Don’t Cry Kanaima – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Frenemy”


Greetings, Werebangers!  After last week’s game-changer of an episode, this week’s Teen Wolf shifted its focus away from Derek’s wolf pack, and towards its much scalier counterpart.  As a result, “Frenemy” was by far the “lizardiest” ((and, yes, I did just make up that word) episode to-date . . .  Keep this up, and we may have to change the series’ name to Teen Kanaima . . .


Let’s review, shall we?

[As always, special thanks to Andre.  If there was an Academy Award for “Best Screencaps in a Supernatural TV Series,” he’d win it, in a heartbeat.]

We’re off to see the Lizard .  . .

So, remember Jackson’s “boring” solo sex tape?

Well, thanks to Danny and his tech savvy, it just got a lot more interesting . . .


Of course, Danny doesn’t know that, because he DIDN’T WATCH IT?!


OK . . . so, you guys are all my friends right, Werebangers?  Good, because I’ve got a confession to make.  If any of you give me a sex tape with you in it, and tell me not to watch it, I’m SOOOO WATCHING IT, ANYWAY.


I don’t care who you are . . . gay, straight, fat, skinny, animal, vegetable, mineral.  Curiosity will eventually kill the Recapper, and I’ll get to see your junk on the small screen. Sorry, if that makes me a crappy friend.  But I’d counter that it also makes me human.

See?  He gets it!

The fact that Danny didn’t watch is undoubtedly admirable.  And yet, arguably, also unrealistic . . .

I don’t know, Danny.  For someone who claims he didn’t watch the video, you sure look a heck of a lot like you’re watching it . . . 

Anywhoo, Danny drops the unwatched Paranormal Activity Porn tape off in the trunk of a car, as instructed, and heads out to a nearby nightclub with his conscience clear.  Meanwhile . . .

For all you comic book geeks out there, who just love pitting your favorite superheroes and villains against one another, to see how they’d fare in a fight, this opening sequence was definitely for you.  Kanaima .  . . versus . . . Alpha.  BRING IT ON!


Then, Papa Argent randomly enters the fray.  Wait!  How did he get there?

And Grandpa Argent . . . and Scott . . . they are both there too.


Who sent out e-vites to this battle?  It’s like a supernatural flash mob!

Now, of all of these aforementioned warriors, you would think that Grandpa Argent . . .  a.k.a. Mr. “I Cut Bodies In Half for Fun” would be the most bloodthirsty.  But, oddly enough, that’s not the case.  Instead, Not-John McCain and Lizard Thingy just stand around eye f*&king one another, until Scott intervenes, and cock blocks them both.  Weird . . .


And just like that, the “Second Kanaima” / Master “Friend” of Kanaima betting pool just got one person larger . . .

Elsewhere, in Mushy Gushy Feelings Land . . .

. . . Allison informs Lydia that the reason she can’t tell her why the Really Hot Guy, and his three high-school age minions stalked her /seemed to want her dead is because . . . wait for it . . . she just LOOOOOOOOVES Scott too much.


I’m with you, Lydia.  It pissed me off too.

A Lizard and a Werewolf walk into a Gay Bar . . .

Elsewhere, Scott and Stiles contemplate why, if Jackson is the Kanaima, he was still paralyzed by his own venom.


Scott suggests that this is because, when Jackson is Jackson, he isn’t the Kanaima.  Wow!  That’s quite a deeply philosophical thought for the D student.  Color me impressed.

But now’s not the time to talk about ids, egos, and reptilian identity crises.   It’s time to go CLUBBING!  Can I get a fist pump?

Since Lizard Thingys are scent-free, Scott is forced to use another familiar scent to track down Were-Jackson . . . namely, the delectable odor of Best Friend Danny’s Armani cologne.


Upon entering the club,  “Genius” Scott notices that something is amiss . . .


Scott might very well be the “Alpha” of his own pack.  But here in Funkytown, it’s Stiles who’s wielding all the power . . .


. . . that is until that pesky Lizard Thingy has to harsh on Stiles’ game, by literally eliminating all his prospective suitors from the picture.   (Well, that’s ONE way to get your man.)

Danny, who had just recently been making his ex-boyfriend VERY jealous, by grinding up against a hot piece of A, is now down for the count.  See, Danny?  That’s what you get for NOT watching sex tapes.  You brought this on yourself . . .

Oh, and Derek’s at the club too now.

I don’t know, Derek.  If you want to impress the gay guys, I’d probably go with a look that’s a bit more . . . natural . . .

Much better! 

And, suddenly, Jackson’s outside the club . . . back in human form . . . naked. 

My straight-girl Gay Guy Fantasy is now complete.  Well .  . . almost.

Sheriff Stilinski is on the scene now, which leads to an . . . awkward . . . conversation between father and son.  Apparently, Stiles’ dad doesn’t believe he’s gay, because of the way he dresses.


Small towns lead to small minds, I guess . . . even in otherwise awesome dudes, like Daddy Stilinski.

Now, for the record, I think Stiles is an AWESOME dresser.  He always wears the coolest t-shirts.

But Daddy-o is right about one thing.  Stiles is NOT gay.  Anyone who’s watched the way he reacts to Lydia can see that . . .

Though . . . I guess he could be bi . . .

Anywhoo, Stiles and Scott manage to shove Jackson in the back of a police paddy wagon.  And off they ride into the night . . .

Never trust a man who steals your purse dog .  . .

