Death Becomes Him – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “1912”

 DAMON: “Just once, I’d like to be in a flashback, where you don’t end up with blood all over your face, and I don’t act like I’ve got a stick up my ass.”

STEFAN: “Better luck, next week.”

Welcome back, Fangbangers!  This week, all of our Mystic Fall-ians (at least the ones that were actually IN the episode, since about three-quarters of the cast weren’t) were forced to confront death in a very personal way.  For the throw-away flashback guest stars, this meant actually dying (SUCKS FOR THEM!).

“I feel your pain.” 

For Stefan, this meant, once again, coming to terms with the fact that he’s . . . (surprise!) . . . a vampire.  (After over 100 years of bloodsucking, I think it’s safe to say that Stefan’s a bit of a “late bloomer” in the self-actualization department.)

For Damon, this meant solving a serial killer case, by reenacting scenes from the first half of pretty much every Law and Order episode that’s aired, EVER.

For Elena, this meant coming to terms with the fact that immortality might be precisely what drew her to Stefan Salvatore in the first place.


For Rebekah, this meant realizing that the term “immortality,” with respect to Original Vampire living might not be without its exceptions.

And yet, no one embodies the title of my recap more than Alchy-ric Saltzman . . .

Let’s review, shall we?

[As always, special thanks to my ingenious blogging pal Andre, for all the glorious screencaps you see here.]

Hangover: Alaric Saltzman Edition

Don’t wanna die?  Here’s a tip:  Don’t be the never-before-seen on screen, human character, played by a completely unknown actor, in the first scene of a Vampire Diaries flashback . .  . ZACK SALVATORE!

“Aww, crap.  She’s talking about ME, isn’t she?  Why can’t she be talking about YOU?”

It’s late at night, sometime in 1912.  A Founder’s Council meeting has just adjourned.  Death Wish Dummy, Zach Salvatore declines a carriage ride home, preferring instead to walk, despite the fact that a Founder’s Council Serial Killer is on the loose.  Horror movie fans will tell you that this is the equivalent of the stoner high school kid at the party in the woods, who tells his friends “I’ll be right back,” before stumbling toward a bush to relieve himself.  (He then disappears completely from the film, until act three, when his weiner and disembodied head are randomly found in the slutty naked girl’s bathtub.)


SURPRISE!  Two seconds later Zach Salvatore is stabbed in the gut, and left to die, right in the center of town square.  It looks like someone won’t be around for the sequel . . .

“Do I at least get my SAG card?” 

Back in the present day, Alaric Saltzman awakens in a jail cell with no memory at all, of how he got there.  Unfortunately, Bradley Cooper, Zack Galifianakis, and co. are over in Antarctica filming Hangover 12.5: How are we NOT in rehab yet? and cannot accompany him on the madcap adventures necessary to solve this mystery  . . .

“At least I didn’t get a weird face tattoo, or have my front teeth knocked out!”

Lizard Forbes, who arrested Alaric the night before (Unfortunately, she has been the only cop in town, ever since her daughter ate the other one, back in Season 2.) is keeping his incarceration on the down low.  Because Alaric may well be a sociopathic serial killer, but he is also a great friend, whose ass looks spectacular in tight jeans.

“They don’t call me Chunky Monkey for nothing.  Just ask Useless Aunt Jenna or Vampire Isobel . . . oh wait . . . nevermind.”

Besides,  what’s a few dead bodies, among friends right?   I mean, honestly, who really liked Bill Forbes, anyway?  Lizard certainly didn’t, and she was married to the guy!

“Hey!  I redeemed myself in the end, by dying with dignity, and telling my daughter that I would never ever want to end up a monster like her . . . oh . . . nevermind.”

Shortly therafter, Damon arrives to bail his drinking buddy / boyfriend out of the pokey.  After all, if Alaric is going to meet his maker, it should be because Damon accidentally killed him for the eightieth time, and not because of something silly . . . like the Death Penalty.

“You owe me one, buddy.  I get to kill you at least two more times now.”

That Crazy Nanny Carrie Meredith Fell.  She’s a strange duck.  Her actions in this episode baffled me.  I think I liked her better when she was just a pure psychotic b*tch  . . .


We learn from Lizard that Meredith healed Alaric with vampire blood after she shot him in cold blood, in her apartment, at the end of last week’s episode.  According to Meredith, Alaric has been offing members of the Founder’s Council with his crazy stash of weapons that EVERYONE on the council knows he has . . . thereby making him the dumbest serial killer ever.  Then again, he also stabbed the crap out of himself, which makes him Tyler Durden from Fight Club.


Alaric is furious with these accusations, and claims that the real serial killer, Meredith, has framed him.  Damon wholeheartedly agrees, if only because the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls will be oh-so-lonely tonight, without him.

Lizard retorts that, unlike Meredith, Alaric has no solid alibi for any of the murders.  Right now, it officially sucks to be Alaric Saltzman . . . but, perhaps, not quite as much as it sucks to be THIS GUY . . .

Elena’s out for a mopey run with Matt.  We know she’s really depressed because she’s wearing the ugliest, bulkiest, most unflattering, grey sweatshirt in the history of grey sweatshirts.  Elena’s workout clothes used to be so universally adorable, that I coveted every single one.  What the heck happened?  Did someone in the costume department go through a really bad breakup, this week?

She looks like a koala bear with human legs . . .

Matt, apparently, can’t keep up with Elena, despite the fact that he is a two-sport varsity athlete, who occasionally has to run away from werewolves.  They take a break from running to talk about Bonnie, and explain why she won’t be appearing in the episode this week.  (No such discussions are had about Tyler or Klaus.)  Apparently, her mother has decided to complete the Vampire Transition, instead of, you know, dying, and stuff.  Baby Vamp Caroline, who also wasn’t in the episode, this week, is going to help out this this.  (Considering how much Bonnie’s nose bleeds, Abby is going to need all the help she can get, to refrain from biting off her daughter’s schnoz.)

Mid afternoon snack 

Elena mentions that she feels partially responsible for what happened to Bonnie’s mom.  She should . . .

This angsty moment is interrupted by Lizard calling Elena to tell her to come pick up her possible-serial killer-pseudo dad.  Elena jogs right down to the courthouse / police station without passing Go, collection $200, or taking off that damn grey sweatshirt.  The entire judging panel of Project Runway does a collective face palm, in response.

“This concerns me.” 

At the courthouse/jail thingy,  Elena encounters Damon, and gives him her best perma-b*tch face look.  Damon responds by doing his Eye Thing.  (That’ll teach her a lesson!)  Though vaguely mad at Damon for the whole “making Mama Bennett undead” thing, Elena is apparently not too angry with her sometimes lover to ask him for a favor.


Of course, Elena would very much like Damon to “help Alaric” in his hour of need . . . but only if said “help” doesn’t involve eating people, manipulating them, or breaking laws.  Elena is a TOTAL buzzkill.  I blame her ugly sweatshirt . . .

“I’m mean.  You hate me.  The earth is back on its axis,” Damon snarks, his expression a mixture of exasperation and mild amusement, with just a hint of unadulterated lust thrown in for good measure.


“You know, if you keep pushing people away, you are going to end up alone,” retorts the girl, who compelled her brother to abandon her, betrayed the one Original who actually trusted her, inadvertently alienated her friends, and ALWAYS PUSHES DAMON AWAY.


Elena then stalks off . . . alone.

Confessions of a Chipmunk Muncher

Let’s now add to the long list of reasons Damon Salvatore would be an AM-AZING lover the fact that he plays piano, shall we?


(It means he has long dexterous fingers that are strong yet gentle, and quick yet highly adept at . . . accuracy. ;))  While Damon is composing his next concerto, Stefan is busy . . . you guessed it . . . writing in his diary again.


 It’s BAAAACCCK!  (Oh, pilot episode . . . how we’ve missed your cheesiness . . .)  Fortunately, now, instead of Stefan, himself, the voice of “Stefan’s diary,” will be played by Damon Salvatore . . .


 Though Damon loves his brotherly snark fests as much as the next guy, he tends not to interrupt Stefan’s “Diary Time,” unless he needs something.  And this time is no different.  “I want to enact our Wonder Twin Powers,” says Damon excitedly to the brother, who is most certainly not his twin.  Twins or not, I like the way Damon is thinking.  It’s been wayyyy too long since Stefan last played Scooby Doo to Damon’s Shaggy.  And what better excuse is there than the re-emergence of a Mystic Falls serial killer, on the 100-year anniversary of its last reign of terror, for the brothers to band together and engage in some serious super sleuthing?

Damon tosses Stefan his Diary for 1912, which, we can assume is conveniently lodged between the Diary for 1911 and the Diary for 1913.  (I’m sorry, but the idea that Ripper Stefan was carting around an ENTIRE library full of diaries, while he was ravaging Monterrey  like the bloodthirsty animal we are led to believe he had become, is about as ridiculous as . . . well . . . an Original Vampire carting around coffins for ONE THOUSAND YEARS.  This show is quickly becoming a vampire edition of the TV show, Hoarders.)

