MOUNTAIN ASSSSHHHHHHHH! – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season 2 Finale “Master Plan”


Greetings, Werebangers!  Though it was a bit cartoony at times, and there were a few too many “plot-sicles” (Yes, I just made up a new word.) left hanging by the end of the hour for my taste, “Master Plan” was nothing if not entertaining.  The hour was jam packed with no less than FIVE potential deaths (though two of them just so happened to be by the same person), one breakup, one makeup, one surprise twist that resulted in the most unintentionally hilarious shouting of the words “MOUNTAIN ASH,” I suspect I will ever hear in my lifetime, one massive supernatural brawl to the tune of the series’ theme song, and a beautifully well-lit extended shot of Colton Hayne’s ass . . .

Let’s review, shall we?

[As always, a big hearty thanks to my pal Andre, who’s kickass screencaps are the Shiny Key that keeps me from turning into a Snot-Secreting Giant Killer Lizard, each week. :)]

In which everyone thinks that Jackson is dead (but we know he’s SNOT) . . .

“Let’s see . . . so far, this series, you’ve made a claw come out of my mouth, black blood come out of my ears, a snake come out of my eyeball, green scales come out of my neck, a tail come out of my ass, and now THIS.  Can’t a guy temporarily die in peace?”

When we last left our favorite boy vengeance lizard, he had just attempted reptil-icide, by clawing out his insides in the middle of a lacrosse field.  (Now, if that doesn’t constitute a game penalty, I don’t know what does!)

Shortly thereafter, the medics arrive to cart away the seemingly DOA Jackson and his decidedly Swiss-Cheese looking tummy.  Being the “kind and generous” soul she is, Mama McCall volunteers to ride in the ambulance with him.

“Ooh!  Can I come along?  Can I?  Can I?  This is the most lines of dialogue I’ve had all season!

Now, normally, this would be against ambulance policy.  But hey!  It’s not like his actual parents (1) are present; (2) know, or seem to give two leaping lizards (See what I did there?), about the fact that their son might be future worm food.  (For the record, I’d like to think that if I randomly started spending my evenings as a big green ugly monster / mass murderer, my parents would sense something was up enough to at least wonder whether I was “on drugs.”)

“In my defense, Jackson is not my biological son.  Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries is my Real Son.  (And I didn’t give two craps about him, either).”

So, Mama McCall is graciously invited along for the trip!

Later, we are at the morgue.  And Mama McCall is still hanging out with Dead?Jackson!  (OH, honey, I know he’s pretty.  And I know you’re lonely.  But, trust me, girl.  You really can do better than an under-aged half-lizard corpse encased in a cocoon of snot . . .)

“I just want to be loved, dammit!  Love me, Dead Snot MAN!”

Oh, that’s right!  I haven’t even gotten to the part about the snot yet!  You see, I’ve come to the conclusion that every episode of Teen Wolf must, as a rule, contain at least one moment that will cause me to gag uncontrollably.  In “Master Plan,” this was the first of three . . .

As if it wasn’t nauseating enough that Jackson’s been leaking more mucus than Sneezy the Dwarf, this season, now he’s literally covered in the stuff.  (Yes, yes . . . I’m aware that it’s supposed to be “venom.”  But it sure as heck looks like snot to me!)

Frightened, and more than a little bit grossed out, Mama McCall, who, last I checked, was not a medical examiner, calls her son and his new f*&k buddy bestie, Isaac — who are also not medical examiners, so that the three of them can all stand around and gawk at Jackson’s naked, booger-covered, corpse.

“I can’t believe I gave up tickets to The Dark Knight Rises for this . . .”

Now, that’s what I call Family Bonding . . .

One thing can be said about Jeff Davis and Co.  They definitely know all the tricks in the book, when it comes to creating a Good Scare Moment.  And they do so here, as Mama McCall unzips Jackson’s body bag very . . . verrrry . . . slooooowwwwly . . .

What’s the matter Mama McCall, afraid of waking Mr. Snotty Pants?

Oops . . . too late.

Question out there to anyone who knows “stuff” about lizards.  Do they really have teeth like that?  Because . . . yuck.

Anywhoo . . . Mama McCall zips that body bag back up faster than you can say, “lizard dentures.”  Of course, it’s uncertain whether Mommy Dearest does this more because she’s afraid of getting eaten by those rotted chompers, or because Jackson is suffering from a wicked case of post-death Halitosis . . .

In which Stiles gets his ass handed to him by a dying old geezer, for no logical reason (but it still makes us cry) . . .


Elsewhere, Stiles gets literally thrown into the Argent’s basement by some faceless Roid-head type.  (Geez!  How many Argents are there in this town?  Because I’m starting to think that these guys could give that wacky Duggar family a run for their money when it comes good old fashioned baby-making . . .  Come to think of it, maybe that’s why Allison only dates Scott.  Maybe he’s the only guy in town to whom she’s sure she’s not related!)

After belly flopping on the hard cold ground (What’s the matter?  Couldn’t spring for carpeting Argents?  Is money really that tight in the werewolf murder business?), Stiles finds himself face to face with the Argent’s newest tree ornaments, Boyd and Erica, who are quickly eclipsing Stiles, as the most consistently physically abused members of this cast . . .

This whole “being a werewolf” thing sounded a whole lot better in the instructional pamphlet . . .

Through some random exposition, we learn that the reason this loveable were-pair is currently dangling from the Argent’s ceiling, is that they are getting slowly charbroiled by bolts of electricity.  And the reason they are getting slowly charbroiled by bolts of electricity, is because Jeff Davis secretly loves torture porn because this apparently keeps them from wolfing out.  (This kind of makes me wonder why Derek didn’t use the same tactic, when he was trying to nurse his cubs through their first Full Moon together, a few weeks back.  Then again, if he had done that, it might have actually worked we probably wouldn’t have gotten to see this . . .

Oh hey!  Gerard has joined this party!  He’s come to emasculate Poor Stiles, by showing him that he can, in fact, be beaten up by a 98-year old (or, whatever age this guy is).

“I totally OWNED that young whipper snapper!”

Seriously, Teen Wolf?  Isn’t it bad enough that all Stiles’ friends are supernatural superheroes, and he never gets laid?  Now, you’ve got to have him SH*TCANNED by Oldies?  What’s next?  Is Betty White going to pop by give him a few drop kicks, and a punch in the face?

What made the scene even more difficult to watch was the fact that Stiles didn’t even try to fight back . . . not in the least.  This, actually got me thinking . . . to all you male viewers out there, who patently refuse to hit women (which, I sincerely, hope, is ALL of you Y chromosome owners), do you utilize the same standard when it comes to male geezers?  If so, at what age does it become patently immoral to clock an oldie in the face with your fist?   I’m serious.  I’d like to know your thoughts on this issue . . .

Now, I guess it’s safe to assume that the Argents kidnapped Boyd and Erica, in hopes of torturing them into giving up Derek’s location.  However, Gerard’s reasoning for hijacking Stiles is a bit more murky.  Was he meant to be used as bait for Derek or Scott?  Because it kind of seems like Grandpa just knocked the kid around a few times, and sent him packing . . .

“So yeah, I’m going to head on home now.  If you need anything, just yell . . . oh, wait, nevermind . . .”

That said — and I know I’m a totally awful person for saying this – but Beat-up!Stiles looked kind of sexy . .  . like Brad Pitt in Fight Club sexy.  I mean, he was dinged up just enough that you would felt bad for him, but not enough that it really messed up his adorable face.  Clearly, the makeup department Gerard has a talent for giving people attractive bruises . . .

Don’t be sad, Stiles.  Chicks dig scars . . .

Anyway, Stiles came home and had a tearful reunion with Papa Stilinski, so that we could all meet our Teen Wolf Weekly Cry Quota.

And then our snarky hero pretty much moped around in his room for three-quarters of the episode.  (Hey, you’d be bummed out too, if you just got the poop kicked out of you by a 109-year old!)

I’m never helping old people cross the street ever again!

At least, that’s what he did, until a Special Someone entered his bedroom .  . .

In which Stiles and Lydia, once again, remind us why we should shop at Macy’s  . . .

Be still my beating hard, Lydia is in Stiles’ bedroom at night.  And we all remember what happened when Stiles was in Lydia’s bedroom, back in Season 1, don’t we?

*grumbles* I’m not going to mince words here.  This scene was a major cock tease (and female equivalent) for Stiles and Lydia fans.

In fact, when it comes to cock teases, this scene almost rivals that one time we almost got to see Stiles without his shirt on in sheer cock teasiness . . .

I mean, it just had so much potential!  Think about it.  The couple is alone in the bedroom.  They are both feeling emotionally raw and vulnerable . . .  It could have been EPIC.

It wasn’t . . .

Things started off promising enough, with Lydia, the “Beautiful Crier,” beautifully crying as she stares, with puppy dog eyes at Stiles and his oh so sexy Fight Club face wounds . . .

“Come on!  Kiss me, you fool.  This is the stuff fanfictions are made of!”

Except, she’s not crying for Stiles . . .

Remember that time when Jackson asked Lydia for the key to his house back?  But she never got around to actually giving it back to him, because they started making out, and then he TURNED INTO A LIZARD?

Well, Lydia certainly remembers.  And now that Jackson might be dead, she really wants to give him his key.  After all, he’s a Possibly Dead Guy.  And when you are a Possibly Dead Guy, you just never know when your Not-Biological Parents are going to send you invitations to family dinner.  And when you get those invitations, you’re going to need a key . . . because . . . they aren’t going to let you in, once they see how badly you’ve decomposed . . .

“Dead Guys need home cooked meals sometimes too!”

Let’s get back to that key in a minute, because Lydia has suddenly become distracted by the need to be in this week’s obnoxiously obvious Macy’s commercial shiny objects . . . and by shiny objects I mean REALLY BIG MACY’S BAGS (Show the label, MTV!  You have to show the label, like you’ve done for these past two weeks.  Otherwise it doesn’t count!) filled with really small items of jewelry.

“Hi Teen Wolf fans.  Check out my MACY’S bags.  Because I shop at MACY’S.  Yes, MACY’S.  (Nod and smile, or I’ll have to show them to you again.)”

“Ah-ha!”  Stydia fans say!  Now, we will finally learn what was IN THAT BOX . . . You know the one, don’t you?

Yep, that’s the one . . .

Except, we don’t . . .

But we do get to find out what things Stiles ended up not giving Lydia for her birthday, which, included, among other things, a whole lot of jewelry from Macy’s!  Remind them that it’s from MACY’S!, and . . . wait for it . . . a massively large Flatscreen TV . . .

“Hey Lydia, I bought you a TV, so that you can watch Teen Wolf, and learn what an idiot you are for choosing Jackson over Stiles.

(They must pay single-parent sheriffs really well in Beacon Hills.  Because, last I checked, Stiles doesn’t have a job . . . not even one of the dinky, embarrassingly low-paying ones, most of us end up getting in high school.)

Anyway, call me tremendously naive, because I truly believed that Lydia would be touched enough to kiss Stiles, when she saw all these un-given gifts . . .

But NOOOOOO . . . she just wanted to talk about getting Jackson that DAMN KEY!  I was MAD!

Stiles was mad too, which was why he yelled at her . . . in that sexually tense, “I’m yelling at you, because I’m feeling very emotional right now, and I secretly want to jump your bones” kind of way . . .

“Stop moping about your stupid key, and look at my sexy face wound! NOW!”

Because Stiles hates the idea of Lydia putting Jackson’s life before her own.  He finds it selfish  . . . that’s right, I said selfish, because, by putting his life before her own, Lydia is presenting the rest of the world with the very real possibility of having to cope with her eventual death, just like Papa Stilinski (and, I guess, Scott, if he wasn’t busy doing other things) had to cope with Stiles being kidnapped and drop kicked by a 506-year old man . . .

See, it all comes full circle . . .

Now, me?  If someone was yelling at me like that, all fiery and passionate, and caring and stuff, I totally would have kissed him . . . .

