The Tougher the Vampire, the Bigger his Balls! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Dangerous Liaisons”

You are invited to dance with, screw, and possibly be murdered by some of the hottest vampires in Mystic Falls.  R.S.V.P., A.S.A.P!

Howdy fangbangers!  This week on TVD we had a BALL . . . multiple balls, in fact . . . depending on your definition of the term. 😉

It was also a very good week for dancing, shipping, and, of course, surprise “back door entrances.”  So chug back a glass of Petrova Doppelganger blood, slip into your fanciest finery, and prepare for some “Dangerous Liaisons.”

My Knight and Shining Elijah

You’ve really gotta hand it to Kevin Williamson and Co.  Somehow, they can take even the tiredest of TV and Movie tropes, and give them a fresh twist to make them seem new and interesting again.  Case in point: you’ve probably all seen the “someone’s hiding in the backseat of your car” scene, about a few dozen times before tonight.

Hey, would you mind lowering that axe, I can’t see out of my review mirror . . .” 

And that’s precisely what I, and I suspect many of you, thought was coming, when the writers made a point of spending FIVE FULL MINUTES on Elena having a seemingly useless conversation with Matt outside the hospital, and SLOWLY getting her car ALONE, all the while, with the distinct feeling that SOMEONE WAS WATCHING HER.

What we didn’t expect was that the stalker in question wasn’t actually in Elena’s car, but rather, behind it, and then, subsequently, under it.  That’s right, folks.  Elena HIT and Ran Over her stalker.  But when she emerged from the car to check out what had happened . . . wait for it . . . NO ONE WAS THERE . . .

Until SOMEONE HAD HER UP AGAINST THE WINDSHIELD OF A CAR . . . and not exactly in a hot, foreplay, way either . . .


Well, maybe in a little bit of a hot, foreplay, way . . .


But, worry not!  The Gentleman Vampire Elijah is not going to let anything happen to the woman who shares a face with his first (and second) love, even if it means going against his sister .  . .


“You are pathetic,” Rebekah seethes.


Umm . . . yeah, if by “pathetic” you mean “AWESOME!”

Cue TVD’s resident recapper Elijah’s filling in Elena, off screen about what happened in the last scene of “Bringing Out the Dead.”  Now, that was a conversation I would have liked to have seen!

“Was it as good for you, as it was for me?”

Anyone Else Feeling Used?


Aside from that time, when she de-staked Elijah and didn’t tell anyone . . .


 . . .  this might be the first time Elena knows something about the supernatural world, before Damon and Stefan do.  It’s kind of cool to see her schooling them, like that.  Damon, in particular, is annoyed that the Scooby Gang did all this work to open the Fourth Coffin, only to find that it’s contents were nothing more than a Family Reunion Party in a pretty little package . . .

After all, if all Mama Original plans to do with Klaus, is kiss and make up with him . . . well that’s really not going to help him DIE, now is it?

And yet, as those of us who have already watched the episode know, Damon’s view of the situation is a bit myopic . . .  And I mean that in the nicest way possible, TV Boyfriend . . .

Knock, Knock . . . Who’s there?  No one?

Apparently, despite being thousands of years old, the Original Family has still not outgrown the game: “ding, dong, ditch.”  Elena finds an invitation to the Michaelson’s (that’s the Original Family’s name, BTW) Ball.  (I guess Damon’s and Stefan’s got lost in the “ditch.”)


On the back of the invitation is a little love note from Esther Original.  It says, “Come and play with me at the party.  I promise I won’t send Ghost Vicki to burn you alive in your car again, like last time. LOL.  XOXO – Esther.”

Or something like that . . .

Elena wants to attend the sitdown, suspecting that perhaps it might help in the whole “Kill Klaus” thing.  Stefan seems to agree with her (either that, or he just thinks that agreeing with her will help him get into her pants faster).  But Damon thinks it’s a terrible idea . . . probably because it is a terrible idea.

This isn’t the first time Elena has gotten involved with an Original, and Damon has disapproved . . . while Stefan sat back and watched, hands folded across his chest.

The difference, of course, is that back then, Stefan’s constant agreement with Elena, was his way of showing her love.  Now, he’s agreeing with her to hide those same feelings.

“That’s your job,” Stefan says to Damon, regarding the responsibility of caring for Elena.  This would be fine, if we DIDN’T just hear Stefan admit he was in love with Elena, last week.

Which version of Ripper Stefan are we going to get next week?

Make up your mind, Buddy!

At the end of the scene Damon promises to check out the whole Mommy Dearest thing for Elena.  He assumes this means that he will get to go to the ball, while Cinderella Elena, and the trusty mouse that helps dress her (Stefan) will stay home.  Silly Damon!  What makes you think Elena would ever give up the opportunity to dance with you?

Meet the Michaelsons

In last week’s episode, all of the Original “kids” (if you can call them that), all seemed pretty united in kicking Klaus’ ass .  . .  both physically, and emotionally.  But this week, we really got to see the various dynamics and alliances between them . . .  For example, Kol seems to have an almost incestuous affection for his sister . . .

. . .  has little love lost with his mother, and really, really, really does not get along with Klaus.  (Now, we know why Klaus feared facing him alone.)


In some ways, Kol is scarier than Klaus, because he genuinely seems to lack anything resembling empathy . . . His only concern is himself (and maybe Rebekah).  As for Klaus, as impulsive, calculating, and sometimes downright evil he can be, we all know that inside, he is made of mush, fatherly neglect, a need to be loved, and a deep, deep attraction to blonde baby vampires named Caroline . . .

Klaus’ mother, on the other hand, seems all goopy sweetness and light, which, at least on this show, makes her entirely suspect . . .

Speaking of suspect . . .

Fondly Klaus

At Caroline’s house, we see her get a phone message from Tyler.  This is actually Tyler’s only appearance in the entire episode . . . a disembodied voice in the iPhone.  It’s sad, really.  But I was glad that Tyler saw fit to call Caroline about her dad’s death, and that he’s trying to “cure” his sire bond for her.  Caroline seemed touched as well.


 . . . just not in the way he wanted to touch her, if you catch my drift.

Ding, Dong, Ditch, again!  Like Elena, Caroline just landed herself an invitation to the Michaelson’s ball.  But the little love note on the back of her card isn’t from Goopy Sweetness and Light, Esther.  It’s from Klaus . . .

Did I mention he also bought her a dress?   Oh Tyler.  Get thee back to Mystic Falls pronto.   Your hours and hours of sacrifice and excruciating pain are no match for the likes of Tiffany and Vera Wang . . .

Over at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Elena and Caroline discuss the freaky weirdness that is the Michaelson’s ball.  “It’s some freaky Cinderella fetish,” Caroline muses.

There is some discussion as to which Salvatore will be escorting Elena to the ball, since one of them recently lost his “feelings” chip, and the other one, MADE OUT WITH HER, LIKE A BAMF!

Yeah . . . apparently,  Little Witch Bonnie is fairly lame, when it comes to the whole “secrets keeping” thing.

Caroline is more than a bit hurt that Elena didn’t tell her, herself, especially considering how quickly Elena told Caroline the first time she and Matt kissed.  It’s funny how vampires and a supernatural lifestyle can mess with your priorities.  Speaking of Matt, he actually seems to be the only one who actually gets his invitation to the ball handed to him, by Rebekah, no less . . .


“Is it about moi, then?” 

Caroline and Elena look on with concern, and decide that they should attend the ball, after all, if only to prevent a guy they both dated, once upon a time, from being eaten . . .

Cinderella Fetishism at its Best . . .

It may be the Michaelson’s dance, but the place it’s held looks suspiciously like Tyler Lockwood’s house.  Am I wrong?  I guess it’s just easier to use and reuse this set, everytime Mystic Falls has one of it’s big fancy parties.


Also, the place is packed!  What’s the population of Mystic Falls, anyway, especially considering that about three humans and three random supernatural characters seem to get killed here, at least once a week?  I mean, if that’s not population control, I don’t know what is?  Additionally . . . THEY ONLY HAVE ONE BAR / SOCIAL ESTABLISHMENT. .  . New York City, it clearly, isn’t .  . .

But i digress . . . Damon — who may or may not have gotten his own invitation — is flirting with Carol Lockwood, who claims she is playing nice with the vampire neighbors, in order to keep her town safe.  Enter Kol, who, in about two minutes, manages to disarm Tyler’s mom, and brutally insult Damon, in one quick shot.

This town doesn’t have a prayer . . .

Generally speaking, our man Damon doesn’t take kindly to insults, particularly by vampires.  But fortunately for Kol, Damon is a bit distracted by a recent occupant of the ballroom.  It’s Elena.  And between her curled hair, vampy makeup, and big poofy black sequined ball gown, she’s looking more than a bit Katherine-y.  Damon most definitely approves . . .


I’ll never get over the way Damon looks at Elena, particularly when she’s dressed up.  What girl wouldn’t want to be looked at that way, by the man of her dreams?  And Elena gets to be looked at that way by two men?


After expressing annoyance with Elena for disregarding their wishes and attending the ball, both Damon and Stefan offer themselves up as her escort . . . one sexy suited vamp per arm.  It just doesn’t get much better than that, folks . . .


While our main love triangle is already enjoying the festivities, Caroline is still at home, trying in vain to find something to wear to the party that isn’t the dress Klaus purchased for her.  We know she owns at least other ballroom gown . . . the one she wore to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.  But it’s NO Klaus Gown, and Caroline knows it.


The box remains on her bed, taunting her . . . teasing her . . . “Wear me!”  It says, in Klaus’ accent.

Caroline sighs, having no choice but to obey  . . . blame it on the “sire dress” bond, or whatever . . .

Caroline seemingly arrives at the dance, about two seconds later.  I’d say this was an editing problem.  But vamps do have superhuman speed after all.  One look at Klaus’ face, as he sees Caroline enter the room, clad in his dress AND his bracelet, and we know, for certain that the Big Bad Original Vamp isn’t the one holding the cards in this relationship.   “Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness,” Klaus has been quoted as saying.


Well, Bad Boy . . . get ready to get weak!

“I need a drink,” are Caroline’s first words to Klaus, as she sidesteps him, and heads to the bar.  (a.k.a. the party version of I can’t go out with you, because “I’m washing my hair.”)


But Klaus isn’t giving up so fast . . .

Finn pops by Elena to remind him that her invitation didn’t come with a “plus one,” and it certainly didn’t come with a “plus 2.” He reminds her that, if she wants to hang with the Original Witch, she’s going to have to go in there alone.  Well, of course she does!  The question is, will Damon let her . . .

Speaking of Damon, he finds Elena again, just as the Michaelsons request that their guests join them in a waltz.

Sly little doobie that he is, Damon manages to keep Elena from traipsing after the Original Mother by reminding her how orgasmic the pair can be on a dance floor.  “It would be rude not to dance,” whispers Damon in her ear, as he delicately grabs hold of her arm.

And suddenly, it’s the Miss Mystic Falls pageant all over again  . . .

“You look stunning, if it isn’t obvious,” says Damon, admiring his dance partner with a reverence and awe, bordering on religious.

When it comes to dancing, Damon and Elena possess a language that is all their own.  It is in the way that they look at, and touch one another  . . . and how they glide across a dance hall together, incredibly in sync, as if they are meant to be doing nothing else.

Stefan looks on with obvious jealousy.  Well, well, well, look who decided to wear his emotions this week?

Speaking of Stefan, I thought it was interesting that he “cut in” at the dance, by twirling Elena toward him, since that’s precisely what Damon did to him, back in “The Last Dance.” 

The parallel to that episode is quite fitting, when you think about how, back then, Damon accused Stefan of being too emotionally attached to Elena to make the hard decisions regarding Klaus’ death, and her safety.  “I’m the one that’s going to keep her alive,” he said memorably.

Now, it’s Damon, playing the role of the emotionally attached, and Stefan, in the role of cold-hearted protector.   It’s for this reason, at least partially, that Elena seeks a private audience with Stefan, whereas, at this time last year, she might have chosen Damon . . .

Her specific request is for Stefan to help Elena get in to Mama Original, without Damon following her, or trying to stop her.  “You care more about boning killing Klaus than anything,” am I wrong?  Elena inquires of her ex.


Stefan hesitates for a few moments, but ultimately agrees.  At this point, both parties know that Stefan’s whole “I have no feelings” thing, is totally a charade, but they decide to go along with it, anyway.  Elena muses that Stefan’s tendency to allow Elena make whatever stupid decision she’s decided to make for the week, without argument, is something she loved about him, while they were dating, and still loves now.

