“Follow me . . . End up like me.” – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “If These Dolls Could Talk.”


Thank you, PLL, for reawakening my childhood fear of being murdered in my sleep by my neighbor’s Ugly Doll Collection . . .

Greetings, my Pretties!  This week’s installment of PLL was definitely not for the faint of heart.  It featured ghosts . . . things that go bump in the night . . . ugly evil demon dolls . . . ugly evil demon kids . . . old ladies that talk like the witch from The Wizard of Oz . . . one VERY dead fly, the sister from hell, and worst of all, MONA KISSING CALEB!

 But those of you who watched the episode hidden behind pillows, or with your hands covering your eyes, did so at your peril.  After all, next week’s episode features A’s big reveal.  And that means this one was chock full of clues as to his or her true identity.  So, be brave, my Pretties.  And follow me toward another Pretty Little Recap . .  .


Better ease up on those pain meds, Spencer . . .

Oh, dear, sweet, sexy accented Dr. Wren!  Not only are you insanely easy on the eyes, you also dole out the GOOD pain meds to your girlfriends . . . even though the only injury they’ve suffered recently is getting a few sprigs of glass in their palms.

“Your love is my drug, Doctor . . .” 

We begin this episode with the usually-uber-alert Spencer, passed out and drooling, on the Hastings’ living room couch.  Suddenly, there is a loud crash in the living room, followed by the sound of someone noisily thumbing through Spencer’s purse.  As it turns out, that someone just so happens to be Dead Ali (who we would expect to be a lot more stealthy, given all we know about her).

Not to mention the fact that . . . oh, I don’t know . . . she’s DEAD!

This is actually the third time we’ve seen Ali appear to one of the girls, while they are in a “less than sober” state.  The first time we experienced this was with Hanna, when she was in the hospital, after having been hit by A’s car.

The second time, it was Emily’s turn, when “A” locked her in a garage, and she asphixiated on the fumes.  (Don’t be surprised if Aria ends up with a concussion, next week, after some rough sex with Fitzy goes south, so that she can see Ali too . . .)

What’s intriguing about all these Beyond the Grave exchanges is that, as the viewer, you are never 100% sure they are the hallucination they claim to be.  After all, following these sequences, Ali always seems to leave the “sleeper” in question, with some sort of souvenir of her presence.  And yet, since the Liar in question believes herself to be dreaming, she never gets the opportunity to ask “Ali” the questions she would likely ask her, had she encountered her in a more lucid state.

Take for example Spencer, our resident super sleuth.  She is so frustratingly dense, during this exchange with Ali, I nearly threw my shoe at the television.

And because she failed to ask “Ali” a single pertinent question, throughout the entire exchange, it was up to Ali, herself, to offer the cryptic comments and clues we will inevitably be analyzing, this week.  Proponents of the “Melissa is A” theory, will undoubtedly harp on Ali’s comment that Spencer “deserves a good sister,” thereby not-so-subtly implying that Melissa is NOT one.  Well, I could have told you that . . .

Best  . . . sister . . .  EVER! 

And yet, merely being a horrible person, with a terrible personality, and few redeeming qualities, doesn’t necessarily make you a murderer . . . nor does it make you a relentless stalker of your little sister and her friends.  Does it?

More intriguing, to me, anyway, was THIS comment  . . .


 I thought Ali’s choice of the word “parked” was a rather unusual one. It’s just not the type of phrasing you would expect a teen like Ali to use . . . It’s kind of old-fashioned, and, for lack of a better term, “nerdy.”  Given that, I can’t help put think that Ali used the word “parked” specifically to make reference to a certain car . . .

The most obvious car reference would seem to point to Police Boy Garrett, who’s car was most recently spotted in front of Not-so-Blind Jenna’s house, and has literally seemed to follow Spencer everywhere she goes this season.  But it also could be referring to the car Spence purchased for Toby.  If you recall, Toby returned this car to Spencer’s driveway, when he left town.  And, as far as we know, he hasn’t retrieved it yet.

Another car that played a major role in the series was the one that hit Hanna at Mona’s party, back in Season 1.  And of course, we can’t forget Fitzy’s car, site for many a passionate make out session, throughout the course of the show . . .

Ali’s parting words to Spencer were that she was “getting warmer,” which I guess, after two season of seemingly endless wrong turns, on Spencer’s part, regarding this mystery, must be nice to hear.

I mentioned earlier that Ali always seems to leave something behind following these “dream sequences,” that causes the Little Liar, as well as the viewer to question whether the scene actually occurred in real life.  This time, however, it wasn’t what Ali LEFT BEHIND that was important, but, rather, what she took.  Presumably, Spencer’s pain medications were in her purse when she fell asleep.  And yet, when she wakes up, not only are they on the counter in front of her, they also seem to be a couple of pills short.  Oh Ali . . . don’t you know abusing drugs could kill you?  Er . . . nevermind . . . pill pop away, Pretty Little Corpse .  . .

In which Emily, Hanna, and Aria’s parents all get BUSTED . . .

