“A Tale of Two Kanaimas” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Venomous”

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?


Kanaima who?

I Kanaimake sense of what Lydia wrote on the board. 


Oh . . . that’s better.

Howdy, Werebangers!  Five episodes into the season, and we’ve already solved one of Teen Wolf’s biggest mysteries: Who’s the Kanaima? (Hint: It’s not This Guy . . .)


You know, one of the things I love most about this show . . . well . . . aside from the obvious . . .

. . . is its willingness to challenge TV conventions.  By all estimates, “Venomous” was a high – octane hour of whodunnit-type television that could have easily served as a season finale.  Like many finales, “Venomous” offered action, intrigue, and a mass murder mystery, which resulted in a standoff that pitted nearly every major cast member against one another.  And of course,  it ended by answering a HUGE question that had been plaguing the series since the first episode of this season.

“You mean to tell me I’m that asshat lacrosse-playing douche!  Thanks, a lot!” 

But perhaps the best thing about “Venomous” is that it WASN’T a  finale.  And that is a very good thing . . . because for every question this episode answered for us Teen Wolf fans, it posed about three more.

Let’s review, shall we?

[As always, special thanks to Andre, my own personal screencapping genius, for everything you see here.]

Who’s the dumbbell, now?

The episode begins with a very (sexually?) frustrated Jackson struggling under the weight of a seemingly puny barbbell.

“Come on, Jackson.  You can do it!  Lift that five-pound weight!”

This, understandably confuses Jackson, who, just a day or so ago, had been able to lift up a car with his bare hands.

It’s just another one of those things that sets Jackson apart from his wolfy companions, who, even in human form, can exhibit bouts of superhuman strength, pretty much, anytime.  Jackson’s “strength” on the other hand, only seems to come out at night, and is sporadic, even then.

When Danny grows bored with his wimpy cranky friend, he exits stage left.  (Can you blame him?)  This gives Derek’s lame-o wolfpack members, Tweedledee and Tweedle dumb boobs, an opening to perform their kidnapping of the Lacrosse Co-Captain, who they obediently cart off to their maker.

“I don’t want to join your Mickey Mouse Wolf Club, OK?  So stop asking.”

“Are you sure?  All members get a free t-shirt!” 

Suspecting Jackson (the pack member that never was) of being the Kanaima, Derek feeds him a drop of venom that he somehow collected from the poolhouse.

“Open wide for the choo-choo train!”

“Good boy.  Now, play dead.” 

Derek’s (WRONG!) theory is that, if Jackson is immune to the venom, he must be the Kanaima.  Unfortunately for Derek, Jackson is not-so-much immune, and spazzes out on the floor, before becoming completely immobile.  Oops!  I guess that means it’s back to the drawing board for our good pal, Derek.

Wolfy Isaac, who’s kind of been put to waste as a character, having been given little to do on the show, aside from make weird faces . . . and repeatedly get his ass kicked . . .

 . . . however, is not quite through with Jackson.  There’s still the little matter of the latter recanting his story to the cops about seeing Isaac and his father fighting on the night of his father’s Kanaima-inspired murder.  Conveniently enough, this little favor allows newly free man Isaac to return to school, so that he can do Derek’s bidding out in the open.  How nice for him!

“It’s a Matching Leather Jacket Party, and you’re not invited!”

Someone help Lydia . . . please

Also at school, Lydia is still suffering from waking Alpha nightmares.  This most recent one, involves the Alpha scribbling strange circular messages for her on a chalk board, while all her classmates look at her, like she’s nuts.

“It’s funny how in Lydia’s daydreams I’m really good at math.  Because, in real life, I didn’t even know how to read.” 


Unfortunately, for Lydia, it turns out that last part isn’t exactly a dream.  She returns to real time to find that she’s written “Someone help me” backwards across the chalkboard instead of the math equation she was SUPPOSED to solve.  Hey Lydia, it could be worse.  You could be naked . . . like last time.

Things become crystal clear (Maybe .  . .)

In chemistry class, Derek’s pack (except for Boyd, who always seems to get a pass from these lame Wolfy Games) torments Scott, Allison and Stiles, while keeping an eye on Lydia,  who has now become their top Kanaima suspect.

For about the 18,000th time this season, Erica aggressively throws herself at Scott . .  .


. . .  and totally “Regina George’s” her nemesis, Allison.

Poor naive, Erica.

I have a book you might find interesting .  . .

Speaking of rejection, it seems poor Isaac has a little angry hard-on for our friend Lydia, ever since the latter rejected in middle school, and made him cry.

“You wouldn’t reject me, would you, Stiles?”

Lydia’s protector and perpetual unlikely hero, Spiderman Stiles has something to say about that . . .


Sadly though, no amount of words can protect Lydia from a lying-in-wait Derek, when she unwittingly ingests venom, during chemistry class, and experiences none of its paralyzing side effects.

“Gnom-nom-nom.  Mmm . . . venom cystal.  Yummy!” 


Uh oh, Scooby Gang!  It’s time for Plan B!

