Beauty and the Bestiary – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Abomination”

Dating Profile for Lizard Thingy, a.k.a The Kainaima

Age: Better not tell you now . . .

Sex: Sure!  If you’re still alive, by the time I’m done with you.

Likes: Long walks on the beach, cars, paralyzed prey, lacrosse

Dislikes: Abusive dads, Argents (even Hot Black ones), Douchey Grease Monkeys, and Werewolves

Fears: Water, Mirrors .  . . and Stiles?

Hey there, Werebangers!  Of all the episodes of Teen Wolf we’ve seen so far, this one was by far the most educational.


Let’s see . . . we learned the difference between “Bestiary” and “Bestiality.”

We learned about a creature called the Kanaima, who’s SO deadly, it can instantly kill anything it touches, yet somehow has crushingly low self-esteem, and can’t even go in the Kiddie Pool without a pair of Swimmies.

We learned how to edit boring film footage of someone sleeping to make it EVEN MORE BORING.

And finally, we learned that Stiles is the most awesome dude on the planet . . .

Then again, we already knew that.

So, without further adieu, I bring to you “Abomination.”  Let the learning begin!

[As always, everything in this recap that you think is pretty, belongs to Andre, Screencapper Extraordinaire.  Without him, these recaps would be super lame.]

“Killers come in all ages . . . sizes and shapes.”

“Be afraid . . .be VERY afraid.”  That’s what The Vet tells the Argents (and Scott before them), when they enter his lair at the beginning of the episode.  And with good reason!  Because there, lounging before him on the operating table, is Hot Black Argent, who’s looking a little less “Hot Black” these days, and a bit more “Pre-Chewed / Beef Jerkified.”

“I’ve always wanted my stomach muscles to look ‘cut,’ but this is ridiculous.” 

The Vet almost gleefully describes to all of us the rather unpleasant way in which Hot Black Argent met his Maker, despite the fact that (1) we saw it happen; and (2) it’s kind of obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes.

“Oh really, is that, how he died?  I thought it was from old age.” 

By far, the creepiest aspect of this autopsy is the when The Vet shows the Argents the teeny tiny scratch on the back of Hot Black Argent’s neck.  For one thing, his neck makes a really disturbing cracking sound, when it’s turned.

Noisiest . . . neck . . . EVER!

 For another, apparently that little scratch contains something called a paralytic toxin.  This means that, rather then merely killing its prey outright, Lizard Thingy completely paralyzed Hot Black Argent first . . . and then forced him to lie on the floor, alive and immobile, so that he could WATCH himself be sliced open into ten strips of bacon.

“Tasty,” you might say.

But actually, contrary to popular belief.  24-year old Hot Black Argents simply aren’t a part of Lizard Thingy’s balanced breakfast.

“Killing may be it’s only purpose,” warns The Vet sagely.

Well . . . it sure isn’t trying to start itself a Lacrosse Team . . .

“That’s gonna cost you extra.”

Now, based on what we’ve learned so far, about our pal, Lizard Thingy, he seems to have a real penchant for killing Hot 24-year Old Blue Collar types . . . and Dawson Leery’s Dad.

We meet Victim Number 3 at an Auto Body Shop, where he’s fleecing poor Stiles out of his hard-earned cash to fix the latter’s rat trap of a car.

Like Hot Black Argent, Victim #3, a former high school lacrosse player, of course, is sexy, in a kind of Douchey Grease Monkey sort of way.  In fact, if this was a different type of show, he’d probably end up being The Lead, as opposed to The Guy Who Ends Up with a Car on His Torso.

As Stiles storms out of the shop, he makes the mistake of putting his hand on the door handle .  . . something I learned not to do in any public place, without a paper towel, when I was like five.

Seriously!  Door handles are nasty.  Have you ever watched one of those news programs, where they swab them for germs?  Put it this way, your hands would be cleaner, after fondling a toilet seat in a gas station . . .

Anywhoo . . . this door handle is particularly unsanitary, because it contains Lizard Thingy Cooties, which render Stiles’ ten little fingers completely immobile.  (Though, honestly, I only remember him touching the door with one hand.)

Though Stiles won’t be doing the Robot Dance, anytime soon.  He’s got it easy.  Douchey Grease Monkey, alas, will suffer a far worse fate.  He gets the Full Lizard Thingy Neck Massage, and can do nothing but stare up at the sky sadly, as the last piece of crap car,  he will ever work on crushes him from below.  Ouch!

“It should have been a Lexus.” 

Somehow, Stiles manages to dial 911, with uncooperative fingers, but not before he gets to have a little Meet and Greet with Lizard Thingy, who pops by to say Howdy.  He’s a really sociable dude, that Lizard Thingy . . .

Grandpa Not-John McCain wants you to trust him . . .

You ever notice how much Granpoppy Argent resembles a certain aging former U.S. presidential candidate?

In fact, were it not for the occasional Irish brogue slipping into his dialogue, I’d probably assume that the Senator was moonlighting as a werewolf hunter on MTV . . .

Allison is sneaking out of the house to meet Scott, because she got his Very Secret Message Written in Car Window Sweat.

Those crazy kids and their new fangled technology!  Personally, if I was sneaking out for a late night leg humping session with my doggie boyfriend, I’d probably opt for an old fashioned form of secret communication . .  . like a text message . . . but that’s just me.

Grandpoppy Not-John McCain catches Allison on her way to meet Scott, and impedes her progress, long enough for Scott to look all sad and emo, as he stares off into the stars . . . alone. 


But back to Grandpoppy and Allison.  There’s just something about the way these Argent’s communicate.  One second they are all smiles, and nostalgic stories about the past .  . . the next, they are barking in your ear about things like “trust” and “conviction” with crazy pants, “I’m gonna eat you with a side salad, and a glass of milk,” looks in their eyes.  Then, just as quickly, they are smiling again.

“I never should have gotten involved with that crazy Palin women.  Oops.  Sorry, umm . . . what’s my line again?” 

In short, if I was an Argent like Allison, I’d probably wish I was adopted .  . .

“I think it knew me.”

Back at the Crime Scene, Stiles isn’t quite ready to tell his Sheriff Dad that the Lizard Thingy ate his car repair man.  But Sheriff Stilinski knows his son well enough to know he’s hiding something, and gives him one of “those looks.”  If you have a dad, you know exactly what kind of Look I’m talking about.

