Dodging the Bully – A Recap of Glee’s “Mash Off”

[Fashionably Late . . . Again?  (I’m afraid this is becoming a habit.)  The Recap for Gossip Girl’s “All the Pretty Sources” is well under way.  Wondering when you can expect it?  I’d say most probably before midnight (EST), tomorrow, Tuesday, November 22nd.  My sincere apologies for my recent lack of timeliness.  (Chuck got me very drunk last night . . . just like Dan.)]


Greetings Gleeks!  This Very Special Episode of Glee was all about the unintended consequences of bullying.  But lest you think the entire episode was a TOTAL downer .  . . there was also a sizeable portion of it that was about Puck’s weiner.

Get it?  A sizeable portion . . . because Puck’s wei  . . . nevermind.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Pucker up, for the Puck-ster

It’s a weekday, which means Puck must be in love with a new woman.  At least, this time, it’s not that annoying asshat, Lauren Zizes . . .

“What the f*&k was I thinking?” 

As Puck and the show’s writers go to great lengths to remind us, he’s EIGHTEEN now.  So, it’s TOTALLY OK for him to want to taste the forbidden fruit that is adopted mother-of-his child / substitute teacher / rival Glee club director, Shelby Corcoran . . .  I smell a musical moment, don’t you?

Though not necessarily the best sounding cover song Glee has ever done, “Hot for Teacher,” was definitely good for a few laughs . . . with Puck gyrating to the rhythm of his old school guitar, and crooning / yelling in that sexy, scratchy voice of his.  Meanwhile, Blaine and Mike Chang repeatedly grabbed their grotches, wiggled their hips, and awkwardly waved their hands behind him, in an odd little cross between the original Van Halen music video on which this was based, and . . . a rousing game of Simon Says?

Oh, and, of course, Finn was making his classic, “I’m on the drums” face, the whole time . . .

He didn’t participate in any of the dancing though . . . (Gee, I wonder why?)

Feel free to check out the original “Hot for Teacher” below, and compare the two for yourself . . .

Anywhoo, Puck attempts to win Shelby’s heart by giving her a baby pumpkin, instead of the usual “apple for the teacher” type deal.  Have any of you out there ever actually eaten a baby pumpkin?  Do they taste like regular pumpkins?  I don’t know . . .  They are more interesting than apples though . . . because, really, anybody can get you an apple.  Baby pumpkins, on the other hand, are only available when they are in-season.

But I digress . . .

Puck proceeds to make his plea for Shelby’s love by (1)  reminding Shelby how hot they both are . . .

Well . . . I agree with half of that statement. 😉 

(2) listing all the May / December celebrity romances that have worked . . . like Ashton and Demi for example . . .

WHOOPS.  Nevermind!  It looks like the script for this show was written a few weeks too early.  Indiana Jones and Ally McBeal ARE still together though, last time I checked.  So, he got that one right . . . at least.

(3) And offering to be a REAL father to Baby Beth . . .

But perhaps the most controversial thing Puck did to win Shelby’s love was to out Quinn for all those awful things she did to get Baby Beth taken away from Shelby by Child Services.

Now, assuming Puck did this, because he thought Shelby had the right to know, and not just as a ploy to get into her thong (which is debatable), I’m all for it.  However, something tells me that Quinn isn’t going to feel the same way as I do, when SHE inevitably finds out . . .

I’d say the sweetest part of this storyline was when Puck told Shelby that she was meant to be Beth’s mom, even going as far as to say that’s why Puck and Quinn got drunk and boned one another about a year a so ago, unprotected, and against their better judgment.  Well, that’s ONE way of looking at it . . .

“Come on, let me stick it in, ya!  It’s for a GOOD CAUSE!” 

Things We Never Knew About Burt Hummel . . .

“I’m a better dancer than my son-in-law . . . though, admittedly, that’s not saying much.” 

Did you know Burt Hummel has a baboon heart?

Did you know he married a donkey?  Well, now you do!  Thanks, Sue Sylvester!

I know . . . I know . . . neither are these things are true.  But I honestly think Sue Sylvester’s so-called negative advertising campaigns against State Congressional hopeful, Burt Hummel, were some of the funniest moments of this episode.  And while I’m 100% against bestiality and donkey / human marriages, I think there is entirely too much prejudice nowadays against people with animal parts . . . Just sayin’.

“Is this what having a stroke feels like?”