Lydia?  She left . . .

It’s time for Dad to come back to give Stiles another pep talk about being “The Hero,” even though his version of “The Hero” always seems to get beaten up, rejected, ignored in favor of lizardy douchebags, and never gets laid . . .


Spiderman and Batman would definitely not approve.  But the sentiment was still very nice, Papa Stilinski.  You get an “A” for effort.

Your words also might have ultimately convinced Stiles to do the very selfless and heroic thing he ended up doing toward the end of the episode.  But more on that later . . .

In which Peter goes from Psychotic Murderous Gorilla-Thing Alpha to Derek Hale’s Wisecracking Yoda, in two episodes flat . . .


Now, I love me some sexy, undead, Peter Hale.  So, I’m not going to complain.  But since when does coming back from the dead, through an elaborate scheme that involves possessing a teenager, drugging a bunch of high school kids, and having your nephew’s unconscious body dragged across town, result in a Complete Personality Transplant?

Are we really supposed to believe that Uncle Peter, who, last season was Mad as Heck and KILLING EVERYONE, really went through all this trouble to come back to life, just so that he can be a Wise Snarky Sidekick for Derek Hale?

After all, our Scooby Gang already has a Velma (Stiles), and a Guy Who Spouts Off Random Expository Mythological Mumbo Jumbo When Necessary (the Vet).  So, what exactly is Peter Hale bringing to the table, this time around (aside from his SASSY, of course ;))?


No matter.  This week, Peter is helpful, with his surprise hidden laptop, that just so happens to show the real reason Jackson is currently encased in snot.


Apparently, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, Jackson is a Beta Kanaima, turning into an Alpha Kanaima . . .   Also, like a butterfly, he’s going to HAVE WINGS . . .

Peter even found an animation of it, which he isn’t going to show you, because it’s Too Hot for TV . . .

I don’t know, given the fact that Jackson never actually TURNED into an Alpha Kanaima just like no one actually BECAME the kanaima, just because they broke the Rules of the Kanaima, as was hinted a few episodes back, I would have at least liked to have seen the video.  Wouldn’t you?

In which Allison sasses her dad / has Evil!Hair . . .

Allison shares with her dad her best impersonation of THAT gymnast . . .

Speaking of sh*t we didn’t see, we never did find out what was in that letter that made Allison become such an uber b*tch.  At this point in the story, we are led to believe that Allison is well aware of at least a good portion of Gerard’s wacko plans, including his kidnapping / electro-shock therapy of Boyd and Erica, his manipulation of the Kanaima, maybe even his kidnapping Stiles.  And, much like the honey badger, she just “don’t care” . . .

She also doesn’t care for her father trying to talk some sense into her, by kindly explaining that she’s become Grandpa Slave just as much as Kanaima Jackson has . . .

Given the way she’s been treating everyone lately, I’m kind of glad Daddy Dearest broke her stupid crossbow.  B*tch totally deserved it . . .

Chris Argent – He may not be as warm and cuddly as Sheriff Stilinski (but he does drive a faster car) . . .

As the only remaining Argent who hasn’t lost his marbles at this point in the story, Papa Argent earns major points this week for freeing Boyd and Erica, and, ultimately, allying with Team Scooby, to stop Grandpa Crazy Pants and intercept the Kanaima.  He even gave part of the gang a ride to the Warehouse, where Jackson was being held, in his uber-fast Mid Life Crisis Car . . .

Rumble in the Were-House!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for . . . the Battle Royale, in which Lizards, Werewolves and Hunters all assume their true form, and inexplicably kick the crap out of one another to the tune of the show’s theme song, for three glorious minutes, while Peter just kind of hides in the backround, and makes funny faces.

“What, and mess up this hairdo?  Seriously!”

There’s a twist though.  The fight ends with the kanaima GRABBING ALLISON, even though the two were supposedly on the same team.

“Come on!  Don’t you think we make a cute couple?”

That’s right, Werebangers.  It’s that time again . . . for the Big Bad Villain to give his Big Bad Villain Speech, and explain the REAL reason, why he’s been doing all these Big Bad Things, all season long.


As it turns out, Grandpa Argent didn’t come to town to avenge his daughter’s death at all . . . and he didn’t link to the kanaima to kill Derek.  Truth be told, Grandpa Werewolf Hater . . . he who was so quick to convince Papa Argent to kill his wife, has really been going through all this trouble to . . . wait for it. . . force Scott to force Derek to turn the old man into a WEREWOLF . . .

SCOTT: “Come on, lay one on him!”

DEREK: “But I don’t WANNA!  He’s wrinkly.  Can’t I give Stiles a hickey instead?”

How’s that for a surprise!  You know how Grandpa has been popping those pills all season, well, basically that’s because he’s dying of cancer.  And he won’t be dying of cancer, anymore, if he becomes a werewolf . . . even if that would make him the thing he hates most in this world . . .


Seemingly trapped, we see Scott force Derek to give the geezer the bite.  The latter raises his teeth-marked arm in triumph . . .

“Huzzah!  I’m bleeding black blood!  HOORAY . . . wait . . . what?”

 . . . and then all that gross black sh*t starts spurting out of every orifice of his body, and I become nauseated for the third time this hour . . .

Now, this is how those Grumpy Old Men movies SHOULD have ended . . .

BUT WHY?  You might be wondering . . .

Because, my friends . . . wait for it . . . SCOTT HAD A PLAN!

This for me is the most surprising twist of the episode, that Scott did something kind of smart for once in his life . . . though, actually, I imagine it was mostly the Vet’s idea.  Of course, Scott at least gets credit for SMELLING Grandpa’s death, just like Isaac smelled it on that cute puppy a few weeks back . . .

Through flashbacks, we learn that Scott and the Vet have secretly been filling Gerard’s cancer pills with .. . wait for it . . .

AHHH!  MY FAVORITE PART OF THE EPISODE.  Come on!  How could you NOT laugh at that?  That’s friggin hilarious.  Here, let’s watch it again . . .

Then Grandpa Crazy Pants drops to the ground in a black bloody mess.  And we THINK he’s dead.  But he’s actually just heading out to play a good ole game of “Hide and Seek.”  See you next season, ya Wackadoodle . . .

In which Lydia and Jackson have their “Yellow Crayon” Moment (and we are annoyed on Stiles’ behalf) . . .

Named after a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which a temporarily EVIL!Willow, is brought back from the brink, by her pal reminding her of that one time in band camp, when she stuck a flute up her p*ssy that time in kindergarten when she cried over a broken yellow crayon, because crying over broken yellow crayons =’s HUMANITY with a capital “H,” Yellow Crayon Moments are ones where one TV character helps another regain his or her grip on reality through the use of a seemingly useless, but highly symbolic totem . . . you know . . . kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio’s spinning top in Inception except, not like that at all . . .

Off-screen, Stiles must have changed his mind about the whole “Hero” thing, because he ends up bringing Lydia to the warehouse after all.  She gives Jackson his key.

“What, no flat screen TV?  Cheap B*tch!”

The pair then flashback to “better days” . . .  you know, when Lydia and Jackson could bone regularly without fear of Jackson turning green and scaly, or Lydia, screaming like a banshee and running naked around the forest . . .

Apparently, this boning flashback is supposed to symbolize TRUE LOVE . . .

So, Jackson turns human again. HOORAY!

Annnnnd . . . then Derek and Peter stab him from both sides, and, presumably, kill him . . .

“What’s the matter, Jackson?  Are you ticklish?  I bet you are!  *tickle, tickle, tickle*  Oops!  Damn claws!”

Lydia kneels at his side, reminding him that, yes, she still loves his green scaly, serial killing self.  We’ll miss you, Jackson!  Have fun in Heaven . . . except, under the circumstances, that’s probably not where you’re going . . .

Buuuuut, suddenly,  Jackson’s back up again, to the tune of triumphant music.  Now, his ass lit up like the SUN!  It’s GLORIOUS!

“I’m too sexy to be a kanaima . . . too sexy to be a kanaima . . . too sexy to . . . something that rhymes with kanaima (enema?)”

Or, as Glorious as Ex-Kanaima Butt Porn can be . . .

You see, Jackson found his identity, he’s REBORN as a WEREWOLF . . . a BLUE-EYED werewolf, like the Hales, not a GOLD-EYED one like everyone else . . .


Now, is this because of the whole “rebirth” thing, or does it have something to do with Jackson’s lineage?  Tune in next season to find out . . .

Oh, I almost forgot, Jackson and Lydia are back together again.  And they are PDA-ing all over the place, while Stiles is stuck watching . . .

Seriously, dude just CANNOT catch a break, this week . . .

In which a bunch of other random stuff happens to set us up for next season . . .

I remember, back in the day, watching that third Lord of the Rings movie, and just cracking up, because the damn thing just NEVER EVER ended . . . every time the screen faded to black, I was up and out of my seat like an Olympic sprinter, ready to dash out of the theater and beat the post-3.5 hour movie potty line . . . and every single time, I was rewarded for my patience with YET ANOTHER FINAL SCENE.  There, were like ten of them . . . I may, or may not have ended up peeing in my pants . . .

Why am I telling you this?  Because this was precisely how Jeff Davis chose to end Season 2 of Teen Wolf .  . . that sneaky bastard.  First, we got the scene with Boyd and Erica surrounded by werewolves, doing that butt wiggle thing Derek does so well .  . .

Then, we learn from Peter Hale that those werewolves are actually a PACK OF ALPHA’S (though none of them look like Peter’s Gorilla Alpha . . . weird) out to reclaim their territory.

THEN, Allison breaks up with Scott, and he’s surprisingly chill about the whole thing.  (Oh, P.S. She’s not evil anymore.)

“No worries . . . I’ll just go shopping for a new girlfriend . . . at MACY’S.”

Then, the Vet and the Guidance Counselor have one of their annoyingly cryptic conversations, while clad in this show’s trademark black leather jackets, while dipping their gloved hands in Gerard’s nasty black blood . . .

He’d much rather show you another finger, but this is a family blog  . . .

FINALLY . . . Stiles and Scott . . . um . . . play lacrosse together? No, seriously, that’s actually how it ended. 🙂

And that was “Master Plan” in a nutshell.  And that was our Season.  I wanted to thank all of you guys who shared it with me, whether it was through your kickass comments, or just by reading my inane ramblings, every once in a while (even if you skipped the boring parts :)).  It’s truly been a blast!  See ya next season, Werebangers!

[][Fangirls Forever – Now with Team Stiles and Team Derek tees!]


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66 responses to “MOUNTAIN ASSSSHHHHHHHH! – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season 2 Finale “Master Plan”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Good ending finale. A lot of people did not like it but whatever it was a good episode.

    Scott really surprised me this episode he´s not as clueless as he seems and his poor sidekick getting his butt kicked by a sick old man.

    Peter is awesome really is like the Stiles to Derek´s Scott.

    I suspected as much that Jackson would transition into a werewolf once he´s accepted himself or someone got some sense into him. I wonder how that will change the dynamic between the gang another werewolf in the mix.

    Though again poor Stiles never gets the girl…

    You are right it was likely the Vet´s idea and they even showed a little flashback so its probably true.

    So Scott believes he and Allison are fated to be together. Really?

    A whole pack of Alphas, that´s really interesting I wonder how that works. Though a lot speculate that someone or someones are becoming Alphas next season due to so many of them. I saw at least one female Alpha so it should be fun.

    Great season until next time!

    • Hey East Coast Captain. You are right. Jeff Davis has to stop abusing and humiliating Poor Stiles. Doesn’t he realize he’s a fan favorite? Jeff seems to be hinting at a future Stiles / Lydia pairing, due to the excellent chemistry between the characters. So, here’s hoping Stiles can catch a break in Season 3.