Nope . . . not that one . . .

That’s the one . . .

Suffice it to say, if I was Allison Argent, not only would I want to be adopted, I’d want to be adopted into Stiles’ family.  Because his dad’s just a super sweet heart, who genuinely cares for his son.  No Crazy Eyes on that one!

When Scott picks Stiles up from the scene (The latter’s car has been impounded as evidence, due to it’s having Bits of Douchey Grease Monkey slathered across it’s underbelly), Stiles describes his experience to his friend in detail, admitting that Lizard Thingy seemed to . . . know Stiles personally.

Worst Werewolves EVER!

You ever watch one of those sports movies, with the ragtag bunch of loser athletes, who can’t play for crap for the first hour and the half of the film, but suddenly pull it together just in time for the Big Game?  Well Derek’s Wolf Pack is kind of like those guys . . . only less inspiring.

We watch as Lame-o Isaac, and even Lamer-O Erica try in vain to attack Derek, only to have him boredly swat them away with his hand, like pesky flies.

Boyd, of course, doesn’t have to play.  He just gets to watch.  Teacher’s Pet!

Since Werewolf Erica’s weapons of choice seem to be her boobs and her tongue, she tries to shove the latter down Derek’s throat to distract him.


Though I can’t say I blame the girl for trying . . .

. . . this whole one-note, “I’m suddenly hot, so now I throw myself at everything with a weiner,” thing is getting a bit old.

Derek doesn’t seem to think so though.  Though he rejects Erica’s advances (but only after making out with her for three glorious minutes) . . .

. . . he informs her that he has “someone else in mind for her.”  My initial thought is that Derek is going to have Erica seduce either Scott or Stiles, in hopes of indoctrinating them into his Lame Leather Wearing Wolf Pack.  but since both men seem 100% immune to her charms, I’m hoping his plan is a bit more clever than that . . .

After all, the new Alpha has a Lizard Thingy to defeat, and Argents to overcome.  This is really no time to play a werewolf version of The Bachelorette . . .

“What’s your brand of psychosis?”

Here’s something we learned about Lydia.  She is NOT a morning person.  Breaking mirrors with your bear hands isn’t exactly the sign of a well-adjusted teen.

“Why can’t I just blame my crazy on PMS, like everyone else?”

No wonder Lydia’s mom, a.k.a. Tyler Lockwood’s mom, wants her to see the school shrink, a.k.a Witch Emily / Maya from Pretty Little Liars, who’s actually playing a character that’s her own age, for a change.

“Please don’t kill me off.  They always kill me off on these teen shows . . . usually around the same time they learn that I’m 40 22.” 

 While waiting to have her head shrunk, Lydia gets hit on by creepy dude, who’s sole purpose for being in this episode seems to be as Lizard Thingy Suspect Number 5.

Hey, any of you guys ever watch The O.C.?  Remember Psycho Oliver?  Yeah, Marissa met him outside a shrink’s office too  . . . 

In side shrinky-poo’s office, Lydia notes that sometimes the people closest to you can hold you back the most.


 Shrinkypoo wants to know who told her that, but Lydia doesn’t remember.  My guess is that these Very Important Words of Wisdom come from her good pal, Uncle Alpha . . . a.k.a the guy who’s been traipsing around her mind with his gross gnarly feet for the past three or so episodes . . .

Elsewhere, Stiles is telling Scott how much he loves him, and how sorry he is about missing their date last night.


 It’s about time those two admitted their unspoken passion for one another.

But wait . . . just kidding.  He’s delivering a message for Allison . . . the Juliet to Scott’s Puppy Romeo.

There’s a running joke in the episode where Stiles has to keep dashing back and forth delivering messages between Scott and Allison, because apparently, they can’t trust those pesky Argents not to go through their cell phones.

In addition to delivering messages of love, Stiles also needs to pass along messages about the Elusive “Bestiary,” (not to be confused with Bestiality, though I wouldn’t put that past the Argents’ either), i.e. a Werewolf Hunter Diary that describes all sorts of mythical creatures . . . like say . . . Lizard Thingys with Hard Ons for teenage boys, like Stiles.

Ultimately, the threesome decide that in order to obtain said book, Allison must obtain Granpoppy Not McCain’s office keys during the Big Lacrosse Game, and pass them off to Stiles, so that he can search the premises, while Grandpoppy is “otherwise occupied.”  Hmmm . . . this storyline sounds mighty familiar.  Remember last seasons’ Big Bad Werewolf book?  Who knew those Argents were so gosh darn literary?

Because Jackson is EVERYONE’S TYPE . . .

After his Adventures in Car Lifting, Jackson has grown suspicious of that boring ass sex tape he made of himself . . . you know . . . the one ended up showing him doing nothing more than having a few wet dreams over the course of his allotted 7.5 hours of “beauty rest.”

Danny is confused by his supposedly heterosexual pals repeated entreaties that Danny watch the video.   “I’ve told you, you’re not my type,” explains Danny, who, as we know, tends to prefer his men swarthier and more . . . Derek-esque.

But Jackson thinks he’s everyone’s type.

So, Danny commandeers Creepy Photographer Guy to watch the video with him.  What they find is what many of us suspected in the first place.  As it turns out, Jackson’s tape has been manipulated to loop in on itself over and over again.  In other words, two hours of live footage are missing from the tape.


This pretty much scraps Jackson’s Lizard Thingy Alibi . . . except, I don’t think he did it.  For one thing, he’s way too stupid .  . .

My money’s still on Photographer Guy as the footage-doctoring culprit (though, I guess “computer whiz” Danny could have done it too).  But why?  The most obvious reason would be to make Jackson eventually come to THINK he’s Lizard Thingy . . . but who would want to do that, aside from Lizard Thingy himself?  Ah, the plot . . . it’s thickening . . .

“The bigger they are, the BIGGER THEY ARE!”


It’s time for Teen Wolf’s obligatory Lacrosse Match.  The whole cast is there . . . Creepy Photographer Guy, Jackson, Danny, Stiles, Scott, Allison, Grandpoppy Not-McCain.  Even the wolf pack has come to watch (minus Fugitive Isaac, of course).  For her part, Allison manages to wrangle her Grandpa’s keys, by using the old “I’m a girl, and I’m cold.  Be a gentleman and lend me your jacket.” trick.


What girl hasn’t used that one before, huh?

