Heart of Glass – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Before Sunset”


Hey Fangbangers!  So, we’re just a week away from the Season Finale of TVD.  And characters are dropping like flies, here in Mystic Falls.  You know, for supernatural beings, these folks sure DIE a lot (die . . . un-die  . . . re-die . . . faux-die . . . tie dye . . . die again).


Sometimes it gets quite difficult to keep track of who’s dead, and who’s . . . well . . . undead.  (But hey, that’s what recaps are for, right?)

So grab your morning paper, and your balls . . . er . . . I mean soccer balls . . . and head on over the Wickory Bridge to Mystic Falls . . . a Vampire Town with a Drinking Problem.  We’re dying for you to join us . . . for a little TVD-cap.

Caroline: “Let’s play ‘Never Have I Ever!'”

Tyler: “Oooh . . . I got one!  Never have I ever died on this show.”

Elena: “Umm . . . yeah you did!”

Tyler: “I know . . . but so did all of you!  Everyone drink up!”

(As always, special thanks to my screencapper extraordinaire, for all the pretty pictures you see here.  If I were Klaus, I’d draw him a pony for all his hard work and dedication . . .)


Nothing says loving, like a pony pic!

The Clean-up Crew

The episode begins with some creepy, and seemingly completely random Civil War photographs.

Awww . . . now THERE’S a nice, happy inspirational picture to hang up in your classroom!

Oh no!  Not another flashback episode.  I always hate those.  Oh wait . .  . I see what you did there, writers . . . Alaric’s a history teacher.  Sometimes I forget he actually has an occupation aside from drinking and playing with his Chunky Monkey.  And now he’s about to try to murder his own friends.

Is it just me, or does the toy on the horse look like he’s giving the other toys the finger?

Just like our ancestors murdered one another, back during that epic bloody battle.

This toy kind of looks like Klaus does at the end of the episode . . . 

Man, I love when TVD gets all “deep” on us.  It makes me feel “smart and sophisticated.”  Now, I don’t have to watch PBS or the History Channel ever again.


Hey, did you ever notice how Alaric only seems to actually attend classes when he’s “not himself?”  If you recall, Alarklaus taught history classes, back in Season 2.  He even chaperoned the school dance!

Now, Nouveau Ric is hanging out at the high school as well, and on a weekend, no less!  If only the Administration knew how mich being possessed improved Alaric’s work ethic, they probably would have done it themselves, a long time ago.

“I don’t even really like teaching.  But the benefits are unmatched.  And now that I have fangs, I could really use a good dental plan.”

Speaking of the academically inclined, 1,000-year old Rebekah is another character who seems to attend high school more than anyone else on the show.  I mean, seriously, who volunteers to be on the 8 a.m. clean-up crew for a dance for which they spent the entire time lying dead in a coffin with a stake through their heart?  Now, that’s dedication!

“Popularity is super important to me.  After all, if I didn’t have friends?  Who would I eat?”

But Rebekah’s not alone.  Caroline’s on the clean-up crew too.  Two blonde vampires picking up trash together . . . it’s a commercial for Garbage Woman Barbie!

I’m sorry.  That was politically incorrect.  Of course, I meant “Sanitation Worker Barbie.”

Typically at odds with one another in a “b*tch stole my look and my social life” sort of way, Caroline and Rebekah actually seem to be on their best behavior this morning.  With their respective claws retracted, the two Alpha females even go as far as to exchange banal pleasantries with one another . .  . like, for example, “Golly gee!  I was so sorry to hear that your mother tried to murder you, stole your body, and is now definitely dead . . . again.”


And, “Oh yeah, same goes for that dead history teacher of yours.  I know you really liked him.  It’s a real shame that he decided to die just like your DAD rather than become an undead bloodsucker, like the two of us.”


You know, the usual sort of chitchat . . .

Speaking of America’s favorite vampire slaying history teacher, Rebekah runs into Alaric . . . or, perhaps I should say, Nouveau Ric by the lockers.  And suddenly, I’m having flashbacks of “The Reckoning.”  (Remember that one . . . back when Klaus was still the Biggest Baddest Vampy in town, and Stefan still occasionally ate Elena . . . in more ways than one?)

Only this time, Rebekah is playing the role of the Damsel in Distress, for a change.

“Phew, your breath is rank, Nouveau Ric!  What do you use to brush your teeth? Codfish?”

Fun times and Phallic Hijinks ensue, as the pair wrestle with the big shiny weiner-like object that is the Invisible Originals-Killing Stake.  Vampire Barbie Caroline hears the commotion, and rushes to join Klaus Barbie in the fight.  This is actually kind of erotic . . .

Caroline: “You know, this is the closest I’ve ever come to being in a threesome.”

Rebekah: *whistles uncomfortably*

Rebekah: “Hey!  No fair!  You can’t just pull it out like that?  What do you think this is,  the rhythm method?”

Of course, Caroline’s no dummy . .  . at least, not in this episode.  She knows when a fight is hers to lose.  And this one has Death Trap written all over it.  So, the littlest Forbes quite wisely makes a run for it.  (It looks like the gym will have to be cleaned some other time.  Hope no one was planning on  using it for. . .  like . . . actual physical education and stuff.)

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to get to your car (because some psycho killer wants to shove a big stake up your ass), and your door won’t open?  Poor Caroline!  It seems that, while you can indeed run from Vampire the Vampire Slayer, driving away from him is not an option, especially when you can’t get into your car.  I hope the company that made Caroline’s car didn’t pay for THAT product placement. 

Caroline: *sigh* “If only I had ONSTAR to help me to open my car door, in desperate situations like these.” *winks at camera*

Alaric knocks out Caroline with frightening ease, before dragging her temporarily unconscious, and always lifeless, body across the concrete, wheelbarrow-style.  Ouch!  She’s probably going to feel that in the morning.  While all this is going down, we see Rebekah, in the distance, observing the situation with a mixture of horror and smugness.  Undoubtedly, in this moment she is thinking, “Now, I’m the fairest of them all, B*tch!  The Prom Queen title is MINE!”

“I’d help her out . . . but I don’t want to ruin my manicure.”

Oh, did I forget to mention that Alaric’s face is falling off?


Why do I suddenly feel like I’m watching the Thriller video?

Oh Esther, you silly little, pursed lips, completely lacking of facial expression, witchypoo, you!  You would think that as the MOTHER OF ORIGINAL VAMPIRES, she would have at least remembered to give her little Frankenvampire creation a Sunscreen Ring, so that he could play with his fellow fangy friends in the daylight.  (“But MOMMY, all the other vampires have them.  NO FAIR!” I could picture Alaric whining, upon learning of this unfortunate turn of events.

“Snookie and the Situation lied.  Gym, tanning and laundry are definitely overrated.”

But noooo Esther . . . you had to make him suffer unnecessarily, in furtherance of your stupid-totally-doomed-to-fail, because the Scoobies always win or there’d be no show brilliant Vampire Extinction Plan.  Super Villain FAIL!

Then again, I guess you had your reasons . . . like the fact that the episode needed a title . . . and a Cinderella “They all turn back into pumpkins at midnight” type timeline to “heighten the intensity.”

“Mystic Falls, we have a problem . . . another one.”

Back at the Gilbert House of Death, Misery, and Hideous Floral Décor, siblings, Jeremy and Elena, are innocently painting not-so-dead Alaric’s bedroom a lovely shade of toothpaste green.  (That will teach you not to DIE LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO, Alchy Ric!  Now your bedroom vaguely resembles snot.  I hope you are proud of yourself.)

If Alaric had a grave, he’d be rolling over in it . . . Then again, considering this is a guy who willingly decorates his classroom with pictures of dead people, and the Civil War equivalent of GI Joes,  he’s not exactly an Arbiter of Taste, either.

