Get OUT of my HEAD! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Break on Through”

[Note:  The recap for “Murder of One is on it’s way!  Be sure to check back for it, within the next 24 hours.  It should be available no later than early Saturday morning, March 31.  Thanks for your patience!]


Hey there, Fangbangers!  This week on TVD, Alaric hopped aboard the Crazy Train.  Both Damon and Rebekah learned the hard way why you should never let a 900-year old vampire touch your . . . head . . . in bed.  Bonnie rejoined the I Have Sh*tty Parents Club, membership: every single character on this show.  Stefan moved one step closer to becoming a “Social Drinker.”  And Elena . . . did a lot of pouting?  So, choke down a nice tall glass of “B Positive,” because it’s time for another TVD-cap . . .

“We are predators, not puppies.”


Don’t you just hate it, when you are getting an MRI, and the mirror image above your head starts TOTALLY eye-f*cking you . . . but you can’t look away, because the technician running the machine told you not to move?  Alaric can relate . . .


“Hey sexy, what’s shaking?  Whaddya say, after this we go hit up the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, have a few drinks together and make some bad decisions.”


“Well, that depends .  . . are YOU buying?”

While Alaric is busy being hit on by his Psycho Killer alter ego, Elena wonders out loud how Crazy Nanny Carrie / Meredith figured out that Alaric’s predilection for Man Jewelry was turning him evil.  (“Is there like a course for that in med school?”)  Meredith claims she learned this information from an old childhood story, regarding her ancestors.  “Fells are notorious busy bodies,” she jokes lamely . . . which, if you think about it, is exactly what got Vampire Journalist Logan Fell killed . . . and is probably what will ultimately kill Meredith/ Crazy Nanny Carrie.  (You know the famous saying, “Curiosity killed the Fell!”)

The CAT scan comes out normal, thereby proving that Alaric’s “Bad Seed” problem is a purely supernatural one.  It’s time to ditch the Man Jewelry, I guess!  Alaric gives the odious ring to Elena.  (Somewhere off screen, that Smeagol guy from Lord of the Rings, looks on with lust.)

“Don’t worry, Alaric!  Smeagol will take that Man Jewelry off your hands . . .”

Then, Damon magically appears to collect Alaric, and continue his three-season long foreplay with Elena.  Remember last week, when Elena caught the Salvatores chowing down at the “All Blonde Chick Buffet?”  Well, apparently, so does Elena.  And she uses it as the perfect opportunity to get under Damon’s skin . . .


 . . . nevermind the fact that her guardian and her brother are still on a One-Way trip to Wacky Serial Killer Town.


Apparently, Elena doesn’t think Damon is the best “Role Model,” when it comes to healthy neck eating habits.  All these different women!  Poor Steffie will get indigestion!  Instead, Elena suggests the “All Elena’s Arm” starvation diet . . . you know, because that worked SO WELL, last time . . .

Damon decides to lay down the law with Elena . . .


“Hey!  What’s wrong with puppies aside from the fact that Stefan used to eat them?”

Deep down, both Damon and Elena know that, when it comes to Stefan, neither total abstinence, nor little nips of Doppelganger flesh, are long-term solutions to Stefan’s century long problem.  He needs yummy bags of Soccer Mom . . . and the occasional cute college co-ed!  He needs to go back to his vampire roots.  And most importantly, Stefan needs to learn a little self-control . . . which might have the unintended consequence of making him better in bed .  . . not as good as Damon, of course.  But better . . .



Oh, I don’t know Elena . . . Damon has spent three seasons, doing this . . .


  . . . and this . . .

 . . . and this . . .

 .  . . without jumping YOUR bones . . .

I think it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about “self control.”

Speaking of self-control . . .

“B Positive!”


Over at the Bennett Farm, Caroline is taking on the role of Nu-Stefan, in an attempt to make Abby a slightly less crappy vampire than she is a mother to Bonnie.  Truth be told, there probably isn’t enough “B positive” in the world, to make Mama Bennett smile . . . especially now that she can’t flirt with and fondle the local plant life, anymore . .  .


“Oh, Pink Flower, your stamen is SOOOO big, it TOTALLY turns me on!”

(This reminds me .  . . I forgot to water my cactus, this year.)

Meanwhile, over at the Wickory Bridge, Damon gets to reunite with not one, but TWO of his 900 +-year old sex partners.

 (I guess he has a thing for older women . . . and, of course, much, much younger ones . . .)


Hot for Teacher . . .


 I guess Mystic Falls has finally decided to fix that ole’ bridge everybody is always falling off, and drowning.  (Good for them!)  Damon offers to take Alaric and his new girlfriend, Dr. Secret Psycho, there for some fresh air.  You know, because there’s nothing like spending time on a Man-Made Death Trap to make a Supernaturally-Made Death Trap feel less alone in the world.

“I feel so personally connected to this bridge.  I bet it’s killed a lot of Founder’s Council Members over the years too.  Good work, brother!” 

Mama Lockwood, who has no idea she’s talking to a serial killer of FOUNDER’S COUNCIL members takes this opportunity to bug Alaric about his forgetting to bring by some old sign, in honor of the re-opening of the bridge.  (Believe it or not, this detail will actually be important later.)

“I’m sorry, Mama Lockwood, I’ve been kind of busy carving all your friends up like the big fat Thanksgiving turkeys they are it just slipped my mind.” replies Alaric politely.

Shortly thereafter, Alaric and Crazy Nanny Carrie exit stage left, allowing Damon some alone time with His Women.

“Ladies, ladies.  There is no need to fight.  My manhood is big enough for both of you . . . and Elena.” 

After doing a little flirtatious sleuthing, Damon quickly surmises the reason for both of his lady friends’ sudden reappearances on the bridge.  Rebekah has been looking into some random tree, though Damon is not quite sure why.  As for Sage, she’s apparently been pining for that Death Wish-Having, Mama’s Boy Finn for the 900-years, since he turned her, and was hoping he’d stop by.  (Well, at least now we know why she and Damon get along so well!  And here, I thought it was just about the amazing sex.)



Always eager to spread bad news, Rebekah bounds over to tell Sage that Finn has left town, and that his heart only belongs to one woman, his wackjob mother . . .


Primed for a little lady fighting, Sage offers to help Damon figure out what exactly it is that Rebekah is hiding from him.  All he has to do is turn on the charm, a little bit, and get her to pop by La Casa de Rich and Awesome for some Sexy Times.  Sage knows full well, that no woman in her right mind would ever refuse an invitation to Damon’s Bed of Champions . . .


 . . . least of all the vulnerable, and perpetually sex-starved, Rebekah . . . who, like everyone on this show (except for maybe Psycho Alaric) really just wants to be LOVED, right?


As Sage had predicted, Rebekah doesn’t need much convincing.  And soon enough, our fabulous vampire threesome have made plans for an X-rated Date with Destiny . . .

Meanwhile, back in Broody Town . . .

Well, THAT’S a pretty creative use of a knitting needle . . .


Elena has conveniently invited herself into La Casa de Rich and Awesome because she heard about Damon and the threesome.  Supposedly, she’s come to check out a book from Salvatore Library on her batsh*t crazy ancestor, Samantha.  She finds Stefan in the living room, drinking blood of course.  (This guy is clearly an emotional binge eater . . . How does he never get bloated?  I mean, I know he’s dead and all, but you have to wonder sometimes, where it all goes.)

Damn you, and your super fast vampire metabolism.  DAMN YOU!

Knowing how much his girlfriend hates to read (I mean, let’s face it, girlfriend hasn’t set foot in a classroom in about six months.), Stefan chivalrously offers to give Elena the Cliff Notes version of that Big Bad Book she’s cradling in her arms.  Long story, short: her ancestor chopped her head open with a knitting needle, and bled to death in the loony bin.  (OK, who the heck gave the INSANE SERIAL KILLER a knitting needle?  Someone needs to put a dollar in the Moron Jar, stat.)

Ever the Bastion of Positivity, Stefan concludes his story, by giving it a “feel good” moral: “P.S. Alaric’s probably going to end up attempting to crochet an afghan with his brain too.  And there’s basically nothing you can do about it.  Thanks for playing!  Better luck next time.”


Yeah, she didn’t really hit him.  I am just saying that, if she did, he totally would have deserved it . . .

“Two is company, three is a party.”


(In my next life, I would like to be The Guy Who Covers Ian Somerhalder’s Weiner with Bits of Fabric to Appease the Censors.  That guy always seems to be one sneeze away from a Wardrobe Malfunction.)

