The “Save Elena” Games . . . – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “All My Children”


Greetings, Fangbangers!  It was Original versus Salvatores versus Witches, this week on TVD.  And though the various sides were fighting with one another for any number of reasons: love,  honor, retribution, redemption, natural balance intestinal regularity,  freedom, etc. . . . at the heart of it all, was one girl.  She was the trophy . . . the badge of honor . . . the prize at the bottom of the cereal box.  And that girl, of course, was  . . . Elena Gilbert.  Isn’ it always?

So make yourself a salt pentagram, douse yourself in gasoline, and throw some horse pictures in the fire, because it’s time for another installment of The Save Elena Games  TVD-cap . . .

Figuratively (and literally) Fondling Damon Salvatore . . .

The episode begins with a sexually frustrated Elena waking up alone in bed, her arms drawn tightly around a certain teddy bear.  Hmmm . . .  that teddy bear looks very familiar.  Where have I seen it before?

Ahhh . . . it’s all starting to come together now. 😉  Having not had anyone declare their love for her in the past six hours, Elena is feeling mighty lonely.  And so she calls her men for a little love and affection.

“Worship at my altar, vampire b*tches!’

Stefan is too busy writing in his diary to pick up his phone.   And while Damon does pickup Elena’s tenth call of the night (Oh sweetie!  We all know you love him, but you should really try playing a little harder to get. ;)), he only does it, so that he can tell her he’s “over it,” and hang up on her ass.

“No more phone sex for you, Buster!  (At least not until the next time I get drunk.)” 

Now . . . this wouldn’t have anything to do with that little “your love for me is a liability” comment Elena made last night, does it Damon?

Nahh  . . . I didn’t think so .  . .

Tired of not being totally and completely doted on by her Salvatore boy toys, Elena stomps over to La Casa de Rich and Awesome, only to be greeted by a mostly naked Damon Salvatore (yay) . . . and guest (boo).


“Oh hey, Elena!  You’ve met my good friend, Jealousy, right?”

Count on Elena to give Damon a self-righteous lecture for his extra-curricular activities.  She even goes as far as to ask whether her lover has been compelled to sleep around.  Far from being angry, Damon looks rather pleased with himself.  And why shouldn’t he be?  After all, Elena is clearly falling right into his little love trap.  Come to think of it, he should have done this a long time ago . . .

But this little morning meeting is about more than sexual politics, Elena wants to fill Damon in on Mommy Witch’s plan to murder the entire Original Brood.  Elena thinks this is a problem, mainly because of the awesomeness that is Original Elijah.

She also conjectures that Damon, having had a taste of the forbidden fruit that is Rebekah, might actually give a flying fig whether she lives or dies.  As it turns out?  Not so much . .

“There’s more where she came from!”

You know who else has tasted Rebekah, but doesn’t seem to care about her continued existence on Planet Elena?  Stefan.

(Poor girl . . . she’s had thousands of years on Earth to practice.   And still, her sex skills are apparently not up to snuff.)

 At least you’ll always have eachother . . . *clears throat*

The younger Salvatore Brother appears, seemingly out of nowhere, to join Damon’s chorus of “Just let the Originals die, already.”


Outnumbered and outwitted, a pouty Elena stomps off, now even more sexually frustrated than ever  . . .

As for Damon, he’s ready to offer his brother a bromantic high five for a job very well done.  “I like you on my team,” he say congenially.

But Stefan’s never been much of a “Team Player.”  It simply isn’t in his broody, loner, eternally angsty nature.  So, instead of high fiving,  Baby Salvatore just stares longingly at Damon’s blood cup, like he want to make out with it, and snidely echos Klaus’ sentiments that Elena would be much better off without both of them.

(Truth be told, I think Elena’s Teddy Bear would strongly disagree with this statement.  Thanks to the state in which our Salvatore Brothers left Elena the night before, it is now pregnant.)

Aside from wishing to live out the rest of his life as a celibate bunny muncher, Stefan is also concerned that Elena’s conscience will get the best of her, and cause her to eff up Mama Original’s kiddie killing plan.

What?  Elena?  Ruin plans?  NEVER!

Our brother the martyr . . . Our sister the strumpet . . .

Meanwhile, Rebekah and her sex hair have returned to the still-frighteningly unfurnished Originals house.  So, of course, every sibling wishes for a chance to get a dig in at her expense.  Kol, gets the first shot in, by very eloquently calling his sister a strumpet.  To this Rebekah responds that she wishes to systematically remove his teeth from his mouth   . . . which, in Original Vampire world, is likely a form of foreplay.


Jealous that Rebekah is getting sex with someone other than him and he isn’t, Kol commandeers Klaus to go with him to the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, in hopes that he can remedy his little problem . . .

Klaus agrees, because . . . hey . . .why continue to draw pictures of Caroline with a horse, when, instead, you can ride her, like a philly?  But, of course, Kol isn’t quite done with Rebekah yet.  He still has THIS to say . . .


 I’ve gotta say, I’m loving this guy’s sense of humor.  TVD writers, please somehow insert a scene into the show in which vampire comedians Kol and Damon face off against one another with a delicious round of “Yo Mama” jokes .  . . 😉

With Kol and Klaus out of the house,  Elijah confides in Rebekah that their mother has been acting weirder than usual .  . . Some of the weird things she’s been doing include conducting privacy spells in the house, and looking at her children, as if she wishes to chop off their heads and wear them as hats.  Rebekah sees nothing at all strange about this.  Then again, she’s probably still too busy nursing her war-torn vajayjay to worry about much of anything.


Besides Rebekah wasn’t the one who had to suffer Elena lying to her face.  (At least, when Elena screwed over Rebekah, she did it in her back.)  So, Elijah decides to pay his pretty little liars a visit . . .

Tales of a Vampire Gigolo

Elena has invited Bonnie and Caroline over to listen to her b*tch about Damon having sex with other women.  You know, because his love for her is such a liability, and all . . .  Well played, Damon.  When it comes to turning on the object of your affection, screwing Rebekah seems to have been your most effective manuever since Miss Mystic Falls.  You can almost hear her panties falling, throughout the episode . . .


Bonnie tries to conduct Mama Original’s privacy spell.  But clearly, she isn’t working hard enough at it because (1) it isn’t working; and (2) her nose isn’t bleeding.

That’s better!

Then, Elena finally manages to stop drooling over Damon long enough to hear about Bonnie’s and her mom’s little pact with the Original Witch  to kill all her kids that very night.   Ruh-roh!  Talk about burying the lead!

Both Bonnie and Caroline don’t seem to think it’s Elena’s fault that Elijah will be included in this bloodbath.  I disagree.  And then, like magic, the gentleman vampire himself appears at Elena’s front door . . .

“Are you there, Elena?  It’s me, Elijah!”

Ever the romantic, Elijah decides to take Elena for a little trip down memory lane.  (Silly Elijah, doesn’t he realize the way to get into Elena’s pants is by sleeping with his sister?)  As they travel through forests, trees, and various grassy knolls, Elijah is able to recount, from memory, all the things that used to exist in that very spot, once upon a time.  They stop at an opening to a cavern, which apparently has an intricate network of tunnels that run directly below Mystic Falls . . . in other words, the Perfect Makeout Spot.

This is where Elijah chooses to drop the bomb on Elena that he knew she was lying about Mama Original’s motives all along, due to her telltale rapid heartbeat.  But, of course, Elijah being Elijah even manages to make this accusation sound like a compliment, by peppering it with phrases like, “I admire you.”  and ‘You have compassion.” and “It is not in your nature to be deceitful.”

 “That’s not going to work!”

It works like a charm!

The next thing you know, Elena is a blubbering,  quivering mass of puddy in Elijah’s hands.  She confesses everything.  “I just wish there was something I could do,” Elena whines.

“Be careful what you wish for,” replies Elijah, before literally stamping out the ground beneath him, hugging Elena toward him, and traveling through the floor with her Reverse Superman Style.

One word: HOT!

The battle lines are drawn

While Elena tries in vain to get cell phone receptions, Damon calls Alchy-ric, who likely hasn’t left his seat at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, since last week, when he got out of the hospital, after that whole “death” thing.  He’s with Crazy Nanny Carrie, who never seems to mind that the only thing these two ever do on dates is get wasted.  (Clearly, she’s just as big of an alcoholic as he is . . .  perhaps, intoxication helps dull the crazy.)

The Bromantic Buddies exchange some much-deserved barbs with one another.  Alaric gives Damon a “hard” time about his Originals Sex, which, of course Elena told him about, because she tells Daddy everything. 😉


Damon, in turn, notes that Alaric is still screwing a psychopath serial killer.  (Given what happens at the end of the episode, Damon probably should have been a bit more concerned about that.)  Of course, the Elder Salvatore Brother has bigger fish to fry, at this point.  His lady love is missing.  And Damon rightly suspects that foul play was involved.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Abby have kept their date to meet with Mama Original, who’s just filled with syrupy compliments for the two witches who both almost maimed members of her family.  She also shares a bunch of hippy dippy philosophies about “restoring the balance of nature,” by using the direct descendants of Esther’s former bestie, Ayanna.  Through it all, Mommy’s golden child Finn continues to stare at the witches, as if they are lunch.  It’s all highly unpleasant.  But after last week, the Bennetts are so happy to have an actual plotline in this episode, that they keep their mouths shut.

“Just nod and smile, baby.  Just nod and smile.” 

Underground, Elena runs into Rebekah, who’s still rocking a major grudge, as a result of the whole “backstabbing” thing.  What’s nice about Rebekah is that she seems to be the only individual on the show, who’s completely immune to Elena’s charms.  After chasing her around the cavern, roughing her up a bit, and forcing her to make a humiliating “ransom video” on her cell phone (But how did she get reception?), Rebekah kindly explains to her captive, Elijah’s diabolical plan for her.  The plan?  Rebekah gets to murder Elena, if the Salvatores don’t find a way to stop the Originals from dying.


Over at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Elijah explains the same thing to Stefan and Damon, who seem reluctantly amenable to Elijah’s requests.  Anything for Elena!  (Man, how many times has THIS happpened!  For folks who claim to want Klaus dead, the Salvatore brothers sure seem to like saving his life, a lot!)