Stefan arrives on the scene to offer his trademark Sad Smile (also, presumably to kill some time, since “Murder and Mayhem” don’t appear on his calendar today, until about noon.  To say that Petulant Pouty Jeremy (Oh, how I missed your misery Jer Bear!  Unhappiness is SO hot.) is less than thrilled to see one of his sister’s multiple undead suitors on the scene is the understatement of the century.

“I challenge you to a wet t-shirt contest.”

(Then again, it’s possible that Mini Gilbert is simply jealous of Elena’s popularity with members of the opposite sex . . . human or not.  After all, his own ghost girlfriends seemed to have stopped calling him entirely.  I mean things have to be REALLY bad in the relationship department, when women who lack corporeal bodies aren’t willing to bone you.  I’ll bone you, Jer Bear!)


Let’s face it Jer, when she stops haunting you, while you’re on the toilet . . . she’s just not that into you.

“All I want is one day without vampires,” Jeremy gripes.

(And hey, considering we are one week away from the season finale of the show, Jeremy might get an ENTIRE summer without vampires .  . . unless he watches True Blood.)

Though he tries to play it “cool,” Stefan seems a bit hurt by Jeremy’s statements.  (It’s time to grow a thicker skin, Stefan!  You would think that having been alive for nearly two centuries, you would have at least one or two insults lodged at you that were harsher than the equivalent of:  “Vampires suck.  I wish they’d stop trying to bone my sister.”)

“I know . . . it’s just .  . I just finished watching The Notebook again.  And I’m in a really vulnerable place, right now.”

This, obviously, puts Elena in an awkward position, as she tries to broker a fragile peace between all the men in her life.  Fortunately she doesn’t have to broker for very long, before there is a knock at her door.  Surprise!  It’s the other man in her life . . .  some would say the Best Man (I know I would!)

Still in her flapper costume, nearly 24 hours later.  This takes Walk of Shame to a whole new level.

Of course, I’m referring to Damon, who’s currently hanging out on Elena’s doorstep with a Bloody Bonnie by his side  . . . a bloody Bonnie, who he has undoubtedly scraped off the floor and fed his own blood, after a zombified version of herself gave him a migraine and let then-almost vampire Ric give her a massive hickey on her neck.

And they say Damon isn’t the forgiving type . . .

So now the Scooby Gang knows that Ric-ipoo is not-so-much-dead.  The next challenge is for Bonnie to come up with the Witch Ex Machina to make him definitely dead.  Oh Bonnie, you are sooo the Velma of your Scooby Gang  . . . always stuck with your head in boring spell books, while everyone else is breaking sh*t, beating people up, and getting laid.

Sometimes, the truth hurts.

Meanwhile, over at La Casa de Richer and Awesomer, But Not as Well Furnished, it’s Rebekah’s turn to want to kiss Mystic Falls goodbye.  Next week, it will be Klaus’ again .  . . oh . . . wait .  . . nevermind. But Klaus isn’t about to skip town without his prized bloodbag Elena.  How else would he be able to create an unlimited array of hybrids who would be eternally gay for him (even the female ones)?  Rebekah pleads for him to reconsider.  After all, wasn’t the whole Hybrid Thing really just a convoluted end-run around being alone?

And hey, Klaus doesn’t NEED to be alone anymore.  He has his family now . . . you know, the folks he carried around in coffins for hundreds of years, just for fun . . . well . . . except for his mother (dead), his father (deader), and Finn (deadest) . . . but Klaus never really liked them anyway, right?


Ahhh . . . but here’s the rub.  Klaus’ family isn’t quite as gay for him as the hybrids are.  They misbehave, have opinions of their own, occasionally fight back.  Unacceptable!


Sorry Rebekah!  Hybrids, for the win.  It looks like you will be leaving this sorry ass, one-bar, town alone . . .

Klaus Mikaelson . . . Worst . . . Paperboy . . . EVER!

Oh Klaus . . . sketcher of smiley ponies . . .

.  . . painter of poop . . .

It has been quite some time, since we got to see you kick some genuine ass.  And no, I’m not just talking about your threatening to “kill everyone [insert name here] loves; or getting your hybrids to kick asses for you . . . I’m talking about honest-to-goodness acts of impressive villainy.  “Before Sunset” finally allowed us to see some of that . . .

 . . . annnnnd then Klaus died.

Shortly after he learned the truth about Nouveau Ric, Klaus paid a little visit to the Gilbert house to retrieve Princess Elena.  The problem, of course, is that, unbeknownst to Klaus (and everyone else in the house, for that matter), Elena is out rescuing Caroline, whos’s been held hostage by Nouveau Ric at the school.  To be honest, I don’t know if “rescuing” is ever a good word to describe for what Elena does for other people .  . . since it always ends up with Elena in danger, and people coming to rescue her.  Maybe what Elena does should become it’s own adjective: “Elena-ing.”

“Hmm . . . who’s number is this in my cell phone?  TV Recapper?  DELETE!”

Either way, neither the Salvatore Brothers, nor Mini Gilbert, have any intention of letting Klaus in the house.  This, of course, pisses Klaus off royally.  And so, he responds by doing what Klaus does best . . .  He throws a temper tantrum.

Have you ever played that old video game, where you’re the Paperboy, and the object of the game is to get all the papers on your “route” to land on the stoop, as opposed to  . . . hitting the neighbor’s dog, or breaking windows?  Yeah . . . well, let’s just say Klaus has other strategies in mind.


Suddenly, the Original Hybrid is chucking newspapers, soccer balls, pieces of white picket fence . . . anything he can get his hands on  . . .


 . . . at the not-entirely-unsuspecting Salvatore Brothers, who are expertly ducking them all.  It’s like one big crazy game of dodgeball!

I don’t know about what Klaus is doing. It sure seems like an awful lot of work to me just to get into a house.  As another, much more talented recapper (Entertainment Weekly’s Mandi Bierly) than I pointed out, Klaus’ brother Elijah accomplished the exact same thing, with nothing more than the loose change in his pocket.

Also, not to point out the obvious, but what the heck are the Gilbert’s neighbors going to think about all this?  Then again, given all the CRAZY INSANE-O things we’ve seen go on at the Gilbert house, these past three seasons, the fact that the neighbors NEVER ever thought to call the cops . . . or better yet move . . . probably means that they are all dead anyway.  (Maybe Klaus ate them?)

Or Stefan . . .

Once the gang finally figures out where Elena actually is (thanks to a helpful call from Nouveau Ric, himself), it should come as no surprise to anyone that Saint Stefan is the one that encourages Klaus to join Team Scooby in it’s weekly installment of the “Save Elena” games.   After all, they all want the same girl, right?  They might as well work together to get her back.

“B*tch PLEASE!”

Never one to look a gift pony in the mouth (especially one he’s drawn), you can’t exactly blame Klaus for being a bit skeptical of the offer.  In no uncertain terms, Klaus reminds Stefan that, if they defeat Nouveau Ric, Klaus WILL be leaving Mystic Falls with lover girl as his bloodbag.  “Then I’ll go with you,” Stefan says, unfazed.

“And that’s why you’re the better option [for Elena],” Klaus remarks generously . . . thus proving that he will say whatever it takes to get back into the jock strap of his unrequited vampire love.


Long story short, Klaus isn’t about to give up the opportunity to have his blood bag, and eat Stefan’s weiner too.  He’s SO in!

The question is, of course, if no stake on Earth can kill Ric, how are Bonnie and her Scooby Gang plus Klaus going to manage it?  More on that, in a little bit . . .

