Punch Drunk – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Party Guessed”

We all know Lydia is up to no good in this picture, because she is wearing the . . .  Black Eyeliner of EVVVVILLL!

I’ve said it before, Werebangers.  But this time, I really mean it.  “Party Guessed” will go down in history as my favorite Teen Wolf episode EVER!  The stellar acting, the solid writing, the character development, the twists, the numerous obligatory shots of Derek in his Tight Grey Tank Top . . .

We haven’t seen this much Glorious Derek, since that episode, where all he did was work out for the entire hour . . .

(Another favorite episode of mine, by the way . . .)

What more could a Teen Wolf fangirl (or fanboy) ask for?  Did I mention we might have finally pinned down our Kanaima Master?

Way to be a Psycho Svengali Serial Killer, Creepy Camera Guy Matt!

(By the way, remind me never to join the swim team at Beacon Hills High . . .)

“Breast stroke?  Don’t you mean DEATH STROKE?”

So, chug down a glass of that deliciously hallucinogenic pink punch, Werebangers, because it’s time for another Teen Wolfcap . . .

[Special thanks to Andre for sending over those kickass screencaps.]

Another Dream Date with Decaying Corpse Peter Hale . . .

When the episode begins, Lydia’s in the shower . . . again.  And we all know how well that worked out for her last time.

(I’m thinking girlfriend should start considering taking sponge baths, STAT.)

“You’re not fully clean unless your ZESTFULLY CLEAN!”

This time around, fortunately, there is no gross dirty Peter Hale Hand or gorilla hair in the tub with her.  Instead, she opens the curtain and finds herself on the football field.

By golly, it’s a NAKED DREAM!  We’ve all had those, haven’t we?  And as The Girl Who Ran Around the Forest Naked for Two Days, we think Lydia’s entitled to a Naked Dream or Two (preferably with Stiles or Derek in it).

Except, this isn’t actually a Naked Dream, after all.  In fact, Lydia is in the very same dress she wore to last year’s dance.  And she’s being cheered on by a crowd of high school students . . . well, except for one chick, who’s totally bawling her brains out for no reason, whatsoever.  (Party Pooper!)

“Dammit!  Why isn’t she NAKED?  How come everyone gets to see Lydia naked except for me?”

Actually, I’m still trying to figure out Crying Girl’s significance.  Is she one of the girls from the Swim Team (more on that later)?  Is she a member of the Hale family, who died in the fire?  Because she didn’t exactly look like Corpse Laura to me!

Whoever she is, I suspect we will see her again, before the season is out . . .

Anywhoo, back on the football field, Lydia is being dragged across the ground by . . . wait for it . . . Peter Hale.

(They’re just cheering, because from the back, he kind of looks like Justin Bieber.)

Lydia wakes up screaming (naturally).  But then, she calms down.  “It was all a dream!” She thinks to herself.  “I didn’t really shower in front of my classmates.  Phew!”

Except, now her bed is filled with a REAL mixture of blood and hair.  Signs of rough sex? And guess who’s lying next to her, eagerly awaiting their next Pillow Talk Session?

Peter Hale TOTALLY seems like a post-coital cuddler . . .

You got it . . . Peter Hale!  This dude is nothing, if not persistent.  And I hate to say it, but these two actually have some freaky twisted sexual chemistry going on . . .  (I think Stiles would be jealous, if he knew.)


Also a cuddler . . .

Except, here’s the thing . . . now, maybe it’s because he’s been dead for a few months, and spent years before that pretending to be a vegetable   . . . whatever the reason, Peter’s kind of off his flirting game.  For starters, he bores Lydia with talk about the Worm Moon.  He also makes insects crawl all over her dirty feet, as part of his Seduction Technique.  (Total turn off!)

See, Lydia . . . maybe if you spent less time screaming in the shower, and more time actually washing yourself, you wouldn’t have this problem . . .

Peter also has this really annoying habit of referring to Lydia in the third person, when he talks to her about her.  “Lydia is smart and beautiful,” he says.  “Everyone wants to go to Lydia’s party.”  “Lydia is immune.”

“Dude!  She’s standing right next to you!

You know what else isn’t going to get you laid by the girl of your dreams?  Telling her she has to spike her punch bowl with hallucinogenic flowers, dig up your dirty corpse, and make it hold the hand of some hot guy, or else you will kill all her friends, while dressed in an oversized gorilla suit . .  .

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that even the sluttiest of girls would consider that kind of a Deal Breaker . . .  unless, of course, you happen to be part of the “Furry” Community, in which case, more power to ya . . .

On Wolves Getting Their Periods, and Wearing Funny Hats . . .

Meanwhile, over at the Abandoned Bus  . . .

(By the way, is it just me, or does Derek Hale have the worst taste in real estate EVER?  First, it was the burnt decrepit house.  Then, that weird storage shed, and now a bus where ole Peter mauled some dude.  Hey Derek!  Give me a call, and I’ll set you up with a nice condo . . . one that comes with a cleaning lady, who won’t mind that you always leave teeth marks in the furniture . . .)

Derek is showing his baby wolves his Magic Trunk (I wish that was a euphemism for something fun.  Unfortunately, it’s not.)  Boyd notices that oh so familiar swirly symbol on it . . .

*wipes drool from side of mouth*

 Like the teacher’s pet he TOTALLY is, the Big Guy explains that it’s a Triskele, which symbolizes the “Power of Three.”

Derek looks impressed, and a little bit turned on.  Isaac looks like he wants to shove Boyd’s head in the toilet, and give him a swirly, for being such a TOTAL NERD!


Derek notes that, for him, the Triskele represents Alphas, Betas and Omegas.  Specifically, it reminds the stud muffin how any of the three types of wolf can easily be converted into one another.  So, even if you’re the Alpha, you should never get too comfortable, or too cocky, because you could end up a Beta or Omega, at the drop of a hat (or the pinch of a wrist). And that, my friends, is what I like to call FORESHADOWING . . .

Anyway, it’s time to whip out the chains, and that hat from the Total Recall movie.

Derek must restrain his baby wolves, in preparation for the Full Moon.  (Yeah, because that’s worked SOO well, in the past.)  Erica notes boldly that because she had her period last week, she won’t be nearly as dangerous this week.


 (Oh, Erica, haven’t you learned yet that talking about “your monthlies” is a Boy Repellant!)

Erica’s Period Faux Pas not withstanding, Derek gets major points with this female recapper for correctly noting that Erica, as a monthly bleeder / child birther has a higher tolerance for pain than her weiner-bearing companions.  That’s why she gets to wear the silly hat, and they don’t!  GIRL POWER!

“I feel pretty .  . . oh so pretty . . .”

But no amount of S&M accoutrements are going to help Derek keep his wolf cubs from ripping up all the seat cushions,  and peeing all over the house.  After all, these are some Really Bad Babies!

So, you can imagine Derek’s surprise when it ends up being NOT teacher’s pet Boyd, but rather, Leather Twin Isaac, who’s the first cub to find his “anchor,” and control his wolfy rage.


(Now, if only his “anchor” could help him find his eyebrows.  . .)

Even more surprising?  The fact that Isaac’s anchor just so happens to be the same father who verbally, and physically abused him, while occasionally shoving him in a freezer.  As it turns out, Papa Lahey, actually used to be a pretty nice guy . . . before . . . well . . . more on that later  .  . .


Let’s Get “Candid” with Creepy Camera Guy Matt!

Elsewhere, Allison’s finishing up her Awful Date with Creepy Camera Guy Matt . . .

“Can I please cop a feel?”


“Just a little one?”


“What if I go to unbuckle my seatbelt, and my hand accidentally / on purpose grazes your left boob and inner thigh?”


Creepy Camera Guy Matt continues to not-so-subtly probe Allison with questions about the status of her relationship with Scott.  When “CCGM” (see above) realizes he probably isn’t getting anywhere, he exits the car, but not without accidentally / on purpose leaving his camera there, so that unrequited lady love can find his Eerie Homage to All Things Allison, Including Her Bedroom on the Second Floor of Her House . . .