Did you know Lydia has a “purse dog,” who she named after a company known for its high-quality purses.  Clever right?  But just because Prada is expensively named, doesn’t mean he’s immune to a man with beef jerky in his pockets or a werewolf with the power to mind control dogs, like we saw Scott do in the pilot episode  (Come on!  We all know that’s how he got the dog to run off, right?)

That’s right, Werebangers!  Creepy Dude from Outside the School Shrink’s Office strikes again.  And this time, he’s claiming to be Lydia’s “new neighbor.”   How convenient!

In the words of Gotye, Creepy Dude definitely looks like “Somebody that I Used to Know” . . .


And as if the connection between Creepy Dude and Uncle Alpha wasn’t obvious enough, his cheesy methods of seduction involve a failed kiss . . .


 . . . and . . . wait for it . . . a gift of wolfsbane . . .

The question is, what are Creepy Dude’s motives for wanting Lydia to carry wolfsbane around with her at all times.  Is it for protection from Derek’s pack?  Is the wolfsbane what keeps Lydia immune from the Kanaima’s venom?  Or does Creepy Dude have a more sinister reason for wanting to get under the red head’s skin.

Then again, he could always just be a horny teen looking to get laid . . .


Up close and personal . . .

Over in Argent land, Grandpoppy suggests that the Kanaima could be useful in culling out, and eventually killing Derek and his Wolf Pack.

At first blush, I’d say that this really isn’t such a bright idea.  After all, the Devil You Know is always safer than the Devil you don’t.  And this Kanaima sure does seem a lot more dangerous and deadly than broody Derek and his pitiful wolf pups.  Unless, of course, the Kanaima IS the Devil that Grandpoppy knows better.  Once again, the notion that Grandpa Argent is somehow connected to the Kanaima is dangled tantalizingly in front of us fans . . .

Elsewhere, even though Jackson is technically Stiles’ hostage, that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good host, right.  After slipping Jackson into a pair of pants, while he was passed out (Now, THAT’S a deleted scene I hope they put on the DVD), Stiles kindly offers Jackson some gas station sandwiches and scintillating conversation . . .


 . . . but no bathroom, which, after the sandwiches, could be a real problem . . .


Speaking of Stiles’ hostage hosting skills, he’s even gone to the trouble of texting Jackson’s adoptive parents from his cell phone to let them know he’s OK.

This, of course, ends up backfiring big time, because Jackson never says anything nice to his parents . . . or anyone for that matter . . .  by text or otherwise.  So, now, Jackson’s dad is super suspicious, and decides to go to the cops.

Over at school, Principal Not-John McCain creepily fondles his granddaughter’s neck to determine if she’s lying about the missing Jackson’s whereabouts.  I bet he does that with all the girls . . .

“My, Allison what big boobs neck muscles you have!” 

How convenient that the Argents, despite having just moved into town a few months ago,  have such an influence on the Beacon Hills public school system.  Within a day, Grandpa has installed video cameras all over the school.  And I bet you will never guess who he hired as Allison’s new substitute teacher . . .

Out of all the Argents, I still think this one is the scariest of them all . . .

Oddly enough, like Principal Not John McCain, Mama Argent seems to be working at the school for no other reason than to torture Allison.  After class, Mama Argent praises her daughter for being “strong” and staying away from Scott.


But Allison isn’t fooled, what might sound like praise coming from normal moms, is clearly a threat coming from this one.  In other words, “stop dating Scott, or he dies.”

Nothing much new here.  Though it did make me giggle a bit, when Mama Argent cleverly noted that Allison was exchanging quite a few text messages with “The Odd One” a.k.a. This Guy . . .

Speaking of Stiles, it seems his hostage-taking skills leave a bit to be desired.  For one thing, he’s forgotten about a little thing called “GPS” that police can use to TRACK THE CELL PHONES OF MISSING PEOPLE.



Speaking of technology, remember that sex tape that Danny shoved into the trunk of a car unwatched?  Well, feel free to check for it on YouTube next week because it’s GONE!

It’s not easy being green . . .

Outside the paddy wagon, Stiles, Scott and Allison argue over how next to proceed.  Arguing for the “Let’s not kill, Jackson” side is Scott, champion of all supernatural creatures, who wonders, as many fans have postulated, whether the Kanaima might only be target “bad people”  . . . like killers . . . and stuff.

But Stiles, who’s personally felt the wrath of the Kanaima on more than one occasion, is all, “Nah . . . he’s evil.  Let’s kill him!”


Funny how quickly your tune changes, when you find out the Kanaima isn’t the hot red-head you LOOOVE, but, rather, the jock douchebag you hate, isn’t it Stiles?

Loyal Wolf Pup Scott isn’t convinced, however.   He claims that his Scooby Gang should feel obligated to save Jackson because nobody else likes him enough to do it for them (well . . . except maybe Danny).


 Jackson overhears this, and gets depressed.  Cue the Single Manly Tear!


Then, Stiles heads off to chat with Lydia, so that the two lovebirds can make out some more.  We’re treated to a “scintillating” conversation about how Allison wants to be with Scott FOREVVEEERRRR, despite the fact that they are only sophomores (?), and the fact that with Scott’s grades, he might not actually graduate high school until he’s 55.  More nuzzling and smooching ensue . . .

Gag!  Puke!  BLEEEHHH!

I don’t know.  Usually, I’m such a goopy girl romantic.  And Allison has really been growing on me as a character these past few weeks.  But there’s something about these two together that just bores me to tears.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

The only interesting part of this conversation, was the suggestion that perhaps Lydia’s “immunity” to werewolf bites could be used to cure Scott of his “condition.”  Well, they may have squeeze it out of her first . . .