Operation: Save the Butterfly

During her shrink session, Lydia stubbornly tells Dead Maya from Pretty Little Liars / Dead Emily from The Vampire Diaries that every inkblot picture in her Rorschach Test looks like a butterfly, even the one that OBVIOUSLY was made to resemble a wolf, and the one that sort of/kind of resembles her recently deceased Alpha “boyfriend.”

“Butterflies are pretty.” 

“That one might still be a caterpillar.” 

Meanwhile, in a surprise move,Jackson joins forces with, as he calls them “Testicle One” and Testicle Two” (How fitting!) . . .

“Believe it or not, you two actually do vaguely resemble my testicles.”

 . . . to protect Lydia from the Wrath of Derek, which he was unlucky enough to recently experience for himself.  Of course, Jackson still has his own selfish motives in mind.  He’s still using Creepy Photographer Guy and Danny to uncover the lost footage on his sleepytime not-so-sex tape, which he suspects Lydia might have “edited” for him.  After all, she DOES have a key . .  .  (How else could she regularly sneak into his house and watch The Notebook?)

As far as plans go, Scott’s plan to save Lydia from Derek and Co. is surprisingly well thought out, despite the fact that Scott, while a nice guy, has always been a bit of a mental midget.  The first part of the plan involves attempting to prove to Derek that Lydia ISN’T actually the Kanaima, before school lets out.  It is randomly determined that shrinkypoo reads Latin.  So, Allison goes to her, in an attempt to translate the Bestiary page on Kanaimas.

How come the kanaima in this book, looks like the werewolf in last season’s book? 

Now, this seems like a throwaway scene, but it’s actually important.  Shrinkypoo notes that, while wolves seek pack affiliation, Kanaimas are always on the hunt for a single “friend,” to make them feel less lonely.  And thus, the theory of the two Kanaimas is born .  . .

Elsewhere Derek tries (and fails) to talk Derek out of wanting to kill Lydia.  Why?  You ask.  Well, for one thing, Scott really has no way of proving that Lydia isn’t actually the Kanaima.  For another . . . ummm . . . Derek just REALLY seems to like killing people  .  . .


Scott’s theory, like the one Jackson, himself, had earlier, is that Lydia is somehow immune to wolf bites, and passed that immunity on to Jackson.

Cocky Derek doesn’t like the idea of ANYONE being immune to his sexy saliva.  Derek has a different theory, and here it is: some people who are bit by werewolves, become OTHER TYPES OF SHAPESHIFTERS, that better reflect their personality.  You know, like Isaac becomes a wolf with no eyebrows.  Erica becomes a wolf that isn’t really a wolf, but still has pointy teeth.  And “Lydia” becomes a rather masculine looking snake . . . because she’s a b*tch.

Interesting theory, Derek . . . it would kind of fly in the face of traditional werewolf lore, though . . .

When Phase One of the plan fails, it’s time for Phase Two: bring Lydia to Scott’s house (his mom’s never home,  anyway), and hide the accused lizard there .  . . without telling her why, of course.

An eye-opening discovery

While the rest of the Scooby Gang (even Jackson) whisk Lydia away, Scott gets accosted by Coach Crackpot for “not protecting Danny’s equipment.”  Coach Crackpot thinks that Scott should protect Danny’s equipment all the time.  Unfortunately, for some of you, I’m not actually talking about Danny’s weiner.  I’m talking about his actually equipment . . . as in “lacrosse uniform,” which was ripped clean in half, following the last game.

“That’s hot.” 

So, is DANNY the Kanaima, due to his miraculous fabric-ripping skills.  Apparently, not.  When Scott confronts Danny in the library, we learn that HE had lent his uniform to none other than Jackson, during the game, while he played the position of goalie.  Hmm . . .

Speaking of Danny, it seems everyone’s favorite Teen Wolf gay has developed a bit of a crush on Creepy Photographer Guy, who plays for his team (lacrosse), but may or may not play for his “TEAM,” if you catch my drift . . .

Together, the two manage to restore the lost footage from Jackson’s camera.  And it is . . . as I hinted before rather “eye opening.”


Of course, we still don’t know who edited the tape in the first place.  Though these two (Danny and Creepy) clearly have the werewithal to do it themselves . . .

Oh, P.S. Creepy Photographer guy just figured out that whole, “Scott can’t take pictures anymore, because he’s a werewolf” thing.  BUSTED!

Erica gets OWNED . . .

In one of my favorite moments in the episode, Stiles adorably barricades Scott’s house to protect Lydia from Derek’s pack, while the Scooby Gang waits for Scott to return home.

 However, try as they might, it doesn’t take long for Tweedledee and Tweedledumbboobs to enter the house.    (Again, how come Boyd never has to do the dirty work?  Is he too cool for this?)

Anywhoo, Wolfy Erica, who’s sole new personality trait seems to be “Slutty B*tch” takes this opportunity, once again to threaten Allison with stealing Scott from her, despite the fact that Scott seems like he’d probably prefer to make out with Derek or Stiles . . . or anyone else in the cast really, over Erica.  Earlier Erica teased that she was “a little bit psychic,” and that’s why she knew that Sallison wasn’t really going to work out.