“Wow.  Matt must be really tall . . .”

“Wanna see more?  The lens in my pants is on zoom, baby!  Check out my f-stop!”

Though Matt tries lamely to explain his icky actions, Allison speeds away in her car, so fast, she leaves skid marks on Creepy Camera Guy’s blue balls . . .

Meanwhile, over at the ex-sheriff’s house . . .

Stiles Stilinski – Super Sleuth

Just because Stilinski Squared isn’t employed by the Beacon Hills PD, anymore, doesn’t mean they aren’t still on the case.  Driven by his crushing guilt over the part he unwittingly played in his father’s firing, Stiles seems more determined than ever to crack the case of the serial-killing kanaima.  While the Sheriff notes that local pedo, Mr. Harris, has already been brought in for questioning, due to his car / lame bumper sticker being found at the sight of Every Single Murder . . .


 . . . Stiles is still unconvinced “She’s 21” Guy actually did the crimes.  After all, like us, Stiles knows that TWO of the victims, Isaac’s dad and last week’s unfortunate rave chicky, have no relationship with Harris at all.  They do however have THIS relationship with one another . . .

That’s right, Werebangers!  In addition to beating his kid, and locking him a cooler, Mr. Lahey, also apparently used to enjoy teaching the butterfly to under-aged hard bodies, in his spare time.  Go figure!

So, remember, earlier I mentioned that Isaac alluded to the fact that his father wasn’t always a Grade A, asshole . . . thereby prompting me to wonder, what exactly made him change?

My theory?  It’s precisely, the same thing that made the kanaima want to kill all these peppy swimmers . . .

Could Mr. Lahey be somehow have been taking his guilt over what happened in 2006 out on his son?  It’s definitely a possibility . . .

You know, I actually spent a lot of time pouring over the screencaps for this scene, because I figured, we might be able to find our good pal Master Matt in the photograph.  (We know he couldn’t swim, but, perhap,s he was the Team Manager, or something?)  Oddly enough, the guy that looked most like Matt in the picture (check out the kid in the bottom row center), is actually, at least according to the team roster, Isaac Lahey’s brother, Camden.

I’m not exactly sure if that means anything.  But it certainly piqued my interest . . .

Why Mama Argent Will Never Again Sharpen a Pencil and Pretend It’s Scott’s Weiner . .  .

Memories .  . . like the corners of my mind.  Misty water colored memoriessssssss .  . .

When we last left Mama Argent, she was lying in Papa Argent’s arms, suffering from the Worst Hickey Ever!  (Then again, any gift from This Guy can’t be ALL bad, right?)

Now, Dame Victoria is sitting in the basement licking her own wounds (pun intended), while Grandpa and Papa Argent stage whisper about killing her, as if she’s not sitting literally 5 feet away from them.  (RUDE!)

“You know, becoming a werewolf actually IMPROVES your sense of hearing, a$$holes!”

De-nial isn’t just a river in Egypt, it’s also a gaping blind spot in Papa Argent’s vision, as he tells his father, “It doesn’t look so bad.”

Really, Papa Argent?  Because from where I’m sitting it looks like a PRETTY BIG F*&KING CHUNK of skin is missing from Victoria Argent’s chest plate.  Grandpa Argent clearly agrees, which is why he shows about as much sympathy for his daughter-in-law as an obese man would show for a Big Mac, telling Daddy-o, more or less says, “Kill the, B*tch.  Allison will get over it.”

“If you hurry up and kill her now, we may be able to make the 8 p.m. showing of Spiderman at the Multiplex.

“If you want an easier life, change your last name,” scolds Grandpa Argent.  “Just as long as you aren’t changing it to whatever Mama Argent’s maiden name is, because apparently that last name makes your life suck too.”

On a side note, many fans have speculated that the pills we regularly see Grandpa Argent popping on the show might actually be some kind of werewolf or lizard suppressant.  If that ends up being true, well, let’s just say Grandpa’s callous comments about Mama Argent being nothing more than a cocoon waiting to hatch a monster, will likely come back and bite him in the ass, by the end of the season . . . or, perhaps, I should say the chest plate.

“It’s like looking in a mirror. We’re both a little green and wrinkly.”

In a surprise show of maternal instinct, a slightly teary-eyed Mama Argent (I thought soulless vampires only cried blood tears?)  makes an attempt to confront her daughter about her impending wolficide.

“And while I’m describing to you, in detail, how I’m going to take my own life with a carving knife, I’ll bake you brownies, tell you a bedtime story, and even squeeze in a talk about the birds and the bees.”

Unfortunately, Allison Argent has better things to do than engage in Mommy/Daughter time . . . like for example, help Lydia perform ridiculously obvious product placement for Macy’s pick out outfits (plural!) for tonight’s “Big Party.”

“Peter Hale said I had to shop at Macy’s, or he would make me shower with him again.”

Eventually, Allison leaves for the party, having never gotten to say goodbye to Mama Argent.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this is super sad, and will undoubtedly, saddle poor Allison with years of unresolved guilt, and thousands of dollars in therapy bills.

Nevertheless, the way that Mama Argent decides to atone for this “lack of a Final Conversation” between Mother and Daughter can only be described as . . . morbid.

Now, I love a Super Poignant Dramatic, Tear-jerking TV Death as much as the next fan.  So, I TOTALLY understand Mama Argent’s decision (at least from the writer’s perspective) to go out with the Bang of a Stab Wound Inflicted in the Light of the Full Moon, just as “The Change” was occurring, as opposed to the Wimper of a pill overdose.  I’m just a bit iffy on her decision to do it ON HER DAUGHTER’S BED, so that she can “feel closer to her.”  I mean, first of all, “EW,” and second of all . . . no  . . . scratch that . . . . “EW” just about sums up my thoughts on that decision.

(I also hope Daddy changed the sheets, afterward.  Because, seriously.  That’s just unsanitary . . .)

There is some conversation between Mama and Papa Argent about playing off Victoria’s death as a suicide to the community, which kind of seems like adding insult to injury, at least as far as Allison’s concerned.  Mama Argent, in particular, seems distraught over the fact that the neighbors would likely disapprove of her coming to such a “cowardly end,” and deserting her family in that way.  (I would think that Mama Argent would be more concerned about the community thinking her family was a bunch of gun-toting lunatics . . . which, of course, they are.)  Papa Argent replies that Mama Argent is making a “brave sacrifice” for her family, by stabbing herself on her daughter’s bed, rather than sprout long nails, and a pointy face, once a month, and whenever else she gets really angry (which, let’s face it, is probably often).

I don’t know . . . to me, personally, if it looks like a wolficide, and it walks like a wolficide . . . well, you get the idea.  I still feel terrible for Allison that things had to go down this way.  But more on that, a bit later.

Because Stiles Keeps His Drag Queens on Speed Dial . . .

In somewhat less depressing news, Stiles has a problem to which many men, I suspect, can relate.  He has to get his HUGE BOX inside Lydia’s teeny tiny door . . .

Yeah, I went there . . .

Unfortunately, we never did get to find out what was actually in that box.  I have a few ideas, though.  Do you? 😉

When our Scooby Gang arrives at Lydia’s party, they find out that it’s not exactly the hip soiree the birthday girl was hoping for  (at least, not yet).  Allison and Stiles speculate that this might be because Lydia’s naked romps in the woods have christened her the “Town Wackjob.”  I don’t know, guys.  Personally, I would think Lydia’s new-found penchant for public nudity would make her VERY, VERY popular . . . at least with the boys.

Don’t you worry too much about Lydia, though.  Stiles, as always, is ripe and ready to rescue her.  All he has to do is call in a favor from all those new “friends” he met at the gay club a few weeks back.  (Nice continuity, writers!)

Personally, I kind of love the idea of Stiles having his very own entourage of Drag Queens, ready to do his bidding at a moment’s notice.  I mean, let’s face it, Derek and his wolf pack couldn’t stand a chance against all those high heels!