Wait,  I lied.  There was another interesting part of this conversation.  It was the one where Scott and Allison started boning.  And Jackson used that opportunity to turn into the Kanaima and escape.  Serves those horndogs right!

Now, completely out of options, Stiles decides to come clean to his dad about the town’s little “supernatural problem.”  Scott and his yellow eyes tag along to help make Stiles’ story a bit more “credible.”  Unfortunately, by the time they arrive at the sheriff’s office, a very smug looking “human” Jackson is already there with his lawyer dad.  And they’re ready to sue!

You know, because lawyers and law suits are so much scarier than getting your face ripped apart by a lizard thingy . . .

Allison’s ready to come clean to her parents too.  But before she can, she runs into Lydia, who, understandably, is desperate for answers.


She’s also conveniently fluent in Archaic Latin.  It’s time to break out that trusty old Bestiary again . . .

Here’s an interesting twist.  Either that school counselor chick really sucks at Latin . . .

. . . or she’s hiding something, because her translation of the piece about the Kanaima was missing one very important piece of information.  Accoring to Lydia, the Kanaima isn’t looking for a “friend,” it’s looking for a “MASTER” to control it . . .

Ahh . . . the plot . . . it thickens!  Until next time, Werebangers!

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17 responses to “Don’t Cry Kanaima – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Frenemy”

  1. Johan

    OK, so did this episode sink my theory of Science Teacher daddy? Could have. I think it is still possible that the teacher can be the master but not his father. Of course if Scott was correct about the reason that the Kanaima held Stiles and Derek away, then it points to Grandpa Argent as the Master. He could have wanted the chance of talking with Scott without being interruppted by either Stiles ot Derek. Did something else happen during those hours? Dannys equipment was destroyed then, but who whore them? Was it Jackson?

    Is it obvious that I loved this episode too, that I love this entire season?

    Stiles wanting to kill Jackson, does that mean that the Kanaima will target him in the future? Derek did kill uncle Alpha but did that count as murder?

    I agree with you about Lydias new “friend” Has anyone else, but Lydia, seen him? It could be a young uncle Alpha. But where does it all mean?

    Also who knew about Danny restoring the video? I only know about Camera Guy.

    And a message to Scotts new pack. TELL LYDIA THE TRUTH.
    She needs to know what the hell is going on in this town.

    Regarding the Argents abilities to insert their people where they want, tehy seem to have connections everywhere. Remember last season when they sent two “State Police” to the Stiles father to get information about Derek.

    And at last I have to confess of being a bit superficial. Damn, Colton Haynes have a great body. And Danny did look good too. I read somewhere that Beacon Hills population could be models or crew from Magic Mike and from what I’ve seen so far I have to agree.

    • Hey Johan! No, I wouldn’t say the Science Teacher as Daddy theory is totally blown out of the water yet. Jackson was adopted. It’s entirely possible that Mr. Harris is his biological father, and only his kanaima side knows it.

      I still think Grandpa Argent as the kanaima master would be a nice twist though . . .

      Oh, and I love your theory about “Lydia’s neighbor” being nothing more than a hallucination. You are right. I don’t think anyone else has actually seen him!

      I’m also with you on Colton Haynes body. His skin is like porcelain . . .

      • Johan

        The problem is also that we dont know which plots are ending this season and which ones will continue next season. The Science teacher, Grandpa Argent, Kendra and Lydias new friend, some of them will be still be around after the season ends like the vetrenerian. We still dont know his story.

        Who is a good and who is bad?

        Do anyone know of a Teen Wolf forum where you can discuss this?

      • I usually lurk around the Tumblr Tag on Teen Wolf for gifs and off-the-cuff reactions. But if you are looking for something more messenger board style, have you considered the Teen Wolf imdb page? There are always a lot of really insightful (and some ridiculously funny) Teen Wolf discussions going on there.

      • Johan

        I find most people on imdb to be juvenile. I havent watched the Teen Wolf page so I dont know if they are any better though.

  2. East Coast Captain

    I believe this hypothetical cure Scott talked about, it won´t cure him it might seem that way at first but then it will wear off and he will return to be a werewolf I´ve seen plot points like that before supernatural creature is cured returns to be human but then over a few days they exhibit vampire or werewolf characteristics and find that the cure is not a cure. I believe Scott will become more powerful most likely.

    Again the Hunters I really hate them, what are they fighting for again? It seems most of the werewolves they got after are guys who they wronged like Peter. It makes them despicable because Mama Argent is scarier than the monsters since she is a monster.

    Scott and Allison had sex right?

    I feel like Scott maybe should a new love interests as the seasons go on I don´t feel any chemistry between them.

    • Johan

      Perhaps they could use any possible cure on Jackson. I wonder if they succed on curing him if he would turn into a werewolf or just a ordinary human? Jackson do seem to have the senses of a werewolf from time to time so it is possible that his werewolf is buried beneth the Kanaima.

      And I agree with you that the true monsters is the Argent family. Aunt Kate killed alot of innocents, what did the Argents do to find out what happened to the Hale family? Nothing, they were after all just werewolves and family. And when uncle Alpha took his revenge the Argent family went after all werewolfs and their family.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I agree with you about Scott’s idea of a cure, not being a cure. The way I see it, Scott had one opportunity to cure his werewolfism, and that died when Derek killed Peter.

