The Killer Party – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Raving”



Greetings, Werebangers!  This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was all about motive.  After all, even the most self-righteous of characters can be lured to the proverbial darkside, if given a good enough reason to do so . . .

Of all the episodes of Teen Wolf that have aired so far this season, “Raving” was probably the most chock full of information.  We learned a lot this week about the relationship between the kanaima, and its Master.  We also got to take a closer look at the kanaima’s victims .  . . what ties them together .  . . and what they might have done to merit such horrible demises.



And yet, despite all that, the writers STILL somehow managed to give us a genuinely action-packed hour, complete with stellar acting, amazing character moments, and of course, a WHOLE LOTTA STILES!

Color me impressed . . .

So, slip into your party clothes, grab a handful of fairy dust, and try to avoid taking hits off the wolfsbane pipe,  because it’s time for another Teen Wolf recap . . .

[As always, special thanks to Andre for all the awesomesauce screencaps you see here.  Also, this week’s screencaps all come from two fabulous tumblr sites:  teenwolfgifs and allteenwolf.  So, feel free to show their owners some love, as well.]

In ‘Da Club


Go Wolf Twins!  It’s your birthday!  We’re gonna party, like it’s your birthday.  We’re going to huff some wolfsbane, like it’s your birthday . . .

Go shorty, it’s your birthday!  (But hopefully, not your 24th.)  Apparently, there’s some Big Hip Rave in Beacon Hills.  And everybody who’s ANYBODY under the age of 25 (and a few people OVER it . . . here’s looking at YOU Grandpa . . . and Creepy Pedo Chemistry Teacher) . . .


 .  . . is going to be there.  This is true, even though admission costs a whopping 75 bucks!

Seriously?  Where I come from, all the “good” raves (at least, if you’re into that sort of thing) take place in abandoned warehouses.  And the only things you pay for are the glow sticks, cheesy pacifiers, and the bruises you get on your legs, while running away from the cops who just broke up the party . . .

But that’s neither here nor there.  What matters here is that it’s been a while since we’ve had a Big Party that literally brings all of our main characters together in one room (remember prom?).  And that makes the expectations for this party rather heightened.  Did I mention that the kanaima will be in attendance to snuff out yet another unlucky victim?

“Hi!  Welcome to my funeral!  Admission is $75 . . .”

The victims . . . Stiles and the Sheriff finally manage to draw a few parallels between them.  For example, with the exception of the Dawson’s Creek daddy, they are all the same age (24), and all attended Beacon Hills High together in 2006.

Kudos to us TW fans, who picked up on this trend a few weeks ago,  back when Hot Black Argent, Sassy Mechanic, and Derek had been the only kanaima targets, aside from Isaac’s dad.  (Honestly, I thought the “young married couple” looked a bit “long in the tooth” for 24.  But hey . . . life in a trailer park can be tough, I guess.)

“It is was a hard knock life for us.”

Stiles had also deduced that these folks had been in Mr. Harris’ chemistry class together, which confirmed the latter as a chief suspect for Master . . . at least until that last victim bit it, who wasn’t in his class.

The Sheriff thought her death blew his theory to shreds.  However, thanks to a little fancy camera work, WE know that SHE was, in fact, still part of the Class of 2006.

Of course, this begs the obvious question: which member of that Class died in 2006, and HOW?

“I got it!  I know who the Kanaima’s Master is!  It’s KAISER SOZE!”

We already know from the mythology that the kanaima thrives on vengeance, and will only kill killers (hence, it’s decision to delay the murder of the pregnant woman, until AFTER she gave birth).  But how did all of these seemingly unrelated 24-year olds have their hand in the exact same death?

Confused yet?  There’s more!

The Puppet Master

OK, I have no clue what that “Are you listening?” poster behind the guys heads has to do with vaccinations.  All I know is that I really want one for my bedroom . . .

While Stiles and the Sheriff were focusing in on the kanaima’s victims, Scott, Derek, Isaac and the Vet were more interested in the kanaima himself, and why he might be afraid of water, given that Jackson is Captain of the Swim Team (Of course, he is!  Jackson is “Captain of Everything”).

The Vet notes that this has to do with some “merger” of the kanaima’s personality with that of his Master.  They can feel eachother’s thoughts and feelings.  So, what hurts one, hurts the other.  (He even shows us some gnarly bling to illustrate this premise.)

“Hey kids!  Check out the earring I’m going to wear with my pirate costume, this Halloween!”

In other words, we’re talking about a two-for-one special on killing Big Bads!  Talk about a bargain.  (It’s a way better bargain than $75 for a rave ticket.  That’s for sure!)

Speaking of the Rave to End All Raves . . .

Isaac gets a two-fist discount.  

Finally, Isaac does something RIGHT in this episode of Teen Wolf.  Up until now, I’ve felt like pretty much every week, the writers have spent at least some time illustrating how Isaac and Erica are “special needs” wolves.  They can’t fight Scott.  They can’t fight Derek.  They’re outsmarted, and out-maneuvered by Allison.  And they are scared sh*tless of Jackson.  (Remember, one is an incident, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern.  Four  =  these two are pathetic.)

But they are excellent at sleeping!

And yet the n’er do well Isaac does seem to possess one particular talent: picking on the weak and completely unsuspecting.  When Scott and Stiles need a ticket for the “Big Rave” in order for their “Catch Jackson’s Master” plan to work out, Isaac knows exactly to get them what they need, and for a really great price too.  FREE!

Two wolfy ass kickings later, Scott and Stiles have their tickets, and Isaac has a goofy grin on his face.  Then again, now that you mention it, we never actually got to see Isaac kick those lacrosse players ticket-holding bums.  Perhaps, he did something a bit less G-rated to get those tickets, hmm?

The World may never know . . .

In which Allison’s loyalties are divided (for real, this time) . . .

In other news, Allison’s parents might finally be winning the battle for their daughter’s soul . . .

For the longest time on this show, we’ve been told that Allison was “Torn Between Her Hunter Family and Her Wolf” lover.  “Who will she choose?”  The over dramatic, deep-voiced promo narrator would often ask.

Except, to be honest, most of the time, it never seemed like all that difficult of a choice for Allison.

For one thing, and I know this sounds awful, but Allison never really seemed all that jazzed about her family.  I mean, we all know Stiles loves his dad . . .

And Scott loves his mom .  . .

But Allison?  With the exception of “cool” (Read “CRAZY”)  Aunt Kate, the littlest Argent seemed, at best, to tolerate her wacky “fam,” and, at worst, to be just as frightened of them, as the rest of the fandom seems to be.  (Though, I have to say, her dad is actually pretty hot!)  I never really bought Allison as being particularly “torn” between two loves.  It was all Scott, Scott, and . . . wait for it . . . more Scott.

However, that all changed this week.  It started when Papa Argent used a little coroner’s office “bonding session” . . .

“Hey Allison!  You used to like playing with Barbie’s right?  Well, these are life size!  I’ll be the wife, you be the husband!”

 . . . to coerce Little Argent into (1) fingering Jackson as the Kanaima; and (2) revealing his upcoming attendance at the “Big Rave,” despite the fact that Scott and his new wolf pack had already made their own plans to intercept Jackson there.

“I think I liked Daddy / Daughter bonding time better, when you just tied me to chairs, and threatened my life . .  .”