But her psychic powers seem to have a bit of a blind spot.  Because she definitely didn’t count on Allison shooting her with a venom coated bow and arrow.  (Where did these guys get all this extra venom from?)

Within minutes, Erica is down for the count.

“This is the part where I have my way with you.”

 Now that’s some powerful venom!  Just a little bit on the fingers (or in the mouth . . . like Jackson), and wolves are apparently paralyzed from the neck down . . . which confuses me, because I thought the Kanaima needed to scratch the victim’s spinal column, in order to get that result (as he did with Hot Black Argent, Douchey Grease Monkey, and Derek).

After all, wasn’t Stiles still able to call 911, after HE touched the evil venom?

Anywhoo, you can imagine Derek’s frustration when Tweedledee and Tweedledumbbumbs, both incapacitated by Kanaima venom are haphazardly tossed out of Scott’s house, like yesterday’s trash . . .

“It’s naptime . . . again.” 

At some point, during all this, Scott finally arrives back home for the showdown we’ve all been waiting for . . .

The key to the Mystery

Meanwhile,  Jackson takes Lydia into Scott’s room to confront her about having the key to his house / possibly editing his Werewolf Porn video, while he slept.  Lydia denies having the key, or any knowledge of said video.  But Jackson’s newfound “powers” seem to enable him to sense that she’s lying, simply by staring at her boobs.  Impressive!

This, of course leads to the two of them making out, which is surprisingly hot . . . possibly because this is the first time I’ve seen Jackson show ANY emotion apart from “whiny and generally pissed off.”  I honestly didn’t know he had it in him  . . .

“Has anyone ever told you, your tongue is a little lizardy?” 

While the pair is making out, Jackson gets a bit of a rash .  . . a rash that looks suspiciously like Lizard Scales . . . Ruh roh!

“Remind me to stop rolling around naked in the poison ivy.” 

 I smell KANAIMA!

Alpha to Alpha, and Kanaima to Kanaima

In the final scene of the episode, Derek hits on Scott, by telling him that he is the Alpha to his own pack (referring, I guess, to Allison, Stiles, Lydia and Jackson).  Too bad flattery is useless on Scott, who just looks confused.

“Hot guy say WHAT?” 

 Then again, maybe that’s because there’s a Lizard Thingy on the roof of his house . . .

“Hey guys!  Miss me?” 

Seconds later, Lydia pops out, wondering why she wasn’t invited to this party, thereby proving once and for all, that she’s not the Kanaima.

“It’s Jackson,” mutters Captain Obvious Scott, just in case some of the fans of the show are particularly slow.

But wait!  You say!  Jackson was paralyzed by the Kanaima venom Derek took from the pool last week. And Jackson is a good swimmer, whereas THAT Kanaima fears water.

This, of course, brings me back to the “Two Kanaimas” theory.  A theory that seems all but confirmed in the final scene, in which Kanaima Jackson sidles up to a car, in which he seems to find the “friend” he’s been looking for, all along.

“Yo!  What up, dog!  Give me some skin!” 

But who’s the friend?  All we know about him so far, is that he has an Eisenstein bumper sticker, and wears black gloves.  Is it the Nerdy Chemistry Teacher, who hates Stiles, and loves quoting Einstein?

Is it the Kid Outside the Shrink’s office, who complimented Lydia’s pink gloves?  Is it Shrinkypoo, who knew the Kanaima needed a friend?  Or is it Creepy Photographer Guy, who seems the most likely editor of Jackson’s Wolf Porn video?

It looks like we may have to wait until next week to find out.


See you then, Werebangers!

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31 responses to ““A Tale of Two Kanaimas” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Venomous”

  1. Johan

    My theory: The person in the car is the chemistry teacher and also Jacksons birth father. Remember when Jackson was attacked by the alpha in s1, the Chemistry teacher seemed to care for Jackson, something he has never showed for any of his students. In the first episode of s2 when the Sheriff took in Jackson, the chemistry teacher went after Stiles.

    Atleast the guy in the car must somehow controll Jackson, why else the different victims? Why would Jackson kill any of them?

    • I like your theory, Johan. Here’s an extension of it. What if the Chemistry teacher was the one who actually committed the murders as a second kanaima?

      It would fit the pattern of the series. Last season the Alpha committed all the murders, but Derek and Scott looked guilty, because the Alpha repeatedly drew them to the scene of the crime. And, at first, Scott would black out portions of the experience.

      I wonder if, as you suggested, Mr. Harris can control when Jackson shifts. It would certainly explain the erratic pattern of his shifting.

      Taking the storyline in this direction, would also enable the writers to keep Jackson around as a Scooby Gang member, when all this is over. They couldn’t really do that, if he ended up being a mass murderer.

      • Johan

        I hope you’re correct but I fear Jeffs quote where he said we will have some surprising deaths this season. I dont want to lose Jackson. I agree that someone is controlling Jackson. I wonder also if it is relevant that the transformation started at the neck where Derek scratched him in season 1? Also when he transformed he lay his hand on the spot with a grimace of pain, exactly as he did when Peter Hale howled in Night School.

        So many theories so few episodes. I love this series.