Brittany said the above line to compliment the mash-up / duet rival Glee club directors Will Schuester and Shelby Corcoran performed to two songs (both named “You and I”).  The performance was meant to  convince the two groups to get along with one another long enough to compete in one giant Mash Off, before they find themselves competing against one another, for real, during Sectionals.  Nevermind the fact that, as was mentioned last season, neither musical group appears to have the minimum number of participants required for a team to enter into the competition.

Well, I was definitely twitching after the song was over.  So, maybe Brittany was on to something there.  While this was definitely not my favorite musical number of the episode, I did appreciate the creativity of combining a popular Lady Gaga song with an old 80’s country song that most Glee viewers (myself included) had probably never heard before.  The lyrics of the two songs dovetailed surprisingly well with one another, and the resulting song sounded a lot better than you would think it would .  . . but not much.

That didn’t stop me from twitching though . . . maybe it’s a Schuester thing.  He bugs me sometimes, what can I say!

Sorry, Schue!  It’s true!

Santana’s got balls (and she’s not afraid to throw them)

Upcoming Mash-off competition aside, it seems the New Directions and the Troubletones weren’t satisfied having only ONE opportunity to kick eachother’s asses.  And so evolved the brilliant idea that the two groups should meet up in the gym, and pelt eachother with their balls .  . .

 . . . dodgeballs that is.


The Mash-up of “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” and “One Way or Another,” provided a perfect soundtrack for the surprisingly intense game.  Plus, the action shots of Gleeks playing dodgeball made for some of the best choreography we’ve seen on the show, in quite some time.  For example, did you guys know Blaine can fly?



Kurt likey . . . A LOT! 

Now, while Kurt might have SERIOUSLY enjoyed watching his boyfriend soar over his head, in those uber short and much-too-tight gym shorts, he definitely was NOT a fan of the Troubletones decision to mercilessly pelt Little New Guy Rory with dodgeballs, long AFTER they had already won the game.  Kurt scolded his opponents for their bad form, as he dragged a bloody Rory off the battlefield, while throwing a SERIOUS “I’m judging you” face in his former friends’ direction.

Mommy Dearest (and not so Dearest)

I have to say, I respect Rachel Berry a whole lot more, now that I know she writes her own college recommendations, so that all her “recommenders” have to do is sign them.  (For all you prospective college applicants out there, it really is the best way to go!)  Of course, there is one other big thing that Rachel did during this hour to make me respect her.  But, more on that later . . .

“While we are on the subject, MOM, I am also looking for a surrogate, to carry my baby in her belly for nine months, in exchange for $20,000.  Would you be interested?” 

Given the disappointing way in which Shelby’s Season 2 run-in with bio-daughter Rachel ended, it’s nice to see these two working toward forming a genuine relationship with one another, this Season . . .  When Rachel comes to Shelby, to get her to sign a pre-written college application, the latter surprises her bio daughter with plenty of kind words, encouragement, and the type of pride only a real mother, can show for her daughter.  She even offers to writer Rachel a college recommendation BY HERSELF.  HOORAY!

But then Shelby inadvertently makes Rachel feel like crap, by telling her daughter that, because she’s so friggin perfect, less-than-perfect people who are applying to performing arts school against her (like say . . . Kurt), don’t have a shot in hell of getting in, and, will, therefore, probably end up flipping burgers for the rest of their lives. . .

Dear Kurt, Sorry I ruined your life.  And yes, I would like fries with that.  Love, Rachel. 

Putting that aside though, it was a  Genuinely Touching Moment . . .

If looks could kill . . . 

On the other end of the parental unit relationship spectrum are Quinn and Shelby.  Shelby never exactly seemed to be Quinn’s biggest fan, anyway.  But now that she knows about the whole Baby-napping Scheme, she’s REALLY Anti-Quinn.  Eventually, a confrontation ensues, in which  Quinn calls Shelby out for “whoring out” Baby Berry, back when she was a teen (OUCH!).

And Shelby calls Quinn out for . . . um . . . well, basically, just being an incredibly sh*tty human being.  (QUADRUPLE OUCH!)

Shelby also tells Quinn that she doesn’t trust her around Baby Beth, anymore.  Sorry Quinn!  Perhaps, you should have gone with a different tactic . . . like making out with Shelby, and giving her baby pumpkins . . . Better luck, next illegitimate child!

Topless Tuesdays and Other Campaign Promises . . .

It’s campaign speech time, at McKinley High.  And just like in real government, all the candidates seem to be making promises they can’t keep.  That weird, mullet-wearing, red headed guy from the hockey team says he promises that all students will be able to boss around their teachers from now on.