Apparently, back in 1912, Damon inadvertently reunited with his brother Stefan, after a fifty year hiatus, when the two returned to Mystic Falls to pay their respect to the definitely and permanently dead, Zack Salvatore.  In another nod to the pilot, Damon’s presence is actually preceded by that darn crow he used to occasionally metamorphis into, back in the day.

“I’m not going to lie.  I totally slept with the producer to get him to put me back in the script.” 

(Fortunately, he never became “wind” or a “puff of smoke” in this episode.)  Though a newly Lexi-fied, bunny-munching, on the wagon, Stefan is eager to put the past in the past, and resume his relationship with his brother,  a very chilly, grudge holding Damon is not quite ready to make amends . . .


(It is important to note that Damon is also wearing a ridiculous hat.)

And yet, even back then, Stefan knew that the key to Damon’s heart was his liver.  And so, when the younger Salvatore invites the older one out for a drink, he is as patently unable to resist then, as he would be now . . .


Damon Salvatore . . . making alcoholism seem attractive, since 1864 . . .

(Also during this scene, we are briefly introduced to two female Founder’s Council members from back in the day, Marianne Forbes and Samantha Gilbert.  Suffice it to say that ONE of these two never-before-seen women will end up being slightly more important to the episode’s mythology than the terminally unfortunate Zack Salvatore . . .)

“It doesn’t help that we are, more or less, completely indistinguishable from one another.”

A vampire walks into a bar . . .

Back in the present day, it’s Damon who invites Stefan out for a drink (since his bromantic buddy is currently being fitted for an unflattering orange jumpsuit, and a soap on the rope necklace for the inevitable “communal showers”).  It must be Vampires Drink for Free Night at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, because Rebekah is there too.  She’s been busy buttering up Carol Lockwood for information about the infamous Original Vampire-killing White Oak Tree, which may, or may not, still be standing somewhere in Mystic Falls.

“I’m very interested in learning about your wood.” 

From Carol, Rebekah conveniently learns that it was the Salvatore family that was mainly responsible for all the wood cutting, molding, and erecting that went on in Mystic Falls, during the past century.  (See what I did there?)  So, of course, when Damon and Stefan arrive in the bar,  Rebekah engages Damon in an eye-f*&king session that would surely cause retinal pregnancy, if vampires in this series were actually capable of giving birth.

Over at the bar, Damon admits to Stefan that he’s hoping to be his “vampire sponsor / life coach,” patiently guiding him through the world of “Eating Humans in Moderation,” i.e. allowing them to live to tell the tale . . . if they hadn’t just been compelled to forget it.  Damon’s argument that Stefan’s All or Nothing / Cold Turkey approach to de-ripper-ifying himself is a REALLY BAD one, that always, inevitably, ends in failure, is an impressively sound one.  And yet Stefan has read enough Alcoholic Anonymous books in his day to be skeptical about his brother’s untraditional approach to addiction . . .

The picture of sobriety.

Nosy Nelly, Rebekah, pops in, just in time for the conversation to wind its way back to 1912, which is great for her, because Rebekah REALLY wants to talk about the Salvatore wood . . . err .  . . I mean the White Oak Tree.



Unfortunately for Rebekah, the Salvatore brothers aren’t in the mood to compare the size of their wood.  Instead, they’d like to talk about some old vixen vampire named Sage, who, like Rebekah, has sampled Damon’s wood, at least once.

Rebekah knows Sage, and thinks she’s a skank,  because she apparently used to have a little “thing” for Rebekah’s brother Finn.  I just think this means she has bad taste.  Now, I’m not saying that Finn isn’t attractive.  All I’m saying, is that, if I had to select one Original Brother to take to bed with me I’d take them ALL, the ABSOLUTE last one I’d choose would be the self-loathing, suicidal one with Serious Mommy Issues . . .   Then again, Sage DID seduce Damon, so her taste can’t be TOO bad, right?

Back in 1912, Sage was a semi-professional boxer, who used to use her vampire strength and compulsion to beat the crap out of men, and humiliate them in front of all their friends.  (Sounds like a real keeper!)  Sage takes an instant interest in Damon, criticizing him for the joyless way he gnaws on human flesh, and reminding him that women can be used for pleasure, as well as food.

“Welcome to Vampire Whoring, 101.” 

To be honest, this part of the episode was a bit of a let-down for me.  After all, the promo for this episode seemed to promise viewers a glimpse into how Damon went from being the sort-of innocent, Katherine-spurned,  uptight vamp we saw in the “Blood Brothers” and “Dinner Party” flashbacks to the lusty lothario we came to know in Season 1.  During the hiatus, I was genuinely looking forward to some Casanova-esque seduction scenes, in which Sage patiently instructed Damon in the art of compulsion-induced arousal and “sexy neck biting.”

What we got instead was  . . . absolutely nothing.

Damon’s seduction and consumption of the aforementioned Samantha Gilbert occurred off screen, and the remainder of the flashback was Stefan’s to steal.  And while the episode did shed a bit more light on Stefan’s past, I ended the hour with little more insight into Damon’s 20th century motivations and machinations than I had prior to its airing.  It kind of pissed me off.   I’m not going to lie . . .

Back in the Present Day, a very flirtatious Rebekah graciously offers Damon her services, both with respect to Stefan’s “treatment,” and to the “serial killer investigation.”  We are led to believe she’s doing this, in hopes of getting more information about that darn tree.  However, I, for one, think that Rebekah, much like her brother is just lonely . . . horny . . . and desperate for companionship, particularly with those of the opposite sex.


Though I’m a Delena fan, through and through, I must say that I enjoyed the “friends with benefits” comraderie of Rebekah and Damon in this episode.  While I believe these two are WAYYY too much alike to ever get seriously romantically involved with one another (not to mention the whole “Klaus” thing), I did like the easygoing, mildly insulting banter they had going on with one another.  I also got a real kick out of how effortlessly they repeatedly managed to gang up on and mercilessly tease Stefan,  whether it was by jointly reading his ridiculously self-righteous diary, or later, by force feeding him a drunk college coed . . .

Rebekah also provides the much-needed female perspective on this male-dominated flashback.


For example, Damon’s and Stefan’s assertion that a female couldn’t possibly be the serial killer were both incredibly chauvenist, and as it turned out, patently WRONG.  Rebekah picked up on this right away.   And the minute she said it, I was certain that the 1912 serial killer HAD to be female.

Rebekah also astutely noted that BOTH Damon and Stefan were rather broody, judgy, self-righteous, and dare-I-say, a bit dull, back in those early post-Katherine days.  It was a tough truth that I think both brothers desperately needed to hear . . .

Ultimately, I think it was Rebekah’s spot-on assessments of the brother’s situation, back in 1912, that convinced Damon to allow Rebekah to help him “cure” Stefan 100 years later.  So, when Stefan storms out of the bar, after experiencing symptoms of blood withdrawal,  Damon and Rebekah gamely follow him into an alleyway.


Once there, they come upon an unlucky blonde early 20-something.  “You are about to have a very BAD night,” Damon says to the college coed, his eyes heavy with compulsion power.  He then takes a big chunk out of the poor girl’s neck, right in front of a twitchy,  eye-bulgy Stefan.  With the scent of blood still fresh in the air, Damon passes the nearly unconscious girl over to Rebekah, informing Stefan that the Original Vampire will KILL the girl, unless Stefan takes a bite out of her first.

Unable to control his urges any longer, Stefan goes all growly and fang faced, as he hungrily and noisily slurps blondie’s neck like a kid in a Campbell’s soup commercial.  When things start looking pretty grim for the girl, Damon calls upon Stefan to stop, but the urge is too strong, and he keeps on sucking.  Finally, Damon is able to wrench his brother’s piggy-eater face from the guest stars neck.  He then feeds her some blood to heal her, and send her on her way.

“I swear, this isn’t what it looks like.  I’ve just never been good at putting on lipstick.” 

Unfortunately for the Salvatore Brothers, Elena and Matt magically appear to catch them in the act.   Cue the judgmental glares from Elena,  as Damon smirks awkwardly, and Stefan just stares at his ex-girlfriend wide-eyed, as globules of college coed drip from his mouth and chin.  (Next time, Damon . . . bring a napkin.)  Elena, once again, stalks off in a huff.  This prompts an embarrassed Stefan to do the same.   I foresee a lot of angsty diary writing in both of their futures . . .

The Born-Again Ripper

In my favorite Salvatore Brother Bonding scene of the episode, Damon comes home to comfort his little brother, and congratulate him on a job not-so-well-done, but not entirely sh*tty either.   “You did really well out there.  Pretty soon, you will be the King of Moderation,” Damon insists brightly.


When the subject turns to Elena, Stefan insists that he “doesn’t really care what she thinks.”  But Damon isn’t hearing it.  “Oh no . . . no more No Humanity Stefan,” he lectures.

As much as this whole “two brothers in love with the same girl” thing is getting a little old, I do appreciate how both brothers actually encourage one another’s feelings for Elena, because they recognize that their love for her is a symbol of their humanity.


