Post-Traumatic Kanaima Syndrome – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Battlefield”


OMG, Werebangers!  We are officially one episode away from the end of the season!  It seems like only yesterday that we watched Lydia take the Dirtiest Shower Ever, and we all made fun of Scott and his trademark Crab-Leg / Run-Waddle . . .

This week on Teen Wolf, Derek received some “Uncle-y” (Is that an actual word?) Advice, Allison proved that the Psycho Argent Gene might not have skipped a generation, after all, Stiles proved that he might actually be Batman (though, personally, the Spiderman analogy always made more sense to me), Isaac fondled an adorable puppy, and Scott spent the hour looking even more confused than usual . . .

So, strap on your helmet and brush up on your knowledge of the film Independence Day, because it’s time for another Teen Wolf-cap . . .

[As always, special thanks go out to my pal, Andre for his weekly dedication to Screencap Awesomeness!  Andre, just so you know, I would totally beat people up on the lacrosse field, for you, if you asked nicely. ;)]


I hear lacrosse sticks are a good source of fiber.

One frequent criticism lodged at teen shows, in general, and teen supernatural shows, specifically, is that they tend to be purposefully blind to the long-term impact that repeated exposure to traumatic events would have on the average teen psyche.

Teen Wolf has managed to avoid this pitfall, with episodes like “Battlefield.”  These episodes directly address how the events of the series are impacting the main characters’ lives, in a way that actually adds to, rather than detracts from, the action of the story.

I guess we have Cryptic Counselor Lady to thank for that . . .

The episode begins on an unusually somber note, with everyone’s favorite ambassador of Team Human, nervously gnawing on his lacrosse stick (Mmmm!  Tasty!), as he describes to Cryptic Counselor Lady, in chilling detail, what the experience of drowning feels like . . . the way the water exerts pressure on the body .  . . the way the body struggles to keep itself from filling with water .  . . and the peaceful feeling that takes over right before death . . .

This doesn’t look so peaceful to me . . .

Woah,  Stiles!  Have you been chatting with Dead Creepy Camera Guy, lately?  How do you know all this stuff about drowning?  Did you look it up on Wikipedia?  Morbid much?  Whatever happened to teens who spent their free internet search time scouring for porn, like everyone else? 🙂

“So, basically WebMD says that little problem you’ve been having down there is totally normal for werewolves, who come back from the dead through weird hand-holding rituals.”

And yet, in a way, Stiles has experienced drowning, firsthand . . . though it’s drowning in the metaphorical sense, more than the literal one.  Like a drowning man, Stiles is feeling pressure exerted on him from all angles.  He feels responsible for his father’s sadness (But hey, at least thanks to all those dead cops, the dude got his job back!), Allison’s rage, Jackson’s and Lydia’s respective psychoses, and Scott’s confusion and loneliness.   He wants to help the people he cares about, but feels that his humanity makes him incapable of doing so.  He’s also pretty f*&kin’ freaked out that he might just end up getting eaten alive by a Big F*&kin’ Lizard Man .  . .

Cryptic Counselor Lady, as it turns out, has a medical  diagnosis for “pretty f*&kin freaked out.”  It’s called Hyper Vigilant.  (Take that, Freshman Psychology Class!)  She also has some advice for Stiles, courtesy of Winston Churchill.  “If you are going through Hell, keep going.”

Insightful?  Yes, definitely.  Inspirational?  Oh, I don’t know.  Personally, when I’m going through Hell, I prefer to stop and take a nap . . .

Either way, Dylan O’Brien and his puppy dog eyes absolutely KILLED this scene, adding an unusual amount of gravitas to a show about funny-faced werewolves, gorilla-looking Alphas, and Lizard People, who are afraid of their own reflections . . .  The actor is just awe-inspiringly talented.  And I for one, can’t wait for the time, when he’s off winning Oscars, and I get to brag to everyone I know, that I knew him back when he was on that little MTV show with the funny-faced werewolves, gorilla-loooking Alphas, and Lizard People, who are afraid of their own reflections . . .

Who’s with me on this one?

Cue the obligatory Scott Shower Scene in 3, 2 . . .

“Hey Ladies!  I’m the wolf your man could smell like . . .”

Lest we get too serious, too quickly, the episode then decides to dial up it’s camp factor to about 20 with a revisit to Naked Shower Scott.  You remember Naked Shower Scott,  right?  We met him back in the pilot, and he’s been having regular cameos on the show ever since.  After all, when you spend a good portion of your time running around the woods chasing squirrels, and running from lizard people,  hygiene is VERY important . . .

Naked Shower Scott not campy enough for you?  How about this doozy of an image?

“Just hangin’ out . . .”

Sadly, this is Mama McCall’s first date since Peter Hale . . .

That’s right, Werebangers! It appears the McCalls have unwittingly thrown themselves a private party, at which scaly green men, and wrinkly old men are the guests of honor.  Poor Mama McCall!  Not too long ago, she found out her son occasionally sports sideburns, a bad hairdo, and a pointy face that literally only a mother could love.  Now, suddenly, she’s hanging out on her werewolf son’s ceiling, spooning with a murderous kanaima.

I guess, when it rains, it pours, right?

Grandpa Crazy Pants reminds Scott that this is what happens, when the latter doesn’t return his text messages . . . his mom starts hooking up with lizard people.  Pops then goes on to explain to those confused by the events of last week’s episode, that his desire to avenge his daughter Wackjob Kate’s death,  is what made him capable of forging the Kanaima Master connection.

“‘S-up, Wolfie?”

I guess he’s right.   But, then again, what character on this show DOESN’T have at least one death to avenge?  Truth be told, Kanaima Jackson has so many options for a Master in Beacon Hills, he could star in his own reality dating show entitled: Can I be your b*tch?

