The Week in WTF – A Look at Some of this Week’s Most Jaw Dropping TV Moments


Greetings Couch Potatoes!  It’s been quite a week in TV Land.  Planes exploded . . . teens overdosed, graduated, flunked out, and enlisted in the army.  There were breakups, hookups, divorces, surprise pregnancies, conspiracies, embarrassing sexual encounters, blatant check fraud, and fake deaths.  Someone even joined the Hari Krishna!

So, sit back, relax, and let’s relive all the WTF . . .

Game of Thrones – “The Prince of Winterfell”

So, it turns out that, contrary to popular belief, Theon Greyjoy didn’t actually kill those two Stark boys, burn up their bodies, and hang them out to rot, outside the Gates of Winterfell.  Instead, he killed two random farmer boys, burned their bodies, and hung them out to rot, outside the Gates of Winterfell . . . which I guess is a relief . . . unless you happen to be those two farmers boys . . .

In other mistaken identity news, Cersei did not, in fact have Tyrion’s Whore beaten, like she claimed she did.  Instead, she had some OTHER whore beaten, who Tyrion had to PRETEND was his whore, to protect his real whore.  Am I sensing a pattern here?

Oh hey, it’s the Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth comedy hour!


Needless to say in the romantic comedy version of this story, Brienne and Jamie would tip over their canoe in a sexually tense fight, and would subsequently have to “get out of their wet clothes.” Then, they would fight some more, finally ending a passionate kiss, only to have some medieval object get in the way . . . like a metal face mask . . . or an inconveniently placed sword . . . Ouch.

In other news, please, for the love of all that is holy, GIVE THIS WOMAN BACK HER DRAGONS!

Mad Men – “Christmas Waltz”

So, um . . . remember This Guy . . .

 (Paul Kinsey)

Well, he’s baaack . . .  except . . . well . . . I’ll let you see for yourself . . .

See, folks, this is what happens to you, when you’re dumped by Don Draper.   You either put on a ton of weight . . .


  . . . or you start working at the A&P, join the Hari Krishna movement, and pen bad Star Trek spec scripts with titles like “The Negron Complex.”  That hair though . . . it reminds me of someone . . .

 See, all this time, I’ve been dating Puck from Glee, I never knew he was a Hari Krishna.  You think you know a guy . . .

Meanwhile, Lane Pryce is in deep doo-doo, because he started forging company check’s to pay off his Mother Country tax debt . . .

But hey, Don Draper isn’t really Don Draper, right?  So, I guess if you’re going to forge someone’s name on a check, his is probably your best bet.  After all, he forges his name all the time.  Anyway, Lane  . . . you’re probably going to end up in jail . . . or deported . . . or you just might off yourself by the season’s end.  But hey, it could be worse.  You could be wearing this shirt . . .

In other news, Don and Megan went to a play.  Apparently, it was supposed to be about the horrors of advertising.  But to me it just looked like an extended public service announcement about why we should bring naptime back to the workplace . . .

Speaking of Megan . . . Don, the next time you plan on going out joyriding an getting wasted with Joan after work, you should strongly consider calling your wife, and letting her know you are going to be late . . . unless, of course, you enjoy eating spaghetti off your dining room wall . . .


This, of course, brings me to my absolute favorite part of this episode . . . Don and Joan . . . Joan and Don.  This mostly platonic (but highly sexually charged) pairing is filled with so much awesomeness that no elevator, bar, or backseat of a newly purchased Jaguar could possibly contain it.


And, perhaps, the most shocking thing of all?  They haven’t slept together . . . yet.

Girls – “The Return”

Those of you who watch “Girls” know that it is not at all uncommon for the main character, Hannah Horvath to do, say, or experience something that makes you want to go hide under your bed in cringeworthy embarrassment on her behalf.


But regardless of how you might personally feel about Hannah, your heart really had to go out to her in this week’s episode.  I mean, no one should have to help her late-middle aged father off the bathroom floor, while he’s suffering from a sex injury, after an unfortunate incident involving doggy style in the shower with mom.  NO ONE!

“Help, I’ve fallen, and I’ve still got it up!” 

Glee – “Goodbye”


Nineties kids and teens alike really got a kick out of this week’s Glee finale, which bid its senior class adieu by covering moderately oldies but still goodies, like the New Radicals “Get What You Give,” and “I’ll Remember,” which I mistakenly thought was “That Madonna Song from A League of Her Own” but my friend informed me was actually “That Madonna Song from With Honors.”


(I guess I just forgot to “Remember” where the song came from.)

But I think a few weeks from now, when fans think back on this episode, less will be thinking about the music the grads sang and more about THIS . . .