When Stefan angrily insists to Damon that he “doesn’t need his help,” we are whisked back to 1912, once again.  Just like in the present day, Damon finds a not necessarily willing female blood donor for Stefan, and entices him to drink her in an alleyway.  The only difference is that, this time, Damon doesn’t stop Stefan.  Instead, he lets his younger brother literally RIP the girl’s head off, then creepily try to glue it back together, just as we saw him do back in the early episodes of Season 3.

Again, a devastated Stefan insists that he “doesn’t need [Damon’s] help” before rushing off into the woods to become the famed Ripper Klaus talked about, earlier this season.  And Damon, out of a mixture of fear, anger, and maybe a little guilt, just lets him go.  Over in the present day, Damon promises Stefan that he will never let this happen again.  He vows to stand by his brother through every step of his “recovery,” for as long as it takes.  Stefan is touched and tearful, as he wonders out loud, why his brother is so insistent on doing all this for him.   “Because right now, you’re all I’ve got,” Damon responds solemnly.


All together now, “AWWWWWWW.”

In which Elena admits that Damon “gets under her skin” (and we start thinking dirty thoughts)

While Stefan and Damon are in the process of gradually repairing their relationship, one partially-chewed college coed at a time, Elena is busy doing a little Scooby Doo detective work of her own.  She angrily confronts Meredith, regarding why the latter would have the gall to frame her guardian for murder, when the Chunky Monkey is obviously so very good in bed.  Meredith then proceeds to start spouting out information about Alaric’s past, like the super stalker she clearly is.

“So, Damon told you he loved you, and you said THAT?!  What the heck is WRONG WITH YOU?”

According to Crazy Nanny Carrie, back in college, when he wasn’t studying up on vampires, good ole Alaric used to enjoy beating the crap out of people, including, quite possibly his own girlfriend / Elena’s mother, Isobel, who, apparently, at one point, had filed a restraining order against him.

This information gives Elena pause.  But she’s not quite ready to believe these awful things about the man who used to bone both his sister, and his bio mom, and is now literally the only family she has left in Mystic Falls.  “Elena, you date vampires.  It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that your guardian is a murderer,” Meredith retorts, before leaving Elena open-mouthed in the parking lot.

(You have to admit, the b*tch kind of has a point . . .)

Later, Matt randomly helps Elena break into Meredith’s apartment, while she’s at work.  (You know, because all poor, blue collar, kids MUST be thieves.)  Within minutes, Elena is conveniently able to locate the trap door in Meredith’s closet. (Every Founding Family member has one!)  Behind the trap door is a box that contains detailed files on all the Founding Family members, who were victims of the serial killer, including Alaric himself.  In Alaric’s file, Matt locates a note from the coroner’s office, which actually seems to provide Alaric with an alibi for the original coroner’s death . . . since it may well have occurred earlier than the initial reports supposed.

But before any more research can be done, Meredith arrives home from work and catches Matt and Elena IN THE CLOSET (insert dramatic music here).

Lizard Forbes is furious, but not furious enough to actually do her job, and charge the teens with any crime (It’s not like either of them have anything resembling parents to bail them out of jail!)  Before letting the pair go, Lizard Forbes notes that Meredith herself turned in the letter.  So, Alaric will be set free from Mystic Falls ONLY active jail cell, once said letter is authenticated.  Hooray for Alaric, he will live to eat Chunky Monkey again . . . or will he?

Elena and Matt have had a rough day, one that began with a rough run, included a potential arrest, and ended with them witnessing Stefan’s piggy eating habits.  So,  of course this makes them both feel like they’ve earned a stiff drink of hard liquor some tea (lame!).  As the two chug the non-alcoholic liquid the discussion turns to why Elena loves her Salvatore brothers.   It is during this discussion that Elena realizes that she was drawn to Stefan, at least initially, because he was immortal,  and so many of the people she loved had already died.


It’s kind of a sad reason to begin a relationship, don’t you think?

The conversation then turns to Damon, and why Elena seems just as inextricably drawn to him as to Stefan.  In what were, not surprisingly, my favorite lines in the ENTIRE episode, Elena had THIS to say . . .


 Now, you know me.  I’ve never exactly been a “Matt Fan.”  And yet, I must admit, I fell in love with him a little bit, when he said this . . .


 What an awesome and insightful statement!  For one thing, I love how Matt automatically made the connection between Damon’s “getting under [Elena’s] skin,” and her “falling in love with Damon.”  It’s something that’s been so incredibly obvious to all of Elena’s friends for so long.  But Elena, who’s been in denial of her true feelings, for multiple seasons now, needed to hear it.  So, I’m glad that Matt was willing to say it to her.

And while Matt is quite obviously referring to Elena’s strong feelings for Damon, judging by the watery look in his eyes, he’s also referring to himself.  What’s interesting is that it’s not entirely certain, in that sense, whether he’s referring to his feelings for Caroline, or his feelings for Elena.  It’s possible that he means a little bit of both.

Beyond the obvious reasons why I wouldn’t “ship” Matt and Elena *cough she should be with Damon cough,* my concern with the coupling actually has a lot to do with Matt’s well being.  Elena has already dated Matt, and admitted that, while she clearly cares for him, she never really felt passionate about their relationship.  If Elena was to date Matt again, I feel like she would be doing it simply because he wasn’t a vampire, just like, two years prior, she started dating Stefan, because he was one.  Because I don’t believe that Elena will ever genuinely feel for Matt as strongly as he feels for her, or as strongly as she feels for the Salvatores, I don’t think it would be fair of her to enter into a relationship with him.


Nobody deserves to be third choice in their Happily Ever After . . .

Oh, did I mention that Matt’s Cloak of “Human Invisibility” enabled him to snag Elena’s ancestor, Samantha’s journal from Meredith’s files?

Well, now I did!

One Ring to Rule ALL the NUTBARS . . .

For an episode that was surprisingly slow moving, things happened pretty fast in the last five minutes or so.  Alaric is released from jail.  We then see Elena reading Samantha Gilbert’s increasingly erratic diary (apparently, John Gilbert wasn’t the only member of Elena’s family, who ended up going loony tunes), at the same time that Damon and Stefan are recalling how the Mystic Falls serial killer ultimately ended up being none other than Samantha herself.

“See?  I told you I’d be mildly important.” 

Then, Meredith pops over to tell an angry Alaric that his “drunken blackouts” may be a sign that he’s a psycho serial killer, who’s slowly being turned into a wackjob by his recently-on-the-fritz immortality ring.  Elena rushes downstairs to confirm this, since she now realizes that both Samantha and John Gilbert, who wore similar rings, suffered the same fate.  So, Alaric is the Mystic Falls Serial Killer, after all . . . Meh, I kind of expected as much.   I’m SHOCKED.

More interesting than the Killer Ring, I think, is what exactly motivated Meredith to forge a coroner letter, in order free Alaric, when she now-KNOWS he’s mentally unstable, and might KILL HER?  I still think that b*tch is hiding something . . .

Another interesting aspect of this is Jeremy.  He’s wearing the Jaimaican Me Crazy Ring too!  Now, ordinarily, I’d say Jeremy is in no immediate danger of becoming a wackadoodle, since he hasn’t been wearing the ring nearly as long as Alaric has, nor has he “died” quite as many times.  And yet, I can definitely see the writers fudging with this fact, if they need a quick excuse to bring Jeremy back on the show.  (For example, the writers might assert that Alaric’s aggressiveness during his college years was also the result of his wearing the ring, thereby making Jeremy’s endangerment much more immediate.)

One more tidbit to consider.  Is it possible that the two rings are DIFFERENT from one another,  or that each ring wearer is effected differently by them?  For example,  Uncle/Father John was presumably about Alaric’s age.   And the two men were wearing the darn thing, for about the same amount of time.  And while Uncle/Father John was certainly a douche most of the time, I wouldn’t necessarily consider him a psychopath . . . nor would I consider the original John Gilbert to be one. Judging by flashbacks of the character, he seemed more quirky mad scientist than homicidal maniac . . .

Just some food for thought . . .

If the promos are any indication, next week’s episode looks pretty promising.  For one thing, we get the return of Crazy Alaric, who we haven’t seen since he was Alarklaus.  (Question: Why is it, in horror movies, that the psycho killer always seems to be screaming things like “OPEN THIS DOOR,” when he’s coming at you with a hatchet?  He might as well be saying, “Why on Earth, are you running away from me?  Don’t you want to be raped and decapitated?”)

Also, next week, Damon [Spoiler Alert?] somehow mind rapes Rebekah (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what he does, based on the promos), takes a shower, and gets lucky with two lady vamps at once.  In the words of Damon, himself, “Now that’s what I call a party.”

You can check out extended promos for the episodes, here:

Until next time, Fangbangers!

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  1. serendipity

    Hi Julie! Whew, finally the end of this infernal hiatus…

    I guess I liked some things in this episode, like the team Salvatore bonding, and the continued Damon-Rebekah flirting modend Matt grilling Elena about her relationship with both Stefan and Damon. Like you said, what a reason to start a relationship, though I suppose Elena can’t be blamed for it. In fact, if that was true then, it’s all the more true now: she’s now lost so many people that going for a vampire again is the only logical way to go (cough Damon cough).