      You bring up a good point about Jackson. Will his experience as the kanaima teach him anything? Will he be loyal to Derek and his pack, or still aspire to be an lone wolf / Omega? And what if fans are correct, and Jackson ends up being a Hale and/or Peter’s son. That could definitely further complicate the dynamic between Jackson and the rest of the cast. Personally, I’d like to see Jackson experience at least some guilt over all the people he killed. I mean, if that was me, I don’t care how much control I had over the situation. I’m not sure I’d be able to live with myself.

      I do like the concept of a full Alpha pack. At first blush, that says to me that all of the packs members had to have (1) been part of a pack; (2) killed the Alpha of that pack, and (3) murdered all the Betas in that pack, so that they were the only ones left standing. You’d have to be a pretty scary type of individual to murder your own pack. I can definitely see why the group would want to recruit Scott, since he’s not particularly loyal to Derek’s pack, but I can’t imagine him actually going through with it. Could you?

      • Johan

        Jeff have also hinted at Sterek, of course I think Lydia/Stiles is more likely.
        Also the Alpha packs could be made up of people that killed a Alpha. They could go around convincing Betas to kill their Alpha and then joining them.

  2. East Coast Captain

    PS Jewls according to Jeff Davis he filmed a scene where Jackson really did die but he loves happy endings which is cool.

    What can we expect in Season 3 is a bromance triangle it seems Isaac will be interfering with our Scott and Stiles.

    Oh and our resident hero Scott might be getting an upgrade according to Jeff his ultimate destiny is to become an Alpha. The hero always does get more powerful when faced with bigger and badder enemies so that´s cool. They don´t have to change his makeup much just switch gold eye contacts for red and maybe make his sideburns more hairy.

  3. East Coast Captain

    Sorry Jews I should have fitted all into a big post but the werewolves ganging up on Kanima Jackson was like a pack which it was a pack fighting one enemy.

    • In some ways, that last scene was a pack fight, but in others, not so much. Allison, was clearly acting in her own self interest, by stabbing Isaac. And while Derek, Isaac and Scott were all fighting the kanaima, Derek’s and Isaac’s goal was likely to kill it, while Scott, who always wanted to save Jackson, wished merely to incapacitate it. (And Peter just sort of stood around looking intrigued ;)).

  4. Johan

    It was obvious in hindsight again. Chris did ask Kate why she came to town before he called for backup, and she said she was SENT. Gerard must have wanted the Alpha to show itself so Gerard could become one himself. As he said he had nothing against throwing away the lives of his family to get what he wanted. I wonder how pissed off he was at Victoria when she get the Bit before him.

    And I agree that it was probably the Vets idea but he got it when Scott told him that Gerard smelled of cancer. I was a bit upset that Scott pushed Derek into the arms of Peter. He didnt need to join Dereks pack but he could atleast be friends with it. I am sure that Peter has a plan of his own and it will not be good for Derek.

    I wonder how much Melissa knows about everything that happens in teh town since Scott got the Bite? Do she knows that it was her date that started it all?

    I think that Jackson is a Hale. Did his parents die in a packfight? Was it the pack of Alphas that did it?

    • Good point, Johan. Finding out Gerard’s ultimate motives causes the viewer to question everything he’s done this season. I also like your point about Victoria. It seems, if all Gerard wanted was the bite, he could have obtained it, without nearly as much trouble and subterfuge, as he ended up going through. All he had to do was try and kill Scott. 🙂

      Though I’m sure it hurt Derek that Scott forced him to bite Gerard, in the end, I think that the Vet and Scott might have considered the look of genuine betrayal on Derek’s face to be entirely necessary to the plan. Had Derek shown any signs that he knew he was going to have to bite Gerard, the latter might have become suspicious, and the whole plan would have been ruined.

  5. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    Until you pointed out that the blue wolf eyes are a trait of the Hale family, I thought it kinda depended on the color of one’s own eyes. But when you said that, I realized that Isaac’s eyes are blue, but his wolf eyes are gold. So yeah, I’m betting Jackson is a Hale. Wonder if his mother is Derek’s sister? Is he a result of Kate and Derek’s fling? Or are he and Derek cousins (as in, Daddy Uncle Peter!)?
    Looking forward to 2x as many episodes next season, which hopefully means it will either start sooner or last longer, and not get split up the way USA and TNT do to their shows.

    • Andre

      Davis once said that all wolf-eye colors have significance but so far it was not stated which one.
      And I hope the next season starts sooner.

    • Hey Nina, I think you are right about blue eyes signifying the trait of a “born wolf,” since Derek’s Beta eyes were blue like Jackson’s, but all the other wolves eyes turned yellow-gold. The question that raises, of course is, why didn’t Jackson start wolfing out earlier than he did. Perhaps, he’s only a half wolf, the son of Peter Hale and. . . wait for it an Argent, thereby requiring him to obtain a bite, to actually activate the gene. Just a thought.

      As for the structure of Season 3, from what I heard, it will be broken down into 2-twelve episode mini seasons, each with their own self-contained storyline. On one hand, this will be frustrating, because it will mean suffering through another long hiatus in the middle of the year. On the other hand, the nice thing about 12-episode seasons, is that I find them much more tightly written than 22 or 24 episode seasons. In other words, no filler episodes. 🙂

      • Johan

        Derek did say that some Hales werent werewolves. He could be the son of one of them.

        I also wonder if you could become a Alpha wihtout killing another Alpha?
        Would Scott become a Alpha if Isaac becomes his Beta? Can a Omega turn into a Alpha if it wanted to start a pack of its own?

      • Andre

        Actually the question is what makes you an Alpha, because Peter was one even before forming his pack.

      • Johan

        He bacome one when he killed Dereks sister, the last Alpha.

      • Andre

        Sure, but he still had no pack and despite the fact that Derek had become an Alpha, he still looked like a Beta. That was never explained.

  6. Peter managed to become my 3rd fav on the show. I just love him. I have since he killed Kate. Not near as much as I love Stiles and not even CLOSE to as much as I love Derek(whom for some reason I have started to refer to as “Der-bear”), but I love Peter, too.

    I was really upset that Scott was all like “Hey, Derek, I know you’re kinda like a pack bro or something like that to me, but here, let me offer you up and screw over the town of Beacon Hills so that I can go make out with Allison, kay?” If Derek would’ve died, I’d been writting up Jeff D a NASTY tweet! lol.

    I really want Allison to die. I don’t like her. Over the series, she’s shot/stabbed three people I like! (Derek,Boyd,and Isaac) I guess it’s just an Argent thing to be a crazy person. Btw, I guess we found out where Kate got her little electricity fetish. Her dad is freaking nuts!

    Im hopping Peter doesn’t become evil again. I really like him. But idk about this whole Alpha Pack thing. What are they? Werewolf delta force? If so, is there a werewolf Chuck Noris?

    I’m wondering how this Alpha Pack is gonna work. “Derek! Join the furry side! We have Beggin Strips! If not, we’ll just kill you, and your pack and take over! Its a win for everyone!”

    I swear, Derek can’t catch a break. Something bad has happened to him in every episode since season one! He needs to take a vacation. Him and Stiles can go to DisneyWorld or something.

    • Johan

      Yeah, I dont trust Peter at all. Derek better look out.

    • Hey Candra! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! You are right. The end of this season has really not been too kind to Allison. She’s been coming off, not only a b*tch, but also as a raving lunatic. The writers are going to have to be a bit more careful with her characterization, next season, I think. Because, to some extent, the series requires viewers to root for her, and its becoming increasingly hard to do that, given her recent behavior.

      I also think the cast (most notably Scott and Chris Argent) let Allison off the hook WAY too easily, at the end of the episode . . . Girlfriend was in need of a serious verbal smackdown! 🙂

      Oh, and this comment: “Derek! Join the furry side! We have Beggin Strips! If not, we’ll just kill you, and your pack and take over! Its a win for everyone!”

      THAT WAS FILLED WITH WIN 🙂 This needs to be on a t-shirt, seriously :).

      As for the whole electricity thing, I was kind of under the impression that it was mostly Gerard’s idea, given Allison’s call to her “grandpa,” once Boyd and Erica were captured. I took Chris Argent’s speech to mean, he went along with it originally, but ultimately came to the understanding that he was behaving just as badly as his so called enemies, by torturing them like this, and decided to let them go. I actually suspect that it was the site of Boyd and Erica in so much pain that eventually convinced Chris to go seek help from Scott to bring down Gerard and the kanaima. 🙂

      Ooh, a Derek and Stiles Disneyworld vacation! Now, that’s a fanfiction I’d like to read! 😉

  7. Andre

    I have to agree with you on that a lot of stuff remained unanswered in this final. I personally was ambiguous about it, there were things I liked and things I didn’t like. Sadly it were the things I expected I wouldn’t like which ended up the ones I didn’t like.

    I agree that Mrs. McCall so easily admitted into the ambulance is very odd. And true, albeit I didn’t think of that at the time, where are Jackson’s parents? Does the Davis have too much in one episode now or what?
    Now the stuff on the morgue floor did look like venom, however the stuff surrounding Jackson rather looked like jelly to me. Seriously how could that be venom?

    And no, lizards do not have teeth like that, not even sharks do and they are known to have several teeth in their jaw which get pushed forward when the first ones get worn down. Actually I wonder whether anybody could bite with teeth like that in such a tiny mouth.

    And you don’t seriously think that all the hunters on the show are related to the Argents do you?
    Personally I ask myself how they recruit people.

    Now as for Derek and not thinking of electricity: I think there is a good in-show possibility that he didn’t know about that. Seriously, he always seemed like the guy who acts first and thinks later and is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Quite possibly that the Argents have knowledge the average werewolf doesn’t, I mean how many would willingly electrocute themselves to find that out?
    Possible that they only know about many of the effects things have on them solely due to the hunters using it against them. In addition this whole hunter-werewolf thing doesn’t so much look like a war or battle, or even competition, but rather one force (the hunters) regulating the other (the werewolves), so it’s possible that the werewolves didn’t really have the same amount of time and possibilities to collect all that information.
    By the way, did you notice that Stiles is the only main character under mid-thirties who doesn’t expect to see ancient knowledge written down in old books? Seriously, Scott, Allison, Derek, all three expected old books. The rest (Lydia and Jackson) didn’t bother.

    All this in-show stuff would be good for webisodes, as well as companion materials. E.g. apart from the Novel On Fire they could publish the bestiary of the Argents (in English of course) or a companion guide, albeit not in the way that author-who-should-not-be-named did. From what I heard it is good for me I only read some parts of that book (Seriously, how big are the chances that boy born in the early 19th century in Cairo would be called Benjamin?).
    However I doubt that they see the potential of that.
    Sometimes these executives seem to be too caught up in their own biases.

    I thought similar about Gerard beating up Stiles as you did. I hope Davis doesn’t go the way most other Teen Shows go. Seriously the “next 15 years plan” of Stiles near the end of the episode sucks, and how often will he humiliate the guy again?

    And no, I am not one of the Y-chromosone carriers you spoke about and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get vilified for that, wouldn’t be the first time (albeit it didn’t happen often). When a member of the female gender attacks me I will defend myself, and just for the files the person who taught me this was my mother (actually it’s hard to buy this “weaker by default” stuff when your sister is build like a tank and your mother can literally grab a bull by its horns). I think it’s sexist and stupid to let yourself get beaten up simply because your opponent is of the other gender. Actually I think the only “justification” for never “hitting” a woman would be to say that they are always weaker than men, no matter what, and that is sexist.
    I have the same opinion regarding old people, there is a difference between beating up and defending yourself. It’s not right to beat someone up/get beaten up but it is ok to defend oneself. And in addition simply because someone is considered “the weaker one” is no justification to let that person do what they want. In my experience you are often considered sexist or bullying if you point that out, because the other one is “weaker” or “half your size” they get a free ticket. Well if you live by that you are up to a lot of terrorizing I can guarantee you that because many people are smart enough to realize that advantage they have and will use it. And as sad as it is some people really only understand a smack on the head. If knocking someone down is the only available option to make that person stop attacking you, in my book it’s perfectly justified to do it. After all what do you gain by letting yourself be beaten to a pulp?