When Damon arrives home from his Double Date at Death Bridge, Stefan is FUMING MAD . . .

*insert snarling and growling noises here*

“How dare you tell Elena I’m a vampire who drinks human blood  . . . oh wait . . . she already knew that . . . I mean, how dare you . . . um . . . talk to Elena without my permission.  YEAH!  That’s it!  Not cool, brother,” gripes Stefan.

Under normal circumstances, Damon would LOVE to continue another round of the Saga of Stefan and Elena, but he has brains to manipulate, and ladies to screw.  And he’s not about to let his little brother cockblock his CWTV-approved Porn Star Moment.


So, instead, Damon simply offers Stefan a few, Vampire Pride Maxims, for inspiration (“We’re here.  We’re bloodsuckers.  Get used to it!”), and heads off to the bathroom to shower himself in Axe Body Spray . . .

Sage arrives at the party first.  Her housewarming gift is a piano player, who bares a suspicious resemblance to Finn.  (I guess Sage has a “type.”)

“Mommy and I used to play the piano together all the time.  But she always insisted on sitting on my lap, when we did it.  I never understood why . . .”

There’s a rule on this show, that states that all piano players must get mauled by vampires.  And this one is no exception.  Sage wastes no time at all chomping on her Finn Doppelganger, while Damon looks on, eager for the REAL party to get started.  And then, it does . .  .

Like Sage, Rebekah also has not come to the party empty-handed.  She brings over her personal catnip . . . booze, stolen from some Queen . . . somewhere.

Have I mentioned yet today, how much I love the rampant alcoholism on this show?

OK, enough of this lame piano music.  Let’s crank up The Kills on that iPod and DANCE!  (Because we all know how much Damon loves to dance!)


Ahhhh . . . memories!

Never one to want anyone to feel left out of the party, Damon struts over to Rebekah, and her two left feet, who is busy nursing her bottle of booze and looking forlorn.  The pair share a little piano player snack, and then it’s time for Damon to REALLY turn on the Salvatore charm . . .


Normally, I would take this opportunity to chastise Boozy Rebekah for being so easily manipulated by Damon’s transparent and superficial attempts at seduction.  But when Damon whispered, “I want you,” in Rebekah’s ear, I looked down at the floor, and found my panties around my ankles . . . and HE WASN’T EVEN TALKING TO ME!

The man is a genius . . .

So, of course they have to cut out the BEST scene, and skip to the post-coital bedroom cuddle . . .

Fortunately, the magic of gif-making allows us to improvise what likely happened between these two, while the cameras were otherwise occupied . . .


Then, Sage crawls into bed with Damon and the sleeping Beks, and I’m thinking, “It’s PARTY TIME!”

But then, Sage just fondles Rebekah’s forehead for about two seconds, and walks away . . .

OK, here is where I call “B.S.”  Since when do vampires have Forehead Fondling Mind-Reading powers?  Oh, that’s right . . . they don’t.  Otherwise, Klaus wouldn’t have spent the entire summer ignorant to the fact that Elena wasn’t dead, and Stefan wasn’t really his best friend / minion / willing sex slave . . .


Nope . . . forehead fondling as a form of communication sounds a lot more like something a WITCH would do.  In fact, it looked a heck of a lot like what Bonnie was doing with that plant, toward the beginning of the episode.  (It’s also very similar to what she did to Luka, back in Season 2).  And yet, we’ve just been told that witches lose their powers, immediately upon being turned into vampires.  So, even if Sage WAS a witch in her former life, there’s a good chance she would have lost her ability to forehead fondle, the minute she sucked on Finn’s bloody teets.

For now, I’m willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt.  But if Sage has some magical powers that even the oldest, most powerful vampires in the world don’t possess, I’m hoping to get some sort of explanation as to why that is the case.  Just saying . . .

Ooooh, but wait!  We aren’t done with sexy times yet.  It’s time for the post-sex shower.  And we all know how much Damon loves getting all wet and soapy . . .


This time though, it appears our shower is built for TWO.  (All that forehead fondling, must have gotten Sage’s fingers sweaty.)

P.S. Sage apparently has other magical powers, in addition to random dancing, piano player eating, tag team showering, and mind reading.  Now, she’s fondling Damon’s forehead, and GIVING him Rebekah’s memories.  OK, now I’m starting to get scared.  If her head starts spinning around, and green stuff comes spewing out of her mouth, I’m calling the exorcist . . .

Damon, of course, seems completely unperturbed by this odd turn of events.  In fact, he’s kind of thrilled . . .  After all, now he knows there’s still a tree out there that could Klaus et al.


Damon doesn’t even bother getting dressed, before he makes another trip to the trusty Salvatore library.  (Wearing clothes is SOOO 19th century.)  Please let the towel fall down . . . please let the towel fall down . . . 

Sure enough, he figures out what many of us TVD fans have long suspected . . . . the Wickory Bridge is made almost entirely of White Oak.  In other words, Death Trap Bridge doesn’t just kill Founder’s Council Members like Alaric, it also kills ORIGINALS!  Time to burn the evidence!


 Sage reappears, during all this, and makes Damon promise not to use the knowledge she gave him to kill her long lost lame lover, Finn.  Damon agrees, crossing his fingers behind his back . . . since he knows, thanks to the spell binding all the Originals together . . . once he stakes Klaus . . .

“Mmm . . . Surrogate Son tastes yummy!”

Something tells me New Guy Jamie is going to fit right in on the cast of The Vampire Diaries  . . . at least, until they inevitably whack him, probably about three or four episodes from now

Coincidentally, I also think she will fit in as Bonnie’s new love incest. It’s not incest.  They promise us it’s not incest, even though they sort-of/kind of have the same crappy mom.  After all, we all know how much Bonnie adores those former child stars, who went on to develop biceps . . .

(New Guy Jamie is the Non-Puppet one, just in case you were confused . . .)

The last time we saw Jamie, he was busy being compelled, and trying to bust a cap in Stefan’s ass . . . now he’s chopping wood (because that’s not at all a metaphor for anything sexual, now, is it?)  Caroline stalks outside to yell at Jamie for not being nicer to his new vampire mother.  She forces him to come inside and be civil.  Let the eye f*&king with Bonnie ensue.  Then, Mama Bennett proceeds to EAT HIS NECK.  Yeah, that’s what you get for listening to Caroline, Jamie.  Eventually, you’ll learn . . .

“How was I supposed to know that Jamie had ‘B Positive, blood!


Fortunately, Jamie doesn’t . . . you know . . . die, or anything.  But that doesn’t stop Mama Bennett from sneaking out, while the kiddies aren’t home, despite Caroline’s protestations.  I’m really sorry that your Mom totally sucks, Bonnie.  (In more ways than one.) But hey, look on the bright side, considering how rarely you get your own story line, it will probably be at least three seasons, before we find out your father is just as bad . . .

In other news, Bonnie has decided to forgive Elena, and perform the spell that will magically cure Alaric of his Crazy.  (Man, if this were real it would put pharmaceutical companies, insane asylums and therapists out of business.  Witches are BAD for the economy.  . .)  She tells Elena to get something from Alaric’s house that he had before he started wearing his Jamaican Me Crazy Ring.

“Does the bottle of scotch, I had permanently attached to my lips count?”

Back at the Gilbert house, after receiving the password to all of Alaric’s bank accounts  (It’s “vampire slayer,” just in case you’re interested in performing a little identity theft, after reading this recap), Elena offers to head back to Alaric’s apartment to pick up the jewelry item.  Meredith all-too-eagerly agrees offers to stay alone with Alaric, while the latter looks.  (Girlfriend must be really hard-up for sex, if she’s willing to risk being bludgeoned to death for it.)  Ruh-roh!

“Do you feel remorse?  Because you should!’

“Geez, Elena.  You’re a pig.  When’s the last time you cleaned your bathroom counters, Season 1?”

Over at Alaric’s apartment, Elena finds Stefan . . . lurking (because that’s not weird . . . at all).  He agrees to help her search for Alaric’s wedding ring.  While the two are in the apartment, Elena and Stefan find all these creepy pictures of Alaric’s victims (even a picture of himself . . . not sure how he managed that.)

“Automatic timer on his camera?”

There’s also a big packet of information on the Founder’s Council, which Alaric was apparently preparing to send to . . . wait for it . . . Jeremy?!!!

