“That snake just came out of WHERE?!” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Restraint”


Hey there, Werebangers!  This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was not for the weak of heart or stomach.

Erica became the Catwoman to Stiles’ Batman, just in time to have her kitty-clawed arm twisted out of it’s socket.  Lydia had the unfortunate experience of having her “My Date with Emo” romantic comedy life, merge with her “I See Dead People (or rather the Same Dead Person, Over and Over Again) ” horror movie life, in a way that forced her to recognize that she might actually be Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

Jackson got to have snakes crawl in and out of every orifice of his body, like it was a jungle gym.  Big Bad Hoodie Guy reminded us why you should never EVER go to the hospital in Beacon Hills.  And Allison’s mom went really, REALLY overboard sharpening a pencil.

Let’s review, shall we?

[As always, thank you to MY Master . . . of screencaps that is, Andre!  Thanks for all of your hard work, and for not being at all evil.  I also appreciate your not making snakes come out of my eyeballs. ;)]

“Well, hello there soon-to-be-dead people we’ve never met!”

Ahhh, the good ole “Victim Extras Whose Soul Purpose in Life is to Die Terrible Horrible Deaths Just So We Know the Big Bad Means Business.”  It’s a tale as old as horror movie time.  But the writers of Teen Wolf took this one step further, by using these seemingly random and senseless deaths to actually add to the season’s over-arching mystery.

We open on a youngish married couple — late 20’s, early 30’s tops — who have recently fallen on hard times and have been forced to make their home in a particularly dingy trailer.  But wait, it’s about to get worse, when the husband of the couple goes out side to chat with a heretofore unseen Big Bad Hoodie Guy about some faulty lights, and ends up being (1) ripped from the ground by a giant snake; (2) murdered by said snake; and finally (3) shoved through the window of his trailer, so that his wife can look at the snake’s handiwork.

Same old, same old, right?  But here’s where things get interesting . .  . After doing away with the husband, the snake comes back inside the trailer to finish off the wife, who totally seems like a goner.  But then the camera pans down and we notice, at presumably the same time that the snake does that the wife is VERY pregnant.    So, we’re thinking.  “Great!  Two for one special for the Big Bad Snake.”

Except, it isn’t.  Because, for SOME reason — which I plan to speculate about in a bit — the snake has decided to show this pregnant lady mercy . . . for now.

So, what have we learned from this . . . I mean . . . aside from the obvious: ((1) Don’t talk to people in hoodies!  (2) Don’t park your trailer in the creepy woods! (3)  Getting knocked up might just save your life!)?  Well, we’ve learned that Kanaima Jackson, unlike his werewolf counterparts, is not just limited to his human and lizard form.  He’s a true shapeshifter, one that can morph into multiple types of reptiles, and possibly even animals from other species.  This is also the first time we’ve seen the Kanaima Puppet Master in Action, pulling Jackson’s strings from beneath a trademark Dark Hoodie Worn By Every Villain in Every Teen Horror Movie Ever.

And this guy (or girl?) means business . . .

The next day,  at school . . .

But what if Stiles has to pee?

I’m rather ashamed to admit this, but the moment I saw the trailer for this week’s episode — which hinted that the erstwhile kidnapped Kanaima Jackson convinced his parents to get a restraining order against Scott and Stiles — I spent an inordinate amount of time wondering how the heck that was going to work, when, by mere virtue of going to the same high school, Scott, Stiles and Jackson would nearly ALWAYS be within 500 feet of one another.  Well, apparently, the writers must have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about it too.  Because they treated us to Stiles absolutely HILARIOUS speech about how Jackson’s restraining order could negatively impact his bodily functions . . .

“What if I have to pee?  And Jackson has to pee?  And the only two available stalls are right next to one another?”


Of course, Jackson’s dad thought Stiles was being sarcastic and making light of the situation, which, knowing Stiles,  I suspect he was.  And yet, in a real Restraining Order situation the whole Pee Standing Up thing would actually become a genuine legal issue  . . . not to mention the fact that Jackson seems to have Every Single One of his Classes with Scott and Stiles despite the fact that Scott is a total mental midget, and would probably never place into the high-level type classes Stiles, Jackson and Lydia would take.

Mama McCall is understandably freaked out by her son’s foray into kidnapping, and even goes as far as to take away Scott’s most prize possession as punishment . . . his Stiles.  A Scott without his Trusty Sidekick / Wingman?  Now, that would be a sign of Teen Wolf’s impending cancellation the Apocalypse.  Though Scott comes awfully close to telling his mom the truth about why he’s seemingly acting like a total teen sociopath, Stiles coaxes his bestie out of the completely unbelieveable “The Lizard Thingy Made Me Do It” excuse, by navigating his pal toward a much more “believable” one, i.e.  “I’m just sad because I have a deadbeat dad.”

Way to guilt trip your mommy for being single, Scott!

Meanwhile, over at Wolfpack Hideaway 2.0 . . .

Derek is busy telling wolf pups Isaac and Erica (SERIOUSLY WHERE IS BOYD and who did he have to blow to get out of all these mandatory lecture sessions?) . . .

. . .  to “play nice” with Scott and Stiles, so that they’ll readily give up intel about the Kanaima.  Erica, who’s idea of “playing nice” typically involves “thinly-veiled propositions of sex disguised as not particularly credible threats to one’s safety” thinks this is a super idea, one that might just end up getting her impregnated, thereby contributing to the Wolf Bloodline.

Because everyone knows that if Jackson was a Hogwarts Wizard, he’d be a Slytherin

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this seemingly nonsensical,  not to mention utterly disgusting scene, in which Jackson impressively charms a Class Pet snake . . .and then SWALLOWS IT HOLE.  I wish I could say this was a metaphor for sex, but it SO wasn’t.

You’re welcome.

In which the sight of Naked Jackson eliminates my ability to come up with a clever subheading for this section . . .

I’ve showed it once before, but it bears repeating . . .

It turns out that Derek’s wolf pups aren’t the only ones trying to “squeeze intel” out of the opposition.  Based on further research regarding the Kanaima, Team Scott n’ Stiles decide that it’s actually a “good creature” most of the time.  And by “good creature” I mean it still murders people, but only really, really bad ones . . . kind of like that Dexter guy on the Showtime series . . .  So, why is Jackson’s Kanaima such a total douche, they wonder?