It’s a bad day for being sneaky, this week, on PLL . . . a lesson Emily, Hanna and Aria’s parents all learn the hard way, when they try unsuccessfully to hide pertinent information from their friends and lovers.  First up is Emily, who receives an angry, “How could you rat me out to my parents?” type text from the still-missing Maya.

OK . . . now I’m positive something is fishy about her disappearance.  First of all, how would Maya know that Emily had contacted her parents, if said parents had no way of reaching her, since even Emily couldn’t pinpoint her exact location?  Second of all, why is Maya texting Emily from her own cell phone?  Isn’t she the least bit concerned that Emily will trace the call, and tell her parents exactly where she’s hiding?  It just seems odd that Maya felt the need to send an e-mail from an “Undisclosed Sender,” and yet seems more than willing to use her actual phone to send a text.

My theory?  “A” has Maya’s cell phone, and she’s been the one sending messages to Emily.  But, if that’s true, where’s Maya?

Speaking of cell phones, Hanna gets busted for disobeying her mother’s implied “no cell phone” rule, when she stupidly fails to keep the darn thing on vibrate, while hanging out in the Marin kitchen . . . with her mother.

Hey, nobody ever said Hanna was the sharpest tool in the shed, right?  I have to say, for a character who’s supposedly “good at lying,” Hanna really botched this one.  It would have been easy for her to simply say she had been holding on to a friend’s phone, and forgot to return it.  But instead, her excuse is, “Mona needs to keep in touch with me?”

Well . . . I guess that one’s actually kind of true . . . particularly, if Mona ends up being “A,” which I really hope she isn’t, because BOOOO-RRRING.

And yet, as annoyed as Mama Marin might be with her daughter’s deception, she can’t quite justify confiscating a phone for which she (1) didn’t pay for; and (2) isn’t footing the monthly bill.  So, instead, Mama Marin simply rolls her eyes, mutters under her breath, and sends her daughter off to school.

In other parental unit news, Aria inadvertently learns her parents want to ship her off to a Fitzy-free boarding school in Vermont, upon finding a telltale application on her mother’s desk, at school.  Understandably, the littlest liar is livid.

You could feel the tension in the Montgomery home, as Aria clomps around in her wedge shoes, passive aggressively avoiding her mother’s attempts at casual conversation.


Now, while Aria might be the best liar of the foursome, she’s definitely not the most adept at hiding her feelings.  So, of course, it isn’t long before the pint-sized brunette is letting Mommy Dearest know exactly what she thinks about the whole “let’s ship Aria off to boarding school” plan.  It’s a terrible idea.  And I think, deep down both of Aria’s parents know it.  Even if we take at face value Mama Montgomery’s statement that the decision was not based solely on Aria’s determination to continue dating Fitzy, applying for a school a thousand miles away, isn’t exactly the kind of thing you do for a sixteen year old, without broaching the matter with her first.

While I think most PLL fans agreed wholeheartedly with Aria that her parents were in the wrong, in terms of how they addressed this situation, I was surprised by how divided the fanbase was, regarding how Aria ultimately responded.  In a move that would have made Expert Blackmailer “A” proud, Aria venomously threatened to expose her father’s erstwhile affair with a student, should the Montgomerys decide to actually ship her off to boarding school.

Having perused the message boards a bit, following the episode, I noticed that while a good number of you applauded Aria for standing up to her parents, and blatantly exposing their hypocrisy (particularly her father’s).

There was also an equal number of you who thought Aria took things much too far.  You were shocked by her seeming willingness to put her boyfriend before her father’s career, and her family’s financial stability.

In Aria’s defense, I don’t think Aria had any intention of actually ratting out her father . . . just as I don’t think Aria’s parents would have ever gone through with their plans to ship her off to boarding school, without first discussing the matter with her.  Rather, I think Aria made her threat predominately out of anger, and also as a way of making herself be heard, by two people (again more-so her father than her mother) who have made a habit out of not listening to her point of view.

*insert hissing noise* 

Regardless of Aria’s true intentions, the Montgomery’s were clearly crushed by what they viewed as their daughter’s betrayal.  Mama Montgomery even went so far as to say she was ASHAMED of Aria, which, as any one who has a parent can tell you, is about the most hurtful thing a parent can say to his or her kid.

Throughout these past two seasons, the Montgomery family’s relationships with one another have continuously disintegrated.  What we have now is a family in crisis . . .

But hey, at least we’re getting laid, right? 😉

To catch a predator (by making out with your best friend’s boyfriend) . . .

Oh Mona!  If you are going to go through the trouble of sending yourself fake text messages from “A” (which most of us assume is what she’s doing, whether or not it’s because she’s actually “A” herself, or simply out of desperation to be the unofficial fifth liar), the least you could do is make them seem moderately realistic.

Why would “A” suddenly decide to use MONA to break up Hanna and Caleb?  It just doesn’t seem to be A’s style, especially when it would be much more mentally devastating to blackmail one of the other girls to do it, or, better yet, force Hanna to do it herself, as “A” had previously done with Spencer and Toby.


