutes earlier, during which our stalwart crew engages in one of its trademark Pow Wows of Sexiness and Plot Explanation.  (We haven’t had one of THESE in a while.)

During this exchange, we learn that, Stefan is the only person who could successfully lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls, with the promise of Mikael’s death.  However, since Stefan has been compelled to obey, and be more or less honest with the Original Hybrid, Mikael must ACTUALLY be dead, in order for him to make this phone call.

So, Mikael graciously allows Elena to stake him, since, as a human, she is the only one who can do so with White Oak Ash Temporary Murder Weapon, without meeting her maker, herself.  Elena quickly does the deed, without much fuss.

“Oooh, yeah.  A little to the left.  That feels good.”

Then, Stefan makes his phone call, during which a very depressed, and clearly conflicted Rebekah, confirms the existence of her father’s corpse to Klaus.

“Well, of course it’s him!  How many thousand year-old vampires named Mikael do YOU know?”

Did I mention that Mikael’s “Big Bad Klaus Killing Weapon,” is nothing but another, slightly more phallic stylish, looking dagger?  Yeah . . . that disappointed me too.  I was hoping for some gruesome, gory, step-by-step dismemberment process, or something equally sexy or complex.  Not a an ornately hand-crafted wooden weiner  .  . .  So, much for Originals being “hard to kill.”

“Did someone say, ‘hard?’ 😉

Oh, and the worst part?  ANYONE (including your grandma), can hold and wield this dagger.  So, it doesn’t even possess any cool, non-Original vampire-murdering properties, like its slightly smaller predecessor.  LAME!

Just a small quibble . . .  I’ll return to Positivity Town, now.  Thank you, very much . . .

The Bonding

In a show of false bravado, Rebekah paints her toenails, as she waits for her Bad Dad to wake up, so that he can head off to kill her Big Bad Bro.

“You know, I haven’t had a good pedicure, since 1921.  THANKS Klaus!”

You know, I have to say, out of all the characters on the show, Rebekah wins the dubious award this week, for Character Whose Life Sucks the Most.  I mean, imagine helping your dad — who you’ve been taught to hate, your entire life — to kill your brother, because that brother killed your mother, and, to some extent, your ENTIRE FAMILY.  I mean, it’s not exactly the type of situation they make Hallmark cards for . . .


What the f*&k are Hallmark cards?”

“Nothing you say matters to me,” says Rebekah, as her father returns to the living, though both vampires in the room, know this to be a lie.

No matter how awful our family members might be (and Rebekah’s are clearly the most awful of all), we are always subconsciously seeking their approval . . .

Mikael then asks where his precious peni$ dagger is hiding.  And Rebekah responds that Elena has it, the unspoken implication of that statement being, “I want to make sure you don’t try to impregnate kill me with it, you A$$HAT!”

“Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.”

Mikael, ever the warm and loving soul he is, promises Rebekah that he wouldn’t use that dagger to kill Rebekah . . . only her mother-killing brother.  “And [Klaus] will die for what he did,” explains Rebekah calmly. “But you did this to us, when you turned us into vampires.  YOU destroyed our family, not him.”


These were pretty strong words coming from Rebekah . . .  words that make me wonder how many thousands of years she must have spent in therapy to come to this very conclusion. 🙂  And while, Rebekah’s accusations clearly impact her father, I can’t help but wonder whether Rebekah too easily brushes aside her brother’s evil acts, as the mere result of his being an Original .  . .

Because yes, we are ALL a product of our families.  And Mikael’s behavior toward Klaus definitely scarred him for life, as we saw in last week’s “Ordinary People.”  Of course, Klaus would NOT have had all this power, to do all these bad things, had it not been for the spell that turned him into a vampire in the first place.  On the other hand, there are plenty of vampires who have bad dads, but don’t behave like Klaus . . . Caroline, being the most notable one.

Take THAT, fellow Bad Dad Vamps!”

But to some extent, Klaus’ own siblings, Rebekah and Elijah prove this point as well.  Because while both are generally pretty scary indiviuals, neither of them is Klaus . . .

“Yeah, I know.  I’m bad ass.”

This super intriguing scene, is followed by a super dull one, during which Bonnie mopes a bit about the fact that her ex-boyfriend would rather bang dead chicks than her.

“I know it might be fun to take time out of your busy Klaus-killing, Damon flirting schedule to talk about our feeeeelings.”

However, lest you think this TVD moment was nothing more than a two-minute waste of your precious pre-hiatus air time, I’d like to propose that this scene was actually MILDLY important, in that it hinted at the episode’s theme.

When Elena encourages Bonnie to open up and discuss her feelings about her Tragic Break-up with Jer Bear, Bonnie refuses, due to the fact that Elena is Jeremy’s brother, and will love him unconditionally, no matter what.

“Awww . . .”

“So, what,” you might be thinking.  “Jeremy wasn’t even IN this episode!  What do his Ghost F*&ker tendencies have to do with “Homecoming.”  Ahhh . . . true.  But the key word in Bonnie’s statement isn’t “Jeremy,” it’s “brother.”


Do you see where I’m going with this?  Meanwhile, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome . . .

The Contingency Plan

Honestly, this picture has nothing to do with this section of the recap at all.  Consider this my way of expressing my own personal dissatisfaction at the lack of Damon shirtlessness, of late . . .

Damon and Elena are having sex making out making wolfsbane grenades, while Elena cautions Damon about the fact that more than half of the members of their Kill Klaus Team are untrustworthy vampire douchebags.  Fortunately, Damon is well aware of this fact, which is why he has a Super Top Secret Kill Klaus Contingency Plan.  HOORAY!

But before Damon can reveal, anymore, Ripper Stefan stops by to borrow a tie.  Apparently,  all Stefan’s regular ties are lame.  I love how becoming a Ripper has seemed to awaken Stefan’s latent fashion sense gene.  (Have you notice, his hair has improved, since he went “bad?”)  Now, since Stefan believes himself to be Season , Damon, he also apparently, wants to raid Damon’s Season 1 wardrobe  . . .

“Might you be so kind as to lend me a pair of boxer briefs?”

And yet, I’ve actually never seen Damon OR Stefan wear any sort of tie that wasn’t black . . . So much for pushing the fashion envelope!  Now, Klaus on the other hand, there’s a guy, who probably has some crazy ass ties . . .

“I once wore this tie, made entirely out of champagne glasses.”

Anywhoo, Elena seems to be in a pretty sassy, Katherine-esque mood, of late (an aspect of this episode, which will prove to come in very handy later).  So, she helpfully suggests that Stefan stay home from the dance, since he seems incapable of properly dressing his new evil self.

“I’m sorry, Stefan.  Damon no longer has any ties.  We’ve ruined all of them during our hard core screwing, fighting and biting sessions . . .”

Stefan jabs right back at his ex-girlfriend, reminding her that he has been compelled to protect her . . . and that her track record, both for BIG PLANS, and school dances . . . well . . . it pretty much sucks.

(Technically, this is true.  All three dances that Elena attended with Stefan, ended with her almost getting killed.  There was, however, one dance that ended decidedly better . . .)

In fact, Stefan “worries,” that without his company, Elena might find herself murdered by the homecoming queen.  Touche, Stefan .  . . touche!

“What’s that supposed to mean?  You think I’m not hot enough to win homecoming queen?”

Quick to stick up for his soon-to-be girlfriend, Damon helpfully reminds Stefan that, since he’s Klaus’ bitch, HE’S the one more likely to inadvertently screw up the Gang’s plans, with his compulsive (and compelled) honesty, when it comes to responding to Klaus’ questions and requests.

But Stefan retorts that only ONE person in the room has illustrated a habit for letting HER humanity get in the way of their plans . . .

“Ooh, what do we have here . . . Stefan Salvatore’s number? DELETE!”

Ahh . . . humanity.  If brotherhood is the theme of this episode, “humanity” is it’s buzzword, both in it’s literal, and its more metaphoric sense . . .

All Hail Evil Blood Sluts

Over at the school, two NON humans, Caroline and Tyler are glittering-up the gym together.  (Unfortunately, this is not a euphemism for sex.)


Tyler suggests they ditch the glitter and go eat some people who genuinely enjoy being chewed on by vampires.   (Hmmm . . . hickeys from Damon and Tyler?  YES PLEASE!)

“Or I could just spray glitter all over your boobs.  Take your pick.”

Prissy Caroline is APPALLED by ths concept — overtly sexual as it may be — and chastizes Tyler for hanging out with, and being adversely influenced by, as Caroline calls her, That Evil Blood Slut Rebekah.



Tyler promptly moves himself even further into the dog house, by telling Caroline how That Evil Blood Slut Rebekah is going to the Homecoming Dance with Matt, as per his suggestion.  Caroline, apparently, thinks Matt is just too sweet and innocent to dance with an Evil Blood Slut.  (Really, Caroline?  Because he wasn’t so “sweet and innocent,” when he conspired with your mother to KILL YOU!)

Don’t think we forgot!

“Is this some weird family component of the sire thing?”  Caroline asks, frustratedly.

And I’ve gotta say, I simply adored Tyler’s response.  “I’ve got glitter all over my hands .  . . If I’m sired to anyone, it’s you.”

I guess that’s what they call it, nowadays . . . siring. 😉

(So, basically, becoming a Ripper has made Stefan a better dresser.  And becoming Klaus’ b*tch has made Tyler funnier.  In conclusion, EVIL IS AWESOME!)

Speaking of That Evil Blood Slut / Barbie Klaus, she’s over at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, wearing her token red dress, we got a peak at last week . . . a dress that looks oddly similar to the one Caroline ends up wearing . .  . both to this dance, and to the “Masquerade.”

“I look WAY better in this than that chick I ate, who was wearing it last.”

Elena approaches Rebekah from behind, and attempts to bond with the super depressed Lady Vamp.  When Rebekah admits that this is her first Homecoming Dance, since she and Klaus have always been too busy running from Mikael to do anything resembling a real high school experience, Elena gallantly thanks her for helping the Scooby Gang KILL KLAUS.


Then Elena offers Rebekah her old Original Witch necklace,  as a token of her affection and friendship, before LITERALLY STABBING HER IN THE BACK with that trusty white oak ash dagger!

“I’m sorry, I can’t leave anything to chance either,” says Elena, as Rebekah falls to the floor . . . just slightly more undead than usual.

“Does this stake in my back make my ass look big?”

OUCH!  Even Damon thought that was cold, as he wrapped the dead chick up in a blanket or rug, or something.  Talk about Katherine-esque!


Nevertheless, Stefan’s words have caused Elena to worry about whether her humanity WILL screw up the Kill Klaus plan.  Knowing Elena’s track record of SH*TTY PLANS gone awry, Damon can’t actually disagree with her.  But he can promise her that, she won’t screw THIS plan up, since, from this point on she will no longer have any part in it.

“Do you trust me?” Damon asks.

“Yes,” Elena replies, unequivocally . . . which, if you know these two at all, you know is a pretty HUGE step in the progression of their relationship, both as friends and, MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, for me, anyway, as lovers .  . .

“Then, you have nothing to worry about,” Damon replies.

Eeeek, did you REALLY have to say that, Damon?  Now, you’ve pretty much ensured that both you AND Elena will have something very significant to worry about, by the episode’s end  . . .

The Flood

One thing ALL the seniors at Mystic Falls High are going to have to worry about, is natural disasters.  After a flood magically appears probably because Klaus made it so at the school, the students find themselves without a suitable locale for their dance that night.  But, no biggies, Tyler can hold it at his house. . . .  You know, because that’s what filthy rich people DO, when the going gets tough .  . . they invite an entire student body into their living room.

That said, “Tyler’s” generous gesture reminded me a little bit of Logan Echoll’s “Alterna-Prom” bid, on Veronica Mars.

If you watched the show, you know exactly to what I’m referring.  If not, you can  just skip this comment, entirely . . .

Meanwhile, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Matt too finds himself in need of a contingency plan . .  . considering that his “Original” Date, is a bit “DEAD” at the moment.  (Man!  That sucks, Rebekah.  Here’s hoping you stick around long enough to go to NEXT year’s Homecoming . . . though, I doubt it.)  Have no fear, Matt.  “ELENA” can be your date.

“Aww man!  Now I have to take ANOTHER hot girl to the dance.  My life sucks!  I so wish I was back at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.”

Initially, I was annoyed by this development, since I REALLY wanted Elena and Damon to go to the dance as dates.  And yet, considering that “ELENA” was actually Ka . . . well, more on this later . . .


The Wake

“I’m picturing all of you naked right now.  It helps that I’m not wearing any pants.”

Wow, “Tyler” throws a rockin, Homecoming Dance. .  .  complete with My Morning Jacket, providing the music for the evening, and more people in attendance than could possibly attend Mystic Falls High, EVER . . . especially considering the death rate at that school.  This, of course, makes Caroline FURIOUS.  She can’t date a guy who’s a better party planner than she is?  What would SHE contribute to the relationship?

“Aside from the obvious, of course.”

Of course, as Tyler admits, he didn’t actually plan this party .  . .  Klaus did.  And it’s not a Homecoming Dance, it’s more like a WAKE .  . . for Mikael . . . an event for which Klaus has been preparing for a thousand years.   (Hmm . . . interesting . . . is this your clever way of telling us that the members of the band, My Morning Jacket, are vampires? ;))

Odd though it was, Klaus’ wake for Mikael sure beat the one Matt through for Vicki, which more or less consisted of this . . .

Meanwhile, “Elena” and Matt arrive at the dance.  And Matt wonders out loud whether their attending together is “weird.”  “Elena” then tells Matt to “act normal,” and “not tell anyone” . . . a rather obvious indication that doppelganger hijinks have just ensued, for those who are paying attention . . . (Wow, lately Matt has been more involved in the Kill Klaus games than Caroline.  What exactly is this show coming to?)

The Cannibal

Klaus and Stefan make their first encounter, since the whole “Emotions Flip Switch” thing.  Klaus promises Stefan that, by way of saying thanks for delivering Mikael to him, Klaus will grant him freedom from his own compulsion, upon Mikael’s death.

(Awww!  How generous of Klaus!  Personally, I would have settled for a Wii Entertainment System, and one of those fun little “Just Dance” games.)  Then, Klaus and Stefan make out . . . Just kidding!

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Damon and Mikael are shooting the breeze, and discussing Mikael’s all vampire diet.  Apparently, Mikael’s decision to hunt “the predator,” instead of the prey, stems, in a weird way, from his guilt for creating the vampire population to begin with.  Talk about eating your feelings!

This conversation is interrupted upon Stefan’s entrance, and instruction that Mikael’s “body” must be delivered to Klaus.  Damon responds that Stefan is no longer a part of the plan.  And then Mikael EATS HIM

Nom, Nom, Nom . . . tastes like Ripper.”

. . . well, really he just gnaws on his neck, a little bit.

I love how horrified Damon looked by the prospect of someone SNACKING ON HIS BROTHER, particularly given how many women and men, his brother has similarly snacked on.

My brother is going to have one hell of an ugly hickey . . .”

Damon suggests to Mikael that a neck breaking would have been a more humane way to temporarily take him out of commission.  I don’t know, I think the Vampire Hickey Method was great . . . It sure beats all those boring stakings, we’ve witnessed, of late . . .

“You wouldn’t feel that way, if I shoved this up your ass.”

The Betrayal

Back at the party, Klaus and Tyler are doing the whole “Hybrid / Sire” bonding thing, when Klaus lets Tyler in on a little secret . . . he has Baby Hybrid brothers, now!  And they are all at the party, waiting patiently to kill Tyler’s friends and lover.  Now, THAT’s sibling rivalry, for you.  But Klaus is not a total douchebag (just about 99.9999% of one).

“Don’t worry, Tylerpoo.  You will always be my favorite.”

Klaus then (1) compels Tyler’s mother to go to church, and PRAY for the Scooby Gang; and (2) he gives Tyler the opportunity to warn his friends about what’s about to go down, likely figuring that, by the time they try to do something about it, it will be too late, anyway  .  . .

Tyler then brings Caroline to one of his twenty or so BEDROOMS to have wild, hot, and dirty sex, YAY to talk about what “Caroline’s friends” are planning to do to Klaus.  Caroline claims she doesn’t know.  Actually, for once, she’s not lying.  But, she tells Tyler, that, even if she DID know, she wouldn’t tell him, because, as Klaus’ sire he’s Team Evil, now, and, therefore, can’t be trusted.  Tyler responds to this by .  . . VERVAINING HER IN THE NECK!

Would this be a bad time to ask, if I could borrow fifty bucks?  No?  Gee, thanks!”

Talk about COLD.  Apparently, this is a very bad day for Vampire Barbies.  It’s an OK day for Human Ken dolls, though.  Tyler finds Matt and commandeers his help to do what he, as Klaus’ bitch, literally no longer can: (1) bring Caroline to safety; and (2) warn the rest of the Scooby Gang that the Big Bad Hybrid, has brought some Big Bad Reinforcements, along to the party with him.

“Listen, Matt.  I’m going to do something very nice for you.  I am going to allow you to fondle my unconscious girlfriend.  I mean, that’s what friends are for, right?”

The Battle Royale

Here’s another important scene for you, that seems fairly useless, on first watch.  Klaus sees “Elena,” and stops by to metaphorically whip out his member to her, and remind her what a SUPER EVIL SUPER VILLAIN, he is.  When Klaus notes that “Elena,” seems nervous, she replies, “No, I just don’t like you.”


Oooh . . . SASSY!  Klaus then warns Faux-lena that, whatever plan the Scooby Gang has cooked up against him, it’s going to fail, miserably, because . . . well . . . because clearly, while Klaus has been away on Hybrid business, he’s also been watching Seasons 1 and 2 of The Vampire Diaries on DVD.  There’s actually a bit more to this conversation.  But we don’t get to hear it yet, because we are busy watching Damon de-heart some newbie hybrid security guard.

“I hope you enjoyed your two seconds of screen time, Klaus’ extra!”

Our hero then enters the Lockwood house to find Klaus’ bitch, Tyler, on his way out . . .Wall  Slams and Bite Fights Galore ensue.  It’s kind of sexy, actually.

“Hey, Ty . . . mind if I throw a breath mint in their, before we finish fighting?  That’s pretty rank.”

Then Bonnie has to ruin tthe Glorious Tamon Moment with her Witchy Migraine making fingers, which she uses to make Tyler pass out.

Wow, I guess he’s REALLY not a fan of My Morning Jacket . . .”

And another one down . . . another one down .  . . another one bites the dust.

“I’m practicing my Thriller Dance.  What do you think?”

They really are just dropping like flies, this week, aren’t they?  I had to laugh when Damon bitched at Bonnie for Witch Migraining Damon, in addition to Tyler.

Dammit!  I have a Bonnie in my ear!”

Silly Damon!  Haven’t you learned by now, Bonnie’s going to take every single possible opportunity to torture you, at every chance she gets?