Teacher’s Pet

That Nouveau Ric!  He’s such a sweetie.  Here he is giving up a fun weekend of binge drinking and blacking out to offer some private tutoring to his favorite students Caroline and Elena.  The lesson of the day: Why Murdering Vampires Isn’t as Morally Reprehensible as You Might Think 101.  Since this is an “interactive lesson” it involves Caroline being stabbed in the hand with a pencil, and gagged with vervain.

Oh, Alaric.  You really haven’t thought this one through.  How is she supposed to take notes?


Disturbing as this scene was, I liked the way it fleshed out (no pun intended) Alaric’s alter ego a bit more.  In earlier episodes, the guy came off as nothing more than a raging lunatic.  But this scene reminded us that Nouveau Ric, evil as he might be, still possesses all of Alaric’s old memories.  He even . . . in his own twisted way . . . still cares about Elena . . . sort of. And when he tells the young woman that he came thisclose to formally adopting in his “other life,” that his vampire distrusting parents would be disappointed in some of Elena’s recent “life choices,” you can tell that he really believes it.

In a way, Nouveau Ric is kind of like a religious extremist or terrorist . . . so firm and single-minded in his beliefs, that he is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish them . . . even if it doing it makes him a monster.  Klaus tries to coax Elena into staking Caroline, under the theory, that her death will be more painful if Alaric himself carries it out.

“For the last time, I will NOT touch your stick, Ric!  So, stop whipping it out, and waving it in my face!”

But surprisingly enough, the teenager outsmarts the dude with the Master’s degree, by pretending to try and stake him, while she douses his face with scalding-to-vampires vervain.

Now, Nouveau Ric is angry . . . and you wouldn’t like him, when he’s angry. . .

The Three Vamp-keteers . . . the Witch . . . and the Whipping Boy

Surprise!  At the eleventh hour, Bonnie Ex Machina has discovered the key to temporarily killing . . . at least until the non-vampire Scooby Gang reaches their 30’s the seemingly unkillable Nouveau Ric.  Specifically, Bonnie wants to use on Alaric the dessication spell, her absentee bio mom once used on the now definitely dead Mikael.

The catch is that she needs her lame-ass, cut-and-run, pays more attention to her pseudo-son/boyfriend than her, mother Abby, in order to accomplish the deed.

Now, I can’t STAND the useless, wimpy, cowardly character of Abby.  And I would have much rather her stayed GONE.  That said, I kind of love how the writers used her to express us recapper’s long standing complaint that the Salvatore’s house .  . . which was specifically deeded over to the very human Elena back in Season 2 . . . now seems open to any and all vampires.  Of course, most of the characters on the show consistently ignored this annoying anomaly until Abby.

Speaking in the voice of the writers, Damon explains that, when Elena “died” (for about two seconds) back in episode 221, the house reverted back to the Salvatores, at least in the spiritual sense (legally, it OBVIOUSLY still belongs to Elena).  And so, since La Casa de Rich and Awesome is once again vampire owned, it is pretty much an Open House for every soon-to-be-dead guest star vampire around . . .you know . . .  like Abby.

Anywhoo . . . Abby’s all “Nooo . . . dear daughter, who I abandoned, seemingly uncaring as to whether you lived or died .  . . PLEASSSEEEE don’t do the Dessication spell!   It involves BLACK MAGIC, and . . . temporarily killing a human by stopping their heart and .  . . having vampires drink your blood again . . . and making your face look prematurely veiny.   In other words, this is a big time Bad News Spell, child.  It can f*&k you up, something fierce!”

Fortunately, Damon pipes in to say.  “Hey, she’s Bonnie ex Machina.  It’s her JOB to perform dangerous spells in the last ten minutes of every episode to save our asses.


Not that we pay her, or anything . . . because we don’t.  But hey!  If she didn’t do it, she might as well be another show . . . like The Secret Circle . . . or something.

It’s settled them!  Black magic and veiny face be damned.  Klaus, Stefan and Damon are going to temporarily incapacitate Nouveau Ric, and drink Bonnie’s blood . . . so that Bonnie can mumble in faux Latin . . . and do whatever it is she does on this show that constitutes “spell casting.”

Jeremy: “Umm . . . Bonnie . . . not to question your witchy ways or anything, but what exactly does grabbing my crotch repeatedly have to do with killing Nouveau Ric.”

Bonnie: *whistles awkwardly*

But here’s a question:  what moronic human is idiotic enough to let Bonnie stop his heart, even temporarily,  for the love of one teenage girl.  Do you even have to ask?  It’s Mini Gilbert of course.  (Poor guy, even he performs acts of tremendous bravery, they always seem to involve him lying on his back, and having the crap kicked out of him by women.  Life just isn’t fair.)


Oh, and did I mention that Bonnie “found” Caroline and Elena at the school, using her trusty iPhone GPS.  Obligatory and Obnoxious Product Placement Alert!

Trying to determine whether your history teacher is an alien?  There’s an app for that!

In which Elena gets an IDEA . . .

Though the Three Vamp-keteers put on a good show, of trying to tackle Nouveau Ric together at school (The diversion even enables Klaus to free, and subsequently make some serious sex eyes, at Caroline.) . . .


 . . . their efforts to stake Nouveau Ric, while Bonnie fondles Jeremy’s chest, and attempts to stop his heart, are ultimately ineffective, and end with both Salvatore Brother down for the count.

Thus proving you can never be too old for nap time.

But worry not, because hope is not yet lost.  Nouveau Ric’s staunch refusal to kill vampire lover Elena makes the doppelganger extremely suspicious . . . so, suspicious, in fact, that she takes a risk, and tries to slice open her own neck for sh*ts and giggles.

It’s a Do-It-Yourself Hickey . . .

The seemingly suicidal action causes Nouveau Ric to go batsh*t insane, thereby confirming Elena’s surprisingly clever hypothesis.

Apparently Nouveau Ric’s life is tied to Elena’s in the same way each other vampire’s life is tied to an Originals.  So, if and when Elena dies, Nouveau Ric will die too.  In other words, Alchy Ric isn’t actually a threat to Elena, even at his most vampire hater killingest.  Problem solved  . . .Elena has been saved . . .  again . . . crisis averted, right?


Alert the media, Elena’s in danger again!

We come back from commercial to find out that sh*t has really hit the fan now.  Somehow, Klaus managed to get away from Alaric, and took Elena with him.  So, remember the Good Old Days, when Klaus used to want Elena to live, because he needed her blood bagging talents to make more hybrids?  Apparently, not so much, anymore!  All it took was one look at how powerful Nouveau Ric was, and Klaus completely flip-flopped on his Elena policy.


But you know Klaus . . . he’s all about the Evil Villain Monologue.  So, instead of bleeding Elena dry as fast as possible, he decides to gossip with her, about which Salvatore Brother she loves more.  DAMON!  DAMON!  IT’S GOTTA BE DAMON!

Of course, Elena doesn’t give an answer because it’s not the season finale yet.  Actually she does answer Klaus’s question.  Just not necessarily in the way we would have hoped . . .


Now, he’s draining her blood, in hopes of escaping with his own life in tact.  Sure, it will mean that the amount of new hybrids Klaus can make are limited.  But that’s a small price to pay for eternal life, right?  And eternal life is exactly what Klaus will get once Elena and Alaric are dead? True?

Maybe not . . . you see . . . Klaus’ main henchman during the Elena Draining is none other than Tyler . . . Elena’s friend . . . Caroline’s boyfriend . . . and a self-de-sired hybrid, who, in his own words is “SO NOT [KLAUS’] b*tch anymore.  So, much for hybrids being an Original Vampire’s best friend!  Tyler is clearly, gay for Klaus, no more.

“Now, I’m gay for Damon!  Sorry!”

 And what’s worse, he’s called in the Scooby Gang to perform on Klaus the exact same “desiccation” spell originally meant for Nouveau Ric.