It would seem that Elena, like a certain Vampire Katherine, before her, prefers her boyfriends to be pliant and obedient  . . . Go figure!

Meanwhile, Klaus and Caroline are doing their own little flirtatious waltz.  Though our first official introduction to this duo, was the whole “arm sucking / life saving” thing, this is the first time we’ve really had the opportunity to see these two interact on a sort-of even playing field.


 It’s fun to see how disarmed Klaus is by Caroline.  He’s in total wooing mode, and not quite sure how to handle her wariness, or feistiness.  This is a woman he can’t control through fear.  And while he could theoretically compel her (assuming she’ not on vervain), that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, as what he’s doing now . . .


Speaking of Caroline’s wariness, and feistiness,  this is really the first time we’ve seen a woman interact with Klaus who isn’t deathly afraid of him.  (Though some might argue, she probably should be . . . she most of all.)  Elena, Bonnie, Katherine, even Klaus’ own sister, to some extent, all treated the Original Hybrid with a certain degree of terror and disdain.  But Caroline’s almost stupidly brave around Klaus, having no qualms at all about sassing him, or insulting him.  And it’s that aspect of her personality that seems to intrigue him, all the more . . .

Like Tyler, Klaus begins by apologizing about Caroline’s dad’s death, but Caroline won’t hear it.  So, he instead smugly remarks on her choice of dress and jewelry, despite her protestations that she is “spoken for” by Klaus’ very own sire, Tyler.

But I think my favorite exchange between these two, was when Klaus noted that Caroline was a good dancer, and Caroline explained that she was Miss Mystic Falls.  “I know,” responded Klaus with a grin.

Apparently, not even Original Hybrids are above Googling the objects of their affection . . .

In which Elena pisses me off THREE TIMES in under twenty minutes . . .

Elena texts Damon to meet her in the study.  And when he arrives he’s attacked from behind, by his own brother, who BREAKS HIS NECK.  Elena looks sad about this, for all of one second, before dashing upstairs to meet the Original Mother.  – Time Elena Pissed Me Off  this Week # 1

En route to Mommy Dearest, Elena runs into Elijah, who’s seemed more than a bit smitten with her of late.  Memories of Tatiya, I guess.  (Man, is there anyone on this show, aside from Klaus, who isn’t head over heels for this girl.  It’s frustrating!)  Elijah admits to Elena that he’s not quite sure of his own mother’s motives for bringing the family together.  And it’s causing him to ask questions, he never thought he would ask.  “Can I depend on you to tell me what she says?”  Elijah asks.

Elena agrees.  Poor Elijah.  You might be honorable.  But the girl to whom you are speaking just convinced her ex boyfriend to break his brother / her sort-of lovers’ neck.  Now to me, that does very little to render her statements to you, at all trustworthy . . .

When Elena arrives in the Original Hybrid’s bedroom, Finn is there.  And there’s just something weirdly incestuous about the relationship between these two, as well!  It’s a little gross.  I’m not going to lie.  Apparently, this is the part of the episode where the Original Mother answers our questions about how the f*&k she came to be here, in the first place.

According to Mama Original, when Klaus killed her, Ayanna her witchy friend, preserved her body, so that she could leave it, and traverse the spirit world for over 1,000 years, without her corporeal form rotting away.  (That’s how she got in touch with Ghost Vampire Vicki in Ghost World.  It’s also how she still has witchy powers, even though, we’ve been told that vampires can’t be witches, and vice versa.)  Apparently, Ayanna was a Bennett, and that’s why the Bennett Mother /Daughter duo were the only ones capable of opening her coffin.

Oh, and did I mention that she wants to KILL ALL HER KIDS!!!!

Yeah, apparently, she’s decided they are an abomination, or something . . .  Right, because a 1,000 year old woman, who’s body has been preserved for 1,000 years, and is trying to murder all her children isn’t an abomination at all . . .

She also apparently threw this whole entire ridiculous ball, just to get her kiddies to drink some cursed champagne.  Now, that’s just silly, Mama Original!  Your children are perpetual twenty-somethings.  You don’t need a big fat ball to get them to drink liquor!  They probably do it on their own, every day.

Mama Original explains that she needs the Doppelganger’s blood in the champagne toast, in order to bind the Original Siblings together.  (“One drink ring to rule them all, one ring to bind them.” It’s Lord of the Rings all over again!) Elena gladly offers her blood, without knowing exactly why she’s giving it.  The Original Mother conveniently explains it to her, afterword.  “Kill one Original, kill them all.”

Yeah, this woman sucks ass, in a big way . . . worse than her husband, even.  Why are the parents on this show so universally despicable?  What message does that give our youth?  Just sayin’.

Back in the library, Damon awakens to Stefan standing over him, with a smug smile on his face.  Let the brotherly ass kicking begin!  Name calling is involved.  I seem to recall both brothers referring to one another a “controlling dick,” which makes me think dirty thoughts.  Stefan accuses Damon of “caring too much,” an accusation that erstwhile villain Damon finds both ironic and offensive, and so do I.

Damon then storms off, in search of his errant lady love . . .

Much like Katherine, before her, it seems that screwing up the Salvatore brother’s relationship  is one of Elena’s greatest talents.


Elena is standing next to Elijah at the time that the Original Hybrid makes her dreaded champagne toast.  Before it happens, Elijah asks Elena what his mother said to her, and she lies through her teeth, claiming that all Esther wanted to do was apologize to her for the whole “lock you in a burning car” thing.  Elijah believes Elena, seemingly, without question.   And his unfailing faith in her lying ass, makes me incredibly sad.

But I’m about to get angry. . .

For a few hopeful seconds, it looks as though Elena might prevent Elijah from drinking down his cup of death.  It would be so easy to do.  All she’d have to do is trade glasses with him .  . . or accidentally/on purpose knock the cup from his hand . . . or say, “Don’t drink that,  I think Klaus peed in it.”

But NOOOOO!  She just lets Elijah drink his own death warrant.

What a heinous b*tch! – Time Elena Pissed Me off This Week # 2

A horse is a horse, of course, of course . . .

After the Death Toast, Klaus finds Caroline admiring a horse.  She’s a fan of the animals, because they are cute.  He likes them because they are loyal.  Klaus then tell a nice little story about how his father killed his horse / only friend as a warning.

Oh Klaus, you really know how to sweet talk a girl.  There’s nothing like severed horse heads to get a female in the mood . . .

In true Elena fashion, Caroline lectures Klaus on the importance of ironing out differences with your daddy, no matter how many of your horses he has slaughtered.  This way, when he dies, you will have no regrets.  .  . well, aside from regretting that he’s dead, of course.  And, in Klaus’ case, regretting that YOU killed him.  (But, hey, no family relationship is perfect, right?)


Caroline then gets all sassy again, by telling Klaus that she likes horses AND people.  But that people also like her too, probably because she doesn’t try to use them in sacrifice rituals . . .

Later Klaus takes Caroline to his personal art collection, and offers to take her around the world . . . anywhere she wants to go.

Caroline seems entirely tempted, in spite of herself.  Evil as he might be, Klaus has really been on his best, and most charming behavior, when it comes to Caroline . . . well, except for the whole “trying to get Tyler to kill her” thing . . .  (I’m honestly not sure why Caroline hasn’t made that connection yet.)

Did I mention that Klaus is an artist, himself?  And that he tends to draw pictures of the women he “fancies” . . . women like Caroline?  Who knew!

But things go south a bit, when Caroline remarks annoyedly of her future boyfriend’s tendency to snap his fingers to get what he wants, and turn them into hybrids when he needs new “friends.”  She then pointedly asks Klaus to break the sire bond, between him and Tyler.

After all of Caroline’s remarks, it’s this one that seems to piss Klaus off the most.  “I think it’s time for you to leave,” he says petulantly, like a little kid who’s childhood playmate has started calling him names.

But Caroline isn’t done with Klaus, quite yet.  “You don’t connect with people, because you don’t try to understand them,” Caroline yells, tossing the super expenive bracelet to the floor, before stomping off.

The assessment seems to affect Klaus deeply, and cause a lot of brooding, on his part.

But Klaus recovers quickly enough to leave Caroline yet another secret gift.  This time it’s a handdrawn picture of her next to a horse.  Out of context, this seems like an odd, and potentially offensive gift.  But given Caroline’s and Klaus’ pony bonding moment, it’s actually a really sweet gesture.


Oh, and there’s also a note . . .”Thank you for your honesty,” it says.

WOW, Klaus must REALLY like being insulted. 😉  At least, now we know how to get into his pants!

Toward the end of the episode, Caroline calls Tyler and begs him to return home.  Now, we KNOW she’s falling for Klaus.  If she wasn’t, I suspect she wouldn’t be quite so insistent on her boyfriend’s presence as a buffer between them.

Choices . . . choices. 

Speaking of buffers . . .

“I’m mad at you, because I’m in love with you.”

When Elena runs into Damon, after getting Stefan to break his neck, she has some serious explaining to do.  They are in eachother’s faces again.  His hand is on her arm.  Their eyes and mouths are inches apart from one another.

In the heat of passion, Damon tells Elena he loves her, for the third time, in their relationship.  (Though, in her defense, she still doesn’t remember the first time.)

“Well, maybe that’s the problem,” Elena says coldly.


OK . . . WHAT . . . THE . . . F*&K!  SERIOUSLY, ELENA! – Time Elena Pissed Me off This Week # 3  through 1,022!

First of all?  Coldest, most callous response to an “I love you,” EVER!  Second of all, since when does Little Miss Touchy Feely Elena accuse someone of being TOO EMOTIONAL and caring.  Hasn’t she just spent the past three seasons TRYING to get Damon to “be the better man” and feel?

Ugh!  Who peed in Elena’s cheerios this morning, and made her such a heinous b*tch?  We’re totally in a fight right now, her and I . . .

“I care too much . . . I’m a liability . . . How ironic is that?”  Damon scoffs.

How ironic, indeed!

Matt’s Knight and Shining Damon

Elsewhere in the party, Kol and Rebekah decide to kill Matt for sh*ts and giggles.  They figure it will piss off their mother, and hurt Elena at the same time.  But then Matt chivalrously offers Rebekah his coat, and all bets are off.


(Wow, girlfriend must REALLY have never had a guy be nice to her to be so incredibly easy to win over.  A cheap ratty coat . . . for a vampire?  Seriously!)


Kol, however, is super jealous of Matt, because his sister might actually want to bone him not quite as needy for affection as his sister.  So, he accosts Matt on the balcony later that night, and proceeds to break his arm . . . literally.

But worry not, Matt fans!  It’s Damon to the rescue!

He throws Kol OFF THE BALCONY, jumps after him, and starts pummeling the pretty boy’s face, like it’s his job.  But, of course, when the rest of the party guests emerge from the house to investigate the commotion, Damon, being Damon, just stomps away, instead of explaining why he did what he did . . .


Quite the bad ass martyr, that Damon . . .

Through the back door .  . .


Back at the mansion, Elijah lets his mother know he has done damage control, on the whole vampire fighting thing.  “I wish the others were more like you, Elijah,” coos Mother Dearest.  (Yeah, Mommy.  If you have your way, they will all be like Elijah . . . DEAD.)

Inside mommy’s chambers is her boyfriend / husband, Finn, to whom Mama Original complains that Elijah is too “moral.”  “Morality is a vampire’s greatest weakness, apparently.”  (Good ole TVD, always teaching us the tough life lessons.)

Apparently, Finn is in on his mom’s whole “kill her kids” plan.  “I’m ready to die,” says Finn, who must agree with his mother, about the whole “vampires are abominations” thing.

Great . . . just what our pop culture lexicon needs, another self-loathing vampire . . .

It’s frustrating really, because, if I was a vampire, I would love the sh*t out of myself.  No joke.  Vampires are awesome . . .  particularly, the non-suicidal ones.

To complete spell, we see Finn cut his hand, and drip his blood on a piece of paper, which maps out a bloody family tree across him and his siblings’ names, etch-a-sketch style.  I guess this is like the paper version of Bonnie’s nosebleeds . . .

Back at the Gilbert house, Stefan walks Elena home, while she informs him of the Wicked Original Witch’s nefarious kid-killing plans.  The former reminds Elena that she has nothing to feel guilty about, in terms of killing Elijah, because Klaus has brought nothing but darkness into her life.  (Ummm . . . maybe . . . but Klaus isn’t Elijah.)

The pair also both admit to one another that they were mean to Damon, and that this might explain why he went after Kol the way he did.  If only they knew . . .