This is also the part of the story, where we learn that DAMON is the one holding the pretty, pretty Originals-killing peni$ dagger, since HE is the only vampire still standing with “permission” to enter the Lockwood mansion . . .

The Showdown

The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrives, when Klaus finds himself face-to-face with Mikael . . . having instructed his hybrids to bring the rest of the party outside, in preparation for this epic confrontation.  Of course, said confrontation would seem a whole lot more epic, if Mikael could actually cross the threshhold into the Lockwood Mansion.

“Might I be invited in for a bite to eat? I’ve brought this delicious doppelganger tart for you to try.”

Now, the Big Bad Pair are just standing a few feet away from one another, having a pissing contest.  Mikael goads Klaus a bit, reminding him what a coward he is, and explaining to him that, while those trusty hybrids were sired by Klaus, they could still be compelled to rip him to shreds, by Original Mikael . . .

Gay for Klaus . . . but ZOMBIES for Mikael.

Oh, and it seems Mikael has an ace up his sleeve . . . Elena . . . at knifepoint.  Hello, Blood Bag!  This pissing contest just got REAL . . .

You know, I talk a lot on this website about Ugly Cry Faces, but you know who has a GORGEOUS Cry Face, Joseph Morgan  . . . in fact, in the GORGEOUS Cry Face department, Joseph gives Ian a REAL run for his money!


Klaus really gets those waterworks flowing, when Mikael starts telling him how nobody really cares about him, and that he can only earn loyalty by controlling it.


Well, that’s only partly true, Mikael, I happen to know a lot of TVD fans, who care about Klaus, a whole bunch.

Klaus doesn’t really believe that Mikael would kill Elena, since she’s the lead female character on The Vampire Diaries his “ace in the hole.”  And decides to call his bluff.  Mikael then, tells Klaus that his impulses are what keep him from being great.  And so . . . MIKAEL KILLS ELENA  . . . on impulse, of course (which, I would have been a lot more shocked by, if there was actually a chance in hell that she would actually die).

O Face Alert!”

But it looks like the joke is really on Mikael, because, moments later, as Damon pops up inside the house, with his peni$ dagger, Elena comes back from the dead . . . Oh, wait . . . that’s KATHERINE!  And she’s holding those wolfsbane grenades we saw Damon and Elena making at the beginning of the episode.  “Ba-boom,” she says, gleefully, as she blasts those Baby Vamp Teen Wolves.


“Baby you’re a fiiiiiiirework.  Come on show them whaaat you’re worth . . . without limbs.”

Things start happening pretty fast, then.  Damon BEGINS to stake Klaus, actually getting as far, as to have the knife in his chest (Honestly, I’m not sure, how he didn’t die instantly from that.  Peni$ Dagger officially sucks.)  But then STEFAN tackles Damon to the ground.   OUCH!

This causes the Peni$ Dagger to fall to the ground, and Klaus to get it.  Klaus then rushes out of the house, and stabs Mikael, causing him to burst into flames .  . .  (Well, that’s one way to clean up a dead body.)

It looks like one of those commercials for Tums antacids. 

Wow, nice knowing ya, Mikael, you were . . . not nearly as bad ass, as I hoped you would be.

You do have an excellent tan for a vampire, though . . .

Then, Klaus, who oddly enough, like his brother Elijah, seems to be a man of his word, at least, to some extent, generously frees Stefan from his compulsion, giving him the opportunity to face what he has done, should he ever decide to turn back on his emotions.

I’ll never forget you, Klaus . . . (unless you compel me to do so, which, under the circumstances, I probably wouldn’t  mind that much).”

But . . . will he?  More on that in just a bit . . .

The Break-up

Caroline awakens in some random Bedroom.

“I’m so glad that pesky vervaining didn’t mess up my hair or makeup.  I may win prom queen yet . . .”

Soon after, Tyler pops in, braced for a lecture.

“Well, this is awkward.”

As expected, Caroline is quick to scold Tyler for vervaining his girlfriend to keep her out of danger, as opposed to . . . oh . . . I don’t know, telling her to go home and watch Dancing with the Stars, or something.  But Tyler didn’t do that, because he KNOWS Caroline, and KNOWS that she would never be able to willingly leave the house, knowing that her friends are in danger.  In other words, Tyler stabbed his girlfriend FOR HER OWN GOOD.  (How very Damon from “The Last Dance,” of him.)

Caroline then admits that she is having issues with the fact that Tyler seems so very cool with being gay for Klaus.  So, Tyler, does his best to explain to Caroline why this is so.  And, for the record, I think he makes a pretty good argument . . . a selfish argument, sure.  But a good one.

You see, for Tyler, the coolest thing about being a hybrid, is that he can change into a werewolf at will,  or, not at all, if that’s what he chooses.  This means,  he never has to endure the painful transformation we witnessed him and Caroline experiencing together, last season.

So, what if Tyler is destined to spend the rest of eternity as Klaus’ b*tch?  At least that won’t result in him having to crack all his bones every month, while dirty, naked, and smoking hot, looking?  It’s a pretty fair trade, as far as Tyler is concerned . . .

I’ll drink to that.”

Tyler hopes that Caroline will forgive him his Klaus’ b*tchness, just as she forgave his killing that random slutty chick, back in the “Masquerade,” when their relationship truly began, his monthly werewolf-ness, that whole, “left her locked in the cage a few minutes too long,” thing, the “shooting” Stefan thing, and the almost killing Damon thing.  But, nope, apparently, GAY FOR KLAUS is the straw that breaks the Hybrid’s back.

All it takes from Tyler, is one look at Caroline’s face, and he knows the two are dunzo . . .

“One goodbye f*&K?”

“Think about it, and get back to me later . . .”

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised at Caroline, who is usually SO much less judgmental.  After all, Katherine didn’t NEED compulsion OR a sire relationship, back in early Season 2, when she forced the Vampire Barbie to spy on her own best friends, Elena and Stefan, and bring news back to her.  You would think that she, of all people, could understand the notion of being forced to do the bidding of those who are significantly more powerful than you . . .

In addition, to being a Forwood fan, who just LOOOOOVES watching these two crazy kids get naked on a regular basis, I’m upset by the Forwood breakup, because I suspect it will be what throws Tyler off the rails into full-fledged villainy, just when we were starting to examine the complex layers of his character.  Being Klaus’ b*tch is one thing . . . but being the Robin to Klaus’ Batman, is quite the other . . .

“No me gusta!”


The Comfort (and the Cockblock)

“Is it hot in here, or is it just us?”

We get our Delena scene a little early this week, in that it’s the second to the last scene, as opposed to the usual last one.  And, while I was hoping for something a bit more substantial (like a kiss, or a love declaration) given this is a pre-hiatus episode, I’m still fairly content with what we got.

We find poor Damon by the fire, brooding, angry, and incredibly distraught over the fact that Klaus is still alive.  After all, despite having seemingly thought of EVERYTHING, and corrected all the mistakes of Plans Past, Damon and his gang still lost.  More adorable soulful crying ensues.

Fortunately, for Damon, Elena knows him well enough to know exactly what he needs, cupping his face, and comforting him, in a way that is sweet, romantic, and above all, surprisingly optimistic, given all that’s happened.  The biggest development in the Delena relationship this week, is the creation of this “we” Elena refers to.  Elena used to use Damon’s name every chance that she got, typically as a means for lecturing him, or setting his own motives and desires apart from her own.

But now, Elena views her and Damon as a unit, a team . . . a couple(?)  “WE will survive this,” Elena assures Damon, as she strokes his cheeks.


“He’s never coming back, you know.  We’ve lost him, for good,” Damon says bitterly about his brother.

“Then we’ll let him go,” replies Elena.


My,  my, my, have the tables turned!  Back during “The Birthday,” Damon was telling Elena that Stefan wasn’t going to come back to himself in her lifetime.  He was instructing her to let go.

Then, gradually, as the season progressed, Elena gave Damon hope that his brother would eventually return to himself.   But now, it’s Elena who seems willing to be free of Stefan, while Damon is still mourning his brother’s loss .  . .


It seems odd that all of this is going down, just moments after Stefan’s been given freedom from Klaus’ compulsion.  But, hey, I’m a Delena fan.  Who am I to complain about a thing like that?

Speaking of me being a Delena fan . . . WE WERE COCKBLOCKED AGAIN!  AGAIN, TVD WRITERS!  Why do you hate us, so?  Damon’s and Elena’s faces were inches apart.  They were clearly about to kiss, when, RING RING RING, it’s friggin Katherine!

“Should I throw my phone in the fire, too?”

(And I never thought I’d say that about Katherine.)  Now, she’s two for two on her cockblock attempts.


What Katherine says to Damon on the phone is fairly insignificant.  What IS significant about the scene, though, is who is in the car with him . . .

The REAL Deal

“You know, a few weeks back, you’re brother banged me in this car.  And, if you want to feel closer to him, that might be a good way to do it.  Just sayin’.”

“He still doesn’t know where it all went wrong,” says Katherine, frustratedly.

“He doesn’t need to know,” replies Stefan.

“I’m a little carsick.  Would you mind opening the window, so I don’t puke blood all over your face?”

When then flashback a bit, to learn that, during their meeting, Klaus told “Elena,” that, if Klaus died, the hybrids would be compelled to kill Damon.”  Katherine then went to La Casa de Rich and Awesome to wake him up, and tell him what was about to go down.  She instructed Stefan to turn back on his emotions and FEEL something for his brother, who Katherine loved, just as much as she loved Stefan.  (I KNEW IT!)


And so, Stefan is able to fight compulsion, once again, in order to do the unthinkable . . . allow Klaus to kill Mikael and win, in order to save his brother’s life.

“If he comes back to himself . . . it won’t be because he loves me, it will be because he loves you.”


How tragic it is that it was this action that caused Damon to see his brother as irredeemable?

I find it interesting that Katherine views “humanity” as a vampires’ greatest weakness . . .


. . .  while, Klaus believes that weakness to be “love.”

Personally, I think a vampire’s greatest weakness is sh*tty planning abilities . . .

Katherine instructs Stefan to turn his emotions back on fully (now, apparently, they are only on half mast), because she likes the “old him” better.  But Stefan isn’t quite ready to do that, and I can’t say I mind.  After all, like I said, Ripper Stefan is funnier than regular Stefan.  He also has better hair and is a better dresser.  In fact, I’ve been waiting for Stefan to be a VOLUNTARY Ripper for nine episodes.  And now, it looks like we will finally get just that.

Speaking of Stefan, now it’s HIS turn to have a contingency plan . . .

The Aftermath


Just like in the beginning of the episode, Stefan calls Klaus again, this time to “thank him,” for his freedom.  Klaus is smug, and tells Stefan he’s very welcome, with a big goofy grin on his face. Then he opens his little coffin storage container, and finds it EMPTY!

“You know, I’ve been wearing this black getup for about three episodes, now.  Do you think Damon has any shirts he can lend me?”

(Now, I’m just wondering how Stefan managed to move all those coffins, and when, between being staked and eaten, all those times, he’s had time to do so!)

“We . . . are . . . family.  I got all my sisters with me . . . except one.”

“I’m still waiting for my homecoming date.  Do you think he stood me up?”

Anywhoo . . . remember how I said Ripper Stefan has better one liners than his more angelic counterpart?  Well, his last two lines pre-hiatus, might be his best ever.  “As someone who has been one step ahead of everyone for 1000 years, were you prepared for THIS?” Stefan asks with a smirk, as Klaus hangs up the phone.


As for the promo for TVD’s post-hiatus episode, ‘The New Deal,” I’ve only been able to find the shortened U.S. promo for it, so far.  And, honestly, it feels like a bit of a cop out, considering that about 10 of those precious 20 seconds are spent on the DATE, and scenes from THIS episode.  Nonetheless, here you go . . .

I’m sure they’ll give us something more substantial soon.  But, for now, since it seems we have quite a few TVD-less weeks ahead of us, let’s discuss the first half of the Season a bit, in the comment section, OK?  What are your thoughts, on Mikael’s less-than-monumental demise?

“Goodbye, Cruel World . . . again . . . for good . . . maybe.”

On Forwood’s tragic breakup?

“Why couldn’t I just have said yes to the Goodbye F*&K?  Dammit!”

On Delena becoming a “we?”

On Katherine becoming Stefan’s conscience?

Oh, and how long exactly do you think it’s going to take Stefan to open those precious little coffin lids, most notably Elijah’s?

Because, it looks from the promo, like he takes his sweet time doing it, while our friends in Mystic Falls remain sitting ducks for Klaus?  I don’t know.  If it were me, I’d be de-daggering those family members so fast, my head would spin . . .

But, hey, who are we to judge, right?

Until next time, Fangbangers . . .

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37 responses to “Were you prepared for THIS? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Homecoming”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Well this episode really made my heart beat a million miles an hour. I think Klaus was distraught that his BFF Stefan has gone against him but its all in the game.

    First of all really impressive use of flashbacks how Elena daggered Mikael to use as a Klaus bait. But he like all dads on TVD is a major douchebag what he did to Klaus would amount to child abuse today. All Klaus wanted was for Mikael to say ´´I´m proud of you son, you are a fine man“ but no he had to be a douche and belittle him his entire life right until they became vampires. I felt the emotion when Klaus killed Mikael the man he both respected and hated.

    Poor Damon in fact Poor everyone nothing seems to go according to plan but I don´t blame Stefan he saved his brother´s life even if Damon doesn´t know it. At least he got his humanity back well some of it at least and I love how it was Katherine who brought some of Stefan back that´s some powerful character growth right there it wasn´t Elena or Damon but freaking Katherine our respective favorite pairings have taken many steps forward a bit sad she left but she´ll be back eventually so its all good I knew she was Katherine in the beginning when Matt came over it was that obvious.

    Hybrid FAIL!!”!!!!! Non Original Hybrids are not all that Damon killed one so fast it made my head spin not literally of course! 🙂 But apparently only Klaus is a big bad Hybrid.

    I knew the Forwood breakup was inevitable but look at it this way at least he´s not invincible like Klaus.

    I felt bad for Rebekah she wanted to go so badly to the dance.

    Oh poor Damon not everything goes to plan and you are a bad strategist but you are still undead and kicking.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I definitely agree with you that the non-linear style of the episode, was a nice change of pace for the show. It was also an effective way of keeping the audience guessing about things that the writers would have had to reveal much earlier, had the hour progressed in chronological order.

      And Joseph Morgan really impressed me this week, not just with his Sexy Cry Face (though I’m sure that part doesn’t matter to you ;)), but also for his fascinatingly complex performance. Klaus isn’t necessarily the most consistently written character on the show. (More on that in a later comment).

      But Joseph Morgan never lets the inherent flaws in the way Klaus is written, get in the way of his portrayal of the character. You are right. As relieved, and triumphant as Klaus was to have defeated his father . . . . and to not have to live his life on the run, anymore . . . it WAS still his father. And there is a latent desire in all of us to gain approval from our parents, even those that don’t share our genetic makeup. Joseph Morgan portrayed that in the way his eyes filled with tears, early in the episode, when he first received word that Mikael had been staked, and, again, later in the episode, when the two confronted one another, for the first time, in possibly, 1,000 years.

      And it wasn’t just the tears in his eyes, that made Klaus’ emotions seem real. (After all, a few eye drops could do that.) It was the choked-up line delivery, and false bravado, with which Joseph Morgan carried himself in that scene. Though Klaus is over a thousand years old, in many ways, he is just a stubborn petulant child, and Morgan portrays that aspect of his character perfectly, in my opinion.

      I too was glad that they didn’t keep Katherine away, for multiple episodes, and keep us guessing as to her fate. In the end, just as Rebekah had predicted, last week, Mikael’s pride really was what did him in. The vampire eater, seemed to think nothing of leaving Katherine alive, after he snacked on her, back in the tomb. He did this because he didn’t think anyone could defeat him, least of all, a mere 500 ish year old vampire, and her 160 ish year old vampire friends.

      But Katherine really is the best planner and schemer of the Scooby Gang . . . better than Damon and Stefan . . . and certainly better than Elena. She’s saved Damon’s life twice now. And she’s helped Stefan be free of Klaus’ compulsion. Most of us wrongly assumed that Katherine would prefer the Ripper version of Stefan. So, it was interesting to see Katherine taking on the Lexi-role in Stefan’s life for a change, fighting for his humanity, and reminding him of his love for his brother.

      I’m sure she’ll be back in time for the next Big Bad Villain showdown . . .

      You are SO right about those Hybrids . . . Apparently, they are easily both compelled AND de-hearted. In their defense, Klaus doesn’t seem to have trained his army all that well. He should know by now that Damon has a habit of de-hearting his enemies. He could have at least shown the poor guys his picture, and told them not to stand so close to him. 🙂

      As for Damon, he may be all mad and broody now. But I’m sure Elena will fix him right up, in no time. 😉

  2. East Coast Captain

    PS. I loved how Katherine said Brooding Stefan is better than Ripper Stefan which is pretty awesome since it compliments her wild and energetic nature much like Delena.

  3. serendipity

    Hi Julie! Great recap again! I will be sorely missing reading your recaps during the hiatus, that’s for sure 🙂

    I guess that I kind of liked this episode, not in the least because they turned the chronological order upside down, making it somewhat more interesting (although still not completely unexpected).

    Katherine… she’s been uncharacteristically un-evil these last few weeks… Well, I still think her main reason for coming back to the house and restoring Stefan was her fear that Stefan would not want to remain un-dead without his brother; after all, he made Damon turn ‘because he did not want to spend eternity alone’ (mirror image of the reason Rebecca turned a blind eye to Klaus’ flaws…). In addition to that, Kat seems to prefer broody Stefan to ripper Stefan (she must be the only one 😉 ), and Damon’s death would surely have made Stefan more ripper-y than ever! Still, it was sweet that she confirmed that she loved both Stefan and Damon (but Stefan just a little bit more, I think).

