The Family that Stakes Together . . . – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Bringing Out the Dead”


Greetings, Fangbangers, and welcome back!  This week’s TVD installment may have been a bit low on romance, and grist for the respective Shipper Mills . . .

 . . . but, boy, did it make up for that with unparalleled Original Family Hijinks (which, of course, is the new Doppelganger Hijinks)!

Julie Plec and Co., I beg of you . .  . please give this family it’s own spinoff show . . . and while you are at it, you might want to make it a comedy.  Because these guys are friggin hilarious!



See what I mean?

So, slip into your favorite dinner wear, and, for heaven’s sake, hide your stakes!  Because you have just been invited to the sexiest, wackiest, most jaw-dropping dinner party on this show, since . . . well . . . the last time they had a dinner party, on this show . . .


(As always, special thanks to my spectacular screencapper Andre, who is most definitely filled with awesomesauce! ;))

Cheap and Easy Ways to Renovate Your Home – starring Elijah 

“This would make a marvelous tree ornament.”

Our bloody tale picks up, literally, right where it left off, prior to last week’s hiatus.  Damon has returned the Original Family Coffins (except for one!) to Klaus.  However, unbeknownst to the Original Hybrid at the time, one of those coffins contained a de-staked Elijah . . .

Now Klaus finds himself face-to-face with his undead brother, who is literally wearing his heart on his sleeve . . . well, someone else’s heart, actually.  To say that Elijah got up on the wrong side of the coffin, after sleeping away half the season, is an understatement, to say the least . . .


Klaus is clearly surprised to see his brother, alive,  kicking, and KICKING HIS ASS for that whole “murder and storage” thing.  Now, as we all know, apologies have never exactly been Klaus’ strong suit.  And while a simple, “I’m sorry I murdered you, and carted your rotting body around in a coffin for over 12 episodes,” would certainly have been in order . . . Klaus, instead, offers his very irate brother a cheeky, “Hey, at least I reunited you with your family, like you asked!”

But as jovial as Klaus might be, he has very limited patience for people who (1) don’t laugh at his jokes; (2) question his commitment to “family;” and (3) prefer other’s company to his own.  When people disappoint Klaus in this way, he does what any rational human being would do in such a situation: DRIVE A STAKE THROUGH THEIR HEART . . .

However, since Damon currently has the stake that originally came out of Elijah, Klaus is forced to “recycle” the one currently enmeshed in his brother Kol.  

Tell the mortician to ease up on the face makeup next time.  I look like a vampire.  Oh . .. er . . . nevermind.”

Elijah then gently reminds his sibling that, since Kol  has been dead at Klaus’ hand for over 100 years, there’s a good chance his wrath against the Original Hybrid will be even worse than Elijah’s.  Klaus ultimately re-daggers Kol, and opts for a change in tactics . . .


You know what they say, “If at first you don’t succeed . . . try begging.”

Ultimately, Elijah decides to hear his brother out.  It can’t hurt, right?  After all, he does still want to be reunited with his family.  And if Klaus tries to betray him again, Elijah can always go back to redecorating the mansion, by tossing his brother’s body into various parts of it . . .

Meanwhile, over at the Gilbert house . . .

Alcoholism:  Because expressing your true feelings is hard.  But it doesn’t have to be . . .

Alaric and his erstwhile foster kid, Elena, have very different ideas of what constitutes clean living.  For Elena, clean living means waking up early for a morning jog, and having a bowl of fruit for breakfast.  For Alaric, clean living means taking a shower, after you’ve polished off nearly an entire bottle of scotch.  

This is likely one of the reasons that he and Damon get along so very well . . .

Damon’s a big fan of drinking and nakedness personal hygiene, as well!

In addition to clearly being a “morning person,” Elena get some props for keeping her judgy side at bay, even after Alaric admits to (1) being massively hungover; and (2) having drunk dialed his new Doomed-to-Die-a-Very-Painful-Death girlfriend, Crazy Nanny Carrie, the night before .  . .


Well .  . . mostly at bay.

This super cute exchange is interrupted by a knock on the door.  It’s Lizard Forbes, a woman who’s idea of clean living is putting a bloody murder weapon in a plastic baggy, before returning it to its rightful owner.  

“In addition to murder weapons, I also sell bibles!”

That’s right, Fangbangers!  Remember that adorably dead medical examiner from a couple week’s back?


Well, apparently, he was killed by a stake from Alaric’s collection . . . one that conveniently contained only Elena’s prints on it.  (Or Vampire Katherine’s . . . isn’t it conceivable that the two Petrova Doppelgangers would have identical fingerprints?  Just a theory.)  Of course, Lizard doesn’t suspect Alaric or Elena, which makes her a very understanding person, but also a Really Sh*tty Cop.

 OK . . . I take back the “understanding” part . . .

If this was Law and Order, both Alaric and Elena would be dragged down to the station for questioning faster than you could say, “Is that a stake in your chest, or are you just really happy to see me?”

Elena the Vampire Founder’s Council Slayer?

In which it was finally revealed that Damon Salvatore is actually Gossip Girl . . .


Those of you who read my Gossip Girl recaps, know that I am still not entirely convinced that Georgina Sparks is actually Gossip Girl.  To be honest, she simply doesn’t seem adept enough at snarky wordplay to pull it off.  Damon Salvatore, on the other hand, is a spectacular wordsmith!


Take for example,  his super quippy initial response to Elena’s phone call regarding the incriminating murder weapon in question . . .


(By the way, Elena really shouldn’t put Damon on speaker phone.  It vastly increases the chance that Alaric will learn the truth about the couple’s budding phone sex relationship.)

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

Elena doesn’t think the Mystic Falls Murderer is Alaric’s girlfriend . . . but only because she’s been too busy running away from Klaus,  and making out with Damon to watch One Tree Hill or Pretty Little Liars.

Brush up on your pop culture, girlfriend.  It might just save your life . . .

Elena actually thinks the murderer might be Stefan, despite the fact that her ex  has absolutely no rational motive for staking a perfectly good meal, which the medical examiner clearly was despite the formaldehyde smell, of course, and leaving it completely uneaten.

Oh, Mr. Former Bunny Muncher . . . how the mighty hath fallen . .  .

Speaking of Mighty, Damon cuts his flirty phone conversation with Elena and Alaric short, to meet with one of the most powerful vampires in the world.  Of course, I’m referring to the newly awakened Elijah.  Honestly, if I were Elena, I’d be a bit concerned, because the sexual  tension between these two men is fierce!  I mean, Damon is already leaving flirty Gossip Girl style messages in Elijah’s underwear clothing, signed with hugs and kisses. . .




“I’m here.  Let’s talk,”  says Elijah gruffly, as he moves in mere inches from Damon Salvatore’s chiseled face, and dreamy crystalline blue eyes.  “Talk” . . . is that what the kids are calling it, nowadays? 😉

DAMON: “Just so you know, I am a VERY good ‘talker.’  In fact, just last night, Elena was complimenting me VERY LOUDLY about what a good ‘talker,’ I am.”

Speaking of “talking,” Elena kindly confronts Stefan, with her theory that he’s a serial killer, which, clearly he IS . . .  He’s just happens not to be the one running around plopping Alaric’s stakes in people’s chests.  (Eating off their heads, and gluing them back on to their bodies, is much more his style.)

Stefan, of course, is super offended by the notion that a bloodthirsty vampire like himself would do something as evil as KILLING HUMANS. *clears throat*  Even more offensive to Stefan is the fact that Elena is accusing him, as opposed to . . . you know . . . the other vampire with whom she sometimes plays tonsil hockey . . .


*whistles uncomfortably*  

The Bennett Family:  Witches or Locksmiths of the Dead?

“Bippity Bobbity Boo?”

So, was I the only one having Bad Flashbacks of Poor Dead Grams, when Bonnie and Abby were holding hands and doing the whole “let’s open a coffin with our minds” thing?  In the past “communal spells” meant people DIED . . .

 . . . and “solo spells” meant nosebleeds for Bonnie.  

Now, it seems like both of those things are plot lines of the past .  . . which, I guess, is a good thing, if you like Mama Bennett / want her to stick around for awhile, and a bad thing, if you don’t . . .

*whistles uncomfortably*

Poor Mama Bennett wasn’t having a particularly great life episode.   Both Stefan and Bonnie were riding her ass to “just buck up and BE MAGICAL ALREADY, dammit.”

“The old lady did it, so why can’t you, you lazy ass!”

Bonnie even added a fresh layer of guilt to her judgment.  “You clearly suck as a mom, and a human being.  So, please try not to suck at this too,” she said . . . more or less.

Cue more creepy chanting, and flickering candles in Fourth Coffin’s New Hiding Place: The Tomb of the Damned.  “It’s working!”  Bonnie exclaims, excitedly about the new “Family Unbinding Spell” the two are testing out.   “This would be a really good time for me to  go call Damon, and leave you alone with the thing that is SO dangerous, the Biggest Baddest Super Villain on this show decided it needed to be locked up.  

“I’ll be right baaaaaaaaack.”  Hopefully, by then, you will be as dead as our relationship, Mommy Dearest.”  Bonnie adds, before skipping up the steps, joyfully.

(Does no one on this show watch horror movies?)

Of course, it should surprise positively no one that the coffin bursts open, the minute Bon-Bon exits stage left.  Be afraid, Mama Bennett!  Be VERY afraid . . .

Come to Mystic Falls:  It may only have one bar / social establishment, but it has multiple serial killers.  So, SUCK IT, VEGAS!

“Y’all come back from the dead now, ya hear?”

Caroline’s at the hospital making small talk with Crazy Nanny Carrie, who’s bedside manner is for sh*t . . .

The purpose of this conversation is two-fold.  For starters, she wants to pick up her now vampire-blood infused, vampire hating daddy.  For finishers, she wants to investigate the extent of Crazy Nanny’s sanity, on her bestie, Elena’s, behalf.

“So, have you ever played a character who actually WASN’T a murderer?”

Caroline comes to the conclusion that Crazy Nanny is normal, which only shows that becoming supernatural has done nothing to improve Caroline’s judgment regarding humans.


But Caroline’s vampire mojo DOES have it’s perks.  Using her super sensitive vampy hearing, Caroline picks up the sound of her father’s phone.  And this, in turn, allows her to find her father lying dead in the medical supply closet at the hospital . . . wait for it . . . staked in the heart with one of Alaric’s weapons.

“So, THAT’S why my stomach’s been killing me!”