Back in the tunnel, just to prove that she means business, Rebekah actually douses Elena with gasoline, when the latter holes herself up in a vampire-free section of the cavern.  Hurry up, Salvatores!  Or else, Baked Elena might end up on the dessert menu at the next Originals Family Ball!

Speaking of balls . . .

The Original Hybrid Pickup Artist

The plan of the day is to play “divide and conquer” with the Originals, so a non-vampire can dagger one.  Each participating Scooby Gang member gets a mark.  Caroline, of course,  gets Klaus.  But Kol clearly likes her too , and chooses to show it with construction worker-type cat calls.  Though, I guess  the words “She looks tasty,” have different connotations depending on whether a construction worker, or an original vampire are uttering them.


Either way, Klaus isn’t cool with Kol leering at his Vampire Barbie.  “Say another word, and I’ll take your liver,” Klaus threatens.

First his teeth, now his liver.  I’m starting to think Kol is that guy laying on the operating table in the game “Operation.”  Everybody just takes what they want from him. (Personally, I’d go for the eyes and the lips.)

This is Kol . . . 

When Caroline gives chase, Klaus runs after her gamely.  *insert whipping sound*


 “Get to know me, I dare you,” says Klaus, as the two get comfy on a park bench.


But just because Caroline needs to keep Kol from Klaus, doesn’t mean she’s going to go easy on her mark.  In fact, when asked about her “hopes and dreams” (oh, Klaus, you really have been a bit out of practice, haven’t you?), she says this:


Back in the bar,  Kol is busy trying to make it on top of the pool table with Crazy Nanny Carrie.  (Kol, here’s a hint for you . . . some meals are just not worth tasting.)  So, busy, in fact that he barely sees Alaric come at him with the white oak dagger in the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  It’s like a game of Clue!

All around Mystic Falls, Originals begin to drop undead .  . . except for Klaus . . . who just gets a stomach ache.  But I guess that kind of makes sense, since he’s the only Original who, as a result of his hybrid status, is immune to the white oak dagger.  Klaus’ Spidey Sibling Sense immediately tells him that Kol is hurt.  So, he abandons that Jezebel Siren Caroline, and rushes to intercept and de-dagger Kol, who’s currently being dragged away by Alaric and the Salvatores . . . though, honestly, I’m not sure they were all needed for this part of the plan.

A scuffle ensues, and Kol  is destaked in the process, thereby reanimating the rest of the Originals.  Alaric doesn’t fair quite as well, suffering a cracked rib, and major blow to the head.  He probably would have gotten much worse.  But Elijah has appeared to put an end to the fighting, and get everyone focused on the plan at hand.  i.e. “Stop Mommy Dearest, from eliminating us permanently, or Rebekah will have a lesbianic underground interlude with painfully disembowl Elena.

The Salvatore Brothers know exactly what they have to do . . .

Heads I win, Tails Bonnie loses . . .

Over in witchland, Mommy Original has fashioned a pretty little flaming pentagram out of salt.  The idea is for Finn to die in the middle of it,  while all the witches chant, and permanently erase the rest of the Originals.  (Honestly, I think it might all be for theatrics, especially considering how seemingly easy it was to “stake” all the Originals by staking Kol.)  Anywhoo, after a brief hiccup caused by Finn “acting” momentarily staked, the Dead Originals show is once again on . . .

Outside the festivities, Stefan and Damon are discussing how much they both love Elena, and are fighting over which one of them will “stop the spell” by “breaking the Original Witches’ connection to the Bennett line, by “breaking one of the Bennetts.”  Neither one wants to do it.



But only because it would piss off Elena, and possibly, temporarily make her love the killer less, not because they give two flying figs about the Bennetts.  They actually do a coin toss to decide which brother will end up in the doghouse.  We don’t get to see who wins . . . yet.

Elijah and Klaus arrive at the Salt Pentagram, so that Original Mother can tell them in person what abominations she thinks they really are . . . even Elijah, who’s a better vampire than most people are humans.  But really, the Originals should be expecting this.  After all, on this show, if you do have a parent, that’s a good indicator that he or she is probably going to try and kill you at least once.  The best way to survive Mystic Falls is to be an orphan . . .like Elena . . . and the Salvatores.  Which reminds me, have we met Alaric’s parents yet?


Inside the witch house, Stefan accosts a now-tearful Bonnie, coldly explaining to her what’s going to happen . . . and all for the love of Elena.  But then, in a surprise move,  Damon pops up, and vampirizes Abby, thereby breaking the Original Mother’s connection to the family line because  . . . wait for it . . . witches can’t be vampires.

In a moment of unintentional hilarity, Original Mother instantly feels the witchy connection severing.  “Don’t abandon me, sisters,” she yells.

Oh, silly Original Mother?  Have you not by now realized that these witches are some fickle b*tches?  I mean look at their track record: they supported Abby . . . they abandoned Abby . . . they supported Bonnie . . . they abandoned Bonnie . . . they tortured Damon .   . . they stopped torturing Damon . . .they tortured Klaus . . . they stopped torturing Klaus . . . they hid the coffins . . . they made the coffins appear.

Anywhoo, both Finn and Original Mommy evaporate into thin air.  But we know we’re not lucky enough for them to be actually dead, right?

The Aftermath . . .

Rebekah eventually lets hostage Elena free, but not before the two have a little heart-to-heart about how Rebekah is REALLY mad at her, because . . . wait for it . . . she hurt her feelings, by not really wanting to be her friend.  (Because telling someone why they are mad at you isn’t patronizing at all!)  Rebekah agrees though, (She is Klaus’ sister, in every sense of the term . . . and these two really do seem to have a soft spot for the ladies, and an almost desperate need for companionship.  She also reminds Elena that Revenge is a decent show on ABC a dish best served cold.  So, Elena can expect to get hers in small doses.  How sweet!


Speaking of cold . . . shoulders, Elena goes to see Bonnie, and is sent away by Caroline, who rightly tells Elena, that it’s kind of her fault that Bonnie’s mom is a vampire.  (Grams would have hated that!)  And that Bonnie’s getting a little tired of playing the “Save Elena Games,” and ending up crying as a result.  (However you might feel about Bonnie, Abby and forced vampirism, you have to admit, girlfriend has a point.)

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized, in order for someone to save Elena Gilbert . . . 

Elena leaves sobbing, and, on the other side of the door, Bonnie is sobbing too.  Something tells me Damon going to be getting a lot of cell phone calls tonight. 😉

“What are you wearing?” 

Meanwhile, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Damon and Stefan have a heart-to-heart about Stefan returning to the bunny diet after that heinous Bridge Incident, and Damon taking the fall on the whole “kill Bennett” thing, despite having won the coin toss.   There goes Damon again, doing the martyr thing, and all for his little brother’s love of Elena.  On one hand, it’s frustrating . . . and a little annoying.  On the other hand, Damon did say this “I’m better at being the bad guy.”


Now, with this, I agree.   Once again, I’m brought back to Damon’s and Stefan’s conversation in “The Last Dance,” when, again Bonnie’s “life” and Elena’s psychological well being were sacrificed to save Elena from an Original.  Back then, Damon told Stefan that he would be the one who kept her alive.   And he was willing to play that role in her life, even if she ended up hating him in the process.

Somewhere along the line, Damon lost a bit of that edge.  He just started to love Elena way too much for her to hate him in return.  But I actually think it’s this so-called “bad Damon,” who Elena fell in love with,  in the first place.  And something tells me that, while Damon’s unquestioning support of Elena scared her away to some extent, his loving and protecting her from afar, while pretending not to care, will drive her right back into his eternally waiting arms . . .

At least, I hope so . . .

In other news, Elijah left town, leaving a Dear John-esque parting letter for Elena in his wake.  Turns out, he wasn’t just blowing smoke up her ass, so that he can kidnap her.  Elijah really does admire and envy Elena’s compassion.  How adorable!  Now, get the f*&k back to Mystic Falls, so that you can hit on, and sacrifice your life for Elena, just like everyone else . . .

Also, Klaus burned some pictures of Caroline and that horse.  There were a SCARY amount of pictures, actually.  So, is this the end of Klaroline? I’m thinking not . . . once again, giving a lady her space is the absolute best way to remind her of what she might be missing . . . even if what she’s missing just so happens to be a sociopathic vampire, with a bit of a stalking problem. 🙂  He’s still super pretty though!

Speaking of Klaus, Rebekah pops by to tell him that she’s been spending a lot of time reading cave paintings, and one of them told her that White Oak Ash trees still exist.  This means the Originals lives are still at risk . . . a little factoid I’d be a bit more concerned about, if we hadn’t by now seen them all staked and de-staked, by white oak ash daggers, about 82 times a-piece, this season . . .

Oh Crazy Nanny Carrie . . . you weren’t fooling ANYONE except, perhaps, Alaric.

In our lame, predictable, disappointing Big Bad Cliffhanger, Alaric awakens in Crazy Nanny Carrie / Meredith’s messy house to find that the good doctor has been collecting evidence about the Mystic Falls Serial Killer, including one of the murder weapons.   “You shouldn’t have seen that,” says Meredith . . . even though SHE KEPT IT COMPLETELY IN PLAIN SITE FOR HIM TO FIND.


Then she shoots him, which, I guess is supposed to make us think she’s the serial killer.  But that would just be too easy.  As for whether Alaric was wearing his ring, and whether it will actually work to bring him back to life, this time.  That remains to be seen.  But something tells me that our favorite History Teacher will live to drink and drunk dial, another day . . .

Unfortunately, that’s all the TVD she wrote, at least for another month-long-hiatus . . .

But hey, next week’s episode is a DAMON SALVATORE ORIGIN episode, which is as good a way to make up for lost time as any, right?

And until then . . . we’ll always have fanfiction, Fangbangers! . . . 😉

[][Fangirls forever]


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42 responses to “The “Save Elena” Games . . . – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “All My Children”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Apparently this Sage is an evil version of Lexi meaning while Lexi taught Stefan his bunny diet, Sage taught Damon to be the monster that he was in Season 1. Awesome oh yeah Stefan knows her too.

    Now I hate that Stefan is going back to the bunny diet, I felt why not just keep him in the human diet even if it was blood packs. But I have a feeling we have not see the last of Ripper Stefan or maybe we have.