And then came the whole “let’s see other people” talk Allison had with Scott a bit later in the episode . . .

“It’s not you.  It’s me.  It’s just that I know you’re Team Edward in Twilight.  And I really can’t date anyone who isn’t Team Jacob.”

Now, in Scott’s defense,  he and Allison had been so sloppy about their “secret relationship” that even a deaf, dumb, and blind guy could probably figure out that they were dating.

And to prove it, Scott had been beaten up by pretty much every single member of the Argent family, ever since his and Allison’s “breakup.”

That said, in terms of Allison’s state of mind, Scott probably picked the absolute WORST time in the world to tell her that he’d be “totally cool” with her “dating” and “making out” with Matt the Creepy Camera Guy.  For one thing, it probably made her feel like she was a prostitute and he was her wolfy pimp.  For another, Scott’s sudden seeming indifference to Allison’s feelings, had to make her wonder whether her consistent betrayal of her family values for his sake was worth it.

“Silly Scott!  And you’re supposed to be the smart one.  Oh wait, no your not.  Nevermind then.”

Now, if Mama Argent new that THIS was the conversation her daughter was having with a sworn enemy, she probably would have been doing this . . .

Unfortunately, Mama Argent couldn’t HEAR what these two crazy kids were saying to one another, when she spied them talking  heatedly in an empty classroom.  All she was . . . well . .  “the heat.”  And so, instead, she looked like this . . .

That’s right, werebangers, Mama Argent is one Scary B*tch!  And boy did she prove it, in this week’s episode!

In much kinder and gentler news . . .

Stiles gets a tearjerker and a Dead(?) Tinkerbell moment in the same episode . . .

Good ole, Stiles.  Not only is he a fan favorite, because of his tendency to bring the comedy, and awesome one-liners to the series . . . .

 . .  . he’s also the heart of this whole damn show!

And boy did he show that this week, when the poor guy learned that his father had lost his job as Sheriff, as a result of Stiles’ “bad behavior,” i.e. the “kidnapping of Jackson.”

If only Sheriff Stilinski knew about the whole “lizard thing,” maybe he wouldn’t have to feel so sad . . .

Then again, he’d still probably be out of a job so . . .

But as guilty as Stiles obvious feels about his father’s job loss, he also knows that he has to keep all this supernatural craziness, a secret from his father, in order to protect him . . . or, at least, keep him from looking like a total wackjob in front of his cop buddies . . .

Lest you think that Stiles’ story in “Raving” was all angst and puppy dog tears, he also got to experience some serious Dead Tinkerbell Triumph.

You have no idea what I’m talking about, right?

Allow me to explain . . .

Remember that part in Peter Pan, where everyone thinks Tinkerbell is dead . . . so Peter Pan turns to everyone in the audience as says that “if you clap your hands, and believe in fairies, you can save her.”  So, a couple of idiots actually clap (the rest of the audience just stares at the screen, dumbfounded), and,  SURPRISE, Tinkerbell is alive again!

Well, that’s kind of what happened to Stiles, this week . . .

You see, thanks to our good friend The Vet, our wolf pack had a seemingly foolproof plan to trap Jackson / the kanaima / and his Mystery master all in the same confined space, using a bit of intravenous drugs, and some Magic Fairy Dust . . . I’m sorry . . . I meant “mountain ash.”

“Oh this?  This is just body glitter . . . for the rave!”

However, in order for the plan to work, Jackson needed to be trapped inside the Rave.  And, in order for Jackson to be trapped in the Rave, someone HUMAN had to lay out the Magic Fairy Du mountain ash barrier that would keep him there.

And we all know who our resident Team Human member is, right?

So, while all his buddies, get to go inside the Super Cool Rave, dance, stab lizards with drugs, and kick some Argent ass, poor Stiles is stuck outside sprinkling dirt around the parking lot.  Real nice!

“Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to trap Douchey Jackson, I go . . .”

Given that, you can imagine how frustrated Stiles is, when he finds himself ridiculously low on Kanaima Keep Away Dust, way before he’s completed his Magic Circle.  But does Stiles get discouraged.  Heck no!  Instead, he takes the Vet’s advice, and BELIEVES he has enough fairy dust to finish the circle.  And, just like that, HE DOES!  It’s magical . . .

 . . . which, is why I’ve decided to BELIEVE that my laptop will turn into a million dollars, immediately upon my completing this recap.

I’ll let you know how that goes . . .

In which Derek, Boyd, and the Argents reenact a Jets/ Sharks scene from West Side Story . . .

Despite Papa Argent assuring Allison that his family’s plan to catch the Kanaima will have “no collateral damage” Grandpa Bad Ass tells his men, in no uncertain terms that this is a Seek and Destroy Mission.  “Something wicked this way comes,” Gerard says.

You know, because he’s old . . . so, of course,  he’s going to quote Shakespeare prior to heading out on a murder mission!  (Speaking of Old Grandpa Argent, any guesses as to what those pills are, that he always seems to be popping like candy?  Because something tells me they aren’t your typical “old guy” pills, i.e. heart and cholesterol medication, and/or stuff for his arthritis . . .)

But if the Argents want inside the party, they are going to have to get past the wolves first.  Derek and Boyd are ready and waiting for them.  It’s time to do battle!

At this point, I’d like to mention how happy I am that Boyd is back.  You know, last week I bitched that Boyd might be the “forgotten werewolf.”  Now, I know the truth.  Boyd isn’t the “redheaded step child” of his wolfpack.  On the contrary,  he’s Alpha’s Pet!  This is why he’s not sent off each week into the land of Failure and Humiliation like Derek and Erica are.  Instead,  he gets to be on the front lines with the Pack Master . . . getting sh*t done!

Except this time, when the Argents kinda kicked Derek’s and Boyd’s asses, using their  . . . weapons and stuff.

“Don’t brink claws to a gunfight.”  Consider that a lesson learned.  Hey, you can’t win em all!

Speaking of Failure and Humiliation . . .

It’s Bump and Grind Time!

It’s the scene you’ve all been waiting for, folks.  Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumb Boobs have a mission, should they choose to accept it.  That mission is to stab Jackson with a syringe, the contents of which will,  if I’m not mistaken, both temporarily stave off the kanaima transformation, and unify the Puppet and Puppet Master of this team, so that our wolf pack can theoretically control them both . . .

Easier said than done . . .

I mean sure, Isaac and Erica are ACES when it comes to entrapping Un-Lizard Zombie Jackson into a Wolf-Kanaima sandwich.

And I’ll be damned if the possessed kanaima doesn’t look more than a bit hot and bothered by the notion of slapping his salami against the blonde bombshell, and the curly-hair with the pretty eyes.  Though, it’s kind of a toss-up as to who turns the lizard on more, thus calling into question the sexuality of both Jackson (which has long been a subject of debate), and the person controlling him . . .

Things get a bit more dicey when it comes to syringing the beast.  It turns out, for all his wolfy moxie, Isaac just can’t seem to get his stick in Jackson. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?)

It takes a few tries, and a bit of a struggle.  But eventually, the Leather Twins are able to drag a napping Jackson into an abandoned room.  But Poor Pathetic Isaac.  Here we have a SLEEPING Jackson, and the werewolf STILL can’t successfully slap him around.

“Don’t you dare interrupt my Evil Naptime!

In fact, I’m starting to think that Isaac’s getting his arm broken in every episode is going to start to become a running joke of the show, much like Stiles’ seeming inability to ever be seen on camera without his shirt on . . .