  2. anette

    As Teen Wolf continues to surprise it’s fans this season, creator Jeff Davis has given some further details on what’s ahead to get use even more excited for the rest of the season.

    Here’s some new developments to look out for:

    There will be two major bloody deaths, both of which are unknown to be the major cast or one of the new characters.
    Derek will loose his current ego and will turn to the most unlikely people he would of thought of.
    Allison and Scott’s relationship will reach a rocky road as the relationship may not survive before the season’s end due to Allison trying to balance her relationship with her family.
    Stiles will undergo a major development in the 11th episode of the season.. in which will either be between joining the lacrosse team, becoming a werewolf or gaining his first kiss.. (bets are, it will be his first kiss as previous info revealed that Stiles will find new love)
    Finally, in terms of episode order.. Episode 6 of the season will revolve around the major gang going to a gay club in which Derek has a huge face-off with the Kanima, episode 9 will then deliver something huge for major fans of the show and the season finale titled “Master Plan” will then deliver a big climax in which all characters and their story-lines will merge together as one.

    By the way nice aiming Stiles 😀

    • Hey anette! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for all the spoilery Teen Wolf scoop! It sounds like we have an awesome second half of the season ahead.

      Do you, by chance, work for MTV? If so, I’m super jealous, not to mention honored that found my blog. 🙂 Your comment made my day!

      • anette

        oh I wish I was working for MTV ^^ no, I just found some things while looking for a sneak peek and an interview with the cast 🙂
        And I really love your recaps… Did you looked for gifs at tumblr.com??? there are some pretty good ones

  3. j.mae

    Honestly now all the Kanima victims make more sense to me.
    Isaac’s Dad: Jackson lives across from Isaac and as he told Stiles’ dad he knew that Isaac’s dad was beating him.
    Black Argent: He was a werewolf hunter and Jackson has had problems with the hunters coming after him before.
    Grease Monkey: The picture in the office suggest that he was a star lacrosse player like Jackson in highschool and Jackson is at least a junior so maybe he and Jackson had problems when Jackson first joined the lacrosse team.
    Derek: Derek wasn’t very helpful to Jackson after he bit him compared to how he was with Isaac, Erica, and even Boyd. Like Scott said I think that Derek was hoping Jackson would die from the bite.
    What I find really funny is that according to the cast none of them knew who the Kanima really was until they read over this episode.
    Now I think the question on everyone’s mind is what the heck is Lydia. She’s immune to Kanima venom, Alpha bite, and hullicinating that she’s seeing Peter.
    I think that it could have been the chemistry teacher that Jackson connected with because as we learned in season 1 he doesn’t have many friends and will go for anyone who likes science, and well the Kanima is the ultimate scientific discovery.
    I wonder if Danny and Creepy Photographer guy will join the Scooby Gang now.
    Also, I think that Boyd gets special treatment because Derek wants him to feel like he has friends and unlike Erica and Isaac his problems weren’t completely solved when he got the bite it only made them easier to solve because he’d be part of a pack. Plus compared to Isaac and Erica he seems to have a lot more self control and already be stronger than them.
    With the Kanima friendship thing does that mean that all the Scooby Gang has to do is befriend Jackson in Kanima form and he’ll stop killing so much.
    Speaking of Jackson I’m surprised he gave Lydia a key to his house and I’m surprised that she wore it around her neck even after he dumped her. I guess they aren’t as heartless as we were led to believe. Even though Jackson only seems to have a heart when he knows he’s not the strongest.
    I’m wondering why there was no mention of the Gerard ending scene from last episode at all.
    This episode really reminded me of last season’s ‘Nightschool’ expect this time around the Scooby Gang was trying to protect the beast.
    Also I’m still wondering why Scott has yet to start looking up shapeshifter mythology and chooses to let Stiles do it all the time.

    • Johan

      [quote]Also I’m still wondering why Scott has yet to start looking up shapeshifter mythology and chooses to let Stiles do it all the time.[/quote]

      It doesnt involve Allison or Lacrosse. Therefore it is irrelvant. 😉

      • Andre

        I think you misunderstood my. I never doubted that Jackson is the werelizard, albeit Derek calls it a snake (although these are not the only poisonous reptiles), but rather that he is not a Kanaima, since both what Stiles found and what the book said refer to a being that shifts into a jaguar and not some sort of reptile.

    • Hey jmae! You are right! This episode definitely had a similar feel to Night School, in that the whole cast was together, running around in the dark, away from a Big Bad, who’s identity was, at the time, still largely a mystery.

      I like the way you’ve developed motive for Jackson to kill all of the Kanaimas victims. You bring up a lot of great points, particularly with respect to Isaac’s dad. It always bothered me how callous Jackson was about the abuse that Isaac suffered at the hands of his father. If Jackson killed Isaac’s dad as the Kanaima, it would show that such callousness was just for show. And that seeing one of his teammates being abused actually affected Jackson in a really big way, even in human form.

      Like you, I really liked the scene between Jackson and Lydia this week. I feel like this season, the writers have gone to great lengths to humanize Lydia. However, up until this episode, we never really got to see the human side of Jackson. This interaction illustrated how Jackson does, on some level, love and care for Lydia. He puts up a tough front, but, deep down, he doesn’t want her to experience pain, and clearly feels some tenderness for her . . . even if he does not necessarily know how to show it.