    How many people have lost their lives to protect Elena? Elena must be protected, I have begun to hate her. I feel the brothers should being the center of the show from now on. Perhaps do a storyline they have spent decades together on and off.

    Now Bonnie is gonna hate Elena purely from now on.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I love the parallel you drew between Sage and Lexi. I think it’s interesting that both Stefan’s and Damon’s lives as vampires were shaped by strong powerful females . . . first Katherine, and then Lexi and Sage, respectively. Before Elena came along and changed everything for them, these were Stefan’s and Damon’s sole guideposts for what it actually means to be in love.

      Katherine taught Stefan and Damon that love could be all-consuming, mind-altering, and incredibly destructive, but also euphoric, and highly addictive. Lexi taught Stefan that true love had the power to transform . . . that it made eternal life worth living, and that it made the pain of being an “emotional” vampire worthwhile. At the same time, Sage taught Damon that being a vampire was about experiencing pleasure, in all of its forms, be it blood drinking, sex, or violence. Pure pleasure, though admittedly shallow, is less painful than love, in many ways.

      Having always played second fiddle to his brother, Damon never really got realize how much power he had over women. His vampiric tendencies only magnified that untapped power. Damon’s magnetic attractiveness, and his unparalleled ability to give and receive pleasure is a gift . . . one that can easily be abused, which is exactly what Damon did, for quite sometime, thanks to Sage’s teachings.

      As for Elena, yeah . . . she sure managed to get herself on a lot of people’s poopy lists, these past couple of weeks. But I still can’t see Bonnie ever truly hating her. It would probably spell the end of her character, if the writers ever took her down the villain path. Plus, I suspect her fanbase would revolt. 🙂

  2. Valkyrie

    Unfortunately the next episode will air in the March 15…

    • Sad but true, Valkyrie. Hiatus periods are the WORST! My Thursday nights are definitely going to be much lonelier, without my Mystic Falls friends to keep me company. 🙂

  3. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    So, what’s the name of the Elijah/Elena ‘ship, ’cause I wanna climb on board!!!! That note made me fall in love with him, too.

  4. Veronica

    I actually enjoyed this episode. I loved the interaction between the Original family. Kol’s little barbs at Rebekah sleeping around were hilarious and Klaus taking him out to the only bar in Mystic Falls in true Damon Salvatore fashion was fun to watch. It would have been nice to see them actually act like vampires and EAT someone though. I think it was Alaric that said they had drank half of the grills liquor supply(Jealously, perhaps?). Everyone on this show abuses alcohol and has bad parents. These are the kind of things that we need to be teaching our youth.

    When Elijah, Klaus, and Kol walked over the hill towards mommy dearest and golden boy Finn, it was incredibly hot. They may have had bad parents but at least they gave them good genes! I am not sure what happened to Finn when the spell failed and Esther disappeared. I think he must have vamp speeded away.

    Once again, Damon Salvatore is content to be the silent hero. It is heartbreaking to watch. I guess that means Damon and Elena’s relationship will regress a little more now. He still didn’t get any thanks for saving Matt’s life yet. On the other hand, I am glad to see him get some of his spunk back and like you, I think this will draw Elena closer to him again since it was this Damon that she originally fell for.

    Stefan is back on the bunny-eating bandwagon now. I really think him and Finn would make the best of friends with all their self-loathing.

    Kol and Elijah left town 😦 . It was really nice of Rebekah to let them know that there is another weapon out there to kill them before they left. Hopefully they won’t be gone for long. I am really starting to love Kol’s character. He reminds me of Damon. And I loved Elijah from the start. I am just glad they didn’t kill them off. I recently read an interview with Daniel Gillies and this is what he had to say:

    In fact, Gillies is well aware of the fans’ pleas for an Originals spin-off and said that he already has an entire — and much more adult — premise mapped out in his head.

    “Lots of people have been talking about a potential spin-off, which we’d all love to do. Claire [Holt], Joseph [Morgan] and I have talked about it. This family is so uniquely creepy, and the writers are slowly starting to humanize them and make them into truly compelling characters. I’ve always said that it would be neat to watch an R-rated version of this family, kind of like ‘The Sopranos.’ I see them as gangsters living in some sort of corporate vampire world, living in New York. There would be swearing and violence and all sorts of mischief. Forget ‘True Blood,’ this would be the best show ever.”

    I agree Daniel, it would be great to watch an R-rated version of this family 🙂 but can we please have some crossover episodes with Damon Salvatore! Come on Julie Plec. Make it happen!

    • Hey Veronica! Oooh, I don’t what’s better, the idea of an R-rated mob, violence, and sex-filled Originals spinoff, or the idea of Damon Salvatore getting to guest star on it, so that we get to see IAN SOMERHALDER be R-rated as well. 😉

      I know Kevin Williamson has been busy juggling two shows. But this is really an excellent way to keep the franchise alive. And I hope the writers really do consider it. In some ways, I think, an Originals program would attract even a larger fanbase than TVD or TSC, because it would be something that guys in the target demographic, and older viewers would want to watch as well. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this actually happens.

      Speaking of the Originals, it was nice to see them integrating into Mystic Falls society, and interacting with our main characters, for a change. I actually would have liked to see a little more of that, and found their departure at the end of the episode to be a bit artificial and abrupt. Because you are right, self-loathing Finn would make for a good mopey, bunny hunting companion for Stefan Salvatore. (Let’s throw Edward Cullen in their too for good measure.) I also agree with you, that Kol and Damon could eventually become good pals, once they tired of kicking eachothers asses and trying to kill one another.

      But you are right, for an episode filled with blood thirsty Originals, there wasn’t nearly enough “eating” going on. Hopefully, next week’s Damon Origins episode will make up for that . . . 😉

  5. serendipity

    Hi Julie! Amazing recap as always! You really always make me think deeper about what I saw (and show me thinks I didn’t see at all 😉

    First off, the Elena jealousy… I still think it’s a pity she didn’t walk in on them in the bedroom (there’s a great fanfic story, called Don’t break my Heart about that from Angel’s blue eyed girl that you might want to check out) 😉 But she really can’t keep quiet about it, can she? When did she tell RIC? Honestly Elena! For someone who thinks that Damon’s loving you is a problem, you are very interested in what happens in his bed(room) (aren’t we all LOL) And nobody did explain how Rebekah’s dress got miraculously whole again… But since Rebekah grew up in the days of homespun, perhaps she’s handy with a needle? Sewing at vampire speed must be awesome to watch 😉

    Come to think of it, for all of their differences, those Salvatore brothers have an awfully similar taste in women LOL although why Stefan always seems to get them first, is completely unfathomable! (Insert a surprisingly fond thought for Rose here, who actually refused Stefan once upon a time because she had a thing for bad boys).

    Don’t you just love Salvatore bonding… even though the preview – and Stefan’s longing looks at the second glass of blood – had already made me wonder whether the bunnies might not again be endangered? Cue moody and broody Stefan. Pity, really. I actually liked ripper Stefan better: not only is he much more interesting, but at least he’s cool with Delena awesomeness (remember ‘Carry on!’?). Bunny-eating Stefan on the other hand seems to enjoy sending his brother on a guilt-trip over his love for Elena, over and over again. With all the I love hers he’s uttered to Damon these past few episodes, and all his admonitions that neither of them is good enough for Elena… He’s like a spoiled child: if I can’t have her, Damon can’t either. And Damon, poor thing, bows out. I just KNEW he’d won the toss, but decided to do the killing anyway in Stefan’s stead so Stefan could sweep in and get the girl. Then again, like you said, she actually fell for Bad Boy Damon first. And we all know women are strange like that: they all want to be the ones who tame the bad boy, but if you succeed, he’s no longer interesting… So Damon, get your mojo back, man!

    You said something about the white oak thing… I think the daggers dipped in white oak ash just bring death-until-daggerremoval. But if I remember correctly, only a stake made from real white oak is able to kill originals deader than dead (remember Mikael?). It was even supposed to be able to kill Klaus. They all thought there was only the one stake (that Mikael had), since they burned down the original white oak tree, but apparently there were shoots after that. Betcha it’s the tree outside Elena’s window 😉

    So our good doctor likes pointy objects, does she? (I’m sure Alaric could have helped her out, if she’d only asked 😉 Was it actually one of the weapons that was already used for murder and mayhem, or was it a ‘fresh’ one? If she actually is the killer (and just like you, I honestly doubt it), why didn’t she kill him off last week in the hospital? And how did she make it so that everybody forgot or didn’t see who stabbed them? At least a vampire can use speed and compulsion; she cannot. And it doesn’t explain the fingerprints on the weapons either. And why does she use a revolver now? She could have done so before (easier and much less messy)… But why then does she have all that evidence lying around? Maybe she is in league with whoever is actually doing the stabbing?

    I’m pretty confident that Alaric isn’t dead, because I’ve be SPOILED in that we are getting some flashbacks to Ric’s background (yay), which would not actually make any sense if he were D-E-A-D, now would it? Two options. Either she hit him somewhere non-vital (a doctor should know where that might be; I’m thinking an arm or a leg…) OR she is a supernatural being of some kind (might explain one of the points I made above), which would mean that his ring should work (if it still has any juice left in it, because it’s been put to the test an awful lot lately…).

    I’m quite excited about next episode, since it’s Damon centered flashbacks (we’ve so earned those LOL), even if it’s still a month away (boo on that!). What do you think of Sage? I think it’s kind of funny that Sage is a woman who has a ‘history’ with Damon; and if the preview was right, she’s taught him his Vampire Gigolo ways LOL Should be awesome for more jealous Elena! I always did used to think that Damon’s link with the Sage character in the books was kind of homoerotic (Sage was a guy there ;))… She’s also supposed to have a link with the Originals. I had the feeling that Kol was being deliberately dense last week, during the ball at the new Original Crib, when Damon said that he thought they’d met before? Maybe Sage could be the link there. Kol didn’t say right out that they’d never met either…

    On the subject of fanfic, I’m thinking that I’d like to dig a little into this shared history between Damon and Sage… I know I promised to finally get back to Elena’s Anger, and I shall, but I might see what comes out of this one…

    Are you planning on doing something during hiatus? Like, Original Family Dynamics or the many faces of Stefan the Ripper? Just a thought…

    • Hey Serendipity! Speaking of fanfictions, I laughed at the re-emergence of the tree, because that was exactly how I solved the “Klaus problem” in my first fanfiction, way back when. And everyone kept saying to me in the comments. “That can’t happen. There was only one tree, and it’s gone!” Go figure! 😉

      I also happened to find the fanfiction you suggested, and LOVED IT TO PIECES!