Well, obviously, it has something to do with the fact that Kanaima Jackson’s Master is clearly a douche.  Oh, and did I mention that Jackson is also .  . . at least about 98.999% of the time a douche?  I don’t know . . . the answer to this one seems pretty darn obvious to me.  I mean, if it walks like a douche, talks like a douche, and looks like a lizard . . .

Nevertheless, Scott and Stiles are willing to give Jackson the benefit of the doubt, and blame shoddy parenting on his sociopathy / lizardy tendency to KILL EVERYONE, even members of his own kind . . .  Except, in order to make this hypothesis stick, they need to first figure out what happened to Jackson’s bio parents .  . .

Not surprisingly, Stiles hits up Jackson’s ex, Lydia for information.  Unfortunately, the Jackson-centric portion of Lydia’s genius, but increasingly addled brain is a locked vault.

Lydia is loyal to Jackson and his secrets, because, in between verbally and emotionally abusing her, Jackson occasionally gives her nice kisses . . .

Erica overhears this exchange take place, and decides that it’s the perfect time to swoop in and “play nice.”  She tells Stiles that she just might have the information he’s seeking.  But when Stiles does run straight into Erica’s waiting tongue and / or lodge his head in between her boobs, girlfriends gets pissed, pushes him up against the wall, and tries to claw off his face.  So much for “playing nice.”

Fortunately, for Erica, Stiles, who’s kind of used to this sort of abuse, take this precursor to date rape in stride.  He even throws a little comic book humor into the mix for good measure!


Elsewhere, Scott is taking a makeup chemistry test.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t hallucinate scary questions onto it, like last time.  (Wait, now that I think about it, that might have actually been an important plot point.  More on that later.)

Also elsewhere, Allison is busy stalking Jackson near the boy’s locker room, when she runs into her own personal stalker Creepy Camera Guy.  It’s like a Stalker Circle Jerk!  Creepy Camera Guy awkwardly invites Allison to a rave.  And I have to wonder if it’s at the same gay club the cast visited last week . . . because . . . let’s face it, no matter how many unflattering close-up shots, Creepy Camera Guy takes of Allison’s face, he’s not fooling ANYBODY!

Speaking of folks who enjoy gay porn, Allison hears a scream coming from the locker room, and rushes in to find a Wet and Naked Jackson just, for lack of a better term, hanging out by the showers.

Can I get a heck yeah?  This might very well be the best looking lizard thingy I have ever seen!


Ab-tastically beautiful, though he might be, Jackson has some not so kind things to say to Allison about the state of her relationship with Scott.   In short, he thinks it’s soon-to-be about as dead as that random guy from the first scene of this  episode.  Then Jackson gets up in Allison’s face,  and tackles her . . . but not in a sexy, “I’m the perpetually naked high school jock in the smash hit porno flick, High School Humpsical.”  In fact, the whole scene is pretty darn dark and terrifying.


To Scott’s credit, the minute his wolfy senses note a shift in Allison’s pulse, he immediately (and correctly) assumes that his girlfriend is in danger, without ever once considering the possibility that the heartrate increase is the result of Allison and Jackson . . . um . . . playing find the lizard with one another? He speeds through his exam.  (OK, this dude is never graduating . . . ever!)  And then rushes to the locker room to be Allison’s Knight and Shining Werewolf once again . . .

Back on top of Allison, Jackson is beginning to return to his non-Kanaima senses, and figures out that body tackling your “friends” and calling them b*tches is NOT cool.

Of course, this realization might have come too late, because it’s Scott to the rescue!

Rumble in the Restroom!

“I have a restraining order!” Jackson screams frantically, as Scott storms toward him.


Non-Kanaima Jackson has always been a bit of a wuss . . .

“Trust me, I’m using restraint,” replies Scott.  (Wow, that was actually clever.  All this time hanging out with Stiles, might have finally paid off.)

Look, it’s a commercial for Immodium!

Sinks are being ripped out of wall sockets, lockers are being knocked over, water and cement particles are flying everywhere.  It’s a supernatural Battle Royale!


Meanwhile, outside, Erica is trying her hands at “playing nice” with Stiles’ again, but it’s hard to tell whether she’s being for real, or if it’s simply part of Derek’s plan.  Erica admits to Stiles that, back before she was a Werewolf Slutbag, she had a major crush on him, which is sweet.


Fake or not, it’s precisely the kind of thing Stiles’ needs to hear every once in a while . . . that he’s not invisible . . . that he’s more than just “Scott’s friend,” that girls notice and pine over him, the same way he notices and pines over Lydia.  We all need to hear that sometimes, don’t we?


But then, Stiles sees water seeping from the Men’s Locker Room, and it’s “Danger, Danger, Scott McCall!”  Within minutes, the fight is literally taken outside in the hallway, and Stiles, Erica, Allison, and, oddly enough, Creepy Camera Guy, who was “just happening by,” rush into the fray to “Stop the Violence.”


No good deed goes unpunished.  And their effort results in the entire gang getting detention thanks to Positively No One’s Favorite Chemistry Teacher . . .

Meanwhile, back at Scott’s house, Mama McCall starts not-so-subtly rummaging through Scott’s room to find out why he’s seemingly become a sociopath overnight.  She doesn’t need to look hard, before she finds a HUGE, ECONOMY SIZE and very nearly empty, box of condoms just sitting right there on the counter.


On one hand, WAY TO GO, SCOTT!  YOU STUD!  On the other, really kid, how dumb can you be?  Hide your condoms in the false bottom of your teddy bear, or at least in the bottom of your sock drawer like everybody else . . .

Because everyone who’s seen The Breakfast Club knows that one detention can change EVERYTHING!


Detention in the library for the Princess, the Jock, the Rebel, the Basketcase, and the Nerd . . . OK, maybe not . . . maybe it’s just Scott, Stiles, Jackson, Allison, Erica, and Creepy Camera Guy . . . close enough!  Scott and Stiles cleverly note that having Jackson sit at their table violates his restraining order, prompting Chemistry Teacher to move him to the next table.  Seriously?  Worst enforcement of a restraining order, EVER!