      I also like your analysis of why Derek seems to treat Boyd differently than the rest of his pack. You are right. In a lot of ways, Boyd is more like Derek, then he is like Isaac and Erica. He’s an individual and a loner. He’s also really smart, and independent. Derek might instinctively realize, that to maintain Boyd’s loyalty, he can’t constantly toss him into harms way, like he does with Isaac and Erica.

      As for Scott’s conversation with Gerard, I think Scott is purposefully sheltering Allison from her grandfather’s true nature, because he knows how tough this situation already is on Allison, and doesn’t want to make it worse for her. Unfortunately though, I think Scott’s silence, will ultimately come back to bite him in the ass, particularly when Gerard wants Scott to make good on his promise to do him a “favor.”

    • That was awesome, Mary! I love how they used the same background music you hear in EVERY SINGLE ROM-COM trailer ever! 😉 I also adored that the voiceover began in the same way ever Rom Com trailer voiceover begins. “Derek Hale has a problem . . .” 😉 GENIUS!

      One of these days Dylan O’Brien is going to star in his own Rom-Com. The dude was just created was just created for Romantic Comedy. 🙂

  4. East Coast Captain

    Jackson´s form is reptilian what does that tell you of his personality? Kanaima means werejaguar hmm…

    Oh yeah she´s Kendra from Buffy too. She gets around!

    Some people become other type of werecreatures if bitten by a werewolf? Interesting twist to the werewolf lore so why did Scott become a werewolf instead of something else?

    • Andre

      I personally wouldn’t put too much stock into what Derek says. He has been wrong time and again. By the way Kanaima doesn’t mean were-jaguar. Some versions speak of it as such but others are rather like sorcerers. Either way, the show plays good with such sort nof half-truths and misinformation so perhaps Jackson isn’t a Kanaima after all.

      • Johan

        I’ve seen picture of Colton in Kanaima make up so i think Jackson is /a/ Kanaima but I dont think he is in controll. The victims make no sense to me, does Jackson even know any of them? Isaacs father of course but the rest?

    • Hey East Coast Captain! You know, Scott always gave off this sort of loyal puppy dog vibe, which makes his werewolf form just make more sense, than any other animal. As for Stiles, as I’ve mentioned, he’s SO VERY Peter Parker, that I’d peg him as Spiderman, a.k.a. a were-spider. 🙂 I like BamBam’s idea of Lydia as a were-honey badger. And I’d probably peg Allison as a were-gazelle, or something ele that’s relatively graceful and lithe.

      What kind of were animal would you be? I’m thinking I’d be a were-cat, or maybe a were-guinea pig . . . definitely something domesticated. 🙂

  5. Bambam

    My guess: Lydia is a were-honeybadger, ’cause when Lydia gets poisoned Lydia don’t give a ****.

    But really, I have no idea what she is.
    I think Danny will either become a major character or get killed soon. He’ll figure everything out soon enough.
    I liked Allison’s stunt with the poison. Very well played.
    I bet whoever the other person is, is messing with Lydia’s head. I also think they’re an alpha because Peter did that to Scott last season. Remember the omega said he came looking for the alpha? So they’d also be new. My money is on the photographer. The pictures were mostly Scott and Allison, as far as I could tell. I think he knows whats going on, and was flirting with Danny to try and find out if he was involved as well. The car also looked like the one peter drove, so I’m gonna guess he is Peter’s son, and is planning on getting back at everyone. He has the counselor working for him like Peter had the nurse.

    • Ooh, good point, Bambam. The Einstein quote on the bumper sticker, did say something about imagination, which would play into the theme of the Alpha messing with Lydia’s head. It would also relate to the therapists use of the Rorshach tests on Lydia. I’m definitely interested to see whether any of these clues relate to Lydia’s mystery.

  6. Andre

    Looks like the gifers finally got active doesn’t it?

    And you must have been pissed not to see a naked Danny under the shower didn’t you? 😀
    And you would have liked to see him fucking the heck out of camera guy don’t you? Albeit you probably wouldn’t be as hot for that as for him screwing Stile into the ground.

    Now the camera guy, I thought he might be a future beard for Allison, but maybe he will be something else, maybe a new hunter?

    In my own eyes I think “Tweedledee and Tweedle dumb boobs” doesn’t really fit these two. I think Lame Jo and Slutty Jane would be better. What do you think?

    I admit I thought that you would use some sort of penis-related joke at the scene of Jackson having his mouth forced open.

    I had my doubts about Derek’s theory of the Snake being immune to its own venom from the start, but more to that later (well for the other commentors, you of course know it already).
    And what’s with him and his idiots all wearing leather jackets? Are they trying to be cool?

    Now those “strange” symbols that Peter draws on the board are mostly calculations. However, did you notice that they are arranged in the werewolf circle symbol for revenge? Now is that a reference for Derek’s behavior or is Peter not yet through with the kids?