      This really has to happen on the show! The writer managed to capture Damon’s, and Rebekah’s voice perfectly, not to mention create a much more likeable version of Elena than the one hanging around Mystic Falls lately.

      I am slightly curious about Crazy Nanny Carrie and her little gunplay game, at the end of the episode. We know Alaric’s not really going to croak. So, is she supernatural, or just a really bad shot. 🙂 I think it would be kind of interesting if she ended up being a kind of supernatural creature we haven’t seen yet, like a succubus, or something. Crazy Nanny Carrie definitely has a sort of succubus quality about her, doesn’t she? (Or maybe she just sucks. :))

      I also agree with you that she’s not going to end up being the serial killer. I suspect she has her own reasons for investigating the murders. She might even think that Logan Fell was one of the serial killer’s targets.

      As for who the killer actually is, I kind of like the idea of it being a kitsune, like the ones that caused so much trouble in the TVD series. If you think about it, the fact that a kitsune can take on human form, and possess and manipulate anyone and anything, would explain, both why the murders seem to be perpetuated by humans, and why someone like Alaric can battle with a murderer all across the Gilbert house, without remembered his assailant. The other cool thing about such a storyline, is that it would mean that ANYONE in Mystic Falls could physically commit a murder, without actually being a murderer. My money is actually on the kitsune using Alaric to commit most of the murders, because something about the ring makes him vulnerable to possession. (It worked for Klaus, right?)

      Just a thought . . .

      Speaking of the books, I forgot that Sage was a TVD book series character. Those two did seem to “care” for one another, quite a bit, didn’t they. It’s interesting that the TVD television series keeps drawing characters from the books, but interpreting them in new and different ways. Very clever.

      While I’m THRILLED to get an entire episode devoted to Damon flahbacks. (We’ve been waiting for this since Season 1.) I’m not sure I’m a fan of the Sage character . . . at least insofar as how she was portrayed in the previews. (The wrestling? Ick!) On one hand, it makes sense that an older woman would be the one to tutor Damon in the ways of sexual pleasure, and manipulation. On the other hand, I remember seeing the “Stefan Origin” episode last season, and feeling as though it was a bit of a cop out that Stefan changed his whole life, just because some blonde vamp told him, “All you need is love.” (Gag.)

      I’m hoping Damon’s motivations for becoming the vampire we know and love are a bit more complex than some lady telling him to do it. I was hoping for something deeper . . . a little angst, turmoil, and rejection . . . a juicy experience that would be painful enough for Damon that it would prompt him to decide never to love another woman again . . . that lust was good enough, and less painful at that.

      But it’s hard to tell from just a preview. And this story will end up being exactly that . . . 😉

      Ooh, drafting an Originals Family post would be a really fun way to spend the hiatus. Great idea. I’ve noticed that our Elijah/Klaus Damon/Stefan post has experienced quite the resurgence in popularity since last week’s episode. Maybe I should take that as a sign? 🙂

  6. This recap was way too funny. “So make yourself a salt pentagram, douse yourself in gasoline, and throw some horse pictures in the fire, because it’s time for another installment of The Save Elena Games TVD-cap.” Fun! The Originals love fire, eh? “The younger Salvatore Brother appears, seemingly out of nowhere, to join Damon’s chorus of ‘Just let the Originals die, already.'” A chorus I will never join. “Are you there, Elena? It’s me, Elijah!” I laughed so much at this. “Just nod and smile, baby. Just nod and smile.” Hilarious. Doesn’t Bonnie basically say this to her mother when she starts to make a disparaging comment about Finn?

    A few more hysterical quotes:
    “For folks who claim to want Klaus dead, the Salvatore brothers sure seem to like saving his life, a lot! Fantastic!”
    “But Kol clearly likes her [Jezebel Siren Caroline] too , and chooses to show it with construction worker-type cat calls. Though, I guess the words “She looks tasty,” have different connotations depending on whether a construction worker, or an original vampire are uttering them.”
    “First his teeth, now his liver. I’m starting to think Kol is that guy laying on the operating table in the game ‘Operation.'”
    “Back in the bar, Kol is busy trying to make it on top of the pool table with Crazy Nanny Carrie. (Kol, here’s a hint for you . . . some meals are just not worth tasting.)” — Actually, wouldn’t they be perfect together? crazy + crazy = one dead crazy.
    “After all, on this show, if you do have a parent, that’s a good indicator that he or she is probably going to try and kill you at least once.”

    Poor Rebekah. XD rejected by both Salvatores. I wasn’t thrilled about the last two episodes, rather annoyed, really. But then I loved this one. This show.

    Regarding last week’s episode, somehow I totally missed the fact that Elena did specifically arrange Damon’s incapacitation! I was completely wrong. Maybe I was too fixated on the fact that Stefan broke Damon’s neck? Whatever the case, Damon was weirdly forgiving, but he tends to be about physical violence. The Originals had better be back, because they are currently my favorite thing about the show. The other stuff is getting a little repetitive. I will miss your TVD recaps and the show for the next month!

    • Hey Noelle! Awww, thanks so much for your super sweet comment. It definitely made me smile. Sometimes, I write these recaps so late at night that I completely forget what I wrote in them. So, reading your comment had me nodding and smiling the whole time, thinking. “YEAH! I remember that!”

      This episode of TVD definitely brought the funny, whether or not all of that “funny-bringing” was intentional. I think one of the things I like best about this show is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously . . . oh . . . and the guys are hot. 😉 Have you noticed? 🙂

      For a pretty vamp, Rebekah does get rejected a bunch, doesn’t she. Stefan . . . Matt . . . Damon. I do suspect Damon and she will be making more use of one another’s bodies, in the future, especially now that Damon is back in martyr for the Stelena cause / bad boy mode. But I’d actually kind of like to see Rebekah with her OWN guy. I think it would be particularly ironic for Rebekah and Matt to pair up, especially since Matt was all “Anti-Supernatural” up until fairly recently. Imagine Matt trading in Caroline (who has more than enough men on her plate, anyway) for an even more “vampy” vampire, one who doesn’t believe in playing nice and sticking to the blood bags. 🙂

      I also don’t think the Originals use nearly enough compulsion on this show. Man, if I had the power to control other vampires, I’d be using that “skill” all the time! 🙂

      Yep, as awful as it sounds, Elena did, in fact, orchestrate Damon’s neck-breaking, this past week. A form of foreplay, perhaps? 😉

  7. Sam

    Don’t leave Elijah! *clings to his pants leg*

  8. Tricus

    This epsiode started of slow and stayed slow to me. There were some interesting parts but for the most part it was a slow episode.
    1) Loved that Damon blew Elena off with her night before 10 phone calls and her morning phone call/visit.
    2) Happy he didn’t apologize for anything and told her that not everything he does is because of her. I think Elena actually thinks that. LOL
    3) Stefan ignoring Elena morning call was him playing hard to get an making her do all the running. Like Damon said they both stil llove her but at least Damon is not hiding it and being all passsive/aggressive. Damon may still love Elena BUT he will not play by her rules anymore.
    4) Elijah is so suave and mannerly even when he is being threatening. I love it. He does have a soft spot for Elena and I hope to see him again. Love when he grabbed Elena, broke the cavern roof and jumped down. Sexy.
    5) Klaus/Caro was kind of sweet. Kol is just Kol, a frat boy.
    5) Rebekah I loved that she was soo blunt, kind of mean and told Elena like it is. She is the one that is usually consistent in her truth telling to Elena face.
    6) Bonnie/Abby siding with Esther so quickly I can understand up to a point. But I would still want more info from Esther. Abby being turned was better than her being dead,dead. At least she can choose to stay “alive” or die.
    7) Bonnie- I can understand her anguish and not wanting to see Elena. everything that is done for Elena does end up hurting someone and Bonnie has lost a lot of people due to the save Elena games. I don’t know if Bonne will be VERY angry with Damon for what he did but she may be.
    I know Damon will not explain what the alternative choices would have been so.
    8) Elena can be mad at Damon for what he did to Abby and I wouldn’t care. I hope that Damon doesn’t care either. Once Elena get the true story and calm down she will see there was not any other options after the first daggering option was foiled.
    9) It is time for Damon to do what he needs to do to be okay and stop waiting for Elena to choose him. I think he has the right idea.
    10) Meredith shooting Alaric: HMM she may have a accomplice. I read somewhere that someone speculated that a vampire may be working with Meredith because for someone to kill all those people ( Alaric etc..) and not be seen would take speed etc..
    Yes Meredith is too obvious as working alone BUT she is stil a psycho. Alaric will be alright, I hope.
    Yep can’t wait for Damon origin in March. Will be very interesting. That Sage girl looks badass too. I actually wouldn’t mind her in present day Mystic Falls for 1-2 epi. She would really get Elena even more jealous since Sage has a history (good or bad) with Damon. Elena wouldn’t have been talking about Damon/Rebekah with everyone and their brother if it didn’t bother her a LOT.
    I had to laugh that she was going on and on about it to Bonnie. LOL
    P.S Once again Damon did the dirty job just to keep Stefan from feeling guilty and having Elena angry at him. Puleese. Now the Bennet witches (dead and alive) wil be angry at Damon once again.
    When have Stefan done anything to save/help Damon emotionally and not his physical body?

    • Hey Tricus! I agree with you, that this wasn’t the most action-packed TVD episode in the world. It’s not that it didn’t have it’s great parts, I just expected a bit more from an episode leading into a month-long hiatus . . .

      As always, I loved everything Damon this week. Damon’s combination of cool, self-assured, cockiness, intermingled with the willingness to sacrifice his own happiness for his brother’s and Elena’s safety, is what made me fall in love with this character, back in Season 1. Though it was sad to see Damon bowing out on this little love triangle for his brother’s sake, I think this can only mean good things for his character in the future.