But hey, the plan isn’t a total bust!  The Leather Twins (with Stiles’ help) eventually get the Kanaima to SPEAK through Jackson.  As it turns out, the wolf pack might not just be dealing with a Jackson Jekyll and Hyde, and a HUMAN master, there also might very well be a spirit involved.

In a weird disembodied voice that kind of sort of sounds like the Possessed Person in Every Horror Movie Ever, “Jackson” tells the Scooby Gang that he’s not really here to kill them (Could have fooled us!), because he’s got bigger fish to fry, namely, the people that killed HIM.

“Jackson’s” words seem to confirm the theory that the spirit that embodies Jackson, when he’s the kanaima, is some high school student, who died in 2006, at some school event.  Furthermore, quite a few other students seem to have witnessed the event in question, and either, did nothing to stop it, or helped it to happen.

This, of course, begs the question, how did “the kanaima” die.  My theory?  Drowning!

It would explain why Jackson was seen coming out of the water shortly after he was bitten by Derek, as well as the kanaima’s seeming fear of water . . .

Unfortunately, we don’t get much time to ponder this theory, because, in a flash the “medicine” wears off, and, just like that, Jackson is Lizard Man again (well, more like half and half), and he is on the loose . . .

It’s like one of those moisturizer commercials, where the model only puts the cream on half his face to show you how great the stuff works . . .

Stiles rushes out to tell his boyfriend, Derek, the news.

 Isaac and Erica would probably like to rush out too, but . . . you know . . . fairy dust . . .

Meanwhile, the kanaima has found it’s next victim.  Nice knowing ya, Ticket Taker at a Rave Chick . . .

“Go, BYE BYE!”

Hey, look on the bright side.  Now, you will never have to worry about suffering from one of those pesky quarter-life crises!

How Mama Argent destroyed Scott’s chances of ever becoming a pothead . . . (And, boy, did she pay for that!)

“I was going to kill the kanaima, but I got high . . . I was going to have sex with my girl, but I got high . . . now this scary lady is out to get me, and I know why . . . cause I got high, cause I got high, cause I got high . . .”

Meanwhile, Scott’s a bit less than pleased with not-girlfriend Allison, because her Stupid Family is interfering with the Wolf Pack’s fun-filled game of “Catch the Kanaima.”  This makes Allison sad, which nimrod Creepy Camera Guy Matt takes as a sign that, “Gee!  Now, seems like a totally great time to stick my tongue down her throat.”

Real smooth, Matty-poo!

Scott rushes outside for some “air” only to be hit by Mama Argent’s car . . .  “He came out of nowhere!  It was just an accident.”


WRONG!  As it turns out, this is all part of Mama Argent’s master plan to kidnap her daughter’s “ex” boyfriend, and asphyxiate him with a wolfsbane bong / vaporizer, of sorts (thus confirming my suspicions that Mama and Papa Argent were both TOTAL potheads, back in the day . . .)  And it seems like this EEEVVVIIILLL plan just might work too, until Scott gives out a howl to his new pack mate, Derek, who rushes to his dawg’s rescue (after Stiles’ sweeps up the fairy dust, of course, so he can pass).

What happens next is a little shocking . . .

I mean, sure, we all figured that Scott was going to get out of this alive.  What we didn’t plan on was Derek giving a big ole’ F-U to the Argent’s and their so-called “Code of Honor,” by giving Mama Argent the bite, thereby prospectively turning her into the thing she hates more than anything in this world . . .

In the final scene of the episode, we see Mama Argent rushing to Papa Argent’s arms, bloody and tainted, as Papa Argent looks on in dismay, undoubtedly wondering if it might be time for a little mercy killing.  Are any of you fellow werebangers nerdy enough to have supernatural pacts with your friends.  I am!  All my best friends know that I’d be totally cool with becoming a vampire, or a werewolf (provided I’m financially stable enough to afford regular waxing treatments . .  hairiness . . .ick), but if I ever become a zombie, they are totally within their rights to chop my head off.

Somehow, I suspect that the Argent’s have a similar pact at the ready, should any of them become werewolves.  Papa Argent hinted as much in his “lesson” to Allison early on in the season.  “One bite can change everything.”

This, of course, begs the question, how will Allison respond to the idea that her boyfriend’s pack mate effectively signed her own mother’s death warrant.  I’m thinking the answer is going to be “not particularly well,” no matter how creepy and unloveable Mama Argent might be . . .

In other news, while The Vet is once again saving the life of a wolfsbane poisoned Scott . . .

“Why do all you werewolves always seem to end up on your backs?”

 . . . that sucks-at-Latin guidance counselor randomly appears to make eerie comments to him about how “these kids don’t know about all the bad crap that’s going to happen to them really, really soon.”  But what’s she doing in there in the middle of the night, anyway.  Is she a relative?  Does she know more about the kanaima than she’s letting on?  Is she . . . TWENTY-FOUR YEARS OLD?

Unfortunately, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out the answer to these questions.  Until next time, Werebangers!

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23 responses to “The Killer Party – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Raving”

  1. Johan

    I want to congratulate you for seeing this coming since the begining of the season. I fear that Victoria Argent will die from the Bite.

    I am a bit confused about who the Kamina Master is. Is it corporeal? I think it must be as Jackson have gotten messages on his phone from the Master (Alpha Derek need to get Dannys help) and I think someone did get in the car with Mr Harris. Also we have seen it have a body, I suppose it could possess someone else. Could the Master be Isaacs brother?

    I wondered why the Kamina killed Isaacs father until I rewatched Omega and in teh scene when Isaac is attacked a grave stone share his family name. Isaacs mother? Did his father kill her?

    I wonder what would happen to Jackson if he succeds in killing all of the Masters targets. Would he be cured? Would he go after all murderers without
    input from anyone?

    I feel sorry for Stiles and his father.

    • Hey Johan, yeah I was psyched to see so many of us were right about the whole “24-year old” victim thing. I suspect we are going to get a flashback of some sort to 2006 later on in the season, in which we can see exactly how the “spirit of the kanaima” drowned / died, and what role each of these victims played in that demise. Right now, I’m envisioning something like the beginning of the film “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” where regular circumstances slowly spiral out of control, resulting in the death. And, while some victims are more culpable than others, the entire group colludes in the cover-up, and therefore is subject to vengeance.

      This leads to an interesting question, does not STOPPING a murder from happening make you a killer, by default in the eyes of the kanaima. It certainly seems like it, considering I find it difficult to believe that all these people (not all of whom seem like they’d be friends with one another in high school) drowned the victim together. I’m thinking at least a few of them, just stood back and watched.

      I’m also confused about Isaac’s dad being one of the victims. Sheriff Stilinski seemed to suggest that Isaac’s father was a placeholder for Isaac’s brother, the one who died in combat. (Did he really? Could the kanaima’s spirit have killed him too?) But placeholder killings don’t seem like the kanaima’s style. We saw how the kanaima avoided killing the pregnant woman, until after the baby was born, to ensure that the only people dying at his hand were “murderers.” So, consequently, we must conclude that Isaac’s dad is a murderer. And yet he seems much harder to pin down to the scene of the crime than the 24-year olds (who could have been attending a party by the lake of some sort).

      I’m definitely interested in seeing where this is going . . .