While the Chemistry Teacher is gone, the Supper Club uses this time for their own personal research.  Creepy Camera Guy researches the Kanaima based on intel he stole from Scott’s (?) iPad.  Erica, who’s dad is an insurance provider or something, looks up Jackson’s parents death, and confirms that they died in a car accident the day BEFORE Jackson was born.  This means either that Jackson was C-Sectioned out of his mother’s dead body, or something is seriously amiss here.

Speaking of seriously amiss, Jackson is starting to look super sick and headachey . . .

Oh, look, it’s a Tylenol commercial!

 . . . so he dashes out to REMOVE THE SNAKE FROM EYEBALL! WHY, WRITERS, WHY?

Elsewhere, Scott’s mom chats with Mama Argent at school, about the very real possibility that Scott and Allison might be not-so-much broken up and boning.  This prompts Mama Argent to sharpen a pencil to a size that I suspect is supposed to represent Scott’s weiner, so that she can wave it around like a not particularly well-endowed cast member of Magic Mike.  Now, that’s just cold!

Bite sized?

Later, Mama Argent calls Scott to the office, and warns him to keep it in his pants . . . literally.  She’s a real sweetheart, this one . . .

Meanwhile, Stiles wonders if Creepy Camera Guy is the Kanaima Master, just because he’s creepy, which, I guess is a good enough reason . . . it’s why I always used to suspect him.

On the other hand, moments later we get confirmation that the Chemistry Teacher drives the car with Einstein bumper sticker . . . the one the Kanaima was fondling a few episodes back.  This would suggest that HE is the actual Kanaima Master.  And yet, I think we’d all love to be proven wrong about this.  It all just seems too obvious.  Plus, from a nitpicker’s standpoint, Chemistry Teacher seems so much taller than Big Bad Hoodie Guy, who actually looks like it might be a woman . . .

Just sayin’ . . .

On the other hand, the Kanaima Master uses a trick of mental manipulation on Jackson that we’ve only seen before in the context of the Chemistry Teacher.  Remember I told you about Scott, and that weird test, with the ever changing answers?  Well, now the spines of Jackson’s books are talking to him, and telling him to take a nap, so the Kanaima can resume control, and do it’s duty.

He obeys . . .

The next thing you know, a half-lizard, half-zombie, half-whatever Jackson is zipping around the room, destroying everything in his path, and venoming Matt and Erica, the latter of whom promptly starts seizing again, something we haven’t seen her do, since she was turned.


Then, the THING, whatever it is, writes a warning on the board for everyone still conscious.  It says, more or less, don’t get in my way or I’ll kill you.

I don’t know about you guys, but I believe him.  As a rule, I generally don’t like to involve myself with people who swallow snakes, and then proceed to poop them out of their eyeballs.

Then again, maybe that’s just me . . .

When all is said and done, Scott and Stiles decide to take the seizing Erica to Derek, while Allison waits with Creepy Camera Guy.  Scott and Allison, of course, make a huge deal about splitting up for a couple of hours, as if doing so symbolizes the beginning of the end of their relationship.

“Chill out, I’m just going to the bathroom!”

We can dream, can’t we?  And, because this is TV, maybe it does . . .

Flower Guy is Peter / Peter is Lydia / Lydia is Flower Guy / Lydia is Peter Corpse, a.k.a. WTF!


Elsewhere,  Lydia and her weird new “boyfriend” who no one has ever seen but her, make plans to meet near his house, which seemed to just suddenly appear out of nowhere, fully formed behind  Lydia’s own.  Creepo tells Lydia to bring his wolfsbane flower on her date.  But she’s lost it, and can’t seem to find any in her garden .  . . probably because Creepo pulled that flower out of his ass . . .

In a trance, Lydia walks behind her house, and comes upon a really nice house, that’s completely empty inside, save for some leaves and debris.  What’s with people in this town and empty homes?  Doesn’t anyone here like furniture?  Just wait . . . all will be explained in a bit . . .

Lydia meets her creepo in the middle of the house, and apologizes about the flower.  It’s all very dreamlike and surreal probably because none of it is actually real.  The pair randomly start making out . . . yeah, because that’s how most of us would react to a guy we just met, who gave us a dinky flower, and invited us alone to his unfurnished serial killer lair . . .


Lydia, I’m disappointed in you!  I thought you were supposed to be smart.

But wait . . . this isn’t a new, nice house at all . . . it’s that OTHER unfurnished house . . . Derek’s, the same one Lydia was drawn toward, when she escaped naked into the woods from the hospital, which suggests that this has been Lydia’s “neighbor” all along.  The Hale house . . . Lydia’s hallucination of the place was probably a depiction of what it looked like before the fire charred it all up.


You know what else isn’t looking so hot anymore.  Creepo . . . probably because now he’s Dead Burned-Up Peter.  Apparently, Lydia’s bite has had the impact of allowing Lydia to see how everything Hale looked prior to the fire . . . Peter included.  In other words, Creepo is nothing more than a Young Peter.  And Young Peter, just like the nice-looking Hale house, no longer exists. He’s been a figment of Lydia’s imagination all along.


Or has it?

You see, in the scene that follows, a charred up looking Peter informs an oddly unemotional, under the circumstances, Lydia that her unique immunity to the bite, will mean big things for Peter.  Apparently, she’s going to do something for him.  But what, revive him?  Allow him to possess her body, in a way, that, to some extent he already has?  The scene was purposefully unclear in this respect.  All we know is that Peter’s nasty ass decaying body is currently buried beneath the Hale house.  The question is, for how much longer will it stay there?

“You make a good Batman.”

Over at Derek’s lair, hot stuff looks so incredibly sexy, when he’s playing Barbarian Witch Doctor,  breaking poor Erica’s arm to leech the toxins from it.



Meanwhile, the poor girl cries out in pain, and Stiles holds her gently, a look of fear and genuine concern on his face.  Erica’s eyes flutter as she looks up at Stiles.  “You make a good Batman,” she tells him.

Oh, this chick is good . . . using pickup lines, mid-seizure, while your arm is being pulled out of it’s socket . . . that’s gotta deserve some kind of reward.

Later, Scott tells Derek that he’s willing to join the latter’s pack for the sole purpose of locating Jackson and the Master, [provided they do it “HIS WAY.”   Aww, it looks like the gang’s getting back together again.  How sweet!

You know what’s not so sweet though, that poor mom, who just gave birth in the hospital, only to have Big Bad Hoodie Guy snuff out her life with a pillow, which,  as far as deaths go, is so much less cool than Dismemberment by Snakes . . .