    Also imagine what that says about the students and the teacher when Stiles is the only one that could figure out that the stuff Lydia wrote on the board is just English backwards.
    I mean I figured that out after not even 5 seconds.
    Interesting that Scott assumes that the Kanaima goes after Stiles (by the way did you notice that Stiles mentioned the same stuff regarding werejaguars that I did;)) and doesn’t even seem to consider Derek, that is a good hint about who is higher on Scott’s priority list.

    And Erica and Isaac really get lamer by the minute; they are really catching up to Klaus in terms of wimpy villainess.
    Here we have Slutty Jane: she only has power through sex.
    Here we have Lame Jo: He has been rejected by Lydia and now he wants revenge. Man what an arrogant asshole, looks like someone is every bit as bad as his daddy.
    The more Erica talks the creepier she gets. And Isaac is such a douche. They both have this ‘I am now strong and so I can be the bully’ attitude. I wouldn’t be surprised if Isaac starts saying this like: ‘this is your own fault’. After all some of his father’s attitude obviously rubbed off. I think both would go running for cover pretty quickly should they ever encounter someone that is not only physically stronger but also wants to kill them. Not to mention that those two losers would be the easiest hunter target ever. At least Boyd and Derek don’t leave such obvious clues of werewolfism.
    However, you got to admit, they play the psycho card well with them. Very realistic if you ask me.

    I did wonder why you didn’t use the picture with Peter’s face. Of course this is another clue that Lydia is not simply hallucinating since she never saw his burned corpse.

    Now I wonder what there is about the Kanaima, or whether Jackson really is one. I mean the book-page that was presented showed a cat and nothing reptilian. So is Jackson really a Kanaima? Or perhaps something different? After all Derek is proving less and less reliable with his information. I doubt whether there is something to Derek’s “they turn into what they are within” statement, it was proven time and again that his statements aren’t as reliable as you might think (snakes are not immune against their own venom, not on principle at least, I guess if it were so e.g. Cobras would bite each other instead of wrestling; furthermore if the Kanaima venom is biological there is a chance that it wouldn’t keep its venomous qualities forever).
    (And no, the werewolf in the book last season looked totally different, it was bipedal and covered in smoke with red eyes, nothing like this cat).

    And Derek is stupid, talking about immunity never happening but having seen a case of resistance to the bite firsthand. Maybe the whole turning into what you are inside does not refer to the werewolf but to the Kanaima. Perhaps that word is basically a term for a whole group of shapeshifters sharing certain characteristics. Or perhaps it was just mistaken identity.

    You have a point about the amount of venom on the arrow. Sure there was some at the window after Jackson got out, (I wonder why that was there, I mean do his hands produce that much?) but would it have been enough to coat Erica’s full palm and fingers?
    And she doesn’t look so tough doesn’t she? Stiles had the same amount or even more on his hands and it took him about a minute or so to get fully paralyzed, but she was down in seconds actually. Man she is whimpy. Actually Derek was paralyzed much faster than Stiles as well, and the same for Jackson. Maybe Stiles is Spiderman. 😀
    As for the scratch at the neck. Like I wrote in my E-Mail, it’s probably either for show to let us see how skilled it is or it’s the fastest route for the venom to reach the central nervous system, since there the sound is so close to it.
    And sorry it looks like Isaac was knocked out by Scott and not venom. Not that it would have made much of a difference. Man Derek is a lame trainer. Stiles should be Alpha.

    Lydia is a good example about what many people, male and female, talked about time and again. That so many girls reject the good guy and take the bad guy and simply don’t learn. No matter how much they get hurt.
    I have a good video about that topic from a youtuber but sadly I am probably the only one here who understands German.

    I think Derek’s statement about seeing Scott as an Alpha can be seen as further evidence for his attitude towards humans. After all Scott is hardly a leader, he is rather the muscle of the trio. But Derek doesn’t see that.

    I am not that happy with Jackson being the Kanaima. But I admit that I am curious still. Perhaps Jackson’s body rejected the bite because he already was a shapeshifter. So it had nothing to do with Derek’s bite at all that he is now so strong. Of course as you pointed out (I wrote that before you posted your recap) this leaves the question as to who manipulated that video and why. And what happened to Lydia.

    And this also leads us to the question why Jackson killed the people he killed. Seriously does he even know all of them? Surely not, so why? And why did he stole/eat that dead man’s liver? Perhaps that other person with the gloves is Jackson’s biological parent.

    I hope the fight in the preview will be worth the wait.

    Ps. the sticker/sign said “Einstein” and not “Eisenstein”. 😉

    Pss. What do you think of this?

    • Andre

      One thing I forgot:
      When you look at this video:

      The guy at 7:35 is that the actor who plays Danny?

    • Hey Andre! It was interesting how the notion of Danny and Matt as a couple (what happened to Danny’s boyfriend from last season?) was brought up, only to be dismissed by Danny, himself, who assumes that Matt has a thing for Allison. Like you, I think that Matt’s “thing for Allison” and now for Scott, has more to do with agenda than romantic interest. I can actually see a romantic relationship forming between Danny and Matt, until we ultimately learn that Matt is a villain (surely there is more than one villain this season), who may or may not have been using Danny to get closer to Jackson and the rest of the Scooby Gang.