On top of the packet is a letter to Jeremy, instructing him on precisely how to “cleanse the Founder’s council,” using the ring that will “make him strong.”

I have to say, I was skeptical at first, but I really like the way the writers are handling this serial killer story line.  Initially, when I first learned that it was “the ring” making Alaric crazy, I thought that they would use this as a way of completely freeing Alaric of liability for his own actions.


But what’s interesting about Alaric’s psychosis is that he doesn’t seem “psychotic” in the way Samantha Gilbert was described.  Nope. This is a sociopath, pure and simple . . . a guy with a clear motive . . . one that “sane” Alaric wouldn’t necessarily disagree with: to rid the Founder’s Council of it’s inherent hypocrisy, when it comes to protecting the townspeople from vampires (though their methods of coping with it, might be different).  Bad!Alaric’s moves, up to this point, from attacking himself, to provide himself with an alibi . . . to studying up on the Founder’s Council . . . to exploiting the fact that the ring is likely having the same effect on Jeremy’s mental state, over in Vermont, have been kind of creepily brilliant.

The other thing we learn from this little excursion is that Samantha Gilbert also killed folks in the mental institution, long after she stopped wearing the ring.  Having come to the realization that Alaric is still very much a danger to Crazy Nanny Carrie, Stefan and Elena rush back to the Gilbert house . . . though it may be too late . . .

Back at the Gilbert house, Alaric awakens from his little nappy, with a bad case of the Crazy Eyes . . .

“Here’s looking at you, Crazy Nanny Carrie.”

As we learned this week, even on his “good, non-possessed days,” Alaric was no stranger to violence.  In fact, one of his favorite past times was beating up on asshats for fun.  So, you could imagine how terrifying he is now that he “has the ring to make him psycho strong.”

At first, Bad!Alaric plays it cool . . . making casual conversation with Sitting Duck Meredith, as he plays with her blood syringes.  But things start to get creepy, when he not-so-casually asks Meredith if she feels remorse about her seemingly hypocritical stance on vampires.  (i.e. Good for Doctor Business . . . Bad for the Town.)  His words remind me a bit of when Alaric bullied himself onto the Founder’s Council, by arguing that everyone else in the group was in love with or related to a supernatural creature.  (Man, how long has this sh*t been going on?)

With all pretenses of sanity dropped, Alaric can now chase Meredith, like the psycho self he’s been . . . at least for the last fifteen minutes.  As for Meredith, she can make the classic Damsel in Distress Horror movie mistake of running upstairs, when she could just as easily have ran out the door screaming, “HELP, MY RING POSSESSED BOYFRIEND IS TRYING TO KILL ME, BECAUSE I ONLY PRETEND TO HATE VAMPIRES.  IS THERE A WITCH IN THE HOUSE?”

In Meredith’s defense, she’s impressively handy with a scissor . . .


By the time Stefan and Elena return to the Gilbert house (That was kind of slow!  What?  Stefan can’t fly?  Vampire FAIL!), Alaric is already calmly and creepily grinning at them by the door.  “Meredith is currently dying on your toilet, Elena.  Sweet DREAMS! got an emergency call, and had to go back to the hospital,” he fibs.

Elena gets Bad!Alaric out of the house, by claiming she wasn’t able to find his ring.  Once he’s gone, Stefan turns to Elena, his eyes wide with anticipation, his nostrils flared like a pig poised a mud bath.  He has a little favor to ask of his ex girlfriend.


If Elena thinks she’s being propositioned for Ex Sex, she’s sorely mistaken.  Stefan literally smells blood.  And it isn’t long before the pair find it’s source . . . it’s Meredith . . . in the bathroom . . . with the steak knife.  Cue Stefan’s vamp face . . .


“My wife looks so hot, when she’s all mutilated and dying like that . . . oops.  Did I just break character?”

Annnnd, here comes our Super Hero moment of the week . . .


Final score: Vampire Cravings – 0, Stefan Salvatore – 1


Well, hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day . . .

Now, you may be wondering what happened to Alaric.  Well, after a nice bonding moment between Elena and Bonnie . . .


 . . . the latter did a little spell, and served the Chunky Monkey some of her magical, “Don’t be a sociopath, anymore” salad.  Then Damon knocked the guy out, and took him to some remote loft, where he could . .  . you know . . . not kill people, and stuff . . .

Speaking of Dormant Serial Killers, Elena called Jeremy, who I am now officially worried about . . . or, rather, I’m worried for the good people of Vermont, who he has taken to calling his “friends.”  (Why do I have this feeling that Jeremy’s “friends” are a bunch of decapitated rotting corpses, he hides in his closet, and plays chess with when he’s bored.)

Of course, Elena doesn’t do anything practical . . . like tell Jeremy to take off the ring . . . or to be on the lookout for a care package of “Don’t be a sociopath anymore” herbs.  Instead, she just pouts and stares off into space . . .  Way to be a hero, Elena . . .


 According to Jeremy, Alaric hasn’t tried to contact him once, since he left for Vermont.  Do we believe him?

“Game back on, brother!”


Never trust a woman who’s always fondling your forehead.  Damon finds out Sage betrayed him, when he sees Rebekah burning down the Wickory Bridge.  It turns out Rebekah’s head wasn’t the only one Sage shrunk, during last night’s sex sandwich escapades.  Sage absolutely refuses to believe Damon’s claims of Finn’s suicidal nature.  She honestly thinks that, once united, the two will live happily ever after . . . along with his mother . . . who will probably sleep in bed with them for all eternity.


Sage may think she’s saved her lover boy’s life, by betraying Damon, and teaming up with the scheming Rebekah.  But she hasn’t.  It turns out there’s one piece of Wickory Bridge White Oak the twosome failed to burn . . . (Remember what I said about the sign being important?)


I hope you’ve been training, Scooby Gang, because Hunting Season has just begun .  . .

Next week on TVD, Bondage Damon makes his triumphant return to our televisions sets.  Also, THIS HAPPENS . . .


Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

Check out the trailers . . . if you dare . . .

Until next time, Fangbangers!



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17 responses to “Get OUT of my HEAD! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Break on Through”

  1. East Coast Captain

    I can´t believe how much Elena pissed me off. Expecting Stefan to be a Twilight esque emo vampire? Damon is right, Stefan couldn´t resist his thirst for munch longer plus human blood will make his vampire powers run on full speed.

    Poor Abby, these new existence as a vampire must be tough on her. Great on Caroline for mentoring her through it all. Can´t blame Jamie, having a vampire nearby might be unsettling especially newly turned.

    I believe Klaus stole that booze from the British Queen, kinda hinted it. Maybe Queen Victoria but whatever.

    This dark side of Alaric´s. You think its sentient maybe something grabbed onto him while he died many times?

    You never know if Stefan is better in bed, the quiet ones are always the freakiest. 😉

    Damon is not capable of ending a 900 year old vampire? That always pisses me off about that, these old vampires think because there old and powerful that no one can hurt them but that´s where there downfall begins overestimating yourself. He can, he ended these so called hybrids.

    Poor Mrs. Paul…oops Meredith, got shanked.

    The ending was so badass, they have enough wood there to kill all the originals and then some!

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I do love the idea of Originals-killing stakes for the entire Scooby Gang, as opposed to just one stake. Imagine if Damon, Stefan, and Katherine all had stakes back during the “prom” episode. Klaus would already be dead, for sure. When you think about it, it was the fact that only one stake existed back then, that really saved Klaus’ life. It also put that whole “steal the coffins, bring back the Originals” plotline into motion.

      I also like that all the Originals are linked. Because this will give us an out-and-out war, which should be fun to watch. The thing about the Originals, is that, aside from Elijah, I never got a real sense of “family values” from them. Without this connection, I feel like many of these siblings wouldn’t fight to save one another’s lives. However, now that they are connected, fighting for eachother really is a life or death matter. It definitely heightens the “stakes” (pun intended) of killing Originals for our Scooby gang.

      As for Alaric, it definitely seems like the murder of the Founder’s Day members was the agenda of the witch who spelled the rings that Alaric and Jeremy wear . . . since every ring-wearer seems to possess the exact same goal. But you are right. It is entirely possible that with each time the ring is activated to save the life of the wearer, the ring’s power and agenda takes an even tighter hold on it’s owner.

      The real test of what this ring can do will be how it affects Jeremy, I think. After all, he has been wearing the ring for a much shorter time period, and has been “revived” less often. I think if the ring starts affecting Jeremy NOW, we can assume that it’s an outside force that’s controlling the rings and their wearers, as opposed to something inherent in the ring itself . . .