Anyway, after Gerard and his b*tch exit stage left, a tearful Mama McCall begs Scott to do whatever Grandpa Crazy Pants wants him to do, i.e. provide Derek Hale’s head on a platter . . .

Clearly, Mama McCall has never seen the episode of Teen Wolf where Derek spent ten minutes doing push-ups and pull-ups to pop music . . .

Had she seen this, I’m quite certain she would have chosen differently.   After all, a six-pack and great pects are a terrible thing to waste . . .

Baby, I’m howling for you . . .

Here’s a new couple idea for you: Boyd and Erica . .  . the Absentee Werewolf and Tweedle Dumb Boobs.

We found love in a hairy place . . .

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first.  But eventually, they won me over . . . holding hands in the middle of the woods, like high school sweethearts, finishing each other’s sentences, calculating the percent chance of certain doom, when they find themselves surrounded by a seemingly large pack of wolves that isn’t there own.  It’s a romantic comedy dream come true . . . minus the comedy, of course . . .

Love hurts . . .

And if these two crazy kid both wind-up surviving the season, which, under the circumstances, is highly unlikely, I think they just might make it as a couple . . .

After all, they did find love in a hopeless place.  Stay strong, were-cubs!  Help is on the way . . . eventually.

Who in their right mind would reject Derek Hale?

Scratch that, were-cubs.  Help was on the way, until you bit the hand that fed you.  So much for pack loyalty.  One creepy lizard thing controlled by a werewolf-hating sociopath, and a pack of potentially angry wolves, is all it takes to send Erica and Boyd literally heading for the hills.

“Honestly, we’re just not that into you.

“But I was on SEVENTH HEAVEN.  Doesn’t that mean anything to you ingrates?”

And as bad as I felt for Derek about being double-dumped, I was actually a bit more concerned about Erica’s and Boyd’s parents.  I mean, considering they were being referred to as “the runaways” throughout the entire hour,  they HAD them, didn’t they?  Perhaps, they assumed their sticking around would put their families in danger of becoming kanaima meat as well . . .

Upon hearing the bad news that, “it’s not you, it’s the kanaima,” a particularly sour grapes Derek warns his little cub-lings that once they start running scared, they will ALWAYS be running scared.  I suspect Derek knows a thing or two about that from personal experience.

That, and he looks really hot when he runs . . .

No matter, because,  as it turns out, Erica and Boyd don’t actually get to do much running at all .  . .

Because Grandpa Argent clearly laces his fake suicide notes with crack and Cult Kool-Aid . . .


Katniss Everdeen does not approve . . .

Honestly,  I’m a bit confused about what exactly the “strategy” was that convinced an entire team of Argents, led by Allison and Papa Argent to drive down Erica and Boyd in a troop of ATVs.  Forgive me, if I’m wrong, but I thought it was established last week that “Derek got the Death Sentence priority,” and the were-cubs were only a target, if they got in the way. Well, I hate to break it to you Argents, but Erica and Boyd, are SOOOO not getting in your way!  In fact, they are saying, “Hey, Argents!  You go ahead and kill that hunky piece of man-meat known as our were-dad.  We sure as heck aren’t going to stop you!”

“Wake us, when our maker is dead . . .”

I mean, I guess their idea was to use Boyd and Erica to get to Derek, either through interrogation or ransom.  But still, the “strategy” seems to pretty blatantly fly in the face of that whole “Argent Code.”  Don’t you think?

Oh, and ATV’S?  Not exactly the most stealthy hunting vehicles.  You might as well tracked down Boyd and Erica using monster trucks . . .

ALLISON: “Be very, very quiet . . . I’m hunting werewolves.”


Anywhoo, Allison pulls out her trusty bow and arrow, and shoots Erica in the side, immediately immobilizing her.  Then, when Boyd (lamely) tries to come to her aid (HELLO!  YOU ARE WEREWOLVES!  DEFEND YOURSELVES!  SHAKE WHAT YOUR DEREK GAVE YOU!), Allison’s got an arrow for him too, multiple arrows, in fact.

“Heartburn . . . need . . . TUMS.”

Did I mention that Allison continues to pelt poor Erica and Boyd with arrows, despite the fact that they have long been immobilized,  and neither is a threat anymore.  It gets to the point where Papa Argent has to literally shoot the bow and arrow out of Allison’s hand to get her to stop having so much fun!

Now, granted, werewolves heal.  So, unless the bullets on those bows were silver tipped, Allison was in no danger of killing Boyd or Erica, no matter how many of them she wasted on them.   Still though, it was an uncharacteristically cold move on Allison’s part.  And when your wacky, “I kidnap my own daughter sometimes,  just to teach her a lesson” father, thinks you’ve gone too far, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have . . .


Even more uncharacteristic of Allison was the surprisingly sleazy and arrogant joy she got out of capturing her two classmates.  This accomplishment she haughtily took full credit for, in front of her father, just before gleefully calling “Grandpa” to report the good news.  That’s right, I said “Grandpa.”  Allison used to distance herself from the loony tunes old dude who spawned her father, by coldly referring to him as “Gerard.”  Now, suddenly, she’s acting like their Mean Girl besties.

Daddy definitely does NOT approve . . .

My thoughts on this plot development?  Too much, too fast . . .

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved seeing the heretofore almost frustratingly even=keeled Allison come a bit unhinged in these past few weeks over the death of her mother.  And, acting-wise, Crystal Reed has really been “bringing it” in this regard.  But what made Good Girl  Allison’s slow descent in to Darth Vader territory seem so authentic and believable was that it was all anchored by a heart-wrenching sadness, and a lazer-like focus on Derek, the man she presumes to be her mother’s killer.