    Now to get back to Stiles: No idea what Davis thought in that regard, because I also can think of only one reason as to why Stiles was kidnapped and beaten up. It couldn’t have been to send someone a message, because Scott is on Gerard’s leash anyway and Derek doesn’t give a crap. The only in-show thing I can think of right now is that Gerard for some reason wanted Stiles out of the way. Perhaps he thought that Stiles would figure something out or maybe that Scott would tell Stiles something after all. Hard to know.
    Of course there is one other possibility, the worst one: David didn’t know what to do with Stiles the whole time of the episode and so he wanted him out of the way for the most part and to make his sudden appearance more dramatic (and give a justification for not being there by ignoring the calls) he lets him be humiliated once more and thereby keeping him depressed and unwilling to do anything. This is not totally unbelievable considered that so far Stiles only managed to hold is status quo during all the crap going on in his life while most other people actually gain something from it. His still present optimistic attitude kind of reminds of Sora from Kingdom Hearts,

    except that due to the nature of Teen shows and US-American culture Stiles will never be considered the hero I think, we can be lucky if he gets past the sidekick label.

    I also asked myself where Stiles had all the money from. Seems like the writers didn’t think this particular topic through. Hopefully that’s not a trend or this is going to be another show I will stop watching.

    As for Lydia, I will get to her when I will get to Jackson later on. But it’s not gonna be pretty:

    And yes I was of the same opinion that Papa Stilinski’s words where what made Stiles drive over Jackson, albeit a hint of retribution might have also been there.

    Now to Peter… let’s hope that you are right and there is more to him coming back from the dead, albeit if Davis is smart he will have hinted to a not quite dead status of Peter by having him not decomposed at all.
    Seriously, if there isn’t more to him, he would be the worst plothole ever I think.

    Now I must tell you off:
    How could you not comment on Peter’s comment about Scott’s mom??????
    Apparently Scott is not that important, Peter actually did think of her as attractive. Makes me wonder why he never met her before. I mean didn’t they live in the same town?
    Oh and apparently Isaac might think that as well, at least his facial expression suggested that when Peter mentioned it.

    I agree with you on the video of the Alpha Kanaima. Because I would have liked that too especially since the bulging plastic back hinted at Jackson changing his form but when he actually got up again he just looked same old same old. On a site note: that scene reminded me of the scene in I think the third season of Buffy, when they had found out into what sort of true demon the mayor would turn and when the audience was let to believe that the form only filled five pages in actually filled several fold-out pages. Except here it was an animation. And speaking of that; if someone actually made a picture of that form (still weird because the bestiary showed a cat and not a reptile) and even an animation, how many Kanaimas actually are there/have been in the world? That is odd, to say the least.
    Another reason why supporting material might be good for the show.

    And yes, the missing letter was also a point of disappointment for me, not just you. All in all Allison’s transformation seemed too rushed. This actually makes her look like a psycho and nothing else. And what about Papa Argent’s “you cannot pick” statement? Since she attacked two werewolves now, doesn’t that mean that her relationship with Scott is over permanently?

    And another telling off:
    You did ignore Papa Argent’s blurred line between supernatural and scientific worlds.
    Because the way he talked about it suggests that the writers consider both two different things and a blurred line confusing. Personally I see no problem, after all the main problem with real world magic is the lack of proof, not knowing how something works is what drives science and in science (despite common opinion) there is no thinking in absolutes, nothing is ever absolute in science. And to take the werewolves, no one knows how they transform but they do transform. Simply saying its magic or its supernatural is in my eyes the same sort of laziness/stupidity/ignorance/arrogance that made/make people think that earthquakes are the result of their own actions and a punishment for that. But to get back to the topic: simply because you don’t know how werewolves transform doesn’t make it “supernatural” or “anti-science” because the mere fact stays that they do transform. And that is proof, observable, recordable fact and as such a valid topic of scientific investigation.
    Mr. Argent’s speech also suggested that he sees science as good and the supernatural as basically evil. Because his words suggest that he no longer seems to know what is good and what is bad. That’s probably why he freed the two, albeit not directly, the scene suggests that he simply turned off/down the electricity.

    Now my third and last telling off:
    No comment of Derek’s entrance and Peter’s annoyed face due to it? Come one. Have you gotten soft?

    Now the whole transformation of Gerard thing:
    On one hand it makes sense considered the pills and the effects of lycanthropy, albeit cancer is not the same as Erica’s problems (which weren’t exactly eradicated as it seems). What could lycanthropy do against aggressively multiplying cells? Wouldn’t the heightened regeneration actually enhance the growth of cancer?
    But another thing, considered that a bite might kill you, why did Gerard think it could simply work? I mean was he prepared to die so suddenly or did he never entertain that thought?

    Now with Scott smelling Gerard’s death we know why it was introduced via Isaac previously and I think it’s kind of cheap. We know that this show is basically about Scott, but seriously does it have to be done in such a way?
    Either way I hope it wasn’t all Scott’s plan with the mountain ash because what has he ever shown to make us believe that he is that smart? Seriously so far he really comes off as this typically American hero. A guy who is not really smart and ends up doing the right thing, getting the girl and the fame anyway; basically because he is strong all of a sudden. He is even supposed to become Alpha. Why? When did he ever proof competent leadership? It is like in Disney’s Hercules:

    But at least that one was trained by a professional. Speaking of that, man Derek must suck as a teacher. So Isaac is super strong and fast but Allison could bring how down with just a few strikes. Man what a looser.
    He should get a few pages from Mulan’s book:

    And that Gerard seemingly survived was also something I was ambiguous about. On one hand there might be something to it. On the other hand it just seems so cliché.

    At least I wasn’t the only one being annoyed by the scene between Jackson and Lydia. I guess that should make viewers sympathetic to Jackson as well as portraying True Love as you said it. But honestly I cannot fell sympathetic towards him. What is there in his background that would really justify his behavior? Nothing at all. And the rest of the scene was just crap. And I actually found him standing up “naked” rather odd. The only good thing was the faces of the viewers, especially Stiles’. You could literally see his heart breaking again.
    I mean it could have been this:

    But we didn’t get that.
    I was so annoyed by this whole stuff. Not only is Jackson not dead, NNNNNOOOOO the douchebag gets what he wants. He gets the girl again, he gets his freedom, he gets to be a werewolf, he gets to be even richer when he gets 18. I was asking what the writers were thinking to give the douchebag everything. Seriously are they that shallow that they give people they consider attractive (no idea why) everything on the show?
    Are we supposed to forget what Jackson did? Is he a good guy now? BUUUUUHHHHHHH is all I can say to that. Because I am 99,999999% sure that he will never apologize for his behavior, ever.
    Oh, now I know why he gets everything: he is a bad boy. And you know in Teen shows bad boys tend to get everything they want. Seriously, couldn’t an anvil squash him? XO
    And the fact that he has blue eyes just like Derek originally did, probably means something special about him. Great, I could barf, so the douchebag gets another reward for his douche bagginess. You know what I want to happen to him?

    Not to mention that the stuff with Lydia was again the myth that the right girl can save the bad guy. Great, what’s next? The next villain get’s beaten by a speech about true love?
    And damn what is wrong with that girl that she falls for that idiot?
    Because he is nice to her? Yeah, that didn’t really look that way. Rather the old romantization of the bad guy, which many girls thankfully outgrow. Seriously, Jackson is a guy more likely to have a temper tantrum or pouting when he doesn’t get what he wants rather than reacting in a mature way. And apparently she doesn’t give one crap about how he treats people he doesn’t like. Looking at that Lydia is a very unlikeable person.

    Oh, one thing that occurred to me during showering this morning:
    Jackson gets what he wants because guys like him usually do in American Teen shows. Think about it he has the necessary requirements: Blond, Blue-eyed, white, not really smart, athletic and into an aggressive sport. It’s the same with Isaac and the only difference with Scott is skin, hair and eyes and these are a minimal difference, like I pointed out in my comment to Furor, he looks like a Caucasian in every way, just not be the weird definition of the American public/media who thinks that the Caucasian standard is blond and blue-eyed. All three guys basically got what they wanted and the others not. Except maybe Lydia.
    But it is definitely true with Allison, Stiles, Boyd and Erica. All of them are not the typical American show heroes in one very obvious way or another, either its interests, physique, gender or skin color. And perhaps that is why they get treated that way and have to sacrifice more without getting anything. I mean Jackson basically entered a fugue state when he did most of the killing (actually showing his cowardly nature) and like I said he got what he wanted. Boyd is the most flat character of them all, Erica is only a vixen, Allison might turn into a plot-device (in season 1 she was just “the girl” in my eyes) and Stiles has to endure one thing after another. But what do they really get? Where is their reward? How often was Scott actually beaten up? How often was he humiliated, been left behind, made fun off? How often was he tortured and only a tool? The same with Isaac, his background doesn’t count, since we saw so little of it. Both got what they wanted and when they “lost” something it clearly wasn’t a true loss. Isaac might have fled into “happier” memories of his father and Scott, well I think his statement during the break-up scene shows pretty well where he stands in his own eyes. He is absolutely sure that things will turn out the way he likes it.
    Maybe Davis casting choices were not intended to come out that way, but his decisions here are definitely problematic if you ask me. The All-American looking guys get what they want and the rest has to be content with the scraps.

    Ok, now to the new pack:
    Based on the shadows, if they have the same people, and current conventions in American TV, they are mostly male and Caucasian. Well I would call that creative.

    You know Davis said he wanted to create a show without racism and sexism, but based on California’s demographics he should have much more Hispanics (white and non-white) on the show and also a lot more people of East Asian descent and more diversity in social and gender roles.
    He just totally sucks at this.

    And that Derek didn’t look like Peter when fully transformed is still not explained. And of course with the Alphas so far it is about strength. Isn’t that always what it is about with werewolves? Like I once said with Stiles and Lydia, they are too smart to ever be werewolves on the show, because werewolves, especially strong ones are never considered smart or linked to intelligence in any way. Peter only really used his brain when his powers were reduced.

    Now Scott was way too stoical during the whole break up thing. He just believes that they are gonna be together and happy again. Damn he is so “she-who-must-not-be-named” in this scene.

    The thing with the Vet and the Counselor at least was somewhat interesting. Perhaps these two aren’t magical negros after all. The scene suggests that Deaton was some sort of hunter also and apparently he had examined Gerard’s blood. Let’s hope we get more of them. And Davis better does to.

    Now the only last scene I actually liked was the one on the Lacrosse field. It suggests that for Scott it’s over with Lacrosse for now, that Stiles might get his chance, but also that Scott is as dump as ever. And he isn’t a single bit worried or everything.

    One thing though. I dread that season 3 will pick off just where season 2 ended. What do you think?

    PS. Where did you get that picture of Betty White?

    • Johan

      Regarding using pain on his pack: Derek knew it, but I think he was trying to get them controll themselves without using pain or using his Alpha “voice”. It worked on Isaac but not the others.

      I am with you on hitting girls. If a woman attack me I will treat her as I would treat a man attacking me. I would never hit a woman or a man if they havent harmed me.

      Jackson hasnt had a great five months. First he was overshadowed by Scott, his girlfriend began flirting with Scott, he was scratched by Derek and suffered for it for months, he is constantly being threatened by Hunters and when he is finally gets his Bite he is turned into a Kanima. He swallows a snake that exits through his eyesocket. His only friend acknowledge that he is a douchebag and the boy with a golden heart thinks that he should be killed, only for his co-captain saving him. Though he has a vast fortune in his future and he has finally become a werewolf.

      Scott isnt a great Alpha, but is Derek a better one? He lsot his pack and only has his uncle who probaly has a horrible agenda that will not be good for Derek.

      • Andre

        Derek knew about pain, but there is no hint about using electricity. In addition, simply refusing to use his Alpha voice because they should learn it themselves to control them doesn’t look like a good explanation to me. After all, he stated himself that it takes time to learn control and if he couldn’t restrain them, they would run amok.