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that Beacon Hills’ Lacrosse Team is getting to the point where it has more Werewolves on it than Humans, they are LOSING . . . BADLY .  . . and all because of some big Hulk of a guy, called the “Abomination.”  (Golly gee!  That’s the name of this episode!)

“I’m just pissed off, because I’m on a team called The Beavers.”

Abomination keeps knocking all members of the opposing team unconscious, leaving Coach Crackhead a player short.  His solution: get someone from the stands to play.  And I bet you will never guess who?

“Because Heaven forbid a male character on this show NOT play lacrosse.” 

It’s Boyd!  The Wolf Man With the Plan.  And wouldn’t you know it?  He gets to be just like Scott, after all, pummeling the entire lacrosse field like a champ, despite having never played the sport . . . ever.  And, of course, no one on the field seems to notice his Big Yellow Glowing Eyes . . . probably because half the team has them . . .

“Like jock straps, demon eyes are an essential part of the team uniform.” 

Grandpoppy Not-John McCain thinks this game is a bit violent for his tastes.  He much prefers nice calm games, like Chess, Checkers, and Cut the Werewolf in Half with a Carving Knife . . .

Lydia is Pretty Crier.  How nice for her . . . (especially considering she does it in every episode).

On his way to Not-John McCain’s office, Stiles runs into a tearful Lydia in the parking lot.  Ever the charmer, Stiles tells Lydia she looks beautiful when she cries . . .

. . . and offers her a petite, but surprisingly well-toned shoulder to cry on.  Lydia seems about ready to take Stiles up on his offer.

Unfortunately, Stiles has some bestiality to take care of, first . . . (Wait . . . I got that wrong again, didn’t I?)

Just like the Gremlins . . . Lizard Thingy doesn’t want to get wet . . .

Stiles is looking for Bestiality .  . . er . . . I mean the Bestiary.  Erica catches him, and brings him to the pool for a nice little swim / chat with Master Derek.  They discuss Stiles’ experience at the Auto Body shop, where Stiles noticed several EPA violations, and one Big Green Scaley Dude straight out of an old Japanese Horror Flick.

Speaking of Big Green Scaley Dude, his ears must have been burning, because he shows up for the party too!  And as we all know, their ain’t no party, like a Lizard Thingy party!


Like I said, Lizard Thingy clearly has a thing for hot 24-year olds.  So, while it growls at Stiles, and harmlessly bats at Lydia, it’s Derek, who gets the paralytic neck massage, and ends up taking a flying leap into the pool.


 A now immobilized Derek pleads for Stiles to call Scott.  But ever the unlikely hero, Stiles opts instead to dive into the water and rescue Derek.

The two swim arm-and arm-for hours (well . . .one swims, the other just sort of “hangs out”), as the conveniently water leery Lizard Thingy circles the pool, clearly anxious.  (Now, we know it’s not Jackson!  That guy LOOOOOVES the water . . . Unless, of course, he knows from experience that water will revert him back to his human form . . . hmmmm.)

Yes, Team Sterek . . . this entire scene was written JUST FOR YOU GUYS!  Forget, Lydia and her gorgeous crying, bring on the thinly-veiled homoeroticism!


(Speaking of lovely ladies, what the heck was Queen Erica doing during all this time? Painting her toenails?)

“I was hungry.” 

Eventually, after a few hours of sexually tense water treading, Stiles and Derek get into a bit of a pissing contest, to determine who’d be better at saving the other one’s life.  Stiles eventually wins, by letting Derek drop into the pool like a rag doll, while he makes a mad dash for the phone to call Hero Scott.  Don’t worry!  He picks him up again.

Turns out, in addition to his solid rock climbing skills, Stiles is also a pretty kick ass swimmer.  I’m telling you.  He’s SPIDERMAN!

Meanwhile, back at the Lacrosse Game . . .

“Sorry about your  almost-broken bones!  Maybe a nice awkward family dinner with the people who want you dead, will make you feel better.”

Just when it seems like Bad Boyd might blow the wolfy lid off his Secret Identity, Scott distracts the crowd, by scoring a relatively human-looking point for the team.  So, of course, the Abomination tackles him.  And of course, right under the watchful eyes of Grandpoppy Not-McCain, Scott heals a very obviously broken leg bone, just by standing on it.

Grandpoppy is clearly impressed . . . so impressed that he invites Scott to his supposedly ex-girlfriend’s house for dinner, despite the fact that the lacrosse game is still going on.  (No worries!  Coach Crackhead can just get another werewolf from the crowd to play in Scott’s place.  The town is literally crawling with them.)

Ah . . . Dinner with Argents . . . it brings back such memories . . . like that time Scott got caught searching for bullets in Kate’s room, and ended up having to tell Allison’s parents he was stealing condoms, instead.  Awesome!


I have to say, I sided with Grandpoppy Not- McCain on this one, watching the Argents squirm awkwardly, while Grandpoppy openly inquired why Scott and Allison weren’t still boning on a regular basis was kind of awesome.


“I pretend to hate you, but really, I just want to lick you like a lollipop.” 

And the old guy just seemed to be having such a great time too!


Eventually, Scott and Allison excuse themselves to go search Grandpoppy’s room for the Bestiality . . . er . . . I mean the Bestiary, and wind up finding a cook book instead.  (I don’t know, maybe their one in the same.  I wouldn’t put it past Not-McCain to pan fry a few werewolves and vampires, and slather them with barbeque sauce.)

But then Scott gets his S.O.S. message from Stiles, annnnd . . . leaves him to die, so he can hang out with Allison some more.  Now, that’s a good friend.

Fortunately, for Stiles, Scott has other business to attend to at the school, business that involves a USB drive on Grandpoppy’s key chain that may contain the Bestiary.  (Pretty tech savvy for an old guy, right?)  So, it looks like our favorite Wolf/Human duo will get rescued after all . . .

Wolfy Scott pulls Team Sterek out of the water just in time to face off against Lizard Thingy, who prompty tosses our hero into some glass.  Thinking fast, Scott holds up one of the shards as a weapon.

“Prepare to get shanked, Gecko from Geico!”

So, you can imagine the Wolf Pup’s shock when Lizard Thingy gets one look at his ugly mug, and runs away crying.  (But was it “a beautiful cry,” Stiles?)

“Don’t look at me.  I’m hideous!” 

I can’t say I blame it.  Lizard Thingy needs to moisturize . . .