This week, Allison just seemed a little too happy for my liking.  Her sudden glee over repeatedly shooting her classmates, when they were already down, for no reason whatsoever, was a bit hard for me to swallow.

Whatever Gerard put in that faux suicide letter must have been pretty darn powerful stuff to get Allison to change her ENTIRE personality for it, in the course of a week.  Hey, maybe he laced it with that same crazy (“kill all the humans”) Cult Blood the vampires have been inhaling on True Blood . . .

A Hale Family Zombie Reunion

Back at the Hale house,  Derek’s day just continues to get worse,  as he finds himself faced with the Uncle he both killed, and unwittingly helped to come back from the dead.  (How very Shakespearean!)

“You can tell I’m more dignified now, because I have a soul patch, and use hair gel . . .”

The two family members “catch up” with one another, by tossing household items at one another, and basically beating the sh*t at each other for a few hours.  You know, just like old times!

Then, Peter (who, I’ll say this again, has been looking SUPER fine, since his reincarnation) decides to go all Yoda on Derek’s ass.  “Save Jackson, you will.  Teach you to stop being such a lame Alpha,  I can,” Yoda Peter tells his nephew, more or less . . .

Peter claims that Jackson only became the kanaima in the first place, because he lacked a sense of identity.  (That whole “no face” hallucination in the “Party Guessed” episode would seem to prove as much . . .)  He further explains that calling Jackson by his “Christian” name, should be enough to bring him back to himself.  (I guess being a burned-up corpse  in the ground gives you a lot of time to catch up on your Bestiary reading . . .)

Oh, and here’s the kicker,  Peter claims that the Hale’s should use Lydia to save Jackson, since he looooooooves her so much.

Is it just a mere coincidence that the person Peter wants to incorporate into their grand Kanaima-Away plan for Jackson Wittemore, just so happens to be the same girl Uncle ex-Alpha has been mind-raping, and using as his zombie slave all season?  I think not  . . .

Because, here’s the thing, I don’t care how hot he looks lately, I’m totally not buying Peter’s whole “I just want to be part of a pack again,” act.   A few episodes back, the Vet explicitly told Derek to watch out for Peter’s attempts to mentally manipulate him.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what’s happening here . . .

Good Old Animal Magnetism

As much as I pick on Scott, I’m actually really enjoying the Scott / Isaac bromance that’s been percolating throughout the season.  So, I hope that continues, and they don’t decide to .  . . you know . . . kill the guy, or something.


One thing that was never really addressed with Isaac were his thoughts about the whole “Matt Thing,” especially since we learned that the two were childhood friends, and that Matt was playing at his house, when the whole “drowning thing” occurred.  So, presumably, Isaac knew about it.  I wonder if that aspect of the story will ever come up again . . .

Anywhoo, I found it interesting that while Boyd and Erica decided amongst themselves to abandon Derek, and escape Beacon Hills, Isaac came to world-beater Scott at the Vet’s office for advice.

You could say THAT again . . .

Of all of Derek’s wolf pack, Isaac actually had the least to lose by leaving, since he LITERALLY has no one keeping him in Beacon Hills.  And yet, I still feel like he’s grasping for some connection, or reason to stay in town.  Derek Hale wasn’t that connection.  Neither was Erica Reyes.  Scott might be.  Except, Scott’s already got a whole Scooby Gang to wolf-sit.  Is there room for one more?  Tune in next week to find out . . .

“We can have slumber parties, and paint eachothers’ nails . . . just promise you won’t invite the swim team over, K?”

Oh, and did I mention that Werewolf Isaac has the power to fondle puppies and take their pain away.  Does it get much cuter than that?

“He can ‘take my pain away’ anytime!”

Too bad I’m pretty sure this power is going to be used to take the pain away from a dying human next week.

But for now, we can just enjoy the adorable puppy love-ness of it all . . .

Because lacrosse games are exactly like Potentially Apocalyptic Alien Invasions . . .

It’s time for the Big Game. Jackson the Lizard Slave is in attendance, looking eeeeevvvill.  Pal Dann wants to know why Jackson hasn’t been returning his calls.  Maybe it’s because Hallmark hasn’t started selling: “Sorry, I became the kanaima and accidentally / on purpose paralyzed you, while going on my killing spree” cards just yet . . .

“Is this because I watched your sex tape?”

“That depends.  Did you enjoy it?”

Regardless, Danny’s reaching out and calling to Jackson seems to break him out of his kanaima-fueled trance (just like Lydia was able to do last week) long enough to tell his best friend to RUN, if he sees him coming toward him at the game.  Solid advice, Kanaima man!

Meanwhile, Coach Crackhead is inexplicably quoting the 1996 classic Alien Invasion Film, Independence Day (starring Will Smith and Bill Pullman as . . . wait for it . . . the President of the United States) — a movie that the entire locker room is way too young to have possibly seen in theaters — in order to rev the team up for their big game.

“That Bill Pullman is SO dreamy!”

(Well, I guess the kanaima is kind of alien-looking, when you really think about it.  So, perhaps, the film reference isn’t quite as out there as it initially seemed.)

“Who you calling an ALIEN?”

Speaking of out there,  what the frack is Scott’s mom doing in the gym locker room, ogling naked teenage boys?  I mean sure, we needed to see her go tell Scott to “be a hero” or something, and tell him that she no longer thinks he’s hideous, just because he sometimes gets sideburns and a pointy face.  But couldn’t this have waited until the team got to the field?

“You can’t fight it, Stiles.  I know if I wait here long enough,  eventually you are going to have to take off your shirt.”