        As for Jackson, first he wasn’t nearly as often in danger or humiliated as Stiles was. In addition he only had nightmares for a few days at most, considered that the first season lasted for no more than 3 months. Furthermore lots of his problems are his own fault. His false loss of identity let to him becoming the Kanaima, his own behavior estranged Lydia and he was the one breaking up with her, the thing with Scott he didn’t even knew. And he was only threatened once by the hunters, while Stiles was in constant mortal danger. And that people think he is a douchebag is also due to his own actions. So no, in my eyes your justification doesn’t fit at all. In addition him having the prospect to become a werewolf made him even more of a douchebag and instead of facing the problem he ran away from it, showing the cowardly nature he already showed in season 1 with his behavior and begging to be turned. He is not a great guy and in my book it would have been better to have him dead. In addition writing someone like that is inherently problematic because you have a bad boy who again gets what he wants and is suddenly supposed to be the good guy. Sorry, no, I will never ever support something like this. Adults might be capable to see through the illusion but most teens… maybe. With a capital M.

        Just because Derek is a bad Alpha doesn’t mean that Scott has to be a good one. After all we don’t say that a Basset is healthy simply because its not as bad as a pug is. Furthermore the signs for Derek’s lack of leadership skills were open and plain to see for everybody except Derek, he was even told flat. So also no sympathy from me there. Derek is old enough to realize those things.
        I don’t like where this is heading. Tv shows should stop portraying people as heroes when they don’t know what they are doing.

    • Hey Andre! I actually found the shot of Betty White: Gun Moll, by accident, back when I was searching for an image of her booty shaking with Jon Hamm at the Emmys. 🙂 However, doing some research, I learned that the screencap actually comes from her guest stint on Boston Legal, Season 2. 🙂

      I agree that Jackson’s snot cocoon looked nothing like venom. That said, I like the idea of a species that secretes a substance that doubles as a predatory weapon, and as a shelter during puberty. 🙂

      As for things left out in this recap, I actually have a screencap of Derek doing that ridiculous crab walk we saw Scott due back in the premiere episode, as well as Peter’s reaction to it. However, I do have to self-edit occasionally, both in terms of the amount of time I actually have to write these things, and fan interest. Though I could likely easily read a 10,000 word treatise on Teen Wolf, I fully understand that such a NOVEL would bore and annoy more casual fans of the show. So, I tend to pick and choose the more salient points of the episode to recap. This is particularly true in a finale recap, when I find myself battling a tendency to “wax poetic” on my thoughts about the season as a whole, thereby substantially increasing my word count . . .

      Remind me never to hit you. 🙂 It sounds like you would punch me in the face, if I did. 🙂 I can see where there are some situations in which a male would be within the right to defend himself against a woman. Let’s say, for example, that the woman was carrying a deadly weapon, or was significantly larger and stronger than the man, and clearly had lethal intentions toward him, then I would conclude that a man would be in his rights to defend himself. On the other hand, I’d be hard pressed to support a man, who dealt a significant blow to a much smaller woman who, out of anger or annoyance, slapped or hit him, in a way that caused him more humiliation than pain. This is not to say that a woman who slaps a man is in the right, just that I believe that not all strikes require a counterstrike, regardless of the sex of the initiator.

      As for Papa Argent’s speech, I viewed it more as an admission of guilt and hypocrisy on his part than anything else. While we’ve seen Kate, Gerard and Allison all stray from the Code, Chris Argent, for all his faults, self-righteously prided himself on sticking to his “morals.” He viewed himself better than the werewolves, because he was HUMAN . . . used HUMAN weapons to defend himself . . . never killed another living being out of carnal need, but occasionally resorted to doing so out of retribution, and, at least in his head, to protect his fellow man from harm by “bad wolves.” I suspect he saw all werewolves as an abomination, due to their supernatural nature, as that’s what he was raised to believe.

      But in that scene, Papa Argent sees him and his family using high tech methods to senselessly torture seemingly innocent beings, by using their supernatural nature against them. And he wondered how his “technology” was somehow better and less of an “abomination” than the supernatural powers of his foes. He wondered when he and his family had lost sight of the code. And so, he decided to let Boyd and Erica go, and joined ranks with Scott.

      It was a moment that made me sympathize more with Papa Argent. But I guess I left it out of my recap, because I felt like his decision to join up with Scott, spoke louder than his words, in that regard . . . (Just like how, Gerard’s constant quoting of Shakespeare doesn’t make him a romantic, it just makes him a slightly more literary sociopath.)

      By the way, loving the Disney video theme you used for your comments this week. I forgot how hot that dude from Mulan was. You’ve really gotta hand it to Disney for choosing to adapt an androgynous fairytale like that for the kiddies. 🙂 That’s some pretty forward thinking for the late 90s.

      I was bothered a bit, by how things ended with Jackson too . . . (not to mention Stiles and Lydia). It should be no surprise to you that I’m “rewriting” these elements of the finale in a recent fanfiction of mine. Though we saw glimpses of Jackson’s humanity throughout the season, I don’t think it went far enough to earn him the redemption / happy ending he received at the end of this episode. Even Jackson’s stabbing of himself, which many of us initially believed to be a purposeful sacrifice on his part to protect others, ended up being all part of Gerard’s plan to convert Jackson into his Alpha form.

      Now, granted, I didn’t necessarily want Jackson to die. But I wasn’t crazy about him getting the girl AND getting to become a werewolf either. I would have rather seen him gain enough control over himself to turn on Gerard, even if it meant him risking his life. I would have liked to have seem him lose Lydia to Stiles, and realize, in seeing them together, how badly he screwed things up. And, finally, I would have preferred he be “saved” by gaining a new, more benign master, like someone in Derek’s pack, who wouldn’t use him for evil, since I don’t think he’s come to terms with his identity enough at this point in the story to shed his kanaima persona entirely.

      But that’s just me . . .

      Anywhoo, it’s been awesome sharing Teen Wolf with you this season. 🙂 I feel like talking TW with you has made me a wiser TV viewer, and for that I salute you. Next up, TVD? 😉

      • Andre

        Ok, if it was time limits, I will forgive you. Albeit I would have thought that you would have preferred to recap these particular scenes.

        Interesting, is it possible that you might be publishing your thoughts on this season of Teen Wolf somewhere? At least I would like to read it and I am sure some of your other fans would also.
        And you can bet that I would comment a lot on it. Actually I am currently thinking which of the three stereotypes Scott is:
        All-American Boy
        John Wayne
        A friend of mine actually suggested that he is all three and I must say, I think she has a point there.

        I also think Erica is a stereotypical blond in many regards. Not always, as her interest in Stiles shows, but for the main part and that is sadly the stuff the character will be remembered for, that is what she is:
        The dumb blonde: Kuhn defined it as “a blonde with an overt and natural sexuality and a profound manifestation of ignorance”.
        The blonde bombshell: Kuhn defined it as “a blonde with explosive sexuality and is available to men at a price”.
        Now I can’t help it but these two are very reminiscent of Erica if you ask me. Seriously she hasn’t shown much intelligence so far, pretty much equally less as Boyd did. Well I guess you know the criticism regarding his character already.

        And as you wanted: Never hit me! 😉
        By the way stuff like that would be another reason why I think an actual separate species with cultures of its own would be good to safely explore stuff in Western society. In current vampire and werewolf fiction that isn’t really done in my eyes (and if, as some claim it is done by ultimately going back to heteronormativity), not even tried and I think slash is so common because many want to see this and that but don’t get it. However, with a separate species we could also question gender roles and the like. E.g. I think an actual blend of human and wolf, even looking like a human might not be attracted to someone like Allison because she is far too skinny for his taste and he might actually demand her to do workout and get some muscle on her body. Of course a male hyena shifter would definitely demand that 😀
        Other thinks would be society structures and general outlooks of the world. That could be done step for step by introducing one of the human characters into this world. Personally I think Stiles would make a good fox-spirit, these beings are known for their intelligence and Stiles is nothing if not intelligent and sometimes clumsy.
        From “The Fox’s Craft in Japanese Religion and Folklore:”
        From at least the ninth century to the nineteenth, in literature and in legend, in accounts of popular practice and in the documents of the elite, the figure of the fox is an almost unavoidable presence, as ubiquitous as it is multifarious. As an animal whose cries portend the future and as a magical temptress of men, as a playful spook and as a possessing spirit, as an associate of divinities and of heretic sorcerers alike, the manifold cultural and religious significance of the fox proves every bit as difficult to capture as the animal itself.

        At the same time, the rich symbolism of the fox extends beyond the confines of Japanese culture and history, prompting numerous questions about the historical links between Japanese and Chinese sources, their symbolic parallels with the fox imagery of the West, as well as the possible influence on each of these from, the natural history of human-vulpine interaction.”
        Now tell me that wouldn’t be a good field for Stiles to play?
        Actually a species with the shapeshifting capabilities of the fox-spirits could be used for so much. What if one of them has to shift from its known Chinese human façade to the stereotypical blond of Western media, I can clearly vision how one of them does that and sees itself in a mirror and is actually disgusted by what she sees. That would give a show definite points. Also another species would be good to introduce more POCs (to use American terms, personally I don’t like this one because it suggest a unity that is simply not there) and in new roles, because you could always say, like some do with Superman or Goku from Dragon Ball Z, that they are not human.
        Personally in such a case I would dare to go new ways. For instance I would take the direct opposites of stereotypes, like demanding and Asian American actor who is physically fit and muscled. But I would not have him for a character ala Bruce Lee, but have him like the Juggernaut:

        Perhaps if he would be small it would even have more of an impact. Imagine a 5’2 muscled guy who runs through walls and beats the shit out of the bigger guys.
        Or even introduce “Faith” again. Seriously, Erica could need a good healthy dose from Faith of Buffy, at least in terms of fighting and using violence.

        As for the 90s in some ways they were more progressive than the current trend. I mean in the 90s we got our tough vampire slayers and warrior princesses and what do we have now? Elenas, Sookies and Bellas. Barf. Sure Buffy and her kin were not physically threatening and sometimes cheesy but at least they could kick butt and what do we have now?
        As for me picking the right videos. Somehow I just can remember all that stuff from time to time. I colleague of mine wondered last week about how I can do that sort of stuff. Now I have currently no idea what the topic was. 😀

        Actually your version of the ending sounds a lot more interesting. And I was never a fan of this whole “no identity because you are adopted thing”. Seriously, what was Davis thinking by introducing that?

        Well sounds good to know that I made such an impact on you. Albeit don’t become too modest, I am sure it was mutual. And don’t worry I am sure you will hear from me soon. Because for one I am currently reading a certain werewolf book you are surely going to find interesting and if I have my will I will read another werewolf book you will definitely be interested in.
        Now as for TVD… I doubt that I will see it. They have done it the same way for three seasons now and that is what made me quit it, because I doubt they would change it now. The whole stuff with Bonnie is probably as equally unimportant as the whole Klaus hybrid thing, it will go to the background. And I don’t give a rats ass about lame Delena, Stelena and Klaroline, because I think all three couplings are just sick. Having this whole fairytale of the right girl again is one thing, but this is all way over the top. This is not healthy, and once again, I don’t get what makes you stay with that show despite recognizing all its flaws.
        But speaking of TV shows: here is my second point. There is a good possibility that I get hooked on Glee after all. I mean how can you see stuff like this:


        or this:

        and this:

        And not at least get interested?

  8. Maddy

    Hey Julie 😀

    Gutted the season is over, now I have nothing to tide me over until TVD, and how will I live without Stiles and Derek’s pecs? ;D

    I’m not sure if I liked this finale. There were many things I really loved but the one thing I wanted most – funny Stiles and even Sterek – was lacking. Instead, Stiles just got hurt, crushed and beaten up all the time! It’s ridiculous how the guy can’t get a break. Scott has no right to get the girl all the time and be the ‘hero’ when Stiles is the TRUE hero which anyone can see. 😦

    Plus, the whole thing was very unbelievable and OOC, even though I loved all the plot twists. Not to mention horrendous examples of cheesy dialogue which it really could have done without.