    Just a little thing I was thinking about: Stefan and Klaus just had to be good mates, since Stefan killed his own dad, and Klaus killed his own mum… That would make one hell of a Jerry Springer show! 😉

    And again: where was Alaric and why wasn’t he part of the Plan? Maybe he switched with Rebecca two weeks ago, taking a long relaxing bath and doing his nails (yikes)? 😀

    Just like you, I was wondering if this white oak dagger would indeed be less bad-ass than the dipped-in-white-oak-ash-stake, because Damon was wielding the thing… Surprise! No built-in anti-vamp safety there (well, Mikael would want to kill himself using it of course)… Mikael is really not the nicest guy, huh? He burned the tree so that he and his children could not be killed, but first he made sure to keep a piece of the killer tree for himself, so he could dagger (and kill) any of his children if he so chose. Perhaps he already had Klaus in mind for the final death, but then why turn him into a vampire in the first place? He didn’t have a great love for him before the turning, as we saw last week…

    And so now the white oak dagger is no more? It must have turned into more white oak ash I guess, as it made Mikael original vampire dust. Or is it fireproof, perhaps? If not, how do they kill Klaus now? Who knows, he might need more Elena-blood to create more hybrids now that Kitty Kat blew his first batch to pieces. Maybe they can help him look for his misplaced family members… (On that: I think Stefan and Kat pulled the disappearing trick with the coffins before getting the heck out of Dodge: remember her asking him if he was angry? Revenge is always best served cold…). But maybe Klaus will no longer need his hybrid army now that evil Mikael is dead? In that case: let’s all do a giant BBQ and bond over marshmellows (Damon can show you how to eat them in a very sexy way LOL) Caroline can organise it; she’d love that! And she can swap haircare tips with Elijah and cheerleading choreos with Bex…

    But poor Bex! I really felt sorry for the girl. She was so looking forward to that homecoming dance. And stabbed in the back, no less. Kind of harsh, as Damon said. And now she lost her daddy (not that she seemed to like him very much anyway). But it looks like she’s there to stay at least a while longer…

    The Delena scenes. Elena trusting Damon so implicitly. Nice, but not unexpected. The final Delena scene. I liked that one too: a complete 180 from the Birthday, as you said. Now it’s Damon who can’t let Stefan go, and Elena who urges him to do so. I take it that means she’s no longer going to be waiting for Stefan (and Stefan doesn’t want to go back to that either if he doesn’t want his emotions back on, now that he has a choice). Still. It was the perfect opportunity for a first Delena kiss. That’s all I really wanted at this stage, but well, disappointment is par for the course, I guess, with this pair… But it would have been nice to tide us over the hiatus… We’ll have to make do with fanfic, I’m afraid. No episodes = more writing time! Dare I hope that the hiatus might give you time to continue writing your crossover too? You know that if you want help with that, you only have to ask!

    And on that note… See you again in a few (no, too many 😦 ) weeks! Or perhaps we’ll talk over fanfic 😀

    • Hey Serendipity!

      I think I feel the same way that you did about the episode. While I definitely thought the new format was fun, and loved picking out the many various parallels to past episodes that the writers snuck in there (I know how much we both love parallels ;)), I did think some of the BIG TWISTS weren’t quite as twisty, as perhaps, the writers thought they were. And I was really disappointed by how decidedly easy Big Bad Mikael ended up being to kill. More on that later . . .

      I also wanted a few more sappy girly scenes to moon over, most notably between Damon and Elena. I mean, it WAS the pre-hiatus episode, after all. And SERIOUSLY, how many times are the writers going to have things like phone calls, and someone walking through the door at just the wrong moment, interrupt the first, real, NON-GOODBYE kiss between these two. It’s getting, comical, actually . . . not to mention, more than a bit frustrating.

      Interesting point about Katherine wanting to save Damon, to keep Stefan from offing himself, and to prevent him from shutting off his humanity for good. My initial instinct was to argue that the first time Katherine saved Damon’s life, she did so, even though she knew that Stefan might never return to Mystic Falls again. But then, I realized that even 100 years, is just a drop in the bucket to a vampire like Katherine, so, in a way, she could have been preserving her future, for centuries down the line, when Klaus had tired of Stefan, and gone on to his next toy.

      I think Katherine does love both Damon and Stefan. She just loves them differently. I think Katherine sees Damon as her male counterpart. They are a lot alike, in so many ways. They can be edgy, sarcastic, manipulative, scheming, and deadly. But at their core, these are individuals who love fiercely, and without abandon. These are vampires who can carry a torch for someone for over 100-years, despite the fear, that the person they love, might never love them in return.

      Like Damon, I think Katherine was surprised by the fact that she prefers mooney mopey Stefan, to the cold Ripper version. If you asked both of them, a few months back, whether they want Stefan to let loose, and be a bit more fun, they’d probably say yes. But mooney mopey Stefan functions as a foil for Damon and Katherine, in a way that this cold shell of a Stefan (who just so happens to be a better dresser, and have a better sense of humor :)) does not. And HE’S the one with whom Katherine fell in deep romantic love with, a century or so, ago.

      So, while Katherine does love Damon, I think she wants to BE with Stefan. And, as a staunch Delena fan, I’m, of course, rooting for her to succeed in her quest, just like, I suspect, you are. 🙂

      You also raise a really great point about Mikael keeping the white oak ash. Why else WOULD he do that, if not to have the option of eventually murdering his own kids? What a total douchebag! Then again, considering how very easy it seemed for the Original family to make themselves into vampires, perhaps, he secretly feared that someone else would have the same idea.

      Though Sebastian Roche did an excellent job making Mikael equal parts frightening and intriguing, I really wanted more from this villain. I mean the whole eating vampires thing, was a HUGE opportunity for the writers. And they just kind of swept it under the rug.

      You are right about the weiner dagger . . . it looks like the one SUREFIRE weapon to kill Klaus has disappeared into the ether, along with Mikael, himself. Then again, we thought the same thing about the original white oak dagger, when they used it to stake Elijah last season, and it turned out that THAT DAGGER has at least seven friends just like it. 🙂

      For the record, I actually think the enemy who will ultimately rid the Scooby Gang of Klaus will actually end up being Original Witch Esther. You know how TVD loves it’s strong. morally ambiguous, heroines. 🙂

      Interesting point regarding the hybrids. I was actually a bit confused by this myself. After the episode, I kept thinking, if the whole reason, Stefan had to prevent Damon from killing Klaus was so Klaus’ hybrids wouldn’t kill Damon, after Klaus died . . . wouldn’t Katherine’s killing of all of the hybrids with the wolfsbane grenades make the plan completely unnecessary? The only possible explanation is that the wolfsbane grenades didn’t actually KILL the hybrids, it only incapacitated them temporarily, and weakened them, so that they couldn’t fight.

      Based on the previews for January’s episode, I actually think those hybrids are going to cause big problems for our Scooby Gang in the weeks to come . . .

      (Then again, Damon could always just de-heart them all, couldn’t he? ;))

      And I absolutely love your idea regarding the big vampire barbecue, and Caroline’s roll in it. 🙂 You really do know your Caroline! 🙂 (By the way, have you ever considered doing a Caroline-centric fanfiction? I think you would TOTALLY rock it, given your excellent grasp on the characters voice . . . And, of course, I just love your stuf. Besides, I know you’d find a way to squeeze some juicy Delena goodness in there. ;))

      I like Rebekah too. And think she got a raw deal, in this episode. I understand why Elena did what she did, but I actually think, Rebekah WOULDN’T have turned on them, had they let her attend the dance. Now, on the other hand, the Scooby Gang has definitely made an enemy in Rebekah. And she’s not someone I would want to have on my bad side . . .

      Ahhh, Have Blood, Will Travel! has been calling to me with increased insistency of late, after months of giving me the silent treatment, as a result of my abandonment of the story. My incarnation of Damon from that story is particularly mad at me, because I left him hanging in Sam Merlotte’s smelly t-shirt! Fashionable, good smelling Damon, most certainly does not approve. 🙂

      The only problem, of course, is that I decided to participate in Nanowrimo this month, for the first time . . . Have you heard of this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Novel_Writing_Month

      It took me about nine months, and seven months, respectively to pen my first two novels. And I thought THAT was fast. So, this is HUGE challenge for me. Plus, the subject of new novel, is actually NOT paranormal romance, which means, I’m completely out of my comfort zone. 🙂 (I am in the process of writing a sitcom that DOES involve vampires, lest you think I’m abandoning my roots. ;))

      But if all goes well, both of these projects will be done by the end of November. (Mid-December at the latest) And this should give me PLENTY of time to finish Have Blood, Will Travel! (which was just a few chapters shy of completion, anyway) before January 15th . . . right?

      Yeah, wishful thinking, I know . . .

      Anywhoo, I’m sure we will be chatting plenty, during the hiatus, as I continue to squee and moon over the always spectacular, Delena masterpiece, that is your fanfiction, Shadowdancing. 🙂

  4. Amelia

    Hi Julie!
    This mid-season finale was pretty good, I love how ripper! Stefan is constantly making references to all of Elena’s failed plans. Never gets old.
    If you don’t mind, I just want to rant about Forwood. After their couch scene in 2×21, I was SO excited for what will happen in season three for them. The first few episodes of Forwood sex and cuteness was fine, but after Klaus made Tyler his bitch and minion, it’s just.. not the same.
    I guess I was expecting this epic “Romeo and Juliet”-esque story of the struggles of being in a vampire/wolf star crossed lovers situation, but now everything is ruined,and I don’t ship it as hard as I did last season. Also, I totally thought of the LoVe parallel as well,haha.
    The slow and gradual progression of Delena is just amazing, and I’m looking forward to what the next half of S3 will bring. I can’t believe it, it seemed like September 15th was a few weeks ago.

    • Hey Amelia!

      Haha, yes, Ripper Stefan just seems to love ragging on Elena, every chance he gets. You know, I like to think that deep down, regular Stefan really does have this same snarky sense of humor and mean streak, even with regard to his precious girlfriend (He is related to Damon, after all), but that he just keeps it inside, so as not to hurt other’s feelings. But with his emotions (sort of) turned off, Stefan is free to let his Asshat Flag fly high! 🙂

      I’m definitely with you, on being a bit uncertain of the strange direction in which they have taken the Forwood relationship, of late. Back when Tyler experienced his first transformation, I was super intrigued by the element of fear that lurked above the Forwood pairing. I loved how, as much as Tyler and Caroline were falling in love with one another, there always remained the fear that he would one day hurt her unintentionally, possibly even kill her. And how could he live with that?

      Then, when the writers began to hint at the rivalry between Carol Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes, and Carol entrapped Caroline, and forbid Tyler from seeing her, at the beginning of The Hybrid, I too looked forward to how that added layer of conflict would impact their relationship. But then Carol accepted Caroline, within the course of a single episode. Tyler turned hybrid, just a few episodes later. And it was like that whole star-crossed lovers thing, got swept under the carpet.

      With Tyler being sired to Klaus, the writers seemed to have created another opportunity to explore Caroline and Tyler as star-crossed lovers. (I’ll go into this more in depth, in a later comment response. :)) But then, Caroline dumped Tyler this week, and that opportunity was lost as well.

      Hmmm . . . 😦 Here’s hoping that the writers “fix” what went wrong with Forwood, in a few episodes. So, that we can experience the magic of Candice and Michael on screen again soon. Much like Ian and Nina, I think those two are just electric together. And it would be a shame to waste that excellent chemistry.

      Ahhh, Delena. Though I am, as I mentioned to Serendipity, disappointed that we didn’t get our kiss this week, I love how much the Delena relationship has evolved over the course of nine episodes. Aside from being clearly, extremely sexually attracted to one another, Damon and Elena have come to truly understand, trust, respect and value eachother, as individuals.

      Damon has come to recognize how strong Elena is . . . and how she can take care of him, just as much as he can take care of her. And Elena has come to realize how smart Damon is, and how caring and generous he can be. She’s stopped judging him so much, and has started to actually listen to him, and take his advice on certain matters. When these two ultimately get together, something tells me that they will be completely unstoppable. 🙂

  5. Tricus

    This episode was soo exciting, from the beginning to the end.
    DE was great plotting and preparing in the beginning.
    The “Do you trust me?” of Damon asking Elena and she,not hesitatng, saying “yes”. Great moment.
    Stefan being all snarky. Rebecca was a sad figure here. Felt bad she wasn’t able to go to her first high school dance.
    Oh well.
    Klaus being first bad ass, then blindsided, crying, then got lucky at the end by killing Mikael.
    RIP Mikael.
    Katherine was great with her impersonation of Elena and messing with the plan to ultimately save Damon and Elena. Oh did I mention Elena stabbing Rebecca in the back was great too. She surprised herself and even Damon. LOL
    What can I say about Stefan at the end? He really LOVES Damon but I hope that he tells Damon, very soon, why he stopped the killing of Kalus.
    Yeah Elena/Damon still will not truly give up on Stefan. Elena is fooling herself because she is a very nice girl and a obsessed Salvatore do gooder. She has taken on the task of “fixing” the Salvatore brothers since she met them so she will not give up. Damon just wants to save his brother and he will not give up either no matter what they say.Even though he knows Elena will probably give Stefan another chance by dating him Damon will still bring back/save his brother. I don’t mind seeing more planning/talking of DE in either Damon or Elena bedroom,don’t mind at all. Throw in some hugs, cuddling and I am good for now until DE is TRULY together. hahahahaha
    Last but not least , I loved how Elena calmed Damon down and had her hands on his face. Very personal and intimate.

    P.S STefan needs to take the stake out of Elijah while he has all the coffins. He knows Elijah would be on their side and Elijah can convince the rest of the Original family that the Salvatore/Elena group is alright and protect them from Klaus..
    Caro, Matt.Tyler was okay. Tyler needs to really think though if he wants to be controlled by the moon once a month or always by Klaus, the madman. Ha
    Bonnie is right. She can’t really talk about Jeremy to his sister. I mean REALLY talk, and bash him like any hurt/angry EX would want to vent. Elena is his sister. Caroline is the best bet for Bonnie. That convo would be funny. Caro can be funny in her bashing..

    • Hey Tricus!

      I always love reading your take on the Delena relationship. Sure, the Delena scenes this week were much more subtle than those we’ve witnessed in previous weeks. But, when taken in the context of the entire Delena relationship, they were also extremely romantic, and incredibly important.

      Trust has always been a major aspect of the Delena relationship, for better, or for worse. Damon and Elena gradually grew to trust one another, during early Season 1. And that trust culminated in their trip to Georgia, during which Damon didn’t compel Elena, even though he could have, because “[He] wanted it to be real.” That trust faltered a bit, shortly thereafter, when Elena conspired with Stefan to steal the grimmore out from under Damon. And Elena went to great lengths to get that trust back, by going to his house alone and offering to allow him to compel her once again, to prove she was being honest. Of course, he again refused to use compulsion on her, and the result was one of my favorite Delena scenes of all time.

      From there the trust grew by leaps and bounds, during excellent Delena-centric episodes, like Miss Mystic Falls, and Blood Brothers. The Jeremy-neck snap incident caused Elena to lose trust in Damon, and her manipulation of him in Episode 3, caused him to return the favor. But eventually the pair got past that too. Elena’s trust in Damon, in general, and his plans, specifically, was tested in both “The Last Dance,” and, more intensely in “The Last Day,” when he force fed her his own blood.

      Though Elena forgave him for these actions — and even loved him, for them — I don’t think she really TRUSTED him to make the right choices in defeating their mutual enemies, until this season. Elena has shown her trust in Damon’s planning, implicitly early in the season, most notably, by not blaming him for letting Stefan go, when she was trying to cure him of bloodlust. But the fact that Elena TOLD Damon in no uncertain terms that she trusted him to do what was best for her and Stefan was a HUGE deal.

      Likewise, as you mentioned, Damon’s and Elena’s final moment together, this week, was also a HUGE deal. First . . . the face cupping. When I saw Elena do this to Damon, it occurred to me, that, like the returning of the necklace, this is something Damon does to show his affection for Elena quite often. Foremost in my memory, of course, was the end of “The Hybrid,” when Damon cupped Elena’s face to make sure she remembered how strongly she felt for Damon, while Stefan was gone. It was also the moment that Damon vowed to get Stefan back for Elena.

      But then I researched further, and found that the first time Damon cupped Elena’s face was in the episode where Stefan was kidnapped by the Hidey Hole vamps. And Elena and Damon were standing outside their house in the rain. Elena wanted to help with the rescue effort, but Damon begged her not to do so . . . cupping her face, in his hands, as he said, more or less, “Once, we are in there, I might not be able to protect you.”

      In both of these instances, Damon vowed to Elena that he would stop at nothing to save his brother, and return him to her, but that this heroic action, might come at a price. And that price, in both instances would be the Delena relationship.

      Given all that, it was interesting to see the reversal here. This time, it was ELENA affectionately cupping Damon’s face, and giving him the PERMISSION to not rush off to save Stefan this time. In “The Birthday,” Damon gave Elena tough love, in admitting to her that Stefan might not be back to himself in her lifetime. But in “Homecoming,” Elena was gentle and kind to Damon, in assuring them that the two of them WOULD survive, even if Stefan never came back, because they have eachother to lean on.

      You are right. I don’t think Elena or Damon will ever truly give up on Stefan. But I think Elena instinctively knew that this was what Damon needed to here in that moment. It was her way of showing him that she would always be there for him, no matter what, just as he’s always been there for her. It was sweet, subtle, poignant, and beautiful, all at the same time.

      You know, I too wondered why Stefan didn’t just tell Damon the real reason, why he couldn’t let him kill Klaus. But thinking about it now, it makes sense. Stefan doesn’t want Damon to blame himself for Klaus still being alive, like he clearly blamed himself for Stefan being forced into Ripperdom by Klaus. After all, both were done to save Damon’s life. I also think Stefan didn’t want Damon to come with him to retrieve the rest of the Original Family, and risk getting hurt again . . .And he knows that Damon would definitely not sit idly by, while Stefan performed this risky manuever.

      On the other hand, by doing what he’s done, Stefan has put the entire Scooby Gang at risk. And, if anything happens to them, something tells me, Stefan is going to have a really hard time forgiving himself, when he DOES turn his emotions back on . . .

      You bring up a great point about Bonnie, why DIDN’T she turn to Caroline about Jeremy . . . especially, after Caroline had wholeheartedly proven herself to be Team Bonnie, when the whole talking to dead people first happened? I guess the thing about Bonnie, judgmental as she might sometimes be, is that she doesn’t like to burden her friends with her problems. But rest assured, Caroline will be turned to HER, now that she’s single again. 😉

      Personally, I would love to see a scene where Caroline and Bonnie both get wasted on cheap wine, in Caroline’s bedroom and gripe about men. That would be hilarious. 😉

  6. Tricus

    Another P.S I laughed sooo hard at your phrase under that Elena pic “What do we have here? Stefan number? DELETE”. That picture with Elena’s angry face was soo funny after reading what came before about Stefan humanity insult to Elena. FUNNY. That picture PERFECTLY summed up how I picture Elena acting/thinking toward that insult IF she wasn’t such a Salvatore do gooder. hahahhaha LOL

    • Aww, thanks Tricus. 🙂 That screencap of Elena (which was actually from “Smells Like Teen Spirit”), never fails to crack me up. (Thanks Andre, for capturing it!) There’s just something about Elena’s expression in it that’s positively hilarious.

      Nina Dobrev very rarely gets the good one-liners on this show. (Though she had a few fun ones as Katherine.) But I actually think the actress is capable of great comedic moments. And this screencap is an excellent example of that, I think. 🙂

  7. Andre

    Ok, this comment isn´t going to be long, mostly because I am at my parent’s house and test the new mobile Internet access I purchased and to be honest it is crap. My laptop crashed at least 5 times already between 10:00 and 11:30 am!