      As for Lydia being immune, is she really? I have a fun little theory about that, which I’m going to be floating around in that fanfiction I just started. 🙂

      Oh, Scott and Allison TOTALLY had sex, multiple times, and in multiple places. 🙂 Put it this way, if those two were on True Blood they’d be a much more interesting couple than they are right now. 😉 They’d still be boring together. But at least we’d have something to see!

      Yeah, those two both definitely need new love interests. I actually think anyone would be more interesting with Allison than with Scott, Derek and Stiles, in particular.

      I never really got the whole “Erica and Scott” thing. However, I did think Erica’s comment about Scott being able to not be ashamed of his wolfiness, if he dated another werewolf had merit. Perhaps, they can bring another female Omega wolf onto the series to spice tihngs up? 🙂

      • Johan

        Where can I read your fanfics?

        Also Erica and Issac are letting their powers controll them. They were weak and abused, now that they are the strong they ahd the chance of grow but instead abuse their powers. That was always the danger of Issac, abused people often continue the evil circle by abusing others. I had hoped that Derek would help him but Derek seem to only train them in fighting (ofcourse they need that badly) but Derek needs to teach them controll and now when to use their powers and when to back down. Derek knows this as we saw in season one.

        I really didnt like that Derek broke Issacs arm as a teaching tool. It may have worked on Scott in season one but Issac needs something else.

        Boyd seems to be on his way to be a Omega. He is always on the side. My thought is that the reason he was alone when he was human was partly his fault.


        I made the mistake of not finishing my Stiles and Lydia story, before tonight’s episode aired. It pretty much crapped on a few of my plot points, in terms of keeping in canon. But hey, what can you do? 😉

  3. Andre

    You know one day you actually have to tell me what you do with all the screencaps.

    Ok, I also wondered why Danny didn’t watch the tape. Perhaps it’s a friendship thing, but considered what he said about Jackson’s general anger-level of 4 (1 slightly irritated and 10 wanna kill you [I think]) I wonder why he is friends with that douchebag anyway. :/

    Man Derek sucks at fighting. How in all hell did he ever think he could take down his uncle? Seriously, he has been a werewolf all his live and the Kanaima has been out for how long? A few weeks? Nonetheless it had the upper hand.
    And I still wonder why Derek still looks mostly like in season 1. I though being the Alpha transforms you into these huge baboon (let’s face it; it didn’t really look like a wolf).

    And I asked myself the same thing. How did the Argents get there? I mean they didn’t have security cameras everywhere yet and they didn’t know how the Kanaima looked, so how did they know where to be?
    Scott and Stiles make sense, they might have followed Derek’s scent but the other two, no idea.

    Now when the Kanaima didn’t attack the old guy I had my suspicion that he would use it, and one part that he was the guy in the car in the previous episode (but I doubt that), and seems like I was right. It makes sense of course, this way you either eliminate one problem without doing something or if you’re really both problems. Albeit I wonder about the rules he talked about. It also reminded me of supernatural when it was stated that supernatural creatures follow some rules as opposed to humans (rubbish of course). However, what if one of those rules is to obey a mentally stronger one?

    Now for the first (in a long time let’s face it) time Scott had a conclusion with merit (although it’s debatable whether it’s truly Scott’s conclusion since Stiles was the one who put together the facts and Scott simply voiced the conclusion). Unlike with the werewolves the Kanaima and its human “host” are seemingly two different beings. The werewolves simply look different and the physical difference is usually relatively minimal. In the Kanaima’s case however it seems to be different (as implied by the fact that the Kanaima is so reptilian that it has either no scent of its own or simply too weak to notice). Jackson doesn’t have the usual superpowers that are always active with the wolves but only randomly and mostly when he is the Kanaima. This means that when he was lifting that car and having super-hearing senses suddenly he might have been in some sort of partial transformation. The Trailer of next week suggests that as well:

    This is in my mind further evidence that the Kanaima doesn’t have the connection to the werewolves Derek claims.

    Of course Scott destroys that little evidence of intelligence by pointing out the most obvious feature of the club. Not only sees he only dudes, which is weird because in a club like that women stand out (Drag Queens usually don’t look like normal women, only transvestites do, some of them), but doesn’t notice the three huge Drag Queens around Stiles and considered how little time the two have been in the club these ladies must have rushed to Stiles like Banshees.
    Now at the bar I admit I wasn’t at first sure whom the drink was bought for. Since the blond barkeeper looked at Scott and said “that one was bought” I first thought that only Scott’s drink was bought and pitied Stiles a bit, but then I saw it again and noticed that both Scott and Stiles looked to the other guy and neither paid anything. So I am not entirely sure, whether it was only for Stiles or for both. I don’t think anymore that it was only for Scott since nothing in their conversation hinted at this. What do you think?
    However I think you (and possibly many other viewers) would have died out of joy would these two have made a hot threesome with their generous benefactor wouldn’t you?
    Now the question would be of course, who tops and who bottoms? 😉

    And, well you know my thoughts on the Kanaima in the club. They take that long to notice it? There wasn’t that much fog.