I also find it increasingly odd that, despite Mona’s increasingly erratic behavior, not one of the girls has ever suspected her of being “A.”  This is particularly strange, when you consider how practically everybody else in Rosewood has earned a slot on the suspect list, at least once, including family members and significant others of most, if not, all of the liars.  I would have at least expected Spencer to consider the possibility.  She usually suspects EVERYBODY!  Those pain medications must really be dulling her senses . . .

I blame the evil horse sweater . . .

Perhaps the reason the girls are all missing the neon pink flashing, “I’m a Suspect!” sign over Mona’s head is because Spencer’s sister, Crazy Nanny Carrie has been acting SOOOO frigging guilty.  When Spencer finally confronts her with that video of her storming around Ali’s room, just hours before the dead girl’s demise, Melissa really has nothing to say in her own defense, aside from, (1)”Well, EVERYONE wanted Ali dead so . . .,” and (2) I’ve got dirty videos of you b*tches too, so F-U.”

It’s not exactly a rousing defense.  So, when Mona conveniently suggests that she make out with Caleb in front of Melissa, to see if she takes the bait, and text the info to Hanna, the rest of the girls blindly go along with it .  . . even though poor Caleb looks like he’d rather make out with the old lady from that denture commercial.  “We are doing this for Hanna,” says Mona solemnly, before aggressively raping Caleb’s face with her tongue.


Poor Caleb!  He was so horrified by the experience, he literally bolted from the car, and walked home alone.  This, of course, gave Mona . . . er .  . . I’m sorry, I mean “A” . . . the perfect opportunity to text Hanna the “bad news.”  (Don’t you think the real “A” would have at least sent a picture as proof?)

Moments later, Mona’s back at Hanna’s house, supposedly wanting to shower the so-called “ickiness” of Caleb off of her body.  Sure you do, Mona . . . sure you do . . .


He sees dead people.  (How original!)

Upon learning that Ali communicated with “A” via the classifieds, and may or may not have met her in front of that Creepy Doll Hospital, before she died, the girls decide to take a little field trip there.  When they arrive there’s a creepy kid staring at that from the window, who must have been cast in this role, because he is the perfect mixture of (1) the kid from The Sixth Sense; (2) the kid from The Shining; and (3) a Chucky doll come to life.

As for the owner of the hospital, she’s just some old lady.  (Old ladies are scary too!)

When the girls question the Old Lady about the voodoo doll in the window (the same one “A” sent Ali), she claims not to sell them.

She’s also rather cagey regarding whether or not she keeps records of prior doll purchases.  And while Old Lady doesn’t seem to be particularly forthcoming with information, Creepy Kid Seth is just a fountain of knowledge.  Claiming to have some sort of “Sixth Sense” about people, Creepy Kid Seth reports meeting with Ali prior to her death.  He even knows exactly how she died, despite the fact that the cause of her death was not recorded in the papers.

But the most intriguing piece of information of all that Creepy Kid Seth offers the PLL girls is that a “dark-haired couple” was out to hurt Ali.  Now, of course, a “dark haired couple” could refer to any number of pairings on this show.  (And I’ll list them all, in just a bit.)  But Creepy Kid Seth eliminates one pair from the suspect list right away (Blind? Jenna and Policeboy Garrett) by assuring the PLL girls that “the girl is not blind.”  (Or DOES he?)

Other couples that fit Creepy Kid Seth’s description, and, might have been out to hurt Ali include:

Melissa and Dead Pedo Ian (Creepy Kid Seth specifically noted that the female had hair like Spencer’s.)

Melissa and Policeboy Garrett

Mona and Bushy Eyebrows Noel

Mona and Lucas

Jenna and Toby (though Toby’s hair seems more reddish than dark)

Maya and Noel

Fitzy and Jackie

Fitzy and Aria (Don’t kill me.  I’m just mentioning all the possibilities here . . .)

“Vivian Darkbloom” (i.e. Ali’s twin) and . . . Dead Pedo Ian or Duncan Donuts?

Well, now that narrows things down, doesn’t it?

To see, or not to see . . .

I mentioned earlier that Creepy Kid Seth’s assertion that the female in the couple wanting to hurt Ali was not blind, may or may not exclude Blind Jenna from the list of suspects.  I say this because Jenna’s blindness has been a subject of debate among PLL fans, ever since that time when she used a mirror to put on her lipstick.  And yet, faking eye surgery would be a pretty tough feat to pull off.


Jenna’s blindness gets called into question again, when she takes off the bandages from her post-surgical eye, this week, and immediately erupts into tears.  Toby, of course, assumes the worst, and moves to comfort his step sister.  But we never get to hear Jenna’s response.

At school, the following day, Hanna, never one to beat around the bush, asks Jenna right up front whether or not she can see.