As Stefan is leaving, Elena calls him back to the site of the epic Delena kiss. (That is sacred ground, Elena.  Don’t you dare kiss him, or I will hack off your lips, and send them to you via Fed Ex.)  She wants to know how Stefan can “not feel,” and wishes that she could do the same thing.  Well, Elena, for what it’s worth, I thought you were pretty unfeeling to Damon!   So, that’s progress in the “becoming heartless” department!  Stefan then pretty much admits to Elena, that the reason he’s seemingly turned off his humanity, and has been pretending not to care about Elena, is not to protect her, but to protect himself from the pain of reliving what he did last summer . . . and, of course, reliving his BITING of Elena.  (No word on reliving that time, when he tried to drive her off a cliff.)

Elena seems heartened by this, somewhat .  . .

Over at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls a gloomy Matt ignores Rebekah’s apologies and romantic advances, because her brother BROKE HIS ARM, and he doesn’t have health insurance.  (Apparently, the only health coverage Only Bar gives it’s employees is a lifetime supply of vervain.)


 “I should have killed him,” pouts Rebekah.

Be afraid, Matt.  Be very afraid.

Enter Drunk Damon, who’s chugging whiskey straight out of the bottle that he’s conveniently brought to the bar from home.  “Rejected by the high school football captain,” he says sliding into the seat next to her.  “Welcome to adolescence.”


After tossing back a shot or two, Damon reminds Rebekah that she would have crushed Matt in bed anyway, and that she should find someone more . . . ahem . . . durable.

Next thing you know, Damon and Rebekah are back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, throwing one another against walls, ripping eachothers clothes off, and . . . butt humping?


Oh, CW!  You naughty, naughty channel . . .

This isn’t the first time, Damon has dealt with mistreatment by Elena, through sex with others.  We’ve seen it happen with Caroline, Katherine, Rose, and Andie, before Rebekah.

The difference, of course, is that Elena REALLY deserves this one.  And I can’t wait until she finds out that her erstwhile vampire lover has been schtupping the woman who wants her dead.  Revenge is definitely sweet, but it also might give you a VD . . .

Next week on TVD, Elena gets more of her just desserts, when Elijah finds out about her little fib, and responds by kidnapping and holding her hostage.  Yep, the honeymoon period is definitely over between these two.

Until next time!

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    Hi Julie! Wow, you made quick work of this wonderful recap. You had me laughing – odd looks my way at the office 😀 but I totally had a ball 😉 Lol for the game of ding, dong, ditch! Now I have a feeling this comment might be a little long-ish… Hope you don’t mind.

    So. You’re angry with Elena. Don’t even get me started! What’s with that girl? Honestly, she’s annoying me big time. If anybody is losing their humanity, it’s definitely NOT the vampires. It’s certainly not Damon; it’s not even Stefan. It’s our human doppelganger. I know she needed to toughen up a little, but now she’s grown harder than a brick wall. Seriously, having Stefan ‘eliminate’ his brother by breaking his neck??? Stefan did say that it was Elena’s plan, all of it! Okay, so Damon is a vampire and he’ll survive, but seriously. Elena is all about making her own decisions; in her own words, it’s what she still likes about Stefan (yeah, he let her decide herself to death in his wet-rag period), but she doesn’t extend that courtesy to Damon. She does exactly the same that she’s always accused him of, taking his choice away!

    I feel for those Salvatore boys right now, both of them (yes, Stefan too ;)). Instead of Elena being better of without THEM (as Klaus said last week), I’m beginning to think that now they’d be better off without HER 😉 Oh, I know. Elena will probably say that she was just trying to protect Damon from himself, because his heroics would no doubt end up getting him truly dead at the hands of the Originals. So she just had Stefan take Damon out, knowing that he’d heal again and not be permanently damaged, but still, she couldn’t have gone about it another way? And she might very well have permanently damaged other things…

    First of all, Stefan’s relationship with his brother. She’s all about ‘how can you do this to me’ to Stefan lately, but then she asks him to hurt his own brother, the brother he’s given up so much to save, time and again. And Elena KNOWS that! She even told Damon that Stefan would come through for him, but not for her (which in point of fact, proved to be correct).

    Secondly, what is she doing pushing the poor guy like she does? Two weeks ago (and I’m sure in MF it’s only like a day or two) she told Stefan that SHE kissed Damon (as if she wanted to rub it in, because honestly, why did she NEED to tell him?), and she should have seen he was devastated by that, but now she’s pushing him into recognising that HE still has feelings for her? What a b*tch. Good for Stefan that he’s turning her down at the moment, and I like him all the more for it. He isn’t a yo-yo: she can’t push him away one moment and real him back in the next. Even if it is obvious that he still has feelings for her. Hell, especially if he does. Because that’s just plain cruel. Unless she’s decided that she wants him back after all?

    Thirdly, her ‘relationship’ (whatever it is) with Damon. Oh, the swoon worthy way he looked at her when she walked into that ballroom! Girl doesn’t know what she’s missing. First she kisses him back, and she just has to tell Stefan, but now she doesn’t know anymore? The one EW-cover seems to be prophetic indeed (even if it was HOT 😉 ). Does she really want them both? She’s not so different from Katherine after all…

    I’m sure you already bought your copy… but which one? LOL

    Poor Damon. The guy just can’t get a break. Like you said, for 2,5 seasons Elena wants him to be ‘the better man’ (he even accused her of wanting to turn him into Stefan not too long ago, and she didn’t deny that), and now that he’s changing (all of it for her sake), she doesn’t like his humanity to get in the way of her plans. Well, suck it up, Elena. You’ll reap what you’ve sown. If he should flip his switch too, then what’ll she do? She told him recently that she wouldn’t have know what to do if he weren’t there (right before the kiss)… Well, keep going, Elena, and you’ll find out.

    I so can’t blame him for working out some of his anger issues with Bex (talk about a strange euphemism 😉 ). In fact, Elena’d better be happy he did it this way, instead of going on a murderous rampage like he’d have done before… She deserves everything she’ll get when she finds out about it. I hope she walks in on them next week. That’ll show her 😉 I’d say he didn’t even do it in the first place to hurt Elena; he’s just lashing out in anger. This is what Julie Plec said however: “Word travels fast in Mystic Falls and Damon and Rebekah’s tryst is no exception. Elena is going to be pissed on multiple levels, The thing with Damon we’ve seen is that when he’s hurt, he lashes out. In a way, this is both the most cruel way he could’ve lashed out, but also shows a peculiar evolution in him as a character because rather than take it out on an innocent human in the middle of the road, he’s striking where it hurts the most [and] very specifically at Elena.” So is it on purpose, you think? It was a hot make-out scene though 😉

    Apparently Elena gets kidnapped next week, by Elijah, who’s probably found out what she did. I feel sorry for him too. (Elena, you’ve really pissed me off this week!) He expected Elena to be honest and honourable because he was honest with her. I really thought she’d keep him from drinking the poisoned cup. But no, she just lets him sign his own death warrant. Honestly Elena, when did you get so hard and unfeeling? Again, it’s not the vampires this week who are cold… And truly, must Elijah be falling for Elena too? I read something along those lines (Elenijah? 🙂 ), but why must they pull another Sookie here? The everybody-loves-Elena-games are on again, it seems. She must have a spot of faerie blood 😉

    Klaus was sweet, trying to win Caroline over. And even though Caroline was all her own woman, refusing to worship at his altar, I think you are right: he’s getting to her, if her begging Tyler to come back is an indication. Now I was wondering if Klaus is even able to break the sire bond. Isn’t it more of a biological thing, that vamp-puppies are automatically conditioned to obey the master? If Bill Forbes was right, the only way to break the conditioning is to not feel like you’re beholden to daddy-dearest, by conquering the pain of the change. If you don’t mind changing, there’s no reason to be grateful that you don’t have to do it, I guess.

    The original witch… So she’s not a vampire. Thought as much, because I seem to remember that that was incompatible, but as to how she did survive… That explanation was kind of sketchy. The original Bennet Witch performed a spell to keep her body fresh (but Klaus did still kill her, right? She looks mighty good for a corpse, not a speck of blood in sight 😉 ) and sent her spirit to the Other Side (where she met Vicky Donovan; it’s a small world on the other side LOL). Bonnie and her mom just mojo-ed the coffin open, but how did her spirit get back into her body? Was it a package deal? De-spell the lock on the mystery box, and you get one original witch spirit for free, courtesy of the Other Side! And her motives are a bit murky too. She changed her kiddies into vampires to save them, but now she’s changed her mind and wants to kill them off? She should have read the instructions on the box before applying the remedy, because apparently she didn’t pay enough attention to the side effects like the need to eat people and acute sunlight-allergy. Another wonderful example of parenting, indeed… Still, if I were Elena (which, I’m proud to say, I’m not, right at this moment J ), I’d be a little more wary. Why couldn’t Elena’s ‘protectors’ be in on the conversation? Don’t tell me that one original witch and one of her original kick-ass vampire sons couldn’t take on two measly vampire boys…

    Sorry for being so long (I did warn you)… No more info on the mystery killer… I sure hope Alaric will be safe and sound in his hospital bed next week, because we all know MF hospital is definitely not the place to get well (Caroline got killed there, as well as her dad, Elena got drained of her own blood, Damon got blood jacked, and the list goes on… Better keep out of there if you can!)

    Till next week!

    • serendipity

      Yeah, it was long, but I still forgot a few things 😉

      – the way she lied to Elijah reminded me very much of the way she lied to Damon back in S1 (Children of the Damned?)
      – her response to Damon’s ‘I’m mad because I love you’ has to be the worst one ever!
      – Funny how Damon saved Matt. I liked it, but it’s a long way from book-Damon for sure (Matt = Mutt more often than not). And yay for pissed off Damon just getting the better of Kol, who’s about 900 years older. Only now he’s made quite an enemy in the original family. Bex had better protect him 😉
      – How does she have a whole dress on in the pics for next week when Damon just ripped it off her body???

      Okay, shutting up now 😉

      • Hey Serendipity. I agree with you that Elena’s “maybe that’s the problem” comment, seemed intentionally designed to hurt Damon, regardless of what she might have said to Stefan about it, after it was all over. It reminded me a bit of the time Elena manipulated Damon’s feelings for her back in early Season 2, to get information about Katherine. And then she dug the knife into his chest, by claiming that they would never be friends again.

        I strongly suspect that Elena hasn’t gotten over the idea that she somehow “belongs” with Stefan. And now that he seems to be showing some signs of humanity, she feels guilty about her growing feels for Damon. So, it’s easier for her to hurt him, and shut him out, then it is for her to face up to her own feelings. I think the statement had plenty more to do with that, than it did with anything she was planning with the Original Witch.

        And in that sense, Damon is absolutely right to force Elena to fess up to her feelings for him, not by proclaiming his love for her, as he’s done so many times in the past, but by showing her what it’s like to see him be intimate with someone else. It’s the perfect revenge. And I hope it eats Elena up in side . . . and down below. 😉

        As for Damon and Matt, you are right, these two never quite got along well in the TVD book series. Given how Damon never seemed to want to remember Matt’s name, their antagonistic book relationship reminded me a bit of the way Damon and Bonnie are in the TV series.

        That said, I do seem to recall Damon saving Matt once or twice in the books? Am I wrong on that? Probably, I haven’t read them in a while . . . 🙂

    • Hey serendipity! I DO have my special copy of EW! It’s staring at me, as we type. My aunt actually got me a subscription for my birthday, a few years back. 😉 The problem with the subscription, at least in terms of collectible covers, is that you don’t get to choose, which cover you get. I remember being FURIOUS last season, when during the True Blood collectible cover extravaganza, I was saddled with VAMPIRE BILL and Sookie. BOOOO!

      This time though, I got the cover with all three! Though, of course, I would have preferred the solo Delena one, this one is pretty darn good too. Interestingly enough, my favorite photograph in the spread, doesn’t come from the covers at all. It’s the one with a shirtless Damon in jeans, being hugged from behind by Elena, who is clad in nothing but an oversized man’s t-shirt. It’s Ian Somerhalder at his most gorgeous, and Nina Dobrev looks positively flawless. The chemistry between them literally jumps from the page.

      But enough about that, on to the show! So, yeah, Elena’s advocation of Damon’s “murder” by Stefan . . . My first thought was that this seemed wildly out-of-character for her. Here was a girl who made Damon pay for weeks for “killing” Jeremy, and gave him hell for “killing” Alaric. Elena is human, and from where she comes from “murder,” is “murder,” even if it’s only temporary. She’s also someone who hates being neutralized before a big Scooby Gang event, and values choice.