If watching Burt Hummel dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” on his son’s behalf doesn’t make you smile, you don’t have a soul.  I’m sorry.  There’s just no nice way of saying it . . .

In less happy news, here’s a little tip my old wise ass has for those of you folks who are currently eagerly awaiting your college acceptance letters.  DO NOT . . . I repeat . . . DO NOT decide to open your letters with your friends because you think it will be a “bonding experience.”

You know what’s not a “bonding experience?”  Anything that entails your getting heart ripped out of your chest, while having to pretend that you’re actually happy for your friend who got into the school you didn’t, while your lifelong dreams were squashed . . . like a bug lying on a football field during game time.

And yet, while it was certainly shocking that Whoopi Goldberg let Rachel “I choked” Berry into NYATA, but not Kurt (I mean, let’s face it,  no one was really all that surprised about Finn getting dumped from The Actor’s Studio, right?), that was actually not the most jaw-dropping moment of the episode.  That moment actually came much later, when Finn did the classic 8:53 p.m fake out, and decided to . . . um . . . White Fang his high school sweetheart, Rachel.  (Those of you who watch New Girl know exactly what I’m talking about.)


That’s right.  Finn Hudson didn’t marry Rachel Berry.  And he didn’t let her postpone her acceptance to NYATA to spend another year with Finn in Lima.  Instead, he broke up with her in the car on the way to their “wedding,” shoved her on a train, while she blubbered like a baby, and announced he was enlisting in the army . . . all in under five minutes . . .


Run Finn . . . Run!

Now, if you’ve ever read my Gleecaps before back when I actually used to write Gleecaps you probably know that I’ve never exactly been the biggest Finchel fan.  And yet, I found this whole scene surprisingly emotional, due in a large part to Lea Michele just really knocking the scene out of the park.


So, remember that friend of mine?  The one who corrected me about the film source of that Madonna cover?  Well, this scene actually prompted a rather heated discussion between us.  I mean sure, we started off simply enough, by discussing whether Finn Hudson was built for a career in armed services, and whether we thought Cory Monteith would look hot in a buzz cut . . .

But eventually we got around to talking about the nature of Finn’s sacrifice.  Personally, I thought it was probably the most noble thing the character has done in his entire time on the show.  In fact, watching this scene was the first time I really believed Finchel might actually make it in the long haul.  Because let’s face it, had Finn let Rachel defer her dreams on his behalf, the mutual resentments that would inevitably fester between them would have inevitably eaten their relationship alive.  Now, Rachel can sow her wild oats for a little while with some hipster types, Finn can finally get a haircut that fits his face, and eventually, they both can live happily ever after . . .  EVERYBODY WINS!

My friend, on the other hand, thought Finn was a TOTAL ASS for surprise dumping Rachel in a car, and subsequently inviting all her friends and her TEACHER (?) to the train station to see her snot and cry.

To each his own, I guess . . .

And finally . . .

Revenge – “Reckoning”

Now, here is a show that’s known for its twists, turns, and that adorable bionic dog that didn’t age for 20 plus years.  (R.I.P. Sammy!)

So, when it came time for the finale, we expected drama.  We expected to see Nolan fighting for his life, and Emily rushing to rescue her only true ally . . .

Most of us probably even expected that Emily would face off against the EEEEEVVVIL White Haired Man . . . but probably wouldn’t actually kill him . . . because it’s only the show’s first season . . .


But I don’t think any of us expected those aforementioned things to be the LEAST shocking aspects of the episode . . . only to be topped by Emily breaking off her engagement with Daniel . . .


  . . . Emily subsequently opening her heart to Barman Jack, only to find out that her alter ego, Faux-Manda Clark, is back in town and totally pretending to be pregnant with his child . . .

And then came the last five minutes of the episode, which packed into them no less than THREE potential deaths, one awakening from the dead (Emily’s mom), a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY, and possibly the best use of Florence and the Machines song “Seven Devils” of all time!


(You also might be “freaking dead.”)

 Don’t believe me?  See for yourself . . .

Now, personally, I don’t really think either Victoria or Charlotte Grayson actually went into that big ole Hamptons Mansion in the sky.  (Lydia’s probably a goner.  I mean, seriously, how many times do they have to almost-kill this woman, before she finally stays dead?)  But I still have to give the writers props for “going there,” and for crafting what was possibly the best five minutes of television I’ve seen all year.  And as for Season 2, all I’ve gotta say is this . . .

So, there you have it, my Week in TV WTF.  What were YOU watching?