But hey, you Kanaima win em’ all, right?  Until next time, Werebangers!


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22 responses to ““That snake just came out of WHERE?!” – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Restraint”

  1. Johan

    OK, did anyone else see/hear someone else joining Science Teacher (Mr Harris) in the car? Do Mr Harris know what his “friend” is doing to Jackson?
    He once again seemed to care what happens to Jackson, he was concerned when Jackson was in pain and needed to go to teh bathroom. Is his concern for Jackson or for his weapon? Who could have joined him in the car, Kendra, Mrs Argent or Matt (camera guy).

    Allisons mom has been sitting in fron of the screen so she would see what is going on in the school, she could have seen that Jackson was close at finding out what happened and ordered the Kamina to kill Danny.

    I also have a new job for Danny and Miguel, when Jackson entered the classroom for his “dinner” he looked at his phone as if he had got a SMS to meet someone there. Could Danny, with some help from Miguel, find out who sent the message?

    Did Jackson stop himself from killing the baby and mother or did the Master stop him. I think Jackson stopped and the Master had to finish the job himself/herself.

    I wonder if Lydia is a backup. Peter Hale may be able to heal his body if he is revived but his brain would be empty. If Lydia has part of PEter in her he could copy that into his repaired body like a computer rebooting itself.

    What I think will happen in future episode is that the new superpack will try to make Jackson solve his issue so he will be transformed into a werewolf and kill the Master or, hope not, Jackson is killed by the Master when he breaks free of his controll. If that happens I will ahve too buy a car so I can sit and cry in it. Jackson is a douche and I would miss him.

    Matt I think is a plot for season three. He is collecting a lot of data on werewolves and now Kanimas. He knows too much. I wonder if Peter Hales return is also for next season.

    Again the episode is better then the one before. How long can this continue?
    Loved the fight in the bathroom, who was winning? IMO it was Jackson, he was being hit a few times by Scott but he seemed to get in more hits on Scott then the other way around. Lucky Mrs Argent is around to take care of the damage. I hope no one tell Mellissa that her son tore apart a bathroom and the school library.

    • Hey Johan,

      Hmmm, yeah, I don’t actually remember another person getting into the car with Mr. Harris. But I suspect you are probably right. Having Mr. Harris be the Kanaima master now, just seems too obvious. And the reveal seemed to have occurred too early in the season. I would like to think that Mr. Harris this season, was what both he and the Vet were last season, big ole red herrings, and having someone get in the passenger seat with Mr. Harris would confirm that. But who of the suspects would need Mr. Harris to drive them around? Maybe Gerard, because he’s old :), or perhaps, the school counselor because she could be seducing Mr. Harris like Kate did. I like the idea of the suspect pool still remaining open.

      Though, on the other hand, I felt like Mr. Harris’ “concern” for Jackson might not have been genuine. And that would stack up in the “Mr. Harris as master category.” After all, recognizing Jackson’s pain and “illness” (which the Master is likely responsible for in the first place) is a good excuse to instruct Jackson to “close his eyes” like he did in the library, thereby letting the Kanaima portion of his “personality” take over. In that sense, Mr. Harris would SEEM like he was helping, but he would actually simply be leading Jackson to do as he wished. I did notice that Mr. Harris was standing outside the bathroom, prior to Jackson’s encounter with Scott and Allison, in which he clearly was not himself.

      I do like your idea of both Lydia’s / Peter’s storyline and Matt’s storyline being teasers for next year, since it was revealed at Comic Con that the 24 episode order would, in fact, contain two completely separate self-contained mysteries. On the other hand, if the writers plan to complete neither of these stories this season, than Mr. Harris DEFINITELY isn’t the Kanaima Master, as HIS story will have to fill up the second half of this season.

      I was definitely of the mindset that it was the Kanaima’s inner Jackson that saved the pregnant woman, until she gave birth, thereby forcing the Master to finish the job himself after the baby was born. It would certainly seem consistent with Jackson’s character, given his history, that he would want to save a baby born to doomed parents, since he, himself, was one, not too long ago. And I kind of like the idea that even though the Master has control of the Kanaima, that there’s still a little bit of Jackson in there. It would explain the Kanaima’s seeming to “Know” Stiles, and not wanting to kill him, despite having the opportunity, and his aversion to mirrors. Hot Jackson deep down probably hates the idea of being an ugly lizard. A cool masculine Wolf, sure! But a lizard? NO WAY! Not for the future prom king. 🙂

      • Johan

        [quote]It would explain the Kanaima’s seeming to “Know” Stiles, and not want to kill him, despite having the opportunity, and his aversion to mirrors[/quote]

        I had forgotten about that. This means that the monster cares more about the life of its “enemies” then the enemies care for the monster. Scott did say that they should save Jackson but the moment KanimaJackson seem to threaten Alisson, Scott thought were; Off with its head. ;-).

        I wonder how many shows have the monster care more for the good guys then the good guys care for the monster? I cant think of any.

        Good that cooler heads took over and he still thinks that Jackson should be saved at the end of the episode but I wonder if he can get Stiles to think the same? Derek seemed to be onboard on the saving Jackson train but he could be faking it just to get Scott in his pack.

        Were you at SDCC?

  2. I’m idling wondering if I’m the only one who reads your recaps to figure out what they saw TWICE BACK-TO-BACK and still didn’t understand? lol

    • LOL, mak75231. I’m honored that you use my recaps as a guide post to understanding Teen Wolf. 🙂 This episode was a bit more on complex side, I’ll admit. The writers sure do seem to like their hallucinations, and David Lynchian story-telling techniques, don’t they? 😉

      That said, I kind of like the fact that the writers of Teen Wolf never feel it necessary to over-simplify their plotlines to appease us fans. Because they KNOW we are all super smart, of course. 😉 Sometimes I feel like TVD could take a page from their playbook, in this regard, since a lot of their “dialogue” way too often comprises the writers explaining things we already know.

  3. CK



    Y’know, for about four episodes, I’ve been saying “This is the best TW episode yet!”. And I am very much tempted to say the

    same thing about this episode. Boy, howdy, is it Russell Mulcahy’s directing, the apparent fact that all the writers seem

    to be on the same page (and channeling Jeff D.’s spirit), the cast having an absolute BALL etc. I mean, here I’m sitting, a

    20+11 year old volcanologist working on his PhD and about to watch the episode for, like, the 10th time in order to write

    another effin’ essay.