Don’t Drink the Punch, or You’ll End Up All WET!

Stiles’ Magical Drag Queen Summoning Powers (which are likely the same powers that enable him to move fairy dust with his mind) . . .

 . . . end up working wonders!  In what seems like only minutes, Lydia’s once nearly empty house (Where ARE your parents, girlfriend?) is just crawling with party people, who just can’t seem to get enough of Lydia’s Magical Punch.  And Lydia, ever the gracious host, is more than happy to quench the thirst of  all her guests.  In fact, she practically pours the stuff down all of their throats!

Of course, us viewers can tell right away that something is VERY wrong with that tasty drink, in the pretty stemless plastic wine glass.  For one thing, it’s got blue crap in it.  Gross!  For another, as I mentioned earlier, Lydia is serving it wearing her Black Eyeliner of EEEEEVVVVIILLLL!

Now, it’s not entirely clear WHY Peter Hale insisted on Lydia LSD-ing all her pals.  But I suspect it was done more as a diversion tactic from his holding hands with Derek “rebirth,” than anything else.  After all, had Scott, Stiles, Allison and Jackson not all been tripping that night, one or two of them might have noticed Lydia WANDERING AWAY FROM HER OWN PARTY, and possibly stopped her.  (I think it’s a pretty safe guess that she wasn’t heading off into the woods to watch The Notebook again.)

That said, it did sort of seem like our main cast members got a Bad Batch of Punch, because while everyone else was busy making out, rolling around on the floor and being happy drunks, our core four were experiencing some pretty disturbing hallucinations . . . hallucinations that ended up being highly insightful, in terms of who these individuals are, and what exactly drives them . . .

Let’s review the hallucination’s shall we?

Because Lizards Make the Best Lovers . . .

I’ll start with the most shallow hallucination first, which, not surprisingly belongs to Scott.

As we all know, Scott and Allison have been a bit “on the outs” of late, ever since Scott “casually” told his girlfriend to make out with Creepy Camera Guy Matt, and Allison ratted out Jackson’s kanaima status to her batsh*t crazy family, which Scott saw as an explicit betrayal of his trust.

But, of course, Scott’s still petrified of losing his brunette beauty, particularly to a monster that’s bigger and badder than he is . . . one that’s got a super long tongue that you could stick . . . anywhere.  And don’t even get me started on that BIG TAIL.  (Even Stiles’ “box” has nothing on that thing . . .)

*nom-nom, nom-nom . . . tastes like carcass*

Speaking of the kanaima . . .

Face Off – Starring Jackson Whitmore . . .

Poor Jackson!  The writers have somehow managed to make me feel bad for this douchebag probably because they are planning on killing him in the season finale, and want me, personally, to cry when it happens.  First, they did it with his crocodile tears, upon learning he had no friends a few week’s back.

And now, the writers are at it again, when Jackson pleads with Lydia not to invite him to her party, because, deep down, he knows his kanaima self is only going to turn Lydia’s dream birthday into a nightmare.

And yet, the kanaima master, isn’t exactly cool with Jackson sitting out on a party that could potentially be attended by another swim team member.  So, off to the party he goes.

“I’m sexy and I know it . . . LIZARD, LIZARD, LIZARD, LIZARD,LIZARD . .  . YEAH!”

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s actually Jackson who experiences the nightmare at Lydia’s hand.

Upon drinking that fateful punch, Jackson comes face-to-face with his REAL parents, only to find out that . . . wait for it . . . THEY  DON’T HAVE FACES AT ALL!  And, of course, neither does he . . . which makes sense, because, when you think about it, much of Jackson’s douchebagginess comes from his frustration over not having an identity . . . not being able to turn into the “manly wolf” he’s always wanted to be . . . having to share his position as captain of the Lacrosse Team with Scott . . . and, most importantly not truly knowing his own origins.

“I prayed for clear skin, during my teen years, but this is ridiculous.”

Props to Colton Haynes for somehow managing to warm my heart with his trademark Vulnerable Face . . . only to be used on special occasions like this one . . .

Speaking of vulnerable faces . . .

“You killed her.”

Poor Stiles.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize he’s taken his whole father losing his job because of him thing, really hard.  We see it in the determination with which Stiles attacks solving this kanaima murder case.  And we see it in Stiles’ anguish over his hallucination, which features a drunk Papa Stilinski, having just gotten back from Stiles’ mother’s funeral,  blaming Stiles for HER death, and the ruination of HIS life.

Unfortunately, we still have yet to learn what exactly killed Mama Stilinski, or why Stiles seems to blame himself for it happening.  But we do know that her absence has left a major hole in Stiles’ heart, one from which he’s never fully recovered.  Kudos to Dylan O’Brien for really tugging at our heartstrings with the raw emotion of this scene.

Speaking of kudos . . .

Dark Allison’s Revenge

Of all the actors on this show (with the exception of Tyler Posey) Crystal Reed probably gets the least to work with, in terms of juicy material, funny one liners, and powerful, character developing scenes.  Correction:  She GOT the least to work with, prior to this week, during which the actress showed her werebanging fans just how talented of an actress she truly is . . .

It all started with Allison kicking the crap out of that slimy Creepy Camera Guy, first for being a total stalker case, who takes “candid” pictures of her from her second floor bedroom window, and second for actually INSULTING her beauty, and calling her a dime a dozen.  I mean, seriously, if anyone deserves a knee in the nuts it’s Creepy Camera Guy Matt.

Now, at least, if his photography career fails, he can always sing Soprano in an all boys choir . . .

Except as it turns out, Matt isn’t exactly the enemy Allison needs to the fear the most.  THAT enemy, is wearing a black hood, stalking around the party, and shooting her in the stomach with a bow and arrow, while chastising her for being SO weak, and always playing the victim.  What’s interesting about this scene (apart, of course, from how cool Dark! Allison looked in it), is that it’s not entirely clear what Allison’s fear actually is?

Is she afraid of being weak . . . a perpetual victim, who constantly needs to be rescued by Scott and her family?  Or,  conversely, is Allison afraid of losing her soul, and becoming a single-minded, cold and calculating killer . . . like Dark!Allison . . . like the dearly departed Kate Argent . . . like her very own mother . . .

Speaking of Allison’s mother . . . how incredibly raw, and emotional was that hospital scene, in which Allison learns of her mother’s death from her father?  As someone who lost a parent at a young age, Allison’s pain and anguish really resonated with me, because no matter what kind of person Mama Argent was, she was still Allison’s mother.  And you never really get over a loss like that . . .


On a much lighter note . . .

That Teen Wolf Contest Winner NEEDS to become a series regular . .  . no joke.

When we last left our plucky little Stilinski, he was drunk as a skunk, high as a kite, and still reeling over his faux father’s drunken outburst. But Scott needs his sidekick back STAT.  So, he turns to our Very Special Contest Winning Guest Star to pick up the pieces of Stiles fragile psyche, which she does by dunking his head in a pool of water.

Not only was this a hilarious moment, executed to perfection by a surprisingly talented amateur actress, it also gave us back Wet Stiles . . . an image we haven’t seen, since that fateful day, when he and Derek took a nice long romantic swim together, in the school pool . . .

Speaking of swimming . . .


After weeks of doing little more than lurking around looking suspicious, Creepy Camera Guy Matt finally revealed himself as the kanaima master, when he YELLED OUT TO THE ENTIRE PARTY that he can’t swim, upon being tossed into the pool (probably by some sh*tfaced drag queen).

Jackson rescued him, of course, which just screams “Master / Slave,” because we all know that under any other circumstance, Jackson would be the one THROWING the nerd into the pool, not pulling him out . . .

Then, as if we hadn’t been beat over the head with the “Matt as Kanaima” idea enough, we are given THIS image . . .

This reveal, of course, only leads to more questions . . . is Matt alive?  Is he the ghost of someone murdered by a bunch of swim teammate?  What led him to take on this quest for vengeance?  And how exactly did he know he could use Jackson to carry out his plan?