I know it probably makes me seem like a heartless b*tch to say this . . . especially in light of what happened later in this storyline.  But I thought it was pretty funny that Elena had to explain to Caroline that her father (who had died with vampire blood in his system) was now turning into a bloodsucker.  Whereas, Caroline . . . the actual bloodsucker, was completely clueless.  I mean, I guess you could argue that she was in shock, and couldn’t think straight.  But still . . .

Cue the gasps, wheezes and hacking coughs, as the man who hates vampires so much that he was willing to burn his own daughter to excise the “evil creature” from her body, comes back from the dead, craving blood.  Ahh, irony . . . gotta love it.  Papa Douche . . . wait  . . . sorry, he’s dead, so I can’t bad mouth him anymore Forbes ultimately decides that he would rather not feed and commit suicide than become like his kid.

Awww . . . a father / daughter bonding moment.  How sweet!

Meanwhile, Elena heads home to tell Alaric how they almost became suspects to another murder.  Alaric soon realizes that Crazy Nanny Carrie had access to and knowledge of both of the murder weapons.  In other words, it’s time to bust this murderous b*tch!

Or is it?

In which Caroline Forbes makes us cry . . . again.


Poor Caroline!  Just because your dad can be a toolbox, doesn’t mean you won’t miss him when he’s gone .  . . particularly when you feel like, you, personally could prevent his death.  “I’ll force him to feed,” says Caroline resolutely to her bestie Elena.

Well, as you might have suspected, Elena has something to say about that . . .


Hey Elena, did you ever think that, perhaps, JEREMY might feel the same way you do about issues of “personal choice?”  Just a thought . . .

Elena then brings up the absentee Tyler, which kind of seems like adding insult to injury.  I mean, come on, it’s not bad enough that the girl is about to be father-less, you want to remind her that she’s boyfriend-less too?

That said, it seems surprising, not to mention, more than a bit unrealistic, that Tyler wouldn’t respond to Caroline’s calls regarding a parental death.  For one thing, Tyler, who, not too long ago, lost his own morally ambiguous father, could absolutely relate to the conflicting feelings the person expresses, following the death.  

For another, you would think, considering how much Tyler loves Caroline, that he would come running to her, the minute she showed signs of breaking her silent treatment with him.

But alas . . . he didn’t.  (Perhaps, he’s off trying to master that whole “wolfing out without pain,” thing . . . you know . . . the one CAROLINE’S DAD taught him how to do?  If so, why haven’t we at least seen him shirtless this week?   HUH?  HUH?)

Anyway, of course, now Caroline is wondering if her ex is the murderer.  She reasons that, perhaps, Tyler had done it as one of his sire’s orders.  But Elena disagrees.  “I’m the only one who can accuse MY ex boyfriend of unspeakable acts,” says Elena, more or less.

Then, there’s some heartfelt talk between Caroline and Elena, about what it’s like to be in the “Dead Dad’s Club.”  (Elena is club president!)  Cue the entrance of  Matt, who’s character I’ve been enjoying so much more, ever since he lost the Judgy Personality Chip.

Weed . . . it makes you more likeable . . .

That said, I’m starting to feel like Matt’s whole function as a character has recently been reduced to Resident Hugger, and Cheerleader for Team Ex Girlfriend   . . .



“Haha, he thinks now that Tyler is gone, he actually has a chance.  But I’m the one who installed a honing device on her panties . . . .”

Speaking of Caroline’s panties, she really grows some balls (not that she necessarily lacked them, in the first place.), when she confronts her now, clearly, dying father with a simple, but gut-wrenching, plea that he not leave her . . .


When “tears and emotions” don’t convince Papa Forbes to fight for his life, Caroline tries a few other tactics:  (1) first flattery.  (“You can do this.  You are the strongest person I now”); (2) then guilt (“Do you really hate me [and what I’ve become] that much?”) Caroline wonders.

I’ve long admired Candice Accola as an actress.   But she really blew me away, in this episode.  Her raw reactions to her erstwhile absentee dad’s untimely passing were both heartbreaking, and refreshingly real.  In fact, Candice’s acting ability elevated a story line that had the real potential to be boring and maudlin into a captivating dramatic piece.



But back to the story, I’m really glad, for Caroline’s sake that she got her father to admit that he loved her, was proud of her, and thought she was a good person, despite the fact that she was an “icky vampire.”  Had Papa Forbes not said this to Caroline, I suspect it would have haunted her for the rest of eternity.  At least. this way, she can begin down the long and windy path of “closure.”

Adios, Papa Douche . . . as it turns out, you weren’t nearly as big of an asshat as we initially assumed you were . . .

Bloodsucker, Party of Four . . .

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Damon tells a shirtless, and recently showered Stefan, that it’s time to put a big ole smile on his face, and play nice with the Originals, in order to buy Bonnie some time to open Coffin Number Four with her mind.  Stefan and his recent perma-scowl face don’t want to attend.  He’d much rather stay home and mope over the fact that Damon and Elena recently exchanged smoochies, thank you very much.  

Stefan also doesn’t trust Elijah, who ended up MAJORLY screwing the Scooby Gang over, during their first round of Kill Klaus Games.

The massive role reversal between these two brothers is  highly apparent, in this scene.  Last season, it was Damon perma-scowling and Elijah distrusting (with good reason, as it turns out). Meanwhile, Season 2’s kinder, gentler more boring, Stefan was begging his brother to keep the peace, for Elena’s sake.

As for the kiss in question, Damon reminds Stefan that HE, Damon, is not the enemy in this situation.  Rather, it’s Klaus’ fault is for making Stefan Bad!Stefan, thereby tossing Elena right into Damon’s arms, in the first place.  

Touche, Damon Sexy Pants!  And yet Delena fans well know, that even without Stefan’s newfound douchiness, Elena’s mouth would have found her way onto Damon’s, anyway.  After all, it wasn’t exactly the first time the two of them kissed . . .

So, off the Salvatore Brother’s head to Klaus’ newly renovated, and now slightly banged-up, home, for a sit down dinner.  And I’ve gotta say, I was shocked that he served actual food!  (Though, of course, I wasn’t the least bit surprised that he devoured one of the blonde barbie types waiting by the table for dessert.  We all know how much Klaus likes his blondes . . .)

Speaking of eating people, Grumpy Stefan childishly made a point to remind everybody at the party that HE didn’t want to break bread with the Originals.  He’d much prefer to negotiate some terms, and leave, as soon as possible.  And to this rudeness, Klaus offers the Best Comeback, EVER!

 “We can sit and eat, or I can reach down your throats, and pull out your insides.  The choice is yours.”

Ahhh, cannibalism jokes on vampire shows.   They just never get old, do they?

I mentioned earlier that Damon and Elijah illustrate their latent sexual attraction to one another, through personal space invasions, sexy smiles, winks, and oh-so-obvious eye f*&king.  But Klaus and Stefan have a much longer history with one another.  (You just KNOW something had to have gone down between these two during that long hot Ripper Summer!)  So, of course, their sexual tension comes in the form of saucy verbal jabs, and naughty teases.

Klaus and Stefan definitely know how to push one another’s buttons.  Stefan begins the game by inquiring after Rebekah, who Stefan knows full well is still staked, despite the fact that Elena returned her body to Klaus weeks ago.  “She’s still daggered, because you couldn’t face her,” Stefan observes viciously. (Stefan Salvatore would make an EXCELLENT mean girl.)

Oddly enough, it’s Damon who attempts to put this verbal jousting to bed, with this hilarious remark .   . .


Elijah definitely approves, and so do I.  Stefan has been off the hook way too long for eating his father, in what might very well have been one of the most disturbing and nauseating flashbacks in TVD history.  

It’s high time someone called him out on that little “performance.”  And who better to do that than his own brother?

Speaking of insults, Elijah unintentionally shoots one Stefan’s way, by inquiring after Elena, who, last time Elijah checked, was still Stefan’s lover.


AWK-WARD!  Klaus is just loving the crap out of this exchange.  And once again, Damon is forced to try and keep the peace, by deeming the topic of Elena not appropriate for meal time . . .


But just because Elena is off limits, doesn’t mean ALL Petrova Doppelgangers are.  Elijah, ever the gracious host, entertains the table with the tale of “Tatiya” i.e. NotCharlotte, a girl who lived in their village, and despite being deemed a bit slutty, for already being “with child” was loved by all, most notably Klaus and Elijah.  And, much like the Salvatore Brothers, the pair fought viciously over the little chicky who resembled Nina Dobrev.

ELIJAH: “I should win her heart, I have better hair.”

Not surprisingly, it was their fighting that prompted Mikael to kill Tatiya, and force the brothers to drink her blood, when being turned into vampires.  It was also Klaus’ love for Tatiya that prompted Klaus’ mother to include her essence in the binding spell of Klaus’ hybrid nature.  Talk about history repeating . . .

But for me, the most interesting part of this dinner party, was the negotiation session, in which both sets of brothers made offers to the other to ensure a “lasting peace.”  Damon’s offer was much what we would have expected:  the Fourth coffin, in exchange for Elena no longer being a blood bag.

Klaus said “no deal.”  After all, he needs Elena’s blood to make hybrids, and without hybrids, Klaus, adorable as he might be, has no friends . . .

But Klaus’ offer was interesting, to say the least.  He argued that what would ultimately be best for Elena would be for Klaus to ensure her a “normal” human life . . .  married to someone like Matt, wherein she would pop out a bunch of puppies, thereby ensuring the continuation of the Petrova Doppelganger line . . .  Klaus further conjectured that the alternative would result in Elena either dying very young, or being turned into a vampire relatively soon .  . .


The significance of the statement is not lost on the two brothers, both of whom, above all, want Elena to be happy.  And while most TVD fans would not prefer an endgame, in which Elena was compelled to forget about vampires, and live out a dull Stepford life in Mystic Falls, with the sweet, but not overly exciting Matt, this was actually a notion Elena herself had considered back when Damon had force fed her his blood in “The Last Day.”  Plus, if Elena’s words to Caroline, regarding her father are any indication, the new Petrova Doppelganger’s feelings regarding becoming a vampire have not yet changed.

And when Stefan rises to shake Klaus’ hand, symbolically accepting his offer, there’s a split second, wherein I actually believe he is being genuine.   But Klaus, is apparently, more savvy than I am, because he doesn’t believe it for one second . . .


Damon immediately moves to his brother’s aid, as Klaus pushes him frighteningly close to the fire, his fingers already beginning to burn.  But Elijah holds the Elder Salvatore back . . . in a show of brotherly solidarity . . . or just as part of the overall plan?  We’ll find out soon enough . . .