    As I said above…BOOYAH!


    Let’s get the (arguably not) sluggish opening out of the way, because it will prove to be of importance later on, but

    still, I was feeling like the show was wasting it’s first four minutes on not much.


    OK, the found a second way of making Colton Lee Haynes look not-quite-as-ARRROUSING-as-usual…cover him in blood. I find

    it interesting that Allison compares his situation to a fugue-state. As for the Kanima’s remote control, this show has

    thrown us so many bones/red herrings that in all likelihood I’m going to be VERY surprised at the eventual revelation (to a

    degree because I try very hard not to see teasers and read all the ideas here and elsewhere).


    OK, a restraining order. Not good, but not as bad as it could have been. So Stiles tries to make light of the situation

    (“I’ll just hold it?” Mwahahahaha!), and I’m somewhat curious as to what actually preceded this. What did Jackson tell

    Sheriff Stilinski and his dad? Did he kanima from the paddy wagon straight to the police station? What did Stiles and Scott

    tell them? More lies, I must assume, because telling the truth would have out of the effin’ question.

    The scene between Scott and his mum was sweet and I’m anxious to see what happens once she gets drawn completely into

    what’s going on (can’t be long, what with Gerrard’s threat and all).

    BTW – did anyone notice just how long and flexible Stiles’ neck is? The mind boggles at the possibilities… And Jackson,

    poor Lizard, you wipe that smug smirk off your face or I’ll d…OMFG, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOUR SKIN AND EYES?!?!?


    SO, they’re called the Sour Pack Kids? LMAO… Pity this was Isaac’s only appearance today. *a moment passes where my mind

    boggles at the combination of Derek and a leather-chain-harness* AHEM… So Derek is concerned about Gerrard’s connection

    with the Kanima. Let’s assume that Gerrard did in fact realise it’s a Kanima they’re dealing with right then and there

    under the bridge but immediately drew the right conclusions. If he is not its controller, I’m getting the vibe that he is

    going to try to use the Kanima against the Sour Pack before long and…huh, what? That’s a universally accepted fact in the

    fandom already?!

    *facepalm and reaching for the bell…DING*

    OK, may I point out a potential slip-up by the writers here? The text in Archaic Latin about the Kanima talks about “a


    ARCHAIC LATIN??!?!? And while there is a distant possibility that Jackson will overcome his being Kanimated, I doubt he’s

    going to be around long for it.

    BTW – Stiles? *UNF* I think for my autograph request to Dylan O’Brien, I’m going to make a big collage, titled “The 101

    Faces of Stiles St.”.


    I EFFIN’ HATE THINGS WITH EITHER TOO MANY LEGS (spiders) OR NO LEGS AT ALL (snake). Kudos to the show for being daring

    enough to gross me out this badly…although I’m thinking about using Jackson’s about-to-blow-a-wad face before having a

    snake snack for my autograph request to Colton Haynes.



    STILES USED TO CHAIN SCOTT TO LAST SEASON. I don’t think the McCalls have the wherewithals for major restoration being done

    to their house…or did Scott dispose of it to avoid any more chain-ups?!?

    BTW – I have the same box of condoms. Bought them in late 2009, and of the 12 condoms originally in the box, all 12 condoms

    are still in the box. Ahem…but then again, I’m 20+11 and have run out of hormons many years ago.


    Please watch the clock closely.


    Smart girl, taking your heels off. Smart Matt, for trying to make a heel joke. And failing. And…a RAVE?!? *goes for the


    BTW – for reasons I’m not allowed to talk about, Stephen Lunsford is one hell of a nice guy.


    Lydia and Stiles should, in another dimension, get their own show. Their snark is epic. And to be honest, Erica is growing

    on me. Although the heavy eye-shadow glare “I’M ON A MISSION” thing she keeps doing is something she shouldn’t be doing too

    many times. The snark between Stiles and her is not to be missed, either, I must admit.



    This entire sequence in the locker room is pretty effin’ EPIC. May I say I want Colton’s hips?!? And who ever showers in

    what must be scaldingly hot water to produce this much steam? AND WHY THE EFF I AM WONDERING HOW THIS SCENE HAD PLAYED OUT

    IF IT HADN’T BEEN ALLISON GOING FOR A TALK?!? The mind boggles so much that it tingles the spine and bumps the goose…and

    that sounded SOOO wrong.

    And is Jackson so effin’ hot that all the water first evaporates off of his body, forms rain clouds INSIDE THE LOCKER ROOM

    and falls on him again? Continuity really isn’t this show’s greatest strength.

    OK, kidding aside: for all the apprehension that I thought I heard in Colton’s DVD commentary about his acting in various

    scenes, I must say that I’m not sure I understand why. The nudity notwithstanding, the borderline deranged conversation

    with Allison was BEAUTIFULLY and quite grippingly acted by both Colton and Crystal. Jackson’s


    WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON IN THE PROPS DEPARTMENT? LOOK AT THE CLOCK. Unless it’s Scott’s mind playing tricks on him, the

    clock jumps from 1pm to 2pm in the course of five seconds.

    AND WHAT-HOW-WHY-WHEN did the Sour Pack not realise in episode 5 that Jackson is the Kanima? HELLO? Scott wasn’t whispering

    that quietly. Really, none of the four other werewolves heard that or made the connection that Jackson went into the house,



    Lordy, Jackson, I know this is SOOO wrong, but you being all threatening is making me all hot and bothered… And Lordy,

    thanks for putting the seed of doubt in Allison’s mind about the relationship with Scott. I was ready to call in an

    airstrike (or Derek wallslam) until you finally snapped out of it and went all angsty for all of five seconds.

    But that half-second lip curl you did? Oh, hormons, how I have missed you!

    BTW, fandom – ya think they went all the way with Colton being fig-leaf-less? Think again.

    http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/6043/pantsth.jpg BLOODY DAMN!!!

    Ahem, where was I?

    Oh yeah…I must agree with the wonderful reviewer over at After Elton that this was one of the more entertaining and rib-

    busting fights so far. That poor locker room…somebody should write its biography. Once again, I must point out just how

    much I enjoy über-angry!Jackson: “I have. A. RESTRAINING. ORDER!!!” Maybe I’ll use that scene for my autograph request. Or

    one from when he’s walking away from Scott with those somewhat-revealing shorts and EFFIN’ PERFECT HAIR. Just bugger off,

    will you, you and your perfect hair.