    I found an extended promo this morning (but it is called “New deal”):

    Don’t worry; Jeremy won’t die, not permanently at least. The writers would never get away with that and not have Elena get a nervous breakdown after such a stunt. Although if he is compelled; I wonder how.

    Ok, I am actually disappointed by the episode. Regarding pacing and cut it was definitely one of the best and it had the potential to be really good if it weren’t for all these flaws and the predictability of Michael’s death. Seriously, this was what Klaus was running from for 1000 years?
    What are these writers thinking; when they let all these ages’ old vampires act like early twens? And why is Klaus still alive? The whole thing wouldn’t be so ridiculous if they hadn’t portrayed Klaus in a totally schizophrenic way so far. That he was able to kill his father was rather pure coincidence. And what does Katherine have from having Klaus alive and Michael dead? And is Stefan now another toy of Katherine so she can keep Klaus busy?

    They have portrayed Klaus as totally stupid, he knew that Katherine was on vervain but wasn’t able to figure out by himself that Elena might still be alive. He had his hybrids and ordered them to kill the Scooby Gang but didn’t anticipate that his father might still be alive? Shouldn’t he know better?
    I wasn’t surprised by Michael’s weapon though; I guessed that it was part of the original tree that was saved. Albeit I found it a bit silly that it was that artistic like that. I would have had it more simple and more like the original branch/wood from the tree; only preparing it against rotting away and apart from keeping it as big as possible to give it more durability.
    And I smelled trap the moment Caroline complained that Tyler could manage a party so fast and a better one. Seriously, could it be any more obvious?
    I would have liked it if Michael’s vampire diet has special benefits, considered the difference it makes of feeding on different species (see season 1 Stefan) that would have made sense. But no, of course the writers don’t think of that, not when the opportunity would be perfect.
    Actually, Michael’s speech was probably the best part of the episode for me. Truth all and all, Klaus can only manage loyalty by forcing it. Well actually he had Rebekka’s and Elijah’s loyalty but those he threw away with his childish attitude. The scene proofed that Klaus is basically an old spoiled brat with emotional issues (basically what he accused Rebekka to be). Klaus hides, he doesn’t confront and he cannot deal with not getting what he wants. Again: why is that guy still alive?
    I guess the writers hadn’t even thought of Michael when they had introduced Klaus.

    And what does Klaus actually plan with his family? Wasn’t he the one who staked them? If they are all like Rebekka in that regard I might be puking. Anyway what is it with this “I don’t want to be alone forever”? There are plenty of vampires around; Rebekka could have chosen one of them.

    I wonder whether Rebekka’s seemingly blaming of Klaus’ evil ways on his vampire status isn’t symptomatic for this whole show. They seem to blame the evil on the non-human natures of the characters, simply forgetting that the bad parts are clearly humanity as well.
    I wonder whether Elena’s talk with Rebekka wasn’t simply a diversion tactic or also another episode of Elena’s far too easily forgiving attitude.

    And the Bonny scene was just another example that on this show everything revolves around Elena and no one really has a life on his/her own. Tyler’s and Caroline’s break-up will go the same way, mark my words, I was right about Michael as well. It was the same with Jeremy and Anna, simply there for Elena to speak turkey with Stefan. And for someone being compelled by Klaus, Stefan still seems to have a lot of free will. The previously compelled humans didn’t seem to have that.
    As for your question on the purpose of the Bonnie scene: simple, to remind Elena about “Family”. You know the concept the characters stress too ridiculously and which so far has brought at least equally bad and good things in this show. Think about it: Why didn’t Elijah kill Klaus and trusted him? Why didn’t Rebekka leave Klaus long ago? Why didn’t Stefan get rid of Damon when he had the chance? Why did Tyler suddenly love his father?
    If you ask me, it is not really the character’s humanity that gets in the way, but rather their stupidity and this extreme and unconditional “love” for family even if those family members are monsters. Kind of reminds me of the character of Corvinius from the Underworld movies.

    And can’t you stop bitching about Matt? Your Damon has done worse for less reason. Seriously you should lock away your inner Forwooder away, or at least put her on a leash.
    Anyway I was asking myself as well, why Matt is suddenly back in the game. The promised triangle? :/

    Oh and am I the only one who things that Tyler’s hungry hybrid face with the fangs, veins and jaundiced eyes looks very stupid and retarded? Teen Wolf did a much better job, despite Derek’s ridiculous Beta face.
    Also the Hybrids were nearly exclusively male did you notice? Just like the werewolves in season 2, which I also pointed out over at Spidey’s place I think. Really, can the writers of the show not imagine female thugs? Considered that werewolves are supposed to be so rare, shouldn’t Klaus be less picky? Although they don’t seem so rare anymore do they (another concept doing the Damon crow)? And for a guy who spent two months searching the first time he found them pretty fast this time didn’t he? Did his second hybrid tell him? If yes these wolves seem to be pretty stupid and have lax security. Probably another half-cooked topic. 🙄
    And their hybrid status is really weird, apart from the shifting stuff the conversion didn’t seem to have been good for them. Instead they are double vulnerable by Vervain and Wolfsbane, in addition to their now very narrow died. They might not have to fear the sun based on Tyler but apart from that…
    And based on them, the hybrids are vampire enough to be compelled (which seems to mean that werewolves and witches cannot be compelled) so why wasn’t Klaus at death’s doorstep after killing his father? Or at least showed something of a problem?
    Wait a minute, how can the hybrids still be compelled if Klaus is dead? That makes no sense based on what was presented in season 2 and 3. Or is it that sire thing, since Klaus simply said orders and nothing about compulsion (I checked it). But would that work? Now that I type that, I think this was the only reason the concept was introduced two episodes ago, to have that.
    And how did Damon realize that he was killing a hybrid?

    And you adore Tyler? Come on woman, you can’t be that naïve. This is all Tyler, the egoistic douchebag he was introduced as. In real life such behavior would be expected from him, but in this show this little bit of realism probably is just another half-cooked plot part for drama. He will be back in the picture as a good guy for sure in two or three weeks max, if not even next episode.
    Now while Tyler’s explanation makes sense regarding his personality and werewolf status, this does come a bit late if you ask me. If it is so horrible that Tyler rather wants to side with Klaus then why the heck did the writers introduce werewolves that would “enjoy” the shift? That makes no sense at all unless they are all masochistic. The writers sugarcoated it so much that at least for me the argument doesn’t really have an impact now.
    And let’s face it, even so far he has done far too much stuff that cannot be excused by the prospect of not having to shift. That wouldn’t force him to go around and feed on people or act like a jackass. I really hope the writers don’t make that a sire thing or blame it all on the transformation but keep it real and show us the real Tyler. Face it Forwooders, people don’t do a 180 that fast.
    And sorry, but I think you have to explain to me about why you are surprised by Caroline’s behavior and what sort of layers of Tyler’s character? I think it was pretty obvious all in my eyes.

    And what exactly is so sexy about being bitten? Seriously, what is it?
    If it were the “penetration” topic I should be all for it myself, but I am not, so what is it?

    • Hey Andre!

      Oh geez! Talk about internet issues, I just typed a huge, massive response, to your comment, only for it to COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR ON me! I really feel like WordPress should have some sort of device that saves your comments as you write them, to prevent this from happening.

      Needless to say, this response is going to be shorter than I’d like it to be, just so I can preserve my sanity . . .

      I think what I’ll do is categorize the various things you mentioned in your comment, so that I can address them accordingly:
      (1) Internet issues:
      I’m super hear about that. As you can tell, I can relate. Hopefully, you found yourself a working connection, by now. I suspect you did, considering those naughty little pictures you sent me. Thank you for those by the way. Hmmm . . . I’ve always liked the idea of having sex in a gym . . .

      (2) The promo:
      Thanks so much for posting this. It’s interesting that the writers seem to have changed the episode title from “The Witch House” to “The New Deal” at some point during the season. This would suggest to me that the house where Bonnie communicated with the Original Withches, last season, and where she closed off the ghost portal, this season, will come into play again, in this new episode.

      I actually don’t think Jeremy will die either, both for the reasons you stated, and, because, if he WAS going to die, I doubt, the promo makers would be silly enough to forecast his death scene in the promo. Personally, I think Damon will rush onto the scene to save Jeremy at the very last second, Edward from Twilight style. It would be a really great way to make up for the whole Jeremy Neck Snap Incident. 🙂 (Now Elena will bone him, for sure!)

      Judging by the blank look on his face, it does seem as though Jeremy has been compelled to stand in on-coming traffic. It would seem odd for Jeremy to stop taking vervain, now, of all times. But perhaps, the writers have found a way around that, like when Katherine posed as Elena to get Useless Aunt Jenna to stop taking vervain in Plan B.

      Jeremy and Tyler share a scene in the promo. Perhaps, he has something to do with it. It’s just nice to see them together again, even for this bad purpose. Besides, they are both single now. 😉

      I think the writers missed a nice opportunity for a possible new big bad in Season 4 with this guy too. The all-vampire diet was a cool aspect of Mikael as a villain, one that made him more dangerous than Klaus . . . and one that remained woefully unexplored. Now, the writers will be stuck finding a new Klaus replacement, once the writers have run out of things for Klaus to get mad and seek vengeance about . . .

      New Villains:
      As for who can replace Klaus, my first thought is that it would have to be some species. I mean, sure they have a whole room full of Originals they can use to take Klaus’ place, but those guys won’t really bring anything to the table. Using zombies might allow the writers to take advantage of the cringe-factor Mikael’s cannibal tendencies produced in the audience.

      Another idea for a solid villain would be the Original Witch. Unlike all these vampires and werewolves, she’s WHOLLY supernatural, and not bound by Earthly constraints. She also has control of the elements, and can do anything, and control anybody, while hiding behind a cloak of invisibility. No Big Bad Plan could take down a villain like that, no matter how many twists and turns it had . . .

      You are absolutely right about the writing for this character being schizophrenic. Back in Season 2, Klaus seemed the perfect villain: charming, smart, crazy, nefarious, heartless, and lacking of any humanity whatsoever. But Klaus has made quite a few mistakes since then, particularly his trusting Stefan, despite knowing that the guy hated him, his refusal to admit that Elena was alive, and his failure to figure out why he couldn’t make hybrids, when the answer was right in front of his nose.

      Klaus kind of reminds me of that creepy magical kid from this old Twilight Zone movie I saw once. He trapped his whole family in a house, and they were all SUPER nice to him, but only because, if they were anything BUT nice to them, he would send them to the cornfields to suffer horrible supernatural deaths, or literally remove their mouths, so they couldn’t speak.

      I’m sure Rebekah and Elijah would attest to this.

      Joseph Morgan is one sexy beast, though . . . You’ve got to admit that . . .

      Gender and werewolves:
      Though there have definitely been a few female wolves on TVD, like Jules, the girls featured in “The Hybrid,” and the punk rockery chick from this week’s episode, it kind of makes sense to me that werewolves as a species are predominately male on this show. After all, becoming a werewolf in TVD land, requires you to murder someone. And percentage wise, there are more male murderers than female ones. That’s not sexist. It’s just statistics. 🙂

      Klaus final compulsion:
      You make a really great point. We know already that, in this show, compulsion ends with the death of the compeller. We saw this with Katherine going free from the tomb, once Elijah was staked. It was also the whole reason Stefan agreed to help kill Klaus in the first place. So, how could Klaus compel his hybrids in death?

      Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that, unlike typical instances of compulsion, this compulsion doesn’t take effect UNTIL Klaus’ death . . . in fact, his death is what triggers the compulsion itself. Still a better explanation for this seeming discrepancy, would have been nice.

      Also, as you mentioned, considering the hybrids are Klaus’ sires, why use compulsion at all. Wouldn’t most of the hybrids instinctively WANT to kill the man who killed their maker.

      Damon killing the hybrid:

      As for Damon killing the hybrid, I suspect he knew what the guy was, because of what he was doing . . . namely, guarding Klaus’ party. Also, Damon might be able to smell werewolves, just as Jules used to be able to smell vampires. Then again, no one seems able to smell Katherine, when she poses as Elena. But maybe vampires and werewolves, can only smell their enemies and not eachother. It is hard to “smell yourself.” 🙂


      I don’t hate Matt. I just dont think he’s particularly fun, interesting, or has a particularly good personality as a character. And I HATE the idea of him recoupling with Caroline, which is what I think was being suggested by Caroline’s comment about him being so sweet and innocent. Just because Matt is human, doesn’t inherently make him sweet and innocent. And Matt has illustrated that he isn’t so perfect, in his treatment of Caroline.

      I just don’t get why the writers feel the need to continuously throw these two together, when they lack chemistry. Put Matt with somebody else, writers . . . Bonnie, Katherine, Rebekah . . . just NOT Caroline (and not Elena . . because she belongs with Damon). 🙂

      You and I will always agree to disagree on him. And I’ve been trying to save my thoughts on this aspect of the episode, for Jenn’s comment, just to avoid redundancy, on my part. 🙂 But I will say that I don’t think that what Tyler has done in the past two episodes, in and of themselves, merited Caroline’s dumping him. Did he eat someone in his graduating class? YES. But so did Caroline, when she first turned. Did he compel a teacher, to his way? YES. But Caroline compelled the nurse, when she first turned, and compelled that rockstar guy, to let her sing, when she was trying to get back with Matt.

      Is he gay for Klaus? YEAH, he is. But he’s been doing everything in his power, to try to ensure that this doesn’t negatively impact the safety of Caroline and his friends.

      Is Tyler perfect? Absolutely not. Can he be a douche? Sure. But Caroline knew this coming in. And . . . well . . . more on this, later, I promise . . .

      Biting . . . why it’s sexy:
      The neck is an errogenous zone, for many women, as is the wrist. Both of these are common places where vampires are shown to bite females. Any women who’s ever been kissed, bit or, licked in those places, will attest that it’s a pretty erotic experience.

      Additionally, there is a pleasure / pain aspect of vampire bites, that, I think is intentionally shown to be analogous to orgasm. Watch characters get bitten in vampire shows and films . . . not by villains, like Mikael, but by leading men, like Damon and Stefan. Watch how they wince, in pain, but, as soon as the blood starts flowing, their eyes roll back in their head, and they gasp, just like someone experiencing sexual release.

      There is actually scientific support for this. Cutters cut themselves, partly out of self-hatred. But they also experience some form of pleasure from the pain of cutting. The act of bleeding releases a certain number of endorphins to help lessen pain. And some people find that rush of endorphins pleasurable.

      I hope that helps a bit . . .

      • Andre

        Too bad that I couldn’t read your original comment.

        And why is there a hiatus between the episodes? I mean, nearly two months?
        Maybe this wouldn’t bother me so much if the show wouldn’t still be in summer and actually progress more on a timeline scale.

        And good luck on your novel, how far are you? I mean 50000 words in one month, that is something.

        Actually the naughty little pictures are screencaps 😉
        And I would have liked it in a gym as well, but you know, some things seem destined to stay fantasies. And my connection is working now, but it looks like it always has problems between 10 am and 4 pm and that is not good. I guess I cancel it and get a new one, this can’t just be the location because I had the same problem when I tested it at work and that was only 20 km from my home and in the middle of the city.

        Whether Jeremy is compelled or not and if why, we probably won’t know until January, unless it gets leaked again.

        Now even if Damon saves Jeremy, he really won’t get to bone Elena, not before episode 14, I guess we can be sure about that.

        And I now that you and many viewers wish for some hot man on man action (you cannot say boy on boy with these actors) kinda like that at least:

        But I don’t think this will ever happening. This show is nearly as heteronormative as Twilight when it comes to topics of gender and sexuality, ironic if you ask me. So I doubt anything like that will be happening prior to season 4, if there is a season 4 that is, even the most diehard fans will only tolerate so much and we all know how many flaws the show has.

        Your thoughts on Michael:
        Couldn’t have said it better. Really, why do they introduce such concepts just to drop them? Will one of our vamps be feeding on other vamps in the future and this was a way to introduce that?

        I don’t know whether the Original witch is as powerful as you say but I think she will be back in this season, and possibly Michael too, after all he is on the other side now and I have my doubts that he and his wife won’t meet. Anyway I wonder what happened to her on the other site when she died, I mean there must have been other witches and what about the spirits?

        I never saw Twilight Zone I think but what you say would fit for Klaus.

        Your explanation makes sense however I doubt that the writers of this show think with so much depth, I mean there was no hint so far that they do. Either that or their logic is totally twisted. And regarding Klaus’ comment about a whole bloodline of werewolves would mean that at least that one must have at least one active werewolf per generation so how are these triggered. Again I wonder whether these writers really follow the concepts they introduce. In addition a werewolf’s nature in this show is pure aggression and there is no way a woman is better equipped against that then a man. Both have their times of irrationality and dangerous behavior, despite what many guys say.
        So I think the fact of male dominance among the “wolves” of this show is really just the old phenomenon that a ”wolf” is associated with “male” and “masculinity”.
        And I doubt we will ever get an explanation for this after death orders, because I think the writers introduce and drop concepts as they please. Wouldn’t surprise me if they introduce a cure for vampirism.
        Hard to tell about the sire thing, since we know next to nothing about it. In addition it would have been nice if there was at least a hint on why such a thing exists, they had it in True Blood early on but not in this show, it just appeared out of nowhere.

        And you cannot smell all of your own scent but you can smell another person’s without trouble as long as your nose is functioning. So I think the scenes you mentioned are the same thing as the scene of Elena in Stefan’s old apartment. The writers only use such things if it suits their whims, they don’t really use it.

        No offense but as long as I don’t see proof that you at least temporarily lock your inner Forwooder away I don’t give too much on your statements regarding Matt, I discussed this with colleagues who are much more experienced in relationship matters then I am and all agreed that Matt’s behavior towards Caroline was totally normal and especially not abusive as many Forwooders claim. Your statements regarding Caroline dumping Tyler are proof in my eyes that your judgement is clouded in that regard.

        Unlike Caroline Tyler didn’t show any regret that he had killed someone. Caroline was pretty devastated after that but Tyler was thrilled, so you cannot use that as an argument against Caroline dumping him, rather for it. Caroline settled with blood bags while Tyler wanted it fresh from the source. Did you think she would be thrilled by it?
        Caroline at first compelled the nurse by accident when she was afraid and even the second time she didn’t know what her true nature actually was.
        This was different with Tyler. He knew full well what he would be capable of now and what he would need and what it might mean. And nonetheless he chose to compel and not out of fear or survival but for his own fun. In addition he chose to drink from humans he made no effort not to do it.
        He literally jumped on ship Klaus because he doesn’t have to feel the pain anymore but for that he didn’t need to go to Klaus. He could at least try to fight the sire thing but he doesn’t, he just accepts it and justifies his behavior with “this is what I am”. That is not the trait of a good character. In this light his good actions rather seem to be a way for him to still look in the mirror. But that is rather the way of “once in a while when the wind blows in the right direction you let somebody go.”
        And as for your statements regarding Tyler’s personality after becoming a vampire. If it is true that vampirism heightens your strongest character traits then this means that Stefan is not simply a compassionate person he is also a junky at his core. And this means that Tyler is still just that: a douche. He is egoistic and selfish and tries to justify his own behavior.