Either way, it seems for the moment, that Klaus, once again, has the upper hand . . .

Speaking of hands . . .

Because Useless Aunt Jenna (R.I.P.) isn’t the only one capable of inviting super villains to the Gilbert House . . .

“Hey Alaric.  How many times do I have to tell you to wash your hands before touching the walls?  I’m not your MAID!”

Elena and Matt arrive home to an eerily dark apartment covered with bloody hand prints and footprints.  It’s a truly disturbing scene.  

And since Matt is one of those character’s whose fate is never entirely safe on this show, it’s one of those few times on TVD, when you are really worried about something bad happening.  And then it does . . .

It’s not long before Elena finds Alaric . . . wait for it . . . stabbed in the stomach, likely because the serial killer knew he turned the weapons over to Lizard Forbes, along with evidence against Meredith Fell, who was “in surgery at the time.”  

An obviously dying (Seriously, this guy must die EVERY OTHER EPISODE) Alaric explains, just as Bill Forbes did before him, that never saw his assailant.  Of course, this is odd, considering the fact that, if the bloody footprints and hand prints are any indication, the pair fought their way throughout the entire house.  Something stinks here . . .

The problem, of course (aside from the obvious), is that Alaric’s on-the-blink Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality only works when Alaric is killed by a supernatural creature.  And since Alaric isn’t sure who did this to him, there’s a good chance he might bleed out and die, before he ever gets to the hospital  So, there’s only one thing for the “supernatural” Petrova Doppelganger to do . . . kill Alaric, herself . . .

I must say, I’m impressed!  The Elena we used to know would have hemmed, hawed and cried about this for about twenty minutes, and Alaric probably would have died, while he waited for her to grow some balls.  But New Warrior Princess Elena, stabs Alaric with a surprising amount of gusto.  Poor Matt looks horrified, as he should be . . .

Just realized that every single solitary character on this show is capable of kicking his ass . . .

Then, the murderous Elena tearfully asks Matt to wait with her, while Alaric decides whether he’s going to come back to life this time.  “I can’t lose any more family,” exclaims Elena, finally breaking down, for the first time in the hour.

Matt agrees to wait with Elena,  rather than comforting Caroline, who’s father, as we just learned is Definitely Dead.  Seriously?  Everybody . . . chooses Elena, except Tyler and Klaus, of course . . . or a doppelganger, who looks like her.  It’s actually rather frustrating, sometimes . . .

Ultimately, Alaric awakens at the last minute, Phew!  But hey, if he’s going to keep dying every week like this, he should really get a tune-up on that ring . . . not to mention, invest in some life insurance.  Can you imagine if the kindly history teacher received a payout for EACH time he died?  The dude would be richer than Klaus! 😉

Because watching attractive people beat the crap out of one another never, EVER, gets old . . .


So, for a while there, it was looking like Elijah screwed over our Salvatore Brothers TWICE in a row, didn’t it?  But remember that Elijah did what he did the first time around, for the opportunity to see his family.  And now that he knows they are all just a stake pull away from being a live and well . . . well, all bets are off.

In what very well might have been my favorite scene in the entire episode, Elijah and his new boyfriend return to the Klaus House, not with the Magical Fourth Coffin, as previously promised, but, rather, with . . . dessert . . .

And by “dessert,” of course, I mean the daggers previously immobilizing not one, not two, but THREE of Klaus’ and Elijah’s dear siblings: the newbies (to us anyway) Kol and Finn, and, of course, the recently daggered Rebekah.  To say the sexy threesome is displeased with their brother for . . . umm . . . keeping them imprisoned for, in some cases, as many as 1,000 years, is the understatement of the century.  Cue the Familial Ass Kicking!


We’ve seen Klaus pout, and cry, and rage before, when things didn’t go his way.  But this was really the first time we got to see him truly, and completely BEATEN UP AND REJECTED.  That’s right, fangbangers, Elijah and Co. are not exactly down with a Klaus Family Reunion that will most certainly end with one or all of them, back in their safe little boxes, once they do something to displease their Alpha Male brother. 

“You are free to go,” says Elijah — ever the gracious host — to his new boyfriend and Stefan.  “This is family business.”

Why yes, Elijah . . . indeed it is . .

Speaking of family business, Stefan and Damon have some of that of their own to do.  Walking home from Klaus House, Stefan actually COMPLIMENTS Damon for a job well done on the whole de-staking the Originals thing . . . and, of course, the whole “saving his life” thing.  Damon is only slightly smug in his response.  After all, he still feels he owes Stefan for all HIS life saving of Damon . . . most notably, the “life-saving of Damon” thing that ended with Stefan temporarily becoming Klaus’ b*tch, and possibly permanantly becoming Bad!Stefan.

Oh, but lest you think our sexy vampire brothers are ready to kiss and make up, this happened . .


It was such a short, quiet, exchange between too men, with a loooooong history of loving the same women.  Two men who haven’t exactly adopted the “bros before hoes” / “Family above all” maxim.  (Not that it exactly seemed to help those guys all that much.  After all, there are plenty of other things brothers can fight about, aside from women.)  And yet, as vampires, they certainly understand the importance of having someone by your side for the rest of eternity.

In the past, I think Damon would have probably heard Stefan’s declaration of love for Elena, and backed off . . . cow towing to the so-called “Good Brother,” as he has so many times in the past.  But despite the fact that Damon still thinks he “owes” Stefan for certain sacrifices the latter has made on his behalf, things have changed now between them.  They have changed.  And it is very clear that, although the two may form temporary truces between one another, in furtherance of a common interest, Elena will likely always come between them. 

Back at Klaus house, a mutiny is being played out amongst the ranks of the Original Family, and Klaus is on the losing end.  His brothers and sisters have decided to seek vengeance against him in the most effective way they know how, through ABANDONMENT.  After all, Klaus has purportedly done all of this, simply out of a fear of being alone.  So, for Klaus ,the thought of finally having his family reunited with one another, while he is still left to his own devices is just about the worst thing that can happen to him.  “I’ll hunt you down,” Klaus threatens, his eyes filled with tears.

“And then you will become the thing you hate the worst,” retorts Klaus.  “Father.”

Oooh!  Now, that one had to hurt.

But lest you think all is lost for Klaus, he is about to get a hail Mary.  Back at the tomb, Stefan and Damon find an open Magical Fourth Coffin, surrounded by an unconscious Abby and Bonnie.  The coffin, of course, is empty.

So, who was inside?  Why the Original Mother / Original Witch -Turned-Vampire, of course!  I guess Klaus didn’t kill her at all.  Rather, he turned her and kept her in storage, along with the rest of his siblings.  How very thoughtful of him!

Why hasn’t her dress biodegrated yet?

So, of course, when Mommy Dearest enters stage left, all of the Originals along with, I suspect, a majority of the viewing public are preparing for the most excellent of Mommy / Son smackdowns.  After all, if there is any instance at all, in which child abuse is warranted, this is probably it.  Am I right?

“Awww, Klausipoo, do you need a diaper change?”

But NOPE!  Mommy Dearest is all about hearts, flowers, forgiveness, and family reunions. 

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed, as I was really looking forward to more, good old fashioned Vampire Fight Club-esque ass kicking.

But hey, if it weren’t for Mommy, we probably wouldn’t be treated to next week’s BALLROOM DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA, now would we?

It WOULD be rude not to dance, Delena . . . especially when you are both so incredibly good at it . . .


Are a fan of Delena?  Stelena?  Klaroline?  Pretty dresses?  Hot men in suits?  Perhaps, you just have a “Cinderella Fetish?”  If you answered yes to any of these questions, something tells me you are going to adore next week’s TVD installment, entitled “Dangerous Liaisons.”  If you haven’t seen them already, you can check out the extended trailer here . . .

 . . . the Canadian trailer here . . .

 . . . and the new love triangle-y webclip, here . . .

And that’s all I’ve got for this week.  But something tells me, you and I are going to have PLENTY to talk about between now and next Thursday.  See you soon, Fangbangers!

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32 responses to “The Family that Stakes Together . . . – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Bringing Out the Dead”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Stefan didn´t actually eat Giuseppe, he did have it coming by shooting his sons for trying to release Katherine, for god´s sake he killed them for doing that how conservative of him. But Giuseppe died from his stake wound but whatever its history now.

    The great thing of this episode was the Original family returning to life and kicking Klaus ass. Big surprise seeing Esther walk in wearing her ancient clothing,

    Great episode.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! True, Papa Salvatore might have died from his stake wound. But I distinctly remember some eating going on. 😉 And it had to have happened while Papa was still alive, or Stefan wouldn’t have been able to transition. I guess you could say it was “justifiable eating.” 🙂 Though I’m not sure Papa Salvatore would agree. 😉

      The Originals reunion at the end absolutely made the episode for me. It was just so cool seeing all the siblings together like that for the first time. I’m not sure how I feel about Mama Original, though. The jury is still out on her . . .

  2. Brittany-Marie

    Firstly, I’d just like to say YAY. I am so glad that I’m not the only being who thought of Katherine potentially being the one whom those prints belonged to. (: I thought about it briefly because we didn’t see her at all in that episode – In fact, Hasn’t she been MIA since her car-scene with Stefan? Wonder where the little Kitty Kat got off to.

    Moving onto Stefan’s offense at the fact that Elena was specifically asking if he had been the one to kill the medical examiner because she “doesn’t know what he’s capable of anymore” , Damon made a comment in a previous episode about Stefan’s humanity having a dimmer switch. It’s moment’s like these where I think that statement is completely false. I think his dimmer switch and his “lack of humanity” are facade.

    We learned in a previous episode that Stefan absolutely still possesses a spark of humanity and that he truly believes that Elena is lost to him. A consideration? Maybe, all of this “I have no humanity, I don’t care what you think of me” Nonsense is his way of coping with that believed loss? Maybe Stefan feels that this loss he things he’s gone through will be easier for him to accept if Elena is truly lost to him rather than just him believing that she is.

    We all know she isn’t truly lost to him yet. Much like Klaus has stated before? A love like that never dies. I believe that Stefan is trying to appear hardened so that Elena will let him go and he won’t have to face up to everything that he has done and everything that he has put her through. This is the woman of his dreams, The love of his life and here he’s caused her so much pain that maybe it’s easier for him to make her hate him than it is to be forgiven.