    And what is the chemistry teacher doing down by the locker rooms? Where is Coach Finstock when you need his acerbic wit the



    Sterica? Not sold on it.


    I find it disturbing just how quickly Evil Momma is all business when Momma McCall wants to talk to her. And yeah, I didn’t

    catch that it was only Lydia on the monitor. I don’t pay THAT much attention. And poor Momma McCall…you don’t realise

    that you’re drawing up your son’s death certificate here? Or, at least, application for vivisection using a pencil



    What kind of detention is this?!? First, you let them sit around and talk to one another, THEN you walk off and make them

    do work? I know this is the US and not 1990s-Germany, but boy, detention in my day and age was quite different.

    BTW – poor tool Stiles. Hmmm…Stools? If I call him Stools, he’ll kill me, though.


    LMAO at Stiles suspecting Matt. Best worst reasoning ever. “He’s…evil. Just look at his face!” Stiles, I cannot begin to

    begin to describe just how much I wish you existed in real life and I was ten years younger…I’ll even join you in

    dressing in “101 Different Shades of Grey”. I mean, I’m already doing the “27 Different Shades of Non-Colour”, so how

    difficult can it be?

    *drifts off for 30 minutes to dream abo…CAN WE GET THESE MOTHER******G SNAKES OUT OF THIS GUY’S F*****G HEAD


    PROPS DEPARTMENT, really? Plastic Ivy?


    So Jackson was born TO A DEAD MOTHER?!? OMFG…does he know this? Methinks a few thousand hours of therapy won’t EVER be

    able to cure that. But what does this mean? That Jackson had been a “marked man” from his birth onwards? Has there always

    been someone to “look out” for him? What about his pa…


    to Eaddy Mays for her autograph. And yes, Scott, I’m convinced after this you won’t EVER be getting it on with Allison

    without thinking about penis, I MEAN PENCIL, sharpeners. *whew*

    *GNID* That was, uhm, a backwards ring.

    Nice house. But who’s responsible for the decorations with dead leaves?!?

    So, Emo Chemistry Teacher…has he a connection with Jackson that goes back 16 years? Is he responsible for his parents’

    death? There was a bit in season 1 where he said that he had a drinking problem… I mentioned somewhere back my idea that

    Jackson may not be related to the Hales, but possibly to the Argents…I’m in all likelihood running on fumes here, but I’m

    dying to get Jackson’s backstory. Also: what Emo Teacher said about dating “that girl with the necklace”. Was it ever confirmed that it had, indeed, been Kate? What about…Victoria? The mind begins to boggle again…

    And whoever is controlling Jackson…it seems to function both at close quarters and by remote control. Interesting. And Jackson’s beginning to have the same hallucinations as Scott. WHOSE SUPER-WEREWOLF-HEARING DIDN’T HEAR MATT GOING DOWN in the next aisle?

    BTW – I realise the show is running on not the biggest budget, but I promise to send them weekly PayPals if they can get better visual effects. The Kanima in the library was unconvincing in a very BAD way.

    BTW BTW – yes, they really have found a way to uglify Jackson. That was some scary sh*t. Although I had to laugh when he went all spacey when writing on the blackboard. Is it possible that enough of Jackson remained “awake” before the transformation was completed to warn Scott and the others?

    BTW BTW BTW – I’m volunteering to teach you beautiful cursive writing, Colton. Being both European AND a queer, it comes naturally to me, but you definitely could use a pointer or two.

    BTW BTW BTW BTW – was Mommy Argent observing the entire altercation in the library? Because if so…they’re effed.


    I must say, they pulled this one off beautifully. So it was all a hallucination. I always feel off the chair at Peter’s return and I extend the utmost kudos to the writers to come up with a back-up plan for him. And even in his burned state, Ian Bohen kicks all kind of ass. SOOO happy to see him back. Poor Lydia, though…although that half-smirk at the very end has me in breathless anticipation. But who buried him, I wonder?!


    Everybody deserves a Stiles in their lives. Even Erica. And so the pieces fall into place…the pack is finally a pack. Kudos to Scott for still trying to protect and help the biggest douchebag to ever have been born to a dead mom. (OK, that sounded REALLY horrible…)


    Told ya the boring pre-opening bit would be of importance later on, didn’t I? Yeah, I’m all kinds of…something. And a neat parallel to the Jackson situation. Creepy as all of it really and truly is.


    OK, I broke the bell again. Thanks for reading/suffering through my rants and rambling, but I enjoy doing it a lot. I’ve heard and seen bits and pieces about next week’s episode, and once again, next Monday cannot come soon enough. Even though I effin’ hate Mondays. And after that, I WON’T BE ABLE TO SEE THE REMAINDER OF THE SEASON UNTIL MID-SEPTEMBER BECAUSE I’M GOING OUT TO BRITISH COLUMBIA TO COLLECT LAVA SAMPLES FROM OLD VOLCANOES IN THE MIDDLE OF HUGE FORESTS. There are bears out there. And cougars. And mosquitoes. But no TV or internet.

    DON’T NOBODY DIE ON ME THAT I DON’T WANT TO DIE ON ME. And yes, that includes you, Jackson!

    Love to all of you (and Julie especially),
    Christian x-)

    • CK

      My apologies for the typos and bad grammar. It’s late, about 90 degrees in my room and I have a new keyboard and my fingers tend to land on the wrong letters…

    • Hey CK! I’ve never met a volcanologist before! That’s awesome! I’m super impressed. Not to mention, way jealous of the frequent flyer miles you must rack up touring the various volcanic sites around the U.S. (particularly, Hawaii, I have always, always, always wanted to go to Hawaii, but have never been).

      I definitely agree with you about part of the appeal of this show (in addition to the hot cast, and smart writing) is the fact that the cast seems to really universally enjoy what they do, and genuinely like working with one another. (A few of the pundits who reviewed their panel for Comic Con said the same thing.)

      And don’t even get me started on the insanely talented Dylan O’Brien. I predict big things for that guy. He’s already scored two leading roles in films since TW started (one of which involves him playing a Mark Zuckerberg-esque character opposite one of the Wilson brothers . . . I never can get those two straight . . . and Vince Vaughn). I think the pickup of TW for a 24 episode 3rd season will only spell even bigger things for him (assuming he can find the time during ever shortened hiatuses to shoot films.)