    Damon and Stefan: I like Damon looking out for his little brother, although it was quite painful that he sees him as the only thing he’s got left. Of course, like he told Elena, he assumes she’ll go back to hating him after the turning of Abby Bennett and the Rebekah-sex thing… But I love them together anyway. Maybe now Stefan will start to realise that Damon might be deserving of Elena.

    And then the disappointing stuff: the history of Damon and Sage, like you said. I’d have thought there would have been a whole lot more to her being his Lexi than a very short episode that meant exactly what? That he should go for the buttoned up ladies and just compel them? So what’s the difference with what he did before? Anyway, I think I liked my own spin on their first meeting slightly better, even if not many people did. Thank you for your kind words on that BTW! They were really appreciated!

    Finally, Alaric as the killer… yeah, well. Expected and not expected. A bit lame, actually. I’d have thought they’d have dug up somebody new for that. And what about Elena’s prints on all the weapons? And he never bloodied his clothes killing all those people (only to have Elena find them in the laundry basket the day after)? And Bill Forbes never even saw who did it? Alaric must be having secret powers of invisibility and/or compulsion… And why again did he kill that first guy? Because he’d said a bad word to crazy doctor Fell? And why would Dr. Fell now bail him out of prison? I agree that she must be hiding something. How did she know about the bouts of insanity anyways? And you’re right about John wearing the ring much longer… but maybe it’s the number of times you’ve died that puts you at risk? Ric died more times than either Jeremy or John, I guess… Okay, so that leaves me with more questions than answers, but maybe they’ll explain more on that next week?!

    The trailer at least looks somewhat promising… Thanks for providing me with some laughs, as usual. Great work! Till next week 😉

    • Hey Serendipity! Great point about the whole “loving immmortals” thing. If there was ever a time, to latch on to someone that won’t die . . . it’s now. Then again, the vampires on this show die more often than the humans do. 🙂

      Especially coming from Elena, I was pleasantly surprised at just how PRO Team Damon her little speech to Matt actually was. The monologue actually pretty eloquently summarized one of the major reasons I’m a Delena fan.

      Stefan’s and Elena’s courtship was very much a whirlwind romance, at least on ELENA’S part. (As for Stefan, when your love interest is someone you’ve sort of / kind of been stalking, since she was a kid, because you “have to know her,” it’s hard to really consider that romance a whirlwind. :)) Elena was instantly “drawn” to Stefan. And, by her own admission, his vampire qualities went a long way in converting her feelings for him from mere attraction and lust to love. He was exactly what she felt he was looking for, at the time . . . what she needed in her life to feel safe.

      But Elena’s relationship with Damon was not something she was actively seeking. It was more gradual, and subtle. He got under her skin, while she was looking in the other direction. The two began to trust, need, and rely on one another, and, without really realizing what was happening, fell in love. I like that. 🙂

      I too really loved the Damon and Stefan moment at the end of the episode. Up until this point, Damon’s determination to care for, and protect his brother, has always been somewhat beneath the surface. The two brothers have each saved eachothers’ lives on numerous occasions. But it’s been hard for them to genuinely express their love for one another. So, instead, they surpress it through, snarky comments and joking banter.

      This was one of the first times Damon turned to Stefan and stated, without irony, are sarcasm . . . “I love you. And I want to protect you, and make your life easier. So, I’m going to do whatever it takes to do that for you.”

      It’s a bit sad that it took these brothers over 100 years to get to this place. But they are here now. And they have an eternity to fix what’s been broken between them.

      That said, I agree with you that Damon isn’t quite as alone as he thinks he is. Elena has never really been able to stay angry at him for too long. Though, I suspect she will continue to judge him always. 🙂

      You and I had such high hopes for an actual Damon Origins episode. And I still feel like we have yet to get one. The flashback from this week, seemed more like a re-hashing of the issues brought up in “Blood Brothers” and “The Dinner Party.” Stefan . . . on the wagon . . . off the wagon . . . again. I didn’t really leave the episode with any more information than we already had, about either brother. And I’m still waiting to see Damon living on his own as a vampire . . . seducing and killing everything his heart desires. If this show was on HBO, we would have seen that in the pilot. 😉

      I too much preferred your sexy, well-written, and deliciously in-character version of Damon’s and Sage’s first encounter. And judging by the reaction to the flashback portion of this episode, I suspect that much of the fanbase would too. 🙂

      Like you, I expected Alaric as the serial killer, the second they found him attacked in his home, when he claimed never to have seen his attacker, despite the entire house being bathed in his blood. And while, on one hand, it is risky to have one of the main characters, be the “killer,” I feel like the fact that the ring is making him do it, makes it less risky, than just biting the bullet and making him a secret sociopath. Basically, it’s Alarklaus all over again . . .

      That said, at least this provides an opportunity to keep the character around, whereas, if he was a real sociopath, he would be as good as dead. I like my Chunky Monkey, alive, thank you very much. 🙂

  2. East Coast Captain

    Great episode, nice to hear from you again.

    First of all, I know you are a fanatical Delena fan and I respect that but last night confirmed that Stefan and Damon are the true heart of the entire show not Delena, or Stelena, or Cyler or anything but the brothers. Its so awesome Damon is finally getting Stefan to control his thirst.

    Kinda pissed at Elena, what did she expect seeing her ex drinking human blood like he´s supposed to be?

    Though I disagree with her, Stefan is not immortal per se, while he doesn´t age, he CAN die just not by normal means.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! You are right in your assessment of vampires. If there’s one thing we learned from this show, it’s that they can die just as quickly as us mere humans can. I think Elena recognizes that too, having seen all her vampire friends and lovers at deaths door, on numerous occasions.

      I suspect Elena’s statement has more to do with her state of mind, when she first met Stefan. Back then, all she knew was that he was over a century old, but still looked 27 17. He also seemed uncommonly strong, capable, and fearless. This was before she learned that Mystic Falls was a hotbed for supernatural creatures who wanted her and Stefan dead. So, at that point, she had no reason to believe that he wouldn’t live forever.

      Julie Plec has stated that the relationship between the Salvatore Brothers is the core “love story” of TVD. And while I think she said this partly to appease the warring fanbases, I agree with you that this is becoming more and more true as the seasons progress.

  3. LG

    Thanks for another great recap. I was 15 minutes late to a meeting this a.m. because I wouldn’t leave the house until I’d read the whole thing. 🙂 I’m confused about something and maybe someone can tell me what I’m missing. If creepy Dr Fell suspected that Alaric was the killer, how was she comfortable having him stay at her place while she slept?

    I’m curious to know whether any of those awful accusations about Alaric in his youth are true. It seems it would be very out of character.

    My other comment on the show is, suddenly Elena is “dating” vampires? Since when did she date Damon? Also, she didn’t know Stefan was a vamp when she fell in love with him, so how is she using his immortality as her deep-seated reason for falling for him?

    I forgive the show many inconsistencies, but sometimes they don’t make it easy.

    As a Delenaist it did make me happy to hear her admit her feelings for Damon, and since we know he really does still love her, I hold out hope for an end-of-season romance. And in the meanwhile, looks like we’ve got quite the little vampire ménage à trois to look forward to.

    • Hey LG! I’m sorry I made you late for your meeting! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the recap though! 😉

      Like you, I’m still iffy on Meredith’s motivations regarding Alaric. Clearly, she’s been investigating the Founder’s Council members for some time, considering the extent of the files she had on all of the victims. Even when Meredith first arrived in town, her and the coroner seemed to be arguing about something. Maybe this isn’t the first experience she’s had with “ring-induced” murders?

      Remember the first time Meredith came over to Alaric’s house, when she kept trying to take off his ring, while they were making out? Maybe she thought Alaric would only be a danger to her, while he was wearing the ring? If so, that would seem to be a really easy fix to the whole serial killer problem.

      I suspect it won’t end up being that easy. But that might explain her willingness to spend the night with him at her place. She could have taken off the ring, after he fell asleep. But then, when he woke up, he put it back on, and found all that information about the murders. And she might have feared the discovery would trigger his psychosis again? Just a thought . . .

      Either way, I still think that biatch is hiding something. 🙂

      I also wonder about Meredith’s allegations regarding Alaric’s college days. The only thing I’m thinking is that maybe those were also ring-induced? After all, Isobel met Alaric at Duke, and the timeline as to when she actually gave him the ring is still unclear . . . This would be a good way for the writers to put Jeremy in more immediate danger of going nutty, despite the fact that he hasn’t worn the ring for half as long as Alaric has, or died nearly as many times. Just a thought.

      Elena’s point about falling in love with Stefan WAS pretty intriguing, not to mention mega-damaging to the Stelena ship. (If that was MY ship, I’d be pissed.) I guess Elena is starting to realize that, while she was drawn to Stefan for other reasons, prior to learning his true nature, it’s possible that his immortality was what finally enabled her to feel safe enough to make that emotional leap toward loving him.