Brittany wants to protect high school students in Lima from tornadoes, and promises to go topless every Tuesday.  Way to give back to your community, Brittany!


Rachel promises to withdraw from the race, and get everyone to vote for Kurt . . .   Wait, WHAT?  Rachel is going to give up an opportunity to be the best?  I must have walked into someone’s alternate universe Kachel fanfiction!

In all seriousness though, I think Rachel took to heart Shelby’s words about how the Type A, overachiever, ALREADY has the resume to get into the college of her dreams, while Kurt does not.  It was a super sweet, suprisingly un-Rachel like thing to do.  And Kurt was just as shocked as the rest of us . . .

As for Kurt, his campaign speech is kind of a downer.  I mean, fighting against childhood obesity, and bullying is great . . . but eliminating dodgeball?  Seriously?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just use softer balls, like Kurt’s those squishy ones that Nerf makes?  My personal opinions aside, I loved Kurt’s speech, simply because Blaine’s “Supportive Face,” while he was making said speech was SUPER hot.  And we wouldn’t have had the chance to see it, otherwise . . .


After the speeches, Kurt and Rachel FINALLY ended their seemingly interminable election-based fight.  Not only was the reunion scene between the pair extremely touching, I’m just thrilled that these two characters will finally be able to regularly interact again.  After all, Rachel’s and Kurt’s friendship is my favorite completely platonic relationship on this show . . . heck, it might actually be the only completely platonic relationship on this show . . .

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD! 

Out and Not So Proud . . .

Oh, Santana.  As a character, I adore you to pieces . . . most of the time.  You are hilariously funny.  You constantly make fun of Finn.  You have a spectacular singing voice.  And you are one of the most complex, and consistently written, characters on this show.  But if I REALLY knew you, or, worse, attended high school with you, I’m pretty sure, I would hate your guts .  . . and keep a voodoo doll of you in my locker, to stab at, whenever I was having a particularly bad day.

Throughout the episode, we watched Santana be mercilessly evil to Finn, and his new sidekick Rory.


It eventually got to the point where even her fellow Troubletones were begging her to stop.  But she continued, with what was probably the meanest, most underhanded,  apology ever.  And that’s when Finn snapped, outing Santana as a lesbian in front of the whole school.  Whether intentionally, or unintentionally done . . . whether provoked or unprovoked  . . . whether he thought Santana’s sexual preference was a secret or common knowledge, what Finn did was VERY, VERY wrong.  And it ended up producing some pretty serious consequences for Santana . . .


As it turns out, one of Burt’s and Sue’s congressional opponents has a daughter who attends McKinley High, and that daughter recorded Finn’s and Santana’s conversation.  Ultimately, Santana’s secret ended up being used by this opponent in a negative campaign advertisement against Sue, in order to imply that the Cheerios coach was ALSO a lesbian.  In a surprisingly poignant moment, the usually ascerbic Sue, Burt Hummel, and Will Schuester call Santana into Sue’s office to show her the advertisement, and offer her their support.


Santana, understandably, is inconsolate.  “This can’t be happening to me,” she cries, as she makes a mad dash down the hallway  “I haven’t even come out to my parents yet.”


And the Winner of the Mash Off of 2011 is . . .

The Mash Off Competition takes place before Santana really has time to heal, or process the many ways in which her life is about to change.  The New Directions are up first, and SURPRISE, it’s another 80’s music mash-up.  (Way to be HIP, Mr. Schue!)  This one is a mixture of the songs “I Can’t Go For That,” and “You Make My Dreams.”  It was a fun performance, for sure.  But, for me at least, the best part about it, by far, were the ridiculous curly wigs, weird heavily shoulder padded suit jackets, and over abundance of pink all the guys wore during the musical number.  Hysterical, with a capital H!


Oh, and did youu catch the befuddled facial expressions of all the females in the audience.  PRICELESS!  As for the women, they all vaguely resembled Pebbles Flintstone . . . though, I’m not exactly sure why . . .

See, for yourself . . .

But the winners of this competition, hands down, just like in the dodgeball competition that preceded it, were the Troubletones.



With Santana and Mercedes at the helm, the group’s mashup of Adele’s “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You,” was breathtakingly beautiful, and enchantingly mesmerizing, with just a smidgeon of slit-your-wrist, depressing.