Ahh . . . the plot, it’s thickening . . .

Speaking of thick . . .

Derek Gets Glitter Bombed / Red Eye Reduced

What are you dreaming about, Derek?

Awww, Derek!  You big sexy hunk of man meat, you!  Of all the things that would end up bringing your seemingly invincible ass down, no one could have guessed that it would end up being the petite 105 pound red head, and a bunch of blue glitter in your face.  Honestly, it’s a little pathetic, but also kind of charming, in a way.

After week’s of speculation, we finally got to see why Peter Hale had been stalking Lydia, and using his teenage face to hit on her, make out with her, and give her flowers all these weeks.  It was also so Lydia could make Derek fondle Peter’s corpse at the first light of the worm moon, which somehow made Peter come back to life, and turned Derek’s eyes from Alpha Red, to Horny Green. 🙂

Yeah, it didn’t make sense to me either.  But, you have to admit, it was still a really cool ending.

Until next time, Werebangers!

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13 responses to “Punch Drunk – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Party Guessed”

  1. East Coast Captain

    I agree jewls this was the best episode of this season. I cannot even begin to describe how awesome it was well yeah I can actually. 🙂

    The period jokes are funny if done right, the boys were like ”I did not want to hear that.” Hmm…nice of Derek chaining up his subordinates while his other subordinate is on assignment. Though clearly our favorite Alpha has a lot to learn about being an Alpha.

    You know I wouldn´t count out Tyler P just yet Jewls, an upcoming episode is supposed to make Scott embrace his werewolf side more. Speaking of which most have described Scott´s journey as a hero´s origin story that his character will eventually become a true Alpha, I think a good storyline is maybe in S4 or 5 is Scott turning someone for the first time into a werewolf.

    I believe Matt might be a supernatural clearly, he might some type of undead creature there are lots of them in mythology.

    Lydia has lots of sex appeal in my opinion, I think she and Scott would be hot together though its interesting Holland was supposed to be Allison or something I forgot. Poor Derek, our favorite werewolf taken down in five seconds by a five foot redhead.

    SPOILER: Jeff has said that we will meet the main antagonists of Season 3 in the season finale and they are the reason why Derek is building a pack. Its clear that they are not hunters, Derek would not be building such a large pack for just a couple of guys with guns.

    He also went to say Derek did not revert back to a Beta, he´s still an Alpha.

    Alpha Red, Beta Yellow, Werewolf blue I like the sound of that!

    I hope Allison won´t go after Derek, she might end up like her aunt.

    Oh Peter, good to have you back. I think he´s like the werewolf version of Gerard with a sense of humor. I believe he and Peter might just go toe to toe, I can just imagine Peter getting under Grandpa argent´s skin.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I had read something about Scott’s story being a Hero Origins story, like Batman Begins . . . or Wolverine. 🙂 Does that mean, he has to, at some point, become an Alpha? And if so, what situation would have to occur for that to happen?

      Assuming Derek wasn’t being entirely honest with Scott about the whole “kill your Alpha, and become human” thing, I guess Scott could be the one to kill Peter the second time around? But would Derek’s pack automatically cede loyalty to him, simply because he did this. Even though it was Derek who turned them, and taught them how to be wolves. I’m thinking probably not . . . at least not right away, unless Derek convinced them to do it.

      Another option would be the death of Derek. HECK NO! Not happening! The Teen Wolf writers know where there bread is buttered. 🙂 Actually, the only situation in which I can envision a Derek death is in the series finale, which, hopefully won’t take place for at least another couple of seasons.

      So, you ship Lydia and Scott. 🙂 Interesting. I definitely notice a pattern in your shipping tendencies. You tend to go for pairings in which a vixen / bad ass / or mean girl female matches up with a much more mild mannered / straight-laced male. Stefan and Katherine . . . Adam and Faye . . . Scott and Lydia.

      I guess I can relate to that, because most of my ships are the reverse. Bad Boy meets “sweet,” “average” or “quirky” female. Though, I think my Stiles and Lydia ship diverts from that a bit. Then again, they kind of remind me of Seth and Summer from The O.C., and I was always a major fan of theirs. 🙂

      My theory about the Season 3 antagonists is that they are a rival wolf pack, possibly one that lost a turf war to the Hale’s back in the day. And now that the Hale family is decimated, they are coming back to reclaim land they feel is rightfully their’s. It would definitely explain Derek’s haste to build a new pack. It would also be a way to tie in the Omega from the first episode. If that Omega was shunned from a rival pack to the Hale’s, it would make sense that he would seek solace in Hale territory.

      A storyline like this would also create the unique situation of having the Argents and Derek’s pack on the same side, since neither group would want these new wolves to overrun Beacon Hills.

      Ooh, a Peter and Gerard showdown would be hilarious. So many good one liners. I’m giffing them all in my head, as I type this . . .

  2. jmae

    I definitely loved this episode. The minute Stiles said he had some people he met who really knew how to party I was like he’s bringing in the drag queens. I really want to see like a funny short of some sort with him bringing the drag queens home and introducing them to his dad.
    You bring up a good point about Matt looking like Camden Lahey, if the writers aren’t afraid to go the reincarnation or possession route then that could be a possible explanation.
    Looking at comments on MTV and other sites there is a theory going around that Mama Argent isn’t really dead.
    a) We didn’t get to see blood when she stabbed herself.
    b) Her body was never shown and come on this is Teen Wolf they showed the top half of a corpse in the first episode.
    c) We’ve seen Derek heal from internal bleeding and being thrown into the air and Scott heal from being stabbed in the chest from Grandpa Argent. I would not be surprised if Mama Argent had healed not long after getting to the hospital and didn’t let anyone know.
    Honestly out of all the fears expressed this week Stiles’ surprised me the most. When I saw the preview I’d just automatically assumed that his dad was yelling at him about causing him to lose his job.
    Pretty sure Allison and Scott are finally going to be done next week. She made the command to kill Derek in the preview, and I doubt that that would sit well with Scott.
    Not to mention am I the only one that’s confused about what’s going on with Peter. Whatever is happening I’m pretty sure that Derek makes it out alive, but what do werewolves and worm moons have to do with each other.
    The whole Matt as the Kanima master and his interest with Scott’s eyes flashing makes sense now, he probably didn’t know about the existence of werewolves until recently and he could have possibly thought that Scott like Jackson was a Kanima.
    This season the writers seem to be going with the right under our nose approach. Last season Peter seemed impossible as a candidate for Alpha because he was supposedly comatose. This season they’re going with the people we first expect. Even Matt pointed out his own ability to loop Jackson’s footage due to it being his camera, but because he recieved that ‘little bump on the head’ during the library sequence he was ruled out same with Jackson being the Kanima.
    The previews for next week show Matt toting a gun and pointing it at his enimies kinda wondering what that is about. Is he panicking now that he’s been found out or was that his end game all along?
    Is it bad that I can’t wait to see Allison and
    Scott break-up.
    I wonder what Allison is going to do when she finds out why her mom got bit in the first place.

    • Hey jmae,

      Good point about Mama Argent. I can see her being alive, and living out in the wild as an Omega wolf, being one of the big twists of Season 3.

      As of now, I think Allison and Gerard, at least, have to believe that she’s dead, at least until the end of this season. For Allison, I think she needs to have this story arc, where she’s the one making the family decisions, embracing her Argent legacy, and trying to decide whether to become a bloodthirsty woman like Kate, or a (relatively) fair and balanced werewolf hunter like Chris. As for Gerard, if he knew Victoria was still alive, he would kill her in a heartbeat.

      However, given Chris’ reaction to Mama Argent killing herself, along with his reaction to Allison’s decision in the promo (more on that later), I could see Mama Argent awakening in the hospital, and him saying to her, “Get out of here and save yourself.”

      I can also see Allison running into her mother sometime around early Season 3, right when she’s in the most danger of becoming the next Kate Argent, and being prevented from doing so by this personal encounter.