      As for the kanaima’s form, I think you are probably right. We have the spirit of the dead high school kid, who physically possesses Jackson, prior to his transformation into the kanaima. But we also have the Black Hoodie Guy Master, who seems to direct Jackson, when he’s in full Kanaima form, and lacks the ability to think “humanly.” I’m thinking that Black Hoodie Guy is somehow related to the kid that died, and out to avenge his relative’s death, just as much as the kid is out to avenge his own. This, again, seems like a plot loosely borrowed from the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” series. But I have no doubt that the writers will make it uniquely there own.

  2. East Coast Captain

    That witch deserved everything that was coming to her, you can´t keep hurting innocent people and think you can get away with it. All the Hunters like Kate and now Victoria got what was coming to them. Ever heard the old saying. ”Walk a mile in my shoes?” Maybe she will become like Steve Newlin accept her new status instead of rejecting it.

    Aw I loved Derek saving his subordinate while infecting a witch with lycanthropy. 🙂 Derek has the makings of a great Alpha.

    No Mrs. Argent, Scott is a bonafide BETA!

    Why us? The Hunters are severely ignorant, if the Kanima was able to survive a whole clip I think they are way in over their heads.

    • Johan

      Yeah, the Argents deserve whats coming to them, but if Victoria dies from the Bite or is killed by her family(or by her own hands) I would miss Eaddy Mays. Every time she is on screen I nearly wet myself.

      Besides I think that Gerard deserve pian even more. How do you think he’ll die? What is the worst death you can imagine for him?

    • Hey East Coast Captain! What’s interesting about Mama Argent, is that up to this point, I don’t think she had been hurting people? As the matriarch of the Argent clan, Mama Argent was the guarder of the Code. It was her job to make the final decision on which wolves lived and died. And with the exceptions of Kate and Gerard, the Argents USED to limit their killings to wolves that harmed humans.

      But something in Mama Argent clearly snapped over the past few weeks, when she witnessed her daughter falling in love with a werewolf. Perhaps, she too fell in love with a werewolf as a teen, and it ended badly for her and her family. It would explain this seemingly out-of-character shift into sociopathy.

      I actually do think that Mama Argent probably needs to croak next week, to further the story. For one thing, this will make Allison the Argent matriarch, by default, pitting her directly against the wolf pack, once and for all, as it will now be HER decision whether Jackson (and now, Derek) lives or dies. I also think that it will take something like the death of a family member to bring about the “darkness” in Allison that the staff writers have been teasing all season.

      In other good storyline news, Allison’s mom’s death will allow us a parallel opportunity to explore Stiles’ mothers’ death, how and why it happened, and what lasting effects it’s had on Stiles and his father. Additionally, it would be nice to have Allison and Stiles’ bond over these tragedies, as these are two characters, who I think could have an interesting friendship with one another, but haven’t had much opportunity to form such a bond (beyond their mutual relationship with Scott) as of yet.

      We shall see! 🙂

  3. East Coast Captain

    Oh yeah I uploaded a new chapter. I just need one more review to get working on the next one. I got something good in plan.

  4. Andre

    Interesting, this episodes makes me wonder what they will do in the second part of the season.

    I do wonder why a rave like that costs 75 bucks. I mean it’s in some old warehouse and it doesn’t look that special.

    You could ask yourself why Stiles’ dad spills the beans in front of his son. Hopefully no one will ever find that out.
    Now, the teacher, I admit it is a weird coincidence but of course with the speech in this episode and the fact that the last victim doesn’t seem to be connected via the teacher. Not directly, except being of the appropriate age, I mean she was from 2006 but was she from the same class?

    Now the Vet is more and more interesting, by the way I am sure the “I am not a witch” statement was a clear statement by the show’s makers on not going down the current popular route in TVD and True Blood. Especially in the first example the witch-topic had a clear racial undertone. Seriously, nearly every witch is black (or what US-citizens consider black [let’s face it that concept is based on circular reasoning at best]) and we should believe that this is coincidence? Hardly, considered the shallow and unprofessional background in the show this casting choice is definitely no coincidence.
    Anyway, the Vet knows much. Too much if you ask me.
    And I do wonder about that piece of art. I mean it depicted the horned god (albeit it’s actually antlers) that many modern day believers, especially Wiccans I think, associate with being an old celtic deity.
    As a matter of fact the Horned God depicted in the episode is the one from the Gundestrup Cauldron found in Denmark and is often identified as Cernunnos.

    Anyway, I wonder whether that piece of metal has significance. I mean the Argent pendant in season one let me, correctly, to the Beast of Gevaudan and that the Argents are connected to that time in French history. So does that mean that the Vet and of course his younger colleague are connected to Celts? Hopefully not to druids, that would be lame and overused in my mind.
    Also this one holds a torc and a SERPENT and now tell me: do you think that is coincidence?

    Now the way they handled the scene of Isaac beating someone up was surely homage as well, since I saw stuff like that before but I don’t know the original source. Anyway it definitely had “douchebag” all over it. The guy seems more and more like his dad. Too bad we probably won’t be seeing much of that in this miniseason, the Kanaima pulls the strings here.

    I also found Scott’s proposal at using Matt as a beard (I was right about that ;)) weird but not nearly as weird as Allison’s answer to Scott’s “I love you statement”. She said:
    “You too”
    Now that is weird. Makes me think where her mind was at the moment.

    Speaking of mind: what in all hell is going on in Mrs. Argent’s? Of course, it’s possible that we will never know. At least I doubt that she wants to live on as the thing she seems to hate so much. Hm, I wonder whether she once lost family to werewolves. After all, hate like that is not hollow. It’s either the result of diamond hard indoctrination or of personal experience.

    The scene between Stiles and his dad shows in my eyes why Stiles reacts so much differently to the whole situation than Scott. So far it looks as though Scott is moderate and Stiles overreacting, but for those looking I think it’s clear that the reason is because Stiles actually grasps the situation much better than Scott does and I think a big part of this is due to their history. Not only has Stiles a much better grasp on death (his mother) but also of danger and consequences for everyday live. What did Scott actually lose so far? Apart from the whole full moon thing (which can be overcome in time) he lost nothing. Gerard’s threat has not come to fruition yet and so far Scott got to be captain, loose his asthma, get the girl, killed the bad guy, but what did it cost him? Or his mother? She still has her job and didn’t even come close to death so far. Unlike with Stiles, so far he only had to pay but got nothing in return. That is bound to cause problems and a different outlook on matters. In addition, having a cop as a father means you are one of the kids in the USA who have a higher chance of seeing their parent leave in the morning and not return in the evening.

    Now the whole mountains ash and “you have to believe” makes me think that the magic of this show is not with words as in TVD (although babble might be better) but rather due to… let’s say psychosomatism and psi-energy. It is rather like in Eragon and Harry Potter, where magic is rather done by the mind and words are only a means to keep focused. The whole thing with Peter and the Kanaima also speaks for a power of the mind rather than the word when it comes to magic. Interesting if you ask me. Let’s see what will happen with this.

    And one thing. I also liked about this that they showed how such things are done. Remember how it was in TVD with the big salt-line? I mean here no one was outside but in that episode people came and left all the time, but no one saw the line being drawn. Not to mention the resident idiots didn’t think of a broom to break the circle, hm, kind of like the resident werewolves of Beacon Hills. I mean is the line immune against werewolf breath?