    Quote:” Small towns lead to small minds, I guess . . . even in otherwise awesome dudes, like Daddy Stilinski.”
    In some way you can’t blame him, I mean what would a small town guy in his mid-forties know about LGBT people?
    Stiles is the direct opposite of what is shown about gays. The show currently did an acceptable job with Danny, but a complete lack of femme guys in the bar is equally unrealistic and there is still the fashion stereotype.
    Either way the media doesn’t exactly show stuff like this:

    And that:

    As for Stiles not being gay but bi would of course be possible, but I doubt it so far. Let’s face it, just because someone is tolerant or accepting doesn’t mean that they get the facts right. For the majority bisexuality doesn’t seem to exist. I think this video covers it pretty well:

    This actually reminds me of what a “straight” pornstar once stated:
    “Sex is sex, what is the difference between a dick and a dildo”
    Seriously, people rather believe that straight guys only enjoy “it” without any sort of female stimulation than to acknowledge the existence of bisexuality. And this is not just an issue with straight people, it’s with gay people as well. Especially with those that state that they don’t think in labels as it seems.

    I just thought that it sucks to call your dog Prada. Yuck. That clearly shows Lydia’s priorities if you ask me. And can a dog of that size really weight only 6 pounds?
    Anyway Scott could not mind-control the dog back in season 1, he probably intimidated him. If werewolves could do that they would have used it in the series by now. Remember this is Teen Wolf and not TVD, so far they don’t just drop elements they created.

    And the new guy is really weird, or better, he is simply there? That is weird. Perhaps he is related to Peter but then there is the question why he didn’t appear sooner?
    Either way he didn’t give her wolfsbane. The flower was from the plants crawling up the column behind Lydia. You can clearly see the flowers in the gifs you used and as far as I know wolfsbane doesn’t grow on such plants.

    Now to Stiles and douchebag Jackson, I agreed with Stiles, seeing the sack of such an asshole is really nothing fun. Normally sacks already aren’t pretty but when they are attached to someone like Jackson they are outright disgusting.

    Now this that Jackson never said “I love you” to his parents since they told him that he was adopted shows to me that he should get the Douchebag of the Year award:

    Then again, having a villain you don’t like is probably better than having one that only annoys you.
    Back to the point:
    If what his dad said is right Jackson was about 5-6 at the time they told him and apparently he did say it before. So the lack of these words afterwards suggest to me that Jackson doesn’t see the two as his real parents, that his biological parents are somewhat more important, he probably never really considered why he was given away to begin with. That “he never met his biological” parents stuff in season 1 was already acid in my ears. I can’t stand this stuff because it ultimately suggests that not growing up with your sires is wrong or less good and bad to the child. I am not surprised by this anymore since the producer/writer did hint at something like that. Basically he sees Scott’s and Stiles families as less good because in each case there is only one parent. To which I can only say, if our species were that stagnant and fragile we would have died out a long time ago.

    And now Mrs. Argent as a substitute teacher? Sure it makes sense if the all-boys school stuff is true but I can’t help but think that she is there to check up on Allyson first and foremost.

    Now for Stiles being for killing Jackson, well you can’t blame him (on a site note at the start of the episode Scott called the Kanaima “it” while Stiles had to remind him that its Jackson, and now that the scales are gone its Scott who refers to Jackson as a person). Personally I think that Scott is governed by a misguided “I have been there” feeling. But while Scott can arguably be called arrogant and self-absorbed in his case that stems from tacking things for granted while in Jackson’s case it’s rather a behavior of a spoiled brat that can’t stand not getting what it wants. This is evident by the fact that his first response to Stiles and Scott is a threat, his constant threatening of Stiles and his father (more to that later). Not to mention his inability of figuring his status out by himself. Based on the transformation in this episode there is no way Jackson wouldn’t have noticed at least something. But when you look at his behavior last season when he didn’t get what he wanted this makes sense. He cannot stand it and this leads either to aggression or desperation, both in extreme. The trailer for next week also points towards this. You can say what you want about the Kanaima, so far it killed seemingly on command or out of self-preservation, but Jackson acts on his own free will and malice (Haynes plays it good). That he has a good side only makes it worse, because it clearly shows where his priorities lay.

    I guess you don’t fall for Allison and Scott because Scott is a) not a vampire and b) because it is pretty … expected. That’s all. Would Scott be an impulsive vampiric serial killer I am sure you would be all over these two. 😉

    Let’s just hope that Scott doesn’t turn into Teen Wolf’s Klaus since he obviously didn’t hear the Kanaima escaping, and considered how the van looked that must have made a sound.

    And now that we are at it, same question as in my E-mail, does it make me a bad person if I want to see this happen to Jackson?

    That face, the smile, I just wanted to hit the asshole. They are not gonna land in jail in the next episode but I’ll be damned if Jackson’s behavior in the trailer isn’t linked to this.
    But more of him later or next week.

    As for the mistranslation of “master” with “friend” that is really odd, I mean can the archaic latin words for master and friend really be so similar? According to google the latin word for master is dominus and for friend is amicus. They only share one syllable.
    Either she sucks at Latin, in that version it is the same or similar word or she has an agenda. Just like Lydia’s intelligence that seems too much of a coincidence.

    • Hey Andre! Hmmm . . . what do I do with the screencaps I don’t use? Would you believe Extra Large Female Spank Bank? Just kidding . . . or am I? 😉

      It is interesting, as you mentioned, that the week after the writers posed the idea of the kanaima being a separate entity from it’s human self (unlike the werewolf, which, at least in the universe of this series, is one in the same with his human counterpart), they give us that trailer, which seems to suggest just the opposite. Perhaps, with Jackson, the distinction is not necessarily, Kanaima versus Not Kanaima but Controlled by the Master versus Not Controlled. I’m wondering if the reason that Jackson’s transformations are seemingly so random (sometimes slow, sometimes fast / sometimes complete, sometimes partial) is that the Master is controlling them. And here’s a theory . . . what if it was the Master that caused Jackson to react the way that he did to the venom, as opposed to an actual chemical reaction? 🙂

      Oh, and thank you so much for those YouTube videos. I totally fell in love with Hoodie Guy in the first one, even in his one minute total of screentime, and then started clapping like a total nerd, when I saw he also starred in the subsequent one. 🙂 He’s kind of brilliant, isn’t he? And I felt his message in both videos really resonated, without coming off too angry or preachy. I actually wish they had more PSAs like that on primetime TV.