Naya Rivera expertly portrayed, all of the angst, sadness, and inner turmoil of her character’s unfortunate outing, in every word she sang, and every expression that crossed her face.

Then, when the performance was over, and Santana leapt off the stage, to slap Finn extra hard, right across the mouth, for the inadvertent role he played in her embarrassment and discomfort, I had genuine tears in my eyes . . .


In the next installment of Glee, if the promos are any indication, Santana will come out to her parents, and the rest of the cast will get laid.  Can I get a HELL YEAH!  You can check out the promo for “I Kissed a Girl,” here . . .

 So, tell me  . . .  what did you think of “Mash Off?”

Did you enjoy the Adele number as much as I did?  Do you agree with me that the Troubletones kicked New Direction’s ASS this week, in every way possible?  Are you shipping Shelby / Puck . . .  or do they make you want to upchuck?

 Are you pro or anti-dodgeball?  And, most importantly, Team Santana, or Team Finn?  Feel free to sound off in the comment section . . .

Annnnd . . . that’s what you missed, ON GLEE!

[][Fangirls Forever]


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7 responses to “Dodging the Bully – A Recap of Glee’s “Mash Off”

  1. Oh-Shnap

    Hahaha I love your recaps. Been reading them for a while, but never had the courage to comment (on a side note really quickly, your recaps and constant gifs of TVD inspired me to watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix ;D).

    I absolutely LOVED the Adele number. I’ve heard her songs enough times, but I’m not a huge fan of her music. The mashup was amazing, and I am constantly playing the song on repeat (is that weird?)

    The Troubletones are just all-around badass. I couldn’t even remember what the New Directions sang, and they had just performed like a minute ago. Besides, who listens to Finn when he makes suggestions? :\ (not me!)

    I don’t even know what to say about Puck / Shelby. I guess I get that guys can have a crush on their teacher, despite it being absolutely inappropriate, but to go as far as sleeping with them (rumors for next episode, if I’m not mistaken)… now that’s just wrong! On SO many more levels.

    The dodgeball scene was intense. And so much fun. I bet they all had tons of fun filming that. I felt bad for Rory though (even if his haircut is a complete disaster).

    As for the little things in your recap, I like how you mentioned the “not enough people to qualify” detail. I completely forgot about that (shocker!), and realized that they only use it for useful plotlines (not counting Lauren Zizes… just ugh! I’d respect her more if she could at least hold a tune, dance, or was just downright funny, but she isn’t). Could give two shits about Mr. Schue’s and Shelby’s mashup. Quinn needs to go see a psychologist or something, cuz I think she’s gone off the deep end. I totally agree with your statement about the outfits. The New Directions guys had it rocking. The girls… not so much. Sue was actually likeable this episode (funny yet stupid ads, and her moment where she seemed to have a heart). Puck’s cover of “Hot for Teacher” wasn’t bad, but it really got me excited for the rest of the episode (besides the fact that he’s just all-around hot and has mad guitar playing skills).

    Okay, regarding the Finn and Santana argument thing. I loathe Finn with a burning passion, but I had to side with him when she was dissing him. Even though I love Santana too (and Brittana for that matter, they’re just so damn adorkable), her insults were crazy, and I knew he was gonna snap, so I was like “Damn, you had that coming.” I did not, however, anticipate him outing her in front of the school, and winding up in that smear campaign ad. I literally bawled and had an emotional breakdown for the last 25 minutes of the show. What he did was beyond wrong, and crossed a line. Yes, she’s a bitch (though her reasons are actually realistic), but saying she’s a lesbian while a ton of people are around, where they can hear, is just evil. I don’t think he meant to, because everybody does things in the heat of the moment, but still. I felt so bad for her. And Naya did a great job acting. She should seriously win awards. I now hate Finn (but watching the behind the scenes for the slap made me like Cory).

    I think I got everything. Sorry it’s so long to read, but yeah. Your recaps are awesome (except it takes forever to load), and I always look forward to them (especially for GG and Glee, and I’ll soon add TVD and Pretty Little Liars to the list. By the way, I dunno if you watch Revenge, but it’d be cool if you did recaps for that too. Oh, and Fringe :D). Enjoy your day! 🙂

    • Hey there, Oh-Shnap! (What an awesome name! :)) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the recaps. And I am positively thrilled that I played a part in convincing you to Netflix TVD. As you may have noticed, my obsession for that show, in general, and for Damon Salvatore, specifically, know no bounds. 😉 And you are a GG fan too! Clearly, you have spectacular taste in television. 😉

      As for the recaps taking a while to load, *blushes* I’m sorry! I’ve been told that before, but I just can’t seem to self-edit when it comes to animated GIFS :). I mean, what can be better than watching your favorite moment from a television show (or, in the case of Damon Salvatore, Chuck Bass, and Puck Puckerman, your favorite character over and over, and over again)?