    And the old Gerard, perhaps you are right about the pills. Why should the camera focus on them so much if they aren’t significant in some way? Hopefully he is not the same Argent who shot the werewolf back in France.
    And why was he so happy at the end of the episode?

    You know I was thinking about the two wolves and their theoretical possibilities. If these two were trained like the hunters they would have made sushi out of them. I mean with this speed and strength you could kill with a simple hit on the chest and thereby stopping one’s heart. Perhaps this funny video will give you a hint:

    I guessed that the “threesome” was a scene you would like, but I doubt that there is much to it. In the writers mind the Kanaima is a mutated werewolf and thereby it must be heterosexual, so the whole thing was just… well… nothing. Jackson is still straight nothing more. Erica was sort of a plaything here. You know the whole vixen thing you also mentioned in earlier recaps.

    I liked it when Isaac got handed by sleeping Jackson, although I guess the Master was the one pulling the strings, and his face afterwards. Obviously not as tough as he thinks he is, not when it’s clear that someone really might kill him. Different than the “training” with Derek.

    Believe it or not but I actually had the idea, for a short time, that Jackson had a twin who died in the womb and that that one was talking. But I doubt that.
    Either way, I once said that the Kanaima might react to more than one person and perhaps that is true. There is at first the one in the hood and of course “Jackson” said that they were all inside of him, so who is all? Two is not “all” that would be “both,” so who are the other ones and what did all those people had to do with “his/her” death?
    That the spirit died might be due to drowning. This begs the question as to why Jackson is a Kanaima again, whether the Kanaima is rather a phenomenon than a shifter (Argent’s book still showed a cat not a reptile) and why Jackson was chosen. Was it a plan or rather coincidence. And also, what sort of town is Beacon Hills?

    You know, I think that both Jackson’s partial transformation as well as his nakedness in the locker room in the last episode serve the same purpose: to portray him as less human, more animalistic and possibly evil. Based on US culture, good and decent people don’t present themselves naked to others and such a thing is usually reserved for those of less restrict (or no) morals as well as those somehow regarded as less human. It would fit the fact that Scott was so often depicted shirtless, something less common now than in season 1. “Zombie-jackson’s” look in the library was simply a partial, or better stuck, transformation, similar to when Scott only shows his eyes and fangs, or in the last episode when Erica only showed her claws when pinning Stiles to the wall. Peter showed similar partial transformations in the last episode of season 1. An unrestricted shapeshifter might be a good thing, but let’s be honest; such concepts are used rather poorly in fiction. So better to stick with this and use this to the show’s advantage.

    And I also wonder whether the person talking now is different than the one writing on the board last episode. This time the movement without attacking was more fluent, more fluent in general.
    And it was hilarious as Stiles and the useless wolves (seriously they are two and super strong, LLLLOOOOSSSSSEEEERSSSSS!!!!!!) blocked the door to have the Kanaima run through the rather thin metal wall.
    By the way, Jackson can die if you ask me. I would have no problem with that.
    What I would wish for is a little bit more time passing between season 2 and 3, let’s face it, after a while the age difference gets bigger and bigger and although most people can tolerate people in their early 20s playing teenagers, once they reach late twenties it gets ridiculous.


    I think you will like the new Spider-Man movie, at the very least for Garfield’s butt. As for the Dr. Connors… I personally wouldn’t say that he loves Peter or is a surrogate father of some sorts to him. In Connors’ case it is more that he really tries to fix himself, get a second arm, and actually help humanity in battling disease. It is very comic like, sure but it has method and based on more personal needs then just finding a new energy source or making weapons. Either way, I am sure Garfield will make it all up to you. I won’t give you any more spoilers but I am sure you will at least find the film acceptable. I only went to see the effects and was very pleasantly surprised by the film. Also it had much better humor and more realism than Raimi’s trilogy, which was rather fairy tale like in comparison. In addition Connors’ rushing into things is more due to being forced, either he does that or his life’s work will be for naught. Also… No, you would have to watch the full film (and wait a bit at the start of the credits) to know this, I will not tell.;)

    Look at my other post. The flower simply doesn’t fit that of wolfsbane. It was broad and open, while wolfsbane flowers are rather shaped like cups. Perhaps they wanted it to be wolfsbane but then this is a rather odd specimen.

    PSS. How come you don’t have this in your Teen Wolf recaps?

    Or this:

    • Hey Andre,

      You’re right about the Sheriff spilling all his crime theories to Stiles. I’m sure that’s against policy. And yet, I can’t really blame the Sheriff for doing it. For one thing, like a certain blonde super sleuth named Veronica Mars, Stiles always seems up in his dad’s “business” in more ways than one. He’s been raised as a sheriff’s son, he knows the tricks of the trade (as we saw in that first scene), and he somehow always finds himself at crime scenes, about two steps ahead of the sheriff’s department. If Stiles is going to get himself into these dangerous situations anyway, the least his father can do is give him the tools and information he needs to protect himself.

      Also, Sheriff Stilinski just strikes me as super lonely. He doesn’t have any friends, apart from his son. He certainly doesn’t have any girlfriends. And no one else on the force seems on a par with him, socially or intellectually. Right or wrong, Sheriff Stilinski probably genuinely needs someone to bounce his ideas and theories off of . . . someone to keep him on the right track, and keep him sane. Whether or not it’s fair for him to put that sort of burden on his son, it’s certainly understandable.

      As for the victim not connected with Mr. Harris, I do think her placement in the yearbook was meant to imply that she was the same age, and in the same graduating class as the other victims. If I recall correctly, the camera focused in on her picture, shortly after focusing on one of another victim, who’s picture was relatively close to hers in the yearbook. I touched on this in my conversation with Johan, but what I’m thinking is that some sort of graduation party connects all the victims together. Isaac’s dad confuses me though . . . He messes with my theory . . . UNLESS it was his son that threw the party, and the kanaima holds him responsible for either not properly supervising it, or facilitating the cover-up that followed . . .

      You bring up a really good point about the pendant seeming to directly depict the form of a kanaima. That, coupled with the school counselor’s cryptic comments seem to suggest that maybe Deaton’s family has dealt with something like this before. For a kanaima to come into existence, a few important things have to take place in the universe: a horrific death that creates a spirit out for vengeance, the existence of a still-living master to carry out that vengeance, and the creation of a vessel, i.e. a person afflicted with the werewolf bite, with the distinct personality traits necessary to become a kanaima, as opposed to your garden variety werewolf. It seems hard to believe that this myriad of occurrences would happen twice in Deaton’s and the counselor’s lifetimes (Deaton’s probably in his mid to late 30’s, the counselor might actually be 24, or not far from it). But it’s definitely possible.

      I also think you are right about Deaton not being your typical supernatural show witch. I’m thinking of him more as an adherent of Eastern Medicine. Perhaps, he comes from a line of shahman, or medicine men. Maybe he even dabbles in voodoo. That would be a nice twist to this story, right? (Ever see Weekend at Bernies 2? :))

      I do think Teen Wolf handled the “salt line” better than TVD. In fact, having Stiles merely push the salt with his hand to let Derek through, sort of added to the comedy of the fact that these “Big Strong Werewolves” had been undone by itty bitty pieces of dirt. It was a comedic opportunity that TVD wasted.

      Oh, and thanks for the Spiderman review. I was planning on going to the movies this week. But, given the recent tragedy in Colorado, I might wait a week or two . . .