      As for Elena “dating” Damon, well, I suspect Matt would view them as having dated, whether or not Elena does. After all, he did take her to Georgia, and escort her to numerous dances, among other things. They’ve even slept together a few times. 😉 But it’s high time these two REALLY started dating. So, I’m looking forward to an end-of-the-season romance too . . . and the threesome, of course! 🙂

  4. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    It’s been awhile since Season 1, but I’m pretty sure I recall Elena figuring out what Stefan was by about the 3rd episode, and *then* falling for him. As for Mere letting Alaric stay there, he was recovering from being dead. I presume that the blackouts don’t occur while you’re recovering; they haven’t so far. And I agree that he’s died *way* more than John or his brother or Jeremy.
    In minor petty stuff, the Tyler Caroline ship name is Forwood. And please, Julie, *please* don’t put apostrophes in plurals. Apostrophes indicate possession or missing letters (although it’s is now only acceptable for it is). So it would *never* be “the Salvatore Brother’s”, etc.

    • Hey Nina! Thanks so much for the typo correction and mini grammar lesson. It’s funny, when I first started writing this blog, I always had this irrational fear that my old high school English teachers would somehow find it. Then, they would read my recaps, and rub their hands together with glee at every typo and misplaced comma, wishing and hoping that, one day, their red grading pens would be able to somehow penetrate their computer screens. By the way, you didn’t ever happen to teach Freshman English at Marlboro High School, did you? 😉

      I agree with your assessment about Elena and Stefan. It makes me view this scene in an entirely new context :):

      Ahhh, shipper names. When Tyler and Caroline started getting together, I used to refer to them as Taroline, since the already-established Delena and Stelena ship names were formed using similar “spelling rules.” I reluctantly switched to Forwood, by the end of the season, since that seemed to be the more commonly accepted name. (I didn’t want to confuse anyone.)

      That said, I’ve seen the ship referred to as Cyler on other fanboards. So, it might just be a matter of personal preference. 🙂

  5. I was so relieved that the hiatus was over, I think I would have enjoyed this episode no matter what. You’re right; in Salvatore flashbacks, Damon is a prude, and Stefan is a mess. The revelation with Alaric for me was both disappointing and intriguing. I kind of guessed it was Alaric, so no huge surprise there. But I love the idea that this life-saving ring is collecting its dues. At least there’s a little consistency in the “balance of nature” thing. Want to cheat death? You will kind of lose your soul. Alaric really would have more fun hanging out with those guys in Hangover.

    I thought Damon was in fine form tonight. Snarky, sexy, and his own brand of powerful brotherly love (it involves blood). Even though he said he wanted to help Stefan because he had no other friends (thanks a lot), I found his proactive drive to help both Alaric and Stefan to be so touching. His cavalier sexism was obnoxious but also amusingly in character. Poor Rebekah! Also, I liked Elena’s ugly sweatshirt. Looks comfy and like something I’d wear, hehe.

    Sage’s predatory attitude (no means yes!) made sense for a wicked, seductive vampire. I liked her, though I can’t say beating up humans is a challenge for a 900 year old vampire. I can definitely see why Sage would go for Finn, and not just because I’m one of the 10 people in the fandom who likes him. She states that the quiet ladies in the back who watch but button up secretly want seduction. Those ladies sound a lot like Finn. She probably thought, this guy seems impossible to seduce… challenge accepted!

    I laughed a lot in your recap, especially over the gif of Alaric telling Jeremy/his victims that they could thank him every day forever. Oh, and thanks so much for watching and complimenting my video!! You clearly have the patience to write these vastly amusing recaps, so count me VERY impressed at that.

    • Hey Noelle! I think many more of us pinpointed Alaric as the serial killer, than the writers would have liked. But when the spoilers tauted Julie Plec as an “evil genius,” I was kind of hoping for something a bit more daring than a slight twist on the typical possession/ multiple personalities storyline.

      For example, it could have been discovered that “Alaric” is just an alias. And Everyone’s Favorite Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Slayer has actually been murdering town founders across the East Coast for years. 🙂 Or, better yet, the serial killer could have been ELENA. 🙂

      That said, I like your idea about the ring embodying the whole “balance of nature” theme of the show. Since the ring was undoubtedly made by a witch, it makes sense that it would contain that sort of “catch” for the wearer. Here’s an idea. What if, each time the wearer of the ring dies, it compels him to take a life in place of his own. As for why the victims always seem to be Founder’s Council members . . . hmmm . . . well, I guess the witches don’t like them very much, after the whole ‘tie them together, and burn them in a building” thing. 🙂

      Damon WAS pretty awesome last night, in terms of one-liners and sheer selfless behavior. But yeah, when you put it that way, the “you’re all I have left,” line was pretty insulting. It’s kind of like a guy saying to his girlfriend, “Marry me, because all the hotter girls already said no.”

      Sage is a bit of a date rapist, isn’t she. 🙂 If a female who didn’t look like her was doing that, the fandom would be APPALLED. (Then again, I guess the same goes for a lot of them men on this show. ;)) I also like your idea about Sage coveting Finn, because he’s the male equivalent of a buttoned-up, stick-up-her-ass, sexually repressed female. I can see that! 🙂

  6. André

    I mostly loved your comment on the Damon crow in this recap.

    I personally think that Stefan is a late bloomer in many departments and so is Damon, or maybe it’s just the writers’ incapability to actually envision a character that is over 100 years old and actually did something during that time. I mean from what was presented so far they practically circled each other all the time and made each other’s lives extremely miserable and based on the flashback I guess we know who drove Stefan into Klaus’ arms back in the 1920s.
    Not to mention that both are kind of tennis balls in the game of the universe, always being tossed from one point to the other, the same points I might add, either one acts with a stick in his ass or is a blood-sucking monster.
    Hm, reminds me of somebody:

    And another human Salvatore: when I first saw that one I only thought that we have no explanation again, of course now after more than two seasons they come up with a knocked up maid. Wow they finally must have realized that biiiiiggggg plot hole. But personally I don’t think that there is much to it, someone probably remembered that and considered what was portrayed that was the only option left that wasn’t too ridiculous. But actually I cannot remember a white maid in the Salvatore house. And now that I think about it, I cannot remember hearing the word ‘slave’ being used with the Salvatore servants, actually I can only remember having it heard when Mrs. Lockwood referred to the old Lockwoods cellar in season 2 but apart from that nothing. If it indeed wasn’t used than this would be a further example of romantization of the past this series shows, I mean the Salvatores must have had slaves back in the days.

    You know your comment regarding Sheriff Forbes being the only cop in town made me think. I mean she obviously isn’t but we rarely see any other cops anymore? Are they actually all eaten or are these few more statists a bit too much for the show now?
    As for people dying, hey people die left and right in this show. You could think that they at least give us some diversity on the subject but no.
    Maybe someone should do video kind of like this:

    Meredith’s actions didn’t really baffle me at all, but perhaps I am so desensitized by this show that barely anything baffles me anymore when it comes to the show, except maybe for the stupidity of it all, or the predictability that it will ultimately just serve Elena in the end.
    And why is the crazy Alaric, as well as crazy whats-her-name-in-1912, actually targeting Founders council guys respectively people connected to them? Is there some revengeful witch in the rings or some other magic stuff going on with it? I mean why not just kill people randomly?

    I reacted very similar to the running scene with Matt and Elena albeit mine was this:
    So Elena can suddenly run more than Matt? Yeah that makes so much sense considered that he is a top-athlete with arms thicker than her legs. But hey it’s the Elena show where one year has 8 seasons, little brothers can experience four deaths without resorting to drugs and people die left and right every second day and no one cares, anger management problems disappear overnight in werewolves, people fall in love with serial killers all the time and if something needs to be done but can’t be done there is always a witch at hand so why should this be unrealistic right?

    And Tyler’s absence is actually so far the stupidest thing ever. No matter the reason they could at least have come up with something more than this phone-call, which I still think was not recorded using Trevino’s voice. And you can’t tell me that a Forewooder like you hadn’t noticed that Tyler’s characteristics have been transferred to Klaus the moment he was no longer in town and a threat to Karolaus.
    The whole Abby becomes vamp is really weird if you ask me? Will there be the “I have to be there for Jamie” explanation or why does a women who lamented losing her powers suddenly wants to become a vamp. And since we’re at it:
    Of course not even a day has passed since last episode. Gosh these writers are idiots.
    And as for Elena not being too angry. It’s Elena, the Bella of Mystic Falls, she will, never be angry for long. Or realize her own mistakes and flaws and…
    That’s the way these girls work:

    You know, not only is the Damon crow back (hilarious comment on your regard, hey do you think the diary slept with the producers as well) but also the diary. Does that mean we will see non-white vampires again and have Jeremy having realistic reactions and non Elena-Stefan-Damon characters have their own plotlines that do not serve the main three losers?
    Your comment regarding the diaries and the coffins (since we’re at it, if the coffin with Esther could not be opened by someone other than a Bennet witch how in all hell did Klaus place her there in the first place? I mean did he hire some psychic who would fashion it the way it would look about 1000 years later and thereby actually inventing lots of techniques and materials not to be invented for centuries? Any wooden coffin from the 10th or 11th century would be barely more than a crate of wooden planks and today definitely not look so smooth.

    Now the two women (Gilbert and Lockwood) didn’t really register as looking alike to me but rather as a surprise that they introduce women, which were seriously lacking in the council so far when you really look at it. But perhaps that is the same kind of lip service the show pays with Bill and Sheriff Forbes or Rebekah’s “sexist” comment in this episode.