        Now as for Caroline: Come on, you must have noticed how fast she suppresses stuff she doesn’t like and how fast she romanticized things. Do you really think she would have seen Tyler’s behavior coming?

        I totally disagree with you on the Romeo and Juliet. These two are nothing like that in that regard. You should read Shakespeare once more and I guarantee you that these two are not like that.
        However I agree with you that this is not character underdevelopment but rather another of the writers whims. It is the same with so many other of the traits and topics in the show. They don’t really use them, only when it suits them and then they drop it. Caroline and Tyler will only be there for Elena and the other two, I have no doubt about that. So far it had always been that way and I doubt it will be different now.

        You stated what you said about the biting before in a previous comment, but I still don’t get it. I wouldn’t want to be bitten in the neck, that area is so sensitive it would hurt like hell and I know that in my case sex doesn’t do anything in that regard to make it pleasurable.

      • Yeah GYM SEX! 🙂

        (Whose the guy with the dark hair? Mommy like . . . very much.)

        I may have to rent this film . . .

        As for the novel, as I type to you, I am at 16,867 words, which is the equivalent of roughly 60 pages. This means that, to be on target to finish this challenge on time, I need to write a little under 5,000 additional words, by the end of the day. 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  8. Jennifer

    Hey, I’ve been reading your blog regarding TVD recaps since I discovered it at the beginning of this season (season 3) and I have to say you always make it so funny 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed reading each one and always look forward to the next one.

    Typically I just drop by to see what funny and witty things you have to say regarding the most recent episode, but this episode was such a big deal I felt I had to leave a response this time.

    Overall I found it very entertaining and, though I’m actually not much of a Katherine fan, I was really glad to see her reappear before the mid-season finale and was even more interested in the role she ended up playing. I think it was interesting that she has actually helped more with Stefan’s humanity issue up to this point than Elena has >__< They seem to do that a lot to her even though she's shown to be a valuable member of the Scooby Gang as you like to call them. They left her out a lot last season when they were trying to stop the sacrifice, and she almost ended up in the middle of it. You can't tell me they don't trust her b/c she's dating (was dating) Tyler. I think it's safe to assume she wouldn't tell him anything. Another thing that bothered me was that Matt was Rebekkah's date. I mean, why on earth would he take a vampire and a kind of evil one at that, when he wouldn't stay with Caroline even though he was in love with her? Didn't make a bit of sense to me . . .

    As Caroline is my favorite character for many reasons that have developed over the course of the show and Forwood is my favorite ship, that is the part of the ep that was most important to me. I have to say, I'm crushed that they broke up, but at the same time I'm so glad it happened (and that Caroline is the one that instigated it really). I have mixed feelings about how she's been written this season after what we saw last season (sometimes it feels like they are having her regress, like character un-development or something), but I definitely think her reaction to Tyler in Homecoming was realistic, both for her character and in general. I don't like that they didn't show her doing much to try and help him adapt with becoming a hybrid b/c after she put her life on the line to help him when he was going through the werewolf bit, why on Earth wouldn't she help him NOW when this is something she actually understands (becoming a vampire I mean)? That really irritated me. Regardless, she still stuck by him, even after they all realized he'd been sired to Klaus, who is considered the "bad guy." Now, I get that changing into a werewolf once a month sucked and all, but the sired thing is a big deal, and the fact that Tyler is selfish enough to over look that b/c it means HE doesn't have to change etc. speaks volumes I think. He said that if being sired to Klaus was the price to pay to not have to change then he was happy to pay it, but that's the thing, that's NOT the only price! In being sired to Klaus he's lost Caroline, the only person whose ever been there for him, and he's being put at odds with everyone else he can even remotely call a friend. Somehow I don't think his mother will be too thrilled about where his loyalties lie either . . . If Klaus asked Tyler to kill Caroline what would he do? Being sired to him is so dangerous! The point is I don't feel like she deserves to catch crap for not supporting Tyler. I love the pair but I agree wholeheartedly with her letting him go, simply b/c they are at an impasse. He can't stop being Klaus's b*tch, but she could never join team Klaus (she's too goodhearted for that, something Tyler seemed to love about her) so there's really nothing left to discuss. I think her letting him go shows what an awesome individual she really is. It can't have been easy, she's pretty much in love with him (can't believe after everything they've been through that they never said "I love you." Strange), but he's kind of a bad guy now. I think it was incredibly selfish of Tyler (although that's not unrealistic considering who he was 1st season and how he's kind of that guy again) to ask her not to turn her back on him now. What else can she do? He's treating this like she's jealous of Klaus or something but I think it's clear that it's so much more than that. If anyone needs to understand it's Tyler. HE needs to understand the spot Caroline's been put into b/c of his being sired to Klaus. It sucks, I absolutely adored Forwood once they started developing and it breaks my heart that they had to end but I think it needed to be done. The biggest issue is that I do think this may very well contribute to Tyler going full fledged team Klaus, but oh well. I am hoping this isn't the end of them completely (I still held hope after Tyler let her down with the werewolves and was rewarded for my faith lol), but it definitely is until they can do something about Klaus or his being sired.

    Okay, I'm done ranting lol Looking forward to the after hiatus eps but also your recaps of them 🙂


    • Hey Jenn! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so honored that you’ve been reading my recaps, all this time, and am thrilled that you have been enjoying them. *gives you an internet hug* 🙂

      I love your point about Katherine doing more for Stefan’s humanity in one episode, than Elena has done all season. Unfortunately for Elena, that seems to be the theme of Season 3. Back in Ghost World, people said the exact same thing about Lexi, and she’s DEAD, for crying out loud . . . not just undead . . . like REALLY dead. 🙂 Damon has also done more for Stefan’s humanity, by taking him out “drinking” and showing him, how nice freedom from being Klaus’ bitch can be. Heck, when you think about it, even MIKAEL did more for Stefan’s humanity than Elena did, when he put his hand in Damon’s chest, and forced Stefan to feel, long enough to prevent the guy from ripping his heart out. 🙂

      I’m so glad I’m a Delena fan, because if I was Team Stelena, this would probably really piss me off. 🙂

      You bring up an excellent point about Caroline. She was a crucial part of the Scooby Gang’s plans, to capture Kat in “The Masquerade.” And she was essential to rescuing Stefan from the well, and retrieving the Moonstone, last season, shortly before Mason’s death. I think the Scooby Gang tends to repeatedly underestimate Caroline, and what she can offer them, in terms of strength, and smarts. And unfortunately, for her, this tends to result in her getting kidnapped and tortured . . . 🙂

      For what it’s worth, I think this has less to do with the rest of the Scooby Gang not trusting Caroline, and more with the writers tending to keep her storylines separate from the rest of the group. Conversely, I think the Scooby Gang always includes Bonnie, because she almost NEVER has her own storyline. Oh, and that witch thing seems to come in handy a lot, when the writers are in a jam. We’ve got plenty of vamps on this show. But, really only one witch . . . So . . . hopefully, with Caroline single, she can play a larger role in the core cast’s plans, in the near future.

      Except, I DON’T WANT CAROLINE TO BE SINGLE! 😦 I like Forwood! But I’ll get to that in a bit.

      I do a agree with you about some of the way Caroline’s character has been written of late . . . (“character undevelopment” I like that). Many have complained about Tyler’s hybrid-ness, bringing back his Season 1 douche qualities. Well, to some extent, Caroline’s marginalization as a character this season, has resulted in her being written as a bit more vapid, and Season 1-esque, than she was last season. Whereas, last season, she was talking about issues, of loyalty, and morality, and adjusting to her new skin, as a vampire . .. now she seems more concerned, with whatever weekly event is taking place at the high school during the episode.

      Like I said, maybe this will change, now that she’s single again . . .

      Now, Forwood . . . Here’s my feeling about Tyler, as a hybrid. On one hand, you are right. For Tyler to PREFER to ally himself with a Big Bad, than to have to succumb to the inconvenience of having a monthy period 🙂 is selfish.

      On the other hand, Tyler really doesn’t have a choice in the matter. He can’t go back to being just a werewolf, even if he wanted to do so. And the feelings of loyalty for Klaus, that are associated with his being a sire, are something he can’t help. He’s going to experience these feelings for as long as Klaus lives. What he can control is whether or not he acts on those feelings . . .

      In some sense, this IS preferable to being a regular werewolf, even from a moral standpoint. Think about it. When Tyler turned into a werewolf, he was LITERALLY not himself. He had no control, over the way he lashed out at Caroline that first night, and almost killed her. He had no control over how he bit Damon. And he had no control over the way he tried to attack Matt and Caroline, after Damon rescued the trio, shortly before the Sacrifice took place.

      So, it’s not just about the pain of transformation. It’s about Tyler literally being a danger to everyone he loves, once a month, and not being able to do anything about it, but chain himself to a wall, endure excruciating pain for hours on end, and hope for the best.

      As a Gay for Klaus hybrid, Tyler can not only control his werewolf changes, he can also control the extent to which he is loyal to Klaus. Just as Stefan, under compulsion, could not lie to Klaus or refuse his commands, Tyler is technically the same way. Siring is a form of perpetual compulsion. But, this week, we saw Tyler figure out a way, to save his friends DESPITE his being Klaus’ bitch.

      Tyler knew that he couldn’t say no to Klaus. So, instead, he got Matt to help him get his friends out of the house, so they wouldn’t be in danger. This is something Tyler in his werewolf form, wouldn’t have been able to do.

      Aside from that, I don’t think Tyler really recognizes exactly how bad Klaus is, or what being his sire, means, for his future. Sure, Tyler has heard about how evil Klaus is, from Caroline and his friends. But he hasn’t really experienced it first hand. (He was unconscious throughout most of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” after all. And locked up / unconscious through most of The Sacrifice. He was even out of town during “The Last Dance,” when the Scooby Gang was coping with Alarklaus.)

      I think Tyler always sort of assumed that if Klaus asked him to do something REALLY awful, he could use his free will to figure out a way around it . . . like he did this week.

      Also, like Klaus, Tyler’s kind of lonely. If you recall, when Tyler first found out he was a werewolf, and that Caroline was a vampire, she told him, not to tell anyone. And he replied sadly, “I have no one to tell.” Aside from Caroline and Matt, Tyler lacks true friends. He’s on the outskirts of the Scooby Gang, at best. . . and once he became a hybrid, not even that. And, clearly, his football buddies are nothing more than mere acquaintences. So, you can understand a bit why Tyler would be a bit enchanted by the possibility of friendship with powerful, beautiful people, like Klaus and Rebekah.

      In terms of the way Tyler has been acting for the past two episodes. It makes sense to me, considering he’s JUST become a vampire. We all know how Stefan reacted, when he had first turned. And we saw how now-dead vampires like Vicki and Logan Fell reacted when they first turned. Even Caroline, reacted a bit rashly upon first becoming a vampire, and would have turned out way worse, I suspect, were it not for the love and support of Stefan and Elena.

      So, yes, Tyler is sowing his wild oats a vampire, acting douchey, hanging out way too much with Klaus and Rebekah, and not seeming to be all that torn up about it. But I think he could have turned the corner, and became a real hero type, somewhere down the line, if Caroline was willing to believe in him, and work with him toward, quelling his vampire, and Klaus-loving, instincts.

      We talk about a Romeo and Juliet storyline, when referring to Tyler as a werewolf and Caroline as a vampire, back, during those two episodes, where their parents hated one another. 🙂 But I think THIS could have been the real Romeo and Juliet storyline. After all, in a world where everyone’s dad sucks, and everyone’s mom is useless, friends and lovers are the REAL family.

      Imagine a situation where Caroline and Tyler fight to stay together, despite inherently being on opposite sides of the same fight. Tyler fights to stay loyal to Caroline, and not hurt her friends, while still finding himself inextricably drawn to Klaus and his alluring hybrid world. Caroline works to help Tyler fight his natural urges, despite the fact that her friends now hate Tyler, and continue to leave Caroline out of the loop, due to her allegiance to them. Now THAT could be an interesting story.

      The problem now is that, without Caroline to keep him grounded, and guide him through, not just his hybrid transition, but his vampire one, there is nothing keeping Tyler from turning into a full-fledged villain. And to me, of the two stories I just mentioned, this is the safer, and less fun, one to tell . .

      Of course, knowing TVD, they could end up turning this entire story on its head, and proving me completely wrong. 🙂

      • Jennifer

        Darn, I just noticed that a chunk of my last post was missing. Hmm . . . Glad you were able to figure out I was talking about Caroline being left out of plans and not Katherine since it looks like I’m initially talking about Katherine the way it cut a chunk out. Here’s what was missing:

        (in regard to Kat helping Stefan with his humanity) “. . . but I don’t really think her justification for screwing up the plan (saving Damon) really holds water since she didn’t care if he died staking Elijah last season, as long as it got her out of the tomb. Yeah, I know she said humanity is a b*tch and that it’s always trying to fight it’s way to the top and that sometimes she lets it but I still think that was kind of a weak reasoning.

        I was really surprised by Elena finally telling Damon that they’d just have to let Stefan g o. To be honest, I don’t really have a preference at this point for who Elena ends up with. I like her with Stefan and I like her with Damon. I do however think it was cool that she’s finally seeing reason and is willing to let him go as I think she needs to. I feel worse for Damon regarding Stefan at this point than I do for Elena. I did enjoy the Delena scene near the end, I will admit 🙂

        Was shocked and disappointed in the role Mikael played (didn’t play?) in the grand scheme of things. He died so fast I was like “what the H&ll just happened??” lol

        One thing that seriously irritated me was that Caroline wasn’t let in on the plan. I mean for crying out loud even Matt got in on it and he’s borderline useless 98% of the time . . .”

        Wish I knew why that was missing . . .

        Well anyway, I definitely agree with you that it makes sense that Tyler is acting the way he is since he just went vamp. I’m more irritated in that regard to the lack of Caroline trying to help him since she did last season. Yeah I know, been there done that, so I can see why the writers would choose not to go all out and waste time and film on more scenes of Caroline helping Tyler etc. (even though I’d happily watch more of that since I love them), but they could have hinted that that kind of stuff was going on off screen or something. I can’t stand how they are dragging people back to season 1 personalities, especially Caroline since she’s changed so much and in such a good way (even her vamp hating mother couldn’t deny that she’s become really strong and independent and that she was proud). It’s just silly to me that she’d help then but now she just complains about him hanging out with “the evil blood slut.”

        I think Tyler is a terrible candidate to be a vampire considering the type of person he’s been in the past, but with Caroline’s help, just like when he went werewolf, I think he could come out okay. But alas, she didn’t really do anything for him this time. Lame and kind of OOC from what they established for her last season. And it’s help led to their break up imo. It also bugged me that they didn’t show Tyler coming to terms with now being a vampire (forever 17, the hunger you have to suppress, sunlight, although he doesn’t seem to have that problem despite having acquired other vamp weaknesses like vervain). For all we know, that stuff still hasn’t really sunk in and that to me is a crucial part as to why he’s acting the way he is. He’s too busy thinking “yay no more wolf unless I want to!” so he’s not thinking about everything else that comes with it (as far as we know anyway). Maybe that coupled with how he really doesn’t seem remorseful about the idea of feeding on people and backing up Klaus regardless of what he does is the main thing that bothers me about him now, I don’t really know. I just know he’s rubbing me the wrong way, especially since they are character un-developing him too as he grew a lot in season 2 (and even said he didn’t want to be season 1 Tyler b/c he hated that guy). I guess their personality regressions is moot though since the writers are going to write them however they need them to act to advance the story in the direction they want to take it. As a lover of character development, it still stinks for me though.

        And I can also see your point about “wolfing out,” as Damon so eloquently put it lol, being about more than just pain and suffering for a few hours on Tyler’s part (although I, like many others it seems, liked the danger and such his being a werewolf brought to the Forwood pair and am sadly disappointed that wasn’t ever really explored and now never can be). You’re right, he is a threat to everyone if he gets loose when there’s a full moon (although he didn’t mention that to Caroline as to why things are better now, he only talked about how it’s better b/c HE doesn’t have to feel pain, so I’m not sure he’s even considered the way his being a hybrid benefits Caroline and his friends, meaning his concern is chiefly for himself, which is terribly selfish). I guess I just don’t really feel like it matters if he’s going to blindly follow Klaus, who will probably try to kill off our fav Scooby Gang in time (and possibly order Tyler to kill many other random people for who knows why as the years go by). Yeah, he found a way around it this time, but what about next time? He told Matt he can’t fight it. In fact, in helping the way he did, he didn’t even go against Klaus technically since Klaus told him he had “permission to warn his friends.” What if he hadn’t said that? Or worse, what if he’d told Tyler to go take them out for him? Personally I think that not being able to fight siring is a load of bull b/c if Stefan could fight Klaus’s compulsion to the extent that he did over the course of a few eps (and Caroline’s dad can keep from being compelled entirely), then Tyler should be able to fight his siring to some degree I would think. But if he’s got a negative frame of mind like that concerning it then he’s not going to even bother trying to fight it, which is a problem. It sounded like he had no intention or desire to fight it actually.

        I guess the biggest problem is the possibility of the gang going head-to-head in some way, shape, or form with Klaus. He’ll have to side with Klaus, he’s driven to not only please him (gag) but protect him as well. Caroline is not going to forsake her friends b/c Tyler is with Klaus and I really admire that about her. I also don’t think it’s fair of him to expect her to either. I get what you said about him being lonely, but I think he’s going to find out siding with Klaus is actually going to be lonelier in the long run. He might only really have Matt and Caroline if he doesn’t side with Klaus, but if he sides with Klaus he has no one seeing how Klaus has plenty of hybrids now and therefore doesn’t really care about Tyler, and Rebekkah doesn’t either. If Tyler still hasn’t figured out how evil Klaus is (after you know, turning him hybrid with out his permission and a high probability that he wouldn’t survive), his specifically telling Tyler he’ll kill his friends and his lovely girlfriend if any one crosses him should be a good clue. There’s a reason the others are so desperate to get rid of the guy. Get a clue, buddy . . .

        When it comes down to it, all Tyler really had to say regarding Caroline’s discomfort with the situation was: “this is who I am,” which is an indication that he doesn’t (at the moment) really plan on fighting his siring. He straight up said he accepts it and he wants Caroline too as well. I know she hasn’t helped him as much as she could have (or realistically would have based on what we saw in season 2), but she has told him a few times to stay away from Rebekkah and he’s pretty much ignoring her. If he’s not going to listen to her at this point what more can she really do? With everything Caroline’s been through since the show started, both with Tyler and on her own, I can understand why she’d refuse. Like Tyler said to Matt “girl’s got heart,” but she can only deal with so much, you know? And really for her, this has to be Jules and the werewolves all over again. Just like that time, Tyler’s siding with someone else over her. How many times can we expect her to go through that kind of thing?