      I downloaded the Adele mash-up onto my iPod too, and can definitely relate to how much you love it. And while I do think Adele is super talented, and love some of her more popular (and fast-paced) tunes — like Rolling and the Deep and Rumor has It — I can definitely see where you would prefer this mashup to the original source songs. For one thing, Someone Like You, on it’s own, is an EXTREMELY DEPRESSING SONG. So, I loved how Glee, both put it into context, by using it as a background for Santana’s inner turmoil, and spiced it up a bit, with the sassier, more upbeat, Rumor has It. Now that I’ve heard the mashup, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think of one of these songs, without instantly imagining the other, which, I guess is what a good mashup is supposed to do.

      I do question Rory’ haircut. I watched a few episodes of the Glee Project, featuring Damian McGinty, and he had exceptional hair. I know they wanted to make him nerdy, but was the Elvis hair really necessary? That hair is like an insult to Irish people. And though I’m not Irish, I’m strangely offended by that. 🙂

      I wonder if the writers are ever going to bring up the fact that neither New Directions nor the Troubletones has the minimum TWELVE students it needs to compete, especially when that’s been such a major plotpoint in past episodes. New Directions currently has eight, I think (when they get Sam back, they’ll have nine). Troubletones have only seven, and, already three of them are glorified extras. Back when Quinn was all-pink haired and nose ringed, I suspected that her Skanks would end up joining the Troubletones. Maybe that will still happen. ANYTHING BUT LAUREN ZIZES, please! 🙂

      I’m still really torn on the whole Santana / Finn thing. My annoyance with Finn, and enjoyment of Santana prevents me from being objective on this issue. I can admit that when someone goads you constantly, the way Santana did, the chances that you will snap and say something awful, increase tenfold. But I think outing someone in front of the whole school is in a special category of awful. And I’d like to think that, no matter how mad I was at someone, I would be able to prevent myself from going there. You know?

      And, you are right. Sue was genuinely likeable in this episode. Her campaign ads were the first Sue-related things I’ve found funny on this show, in quite some time. And, the look on her face, when she confronted Santana broke my heart. You can tell that, deep down, Sue really does care about these kids, and Santana, in particular, because they are so much alike.

      It’s so funny you mentioned Revenge, because I ADORE that show, and have been thinking about recapping it for some time now. I’m not entirely sure I can fit a Wednesday recap into my schedule, currently, since I tend to end up writing Gleecaps on Wednesday nights (tardy, I know!), and TVD ones on Thursday. But I do suspect that, if I ever do pickup a new show to recap, that one will be it.

      Thanks again, for stopping in, and I’m sure we will chat again soon.

      • Oh-Shnap

        Thanks for complimenting on the name. It took me a while to think of something that didn’t sound lame before I posted. And yes, haha, I’ve noticed your obsession with TVD. I see so many side comments in other recaps, posts, and GIFS that I’d be crazy if I DIDN’T notice it. I’m actually about to watch the first episode after I finish posting this. I know, my taste in TV shows is impeccable.

        I don’t mind about the loading time. I just go straight to the categories so I avoid your home page, because you have like 5 recaps on a page, and that really kills. But the hilarious pictures and GIFS make up for it. 🙂

        Oh my gosh, I love Puck and Chuck (I’ll probably love Damon too), but you also forgot Mike Chang. I dunno if you like him, but other than the fact that he’s Asian, he’s got amazing abs, and awesome dancing skills. 😉

        I totally agree about the mashup. Whenever I hear Someone Like You now, my head keeps whispering “Rumor Has It” in the background. The Troubletones definitely killed that song (in a good way, of course).

        Hahaha. I like your comment about being offended by the awful hairdo and not being Irish. I can agree with that. I mean, aren’t Irish people supposed to be hot? Or did I just make that up in my head?

        About the minimum requirement of students… well, actually, I have nothing to say about the matter, other than that it’s almost as ridiculous as Quinn’s Child Services storyline. It’s so dumb that I pretend that it just doesn’t exist. And I’ll die if Lauren comes back. I literally wanted to cry every time she hogged the screen. I mean seriously, that precious screentime could’ve been put to better use (like, say, a clip of shirtless Puck?). I think the Skanks are gone for good, too.