In the words of werewolves . . . and cartoon dogs named Astro . . . Ruh Roh, Klausipoo!

Your cheating heart . . . (will make you dried out and veiny)

Back in the Forest Where Everyone in Mystic Falls Has Died at Least Once, Bonnie is, once again, chanting and mumbling over a sleepy . . . soon to be dead-y Jeremy.   This time, though, she succeeds in stopping her ex-boyfriend’s heart, at the exact same moment the Salvatore Bros have staked Klaus.

“Need   . . . Botox . . . now.”

Oh, this is soooo time for a nose bleed, right?  Apparently not.  Nope . . . no nose bleeds for Black Magic Bonnie, who seems to be having wayyy to much fun stopping Jer Bear’s heart if you ask me.  I mean, girlfriend’s making an “O” face, while she’s killing her boy toy, which is just beyond inappropriate if you ask me . . .


Temporarily Murdering Jeremy > vibrator

Also . . . her face is getting all black and veiny, for no apparent reason whatsoever.  EW!  I don’t know about you, but if I had to choose one, I’d go nosebleeds over Vein Faced spellgasms any day (and twice on Sunday).

Back at the Klaus House, Big Bad Original is starting to look all pale, sad, creepy, lifeless zombie like . . . you know, kind of like his siblings looked, back when he staked all of them.  Knowing that life as he knows it is now coming to an end, Klausipoo takes these last few moments to share one final eye-f*&k with the secret love of his life, Stefan.  It was both sad, and sexy at the same time.  And Stefan’s eyes are undoubtedly pregnant right now from the effort.


Still . . .  eye-screw or no-screw, Klaus is DEAD-DEAD . . . at least until the next Sweeps period.

Mini Gilbert lived to tell the tale though!

“Oh Bonnie.  I had the most awful dream.  You were murdering me with your hands, while making sex noises.”

But only after a maudlin Bonnie cried hysterically for about three seconds over his unconscious body.  (Oh honey,  we saw your O-face.  Don’t act all high and mighty now, and pretend you didn’t enjoy it.)

When all is said and done, the Salvatore Brother’s toss Klaus’ lifeless body into the trunk of their car where Stefan gives it the goodbye screw of it’s life, and escort the favor, slightly de-blooded, Elena back home.

The Doppelganger and Not-Secret Service Crew

At the doorstep, she stops to thank them for being so patient with her.  But she really needs some more time to choose which one of them she wants to dry hump on a regular basis, if that’s OK with them.  DAMON!  DAMON! DAMON!

They both say, “Sure ! No problem” (though neither of them really means it), and head for the hills.

In the car, on the way to dump Klaus’ body off the Wickory Bridge, Stefan and Damon have a heartfelt conversation about Elena.  I probably would have paid a lot more attention to it, if, the whole time, I wasn’t waiting for Klaus to pop up in between them, say, “HAHA FOOLED YA, SUCKAS!  I AIN’T EVEN DEAD YET,” and start making out with Stefan.

It never happened.  And I can’t decide whether or not I’m disappointed about that.

Anywhoo, Damon and Stefan mutually agree with one another, about how totally hot and perfect Elena was.

Then, Saint Stefan offers to “gallantly” leave town if Elena ends up choosing Damon as her “lovah!”

At first, Damon’s response seems to be “F*&k that, if she picks you, I’m sticking around for the Hot Revenge Sex I’m going to get, each time you two fight.”

But eventually, Damon VERY RELUCTANTLY agrees to do the same thing for his brother’s sake.  “And hey,” Damon adds.  “In sixty or so years, after Elena croaks, we might even be able to be brothers again.”

Good old Damon.  Always the optimist . . . well . . . except for the fact that he’s only letting Elena live until her mid seventies.  That’s kind of cold, don’t you think?


It’s rare to get truly happy moments on TVD.  But we got one at the end of this episode, when Jer Bear, Bonnie, Tyler (who, since the founder of his bloodline is only “all dried up” and not “actually dead, got to live to see the end of this episode), Token Human Matt, Caroline and Elena herself all got to get wasted on tequila, and celebrate the death of Season 2 and 3’s Big Bad.


Just happy not to have a vervain soaked rag in her mouth, a slightly tipsy Caroline echoed her not-so-much boyfriend Klaus, in trying to get Elena to voice her Salvatore Brother Choice.  But Elena wasn’t about to let a little thing like the fact that polygamy isn’t legal in Virgina, rain on her Dead Klaus Parade!  No sir!

And it’s a good thing too . . . because all that happiness only lasts for about two seconds . . .

Elsewhere in Mystic Falls,  Nouveau Ric crashes a council meeting to out Caroline’s and Tyler’s respective mommies as “vampire sympathizes’ and “harborers of supernatural creatures.”  Now, it’ just a hunch.   But I’m thinking this is going to hurt their chances at mayor and sheriff re-election, BIG TIME!  (Might I suggest throwing a little compulsion in with those campaign buttons  . . .)

In more bad news . . .

So, THAT’S where Bonnie’s nosebleeds went . . .

In the final moments of the episode, we see Elena returning to Alaric’s room to finish painting his snot green walls.  A searing pain hits her neck, and she passes out, blood dumping from her nose, like Bonnie on a Spell Bender.  Well, this can’t be good . . .

“Don’t call it a nosebleed.  Call it a Blood Mustache.”

That said, for all two of you that actually thought Elena actually croaked, you can rest easy.  The doppelganger LIVES!


And I have proof!

Here  . . .

Here . . .

And here . . .

Until next time, my fellow Fangbangers!

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14 responses to “Heart of Glass – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Before Sunset”

  1. Tricus

    Ehhhh to this episode. It was okay. You know I haven’t watched the last few episodes fully but just bits and pieces here and there.
    I gave in and watched this episode live and all the way through.
    All I can say is EHH. I remember the episodes leading up to the S2 finale being sooo much better. More exciting, more suspenseful, more just everything and there was no “triangle” focus because Elena was DEEP in denial and all about Stefan. It wasn’t mainly Elena/Damon feelings which made S2 last two epi so good. It was the writing and action.
    The last half of S3 is not good. I don’t know what happened.

    • Hey Tricus! Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed a distinct cooling off in fans reactions to TVD lately. (Put it this way, I got about 4 times more comments and readers on my Gossip Girl recap, than this one, and that NEVER happens. :)) Maybe it’s because most of the people who read my blog are staunch Delena fans, and there’s been virtually no Delena to speak of in the past few episodes, save for some vague discussions about “Delena’s choice.” I’m hoping that next week’s season finale, and it’s hints of the possibility of Elena turning, will reinvigorate the franchise, and fans excitement about it. I guess we will have to wait and see!

  2. serendipity

    Hi Julie! First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful review! I got so few on this chapter that I really really cherish each and every one! Second, another great recap! I read some others this time, but none make me laugh as yours do 🙂

    Okay. Let’s start at the end this time. Elena’s bleeding (again), because hey, if you’ve been almost drained of blood, isn’t the first thing you’d do cozy up with Mister Tequila and then go sniff some paint fumes? No wonder she’s horizontal after that. Not so random sidenote: for all her blood loss, she was in pretty good shape: did Stefan or Damon slip her some blood off screen?

    Anyway, nosebleeds and fainting is not of the good… SOS Elena #1. Perhaps Jer will call a vamp in, because it seems Elena really can’t go a day without them. Sorry, Jer. No vampfree days for you. Anyway. Elena drinks some blood. Elena saved #1. Oof.

    BUT. The preview… a car goes off the bridge (well, of course; it’s under construction! And the work isn’t advancing because Sage and Bex burned the basic materials, which, in MF timeline, will be only a few days ago – not enough time to get new stuff). Flashback or real? If it’s real, are we supposed to be thinking of how Elena became a vampire in the books, i.e. by driving off that bridge and drowning with vampblood in her veins… Cue flashback to accident where parents died. SOS Elena #2.