    • Oh, and P.S. Thanks for the trailers. Putting the promos into my recaps, was something I always had a habit of doing for CW and ABC family shows, since I always liked to compare the U.S. promos to the Canadian ones. But since, Teen Wolf has no Canadian promos, I never thought to post the ones that appear after the show. It certainly wouldn’t hurt though. 🙂

      • Andre

        You have a point about the sheriff and being lonely. At least so far he was never shown even remotely interacting with anybody on a friendship level, even Scott’s mother had a few lines in that regard.

        Now would Isaac’s dad really have the resources for a cover-up? I think it could fit him personally, but such a thing is expensive, and there is still the problem why Jackson was chosen.

        Am, no, you totally got my pendent theory wrong. It definitely does not depict the Kanaima, it looks nothing like it. However the Kanaima was referred to as a snake and the figure on the pendant (which as I said is an actual depiction on a relic found in Denmark) is holding a snake and I think this could be a reference. Of course the snake can stand for wisdom and knowledge in some traditions and so perhaps it was a reference to the Vet.

        And what you say about the bite is true, why wasn’t Scott already taken for that? The murder seemingly happened years ago, so why was Jackson chosen and not Scott?

        I wouldn’t consider Deaton as being connected to Eastern medicine, occult yes, but I see nothing “Eastern” in that regard. To consider him Eastern we would have to see some actual East Asian elements but so far all he said and stated points toward European occultism, which would fit since the show basically deals with European folklore (most obviously the werewolf of course) and actually constructs a connection by linking the South American Kanaima (so far, after all it just stood in a book and Derek is not a reliable source) with the European werewolf, something you could arguably call colonization, thereby possibly assessing the werewolf as a global phenomenon, something definitely typical for modern fiction, despite the fact that the werewolf-phenomenon was predominantly European (unless you do something like Brad Steiger and Barb Karg and consider all sorts of stuff a werewolf [e.g. like a woman that transform into a bloodsucking bird, or the Chupacabra]). If you haven’t read their books, don’t bother you don’t really miss anything.
        I doubt that they would do something so stereotypical as to linking Deaton to voodoo, possible that the “I am not a witch” statement also was there to eliminate that. Or in other words, he is not Gloria, Esther, Emily, Sheila or Luka and certainly not Bonnie.

        Speaking of which, I think TVD wasted a lot more with the salt line than just comedy. They are basically like The Last Airbender, they keep throwing things at people and the show suffers for it. I gotta be honest, again, no matter what you or others say I cannot understand how you can just overlook the shows many flaws (o why it won at the Teen Choice Awards). You say that the Delena stuff and the acting intrigue you and that is what keeps you watching, if my memory serves me right. And while I understand that, for me that is like eating a bad hamburger simply because you like the ketchup. In my eyes the whole package is still not worth it, no matter how good the ketchup might be to you.

        And I personally wouldn’t be afraid simply because of that one Colorado incident. A month or two ago a murder (you don’t wanna know the details) happened in the street I pass on my way to work every day and I didn’t get nervous or anything.

        But on happier note, as the old Posey leecher that you are, you would probably like this, even if he doesn’t seem to be a main character:

  5. jmae

    Okay I loved this episode way more than last weeks. The kids of Beacon Hills are going to lots of parties as of late. I guess since parties are at night that gives the writers easier ways to cover stuff up.
    Also the argument between Scott and Isaac in the Vets office made me laugh.
    I’m still puzzled as to what the Vet is. Even though he did say last season that he treats werewolves 10% of the time, it’s still up in the air. Possibly he was once a Stiles.
    I think Derek is getting better at being an Alpha. He let Boyd take his car when he told him that he’d stopped healing and he went to rescue Scott even though he knew that it would mean losing Jackson and his master.
    I don’t know of this point has been brought up before, but I think it’s highly plausible that Harris was driving the car that killed Jackson’s parents. We know that he used to be a drunk and that he didn’t completely sober until within the last five or so years. That would explain his concern for Jackson at least.
    One more thing does anyone else think that Gerard could have some control over the Kanima because like the wolves he couldn’t cross the mountain ash that Stiles put down.
    I think that Allison’s ‘you too’ reply to Scott was due to her distaste at him trying to get her to date and kiss Matt. Mrs. Argent had alot more fight in her than I realized, but she was dumb enough to think that Derek wouldn’t come when Scott was in trouble. Last season when Derek got captured Scott was able to find him by howling even though they weren’t in the same pack.
    The conversation between the Vet and the Guidance counselor leads me to believe that the translation of ‘master’ as ‘friend’ was not an accident.
    Correct me of I’m wrong, but Derek should have been in school at the same time as the Class of 2006. I really think that he would be able to help with figuring the next victim and the master because he would have been at Beacon Hills High at the time not only that being that his sister was older she was probably in the Class of 2006.
    Another theory is that since Harris wasn’t sober at the time he could have participated indirectly in the murder. And from his season 1 encounter with the Alpha we know that he isn’t completely in the dark about the supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills.
    Not even going to lie I was hoping that Papa Argent would snap Mrs. Argent’s neck at the end of the episode.
    They said that they are going to revel who the Kanima’s master is next episode.

    • Hey jmae! You have some really great theories in here. I love your idea about Harris being the drunk driver that killed Jackson’s parents. If that were the case, what would Jackson do, if he found that out, I wonder? Could he go on his own vengeance killing spree, or is a Master’s agenda required for this to occur?

      Also, good catch on Gerard not being able to cross the ash line. This would dovetail with other’s speculation that the pills Gerard takes are some sort of shapeshifter suppressant. What if Gerard was bit by a werewolf, like Mama Argent, back in the day, but hid it from everyone, using the pills? Even better, what if Gerard was bit by a werewolf, and rather than turning into one, it turned him into a kanaima, like Jackson, due to his own murderous tendencies, and constant need for vengeance against those who would harm the Argents?

      Gerard had been high on my list of Kanaima masters, ever since I saw how the kanaima reacted to him, and heard Gerard’s speech to Papa Argent about using the kanaima to get to Derek’s wolfpack. This, by the way, seems to be working, as, given what happened to Mama Argent, the Argent clan now seems to have free reign to try and kill Derek and Scott.

      My only qualm about this is Jackson’s possessor’s goals seem so distinct from Gerard’s. Namely, why would Gerard care about some kid, who drowned in 2006, at the hands of some insensitive, probably drunk, high schoolers? Then again, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe, in his mind, this is all just an end run to kill Derek, and avenge Kate’s death, after all . . .

      I do think you are right about Derek. The writers have always been purposefully evasive about stating his age. But I was always under the impression that Derek was between 22 and 25 years old. This would mean that Derek was either in the class of 2006, or in the class directly before or after it, so that he would for sure, have known about the kid that died in that class. I also felt as though, while kanaima Jackson distinctly avoids killing most of “Scott’s pack,” despite having multiple opportunities to kill them, he definitely seemed to go after Derek in the pool, in a way that seemed to go beyond mere self-defense. That led me to believe that Derek, himself, could possibly be on the kanaima’s hit list . . .