Safe and sound, outside the school, Derek tells Scott Lizard Thingy’s name, it’s Kainaima.  Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  Scott things the whole Scooby Gang (Argents included) should band together to bring it down.  But Derek’s not down with that.  He wants to kill it himself.

Say what?  What happened to your whole “join or die / we can’t do it alone” mentality, Hot Stuff?  Did the paralytic toxin freeze part of your brain too?

Tsk, tsk Derek.  It’s a good thing, you’re so darn pretty . . .

In the final scene of the episode, Grandpoppy corners Scott, and knives him in the gut.  Now Pappy!  Is that any way to treat your future Grandwolf-in-Law?

“Wait . . . before you leave me here to bleed all over the floor, check out my impersonation of an old man.  Pretty good, right?” 

Until next time, Werebangers!

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26 responses to “Beauty and the Bestiary – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Abomination”

  1. Oh my gosh, I really loved this episode. It had some boring points in it, but it also had some of the best parts of the season so far. The only thing that could’ve made it better was if Derek’s shirt randomly went missing… Anyhoo, I digress. I’ll give you a rundown of where I stand with the main characters of the show. Scottieboy really ticked me off when he dissed Stiles’ call. He really takes his best friend for granted. I wonder what would happen if Stiles decided not to help out for once. Speaking of Mr. Adorable, this episode just made me love Stiles more. He’s the biggest sweetie ever and he always makes me laugh. Always. AL-WAYS! I love his little moments with Derek. Those two really know how to do the best scenes in the show. And then we move on to my future husband Derek. (That is, unless I run into Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That vamp be FINE!) Anyhoo, Derek is my wereman and i just frigging loved him. Oh, and I wanted to kill that little *place insult of choice here* Erica for her little… stunt! Maybe I just need someone to hate on the show and because Kate is dead (does party dance) she’s her substitute. Moving on, Jackson is boring me. At this point, I like Danny better. But who doesn’t? It’s Danny! Everyone minus Derek loves Danny! Allison… she… I really just don’t care. Does that make me bad? That I watch this show for Derek and Stiles? And last and in my opinion least, Lydia. I couldn’t help but go “Wey-oh!” when pshyco kid insulted her. She had it coming. But, I don’t think she’s the lizzard. Actually, I think the Lizard isn’t one of the origional cast. I’m with you and saying its creeper camera guy, who’s name is Matt, I think. He’s also not bad looking… Hmm. Nah, sticking with Der-bear. Yes, I just called Derek Der-bear. It happens. Deal.

    As always, I loved your review. I look for it and read it every week, though I rarely review because I’m too busy writing fanfiction. Yup. Anyway, I had spare time at- wait, what time is it? 4:05 a.m? I gotta cut out the late night Skyrim!

    • Hey wolfgal97! What type of fanfiction do you write? I’ve actually written a few sub-par fanfictions myself. (I guess I’m a better reader of fanfictions than a writer.) Anywhoo, I’d love to read some of yours.

      Don’t feel bad. I suspect there are plenty of people who only watch Teen Wolf for Derek and Stiles. 🙂 If you want to see evidence of that, just surf the Teen Wolf tag on Tumblr sometime. It’s ALL Sterek, shirtless Derek Gifs, and pretty much nothing else. It’s kind of hilarious actually.

      As for Scott, I’m definitely noticing a pattern, where he always seems to be screwing over Stiles, ditching him for Allison, or unwittingly taking advantage of him in some way. I suspect that’s going to come back to haunt Scott eventually. Actually, I kind of hope it does.

      Regarding Scott’s relationship with Allison, like you, I still feel like it’s one of the weakest aspects of the show. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to them breaking up and dating other people. Perhaps, these two are just more interesting apart than together. 🙂

      And Derek, well he’s just interesting, anyway. I mean, how could anyone with abs like that be anything but interesting? 😉

  2. Johan

    First, poor Gizmo. You know he hate to be wet. Water is like rape to him.

    I am also sorry to have to disagree with you. Jackson story line is very interesting to me. Who edited that video and why? Was it Jackson who did it? Who else knew about the video? What has happened to him and is it because of what Lydia did to him or is it becuase who his birth parents are?
    Very interested in his story.

    I am not interested in why both Scott and Allison think about bestiality and what that say about what they do when they are in private. Remember that her aunt also was interested in werewolves. Does it run in the family? Was their ancestor that killed the orignal werewolf back in France in love with the orignal werewolf?

    One thing that does seem to run in the Argen family is insanity. I think Derek was right and Scott should stay away from Allison, who knows when the insaity genes surface in her.

    Also noticed that Derek again tried to get Stiles to safety and jumped in between him and danger. Did Erica dump Stiles in the dumpster on Dereks orders or was that her own idea? Would Derek punish her for it if he found out about it?

    Thank you also for pointing out something I missed. Jackson came out of water at the begining of the season. Was that the first time he had become the Kamina and the water turned him back to normal? Good catching that.

    Talking about the Kamina, do anyone have any red thread that links its victims?

    Good recap as usual. And I agree with you; the population of the town are all models, perhaps Beacon Hills is really Olympus.

    • Hey Johan! I’m glad someone caught my Gremlins reference, dated though it may be. Though I’ve never actually seen a Gremlins movie from beginning to end, they were the first things I thought about when I saw Lizard thingy (he kind of looks like one), and noticed his reaction to the water. Can you imagine if it actually DOES cause him to multiply? Now, that’s a scary thought!

      Good point about Scott and Allison, and their “grand love” sort of/kind of being bestiality in and of itself. If I recall correctly, Allison has even made out with Scott, while he was in wolf form. I think the show tries to minimize the ick factor of that by never making Scott look full-on wolf. But the reference is still there. In fact, it reminds me of the few scenes in the Twilight movies in which Bella starts stroking the head of full-on Wolf Jacob, and you just know he totally wants to bone her. Weird.

      As for a link between the victims, I think Andre mentioned a pretty solid one in lacrosse, which many of our suspects play. The Grease Monkey was clearly a lacrosse player, back in high school. And he looked to be about the same age as Derek and Hot Black Argent (24). Derek didn’t seem like the lacrosse playing type, but Hot Black Argent might have been on the team. A current lacrosse player would know Isaac and be aware of his father’s abuse.

      You also bring up a good point about Jackson’s family. I have seen teasers suggesting that his genetic makeup might be the reason why he reacted to the bite in the way that he did.