    BUT. That’s way too easy for this show. So. Matt the underwaterwonder (remember the pool?) fishes her out, and she lives. Elena saved #2. Yay.

    BUT. Suppose the stake does work on Vamphunter Ric? The white oak stake killed Mikael too… And if he gets staked with it (or killed in any other way, like sunburn?), might that not do something to Elena? If they are tied, does the tie work both ways? Kind of a double security from Esther, like: if Ric fails, at least the doppelganger dies too and Klaus couldn’t make any more hybrids… Gosh, I’m totally paranoid, no? So. The gang stakes Ric with his own stake… And Elena drops dead. SOS Elena #3

    BUT. Elena already had vampire blood in her system… so she wakes up somewhat paler and sprouting fangs. Elena saved #3 (well, sort of anyway)

    And Elena the vampire totally digs Damon, as you recall; and Stefan can gracefully dump her because he was only into human Elena… Oh, no, wait. That’s for season 4. They’ll totally leave us hanging on Elena opening her eyes again 😉

    Okay, cynic much? I know that’s not how it’ll go (because doubtless they’ll magick some witchy special out of a hat, like the John-thing in S2, to keep Elena alive and human), but at least I had Elena in danger thrice in one ep. That’s gotta be good, right?

    Questions I probably won’t ever get the answer to:
    – Is Elena ever going to choose instead of just talking about it?
    – Bonnie couldn’t have thought of the dried jerky original spell sooner? It requires no stakes, AND poses no danger to the bloodline (Tyler lives)
    – How did Bonnie wake up Jeremy, and nosebleed free no less? Damon took his ring (why? Does the ring allow Esther to ghost whisper?) so it was just BonBon. But she needed the whole coven last time to do revive Jer, and isn’t that line broken now?
    – Black magic… I thought waking up the dead was the blackest kind, but she’s been there, done that already. And obviously desiccating vampires goes beyond that. Foreshadowing? EvilBonnie would be a force to reckon with if they made her season 4’s big bad. A sort-of-human villain who’s also a friend. Where have we seen that before? Let me think 😉 *EvilWillow* cough cough. Blackveined Bonnie reminded me of her. And she might even be more than a prop!
    – Does the boardinghouse suddenly have a doorbell? Everybody always knocks, but Abby rang (or perhaps she brought the bell in her bag of witchy tricks?) Speaking of doorbells… that’s got to be the first time Damon rings Elena’s bell 😉 (literally, of course; figuratively he’s already pressed all her buttons more than once LOL). And Stefan just snuck in round the back? Does the Gilbert residence actually have a backdoor, or did Elena climb out through the window?
    – You might not like Esther, but you have to admit her witchy powers are really something: she can create vamps à la carte! Original vampires who then sire regular vampires, vampire hunters who live forever (because obviously Mikael’s fate wasn’t tied to that of the human whose blood made him) and vampire hunters with an expiration date (Ric version 2.0). And indeed, why didn’t Esther make him a daylight ring? Imagine your revenge just going up in smoke…

    – Damon actually saved Bonnie. Take that, you vindictive witch 😉 He could have left you, bleeding out and hanging from shackles. Hmm…
    – Klaus-Stefan moments: Stefan must have made Klaus’ wet dream come true by offering to come along if he took Elena. And then he had to break his heart… or more like ‘squeeze’ it to death…
    – Damon was totally disinclined to echo Stefan’s idea about leaving the lovebirds alone. I loved your comment 😉
    – Klaus pulling an Elijah, throwing stuff, and Damon ducking LOL
    – Dislike: I don’t like EvilRic. Honestly. I much prefer him snarking with Damon over booze.

    Finally… I have a longer sneak peek version, Julie! This one is perhaps not so Damon-friendly… I seem to recall reading in the synopsis that one of the Salvatores returns to MF because Elena has need of him… Would she have chosen this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXzrNGErvHg&feature=player_embedded

    Till next week!!!

    • Hey Serendipity! Thanks so much for your awesome comment, and speculation about the episode! You’ve definitely given me a lot to think about here. Also, thank you for the extended sneek peek clip.

      You know, I think there are two ways that scene can be interpreted. And, until the show actually airs, I’m going to go with the more Damon-friendly one. Here are last words Matt and Elena say to one another, before Stefan walks through the door, non-verbatim of course:

      Elena: “I’m going to have to let one of them go.”
      Matt: “But which one?”
      (Stefan walks in)
      Elena: “Stefan.”

      See what I did there? 😉

      It’s funny. I used to be dead-set against the idea of Elena turning into a vampire this early in the series. But I’ve come around to it quite a bit, lately . . . particularly if it happens the same way it happens in the book. 😉 The series is kind of in need of a game-changer / jump starter. And that’s definitely one way to go about doing it.

      I think you hit the nail on the head with the Big Cliffhanger of the Episode most likely being Elena drowning, beneath the Wickory Bridge, with vampire blood in her system. I can even picture a final image of Elena floating lifeless under water, in a way that eerily mimics that Sweeps week poster. (I’m kind of hoping they don’t do the “eyes open in the final frame” bit, because the comparisons to Breaking Dawn would be so obvious, as to render the scene a parody of itself.)

      The other interesting thing about Elena going vampire (as you mentioned in your comment), is that it kind of renders whatever choice she makes prior to her “death,” obsolete . . . since she will have so many different needs, desires, and long-term goals once she reawakens to her new life. Just so you know, this is the logic I will be employing, if she happens to choose Stefan, Matt, or “None of the Above,” in the finale. 😉 It’s how I will make it through the summer.

      Speaking of Damon, I too was proud of him for saving Judgy Bonnie. She should put that in her pipe and smoke it. 😉 Don’t worry, she’ll find some reason to hate him, and give him migraines next week. 🙂

      • serendipity

        Hi again, Jules! I’m glad to see that there are at least some more comments now. You totally deserve it, because as I already said, your recaps are definitely more funny than most (that I read about halfway before zzzz….)

        Can I just say that I loved what you did there with the dialogue 😀 ! Yes, Elena needs to let go of Stefan… I’m with Johnny Depp on this one. He said that “If you find yourself in love with two people, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”. A word for the wise, Elena!

        I read Kangababy’s comment about Damon not being able to save Elena as the car goes off the bridge, and I couldn’t help think of the writer’s penchant for mirroring events of the past. What if it is again Stefan who saves Elena? It’d be totally like the writers to give us something like that AGAIN. The only way I’m okay with that is if it opens Elena’s eyes (see what I did there 😉 ) to the fact that maybe she thought she loved Stefan, but it was mainly because he saved her life? Like Stockholm syndrome, only not? Knight in shining armor syndrome, or something like that?

        I’ll be looking forward to reading your recap on The Departed! Laters, Julie 😉 😉

  3. André

    Wow, not as many comments here then they used to be.
    Before I start I have to say that I am not furious about this episode, no matter how silly and stupid plus Elena centered it was. It’s just that I can’t seem to be able to be angry about something I didn’t expect any different from. So what would be the point?