This time,  she pretty explicitly states that the operation was a failure.  Yet, according to Jenna, the mental  clarity she gained from this experience has convinced her to “forgive the girls” their Jenna thing, in hopes that the former enemies can move past their grudges and hatred for one another.  Do we believe her when she says this?  Perhaps, more importantly, do we believe her when she says this?


I don’t know about you, but I was definitely fearing Jenna, toward the end of the episode,  when she shocked everyone, by aggressively killing a fly on her window, wiped it off with a tissues, and winked at the camera . . . her sight clearly restored.


The question is, how long has Not-so-Blind Jenna been able to see.  Has she been playing us all along, as many suspected?  Was she actually blind, but regained her sight, as a result of the operation?  (And if so, why is she lying to the girls, and possibly Toby?)  Another possibility is that Not-so-Blind Jenna wasn’t lying at all to the girls.  She merely hadn’t fully regained her sight until the end of the episode.

I suspect we’ll learn the answer to this question, next week.  But, of course, I’d be eager to hear your theories on the subject . . .

Another intriguing thing Jenna does this week is turn the infamous Page 5 of the Autopsy report in to the police.  She plays dumb as to its contents, when broaching the matter with Toby.  But, by the end of the episode, it’s pretty clear she knows exactly what’s on them, and WHO they will incriminate in Ali’s murder . . .

To screw, or not to screw . . .

Throughout most of the episode, Aria and Fitzy still find themselves walking on egg shells around one another, as Fitzy nervously awaits the fallout from his decision not to take the Associate Dean position in Louisianna.  He expects the worst, and gets it, when the class he teaches is mysteriously ripped from the college curriculum.  (I thought he just taught Freshman English?  How does a college take Freshman English off its curriculum?)

Fitzy and Aria are certain that this is Evil Papa Montgomery’s doing.  But I’m not sure how realistic that is . . .  I mean, it’s one thing for a popular professor to have enough influence on the university to help someone get a job; it’s quite another for that same popular professor to have enough influence to COMPLETELY CHANGE THE COURSES THAT THE COLLEGE OFFERS.

Anyway, long story short, Fitzy and Aria finally bang one another, on that darn couch Fitzy loves so much . . . a little detail that I found surprisingly fitting.


Their “Sex Song” was a really awesome cover of Wicked Games . . . the epitome of sex songs, in my humble opinion.  It’s white hot!  (I also really liked the lace tank top Aria was wearing pre-bone.  Does anyone know where I could get me one of those?)  But is it really goodbye sex?  Only time will tell . . .

Welcome to the Dollhouse . . .

While Aria is cashing in that much-abused V-card, the rest of the PLL girls are heading back to the Creepy Doll Hospital to show “I See Dead People” Seth a video of Melissa, in hopes that he could possibly ID her as the dark-haired woman who “wants to hurt Ali.”  Unfortunately, when they arrive at the “Hospital,” no one is there . . . or are they.  Not two seconds after the girls enter the place, a doll starts eerily chanting “Follow me . . . end up like me,” over and over again.  (I’m not going to lie, I almost peed my pants.)

As the girls move through the dark corridors of the place, we see a pair of eyes follow them, from beneath one of the dolls . . . or is it a mask?


The voice they hear is coming from a closed cabinet.  And when they open it . . . ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE . . .

As if the dead Ali doll recreation wasn’t frightening enough, the whole place literally starts falling down around them, as the girls run screaming from the exit.  Can you blame them?

Arrested Development

Now, I don’t know about you.  But if I had just got home from that Doll House of Horrors, the absolute last thing I would want to do is go searching through some creepy dead girl’s bag in the home of her possible killer, Crazy Nanny Carrie.  (They’ve decided to turn it over to the police, after all.)  And yet, that’s exactly what the girls are doing, when they hear Melissa, herself, and Policeboy Garrett enter the home from the kitchen.  Did I mention they are tonguing one another?  (Crazy Melissa SURE DOES get around! Oh, and Policeboy Garrett seems to have recovered from being dumped by Jenna pretty quickly.)

Then again, he got a very early start . . . 

In just one of the many shocking twists of the evening, both the Gross Makeout Couple, and the girls are interrupted from their machinations, by a knock on the door.  It’s the police . . . they’ve come to arrest Policeboy Garrett . . . the question is why?  My first thought,  was that they were going to bring him in for questioning regarding the fire at Jenna’s house, or Maya’s disappearance.  After all, it did appear to be his police badge that “A” planted right outside, Facelift Vampire Jason’s recently exploded house.

And yet, Policeboy Garrett actually ends up being arrested for Ali’s murder . . . which likely means that something on Page 5 of the autopsy report Jenna turned into the police, coupled with additional evidence, served to incriminate him . . .


In the final moments of the episode, “A” is seeing paying off both the Old Lady and Creepy Kid Seth for their “work” at the Doll Hospital, thereby calling into question everything they said earlier on in the episode, including the whole “Dark-haired couple” comment . . . which basically leaves us back at square one, in terms of suspects.  Brilliant . . .

Next week on PLL, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives . . .


Feel free to check out (and massively over analyze) the trailers for the episode, below . . .

Last chance, my Pretties.  Choose your villain wisely . . .

Tune in next week to find out of you’re right.   I know, I will!


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14 responses to ““Follow me . . . End up like me.” – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “If These Dolls Could Talk.”

  1. sassyfran

    Awesome as usual Jewls !! I think this week was the first time that we disagreed on a few points but that is great because Variety is the Spice of Life……hmm should have used that for my recap LOL. Anyways, I find it interesting that you like the whole doll in the grave thing; please tell me why LOL. I just thought it was too far out, way too far fetched LOL. I mean who has that kind of time? Surely not A who is all over being a busy little bee/killer. Oh I do agree as far a the Maya phone thing I forgot to mention it in mine but I think I did a while back. I do think that maybe Maya was taken maybe by someone who she saw at the party; someone who heard her talking to Emily about her weed issues OR they saw her at the bus station then took her from there by befriending her. Maya does have lots of Rosewood pals LOL.

    Re: Allison and the dreams I do agree that Aria has to be up next Unless Aria is A LOL but we know she can’t be right? It is fun to guess it is what keeps me watching; some days more than others. I wonder if Ezra will return to Aria next season or are they just going to let that relationship end. I guess it remains to be seen.

    Caleb with Mona was hilarious though for a few minutes there I thought she might actually like him but it was short lived. It was obvious that Caleb had NO love for Mona. The expression on Melissa’s face as she saw them kissing was kinda priceless; not sure how close she is to Hanna that she would really care though. I also wonder how she got her phone number since Hanna has no phone!! Unless I missed something there.

    Oh and the thing with Mona arriving at Hanna’s while they were talking; no way she didn’t hear something all she had to do was listen from by the stairs when she supposedly went up to shower. She knows they don’t all accept her its pretty clear even though they try to be nice. In real life I actually read that your thoughts carry energies so that even though you don’t say something it will still come through loud & clear though it might take a longer time. Just a thought.

    Re: Seth,I did have the thought about Benna when he mentioned that the person wasn’t blind that was part of the supposed couple that was out to get Allison, well I thought Benna wasn’t blind a while back remember. Seriously wearing dark glasses does not make you blind, its just a way for people to assume that you aren’t watching them when you probably are LOL.

    Oh don’t forget the chat for the Finale, you are still up for it right? Let me know.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • Hey sassyfran! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Hmm, I liked the doll house scene more for the atmosphere it created, than for any sort of plot development potential. It was the first time a scene from PLL genuinely frightened me. (Well . . . make that the second time. Creepy Dead Ian gave me a nightmare or two, as well.)

      As for “A” having the time to do all that “stuff,’ I suspect that both Seth and the old lady may have helped with some of the “Haunted Doll House Production.” Those two seemed to have a lot of time on their hands.) It’s difficult for us to distinguish “A’s” motive for this, when we aren’t quite certain of A’s identity. The motive could have been as simple as wanting to torture the girls by scaring them senseless, just as “A” did to Ali on Halloween (“Now it’s my turn to torture you,” he or she wrote.) It’s also possible that the stunt was meant to scare the girls out of further investigating Ali’s death, since they were getting “too close’ to solving the mystery.

      All I know is, as cheesy and unrealistic as it might have been, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. (And I’m NEVER on the edge of my seat.) So, two enthusiastic thumbs up for me.

      As for Mona, I DID kind of get the impression that she was attracted to Caleb, and WANTED to kiss him. (She may have even sent the text, as an excuse to do just that.) As far as Mona claiming she needed a shower, after the fact, I suspect that, in addition to giving her an opportunity to eavesdrop, this was also a way of saving face. After all, Caleb was pretty clear about how skeeved he was about kissing Mona. And that’s gotta hurt a girl’s ego!

      I actually think it would be kind of awesome if Aria ended up being “A.” Talk about a savvy twist! Then again, Season 3 wouldn’t be the same without all four girls. So, I guess they can’t really go there . . . Oh well! Maybe in the show’s final season, one of the girls can crack up, and turn into the new “A.” A girl can dream, can’t she?

      SQUEE, I can’t believe the big reveal is next week! I’m super psyched to live blog all the action with you! 🙂

  2. ak47

    I love your recaps. Not only are they laugh-out-louds, they help me collect my thoughts as to what exactly went through.

    Anyhoww, I wonder why would A make the creepy lil kid say that a dark couple killed Ali? If A in involved in Ali’s death, wouldnt hesheit give fake clues. But that wouldnt really make sense since EVERY suspect has dark hair (except Sean-Paige, but really?) Unless of course A wants to bring suspicion to a particular dark haired couple. But in that case hesheit must be considering himself to be absolutely above suspicion by the girls. Or just another attempt to mess up with everyones head? 😮 Thoughts? 😀

    • Hey ak47! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap!