      And yet, lately, we’ve seen Elena’s socialization by vampires begin to take it’s toll on her morality. The ease with which she stabbed Rebekah in the back, murdered Alaric, because she knew he was wearing the ring, had her own brother compelled and shipped off to Denver, signed Elijah’s death warrant, despite his kindness to her, and had Stefan KILL Damon, illustrates a definite hardening of her character, and loosening of her morals . . . whether or not, some of these ends seemed to justify the means. Is it a realistic turn for her character, considering all she’s been through these past few seasons? Absolutely. I’m just not sure I like it.

      Elena’s second-hand “murder” of Damon and Elijah, this week, seemed particularly cold, because these are two men who care about her so deeply, and have given up so much for her. The fact that she can show such a callous disregard for their lives and hearts really saddens me.

      Elena definitely seems to be someone who wants to have her cake and eat it too. When the men in her life, are cold and emotionally shut down, she begs them to feel, and be more human. But when they actually illustrate some emotionality, she pegs them as a liability. And though she might not be doing it intentionally, Elena definitely seems to be pitting Stefan and Damon against one another, with her behavior . . . something the old Elena, of two seasons ago, tried very hard not to do.

      I can’t fault Damon for having a little hot hate sex with Bex either. He owes Elena, nothing, after the way she treated him this week. And Elena has already admitted once to being jealous of Damon’s flirtations with Bex. Seeing Damon “move on” might be exactly what Elena needs to help her recognize her true feelings.

      But until she does, she’s totally on my poopy list. 😉

  2. East Coast Captain

    Elena is definitely the most unpopular character right now. She cannot deny she´s a Petrova through and through. First of all playing the Salvatore brothers against each other much like Tatia did to Klaus and Elijah and Katherine to the brothers. I believe if she ever became a vampire she would be worse way worse than Katherine.

    I don´t care that Stefan broke Damon´s neck, its like his version of punching his brother out cold or something there going to be talking about it the next day and laughing but Elena she´s definitely insufferable.

    I don´t blake Rebekah for trying to bite her, Elena had it coming literally stabbing her in the back like that.

    Esther wants to kill her kids? I think she might go after all the vamps in the world Marnie style. But its a little late there are thousands of vampires out there.

    I think the brothers should ditch Elena. She´s nothing good for them. Stefan should find Katherine, she´ll appreciate him and love him for who he is not like that doppelganger.

    • André

      Ok, that is quite an extreme reaction. You did remember what Katherine did right?

    • Hey East Coast Captain! Ooh, I love the parallel you drew between True Blood Season 4’s Marnie, and Original Witch Esther. Both women seem to believe that vampires mess with the natural order of things. And both are long-dead witches, who have reanimated corpses to right what they consider to be their own past inaction.

      Under your theory, the “bloody family tree” created by the spell, would have much broader impact. After all, when you think about it, ALL vampires must somehow stem from the Originals, and be related to them, at least, in the maker / progeny sense. This would also seem to explain why Mother Original needed to throw a HUGE ball, just to get five people to drink a glass of tainted liquor. What if the spell she conducted, linked not just the Original siblings, but ALL vampires? Imagine how guilty Elena would feel then!

      I don’t know about Elena necessarily being the most hated character on the show, right now (I’d probably go with the Original Witch for that honor), but she’s definitely lost a lot of supporters, particularly on the Delena side of the fanbase. I do think the writers decision to illustrate the more Katherine-esque aspects of Elena’s personality of late is intentional. And, as frustrating as it is for me as a Delena fan, I must also grudgingly admit that it’s kind of brilliant from a plotline perspective to show that not only vampires are capable of turning off their humanity. And sometimes, the humans aren’t necessarily the good guys.

      I do suspect Katherine will make her triumphant return, shortly, particularly if this storyline morphs from a “kill Originals” story, to a “kill all vampires” story. Our Lady Petrova would certainly have something to say about that!

  3. André

    Too bad I can see only half of your gifs and pictures so I guess alot if lost for me from your recap.

    Ok, first. I don’t put too much stock into the previews for the next episode. Remember how the one with Stefan killing hybrids was sold as “two immortal forces clash” or something of the kind?
    So will put as much stock in them as usual, nothing.
    I rather wonder whether Katherine will be back soon. I mean she must defend her title as Mystic Fall’s biggest slut since Damon is currently the biggest slut in town and she definitely can’t let that stand.

    “Expect nothing of Walter Frey and you will never be surprised.”
    I think this quote from Game of Thrones fits The Vampire Diaries perfectly, just that it won’t only protect you from surprise but also from disappointment. It works in 90 % of the cases for me after all and in the residual 10 its simply due to me barely being able to believe that they actually come up with this stupid stuff, e.g. like Esther actually rising from the dead.

    By the way I found a webclip already:

    Truer words were never spoken on this show.

    Your Lord of The Rings reference is really great. Yeah it sounds the way. Something funny first:

    And now the dark part about Elena:
    Does that mean that Elena will be cast into a volcano in the end? I mean she already brings out the darkness in the characters and unnaturally prolongs time, dragging one year over the length of two.

    And do you know this one already?

    Or this one?

    I don’t understand why you were upset with Elena.
    Why did it piss you off that Damon’s neck got snapped and Elena didn’t really look concerned or sorry. Damon did worse to her so he had it coming.
    But I agree with you that it’s frustrating to have everything being around Elena. Even the Karolaus ordeal will ultimately lead back to that.
    And why does it piss you off that Elena didn’t say anything to Elijah? Should she have done the same mistake again and choose the bigger evil? We had that time and again in this show; it was time to at least not do it once.
    And if you ask me, this loving over and over is the problem in this show. This immature loving of not being able to let people go. Elena is only a teenager but Damon is over 100, he should know better, really know better, as well as Stefan. And for Elena, like I said, expect nothing from this show. Remember that they did this stuff time and again and seemingly Elena using a double standard with the people she likes on this show. Remember?

    I am not sure whether Stefan is actually pliant and obedient. He seems rather a bit patronizing to me since he allows Elena to do things her way only when he thinks it serves his interests.
    And this whole reversal of Damon and Stefan. BBBBOOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!
    I think I will never get how people can enjoy something that predictable which you could see coming for miles.

    And if you ever need a picture of an angry dog, try this one:

    Or maybe this one:

    With all due respect but by what definition was that scene with Elena, the car and Rebekah possibly interesting? Sure on other shows it might be but in this show it’s just another example of Elena in danger who is saved by the shining knight. Compared to his siblings that is what Elijah is, even if he is so stupid that he needed a thousand years to figure out that Klaus cannot be trusted. I wonder whether vampires suffer from necrosis of their brain cells, it could be an explanation for their behavior.
    And don’t remind me of that stuff with Tatja, the only thing missing here is that Tyler is a descendent of the same werewolf that knocked up Esther. Worse enough that Bonnie is a descendent of Ayanna. Maybe I should watch the show with self-medication.

    Or maybe not.

    And Elena cool? Come on, since when is stuff that Elena does cool? Two seasons ago I still thought that the difference between her and Bella is that she has the potential to become a woman, now she is just another overgrown girl to me. I doubt that there is much she could still do that makes me see her as cool, or smart, or heroic, or strong, or…
    What is she actually good for?

    “As for Klaus, as impulsive, calculating, and sometimes downright evil he can be, we all know that inside, he is made of mush, fatherly neglect, a need to be loved, and a deep, deep attraction to blonde baby vampires named Caroline…”
    Please tell me this is the usual sarcasm you have reserved for this show, because that would be so romance-cliché if you mean that, that it would make me wanna vomit if you meant that for real.

    Now, what is so special about Elena and Damon dancing? If you ask me, your inner Delena is speaking there.
    And since we’re at Elena’s part of the party. If the Salvatore’s weren’t supposed to be there, why were they let in anyway? Is Esther not capable of keeping two vampires out that are barely out of the vamp diapers? Maybe she should talk some lessons with Willow Rosenberg.

    Ok, ok. Willow doesn’t want to belittle herself with the lame witches of TVD.

    Now the mansion the ball was in does not seem to be the same set that was used for the Lockwoods mansion, but of course this could simply be due to a different use of camera angles so I am not sure. And you are totally right, how many people are there in Mystic Falls?
    And their settlement was already a town back in the Viking Days.
    Man, Mystic Falls people must have been breeding as fast back than as they did today.

    And good that you brought it up that Stefan already admitted that he loved Elena. What is it that the writers actually want to show us with that? That he loves Elena and does all this stuff for her, everybody knew that. Seriously, who are these writers? Romance novel authors, because it’s basically the same stuff over and over in this series: Elena is in danger and either one or two vampires save her because they are in love with her, and they hurt her, because they are in love with her, and some “superbad” villain acts as the danger to Elena so that the vampires can protect her. Gosh, these writers should come up with something new.

    I liked it when Kol said that Damon doesn’t stand out, finally. But when I saw Damon attacking Kol and breaking his neck all I could think was how stupid that is and also remembered Pearl’s statement back in season 1 about her having 400 years on Damon and being able to rip him to shreds. Now Kol has more than 800 years on him so Damon attacking him should be kind of like punching a wall, the effect should be minimal at most. And this whole turning of emotions thing again… I wonder if any viewer still buys this when the vampires who supposedly shut of their emotions still act so emotional. Two more pieces of evidence that this is a romance show and not a vampire show.

    This whole Tyler calling thing is the weirdest stuff for me albeit it fits the nature of the show. First, maybe there is something wrong with my ears but that voice didn’t sound like Trevino. I heard it to times and I don’t think that was Trevino’s voice at all, first I thought it was Roehrig. Sure people might sound different on the phone but that different?
    If this show would treat characters realistic I would not be surprised about him leaving but I think the actual reason is simply to have him out of the way and let Caroline be entranced by Klaus.
    Of course this whole “I better myself for you” is totally fitting the show’s main theme of presenting us “romance.” Even if that romance is basically some bizarre circus of dysfunctional male sociopaths and dumb girls who couldn’t see danger in their relationships if it would be pointed out with a neon-sign.

    And since we’re at missing characters, shouldn’t Bonnie have been a bit more involved in this episode. I mean, some witch returns from the grave but Bonnie is absent? And why is returning from the grave ok for these old witch crones (they lost my last shred of respect when they gave into Klaus’ demands)? Shouldn’t that be against nature as well (as you pointed out also)? And why did Esther need to come back? And wasn’t there something about Klaus having dehearted his mother? Did Ayanna’s spell grew Esther a new heart. I guess it also did some face-lifting because based on her kids there is no way she would be younger than her mid-forties even if she had the first one with 14.
    And speaking of Esther, if Bonnie is a descendent of Ayanna, would you think that Esther would seek her out as well? I mean as a sort of safeguard or something, or cooperation?
    And Esther is back to right the wrong of going against nature and turning her children and husband into vampires, but shouldn’t that also involve getting rid of all vampires? I mean, are we to assume that only the Originals are abominations and the other vampires not?
    At least Elijah showed some brain in questioning his mothers motives, the other three seem to dumb for that, Finn was in so he doesn’t count.
    And why did she wait 1000 years? Couldn’t she have come back around Katherine’s time if the blood of the Doppelganger is so important? If you ask me this is just another plot piece to keep Elena in it even if there is no real reason why. Also this whole spell thing is dumb. Maybe it wouldn’t if the characters had actually tried to kill Klaus but obviously they didn’t. And of course Bonnie was totally useless back in season 2 as we both remarked back then.
    Albeit it’s weird that Esther might have sent Vicky if she needs the blood of the Doppelganger for her spell. I mean if Elena is dead, what use would her blood be then?
    And if Klaus cannot be killed, why would it kill him if one of his siblings would be killed and he is linked to them? Shouldn’t it rather be the other way around? You know none can be killed because he can’t? And how does Esther plan to kill them? The daggers don’t do it and the last intact remnants of the tree are gone as far as we know or are there some left after all? You know just like werewolves were supposedly close to extinction and then suddenly popped up nearly enmass?
    But like I said, expect nothing of this show.