    Now to my actually comment:

    I couldn’t agree more with the first sentences of your recap. For supernatural characters that are supposedly so difficult to kill these ones sure die quite a lot. I guess this trivializing of killing and death is what also bothers me with this show. It is so easily accused and simply glossed over, without ever stating what this implies for the characters involved. In the most recent Game of Thrones episode (which picture you will get) a man got ripped apart by a mob, alive I might add, and the scene showed the full horror of it. But on this show the heroes and villains kill people all the time and it is always forgiven. Show them with a single scrap of something that might cause sympathy and bang… they are likeable and forgiven. It was the same with Elijah (what reason was there to actually behead Trevor?), with Rebekah and with Klaus, of course also with the Salvatore’s or with our other characters. Only Jeremy actually showed some hint of shock after beheading that hybrid, in the case of the others, if they showed something, it was rather like, now I lost control over myself or I lost my face. But hardly any real realization about what it means if you ask me. But I guess we can say that Jeremy’s stroll into reality was erased by another round of Damon-compulsion. When it comes to such things TVD is rather like a Giant Panda and eating meat. They might do it occasionally but you can never expect them to go with it all the way.

    I like your getting back on TVD’s “depth.” Seriously, are they trying to come along as actually sophisticated? No one who had watched all episodes so far can still think that, no one who doesn’t delusion himself. And you got a point about Alaric being in class so rarely. Not that this is surprising since the characters rarely attend class as it seems. And did you notice that only Jeremy’s marks dropped all this time?

    I wonder what he was doing there anyway. Shouldn’t he be out and hunt vampires? And Caroline’s and Rebekah’s banter fit perfectly what I said about trivialization above.
    Now what was this whole fight scene of the three about? Not only was Nouveau Ric totally dumb in using the stake to simply “strangle” Rebekah instead of staking her outright (I never thought that the promo even hinted at her death), Caroline’s running to her car was full on Horror-flick. What did she try to gain from taking her car? Hiding? Hardly, Ric would be able to simply bust through glass and by the moment the car is open and started any run of the mill vampire would have already caught up with her.

    Now to Ric. You could say that Esther had no time in making a daylight ring or come up with the “reasoning” that she couldn’t have done it until he was a vampire. Nonsense of course since Emily did that for the Salvatores long before they became vamps but when did inconsistency ever stop the writers right? The whole thing was probably just a way to keep Alaric restrained for some time. Not making actually sense of course, but fitting the writers’ modus operandi.

    And speaking of his room. Man they were fast to clean that one out weren’t they? Didn’t the guy just die the other day? I guess it’s safe to say that it was Saturday in the show, since no one was at school and they could still buy paint.

    Jeremy’s reaction to Stefan was just another foreshadowing to Elena’s long overdue own reaction in my eyes. Sure he looked hot but sadly that doesn’t save the scene from its predictability.
    Not to mention that Bonny barely has scratch on her considered that Alaric just fed of her blood. Considered that Damon obviously didn’t heal her she must be supernaturally tough and fast recovering to not be bleeding out. The writers again, 100 %.

    And suddenly there were the hybrids again. Where did they all go anyway? Stefan didn’t kill all of them, so where are they? Why is only Tyler there? Oh right, so he can give Klaus his true love speech. Hey what more reason would anybody need right?

    And Klaus might be the most whimpy bad guy ever. And his attacks… When I saw him throw the paper I just thought: “There are all these heavy plant pots around, why not throw them?”
    After all what difference does it make, Klaus is definitely not one to keep a low profile, unless running away from daddy of course. Then again, considered how openly he went around the 20s that probably doesn’t mean much.
    Oh …. Wait… *bleep* *bleep* *activating TVD mode* *running romance novel script*
    All perfectly reasonable. Also Klaus is truly a good guy and only the right girl needs to come along tooooooo….
    *DANGER!!!!* *DANGER!!!!* *Malicious virus detected* *Starting reality antivirus* *System reset to morally sound behavior*
    This is just crap. Klaus is such a whimp. And not even good at aiming. And perhaps the Gilbert’s neighbors have a strong case of Sunnydale syndrome.

    Now how did Elena manage to get out unnoticed anyway? Was it another example of spontaneous fail of vampire senses again?

    This whole torturing Caroline thing was just another round of having Elena look sympathetic and heroic and being compassionate. Think about it. If Alaric is supposed to be the perfect vampire hunter, why in all hell is he doing all this stuff. This had nothing to do with that. It was just another round of getting Elena in the center without sense or conscience. She must be looking like she cares about more than just herself and this was an opportunity to show it and the writers took it. After all their main fanbase (whoever that is) doesn’t seem to care about such inconsistencies. If they did this show would have never been a success (did you hear the rumor of their going to be six seasons?).

    And Bonny can also copy Abby’s stop the heart spell. And man Abby was there fast wasn’t she? Didn’t she loose her powers? Then how was she able to teleport or step through a whole in space and time?
    You so brought Bonnie’s role to the point. 😀
    And the way the whole stuff had to be performed… well… who helped Abby back in the days? Seriously, are we able to believe she pulled it all off by herself?

    Now Elena’s suicide attempt was no unsurprising for me. The moment it was clear that Alaric was not going to kill her I knew that it was either the remnant humanity stuff again or killing her would mean killing him.
    What a stupid plan of Esther. She chooses the one girl in town that is more often in mortal danger than any other one to be the basic cause of Ric’s vulnerability. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to take just someone, put a preservation spell on and hide that one until he/she dies of natural causes? For someone plotting for 1000 years she is remarkably shortsighted.
    Elena-center again.

    The same with her chat with Klaus so I will not linger on that crap.

    That they attacked Klaus and stopped his heart was about the smartest thing these idiots had done in a long time. But it was simply too late to be considered a good idea of smart people. They should have tried that after finding Michael or when Abby first told them about it. But again nothing actually smart here.
    And what were they planning on doing with Klaus anyway now that he is cold?

    And Elena needs time to figure out which blood thirsty killer she rather wants to bare her neck too. Yeah that is surprising. *rolleyes*

    And speaking of Token human Matt. Do you think that Bonny is simply a combination of the Token Black girl and the Magical Negro? It would fit in my eyes. She barely has any background, barely any lines and only there as a plot device.

    And at the end of the episode Elena was in danger again. Wow nobody saw that coming.

    Seriously, what is there still to enjoy about the show?

    PS. Help us get the first 10 minutes of Teen Wolf season 2.

    You should have none I would do that 😀

    • Hey Andre! Yes, there are many less comments this week. Perhaps, my stock as a recapper has fallen. 🙂 (Note to self: Start including more naked pics in recaps, even if no one gets naked in the episode. ;))

      You bring up a good point about the characters’ desensitization to violence on this show, having a probably unintended effect of desensitizing its viewers to the same thing. Part of this might come from the fact that as a non-cable show, TVD can’t get away with the same amount of gruesomeness that a show like Game of Thrones or True Blood can. Another part might actually play into a common theme of vampire shows and series . . . the fact that, even though most vampires, are pretty, young, and human looking, they are NOT human, due to their species’ predatory nature . . . a nature that often severely compromises their moral code. Likewise, humans that spend most of their time with vampires, and justify their behavior, inevitably end up compromising their moral code to some extent too.

      Interestingly enough, it’s the character of Psycho Ric who’s been addressing this theme most lately. Is he really a wackjob, or merely a traditional moralist?

      Of course, this type of theme isn’t limited to vampire shows. In your comment, you mentioned Game of Thrones. Consider the character of Arya. Here she is a young girl, 11-years old, raised by a moral-to-a-fault mother and father. Having seen her father be beheaded, right in front of her face for doing nothing beyond being honest, and having witnessed horrors most people won’t ever see in a lifetime, Arya has had to become desensitized to death, somewhat, in order to survive, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. As a result, she has no trouble personally ordering the death of those who she considers evil. She becomes their judge, jury, and executioner, in effect, and experiences little remorse afterward. And yet, she is a character we all root for on the show, because she is brave, courageous, and, we believe at heart, a fundamentally good person. 🙂

      See what I did there?