    Of course the logging mills were run by the Salvatores (by the way I was sure you would use these screencaps for that^^). Did anybody in this town make it to money who was not a Founder? What’s next? None of them went to any of the World Wars?
    Anyway the Salvatores were so idiotic in those scenes. I mean it couldn’t be more obvious that Rebekah was up to something if she had shouted it from the rooftops. That they didn’t notice something up right away clearly shows how self-absorbed they are.

    Oh and Rebekah knew Sage as well. Small world isn’t it?
    Of course the catalyst for all this Ripper and bad-Damon stuff was a woman. A red-head of course. Vixen (as you pointed out), with curly hair, medusa-like in fact. And she questioned gender norms. Of course she can since she is the bad girl in this episode.
    That Sage would be a vampire was clear even before the episode started. They would never let a human woman be a boxer and cross the boundaries of gender norms. And of course she had to be bad and basically she is no character of herself, not in this episode, I mean why should a heterosexual woman refer to women in the way she did in the episode. And if she isn’t heterosexual than it would only enforce the shows messages on gender and sexuality.
    And according to her shy women want to be seduced and the ones who are open crave attention? This made me wonder whether they had let her say the same thing about shy and open men. I don’t think so, do you?
    But maybe the most annoying thing was that despite Lexi’s prediction now it turns out that Damon was such a wimp that his hatred was not enough to turn him into an ass? Really what’s the matter with these writers to blame it on a woman? I know the show is pretty misogynistic when you really look at it but seriously, can’t they at least give Damon the balls to be a bad guy on his own?

    The whole stuff with Damon feeding Stefan is nearly as ridiculous and misogynistic:
    Of course Damon’s approach to Stefan’s hunger is the right one. Yeah, I guess Lexi probably never tried anything in that regard, no she is the stupid blond woman (the victim was blond again did you notice that?) and Damon is the smart and dark man, so of course he has ideas Lexi would have never thought of.
    What an idiot, getting Stefan to drink human blood is like giving a junkie crack, it can’t work out well. Only an idiot does the same thing time and again and expects a different ….
    *beeep beeeep* *transferring to Vampire Diaries mode* *activating Plec-Williamson protocol* *running romance novel.exe*
    It can work; it is the perfect way and totally reasonable. It is completely fool-proof.

    And Elena and Matt just happen to go through the same dark alley?
    And oh my god, Elena is so shocked about the behavior of the Salvatores. Pah, she’s gonna be over it in no time, as always.
    She has a good role model after all:

    Why did Stefan’s victim have to be a woman in 1912, why not the boxer? No one can tell me that the writers chose her without a motif. And his behavior was so… I don’t have a word for this mixture of creepy and crazy. I guess it is there to make viewers sympathetic to Stefan and make Damon more heroic should he be able to cure Stefan but it basically reveals what a messed up and sick person Stefan is. Both of them are. If vampirism actually brings out the strongest trait in a character (well when it suits the writers of course) than this means that Tyler is an arrogant douchebag, Rebeka is a self-absorbed brat, Finn a whinerbaby, Elijah a hypocrite, Kole a pampered sociopath, Klaus a blood-thirsty drama queen, Caroline a repressing control-freak unable to face reality, Damon an impulsive egoist and Stefan a junky per excellence. Damn these vampires are sick. Why doesn’t anyone ever notice that?

    And there was the family stuff again. BBOOORRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!

    You know Dr. Fells is right, Elena knows next to nothing about Alaric, or Stefan, or Damon, or her family members… What did she do in those 18 years of her life anyway?
    And if this stuff about Alaric is true, then I guess we know where Elena inherited her bad taste in men from don’t we? And you made a mistake, Alaric did not bone his mother and sister but Elena’s aunt and her biological mother.
    Of course Elena would never bother to look any deeper into Alaric after all she doesn’t want him in her pants so why should she right? Even in that case she never looks deep enough and of course she plays the “how could you do this” card, the same card that seems to keep her from just shooting every vampire within range.
    Let’s just hope Elena never gets pregnant with a half-human baby.

    As for Alaric sucking at parenting… well every parent in this show sucks at that. Well any living parent that is as it seems. Hm… romanticizing of the past again?

    So Elena thought of a secret hiding place but Sheriff Forbes didn’t? Well it’s the Elena show, like I said. And you have a point, why does someone like Matt have skills in breaking in? I know this show is advertisement for white upper class but so far they were at least subtle about it. Still I doubt many people will spot it the way you did.

    And as for Elena and Matt not charged with any crime. Well did you expect anything else? I mean did Jeremy and Tyler at least ever get detention? Or any of the characters bad marks?
    And I totally agree that Elena’s reason to start the relationship is rather sad, actually it makes her a little girl again. It is an explanation for many of her crazy behaviors but only to a degree because then she would have sent Jeremy away much earlier, or Matt for that matter.

    And I knew something was in the journal before the show announced it.
    Makes you wonder when Jeremy will go mad and how often the Gilbert woman died by supernatural causes. I agree that it would be totally inline for the writers to ignore their own stories just to bring Jeremy back, I mean, like I said how often did the Gilbert woman die to make her go crazy and why did she also target Founder’s Council members?
    And did Alaric actually wear the ring during college years didn’t he get it from Isobel after they were married? Not that a rewriting of background is new in this show they just don’t do it so obvious (you know the curse, werewolf scarcity, etc.).

    And it looks like someone now cares for Matt, ha. 😀
    Oh well you deserve a treat for that, so enjoy:

    • Hey Andre! So, remember last week, when you asked me for examples of when the TVD writers seemed willing to poke fun at themselves? I like to think that the reappearance of Damon’s crow in this episode was is an example of this. After all, Damon’s crow probably rivals the Hidey Hole Tomb vamps as the most maligned character in TVD history. 😉

      I think you are right about this week’s flashback, disappointing as it was for me, personally, serving as a link between the soon-to-be “clean and sober” Stefan we saw at the end of “The Dinner Party” and the one we met in the 1920s (not to mention the “Ripper of Monterrey” from 1917, who Klaus mentioned in the Season 2 finale. I just wish the flashback gave us more insight into DAMON, since this was supposed to be a DAMON origin episode. But hey, you can’t always get what you want, right? 🙂

      Thanks for all the Hillywood videos. I’ve always adored the one they did for The Vampire Diaries, back in Season 2. And this is actually the first time I saw the Breaking Dawn one, which I guess is their newest. I like New-Edward a lot. But “Jacob” really stole the show.

      I literally laughed every time he was on screen . . . especially the Faux-Wedding, where Bella’s dad looked so incandescently happy that her daughter was marrying a werewolf, instead of a vampire. Dad was always “Team Jacob,” after all. 🙂 I also enjoyed the “imprinting scene” at the end, which remains the most disturbing aspect of Breaking Dawn for me . . . even more so than the “placenta eating” scene, surprisingly. I actually was secretly hoping for an added scene, in which Jacob envisioned taking Baby Renesmee out clubbing. 🙂

      You are right about the Salvatores likely having slaves . . . especially considerinng the fact that they lived in Virginia, and that Damon had enlisted in the confederacy, before Katherine undoubtedly compelled him to go AWOL. It kind of makes me wonder what kind of life “Emily” lived, back then. I feel like her backstory was kept purposefully unclear to avoid controversy.

      As for Sage, she does bring up interesting points of discussion on gender norms. As for her views on “buttoned-up” women, Noelle brought up an interesting point to illustrate that she DOES feel the same way about buttoned-up men. After all, before she realized Damon was a vampire, he likely came off as pretty buttoned-up to her, himself. And, of course, of all the Original Vampires she went for Finn . . . the most boring one. 🙂

      Oh, and this . . . *executing romancenovel.exe* That was awesome. If only there was a real computer program like that, we’d all probably be a lot richer . . . 🙂

      As for Elena and Matt both being in the same dark alley, where Stefan was enduring his impromptu first meeting of Bloodaholics Anonymous, I’m not entirely certain of the timeline. However, I think they were both there, because they had recently left the sheriff’s office together, after Meredith turned them in for breaking and entering into her house.

      And yes, I am starting to care for Matt. 🙂 He’s actually a pretty good guy, when he takes off his judgy hat. 🙂 I still don’t want him coupling with Elena though . . . or Caroline. But Rebekah, Bonnie, or a new cast member love interest might be fun!

      Interesting point about the boxer. If you notice during that scene, Stefan’s blood lust first started to take hold, when he observed the bleeding boxer in the ring. I think it’s safe to say, that, had Damon not intervened, that is precisely who he would have eaten. It was Damon, who stopped Stefan, and steered him toward the female Founding Family member. Primarily, I think he did this, because Stefan’s going after the boxer in a public place would have exposed him as a vampire. However, I also think he chose her, by using the “rules of eating” he recently learned from Sage . . .