      I like your idea about the design of the symbols “Peter” drew on the board matching the Revenge symbol on Derek’s back tatt, as well as the ones the Alpha used to use as his calling card, back in Season 1. I definitely think there is something to that.

      Hmmm . . . I’m still kind of partial to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb Boobs for Isaac and Erica. I wanted a nickname that illustrated the fact that these two have promptly been reduced from individual characters with their own backstories, to the inseparable, dumb, and wayyyyy too easy to beat, villainous sidekicks, you often see in cartoons . . . like Scar’s hyenas in Lion King (not so much the one voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, but definitely the other two), or Flotsam and Jetsam in The Little Mermaid.

      Boyd shows some promise though. I mean, sure he’s kind of a cliche in his own right (the strong silent muscular enforcer sidekick). But at least he seems like he poses at least a somewhat formidable threat to our Scooby Gang, and isn’t a total moron. I hope the writers decide to develop his character more, as the series progresses.

      Speaking of intriguing, I loved the way the writers tied together the Alpha’s victims last season, in a way that was both interesting and credible. I hope they do the same with the kanaimas victims this season. As for the guy who’s liver was eaten, however, if I recall correctly, that was the work of the Omega that Gerard killed. Because the Omega was well aware of the Argent’s code, his MO was eating from humans that were already dead. That’s why he dug up (Kate’s?) grave, and why he attacked the already DOA dude in the ambulance. The Omega wrongly assumed that as long as he didn’t kill a live human being, the Argents wouldn’t mess with him. Unfortunately, for the Omega, he underestimated the fairness of one Gerard Argent.

      Loved the video of pre-Teen Wolf Danny, by the way. What an awesome find! It kind of makes me wish I studied abroad. 🙂

      • Andre

        Glad you liked the video. And you do remember that Dylan O’Brian had an own video channel right?

        Perhaps Matt will seduce Danny, that at least would be something not so often seen in a straight Teen show. More in those specifically targeted at gay audiences. We’ll see, either way we surely haven’t seen the last of Matt for now.
        And Danny and his boyfriend probably broke up after Scott’s little dance escapade.

        Let’s just hope Peter doesn’t turn into the spirit of a witch (you know what I am referring to ;))
        By the way a friend of mine once send me a link to an interview with Plec and she stated two things you might not like:
        1) The mature Tyler at the end of season 3 telling Caroline how great she is was already Klaus.
        2) There is a 99,9% chance that Klaus’ body did not burn in the coffin.
        Isn’t it great how exciting TVD will be even in season 4?

        Well if Isaac and Erica have been reduced two cartoon sidekicks, at least for now, maybe they will be able to sing. Maybe Derek has a whole army of slaves later on and he will sing a song:

        Personally I think the German translation of scar’s voice is better. Not so soft and with more insidious tone and a sharper edge:

        The English one sounds rather like a sweet voiced fiend to me than an actual usurper.

        Albeit I don’t think that Derek would be as good a schemer and villain as Scar or having such grace in his movements. He goes more towards the brute type.

        I hope too that there will be more to Boyd than to the other two. He doesn’t show the same sociopathic tendencies the other two show and already seems to suspect that there was a lot that Derek didn’t tell him, at least his looks in the last episode suggest that.

        Actually the Omega only confessed to attacking the victim in the ambulance. However I checked the first episode and although not much of the attacker could be seen it was clear that “it” was wearing clothes (you could see it when the arms got up and down) and considered that they even had the Kanaima’s pupils widen in the last episode (when it was with the car) I doubt that they would make such a mistake.
        However thinking about this, the portrayal of werewolfism in the show is still rather classic fiction like, it is about controlling a monstrous and arguably cannibalistic urge to kill and feed.
        I wonder whether they ever delve deeper into that.

      • Johan

        You made me realise something: what happened to Jacksons clothes after he transformed?

    • Andre! Hey, I just wanted to say that as an avid follower of this blog I always read your comments as they are always interesting. I noticed you saying you wanted to post a video about people not learning to take the good guy, I just wanted to say that I can speak german fairly fluently so I’d be interested if you posted a link 🙂

      • Andre

        I can’t really remember of a video but I did find some good ones:

        Also this:

        And this is the German one I might have talked about:

    • LOL, I loved that one! I also like the commercial where Scott takes Allison to a werewolf movie. 🙂 If all commercials included the show’s characters in them, and were this clever, I definitely think less people would fast forward on their DVR or take trips to the potty. 🙂

  7. Johan

    For a moment there I thought Tyler and Dylan were on a date together. Moment ruined by Allison. D’oh.

  8. Maddy

    Hey, great recap as ever. 🙂

    I’m genuinly really starting to full on love Lydia. She’s such a complex character, and I’m totally jealous of how she’s ridiculously hot and yet still a genius deep down. I can’t wait for her to be let in on all the sh*t doing down in this town – I bet she’s badass really!