      I think you are right about Scott and Allison. I read a really interesting thread about the couple on IMDB that seems to be in agreement with you. Basically, it said that the reason the fandom isn’t as gungho about the Salison ship as, perhaps, the writers would like them to be, is that (1) There was no push and pull, in there relationship. It was love at first sight, from episode 1. (2) People tend to root for couples that are complex and interesting in their differences . . . characters who are opposites, and whose flaws compliment one another. Scott and Allison are both so gosh darn nice. For a while, back in Season 1, they flirted with Scott having a dark side. But that seems to have gone the way of the crow and the diary readings on TVD.

      And I still haven’t figured out what Allison’s flaws are! Now, I won’t go so far as to say that she’s a Mary Sue, because her family history, and physical / mental toughness prevent her from being totally cookie cutter. But she comes pretty darn close.

      That said, as I mentioned in my comment to East Coast Captain, I think the right romantic foils could bring out interesting aspects in Scott’s and Allison’s characters that we haven’t seen yet, and, resultantly, make both characters more interesting.

      Regarding Jackson, you might get your wish. As Johan had suggested, I can definitely see the ultimate redemption of Jackson’s character coinciding with his demise, making his the poignant Big Death of the season. I can actually envision a plotline where Jackson ends up sacrificing himself to free himself from control by the Master, and save his “friends” (by which I mean Danny, because it’s hard to count the others :)) from the Kanaima.

      Speaking of Danny, you’ve piqued my interest about how that friendship came about. Perhaps, it was just a “popular guys who like sports thing.” But to me there connections seems a bit deeper. I think there’s a good backstory there. And I kind of hope the writers take the time to tell it, even if only in a short flashback scene.

      And yeah, I think you are right about the counselor being full of crap in her translation of the Latin term. Now, maybe “archaic Latin” is different then “non-archaic Latin,” but to me, the words “dominus” (for master) and “amicus” (for friend) are pretty hard to confuse with one another.

      • Andre

        Ok, first one thing. Yesterday I saw “The Amazing Spider-man” with a friend (in original language and 3D of course :D) and I must say, yeah, Stiles could be Spider-man, he has the same goofy charms and intelligence, albeit not quite the same touch of arrogance that made Spider-man rebel. I was actually pleasantly surprised of the film. I only went to watch it because of the effects and got a much better acting and story than in the last three Spiderman movies.
        I guess Stiles would at first also wreck pretty much everything. 😀
        However the Kanaima and Derek might want to take a few pages of the book of fighting by the Lizard, he did a much better job at using its abilities and improvising than either of these two. Derek and the Kanaima barely use anything more than teeth and claws.

        As for the Screencaps. Well I doubt that you would just delete all those shirtless pictures of Derek, Scott, Danny and Jackson. 😉

        Lydia’s new boyfriend a hallucination? I doubt it, he was sitting in class (first line) the day she wrote “Someone help me” on the board.

        “As for Lydia being immune, is she really? I have a fun little theory about that, which I’m going to be floating around in that fanfiction I just started. ”
        I hope it’s on the same page I frequent. 😉
        Ps, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the “Tales of the Wolf”, the next part will be… well you will see. I will also use some stuff I originally wanted to use for TVD fanfic (before it only annoyed me) for a dream of Jackson.

        It could be that Jackson’s reaction to the venom and his actions in transformed stated was due to the master; however that would lead to the question as to how that happened. Of course telepathy would not be out of question because we already saw that in season 1 with Scott. Nonetheless there was a distinct difference between normal Scott and controlled Scott. And (well we’ll know in a few days) Jackson’s behavior in the trailer doesn’t exactly fit being controlled. At least I hope not that this is what they will do, because I hate it if they do stuff ala “ops not him, it was something else, he is actually a nice guy”. That is so cheap and way below the level of Teen Wolf if you ask me. Jackson is clearly a douchebag and people simply don’t change that fast.

        “But that seems to have gone the way of the crow and the diary readings on TVD.”
        It’s not quite the same. Scott’s darkside was linked to the full moon and that element is still there. In TVD they state that these thinks are there but then just drop it without any hesitance. This is not the case in Teen Wolf.
        Part of why you don’t see all this bickering in Salison is a) from a story point of view, because they don’t have time for that and b) they are not these dysfunctional couples that pull each other down that are so popular in romance novels. Let’s face it, you love Delena but by realistic standards these people are horrible, both of them (and I will simply never understand how you can just overlook that). And Scott and Alison simply don’t fit into that category. Either way Teen Wolf is not simply about these two it is way more about bigger events and real consequences than TVD would ever be.
        In addition the show makes Scott more approachable by his clumsiness and somewhat slow-wittedness and not through some dark parts that would basically make him a psycho ala the Salvatore brothers. And be lucky that this isn’t TVD otherwise you would have never gotten Stiles’ or Jacksons’ performances.