      • Johan

        [quote]Can you imagine if it actually DOES cause him to multiply? Now, that’s a scary thought![/quote]

        Too bad it didnt cause Derek to multiply. Imagine having several naked Dereks running around.

  3. East Coast Captain

    The creature Kanainma might just be sympathetic later on if its like last season where the main supernatural was wronged by the Hunters which I think it was and will kill them all. Especially Grandpappy who is despicable in my opinion he said he would kill Scott´s mom? And Hunters are supposed to be protecting humans from the monsters? The Hunters are the true monsters of this TV series.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! Good point about the Kanaima (I can never spell that word correctly.) possibly having a sympathetic motive. Even Uncle Alpha, who was definitely a douche, had a kind of good reason for killing most of the people he did. They were all responsible for burning up most of his family in that fire.

      With the exception of Isaac’s dad, who totally had it coming though, I find it hard to sympathize with the Kanaima at this point. After all, Hot Black Argent seemed like a pretty cool guy. And while Grease Monkey seemed like kind of an ass, being a douche alone, isn’t really enough to merit a death sentence, particularly for something he might have done while in high school.

      Uncle Alpha’s victims were mostly adults, who knew exactly what they were doing, when they brought about the deaths of an entire family. I doubt the same can be said for a bunch of teenage lacrosse players.

      That said, you make a good point about the Argents. It could definitely be argued that they really are the true Big Bads of this story, especially considering how many members of the main cast are now supernatural creatures, and, therefore, full-fledged Argent targets.

      • Johan

        I have felt that the Argents were the big bad for some time now. I never felt that Peter was the bad guy in season 1, he did some stupid things but the only evil thing he did was killing Dereks sister. Kate got what she deserved IMO, and her father should get same treatment after threatening Scotts mother and after the knife in Scotts stomach. Also for killing the Omega in episode one. The Omega never harmed anyone.

  4. The page loaded wierd today, so don’t know if this will show up! Just some minor comments. I kept waiting for Stiles (when he was in love note delivery mode) to ppo out with “I AM NOT AN OWL!” aka Hermoine. Meh, just me. I NEVER realized until you said it that Grand-poppy ran for Presiden! roflmao Fess up, who googled ‘kanima’ after the epi was over (me, me!) And it’s so vain about it’s reflection–like oh, say, Lydia? Did I miss something where we saw Lizard Thingy and Lydia on camera at the same time? Possibly. Gotta watch it again. Oh, and I think they should totally change the name of the LaCrosse team to The Yellow-Eyed Jock Straps. They’re in a league of their own! lol

    • Hey mak! Sorry the page loaded weird for you. My little gif obsession tends to overload most computers, even my own. *blushes*

      Hmmm . . . I don’t think we have seen Lydia and Lizard together in the same scene yet, ditto for pretty much everyone in the cast, aside from Scott, Stiles, the wolf pack, and all the victims. It keeps the suspect pool wide open.

      I definitely agree with you that, at this point, the writers are working pretty hard to make Lydia the top suspect. We’ve seen plenty of evidence of her vanity, this season. She continuously loses time. She’s one of the few cast mates we’ve never seen swimming. And that thing she did with the mirror this week, was pretty heavy evidence against her.

      That said, I’m hoping it’s not her. For one thing, I feel like the answer to “Who is the Alpha?” last season was a pretty big shocker. And I’m hoping the answer to “Who is the Lizard Thing?” is one too. Also, Lydia being the Evil Lizard would pretty much dash all hopes of a Stiles/Lydia union. And though Sterek would be better, since we aren’t going to get that, Stydia (which sounds like an STD) would be the next best thing.

  5. jmae

    1) This may sound like a weird theory, but I think it’s possible that the Kanima thinks it’s some type of vigilante. All the people that it has killed so far haven’t been the nicest people. Isaac’s dad was abusive, Black Argent was a werewolf hunter so obviously he killed people, and the the greasy mechanic was trying to overcharge Stiles, true the latter isn’t as bad as the two former, but maybe it just has a soft spot for Stiles seeing as it attacked both Erica and Derek, but not Stiles. I think Lydia is very plausable. The broken mirror, the running around the woods naked and not remembering it. I’m pretty sure it’s not Jackson for the simple fact that the lacrosse game was still going on and no matter how crazy he is, Coach Cupcake wouldn’t let one of his co-captains go. Also, I don’t the pool water harmed it and I’m going to go with Stiles’ guess that it just doesn’t know how to swim, or it could have been the chlorine in the water.
    2) This episode is the exact reason why Derek needs to stop being so douchey to Stiles and Scott. He has Erica knock out Stiles last ep, threatens him this ep, then by the end of it Stiles is all that’s keeping him alive. Surprisingly, with the Derek and Stiles team-ups there have been they are pretty much tied for saving each other’s lives. Also, as whiny as Scott is he did save Derek and Stiles in the end.
    3) I think that it’s very possible that the creepy photographer guy knows about werewolves and the Kanima because the camera that Jackson used was his and the footage was looped. I don’t think that the Kanima itself looped the footage, because whoever it is has no idea that they are the Kanima.
    4) I think that Boyd is making good on his wish to be like Scott soon enough he’ll be leaving or trying to leave Derek’s pack. I don’t think that he was facing the audiance when his eyes changed, because otherwise Grandpa Argent would have went after him too.
    5) Whatever the favor is that Grandpa Argent wants from Scott, I don’t think that Scott will do it because on one of the teaser trailers for the season it looked like someone was holding a gun to Scott’s mom. Speaking of Scott’s mom am I the only one that thought that she was weirdly inquisitive about what creep photographer takes pictures maybe she saw the pic of Allison he just took, not really sure.
    The trailer on says that we will find out who the Kanima is next week, so I’m thinking that they are going to get the guessing game out of the way so that their is more room for story lines. In the preview it looks like Derek suspects Jackson and Lydia, another reason I’m ruling them out. Derek was very bad at guessing who the Alpha was last season, and I don’t think that his prediction skills have increased since then.
    Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why the police still suspect Isaac, I would have hoped that by now he would have gotten off especially seeing as the Kanima killed his dad, and judging by tonight’s victim it should be pretty clear that the killer was not human.
    I wonder if Grandpa Argent has realized that both Papa and Mama Argent know that Scott is a werewolf, because like Scott said they could get into some serious trouble, unless ofcourse it was Mama Argent that told him that Scott was a werewolf then only Papa Argent would get into trouble.