      You know, I was wondering about Seth’s “clue” myself. The way I see it, the only ways in which Seth’s statement about the “dark haired couple” would help HIDE A’s identity would be: (1) if one of the members of the couple was light haired, as you mentioned; (2) if then-Blind Jenna was the female of the couple, since Seth’s assertion that the female wasn’t blind, seemed to push blame away from her; (3) if one of the PLL girls was actually “A,” and Seth had to pretend he didn’t recognize her to throw off the other girls; (4) if their was only actually ONE person (as opposed to a couple) who visited the shop, in an attempt to hurt Ali . . . a MALE person. 😉

      Then again, it’s also possible that Seth was telling the truth about the dark-haired couple. And the “payment” he received from “A” at the end of the episode was for (1) pretending to “sense” how Ali died, when, in actuality, “A” told him about it and/or (2) playing poltergeist, with the girls, as they explored the dollhouse.

      Hopefully, we will know the answer to this question, and many more, in just a few more days. 😉

  3. NataliaRose

    The dolls creeped me out no end. Stupid dolls.
    The minute the creepy woman started talking about the creepy kid having a ‘sixth sense’ I thought ‘I hope to good this is all a lie’ as I don’t want the show to go down the supernatural route, even though A clearly has magical powers.
    As for who A is? Everytime I think I’ve got it sussed another suspect ‘reveals’ themselves. Melissa is too obvious of a suspect, but then wouldn’t that make it absolutely perfect? Mona – I do find it strange that she has suddenly started receiving texts from A, could it be that she is A and it’s an attempt to find out more of the girls secrets from within.
    Aria and Ezra that scene was beautifully done. Their hands entwined at the end? *sigh* The song choice was brilliant, and as I friend pointed out to me the exact same song as what played during Ross & Rachel’s first time. (That means they’re endgame right??)
    My friends and I refer to the lacetops that the girls wear as ‘the travelling sex top’ as all the liars seem to wear them when they’re about to get laid (or attempt to get laid).
    Bring on next week.

    • Hi NataliaRose! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      “Traveling sex top” . . . That’s GENIUS, and probably true! It sure would save a lot of money on the characters’ wardrobes. (I do hope they wash it in between uses though . . . I know the traveling pants’ girls didn’t. Ick! :))

      I’m glad they opted against the supernatural route for this story as well. I feel like it would be a bit of a cop out . . . not to mention a big ole FU to fans who have been spending the past two years trying to solve the HUMAN mystery of the show.

      That said, I’m with you on being totally confused as to “A’s” real identity. The writers have done a pretty great job of making EVERYBODY look universally guilty. I would prefer the ultimate villain end up being someone other than Mona, Jenna or Melissa though, simply because I think such reveals would surprise very few people.

      I also love the connection you drew between Ezria and Ross and Rachel. Interestingly enough, another cover of Wicked Games was used on episode of Gossip Girl during a Chuck and Blair scene. So, perhaps, you are right. Wicked Games may very well be the ultimate TV “endgame” love song.

  4. :)

    Sorry it has been awhile, studying for AP Exams. Real quick! Here are my theories.

    1) I also noticed Ali’s phrasing of “parked”. Which made me think of the common, but mysterious black/ dark vehicle that has been associated with A. First time we saw the dark car, was when A used it to run over Hanna. The second time, was during A’s outrage when it dropped its phone, and then it smashed the windows of a dark vehicle…most likely their own car. The third time was a reference, when Emily and her father were searching for Maya at the bus station, and the man said she stepped inside a dark/ black car. ALSO! this episode, when the girls were trying to frame Melissa as being A, Melissa was driving a BLACK CAR. Which ties into Ali’s hidden message as “parked right in front of you” hint hint…your sister’s car in the driveway.
    2) I was appalled by Aria’s threat towards her father…i don’t care if your relationship is ruined, your financial stability, your home, your education, your reputation would be destroyed IF she actually reported her father. I know that she stated that in the heat if the moment, but still have respect. At the end of the day…yes your father slept with a student, but she was of age…..Aria you are not! She needs to stop being naive, and grow up. The relationship, in fact any relationship like this never ends happily (unless your on PLL where teen-adult relationships are welcomed). So I guess she is really lucky…(i am not gonna go into my rant, i am pretty sure you know how i feel about the Ezria relationship).
    3) Mona…i love ya, but your sudden interactions with the liars is starting to make me suspicious. I mean she DOES have a motive, her and Lucas, but maybe she is second guessing her decision. IDK i am so lost 🙂
    4) “She plays dumb as to its contest, when broaching the matter with Toby. But, by the end of the episode, it’s pretty clear she knows exactly what’s on them, and WHO they will incriminate in Ali’s murder . . .” –KJ. Exactly! She has been playing dumb, all this time. Yet, I highly doubt that she has been capable of seeing, this HAS TO BE recent. I infer that she is playing dumb, because whoever A is knows that Jenna knows TOO MUCH, explaining why A tried to kill her in the explosion…Jenna may be playing dumb, but she is definitely not stupid. If she pretends to be blind, she conveys a weak stature. I think she is just watching…and waiting, and when ready she will bust out loca! Also, before she couldn’t read page 5, NOW she can. SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH…and in Rosewood, you live longer if your a pretty little idiot.