Then again, along with the Coach himself, and Grandpa Argent, Mama McCall is probably the only one old enough to get the Independence Day reference.  (I mean, Stiles got it.  But that kid has “film geek” written all over him.)

Speaking of pep talks, Grandpa Crazy Pants Argent pops in to slyly tell the lacrosse team to MURDER the opposition.  Of course, we all know full well he doesn’t give two craps about the game, and is only there to command Jackson, and seriously freak out Scott.  But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?  Well . . . nevermind.

Anyway, mission accomplished, old man.

In which Stiles plays well (both with himself and others) . . .

Beacon Hills . . . we have a problem.  You see, Scott McCall is our star werewolf lacrosse player.  He’s also our co-captain, and resident super-hero, tasked with protecting the WORLD from Kanaima Jackson the Killing Machine, who just so happens to be the team’s other co-captain.  So, what’s the problem, you say?

Well, basically the problem is that Scott CAN’T PLAY!

He can’t play because he’s a moron.  his grades don’t meet the minimum requirements to participate in high school sports . . .

This means that, not only is there a good chance the Beavers are going to LOSE this game, there’s also a good chance . . . wait for it . . . THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!

This sounds like a job for Superman   Batman  Wolverine  Isaac Lahey?

“You were expecting someone taller?”

So, what’s his big plan?  Simple, he’s going to beat the crap out of everyone on his own team, so that the Coach has no choice but to play Scott, or risk forfeiting the game.

Wait . . . what?

Correct me if I’m wrong, because I don’t know jack about lacrosse.  But doesn’t kicking your own teammates asses constitute some sort of a penalty, as in the kind of penalty that would get you thrown out of a game, before you REPEATED THE PROCESS ON ABOUT SIX PLAYERS?  It’s still kind of fun to watch, though . . .

Eventually, Isaac himself gets a taste of his own medicine (presumably from the Kanaima, himself, though he gets un-paralyzed surprisingly quickly, all things considered), and is pulled out of the game on a  stretcher.

That’s bad . . . (well, unless, of course, you were one of the players who didn’t end up getting beaten up because of it).

You know what’s very, very good, however?  STILES GETS TO PLAY!!!  (And not just with himself either, because he already did that twice today.)

And that causes Proud Papa Stilinski to have this reaction . . .


Initially, Stiles kind of stinks up the joint on the field, which causes his personal cheering section to have this reaction . . .

But then, all of the sudden he’s AWESOME, which makes Lydia do THIS . . .

Seems like, if these keeps up, Stiles might be scoring in more ways than one, next season.  Hey, Lydia!  It’s high time you recognized the awesomeness of Stiles.  And, should you have any doubt in your mind that he is the right guy for you, might I remind you of the . . . size of his package?

*clears throat*

Hey Grandpa Crazy Pants!  I think it’s time to go back on your meds . . .

You see . . . it’s a pill container, and also a sundial . . . You gotta love old people and their trusty gadgets . . .

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t really understand how the Supersonic Werewolf Hearing Power works.  I mean, is it like a set of quality headphones, allowing you to drown out all crowd noises, in favor of the old geezer whispering sweet nothings in your ear from across the field?  And what about Grandpa himself, I mean, presumably he was speaking at normal volume.

He’s totally eye-f*&king you right now . . .

How come no one but Scott had to listen to him threaten to kill Coach Crackhead, Scott’s mom, and assorted others, if Scott didn’t deliver him Derek in a handbag (which would be a really great Christmas present . . . just saying. ;))?

I won’t dwell on this too long though.  What’s important here is that Beacon Hill WON THE GAME, even without Hero McCall!

This, of course, might prompt you to wonder where our hero had scampered off too, after Mini Hulk Isaac went through all that trouble to beat up his teammates.  Well, as it turns out he went to SAVE ISAAC from Gerard.

“You totally thought you were going to get to shove that up my ass, didn’t you?”

In short, it was a really nice case of You Scratch My Hairy Werewolf Back, I’ll scratch yours . . .

But I guess now you are wondering who Gerard ordered Jackson to kill at the end of the game.  And here’s the kicker, we still don’t know!  Because after the game ended all of the lights went out in the field!

And then, get this Jackson KANAIMA’ED HIMSELF!  (Way to take one for the team, Jackson . . . literally.)

So, does that mean everyone is safe then?  Well, maybe, maybe not, because, wait for it . . . STILES IS MISSING . . .

Talk about a cliffhanger, right except not really, because we all saw Stiles very much alive in the promo, and we all know that the writers would all probably rather cut their right arms off than kill Stiles, which is entirely understandable given the sheer extent of his awesomeness?

And that was pretty much, “Battlefield,” in a nutshell.  Soooo . . . what did you think? 😉

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11 responses to “Post-Traumatic Kanaima Syndrome – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Battlefield”

  1. East Coast Captain

    If I could say something to Allison it would be this: ”Yeah Allison, your big and bad nothing can hurt you now and your torturing your innocent classmates and enjoying it, looks like your a chip of the old block.” God Allison really lost a lot of fans with that Kate esque behavior and she´s much more inexperienced than Kate if she doesn´t realize the error of her ways she´s going to get herself killed.

    Yeah who would kill Stiles? I believe him and Scott are the only safe characters if you ask me that will be there to the end. But Scott would be nothing without Stiles though if he is danger Scott will save the day.

    Oh Gerard his pride and hate will ultimately be his demise just like his precious Kate who had it coming to her.

    I can´t help but notice that Peter is a breakout character he´s like an older more darker version of Stiles and Derek is like Scott who has no idea what the hell is he doing.

    I think a good character development for Scott would be turning his first werewolf someday.