      The plot thickens 🙂

  2. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    No, Julie, I’ve never taught English. Not even a teacher, just a grammar maven. 😉
    In other news, I thought Jeremy was in Colorado? Didn’t they send him to Denver?
    I’m still disappointed in the whole Sage story-line. She was supposed to be Damon’s Lexi, and there wasn’t all that much to it either last episode or this. But I don’t think she is/was a witch; Bonnie can’t read minds. I think she’s just psychic or a telepath; and I don’t think that ability would go away after turning. I think you’re right about TVD’s mythology already pointing to vampires not being able to hear one another’s thoughts. This is something that seems to vary in all the stories I’ve read. In some instances, they can hear everyone but their maker, in others, it gives them a closer bond with their maker.

    • Hey Nina. You are probably right. For some reason, I remembered Jeremy saying he was going to Vermont. But it probably was Denver. (At least there, he can enjoy some skiing, amidst all his inevitable serial killing. ;))

      I have definitely read other books where vampires have mind reading powers, in addition to mind controlling ones. So, I guess it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Sage has these powers as well. The writers of this episode definitely seemed to imply that this particular brand of mind reading was unique to Sage, however. And I’m just not sure why.

      You would think after centuries of being a vampire, Damon would have figured out how to do this. And, if not Damon, DEFINITELY one of the Originals. It’s simply too useful of a trick for it not to be utilized on a regular basis. Then again, perhaps its simply an offshoot of that “Dream Walking” trick Julie mentioned *waves at Julie*, that we’ve seen Damon, Stefan, and Katherine practice on one another and Elena multiple times . .

  3. Julie

    Hey Julie!! We meet again 🙂
    Kind of a slow episode, don’t you think? What can I say, I just enjoyed the Sage-Damon-Rebekah’s exchange, the rest was a little bit dull, quite disappointing.
    Regarding Sage’s telepathic powers, that reminded me of three TVD scenes with similar characteristics.
    1) Remember when Katherine was locked inside the tomb with Stefan? They were talking, and suddenly they started making out. Really hot. And also REALLY WRONG! cos (we thought) he was cheating on Elena! Buuuuuuuuut he wasn’t. Katherine got inside his head because he was weak (that’s what I don’t get with this Rebekah situation, isn’t she supposed to be like SUPER BADASS STRONG?) and she said so.. I think her words were “It’s getting really easy to get inside your head” as if it wasn’t the first time she’s done this.
    2) In the episode were Rose dies and she is suffering from vamp-rabies Damon kindly gets in her head and takes her to her “happy place”(somewhere in England). There she talks to him as Rose, not as Damon’s projection of Rose, which could be an indicative that one can talk to the conscious self of a person and therefor get information in their sleep. (though that person apparently should be willing to give it).
    3) Now that I think of it, didn’t Damon do something similar to Elena, back in season 1? She was dreaming of making out with Stefan, and when he took off his t-shirt, it was Damon.
    So my point is, isn’t what Sage did kind of what Katherine or Damon did to Stefan, Rose and Elena? We could assume, though it’s far fetched, that since Rebekah is so eager to find that white oak tree she might be dreaming about it (all of our dreams have real connections to the events of our day) soooo Sage could have seen that. And in the shower again, she “shows” Damon by getting in his head and posing images.
    The plot hole is IMO that Sage TAKES thoughts or images instead of INSERTING them (as we’ve seen it happen) but maybe it is a process that works both ways.

    And then I wanted to add, or maybe correct: when Stefan and Elena go back the Gilbert’s house after being “ring hunting” Alaric doesn’t see them both, just Elena. They talked a little bit and Elena realizes that he is Bad!Alaric and starts (obviously) lying. Alaric being a transformed sociopath as he is, discovers the lie when they both glance at the kitchen knife on the floor and he attacks Elena, the forever damsel in distress. Luckily Stefan is there to save the dayand grabs Bad!Alaric from his neck (“Please, don’t hurt him” “I’m trying not to”) and chokes him til the possessed teacher is unconscious . That’s why later Bonnie is able to perform her witchy-ju-ju (is that how you spell it?) and we see the already mentioned scene with Damon babysitting/nursing/guarding Alaric.

    Hope I could make myself clear. These things were all popping up in my head while I was reading.
    Loved your personal comment on Damon’s seductive techniques, the man IS a genius 😉
    We have a big week coming up, if you know what I mean. Keep your fingers crossed…
    I will 😉

    • Hey Julie! That’s brilliant. You know, I had completely forgotten about all the “Dream Walking” these vampires used to do in previous seasons. And what Sage did in this episode really does seem to utilize the same skills.

      Probably the action that most closely resembles what Sage did, was Damon’s “death dream” for Rose. Whereas in the dreams Damon made for Elena, Katherine made for Stefan, and Stefan made for Katherine (in the deleted scene), the substance of the dream came entirely from things the vammpire already knew about his subject. However, when Damon made that dream for Rose, he had to “dig in her brain” to extract things about her childhood that he otherwise wouldn’t have known. Since Rebekah was sleeping when Sage extracted the information from her, it can be assumed that she did the same thing to her that Damon did to Rose, without the extra step of constructing a dream.

      As for what Sage did to Damon in the shower, it was almost as though she was “creating a dream” for him . . . one that included Rebekah’s memories. The only difference, of course, was that he was awake when it happened.

      So, maybe this isn’t such a unique “magical power” after all. Still, you would think that savvy vampires like Damon, Stefan Klaus and Katherine would have thought to use this trick a lot more often, throughout the series than they did. Imagine how helpful it would have been, for example, to get inside Klaus’ head, back when they were trying to kill him. And yet, Stefan lived with the guy for an entire summer, and never thought to touch his forehead. Vampire fail. 😉

      As for this episode . . . yeah . . . it definitely wasn’t the most action-packed we’ve seen this season. (Though, I liked it better than last week’s, which, save for the scene at the end between the Salvatore Brothers, REALLY bored me.) I’ve noticed a lot of growing dissatisfaction with TVD on the message boards of late. (And I’ve definitely been getting fewer readers on my recaps.)

      Hopefully, this is just a “phase” the show is going through. I still have faith that the writers will be able to turn things around in time for the season finale. 🙂

      • Julie

        Hey Julie! What took you so long? I was eager to read your thoughts 🙂
        Just dropping in an idea:
        If Mommy Original (I read you don’t trust her) linked all of her children using Elena’s blood, isn’t it possible that ALL those who have Elena’s blood in them die too – meaning ELENA?? I mean, if they are connected by her blood, couldn’t she be connected to them too?
        As I was watching the linking scene, back in Dangerous Liaisons, I thought that for sure Mommy Original was tricking Elena into it, and seemed pretty obvious that instead of being connected to each other, they were actually connected to her. Then I was surprised it didn’t turn out to be that way, but still I can’t help but wonder if the possibility is really off the table.
        When I read you didn’t trust her (I don’t either), I thought of this again. Am I crazy? It would be a nice way to end this “kill one, kill them all” thing, because, as you said, it is too good to be true (and I like the Originals!)

        I agree with you on the growing dissatisfaction on the message boards, I’ve noticed it too. A lot of hate towards the characters and the writers. People seem to have a really hard time realizing it’s just a TV show, there’s no need to get THAT upset, right? Don’t get me wrong, I do get upset with the events on the episodes, but I would blame it on the actor or take matters into my own hands and harshly complain to the writers. I think that it’s going too far.

        But since I looooove TVD I really do hope this is just a phase and that the writers go back to the awesomeness we’ve seen on seasons 1 and 2.
        Can’t wait to see what’s with that Damon kissing scene… Elena, a dream about Elena, a whole different character??????
        It better be good, with the hiatus coming up.
        We, Delena fans, deserve it. 😉

  4. serendipity

    Hi, Julie! You were on a roll this week! “In my next life, I would like to be The Guy Who Covers Ian Somerhalder’s Weiner with Bits of Fabric to Appease the Censors. That guy always seems to be one sneeze away from a Wardrobe Malfunction.”
    “Since when do vampires have Forehead Fondling Mind-Reading powers? Oh, that’s right . . . they don’t.”
    “Please let the towel fall down . . . please let the towel fall down . . .