      Ooh, interesting point about the “werewolf gene” not being a possibility during the time of Archaic Latin. Mendel didn’t do his cross-breeding bean thing, until the late 1800’s right? 😉 Then again, it’s possible that this was another instance of “lost in translation” ism, whereby the word “gene” actually refers to a more archaic concept, like “soul” or “curse.”

      See, now I love the idea of “Sour Pack Kids,” because I can only imagine how much it would piss Derek off to be referred to as children’s candy. On the other hand. Erica and Isaac are always Creepy Smiling, (no word on the seemingly absent Boyd), so I’m not so certain the term applies to them. It still got a laugh out of me though.

      You know, regarding Jackson, I’m still a bit skeptical of his backstory. Part of me feels like either Jackson’s parents were murdered because of whatever it is that makes Jackson the Kanaima, or that this was a coverup to protect Jackson’s REAL lineage, yet to be discovered. What if Mr. Harris was somehow Jackson’s real biological father. Admittedly, he seems a bit young for this role (He looks mid 30’s ish), but it could have been a teen pregnancy thing? Plus, it would explain a lot.

      Thanks again for all your awesome insights, CK. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say next week.

  4. East Coast Captain

    Erica and Stiles really made me smile.

    Poor Scott a werewolf but still a teenager with hormones running rampant in his buddy and now he has his wingman taken from him.

    Interesting, how is Peter doing all that? He´s supposed to be dead.

    I uploaded the first chapter of that spinoff check it out! 😉

    • André

      Were can we other people find it?

      • I left the link below. Check it out. My pal ECC has a really tight, unique writing style that is not to be missed, not to mention, an enviably impressive handle on the TB / TVD mythologies and how they intersect / conflict with one another.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! Always feel free to advertise your awesome fanfictions here, by posting links to them under your comments. I never mind. In fact, I will do it for you!


      Hmmm, so ECC, tell me, are you a Sterica shipper now? I don’t know. I’m still not 100% convinced she’s not using this whole “I always had a crush on you ploy,” to lure Scott and co. into Derek’s wolf pack. Nevertheless, I do believe that “old Erica” might very well have crushed on Stiles.

      That’s always been my issue with Erica as a character. I kind of liked her as the vulnerable chick who suffered from seizures, but now that she’s the hotsy totsy who uses sex as her only weapon, I’m having a bit more trouble relating to her. Maybe it’s a girl thing. And maybe, in the coming weeks we will get to see more of “old Erica.” But until that happens, I’m still a staunch Stydia fan (I don’t care if it sounds like an STD). 🙂 Oh, and Sterek, of course. 😉

      • Johan

        Yeah, I too am unsure of Ericas crush. It seemed to come out of nowhere right as Derek told them to get close to Scotts pack, and Derek did say that he wanted Erica to crush on someone else earlier in the season. But at the same time it does fit. Stiles have only eyes for Lydia and wouldnt see Erica and her confession did sounded true, or she is a very good actress.

        I too ship Stiles and Lydia, though my eyes have been opened by a certain video done by Dylan and Hoechlin. HAVE YOU PEOPLE VOTED?
        I am asking all my friends, both online and IRL to do it. They deserve to win after such manipulation.

  5. André

    You were right with your comment regarding the couple. It was pretty obvious that they are gonna be the next victims.
    At least we saw the Kanaima’s master for the first time. I doubt that it was the teacher, I mean Jackson was controlled before and the reaction the Kanaima showed towards the one that might have been the teacher in the car was similar to what it did towards Gerard in the last episode. And then there was the teacher’s reaction in his car shortly before it was revealed that his car had the sticker. Of course this leads to two questions:
    1) Was it actually the same car or the same guy in the car?
    2) Does the Kanaima have only one master?

    Ok, how do you know that the Kanaima can shapeshift into several reptiles? We only saw a tail coming down from the trees and strangle the guy. And the Kanaima’s tail is theoretically long and definitely strong enough to do that. I think that scene was rather a reference to Stiles comment from the episode before that, that he doesn’t know any function of the tail.
    I gotta be honest; sometimes I think you really mess things up about the episodes. Like last season when you said that the chair bounced off the veterinarian’s chest, when in truth it had shattered on the wall. :/
    I have another theory about the Kanaima, but that will come later when you talk about the snake again.

    By the way it was 50 feet and not 500 feet. 😉

    You know, I thought the same. Where was Boyd the whole time? Was the actor unavailable? A possibility after all. I mean when Kat Graham could shot Honey 2 while filming TVD, the actor who plays Boyd probably could shoot a whole movie while doing Teen Wolf as well.

    Now that you talked about the snake again:
    When I saw that a theory came to my mind. Or rather a question: Does the Kanaima have to ingest DNA of an animal to have the necessary physical features?
    You know, there is still the fact that both Stiles’ research as well as Gerard’s book talk about the Kanaima as a feline, while what we have here is clearly a reptile. Actually I think it is rather some sort of were-monitor lizard, rather than a snake. Seriously, it doesn’t look very snake like if you ask me. The only thing snake-like is the flexibility of its tail.
    Albeit the Kanaima cannot compete with Spider Man’s Lizard:

    Is that similarity really just coincidence?

    ” In which the sight of Naked Jackson eliminates my ability to come up with a clever subheading for this section . . ”
    I know one:
    Now you know why Lydia kept up with Jackson, he is a really big boy.
    Nah, he probably has a small wiener and that is why Allison was so shocked. 😀

    Maybe there is merit to your statement about Lydia being loyal to Jackson. I mean, can anybody here think of a good reason why she would willingly put up with someone like that?
    Perhaps this song is what she needs:

    Now speaking of putting up with someone. Damn, must Erica play the stereotype of the dumb blond? Sure the cameras had only been installed a day or two ago, maybe three, but they are all over school. How can somebody not notice that? Werewolves on this show really don’t seem to be smart. But again when are they ever?

    Now how could Scott notice the difference in Allison’s pulse? There is no way his ears are that good. Was it the same phenomenon that made him feel Erica’s coming fit a few episodes back? Or just a flaw on the writers part? What do you think?