    Its shaping up to be a great season according to Jeff we will meet the big bads of S3 next Monday. The Vet, Kendra…I mean the Counselor knows who they are and so does Derek.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I think the writers will likely at least somewhat redeem Allison, by the season finale. It’s inevitable that she’s going to find out about that obviously faux letter from her mother. And from what I’m hearing, things aren’t going to end well for Grandpa Dearest. I suspect that Gerard’s demise will serve as the cautionary tale for Allison that Kate’s death should have been.

      That said, if the writers are smart (which I like to think they are) they should seriously consider keeping Scott and Allison broken up, at least through most of the first half of next season, in order to prevent some serious fan fatigue. She could tell him she’s “been through too much lately,” “lost sight of herself lately,” and “needs some time alone.”

      Or he could tell her, “Right now sweetie, I just can’t get out of my head the image of you trying to shoot all my friends in the asses with bow and arrows. Call it werewolf, PTSD.” 🙂

      Either way it could pave the way for some new and exciting ships .. . 🙂

      I’m still thinking the new big bads are the pack of werewolves Erica and Boyd heard in the woods. If Derek knew they were coming to reclaim their turf, if would definitely explain his seeming desperation to rebuild his own pack.

      Now, granted, a bunch of young hot werewolves isn’t nearly as scary as a gorilla looking Alpha, or the gag-worthy kanaima. But they could make for some intriguing characters, and interesting future pairings .. . see above. 😉

      • Andre

        Personally I was of the opinion that the “pack” Erica and Boyd heard was the tape the Argents played.

  2. Johan

    I knew those Argent genes would come out some day. That family is nuts and Derek is proven right for once. Ofcourse he may well do sometihng stupid anyway if he listen to his uncle. Poor Uncle Peter, only having his nephew. I wonder what ever happened to your niece. Oh, right you KILLED her. It was nice for once seeing Derek beat up his uncle after all the times Peter beating Derek in s1.

    Peter also lied about Lydia. We have seen that Scott (Frenemy), Allison (Restraint), Lydia (Party Guessed) and Danny in this episode could wake Jackson from the Kanima. I think that Jackson is getting stronger then the Kanima if he was the one that decided enough was enough and terminated himself on his terms. I think next episode Jackson will get his wish and kill the Kanima and become a werewolf.

    Who deserves the kill of Gerard?
    Scott: Gerard threatened to kill him mom.
    Allison: He manipulated her after losing har mother.
    Jackson; Gerard have used him to threaten his “friends”.
    Derek: He has chased him the entire season.
    Chris: He sent his sister to her death by sending her back to Beacon Hills

    Who do you think should kill Gerard?

    • Ooh, that’s an interesting idea, Johan. Can Jackson murder the kanaima within himself, without actually killing himself? Or does he need to discover his “identity” before he can conquer his inner abomination? I know it sounds pretty hokey, but what if Jackson comes to discover that his real “identity” and “family” comes, not from his biological parents, but from his rag tag Scooby Gang of frenemies? 😉

      Now, I don’t know if I necessarily believe that Lydia is Jackson’s “One True Love.” But I do think she does provide some sort of link to his humanity, as does Danny, Allison, and, I guess, to a somewhat lesser extent, Scott and Stiles.

      I’m wondering if Gerard will somehow bring about his own demise, by abusing the kanaima powers, turning into a kanaima himself, and rejecting the change with his old pill-popping body. I think that would be fitting. And yet, having Jackson the slave murder his Master would also be satisfying. Like Jackson or not, he’s really been put through the ringer this season, and deserves some revenge of his own, after spending the entire season exacting everyone else’s.

      For a more poignant murder, a tearful Chris Argent, having to end the life of yet another family member, who literally let the hunter lifestyle eat him alive, could be good for a few unexpected tears. (It’s probably the only way the writers could get any fans to cry over Gerard.)

  3. jmae

    As far as the Isaac tackling his teammates in Lacrosse, from what I can remember all his hits were pretty legal. In Lacrosse hits in the front are allowed, hits in the back aren’t but most refs will only call a hit in the back if the team doing the hitting gains some advantage from it. Since he was hitting his teammates no flag. Lacrosse can get pretty violent sometimes.
    Now to the episode. Honestly I think out of Derek’s pack Isaac will be the most loyal. Boyd and Erica were only social outcast, but probably had some what normal family life. Isaac on top of being a social outcast had an abusive father and a dead mother, he gained the most from the bite because it gave him a way to defend himself if he were to be attacked again. Not to mention in his mind Derek might be some type of surrogate older brother with Camden dead.
    Am I the only one wondering how long Jackson has known he was the Kanima, I’m pretty sure he knew in ‘Party Guessed’ but how long before that. My only thing is why hasn’t the Scooby Gang tried to cure him. True he might not let them, but they should at least give it a shot.
    I actually find Allison’s transformation believable. Remember in Season 1 how fast she turned on Scott after Kate manipulated her, and she says she loves him. Being that Gerrard is Kate’s dad, she probably learned from him so he’s probably much better at manipulation, not to mention Allison’s character has a history of being eaisily manipulated. I wonder if she has any clue about the code because she sure came close to breaking it. It’s also possible that by being so hard on the other werewolves she feels like she’s making amends for being in love with one. Based on her hallucination it’s possible that she was repressing this part of her personality before, because her reaction was ‘what’s that’ it was along the lines of ‘not here, not now’. Because honestly even if I was hallucinating if I saw myself in a black hood with a weapon I’d be very confused and maybe a little scared. Her reaction was one closer to that part of her was something she’d been warding off.
    Even though Stiles is alive you kind of wonder what happened to him so I think that might be the cliff hanger they’re going for or they might not show him until the end of the episode. Speaking of Stiles this was probably my favorite episode opener for both seasons, unless of course next weeks episode tops it.
    I’m still wondering why Boyd and Erica didn’t fight, so what you got hit with an arrow, even Scott kept going when he got hit. I’m kind of wondering were they afraid they would accidentally kill Allison if they fought back or are they like a Kanima and need a master to tell them what to do.
    Regarding Papa Arget did you notice that he had to stop Allison the same way he did Kate. It’s one thing to shoot at your crazy younger sister, but completely different to shoot at your daughter so soon after losing your wife. I think that says a lot about how dearly he holds the code. I think that in the end he might give up being a hunter or go off on his own and only kill werewolves that kill people.