    Elena did a lot of pouting (probably because the towel didn’t fall down, or because she missed out on the threesome 😉 ). But then again, she did have a lot to pout about this week: (1) she’s only shacking together with a potential nutcase and serial killer, and (2) her brother might or might not be infected with the psycho virus; (3) her on-and-off ex Stefan’s renewed suckage of necks and bloodbags (at least he tried to pour it into a glass at first; such a messy eater, Salvatore junior – which reminds me: remember Damon’s fastidiousness in ‘1912’ with the hankie? LOL), and (4) finally Damon’s relapse into his bad boy ways. Imagine what she’s gonna look like if she finds out about his sexcapades with not just Bex (the duet and threesome made me smile 😉 remember ), but Sage as well for the hot shower sex – way to catch up on lost time, Damon. Good thing he’s got stamina (and a bed of champions 😉 as well as tremendous self-control. I totally agree with you there, Julie. All this pining, 150 years after Kat, 3 seasons after Elena… the guy’s a veritable master of restraint!

    Then again, bad boy Damon’s the one who got under Elena’s skin in the first place, so perhaps his cold shoulder will get her all hot and bothered again? Cue the Canadian trailer… Hell yeah! Then again, Damon seems truly uncommonly unlucky where women are concerned. First Kat, then Elena, now Sage’s betrayal, next week Rebekah-torture… So much for Sage being Damon’s Lexi. At least she didn’t doublecross Stefan, even if she seems to have been a bit misguided on the bunny-issue. Steffy would have been better off learning ‘moderation’ from the start…

    Speaking of moderation and restraint, I loved Caroline and her honesty this week as much as I can’t stand Abby! Now you know I’m not a huge Bonnie-fan, but girl doesn’t deserve this!

    And Ric… Curious to see what they are going to do with him. I get the motives for the killing, but did he stab himself because he thinks himself a hypocrite too? After all, his best friend is a vampire… I too remembered his little speech to get himself on the council. Why was that again? To protect the humans? NOT. LOL for your comment on all the gratuitous drinking on this show 😉

    The murder of one – next week’s title – is obviously going to be the attempt to kill off one of the originals (Finn, if Damon has anything to say about it, I think LOL), but if the trailer is any indication, it will only be one time that the binding spell will work (according to Klaus, at least). Now, normally, I’d say once should be more than enough (dead is dead, after all) but since this is the Vampire Diaries, I’m sure Klaus will have a handy way out of this, or he’ll have a witch handy to undo the spell…

    Bring it on! and then another hiatus. Boo 😦

    • Hey serendipity! I too think Finn will be the first, and easiest target for the Scooby Gang next week. (His name does mean “end” after all. ;)) In the promotional photos for next week’s episode, there’s this one shot of Sage crying, which definitely seems to imply that she lost her loverboy.

      But you are right. I suspect this whole, kill one Original, kill them all scenario is simply too good to be true. For one thing, I don’t trust Original Mommy . . . and can’t help but wonder whether her spell has other consequences, which are slightly different than the ones she originally stated. Also, I’m pretty sure, at least Klaus will be sticking around until the season finale . . . even if the rest of his vampire crime family does not.

      While we are on the subject of the stakes, I think it’s kind of odd that the stake DIPPED in white oak ash, when used, also kills the user (if he or she is a vampire), but the stake made entirely of white oak does not. Kind of a convenient loophole, don’t you think?

      I do wonder about the circumstances surrounding the Delena kiss. Will it be Elena initiated? (Man, I hope so!) Will it come at a time when Damon is close to death from Beks torture? (i.e. a sequel to the whole death bed kissy thing) Is it a dream sequence of some sort, initiated by Beks to get Damon back for what Sage did to her? (I hope not. But it’s entirely possible.) Either way, that Canadian promo increased my excitement for this upcoming episode, tenfold. Good job, advertisers!

      As for Alaric, my first instinct was to think that Bad!Alaric staked himself to disclaim liability for the other murders. However, now that you mention it, the idea of Alaric’s alter ego trying to “kill himself” for the same reason he killed the coroner (Was the coroner even a member of the Founder’s Council?) and Bill Forbes makes a lot of sense. It would certainly explain the “battle blood” all over the walls of Alaric’s apartment, illustrating that Alaric may have genuinely been “fighting with himself” to stay alive.

      Then again, if the ring’s agenda is to “cleanse the Founder’s Council” murdering the only “weapon” it has that is currently residing in Mystic Falls seems a bit counter productive. Don’t you think? 🙂

      Man, I forgot about there being another hiatus. 😦 At least this one is only one week long, right? 🙂

      • serendipity

        I don’t trust Original Mommy either. In fact, isn’t it strange that she needed doppelganger-blood specifically to bind all her children together so that killing one would mean killing all? Because as stated by the Sun & Moon Curse, in order for Klaus to become a hybrid, the doppelganger had to be drained to the point of her death. Which means that normally, Elena would have been DEAD (either a vampire or 6 feet under), if not for John’s sacrifice. Then what would Mommy Original have done to restore the balance of nature? Hope that the burned down White Oak Tree had sprouted again, so she could fashion a white oak stake and kill them all?

        Your question about the white oak ash dipped dagger being lethal to a vampire and not a white oak stake… I think it might be that the daggers themselves are spelled by the witches who made them to kill the vampire that wields them (although why witches would want to protect the Originals that way, is unclear to me. I thought they found ALL vampires to be an abomination, so shouldn’t Originals be even more of a threat to the balance?). A white oak stake on the other hand is, in fact, just a piece of whittled wood from a white oak tree, not lethal to a vampire unless driven into his own heart. And in that case, also lethal to an Original, and apparently, also to an immortal hybrid… BTW, what exactly does ‘immortal’ mean, if Klaus (just like the other Originals) can be killed by a white oak stake (cfr. Homecoming)?

        The Delena kiss… yeah, well. I just hope it’s a real Delena kiss, because the trailer wasn’t exactly clear… I don’t rightly see how Elena would go about kissing Damon after all that’s happened these last few episodes, so I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it’s a dream or hallucination of some sort. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but it would be annoying all the same. They should have gotten past that by now…

        I think the coroner was part of the council, because he coined the phrase of the wild animal attacks. Although I don’t remember if anybody ever said his full name? Maybe that could clue us in on the question whether or not he was from a founding family, and until Ric, only founding family members were allowed onto the council… Do we even know all the founding families’ names? We’ve got Gilbert, Lockwood, Salvatore, Forbes and Fell, but remember when we had the discussion about Liz? There always seem to be a lot of unknown people hanging around on those meetings. they can’t all have those 5 names, especially if we know that there are no other Gilberts or Salvatores, nor, I suspect, any Lockwoods or Forbes?

  5. Stellar recap, per usual. I think everyone except the occasional parent who watches the show with their kid was disappointed that there wasn’t a threesome. This was one of if not the only episode of TVD that truly bored me. Seems as though half the episodes I love are disliked by fans, so I can’t win them all. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the next one more.

    I guess I was just baffled here and uninvested in every storyline. The serial killer plot has never interested me. Meredith is like a weird 50s house wife who is also a doctor. I knew she wasn’t going to die, and, since I have no idea where her character is going, I have no investment in her. One thing I still love though is the ring’s curse: that anti-supernatural-creatures ring is getting things done. The cleansing of the council, the creepy note to Jeremy – that was great.

    I didn’t care much about Elena/Stefan (and you know me, I do not think that Elena secretly loves Damon more than Stefan, though I believe she might). Nina Dobrev does what she can, and I don’t know if I have any advice for the writers, but what is Elena’s personality at this point? She is caring and serious. Sometimes she’s determined and gets things done. I can’t think of any distinguishing characteristics except her “unselfishness” which is getting old. We’ve already seen that Stefan is learning to control himself and he doesn’t want to hurt Elena, duh. I liked their first awkward scene together that you so brilliantly described. Elena’s polite but judgmental, Stefan’s polite but entirely dour.

    Persia White is excellent job Abby. I like the kid who plays Jamie, too. But that storyline was also dull. Caroline was cute, but I learned more about her feelings on the situation than Bonnie’s. Caroline was my favorite character in season one, and she’s still adorable, but it annoys me ever so slightly that she always knows exactly what to say in the cutest way possible. Plus I am bummed that the only two characters of color who are the same age are going to date. And they had to bring Jamie in to do that.

    The Sage/Rebekah/Damon was the most interesting section for me, but that too was a let down. I love that shows can have a teenage girl date two serial killers but they can’t show or even suggest a threesome. (Unless Sage “keeping Rebekah company” while Damon searched through records was them doing it.) We’ve had one openly gay character and no openly gay relationships. They’re bringing in so many characters, can’t a few of them be gay or bisexual? (Well, I still believe that several characters are bisexual…) I’m just being PC police right now because The Vampire Diaries purports to be an open-minded show, in spite of its issues. I also find the message that you can love multiple people at once to be interesting.