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10 responses to “The Week in WTF – A Look at Some of this Week’s Most Jaw Dropping TV Moments

  1. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    Enh, I think Daniel was always the most expendable part of her plan. Goodset up for next season, tho; I’m glad it got renewed. Agree w/ you about Rachel getting in when Kurt didn’t. Read an interview with Ryan M, wherein he said all could stay who wanted, but we won’t be seeing as many kids next season.

    • Hey Nina! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Now, that I think about it, you are right about Daniel. Most aspects of “Emily’s” plan could definitely have been accomplished without marrying him.

      But, I don’t know. Perhaps, it’s because the two actors are together in real life, and have chemistry. But toward the end there, I started to feel like Emily really started to develop genuine feelings for Daniel . . . enough for her to seem genuinely surprised / hurt when he did that complete 180 personality change, and reverted right back to Grayson Douchedom.

      I also felt like it took a lot for Emily to allow herself to really feel something for Jack Thank you, Sammy the Wonder Dog!), and to decide to act on those feelings, despite knowing that doing so could severely compromise her revenge plan. Then again, look how well that turned out. 🙂

      As for Glee, I feel like next season is really going to be make or break for them. Because, for sure, the characters they have left at McKinley aren’t well developed enoughto carry the show on their own, (with the exception of perhaps Blaine). But if a good portion of each episode is focused on Rachel at NYADA, or Finn in the army, it won’t really be Glee anymore.

      It will be interesting to see how the writers try to cope with these issues.

  2. imaginarymen

    “Finn can finally get a haircut that fits his face” This is why you’re my fave recapper Julie – you get to what is REALLY IMPORTANT about our shows!

    DAMN Jon Hamm looks fine in that fedora ;->>>

    I haven’t watched the last two eps of “Revenge” – I have to before I get spoiled!!

    • You are right, Amy. Fedoras were made for men with faces like Jon Hamm. So . . . have I enticed you to watch Mad Men, yet? 😉 I think a certain male someone in your life would enjoy watching it with you. *clears throat*

      Oh, and definitely e-mail me, after you’ve watched Revenge. I’d love to discuss it with you. 🙂

      • imaginarymen

        Funny you should mention that bc the new beau and I have sort of both stayed away from MM for similar reasons – but have discussed making it a show to watch. You may just get your wish yet!

        Still haven’t watched “Revenge” but I heard that the actor who plays Daniel is actually British?!?? As soon as I see it I will let you know 😉

  3. Hey you almost PLL time again I am soooooooo excited I had to stop over and say my HELLOS !! There are only two shows on this WTF list that I watch and YES I did see the Finale of NEW Girl they Rocked it.
    Are we going to Live Blog the Summer Premiere if PLL…………I hope so I need some excitement as we wait to see if some other channel will Pick up the Secret Circle. I know I gotta pick more Summer shows to recap I been so lazy its just crazy LOL!!!

    Message me, Hugs, XOXO

    • Hey sassyfran! Not to worry. TV hiatus won’t last much longer. PLL, True Blood, and Teen Wolf all debut in early June. And though I’m a bit skeptical about True Blood this season, I have really high hopes for PLL and Teen Wolf.

      By the way, what’s the scoop on Secret Circle getting another network pickup. I hadn’t heard anything. However, just off the top of my head, I feel like the SyFy channel might be a good match for the series. MTV could also be an option, or the MuchMusic channel in Canada.

      I’ll definitely drop you an e-mail on the PLL liveblog. That sounds like it could be fun. 🙂

  4. Oh-Shnap

    Ahaha, I’m so glad I came back to check for recaps.

    I love Game of Thrones, and I laughed when I read the comment “GIVE HER BACK HER DRAGONS!” With everybody betraying and dying on her, she deserves her baby dragons. It’s all she’s got going for her (at the moment. She’ll burn everyone alive eventually!)

    I totally agree with you on Glee. Since Rachel is… well, Rachel, I knew she’d get in, but I didn’t think they’d defer Kurt. He was awesome, and deserved it. I almost slapped her (if it was possible to slap a person through the TV) for not going when she found out that she was the only who got in though. You don’t work that hard and not go, so I was glad Finn persuaded her to. Speaking of Finn, though, it was obvious he wasn’t gonna get in, because, let’s be real here, he decided he wanted to go to the Actor’s thing 2 episodes before the finale. If he took that long to decide, and he thought he did well (since Finn’s kind of a dumbass) with the interview, he’s DEFINITELY not gonna get in. It was dumb of him to tell her all of this right before she was about to miss her train, though. That really sucked.

    AND WTF HAPPENED TO KURT?! After we found out he didn’t get it in, he was axed from the rest of the episode. I bet he’s going to spontaneously combust or something now… T_T Last thing that made me mad was Brittany’s GPA. Umm… hello writers, last time I checked, you aren’t considered a senior if you averaged a GPA of 0.0. You’d be a fourth-time freshman. Stupid inconsistent writers are forever stupid.