      I do suspect that a good deal of retcon will be used to explain Alaric’s “past violence,” as well as to explain away why the ring seems to affect different people differently. Sometimes the writers fail to recognize just how exacting and nitpicky us fans can be. 🙂

      But, of course, I’m more looking forward to the compulsion-induced threesome . . . 😉 What can I say, I’m shallow like that! 🙂

      • André

        I feared that you knew the Hillywood show already, but since you are in the US you can see them all the time. I can only see the stuff on vimeo because youtube doesn’t show it over here, which is especially frustrating since I can only see the Breaking Dawn one at work (I work for an American company) and that is the best of them all. They will probably make a second one later this year.

        Ok, I think you are making the same mistake Stephani Hecht did when I asked her why she lets her shifters bite each other all the time or why nearly every character she has is white. She gave me an “In-book” explanation just like you gave me an “in-show” one, but that is not what I am interested in, since especially in this show these are obviously not the real reasons. The writers ignored what they presented earlier far too often for me to still believe that they seriously take that into account. I once thought like that but not anymore, not really.
        My question is why the writers chose to do this and that. Why did they want to have a woman be Stefan’s victim in the show? Why couldn’t it have been the boxer?
        Or at the end of season 2, why was Jules’s transformation slowed but we never saw her in some sort of hybrid state? We saw it with Tyler but nothing with Jules whatsoever, not even changed eyes.
        Why are nearly all spellcasters African and female?
        Why did they come up with Esther despite letting Vicky try to kill Elena prior to the Esther’s resurrection.

        And why are the people that question society’s norms in this show always the bad or ambiguous ones (compare the body of bad Sage to those of the good characters and you will see that she also has a lot more meat on her bones)? I know you like it when that happens but do you never ask yourself why it is never any of the good characters that do this? Seriously Bill Forbes doesn’t count, he is even more asexual than Will & Grace in that regard.

        As for Elena and Matt just being there at the Bloodaholics session, the reason was probably that Elena simply had to know as fast as possible and so that was it, nothing more to it. I mean the writers have often shown that they neither care (or have no idea of) actual credibility or timelines.

        And with all due respect but when the Damon crow is the only example I think that your statement that the show makes fun of itself is not justified. I mean I can give you plenty of examples for it not challenging gender and society norms, as well as being misogynistic and unoriginal.

        So in short, when I look at the show I ask myself what’s behind the decisions and so far it doesn’t look good for the show overall. I think I get why it is a success but I don’t think that this is something good. In addition to the topics I already mentioned I also consider the show and the typical fans (at least based on the ones I know off) to be far too forgiving to the characters and the show in general. The show and fans regularly seem to forget what the bad deeds of the characters (or all deeds for that matter) actually mean. Think about it, what is actually so great about the whole triangle of the main three? Basically, no matter whom Elena would ever choose of the two she basically would end up in a pretty sick relationship after a while.

  7. Veronica

    Great recaps as always! As you said, Bonnie’s nosebleeds are going to be a difficult thing for new vamp Abby to overcome. Hahahaha. Also, the bit about Alaric hanging out with the guys from the Hangover had me cracking up.
    I liked the Damon – Stefan bonding scenes but I was also a little pissed that we were promised a Damon-centric flashback and they made it all about Stefan. I was hoping we would see more of how Damon became the badass vampire we were introduced to in season one. Sage told him to and then it became so? Boring!
    I’m not sure what is going on with Alaric and I don’t trust Meredith. What if Jeremy is the one that is killing everyone instead of Alaric? What is the reason that they are killing founders? Sounds witch motivated to me. Didn’t the founders kill the witches? Whatever the case, I hope they aren’t setting the stage for Alaric’s death. Matt Davis has signed on for another CW series.

    • Hey Veronica! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and for your super sweet kudos. They were very much appreciated.

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt a bit ripped off by this so-called “Damon Origins” episode. Why is it so hard for the writers to give Damon his own flashback? Stefan has had plenty.

      Like you, I also laughed a bit at how Sage apparently was able to change Damon’s entire personality and “hunting style” merely by telling him ONCE that he should change it. It reminded me a bit of that odious flashback in Season 2, in which Lexi went up to Stefan, and said, “all you need is love,” thereby making him sober for FIFTY YEARS. These must be some really smooth talking women! 🙂

      I would actually really love a twist, in which we learn that Jeremy never actually left town, and that it was HIM and not Alaric, who’s been killing the Founders. Now THAT would be an EVIL GENIUS move. I do agree with you about the ring being witch-controlled. It makes sense that they would want the Founders dead, especially considering how those same Founders’ burned all the witches in that house, shortly after they entombed all the vampires. Just some food for thought . . . 🙂

      As for Matt Davis, based on this article . . .

      . . . I suspect that, for now, at least, the actor is keeping his options open. After all, so many pilots end up failing that a working actor like him would be foolish to burn his bridges too quickly. It’s helpful that both of Davis’ shows are on the same network, which helps him avoid a lot of the redtape and hoops he would have to jump through, if this show was purchased by someone else.

      My hunch is that the writers will not kill off Alaric, but, rather, have him committed to an insane aslyum. Once the other show starts, Alaric will be reduced to guest star status. Every once in a while, the Scooby Gang will visit him for advice, when they have “vampire slayer” questions, a la Hannibal Lecter and Clarice. If Davis’ other show “Cult” succeeds, Davis’ involvement in TVD will end there. But if it fails, his character has the option of either (a) being miraculously cured; or (b) turning full-on psychopath, and breaking out of the loony bin to emerge as next seasons’ Big Bad . . .

      Hey, it could happen! 🙂

      • Veronica

        Some smooth talking women for sure. I hope there is more to the serial killer story too as it wasn’t much of a surprise.

        Thanks for posting the bit about Matt Davis new gig. I can imagine him being committed to an insane asylum as well. As much as I would hate to see that happen, I would love if they had Damon visit him once in a while with a bottle of scotch or something and the two of them could bond over drinking and lost love.

  8. Julie

    Hey Julie!! Glad to have you back with more recaps, as always sooo amusing. I swear as I was watching (very late at night, here in Argentina they upload the episodes past midnight) I thought of you. During Matt and Elena’s conversation, you know.. the “once you’ve fallen in love..” line.. I pictured you jumping up and down haha I thought it was a HUGE thing for Matt to say and for Elena to hear. Haven’t seen it as much a big deal as I thought it was going to be in the blogs I read. What’s up with that!?!?! I mean, Elena admitted to initiate her relationship with Stefan because of his immortality, what a sad thing to say, or feel, or i don’t know.. I felt it was horrible. And also I think it meant to be the actual point in which we see Elena and Stefan’s relationship shift. THIS is when we all come to realize that maybe this so called TRUE LOVE, wasn’t so TRUE (from Elena’s side at least). On the other hand it was HUUUUUUGE for those who root for Elena and Damon because she finally said it! OUT LOUD!!! To herself and to someone else!!!!!! If this isn’t owning up your feelings, I don’t know what it is.
    On a third hand (if such a thing exists ahaha) we finally get a glimpse to the love triangle this show is supposedly based on. Until now it was always about Stefan-Elena OR Elena/Damon but never Stefan-Elena-Damon at the same time. So, nice change. I welcome the drama 🙂
    Honestly, I was hoping everyone screaming about all of this.. but maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Who knows… hahaha

    ps. Sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes, I’m not a native speaker hahaha I saw someone up there getting a little upset about it 😉

    • Hi Julie! Thanks so much for your super sweet comment. I’m so honored that you thought of me, while you were watching Elena talk about Damon getting “under her skin” ;), this week.

      And you are absolutely right. I was definitely doing some fist pumping and a little Damon dance on my couch, when it happened. To think, I used to view scenes that contained Matt in them as throwaway scenes! Us Delena fans have to start paying more attention to this guy. It turns out, he’s totally on our team! 🙂

      TVD always adores its parallels. I think it’s interesting that both Damon and Elena were initially in denial of their feelings for one another, until multiple friends and loved ones clued them in to what was truly in their hearts.

      Back in late Season 1, Damon was still having difficulty coming to terms with falling in love again, after what Katherine did to him. But then Isobel made that comment to Elena about Damon being in love with her, in front of him. Then, Stefan encouraged Damon to admit his feelings for Elena, because he knew they were the key to his humanity. And in the premiere episode of Season 2, Katherine needled Damon about his feelings for Elena, with admittedly disastrous results.

      Now, in Season 3, it’s Elena’s turn to be faced with her true feelings for Damon. Sometimes it’s Damon himself who does the confronting, like when he said “I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone,” and “It’s right, just not right now.” Caroline’s done HER share of Elena Feelings Intervention too. In fact, Elena might have even borrowed the “under my skin” line from HER . . .

      Then, there was Bonnie, who got Elena to admit that Damon was a good kisser. 😉 And, of course, who could forget Katherine’s “It’s OK to love them both,” line, in the Season 2 finale?

      As for Matt, in a way, THIS conversation with Elena was a contiuation of the one he had on the bridge, following Caroline’s birthday, in which he got Elena to admit, “I’m a girl in love with VAMPIRES.”

      In this scene, Matt probes further into Elena’s earlier statement. First, he subtly enables her to question the nature of her love for Stefan (as you cleverly noted). And yet, at the same time, Matt is prompting Elena to recognize and evaluate the extent of her love for Damon . . . a love that stemmed from gradually increased emotional intimacy, as opposed to some deep-seated psychological need on Elena’s part, to avoid falling in love with someone who might die.