    I was gutted for Stiles when Lydia made out with Jackson! It’s sad that she seems to genuinly like him even though he’s a major assbutt/demonic lizard from hell. I really want her and Stiles to get together (not that I wouldn’t be happy with a bit of Sterek either) but I think I ship Stiles and happiness. 😛 That’s when I’m not shipping Stiles and Me.

    Jackson’s not totally iredeemable I see, from the occasional flickers of sadness on his face. But he’ll have to A) stop turning into a lizard B) go round grovelling to everyone for ever before he can be forgiven. Remind me why on earth the MAJORLY AWESOME Danny is even friends with him?! In the mean time I TOTALLY guessed he was the Kanaima! 😀

    Coach Crackhead gets massive points for hilarity. Boyd seems cool. Isaac is just boring stereotypical ‘I’m a hot douche’ hench – baddy. YAWN! And as for Erica? Urgh! Her uber-slut persona is totally unbelievable and more than a little bit ridiculous…not to mention grating. Definitely time for some character development here.

    The chemistry teacher HAS to be evil. He quotes Einstein and as we all know… BWA HA HAAA! (Okay I just totally made that up.)

    Meanwhile I quite like Seargant Argent, he seems like a good guy, and he’s not really morally wrong in what he does.The mom’s scary but she’s supposed to be so I can roll with that. Psycho Grandpa/John McCain however…well damn, what a total basterrrd and a half! I just KNEW all these Republicans were all up to no good! 😉

    I genuinly adore Papa Stiles. God he’s just a wonderful person. Please let him marry Scott’s mum because she’s great too, and I REALLY want both of them to live happily ever after.

    I don’t really understand Derek this season. Before he was almost friends with Scott and Stiles, but now he seems vaguely evil? And then on random occasions it’s all ‘cushy cushy’ with them and he goes for a romantic moonlight *paralysed* swim in the pool with Stiles? Me no understand. I just want them to be friends *sobs*

    I like that the alpha is exerting his evil powers from beyond the grave, he was quite interesting and only had two episodes to show himself off, hopefully he can be very sneakily evil and manipulative and maybe be a ‘recurring’ baddie… like Klaus (only not blonde and with a dodgy accent).

    So what’s up with Boyd, seriously? He’s so awesome but he never turns up. I hope he goes all ‘lone sage wolf’ thing, because how cool would that be? He’s definitely got too much self esteem to go trouncing around with massive fake boobs like the other two morons in Derek’s ‘pack’. Is it just me or his his pack totally crap? Honestly, Derek, I know he likes to pick desperate people who’ll want the bite, but if they end up like Erica and Isaac is it really worth it?

    On a side note I think the writers read my mind the episode where Derek has to ‘seduce’ Erica in the hospital… I was SO hoping that would happen! 🙂 Heh, heh heh.

    I really want to know what all the murders are that all these Kaniama victims have apparently commited. It would be interesting if they are all linked together some how…maybe they were all in a plot to murder Jackson’s parents, or something. And now he’s having his scaly green REVENGE!

    I’d be really pissed if I was Jackson, desperate to turn into a werewolf, with all the sex appeal (as long as you don’t grow the side burns) and then what – turning into this stupid looking giant lizard? Laaaamme! How embarrasing. He totally deserves it. HAH! I hope he doesn’t die because he’s a great character and very fascinating.

    I’ve waxed lyrical about the moronity of Scott many times but it NEVER fails to amaze me. Thank god for Stiles who is just wonderful in every way. And yes I TOTALLY noticed how we were blocked from seeing him topless in the previous episode! God the writers did that to infuriate us. 😉

    After reading all the other comments I’m always totally embarrased by how shallow mine are. Everyone else always comes up with these great analysing essays on possible plots twists, loose ends etc etc and then there’s me at the end like ‘OMG SO AND SO IS SO HOT!’ I shame myself deeply.

    See ya! 🙂

  9. Hey there, Maddy. I’ve been having so much fun reading all your comments, and am so thrilled you found the show. (And you are watching FAST too! You are almost caught up! It’s been great getting to experience the episodes over again, right along with you. Plus, having “seen into the future,” of the show, I love getting to read a comment or idea you have, and thinking to myself, “OOOOH wait until she sees the next episode. I wonder if that will change her view.” :)!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Erica. In the writers’ defense they DO attempt to develop her character more in future episodes. I’m just still not sold on her. I think it’s kind of a personal thing. I mean Lydia’s a classic “mean girl” in many ways. And yet, I find it easier to relate to someone who uses their brains, their words, and their withering stares as a weapon, than someone who uses their boobs. 🙂

    Also, for a werewolf, she’s not that tough. Allison could probably kick her ass. Heck, I think Lydia could kick her ass. 🙂

    I also agree with you about Derek’s characterization being a bit inconsistent this season. In Season 1, he started out as this “mysterious guy.” Is he good or is he bad? Can we trust him? And then, gradually we learned that he was actually a pretty good guy: loyal, tortured, a solid guardian and protector. I feel like this season the development of Derek took a bit of a step back. Once again, we’re not really sure what he wants, and where his loyalties will lie?

    Hopefully, we’ll get more insight into that, as the season progresses. 🙂 Thanks again for your awesome comment, and for reading (and watching)!

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