    • Hey Jmae! I think you are right about the Kanaima being a vigilante. It’s kills definitely seem targeted and purposeful. In episode 2, the Kanaima could have killed Isaac, just as easily as it killed his father, but clearly chose not to do so. Ditto for Papa Argent and Allison. The Kanaima definitely waited for them to leave, before he nabbed Hot Black Argent.

      Regarding the Grease Monkey, the Kanaima seemed to have no interest in killing Stiles. The latter was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, I think the toxins on the door handle were actually part of the trap he set for Grease Monkey, to ensure that even if he missed his neck, and the latter escaped, he would have no way of fighting back.

      In the pool scene, the Kanaima blatantly ignored Erica and Stiles, and was clearly focused on Derek as a target. When Scott came by to rescue them, the lizard was clearly on the defensive. So, Scott probably wasn’t a target either.

      It’s kind of interesting that the writers are choosing to “solve” the mystery of the Kanaima relatively early on in the episode, especially considering how “Who is the Alpha?” was last season’s over-arching mystery. I wonder what this season’s big mystery will end up being if not “Who is the Kanaima?”

      • Johan

        Yeah, from what I read of Jeffs interviews I get the feeling that the Kanaima was a trap. Look here is this monster, who is it, what is it while the true enemy of the season is someone else. My guess is either grandpa Argent or someone in the new pack. Derek may have chosen some bad eggs. As you mentioned in a earlier recap, Isaac have some buried anger, Erica is superficial and may do something stupid. Boyd seem a lone wolf. He may chose to walk his own path against Dereks wishes.

        Who is the Big Bad of season 2?

        If Lydia is the Kanaima perhaps she can be cured.

  6. Fitz

    Was I the only one who thought that Lydia might have read the shrink’s mind? Maybe whatever she is can read minds.

  7. Andre

    So far a good recap as always, but I must say that I could do without all that TVD…

    You know I think Stiles was right about asking himself what is going on in Scott’s and Allison’s heads when they immediately jump to bestiality instead of bestiary. Perhaps a reference to themselves?
    And I really do wonder what Scott did and does all his life that he never knows anything mythology related, I mean he should do his homework right?
    Perhaps the reason is that werewolves are not usually considered to be smart in our culture, you know the reason why Stiles will never be one, he is too smart.

    First about the Kanaima, I just can’t stop myself:
    As far as I know one of the versions of the Kanaima (albeit when I first heard of it I thought of Kaiman) is linked to retaliation, albeit – again as far as I know – not the version that involves it shifting into a jaguar or some other form. Either way there are also elements of poison and so I think this season might also feature the retribution theme the last season had and I am not sure that the Kanaima is the one who wants retribution, more that it is the weapon of judgment so to say. However, the first one is still a possibility; of course both feature the same question:
    1) Who and what is the Kanaima?
    2) Why is it in town suddenly?
    Is it there to stop certain people? Its actions speak towards this, we don’t know about mechanic and the one hunter but we know that Isaac’s dad was far from innocent and I doubt that Derek is the goody good he seems to see himself as.

    The next question is of course, who would know all these people? Definitely not one of the main characters or we would have known already, but more to that over the course of my comment.

    Well the Vet’s description does reveal some interesting stuff. Even with werewolf strength you couldn’t just cut through a ribcage so cleanly, you would more likely to rip parts of it out. The hunter didn’t had that much muscles so the claws must have damaged the bones underneath and if they sliced through them like that they must be very sharp (unlike some other Teen show the makers of this one actually put some effort in having wounds match the attacker).
    And the slice is probably made at the neck because than the poison would have it easiest to reach the central nervous system (at the head it would need to somehow circumvent the skull and on other parts it must travel through more tissue first) and therefore affect the victim faster, you can see the evidence in how long it took to disarm Stiles and how fast Derek and the mechanic despite the fact that Stiles seemingly got much more on his hands than the other two on their necks. Of course this leads to the question whether only the Kanaima’s claws are poisonous or also its saliva, since this was what it looked like that Stiles had on his hands. This also begs the question whether the Kanaima coated the handle on purpose; it’s hitherto actions points toward this possibility, it simply doesn’t act like something out for revenge.

    When the mechanic first appeared I just thought that he would be another faceless pretty boy but considered what happened we might have someone with blood on his hands. Like I said if the Kanaima was just there to kill I am sure the writers wouldn’t have it acting like that. This is Teen Wolf and not the-show-that-must-not-be-named-because-it’s-so-shallow.

    Grandpa Argent’s behavior makes me think that he had probably approved of his son’s wedding because Mama Argent is so much like him. Papa Argent seems to be the only non-psycho in the family (I am not yet convinced about Allison).

    Too bad we might never know much about Stiles’ family. Considered what we know so far his mom’s death must have affected him and his father a lot. Remember the scene last season when Stiles made his dad drunk?

    Now Stiles comment to Scott narrows the line of suspects down a bit more. Whoever it is that must be responsible for the Kanaima’s actions so far all points that this one either knows the victims or knows of them and considered that Derek belongs to these people I really wonder who it could be. But more to that later.

    I hope Derek’s pack is not one of those teams that suddenly pull it together and are awesome, because that much of antirealism doesn’t seem to be typical for Teen Wolf, rather for romance novels and Disney films of the worst kind.
    And damn those two losers sucked. Seriously did Isaac never hear that only idiots do the same thing time and again and expect different results? Why did none of those asshats think of throwing something at Derek or at least work together to create a distraction?
    And Erica was so the vixen. Seriously is that all she can do? Based on the promo for next Tuesday these two are gonna be even more pathetic (albeit I am sure you will have plenty of material to joke about them, at least one nail joke must be in your recap then [that one particular screencap you actually already have]). The only thing that makes them dangerous is their strength and even that only compared to humans.
    They should take a page from the book of these guys:

    At least they can set up ambushes, call for aid and cooperate.

    And I think we both know that Stiles won’t become a werewolf and that Derek doesn’t really consider him worth thinking about, possibly Derek’s own streak of racism. Would Derek be as smart as he things he is he would have chosen better material for his pack, what he chose so far was rather the material that was less likely to say no. Even Peter was better at recruitment; at least Scott managed to fight.
    I wouldn’t put it past him to set Erica on Scott, but we will see.