    1) Seargent Argent’s useless ramble about ‘the line between natural and supernatural’, seriously, I was so happy he joined the Scooby Gang as I love his character but that speech was pointless and cheesy. If it had been real life he never would have rambled on like that, he would have just come in and freed them for goodness sake!

    2) Papa Stiles waxing lyrical over Stiles saving the game ie. an allegory for Stiles being the hero of the show and so obviously going to save everyone in the final battle scene – talk about beating us over the head with an extended metaphor. Hello! We got it in the first sentence! Just because we’re watching this show doesn’t mean we’re stupid! It went on for way too long ( “And then you scored AGAIN…AND AGAIN…AND AGAIN…” ) I love that Papa was building up his son but treating the audience as dumb is never good.

    I’m sure there were more but I can’t think of them right now. 😛

    Scott does not deserve to be the lead cast member and does not deserve the respect etc etc that all the other characters and the series writers give him. He’s clearly going to become an Alpha at some stage and ‘deserve’ it from the writers’, and supposedly our points of view… but he doesn’t. Derek is a terrible Alpha but at least he gets called out for it! Seriously, Stiles needs to become a werewolf. He’s stuck in the ‘human sidekick’ territory and while that doesn’t stop him being badass it means he’s caught in one of the unwritten rules of teen tv which will hamper his character development.

    Andre has already ranted about how Jackson got the girl AND got to be a wolf when really the boy seriously needs his comeuppance.

    Yes that Stydia scene was such cockblock! Grrr! She just walked out of such a tense moment where ANYTHING could have happened – I mean seriously! Major let down. I’m fed up of this treatment of Stiles.

    Derek’s lame wolf run/hop was so embarrassing, thank god for the ‘meta’ moment of Peter rolling his eyes at the audience. I’m liking this new sassy Peter, but Derek’s all ‘buddy buddy’ with him way too quickly – another reason this was unbelievable.

    First example of OOC: How does Allison get forgiven and become nice again so quickly? That was ridiculous! Though I loved ‘evil!Allison’ she came and left WAY too fast. That needed larger build up and to be explored for much longer. She just lost her humanity and started murdering all her friends and Scott’s there like ‘You don’t need to apologise’?! Damnit! Yes she freaking does, there should have been strain between them, instead it was all ended happy gushy again which was waaaaay too cliche. And when he was like ‘we’re fated to be together’ I was almost sick. Urgh kill me now. They are such a crap couple. 😛

    On a positive note, evil!Allison was seriously sexy. I REALLY hope she comes back as she was very interesting even if she appeared too quickly.

    Second example of OOC: Scott’s plan to kill Gerard. Seriously? Seriously? The boy is a moron. There is NO WAY he had the brains to pull that plan off even if the vet was the one who invented it!

    Plus, the counsellor lady annoys me as her acting is terrible. Furthermore all that depressing stuff Stiles was telling her about him and Scott not talking, him and his Dad not talking… was there any sign of that? No! It was all hunky dory by the cushy finale! Talk about cliche ending.

    Andre has already said this 😉 but it is not ‘immoral’ to hit an old person any more than it is for them to hit you in the first place. You shouldn’t treat old people/women differently, as though they are somehow better than you and therefore you cannot defend yourself against them. If you’re a bloke being attacked by an old lady – you defend yourself! Obviously you try not to kill her but just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I have the right to go round beating up my male friends and then expecting them NOT to hit back because of some outdated (and frankly sexist) notion of chivalry towards women. The same applies to oldies. In this case I think Stiles had given up on life slightly and that’s why he didn’t bother fighting back.

    Even though the scene with Lydia, Jackson and the key was touching it was also excruciatingly embarrassing. Jackson’s little naked wolf pose was so cringy! Plus his wolf face is hideous. 😛 On the plus side he isn’t dead, I hope he gets dragged through the dirt next season to teach him a lesson, and then becomes nice.

    Isaac really grew on me this episode (even though that scene with the puppy was ridiculous. Plus these wolves have too many powers). He showed intelligence and development other than ‘I’m a stupid hench wolf and stand here doing my broody smoulder because der der derrr!’ Same for Erica and Boyd, I think the writers realised how ridiculous Erica was and are trying to tone her down. Phew! I like her much more when she’s not just a useless slutty ‘Tweedle dumb boobs’. 😉

    A small rant about Scott at the end being ‘I’m all alone’ when Stiles is there like ‘Er, you have me, I’m only your BEST FRIEND!’ It’s really sad that Stiles is clearly stuck being best friends with a douche bag – how lonely must he have been as a kid that he didn’t make friends with anyone nicer? Scott’s a nice guy really but he’s so selfish and thick! :L

    Now a little rant about tiny plot failures. 😛 Firstly, I’ll forgive the writers for this one: The fact that Derek never turns into the gorilla. Obviously this is because the gorilla!Alpha is incredibly lame, but they need to explain that away some how.

    Secondly, we never got to see Jackson’s big winged form! Major let down.

    Thirdly, and sadly this is a point for many tv shows (not to mention TVD!) all the teenagers appear to be loaded despite having NO JOBS. Where EXACTLY did Stiles get all the money for Lydia’s presents from?

    Fourthly, and this is a point you have picked up on – the Argents do not behave like trained hunters. Again, this is because the writers want to make it dramatic. But them driving around on ATVs was ridiculous – how stupid do they think these wolves are? You can see/ hear them coming from miles away even without advanced hearing that the werewolves have.

    Furthermore the weapons they use. Allison’s hunting bow – not the crossbow – is not even a real hunting bow, from what I could tell when we see it on screen. In real life, she would be using a compoud bow which is far, far more powerful. It just makes more sense when you’re out trying to kill freaking massive wolves! However, even with the bow she was using, those arrows would have ripped Erica and Boyd apart. She was firing from point blank range. They would have gone STRAIGHT into them, not just poking out at random angles. Boyd’s little impersonation of Boromir’s death 😉 would have been an awful lot quicker as the arrows would have buried themselves right into his flesh. So the writers need to brush up on their weaponology. 😉

    So for next season: This pack of Alphas – that seems unrealistic. How can you have a PACK made up of DOMINANT wolves? Oxymoron! I wish Gerard had died. I hate him. 😛

    After ranting on and on for ages I haven’t even mentioned that despite the many flaws I greatly enjoyed this finale. I’m glad no-one major died as the cast are too popular to kill off, except perhaps Scott. 😛 Can’t wait till next season… of 24 episodes! Squeee! 😀 😀


    • Johan

      Regarding Allison; Scott doesnt know what she has done. The last he saw of her was during the attack on teh police station. He doesnt know what she did to Erica and Boyd. Did he see what she did to Isaac?

      I agree with you on fighting between men/woman and old people. If someone attacks you, you have the right to defend yourself, within limits.

    • Andre

      Wow, I didn’t expect to see another comment on this recap.

      Well, seems like Jule was right about what she once told me about my comments. *blush*

      I am sure others here would agree with me that all of us had mixed feelings about the episode.
      Perhaps the flaws of the episode are due to Davis’ own stance on things. Over at racialicious I found something interesting:

      “I also worry that as a white male who grew up in a pretty ordinary middle class suburb I may not have the insight to be particularly adept at tackling issues of race head on. While there is no way I can write without socialization and my own personal bias both informing and affecting my work, I believe my first job is to entertain. That’s what I love about writing. Entertaining people. If I skirt the issues of race and sexual politics, the reason is most likely that I don’t feel like I’m going to be very good at tackling those issues within a show about teenage werewolves. I don’t really know how to write those stories. But I think I do know how to scare people and how to make them laugh. There are far better writers out there like Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, David E. Kelley, far more equipped to tackle those subjects. I’m here first and foremost to entertain. All else comes under the banner of “best effort.””

      “First off, the lack of story development for Boyd’s character. I have said numerous times in interviews that the new supporting characters are there to “support” the main characters. I have 41 minutes a week in which to tell a story. It’s not easy to service every character equally!”

      Perhaps that is why the counselor is not well developed and both the Vet and Boyd are such underdeveloped characters. Also why some character behaviors are so weird. Either its due to time or Davis’ lack of skill in that regard. Which could be tackled by hiring writers that can deal with such issues.
      The author of the article also stated this:
      “As well-intentioned as Davis is in trying to explain himself to his fans and create a world where race isn’t an issue, he may want to take a moment to reacquaint himself with the mantra his characters have spent the past three episodes repeating ad nauseum: “Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.””

      And I think the last sentences are especially true regarding Stiles, Scott and Jackson. If the character that does fit the All-American boy gets everything and doesn’t truly loose something but the one who isn’t gets nothing time and again that is no coincidence. Sure Davis claimed that Tyler Posey is Latino and someone else that Colton Haynes is not white since his father is a registered Cherokee, but that is of the same relevance when discussing the characters as was Matt Davis’ statement on whether Jews are offended by Bonnie Bennet. The cultural background of the actors (mark I found nothing stating that Haynes actually is a registered Cherokee [which would have to be pointed out because he is racially seen whiter than white and that is me saying it] or that Posey is really a Latino, only that his father is from Mexico) in Teen Wolf are non-relevant for their characters, because the same way that Bonnie Bennet is not Jewish so Scott McCall is not a Latino and Jackson Whitemore is not a Cherokee. Both are clearly Anglo-Americans. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if someone classifies Haynes as POC, since some people do that with Cameron Diaz due to her Cuban heritage.
      In addition Davis claims that he doesn’t want to write about race and sexual issues due to his background, but what exactly is the whole thing with Stiles’ mother, Scott’s father and Jackson’s “missing identity”? These are issues. Apparently Davis’ background did not stop him from writing about that but he doesn’t want to write about race and non-Anglo cultures? That is the next thing; he also stated he wanted some realism in the show and that the supernatural beings should stand in for race and the like.
      The problems I have with that is that by that the whole Kanaima story suggests that when you don’t know your biological parents you are without identity and are at higher danger to turn into a monster and a slave. Yeah that is a great message. So I guess the vice chancellor of my country is without identity and could turn into a monster anytime. Never mind what his adoptive parents did for him. A bit of background: He was one of the orphans of the Vietnam War, was given (nameless) to a catholic orphanage and was adopted and given a name by a German couple at 9 months of age. Seriously where would he be now if he had stayed with his biological parents? Especially considered that he was born about 2 years prior to the end of the war. But Davis’ Kanaima story suggests that he would be better off with his biological parents.
      Now the other thing: if Davis wants realism, why aren’t there more Hispanics and people of East Asian descent in this Californian town? Of the white majority about 10 % where Hispanics as of 2010 and the overall percentage of Hispanics in the Californian population was more than 30 percent. After them the biggest next “race” was Asians. But we only see Asians as background characters, barely any lesbians and no actually Hispanics, only some people that fit the visual stereotype.
      Not to mention that Jackson is a classic example of rich people getting what they want all the time.
      This not good if you ask me.

      Davis has his strengths but 100% realism is not one of them as it seems. And I think most people agree that Scott is in no way leader material and pretty thick and seems to see Stiles as kind of given. But he is that stereotype of a guy that is not really smart but does the right thing anyway. And that one is very popular and so he gets rewarded. :/

      Another reason why I think its better if Stiles stays human and heterosexual. Would he become a werewolf they would probably use his intelligence less and less often (based on the wolves so far that is very likely since they rarely show actually intelligence) and if he were bisexual the risk is big that he would be reduced to this and he would no longer be Stiles.

      Based on what the show so far revealed you might have a point about an Alpha pack being an oxymoron, since it seems to cling about the old myths on wolves. In actually wolves the leader is usually the wolf most suitable for the job but in Teen Wolf it seems to be linked to physical power.