    And it looks you caught on to what I was saying about parents here. I mean look at Esther’s children, if Elijah, and maybe Finn, is the only decent one, what does that say about her parenting skills? Sure her husband was portrayed as the big bad (just like mayor Lockwood) but obviously she is to blame as well. Of course it also fits the show so far that we are never told what exactly it is that makes the fathers hostile or why Caroline despised her mother. It’s like they are simply bad, or narrow-minded or whatever without any reason. I mean Michael didn’t knew that Klaus’ wasn’t his son (albeit that is debatable considered how similar they are) so that explanation would be off the table, so what was it that made Michael so hostile? And we were never told why Guiseppe Salvatore was so hostile towards Damon and rejected his sons so eagerly. The same with Mayor Lockwood. Tyler is no innocent so I think he had his fair share of blame. So while all three fathers were not flat characters we nonetheless lack background, it’s like they are simply there to make viewers sympathetic to the characters. In Tyler’s case it seems to work based on the amount of fanfiction portraying him as the victim and Richard as an abuser.
    And for the Originals seemingly hating their father so much that they use his first name, it’s weird that they called themselves the Michaelsons. And isn’t just me or does that name sound weird?

    Now Klaus’ and Rebekah’s behavior towards Matt and Caroline is so strange. Sure times change but where girls and boys in the last 1000 years so different that these two are suddenly so enamored? And speaking how fast that went for Rebekah makes me question the depth of her feelings for Stefan back in the 20s. Seriously, how can somebody be so old and yet so naïve and childish (both of them). What did they do with all those centuries?
    And since I am with these two, Caroline was not the first female interacting with Klaus who wasn’t afraid of him. Rebekah didn’t really fear him either. And Caroline showed disdain for him as well so I think you didn’t get that right and you are developing Karolaus (or however they are called now) glasses similar to your Forewood-glasses. And I think you are … or better the writers are confusing bravery with stupidity, but considered that this show is all about romance aka romance novel this was to be expected. I mean romance novels are usually rather a flight from reality than an actual portrayal of reality.
    And this whole Klaus falling for Caroline stuff is even more cliché than the whole Forewood ordeal. Tyler is an ass but at least he is not a sociopath.
    And I can’t help it but these bribing with gifts, which definitely works despite Caroline’s “dumping” of Klaus, seems to be along the old line that girls can be bought or conquered.
    And the horse admiration was before the death champagne. Klaus showed Caroline his paintings afterwards. And since we’re at it, I think I heard somewhere years ago that artistic talent is a trait of murderers… Hm, would be fitting if it’s true.
    And Caroline’s lack of connection between Klaus sending Tyler to kill her is not surprising when you remind yourself that this show time and again makes the females forget with what sort of bastards they are actually dealing with.
    Caroline’s yelling probably goes along the same road it did with Tyler, to make Klaus better or something. I mean it would fit; he is a “big bad wolf” as well. So she basically goes from Tyler to Tyler once again. And his picture will definitely soften Caroline more, she simply doesn’t learn. But don’t worry, this is TVD and in typical romance fashion she won’t be burned, much. And that she would fall for Klaus… You’re a smart woman, you knew that even before the episode, I am sure of it. ^^
    And since we’re in Mystic Falls, why doesn’t Caroline simply offer Matt some vampire blood to heal his hand? Who needs health insurance right?

    • Hey Andre! First of all, thanks for introducing me to the How it Should Have Ended series. I particularly liked THIS one, which, I guess, is kind of relevant to The Vampire Diaries, given the whole horror genre / serial killer thing . . .

      Oh, and of course, we can’t forget THIS . . .

      I LOL’ed hard at your statement about how Elena brings out darkness in people and prolongs time, stretching out one year over too. I also strongly suspect that a “How it should have ended” version of TVD would in fact end with Elena being tossed into the volcano. And this is coming from someone who USUALLY likes Elena a lot.

      Also, thank you for the webclip. It looks like Elena’s going to find Bex and Damon in flagrante after all. *does happy dance* Jealousy? Meet Elena. Elena, this is JEALOUSY!

      OK, I spoke a little bit in my response to Serendipity’s comment, about why I was so offended by Elena’s callous disregard of Damon, during the whole neck-breaking thing. I mean, if Stefan is to be believed, she’s actually the one who suggested it. But you bring up an interesting argument about Elijah.

      Here are my qualms about what Elena did there. For one thing, we all just KNOW that Elena’s trust of the Original Witch . . . the same woman who tried to have HER killed . . . is going to come back and bite her in the ass. This woman is clearly crazy. And, the more I think about it, the more I don’t think she was any more honest with Elena, than she was with her own children. She may very well turn out to be a worse evil than Klaus, particularly if her ultimate goal is to erradicate the world of ALL vampires.

      Second of all, Elena’s path of least resistance had always been just to kill Klaus, so that she could get her life back, and her friends and lovers wouldn’t be in danger. Had Elena somehow prevented Elijah from drinking from that cup, Klaus and the other Originals, who were threats to her life, would STILL die. But the life of a very powerful and honorable person, who had served as her protector, in the past, would be spared . . . a protector that would most certainly help the Scooby Gang eradicate his mother, after he learned what she had done to his siblings. In addition to being the KIND thing to do, for Elena, saving Elijah would have also been the wise thing to do.

      But NOOOOO . . . she had to be a b*tch, instead. I’m kind of glad Elijah kidnaps her, next week. She had it coming. And that’s another thing. Once again, the Salvatore Brothers are going to be in a situation in which they have to ally themselves with Klaus and the Originals, and kill the Original Mother, in order to protect Elena. And this is going to leave them no better off than they were when they started. It’s Mikael all over again. Pitting Elijah against the rest of his siblings would have at least given them a shot . . .

      So, you aren’t a Forwood Fan, you aren’t a Stelena, Delena, or Kefan fan, and now you aren’t a Karoline fan either. One of these days, Andre, you’re going to find yourself in a “ship.” 😉 I hereby make it my duty to make it so . . .

      That said, good point about the vampire blood and Matt’s wounded hand. In fact, I’m surprised Bex didn’t think to offer hers. She does want to get into his pants, doesn’t she? Then again, Matt’s always playing hard to get, while Damon’s kind of a sure thing. . . 😉

      • Andre

        Translated: If Damon were a girl he would be considered a slut but since he is a man he is the big thing.
        Well, I am glad that you like the How it should have ended series. Have you seen this one?

        And this?

        That Elena trusting Esther would bite her was… well…. did anybody really think it would be different? It was clear from the start. We are only halfway through the season and they keep throwing things at the viewers with such speed that we can probably be lucky that they hadn’t done the stuff I heard Elena doing in the books. I mean a ghost army to get rid of Klaus would be ridiculous, but then again I said that Esther being the one to want Elena dead via Vicky and actually coming back from the other side would be so ridiculous and that is what they did.
        I don’t think you should be angry at Elena, instead be angry at the writers or whoever is responsible for this stuff. Like you said it “It’s Mikael all over again.” But not only that, it was the same all through the seasons. With the three it was always “Elena is in danger and has to be rescued.” This is what bugs me, it gets really old and makes no sense any longer. The best current example is that supposedly Esther was the one who was in contact with Vicky and wanted Elena dead but now there is this spell to link the Originals together using Elena’s blood? That is a contradiction in itself, I mean how did she plan to get rid of them? By trusting Michael to do the job? Not really foolproof. But perhaps that is the nonsense explanation the writers or whoever had in mind.
        So I think we will never see anything actually smart in this show.

        Ok, for schedule reasons I will post my response to your comment of the Family staker episode together with this one.

        If you liked the Lannister video. You are really gonna like this one:

        I still haven’t figured out what this whole Bonnie stuff was about though. The only thing I can think of right now is that the writers cannot really deal with teenage characters of such visibility who are single.
        Neither can I fathom why they left many of the other scenes out. The only thing close to an explanation I have there is that it would take away too much “precious” screentime from the main three, albeit they could really do with only half the time.

        I guess the fact that the writers hadn’t let Stefan take such paternal interest in Jeremy might be connected to that fact that Jeremy wasn’t and isn’t typical material for this sort of show. For that they need characters like Stefan, Damon and Tyler (respectively Klaus now) who are actually pretty dysfunctional when you look at it with realism. I remember something like that reading in the text “Her Beautiful Savage: The Current Sexual Image of the Native American Male” by Peter van Lent. According to him “From time immemorial, the human psyche, most often the female psyche, has been conditioned to see this type of dashing, bold, undaunted, hell-bent, angry, impetuous, and brave man as sexual.” And Jeremy simply doesn’t fit that, neither does Matt, except for the physical aspect. In TVD, as typical romance novel, women/girls flirt with the good guys but take the bad guys home with them. Van Lent goes further: “Deeply embedded in the mystique of the fearless warrior is an air of tragic destiny, the potential for defeat and death…Like Roland, the Lone Ranger, and countless others, the personal history of our Native American warrior is often clouded by an ominous fatalism. Yet he is even the more appealing for this.” Now if you ask me that is exactly the case with our four main male love interest right now, this air of anger, fatalism, aggression and physical strength. Therefore someone like Jeremy and/or Matt will probably never get as much screentime as Klaus, Stefan, Damon or Tyler unless they turn into equally dysfunctional characters. However Caroline probably had to simply because she was a) a new vampire and b) she would be the “girl that loves him and makes him better” for Tyler and now maybe even Klaus.
        But there is more: “Of all the situations in which our heroes display heir charms, the Native male as victim seems to be the most compelling. Naturally these men would encounter obstacles. This is the essence of a good story, whether it is conveyed literally or visually… It is clear from these examples that, in addition to everything else, the Native male must be a victim if he is too fulfill his sexual role. Why? To a large extent, the answer lies in the familiar process of image control. Too triumphant a Native male would be beyond the realm of audience or reader response. These heroes must have a weakness, must not be too self-sufficient if they are to provide a sexual vision. Romance dictates some givens: The vulnerability cannot come from being ugly or being a “bad guy.” However, showing the Indian man as the victim of undeserved suffering gives him a very approachable human dimension. There is suddenly room for reassurance, companionship, support-the things that are offered by love. Within the realm of sexual love, the male as victim evokes a uniquely feminine response, a combination of the maternal and the erotic-the urge to comfort, to heal, to caress. One romance heroine is able to acknowledge this bond between victimization and eros: “She moaned softly as his tongue slid over her lips . .. This was what she had wanted, had needed since the first time she saw him in the Apache camp, a prisoner, badly wounded, He had stirred something deep within her.” Once again we see the narrowly crafted path that the Native American sexual male must tread in popular culture. He must be tender and loving, yet a bold warrior, exotically handsome but not too alien, a good man, but prey to the evil of others.”
        Now tell me, if you replace Native with vampire would it not fit very, very well? So well in fact that it cannot be coincidence? I mean maybe that is the reason for the appeal of the vampire to the female audience.

  4. Tricus

    Yep I think Elena made a lot of people angry this episode.
    1) She acted like Damon has not been the very supportive,calm,friendly,protective guy he has been this whole time. He HAS listened to her plans, let her do some, with backup, BUT he still wanted her to be safe. Damon being overprotective of HER is not new even with his more caring attitude.
    2) Elena is reverting back to her “my way is the much better way, no matter what” like she did in S2. Of course Stefan is going along with it because he wants to get back into Elena good graces BUT he doesn’t want to make the effort.
    He wants HER to run to him, do the begging and all the work even though he has screwed up.
    3) Love Elijah still. I must say that I don’t mind Elijah getting angry with Elena next episode for her lie to his face. Elena should know to always know and read the fine print in any plan/deals of the Originals. Elena doesn’t know Mama Original and she just took her word for everything, no deep questions asked. Sheesh.
    Next episode Elena and Stefan deserves all they get from Damon and the Originals.
    4) The Damon and Rebekah sex scenes was HOT. Elena doesn’t know what she is missing. Maybe she does and she is scared because she is used to being in control. LOL
    5) I hope that for the next few episodes Damon leave Stefan and Elena to their own devices but is the one they call to “save” them. Let Elena be the one to come to Damon and apologize for her wishy washy ways with Damon.
    So when its convenient Elena wants Damon to be caring/overprotective but when it’s not she wants him to be cold, heartless and let her do whatever she wants.
    6) KLaus/Caro- was sweet and weird. Didn’t like that Caro, in the bar with Elena, was like “have a Salvatore on your arm, and I mean Stefan.” Caro also conveniently forgot everything Stefan has done too or she doesn’t know everything?
    7) What was with Stefan line to Damon “you worry about Elenaa safety” and THEN he lets Elena see Mama Original ALONE, argue with Damon about it and breaks his neck to keep him away. Isn’t that what Damon was trying to do with Elena at the ball? The writers are making Stefan a BIG walking contradiction.
    8) Elena, Eelna, Elena..What can I say about her cold remark to Damon “maybe his caring too much is a liability”. Sorry but even when Damon cares a lot he STILL is badass. What she meant was that Damon would NOT let her do a lot of the crazy stuff she wants to do.
    9) I actually like Becca. She is blunt but has a soft spot sometimes. Her line to Elena “It’s not all about you” was PRICELESS.
    Damon, especially, and Bonnie need to say that Elena some more.
    Alaric and Bonnie should have been invited or taken to the ball too.