      But back to TVD, I also think that some of it’s trivialization of violence is part of the show’s dark humor. We see more of this on True Blood than here, perhaps. But many times on TVD, a character’s (usually Damon, Klaus, or Katherine’s) haphazard description of murderous acts is played up for laughs. I guess that’s just another vampire show trope. 🙂

      Like you, I wondered about that “battle scene” between Ric and the two Vampire Barbies. I mean, here’s Caroline, the girl who once took on an entire crew of Ghost Hidey Hole vamps all by herself. Even if Ric was much stronger, and she was in retreat, couldn’t she at least have Vampire Super Speeded to the car? 🙂 (I think Serendipity mentioned this in her comment. *waves*)

      On and this: “Do you think that Bonnie is simply a combination of the Token Black girl and the Magical Negro?”

      You know, I never thought of it that way, but you might be right. No wonder fans of the character are so up in arms. It’s definitely something the writers of the show are going to have to fix, next season.

      Look at you, advertising for the Teen Wolf cause! Tyler Posey would be proud. ;)If only I had more readers, then I’d be a bigger help. Maybe when I write my Teen Wolf trailer analysis post next week, I can do my part as well. 🙂

      • Andre

        If you want to help with getting the first 10 minutes of Teen Wolf season 2 then you would need to act quicker since the deadline for the 5 million view is only one week, starting on 06May2012 I think.
        So maybe, just maybe you will be able to analyze the first 10 minutes of the show also.
        And I think we will both have fun in analyzing the new werewolves. I mean the new female seems to at once be a typical example of the sexual predator but she also looks kind of creepy with her doe eyes, broad face and that toothy smile, not to mention that nose.

        Either way I cannot see that the 5 millions views have been reached yet, so obviously the chances are still slim to see the 10 minutes. So if you wanna help, do it fast.

        By the way do you know this deleted scene already?

        Ok first to Bonnie’s status: I have no hopes that the writers fill fix anything on her part, or the other characters, except Kat Graham decides to leave the show. They had done it the way it is now for 3 seasons and obviously with financial success, so I doubt that they will jump the ship all of a sudden and actually give the non-three more depth and background. Yes I think they have no actual background anymore and saying otherwise would be making things up in my eyes (like stating that Forewood were always fitting for each other).
        When you stop trying to make sense on the characters based on what the show directly tells us and start analyzing their portrayals I think you can see what they actually are.
        Elena is the typical damsel in distress, Damon the villain that is saved by the right girl, Stefan is the prince that needs a bit tweaking to be just right, Caroline is the typical romance heroine who actually knows nothing but nonetheless manages it and in our current “werewolf” line she is “the girl who loves him,” Tyler is a classical 21st century werewolf (so he will never go boy-on-boy on anyone), Bonnie I already said, Jeremy is the “innocent” victim who just shrugs it off, Matt the flat good guy who barely ever says no, Klaus is a diva and Rebekah the misunderstood bad girl (kind of like when somebody says that a girl becomes a stripper when daddy doesn’t love her). Of course you must keep in mind that all of them are only allowed to play that role, which they mostly do, when it doesn’t interfere with the writer’s plans for the main three. That is why Jeremy actually got a bit angry in the last episodes or got to kill that hybrids, because it would suit Elena’s story. Also Forewood was only there for Elena, as evidenced by that stupid “flight” scene of Caroline since Caroline’s capture and torture would give Elena the chance to be the heroine and the compassionate one.

        I also don’t see any dark humor in TVD. Some humor yes, like when Damon commented on how the witches were unable to open the coffin. And if this description of killings is humor I wonder what sort of humor that is. The show only sensitizes the characters if its suits the writers story, if not they simply forget it. And that is also the reason for the intense lack of actual emotional response to all that death. Not that the characters are desensitized (because they barely show any signs of that process) but because the writers don’t care about that, just as they don’t care about the time line or the background. Therefore I think that your comparison to Arya is not valid in my eyes. Considered the show’s many plotlines they did a good job in portraying this development while TVD focuses so much on just two or three and basically say nothing. You pointed that out several times over the course of the show if I remember correctly. In the case of TVD no one even has nightmares when it doesn’t serve Elena, a complete difference to GoT.
        It has nothing to do with moral code or emotional responses, or even predatory nature of vampires (which is not the same as being aggressive I might add albeit the show clearly portrays it as such). The writers simply don’t care. This show is a romance novel and as such the male romantic leads have to be this way to fulfill the need of romance novel fans for this sort of male that many are conditioned to find attractive. I think that when they are shown vulnerable that is to make especially female viewers respond with a desire to nurture and heal. In addition as a typical romance novel it has to focus on a Elena and always throw her in the center. I think you should really read Seduced by Twilight and The Curse of the Werewolf – Fantasy, Horror and the Beast within. After them I think you will definitely get what TVD is actually about.

        One thing I totally forget in my first comment and nearly forgot it now:
        The writers seem to take the concept half vampire half werewolf literally, considered that Klaus is now suddenly the progenitor of all our show’s undead, yeah another big surprise. *rolleyes*
        Broken curse or not you would think that considered the hereditary nature of werewolfism in the show it would mix with the vampire blood and thereby making everyone of his descendents technically part werewolf but seemingly not.

        And although I already stated it in my comment to your previous TVD recap I will hereby repeat it via promise:
        Should Matt ever fall for Elena on the show again, I will once and for all quit watching the show.

        That is a promise and I keep my promises. I did this with two book and all comic series I once read so I can do that again. Sometimes enough is simply enough.

  4. Kangababy

    Hi Julie!

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve comment where there are less than 15 responses. Where is everyone??? I guess it is as you said that the frustrations with the show is getting to everyone.

    I was particularly distraught over the Alaric death in 3×20 (I don’t think that they will redeem his character now as a vampire unless Matt Davis’ show Cult isn’t picked up) so it’s taken me a while to get back into a light hearted making comments frame of mind.

    This episode certainly had a lot of fun moments and twists, with the pacing of the episode calling back to late season 1 episodes. The best part, I loved the Damon vs Klaus dodgeball game (and especially how Stefan remained hidden on the floor – coward!!!).

    Things I didn’t love? The whole Elena being able to walk after losing half her body’s blood and then taking tequila shots. In a show that often isn’t based on realistic situations, I would have appreciated just a little more time taken by the writers to think this one through or alternatively tell us that she had been given a little vampire blood to help her heal.

    Also, it is really getting irritating how the show keeps reminding us over the last three episodes that Elena has a choice to make, but that it will only be made in the finale. It actually feels a little like sloppy writing that the writers haven’t come up with a tangible reason for why Elena is stalling with her decision until the finale, with the only the only time that Elena has tried to address this is in this episode with her “I know I’m selfish but I don’t want to lose you both”. There is only so many times that you can hear it before you really start getting annoyed.

    A moment in the episode which I thought was very interesting was the discussion between Klaus and Stefan regarding Elena’s future after she would be rescued. I was shocked that Stefan’s response to Klaus taking Elena away was that he would come with her, and even more by Klaus’ retort that it is this very reason that Stefan is the right one for Elena.
    My husband summed up my thoughts perfectly in this moment, while my mouth was gaping from sheer disbelief, as he said “No it is why Damon is the right choice for her, because he would never allow Elena to be taken from her friends and family without a fight, and not just selfishly focus on being to come with” (sigh…. I knew there was a good reason I married him… ha ha I’ve slowly turned him into a Delena supporter 😉 )

    Anyway, as Serendipity noted above, I also think that the finale will bring many Elena in danger moments, one of which I think will lead her to become a vampire (and I’m going with the book way i.e. drowning in the river off Wickery Bridge). However, I think as one of the cliffhangers, we won’t know if she is dead or a vampire until the beginning of season 4. I also think (hope, pray, pleed, grovel etc… chose the appropriate verb) that Elena choses Damon, but never gets to tell him in person before she dies thereby ensuring yet another cliffhanger. And finally, Ian has spoilt that the last moments of the episode revolve around him getting beaten up. Wouldn’t it be tragic if he is getting beaten up somewhere near Wickery bridge where he is unable to get to Elena to save her from drowning.