        Personally I think Allison has the flaw of not seeing what is in front of her before it being pointed out to her and a measure of social ability. And I think part of her somewhat social dorkiness is due to her moving around so much. I guess that she isn’t an outcast is basically due to Lydia’s influence.
        As for her and Scott, well unlike TVD Teen Wolf actually plays in real life ways so Scott and Allison simply aren’t there yet, either chronologically nor circumstantially, to actually be distracted by possible other romances. All happens to fast right now, it’s basically act and react so far.

        And well we will see about the counselor. Like I said, it just seems a bit too convenient to be a chance or some simply plot device. So far Teen Wolf didn’t show that it is that cheap. I also wonder whether they will ever delve deeper into Lydia’s abilities and why she chose Jackson. I mean, like I wrote before, in that regard she is basically the stereotype of the smart girl that falls for the douchebag. But why I wonder, what does she see in him?

        PS. If you need a good laugh (and a good looking actor), look at this:

  4. LOL. That’s OK, Ikainica. I wouldn’t trust me with a transformation tape, either. 🙂

  5. CK

    Alright, I apologise in advance, but the US heat wave has crossed the border to the North and making my brain sweat inside my skull. I accept no responsibility for grammar, spelling and making any kinda sense for the following, which follows the episode as it unfolds..


    Oh good, they finally found a way to make Jackson unattractive, what with the random bone-breaking, scale-forming, and teeth-rotting. But can I PLEASE stand up in bed like that, without even the suggestion of hip or feet movement?! I’m still unsure whether or not Jackson deserves to be the kanima. And whether or not he deserves Danny as his best friend.


    The way Derek runs, what with the jacket billowing dramatically, is remarkably arousing. ARRROUSING, as one Stiles St. would say.


    Allison, would you puh-lease SHUT THE EFF UP about Scott and your relationship and how very secret it must be kept, even to the point of LYING IN YOUR (up to now) BEST FRIEND’S FACE AND MAKING LIGHT OF HER (likely imaginery, yet VERY real) PROBLEMS? Boo, I say, BOO!


    What happened to the Kanima using his tail as his best happens…nah, I guess going fist-to-fist will serve the fight just right. And the CGI Kanima? Never NOT hilarious.

    BTW – where did Derek disappear off to? And how many (silver?) bullets does it take to take a Kanima out?

    BTW BTW – Gerrard? FML. I wonder how long he can keep playing his little games before Chris catches on (if he hasn’t done so already).


    In the opening segment, have you ever noticed that Jackson/Colton is “swinging away” while swinging away. Playing Lacrosse commando-style, are we?


    Yeah, you’re not really playing for our team, I don’t think. While I usually argue that “lack of style is a style all of its own”…your variations of shades of grey really confirm this.


    Since I’m living vicariously through Teen Wolf, at least I can now knock going to a gay club off my bucket list…and just how many people have to go through life ugly so that gays can populate places like this, I wonder?

    BTW – I appreciate Stiles’ style of head nod-dancing. It’s what I do. But I ever get stroked by DQ…

    BTW BTW – Danny’s dancing…what’s it with making a phone gesture?!

    BTW BTW BTW – Danny’s ex is played by one Damon Jackson, and I need to give kudos to the crew for getting him back for another five-second segment.


    Prada. Really? How about we get you a real dog, Lydia? Y’know, one that wouldn’t get damaged irrepably by rapid movement of air?

    BTW – hello, Mr Fjordbak. I see you took the blue eyes out of Frodo Baggins to light Beacon Hills up.

    BTW BTW – are you real?


    Oh, how sweet would it have been to get a “Danny, dance with me!” from Stiles this time around. And why is Danny not shirtless yet? And what is Jackson after by slashing at all these innocent young gays? In denial THAT much?

    BTW – hello, Alpha. How’s your mood tod…never mind.


    OK, so they find Jackson covered in blood and put him in Stiles’ vehicle of (poor) choice. Do they take the time to clear him up…like, everywhere? Oh, the mind is boggled…


    Lydia’s House of Creepy Creeping…I don’t really know/care what is happening here, but “YAY LYDIA!” for being continuously sassy. Anecdote from my youth: I once gave a flower to a girl myself. It was a crocus, which is rather poisonous. Particular girl proceeded to eat the flower and then proceeded to hospital. Good thing I turned queer…no flowers for them dudes.


    What’s the point of paralyzing people from the neck down, so they still can call for help?

    Great line, Danny, about your ex. Leaves open, uhm, other opportunities for you to draw from Beacon Hills rather rich vein of male hotness.

    BTW – Stiles and Stiles’ dad. That’s also a rather rich vein…OF GOLD. It can’t be long before this will come to a head and…what, I’m supposed to just wait for the end of this episode? Uhm, OK…

    BTW BTW – Stiles, see? Even your dad tells ya you’re not a queer. It. Is. PAINFULLY AND UNFORTUNATELY. Obvious. But the delivery of your explanation? AWESOME.

    BTW BTW BTW – poor Jackson. First getting shot by Sargent Argent, then getting your throat slashed by the world’s sourest Sour Wolf and THEN getting punched your lights out by Scott McCall? All on the same night? You don’t waste time, dude.


    Stiles, just how serious are you about killing Jackson? Until now, I didn’t think you had much of a dark side…I find it rather…intriguing.

    This brings us to my favourite scene: Jackson waking up in the paddy wagon. I realised that Colton Haynes is very adept at gnashing his teeth and doing heavy breathing when mad (i.e., most of the time), but he made Stiles’ name into TWO SYLLABLES. Whew, that’s some serious anger building there.