        I still think a star-crossed lover type thing can happen between them. Just b/c they broke up recently doesn’t mean they stopped loving each other yet (look at how Matt and Caroline went back and forth all through season 1 and 2 and like you said they don’t even really have chemistry).

        Speaking of Matt and Caroline, I think you might be right (you mentioned in another response to a different reader that the writers might have been hinting at Matt and Caroline again). I definitely noticed her comment about him being a good person (I wouldn’t say good person per se given the way he treated Caroline, but I will say he deserves to be left out of all that craziness if possible), but also his reaction when Tyler brought him in the room to an unconscious Caroline. He seemed pretty angry from the look on his face that Tyler “attacked” her. I can deal withe the writers dabbling with those two again if we were guaranteed it would end at some point for Forwood to reunite as I still hold hope that Tyler will realize it’s a mistake to side with Klaus and that he needs to fight the siring rather than just accepting it 🙂 Maybe his losing Caroline will help him to see that rather than pushing him to fully enlist on team Klaus, who knows? Like you said, the writers could do a complete 180 on us lol

        Finally, your star crossed lovers plot did sound a lot more interesting than what the writers seem to be planning for Forwood. Maybe you should write it as an AU fic. I’d definitely want to read it. I know Delena’s your main ship, but it’s not like they couldn’t be in the story too 🙂

        It’s been fun discussing this with you as I always love to see other points of view! Although I’m still not too thrilled with Tyler at the moment and I still don’t really blame Caroline for letting him go, your rebuttal has helped me to understand why Tyler is acting the way he’s acting a little better. So thanks for the response 🙂 Wish I didn’t have to wait so long for your next recap though 😦


  9. Veronica

    Once again, I loved your recap. I find it hilarious how you call Stefan and the hybrids “gay for Klaus”. This really does sum it up quite nicely. Was it just me or did it seem like a very intimate moment when Klaus told Stefan he was free? But then they had to go and break-up at the end of the episode. Actually, I would really like to see Klaus get it on with a lady just because I think Joseph Morgan is hot and there has been a serious lack of shirtlessness in this season! By the way, I immensely enjoyed the Damon shower gif you had in your recap. Which reminds me, in a recent interview Julie Plec said she just finished writing a shower scene involving the man owning the best bathroom in town – Damon Salvatore. Hopefully, we can see this by at least episode 13.

    I am very happy that Katherine admitted that she loved Damon. I am glad that Damon didn’t spend 145 years loving a woman who felt nothing for him. I do think she loves Stefan more though. Then she had to go and cockblock Damon and Elena once again! The writers couldn’t even give us a kiss to help us endure the hiatus. They could have had Damon and Elena kiss and of course because Damon is such a sex machine, it becoming very hot and heavy and then the phone ring and cockblock them. On second thought, when they do finally have sex I prefer there to be no interruptions.

    I agree that Klaus’s character is a bit schizophrenic. I do think he will somehow have redeeming qualities because the writers of this show never have someone be all evil. Imagine this as a scenario, Klaus has all his family staked in coffins to protect them from Mikeal because he knew if they were “awake” they might be in harms way if they side with him instead of Mikeal. He did seem pretty pissed when Stefan stole them all. But carting your entire family around in coffins is very Criminal Minds – esque to me. I cannot grasp his character at all.

    I hope we have not seen the last of Mikeal. He had the potential to possibly be even more bad than Klaus and they killed him off so easily. There wasn’t even a struggle. I thought the whole feeding on vamps thing was interesting too. Maybe Stefan will turn to that diet. Ha!

    I really don’t’ know what Stefan is hoping to accomplish by pissing Klaus off. The entire Scooby Gang is in danger now and on top of that Damon and Elena will probably be that much more angry at him. There will be lots of time for speculation during the 7 week hellatus. Can’t wait until next time!

    • Hey Veronica!

      You are right. There was definitely some serious Klefan Eyesex going on during that scene between Klaus and Stefan at the end of the episode. It’s kind of like that saying they always use in romantic comedies. How does that go? Oh yeah, “If you love something set if free. If it comes back to steal all your family’s coffins, and then calls you to tell you all about it, it’s yours, forever.” 😉

      I mean when you really think about it, Klaus has always been way nicer to Stefan than he has been to his siblings. You know . . . aside from the whole compulsion thing. I mean, think about it, he takes him on all these cool vacations. He invites him to eat delicious food / people. He always gets him into the best bars and clubs. He never STAKES HIM WITH THE WHITE OAK DAGGER. Now, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is!

      But you are right. Klaus REALLY needs a female love interest, if for no other reason, than I really would like to see him naked for a better reason than, “I spent three days as a werewolf, and boy are my teeth tired.” I also think that accent of his would make for some outstanding pillow talk . . .

      Speaking of naked, do you know that, when I read that part of your comment about another Damon shower scene, I started clapping like a baby seal? It was quite embarrassing actually. Thank you for making my month, and for giving me something to look forward to, during this interminable hiatus. 🙂

      I was happy for Damon that Katherine admitted to genuinely loving him too. But yeah, she does seem to love Stefan, in more of a romantic sense. The way she used to compel Damon to go away, so she could have more Stefan Time, pretty much cemented that idea. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?) Not that I’m complaining, of course. Team DE, all the way! 🙂

      I am going to complain about the repeated cockblocking though. . . So far, Alaric has done it about three times, Stefan did it once, and Katherine it twice. Now, if any of them DARE to interrupt our DE sex moment, I may find myself with the uncontrollable urge to murder a fictional television character. I’m just saying. 🙂

      Like you, I do hope the writers get a better handle on Klaus soon. I agree with you 100% that the writers showed us all this “loneliness, family drama” to make Klaus seem more human and three dimensional. I think the problem might be with the WAY they introduced it. With morally ambiguous characters like Damon and Katherine, the writers, started them off as all dark and edgy, and then, very gradually, peeled off their layers, to reveal their vulnerabilities and strong hearts underneath. But with Klaus, he seems to be all evil one week, and all sad puppy the next. It might have something to do with the different writers for each episode . . . I’m not sure.

      Joseph Morgan is doing a great job with what he’s been given though, I’ll give him that.

      Ooh, I would love it if Mikael came back. Perhaps, he can work with the Original Witch in the Ghost World to kick Klaus’ ass and give him a bad boy spanking. Or maybe, she can find some way to restrore him to life. Because, otherwise, they kind of cremated his body this week. It doesn’t really get much more final than that, does it?

      And I LOVE your idea of Stefan turning cannibal. Really, there has to be some reason for the introduction of the whole “vampire eating vampires” plot thread. It kind of reminds me of how Caroline’s dad was able to resist compulsion. Most of us, thought this meant that he would play a bigger role in the narrative. But now, it seems like the whole reason Caroline’s dad was introduced at all, was to foreshadow STEFAN being able to resist compulsion, regarding his brother, and, to a lesser, extent, Elena.

      Oh yeah, Stefan’s big bad plan kind of boggles my mind . . . talk about impulsive. This seems much more like something Season 1 Damon would do. (Why am I surprised?) I mean, with the exception of Elijah, Stefan doesn’t know ANY of these Originals, what they are like, or whether or not they will have any interest in helping him. I mean, sure, they can all get revenge on him, by staking him at the same time with the same daggers that have been in their stomachs for centuries . . . Julius Caesar-style. And, while that would be tremendously fun to watch, Klaus is immune to those daggers as a hybrid. So, I’m not sure how that would help.

      Not to mention the danger Stefan is putting the entire Scooby Gang, INCLUDING HIS BROTHER, in, by pissing Klaus off, in this way. Especially considering the fact that, if Stefan hadn’t done this, there’s a good chance, that Klaus would have taken a smidge more hybrid-making blood from Elena, and left town with his sister, and partially exploded hybrids . . . This could have bought the folks in Mystic Falls, at least another 10 Klaus-free years. 🙂

      But then TVD would be nothing but uninterrupted (except, occasionally, by Alaric) DE sex. And we wouldn’t want that, now, would we? 😉 🙂

  10. This episode kind of does fall apart upon closer inspection… or it somewhat confuses me, but it was quite a ride. It seemed a bit weird how okay Elena was with giving Stefan up, though it was a nice turn to have Damon be more upset than Elena. Stefan’s done worse things than “betray them,” and she could blame his actions on his compulsion. Ah well.

    To me it makes sense that Caroline can’t be with Tyler. She now understands that Tyler can’t control his allegiance to Klaus, but more importantly she sees that he isn’t even trying to fight it or not enjoy it. Even if she is sympathetic, he is just not safe to be around. He is completely compromising and being around him would mean Klaus is only a heartbeat away. I’m still completely rooting for Tyler and Caroline, though, so they’d better find a way to reunite… perhaps after Klaus’s death.

    HIATUS! I will miss the show and your recaps. 😦 They are too funny and awesome.


    • Hey Noelle! 🙂 I think a lot of fans were surprised by Elena’s “then we will let him go” speech. For me, I think it had more to do with Elena attempting to comfort a distraught Damon, than it did with her actually giving up on Stefan. After all, Damon’s really been beating himself up for the whole Ripper Stefan thing, ever since “The Birthday,” in that he feels partly responsible for it, due to what happened in “As I Lay Dying.” And then, the week prior, Elena REALLY threw the gauntlet down, by telling Damon he was the only one who could save him. I mean, absolutely, it was a nice gesture, and showed a lot of growth on Elena’s part. But I think it also put a nice fat burden on Damon’s shoulders to “fix” Stefan . . . a burden that, up to this point, had been sitting with Elena.

      So, I think that after this awful night that Damon had, he needed to hear someone (preferably Elena) tell him that everything was going to be OK . . . that, even if they lost Stefan, forever, they would be able to survive, and move on with their lives. But, in truth, I don’t think either person would ever truly give up on Stefan, even if (when) they do end up getting romantically involved with one another. 🙂 That’s just not the kind of people they are.

      At least, that was my take on it . . . I can’t wait to read yours. 😉 I’m absolutely going to miss our TVD talks across both of our recaps, during this interminable hiatus. They have always been such a big part of my week. But hey, we’ll always have reruns! 😉

  11. Brittany-Marie

    This promo is similar but a -tad- different.

    • Oooh, Klaus’ “There will be more,” toward the end of the promo never fails to give me chills. Thanks so much for posting this Brittany Marie. This is probably the juiciest trailer for “The New Deal,” we’ve seen so far. I wonder if Stefan will hang out with the Original Coffin family, throughout the episode, or run back to warn the others of what he’s done?

  12. Kangababy

    Hi Julie!
    I hope your writing is going well! 🙂

    I can’t believe we’ll have to wait almost two months for the next episode. I guess we’ll need one of your epic top ten Delena moments pieces for this first part of Season 3 to get us through it 😉

    Other than how ridiculously good Joseph Morgan was during the confrontation with Mikael (it finally made me like him as a villian), the thing I loved the most about this episode was the tangible connection between Damon and Elena. It was present in all of their scenes. Maybe I am overanalysing it, but these moments really stuck out for me:

    1. In the opening scene with Stefan, where the three were discussing killing Mikael to bring Klaus back to Mystic Falls, Damon and Elena were standing together as a team talking to Stefan. It definitely felt like they were an “us” versus everyone else.

    2. In the bathroom scene, there is a small moment where Damon passes the wolfsbane grenade to Elena, and they keep eye contact for a couple beats longer than platonic friends would, even with Stefan in the room. Sigh…

    3. Damon trying to make Elena feel better about stabbing Rebekah in the only way that Damon can, through snark and wit. I like that he can tell her she is being a bit like Katherine and that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing (unlike Stefan who sees things only in extremes as being either good or bad, and nothing in between)

    4. The ending scene with Damon and Elena, where surprisingly it wasn’t Elena being the one to grab Damon’s face or her telling him that they need to let Stefan go which made the scene for me, but the moment where she initially tries to grab him, and Damon petulantly moves his arm away (possibly silencing some of the critics that say Damon has no backbone when it comes to Elena) and Elena doesn’t give up, and says “Hey” and grabs him again. She wasn’t going to hold back from being there for him, and she wasn’t afraid of him even though he’d been drinking.

    As a Delena shipper, I was thrilled because I felt their connection throughout the full episode for the first time in the show instead of just little moments. It makes the slow burn so much more worth while when you can see just how far they have grown, and if this is them now, I can’t wait to see what it will be like when they are together.

    • honeytvd

      I agree totally with kangababy!
      that last scene is a must on your top ten best moments of delena season 3, kjewls..
      if not, face my wrath!!
      haha, kidding.. I loved that scene so much because elena tried to calm down Damon the second time eventhough he brushed her off earlier..
      that has to mean something, right??
      anyway, I don’t know you’re going to pack all delena moments these season into the top ten (since there’s so many!!), but of course you can do it..
      I can’t wait already!!

      • Hey honeytvd! Oh, this scene would absolutely make my Top Ten Delena moments for the first half of Season 3. Don’t you worry about that! (I certainly wouldn’t want to incur your wrath, after all. ;))

        Not only was it a beautiful scene, it really illustrated so much about the Delena relationship, and how much it has evolved since Season 1. This was definitely a turning point moment for Delena . . . one that hopefully foreshadows the romantic coupling we will see between these two, shortly after we return from hiatus. A girl can dream, right? 🙂

        As for the Top Ten Moments list, I’ll definitely keep you posted as to when you can expect to see it. *rushes to start researching Delena scenes for the post* 😉

    • Hey Kangababy!

      Awww . . . well, I usually like to wait until TVD has aired a full 11 episodes (half of the full seasons 22) to do a Top Delena Moments post. But you are absolutely right about there being more than enough juicy moments to write one now, even at just 9 episodes. And of course, this is probably the biggest hiatus we’re going to get between now and the Season finale. Hmmm . . . I guess I will have to think about this ;).

      Speaking of Delena moments, I just adore the way you analyzed the beautiful way in which they related to one another, not just in their “big ticket” final moment, but in other moments throughout the episode, as well. After all, being a real couple isn’t all about the dramatic speeches, and declarations of love, it’s also about the way a couple looks at one another, when they don’t think anybody else is looking . . . a hand gently brushing against one’s back . . . a shared laugh over a mutual inside joke . . . a distinct mannerism that used to be specific to one member of the couple, but is now shared by both. In short, true love is in the details. And from the looks of it, Damon and Elena have those coupley details down pat ALREADY, and we are only at episode 9. 🙂

      These fun little subtleties are probably the place where Ian’s and Nina’s real life relationship, pays off the most, in their acting. Because the pair already do know how to relate to one another as a couple, it makes it much easier for them to find instances for their character could do so, hidden between the line of dialogue in the script. This, of course, is how we know that Delena will stay fun, interesting, and sexy, even AFTER the pair actually BECOMES a couple, which is where most great ships lose their luster.

      That said, I think you brought up some beautiful elements of the key Delena moment in this episode . . . elements that a more casual TVD viewer might have missed. Yes, Damon DID push away from Elena’s caresses, at first, causing Elena to commmit to the moment of affection even more, in order to force him to accept it. I feel like we’ve seen a lot of these intriguing reversals between the couple, this season, both with Damon actually saying NO to Elena, and Elena actually TAKING Damon’s advice and suggestions. He absolutely has a backbone when it comes to her . . . and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

      And I agree that it was a major step for Elena to comfort Damon, knowing that he was sad, angry, and had been drinking, especially given their history. That is another way in which this scene dovetails nicely with Elena’s reaching out to hug Damon in “Rose.” As we saw later in the episode, Damon was clearly in a dangerous state of mind at that point. But Elena still did not fear him. In fact, she would not let up, until he allowed himself to be comforted by her. It’s one of my favorite qualities about this heroine. And since she’s been getting quite the little bad rap, of late. It’s nice to look at her in such a positive light . . . the same light through which Damon clearly views her. 🙂

      I’ll definitely miss talking TVD with you over hiatus, Kangababy. I may have to move up the timeline on that Delena post, just so we can chat again. 😉

      • Kangababy

        Hi Julie!

        Thanks for such a great response. I will also miss chatting about TVD with you, but will keep checking in to see if you write any posts over the holiday season (especially a nice one as a Christmas present!!).
        Keep well and good luck with your writing 🙂