    Furthermore, I don’t think that this concept is lost on Elena. Her clearly guilt-infused “Stefan …” as her eyes tear up and he walks away post-accusation scream loudly and clearly to me that deep down regardless of what she said to Damon – She still hasn’t let go of Stefan and the few break-through’s she’s been seeing are truly agonizing for her because she’s finally begun to truly acknowledge her feelings for one brother after thinking the love of her existence truly was gone and now here he is right in front of her. Not always, but in small break-through’s like the one where he admits that she’s better than both he and Damon.

    Moving on, You definitely were NOT the only one who had ‘Grams’ flash-backs, I truly was worried as well but there’s only so much worry you can do when you don’t know what to expect. I definitely do not like Mama Bennett though I’m not so certain I wish death on her. I would like see a little bit more of Jamie though, he was cute.

    It probably shouldn’t have surprised me that the coffin burst open, but I’ll be honest. It did.

    I don’t believe that you sound like a heartless b*tch where Caroline’s father is concerned but I will argue on her behalf that if you were an eighteen year old girl (Species irrelevent) and walked into a room to find your father’s throat slit and his body brutally stabbed lying dead on the floor? I’m pretty sure “Oh, It’s okay! He’ll be a vampire!” wouldn’t be the first thought that entered your mind.

    I myself am a daddy’s girl born and bred though unlike Caroline, I’ve lived with mine for most of my life. So I can honestly say vampire or human, if I ever walked in on a scene like that even if I HAD just had a conversation about how ‘set in his ways’ my dad was and his lack of appreciation for vampire blood being the thing that saved him?

    I’m pretty sure that all coherent thought would simply just be gone – Panic would take over and rationality wouldn’t exist so I can’t agree that it was funny , But I will give you that it was ironic. Papa Forbes isn’t Elena’s father and she didn’t think of the solution right away either but I think not being quite as emotionally invested into the situation as Caroline was meant that she was able to reach rational thought a bit quicker than Caroline who was in panic-mode.

    The scene in which Caroline and Elena are having their heart-to-heart is truly a tear-jerker. I could on some level believe that Bill would actually prefer to die over converting into a vampire. Vampires are the beings he detests most and it goes against every belief he has ever held onto. So dying, being human – Made sense as a personal choice but I can fully and completely understand Caroline’s reluctance to let him die even to the point of stating to Elena that she’d force him to feed.

    As I stated previous, I am a die-hard Daddy’s girl so if it were me? I would have followed every route that Caroline attempted when she begged her daddy not to leave her and I sincerely hope that she’s given the chance to actually grieve through the loss rather than having to just chin-up and brave through it. I’m desperately hoping for a bit of mama Forbes and daughter Forbes scenes as well as perhaps a few Caroline and Tyler scenes. She told him once that she could never hate him but that he had turned her back on her when she’d needed him so she had been hurt and betrayed.

    I think similar feelings may be plausible in this instance. The boy she loves wasn’t there for her when she needed him the most even after HE tried to guilt her for supposedly turning her back on him. It was truly a surprise to me to see Matt who had sworn that he couldn’t get past the vampire-business and that he truly just didn’t want that to be his life, was the one who showed up to comfort Caroline in her hour of need.

    I do disagree though on the Delena front (forgive me, I know I’m skipping around here.) I don’t believe that there would have been a second kiss to experience between the two if Stefan hadn’t left and “changed” — If he’d come back instead of taking off with Klaus, I think things might have been awkward because of the death-bed kiss but it could easily have been explained away as an “I thought he was going to die” moment and she wanted him to die happy if he truly had to die at all. While I am enjoying a lot of the Damon and Elena interaction I must admit I’m torn because I desperately wish for more Stefan and Elena interaction. I miss my soul-mate couple. ❤

    As a one-shot comment. I HATE Klaus, Hate him. Nobody tortures my Stefan. ❤

    Next thing – The scene where Elena and Matt find Alaric brutally stabbed. This truly broke my heart, Alaric is basically the psuedo-father-uncle-brother-figure in Elena's life. He's the one family member she still has in Mystic Falls after sending Jeremy to Denver for his own safety.

    I too have qualms with Alaric not knowing the identity of his attacker when clearly the two fought their way through a fairly LARGE portion of the house, Unless Alaric was stabbed and then tried to get upstairs for safety? But, I have a truly difficult time believing that TWO beings were stabbed in their STOMACHS, the FRONTS of their bodies and not been able to see anyone.

    As terrible as I feel for this theory. Have we considered that maybe Alaric is our mystery-murderer? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that he would be but there are a few obvious key factors that sadly make me suspect him. The stake that the medical examiner whom Alaric exchanged some definite words with in Meredith's defense was killed with? Was indeed one of a set from Alaric's stash which he -knew- that that stake was one that he kept in Damon's car which was at the party. They lean toward Meredith because Meredith was at the party but so was Alaric and he too would have had access to his own weapon.

    The fact that it only had Elena's fingerprints, I can't yet figure out. Unless he wore gloves in an attempt to -not- leave fingerprints and didn't think about the fact that someone else's might be on them? I remember seeing Elena with a stake in a prior episode while training with Damon.

    Also, the knife that killed Papa Forbes? Alaric also knew that he had vampire blood in his system and that he wouldn't actually die. The knife was also one matching a set that Alaric possessed and knew the location of because it was -his- set. I seriously hate to accuse him or even think it but it's a plausible theory – My final piece of clue that had me thinking that it was Alaric would be that he KNEW Elena had to kill him in order for him to come back to life, He didn't just think that she needed to he knew. That's why he told her that she'd have to kill him.
    Maybe, he made the attack on himself? As odd as that sounds. It would explain all of the blood along the walls and his odd lack of knowing who his attacker was for such a large portion of the house to be bloodied up. I honestly hate to imagine that, so hopefully the writers will prove me wrong and I will happily regret that theory.

    As for Matt? I can't believe he agreed to stay with Elena over Caroline who's father just died. I love Elena to pieces, she's one of two of my favorite female characters on this show. But, I truly feel that SOMEONE should have gone to Caroline. Her father had just DIED, she needed someone and I felt that Elena was truly selfish in asking Matt to stay with her after getting confirmation that Caroline's father just died and I sincerely hope that Caroline gets to justifiably be angry about that, because I certainly would be. I love Elena, I do but we all knew Ric would be fine.

    I do think that my -favorite- Stefan moment though was when he finally admitted out-loud that he still loves Elena. I have been waiting for that to happen since the moment he left with Elijah and started pretending NOT to care a thing about his soul-mate and love of his existence. To hear him declare his love for her, was something that renewed a sense of hope that was never lost though had begun to dull. I'm excited to see what comes of it.
    Also, my thoughts on their exchange. "I love her, Damon." … "So do I".
    I think it's very symbolic. Stefan in some way has ALWAYS loved Elena, I think that even when he was compelled to "turn it off" he loved her. He didn't always act like it but there were small moments that always told me "He still loves her." – And that, to me speaks volumes. I understand that people would argue that Damon loved Elena without his humanity and that she was who brought it back to him but I honestly don't think that Damon ever lacked his humanity, I don't believe that they can actually 'turn it off'. I know it's said that they can but I think that's just a myth that people spread. I think that "turning it off" is about the equivalent to becoming bitter, hard, and closed-off to something.

    So just maybe, one brother isn't any better or worse than the other.

    As a final note – I kind of expected Mrs. Original the be the one in the coffin, I was surprised to see Mama Original. Hopefully we'll see a bit of our original Petrova in flashbacks at least. — Can't wait to see what next week has in store for us.

    • Hey Brittany-Marie! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your thoroughly brilliant analysis. I had so much fun reading it! I tend to be so Team Damon. So, it’s kind of cool to see the episode from a Team Stefan perspective. It gives my recap a sense of balance, that might not have been there before. 😉

      I wouldn’t say that Stefan has completely turned off his humanity either. He clearly FEELS things (like love, betrayal, anger, rejection . . .) What Stefan seems to have turned off is his warmth. He’s been so incredibly cold lately, mostly to Elena, but to Damon too.

      Is it all an act for Elena’s benefit and safety? Possibly. But my issue with Stefan, lately, is that he seems to want to have his cake and eat it too. He asked Damon to protect Elena, knowing full well that Damon loved her. But then he beat Damon up, when he learned that things had gotten intimate between them. He repeatedly pushes Elena away, and tries to do things to make her think he lacks humanity, and has become a monster. But when she actually does begin to think that way . . . and does start to contemplate a life without him . . . he seems genuinely shocked and hurt by her behavior.

      I do agree that it’s Stefan’s love for Elena that’s making him behave this way. I’m just not sure how he expects Elena to react to it. Because chances are, if she went back to throwing herself at him, and begging him to change, for her sake, he would push her away again, and tell her to move on. Take for example Stefan’s words in next week’s webclip, “Caring about Elena is your problem now.”

      By this point, Damon and the rest of us know Stefan’s words are total BS. But it’s still an awful thing to say. And who could fault Elena for trying to moving on, in the face of that?

      I am pretty intrigued by the Mystic Falls Serial killer. It would be interesting to have a murderer in this town, who wasn’t supernatural for a change. Though the fact that no one has seen this individual, and, unless she’s Katherine or the Original Petrova(?) she doesn’t leave fingerprints, seems to suggest otherwise. Speaking of no one seeing the assailant, the medical examiner is dead, so we’ll never know what he saw. With Bill, the assailant could have simply come at him from behind, wrapped his or her arms around him, and staked him.

      As you mentioned, Alaric’s “death” was the most troubling. How do you fight violently throughout the house against someone HUMAN, and not see him or her? I’m wondering if they are planning on doing some sort of “split personality” arc with Alaric. What if there is something about Alaric’s ring that bisects his spirit in some way, or tries to “balance” things, by taking a life for every one that it saved, Final Destination style? There was something about that ring that always appeared a bit too good to be true. And the writers seemed to be hinting at precisely that, when it seemed to stop working, a few episodes back . . .

      I guess we will just have to wait and see. 😉

    • Jmae

      I think that the reason that Matt chose to stay with Elena is because all the loss tha Elena has experienced in the last year and a half or so. (1)Both her parents died (2) Anut Jenna died (4) Isobel killed herself in front of her(not really sure if I should count this one, but hey that’s got to suck (4) John chose to sacrifice himself to save Elena (3) she chose to send her brother away. Honestly Elena has been through a lot more than Caroline and Alaric was the ony family she had left. Not to mention Caroline’s mom was with her.
      Also I though that it could be Alaric at first, but then I crossed him off. I could see him getting drunk and doing it, but really he had no idea when Elena was getting home. I think that he probably has a stash of Damon blood in his room for just incase the ring doesn’t completely heal him. And judging by how the ring has been acting lately we really didn’t know that Ric would be fine. Also, if you recall the reason Elena can’t wear the ring is because she is super-natural.