    When I saw the guidance counselor I of course recognized the actress (by the way did you recognize the actress playing the cop Derek tried to flirt with?) but I also thought how interesting it is that counselor and student look to be of the same age.
    Not to mention that the counselor would also fit the profile of Kanaima suspect. She would be in a position to know that mechanic, what Isaac (albeit not saying anything to anybody is not very counselor like) had to go through with his father and possibly also Stiles and of Derek. Now why she would attack/arrange an attack on that one hunter is a mystery to me.

    Of course the same goes for the other guy sitting next to Lydia. He might know also and be the Kanaima/connected to it. But I think there is also the possibility for him to be a love interest of some sort. He is Stiles-like enough and seems to get through Lydia’s skin and judged on Jackson the girl has no good boy-choosing skills to begin with and would probably look for the direct opposite of a jock right now. And she is too stupid to see what a catch Stiles is.
    Or he really is just the next human psycho. But Lydia is not Marissa; first of all she is not anorexic.

    Despite showing a picture of Kate right next to your comment about the bestiary you seemed to have missed the similarity:
    Kate was introduced in a typical victim scene just to turn terminator all of a sudden. The bestiary was introduced as some dusty old book just to turn out to be on a USB stick. Seriously who would have expected that? Not many shows with mythology do such stuff. They all tend to go medieval and wild west for the most part.

    Now speaking of missed connections. Did you notice that Danny hinted with his question that he had told Jackson a lot of times that he was not his type (no idea how anybody could consider Jackson attractive)? This might hint to two things:
    1) Jackson had problems with his pal being gay.
    2) Jackson is so arrogant that he thinks everybody falls for him.
    His statement seemed to indicate that the latter is more likely.

    Now I didn’t really like to be right about the manipulated footage thing. But who knows, this is Teen Wolf so I will give them the benefit of doubt and not think that they will give us some boring shit.

    Now the photographer could be the Lizard, but perhaps he is just someone interested in Allison and she might use him later as a beard.

    Now Danny could be connected to the Kanaima as well. He not only is the character most likely looking like someone of South American descent but he also would be in a position to know all the characters, except for the hunter that is. He probably stayed at Jackson’s house a few times and might have noticed what was going on with Isaac, albeit saying nothing doesn’t speak for Danny’s character, but that makes him more interesting from a story point of view. So Danny might also know the mechanic and also Stiles. But no idea why he would want Derek dead.

    Now this of course all is based on the premise that the Kanaima might act out on the desire for vengeance on one person, but what if it responds to the desires of several people?

    Now something funnier:
    Isn’t it weird that a guy as big and buff as Boyd always sits alone?
    Very weird if you ask me.

    And it looks like someone memorized the bit of naked flash she got to see of her favorite character didn’t she?
    Don’t deny it, given the choice you would choose Stiles over Derek any time.

    Now we can be lucky that the Lizard is not a Gremlin because then the town would be in real big trouble. As for Jackson being the Kanaima, I doubt it. That would not only be too obvious, but also not fitting. Would water transform him back his clothes would have been shredded in the first episode since the Kanaima body is much bigger than Jackson’s.

    Speaking of it, I think the actual reason that Erica (you called her Lydia) didn’t put up any fight in this episode was due to the same reason you said in the last comment that she has to be attractive. She is still more or less one of the good guys and as such American mores of TV do not want her to use violence openly. Guys are allowed to do that but not girls.

    That the pool scene would sent you into homoerotic delight was as sure as the next rising of the sun though. 😉

    But to something more interesting. I immediately thought of Scott as a douche when he simply didn’t even listen to Stiles. I am sure that will kick him in the butt later on, taking Stiles for granted, which he seemingly does. And this is Stiles Stilinski, not Matt Donovan.

    Now this whole Argent dinner stuff was just tense and the Grandpa played his role well as it seems.

    At first I thought the Kanaima really couldn’t abide its reflection but maybe it was really just shock, albeit in that case I wonder whether it ever took a look at its hands. Seriously, they are pretty good evidence.

    And you’re right: Suddenly Derek wants to go solo, as if such a situation, being attacked from two sides, wouldn’t call for back-up. But apparently Derek is too macho to even consider that right away.

    Now the last scene was really good, I could swear grandpa Argents teeth turned a nodge darker and he looked like an actual killer. Anxious to see more. 🙂

    PS. Did you notice the difference between my Teen Wolf comments and the one of that other show? 😉

    • Johan

      [quote]Now speaking of missed connections. Did you notice that Danny hinted with his question that he had told Jackson a lot of times that he was not his type (no idea how anybody could consider Jackson attractive)? This might hint to two things:
      1) Jackson had problems with his pal being gay.
      2) Jackson is so arrogant that he thinks everybody falls for him.
      His statement seemed to indicate that the latter is more likely.[/quote]

      Danny taste is weird in my mind, his date wasnt that attractive IMO and he isnt attracted to Jackson. Perhaps he goes after what is on the inside instead of the surface. Wonder what that say about Derek?

      • Andre

        Danny is still a teenage boy and as such he is practically programmed to look for ripped bodies. However he knows Jackson for some time now and Jackson is the case were people look better from afar. I think that is all there is to this.

    • Hey Andre! Of course, I definitely can sense a difference in tone between your TVD comments and your Teen Wolf ones. 🙂 In fact, I find the Teen Wolf discussions on this blog and elsewhere to be vastly different than the TVD discussions, despite the fact that I suspect there’s a lot of overlap in the fandoms of both shows. Whereas TVD discussions tend to be predominately relationship based, in Teen Wolf, relationships and characters tend to take a backseat to the story itself, which leads to a lot of surprisingly intense intellectual discussions about mythology and mystery. I love both fandoms, of course. But it’s definitely a nice change of pace being involved in this one. 🙂

      As for my emphasis on TVD gifs, it’s not really purposeful. It’s just that, after nearly three years of recapping the show, I’ve simply amassed more TVD- centric gifs than Teen Wolf ones. Rest assured, if I ever find a Teen Wolf related gif for “I’m bored,” “Sucks for you,” “You suck” or “I don’t understand that,” I’ll definitely start using them in my Teen Wolf recaps, instead of the usual TVD fallbacks. In general, I think Teen Wolf is a show that folks gif less frequently, which is a shame, because it has a lot of gifable moments.