    That’s all the speculation from me. I’m sure that none of it will be right in the end (as who can ever predict TVD!). But one thing for sure is that no matter how the episode goes, I look forward to your recap about it.

    • Hey Kangababy! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 🙂 I guess I can’t entirely blame the show for my lack of comments on this recap. I’ve been kind of crazy busy lately, and, as a result might be a little off my recapping game. I’ll definitely try to remedy this in time for the season finale on Thursday.

      I think you are right about Alaric. The writers have really dug themselves into a hole with the character, that will make his redemption particularly difficult. Since the CW is the network that ended up picking up Cult, I suspect the writers feel like, even if it isn’t great, it will probably manage to last at least a season or two. (The CW is not known for canceling shows prior to that.) So, they are writing the character off in that mind. Of course, that is not to say that if Cult fails, the writers won’t magically have Bonnie come up with a spell that cures Nouveau Ric of all his past evilness. 🙂

      Still, as it stands now, I’m with you, in feeling like this is kind of a bad sendoff for a once much beloved character, though I’m sure Matt Davis is having a blast playing crazy, for a change. 🙂

      I love how you described Klaus’ and Damon’s fight as House Dodgeball. 🙂 Very appropriate. And you are right, Stefan did hide on the floor the entire time, like a total weiner. (Maybe he was just really worried about ruining Elena’s furniture, if he fought back. Stefan’s always been a bit of a hoarder, when it comes to personal belongings. We all know how long he kept those damn diaries, and that picture of Katherine.:))

      You also bring up a great point about Elena seeming way too not-near-death for someone who had recently given up her blood, down to the last pint. Initially, I had assumed, as Serendipity did, that either Stefan or Damon had slipped her some blood off-screen. But judging by the last scene of the episode, maybe not. You know, Elena though . . . nice girl . . . but not always the sharpest tool in the shed. The tequila drinking wasn’t exactly out of character for her in that sense. (And besides, perhaps it brought her back some fun memories of her trip to Georgia with Damon, back in Season 1. ;))

      Speaking of Elena, I do agree that her constant hemming and hawing about having to make a choice, without actually making one, is starting to become a bit grating. I mean, she’s 18. Why does she automatically assume that her choice of mate has an “all sales are final,” clause attached to it? I say, Elena, you’ve already been with Stefan and Matt. Take Damon for a spin! If you decide you don’t like it (which, by the way, you won’t . . . because it’s Damon), you can always choose someone else sometime during the next at least 70 or so years you have left of living. 😉

      Speaking of Damon and Elena, your speculation regarding the final moments of the episode, makes a lot of sense, especially if the last scenes we are treated to this season are a juxtaposition of Elena going over the bridge, and Damon getting his butt kicked. Showing the two scenes interchangably, just as a drowning Elena is finally declaring her love for Damon on deaf ears is precisely the kind of angsty cliffhanger I can see Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson delivering to us fans. I guess the thing about Elena, just like with Damon in last year’s season finale, is that we all know the writers will never REALLY kill her off. However, whether she returns next season as a human, vampire, or spirit type IS something that could keep us all guessing well into the warm summer months . . .

  5. I have to say, this was one of my favorite TVD episodes. It was weird, funny, surprising, and somewhat intense. Other than torturing Caroline, evil Alaric actually had a lot of sense. Sure, Elena said she didn’t want to let everyone she knew die. That’s understandable, duh! But Alaric was cruel but correct in pointing out how many people have had to die because no one wants to kill their murderous buddies. Alaric being basically himself made him a more interesting character to me.

    Jeremy being at his wits’ end with vampires also made sense. Tyler’s triumph was welcome, and the celebration at the end was hilariously pointless, but somehow satisfying. What else are they going to do? They all could die tomorrow. Klaus’s ridiculous pathology was also explored a bit more here, and I enjoyed that. I cannot possibly buy him and Caroline, and I also think the only reason he said Stefan was good for Elena (other than because the writers wanted to ship them) was that he loves Stefan and wants to flatter him. Bonnie and Damon’s banter is usually pretty amusing, too.

    Now that I think about it, one of the reasons I liked this episode was probably Klefan. XD I guess at the end I just thought, why can’t all TVD episodes be like this? But I might be alone in that one.

    Fun recap, Julie. I’ll miss them!

    • Andre

      Why did you like this episode? It was totally ridiculous and Alaric’s behavior didn’t suit that vampire hunter stuff at all, just like Caroline’s pointless flight behavior. As a vampire she could have superspeeded away instead of running, at human speed, to her car.
      How would you explain that?
      Or that the only hybrid in town is Tyler. That Esther was so stupid to use Elena’s life.
      Seriously how can you explain that with another explanation apart from that Elena must be in the center and that everything in this show must be about romance?

      • I just explained why I liked the episode. Many episodes have plot holes, as you have pointed out. Some are more important to me than others. The car trick has bothered me before, but they’ve done it so many times (like why are Damon and Stefan often driving somewhere?), I didn’t even care about it this time. I’ve also not taken the show too seriously lately, since they don’t seem to care much about consistency. I now try to focus more on what I like about it since I still enjoy those aspects of the show. I’ve never argued that this show was flawless or made perfect sense. I don’t care why Tyler is the only hybrid in town. I thought Klaus had to get rid of the others. Also, Esther using Elena’s life makes sense to me, even though I laughed at your comment about how she’s the most imperiled person in Mystic Falls, which is saying something. Klaus doesn’t want Elena dead. So he might have tried to protect her without knowing that he was also protecting Alaric. I don’t know what behavior suits a “vampire hunter,” since we’ve never even had a real vampire hunter on this show, in spite of Alaric trying to claim that title earlier. It seems as though he is just a vicious “vampire” trying to kill the originals.

    • Hey Noelle! I’m super sorry about taking so long to reply to your comment. I could of sworn I did. And then, today I realized I hadn’t. I blame vampire compulsion. 🙂

      You know I had worried about the writers making Nouveau Ric into either Frankenstein-type villain, who just killed vampires mindlessly, or a comic book villain, who killed because he enjoyed it, without bothering to think about the reasons behind his actions. But you are right, as unhappy as I was with what they did to Alaric at the end of his run as a character (though I suspect we WILL see those oh-so-fun ghost cameos next season) was much more interesting than that. Nouveau Ric’s conversations with Elena, Jeremy, and the town council, as to why they’d all be better off without vampires, actually made sense. And had we not spent three seasons, growing to love all these blood sucking serial killers, many of us may have even been persuaded to agree with him.

      It was a clever, slightly meta, injection of reality and morality into the end of the season. And, to that extent, it worked.

      I do hope the writers explore Jeremy’s growing distrust of vampires this upcoming season, without the cop out, of having a Brainwashing Piece of Jewelry doing his thinking for him. Will Elena’s recent transformation soften Jeremy’s stance on vampires, or harden it, now that Elena has paid the ultimate price for her affiliation with the undead. I think there are a lot of interesting directions the writers could go with this character. And, even though he’s more of a minor figure in the series, I hope they take that risk. After all, now that Elena’s undead, the writers can’t always fallback on the “Elena’s in danger,” storyline, like they used to do. Someone else is going to have to step up to the plate, as Damsel in Distress. 🙂

      Ahhh, the Klefan love affair. I wonder if this is going to continue, in light of the finale. It will be strange to see “Tyler” suddenly hitting on Stefan, when he never did so in the past. 🙂 I’m thinking Caroline won’t be the only love interest Klausityler will use his new body and face to manipulate. 😉

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