    • Hey jmae! Point taken about the lacrosse match. But still, I kind of find it hard to swallow that neither the ref, nor Coach Crackhead, nor any of the parents in the stand, would have done anything to get Isaac taken out of the game, after he randomly beat the crap out of something like six of his teammates for no conceivable reason, whatsoever. As Stiles says, one is an incident, two is a coincidence, three is a pattern, four is lacrosse player who thinks he’s in the World Wide Wrestling Federation. 🙂

      I do think you are right about Isaac being the most loyal of the pack. That scene between Scott and him, just showed how much Isaac is desperately in need of a role model. Oddly enough though, I see him being more loyal to SCOTT than to Derek. I think Scott offers Isaac a sort of warmth and kindness, he definitely didn’t have from his dad, for a long time, and, though he cares about Derek, Erica and Boyd, the three of them aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy either. (No pun intended.)

      I also like your idea about Allison. You are right. Of all the party goers, she seemed the least surprised by her hallucination, almost as if it had happened before. Maybe I just had a problem with Crystal Reed’s portrayal of Allison in the last episode. I feel like it lacked the subtlety and relatability of her performances in “Party Guessed” and “Fury.”

      I do see Chris Argent as the heart and moral backbone of the Argent family, which is odd considering that was SO not how he was portrayed, back in early season 1. (In fact, I wonder if the fleshing out of Chris Argent was a decision the writers came to as the series progressed.) Particularly if Season 3’s big bads end up being a deadly pack of werewolves, I predict we will start to see Chris Argent joining forces with, for the most part, non-violent wolves, Derek and Scott to protect the town from others . . .

  4. Andre

    Ok, I am a tad late this time.
    Before I start, this video summarizes what I have a problem with people liking jerks like Jackson or Damon:

    Well, like you said only one more episode to go. Hm, I didn’t actually check how long the hiatus is gonna be.

    And Peter’s comment in your gif is so fitting it all, especially Derek. What a loser, as dumb as Scott is at least he wouldn’t have made people like Isaac, Boyd and Erica werewolves.

    I also liked how the show started, actually a nice change to the usual way supernatural shows start. And very telling, albeit you could see that they used scenes from previous episodes for Lydia and Jackson. Jackson’s scene on the bed was the same as in the episode when he was naked in the showers and fought with Scott in the locker room. And Lydia’s was from Party Guessed.
    And yeah after having stuff like the opening sequence were you get realistic reaction only using as a distraction for the next lame story in TVD, Teen Wolf’s was very refreshing indeed. I mean who knows what would have happened if they had used it the same way TVD does. You know realism as a diversion for Elena from the sick direction her life takes.
    Speaking of the Damsel in distress, I am sure you are gonna like this:

    At least it would cause a reaction, that I am sure.

    Now O’Brian once again proved his skills. I have my doubt of Posey being able to pull that off. And yeah I wondered also how Stiles knows about drowning. Is it really his panic attacks or just a plothole?
    And can you get your job back because the local Department is short in staff?

    Now as for O’Brian ever winning an Oscar… maybe. I mean was he even nominated for Teen Choice Awards? Sadly just because an actor is good, doesn’t mean that they get credit for their skills. At least he is a white American so he can have a broader range of roles to play and possibilities to hone his craft.

    Speaking of the counselor lady. She is one of the reasons that Davis was accused of racism because both her and the Vet’s portrayal is so reminiscent of the Magical negro stereotype, you know they are presented without actual background and are basically just there to further help the main characters.
    And of course there is Boyd, but more on him later.

    Actually, this brought something to my mind that I read in the book “Seduced by Twilight” and so I checked it via googlebooks again. This was what I found:
    “According to Dyer, the ideal white male body is “hard, achieved, wealthy, hairless and tanned.”
    Now this doesn’t fully fit Scott since he isn’t wealthy (albeit apparently with enough money to buy new clothes [at least this is what the first scene with him in the episode looked like, as if he had to by new clothes since apparently his mother doesn’t leave the room and possibly doesn’t enter his room]) but the rest fits.
    And if we remember correctly in the early episodes of season 1, when he was shirtless in the woods, he was rather light olive and so apparently part of his current look is tan, something considered ok for White people (but the reverse for Non-whites seems to be pathological or maybe even criminal). And while Davis pointed to Posey as latino, which as far as I understand it is usually considered a racial term by Non-Hispanics in America, let me tell you from someone who actually is a native of Europe:
    That guy looks like a European in every way. He is a Caucasian, or if you equalize that term with pale skin respectively Anglo-American, he is at least Caucasoid and in that regard definitely in the lighter half of skin tones found among Caucasoids. There is nothing on him, no feature whatsoever, that you wouldn’t find in Europe. Sure he wouldn’t be considered a typical Middle European, but a European (usually Iberian or Mediterranian in general) nonetheless. Only his accent would give him away.
    So he actually fits the all American boy pattern and that might be the reason for the character’s physical appeal.