  3. Brittany-Marie

    Moment he left with Klaus *** You’ll have to excuse my post, It contains several typing-errors that I’m just now noticing. ❤

    • I didn’t notice any errors at all Brittany. You are great writer! And for the record, as I see it, when it comes to blogging and blog commenting, there are no typos, only “creative spelling and language usage.” 🙂

  4. Tricus

    Well yes Mama Original was kind of blah at the end BUT the look in her eyes was a little psycho.
    She has something up her sleeve and she is crazy so can’t wait for next week.
    Damon/Elijah was so full of win. They both are all calm, big brother like during the dinner.
    Klaus and Stefan being all whiny, especally Stefan. and brooding.
    Why did Stefan think Elena should ask Damon if he killed the medical examiner? Damon hasn’t killed a random person, for no reason, in a while.
    Must hurt him for Elena to look at him like she was looking at Damon all S1-S2.LOL
    I like IT.
    Bonnie/Mom was alright.
    Caro does do emotionall scenes very well. Even though I didn’t much like Bill I still teared up at their scenes.
    Matt is looking like he will be the one that Elena and Caro will be leaning on in the next few episodes.
    Obviously Elena and Damon will be on the outs starting next epi and she doesn’t trust Stefan soo that is the way the wind is blowing.
    I guess all the actors (well Paul, Nina mostly and Ian a little) is having their wish of what they wanted to do this season.
    Paul got his kind of Ripper badass moments.
    Nina got her being single for awhile.
    Ian is slowly going back to his badass ways.
    It was an okay episode this week. It started out slow to where I was continually looking at the clock and thinking “Is that all the time that has passed?” hahhahaha
    Seriously I have never done that before.The storyline seemed to just drag on.
    Oh I don’t know what to think about Meredith,Alaric etc…. I still don’t trust her and I don’t know what to think of Alaric.
    Klaus offer for Elena was not really an offer. To have the boys either leave Elena alone and take off somewhere or be killed and Elena goes on to marry a human man, have kids and LIVE that way?
    That’s not a even okay life being in service to Klaus whims along with her kids, then their kids etc….
    No peace at all. Might as well kill herself, like Elena was going to do.

    • Hey Tricus! Haha, you are right! I knew there was something I didn’t like about Mama Original, aside from her ugly dress. And I think you nailed it . . . those CRAZY EYES .. . oh, and her dialogue. It just seemed so stilted and off-putting. But hey, I suspect if I’d been sleeping for 1,000 years, I’d be at a loss for words too! 🙂

      I did find it interesting that both Elena and Caroline immediately suspected their exes as the Mystic Falls serial killer. It must be hard to be in a position where, whenever something bad happens in town, you immediately suspect the guy you used to sleep with. And you are right. There was a time, not too long ago, when Damon was the one at whom Elena pointed a finger, whenever something bad happened in town. Times have certainly changed!

      It is nice that the actors are getting to take their characters, where they’ve wanted to go since Season 1. Paul Wesley is getting to be a bit more villainous. Nina is getting to toughen Elena up a little bit. Joseph Morgan is getting a love interest. And though Damon is no longer quite the villain Ian so enjoyed playing, he’s still getting the chance to kick ass, de-heart hybrids, and take names, on a fairly regular basis.

      Speaking of New Damon, I’m just loving him and Elijah together. They are just so much fun. You could see them eyeing eachother during that dinner, as if to say. Let the “children” bicker, us “adults” will iron things out, soon enough. 🙂

      As for Klaus’ offer, I was sort of under the assumption that he was suggesting that he would somehow compel Elena to forget the Salvatores and believe she was in love with Matt. I also suspected that Klaus wouldn’t have to take blood from her all that often (Hybrids are supposed to be immortal, after all. And, under the deal, the Salvatores would have to stop killing them.) And, when he did, he would compel her, so that she had no memory of it happening.

      That said, I agree with you that Elena would never be happy with this kind of lifestyle. And despite the compulsion, she would know deep down that her life was missing something, and end up being very unhappy. Honestly, I’m not sure that’s what the Salvatore Brother’s were thinking about, when they turned down the offer. I suspect they did it, partially, because they didn’t want her body defiled in that way, but also because they can’t bear parting with her.

      I’d like to think that eventually Elena will revise he views on being turned. Then, and only then, she, like Katherine, will be free from Klaus forever. Well . . . when he’s not trying to hunt her down, out of vengeance, at least. 😉

  5. Veronica

    First of all, I completely agree with you regarding the original family having its own spinoff series. It should be a dramady. I might tweet Julie Plec encouring her to consider this, haha.

    I laughed out loud at your comment that Damon is gossip girl. Ha! Damon was his usual snarky and funny self this episode. Especially when he told stefan to lay off the judgement until dessert because he ATE their dad! Make no wonder Klaus and Stefan were once in loooove. They have so much in common.

    I love me some Elijah! I have a feeling we will be seeing Elijah/Tatiya/Klaus love triangle soon. I am curious to learn more about Kol and Finn and whether they are as badass as Klaus and Elijah. Poor Finn has been staked for 900 years and Mama Original for a 1000. I thought it was funny how quickly Rebekah learned to adjust to the technology and society of today but Finn and Esther should have their work cut out for them.

    I haven’t commented on your recaps in a while but I’ve read them all and thought they were hilariously great. By the way, I’m excited that you are also a fan of Once Upon A Time. Loving Snow and Prince Charming, particularly in fairy tale world.

    Can’t wait for a Delena dance in next weeks episode. Although I think there may be some Delena heartbreak coming up as well. But thats what makes a good love story, right?….Right? Until next time.

    • Hey Veronica! I’m so thrilled you are down with my spinoff idea! I actually noticed on the message boards, that a few people had the same idea we did. So, who knows? Maybe this will actually happen . . .

      Speaking of comedy, I think a Gossip Girl dream sequence, in which Damon Salvatore was actually Gossip Girl, would be the ultimate CW crossover event! Part of me would just love to see Damon drink scotch with Chuck, while the pair commiserate about their “lady problems,” flirt shamelessly with Blair and Serena, and make fun of Donut Dan. 🙂

      And this:

      “Especially when [Damon] told stefan to lay off the judgement until dessert because he ATE their dad! Make no wonder Klaus and Stefan were once in loooove. They have so much in common.”

      There is just so much awesomeness in this comment, that I don’t even have the proper words to praise it. 🙂

      I too am looking forward to seeing the Elijah / Klaus / Tatiya love triangle play out in flashbacks. I suspect that Klaus’ growing feelings for Caroline, will bring back a lot of memories for him, of the last time that he was in love. And that will be how we are introduced to that part of the Original’s story. I can definitely see Klaus, being a charmer with his lady love (we’ve seen a bit of that already, with Katherine and Caroline). But, somehow, I can’t imagine him ever putting anyone else’s needs before his own.

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if it turned out that, like Damon, as a human, Klaus was actually the more lovestruck, romantic Original . . . turned ruthless, by history, and vampirism?

      So, you are a Prince Charming / Snow fan too? That’s awesome! Clearly, you have excellent shipping taste. 😉 From the looks of the promos, it seems like they will get some juicy scenes in the upcoming episode. (At least, I hope so.)

      Oh, and Delena Heartbreak? I refuse to believe it! Delena DANCING . . . now, that’s more like it. 😉

  6. PLLGleeGossipGirlLuver

    Will you be posting your Pretty Little Liars recap? I read your Glee and Gossip Girl one, and they were sooooo funny and amazing. I completely agree with you about Louis (banging my head on the table) and his evilness. I hate Dan and Blair, and if they become a couple, and they just leave Chuck and Blair hanging, I am never going to watch the show again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey PLLGleeGossipGirlLuver! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’m so honored that you’ve been reading my recaps. 🙂 Us Chair fans have to stick together, right?

      As for the PLL recap, it’s up now. I’m super sorry for the delay. My life has just been a bit crazy lately, and I’m having a tough time keeping up with my recapping responsibilities. Thanks for being patient with me! 🙂

  7. Okay, you know I ❤ Klaus. I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Klaus! But last night he kind of came off as a spoiled brat? He was yelling at his siblings that he was a hybrid and if they left him he would kill them again. Like, I get that he really does love his family and he does want them to be together, but come on, man. You lied to them and you daggered them! OF COURSE THEY'RE GOING TO BE MAD!!

    I wasn't really surprised that Esther was in the coffin. The promo for episode 3×14 leaked the day before this episode aired and I spoiled myself. But I DO NOT TRUST HER! I think she's going to try and murder everybody–Elena, Klaus, the rest of her children, EVERYBODY! I do not trust this lady at all. Like, what is she? A witch? A vampire? A vamp/witch?

    Klaus and Elijah loved the same girl. Kudos to the Original bros confirming what we all thought since 2×19! LOL and her name is Tatia! (Tatya?) It was pretty obvious that Elijah loved the OP, since he's been walking around making googly eyes at Elena, (UGH) but I'm definitely interested in seeing how Klaus interacted with her. He loved the OP, but it seems like he totally resents Elena and Katherine. I think it kind of makes sense. Klaus doesn't strike me as the type who would settle for his true love's twin/copy. I imagine he would want the real thing. Like, he hates Katherine and Elena because they look just like the OP, but they're NOT her, you know? I think I mentioned this before. I kind of thought that Klaus might have fathered the OP's child. When Elijah mentioned it he got this really weird look in his eyes. But then Elijah kind of made a point to mention that she had a kid with ANOTHER MAN, so I don't know. Man, I cannot WAIT to see THOSE flashbacks. Also, Esther didn't like her sons fighting over the same girl so she kills her? That's . . . a bit much, don't you think?

    Man, the Originals are HOT. Hot, hot, hot! Finn has those crazy eyes, but he's pretty hot, and Kol looks like the perfect mix of Klaus and Elijah. I love how everyone actually looks like they could be related. That's just good casting right there! And LOL at them all ganging up on Klaus. Man, I am so glad I'm an only child.

    • Hey Lauren! You are right, this wasn’t exactly Klaus’ finest hour. There’s just something about being around his siblings that converts the Original Hybrid into a pouty petulant child prone to temper tantrums. For what it’s worth, I think he will be much more charming at the ball next week, when he’s in “wooing” mode with Caroline.