      But back to that sneak peek, I can totally understand how devastated Allison is over the loss of her mother, but I was shocked at how heartless her decision was. After all, Mama Argent killed HERSELF. Derek didn’t kill her. And if anyone knows first hand, that being a werewolf doesn’t necessarily mean you are evil, it’s Allison. You would think that Allison would be just the slightest bit annoyed at her mother for abandoning the family in that way. In fact, it kind of makes me wonder if the Argents lied to Allison and told her that Derek flat out killed Victoria.

      Also in that vein, Allison was raised to believe that werewolf hunters only killed wolves that were killers. So Allison’s decision to kill any pack member (presumably, including Scott), who tried to protect Derek, even if he or she did so nonviolently, seems incredibly cold and callous.

      That said, I’m thrilled to see Crystal Reed take this character to such a dark place. It makes the role of Allison so much more complex and meaty than it’s been thus far . . .

      You bring up a good point about the writers hiding Matt’s identity as the Kanaima master right under our noses. The thing is, I feel like most of us suspected him off the bat as the kanaima itself. But when it came to pinning him down as the Master, he fell to the bottom of many suspect list, perhaps, because fans somehow assumed the Master would be OLDER than Jackson . . . like Mr. Harris, or Gerard, or the Vet, or the Guidance Counselor.

      Personally, I kind of wanted the Master to be Gerard . . . not sure why. But I’m still eager to see how things go with Matt. Up front, like you, I’m a little dubious about the previews, showing Matt going from mild mannered to psycho, the minute he’s revealed as the Master. It just seems inconsistent with his character, as we know him. It also makes things too “easy,” kind of like in Comic Books, where the Big Bad villain monologues for ten pages about his Top Secret Plan, rather than simply shooting the hero in the head, and actually WINNING. 🙂

      But I’ll try to keep an open mind . . .

  3. Johan

    I have to hand it to the writers, they totally blindsided me with Matt.
    He wasnt on the top of my list of Kanima Masters. Why wasnt he?
    He was the one that owned the camera that Jackson borrowed and knew that Jackson was going to film himself, and he was curious on why Jackson would do it. He could have gone over to spy on Jackson to find out what was going on, we know Matt have no problem with spying through other peoples windows. He was the only one who knew that Danny knew about Jacksons footage, he came out of the lockerroom before Allison entered to find a agressive naked Jackson (wish I were there) and were there when Jackson begin to change in the library. Why didnt I see it?
    The question is what/who is Matt? Ghost or possesed?
    What does Mr Harris car have with all of this?

    So Peter Hale is back. What does he intend to do? Will he stay low until season three? He got his revenge on Kate so what to do know? Will he plan to take Dereks pack or will he create his own? Is Scott safe or will he be claimed by Peter? Is Lydia “sane” now (not counting PTSD)?

    Did anyone else notice that Jackson woke from his Kanima personality when Lydia touched his arm and went under when she withdraw her hand?
    Does it have anything to do with her immunity or is it because it is Lydia (Jacksons xgf)? Could she help Jackson be cured from the Kanima?

    Victoria Argent did change before she was stabbed by the knife, it is possible she will heal (I hope so).

    • Good point about Lydia and Jackson, Johan. I’m wondering if kanaimas can have “anchors,” like werewolves do. After all, the writers made a big point of bringing back the concept of the anchor, this week, when, that subject hadn’t been brought up since early Season 1, back when Scott discovered Allison as HIS anchor.

      Having Lydia be Jackson’s anchor would also harken back to Allison’s conversation about what “true love” is. Jackson may actually love Lydia, but not really be able to fully embrace those feelings, due to his own insecurity / identity issues. Wait . . . why am I arguing this point? I ship Lydia with Stiles, dammit! 🙂

  4. Andre

    [i]This is just a test to see whether it works to write in italic[/i]

  5. Andre

    Ok, before I come to my reeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy long comment on your recap, I have to ask something first:
    The girl that plunged Stiles head under water is a contest winner? What contest?
    And if yes, I wonder what Stiles’ line would have been had it been a guy.

    Ok, something to the other people:
    @East Coast Captain
    What do you mean with “Werewolf blue”? All of them are werewolves.
    And if Derek is still an Alpha why did his eyes stopped being red?

    By the way, I don’t think Scott is leader material.

    No, we all would like to see Scott and Allison breaking up.

    I think the writers tricked us with the hiding in plain sight approach when it came to Matt. It was simply too convenient to be believed.
    And I noticed the effect of Lydia’s touch as well (more to that later down)

    Ok, now I will start with my comment.

    Well, I wouldn’t say that this Teen Wolf episode will be my favorite ever, but so far it really was the best. And considered that this is a “Teen” (seriously how many of the viewers really are teens?) show on MTV, I can say wow!!!!! Considered that it deserves an Oscar. Makes me wonder, why the show had won so little at the Teen Choice Awards) as opposed to the ridiculous Vampire Diaries and the film of the series which-must-not-be-named. I also wonder why Posey was a presenter and not O’Brian or Hoecklin; or why Posey and Reed were nominated for Summer TV Star: Male and Female, seriously for what? Who picks these nominees?

    And when the Master turned out to be Matt (it was a nice little element of chaos the way he turned out to be), I just thought: Stiles was right.
    Scott and Derek are so lucky that Stiles is not a werewolf. I mean compared to wolf-Stiles, Derek, Scott and the rest of the rabid pack (more on that later) are this:

    While wolf-Stiles would be this:

    Before I forget this: I know the party guests where hallucinating anyway, but isn’t it odd that no one reacts to a man-sized reptilian humanoid standing right there? I mean they were obviously sober enough to
    And speaking of it: I guess since Matt is now a stalker I guess we can assume that the whole locker room episode was due to Matt speaking, or influencing Jackson. Great *rolleyes* because this will probably mean that Jackson is now an innocent. Wouldn’t surprise me if they blame the whole restraining order on that as well. I hope they don’t but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do. And I hope Jackson doesn’t become a werewolf, that would be like giving the rich spoiled kid even more undeserved stuff (more on that later).

    And I was also asking myself whether Matt is some sort of ghost; he seems way too corporal for that. And I had the other questions about him as well. And for some other sort of undead respectively revenant he is way too calm, those beings in mythology where usually not so controlled.

    I was thinking the same about that one crying woman in the crowd. I mean, what was that about? She definitely is not a random feature; otherwise they would have never shown her I think.
    I am not sure whether we actually will see her this season. I mean we didn’t learn about Gerard prior to season 2 either. Anyway, let’s say she is and Peter makes his big coup (will he try to bite Mama McCall again?) in this part of the season, what will come in the second part?

    First, worms are not insects, so the worms at her feed are a reference to something, obviously. The question is whether this is just a reference to the name worm moon (which is also called Sap moon) and Peter’s “growing” out of the earth? (the names as referred to in this episode as well as the miniseries search for a cure can be found here:
    However this article of National Geographic doesn’t mention where that info comes from. Only that it was called this way by “Native Americans”, which is far from being an accurate statement. It’s like saying “Asians eat curry.” [I did a search on google.books and it wasn’t any better)
    Or were the worms a reference to the meteor of worms in Stephen King’s short story “Home delivery,” where a massive meteor of worms causes the dead to rise (kind of like Peter does)?
    After all Teen Wolf definitely has some of those scenes that are a clear homage to something else.

    Speaking of Peter, seeing his man-wolf form again made me wonder why Derek didn’t look like that. Also I originally assumed that Laura had become an Omega upon her death and therefore looked like a “real” wolf when the wolfsbane was still attached to the rope. However although Derek “killed” Peter and became Alpha he still looked as he did before, with only minor variations, most noticeable his eyes.