  13. Maddy

    Hi, hilarious recap as ever 😀
    So what’s with Mikael coming in, an extremely evil and badass character and then dying before they did anything with him? D: Now Klaus has to be the ultimate bad again, but I can’t really take him seriously now I’ve seen him cry all like a spoilt baby. :L Even though the man is actually very handsome. But ya know the “if you love something let it go”? Well Klaus let Stefan go so I bet he’s hoping that Stefan will come back to his arms, n’awww…well I doubt that’s true since he seems to have stolen all the coffins. TAKE THAT, KLAUS!
    So, the coffins: Yay! Elijah, fina-freakin-ly! And who are all the other coffins for? I thought there was only ever three until Heinrich or whatever his name was showed up but then he died anyway. Annoying that we didn’t see the others last week, and that they didn’t stay behind to bury their own Mum…Sneaky Klaus for doing that when he was the one that killed her!
    I’m serious when I say that I think Klaus, partially out of lonliness, and desperation he’ll lose his only “friend”, has some possessive feelings for Stefan which are sexual. Seriously the way he looks at Stefan is sooo frustrated, in THAT way, and that whole murdering innocents in alarmingly kinky ways is clearly, well, kinky…and some sort of release of desire at least on Klaus’ behalf, that I can see. Like when Rebekah said last week “the feeling of power was euphoric”, it’s that whole dominance thing, haha. Poor Klaus, he needs a secure loving relationship, that’ll sort him out. Maybe. Possibly. Not likely. xD
    (Sidetrack: his accent is so weird. As a Brit, I can officially tell you, his accent isn’t British! I know in real life he’s welsh and you can hear that clearly in interviews, but in the show he represses the Welsh side, but instead of sounding English he sounds a lot like an Australian doing an impression of an English accent and it’s very bizarre. I thought he was American and faking it for ages, maybe he just lived too long overseas and it messed with his accent ;D )
    So, Forwood breaking up: poor Caroline! I totally understand why she dumped his ass, he was being a jerk. I mean what is wrong with Ty, or rather, Klaus’ bitch? I don’t grudge him having to obey Klaus – he can’t help it – what’s making me seriously lose all the respect I garnered for him last season, is how he doesn’t give a monkey’s backside about the fact that Klaus is evil! Also he seems to thinks it’s a massive joke that he likes to drink blood now and he’s putting all his friends in danger! To quote Car “Um, Klaus is the BAD guy here!” Yet Tyler isn’t even remotely apologetic that he has to help Klaus, WHO IS EVIL, and has to be EVIL TO HIS FRIENDS, in fact he seems practically to be relishing the opportunity! I mean, what an ass! And then the whole thing about going to drink people’s blood in some weird threesome with Car…what? Do you have no morals, man? He’s got such a big ego, when Car became a vampire she was like ‘OH NO! I have desires to kill people, and I’m ashamed. But I’m going to get through this and be awesome.’ See, this is why Car is epic; yet Tyler is like ‘haw haw now I have super speed and fangs, this gives me the right to act like a total prick.’ Well guess what Tylerpoo, IT DOESN’T. What’s more he tried to bite Damon, who is ON HIS SIDE, the JERK, oh wait actually they’re NOT on the same side are they, because he’s Klaus’s hybrid minion/bitch now! Grr! He totally deserves to be dumped until he can A) apologise for being an ass B) stop being an ass.
    So Bonnie had a badass moment, good, even though that witchy headache thing is getting a little bit unoriginal! Ah well I guess it’s like the signature heart-pull out move. She was in serious need of some badassery, especially after that mope at the beginning – I don’t begrudge her it, but I thought that Beremy were the most ridiculous boring couple ever so I REALLY don’t want to hear any more about them, I’m just glad they’re over! Bonnie’s character has been miserably undeveloped for the past season which I think is a tragedy. She used to be far and away the second most badass person on the show (after Damon obvs) yet now they only seem to wheel her out when they need a spell casting, and then it was like they realised they weren’t doing anything with her and felt bad, so then they thought: Hmmm Stefan&Elena, Damon&well, ELENA, Caroline has a triangle with Matt and Tyler, so who’s left, I KNOW, let’s put her with Jeremy! I thought that was awful and I was so thankful when they broke up, what a useless pathetic couple, but now Jer is just a loser and Bonnie just mopes so her character is even worse than before! We need to put Operation Save Bonnie from stagnant character development into action. I mean it’s not fair: Caroline had an incredible storyline and went from a holy cow to one of the loveliest people on the show and one of my fave characters, yet Bonnie has been left on the sidelines. It’s like she and Car swopped places or something.
    Matty actually appeared in this episode, I mean, Matt actually had some SCREEN TIME! Wow! Seriously, sometimes I think Elena’s necklace appears more than him. I think your comment was slightly harsh on poor Matt D: I agree he’s not a naive innocent person, but he didn’t conspire to kill anyone, he pulled out, remember? I mean if I found out my date was a vampire, unsurprisingly, I’d freak out, and if the town sheriff told me that it would help save lives if I reported back to her, then I would! WE know that Car is lovely and doesn’t kill people, but Matt didn’t – he’d just found out that something out of a gothic horror is real. But then, both he and Car’s mum overcame everything they’ve ever been taught (more so for Liz, her friendship with Damon is fantastic) to continue loving and accepting the supernatural people in the town. Another reason I love him so much is because he is such a sweet, kind, genuine and honest person, who gets so much undeserved crap thrown at him it’s ridiculous! He never knew his dad, his mum has left and is a holy cow, his sister is an addict, his girlfriend dumps him for a vampire, who’s brother murders his sister and turns her into a vampire, said boyfriend then stakes her, he’s constantly getting attacked by a mardy jerk who then becomes his friend but who then becomes a werewolf and then his new girlfriend gets turned into a vampire…and…so…on. Yes, you could argue that all the characters suffer similar problems, but Matt is the only one of them who as Bonnie says, is still normal, yet still all of this crashes in on his life. He understandably doesn’t want to be caught up in it all, and lacks the net of close friends who know about everything to support him through it all, let’s face it, Jer doesn’t count, and Ty and Elena spend all their free time hanging out with their respective lovers, and in Elena’s case, lovers-whom-they-deny-to-be-lovers-even-though-they-blantantly-want-eachother-in-bed.
    What’s more he’s just so nice he really should appear more – it’s so interesting having the perspective of Team Human (Rick, Elena and Jer don’t count!) which is another reason I love Sheriff Forbes. The safety of the town is always her main priority (after her daughter) but she’s had to radically change her ideals and overcome prejudice to accommodate supernatural beings she always believed were evil. But, unlike many of the characters who’ve seen so much death their morals have become more than a little screwed *coughElena* she wouldn’t be afraid to put aside personal feelings to stand up for what is, when all’s said and done, RIGHT. I’m sure that if say Stefan went on a killing rampage in Mystic Falls, while Elena would be like “poor Stefan we must help him find his feelings,” and Damon would be like “LOL, oh well,” Sheriff would be like “Er hello, innocent people are DEAD! I don’t care if he’s your friend; he’s a serial killer, IT’S STAKE TIME.” Good for her.
    Okay, Rebekah! Wow has she done a u-turn in the past two episodes! I’ve gone from thinking she’s a pathetic shallow bitch and hating her ass to genuinely sympathising with her and liking her. So tragic that Elena staked her, I really hope she won’t hate her for that because their little bonding was really sweet and something I’d love to see explored further.
    I feel bad that I barely noticed how missing Rick was from this episode D: I hope he was happy at home reading history books and getting drunk. 😀
    Those hybrids were pretty pathetic, not gonna lie, though I liked the girl. She looked interesting, but did they all die, or just run away? Hybrids generally seem to suck, I mean, they’re practically easier to kill in every way than normal vamps or wolves. I hope we don’t have too many of them as they aren’t very exciting, I’d rather see some new monsters or a really big evil witch, we haven’t had one of them yet. Except Luka and his creepy paedo dad, but let’s face it they didn’t count because they sucked and then they both died LOL. And I’m sorry but Luka’s beard was horrendous. Every time I saw him I was like WHY OH WHY? SHAVE YOURSELF GODAMMIT!
    Every episode I worry that Damon has gone totally soppy because of his LURVE for Elena, but then he always performs some feat of badassery and reassures me that he’s still good ol’ ass kicking Damon 😀 I bet that dude he pulled the heart out of this week has never had a more epic moment in his life. He’ll be there with his grandchildren ‘I once had a two second role on the Vampire Diaries, and Ian Smoulderhalder pulled my heart out. IT WAS AWESOME!’ Am I really twisted that I don’t think Damon’s ever more attractive than when he is in evil mode? When he chucked Ty into the sofa (haw haw) and then was walking up on him like ‘I’m going to rip your throat out little puppy’ I was like HEART PALPATATIONS! ;D 😀 Damn he was (IS CONSTANTLY) sexy. Clearly, I have issues.
    So, then for the shock extremely sudden ending that wasn’t really that much of a surprise. At first I was like, STEFAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Right, that’s it, I HATE YOU! But then we find out that he did if for Damon! N’aww, so Stefan does care, saving his brother. How adorable, even though he has no feelings the compulsion can’t erase the bond between them – isn’t that amazing? I was also surprised to find that Kat genuinely loves Damon, why didn’t she say so a long time ago and spare us the entire Jeremy neck snapping incident?! Stupid woman.
    It’s awful but I’ve got a friend who’s also an avid TVD fan, (only she thinks it all about Stefan, how tragically deluded she is) and now that Stefan’s away, she’s said that she finds it boring and doesn’t want to watch it anymore! D: Apart from the fact that TRAITOR! KEEP WATCHING! This is ridiculous, as this means that she was watching the show…because of Stefan! …..er, WHAT? Er, okay, so if she’s not Damon’s No.1 fan fair enough, but how can she POSSIBLY see something in Stefan that she doesn’t see in ANY of the other characters, so that when he’s gone she doesn’t see the point in it at all?! *Shakes head in disbelief* The mind boggles! :L
    So now the important part, ie. DELENA! I’m so glad there was that scene at the end, I’m going to find it hard enough to survive over the hiatus as it is, if there hadn’t been the traditional end scene I would have died. So funny how it always comes at the end: either in Elena’s bedroom or the lounge of the boarding house. It’s like in Smallville, all the sh*t goes down in the final scene which always takes place in Smallville’s greatest social establishment –the balcony in the Kent’s barn, LOL.
    Their little scene getting all the equipment together was adorable; it’s something I love so much about this show that the tiny, unimportant moments become so powerful because it’s just those two together with their crazy chemistry. Seriously, Stefan? Did you have to barge in like that? It was amusing but come on. Since when do you not have any ties?! What a stupid excuse. You just wanted some screen time which you don’t deserve. And how did he not get frazzled upon entry by the smoking hotness of Delena occupying the same room together?
    Hmm, I know most of you guys prefer Ripper Stefan as he’s funnier, but I don’t think he’s that funny…in the first series when Damon was equally callous, Damon also had a heck of a lotta wit and charm, which is why his character was and still is so fantastic. I don’t see any of that charm in Stefan, in fact I just see him as annoying, like he’s trying to do a Damon, ie. be the hot badass vampire, but he can’t pull it off. I miss normal Stefan as, bless him, he’s a very nice guy, and what’s more, Delena can’t happen properly until he’s back, as it won’t be real if Damon’s like the ‘second choice’. What has to happen is that Stefan regains all his emotions, including his love for Elena, and wants to continue the relationship…but Elena picks Damon instead! Much as I want to see DE get together, I’m prepared to wait for this reason, also I’m proud of Elena for keeping some of her dignity and behaving very honourably, or as honourably as it’s possible to behave when Damon is after you. ;D Even though she’s giving in slightly to the attraction (HAH), as is apparent from her not shoving him off in a lot of situations which are CLEARLY sexual *ahem that little ‘way to a vampire’s heart’ scene*, she’s still not prepared to cross the line into a relationship. It’d be bad enough to date your ex’s brother, but to go off with him and string them both along like Katherine is just awful. I think this really shows the distinction between them (her and Kat) as whereas Kat was a low-down selfish little prat, Elena really respects both their feelings and dignity as well as her own. She still has moral standards on some things then. ;D
    When Elena was having misgivings about staking Rebekah, I felt sorry for her as Damon’s not really the best person at showing sympathy ;D remember how in 3×01 Rick was like ‘I’m useless, I’m going to move out, I’m not doing anything’ and I would have been like ‘NOoOo Rick you’re amazing and wonderful, don’t feel bad about yourself,’ and Damon was just like ‘Yeah whatever’? I was hoping he might be able to branch out a little more for the woman he loves, and he did, but it still wasn’t the most effectual counselling advice, was it XD. I mean ‘Elena, you just daggered somebody, you’re going to be FINE’ Lol, so Damon.
    It was fantastic how quickly Elena said ‘yes’ to his trust question, that is a new admission to him, the audience, and, I think, Elena to herself as well, and proves just how far they’ve come! She trusts him completely and totally, that’s fantastic as previously she’s always shied away from totally putting her faith in him, for obvious reasons. It’s incredible as it means she’s accepted ALL of him, and trusts him to make the right decisions, and will accept the ones he does make, even though Damon often makes the wrong ones – if that isn’t true love I don’t know what is! 😀 😀
    And the final scene: return of angry Damon, yay! I missed him. ;D I love that Elena knows just how to calm Damon down, and isn’t afraid of him when he’s freaking out. They’re so close, how can they not be together? I mean, imagine you’d never watched the show or heard of it, then turned it on on ANY Delena scene. You’d totally think, ‘Aww what a sweet couple, they should get married.’ When someone told you that this couple are not, in fact, a couple, you’d be like ER, WHAT? Did you SEE them together? How can two people acting like that NOT be together, or at least be conducting a torrid affair off screen?! I always used to have a private laugh about the awkward looks other characters give when they see them together and clearly are also thinking, ‘Er, are they having sex?’
    One of my all time favourite Delena/Dalaric scenes is an example of this, it’s actually the first Scooby Gang one, in 1×18 (I should be shot for knowing that off by heart) when Stefan’s been kidnapped. DE are standing very close and having what to any normal person is CLEARLY a lover’s tiff, totally forgetting about Rick being there. Elena’s like ‘I want to come too! I can take care of myself etc’ Damon does the eye roll and goes ‘Okay then Elena, you can drive the getaway car.’ Then the camera cuts to Rick’s face and he does this little look, glancing between them like ‘Wait…are those two…*little light bulb in brain*…aaaah now I understand…’ ;D Oh Rick, I do love you. That scene was one of the main reasons I was so surprised at him telling Damon to ‘take a beat’ (NOOOOOO!) a while back. I mean, he’s been there almost from the start, he knows their relationship is true love! I can understand him wanting to protect Elena from the big bad vampire, but I thought he shipped them too! D: How can discard the fact that he CLEARLY knows how much Damon loves Elena and wants to take care of her, seeing as how he’s always standing around awkwardly while they gaze into each other’s eyes? Okay, massive sidetrack over.
    Damon’s line about Kat ‘and who blames her?’ and then at the end of the phone call ‘take care of yourself’ I think is great because it shows how he’s no longer angry or resentful of Katherine, which proves beyond a doubt to the SE shippers that they are absolutely over and there is NOTHING between them on Damon’s side. I love how Damon’s expression drops immediately from sarky and sardonic to ‘my brain just melted omg she is soooooo amazing’ whenever Elena cups his face  bless his little cotton socks. ‘We’ll survive this’ was fantastic, what I read from that is she feels like it’s just those too, and Damon is what means the most to her in the world! 😀 And ‘we let him go’? Wow Elena, I’m proud of you! She’s accepting the fact she’ll have to move on, and not mope. ‘We’ being a reference to Damon’s feelings which he didn’t deny, hahaha, as well as proving she sees them as too people on the same path. I swear Stelena never have moments like this, OH WAIT, THAT’S COS THEY DON’T! And they were so close to kissing it was crazy, awww maan! Why did the phone have to ring and break the moment? And Elena turns away and starts messing with her hair, she hadn’t realised JUST how intimate they were, and then she felt embarrassed ie. proof that she likes him. ;D
    I love the promo, who is it that Damon’s beating up? Hopefully not Elijah, he needs to join Team Badass. ;D It looks an awful lot like Rick, oh no! D: Hopefully it’ll just be some dumb hybrid, or Klaus. Flash of Bonnie’s face, and the episode used to be called ‘the Witch House’, oh good, maybe Bonnie’ll have a more important role in it! And Jer getting hit by a car, WHOPEEE! Maybe he’ll finally die, and good riddance! Okay, that was very harsh, but I’m pretty fed up of him and his cheating, annoying and generally useless ways. However almost certainly, Damon will fly in at the last minute and save his ass and Elena will love him FOREVER.
    It’s taking a while, but Season 3 IS going to be the season of DE. 😀 They ARE going to get it properly together, and I’m going to run around screaming with joy when they do, though it’ll be a shame to say good bye to all that pent up tension and frustration I love so much, also, I feel sorry for Stefan. He stands no chance, I just hope he can be happy with someone else. 😀 😀
    Gosh that was ridiculously long, sorry! I just love geeking out too much…

    • Hey there, Wuzzy! First, a gift for you, and all my amazing Delena shippers out there. My fabulous blogging pal, Amy (of Imaginary Men) sent this to me, after she found it, of all places, on JULIE PLEC’S TWITTER. (Hmmm . . . maybe she’s been writing some Delena sex scenes, and it got her in the mood. A girl can dream, can’t she?) Anywhoo, check this spectacular fanvid out. The background music is a bit schmoopy for my taste, but other than that, it’s pure perfection, and contains scenes from Season 1, all the way up through the most recent episode . . . Watch. You will not regret it, TRUST ME. 😉

      Sigh . . . OK, back to your comment. Yes, there really is a lot of homoeroticism surrounding the Klaus character, isn’t there? From his repeated eye-f*&ks with Stefan, to the way he always seems to act like a jealous boyfriend, whenever Stefan shows any sort of sympathy for Elena or his OWN brother . . . to the way he’s conveniently made it so that every guy he converts into a hybrid is madly in love with him, this ALL can’t be mere coincidence, can it? And, I mean, you never know, the guy’s been around for 1,000 years or so, who’s to say he HASN’T sampled the man candy, at least once, if not, more times than that?

      I’m definitely no expert on accents, but I’ll admit the Originals all definitely push the envelope in that regard. I mean Rebekah definitely sounds like an Australian trying to sound British, which I guess makes sense, since that’s precisely what she is . . . or at least, what the actress playing her is. Daniel Gillies, who’s Canadian, does a nice job of giving Elijah a straight-forward British accent, I think. But I don’t recall Mikael having an accent at all, do you? And yes, Klaus’ accent does seem to morph depending on the character’s moods. But I guess, when you’ve lived in as many places as these folks have, you’re bound to pick up a few spare accents along the way. So, I’ll give them all the benefit of the doubt, in that regard.

      As for the rest of the Originals, I do suspect we will meet them all eventually (as soon as the producers cast them, of course). I read somewhere that, originally, the writers had envisioned making this the Season of the Originals, and unveiling all seven of them much earlier in the season. But, they ultimately decided against doing that, fearing character overkill. Since we’ve already met Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, and the already-dead Henrik, it would stand to reason that we should get to meet three more, before the Season ends. (Those three bastards, who couldn’t even wait a few days to bury their own mother.) Let’s just hope they are all not as easy to kill as Mikael was. 🙂

      Speaking of easy to kill, so far I too am completely unimpressed by these hybrids. I mean, think about it, these so-callled bad asses are ALL gay for Klaus, and can’t say no to him, can be compelled, whereas regular werewolves cannot, and can be incapacitated by both vervain and wolfsbane. That said, I liked the punky hair one too, and hope we’ll get to see more of her in the future. She looked genuinely upset when Mikael stabbed Elena/Katherine, so you an tell there’s some heart left in her. Plus, you just don’t see too many instances of punky hair on this show. As for the rest of Klaus’ bitches, I don’t think they were killed by the Wolfsbane grenades. If they had been, Stefan wouldn’t have had to prevent Damon from staking Klaus, because the hybrids wouldn’t have been any danger to Damon. The grenades just probably made them take a little nap. And now, that they’ve worn off, they can go back to being gay for Klaus again. 🙂

      As for Bonnie, I never quite understood the whole Beremy/ Jonnie thing, either. And I agree with you that the writers probably included it, just so Bonnie could have a boyfriend. I actually think Bonnie and Matt would make a decent couple. (They are both a little judgy, distrust vampires, and are not afraid to fake-die to help out their friends). Then again, maybe that’s just because I HATE the idea of Caroline and Matt getting back together, and fear that this is the direction in which the show is headed, now that Caroline and Tyler have broken up, and Tyler has seemingly embraced his gay for Klaus side.

      Speaking of new relationships, I hear Rick might be getting one, with Paul Wesley’s real life wife, of all people. On one hand, I’m glad to see he will finally be getting laid again. (For one thing, it might curb his drinking problem.) On the other hand, human, adult girlfriends never seem to fare particularly well on this show *cough Andie and Jenna cough* And I fear that a THIRD dead girlfriend will send Rick straight to rehab, either that, or he will fall right over the edge and become AlarKlaus again . . . which wouldn’t be so bad, actually. 🙂

      And, of course, I end with Delena. I love your description of the way Damon just completely melts, whenever he looks at Elena, or when she touches him. It doesn’t matter what he’s thinking or feeling at the time, anger, snarkiness, sadness, jealousy. All it takes is the slightest nudge from Elena, and suddenly, he’s this adorable lovesick puppy dog. Talk about a COMPULSION POWER! Who wouldn’t want a guy to look at them the way Damon looks at Elena? 😉

      Thanks again for your awesome commentary, Wuzzy. I just adore talking TVD with you, both through this blog and on fanfic.