      You bring up a very good point about Mama Original. According to Rebekah’s story, a witch can’t be turned into a vampire. And yet, there’s no other explanation as to how she’s still alive. Is it possible that Klaus told her this, so that she wouldn’t question her mother’s “death?” In the flashback, I seem to remember Esther herself saying it, but i could be wrong.

      I also like your analysis of Klaus and Elijah, and how they feel about Petrova Doppelgangers. Elijah definitely seemed instantly attracted to both Katherine and Elena. And that attraction, at least initially, was based predominantly on their resemblance to Tatiya. But Klaus seemed to have developed an instant disregard for all human life, the minute he turned vampire. “She’s human,” he said of Katherine in the episode “Klaus.” “Her life means nothing. The statement made sense, back when we all assumed that Klaus was “born a vampire.” But now that we know he wasn’t it seems like an ever harsher assessment.

      It is possible that Klaus resents Katherine and Elena, for the same reason Elijah and the Salvatore brothers were initially drawn to the. Their faces are a constant reminder of what Klaus had taken away from him, and can never get back. Fortunately, for Caroline, she’s a vampire, who looks nothing like Elena. Not that it’s ever safe to be the object of Klaus’ affections . . .

      LOL apparently, Crazy Eyes are a family trait that Original Mother passed down to Finn. I was also struck by how similar Kol was to Elijah, both in demeanor and appearance. Excellent family casting there!

  8. Emjay

    “Also, Esther didn’t like her sons fighting over the same girl so she kills her? That’s . . . a bit much, don’t you think?”

    Ha! Normally, yes, but these are the same people who turned all their children into vampires after one died by accident. And the same woman who first turned her back on, then cursed, her bastard son once the secret was revealed.

    Apparently, Esther subscribes to the theory that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.

    • Haha, well put, Emjay! The Originals have always been a bit EXTREME about the way they choose to live their lives. Haven’t they?

      I mean, they moved to a town filled with werewolves, because they thought it was “healthier.” Mikael spent his entire existence hunting down his own children, like wild dogs. And Klaus carted them all around in coffins for 1,000s of years, re-staking them, whenever they “mouthed-off” to him. I guess, when it comes to the Original Family, normal human logic simply doesn’t apply . . . 😉

  9. Oh, Julie, I love your recaps SO MUCH! Spent the entire day writing my own–then I check out yours to see what a dweeb I really am! lol You’re my role model, and I only hope one day to be able to recap as outrageously as you do! Kudos!

    • Awww, thanks mak! I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about this recap. So, receiving such high praise for it from one of my favorite fellow Team Damon-ites makes me so incredibly happy!

      For what it’s worth, you are MY role model. Because while I sit and WRITE about Damon, you are out actually doing things to help Ian, like raising money for his charity. I mean THAT is truly amazing!

      Oh, and for the record, I would absolutely LOVE to read your TVD recaps. I have no doubt that they are both amazing, and filled with oodles of Damon-y goodness! 😉

  10. serendipity

    Hi Julie! I watched the episode this morning and read your recap tonight, and had some great laughs with it. Great work!

    I’m kind of lukewarm on this episode. A lot of things happened, but I was expecting most of them, and that kind of took a little of my excitement away…

    First of all, Caroline’s dad dying was sad indeed, but I couldn’t really feel for the guy, since we didn’t know him that well and he’s been such an ass to Caroline. I know, father-daughter and all, but I couldn’t care as much as I guess I was supposed to. I have to give the man points for consistency and a high moral standard though: choosing to die when you could just as easily live for all eternity (and I totally mean ‘live’ in a cool, undead kind of way) shows he’s got guts, at least.

    I guess I wasn’t that surprised either by the contents of that fourth coffin. Either it was the original Petrova or it was the original mommy IMO. So she’s a witch and a vampire? Is that even compatible in the order of things? Or isn’t she a vampire, but something else? Which begs the question of how she’s still alive (or looks that way), bc witches could never get that old? And apparently she’s not so much out to kill dear Klaus either… So much for Bonnie’s dreams that what was in the coffin would help kill Klaus 😉

    Now it does make me curious about Tatiya, the first Petrova. It got me wondering what happened to her. Did they kill her when they fed her blood to the original siblings, or not? If not, did anybody think of turning her as well, like, say, Klaus or Elijah? Imagine if she were still ‘alive’… She too could be the one killing off the council members in that case: she’d be quick enough to actually stab humans without them seeing who it was (that or compelling them to forget), probably has a matching set of fingerprints for Elena, and could move inconspicuously around (but how she’d know about the weapons probably is why this theory is worthless, and Katherine is a better choice for serial killer). Would be interesting though, don’t you think, to see Nina Dobrev wrestle with yet another version of herself? LOL

    Also, I’m wondering, if the original family is going to turn into everybody’s favorite neighbour and maybe get a dog as well, who will be the baddie upsetting the whole of MF? They’d need a new baddie ASAP… it might be this new horror that’s killing off humans-in-the-know…Or else Tyler was compelled, or Matt has gone mental? I was totally for Meredith Fell: she’s been acting quite suspicious, and she’s the only obvious link between the medical examiner, Bill (whom she cured against his will) and Ric… But how could she make it so nobody saw her? Drugs? But, apart from her, nobody seems to have a motive (not that we necessarily need one on a show like this; it’s not Agatha Christie after all; here you can just kill for … well, the fun of it, I guess). So if Dr. Fell is ruled out as a suspect (like I said, she was my most likely one, but she seems to have an alibi at least for Ric), who else is there? That we know of? Katherine? Klaus? Stefan? I can’t see their motives in any case, nor the link between them all. Unless we don’t know everything, or everyone, yet… Too many questions, not enough info… We’ll see in good time, I guess…

    Something else. I was very happy that Elijah came through for Damon. About time too, because I would seriously have had to revise my opinion of him (and his hair) if he hadn’t, after last time’s unpleasant surprise. At least there’s some gratitude left. The dinner was a bit tame though, just like you said. In fact, it was decidedly ‘un’-orginal 😉 : i would have expected something along the lines of King Russell’s bloodsoaked dinner for Eric Northman in season 3 of True Blood… with blood soup and sanguine sorbet and gory goblets filled with… yes, you see the running theme here. After all, it’s an all-vampire thing, so why not cater to your own tastes? At least dessert was somewhat fitting, though again, I’m sure Talbot could have done wonders with the basic ingredient 😉

    How did you like the new additions to Mystic Falls? Finn and Kol? They could definitely start a boys band, called The Originals or something. Mystic Falls might be an unhealthy city to live in for humans (as Matt rightfully remarked), but at least there’s supernatural hotness running around in spades now. Lots of human girls would consider the health risk a minor indisposition, I’m sure 😉

    Speaking of supernatural hotness, I did like the little moment of honesty between the Salvatore brothers: Stefan admitting that he still loved Elena (not that you’d have known it from his behaviour the previous episodes, unless you count the fistsized pat on the cheek he gave Damon last week, but he was slightly ambivalent all along, right, about the whole, I shut off my emotions thingy), and Damon saying right back that he loved her too. Though they’d better both beware… Elena seems to be spending a lot of time with all-human Matt lately, in spite of her declaration that she’s falling in love with vampires. Plural. I hope she’s not going to be pulling a Sookie Season 4 on us (I love you both, but I can’t choose, so I’m telling you both goodbye, because I just can’t handle all that vampy testosterone, and I’m gonna find me a nice, boring human male to cuddle with instead). That would fit perfectly in Klaus’ plans for her anyway 😀

    POSSIBLE SPOILER Speaking of Damon, I read somewhere that he might be getting naked with someone other than Elena. Though Julie Plec tweeted that getting naked doesn’t imply a new love interest (which is true of course, as I already figured: he could just be taking a shower with, oh, say, Stefan? If the plumbing is acting up at the boarding house? Who knows, stranger things have happened if MF 😉 😉 ), but some seem to suggest him taking up with some girl. Who that might be is anybody’s guess… unless it’s Rebekah getting even with Elena by seducing/compelling him? I’d say it’s not Becky’s style (no backstabbing for that one, pun intended) since she seems much more straightforward than that, but then again, if she can’t kill Elena (Klaus needs Elena, right? Not that I’d see who would be his enemies now? but if he didn’t kill their mom, Rebekka no longer has any reason to piss Klaus off either by killing Elena), maybe she’ll get even some other way? By staking a claim on Damon 😉 ? Well, I hope it’s the more innocent variety, unless of course Damon is giving up again, now that his brother is renewing his claim… Though judging from what we saw this week, I’d say the odds on that are fairly slim. Though cheating on Elena with somebody else is most assuredly not the way to go to get into her panties… LOL

    Shutting up now. Sorry for the long ramble, I was on a roll… And I am REALLY looking forward to dancing Delena goodness (of course haha), and pretty dresses, and lots of supernatural hotness in a tux 😀 Be still, my heart 😉

    • Hey serendipity! 🙂 I’m inclined to agree with you about the lack of surprises in this episode, despite all the twists and turns, the writers dutifully included in this Sweeps Week episode. Sometimes, I suspect that the writers, brilliant as they are, forget how savvy the TVD fanbase actually is.

      After all, many of us had long suspected that (1) Klaus and Elijah loved the Original Petrova; (2) the Original Witch was in one of the coffins; (3) Elijah would play both sides in the Salvatore Brother versus Klaus match, in order to gain the best advantage; and (4) Bill Forbes wasn’t going to make it out of this episode alive. Now, opening all of the coffins at once, on the other hand, THAT was a truly inspired move . . . one that gives me very high hopes for next week’s installment. 😉

      Oh, and I absolutely adore your theory about the Original Petrova being the Mystic Falls Serial killer. You are right. She would have the same fingerprints as Katherine and Elena. Poor Nina Dobrev. I suspect we will at least get to see Tatiya in an Originals Flashback. This means, our girl will need to don a THIRD identity for the show. Talk about an identity crisis. She’s probably going to start to require cue cards to remind herself of which mannerism matches which girl.

      And yes, Klaus and Elijah definitely should have hired Talbot to cater the dinner. (R.I.P. Talbot). That would have really made the dinner scene “bloody” spectacular, as opposed to just mildly amusing. I guess, when it comes down to it, TVD just isn’t as campy as True Blood. But a little camp never hurt anyone, right? 🙂

      Ah, the two new Original Brothers . . . these two are going to be fun, I can tell. At first blush, it would seem as though Finn would be the loose cannon . . . with those crazy eyes, the growling, that wild man hair. Plus, given his length stint in the coffin — not only has this guy, not had a particularly long time to work out his vampire anger issues — it also suggests that he was the first of the family to refuse to give in to Klaus’ dictatorial ways.