    Now when that first Lizard scene of the day came up I was just thinking that this hanging on the wall looked odd. Really, that leg pose. And isn’t it astounding how flexible the tail is? When we first saw it, it wasn’t even 4 feet long and now it can strangle it’s victims in a way that would require at least 7 feet.

    And now that you brought Peter and Mrs. McCall up:
    Do you think she will ever know what Peter’s interest in her was all about?

    Now while it makes sense why Gerard could forge a connection with the Kanaima I asked myself why Gerard thinks that killing people who had nothing to do with Kate’s death is safe for him. Of course that could have been a bluff, someone like Gerard probably figured out that Scott isn’t the biggest thinker in town (also more on that later).
    On the other hand, the fact that Matt turned into the Kanaima because of the killed cops could be not due to the fact that they didn’t “kill” him but rather due to the fact that they had nothing to do with his revenge, they were simply in the way.

    Now the scene in the woods was another odd thing. Didn’t these two idiots hear werewolves “howl?” After all that howling sounded like a typical chorus of Canis lupus but the “howl” of the werewolves on the show rather sounds like a roar to me.

    Now speaking of their possible death:
    Wow, if one of them dies this will reek of either sexism or racism to many, because either the only female werewolf (which was basically portrayed as a vixen and barely anything else) or the only black werewolf (who as you pointed out was often absent and unlike the other two new ones has no backstory provided) dies.
    As a matter of fact Davis already responded to allegations of racism and I think the criticism is valid:
    Seriously, why did Erica get a background but not Boyd? That is odd, since she doesn’t have much more screentime and her current background isn’t adding much to the series either.
    Davis also stated that he wants to create a world without sexism, racism, homophobia and the like in the show and that supernatural characters should stand in as replacements for that. I hope he gets down from that cloud real quickly, because let’s face it, that particular building of his already collapsed in the first season and even if not, it did this season, first and foremost with the portrayal of Erica as a vixen, which reeks of sexism. And your comment about their parents pretty much shows that these two aren’t meant to be deep characters in this regard. And neither is Isaac, I mean how does he live right now? Is all this lack of information due to the fact that the show focuses on Scott’s point of view? If yes, that is a pretty stupid explanation considered what we saw so far.
    No idea why the hunters targeted Boyd and Erica all off a sudden instead of Derek, it’s not as though they hadn’t circled in on Derek’s hideout anyway. Another plothole?

    And in addition there is Isaac. This pale, blue-eyed, dark blond all-American guy. If rumors are true he will definitely survive the finale and if at least one of the others not this will reek of the two topics I mentioned. Even if Isaac’s look is coincidental and the actor only got the job due to skill, it won’t look that way to many people especially considered that the character of Boyd was intentionally cast for an African American and now the character is mostly a lackey.

    Anyway, you have to admit that Mr. Argent is a damn good shot. And actually werewolves only heal once the arrow is out, it was stated earlier this season, anyhow we already know that Boyd and Erica survived this attack.
    And I agree Allison’s turn to the dark side was way too fast. The writers better tell us what that was in the letter to make her go crazy. Seriously we don’t need another TVD.

    You know, I guess they want to make Jackson sympathetic with this whole “he has no identity because he is adopted” stuff, but personally I can’t feel sorry for that douchebag. Just like I cannot consider him attractive.
    This orphan = no identity stuff is such crap. Davis claims he doesn’t wanna write about issues? He does it all the time and this particular stuff sucks how he handles it. It basically means that everyone who is adopted is bad. Not to mention that it means that Jackson is still counted as an orphan despite the fact that he has parents, who obviously have a lot of interest in him, but possibly he is only interested in their money and what they can do for him.
    That guy has an identity, just like every other person he built it all his life and keeps building it. The Brain farts Davis produced with this crap are one of the worst he did so far in this show. But apparently for Davis, who described himself as growing up as a middle class white, adoptive parents do not count otherwise he wouldn’t have written such stuff and given it so much focus. Seriously the divorce of Scott’s parents and the death of Stiles’ mother didn’t get that much cover and especially the latter definitely has a bigger impact since Stiles actually lost someone, while Jackson is obviously “mourning” about people he never knew, so basically nothing more than figments of his imaginations.
    But let’s just think this a bit further:
    Let’s say Jackson should have been with his biological parents because out of some link or inherent personality similarities. Wouldn’t that mean that at least one of Jackson’s parents was an equal douchebag as Jackson was? After all you can’t just propose something like that and then say that it would have been definitely better. Seriously calling them his real parents, like I already pointed out in my comments to the other episodes, is basically saying that his adoptive parents are false and thereby that every adopted parents are inherently false. Thereby the show is just perpetuating the myth of inherent bonds and values ala Focus on the Family.
    And if it is true that Jackson is a Kanaima because he supposedly has no identity, then why is a) the Kanaima a tool for vengeance and b) did his body ooze all that black stuff?
    That makes no sense.
    And I definitely agree that it can’t be coincidence that Lydia is part of Peter’s “solution.” Albeit I wouldn’t put it past Davis to actually have Lydia’s love as the remedy. The stuff with Lydia screams of the old myth that the right girl can save the bad guy. Juck, what’s next? A romantic serial killer?

    Ok, I have several issues with this whole scene with Isaac, Deaton and Scott in the clinic:
    1) Why didn’t we learn sooner that Scott had these healing powers? The scene suggests that he has them too.
    2) If they supercharge these werewolves with all sorts of powers, what point is there in introducing other shifters?
    3) Why is Isaac there in the first place? This kind of looks as though the writers want to have him in the show and that’s it.
    4) Davis might not have intended this but the Vet so far comes off as the typical magical negro, there to make the white characters better, there to give information, no background provided. No wonder there is criticism, you can’t have an African American character like that, because there is nothing to balance that out in the show, all three so far are kind of like that.
    5) Scott reminds me of what I once heard in the film “Reel Injun” about western. That there is always this John Wayne type character that is not really smart but does the right thing all the time. And while Scott is nowhere near as violent as John Wayne seemed to have been in his movies he nonetheless is someone who is portrayed as not really smart but doing the right thing anyway in the end.