    Anyway, I don’t dislike Sage, but I still feel as though I know little about her. I like Finn (though I still laughed at your incest jokes), but why on earth does she love Finn? All we know is that she likes beating up men and manipulating and seducing both genders. Any other personality traits?

    So there’s my little rant. Overall, I blame the writing. I didn’t like the episode, but I’m actually less frustrated than I sound, mainly because after the last hiatus I decided to relax a little more in how I view the show. Well, we’ll always have your recaps.

    • Hey Noelle! I absolutely think the TVD writers wimped out, when it came to the threesome. After all, it’s not as though the CW hasn’t allowed such an “event” to be seen on TV before. It got away with a surprisingly racy one, a few years back on Gossip Girl! When it comes to out and out violence, TVD rarely pulls its punches. So, why the double standard, when it comes to sex? I wonder . . .

      Like you, I think the ring’s “agenda” is the most intriguing aspect of the serial killer storyline. It elevates the story from what could be your run-of-the-mill “possession” / dissociative identity disorder kill fest, to something genuinely unique. It also begs the question of how much “control” Alaric really has over what he’s doing. I mean, from a legal perspective, these murders are about as premeditated as they come. Bad!Alaric is a pretty brilliant sociopath, one who’s entirely capable of pretending to be Good!Alaric to get the job done.

      That said, I agree with you that some aspects of the storyline could have been done better. For one thing, they should have killed Meredith. She bugs me still. I’m not sure why . . . possibly for the reasons you said. I also thought her non-responsiveness to Alaric’s admission of killing Logan Fell was odd. I mean, she didn’t even ASK Alaric if her sibling had become violent (he had), or if the murder was necessary (it was)? Its moments like that, which make me think girlfriend is still up to something. Hopefully, it’s something that makes her character slightly less boring and annoying than it is right now.

      Like you, I’ve also been having some issues with the way Elena has been written lately. Back in season one, and throughout a good portion of Season 2, I was a HUGE fan of the character. Sure, she was a damsel in distress more times than I would have liked, but she was also the perfect mixture of strong, spunky, tormented, romantic, loyal, and damaged. Lately, as you mentioned, Elena’s personality is too often altered to fit the plot.

      Sometimes, she is open-minded and understanding. Then, in the very next episode, she is judgmental and uptight. Sometimes Elena is warm and caring. Then, an episode or two later, she seems cold and callous. Elena prides herself on being unselfish, but she also can seem incredibly self-absorbed at times. (See e.g., the way she’s been dealing with Bonnie lately).

      One could argue that these inconsistencies are true of all of us, sometimes. But when writing a solid television character, I think there has to be some consistency in personality traits, to distinguish one character from another. And, when it comes to Elena, I think the writers have been floundering a bit, in that respect.

      Speaking of Bonnie, I too have been kind of bored to tears with her storyline. I agree with you that Persia White is doing an excellent job portraying Abby. And yet, the character is so weak-willed and unlikeable, I can’t enjoy her on-screen. And while the Jamie character is certainly attractive, the fact that he was brought on the show merely to be Bonnie’s love interest irks me. If the writers were so intent on giving Bonnie a love interest, why not attempt with Matt (a pairing that had been hinted at earlier in the season), or one of the Originals (Kol?) . . . characters that already have a place in the series, and interact with more characters than just Bonnie.

      For me, Jamie is Luka 2.0. And there’s a pretty good chance he’ll meet the same demise as his Beta version. 🙂

      Oh, and this line from your comment about Sage:
      “All we know is that she likes beating up men and manipulating and seducing both genders. Any other personality traits?”

      I loved this. Hmmm . . . does forehead fondling count as a personality trait? Or is that just a hobby? 😉

      To end on a positive note, I suspect next week’s TVD installment will be much more action-packed than this one. After all, the entire Scooby Gang AND all the Originals will be armed and ready to fight to the death. In short, it will be The Hunger Games: TVD version! 🙂

  6. Kangababy

    The Hunger Games: TVD version!?!? Wow that has now created a huge expectation for the next episode. 😉

    I didn’t really enjoy Break on through. And it feels weird because I usually love each episode of TVD, but lately….? I think you and Noelle identified the problem, which is inconsistent writing relating to Elena’s character. Sometimes I really love her, and sometimes I just can’t relate to her at all, and it’s normally the one’s where I just don’t relate to her that end up being bad episodes for me. I found her extremely naive and, well, stupid when she suggested that Stefan revert back to a drop by drop diet of Elena’s blood. There is a reason Stefan’s a ripper, and it has everything to do with the fact that he can’t control himself when it comes to drinking large quantities. I’m 100% behind Damon’s plan of learning moderation when faced with large quantities of blood (via blood bags or humans). I hope Elena gets it soon because I know she has to be smarter than that!!

    However all disappointment for the last few episodes aside, I am extremely excited for the Murder of One. With the whole gang armed with stakes, I can’t wait to see how this plan to kill one of the Originals falls apart (and we know it will, because that’s TVD! 🙂 ) I also hope to see some kind of reconciliation between Elena and Damon (I’m a little nervous that she’s become all about Stefan lately), and I think it’ll be great to see Matt included in the action for once.

    PS: With regards to Jeremy and the ring, while I definitely think that it won’t affect him currently to the same extent as Alaric, I do think that it has already begun to change him. Jeremy has kind of a darkness to him as well (drug abuse, Vicki etc..) but what really brought it home to me was rewatching The New Deal (just to remind me of the Delena magic we’ve been missing). The cold and unemotional way that Jeremy chopped the hybrid’s head off, was chilling in hindsight and may prove that Jeremy’s starting to cross the line (wow, I really struggled to avoid all references to Dark Side, Star Wars style…. which is really tough to do!!!)

    • Hey Kangababy! Ooh, you’re insights about Jeremy possibly having already been effected by the ring are right on point. It would certainly illustrate just how far in advance TVD plans out its storylines.

      Now that you mention it, it was actually Jeremy’s cold and calculating ability to murder that hybrid, and not the almost-collision-with-car that actually convinced Elena to send him away in the first place . . . She wanted to protect him from being turned dark by the supernatural forces within Mystic Falls. How ironic, that those forces may have already been lurking inside his soul?

      I definitely agree with you, that, in addition to these past couple episodes having been paced a bit slower than normal, Elena’s behavior has a lot to do with many people’s lukewarm feelings toward the episode, and the show, in general. Here’s hoping that next week’s installment bonds the Scooby Gang together again, and puts an end to all. 😉

  7. Andre

    Ok, since I already am far too late for commenting I will make this as quickly as possible.

    Since you brought it up with your “Shitty Parents Club” statement. Did you realize that the only good parents in this show are the dead ones? So far the living ones where either abusive, neglecting, useless or despised for no apparent reason, only if they are already dead or close to death are they portrayed in a positive light. This is fucked up don’t you think?

    Damon’s comment about them not being “puppies” reminded me again how little the show’s writers know or makes me question what sort of puppies they ever had to deal with. When my dog was a puppy I had several scratches all over my hands and arms due to her needle teeth and blunt claws. A puppy dog has about as much control as a human of the appropriate age and it shows in their erratic behavior. Hm, now that I think about it, Damon and Stefan are puppies. Both often seem to step over the kill-line very easily without knowing it, just like dogs that never learned how to hunt and kill. If my info is correct such dogs are way more likely to kill someone (by accident) because they don’t know how to draw the line between play and kill. I guess from that perspective Stefan is pretty much a puppy, albeit Damon is not far behind in that regard.
    And I disagree with you on the whole Elena arm diet. It did work last time, it was Klaus who got Stefan back to his addict self not Elena. I also have to disagree with you regarding Damon’s self-control. Just because he hadn’t boned Elena doesn’t mean that he has much self-control on his side. He is even more impulsive and unpredictable than Stefan and Klaus are and that means a lot these days and so far Damon never did a good job in bringing out Stefan’s control switches. And I also don’t like this approach for two reasons:
    1) It again portrays Damon as the hero, which he isn’t, he is an idiot.
    2) It is an insult to Lexi. So a more than, who knows how much older, vampire doesn’t know a better way to deal with Stefan’s bloodlust than feeding him animal blood (which is weird because her first occurrence suggested that this was Stefan’s idea) but Damon does? Sounds pretty misogynistic if you ask me.