      One thing though about the whole healing and sensing disease stuff:
      That I thought was poorly done and probably an example of ignorance because if it is so Scott can’t have an easy time in the clinic.
      The dog shown with cancer is technically speaking deformed because his curly fur is at once unsuitable for sufficient isolation and temperature regulation but also has a reduced facial and body expression.
      Now given the state some dogs are in, Scott’s power of diagnosis must be very rough because some disorders would be unbearable.
      The next to documentaries from the UK (albeit a bit targeting for shock) show some examples of what pedigree breeding did to dogs. However I must warn everyone here, some of the scenes you will see are … distressing to say the least so be careful and be sure that you are ready to see it:
      Pedigree Dogs Exposed:

      Pedigree Dogs Exposed Three Years On:

      • Johan

        Colton is registred Cherokee.

        And Jackson lack of identity was his fault. I didnt get the feeling that it was written that every adopted kid feels a lack of identity. There are many adopted that view their adopted parents as their real parents and dont want anything to do with their birthparents

      • Andre

        But it also wasn’t stated otherwise in the show. His biological parents were constantly referred to as his real parents and in the parent teacher conferences in season 1 the fact that Jackson never met them was treated as being of big importance and something normal, that his problems stem from that and that it was important for his health to meet them.
        That was what I liked about the stuff in Glee with Rachel and her “mother,” it was stated that this supposed innate connection simply wasn’t there. That is very realistic.
        I agree with you that in real life it would be Jackson’s own fault but it was never stated as such. Quite the contrary, it was stated that this was the reason for his Kanaima status and Derek referred to Jackson as an orphan.

        And if Haynes is a registered Cherokee there is no hint of this in his everday bearings and like I said it has to be pointed out and I doubt that he had experienced any problems due to this. But I think we both can definitely agree that the status of both Haynes and Posey has no impact on the characters in the show. Especially seeing Jackson as a cherokee is about the same as seeing Tyler Lockwood as a Mexican. So I think Davis’ pride about Posey’s “latino” status is misguided since his characters is clearly not.

        By the way, what do you think how the werewolves of the Alpha pack would look? Personally I think its most likely that they will be mostly white and male.

      • Johan

        Coltons status was apparently news to Posey so I doubt he talks about it.

        IIRC, in the Tell Jacksons parents say that it is Jackson that feels that he needs to prove himself to anyone because he feels abandoned. My guess he needs to show his parents that he is worth keeping. It is his feelings on the subject not the creators and I think the creators show that it is wrong as Jackson is punished the entire season because of it.

        My theory about the Alpha pack, based on nothing, is that the leader of the pack is a Alpha that travels around the world picking up Alphas or killing them if they dont want to be part of his/hers pack, so my guess is that they are a big mix of everything. Few probably speaks english. Great way to save money on paying speaking actors. Dont forget that we have had one female Alpha already.

      • Andre

        I am not surprised that Haynes’ status was news; I mean what in his bearing actually points to him being something other than Anglo-American? I doubt that he actually is something other than that, despite his status as registered Cherokee.

        By the way, looks like I made a mistake, Posey’s father is the non-Hispanic, based on an interview in the Huffington Post:

        According to that article Scott is clearly perceived as Non-Latino. Posey regards him as Latino though, but based on his looks although he himself says that he could play anything:
        “I love it! I mean, people don’t know what race I am. They never know if I’m Hawaiian or Italian or Mexican or Spanish or White. I could play Jewish, I could play anything. I used to get typecast when I was younger…”

        Now he apparently confuses ethnicity, religion, nationality and race. In my eyes, he looks every bit like a European and could in theory play any ethnicity south of Scandinavia, including my own.

        Either way it’s obvious that Scott is perceived as Non-Latino or this would not have come up:
        “Your character Scott McCall is an all-American guy. He’s not Latino, right?
        Well, his mom has got a dark complexion, so I think he’s half-Latino. It never comes up in the show, but I’m pretty sure that he is Latino. I mean, look at the guy! He looks Latino, a little bit. ”

        If he would be perceived as Latino this would not have been there since then he would have been asked how it is to play a lead Latino role in mainstream media.
        I asked a Hispanic friend of mine to analyze Scott because in my mind there is no hint on him being part of any Hispanic culture (and she is Hispanic in every way so I think she can tell it better than I do). And Hispanic has nothing to do with race, it is simply perceived this way, especially since White and Asian Hispanics are usually ignored. Not to mention that you can’t consider Mrs. McCall as being of dark complexion. Not from an objective point of view in my eyes.

        The same as with wuzzy. What evidence is there that Jackson’s Kanaima status is his own fault? I see only evidence that his is presented as a victim so far.
        I need actual evidence in the context of the series, because believe it or not today I read an article/paper that claimed that Twilight is pro racial mixing and the avoidance of the fight scene at the end of Breaking Dawn was a good thing and not a flaw on Meyer’s part (seriously the Volturi supposedly wiped out entire Covens but the Cullen’s and there furry friends are too much simply due to their numbers?).

        By the way, who is with me that him getting out of it was far too easy?

        Now regarding the Alpha pack: I wouldn’t put my expectations too high if I were you. When you take a good look around at werewolves, you notice that the vast majority is white and male. And let’s face it, the current US-American mainstream media doesn’t exactly point towards a big horizon, so I think it’s safe to say that the highest chance is for the pack to be predominantly male and Anglo-American. So I doubt that they would really be from around the world. Perhaps they state it as such but even then I would need actual proof.
        As for “Dont forget that we have had one female Alpha already.”
        Not something I would pin my hopes on. Laura was only seen alive for a few seconds and was quickly killed and only referred to as an Alpha. That is about the same situation we have with the matriarchy of the Argents, it is only stated but not really shown. Mrs. Argent was only seen to give orders once to her soldiers and husband and that was it. Allison doesn’t count since she was Gerard’s tool from the start.
        The female werewolf is a fluke in the media and one that is fully transformed into a hybrid beast, respectively showing her transformation, is rare, very rare. You can clearly see it with Erica, only at the full moon did we see her with visible hair and fangs and even Jule’s response to this was that this is not sexy. A response seemingly shared by many still, however this never seems to be a problem for male werewolves. Now, Erica was seen with even less werewolf traits than Boyd and also as the most helpless of them all. She mostly used sex and not violence, was actually never shown to be in combat except when she was under the influence of the full moon, meaning when she was a monster. The male werewolves were shown with the fully visible Beta faces under normal conditions but not her and I think chances are high that Davis never even considered to show more of her Beta face, not when she is supposed to be a good character. Also I was not surprised that we didn’t see here fight since such a thing is not generally regarded appropriate for good girls. For guys yes, but not for girls. All in all the absence of the female werewolf is rarely ever addressed and in my mind it is not ok to say stuff like “we always have Ginger Snaps” or something like that. We have the second decade of the 21st century and should not be satisfied with so little. And picking at small pieces seems a bit like desperation in my eyes, this is simply not enough.

        I don’t wanna see another good female werewolf doing this:

        We had that already.
        I want to see her doing this:

        Without the dying part.

      • Johan

        If the Alpha pack is all from the USoA then they are alot more werewolves in the world then I thought.

        Also regarding Breaking Dawn. I think it was a mistake not have a fight in the end because the Volterra is evil. The reason they didnt want to fight is for the first time in 1500 years they apparently faced a equel adversy. The Cullen alliance would likely have wiped out the Volterra because Bellas shield made them immune to the Volterras mind weapons while they were vulnerable to the Cullens mind weapons and Benjamin. I did not like her as a author but she did create a fun world.

      • Andre

        I wouldn’t go so far yet, to say that there are many werewolves in the world. Not because it would be unlikely, just because in American supernatural shows thinks tend to revolve around the USA pretty much always and that everything is there, kind of like in Supernatural.

        By the way I asked that friend of mine and according to her you can tell a Latino home e.g. by having a cross or a Virgin Mary being around. Also Posey stated how his home looked and my friend confirmed that McCall’s home did not show any signs of belonging to a person of Hispanic culture. And considered that Mexico often seems to be seen as the “sole” Latin country we can be sure that if Davis intents for Scott to be Latino than he would be of Mexican background. However, if Davis intents that he failed miserably, not because he may not have been able to write such a character, but simply because he could have asked Posey for some elements, he simply could have adopted that from his home.
        So from my point of view, Scott McCall is an Anglo-American and based on the show so far the only main character who shows clear evidence of not being one is Stiles, due to his last name, not Anglo, and the fact that the coach didn’t know how to pronounce Stiles birth name. Had it been an Anglo name he surely would have at least guessed.

        Now as to Meyer and the whole non-happening last battle:
        In the book it was stated that Aro was terrified of Bella and her power and that they supposedly hadn’t fought a fair fight in over 2500 years (albeit I wouldn’t call that fair since they only had Alec as a mass-target weapon while the Cullens had that illusionist and the elemental-bender [fire remember?]) and supposedly never one where they were at a disadvantage. Supposedly they had never had a fight where they could have lost.
        Actually considered the whole immortal children affair that is a direct contradiction of Meyer’s part again.
        She made them into these dump comic book supervillains and I think it pretty much sums up why I don’t think that her world is fun but actually shallow and full of stereotypes and racisms.
        Edward and Bella are heavily codependent on each other, almost to an unhealthy degree. While it is not problematic to have characters depicted in this manner, the problem in Twilight is that there are little-to-no exceptions. And though many of the students at Forks High School are friendly, Bella does not appear to appreciate their efforts to include her in their groups. When Jessica, asks Bella to sit with her at lunch and introduces her to the others at the table, Bella tells us, “I forgot all of their names as soon as she spoke them”.