      LOL about Scott and his lack of knowledge about mythology. In his defense, I personally know next to nothing about mythology. We learned very little of it in my various schools, and it was never a subject I sought to study independently. I’m kind of hating that Scott and I have that in common, right now . . . 🙂

      Interesting point about Grandpa Argent approving of Mama Argent, because he sensed a sort of killer instinct in her. After all, even after all Kate has done, you can still see how much Grandpa Argent reveres her. In fact, there was a suggestion that he actually prefers Kate’s bravery to his sons, and finds the latter to be “too soft.” Speaking of Grandpa Argent, I’m in 100% agreement with you about the actor who plays him. He’s great, and genuinely terrifying . . . like John McCain’s evil twin.

      You know I was thinking about Boyd as the outcast at school. I wonder if that was self-imposed. Perhaps, Boyd himself never really made an effort to befriend anyone in the school, because he felt he didn’t think he had anything in common with them. He probably sees the students of Beacon Hills as a bunch of rich spoiled white kids, and rejects them first, before they can reject him. As we’ve seen from the show, Beacon Hills High isn’t exactly the most diverse school on the planet. And I suspect that this fact isn’t lost on Boyd. It will actually be interesting to see how he reacts to being part of a “pack.”

      Hmmm . . . would I chose Stiles over Derek, any day of the week. That really depends on what we’d be doing. 😉 Have you ever played the game Screw, Marry, Kill? Teen Wolf was pretty much made for this game. And I suspect most players would have the same answer. Screw Derek, Marry Stiles, Kill Scott and/or Jackson. Because the thing is, as far as notches in one’s bedpost go, Derek wins, hands down. He’s pretty, athletic, edgy, has a spectacular body, and has that broody bad boy thing going for him. What girl wouldn’t want a roll in the sack with THAT?

      However, I suspect, in the long term, the broodiness, and hubris of Derek would cause many a prospective relationship to wither and die. Meanwhile, Stiles, while not quite the superficial “catch” that Derek is, is the kind of guy any girl (or guy) could see bedding down with for the long term. He’s super smart, funny, caring, generous, and never boring. Plus, I bet he’d be an absolute blast in the sack! (For one thing, he’s creative, and a good climber. For another, he’s a “people pleaser,” which is always nice to have in a sex partner.)

      So yeah, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. 😉

      • Andre

        Well, what else could you talk about in TVD forums if not relationships and even in that regard it’s probably mostly the three main lamers. The show doesn’t seem to pay any heed for its background and self-created rules and people not being the main three or in a romantic relationship are treated as mere tools, and not even good ones. In addition it is far too often bend to suit the main three (the best example was Caroline’s “flight” from and torture by Alaric, which only served to show how “compassionate and smart” Elena was) without any regard to consistency.
        In Teen Wolf things are more complicated and treated with more care, instead of shoving one crazy plot after another at the characters. They have actual lasting development of characters they focus on and stick with that instead of throwing it away when the romantic couple doesn’t get something from it.
        I think the differences are most highlighted in the promos. The one of TVD are always showing some stuff from the episode and highlighting them so much that people (for whatever reason since they should know by now) expect things from the episode it will not deliver. Teen Wolf is different in that regard in that its promos sufficiently portray the episodes and therefore make people curious without misleading them.
        I also think that in Teen Wolf you don’t need to come up with so many stuff to excuse flaws or see things that are not there. Example: While I will never understand why people see Sterek (by the way based on the Vet’s comments about wounds caused by an Alpha, should Derek have survived the attack prior to the Fright Night at the school?) seeing homoereotic stuff between Scott and Danny is more plausible than between Damon and any other male. In addition while still gender stereotypic Teen Wolf isn’t nearly to the same degree as TVD.
        To make it short: would Teen Wolf be anything like TVD it would focus on Scott and Allison the whole time and have no plotline that doesn’t serve them and the villains would be as dangerous as Wiley Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons. So the discussions cannot be the same in my eyes.

        Now, considered that Scott is a werewolf right now he at least should do his homework if you ask me.

        I guess we will see more of Grandpa Argent, he is at the very least an interesting villain. Something not so common these days in fantasy as it seems.

        Hard to tell whether Boyd is any sort of self-imposed exile or what his place in the pack would be. In theory the whole bite stuff could be used as a sort of way to circumvent race (if it is seen as something sexual by some people I see no reason why it shouldn’t here also) but whether that will be, I doubt it. Possible that the issue will never be mentioned.

        I don’t understand the appeal of the bad boy, but I guess it has to do with the fact that safety is equated with being boring in our cultures and danger with excitement. Maybe this explains why people as angry and volatile as Derek are seen as very desirable.

        Too bad that these werewolves are also fundamentally human, respectively Anglo-American, an actual separate species could be used as a good tool for many things in such regards.

        Well, that was me for today. See ya tomorrow when I send you the new screencaps. Did I ever say how good it is that Teen Wolf airs so late? Gioves me a lot of time to get it and make better screencaps.:)

  8. Ooh, The Vet as Half – Argent! I never thought of that. It would definitely explain the sort of strained relationship he has with the family . . . Good thinking, Ikainica!

  9. Johan

    [quote](by the way based on the Vet’s comments about wounds caused by an Alpha, should Derek have survived the attack prior to the Fright Night at the school[/quote]

    That made something clear for me that I had wondered for some time; why did it take two episodes for Derek to heal from his uncles attack? Werewolves usually heals wounds in hours but it took longer because Peter was a Alpha. I love this show for not treating its viewers as idiots.

  10. Ashley

    Did anyone notice the triskele on Derek’s wooden chest when he opened it in this scene ?

    It was very quick and sudden; I only noticed it because it glinted in the light! I’m sure if you scrutinize that scene very carefully, you’ll notice it! And does the triskele on the chest mean that it’s Hale property or something?

    • Johan

      Probably used on young werewolves. I wonder if Derek and his sister had to be tied up at full moon when they were young?

    • Oh, good catch! It would certainly make sense if the chest was sort of a family heirloom. (Though it does kind of seem like something that should have been burned up in the fire, right? :))

      The whole triskele thing always really interested me. Because, on one hand, it’s the symbol of revenge, one that carried personal significance to both Peter and Derek, since both had an interest in avenging their families’ deaths from the fire. On the other hand, if that symbol was also the “Hale family crest,” it’s a bit eerie how a family who chose to identify themselves through the mark of vengeance, all ended up needing their own deaths avenged . . .

      Then again, I’m probably thinking wayyy too much into this. 😉

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