    Welpp that is all i want to say at the moment. 🙂
    Talk to you next monday!

    • Hey :)! I hope your AP exams are going OK. I’m sure you are rocking them. 😉

      (1) Great point about Melissa’s car. That’s probably the most logical use of the “parked” clue, out of all the ones I mentioned in my recap. It would also explain Ali’s “getting warmer” comment, since the girls ARE actually investigating Melissa’s motives now.

      I guess my personal gripe about Melissa being “A,” is that it would be so expected. She’s been a top suspect for most of the series, and the girls have strongly suspected her for the past two or three. Heck, even her parents think she did it.

      Part of the problem with EVERYONE having had their turn at being a suspect on this show is that there are few “A” reveals that will truly shock everyone (the girls themselves, their parents, Ali’s twin, Fitzy, and Maya, are probably the only ones who fall into this category). A Melissa, Mona, or Jenna reveal would all probably elicit the same tepid audience response. (Though it WOULD be cool to see how they pulled off some of their “A” stunts.)

      (2) You bring up a good point about Aria. As close-minded and callous as her parents are coming off on the show, they definitely DO think they have her best interests at heart, whereas Aria’s threat of going to the school board about her father, was designed merely to hurt her parents in the most personal way possible. I guess its hard for Aria to see the difference between her father’s relationship with his student, and her relationship with Fitzy, because she doesn’t view herself as a “child,” in the way her parents, and a lot of the fanbase, do.

      (3) I’m with you about Mona. My hunch is that she is not “A” (simply because the writers promised a different resolution from the books). However, she HAS been faking “A” texts recently to get close with the girls, because she feels left out. I suspect that Mona overheard the girls always talking about “A,” and got jealous. And she thought that if she pretended to receive texts from “A” too, she would be let into the group. Pathetic, but definitely possible. 😉

      (4) I really like your analysis of Not-Blind Jenna. While, playing blind would be the perfect way to avoid suspicion, I think it would be strange and a bit unrealistic, if she’s been doing it all along. That said, it is possible that Not-Blind got her sight back immediately after the operation, and decided to pretend she didn’t, when she saw the way Toby fawned over her, after the fact. She realizes that her blindness allows her to sneak under the radar.

      As for Page 5, my hunch is that Policeboy Garrett told her exactly what was in it, back when he was removing the copies of it from all the police systems, toward the beginning of the series. In particular, I remember Not-Blind Jenna’s line, “She deserved to die like that.”

      Not-Blind probably realizes that even though the document incriminates Garrett, he didn’t commit the murder. However, when she found out he was hooking up with Melissa, she decided to exact her revenge against him, by turning it in.