    • Hey Tricus! Excellent point about Elena completely ignoring all the ways in which Damon has shown Elena respect and made her a key part of all their Scooby Gang plans. Damon treated Elena like an equal in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” trusting her ability to lure and incapacitate Ripper Stefan, when doing so was necessary. When Elena decided she wanted to toughen up, and learn to fight vampires, he didn’t scoff at, or belittle her, instead, he worked with her for hours on end, helping her to train.

      When Elena wanted to confront Rebekah about Klaus, Damon encouraged her, despite what a loose cannon he knew her to be. He listened to her theories about how Rebekah could be of help to them. And yet, he still supported her when she determined that Rebekah was a liability, and decided to stake her, to get her temporarily out of the picture. Damon also accepted Elena’s decision to return Rebekah to Klaus, as well as her decision to compel Jeremy without any judgment or rude comments. He knew how hard these decisions were for her to make.

      But this time, Elena didn’t even give Damon a chance to hear her out. Chances are had Elena spoken to Damon first about her plans, he would have figured out a way for her to see the Original Mother alone, while still including extra layers of protection in there for her, in case plans went awry. Damon’s concern about Elena has NEVER made him a liability. If anything, it has made him a better planner or schemer than he was, back in Season 1, when he didn’t really care, who got hurt, as long as he achieved his objective. Damon’s feelings for Elena have made him more practical. And Elena’s behavior, this week, may have destroyed that.

      I do find it odd that Judgy Bonnie, who always seemed to HATE Damon now seems more supportive of a possible union between the two than the typically less judgmental Caroline. Perhaps, when Caroline warns Elena to stay with Stefan, who she deems the “safer choice,” despite evidence to the contrary, she’s really referring more to HERSELF, and the feeling she is fighting for Klaus, who, like Damon, can be as charming and romantic, as he is impulsive and dangerous.

      Just a thought . . .

  5. Veronica

    Great recap as always. Those Original Family members are a fine looking bunch! I think you were right about Kol being the loose cannon. It would be refreshing to see a vampire that completely lacked emotion for once. The actor who plays him has a remarkable resemblance to Elijah to me. Speaking of Elijah, it seems he isn’t immune to the “everyone loves Elena” virus spreading around Mystic Falls. In fact, the only one that seems to be immune is Klaus. It is interesting watching him pursue Caroline. He needs to take a couple of pages out of Damon’s book. Everywhere that he walks, you can practically hear the panties drop to the floor.

    “In true Elena fashion, Caroline lectures Klaus on the importance of ironing out differences with your daddy, no matter how many of your horses he has slaughtered. This way, when he dies, you will have no regrets. . . well, aside from regretting that he’s dead, of course. And, in Klaus’ case, regretting that YOU killed him. (But, hey, no family relationship is perfect, right?)”

    This was just made of awesomeness. Go to love the family dynamics on this show.

    Elene didn’t win any points from me this episode either. I can’t believe she asked Stefan to break Damon’s neck. That is just cold. I know that it’s like a cat scratch to a human but if it had been Damon breaking Stefan’s neck I don’t think she would have felt the same. Lying to Elijah and telling Damon that him loving her is “the problem” after not too long ago when she was telling Damon to care more pissed me off as well. I hope that Damon backs off from Elena now and she is the one to pursue him and win him back. He doesn’t deserve to pine after her and be treated like that.

    In other Elena disappointment news, she completely trusted Esther and willingly gave her her blood without thinking twice. If Esther thinks her own kids are abominations, it is quite likely that she thinks all vampires are. I think if she succeeds in killing her children, all the vampires will be killed including Damon and Stefan. After 900 years of being staked, Finn is ready to die. Talk about a boring vampire. You would think the first thing he’d want to do is get laid and drink some blood.

    I don’t blame Damon for sleeping with Rebekah. She has made no indication of any romantic feelings toward him and she completely rejected him when he told her that he loved her. If his new way of lashing out is having sex he can lash out with me anytime. That particular sex scene was quite brazen as well and I enjoyed it. From looking at the episode stills for next weeks episode, Rebekah appears to be doing the walk of shame back to Klaus’s house where she bumps into Kol and Elijah while still wearing the gown she wore to the ball the night before. We saw Damon rip open the back of her gown while he was “lashing out” so he obviously did so without actually tearing the dress. Talk about skill. He can probably make a woman’s blouse fall open with the flick of his wrist 😉 Oh Elena, open yours eyes already.

    Until next time!

    • Hey Veronica! You are right. We absolutely called Kol as the Original least plagued by his pesky humanity. 🙂 As viewers, we’d been promised a completely remorseless vampire a few times now, first with Damon, then with Isobel, Katherine, Elijah, Klaus, compelled-to-lack-emotion Stefan, Mikael. Perhaps, we’ve finally got one, this time.

      That said, lacking humanity, hasn’t seemed to make Kol a particularly powerful vampire. I mean, if you really want to kill somebody, why go for their arm, when you can break their neck! (Just ask Elena!) And did you notice how easily Damon incapacitated Kol, despite the latter having about 1,000 years on him? Granted, Kol’s been out of practice for awhile. But still, somebody needs to start eating those Vampire Wheaties, STAT!

      And this: “After 900 years of being staked, Finn is ready to die. Talk about a boring vampire. You would think the first thing he’d want to do is get laid and drink some blood.” – PURE PERFECTION!

      It’s funny, I think most of us initially assumed that Finn was the first Original to meet the business end of Klaus’ white oak dagger, because he was the biggest threat. The zeal with which he lashed out at Klaus, at the end of “Bringing out the dead” with nothing but pure hatred and animal rage, in his eyes, seemed to confirm as much. But now I think Finn didn’t make it to see the end of the century, because he was such a major self-loathing, Edward Cullen-wanna-be, Mama’s Boy buzzkill. Talk about one’s “feelings” being a liability. Klaus, for sure, wasn’t having that!

      That said, given Finn’s almost incestuous devotion to his mother, his now-seemingly uncharacteristic rage against Klaus, when he thought that the latter had killed her, PERMANENTLY, makes a lot of sense, in hindsight.

      I’m also not blaming Damon for having a little hardcore hate sex with Barbie Klaus. He’s earned it, after all he’s been through. And besides, at least this way, we got to see him naked and sexually excited. At the molasses slow rate Elena is opening her legs, it might be another couple of seasons, before there’s any real sexual action between the two of them. (Though, of course, I’m still hoping for a Delena sex scene in the season finale. ;))

      As for the miraculously mended dress, perhaps Rebekah and/or Damon have the ability to sew and vampire speed? Now, that would be impressive. That said, I think it would be particularly funny, if, instead of going home in the dress, Rebekah asked ELENA for a change of clothes. (We know she keeps outfits there.) How awesome would that be? 😉

  6. Wow, you Delena fans are MAD, huh?

    Well, I don’t give a damn about Stefan/Elena/Damon. Elena was such an idiot bitch last night and I am tired of her. It’s so obvious that Stefan and Elena are going to get back together. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have both referred to them as “soul mates”, so obviously they will be back together eventually and I am just tired of it all. I’m tired of Elijah making googly eyes at Elena, I’m tired of Stefan, and I’m just tired. I’m glad crazy insane Damon is back. Season 1 Damon is the Damon that I fell in love with, not this wild-eyed bitch who follows Elena around like a lost puppy dog. I want my badass Damon back and I want him back NOW!

    Damon and Rebekah are hot together and I don’t care if no one likes it. But her “O” face though . . .

    I don’t know if I like Kol. He’s very hot but he seems kind of dickish? All I know is, he better keep his whore hands of Matt. And Finn is boring. What’s his problem?

    I knew this Esther bitch was going to pull something like this. I knew she was going to do something that not only hurt Klaus, but also hurt the rest of her children. I don’t get it–I mean, I get that she feels like the whole vampire thing was her fault (which it is), but what will killing her children do? There’s still going to be vampires EVERYWHERE!

    And finally, Klaus and Caroline. *SIGH* *SWOON* *DIES*. Right now, these are the only two people I actually ship, and again I don’t care what anyone has to say about it. Caroline is better than me, because if Klaus was looking at me like THAT, telling me those things and offering to take me around the world . . . we would be doing some very grown-up things, I you know what I mean 😉

    But I like that about Caroline. She isn’t having any of Klaus’ bullshit and just because Klaus is crushing on her doesn’t erase any of the evil he has done to everyone. Klaus is still Klaus–British, sexy, evil Klaus.

    That bracelet Klaus gave Caroline was SO Tatia’s!

    • Hey Lauren! Ooh, that would be interesting if the bracelet Klaus gave Caroline — the one that belonged to a woman “almost as beautiful as her” actually belonged to Tatiya, who looked just like Elena. (Ooooh! Burn! ;)) TVD certainly likes its parallels. And we’ve already seen Elena’s vervain necklace travel back in time to Rebekah, and to the Original Mother, before that.

      My only issue with the bracelet belonging to Tatiya (Tatia? Who knows how the heck to spell all these old names?), was that it seemed a bit too modern looking to be THAT old. The vervain necklace always had a sort o ancient look about it. But Caroline’s bracelet looked like something out of last year’s Tiffany’s catalogue. I would have thought that all the jewelry from back then was made of twigs and bamboo. 🙂

      You are right, Rebekah has quite the “O” face. Then again, that also could have been her, “Ow, you are really hurting my ass,” face. 😉

      As for Elijah making googly eyes at Elena, you are in luck. Because, if the previews are any indication, THAT honeymoon is SO OVER! (I don’t know how exactly you forgive someone who schemes with your mother to get you and your whole family killed, especially after you’ve risked everything to help her.) But hey, stranger things have happened on this show.

      The more I think about it, the more I think that the Original Witch is a Big Fat Liar. Her story just has way too many holes. Either she’s out to kill Elena, along with the rest of the Originals, as she clearly planned to do, back in episode 7, or her plan relates to all vampires. Hey, remember back in Season 1, when we thought Uncle/Father John’s little instrument was going to kill all the vampires. But it ended up just giving them a really bad headache? Good times! 🙂

      Klaus and Caroline . . . I wonder if she will ever take him up on his offer to take her traveling, even though we know that the producers can’t afford it on a CW budget. I’m still looking forward to the Green Screen with the faux photograph of the Eiffel Tower pasted behind Klaroline, as they make out in the moonlight. 🙂

  7. “Ding dong ditch,” “sire dress bond,” and more. Too funny. I have to wonder, how did they decide who to invite? It’s interesting how Stefan and Damon haven’t exactly switched places. Stefan isn’t even cold hearted protector; he’s cold hearted guy who gets things done, irrelevant to Elena’s safety, but we know that’s just a lie. I don’t think Elena wanted Stefan to break Damon’s neck. (I assumed the plan simply involved talking to Esther.) She seemed pretty shocked. Granted, only for a second, but on this show, people get over murder in an hour. I agree, too many people love Elena/Katherine/Tatya. Though this isn’t the first story that has the “everyone adores the main character” syndrome.

    Kol may be pettier than Klaus, but at least Klaus has scope and vision. He plans ahead, unlike his idiot brother, making him, I assume, able to do more damage. I hope that Klaus doesn’t “change” for Caroline, because that is a theme that annoys me about this show. It does it as well as it can, but the idea that a virtuous, strong woman can alter a horrible man by talking to him, loving him, and setting a good example, is a pernicious message that we see over and over in our culture.

    Vampires on this show have incest galore, and I allow it because 1) they are vampires and 2) the actors aren’t related. (I remember thinking the vampire brothers in Lost Boys were also incestuous.) Good point about how Esther could have gotten her kids to drink liquor in another way, haha! Not to mention, couldn’t she have talked to Elena in another way? She probably just wanted to dress up just one more time before committing a massacre. The parents on this show are ridiculous. Somehow, I like Esther, though. These Original kids have it rough. BOTH parents think they’re abominatins and want to kill them. Obviously, I am terrified at the prospect of Esther killing her kids. But I’ve always been of the persuasion that a single vampire is not worth saving if it means the death of countless innocents. And this is coming from someone who is against the death penalty!

    This episode was too heavy handed for my tastes, but it was full of adolescent goodness, nonetheless.