      Damon can’t let Elena define his sense of self. And I truly believe that his taking a step back from the whole pining over Elena thing, will only help him to be more awesome, which will only cause Elena to realize what exactly she’s missing, and fall for him even harder. Back in “The Hybrid,” Damon said to Elena that he was going to deliver her back into Stefan’s arms. But, once he did, he wanted her to remember the things she felt, while he was gone.

      It’s time for that prophecy to come true . . .

      It will be interesting to see how Bonnie reacts to both Elena and the Salvatore Brothers, after what they did to her mother. Will she go rogue, and ally with the Original Witch . . . or Klaus, to get her revenge? It doesn’t really seem consistent with her character for her to do that, but it would certainly make things interesting.

      As for the serial killer storyline, I’ve read that it will take a backseat for a while, so that the writers can iron out this whole Originals thing. Though I’m not a fan of the Meredith character at all, the killer storyline IS intriguing. I just hope the resolution to the mystery doesn’t end up being a letdown.

      Thanks so much for your awesome commentary, as always. I will definitely miss our talks during the upcoming hiatus.

  9. Jmae

    This episode was pretty good. I hope they bring Kol back he was the best looking Original. Anyway as far as the Original killing plan goes I have a feeling that the Scooby Gang will find out about the white oak tree. The difference between this tree and the daggers is that if they get staked with a stake made from this tree it will kill them, but the death will be permanent and we will get to see Kluas go up in smoke like Michael. Which I’m fine with them killing Klaus and Phin like that, but they better not kill Elijah or Kol. Any way am I the only one who noticed how quickly they all came back to life after being daggered. Guess they needed the stpry to hurry up. Also, that scene behind the bar with Damon, Stephen, and Alaric

    • Hey Jmae! I liked Kol too. I wasn’t quite sure about him, back in episode 14. But he definitely grew on me this week, with his baiting Rebekah, drinking with Klaus, and cat-calling Caroline . . . a vampire frat boy, indeed. (I just wish he wouldn’t let humans and younger vampires kick his ass, so often. Seriously . . . dude should really start working out, or something.)

      I guess you are right about the differencce between white oak “dusted” daggers and daggers made from white oak. I guess another difference between the two is that Klaus is not immune to white oak encrusted daggers, like he is to the other kind. As for the “daggered” Originals coming back to life quickly, I suspect this is because Klaus de-daggered Kol. Once the dagger is out of the Originals’ belly they seem to come back to life right away. (Well, at least they have in the past couple of episodes. I seem to recall, Elijah taking a pretty long time to reawaken, when Elena first de-daggered him, back at the end of Season 2.)

  10. sassyfran

    That was Hilarious; I didn’t get to see the Thursday shows yet 😦 Now I can’t wait; its so funny you said that Rebekah was the oneof the few not trying to save Elena LOL I loved Rebekah’s hair on the commercials it was long and straight very cute. What you said about Crazy Nannie Carrie shooting Alaric LOL we all know he is not going to die but what is up with her because it would have been much cooler if she was a Sucubus or some supernatural creature. Oh and i do declare that Klaus was Rocking that Tuxedo even when he rolled his eyes LOL. I think after lying to Elijah who has always has a soft spot for her he did deserve to scare her a bit but not to kill her, overkill right? OH yeah and why is EVERYONE victimized to save Elena OMGosh that totally adds to my feeling of dislike for her at times. I mean she can be self sacrifing but so far she is still around; I know it won’t be a show without her but you know what mean. I guess they, everyone, all have their strengths but she is a weakness for Stefan and Damon and Bonnie and Elijah now right unless I missed something. I will have to watch on Sunday to give it more thought. Thanks for sharing!!


    • Have you had the chance to see your Thursday shows yet, sassyfran? I was actually planning on watching The Secret Circle later this afternoon. I find TVD recap responsibilities prevent me from watching it live.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on “All My Children” after you see it. 🙂

      Ha, you think Meredith/ Crazy Nanny Carrie should be a succubus too! I love it. Not to mention it totally fits with her asshat personality, doesn’t it? 🙂 (By the way, it looks like B*tch Sister Melissa will be returning to PLL this Monday. That Torrey Devitto has been a busy little bee lately, hasn’t she? ;))

      As for Elijah, I do kind of think his actions were justified. (It’s weird how watching vampire shows tends to lower your moral compass a little bit.) After all, Elijah knew full-well that Stefan and Damon weren’t going to let Elena die. So, this was a pretty effective way of getting what he wanted, while still getting back at Elena for her betrayal at the ball. Of course, Elijah felt guilty enough about what HE did to skip town, which I guess makes him more “moral” than I am. Go figure!

      As for Rebekah, she’s a bit of a brat. But I find her incredibly fun to watch. In lesser hands, I think the character would be Crazy Nanny Carrie detestable. But Claire Holt gives Rebekah a certain spunk and vulnerability that would be lost in the hands of a lesser actress.

      If only Emily Fields could see her now. 😉

  11. LG

    It completely broke my heart when Damon told Stefan that he tried to win Elena from Stefan fair and square, but she didn’t want him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT GIRL? How does anyone NOT WANT that boy?! Elena got hit with a lot of rejection this episode and the last. She threw herself at Stefan after the ball and he walked away and ignored her call the next day; Damon blew her off and then threw Rebekah in her face; Caroline wouldn’t let her come in to see Bonnie while Abby was transitioning, even after Elena repeatedly asked. Boo-freakin-hoo. Lucky for her Elijah still likes her! But I don’t see them getting into a relationship. I see Elijah as more of a protector and quietly suffering admirer of Elena. I agree that it would be too easy for Meredith Fell to be the killer. Could it be Alaric has a split personality or something? Maybe his ring going all wonky has affected his brain. Maybe he’s been possessed! It happened before, with Klaus.Guess we’ll find out, a whole frackin’ month from now. 😦

    • Hey LG! I felt terrible for Damon, this week too. How many times is the poor guy going to get rejected in favor of his brother, especially when he is SO OBVIOUSLY the sexier, more charming choice?

      But I think Damon is wrong when he says that Elena doesn’t want him. I’ve always felt like Elena was just too scared to admit her feelings for Damon. Perhaps, part of her fears that admitting these feelings will send Stefan over the edge again. Another part of her might simply be afraid of getting hurt. That doesn’t mean that Damon should have to wait around for her, forever. And I think it won’t be long, before she realizes what she’s been missing, and finds herself back in his arms again.

      All that said, it was kind of satisfying seeing Elena on the receiving end of some rejection and emotional abuse this week, from Stefan, Damon, Rebekah, Bonnie, and, to a lesser extent, Caroline. It’s time she learned how that felt.

      And I think you are right about Elijah. If we are lucky enough to have the character stick around, I can see Elena turning to him for comfort, acceptance, and guidance, more than romance. I would actually love to see that relationship develop more on screen.

      I also like your idea about Alaric being possessed and causing the murders in Mystic Falls, without voluntarily causing them. I got that impression last week too . . . so, perhaps there is something to that.

      Unfortunately, we’ll have plenty of time to speculate, while waiting for the next new episode . . . :), which is not to say that we don’t have plenty of hot topics to occupy our conversations, until then! 😉

  12. As always, a great recap! I’m so gonna miss Kol, sigh. I hope he comes back and Elijah of course, if just to see his hair. Hahaha! Anyway, Elena is so annoying, ugh, everything is for her. I agree that somehow I want the brothers to be the crux of the show but whatevs, I guess not. Anyway, thanks for the recap! 🙂 (Sorry, I can’t provide a meatier comment now, I’m sort of pressed for time. :P)

    • Thanks so much, whoopeyoo. I’m going to miss Kol too. He grew on me quite a bit, these past two weeks. Plus, I think he’d make a spectacular sparring partner for Damon, not to mention, a drinking buddy for Klaus. And of course, Elijah . . . the world always needs more Elijah. 😉

      Get these men their own spinoff already, writers! 🙂

  13. André

    Believe it or not but up to yesterday I didn’t see the current episode or read your recap.
    Before I start I had drawn this after watching the last Underworld movie:

    And one commenter found the perfect answer for the lack of female werewolves:

    By the way, we haven’t seen your “Damon approves” for a while.

    Before I get totally bitchy, two videos I found by coincidence and which I think you will definitely like:

    And of course this:

    Now to my main part:

    ” Ahhh . . . it’s all starting to come together now. 😉 Having not had anyone declare their love for her in the past six hours, Elena is feeling mighty lonely. And so she calls her men for a little love and affection.”
    Ah that comment made me laugh again after watching that episode.^^
    When Damon opened the door and Elena stood there plus Rebekah’s satisfied face I actually smiled the only time during that epsiode. Wow, one time where the writer’s lack of understanding of the vampire condition actually brought something positive.

    Because gosh they really cannot think outside of the box they themselves created, can they?
    Why does anybody still think that this show is good?

    So Elena doesn’t want Damon, yeah right. So Stefan is going bunny again… Interesting that Damon hadn’t known his brother so good at other times. This whole stuff is repetitive.
    And Rebeka was so right about everybody wanting to save Elena. I couldn’t agree more.
    So Elena is sooooo compassionate, yeah right. Controlling might be better.
    And Elijah needed a thousand years to notice how he is? Damn these vampires are idiots on the show.
    All these non-Stelena-Delena stuff seems to be just filler now. And I can’t stand this “Damon will do whatever it takes to protect her” anymore. Saving Elena is the worst thing that happens in TVD.
    Seriously what is wrong with these writers? This Elena centric attitude gets really old. What is she really good for? Is that someone teenage girls are supposed to relate to?
    The whole thing between Caroline and Klaus is not just a ruse, of course Caroline is interested. And Klaus is “not so bad now that he is in love.” Man what shitty romance novel crap.
    At least the writers remembered the cave, even if Elena seemingly found it by accident.
    But at least she had her moment of lucidity when she kept Rebekah from burning her (not that something like such a show of intelligence will happen anytime soon) and if what she says about Rebekah is true than blondie is one crazy bitch.
    And why is Rebekah so severely pissed at Elena anyway?
    And Kol’s comment regarding Matt as “common boy” perfectly fits the stereotype our older vamps portray, you know, being aristocratic. I mean, based on their origin they weren’t exactly high class either, so who is he to call someone else “common?”
    And now they come with the heartbeat idea after more than 2 and a half seasons. Looks like they stole from Teen Wolf as well, not just Underworld. But like I said, they use the vampire condition only when it suits them, when not they completely ignore it, just when Elena gave Rebekah a backwards headbutt to get free of her, that should have had no effect on Rebekah at all but give Elena at least a concussion.
    And Bonnie trying to copy the privacy spell is actually the smartest move for a long time.