    And what was that about Jackson suddenly not knowing what Allison was doing in the locker room? Was that another fugue-state episode? At least having such a disorder would fit Jackson’s personality in my mind, but was this the same? When he was controlled in the library he acted like a zombie or puppet but not here. In addition since this part of the show is rather occult, could it be that Jackson’s fugue-state is not just affecting his mind but his body as well and that’s why his powers go on and off all the time?

    And speaking of him, Stiles stated that Jackson was born via cesarean section. And speaking of this, I think there was a hint of the shows attitude towards family again. Allison referred to the two dead people as Jackson’s real parents. Well in my book they are not, since Jackson seems to have his douchebag attitude from his father. Well in my book nurture counts as well since I know that from my own family. My sister is so much like our stepfather that this cannot be a coincidence or wishful thinking.
    Now the fact that he may get even richer should he ever get 18 (which also prompts me to ask whether his parents are related to his sires) is a classic example of what we all know in some degree: the rich asshole who gets everything and only becomes a bigger asshole by that.

    Ok, if Camera Guy is the master than he must have willingly put himself at risk since he was attacked by half-transformed Jackson.

    I suspected the same as you when I saw the hoody-person in the hospital. If it was the teacher, why not show him?
    And if it is the counselor, maybe her “mistranslation” was intentional? We both stated our suspicion on whether the two words for master and friends could really me so similar in archaic latin to be confused. It’s like you confuse dog with cat and considered that the counselor could read everything else perfectly such a mistake would be very very weird.

    Back then in season 1 I assumed it was the Alpha who sent Scott all those weird images. So perhaps we deal with a similar case here since Jackson could be controlled. Or maybe the master is a werewolf him/herself? I mean like Papa Argent said: “get someone else to do it.” Peter’s approach really wasn’t the best way.
    Now speaking of him, how did the teacher know in season 1 that he was a target and he wasn’t quite as shocked as you might have expected upon meeting Peter. What if the vet is not the only one who knows more about the whole thing than the average Jane and Joe?

    And speaking of the snake out of the eyeball again. Was that really supposed to be a real snake? I mean to come out where it did without being shown under the skin it would need to crack bone. So perhaps it was supposed to be an illusion after all?

    And again, it was not a wolfsbane flower. *rolleyes* It was a regular flower from Lydia’s house. Wolfsbane doesn’t look like that.
    Either way you were right about Peter being the dude, but seemingly I was right as well since he was a love interest of some sorts to Lydia.
    Now I wonder whether that actor was used on purpose due to his similarity. Either way I hope we get to see what Peter is planning. And by the way, wasn’t there the rumor that this season was supposed to be 22 episodes long? But IMDB only speaks of 12.

    Ps. To CK: Water doesn’t need to be very hot to form steam, the air around it simply needs to be cold enough that is all.

    • Rachie

      Actually, the recapper is right. It was a wolfsbane flower. Check it out:


      Here are some pictures of wolfsbane.


      If it was any other random type of flower, it wouldn’t have the same significance to the story.

    • Johan

      It could have been Matt as he was coming out of the showers before Allison went in but he was either with Allison or a medical team when Mr Harris was in the car with the Master. I think that the Master is a woman.

      Also I suppose that noone have missed this:

      Do anyone know where I can go and vote for them?

      • CK

        Yo Johan – voting can be done (on a daily basis, IIRC?) here: http://teenchoiceawards.com/signin.aspx

        Even two days later, the video and the reactions to it keep cracking me up. I’m sure Mr Hoechlin and Mr O’Brien must have realised that they almost killed half the fandom in one fell swoop. 😀


      • That was hilarious. But I must admit, I was a little turned on by it too. *blushes* Does that make me a total perv? How could they not win with such genius shameless promotion? 😉

    • Hey Andre! I’ve actually always liked the idea of the kanaima being able to assume more than one form. So, perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part, that I suspected, based on what I saw in the first scene, and on Jackson swallowing the snake in the second, that the Master had Jackson assume the visage of the snake, in the first scene, since it was a more convenient predator than the lizard, given the surroundings. After all, we’ve already seen the Master play a bit fast and loose with Jackson’s transformations this week in the library, when it pulled off the half-lizard / half zombie thing, because a “true lizard” would have been unable to write on the board like Zombie Lizardish Jackson did.

      And just think about all the damage a full-shape shifter could do, and how virtually undetectable he could be, if he was capable of, for example, morphing into other humans . . . Now, THAT would be a great storyline for season 3, assuming, of course, that Jackson survives this season . . .

      By the way, your clip of the New Spiderman actually succeeded in making me want to see the movie, partly because I’ve found Andrew Garfield Nerdy Hot, ever since the Social Network, but also because the Reptilian seems like an intriguing villain. On the other hand, hasn’t the original Spiderman Trilogy already done the “freak science experiment by a rich scientist who LOOOOVES Peter Parker, but is destroyed by his own hubris, and turned into Evil Super Villain to death? I feel like that was, verbatim, the premise of the first two films, at least. Did you feel that way too?

      As for Lydia and Jackson, I don’t necessarily condone her willingness to submit to regular abuse by Jackson, but I sort of understand it, in the context of her character, a teenage- type A, Queen B, for whom life is all about conveying the right image, being the most popular, and having the coolest boyfriend. She’s 16, and it’s all she knows. I knew people like that in high school. I think most of us did.

      I hate to harp on the wolfsbane point, but since you brought it up again, it wasn’t from Lydia’s house. “Peter” made her think it was, but when she actually returned to her trellis to retrieve it, she saw that no such flower existed there. In his mental manipulations, Peter was clearly using the wolfsbane flower to represent himself in Lydia’s hallucinations, possibly because the unique powers associated with the flower are necessary to carry out whatever plan his spirit is currently concocting.

      But you are right about the 24 episode season. During Comic Con, it was revealed that next year will feature 24 episodes of Teen Wolf, a first for any scripted MTV series. However, the writers have wisely decided to split those episodes into two mini seasons. I think this was a solid choice. A traditional season wouldn’t work for a show like Teen Wolf, which is so tightly plotted. The two-12 episode blocks will accomplish the goal of bringing new fans to the show, by airing it during the prime time viewing season, while still sticking to the format to which current fans have grown so accustomed.

  6. I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I absolutely enjoyed
    every little bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite
    to look at new things you post…

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