    • Hey Noelle! Hmmm . . if Elena wasn’t the one who came up with the idea that Stefan break Damon’s neck to incapacitate him, so Elena can go visit the Original Mother, then that was a pretty dick move on Stefan’s part to lie and blame his ex for the idea. It would be a particularly dick move, in light of the siblings’, “I love her” / “So do I” convo from last week.

      Also, and it feels weird for me to be defending Stefan in this way :), it doesn’t really seem like Stefan’s style. The only person Stefan seems to lie to lately is himself about his humanity. 🙂 As jealous as Stefan is of Damon’s and Elena’s relationship, I’m not sure he’d go so far to “break them up” as to tell Damon that the love of his life suggested Stefan “kill” him, if she didn’t.

      As for Elena’s reaction to the neck break, I kind of interpreted it as more, shock at how far she had actually gone to do this, than surprise that it happened. She had a similar expression on her face, when she staked Bex and Alaric, earlier on in the season.

      Then again, I’ve been wrong before . . . 🙂

      You are right about Kol. He didn’t exactly strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed, adorable as he was. I’m starting to think that when they handed out brains to the Michaelson kids, Klaus and Elijah got the lion share. 😉 (Rebekah’s got spunk and all, but she never struck me as much of a world beater, either. And don’t even get me started on Finn!)

      You bring up a good point about incest in the vampire world. Since the actors aren’t related, I suspect that some of the sexual tension between siblings, as well as parents and children on these shows, comes more from the fact that the ACTORS are attracted to one another, than anything intentional on the writers’ part. After all, rumor has it that Jospeh Morgan and Claire Holt are dating in real life.

      Never has unintentional sibling attraction been more apparent than on the DISNEY show “Life with Derek.” If you ever get a chance, pick up an episode or two on YouTube. It’s obscene, really. 😉

      So, do the ends justify the means when it comes to killing off Elijah? I guess that depends on whether or not the Original Witch’s motives are as “pure” as she claims them to be, or if she has something worse in mind. It also assumes the fact that Elijah NEEDED to drink Elena’s blood for the entire spell to work. If Elijah hadn’t drank the potion, would the other siblings still have been bounded, or would the whole spell have flopped? If the former was true, the happiest result would be for Elena to somehow get Elijah not to drink the blood, while not necessarily telling him WHY, so that he couldn’t stop the rest of the plan from being carried out.

      Of course, eventually, we all know he would have found out, as he seems to do pretty quickly, next week . . .

  8. Totally Awesome recap !! I think its cool that Damon and Stefan have switched places with the loving Elena thing LOL. Those poor guys and I did think Elena was Katherine when she walked in playing with the dress the way Katherine does like she isn’t used to clothes. Where do they get those outfits? I mean Elena is all but an orphan? Did they send her dress also? Its not like there was time to shop; do you think that was too unrealistic? Oh and what was with all the town extra did the put up a NOTICE at the one social establishment but then it would have been redundant to send out the Fancy invites aye?? LOL It was weird that Mama Original wants to kill all of her abominations, almost too good to be true. Isn’t it almost like she is putting Elena in charge of keeping them alive since she is the only one that knows besides Finn. It was a very interesting episode I do declare. 🙂

    • Hey there, sassyfran! You are absolutely right. I do remember wondering, when I watched this how the entire town of Mystic Falls managed to snag ball gowns, in time for this last-minute event. I live near a big city, and I don’t even know what I would do, if invited to an honest-to-goodness ball. Because I’m pretty sure that, with the exception of dress shops in LA, the only places that sell ball gowns are bridal shops.

      As for Elena and her monetary situation, now that I think about it, she might actually be kind of rich. Not only does she have two rich vampire boyfriends, both of whom are willing to buy her whatever she wants (though neither of them bought her that dress, because they didn’t want her to attend the ball in the first place), she also probably received the bulk of her parents’ estate (her dad was a doctor, and she came from a long line of old-money Gilberts), and maybe even Uncle / Father John’s money, assuming his death was eventually made public. (Though, admittedly, it never seemed like Uncle/Father John actually had a job.)

      But I agree with you, Elena gets more Katheriney with each episode, and never more so than this past week. In fact, when Katherine does come back, something tells me its going to be even harder to tell them apart than it ever was before. Watch out, Boys in Love Elena!

  9. LG

    OMG have you all seen this:

    Is it my wishful thinking or is Ian actually affectionately petting Nina?

    Anyway, great recap. I just bought my first HDTV, being delivered (I hope) in time for next week’s episode.If you don’t hear from me after next week you’ll know I spontaneously combusted after rewatching Damon and Rebecca on the big screen.

    • Hey LG! Congrats on your new HDTV! Having just got one for myself recently, I can tell you, YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. It is my belief that HDTV was made specifically for watching near-life sized versions of people who look like Ian Somerhalder, getting naked inches from your face. 😉

      Oh, and thank you, thank you, thank you, for the video. That was awesome. I’m still wiping the drool from my keyboard!

      And, you are absolutely right. Ian was definitely petting Nina in that vid. 😉 And I bet they did a lot more than petting, when they got back to Ian’s apartment, after it was all over. There is nothing like a sexy photo shoot to get a hot happy couple in the mood. 😉

  10. Maddy

    Hi! 😀 Brilliant and witty as ever 😛

    Yes, I thought Esther and Finn were way creepy. Actually I don’t thing mommy paedo can act to save her undead life. I kept cringing whenever she opened her mouth. And Kol and Finn? More horrific quasi-brittanic accents to make me squirm.

    If anyone attempts to kill Elijah (LOVE him) I will meet them after dark with a chainsaw. That means Esther. And Elena. >.<

    The whole thing is getting a little OTT (someone mentioned in a previous comment) and I agree. I mean I was finding it difficult to swallow the Original pill but Bonnie being a descendant from the witch woman?? I mean seriously??! Next we find out that Tyler is a reincarnation of the Original Wolf, Rick is the last remaining descendant of Abraham Van Helsing the Original Slayer and Matt is part of an ancient cult of footballers descended from the Original Professional Sport Player which just leaves Mayor Lockwood to be the last descendant of the Original Two Faced Bitch.
    (Okay, a little harsh. But's she's a little too smarmy for me.)

    Never been more afeared for Matt's life than I was in this episode. D: First the car, then the balcony! But never fear, Mr Manly BAMF von Salvatore is here to save the day and give that pervy Kol what for (swoons with relief and joy)! Clearly, a 1000 year old original is NO MATCH for pissed off Damon. WOOF WOOF! XD 😀 Oooh I love Damon when he goes on his rampages, sadist that I am, he's really sexy when he's evil and stuff.

    My theory about the killer? It's an evil posessed squirrell, that's inflated to three times its own size and is attempting to exact revenge on the one that slew its family (ie. Stefan) by murdering the male poulation of MF one by one. Holy crap that's it – they're all men that have died. In the dark. Mistaken identity murder by someone not quite sane? So who are they really after….Klaus? (please yes please yes) Stefan?! (again please yes) DAMON?! (NOOOOOO)

    One word.
    (Okay five words)
    1) KLEFAN. I mean Stefan has more chemistry with a brick wall than with ANY other character on the show except KLAUS. Everything they say to eachother can be interpreted as innuendos (yes everything, it's hilarious) they give eachother such eye sex it's insane and did you not see Klaus run his hands up Stefan's chest last week???? There is NO WAY that was not on purpose he was CLEARLY aiming for the bare bit around his low collar!
    (On a random aside, so annoyed that Car still roots for Squirell Face over Damon. I mean, seriously?! After all they've both done to prove how useless vs amazing, unfeeling vs selfless they are?!)
    2) PEADOPHILIA. Hypocritical I know since I ship DE but the age difference with K/C is ridiculously big and very very gross. Arguably you can ignore it though for the sake of the show, heck knows we all do with SE and DE but that is why I now come to the cincher.
    3) KLAUS IS EVIL. I don't care what anyone says about how charming and good lookinh he is. He's utterly disgusting — do people not realise he's STILL hell bent on killing everyone to get his own way, and have they forgotten all the murders at the end of Season 2 already? And no, you cannot play the "redemption" card. Klaus is NOT Damon. Damon was lost, messed up, wantonly destroying because he was heart broken, and don't get me wrong I'm not trying to excuse his behavoiur. But when he fell in love that pulled him back, made him feel guilt, made him want to be the better man. Klaus is entirely different. Klaus kills because he is cold, calculating, and power crazy. No amount of wanting Car in bed is EVER going to make him feel remorse for what he's done, and it sure as hell isn't gonna stop him from continuing to want to do so in the future. His ass and his lovely minion army will always come first. Arguably he loves his family — but is his love really love? No, his love is just a desire to control, to have power, and to have comfort HOW he wants and WHEN he wants, with them obeying his every whim. I mean jeez he had them locked up for 1000 years – something that even in his blackest moments Damon would not even have considered doing to Stefan.
    For these reasons, whatever chemistry they may have, Klaroline just makes me want to be sick. It'a just unbelievably wrong. To quote Car herself, Klaus is the BAD GUY, remember?

    I'm terrified that Kevin and Julie WILL try to pull the redemption card on Klaus. They better not – it's overused in pop culture anyway, it's cliche, it belongs to Damon on TVD, and for crying out loud what's the point of a "villain" who just turns out to be a big soppy cry baby? It's high time TVD got a villain who ACTUALLY is cold, evil, and feels no remorse, instead of ones that keep turning out to have ridiculous, banal and entirely unscary "emotional" sides to them. "Oh sob sob I was abused as a child and that's the only reason I kill people-" NEXT! This is why I like Kat, (apart from her irritating soft spot for Stefan) she genuinly is just a horrible self serving bitch, and that's it.

    I guess I'm a little unusual in that (though I could have slapped Elena for her letting Elijah drink his own death warrant, dammit) I was actually really happy at the subsequent DE fight and Damon's little, er, indiscretion. Hee hee. Not least cos we got to see him topless. Makes me sound like a cold hearted cow, I know, but actually it's because I thought Damon deserved a bit of a break. Of course I don't mean that he LIKED being hurt (the sadness!) but he hasn't been able to let loose since he tried to Kill Bill in 3×6. 😉 He's spent the whole season chasing around after Elena and she's been taking him for granted, grrr. It's high time that he felt able to let off some steam, and figuratively moves away from her. That way, for the first time, Elena will be the one that's forced to go after HIM to make amends! And it'll SERVE HER RIGHT! (Okay to my acute embarassment, this reminds me of that Miley Cyrus song "I'm not coming back, you're taking seven steps here." But it illustrates my point well.)

    Elena has rejected his feelings (well, she tries to…sort of…) so she doesn't have any claim over him, which means that she has no right to get pissed when she discovers he's slept with Rebekah. But she WILL. In a BIG WAY. Which can only mean a giant leap forward for DE! Yay! It will force her feelings for Damon out into the open in a way that nothing else could, and there will be no way, no way (fingers crossed) that she can deny her feelings any longer!

    I didn't actually especially dislike Elena for the actions I've mentioned in this episode, because when she does stupid, or cruel things, it makes her a more believable and sympathetic character in my eyes, as mainly she teeters dangerously on the edge of being a Mary Sue. (Elijah better not like her too, I mean Pie Jesu. I only ship Elijah with himself, no-one else is worthy of his badassery.) There was however ONE thing she did which made me furious…that little porch scene with St Stefan! How dare she go running to him for comfort after pushing her best friend (FUTURE HUSBAND) away?! That was an incredibly Katherine-esque moment – I realise that she still has feelings for Stefan, but she HAS to make a desicion. Only four weeks ago she was telling Damon that they would "Let him [Stefan] go." Three weeks ago she returned his brother's kiss (SE fans, don't even TRY and act like she wasn't loving every minute of that) and now, less than a month later (more like a week MF time) she comes dangerously close (as far as I can see) to kissing Stefan again! At least, if he'd kissed her then, I don't think she would have complained. It's just not on. She CANNOT keep clinging to both Salvatores, it's selfish, cruel and unhealthy, and it's bringing her closer to her hated doppelganger than ever before.

    You can't have your cake and eat it, and Elena needs to learn that she can't have it both ways. I understand she's confused over her feelings, but if she's decided to try and get Stefan back again now, she cannot morally return, or do anything but actively disencourage Damon's advances…something she sure as hell hasn't been doing up to now. 😉 (heh heh, who's blaming her, I know I wouldn't either.)

    What I guess we're all hoping is that she realises she'd rather lose any hope of getting cushy old Stefan back than have to push away her incredible relationship with Damon. I mean for gawd's sake it's not really a difficult choice is it: Most Awesome Badass Sexiest Thing On The Planet Who's Head Over Heels In Love With You vs. St Lameass Boring Ripper Douche the Scourge Of Squirrels (comes with year's supply of hair gel and free Guilt-complex!).
    Decisions, deicisions…
    I mean, SERIOUSLY, ELENA??!!