    And how did Stiles “procure” the paddy wagon? Add that to list of items Stiles’ dad is going to discuss with his son somwhere not too far down the road.

    BTW – I have to applaud both the writers (Jeff D. in this case) and Dylan O’Brien for so completely nailing Stiles. And Dylan’s delivery of these lines (“Being up close and personal with your junk…”) is spot-on. Again, the mind boggles… And the way Stiles seems to be simultaneously terrified and aroused by shows of strength is so goddamn funny.


    How is it possible that Gerrard keeps getting creepier and more threatening with each episode he’s in? Someone takes the man’s pills away. NOW! It makes me wonder just how long Allison will be able/willing to play along…

    And just how is it that NO ONE ever asked what happened to the former principal? The Argents just moved back into town, and they already can pull that much weight? Again, the mind boggles…

    And Victoria Argent…how did ANY of these kids survive SEVEN FRIGGIN’ hours with her in a classroom? ESPECIALLY Scott.


    “Yeah, you have a tail!” Stiles said in a dead-pan voice. LMFAO! And poor Jackson, nothing happened on the night of the first full moon. Poor baby…


    THE ODD ONE?!? Eff you, woman. Up and down and sideways. Quit creeping the bejeezus out of me, too. And just for the records, how many sixteen year-old boys HAVE you offed?


    Did Stiles actually say “sh*t”? And the selective super-hearing of EVERY supernatural on this show annoys me to tears.


    Hello, Danny. No no, you don’t have to put on a shirt just for me…

    ….20 dreamy minutes later….

    And haven’t you FRIGGIN’ LOCKED YOU CAR before going into the club?!??!?


    Don’t ya think there are, I dunno, state laws that failing a single midterm is NOT a reason for passing a grade is ILLEGAL?!? I mean, what?


    I just noticed the music that plays when Scott is looking for Danny’s tablet is different between the US and Canadian versions. Interesting.


    Again, Stiles is arguing for Jackson’s death? Dude must REALLY be holding a grudge about…Jackson’s perfect hair, perhaps? And how is it that Scott is all of a sudden doing all the deductive thinking and moral arguing?

    But I have to say, I did have feels for poor Jackson. “Having nobody” is not nice, even if you have perfect hair. AND FRIGGIN’ SCALES ERUPTING ALL OVER YOUR SKIN!!!


    Allison and Scott (Alliott?) in the car, yadda yadda, blah blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh look, Jackson’s gone Kanima and we all have a bad feeling about this. I can’t fathom why the writers (Jeff D. in this case) are STILL putting these twosome-but-NOT-awesome scenes into the show. Unlike other reviewers, who seem to have taken a liking to Scott and Allison’s blossoming relationship, I’d still rather see that ship hit an iceberg and sink out of sight and memory. Not even the view of Scott’s biceps could save this one for me. I’d put in another line about selective werewolf hearing, and I just did.



    FINALLY you’re realising you are in over your lovely heads…but I don’t think even your yellow glare can save the situation right now, Scott.


    And Lydia, sweety: I took seven EFFIN’ of Latin in high school and I was ready to kill myself over it. And you tell me you did Ancient Latin, too? You rule, gurl. In a weird and slightly disconcerting way, but you rule.


    So the big question now is…who’s holding the Kanima remote control? I heard that Jackson will lose his sh*t tomorrow and once again I proclaim that he won’t be for this world much longer. A pity, but at least Colton Haynes will be free to travel some more around the globe…

    And with that, I bid you good-bye. Until the next episode. OF WHICH I KNOW REALLY NOTHING SO IT’LL BE INCREDIBLY EXCITING!!!


    A final note regarding season 2: I greatly admire just how dense this series is. Bang after bang after bang. Kinda concerns me whether they can keep up the tempo, though. And who of this perfect cast will have to bite the dust before the season’s finale. BECAUSE I DON’T WANNA LOSE ANY ONE OF THEM. Yes, that includes you, Jackson.

    Toodles from the Great White North,
    Christian x-)

    • Hey CK! LOL, good point about the writers and producers putting a major damper on Colton Haynes sex symbol status by making him the Kanaima. Lots of girls and guys will dig a douchebag character, provided he looks good while being douchey. But a character that constantly has things crawling in and out of his mouth, and popping out of his eyeballs and skin . . . not so much. 🙂

      I nearly puked about four times during this most recent episode . . . and all because of Jackson . . . well, once because of Pet . . . well, let’s not spoil anything for the folks on the West Coast. 😉

      Speaking of, I find it really interesting that the Canadian and U.S. versions of the episodes have different soundtracks. I wonder if this is because certain artists will only license their songs to be used in their own country, or if the producers somehow assume we have different tastes in music. It’s probably the former, but I’d find it amusing, if it was the latter.

      Ahh, you don’t like Stiles’ Style? I don’t know. I think he could be making a subliminal sex statement with those Fifty Shades of Grey t-shirts. 😉

      I like how he dances too. The ole “head fake” mixed with a little “white man’s overbite” . . . but he rocks it with pride, and makes it look good. 😉

      Again, I don’t want to spoil anything here, but WE WERE SO RIGHT ABOUT SO MANY THINGS! The Teen Wolf fandom is the smartest fandom ever! This, of course, brings me to Scott and Allison . . . it appears we all may just get our wish as far as they are concerned.

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. I was cracking up the whole time I was reading it. 🙂

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