    The Revenge finale was awesome. I was happily surprised that she owned up to her kiss with Jack and calling off the engagement. I knew that Amandemily (my nickname for Emily who’s pretending to be Amanda) would be back to ruin everything though. It probably isn’t Jack’s kid, but I’d be so sad if it was.

    Charlotte made me angry. All I can say is that if there is supposed to be a death on the show, let it be her. She’s expendable (that sounds rude, I’m sorry). I laughed at your comment about Lydia. She’s also unnecessary.

    Liked the New Girl finale reference for Glee. And that’s all I can think of. Hope you write more 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Oh-Shnap! I had no clue you were a Game of Thrones fan. How awesome was Blackwater, last week? 🙂 If that episode doesn’t garner the show at least two Emmy’s, I’ll be shocked.

      Speaking of Game of Thrones, I loved your comment about Dany. Can I assume that means you’ve read Storm of Swords? 😉 Her storyline has been boring as all heck this season. But that scene from the third book is one of my favorites. So, at least that’s one thing we all have to look forward to in Season 3.

      You are right about Finn on Glee too. It’s definitely realistic that he didn’t get into the Actor’s Studio, given we have never ever seen Finn show a real interest in acting at all. Part of me still wishes we got to see his lame-o audition though. That would have made me giggle.

      You are also right about Brittany. It simply isn’t possible to have a 0.0 GPA, even for a semester. If Brittany was really failing all her classes, any high school would see she has a serious learning disability, and gotten her help. (As it is, I think it’s pretty unrealistic that she’s gotten as far as she has in school, given what we know about her.)

      Perhaps, this will be something the show will delve more seriously into next season, as opposed to merely using it as a punchline.

      As for Revenge, I hate FauxManda too. And Charlotte’s and Declan’s storyline has always been more than a bit useless. But, for me, the absolute worst is Ashley. What the heck is the point of that character, anyway? And what kind of family, hires their party planner to be their legal spokesperson, when their son is on trial for murder.

      Part of me thinks she might be running her own Revenge plot. It would explain why the character has stuck around as long as she has. All of me, thinks she’s boring as all heck (And SHE doesn’t even have dragons. ;))

      On a positive note, the Revenge finale was made of awesomesauce. And I have really high hopes for next season.

      • Oh-Shnap

        I love Game of Thrones. The Blackwater episode was awesome. Seeing everybody explode into flames from the green goo being set on fire by that arrow shot from a ridiculously long ways away was cool.

        Hahaha, funny thing is, I haven’t read the book series. I’m way too lazy. My mom actually reads them and tells me some stuff about it. I just assumed because those dragons were super badass, and Emilia Clarke was missing from half the season that she should be redeemed in some sort of amazing way.

        I wish it didn’t take them a year to make each season though. They’re so short, and I hate waiting that long for each one. At least they’re good, though. From what I hear, they aren’t following the book in terms of Arya’s storyline, so that makes it interesting for the people who’ve read the books too. 😀

        That would’ve been funny to see! I can imagine him having to dance as part of his skit, and failing miserably. But maybe that’s just me hating on Finn…

        Brittany’s storyline is ridiculous. I get that the writers are probably smoking something every time they have to write the script (because there’s the 99% of BS, and then the 1% of extremely rare but well-written plotlines in the show), but come on. At least give the girl a 2.7 or something. Knowing them, though, they’ll completely forget about her. We’ll be watching the ones still left in Glee (and the masses of new characters they will inevitably invite to further complicate the show) sing and whine about how they need to win Internationals or something. 😦

        Is it just me, or is Fauxmanda’s (as you call her) accent/lisp-thingy annoying as hell? I dunno, it just bugs the crap outta me. Charlotte’s a useless character, which is why she was listed as one of the 16 or so most obnoxious TV show characters by Entertainment Online (I’m not positive it was them, but it was some entertainment magazine).

        Ashley did seem useless before, but I find her character interesting. She’s willing to totally ditch Emily to side with Daniel and use the family to her benefit too. I find her speaking for them ridiculous also, but I think that she just made that role up for herself in order to gain attention. I’d like to see more evil her, but it’s sad to see that one of Emily’s few allies has become one of her worst enemy (or frenemy, depending on how you look at things). She definitely has her own agenda. That stupid reporter-guy-who’s-name-escapes-me even revealed that she was the one who sent the info or whatever it was in about Daniel (I can’t remember anything, it’s been too long).

        Next season will be awesome. Until then, I’ll be eagerly awaiting your PLL recaps (I caught up in like 4 days. The premiere was awesome, by the way). 😉

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