        I agree with your view of the Santana Outing storyline. I love Santana (you know, cuz she “is hilarious and keeps it real”) and hate Finn. But yeah, he had to have some restraint over the things he said (though now that I think about it, it’s questionable, since we know that he has horrible control over his ummm.. *cougherectionscough* and premature jizzing of his pants). There were a million of other evil comebacks he could’ve come up with that didn’t have to revolve around the fact that Santana was a closeted lesbian. Ugh, he’s such a total douche.

        I thought about that (how much they have in common) too. In the preview for the next episode, Sue is trying to steal Beiste’s man. I’m guessing that she doesn’t want to be viewed as a lesbian either. 😦 Way to empathize with others Sue! 😉

        Sorry about your busy recapping schedule! If you have time though, I’d definitely look forward to seeing Revenge recaps. They’d make my day.

        Talk to you soon! 😀

  2. Eli

    Hi!!!!!!!!!! It’s been quite a long time! 😀

    I used to comment all your recaps last season of Glee. I’m quite sorry I couldn’t do any so far but i’ll comeback after every episode, that’s a promise!

    Looooooooooved your recap girl! 😀

    I SO love the troubletones WAY more than ND in every single possible way… Ever since the Candyman performance i’ve felt they are excellent. Besides i hate finn with all my guts so i can only love them more every time santana says something against him ♥

    i’m not a fan of bullying having suffered it myself in my school days so in some way i felt sorry for rory, but finn is such a retard… and he’s quite a an ass in most episodes so i will support santana forever. the part where she keeps insulting while apologizing (?) is one of my favourites. and just like you said, what finn did was EXTREMELY wrong.. being gay myself, i understand what she goes through… and being outted? big no no finn!! you deserve more insults and extra slapping!!!!!!!
    and TT’s mashup is my favourite ever glee song. i just can’t stop listening it/ watching the performance… impossible not to feel touched…. the expressions were excellent… i just love TT more every minute.

    GREAT recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Eli! It’s so great to chat with you again! You know I always adore talking Glee with you. We agree on so many issues . . . like Finn. 🙂

      I’ve been enjoying the Troubletones a lot myself, for many reasons. One, I love that their existence has given the Glee writers an opportunity to showcase Naya Rivera’s and Amber Riley’s often underused voices, which compliment one another perfectly in every song they sing. I also think, since the Troubletones is an all-female group comprised of seven VERY good dancers, it gives the Glee choreographers the opportunity to incorporate some great complex dance moves into the mix, whereas, with New Directions, the choreographers are somewhat limited by some less than stellar dancers in the group. *cough Finn cough*

      Finally, I love that the Troubletones regularly select new popular music, that still has an old-fashioned feel to it, like Christina Aquilera’s Candyman, and Adele’s ballads. Too often, lately, Mr. Schue has been saddling his Glee clubbers with music that is stuck in the past. Shelby at least chooses songs for her Troubletones that real high school students know and enjoy.

      “Big no no Finn. You deserve more insults and extra slapping.” – This line cracked me up. And I definitely agree that while Santana was pretty merciless in her teasing, calling a guy of average weight, chubby, and making fun of his bad dancing skills, when he already KNOWS he’s a bad dancer, does not at all rise to the level of outing someone’s sexuality in public. While I definitely think that SOMEONE needed to put Santana in her place, for how she was treating her so-called friends, there were absolutely more humane ways to do it than that.

      And you loved the Adele mashup too . . . It was spectacular, wasn’t it? I haven’t been this enamored with a Glee musical number in quite some time. So, it’s nice to see that the show is back on track, in that respect. 😉

  3. Ali

    Julls! I´m sorry I´ve been away (stupid jobs that pay the rent) but I´m back. And I have a few things to say about your recap
    1. Loved it, as usual
    2. The gif with Scar saying “I am surrounded by Idiots”..BEST…Gif….EVER!
    3. The Adele mashup is a masterpiece, couldn´t agree more

    Love u to death, my blue-eyed favorite recapper. See u soon

    • Hey Ali! I hope all is going well with you. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap.

      LOL. I totally forgot about about that Scar Gif from the Lion King. Thank you for reminding me. *makes note to use it again* 😉

      By the way, have you watched “I Kissed a Girl?” The episode sparked so much controversy in the fandom, that I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on it. 🙂

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