    This feeling the earth crap of the witches was again a sour taste for me. So again this connected to nature stuff. It’s like with the hybrids, these witches would be what they tell to be if they would be doing what they claim to do. Supposedly they are guardians or servants of nature and responsible for the “balance” (clearly greeny thinking, nature doesn’t work that way) but where are they? Or are we supposed to believe that Esther needs to deal with it to make it right again? If yes this is just plain idiotic, that shrew had a thousand years to come up with something and during her great ritual she didn’t even have some safety measure in her pocket. Damn, once you pass thirty in one way or another on this show you seem to get dumber and dumber.

    Now your comment regarding Sage’s reason to be back made me remember what I thought when I saw her in the episode saying that. So word got out that the Originals are out of the coffin but she does not know that Finn is no longer in Mystic Falls? And who told her anyway? Weren’t the Originals supposedly legend? Not anymore as it seems. It was the same with that werewolf group where the leader knew Klaus as a hybrid. But how I ask myself? How does she know that? How does Sage know? And why is there practically no activity from other vamps, werewolves or even witches? Were are they?
    I know this series glorifies the little American town but this is just ridiculous it is really as though Mystic Falls is not only in a bubble but rather in its own pocket universe.

    And as you talk about Rebekah, if I would think the writers capable of such deep thought for the show I would say that Klaus is just as pathologically afraid of being alone as she is. Of course there is the question why? The tidbits of background that were given to us don’t exactly explain that.

    I didn’t notice but you have a point: Why does someone give an insane killer a knitting needle? Because based on what was stated Samantha didn’t seem to get better.

    When Damon had his little statement that made your pants drop mine didn’t move at all (just like with the shower scene – that one was totally useless and cheesy). I am totally immune to him and this whole “give Rebekah company” thing was just another reminder to me that the writers take and discard smart ideas and realism as they please. They never manage to get it working for long, or even to keep it for more than one episode.

    Actually vampires can go into others head, but it has been since Rose’s death that we saw that. This what I mean with the writers taking or discarding stuff as they please. You are totally right regarding Klaus and the whole stuff. It was the same with him not spotting Elena, or characters lying to vamps throughout the show without any vamp noticing their heard beats except for Elijah very late. Which is why I think that they have the idea from Teen Wolf, who might have it from Avatar.

    Wow, you not agreeing with Caroline and not being apologetic about her? What happened?
    Well to be honest, I found Caroline’s approach was really stupid, I mean shouldn’t she know better? She killed a random guy at the fair and later nearly ate her (now ex-) boyfriend and even later had problems controlling her thirst. So shouldn’t she know better?
    Hm, do you think it would be inappropriate to tell some blond joke know? Because this is either dumb or painfully naïve.
    Almost like superman:

    And Bonnie’s mother: that she abandons her children so quickly again would (considered the supposed nature of vampirism in the show) clearly indicate that she is mostly a coward, either from actual hurdles (but then unlikely considered that she nonetheless did raise Jamie) or simply from the supernatural. But I think it’s more likely that she had served her purpose and now this is a convenient way to have her gone and possibly get Bonnie and Jamie more closer together. And did you notice that only Bonnie and Jeremy so far had what would be called in-race and mixed-race relationships instead of just one or the other like the other characters?
    And Bonnie just “curing” Alaric, deus ex machina as usual. Have a problem? Take a witch. You are right they are bad for the economy. But then again they are supposedly guardians of nature and isn’t economy bad for nature in the mainstream western mind?

    You know I thought in a similar way about Alaric’s list and his little remorse speech to Meredith:
    What is the founder’s council good for? They are not doing a good job here, especially ever since their kids are involved in this mess. And we both noticed that as psychotic as his actions are they have method and are reminiscent about his speech to the two main ladies of the circle after Damon killed him yet again. I just hope they don’t come up with that as the first signs, because that was one of the few good moments in this season. Alaric telling them what is actually going on.
    And you know I didn’t notice at the time but you are totally right. Meredith does make that Teen-Scream-flick mistake and she isn’t even a teen, she is in her late twenties, at least, so shouldn’t she be smart enough to try to get out of the door or at least climb out of the window?

    Oh my god, I just figured something out. Sage’s speech about open women wanting attention back in “1912” was a clear indication of Rebekah, suggesting that she is doing what she does, her rebellion against male dominance is basically a cry for attention. Now tell me if that is not sexist?

    Back to the main thing: Elena didn’t get Bad!Alaric out of the house, Stefan strangled him into unconsciousness. And that he was suddenly so easily able to control himself was dumb in my eyes, partly for the reasons I don’t like this “Damon is right” approach.

    Now to Jeremy:
    Like I wrote in my E-Mail I doubt that he was there just for the sake of it. That isn’t the way this show works (well that and because McQueen’s name was still in the opening credits) and if they had no desire to bring him back they would have dealt with a phone call and bad voice. Whether it will be remotely interesting or non-Elena related (who should be on a psychiatrist’s couch by now anyway) I have no idea. And for being an outside force that controls the rings, perhaps but not necessarily due to the reasons you mentioned since the show is full of examples of inconsistency when it come to these things (e.g. werewolf bites, vampire strength and senses, ghost agendas, witch powers etc.).
    As for her inactivity concerning the ring: well an in-show explanation using TVD rules would be that she does it all to keep him safe and happy. An in-show explanation using real-world rules would be that she is hopelessly convinced that keeping the truth from him will work despite the fact that thanks to that approach one of her best friends is now a vampire and has a dead father, the other one has lost her grandmother, her brother wanted to become a vampire, another friend is first a werewolf and now a hybrid, her ex has lost a sister and nearly got killed more than once etc. I am sure you get the point. Basically that real-world-logic explanation is: she is a dumb little girl that has a martyrdom complex and cannot see other paths than the one she deems right for whatever illogic reasons.

    Now quickly to Sage before the end:
    Man what a cliché, again. Her red hair, her seductive and manipulative nature and ultimately her refusal to believe that Finn didn’t care about her (or at least not enough). Basically she is the stereotype of the vixen-like (red hair and locks), manipulative seductress that tries to come of as strong by breaking gender stereotypes in her past and now lying and scheming just to ultimately fail by the “flaw of womanhood,” or like Geoffrey from Game of Thrones said before he ordered Ned Stark’s head to be removed “the soft hearts of women” (in this case the mentioned love for Finn that makes her blind, never mind that it had been more than 800 years that she saw him). Man what a waste, another reason why I think that you can never even remotely expect something like that from this show:

    Or this for that matter:

    • Hey Andre! You know, you bring up a really good point, about the parents on this show. I would say that only Elena’s dead adoptive parents, Bonnie’s “Grams,” and Anna’s Pearl were portrayed as suitable guardian figures . . . all now dead, of course. As for Tyler’s mother, she’s certainly better than most, at least on the surface. But then you take into consideration the fact that she let her husband abuse Tyler, and lets her teenage son go on multiple extended absences from school and home with little explanation, and she gets a C- in parenting, at best.

      Caroline’s mom, Lizard Forbes, has been a passable parent, lately. But I’ll never ever really forgive her for the time she considered and briefly plotted to have her daughter KILLED. She gets a D+ for that “indiscretion” alone. And, where the heck is Bonnie’s dad? 🙂

      I also like the way you extended Damon’s seemingly simplistic “puppy” analogy, beyond the way people usually think of puppies (cute and innocent), to illustrate the deceptive nature of their “good looks.” Vampires might seem sweet and attractive on the surface, but they use this to their advantage, when they act out impulsively, knowing that they will most likely experience no consequences from their bad acts, because they are eternally young, immortal, and have compulsion powers. (If you’ve ever stared into a cute puppy’s eyes for a long enough time, you’d swear they had compulsion powers too. :))

      As for Damon being more impulsive than Stefan and Klaus, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Perhaps, that was true back in Season 1 and early Season 2. But the Damon we know now, is much more of a planner. His coping with Klaus, and the Originals, has always been a game of strategy, whereas Stefan seems more inclined to run in, guns blazing. And even the Damon of earlier seasons, had far better control of his bloodlust than Stefan. Plus, I do think the way he has been treating the increasingly frustrating Elena situation, shows a great amount of restraint, on his part.

      When Damon DOES act impulsively, it usually follows a romantic interlude gone sour, or a bad case of broken heart. Conversely, Stefan acts impulsively, when he’s really hungry or pissed off. And Klaus, ever the toddler, acts impulsively whenever he doesn’t get his way. The latter two referenced scenarios have been much more frequently occurring this season, than the former.