    You know, speaking of Jackson and Danny. So far we were never given an explanation why the Kanaima wanted to attack Danny. Was that Matt doing it so Danny could be out of the way? You know the whole video thing?

    And why, if Lydia is the key to make Jackson return to his senses does he have the same reaction around Danny? With the wolfsbane drink in Party Guessed this can be explained with the drink, but what about this time? Is any bond enough, not just romantic love?
    Of course I guess many would prefer if Jackson has a secret crush on Danny.;)

    You know Scott’s surprise on why he couldn’t play as well as the fact that the coach wouldn’t say anything regarding Isaac’s behavior was not surprising to me. After all the coach made it clear more than once that he cares about nothing more than winning Lacrosse and have a star team. Perhaps Gerard spoke out of everyone’s heart when he threatened to kill the coach.
    By the way will the team aver get to state? And another thing, did it ever occur to Scott, Isaac, Boyd and Jackson that they cannot become pros due to drug tests? I mean seriously, I am sure that a werewolf body is not physically the same as a human’s and based on last season they must have some sort of mutagenic agent in their system.

    The whole Stiles on the field stuff was somewhat ambiguous too me:
    1) All this cheering for Lacrosse reminded me that sports count more in Western Culture than stuff that actually improves the live of people. Sport is more a cultural thing, but interestingly in this case culture is cool.
    2) From the moment I saw Stiles score I knew something would be happening to him. I already guessed it when he wasn’t included in Gerard’s victim list but when he actually scored (he was stated never to be playing on the field, ever) I knew something would be happening to him.
    I didn’t expect Jackson to be down on the field; at first I suspected it might be Stiles. Ok I didn’t think it would have been him who is dead since that would pretty much kill the show, but I did thought it. Either way, it did manage to surprise me this time, because I was sure Stiles would have been the one. In addition who says that Jackson didn’t drug himself on Gerard’s command, you know the whole killing thing I talked earlier about. In this scenario Jackson was just a decoy, Gerard could have never used him for slaughtering without risking becoming the Kanaima himself.
    So the whole lights out was a diversion also, but why? Why kidnap Stiles?

    By the way I found someone who could be your equal in recapping:

    • Johan

      I wonder if Stiles mom drowned?

    • Hey Andre,

      That Twilight recapper is hilarious. Thanks for sharing it. The girl definitely has a voice for stand-up comedy. 🙂

      O’Brien might not be the kind of actor who nabs Teen Choice Awards, but he has managed to score big parts in a few major upcoming films, since Teen Wolf has started airing . . .

      Like I said, I predict BIG THINGS for this one .. . HUGE :).

      Good point about the kanaima. It definitely seems to have a rubber-expanding tail, which, last I checked isn’t characteristic of most lizards. Remember when it was used to kill the dude in the trailer park, and I mistook it for a snake? 🙂 Good times!

      Speaking of the kanaima, I think it might have actually attacked Danny to keep (1) Danny from watching the tape; and (2) Danny from giving the tape to Jackson. If I recall, at this point in the story, Jackson still wasn’t 100% sure he was the kanaima. Though, in hindsight, it could be argued that all that stuff with him insisting on Lydia returning his key, might have been his subconscious way of attempting to regain his humanity.

      Speaking of hindsight, good question about the whole kidnapping Stiles thing. Though, I guess he could have been used to (1) find Derek, since his own pack wouldn’t give him up and/or (2) emotionally manipulate Scott, who Gerard might assume would deliver Derek to him, rather than see his bestie get more attractive face wounds, it kind of seemed like he just knocked him around a few times, and let him go. (Then again, by not showing his face to Scott until way later in the episode, Stiles sort of put the screws to option 2. :)) If anything, the only people Gerard ACTUALLY manipulated by kidnapping and beating up Stiles were Stiles, himself, and his dad, neither of whom was really helpful to the loon.

      I do feel like the series introduced quite a few pieces of mythology, both about kanaimas and about werewolves that never really had a “payoff” this season, plot-wise. Some examples include (1) the whole “abuse the kanaima / become the kanaima” thing; (2) the kanaima’s Alpha form, which we never really got to see; (3) Jackson’s familial origins; (4) Lydia’s familial origins (i.e. Why is she immune?); (5) why Derek’s Alpha form is so similar to his Beta form, and why Peter seems to be the only Alpha who can “gorilla-up;” (6) the REAL reason Peter went through all the trouble of coming back to life; (7) key points about Derek’s actual age and backstory, that Jeff Davis teased prior to the finale, but didn’t actually cover in the finale.

      Now, of course, Jeff Davis explicitly said that ALL of our questions would be answered by next season. The optimist in me believes him. After all, he has shown quite a few instances of plot consistency, throughout the series, that illustrate that he’s VERY aware of the “big picture” when it comes to plot. The pessimist in me says that’s a really good way to get fans to forgive and forget about plot holes. 🙂 Pessimist Recapper also believes that though there can be cliffhangers at the end of a season, each season of a series should really be able to stand on it’s own. And the dangling plotsicles sort of fly in the face of that theory. 🙂

      I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on that. 🙂

  5. CK

    Howdy! Whew, back in time from the field to watch episodes 9, 10 and 11 before Jeff D. et al. will likely give me a heart attack later tonight… I’m not emotionally ready to deal with ANY of this… x-)

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