    Talking about your period was never a repellant for me; I have no idea why that is supposedly scary. Anyway I am not sure whether this reference to the period (as in season 1) is supposed to be funny or whether they are serious. Sure there are women who have PMS but come on, most don’t turn into some sort of monster despite the stereotype and definitely not blood-thirsty beasts.
    I also have my doubts that the whole “she can tolerate more pain” is really that much of a girl power sign. First, the pain tolerance of a woman increases during her pregnancy, true, but otherwise I know of no actual proof for a generally higher pain tolerance. But no matter whether this is true or not I think that we should not forget that Erica is basically represented as a vixen so far, using sex and not strength and even her claws and fangs were not seen as often as that of the others. Except for the thing with Stiles she was never shown using open violence, not even in the fight with Scott. So maybe this pain statement is rather a sign of women having only sex and self-sacrifice (which requires high tolerance for mental and physical pain) as a way to power and proofing your worthiness. So actually the direct opposite of girl power and perhaps equally sexist as the thing with the Argents, I mean it was stated that Ms. Argent makes the tough decisions and in this episode she did, however have we seen her doing that onscreen? It seems to be offscreen, onscreen most decisions are still made by Gerard and Papa Argent. And her big decision in this episode was ultimately linked to self-sacrifice. So I have my doubts about the whole “girl power.”
    Now this period stuff of Erica also reminded me what I read in Joan Roughgarden’s book “Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People” (I recommend it: http://books.google.de/books?id=dASsUFtN57sC&printsec=frontcover&dq=evolution's+rainbow&source=bl&ots=b3gepUu_Oj&sig=QE5Fax6yerrDlCP4hJ_rQUjp8mU&hl=de#v=onepage&q&f=false) about the topic:
    In what I first assumed was a spoof, around April Fool’s Day in 2000, the New York Time Magazine printed an homage to testosterone. The author, a man taking testosterone as part of HIV therapy, offers his description… Within hours”, he declares, “my wit is quicker, my mind faster, but my judgment more impulsive.” A transgendered man the author interviewed adds, “My sex-drive went through the roof. I felt like I had to have sex once a day or I would die,” and a forty-year-old executive taking testosterone for body-building gushes, “I walk into a business meeting now and I just exude self-confidence.” The author credits the big T for increasing his weight from 165 to 185 pounds, his collar size from 15 to 17.5 inches, and his chest from 40 to 44 inches.
    The article continues, “Men and women differ biologically mainly because men produce 10 to 20 times as much testosterone as most women do and this chemical, no one seriously disputes, profoundly affects physique, behavior, mood and self-understanding….It helps explain… why inequalities between men and women remain so frustratingly resilient in public and private life.” This claim is misleading. Testosterone doesn’t stand alone; by itself testosterone doesn’t do anything and needs receptors to have any effect.
    The author declares that affirmative action for women is impossible and we “shouldn’t be shocked if gender inequality endures” because of the hormone differences between men and women. Instead, the “medical option” is to give “women access to testosterone to improve their sex drives, aggression and risk affinity and to help redress their disadvantages.” So, to cure women of their womanhood, testosterone should be administered, although “its use needs to be carefully monitored because it can have side effects… but that’s what doctors are there for.”

    A little note on my account:
    I can’t help but be remembered of Erica and her transition to werewolf by this. Before becoming a werewolf she was a sexless and insecure girl with acne. While we didn’t see her having sex yet, the whole werewolfism did make her more confident, more sexually alluring, stronger and ultimately gives her more body hair at least ones per month (something you yourself objected) in addition to impulsive and aggressive behavior during that night, not to mention that she seems to be quite ruthless now in general. And considered that werewolfism is in Western culture definitely linked to males and masculinity I doubt that this similarity to the article and its portrayal of “masculinity” is entirely coincidental, unintended probably, but not a real coincidence and linked to a culture wide perception of male and female. Apparently by becoming more male in the show Erica becomes a stronger person, albeit not male to the degree that she would actually threaten male superiority, thereby not even coming near to the threat of a “hairy, thuggish woman” except when she is under the influence of the full moon and thereby one of the evil guys. I mean this time she was shown with way more hair and significant facial ridges than the first time we saw her transform.
    Back to the article:
    Rectifying social injustice by giving women testosterone to convert them into men is, shall we say, inadvisable.
    Why would someone write such an irresponsible article? An answer is suggested in the concluding sentence: “It seems to me no disrespect to womanhood to say that I am perfectly happy to be a man, to feel things no woman will ever feel… to experience the world in a way no woman ever has. And to do so without apology or shame.” Male-male posturing.
    The article details a stereotypical view of how testosterone affects behavior: “I feel a deep surge of energy. It is less edgy than a double esperesso, but just as powerful. My attention span shortens,… I find it harder to concentrate on writing and feel the need to exercise more… Lust is a chemical. It comes, it goes. It waxes; it wanes. You are not helpless in front of it, but you are certainly not fully in control. Then there’s anger… mere hours after a T shot… I had nearly gotten into the first public brawl of my life.”

    Note: This is very reminiscent of the effect the moon has on our bitten werewolves, making them slowly more and more aggressive and impulsive, and taking full control away from them.
    The article seems only dimly aware that it subverts the value of manhood, even as manhood is being championed. Men are portrayed as irrational creatures, ricocheting from one impetuous mistake to another, as testosterone propels their quest for sex. Women have long borne the brunt of criticism as irrational creatures, victim of monthly hormone cycle, monsters on “bad hormone days.” Men apparently have bad hormone days every day of their lives, suffering mental cramps, not menstrual cramps.
    Transgendered people have much to contribute on how hormones “feel.” Transgendered people tell of great variability in hormone sensation, probably reflecting differences in hormone receptors as much as hormone production. Perhaps most interesting is the seemingly unanimous report from transgendered men that testosterone calms them. The New York Times Magazine article provides only a partial picture of the transgendered man quoted as saying testosterone gave him an enhanced libido. In fact, that man, Drew Seidman, also stated that it is a “myth” that testosterone is a cause of undue aggression, that testosterone has a “calming effect” on him, and that he “feels much better” with it.
    Similarly, Patrick Califia, a prominent transgendered writer who transitioned recently, said in an interview, “I’ve been much more comfortable on T. I feel like a calmer and more reasonable human being. Men are supposed to be more angry, but I just keep getting more mellow and loving and sweet, and I think it’s because I’m happier. This chemical balance just feels right.” The distinguished transgendered leader Jamison Green writes, “The initial effect of testosterone was that it allowed me to feel ‘normal’ for the first time in my life. It allowed me to feel calm, balanced, centered, the absolute antitheses of the clichés about… testosterone poisoning. And once I got comfortable with that feeling… along came libido.” I have spoken with other transgendered men about testosterone. They all confirm the reports of Seidman, Califa, and Green that testosterone has been calming. All also confirm a large increase in libido and speak of how they’ve accommodated this new, happy sensation into their lives.

    This doesn’t really agree with the kind of ultramasculinity the show seems to represent with its werewolves if you ask me. Sadly something like that will probably never be addressed.
    The same with the ethnic categories of the school’s student body you pointed out. Personally I have my doubts whether the racial uniformity of Deacon Hills will ever come up. And also, don’t forget when American writers are having an everyday character, they resort to the “default white”. Casting Tyler Posey is actually already unusual in this regard since he is slightly darker than the all American boy. Albeit considered that the perfect American male is tanned these days, he on the other hand would fit it if you ask me. Or in this case it really was coincidence and it was due to being fit for a role.
    It is similarly with non-straight characters. Perhaps in that regard it is better when Stiles is heterosexual. When characters are not straight they are usually restricted to their sexual orientation and everything else is ignored. I think the start of this video captures it well:

    Sure the flamboyance stuff gets less, but the other part is definitely still prevalent. I noticed that in the book “Queer Wolf” I am currently reading (it is a compilation of several short stories, mostly dealing with gay and lesbian werewolves), as well as when someone is Anglo-American they are referred to as dark-haired ones or brunettes, but not as Anglo-American, unlike e.g. with (to use the phrases in the book) Asians or Italian-Americans.