      It’s interesting how far Elena has come, in this scene, in terms of accepting her feelings for Damon. Back in 3 X 4, Caroline suggested that Damon “got under [Elena’s] skin,” and Elena’s initial instinct was to deny this (though she definitely went back on her words soon after). Now, in 3 x 16, it’s ELENA saying that Damon got under her skin. And when Matt makes the logical leap from “under her skin” to “love,” she doesn’t argue or disagree . . .

      It does seem like this scene might represent a shift taking place in terms of Elena’s affections. I hope so! I mean, after three seasons, I think it’s safe to say that it’s OUR turn . . . isn’t it? 🙂

      Oh, and P.S. I think your writing and grammar are just perfect 🙂

  9. Julie

    It always surprises me in a good way that you take your time to respond each comment you get. That’s so sweet of you!
    You are absolutely right. I think I might just be blocking all this baby steps because I CAN’T WAIT for Elena and Damon to get together… I mean, I remember those moments you’ve mentioned, but every time something new happens I’m all excited and feel like THIS IS IT, and then…. nothing. (Except for 3×10, didn’t see that one coming) I’m torn though, cos I love Stefan (a small part of me fell in love with him back in s1, he really seemed to love her) so I wouldn’t want Delena to be forced or anything, for poor Stefan’s sake. Keeping a slow pace regarding this much awaited relationship it’s a good thing… But still can’t help being a little impatient.
    Now that you’ve mentioned it I remember that conversation on the bridge about Elena loving vampireS -in plural-. And I also recall doing a mental note: “this is the beginning” (you see, that always happens to me!)
    I too agree with you on the difference between her love for each brother. I think that her naturally falling for Damon is healthier than her “deep-seated psychological need to avoid falling in love with someone who might die” (couldn’t have said it better) Still, I wouldn’t like to think of Elena and Stefan’s romance as a nearly pathological response to teen trauma. Hey, I’m romantic :).
    I don’t know!!! I’m a mess, what can I say. I just know that at this point Damon is the right guy for her (as in “it is right, YES right now!!!” 😉 )
    Stefan is waaaaaay more fun as a ripper, at least I enjoy his change of attitude, the snarky comments and his not-so-brooded forehead ha!
    Am I making any sense?? I think the writers want us to feel this way: to root for one couple and then 5 minutes later question if that would be the right choice…. after all, everything is about Elena. (what wouldn’t I give to have that girl’s job)
    It’s not very easy to have a psychological discussion in a foreign language, but I think this show is totally up for it and offers a lot of possibilities to debate. I’m loving it.
    Great insights Julie, hope we can keep our little exchanges 🙂

    • Aw, thank you so much, Julie! I really do enjoy replying to comments. You all are so brilliant and thoughtful, that it never fails to bring me new insights into the show and its characters.

      You know what? I liked Ripper Stefan too. He was fun! I actually wish the writers utilized him a bit better, and took a few more risks in exploring his dark side.

      My absolute favorite incarnation of Ripper Stefan was the “no emotions” one in “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” That guy was a blast! He was snarky, carefree, and just seemed like he was having a genuinely good time . . . an aspect of regular Stefan we rarely get to see.

      I also liked how aspects of the Real Stefan peeked through the compulsion, like when he “saved” Elena from falling off those bleachers. That was a hot scene. And this is coming from a Diehard Delena fan.

      Regarding Delena, what I really would like to see from them in the next few episodes, is ELENA actively pursuing Damon . . . or, if not quite pursuing him, at least being bold enough to let him know how she feels about him. This is really the perfect time in the series to do this, because Damon has recently backed off his pursuit of Elena, and is convinced she hates him. Meanwhile, Elena is finally realizing just how much she DOESN’T hate him at all. 😉

      All the best relationships have some instances of push and pull. But lately, Damon’s been doing most of the pushing, and Elena, the pulling. I think Damon deserves to be pursued a bit, and to know just how much he means to Elena . . . not just as a friend, and her ex’s brother, but also as something MUCH more . . .

      And when that happens, it’s going to be worth all the waiting in the world to see it . . . at least, I think it will. 😉

  10. Kangababy

    Six hellishly long weeks are over and TVD is back.
    Now I’ve never considered myself to be a shallow person, but I have to say that seeing Damon back to bad, with the short hairdo to match (Damon’s villian hairdo is the perfect foil to Stefan’s hero one) was by far the best thing during 1912. The biggest let down though? The lack of Damon in the Damon origin flashback! Here we’d been told that we’d see how Sage influenced Damon to become what he was come the Pilot episode, and all that they did was a two minute conversation which was so uninspiring.
    I loved the moments between Stefan and Damon. Many have said that Damon was a jerk etc… but I really think that the only way for Stefan to learn to control himself is to learn moderation and he is too self righteous to accept that lesson without a little prodding (ok maybe a lot of prodding) from Damon. In the end though, Damon’s confession to Stefan about really caring and wanting to help him was extremely touching, and probably the first time in the series where I could see the brothers telling each other that they loved each other. Bravo writers!!!
    As you’ve mentioned, Matt is becoming much more likeable. I think that he has always been very good with Elena (probably as he’s never gotten over her) but as a boyfriend to Caroline, well in Caroline’s words, he sucks. Many reviewers have focused on Matt’s statement to Elena about not being able to shake someone once you’ve fallen in love as being his declaration that he still loves her, I also see it as him pointing out to Elena that she is in love with Damon, and I really loved that scene. I think that they have a great friendship, and really hope that the writers keep it as a friendship. (After all, why would Elena revisit a relationship with Matt which she said clearly lacked passion during the Pilot episode, unless she wants to be with someone safe and reliable after everything she’s been through which would be a terrible mistake!)
    As for next week, hmmm would the CW really be bold enough to show a threesome? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    • Hey Kangababy! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂 You are absolutely right about Dark Damon and his Super Villain Hair. So sexy! It’s kind of like the opposite of the Samson and Delilah story . . . the shorter the haircut, the more badass Damon becomes. (Though, I do hope he doesn’t shave it off completely. A girl likes a little something she can run her fingers through. ;))

      Speaking of Damon, I think a lot of us Team Damonites feel the same way you do . . . We’ve been begging the writers for a REAL Damon flashback, for years now! All I wanted was ONE scene with a 20th century Damon working his seductive compulsion magic on an unsuspecting victim . . . testing his boundaries . . . learning how to truly enjoy being a vampire.

      And this was supposed to be the Damon Origins Episode. It had so much potential! But we never even got to see Damon be DAMON, in this flashback. Sage said a few words to him, and it was back to the Stefan Saga, once again . . . so frustrating!

      That said, like you, I was 100% on board with the final Salvatore Brothers’ scene, in the present day. I actually think it’s harder for the brothers to express their love for one another, than it is for them to express it to Elena . . . (It’s a guy thing, I guess.) So, the fact that Damon had the courage to finally, after nearly a century, say to his little brother, “I love you, and I will be there for you, no matter what,” was a huge deal for both of them, I think.

      And it really did seem, at the end, like Stefan was finally willing to put his trust in his brother and accept his help.

      I also felt the way you did about Matt. You know, I’ve never been Matt’s biggest fan. But now, I’m starting to realize that it was simply his relationship with Caroline that seemed to bring out the worst in him (which is odd, because I LOVE Caroline). Perhaps, the problem with Matt and Caroline, is that Matt was always subconsciously trying to turn Caroline into Elena, when they are clearly two very different people. So, while Matt cared about Caroline, in his own way, she never quite measured up for him. With Elena, and, to a lesser extent, with Bonnie, Matt can be surprisingly caring, non-judgmental, and incredibly supportive, in a way he never was with Caroline. (It helps that he is finally starting to open up to the supernatural world, and realize that not all “un-humans” are necessarily evil.)

      But, as you said, I really don’t see Matt and Elena as a romantic match. She will never feel for him, the way he feels about her . . . not after the connection she has formed with the Salvatore Brothers. And though Matt and Elena DO have chemistry, I never quite saw that chemistry as being any more than platonic. Then again, maybe that’s just the diehard Delena fan in me talking . . . 😉

      As for the threesome, believe it or not, the CW actually pulled one off on Gossip Girl last season. So anything’s possible. 😉 That said, I don’t think this will be a full-on threesome. My theory is that Sage has some sort of potion that makes Rebekah susceptible to compulsion. In order to use it, Damon and Sage lure her over to the house, under the PROMISE of sex. However, . . . after they extract the information they need from the Original Vampire, they simply put her to sleep, and begin having their own fun. Of course, I could be wrong. 🙂

      We’ll find out tomorrow, I guess . . .;0

  11. Kangababy

    Just to clarify: “seeing Damon back to bad, with the short hairdo to match (Damon’s villian hairdo is the perfect foil to Stefan’s hero one) was by far the best thing during 1912” my 1912 refers to the episode and not the flashback year…. because well it’s not just the stick up Damon’s ass that marks a flashback back episode but the really bad flashback hairdo as well. one other thought, how did Bill not see that it was Alaric that stabbed him? Very strange…..

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