  14. Sorry that I’m just now commenting on this recap. Been super busy with life and stuff and I’ve just now found time to read it.

    I laughed when Mikael died. I mean, there was no way they were going to Kill Klaus right in the middle of the season, but they were building this guy up to be the next Big Bad, like he was someone even worse than Klaus and then he just DIED. I mean, it was pretty disappointing because I think Sebastian Roche is awesome. It would have been great to see him stick around for a bit, but I guess it was either him or Klaus, and you know I’ll pick KLAUS.

    Speaking of Klaus, I am loving Klaus right now. I felt really bad for him when Mikael started yelling at him about no one cares about him. Parents really know how to push buttons and get down to what hurts the most and our deepest fears. Klaus is just a lonely guy. It definitely doesn’t excuse all of the horrible things that he’s done, because even I’ll admit that Klaus has done some TERRIBLE things. But I love how three dimensional he is. He isn’t just some cardboard cut out villain. He’s got feelings like everyone else, and I love that. Now all that’s missing is a LOVE INTEREST. Luckily, I think that’s on the horizon. Joseph Morgan apparently wants a love interest. I just want to see him shirtless.

    I felt really bad for Rebekah. I really like Rebekah, but I should have known. Every time I start to really like someone (Lexi, Rose) they get killed off. Granted, Rebekah technically isn’t dead, but still. I can’t wait until she wakes up. She’s going to be SUPER PISSED. I hope she wakes up soon and gets together with Matt. That would be REALLY interesting. Poor guy needs some lovin’. I really like Matt (definitely more than Bonnie). I don’t understand where all this hate and disdain for him is coming from. Can you really fault him for not wanting to be apart of all this vampire mess? I don’t think he necessarily treated Caroline BADLY. He’s a normal teenage guy, and sometimes normal teenage guys are CLUELESS. He’s not psychic. He can’t read Caroline’s thoughts. I can’t blame him for wanting a normal life. I don’t think most of us (the sane ones anyway) would be okay dating a vampire, even a vampire as awesome as Caroline. Matt’s just doing what he’s been doing since his no good tramp mother abandoned him–LOOKING OUT FOR HIMSELF.

    Sorry to say, but I don’t really care that Caroline and Tyler broke up. Ever since he became part vampire I’ve been sort of off the “Forwood” (ugh) bandwagon. I’m not saying him becoming a hybrid isn’t interesting, because it is, but I don’t know. I wish he would have just stayed a werewolf. Hopefully Caroline can get over it. As long as Klaus is still alive and he’s sired to him, I don’t think her and Tyler will ever work out.

    Also sorry to say, but I’m kind of sick of Katherine. First of all, her hair isn’t even as curly as it was back in season 2. And second of all, I liked her a lot better when she was a scheming diabolical selfish bitch. I feel like her coming back to help Stefan and Damon is just inconsistent and out of character and I kind of hope she dies soon. I know she wants revenge on Klaus for murdering her entire family, but what stopped her from trying to get revenge like 500 years ago. Why now, when he’s a hybrid and basically invincible? I want her gone.

    Haha, Stefan stole Klaus’ family! I know Elijah fans are PISSED. I don’t know why, though. Julie Plec has said a thousand times that Daniel Gillies is coming back (with a terrible new haircut no less) so I don’t know why everyone’s panties is in a bunch. And at first I was mad too, but then I realized, like, DUH he’s going to be back. And honestly, I’m not in a big hurry for Elijah to come back anyway. I’m having way too much fun with Klaus. I think we’re definitely going to meet the rest of the Originals this season. Think about it: one child died in Europe, Henrick was murdered by the werewolves, Mama Original is dead (but I think we’ll be seeing more of her) and now Mikael is dead (HAHA!). That leaves two other Originals that we have yet to meet. Speaking of which, we’re going to meet Klaus’ older bro Finn sometime this season ( http://thevampirediariescanada.com/?p=6007) so THAT leaves one other Original we have yet to meet. I don’t see any reason NOT to meet the rest of them.

    So there’s four coffins, right? Elijah’s in one, Finn’s in one, and another unknown Original is in one. Why is there a fourth coffin? There have been some theories that the Original Petrova is in one of those coffins. I hope that’s true. That would be SO AWESOME.

    I don’t understand why Stefan didn’t tell Damon about his secret plan with Katherine. Now Damon’s all mad at him and they’re probably going to be fighting or whatever. I wish they could just get along. Stefan, JUST TELL DAMON WHAT YOU’RE PLANNING!!

    Sorry, but I do not care about Damon and Elena. I couldn’t care less which brother she ends up with. It’s like in True Blood, when Sookie and Eric got together I immediately stopped caring. There’s more to The Vampire Diaries than just Damon and Elena. It’s not the Damon and Elena show. How about developing Bonnie so that she’s not just some walking deus ex machina? How about giving poor Matt something to do? I do not care about the Damon Stefan Elena love triangle! I believe Damon needs to be with someone better anyway, not some eighteen-year old high schooler who will obviously end up with Stefan. Damon deserves better. He’s too interesting for Elena. –end rant.

    I can’t wait until this stupid hiatus is over. Ever since the midseason finale, Twitter has been DEAD. Everything has been DEAD. So bored. I guess I can watch The Secret Circle and actually pay attention now. *Sigh*

    • Andre

      And here I thought I was the only one who didn’t care about the main three. 😀

      And you were a Forewooder, yet you didn’t hate Matt? Now I have seen all.

      I think many were dissapointed about the Micael stuff, to be honest I didn’t expect any different but a guy can at least hope.
      I don’t know what this is about Klaus that the writers want to keep him aliv, they already portrayed him to inconsitently to fool anyone with somee measure of observation.

      And the hybrids didn’t seem to be well received in general. Small surpris there since they could just as well have been another branch of vampire since the hybrid status barely brings anything.

      And Tyler…. it makes sense but the problem is again that the writers had introduced stuff that is pretty inconsistent with this. Just like th whole story of the origin of the Originals.

      That is a main problem of the show even diehard fans admit, its many inconsistencies.

      And I have to dissapoint you. This is the Stefan-Damon-Elena show, all others are only there to serve them. If the supporting cast were all black the show probably would have been called the Magical Negro show. All characters are very close to that definition. They are practically blank slates when it comes to their past and they are only there to help the big three get further. Think about it, do you remember any storyline that did not serve that of the main three?

      • I should probably rephrase: I do care about Stefan and Damon and Elena . . . as characters. I could care less about who she ends up with, that’s not important to me. I love character development and reversals and all that stuff, but I don’t care about this love triangle anymore. I get that they’re the main characters, and that’s fine. I still like all of them fine. But all I want out of The Vampire Diaries is amazing writing/storytelling, good characters, action, and the occasional shirtless scene. And for Ian Somerhalder to get a haircut (for the love of God).

        I know we’re supposed to meet Bonnie’s mother sometime when the show returns, so I’m hoping that she’ll get the development that she deserves. I’m tired of her walking around stopping fights with witch magic. Katerina Graham is better than that.

        I love Matt. I’ve never found him boring or bland or anything. It’s just the writers not giving the actor much material to work with, besides him being normal and lonely. It’s like when Damon/Elena fans shit all over Stefan. You can ship Tyler and Caroline without bashing Matt. Matt’s just trying not to get mixed up in this vampire mess, and can you blame him?

        I don’t really care about the hybrids except Klaus. They’re just a bunch of personality-free soldiers and that’s always boring. And being a hybrid doesn’t seem to be any better than being a vampire. Only thing they have over vampires and werewolves is that their bite can kill vampires and they can change whenever they want. I’d like to see Klaus change into a werewolf but who knows if that will ever happen.

        Care to elaborate on TVD’s inconsistencies?

    • Hey Lauren! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yeah, as far as Big Bads go, Mikael ended up being quite the disappointment, didn’t he? And he had so much promise too . . . between the whole “eating vampires” thing and the “making a 1,000 year old Original Were-vamp thing. But when it came down to the So-called Epic Showdown Between Father and Son, he barely put up a fight. Heck, those lame-o warlocks, Jonas and Luka, were a bigger threat to our Scooby Gang, than Mikael. At least THEY burned down the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls for an episode or two. 😉

      Oh, and I definitely think Klaus will be getting a love interest soon, even if it’s only in flashback form. I absolutely took Elijah’s “we used to know how to love”-type comment, back in the “Klaus” episode to be an important reference to Klaus’ past. I mean, why else would Mommy Dearest incorporate the Original Petrova in the moonstone curse, if not to make that much harder for Klaus to complete the ritual. Sure, the real drawback to having to use doppelganger blood to make hybrids is the fact that Petrovas only seem to pop up about once every 500 years. But still, the fact that they all have Elena’s / Katherine’s face can’t just be a coincidence, can it?

      Hmmmm . . . the Coffin Thing. Let’s see . . . Klaus is one of seven siblings, right? So, there’s Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Definitely Dead Henrik, Finn, and two others, who have yet to be named. If Elijah’s in one coffin, and Finn’s in another, the other two would probably also be Originals, right? That said, I kind of love your idea of the Original Petrova being in one, instead of yet another random sibling. (Maybe he kept her on ice to preserve her? ;))

      I sort of don’t get why Stefan didn’t simply tell Damon what he was planning, either. It seems more like a flimsy plot device, than anything else. The only possible explanation I could think of, is that Stefan might have assumed that Damon wouldn’t have gone along with it, if he knew. After all, Damon probaby at least suspected that the hybrids might try to kill him, after Klaus was dead. And he didn’t really care. (I mean, why would he, considering how easily he dispatched the first one?)

      Putting their lives in danger to save Elena has always been something the Salvatores just did, without thinking. So, it’s possible that if Stefan told Damon, “I’m going to let Mikael die, instead of Klaus, to save your life,” he would have said, “SCREW THAT! KILL KLAUS. I can take care of myself, Baby Bro.” (Or something to that effect).

      Just a thought . . .

      Hmm . . . Matt and Rebekah? I’m not sure about that ship. (Though I definitely agree with you that Rebekah deserves some action, especially after being so harshly tossed aside by Ripper Stefan. Girlfriend hasn’t been laid in centuries! ;))

      If a sweet, do-gooder, vamp, like Caroline is too much supernatural for Matt to handle, I can’t even imagine how he’d cope with a much more bloodthirsty and dangerous vamp, like Rebekah. In fact, if this coupling were to happen, I can envision a situation where Caroline calls Matt out on being a hypocrite, for claiming to despise all things supernatural in one breath, and then invoking Vicki through witchcraft, and dating an Original, in another. And, of course, she wouldn’t be entirely wrong, in that regard.

      That said, if the writers do plan on giving Matt a love interest, I’d prefer it be ANYONE but Caroline, since those two together are just . . . ICK. So, in that sense, Bonnie, Rebekah, Katherine, the recently-deceased Not Now Dana . . . any of those would be preferable.

      As for Caroline, call me idealistic, but I’d like to think that she and Tyler will survive this whole hybrid / sire thing. And if Tyler can overcome his “genetic?” loyalty to Klaus, and prove his love for the Blonde Baby Vamp, that would be awesome. I just hope the writers don’t feel the need to KILL Tyler, in order to illustrate the strength of this relationship. I just feel like Michael Trevino is a really talented actor. And he and Candice Accola have great chemistry together. It would be a shame if the writers killed off the character, before these two things were fully explored.

      It’s interesting that you made the analogy between Sookie and Eric and the Delena / Stelena triangle. I think one of the major problems with the Season 4 Sookie / Eric coupling was that it wasn’t REALLY a Sookie / Eric coupling. Rather, the writers used Eric’s amnesia to effectively turn him into this vaguely mentally retarded, childlike, neutered version of himself. I feel like the book on which this past True Blood Season was based, did a better job of showing that, while Eric’s amnesia removed the emotional baggage he carried with him through the centuries, it did not remove his smart, snarky personality, or the sexy self-assuredness we all fell in love with in the first place. Had the writers maintained these aspects of Eric’s character, I suspect the Season 4 Seric coupling would have been more interesting, and genuine-seeming.

      That said, I think having Damon and Elena get together in the series can be interesting and exciting, if the writers are careful not to deprive Damon of the things that set him apart from his brother, as both a character, and a lover. Part of the reason TV couples always seem more exciting when in the unrequited stage, I think, is that, once they are together, writers find themselves unable to maintain the sexual tension, angst, and fighting that got them there in the first place. But if anyone could do it right, I think the TVD writers can.

      (By the way, you do know my next post is going to be a Delena-centric one, don’t you? I apologize, in advance. ;))

      Yet, as staunch of a Delena fan as I am, I can certainly understand where you and Andre are coming from, when you say that, particularly in the past, oh 23 episodes or so, the love triangle aspect of this show has dominated the series, sometimes at the expense of the development of certain secondary characters and non-relationship centric plotlines and mythology. Given how focused the TVD fanbase, in general, tends to be on its ships, I don’t necessarily see this changing any time soon. But I do think the TVD universe that these writers have created has within it the potential for a lot of really intriguing and smart non-romantic plotlines. Hopefully, in the seasons to come, they will be able to mine some of those more fully.

      • Andre

        You are not alone in not caring about their love-triangle anymore Lauren. I think we had enough of that and it was so obvious from the start…
        In short, I don’t understand why it still gets so much screentime.

        Although I agree with kjewls on the potential for independent storylines, I doubt that you will get that much of amazing writing, not if the main things are so predictable. If the writers wanted to have the other characters some independent development they would have done it already, hard to believe that they would suddenly change it.
        And I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael was only killed so it would seem more “special” when one of the main three will kill Klaus later. Yeah right, I guess we all we believe that when we see it.

        I think that this was one of the big flaws of the shows characters so far. They are too accepting of the whole situation. We needed more reactions like Matt, even if the characters were supernatural, couldn’t they at least have tried to get out of town? Instead they stayed where they were and became the perfect little targets.

        The hybrids were not in general well received I think probably because of what you just said. Except for the sunlight and the moon stuff what really differs them from every run of the mill vampire? If you ask me, this whole hybrid-stuff could have easily been avoided by either a surge of sun-rings or another branch of vampire. If magic created them, why should magic not have altered them afterwards?

        But I guess we cannot really expect an original idea in that regard, at least none that is outside of the vampire-werewolf-witch triangle, because the writers and producers seem to lack the necessary knowledge. Which is a shame if you ask me, instead of a witch they could have used a fox-spirit (or maybe some native American spirit or deity) in the creation story of the vampires, at least that wouldn’t have been so deus ex machine and would have left potential for more.
        But like I said, not about to happen. When you think about it, the only thing that seems original is the trigger curse by killing thing of the werewolves. Apart from that nothing. The vampires are all standard vampire, the witches are clearly the product of modern day witchcraft revival and the werewolves are all movie werewolves.

        Now, in most of it the background of the show is very shallow and doesn’t add up under close scrutiny (and might cover several pages when all collected), however some flaws in the story are too obvious to ignore or relate to a shallow background. Those inconsistencies are in direct conflict to what was stated or presented earlier and this is a constant threat at least since the start of season 2.
        Ok the inconsistencies/flaws (all I can think of right now, more would surely come with time):

        Jeremy’s sudden lack of interaction with Tyler despite Mason’s plea to him to look out for Tyler when related to the fact that the two got along quite well after Vicky’s death.

        The sudden “romantic interest” of Caroline for Tyler. Considered Tyler’s immaturity it was not totally out of character for him but she knew him for years and never showed any interest, even if he did “change”, it cannot explain it.

        Elijah stating that Klaus had hunted their whole family but nonetheless trusting that Klaus would keep his word.

        The absence of Bonnie’s parents during the time she faked her death.

        Klaus was able to figure out his mother’s lie but was not smart enough to get to the conclusion himself that Elena might still be alive.

        The parents of the Original family were both blond, but Elijah and Henry were both brown-haired and unless Klaus’ biological father was an albino Native or these werewolves were also Europeans Klaus shouldn’t be blond.

        The witches were able to fashion a weapon to “kill” an Original but did not manage to get rid of them.

        The extreme lack of witches in the show despite their supposed guardian of nature status.

        Elijah’s statement regarding the “killability” of Originals is in contradiction to what was depicted in the creation story (his reference to sunlight).

        The creation story does not explain the existence of compulsion and is weird when considered that vampirism was supposedly a protection against werewolves. Furthermore that creation story is at odds with werewolf-bites being lethal to vampires. Of course supposedly that cannot kill Originals but supposedly sun can’t also and that was retconned.

        Now Rose’s state worsened over the course of less than 24 hours after the werewolf bite while Damon was still in pretty good shape after days.

        The Ray guy (kjewls called him seventh heaven guy) took much longer to die than the other werewolves. He also took hours to reawaken after Klaus snapped his neck while Tyler was up again in less than an hour. Furthermore he was supposedly rabid but after he had transformed back he was clothed again. Not to mention that the werewolves in wolf form so far had outright attacked vampires when they had humans around, but Ray (although he attacked Damon outright in human form) ignored Damon in wolf form and instead stood in front of Elena, not even trying to attack her.

        According to Stefan Damon can hear someone from two levels below and Elijah could tell that Elena was not Katherine simply by smelling her. Nonetheless Klaus could not detect Elena in Stefan’s old flat neither by sound nor by smell (her scent should have been on the sheets) and neither was Michael able to identify Katherine and mistook her for Elena.

        The “fights” Mason-Caroline and Rose-Jules were totally similar during the two full moons despite the fact that Rose was more than 500 years older than Caroline and should have been able to throw Jules through the wall.

        Before his first transformation Tyler had ingested wolfsbane and was able to pull out the chains and even to unhinge a gate, but in the episode where Matt and Caroline were in a cellar he had not and was nonetheless not able to break through despite no hint of being on wolfsbane.

        It is constantly stated that vampires and later werewolves have heightened emotions but nonetheless we barely see any of these emotions.

        Stefan and Damon were the only Salvatore kids of their generation; nonetheless there was a human Salvatore in the early episodes.

        The werewolf transformation was portrayed as so painful that Tyler rather wants to be under Klaus’ control than to go through it; nonetheless they had it that some werewolves actually enjoy the transformation.

        When wolf-Jules had came upon those campers she mauled them, but in the Original creation story Klaus was able to get away from them and Henry, though dead, only had scratches.

        In addition it was stated by Elijah that Michael was a wealthy land owner in Eastern Europe and after stated by Elena Rebekka did not deny it. However the Vikings were not only not settlers but raiders, also the Norse didn’t settle in Eastern Europe, at least not at the alleged time.

        And as stated, if hybrids are vampire enough to be compelled, why was Klaus not at least having trouble after he killed his father. Wasn’t it stated that a vampire that staked an Original with that stake also doomed to die?

        Now, if kjewls allows it we could elaborate further on that here.

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