      I guess we will have to wait until Next Monday to find out for sure! 😉

  5. Hey Eeyore! So happy be reading your blog again after a way too long break. Word of advice: Never do a research paper that will take up five weeks of your blogging and fangirlling life away from you and then you are too tired from it to do anything on the computer for another two weeks. Well, I’m happy to be back, that’s all I have to say! So, be prepared for a very long comment on an always hilarious recap!
    I know in 2B my little Tumblr Ezria recaps have been lacking. That’s because Ezria has been lacking. Honestly, in season 1 it was normal for them to have a kiss almost every episode. Now we get one every four. I am a bit biased, but you must feel the same about Wrencer (After all, they had that really hot scene in 221. I really wish they’d dump Spoby and just let Spencer be with Wren. Julian Morris is such a sight for sore eyes!) Well anyways, here is my recap from Monday’s episode: http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/19249199986/ezria-recap-224. Or of how I look at Ezria: http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/19083221206/ezra-and-aria-are-like-my-children
    I remember a year ago and I was sitting at school reading your recap for Monsters in the End a week before the SEASON 1 finale. I didn’t have a Twitter yet and I was still a bit on the dork side of being a fangirl. (Well then again I still am!) Jackie was looming overhead and PLL was probing my mind. I also had the idiotic sense that Ezra was going to propose to Aria during that finale. Smh. I was a baby fangirl last year. Luckily I have gained a big more common sense since the March of 2011! It’s amazing what 365 days can do to a person.
    Monday’s episode was probably the best I’ve seen since 217. It had everything: romance (Cough Ezria Cough), drama, mystery, suspense, surprises and it just gave me the chills. That kid did remind me of the boy from the Sixth Sense. He seemed to be fed words like water though. I mean he was probably seven when Alison came through the store right? If he did actually see her and the people hunting her down, he pays attention to a lot of details.
    I had a feeling that Jenna had been lying about the surgery and for one rare time in my life, I WAS RIGHT. My question is how long has she been able to see? I don’t think that it’s so recent. Well, nevertheless, she has awesome aim! Every time I try to swap a fly, I only ever seem to hurt myself.
    Aria telling off her mom was kind of iffy with me. I mean, at first I was happy that she stood up for her relationship and for one minute I forgot about her and Jason’s ‘relationship’ *insert sarcasm and rolling eyes here* but now that I think about it, it was kind of low. I guess that the statement was one of fear and anger of trying to be sent away, but threatening to get your own father thrown in jail after two years was a low blow. It’s nothing better than what we saw in 215 when Byron threatened Ezra with involvement of the police. I’m conflicted; I want Byron to feel the backlash of trying to destroy my OTP, like being pushed off of a steep cliff with flowing lava and landing on sharp rocks, but turning him in is a bad idea (Because he will most likely report Ezra!)
    Speaking of which, like you, I don’t get how Byron could get enough strings pulled to get Ezra fired. Wasn’t he the one who just suggested him for an associate dean position? He must be pretty good buddies with the dean to get such a new employee and promising young man fired. I am rather baffled and confused. Didn’t Ezra just start working at Hollis in the beginning of season 2? So, what? He worked there for three or four months? Byron isn’t going to win Father of the Year at the rate that he’s going.
    Caution: An Ezria shipper is about to get really corny and cheesy; possibly a little teary-eyed as she talks about her OTP. Their first time together was everything I had hoped for and more. I went in having low expectations for it, but after it happened, I couldn’t stop watching it. Maybe it’s the fact that me and all of the other Ezria shippers have been waiting since the Pilot for these two to decan the cream soda. Watching the scene I was actually more like this: http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/19251709031
    What is odd is that the writers seem to have probed my mind again, because everything that happened during the scene that had been playing in my head. That may sound a bit odd, but I have a writers mind and everything during the first Ezria sex scene was exactly what I picture when I’m writing my fanfics: the gentleness, the passion, the way shirts were torn off like there was no tomorrow, the kisses so sweet and soft. Even the lighting was spot on. I feel like my children have grown up and left the nest, but I must say that I am so proud of them. I never thought they would go from the mess in the Pilot to this: http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0w8pyZHHP1qk2q26o1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1331937615&Signature=xtjdVNxkIdVB03XX1Jur70AVrbo%3D.
    Next week is the finale and I cannot believe that it is here already. It feels like we just got off of hiatus. *Le sigh* Well at least we’ll have some “colorful” scenes of Ezria and Wrencer to last until June, right? Amazing recap as always and I will definitely be here next week after Ezria slow dances at the masquerade ball to my favorite Lady Antebellum song, Just a Kiss. By that I mean…can’t wait until –A is revealed! 😉 Tigger out!

    • Hey Tigger! I’m glad to hear you survived that research paper. That sounds like a real killer. It’s kind of fitting that you finished it, just in time for the Ezria sex scene, though. Think of it as a reward for all your hard work. Fitzy is proud of you. 🙂

      Your gif recap was filled with awesomesauce! I particularly loved the Lifeline “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up lady!” That one had me laughing for three minutes straight! I also loved the Meerkat Manor gif. But it made me a little sad, recalling how Flowers died. 😦

      I do hope there will be more Wrencer in Season 3. The pair’s chemistry is simply too spectacular to be ignored . . . And Wren is right. Fate does seem to keep throwing them together.

      Plus, since Melissa has apparently had about 25 boyfriends since being engaged to Wren, there really is nothing keeping them apart (well, aside from the pesky “age” thing). Dammit! Why couldn’t they have made the characters at least 17, when the show started? It would have made things SOOOO much easier.

      Monsters in the End . . . I remember that episode! That was the one with the carnival, right? Ahhh, memories! 🙂

      Good point about Creey Seth seeming to have been fed lines. Some of the things he said definitely had the sort of “clever ring to them” of having been written by “A.” His statement of “I don’t even like to have sand in my mouth,” in particular, comes to mind.

      I too was really satisfied with this episode. It was fast paced, fun, and filled with tons of clues and red herrings. I also think the writers did a great job with the Ezria sex scene. Given how long the writers waited to have the two do the deed, they ran the risk of letting a lot of people down. But I think the fact that it came about at this sort of end-of-the-world moment for the characters, where everything that had fought so hard for seemed to be slipping through their fingertips, made it all the more intense and memorable. And, of course, it would happen on Fitzy’s office couch . . . the place where he probably spends more time than in his bed. 😉

      It is definitely rewarding when a favorite ship finally does the deed. I still rewatch the Pacey and Joey sex scene, and the one from Veronica Mars on YouTube every once in a while, just to bring back those memories. I’m sure you will do the same with this scene. 🙂

  6. A

    Can they tell us who ‘A’ is already? I can’t wait. XD

  7. anastasiastarz

    I’ve never liked dolls (except Barbie), the porcelain ones are one of the worst.

    A might have had something to do with Ezra being fired… Forever New usually sells those lace tank tops.

    With the whole place falling down scene, there could be a vital clue in that shop? Reminds me of that scene in the 5th Harry Potter film where all the shelves topple over each other and there’s prophecies everywhere.

    By the way, are you still doing recaps for Glee?

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