      Speaking of impulse, I know Caroline meant well, but I think her handling of the situation with Jamie, illustrates that she was thinking more about how lousy she felt when the people she loved rejected HER because she was a vampire (at least they di at first), and less about the practical risks new vampires pose to humans . . . even the ones they love. Had she not pressured Jamie into engaging in physical contact with his surrogate mommy, before either party was ready, Bonnie’s mom might still be around.

      Was Jamie’s acceptance of Mama Bennett’s new state important to her adjustment to vampire life? Sure? But couldn’t they have done it through some nice phone calls, and Skype sessions, first? Now, Mama Bennett’s gone, and Jamie’s relationship with her will probably never be the same. I mean, how exactly does a person, who’s not enmeshed in the vampire world, come to grips with something like that? That’s fodder for months of therapy . . . right there. Too bad no therapist would believe Jamie if he told them . . .

      As for Lexi’s method of “curing” Stefan, I actually don’t think the whole “animal blood” thing was her idea. Lexi was more about the whole “all you need is love” philosophy, and the Cold Turkey Detox, she inflicted on Stefan, by chaining him up and starving him, for months on end, when she found him off the wagon. If I recall correctly, Lexi herself was a proponent of moderation human blood drinking, and the extensive use of blood bags. In the episode “162 Candles,” she teased Stefan about his bunny hunting hunting ways, and tried to remind him that drinking from blood bags, wasn’t the same as drinking from human necks.

      I think the reason Lexi never got around to teaching Stefan about moderation, was that she never thought she needed to do so. She would simply find him when he was completely off the wagon, detox him, and then, suddenly, he’d be “better.” She never really had to deal with the half-Ripper / half-Broody Stefan we got to see this season. And hey, in Lexi’s defense, Alcoholics Anonymous would probably support her plan over Damon’s. 🙂

      Sigh . . . Sage. I don’t know, like with the Lexi character, I never quite fell in love with her, the way fans seem to have, based on the comments on the message boards. I didn’t quite buy her motivations throughout her three episode arc, nor did I buy her relationship with Finn. I seem to be in the minority here. I know they had to differentiate the character from other female vampires on the show: the eternal optimist (Caroline), the humanitarian (Lexi), the manipulative vixen (Katherine . . . and Isobel), the spoiled brat, who, deep down is just lonely (Rebekah), the fierce mother bear (Pearl), the damaged harlot (Vicki), and the emo chick (Ana). But I feel like her love for Finn was just a shorthand explanation of her character, and a convenient endrun around really developing the character who was supposedly responsible for making Damon the vampire he is today.

      I mean, am I missing something, here? 🙂

      • André

        I don’t think that you missed anything here. You are definitely right. However I disagree with you on one thing: the vixen topic. Sage wasn’t a manipulative vixen the same way Katherine was but she was one nonetheless. Like I said she could be nothing else but a vampire since this show is not brave enough to actually have a human female be a boxer. In addition her red hair is eerily reminiscent of that vixen stereotype and surely not a coincidence. Apart from that she was really just a tool (and introduced in a fashion that is excusable for a first season but not a third one) to… well I guess to make Damon more sympathetic by stating that it wasn’t really him that turned him bad (that and to introduce the whole toppling bloodline thing, but nothing of that here). Something I heavily objected especially since on other occasions, not much, they let him state that he wasn’t such a good guy to begin with so this “blame it on the Sage” seems rather another example of the sexist nature of this show. In addition she, like I wrote, fell for that “flaw of womanhood.”
        Now the parents on the show are really a rather weird topic considered the overall intense focus on family the show has. It basically states that family has to stick together no matter what (very reminiscent of the character of Alexander Corvinius in the second Underworld movie), no matter how unhealthy that is. There the show seems to be somewhat contradictory considered how much agony and death this has actually brought with it (this makes me miss Kelly Donovan’s remarks, as much as drunk that she was she had a knack about knowing the darker sides of people). I can only assume that it will be portrayed as necessary sacrifices in the end (something that seems to empower good females in the show) and everything will be worth it. Another example how the show perpetuates “classic American values.”
        For now I will not comment on your obsession on Sheriff Forbes, basically because I think that you still have not learned to keep your inner Forwooder in check. However I will comment on your statement regarding Carol Lockwood and Tyler. First, Richard Lockwood definitely was a douchebag and it seems that both his and Tyler’s behavior seem to be solely blamed on their werewolf-side (at least by fans), albeit Richard is solely portrayed as the abuser, especially by Forwooders as you. And here there is the crux of it all:
        Was Tyler actually abused?
        From what was shown prior to the whole werewolf-arc that somehow magically eradicated his behavioral problems only to have them briefly reappear due to the whole sire thing (another stupid tool introduced in typical TVD fashion) the character of Tyler Lockwood was not the hero the typical Forwooder sees (who usually seems to see Matt as some sort of abuser despite him not showing any tendencies in that regard) but rather a dangerous and abusive douchebag, no better than his father, possibly even worse. Tyler was close to raping Vicky and not actually taking “No” for an answer. He was to afraid to show his own feelings, had only one friend as it seems (which he was close to losing as well), was prone to temper tantrums, had anger management issues, lashed out at others without reason, treated his girlfriend like property, at the same time usually to chicken to speak out against his parents (who were far from perfect anyway and regarded themselves as better [albeit the fact that they accepted Matt might suggest otherwise, but then again this show has shallow backgrounds per excellence, so maybe this means nothing at all]) or to admit his interests that do not correspond with the fragile image of his own masculinity (basically the macho, his artistic skills have also been forgotten and transferred to Klaus as it seems), acted as though everything should be his and had to be metaphorically hit with a sledge hammer to see the obvious. Richard’s statement of Tyler never again bringing shame upon his house combined with Matt’s statement which called Tyler a 12-year old bully and his behavior in that respective episode as being low even for him suggest a character that earned his bad reputation but in typical high school fashion that was usually and quickly overlooked by his peers. In addition, and I think that is the actual reason for the Forewood fandom, he is classic romance novel material where the bad guy who is actually ok but just misunderstood is saved by the right girl. This might explain this intense dislike for Matt (which Forewooders usually either acknowledge or openly express but never seem to be able to explain) as he would stand in the way of it and not like some claim due to character flaws of him or the writers incapability to actually use his character.
        Therefore I think your Forewooder-side lets you state that Tyler was abused and a poor victim even if he might not have been that at all.

        My puppy reference was not in regard to the puppy eye image you suggested but rather to the behavior of puppies who e.g. have not learned to restrict themselves. That is what these vampires are. They are extremely powerful but refuse to learn from what they do and are incapable to think past their imminent desires.
        Albeit your statement regarding their powers is correct. That is another reason why I don’t like the shows stance on werewolves and witches. Neither of them is actually a threat and the show does not really have anything to give them pause, it never did. Vampires are again these big bad overlords, of course with the whole bloodline thing they cannot have it any different because then there would be no explanation anymore why they hadn’t been wiped out centuries ago, apart from the respective party being so powerful that vampires are not considered a threat. And this is another element this show will never introduce I think.
        And for Damon and being impulsive: are you sure that you can be objective in his case and not paint him better than he actually is? You showed your infatuation and forgiveness of his actions time and again.
        I think that Damon is very impulsive. The things you mention are only the things he focuses on because of his passions. Of course there is the very realistic possibility that we are both wrong. This show lets his characters behave in totally uncharacteristic ways all the time and you have to admit, the things Damon had done would have never been forgiven in the average crime novel. It was only forgiven because this is romance novel and his actions (in typical romance novel manner) were regarded as forgivable or even justified because they were portrayed as being caused by love (from the very start of the season this was the case).
        This is probably the same reason the writers treat Stefan’s bloodlust the way they treat it.

        Speaking of bloodlust: I agree with what you said about Caroline and now to Stefan and Lexi. This relationship with Lexi was somewhat inconsistently portrayed as it seems (be lucky you never read the novels they published after the show started).
        I think you again search for an in-show explanation when you should search for an out-show one. This whole “control the urge” thing was probably never introduced in regard with Lexi because the writers had never thought in that direction which might be coupled with the fact that Lexi was not a main character while Damon is and therefore his ideas need to have more gravity. I think the fact that she was a woman while he is a man also plays an important part. So far women also never got away good on this show unless they acted like Elena.

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