      • jmae

        This might be a far stretch and I know that it’s been touched on before, but being that the Hale fire happened about 5/6 years ago on the show, which would have been about 2005 0r 2006, is it possible that the person who was killed from the class of 2006 died in the Hale fire. Derek said that not everyone that died was a werewolf, and not everyone was an adult. Derek said that he and Laura were at school at the time, but being that it seemed pretty dark at the time the hunters were starting the fire it’s possible that Derek and Laura were attending an afterschool event which would leave the idea of a member of the class of 2006 being killed in the fire open.
        On a sidenote I’ve been thinking about the Argent last name and the rumor that silver is a werewolf’s weakness, being that Argent means silver couldn’t that theory have started because it was an Argent that killed the Beast of Gevaudan. Just a thought.
        Oh and according to what was said at comic con the big bad of season 3 will be introduced in the season finale, the season finale will be very bloody, and J.R Bourne has really soft facial hair.
        P.S Am I the only one hoping that the writers actually show the kids on Winter Break for at least one episode, it would give them a lot more room to write since they wouldn’t have to write in school scenes.

  6. CK

    OK, before I head out to British Columbia to serve as bear and mosquito fodder, let’s take a look at this one, eh?


    So I haven’t read your previous comments, people, because I’m wary of potential spoilers. I’d rather go into an episode completely blank and then go “WTF?!” repeatedly…and here I am, four weeks away from watching the remainder of the season, yet I already know that Derek’s bum is already the talk of the town. Oh, how I love this fandom! AND WHY THE EFF IS EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE BABY ALL BLOODIED UP ON THE LACROSSE FIELD?!? Oh, the HUMANITY!


    I have to say, zombie!Jackson is just as entertaining as überangry!Jackson. I just love that one of Colton H.’s favourite lines is “I have a RESTRAINING ORDER!!!” as well. I guess you need to have a face this shapely to pull this kind of intensity off. Matt’s a smart dude for letting him pass…

    This brings me to a question, though: has there been a master even before Jackson got bitten and went Kanima? Or did he only come into existence when the Kanima did? Because if the former is the case, then Jackson would’ve been supernat…what, this is pretty much a given now?! *grmbl* Well, serves me right for avoiding most discussions…


    LOL @ Sheriff St.’s face when eating the veggie burger. It’s my face, too. As usual, a tale of two Stilinski is PURE GOLD. These two should get a spin-off to trade snarks and hugs all the time. If none of this werewolf crap had infiltrated Stiles’ life (his words, not mine), I could’ve seen him going after his dad with the police. And for the time being, I’m
    happy that the restraining order hasn’t strained their relationsh…ah, crap.


    Red herring, no red herring? Creepy emo herring?


    Not sure if I like the girl with a bullseye painted on her face. Also: Colton’s forearm.

    NOTE TO THE EDITOR: COULDN’T YOU HAVE MADE A NICE CUT USING THE LIFT CUTTING OFF THE FRAME AND INTO THE CREDITS? Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s as if they had a great idea as to how to film this series, only to swerve off and not do it in the very end.


    Just how many helpers do the Argents have in this town? Are they some kind of “founding family”? Were the Hales? Had they been living peacefully next to one another until something/someone tipped the scales? Again, the mind boggles at the possibilities of all the wonderful backstories that are so often being hinted at. And are the Argents against all shapeshifters, or just werewolves? And if the women make the big decisions, how does Gerrard fit into all of this? Because
    he seems to be quite independent with his thinking and his actions…

    AND HOW COULD THE LIBRARY CAMERAS NOT HAVE CAPTURED THE INSANITY THAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK? Did Scott/Stiles erase what Jackson had written on the blackboard?


    All the snark is fantastic. But Isaac, “are you a witch?!” You should be wolfsbaned just for that. The vet is not a witch, he’s a wizard for the lizard. Booyah, rhymes galore… Anyone???

    *ahem* So Jackson’s also good at floating? Perfection should be shared, y’know? I call dibs on his hair. BTW – since Scott lost his unruly mob, he seems to have smartened up.

    Also, Deaton must’ve been familiar with the Hales back in the day. And he’s known to the Argents, or at least Gerrard. Which, once again, begs the question if Beacon Hills is/used to be a hot-bed for all things supernatural… Could Jackson’s original family have been part of it as well? More mind-boggling!



    And Stiles? “Your little bump on the head is about THIS HIGH on our list of problems right now…” Harsh, man. I’d love to know what your beef with Matt Cameraguy is… 😉


    Scenes between Stiles and the Coach? PURE GOLD, too. Sometimes I wonder how much of this is being ad-libbed on Dylan O’Brien’s part…like when they witness Isaac’s demolition of some poor bloke. That was some funny shit. And that little smile Stiles had when Isaac gave them the tickets… *drifts off to fairyland where there’s a ship named Sterek…and a boat named Scackson…and a yacht named Isanny* Huh, what? Oh…

    BTW – so Danny says he’s going to the rave himself BUT THEN WE DON’T SEE EITHER HIDE OR HAIR OF HIM?!?


    Allison Scott scenes.



    Can I just mention my amazement at how people didn’t get last season that mountain ash was a TREE?!? And Stiles, you’re the Yoda here, and now Deaton needs to give you a prep speech?! Oh, darling, you so have no reason to be lacking confidence.


    About Gerrard’s pills…could they be werewolf-suppressants? (Is that even a word?) So, Allison did what she said she was going to do…talk to her dad about the kanima business. Guess we all saw what would come out of this…


    OMG Stilinskis, can I give you a hug or two or three? Once again, I must commend the writers (Jeff D. in this case) for building these seemingly small yet oh-so-very-devastating personal scenes into the haywire pace of this season. I’m wondering if this scene is what Mr Davis was alluding when he said that Stiles would make significant mistakes this season. But I hope that this way Sheriff St. is somewhat taken out of the line of fire this way…


    Why is it that whenever Isaac and Erica are together, THEY EFFIN’ SASHAY DOWN WHATEVER HALLWAY THEY’RE IN?!? And Scott, bad timing must be your middle name…and this is adding some much-needed tension to the Alliott scenes, I must say. The concept of cause and effect has to be learned the hard way, I suppose.



    I also vote for Derek and Sargent Argent to get their own spin-off so that they can snark at one another all day long. Like neighbours yelling at each other over the fence or sumthin… But I think this one goes to Sargent Argent.




    OMG, that potential threesome of Jackson-Isaac-Erica was swelteringly hot. It actually raised the temperature in my room…as did Jackson’s zombie voice. Those bedroom eyes especially Isaac was making?! Holy God!


    Scott…your relationship with cars that speed towards you really isn’t a healthy one, y’know? BTW – awesome that the music from the season 1 finale accompanying Kate and Argent was re-used for Victoria Argent here. Bad-ASS!


    So Stiles isn’t magic (sound of disagreement here), but mountain ash is? Kinda as in “It’s the wand that chooses the wizard”. His little victory dance had me 50 shades of happy! 🙂


    Effin’. HELL!


    Why is everything so predominantly blue-gray in this episode?! *ahem* Well, hello, zombie!Jackson, how ARE you doing today? Do you need something for your sore throat? You also might want to consider applying for the school choir, people being able to sing in two voices are much sought after…

    AND YES, THANK YOU, MATT, for doing the same kind of minimalistic dancing I’m doing if I so choose.

    And hello, Creepy Emo Chemistry Teacher…put those glasses back on, please. AND GET LESS CREEPY THIS INSTANT! THIS IS VICTORIA ARGENT-LEVEL KIND OF CREEPY, just not as deadly.