      And yet, sources I’ve read, suggest Finn to be the more docile brother. In fact, rumor has it he even hooked up with Katherine, back when she was still human!

      Which brings me to Kol. The first thing I noticed about Kol was how much like Elijah he seemed, both in appearance and temperment. While the rest of the Original Family was kicking Klaus’ ass, Kol just stood back calmly, watching . .. thinking . . .waiting, and of course, smirking, like this whole situation greatly amused him. And yet something tells me Kol’s first impression might be deceiving. After all, Klaus chose to put up with Elijah at the beginning of the episode, rather than having to face Kol by himself. And there definitely seemed to be a bit of trepidation on Klaus’ part, when he first laid eyes on him.

      Wouldn’t it be ironic, if, with all the Originals we’ve met, Kol . . . the youngest, and seemingly most reserved and polite . . . ends up being the most vicious of them all? 😉

      As for Damon in bed with someone, I too got the implication of rough sex fighting, a scene that might be hot, but not necessarily romantic. What if someone, like say, Rebekah, attacks him while he’s in bed, threatens him, and bullies him into an uneasy alliance against Klaus, in exchange for her not killing Elena. But, Elena walks in at the wrong moment, and misinterprets the situation. So, Damon, not wanting Elena to know he has entered into this alliance, plays along, which, of couse, hurts Elena deeply.

      It could happen! But for now, I choose just to focus on the tuxes . . . and the dancing. 😉

  11. LG

    OK, I called it a few weeks ago … we’re being set up for an Elena-Matt reunion. The Salvatore Bros. at heart think Klaus was right and they will nobly agree to both back off. They’re pulling a True Blood “if both boys can’t have her neither of them will” thing. All of which totally bugs me because, you know, Delena Forever! It won’t last with Matt, but yeah, I think we’ve seen the end of any kind of Salvatore action for awhile. Dammit.

    I wasn’t at all surprised that the coffin occupant was Mommy, though I didn’t know how she was alive (and well-preserved). Klaus turning her makes perfect sense.

    It looks from the promo like we might see more Klaroline (?) romance. Excellent.

    Finally, I wasn’t a fan of Papa Forbes and I’m not sorry he’s gone. I know, that’s cold, but that’s how it is. 😉

    Thanks for another great recap! I look forward to them almost as much as I do to the show itself.

    • Hey LG! The writers definitely seemed to be hinting about a revival of the Elena-Matt relationship this week. But I REALLY hope not. I mean, I guess he’s a nice guy and all, but Elena had no romantic feelings for Matt, BEFORE she met all the sexy vampires. How could she possibly decide that she loves him now? That said, I can absolutely envision a situation wherein Elena kisses Matt, in an emotional moment. And Damon inadvertently walks in on it, causing him to reconsider Klaus’ “offer.”

      But Delena can’t stay apart from one another, for long! 😉 We know that.

      As for the Original Witch, I do suspect we will get a bit more background in the coming weeks, both about what actually happened between her and Klaus, and what she did to the Original Petrova.

      Ooh, and Klaroline! Between that, and the Delena dancing, and the NEW Originals, and all the hot vamps in suits, there are SO MANY reasons to be excited for next week’s installment! I can’t wait!

  12. imaginarymen

    If the rest of this series was just Brothers Salvatore having dinner with Brothers Original and snarking, threatening, and flirting their way through a meal for eternity – I would be completely satisfied!

    • LOL. I concur, imaginarymen. Like I said . . . this Original spinoff series is a GREAT IDEA! I think it could add at least another 3 or 4 years of life to the TVD franchise . ..

      So, if you ever feel up to penning a pilot episode with me, just say the word! 😉 Script Frenzy is coming up in April, after all . . .

  13. The more I think about it, the more excited I am about the Originals. They don’t follow the rules of nature or morality, they exist above it, and yet they can be so human. Claire Holt mentioned that Rebekah looks up to Elijah, Joseph Morgan said that Klaus is in some ways besotted with Rebekah, and I can’t wait to learn more about the two new brothers and their dynamics. Why was one daggered for a millenium and the other for only a century? Was one harder to catch? Where did it go wrong? So many questions and possibilities. And let’s face it, they’re all classy. Maybe it’s their accents.

    I laughed a lot at your descriptions of characters’ definitions of “living clean.” This could be a series. What would Elijah do…? Well we know he probably wins when it comes to cleanliness. Also, is Elijah the only person on this show who has a good poker face? I like the fact that Kol resembles Elijah. (Except my heart belongs to Elijah. And maybe Finn because of his ’80s hair.)

    Though he is an ancient vampire/werewolf, Klaus’s psychology is sadly realistic in certain ways. He is his own worst enemy, turning into the person he hated most, lonely but unable to treat loved ones with respect, and then almost surprised when those he’s mistreated turn against him. He is self-centered to the extreme.

    I just about died when I saw those four dudes dining together. First off, the siblings on this show sometimes have a disturbing amount of sexual tension. Second, I remember thinking that Elijah and Damon had an unparalleled homoerotic dynamic. That was before the appearance of Klefan. So thirdly: Klefan. Poor Klaus is STILL trying to get his ex back, offering an enticing woman, and asking where the ripper is. I think Klaus did believe Stefan wanted to make a deal. He had a huge smile on his face when they held hands before Stefan said “nice try.”

    On another note, I thought Tyler didn’t join Caroline because he didn’t know why he was contacting her. I don’t really remember though.

    Until next week!

    • Hey Noelle! I love your analysis of the Originals. They are CLASSY! If anyone can pull off looking dignified, while staking someone in the chest, tossing them into a window, and ripping out their heart, it’s these guys!

      And Finn absolutely has 80’s hair! Though, in the picture I saw of him on The Vampire Diaries’ wiki, it looks like he may have already cut it, by the time next week rolls around. 😉

      I also like that they finally gave the Originals a REAL LAST NAME. And, of course, in the tradition of old timers, that last name is Mikaelsen (a.k.a Mikael’s son . . . Sorry Rebekah!)

      I’m definitely intrigued by Joseph Morgan’s determination that Klaus is inappropriately in love with his sister. It does give scenes between the two of them, an added kink, doesn’t it. And the fact that Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt are likely dating in real life, certainly adds an extra layer of sexual tension between the characters.

      I can always count on you to pick up the layers and layers of thinly veiled homoeroticism between all the men on this show. I love it. Clearly, you and I share the same brain, in that respect. Klaus half the time, doesn’t know whether to kill Stefan, or kiss him. No where was that more apparent, than in the looks he was giving him, and the flirty barbs he was tossing his way during dinner. And you are right, poor Klaus did look genuinely pleased with himself, when Stefan reached out to grab his hand.

      You could almost hear him thinking, “My Ripper boyfriend has come back to me!”

      Speaking of Klaus, I think you hit the nail right on the head, with his psychology. The harder he tries to fight turning into his father, the more he becomes like him. And the harder he fights to keep his family, and the people he love close, the harder they push him away. It’s not easy being an Original Hybrid . . . 😉

      I can’t wait to read your recap! I have no doubt it will be pure perfection!

  14. Kangababy

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for another great recap. I thought this was an intriguing episode, watching the brother dynamics between Damon and Stefan and Klaus and Elijah. Even though this episode had no real Delena scenes in it, it definitely had moments that offered commentary on Elena’s relationships with the Salvatore brothers.

    I loved that Elena questioned Stefan with regards to the medical examiner’s murder. It goes a long way to redeeming Elena’s behaviour in the earlier part of season 3 when Stefan could still do no wrong in her eyes despite evidence to the contrary.

    It was really telling to me that when presented with Klaus’ obversation that the worst thing for Elena is the Salvatore brothers, Damon takes it much harder than Stefan. When it comes to Elena’s safety, I don’t doubt that Damon will put her first and walk away for her good.(I was really sad when Damon didn’t answer the call from Elena) I can’t really say the same for Stefan anymore.

    The scene in the forest between Damon and Stefan was fantastic from the point where Damon admitted to Stefan out loud, for the first time, that he loves Elena as it demonstrates yet again Damon’s gradual growth from season 1. Yet, Stefan’s initial confession that he loves Elena is really confusing. In front of Elena, he acts like a jerk to her, plainly states that protecting Elena is Damon’s job now and yet wants to lay some claim to her in his private conversation with Damon? He can’t have it both ways.

    With regards to Matt and Elena, I really hope that the writers don’t try to put them together again. There was a reason their relationship didn’t work in the first place, and it is because Elena isn’t the girl anymore that Matt dated back then (cheerleader, carefree etc.) and Elena said that their relationship had no passion. I don’t see passion when I see them. I do however see Elena needing to make a choice between wanting a normal human life (in theory because I just don’t see this as possible with her) and a supernatural one with one of the Salvatore brothers, and perhaps Matt is the catalyst to that decision.

    I guess we’ll know more as the next few episodes unfold. I can’t help the feeling though that Elena may not make it to the end of this season as a human.


    • Hey Jo,

      Hmmm . . . Elena as a vampire. Well, it happened in the books (temporarily, anyway). On one hand, it would be interesting to see how Elena copes with the bloodlust and dark urges she’s seen so many of her friends and lovers battle against, these past few seasons. After all, in some ways, of all the characters we’ve seen go vamp, Elena would be the most prepared! 🙂

      And what kind of vampire would Elena become? Someone generally good and kind, like Caroline? Or, someone more like her doppelganger, Katherine?

      On the other hand, in some ways, having Elena turn would eliminate a lot of plotline possibilities for the writers, since so many of their stories seem to revolve around Elena being put in danger, due to her human / doppelganger status. Plus, it might lessen the impact of the love triangle storyline. As Klaus suggested, one of the most interesting facets of the Damon/Elena/Stefan love story, is the way in which it constantly poses the question: If you love someone more than life itself, but your love for them is dangerous, is the only REAL way to show your love for that person letting them go?

      With Elena as a vampire, the question is suddenly comparably simpler: who do YOU love?

      That said, I definitely agree with you that Elena’s turning has been foreshadowed quite a bit, particularly in these last few episodes. It will be interesting to see whether the writers make good on their threats. 😉

      I was genuinely proud of Damon for standing up to Stefan regarding his feelings for Elena in “Bringing Out the Dead.” This actually made what happened in “Dangerous Liaisons that much more painful to watch. One thing is for sure, Damon has got his swagger back. And it won’t be too long, before Elena takes notice. . .