    So Alaric wasn’t supposed to see the dagger and the other stuff, then why did Carry let it lie around? Damn these stories could come from the keyboards of the worst Hollywood writers.

    And Bonnie not wanting to see Elena would be good on any other show but on this it is highly overdue. And did anybody notice that Bill’s death wasn’t really mentioned? Shouldn’t Caroline sympathize with Bonnie even more?
    Since Bonnie’s mother is a vampire now, wasn’t there this feeling of death Bonnie had in the first season when she touched vampires? Looks like that disappeared as well.
    And what is it in this show that Bonnie also calls her mother Abby. Maybe it is different in America but over here in Germany such a thing would hint a strong emotional detachment when applied to a parent and Bonnie doesn’t seem emotionally detached.

    I guess its lucky for our Queen Bee that Matt is always ignored in the show and Jeremy and Tyler are gone without apparent reason. I mean her brother would be really pissed at her after the thing with Abby. But we all know that the writers cannot deal with realistic actions so he is not there.

    And Tyler, well Klaus would have no chance to get even deeper into Caroline’s pants if Tyler is around. Damn these writers could at least admit it. And I still can’t help it, that voice of Tyler’s on the phone simply didn’t sound like Trevino. What reason is there really for him to be gone and I doubt we will ever get a decent explanation.
    But perhaps he is out there doing this with Jeremy:

    Or this:

    I know you all would love that. 😉

    Speaking of Tyler.
    So those werewolves back then were Indians, yeah that makes so much sense regarding Klaus’ look. Are these even images that could be native in the cave? I know that many natives are very pale but how many blonds are there? Sure I know of one half-native half-european woman who is blond and maybe in her case blond was dominant but how big are the odds on that?
    Anyway, if I would think the writers to be smart enough for that I would say that they favor the Solutrean hypothesis (that Europeans were the first to arrive in the Americas during the Ice Age) and that they believe that one document flying around the internet that claims that horses had survived the American Pleistocene extinction up until the arrival of the Europeans. Before anyone thinks about that let me tell you that the anonymous author claimed some unnamed Dakota as sources as well as a book from the 19th century which described the Indian horses to look like Polish horses. Well the author was of the opinion that it means that they must be Tarpans or Przewalski horses, even if they could have simply adapted to the conditions respectively could be of non-Spanish stock.
    But I digress, I don’t think that they have the necessary background for that, either they have Elijah making this up or (possibly more likely) they simply have no idea and play the stereotype of the uneducated but loudmouthed American. No offense intended.
    And this equation of Natives with werewolves just stinks. It seems that the writers not only heavily steel from Underworld but also Twilight, respectively the whole Noble/Ignoble/Animalistic Savage stuff. The only thing missing are some Native werewolves working against the Originals who maybe guarding that one tree or somehow waiting for the Originals to return. Actually, when I heard about the tree for the first time in the episode I groaned loudly out of annoyance. Yeah right so this will be the next thing to kill them. I would be surprised if that tree isn’t burning over the course of the next 5 episodes.
    And how could these caves have protected them against werewolves? Spells? If yes why hiding in caves?
    Since speaking of werewolves, were are all the hybrids suddenly gone? On vacation or what?

    Now If Elijah doesn’t know where the Bennets are how does he know about Esther channeling their energies?
    And Esther uses pentagrams, candles and salt. Of course the witchcraft is purely European, never mind that most of the witches they showed so far were clearly of African descent. *rolleyes*

    If Esther can turn them into humans again, weird how she wants to make that since they are basically walking corpses but hey since she is Esther Jesus she probably can do that as well, why not do it right away, why link them first? If they are human again, they would no longer be such a threat and even if they become vampires again they would nowhere be near as strong as they were as Originals, and also easier to kill.
    And I don’t think that the whole stuff during the staking makes sense, because correct me if I am mistaken but shouldn’t Klaus be showing the same signs of staking than the others? I mean didn’t Esther Jesus state in the last episode that what affects one affects them all and if one dies, they all die? Well apparently not, which makes me question what the whole thing was good for. Oh right the tree. Yeah, why exactly should that one be able to kill Klaus?

    And since I am at Esther. Man this resurrection thing must be better than botox. She looks barely any older than her oldest sons.

    But you know, better listen to this before you answer. I don’t understand a single word but No Vinh Khoa’s voice is very soothing to me.

    • Hey Andre! You are absolutely right. I haven’t used “Damon approves” lately. Then again, considering the shabby treatment Damon has been receiving from all his Mystic Falls friends, of late, I doubt there’s much that went on during the past few episodes, of which he would have actually approved . . . (except for maybe his own sex with Rebekah). 😉

      Now, the upcoming “Origins” episode, on the other hand . . . I suspect he will approve of that one quite a bit. 😉

      Speaking of Damon’s approval, I think he would have adored that Ellen D. / Harry Potter video you posted here. Seriously? Who hasn’t wanted to throw a carrot at Voldemort’s head, now and again? 🙂

      Ahhh . . . they really have done a number on the Elena character, of late, haven’t they? It’s ironic that now is the time when Elijah chooses to refer to her as compassionate, especially considering how cold and callous her behavior has been, of late, particularly where Elijah and Damon have been concerned. It’s almost as though the writers are trying to make her likeable again, simply by TELLING us that she’s likeable. 🙂 I’m confident they will “fix her” though. Elena’s relatability as a character is one of the key elements to this show’s success. Without that, it’s just a bunch of hot, broody vampires and werewolves . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

      You know what Elena needs? A little Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones to set her straight. Actually, Tyrion would probably just fall in love with her too. He’s always been a bit of a sucker for a pretty face. Cersei, on the other hand . . . now there’s a woman who’d make a spectacular vampire. 😉

      Like you, I did like the continuity of revisiting the cave and it’s paintings . . . though I wasn’t all that impressed with the sudden “tree” reappearance. Thousands of years old, and all it takes to end these vampires is a couple of tree twigs. Go figure!

      Regarding the stakings and their effects on the Originals, versus Klaus, I think that Klaus’ hybrid tendencies render him immune to the daggers DIPPED in white oak ash . . . So, even though he was connected to his siblings, and felt the thrust of the dagger that went into Kol, he didn’t “go to sleep” like the rest of them did. On the other hand, we learned from Mikael that an actual dagger fashioned out of the tree itself, would cause any of the Originals, including Klaus, to turn to ash, as Mikael ended up doing, and never ever return. It’s a bit of a plot convenience. But hey, I’m willing to go with it. 😉

      Speaking of hybrids, like you, I too am eager for the return of Tyler. I’d love to see how he reacts to the notion that his master is drawing horseys pictures for his girlfriend, while he’s off torturing himself in the name of love. Personally, I would kind of like to see these two engage in a full-on wolf fight. I suspect that’s what they are building toward, with this whole, “Tyler must change without pain, in order to break the bond” thing. I can definitely see Tyler sacrificing himself for Caroline’s safety, and Caroline ultimately being the one to dagger Klaus . . . but not until after she’s totally fallen for him. (Cue the angsty tears, as Caroline loses both of her lovers to perpetual death in a single episode.) Given all that’s happened between these three, I think that’s probably the route in which this storyline should travel. I actually think it would be a lot more poignant of an option, than having the main three do the killing.

      That said, I wouldn’t mind Damon killing Klaus, just so Elena can see it happen, and know she’s chosen the wrong Salvatore. 😉 But that’s just the Delena in me talking . . .

      • André

        Thanks for liking the videos. 😉

        And I guess for me it’s good to have another hiatus from the show. I can only stand so much romance novel in a month and thanks to the Lost Shifters series I am pretty close to the edge of tolerance right now. (If you are interested, if I can put my drawing pen away long enough to continue writing, I plan to start a dream series with one dream of Tyler before and one after he bit Caroline).

        To be honest I hope Tyler or Caroline dies just to finally have something that really affects fans, not like the pointless deaths at the end of the second season. Or the one of Caroline’s dad that I guess barely affected viewers. Not that the main three would realistically react to that. The writers hadn’t done that with them up till now so why should they suddenly start with it? But at least something that affects viewers, so far it was pretty safe, too safe if you ask me.

        I think it probably will be one of the main three to kill Klaus (if that ever happens that is), seriously what evidence is there that the show does not resolve around these three? If it is not one of them who kills him my bets are that at this point Klaus will no longer be the big uberbad of the show so that the three won’t have to deal with him any longer.
        I actually wonder what this next Damon episode is about and good for, not that I will enjoy it I guess, since I am sick and tired of this focus on the main three. Seriously what is it about them? Why are they so popular? Is it because of the popularity of romance novels? Because that is what TVD is, also its complete disregard of its own rules speaks for that.
        But I wonder, how can anybody relate to Elena? I don’t understand this? Why is she still popular? Why is the show? Really, what is it that makes people enjoy time and again basically the same thing about the same three people?