    Now did you notice that none of the wolves created by Derek have eyebrows in wolf-face? Just like Derek. Coincidence?
    And speaking of the rabid pack, I mean all of them, except Derek who is a sort of rabid idiot (in episode 2 he could cow Isaac with a growl during the full moon, so why not do the same again?). Even without the full moon he could simply break his chains after being tortured by Kate and that was before he became Alpha. And here we have Boid who is actually a bit taller and nearly of the same muscle mass, not to mention fueled by the full moon (interesting that Scott barely showed any signs this time [apparently Derek is not necessary]) and Derek the idiot actually thinks that a few handcuffs chained to the interior of a school bus will work. Where did all the chains go? Even if they would hold, each of them could have simply ripped the appropriate bus part off and they would be free. Not to mention that all the adrenaline rampaging through their bodies will surely reduce the ability to feel pain and pain can actually increase aggressions which makes the effectiveness of Erica’s hat rather doubtful.
    It is the same with Scott in season 1; Derek claims to know and that he can help, but his actual help is barely more than cosmetic and he doesn’t seem to have any clue how to safely deal with made werewolves. At least that is what this suggests.
    His “I want to protect you Scott by keeping things from you” is doomed to fail. I guess we will need Stiles again to safe Scott’s hide from himself.
    I just hope Isaac doesn’t go into a “May Daddy is fundamentally good” mode, because I can’t think of a single good reason to mistreat your kid the way he did. That Isaac’s dad is the anchor is however not really surprising, not with the way the character acts like his daddy.

    And before I forget:
    This whole rabid pack confirmed to me that the show basically constructs an internal dichotomy for the werewolves, with the human on one side and the werewolf on the other. They haven’t used phrases like “my wolf” or something yet, but these scenes point towards it. They are also clearly sympathetic werewolves, where the non-human side only has a certain grace if control can be maintained, but despite the constant claims by Derek that it is a gift and that this is simply the price, it seems to be rather the other way around and they are rather a bomb with some decorations and their condition is at best something to be tolerated (they are liked despite being werewolves, not because of it) not wanted.

    I checked the photo of the swim team and I don’t quite get why you think the guy sitting in the middle is Isaac’s brother.

    I think Gerard’s statement about Mrs. Argent only being a cocoon makes sense when you compare it to the scene in the bus with the rabid pack. It does seem that the bit creates a new being inside you and thereby the human body and mind serves as a cocoon of sorts.

    Now on a happier note. What da hack was in Stiles’ box? And where did he get it?
    And for Lydia being popular… well you know how it is. Boys look at the hot looking nutjob, but they don’t wanna be seen with it. Not to mention that probably all sorts of gossip is flying around.
    And now Stiles and his Drag Queens… well… I rather wondered whether all these people behind them were brought along, which might explain the kissing guys on the party (which I when first seeing it [I switched between scenes at first] mistook for tokenism [we didn’t had as many lesbians so far though, only once I think]) however, considered that Stiles did met these queens quite literally the other day (I mean the whole thing in the club can’t be farther away than a week) why did he have their numbers? Or at least the number of one of them. Now Lydia/Peter didn’t seem to be so thrilled at first, but apparently the aspect of having a party was too good to waste.
    By the way, did you know that all you XX-carriers can be Drag Queens as well?

    And the only ones Derek and his pack stand a chance are werewolf hunters as it seems.
    By the way the wolfsbane in the show is really magical, but at least they introduced its hallucinogenic powers back in season 1 and not just yet out of total randomness.

    And did you notice that both Lydia’s touch and the wolfsbane drink pulled Jackson out of his controlled state for a while? I wonder whether this means something.

    Now to the most interesting part of the show, the hallucinations:

    I agree that it is the shallowest of them all and slightly disturbing to view when you think of it. But not really surprising, it was clear that Scott has insecurities about that and that his relationship with Allison is the strongest worry in his mind. Not really interesting if you ask me. Except maybe that it points to Scott being way more insecure than he seems to be.
    However why he things he would lose Allison to the Kanaima/Jackson I don’t really get. Perhaps it is due to the whole thing that he hasn’t been “popular”, well he actually still isn’t when you think about it, he rather is the odd player whom people on the team tolerate because he brings points. Anyway Jackson is, despite (or maybe because of) his douchebag attitude and such guys often get the girl, basically because the girl is too stupid to get what kind of asshole she got there. The fact that Jackson is the Kanaima in this scene might indicate that Scott now sees him as a monster and that Allison literally submits to him here so willingly, means that Scott drove her into the arms of the enemy.
    Perhaps having his mother in danger next episode will finally shift his focus.

    Now this one was plain annoying to me, not only because it was so blatantly obvious what this was about but also because I think this “agony” is basically due to society brainwashing. You know all of this “he has no identity and not knowing his origins” is just plain BULLSHIT in my eyes, also because the only question that is really of importance here is ignored: what did you inherit. If someone is adopted and wants to know the biological background in case of some inherited disorder, fine, that makes sense. But all this “I have no identity and lost so much” is especially in Jackson’s case as equally annoying as it was with Clark Kent in Smallville (yes I originally watched it, but luckily I stopped long before the show did). There was this “I lost my world and I am so alone,” all the time. You know what I would say:
    “You lost nothing asshole!!!”
    Seriously his earliest memory is from inside his spaceship and hearing his parents’ voices, he doesn’t remember anything about Krypton so of course he lost much.

    And he was “alone” because he didn’t have the balls to come out to anyone.
    And it’s the same with Jackson here. Oh this poor rich boy who gets everything and is basically responsible for his own problems. Yeah that is someone you should pity, absolutely.

    You can’t lose a stranger; you can’t lose what you never knew. His biological parents are dead, they didn’t abandon him or anything and all this talk about his blank identity and “real” parents is actually offensive and wrong in several ways:
    1. When you actually ask a common person in western culture about what makes her identity, you will barely ever hear anything about parents. And if having your biological parents not around anymore would mean that you have no identity than once they die you have no identity anymore. But apparently no one ever says that.
    2. Saying that the people you inherited your DNA from are your “real” parents is basically saying that all adoptive parents and foster parents are basically false, wrong or general of lesser worth. By that you are implying that children have to stay with their biological parents no matter what and that everything else is only second best at most. To which I can say, NO!!! Damn it, how many social services cases do people need to finally grasp that this concept of inherent connection to a blood-relative is crap?
    3. By this statement of “ideal” family you imply that everybody that is adopted for whatever reason is basically a broken case. They are not ideal, they are worse than the kids being raised by the biological parents, no matter how the bio-parents treat their kids.
    4. You state that having a baby inside your womb, often unintentional and unwanted, means that you are more qualified than the person who actually raised the kid, which is definitely a much harder job than anything else. But no, that seemingly doesn’t count at all, in such a case the people actually doing the parenting and thereby having earned the label “parent” are just ignored, all their efforts shamed and nullified.
    5. You suggest that knowing your sires is fundamental to your identity. But why? There are several people who were adopted throughout time and is there any proof that this is true? I know cases when people met the biological parent they didn’t knew and it was clear that there wasn’t this inherent connection or anything.
    So I would never shed one tear for Jackson, because he is in my eyes responsible for his own problems. I think he is actually a guy to whom the other shore is always greener.