    • Hey Maddy! 🙂 First of all, THIS . . .

      “Rick is the last remaining descendant of Abraham Van Helsing the Original Slayer and Matt is part of an ancient cult of footballers descended from the Original Professional Sport Player”

      . . . had me rolling on the floor laughing . . . not to mention all the times you called Stefan, squirrel face. OUCH! 🙂 As a staunch and unapologetic Delena fan, I always try so incredibly hard not to piss off the few Stelena-ites, who read this recap. And for that reason, I tend to retract my kitty claws, quite a bit, when it comes to Stefan. But I’ve got to admit, this nickname is pretty darn hilarious. 😉

      Both Original Mom and Finn have a bit of the whole Stepford Witch and Vampire thing going for them, don’t they? I can’t decide whether it’s bad acting that makes them behave this way, or just the way the characters are written / directed. Whatever the reason, it certainly doesn’t make me want to run over and give them a hug, if you catch my drift. 😉

      As for Klaus, I don’t think they will ever fully redeem the character. As you said, no matter how attracted Klaus is to Caroline, and how kind he might be to her, Klaus is Klaus. He is a brat, who lashes out, when he can’t get what he wants. And Caroline isn’t going to be able to change that about him. That said, I do think the fact that Klaus has somewhat of a heart, and is capable of some form of love, makes the character more interesting, realistic and complex. In short, I guess I feel the same way about Klaus’ attraction to Caroline, as you do about Elena’s recent travels to the b*tch side . . .

      And if Elena is too narrow minded right now to see what a good thing she’s missing with Damon, at least they’ve allowed him to get SOME action. And they’ve allowed US to get some more shots of him naked. So, kudos for that, at least.

      By the way, congrats on finishing Nanowrimo. 😉 I’m still contemplating whether or not I want to do Script Frenzy in April. Have you considered it at all?

      • Maddy

        Thanks for the reply 🙂
        I know, I have to say from an entirely shallow point of view I’m not complaining that Damon got some action either! 🙂
        I see what you mean about Klaus, but I’m not sure I’ll ever like him. Especially not as long as I’m sure he’s destined for Stefan…oh I mean SQUIRRELL FACE! 😉
        Well actually I’m not sure I want to do script frenzy, since I’m keener on writing novelly type stuff. However, I may well sign up simply because though I managed Nano I didn’t actually finish my book! It’s so hard to keep writing when you haven’t got the force of thousands and a scary little wordcounter to keep you going. 🙂 So I might cheat by signing up to Script Frenzy to force myself to finish my book…though that may not be allowed xD

      • Have you considered this, Maddy?

        It basically offers you all the words counts, support, and benefits of Nanowrimo, without it actually being November. Even if you don’t have a full 50,000 more words to add to your first novel, it still might help you finish! 🙂 Just a thought . . .

        I was actually thinking of using it myself sometime this summer. (There are just too many TV shows on now for me to be a good novelist. ;))

  11. Camila

    Great review!
    Men, I’m so freaking angry I don’t know even how to control myself! I’ll try to make my comment as clear and unswearing as possible LOL
    Elena was such a hypocrite last night. Urgh.
    First I feel the need to say… on 3×04 she gave Damon such a hard time when he “killed” Alaric and now she does the freaking same?? THE SAME?!?
    I just… need to breathe a little
    Fine, I get she was maybe trying to protect Damon(while damon ‘killed’ Alaric because he was mad). But couldn’t she just meet Esther silently and tell her to let one of her children guarding the door? Damon would take awhile to realize she was gone (he only met her before getting “killed” because she called him) and if he tried to look for her, the original vampires wouldn’t let him interfere. Easy, clean, simple.
    Then she betrays Elijah.
    Beautiful, Elena. Applause to ya.
    I get that she’s afraid. That she wants to kill Klaus and maybe that’s the only way. But, it was so awful. Did she even wonder if the spell would work without Elijah? Did she even wonder if he would want to die so Klaus could be killed? If he’s the most honored of the Original siblings then why Finn can choose to die for this but he can’t?
    (Not from the writers, from Elena. I think.)
    And don’t let me even get started about the fact that she owes him. He saved her and the Salvatore brothers (3×13).
    And he’s so freaking awesome and honest and wonderful and good. Period.
    Now, the third one.
    I can’t even… I just…
    I get that she changed and she’s tougher now. I even get that she’d say that without thinking. (I try to get because, honestly, she should have thought a bit before saying something). But men, she spent 2,5 seasons trying to make him feel. He’s the better men now, the one he always was, and she stills doesn’t treat him better.
    However, what happened afterwards was actually worse.
    Damon saved Matt (I can’t even begin to explain how happy I was! When spoilers said S1!Damon would be back I thought he’d start killing everyone again, but he saved Matt! Out of nowhere and just because! Oh my…I’m so, so happy, glad and proud)
    Anyway, as I was saying, Damon saved Matt throwing idiot Kol off the balcony and Elena came running to see what was going on.
    She was running.
    That means she didn’t even know where Damon was, she didn’t go after him to see if he was okay.
    Then we can defend her saying she was giving him space or she needed to think, fine.
    Then there’s the Stelena porch scene (urgh delena’s territory, Elena..delena’s). She just talked to Stefan about upset she was about lying to Elijah and hurting Damon (not upset enough if you ask me. Not because I’m a shipper- I don’t even ship Elijah/Elena- but simply because what she did was too hurtful. She may not have done it on purpose, I think. But it’s so wounding and she almost shrugged and started worrying about Stefan…because that’s all that matters to her in the end, isn’t it? I’m so sorry if I’m so bitter today!)
    And then she goes and starts that lame conversation she had with him a thousand times. She tries to kiss him, to make him admit he loves her right after she broke Damon down. Come on. That’s not something she did out of a reflex (like her response to the “I love you”). She simply didn’t care. She would go back to Stefan right then and there if she could and she didn’t even care about Damon (or her own feeling about Damon. Because she has them, she just always chooses to ignore them for …several reasons I guess). And she didn’t even have self respect! Because, honestly, Stefan has been awful lately. He said that if he feels again all he’ll feel is pain. But, guess what, when Damon killed Jeremy (something so terrible I wish I had a feelings-switch too LOL) he didn’t flip his switch. He took the guilt and his emotions, because he had too. And Stefan has to flip it too. But he doesn’t. And Elena keeps begging.
    Fine, I get that she keeps begging for his own good, because Elena is such a good person (No sarcasm here) but on 3×14 she wasn’t just doing that. She was grabbing his cheek and begging for his romantic feelings, for a way of getting them back to herself.
    URGH, Elena… I love you but please become the woman you’re supposed to be. I’m a woman and I know how it is to love someone deeply for who knows how many years (seven). But if the guy is a jerk, we dig those feelings and hope they go away. There are more wonderful and great things out there.
    Okay, I’m getting too emotional, I’m so sorry!
    And finally, I’m actually not that mad now because of KW’s most wonderful tweet…
    (Spoiler I think? It said: “Who will Elena end up with? We’re so not there yet-but if you must know. Elena chooses Pacey”
    And all the parallels and all the analysis about PJO and DE danced and singed because oh man…I’m so happy…I’m SO HAPPY. I can’t even… I just…
    End of the kinda spoiler)
    I don’t think I should add anything more after that 😀 (Besides, I’m very emotional and I’m sorry if my comment doesn’t make much sense!)
    OH ! I forgot to mention: Klaus/Caroline were wonderful ! (They’re starting to remind me of Delena to be honest… Caroline is making Klaus more human, Klaus is a lot like Damon sometimes-impulsive, lonely and all- and he’s trying to be all charming but it doesn’t work. Caroline is the only one being honest with him about his behavior….interesting…)
    Tyler is so adorable! (lots of love :D)
    This love triangle will be interesting.
    And, finally, the parents of this show are the worst possible! And we thought Liz was bad during season one… THIS now is bad lol I think only Alaric (and now, Liz) are decent parents and Alaric isn’t even a real parent XD
    Now I’m done 😀

    • Hey Camila! First, I adore your interpretation of KW’s tweet. At first, my assumption was simply that Kevin was kidding around about how he always manages to write shows that engender deep, and venomous shipper wars among members of his fanbase. But everyone knows that in the PJD / DES comparison chart, Pacey is 100% Damon and Stefan is 100% Dawson. So, if you consider it that way, it is entirely possible that Kevin (who has never been shy about his preference for the Damon / Pacey characters over the Stefan/Dawson ones), is tipping his hat to fans of both shows who are desperately hoping that history repeats itself.

      A girl can dream, can’t she?

      I also really like your comparison between Caroline and Klaus, and late Season 1 (around the early teen episodes, actually) Elena and Damon. Klaus really does remind me quite a bit of the person Damon was back then . . . acting out impulsively, recklessly, and downright evily, because he feels rejected by his family, and tormented by a love he never quite got over.

      Trying desperately to use his trademark charm, money, and bag of tricks to get the girl, only to learn that she sees right through his bluster, into his soul. It’s frustrating . . . it’s maddening . . . it’s a total turn-on for this anti-hero. And though she obviously has feelings for him, she seems to be sticking by the safer choice. 😉

      All that said, I echo other fans hopes that Klaus is not totally redeemed by his relationship with Caroline. Because that would just be sappy and annoying. And then who would our Big Bad Villain be? The Original Witch? Finn? Blahhhhh.. .

      Speaking of redemption, I too appreciate the fact that Damon and Klaus never hide behind the “off-switch” on their emotions, when performing bad acts. These are two EXTREMELY emotional guys. And when they misbehave, they do it because they WANT to, and they are totally willing to accept the consequences for their actions. I think there is something a little wimpy and safe, about disavowing your previous bad acts, because your emotions weren’t “on” when you committed them and/or, turning off your emotions, simply to forget the pain.

      It’s kind of like those people who perform bad acts, and say mean things, when they are drunk, and blame it on the alcohol. No dice, at least not as far as I’m concerned. Being drunk may lower your inhibitions, and turning off your emotions might make you a bigger douche, but it doesn’t change who you are.

      That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. 😉

  12. LG

    Something’s been bothering me about the champagne-drinking scene. I think it’s possible that Elijah didn’t actually drink. He tipped the glass just slightly and didn’t seem to open his lips. Maybe he suspects something. Elena wasn’t lying all that convincingly. I guess we’ll find out soon.

  13. Melanie

    Like the comment above mine, I too do not believe Elijah OR Klaus drank the champagne. It just looked like they faked it, and I half expected the whole blood tree thing to be thrown back in Mama Ester’s face and completely miss their names, but I guess my theory was wrong!

    So this week’s episode was just crazy wasn’t it? Between the Delena dancing and ALL the Klaroline scenes I was just freaking out.

    Let me start with Klaus and Caroline. My boyfriend absolutly hates the idea of Klaus getting Caroline to fall for him because of everything he’s done, which does make sense, but after watching these two together AGAIN I can’t help but LOVE the chemistry and sparks comming from them. It’s almost made me love Klaus, and I feel almost bad for him even after all he’s done to Elena (though I AM FURIOUS with her atm). I think he deserves a redemption of sorts, because really all he needs is a hug and someone to love him after all the hate and rejection his father and mother gave him. Also, during the dancing scene I can’t help but DIE at Klaus telling Caroline that he knew she was Miss Mystic Falls ❤ I mean how could he know that? That also makes me wonder how he found out, though I do like your Google idea 😛 Finally, the drawing of her and the horse and him thanking her for her honesty was such beautiful character growth. I mean YES Klaus did throw a little tantrum when she was calling him out on his stuff, but he didn't yell and get extremly angry, he really did appreciate what she had to say. I hope Caroline is at least warming up to the idea a BIT, and I do like your theory that caroline called Tyler and asked him to come back because she needed him as a buffer to her sprouting emotions:P

    Okay now Delena stuff. When Elena walked in and Damon just simply looked at her in awe and admiration I melted. But everything just went up in flames when Elena started acting like such a BITCH! Like seriously! SNAPPING HIS NECK? wth woman.

    As a side note, I did like their dance together. At least that was one moment I didn't want to snap ELENA'S neck all episode.

    The look of pain and hurt in Damon's eyes when Elena said that HE was the problem was just heartbreaking, and good on Ian for that acting.

    I could say so much more but Once Upon A Time is on in like 2 mins and I have to go watch, but AWESOME recap as always.

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