        Personally I am not willing to go with something for plot convenience, if the writers must ignore their own rules and previous happenings to write what they want to happen, than they are either not worth their money or the conditions they work under are extremely bad in my eyes. TVD already sacrificed too much for plot convenience to the degree that basically everything is a plot convenience now (remember Elena’s speech about werewolf aggression being heightened in Klaus due to vampirism and Tyler’s once very prominent aggression now still suspiciously absent albeit becoming a hybrid). But seemingly many fans don’t seem to consider this important. But what I ask myself: What has this show still to offer? It cannot be storytelling; since the stories are pretty much crap now and they keep throwing one plot twist after another at the viewers. Is it the equation of vampires with rich and white upper-class that makes the show likeable? Is it the totally twisted and often sick “romances” of the show that portray that it is ok to love unconditionally and that family is more important than everything else no matter what happens? Well considered the current climate in many parts of US-American society that might very well be the case in my eyes. There is also this element that people fall in love out of nowhere in this show without any particular reason. And there are these elements that seem to trigger a sort of nurture reaction by viewers (you know that those in romantic situation are portrayed as vulnerable and in need of healing).
        Did anybody ever notice the lack of non-white characters on the show ever since the end of season 1 even when the show leaves Mystic Falls? Or the lack of female characters that don’t have professions and likings considered suitable for females in the USA? And all in all it’s pretty much in line with white heteronormative society, upper-class white heteronormative society I might say. I mean, was it ever even mentioned where the Salvatores get their money from? Or the Originals? Only with the Lockwoods was wealth ever really criticized but whether that was an actual criticism of wealth or rather of the exploitation of vampire deaths I cannot say right now, albeit I think it’s the latter.
        What kind of relationship apart from the romantic heterosexual relationship was ever shown to be desirable? Given the quite significant number of Jyler fanshippers a homoerotic relationship of some sorts between Jeremy Gilbert and Tyler Lockwood, both characters seemingly predestined to explore alternative ways of living, would have been generally positively received. But in line with the overall portrayal of werewolves in film and literature as well of the show the werewolf Tyler can only be a heterosexual and so can Jeremy. Kevin Williams stated that Tyler already had a quasi coming out as a werewolf thereby at least partially equating werewolfism (a repeatedly stated dangerous trait in TVD) with homosexuality. Speaking of werewolfism, I think it is very in line with werewolf portrayal to portray Tyler never in any profession or activity that would gain wealth via the long run. His football profession underlines his physicality and his interest in art (something also distinctively forgotten over the course of the show and transferred to Klaus as it seems) can also be seen rather as a sign of chaotic nature instead of something deeper. Interestingly that trait was also forgotten with Jeremy, albeit it could be used for a number of revealing scenes similar to the start of season 2 and probably much better than with Elena’s diaries (another trait that had vanished).
        And how many women and girls on the show actually stand for themselves?
        I start to ask myself whether these few non-normative good characters as well as some other elements of the show that often don’t make sense in itself are either an actual attempt to portray more than heteronormativity or are basically paying lip service to hide the message of white upper-class heteronormativity.
        The elements I mean include the following: the job of Liz Forbes, Bill Forbes sexual orientation, Pearl, Jeremy and Bonnie’s relationship (while the actress playing Anna (Malese Jow) is of Half American Chinese and Cherokee ancestry it is debatable whether that would have been recognized by an average American citizen as some sort of mixed-race relationship), Matt’s existence as the only character coming from the lower parts of society, the 2-3 white witches of the show (I personally consider Natasha Williams a white woman but it seems like in the USA she is usually considered black).

  14. sassyfran

    I finally watched the thursday shows yesterday and I actually loved this episode except for the whole turning Abby into a vampire thing which was all kinds of wrong and makes me NO longer fond of Damon. I will keep my exact thoughts to myself on that front. IN other news at least Elena was right about Rebekah and her threat to kill her when she knows its more fun to torture her anyway LOL. Right now I want Elena to be tortured because Abby was an innocent bystander. and its not fair that Bonnie has too keep suffering to keep Elena safe. Yeah I know they are all orphans except for Vampire Caroline, Elijah may have been the best part if I look clearly at the episode his sense of morality is always refreshing.

    I just wanted to stop by since I told you I would take a look……..

    • Hey there, sassyfran! Hmmm . . . I can certainly see a lot of fans frustration over the whole “Abby turned into a vampire” thing. On one hand, that whole “flip a coin” scene, really showed just how little the Salvatore Brothers value the lives of pretty much anyone who isn’t Elena. On the other hand, I can also see how, in some ways, the action ultimately chosen by the brothers (I lump them together in this, since, had Damon not acted, Stefan — who had loss the toss — would have done the same thing) was the least of many evils.

      Had the brothers not acted to sever the witches’ connection, all the Originals presumably would have died, but not before Rebekah killed Elena, out of spite. Alternatives to this, would have included outright killing Bonnie or Abby, or turning Bonnie into a vampire. The outright killing of Bonnie or her mother, would have been completely unacceptable, in the eyes of most fans, I think. At least, as a vampire, Abby can still exist, in the same way that Caroline, Damon, and Stefan, can and do. Bonnie hasn’t lost her mother. She just has to endure the fact that her mother has changed.

      While Abby’s views on vampirism are still unknown, the Salvatore brothers know that BONNIE DETESTS all things vampire. For Bonnie, being turned into the thing she hates, would have felt like a fate worse than death. Both Stefan and Damon knew this, and, I think, chose not to turn her, for this reason.

      Part of the problem with the Salvatore brothers’ actions, I think, is not necessarily that they turned a woman into a vampire against her will, but that we never saw them experience any guilt, inner turmoil or angst over it, beyond the usual, “Gee golly, Elena sure is going to be pissed.”

      I would have liked to seen one scene in which the brothers grappled with making this difficult choice, in the way I did above. Then again, from a storytelling perspective, the way it was written made things more exciting and nerve-wracking. Because, up until the turning occurred, you really did wonder if the Salvatores were actually going to KILL Bonnie or Abby.

      So, I guess this was ultimately a situation in which, realistic character development was set aside for the sake of the plot . . .

  15. First of all, I would say hello! 🙂 and tell you that although I have not made ​​comments this season yet, you are one of my favorites author, and always read your recaps with much pleasure. I wait for it every week.

    I don´t write to much because english is not my language and I´m in google translator mode. Sorry for my mistakes.

    Also, I’m not a big fan of Delena. I must tell you, I’m not Stelena fan neither, -except for the first 10 episodes in the first season-. I’ve never been a fan of Delena, BUT I have recognize, I had my moments. I will not deny the beauty of that ship but I have always seen its weak point.

    I like to call me a Dex fan (Damon having sex with everyone) because I am entirely, aways and for ever, Team Damon. I ship him HARD. I know you too.

    Leveraging the hiatus, I get the time to write and express some of my anger.

    There was always a lot of fans ranting and raving against writers, teenagers insulting by twitter, and all that fun circus, but I´m a grown woman and unfortunately, I can´t do it. I hope this is the place to talk about it. You can send me the bill when I finish, but I must warn you that I live in a far away little country and everything takes so long.

    The events haven´t been very favorable for Damon in the last two episodes (except for the exchange with the blonde original: thanks Rebekah for that hot swapping and for undress Damon for us) but otherwise has been very disappointing see Elena pray -again- for Stefan, see Stefan being a dick more than ever, and see Damon having a rejection that he not deserve. They say that when Damon gets angry, always ends up in a sexy scene, and a satisfied Damon, would be boring. I don´t belive this crap.

    Anyway, the writers insist on make epic the most absurd romance, and insist to hurt Damon more and more. I dread to think in Bonnie’s revenge by Abby issue …

    To make matters worse, I think they want tested the formula Elena-Elijah. Really? There is a ship there? Elijah, falling under the spell of a confused and inconsistent girl? I suppose it’s because she reminds he Tattia, because I can´t believe Elijah falling under that infatuation. Or should I say as our friend Pam, “I’m so over- Elena- and her fairy precious vagina”?

    And this is why I write now, because today I saw a poll in the net, “who is your TVD favorite character?”, something like that, and the most beloved were Elijah and Damon but Elena is below Katherine, Rebekah and even Matt. She only surpasses Bonnie!

    A lot of fans can´t stand Elena anymore, thanks to the writers. They have done a lousy job because when they saw that maybe there would be a fourth season, they dropped The Delena Plan, to stretch a one more year, not realizing that it ruined one of the main characters, with the risk that the viewer loses interest in what they try to delay. Perhaps ruining one of the best love stories that might give the TV . Will not be the first or the last time that´s happen, seems to be all a style, wanting to conform to all the fans and none, they end up being inconsistent and boring.

    Oh, yes. I’m pissed off.

    Right now, I´m only exited by Sage. I want to know the woman who taught Damon to give pleasure to all those women of his loooong… life *smirk*. I think she´s incredibly sexy, I loved her from the moment I saw her boxing. I think is because my weakness for redheads bad vampires and if she have a little hot rapport with Damon, I think I would able to forgive the mess that the writers did with Delena. I ship Damage so, so, so hard at this moment… But I’m sure the writers will kill her in a couple of episodes. Two, at most. I’m pretty sure of that. Of course, we will have Bonnie, white oaks, moonstones, and feathers flying everywhere, for ever and ever and ever…

    But they can all go to the hell.

    Thank YOU for listening.


    • My pleasure, Vulnavia. Thanks so much for sharing your insights on the show. You make a lot of really great points.

      I had not had a chance to read the article you were describing, in which viewers ranked their favorite TVD characters. But, in light of recent events, it doesn’t surprise me that Elena is performing so poorly. (Though, I will say, that I still prefer her to Matt . . . and Bonnie. :)) One of the problems with Elena, is that she’s a bit of a cipher . . . a main character, who’s main function is for the supporting characters to fawn over and dote on her. It’s something she has in common with Twilight’s Bella Swan, though I truly hate to make that comparison.

      When it comes to the rest of the characters in the series, they all have certain interesting character traits that remain consistent throughout the seasons. Damon is snarky and impulsive, but, ultimately a romantic, Stefan is broody and angsty, but also has a dark side, stemming from his blood addiction, Caroline is loyal, but spunky, and hides a lot of secret depth and compassion, behind a seemingly flighty surface.

      Katherine is a manipulative vixen, who’s addicted to being desired the way Stefan is addicted to blood. Elijah is an old-fashioned gentleman, who believes in honor, above all else. Bonnie is tough-minded, judgmental, and cold, but she loves her friends, and would do anything for them. Rebekah is a petulant teen in a woman’s body, a woman who loves fiercely, and recklessly, but lashes out when she doesn’t get her way. I’d actually describe Klaus in the same way. Matt’s your typical blue-collar boy, with a small town mind, and a big heart.

      The problem is, I can’t think of a way to consistently describe Elena. Her personality seems to largely be more a function of plot than anything else. Sometimes she’s romantic and loving. Other times, she’s cold and callous. Sometimes she’s self-sacrificing, other times she seems incredibly selfish, and self-serving. Sometimes she’s strong and tough, other times she’s quick to fall into the damsel in distress mode. Sometimes she’s honest to a fault. Other times she rises to Katherine-esque levels of manipulation. Sometimes she seems head over heels in love with Damon, other times she seems to barely care for him as a friend, let alone a lover.