    Now to the hallucination that actually had real depth and is based on real problems, not insecurities and false ideals.
    You are totally right in that it was obvious that Stiles felt guilty about his father losing his job. Possibly indefinitely. However this hallucination points to much more.
    1. After such a long time (it is obviously that Stiles’ mother didn’t die recently) the first thing he sees is an image of his dad after his mom’s funereal. This suggests that this holds great significance in Stiles’ mind; otherwise this topic wouldn’t have come up right away, especially not in a crisis situation like that.
    2. His father is drunk, which might point towards a problem with alcohol.
    3. Apparently his mother didn’t die due to an accident, but rather slowly, probably some sort of disease. Maybe one Stiles might later develop as well.
    4. Stiles’ father had a mocking and at best disapproving tone to his words, clearly blaming Stiles. So just like you said there is a lot of guilt involved as it seems.
    5. He blamed Stiles for the death which (as you pointed out) suggests that Stiles at least thinks that he is responsible for the death or perhaps that he fears that his father holds him responsible.
    6. The way his dad refers to Stiles as stupid, hyperactive and a bastard who ruins his life suggests that Stiles at least thinks that he is not a son his father could be proud of and that he is more of a burden to his dad than anything else.
    7. That Stiles didn’t say anything (unlike Scott who at least growled at his hallucination) seems like further evidence to me that he blames himself or fears that he is blamed.
    8. The way the name “Stiles” was pronounced, which we know is not his original name, suggests that this name might not be liked by Stiles and/or his father, so the question is, why does he want to be called that way. Perhaps its not the perhaps foreign nature of his original name but rather that “Stiles” is somehow a new identity the original kid wanted to be because he didn’t like whomever he was and maybe, just maybe, that might be connected to his mother’s death.
    9. Now the last sentence is pretty clear. Stiles fears that he is destroying his father, perhaps like he “destroyed” his mother.
    Too bad we don’t know when she died and I doubt that anybody except Stiles or his dad could solve that for us, since Scott apparently is too absorbed by himself and Allison.

    I had a similar question as you did about Allison. It was already introduced in season 1 that she had this insecurity about being weak in any way. I wonder whether that comes from her maternal side, since Mama Argent’s behavior can be interpreted in that way, that she had equal troubles, or perhaps Allison consciously or subconsciously sees her mother and father as the norm for being strong, just like her aunt. And you can say what you want about them, when it comes to mental strength and fortitude these people are really badass. You pointed it out yourself how awesome the first scene with Kate was. I mean even in films when the characters are werewolf hunters how many of them would simply grab a gun and shout right up when they get grabbed in their cars and afterwards literally threaten the monster that tried to kill them. Or how many people have the nerve to cut themselves like that and torture people like Mama Argent. Papa Argent has a stronger code of morality (and sort of thick skull) but he is equally calm in situations most people would freak that. Pretty hard to live up to that. Especially when you are a teenage girl without any real friends for years.
    Of course there is something to what you speculated. Maybe Allison is afraid of that part of her. Or maybe it is this case of self-loathing and the arrow represents her trying to eradicate what she perceives as weakness and that it hits her torso, close to her heart I think, could indicate that she wants to do it quickly and effectively.

    I wouldn’t call the ending “cool” but it was interesting. I mean what did Peter want and how was it that his body wasn’t the slightest bit decayed?
    Also the moon-light stuff was a way more impressive example of magic than what we usually see in TV. Sometimes less is truly more.

    • Hey Andre.

      The contest was sponsored by Facebook, and required the applicants to reenact a scene from the show. Personally, I would love to see the winner’s submission. I bet it was hilarious. As for what Stiles’ line would have been, if the winner was a guy, good question. I imagine Stiles would have said something along the lines of him regularly finding himself, being held under water by men who were bigger than him. It would have been a nice not to the Sterek fandom, and their favorite pool scene . . .

      The guy in the middle of the photograph is labeled as Cameron Lahey in the photo listing below. We know that to be the case, because we recognize the girl next to him as the now-dead, Kara Simmons. That’s why I was begging you for screencaps of that scene. I knew that picture would be a juicy one. If you closely, you can see the auto mechanic on the top left, and, if I recall, correctly, Hot Black Argent on the bottom right. The trailer park couple was more difficult to pinpoint (for me anyway), because their faces are a lot less distinct. But I’m sure they are there too.

      I kind of liked the symbolism of Peter’s rebirth taking place during the Worm Moon, since it marries the concept of rebirth to the death, rot and decay, with which worms are typically associated. After all, Peter himself is the embodiment of the Worm Moon, a decaying corpse brought to the surface once again, by the same heavenly object that gave rise to his wolf nature, in the first place, the moon. I doubt the writers meant to take the symbolism any further than that. And as for the worms at Lydia’s feet, I saw that more as a nightmare / grossout aspect of the dream sequence than anything else. It actually reminded me a bit of the scene in the movie Lost Boys, where the the soon-to-be vampire is made to hallucinate that the lomaine noodles he is eating are worms and maggots. Like here, it was a simple case of the villain messing with the victim’s head, but in terms of setting the moon, and creeping out the audience, it worked well.

      I think most fans were as disappointed as we were with the shallowness of Scott’s “fear landscape.” Aside from the fact that it made Scott look like a shallow moron, I think the writers could have done better for the character, who, when you think about it, actually does have more complex fears than the simple loss of Allison. One of Scott’s main personality traits has always been his need to rescue EVERYONE, whether they want his help or not. I think, more interesting than a simple, “my girlfriend’s cheating on me with a lizard” hallucination, would be a hallucination, in which all of Scott’s friends were experiencing the same life threatening danger, and Scott was forced to save one over the others. I don’t know . . . if I was trying to create a “hero-origin” story, that’s probably the direction I would have taken . . .

      You and I are on the same page, as far as Allison’s fear is concerned. I definitely feel like, not only was her hallucination a foreshadowing of what’s to come for her character, it also illustrated a mixture of self-loathing and resignation for both parts of herself. On one hand, Allison fears becoming cold and callous like Kate, as evidenced by her groan of “Oh no,” when she saw her alter ego approaching her. She seemed ashamed of this side of herself, and also afraid of her, but also resigned to the fact that this aspect of her personality is stronger than her meek, mild mannered persona, and will ultimately win out.

      Ditto, for Allison’s victim persona. Allison is equally ashamed of being weak, fragile and . . . female. There is a part of her, that would like to “kill” that part of herself, quickly and easily, so that she no longer has to experience fear and pain. On the other hand, I think she recognizes this aspect of herself as representative of her morality and humanity. And knows that, without it, she will no longer be able to experience emotions like love and happiness.

      As for Jackson’s hallucination, I think his lack of identity goes deeper than simply being adopted. Jackson always seemed like a guy in search of a niche. He wanted to be the popular guy, with the hot girlfriend, but fell short, in that regard, due to some lacking aspects of his personality. He wanted to be the best lacrosse player, and captain of his team. But he was eclipsed in both by Scott, a teammate that was not only more talented than he was, but someone his teammates admired more, and liked better. Jackson wanted to be a wolf, virile, masculine, tough, strong . . . instead, he got to be a lizard, consistently giving up control of himself to someone else.

      Jackson has NO firm way of identifying himself, and his not knowing who his real parents are, is just another symptom / example of that general state of mind, I think.

      As for Matt, the promos do seem to suggest that he is, in fact, the dead kid from the swim team, back in 2006. His comment about Jackson representing his “fury,” seems to suggest as much. But, you are right. Up until that final hallucination scene, where he appeared pale and corpse like, upon being pulled out of the water, and then disappeared into thin air, with Jackson at his feet, Matt definitely seemed human, certainly more so than Lydia’s hallucination of young Peter Hale, who no one could see except for her.

      Is it possible that Matt managed to be “reborn,” in the same way that Peter Hale was reborn? We did see Jackson coming out of the water in the season premiere? Could Jackson, at that point in time, have performed a ritual similar to what Lydia did, to bring Matt “back to life?”

      I guess we will find out for sure, next week . . .

  6. Johan

    Yeah, Jackson was under the controll of Matt when he was talking with Allison in the lockerroom. Notice how he woke up when she threw him to the floor. Though I do think the restraining order was his own idea. He doesnt want them to meddle in his plans. I think he will turn into a werewolf in the last episode of the season and we will see what he plans in season three.

    Regarding his parents: how adopted view themselves is different from person to person. Some view those that raised them as their true parents and dont want anything from their birth parents, some of them want to know where they came from while still view their adopted parents as their true parents.
    Jackson wants controll, not knowing where he come from means loss of controll for him and that is not acceptable to him. That is the trick in solving the Kanima problem, he needs to let go of his past/controll.

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