  15. André

    First something you definitely gonna like:

    “And then you will become the thing you hate the worst,” retorts Klaus. “Father.”
    That was Elijah doing the retorting and not Klaus. And you know, I am not sure whether Finn isn’t incorrectly dressed for someone staked in the 12th century.

    Finally we got to hear in this episode what would happen when Elena dies. And when Klaus had his speech about the Salvatores being the worst for Elena, it made me remember Isabelle’s similar speech in season 1. And they are both right. The Salvatores are the worst that ever happened to Elena and either they cannot or don’t want to admit it. No idea why the writers brought that up again but I doubt that it has long lasting consequences. It will probably go the way it was with Damon’s statement regarding Caroline’s survival chances in season 2. They made it to proof it wrong even if it makes no sense at all and they provide nothing to actually proof it, not just with Caroline. Seriously, why is she still alive? Any real reason why? Oh, yeah because she is so cool and confident right now. Yeah that was surprising; I mean no normal people would become more confident when they turn into super strong bloodsucking monsters.

    This is the same when Grams told Bonnie that she was so proud and Bonnie so great, despite all the chaos she had wrought. And why is it that you figured out how out of touch with reality Gram’s statement regarding Bonnie’s awesomeness where but didn’t see it here when Papa Forbes dished that big lie to Caroline?

    Speaking of witches, I have a theory:
    Most probably thought that it was Esther who was in contact with Vicky but back in episode 6 she only stated that there was a witch pushing her and in episode 6 Grams stated that there was an old witch on the other side and that what the witch wanted was “original vampire business.” There was this talisman stuff belonging to Esther sure but there is more. Based on episode 9 the witch Ayana (or Ajana) could be a potential suspect as well (interestingly the black witch was recognizable at first chance but the white one wasn’t).
    At least that would be better then stating that this was Esther as well and she sort of moved back into her body.
    If Vicky was supposed to kill Elena as part of the bargain than it would make sense for her to have Elena dead as well, because than Klaus would not be able to make more hybrids. And the whole stuff of Ghost town could be a sort of Plan B. I mean in the Chaos Elena might be killed. After all, why should the Tomb vampires not come after her as well? She IS founding family stock.

    And you know you have a point about the role of communal spells in the show. Damn I should have known the moment these two ladies chanted that there’s gonna be new disaster, when was it ever different?

    I also thought that Elena’s suspicion of Stefan was weird and probably one of the dumbest conclusions ever on the show. Rational or not the examiner would only be fitting if Stefan was randomly killing people now.
    And Caroline’s suggestion that Klaus might be behind it is as stupid as Elena’s suspicion of Stefan. I hope Tatja is not the killer (the whole Elijah-Klaus-Tatja stuff was worse enough). Wouldn’t be surprised if the killer is either a ghost or Katherine. But then again, what does still surprise me in this show? The writers should take some pages from those people making Game Thrones.
    Now that you mentioned LA. Could it be that Mystic Falls actually has a higher murder rate than Washington DC in the TVD verse? I mean when considered the overall population…

    That Mommy Dearest as you called it was really crap. Would I still have hopes for something better from the writers I would have sent them billions of letters to state that we finally got it that family is important so that they can come up with some good stuff. Seriously, what is wrong with these people, is the whole “traditional values” heck meck so strong in the US of A or what?
    This stuff is even worse than the Blood and Chocolate book and its “message” to not be with “someone who cannot appreciate you” (yeah right, if Klaus’ wanted that she failed miserably that book is sexist, patriarchy , xenophobic and one of the worst romance novels I ever read and I read Lynn Hagen’s crap).
    And did you notice how smooth the face of the mother is? Based on the age of Klaus and Elijah she should at least be in her mid-fourties.

    And If I am already late:
    Have you seen this?

    I thing they really should have kept the first three scenes, but then again, considered the nature of the show they would have simply ignored what they had published regarding vampirism and character portrayal. It’s not that they haven’t done it so far. I mean am I really the only one who noticed the lack of heightened emotions of the vampires or how quickly Tyler’s anger management issues disappeared?
    That statement regarding Isobel’s theory of passing on of the werewolf curse is a pretty solid piece of evidence for me that werewolfism is equated and/or connected with masculinity in the writers mind, because if not why should they come up with that then? It would also fit with the painful nature of the transformation, because, like I already said, e female werewolf could not carry a child to term except when she is still pre-curse-triggering.
    And wasn’t it astounding that the writers remembered the super sensitive hearing of the vampires? Or maybe Caroline’s worked because, unlike Klaus, she is still fresh vampire meat and not some 1000 year old ham. But seemingly that was balanced out by Caroline’s lack of information after finding her daddy. I think we should applaud them for remembering this significant detail of the vampire condition.
    Anyway I don’t regard this as an actual vampire show anymore, only in name. If they would treat vampirism and the other stuff they create seriously there wouldn’t be so many holes and inconsistencies.
    Think about it Klaus had to stick the dagger back into the ashes to destake Kol. But wasn’t there something in season 2 saying that the ash attaches itself to the dagger? Did destaking Kol kind of swiped the dagger clean and if yes, considered that this was the ashes of the tree that could originally kill them, shouldn’t it have some sort of effect on the vampires? I mean, it’s in their bodies. And why actually can these daggers not kill Klaus? Because they are made of silver? Yeah that makes sense. At the start of season 2 Stefan told Jeremy that a stake needs to be made of wood to have an effect on the vampire. So why should silver have any effect in this matter? A silver dagger without any extras would not have worked on either of them so it must be the ashes and if that was no problem, why should Klaus have been afraid of Michael and his stake? So again something that doesn’t make sense when you look at it closely.
    Oh and I think the witches are seemingly not the only deus ex machine anymore. The spirits are at least runner ups. I mean they quickly came up with special ways of hurting and killing vampires, but nothing regarding hybrids. Oh and they let Bonnie to her mother and seemingly leaving your child is worse than making them blood-thirsty monsters for them since Esther didn’t seem to have lost her powers.
    When Bonnie came up with that I was mentally rolling my eyes and this whole family drama. Seriously what is Bonnie’s problem? Does she feel some kind of “hole” in her heart or what? That woman is a total stranger, why should she feel anything for her that goes beyond resentment?
    Bonnie’s speech about the woman loving her children so much she turned them into vampires because she couldn’t let them die was close to making me sick. We get it, family is important but seriously that woman turned her children into monsters and that is supposedly admirable?
    Now Damon’s reply at the suggestion that Elena should be with Matt proved to me once and for all that this is a romance show and not a vampire show and in such shows guys like Matt and arguably Jeremy are not really considered to be material for love and romance. Matt is kind of the best friend/little brother right now and I think such guys never get the girl in romance narratives.
    People like Stefan, Damon, Tyler and Klaus are wanted. Many viewers seem to want dysfunctional assholes. Let’s face it, from a realistic point of view, this is what they are. All four of them are only likeable if you see them through big rose-colored glasses (or whatever the English term for such romantization is). Stefan is basically a Junkie on an “I am always right and hate myself trip”, Damon is on the same trip and also impulsive and a drama queen, Tyler is egoistic, shortsighted and still the same bully he has always been with a huge lack of empathy and emotional maturity. Now Klaus, seriously he is more of a Drama Queen than Damon is and such an overgrown child. And who says that Tyler actually loves Caroline? Seriously, why should he love her more than he loves himself? Why should it be more than some stupid teenage infatuation?
    Maybe that’s why so many Forewooders despise Matt and the writers cannot come up with something original regarding him and Jeremy. They are not romance novel material. Unlike the Salvatores and Tyler, these two are overall nice guys but these guys are the background in romance novels, so why should it be different here. They are not dysfunctional supes with a lot of issues in either direction so of course they will not be used much in the show.
    Considered the success of Twilight it seems obvious that many want these romance narratives with their typical dysfunctional characters where the man just needs a little tweaking to be the perfect macho with a soft side.
    And albeit at least some fans of TVD seem to use vampirism and werewolfism as an accuse for behavior or for different rules I that it’s not the different rules regarding vampires that get applied here it’s the different rules of typical romance narratives.

    YAWN; I am tired.

    • Hey Andre, interestingly enough, I hadn’t seen all those deleted scenes. When the Season 2 DVD came out, I remember watching a very cool Stefan/Katherine scenes, as well as a sweet one between Caroline and Tyler, and a rather random one between Damon and Elena. But these were new to me.

      Like you, I really liked the first two. It always bothered me a little bit that Stefan never took more of a paternal interest in Jeremy, considering how much of an interest he took in Caroline, in that way. If anything, Damon played more of that kind of role in Jeremy’s life, than Stefan did. And Stefan and Elena were dating at the time.

      Jeremy’s mindset when he tried to turn vamp was sort of brushed over in Season 2, which made Steven R. McQueen’s delivery of this monologue particularly poignant. This was really the character at his best, and most interesting, befor they saddled him with that BORING relationship with Bonnie. Additionally, Stefan’s speech about turning off emotions, and how that’s it’s own brand of torture, served as a nice foreshadowing for what is going on with his character currently. I wonder if the writers already knew that when they wrote this scene.

      I also really liked the small scene between Tyler and his mother. It was surprisingly powerful, for a scene with so little words, and both actors really sold it, as did Liz, in her reaction to Caroline’s situation.

      As for the third scene, I could see why they took it out. For one thing, Damon’s statement in episode 3 that he hadn’t seen that Jeremy was wearing the ring in “The Return,” was directly contradicted by what he said here. I also thought both Damon and Elena seemed a little bit out-of-character. Damon seemed way too nonchalant about what had happened in “The Return,” and came off as a bit smarmy. At least, when the issue was addressed in Episode 3, he seemed slightly repentant. As for Elena, she seemed more annoyed than angry, as if she was fending off an unwanted suitor, as opposed to coping with the betrayal of the man who “killed” her brother.

      And the Stelena stuff at the end, zzzzzzzzzz.

      I kind of liked the short scene with Katherine talking about the werewolves from “Memory Lane.” It was VERY Katherine, and I feel like the writers could have squeezed it into the airtime, without much fuss.

      • P.S. The Tyrion Lannister video was FILLED with awesomesauce. I’ve watched it three times already! Now, you know why he’s my TV Boyfriend. You just don’t see genuinely smart characters like that on TV anymore. Thanks for sharing it with me! You rock.

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