      Perhaps, this makes Elena’s character more realistic than the others, in that very few of us behave exactly the same way, in every situation. But it doesn’t necessarily endear her to fans. And lately, I feel like the writers have been focusing on the less likeable aspects of her character, more and more. And yet, the supporting cast never seems to call her on it. They all love and dote on her, just as much as before. A perfect example of this was Elijah’s (admittedly very sweet) letter to Elena at the end of last week’s episode. He admired her honor, and compassion, in an episode where she showed absolutely none. 🙂

      Personally, I’d like to see more consistency in the writing of Elena’s character. And, if the writers ARE in fact intentionally trying to show her darker side (which would be understandable, given all she’s endured, these past three seasons), I’d like to see the other characters actually recognize that Elena has changed, and begin to pull away from her. We started to see a little of that with Rebekah, Bonnie, and, to a lesser extent, Caroline. But I think we need to see it more.

      Like you, I also adore Damon, and hate the terrible treatment he’s had to endure at the hands of the rest of the characters, this season. At least we know that next week’s Origins episode will showcase him being treated better, and actually having some fun, for a change. And if that fun ends with him being naked, and getting laid. So, much the better. 😉

      Thanks so much, for stopping by and talking TVD with me, Vulnavia. 🙂 I really do appreciate it.

  16. Sandy

    You know I just have to say this. I know a lot of people are saying that Damon always changes who he is for the current woman in his life but I don’t necessarily thing that is the truth, at least in regards to Elena. He has changed for himself. Yes, Elena prompted Damon’s growth and the turning on of emotions but even now, as he has vowed to be bad again, he’s is STILL the good guy. I think it’s more a part of him now than people think and always has been. In the episode where Elena shut him down he saw that Kol was about to kill Matt and SAVED him. He didn’t need to do that. But he knows Elena loves him and therefore found it necessary to save him. What makes it even more profound is that no one knew what he had just done and he didn’t correct them. THAT to me is growth and that is how Damon Salvatore will be able to hold on to his edgy without regressing to S1. What he did for Stefan in All My Children, just went on to further cement my love for this character. Elena WILL be upset with Damon, he will get all the hate for it, he will look like the bad one in front of every one when in truth he AGAIN did a good deed. Muchless, for someone who really doesn’t deserve it considering the doucheyness of his attitude lately. I just can’t express enough how much I love Damon BAMF Salvatore because of this! I think his time apart from Elena will make it more clear that the change in his life is as much for himself as it is for Elena.

    He’s just awesome! *heart flutterness*

    • Hey Sandy! I think you bring up an excellent point. Though we all love Damon’s snarky, bad ass, lady sexing, impulsive side, he’s also, at his core, a loving and caring individual, one who would do anything for the people he loves, even if he never gets credit for the good deeds he does.

      Damon helped save an entire town on Founder’s Day. He’s saved Elena more times than I can count, ditto for his brother. Damon has also saved Caroline, Tyler, Matt and Katherine from Klaus’ clutches. And, just this week, he saved Matt from Kol, as you mentioned. And though Damon’s surface motivations for performing these good deeds, may have been his love for Elena, I also think he did them, because, deep down, he has grown to care about these people, and consider them his friends . . .

      Now that’s a notion early Season 1 Damon would never have considered . . . 😉

  17. Because the hiatus is killing me, I made a video about the Originals to the Florence and the Machine song Seven Devils. Don’t know if this will work:

    • That video was FILLED with awesomesauce, Noelle! The song choice, the editing, the thematic elements . . . everything was just pure perfection. This should be the trailer for the new Originals spinoff! I’m still convinced Kevin Williamson and Co. will eventually make one. They’d have to be crazy not to do so. It might even be the CW’s first real shot at an Emmy. 🙂

      Oh, by the way, I’m super jealous of you, because you can make fanvideos like this. I’ve always wanted to make one, but never had the guts (or the patience) to do it. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. *heads off to watch it again* 🙂

      • Andre

        I doubt that such a show would get an Emmy. Not if they do it the same way they do TVD.
        I mean, can anybody here actually explain to me why the show is supposed to be good in their eyes?
        It is the same thing over and over again, they keep throwing one plot twist after another, and not even good ones. Not to mention that they bluntly disregard the rules they created for the supes and have totally weird character behaviors.
        And mark that, plenty of people here are aware of that as well, nonethless you find the show good. Why?

      • Hey Andre! I did miss our spirited debates during this hiatus. 😉

        Regarding an Originals spinoff, here are my reasons why I think, if done properly, this could be a solid series, worthy of Emmy consideration:

        (1) Targeting a wider audience: While the actual fanbase of TVD is pretty wide-ranging, I think the series gets pigeon-holed a bit into the “TV for teenage girls” category, simply because many of its main characters are of high school age; a number of the main plot points take place at a high school; and the overarching plot is, for all intents and purposes, a teenage love triangle. A show about the Originals need not be so age or sex restrictive. Since the Originals are effectively ageless, these characters could exist in the series, as the 20 and early 30 somethings the actors who play them actually are. Plus, without a love triangle as the overarching theme, I think more men would be inclined to watch this series than currently watch TVD.

        (2) Family values: An Originals series would function, to some extent, as a complex family drama. Family dramas have always been rather appreciated by the Emmys. See, for example, The Sopranos, Modern Family, Brothers and Sisters, Downton Abbey, to some extent, etc.

        (3) An Originals series would be darker and grittier than TVD. It would also have no clear protagonist, as all of the main characters would be morally ambiguous. The Emmys love gritty series based on morally ambiguous characters. See for example, The Sopranos, again, Breaking Bad, Shameless, True Blood, Mad Men, Dexter.

        (4) An Originals series would feature an ensemble cast, as opposed to two or three main actors getting the A plots, while their counterparts were put largely on the backburner with B and C plots. The Emmys love series with ensemble casts. See most of the examples above, also West Wing, Game of Thrones and the Office.

        (5) An Originals series would likely be less dependent on complex mythology / “how do we defeat this season’s big bad?” plotlines, and more dependent on the issues these individuals would face on a day-to-day basis as immortal monsters with endless reserves of cash, loose morals, and positively no fear of death.

        As to why I still enjoy TVD, I’d say I’m invested in this story and these characters, who I have come to know intimately over the past three years. The cast is easy on the eyes. Most of the acting remains top notch. And the interrelations between the various characters continue to intrigue me.

        The plotting is far from perfect, and can be predictable. And yet, most episodes are action packed, and still manage to hold my interest for their entire duration. As for the inconsistencies in the mythology, I find them more humorous than frustrating. TVD can be a pretty campy show (though not quite as campy as True Blood). It knows its flaws and flaunts them through on-point, snarky, character dialogue. I can appreciate a show that understands its imperfections, and can have fun with them, rather than taking itself too seriously.


      • Andre

        I think the main point with your argumentation towards an Emmy-awarded Originals spin-off series is “properly done.” I agree, would they make it the way you pointed out in your 5 points then it might work. However, in that case they would probably have a fundamentally different writer staff. I mean they could have done that already with TVD and look what they made off it. If being a good show had any realistic chances with TVD it would have happened already, but either the writers can’t or don’t want to do anything more than the constant “Elena is in danger” stuff. This is also a reason why there is barely any action more for me, “action” that is so predictable is no longer action in my eyes.
        What I would give for having once a scene were somebody threatens to kill Elena and the one the threat is directed at just pays the whole scene no head at all and the whole stuff doesn’t turned out to be a ruse again and the person actually cares about Elena. I think it’s this Elena centeredness that bothers me the most. Seriously she is not even interesting. And is that really someone female viewers should relate to?

        And this is where we are at a crucial cross-roads point: being intrigued. The interrelations between the characters don’t intrigue me at all, but are as predictable and “exciting” as the plot, and with just as many holes. When you think of the whole show as one big romance novel everything becomes pretty predictable and you stop expecting anything else. And so far it worked. Not only is the main triangle cliché romance novel en mass but also the whole Tyler-Caroline and Klaus-Caroline stuff. Not to mention the whole stuff with Tatja. Sure other viewers might like that but for me this is just too much to still be enjoyable. There is also this intense focus on the small American town in the series to the point that practically everything revolves around Mystic Falls even if there is no apparent reason for it. It nearly seems as though the makers cannot handle other locations for a longer period of time.
        And what exactly intrigues you about the character interrelations?

        I can personally not laugh about the inconsistencies in the in-show background, not just mythology but everything. The fact that the show has so many flaws but is nonetheless such a success is not only a spit in the face of people who try their best to make their shows good but it also makes me question the state of US-American society in general.
        In addition, where did TVD ever make fun of its own imperfections?

        Also there is still this whole topic that a girl can only be strong via sacrifice in the show (especially embodied by Elena). Of course in connection with it there is this advertisement of what Levi called the type of dashing, bold, undaunted, hell-bent, angry, impetuous, and brave man. Now tell me that not all or at least most of this does not fit the current romantic leads?
        I just don’t get how someone can idealize that? The main three are practically in a pretty sick relationship and this constant forgiveness of the show…. I would not be surprised if they want to show Klaus as essentially good but “misunderstood,” just like with other cases in the show, despite what he has done over the centuries.

        You said I would be a shipper one day and I think I might have bought a ticket to the “I start to hate TVD” ship.
        And to be honest I start to suspect that you and many viewers are not really seeing something good but rather try to search for something good (just like when Spidey searched for clues that Tyler and Caroline had shown signs of being “perfect” for each other) coupled with the phenomenon of idealization (in the before mentioned example shown in the demonization of Matt and idealization of Tyler).
        Or maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they would not just say all the time but actually do. You know actually trying to kill Originals instead of just stating that they cannot be killed by mundane means. I mean have they ever tried to “teleport” a grenade inside one of them? Having witches that actually protect something and are powerful. Werewolves that are actually a threat to vampires on the full moon. Hybrids that are actually dangerous. Emotional reactions when they should be according to normal human psyche. Etc. etc.
        Or coming up with something that is actually smart (e.g. in the final of Terra Nova the command officer had map-coordinates edged into bullets used in fights to establish contact with the colony) instead of these dump actions and plans.
        And doesn’t it bother you at all how much the show advertises for wealthy white upper-class?

  18. Team Damon<3 I wish Stefan would just go die in a hole…and a wish Elena would stop being stupid.

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