    I’m too tired to put the puzzle pieces together. Stiles, can you do it for me and let me know by the time I come back from BC? BTW – do you think the three were ever in real danger from the Kanima?


    Gerrard, what ARE you doing? Why do I have the feeling you know EXACTLY what this line is and what it means? Pity that we couldn’t see where he was standing at the end when Allison came out of the werehouse, I MEAN, warehouse.



    Great music here. Kudos to Dino Meneghin!


    Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles……….. *faints*

    And best Scott scene so far. Just awesome how the pack is finally coming together.

    And Derek? Cause. And. Effin’. EFFECT. This won’t be nice very soon.

    And what is Jackson’s father doing at the scene of crime? Did I miss something? Is HE the sheriff now?


    The. Mind. is. BOGGLING!!! Did Victoria survive the bite? If not, was this the big death? If so, so many fascinating story line possibilities died with her…

    *if you ring me again, CK, I will effin’ END you*

    Well, people…that was my take on this. It was nice to somewhat be able to draw a bit of breath after this whirlwind of a season so far, and I am slightly anxious as to what levels the final four episodes are going to get revved up to. Until I return…stay safe, stay sane. And wish me luck with both field work and my own hunt…let’s see how many I’ll get back! 🙂

    • Hey CK! Thanks for stopping by before your big expedition. I’ve always been jealous of people who go on business trips. It just reminds me how long it’s been since I’ve been on a real vacation. 🙂

      I like your theory about the kanaima’s Master, and whether it needs Jackson to exist. I think the answer to that is “yes and no.” If we are going on the theory now, that Jackson’s “possessor” is NOT the same as his Master. Than the Master seemingly pre-existed Jackson. However, I’m thinking that in order for this whole vengeance parade to get started, the dead kid we HEARD this week, needed a kanaima to possess. And kanaimas only come around once in a full moon ;), when the “RIGHT” kinds of people are infected with a werewolf bite. So, in that sense, the Master and Jackson’s possessor NEEDED Jackson, specifically, to be bitten by Derek, in order to carry out their revenge plan. This would explain why Dead Kid waited a whopping six years, after he died to do in all those hot 24-year olds. 🙂

      You are right, Isaac and Erica totally sashay (usually to pop music) where-ever they go. It’s rather odd, actually. I suspect it’s to make them both seem “cooler.” By the way, writers, you know what else would make Isaac and Erica seem cooler? NOT HAVING THEM FAIL / GET THEIR ASSES HANDED TO THEM IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Just sayin. . . 🙂

      I’ve seen this comment echoed throughout other message boards. But I kind of love how Teen Wolf is able to successfully do what most teen / young adult shows never could: make the parents INTERESTING. I mean, I LOVE Sheriff Stilinski. And I would totally watch a spinoff show, featuring him and Stiles as a father / son supernatural crime investigation duo! I also think Papa Argent is kind of bad ass . . . definitely DILF MATERIAL. The actor who plays Gerard is pretty amazing. Nearly every scene he’s in gives me chills.

      And Mama Argent? THAT WOMAN IS SO FRIGGIN SCARY. Remember that recently canceled TV show on prime time about the Alien invasion? Mama Argent could have totally been an alien on that show. Her eyes alone give me nightmares.

      Back to the Sheriff, you are right. I have no clue what Jackson’s dad was doing at the crime scene. I thought he was supposed to be some hot shot lawyer, which, while making him some big bucks, wouldn’t necessarily give him a lot of clout in the town. (Coincidentally, the actor played the Mayor on TVD, which confused me, at first, when I saw this scene. Because, for a second, I thought he was the Mayor here too. That, at least, would make sense.)

      Also, isn’t the job of Sheriff supposed to be an elected position? Just wondering . . . I’m kind of ignorant, when it comes to small town politics. (But, like I said, in an earlier comment, I did watch Veronica Mars. ;))

      I’m not usually a fan of big gory death scenes, either. But I must say, I kind of liked this one. I mean, we all knew this girl was going to bite it. But I didn’t expect it to happen, when, and as fast, as it did. Plus, the WAY she died was the perfect mixture of gross, scary, aesthetically interesting, and morbidly comical. I’m no horror film connoisseur, but I will say that, out of all the Random Teen Wolf Deaths we’ve had over the course of Two Seasons, this one was probably my favorite (with bottomless Omega being a close second).

      So, on to next week, who do YOU think Jackson is making out with at Lydia’s party? And is it real, or is it all in Scott’s imagination?

      Until next time, enjoy your trip, CK!

      • CK

        > So, on to next week, who do YOU think Jackson is making out with at
        > Lydia’s party? And is it real, or is it all in Scott’s imagination?


        I like that Mr Whittemore is a TVD transplant, just as Mrs Martin! Now, get Steven McQueen and Zach Roerig over here as well and all shall be right with the world.

        I was about to mention that -so far- every time Isaac and particularly Erica have been around, they usually ended up horizontally on the floor.

        So Jackson isn’t just your every day kanima, but with a side of possession. Geez, that kid really is doing some penance (of sorts) with all of this. I kinda like how he’s been turned into a weapon of mass destruction/distraction, but once again, that leaves me to conclude that he NEEDS to bite the bust soon in order to make up for all this. Unless, of course, Jeff D. and the writers decide not to let him have any kind of redemption. That would be an intriguing twist of things, however unlikely.

        What else? Oh yeah, all of the hubbub about THE FIRST TIME. Dylan O’B. looks as adorable as ever in it, but I doubt that even he can make me go see this rom-com. It’s like we’re mutually incompatible or sumpin…

        OK, I’m off. Behave yourselves and don’t flail around too badly! 🙂 Byeeeeeee!


  7. Thanks so much, Ikainica! I do aim to please. 😉

  8. Johan

    The Sheriff could get together with Melissa. They are both lonely and they know something is going on with their kids. Perhaps they can get together to try to find out what is happening and then find companionship with eachother.

    Kinda funny that we dont know the first names of either of the Stilinskis.
    I wonder if all of the parents of the kids will be important. Jacksons become important this season. Will Scotts father be coming back next season. How did Stiles mom die? And why did Lydias parents break up?

  9. East Coast Captain

    According to Jeff Davis Scott will not want to be human after something happens. He´s supposed to fully accept his werewolf side eventually, I think the culmination of his character is becoming a True Alpha himself.

    He also went on to say the Season 3 big bads will appear in the season finale and they are the reason why Derek has been building a pack all season long.

    I don´t think Allison will want the leader role having to decide whether someone lives or dies. Plus she might be afraid that she might end up like her aunt though I doubt that.

  10. Johan

    Get a shrink and you’ll (probably) be fine.

  11. LOL. You know, I don’t yet. And I probably really need one! 🙂

    I imagine it would depend on whether my Master was cool, or a total d-bag psycho like Jackson’s. After all, if you have a really nice Master, you could spend your entire life virtually lizard free, and only break that sucker out on “special occasions.” Because being a scaly gross-looking lizard, long term, is really no way for an admittedly vain girl like myself to live.

    On the other hand, it WOULD be a great Get Out of Jail Free Card. As in, “You better not mess with me, or I’m going to go full-on kanaima on your ass!”

    • Johan

      Dont forget about the side effect of having snakes slithering down you throat and coming out through the eye. Too steep prize for me. I rather be a werewolf, hopefully you’re in a nice pack and have a good Alpha.

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