        The character of Leah Clearwater is a good example on what is wrong with the series:
        Women in the saga are repeatedly defined in terms of their reproductive capacities, indicating the centrality of (not) having or being able to produce a child to the understanding of female humanity and monstrosity. Meyer was narrowing the sexuality factor to the inability of giving birth to a child. In consequence, infertile females are constructed as abject, monstrous and transgressors and motherhood, on the other hand, are depicted as thoroughly human.
        As a supernatural barren female Leah follows the pattern of monstrous femininities from ancient and medieval mythology. Being or looking like young girls, they are at the same time unnaturally aged. Leah finds herself ‘menopausal’ at the age of twenty. Leah’s body is exposed to much more evident distortion related to shape-shifting. While attractive in its human form, it reveals its monstrosity every time Leah phases into a wolf. At the same time, she, just as Rosalie and other female vampires, is incapable of any human, physical alteration in time. The supernatural metamorphosis their bodies had been subjected to terminated or suspended their natural ability to change. They are described as ‘frozen’ or ‘frozen-in-time.’ Such state of unchangeability may be interpreted as the opposition to physical transformations of a woman during pregnancy.
        Unchangeable female body excludes a possibility of creating life and therefore – might be associated with death. This image is reinforced by the whiteness, hardness and coldness of Rosalie’s body, the stillness of her heart and her lack of need to breathe – the characteristics usually related to a sculpture or a corpse. In Leah’s case it can be attributed to her wolf-visage, an image often associated with evil, danger and death in Western Culture.
        Like in the case of the Greek Lamia, the childlessness of supernatural women in the series is not their choice. It has been imposed on them if not by a divine force, then certainly by a force beyond their control or decision. For many of them it is a source of profound distress. Leah loathes her new supernatural existence which has been forced upon her by her genes and tribal magic. She blames it for the changes in her body, fearing they might be irreversible.
        Deprived of the possibility of creating new life, barren female protagonists in the series are (or see themselves as) intimately associated with destruction and death. Female vampires who against the law endeavour to satisfy their maternal instincts by creating immortal children are executed together with their offspring (which the series describes of inherently dangerous).
        Leah repeatedly reminds herself about her monstrosity in an almost masochistic way. She describes herself as ‘a freak’ and ‘genetic dead-end,’ unresistingly surrendering to her fate as an abandoned lover. By her lack of attempt to win back Sam’s feelings she acknowledges her inferiority to his new girlfriend Emily. Despite being Leah’s cousin and best friend, Emily accepts Sam’s advances and enters into the relationship with him. Broken-hearted and grief-stricken, Leah still does not perceive Emily’s behaviour as iniquity or betrayal. She ‘puts on a brave face’ and intends to be a bridesmaid at her former lover’s wedding. She is fully aware that, according to the imprinting theory, Emily offers Sam the highest chance for healthy wolf-children. Barren Leah perceives herself as no match for her super-fertile cousin whose reproductive capacities cast her as an ideal future wife and mother.
        Unable to reconcile with her monstrous fate, Leah vents her frustration not only against herself but also against those close to her. She is described by Edward as ‘deliberately malicious’ and ‘making life exceedingly unpleasant’ for the rest of the pack, using her telepathic skills to inflict pain on her fellow wolves. She is the one to bring up the issue of Embry’s illegitimate descent, to viciously predict Bella’s forthcoming death to heartbroken Jacob and to watch his fury and despair smiling.
        Leah crosses the border between animal and human by literally assuming the shape and the conduct of a wolf. In addition, as the only shape-shifting woman, she destabilizes the traditional dichotomy of male and female. Her incapacity to conceive and carry a child intimately connected to her shape-shifting abilities casts her, both literally and metaphorically, as an unwilling and unwanted member of a group formerly reserved exclusively for males. Deprived of the possibility of fulfilling a traditionally female role, she is forced to assume a traditionally male role as a fighter and protector of her tribe (albeit lacking the height and physical strength of her male counterparts, she doesn’t even get more muscles). Entering the pack, she brings confusion and a sense of disruption to the other wolves, along with certain dose of awkwardness caused by her sexuality. Her male companions, who previously had no concerns about being naked in front of one another, suddenly become self-conscious, both regarding their own and Leah’s nudity. The additional discomfort is caused by Leah’s unrequited feelings for Sam and her anxious reflections on what the wolves call ‘female stuff.’ Leah’s despair and bewilderment caused by the changes in her body and the disruption of her menstrual cycle (openly, though unwillingly, expressed to the whole pack) trigger strong, negative reactions of her male companions. As Jacob emphasises,
        none of us like to think about that stuff with her. Who would? … I remembered cringing away from it just like everyone else. … None of us had wanted to deal with that breakdown.
        Such reactions are often invoked by the breaking of taboo which is considered an attack on established cultural and societal structures, an attack on ‘the sacred’. The combination of embarrassment, incomprehension and repulsion the male wolves experience hearing Leah’s thoughts seems to indicate that the girl indeed acts in a highly objectionable, even shameful way. By exposing what she perceives as deficiency in her physical femininity she enters the abject sphere of ‘the improper,’ ‘the unclean.’
        Recognising her womanhood as defective, the wolf-girl never truly belongs with her tribe’s female community. Despite the fact that her mother is one of the tribe’s elders, it does not occur to Leah to turn to her for comfort or explanations. Nothing in the series indicates either that she might have a girlfriend in whom she could confide. The only woman to whom she has been truly attached is her cousin Emily to whom she can hardly reveal her fear and sorrow.
        Excluded from the female community of her tribe and disadvantaged (or even disabled) in what she perceives as the essence of womanhood, Leah challenges the traditional boundaries even further. By repeatedly striving to prove her endurance and skills in battle, she attempts to become a fully respected member of a maledominated group. Time and again she boasts about being the fastest in the pack and challenges other wolves to race against her. She also attacks single-handedly a newborn vampire. This, however, ends in her being pushed out of the way by Jacob who becomes seriously injured as a result of her bravado. Instead of desired respect, she earns a rebuke and invectives, being called ‘stupid’ and ‘cocky’ by Edward and ‘an idiot’ by Jacob. Both males denounce her actions as a foolish attempt to ‘prove something,’ ‘prove she’s as tough as the rest of us.’ In addition, Leah, as the only member of the pack, openly expresses her disgust for eating freshly-killed prey which might be interpreted as the lack of hunting instinct, traditionally attributed to males. Thus, her attempts to prove herself an equally good wolf as her male companions remain futile.
        While all supernatural Twilight females are deprived of the possibility of producing a child, this rule does not apply to any of the supernatural males. Even though none of the childless men in the series show any indication of longing for an offspring, they are still able to produce it.
        Nothing in the Twilight narrative suggests that the fertility of male werewolves might have been impaired by the activation of their tribal ‘wolf-gene.’ In fact, the whole construction of the imprinting theory implies the opposite.

        Ok, before I write an essay on this I will close with some final sentences on this:
        Meyer places things like broken families, truly broken, cheating, and dark spaces solely with the werewolves among the good people, never among the good white people; in addition non-whites are constantly associated with animals, especially evident with the werewolves and the Amazons (which should be called Amazonians).
        Within their own species females are always ultimately inferior to their males. Bella is only temporarily stronger due to her Newborn status and is still inferior to Edward in regard to intellect, although there is no reason for this, Jane’s ability to induce pain only works on one person at a time, while her brother’s power to shut off senses affects several people at once. The Volturi are intensely male dominated, actually locking their surviving mates away.
        Practically everybody in the series is a stereotype and the exceptions are few and fare between.

      • Johan

        Actually when I was saying I thought the series world was fun I didnt mean the characters, I didnt like them because I thought them extremely superficial. What are Bellas interest, what do she and Edward have in common, what kind of interest does her “friends” have, what do they all do for fun and so on?

        Why would Latinos have crosses around the house if the werent religious? I’ dont think the Mccalls are religious.

      • Andre

        Bella’s interes is only to be with Edward and through magic fairy dust Edward’s bloodthirst became love 😀
        Still, what is so fun about the Twilight world?
        I mean it could have been stuff for good horror, but Meyer would never be capable of managing thát.

        Well the stuff with the cross if for catholic Hispanics of course, but even if a Hispanic is not religious, there should be hints towards that culture in the house, manners etc., since Hispanics are different from Anglo-Americans, but what in the McCall’s demeanor and house was distinct from Anglo-Americans?
        Looks don’t make someone Hispanic/Latino since that is a cultural term, it is just that in the USA they are usually mistaken for race (meaning biological features), although there are none. Despite being carried around the world US-American terms of race are far from valid and seem to have more in common with labelling and prestige. They are attached to what prestige you have and lets say a more prestigious person mixes with a lesser one, the offspring is usually assigned the lesser status, therefore for many someone as pale as me would be black if I had somewhere in my family line an ancestor they termed black (I know its circular reasoning, but this seems to be the “reasoning” used). There is stuff like black blood or invisible blackness. I once had a british guy answereing me on my question how a black person could possibly pass for white that I should look at my DNA and might be surprised. Which basically means that to be white you have to be “pure” white, which of course is ridiculous since a) I have no african features of any kind and b) by that logic all humans are black because our species started in Africa. I remember something similar of a woman who found out that she had some ancestors among Mongolians and some people actually asked her whether she was Asian, and that despite her looking like a stereotypical white person, you know pale, blond, blue-eyes.
        The whole “race” stuff in this US-regard is like I said connected to prestige, with white being the most prestigeous and black being the least prestigeous. This leads to stuff like stating that whites are better and the like. Actually I recent example I know off are the creators in the film Prometheus:

        The whole thing is ala “created in thy image”, but seriously, not only a human embryos all female at first, but the first humans surely were not pale-skinned with such features. One of the commentors stated when I pointed that out:
        “How do you know all Engineers are male?

        What a moronic assumption. Also you clearly know nothing about environments affecting human appearance. These are idealized transhumans who exist in other worldly environments cleaner than earth and are almost genetically perfect”

        My answer:
        “1) There was never a female one shown, not even mentioned, neither film nor other material.

        2) And you don’t think its odd that we have another idealized alien species that just happens to look most like Pale Europeans? Seriously, why do they look this way? Why couldn’t they look like Aboriginees? If they chose that look it was because they couldn’t fathom to have a non-white look as the ideal.”

        And I stand with my statement. These aliens are white as dinner plates, because in the current mindset of these film-makers the ideal humans must be that.

      • Johan

        Regarding what I like about Twilight world; I like the magical creatures that is around the world. Where did the shapeshifters come from? Why did that tribe have the ability to astral project and why did they gain the ability to possess animals. Do other people in other parts of the world also have magic abilities? Did one of them create the vampire. Where did the Children of the Moon come from. Why do the shapeshifters imprint? And so on… She created a world that is good for worldbuilding.

        Regarding race; I dont really know anything about that because here in Sweden we dont divide people like that so I cant really say if you’re right or wrong. Sorry.

      • Andre

        Perhaps you should take a closer look because that might have been the same thing I would have said couple of years ago about my country. Albeit I am still not sure whether xenophobia and racism here in most cases is not due to actual looks (like with the neonazis) but rather a class problem, you know people associated with lower incomes are looked down upon and of course most immigrants came from low economy backgrounds. Of course plain stupidity and ignorance are probably a big factor as well, a former roommate of mine thought that Africans always look like chimps and another current friend of mine seems to have a full blown “other race effect” when it comes to Chinese people, meaning he can’t tell them apart. In general much is not talked about, e.g. the many guest workers from several countries who later stayed or the problems in the respective countries that make people come in the first place. To give an example: Should anybody ever say that Vietnam is so great, ask him why there are so many illegal Vietnamese immigrants in Germany. I mean from Vietnam to Germany, that’s quite a long way.
        Of course there is the fact that half of my country has been shaped by Anglo-America for a long time and so many stereotypes and prejudices are the same, especially regarding East Asians. Kind of ironic since those of the USA usually refer to Chinese and Japanese people while the biggest proportion of people from East Asian nations in my country is actually from Vietnam (due to the boat people, orphans, contract workers and illegal immigrants). On the other hand other people of clearly non-European descent are not seen as outsiders and did not experience discrimination. To stay with Vietnamese: the boat people received open welcome and support, while the guest workers did not. Well there is also tension between the boat people and the Vietnamese guest workers that kind of mimics the tension between East and West Germans down to the fact that they lessen between members of my generation.
        Of course the problem in my country is also that this whole immigration stuff of Non-Europeans is only going on for a few decades now, so three generations at most and the very first only become old now. Before that there were only a few cases due to the Colonial periods (but still not before the end of the 19th century) and therefore of course trade routes (believe it or not but being Chinese wasn’t a death sentence during the Nazi area since officially they were not seen as racially inferior, nonetheless many were seen as political enemies and that was often a death sentence) but there were never many immigrants from outside of Europe prior to the 50s and 60s. So perhaps considered this short time and compared to the USA, my country is doing quite well, at least regarding the ethnical backgrounds of our government and professions outside of stereotypes.
        Of course there are still a lot of problems, to give an example:
        Just because our chancellor is a woman, her current Vice chancellor was born in Vietnam and his predecessor (who is also Foreign Minister since 2009) is openly gay (he had his official coming out in 2004) doesn’t mean that women get the same salary as men, people of Vietnamese descent won’t face discrimination (albeit the chances of second generation immigrants or those immigrating at a young age for getting high-salary jobs are significantly better than for many other ethnicities) or that gay people get the same range of rights in marriage.

        But back to Twilight:
        In the books every good and civilized person is white and every non-white person is either superstitious or animal like. Not to mention that even the Quileute in the legend presented in book 3 saw that first female vampire as beautiful, despite the fact that they probably had a different beauty ideal. That is racism and Jacob imprinting in Renesmee and thereby binding the Quileute to the Cullens as well as the treaty, where the Cullens were the initiators, can be seen as an act of colonialism, thereby stating that the Cullens bring culture and rationality to the “poor” and irrational natives. Not to mention that the nature of the werewolves makes them perfect for being abusive husbands. None of the traits they are associated with were ever seen in white people, no matter how evil they were.

        What you wrote sounds to me as though the holes in Meyer’s universe inspired you to fill them, not that you like the world so much. Did you think of using that and create your own? Do you plan to use your thoughts on those possible explanations you came up with? Because I doubt Meyer would do that. To give an example here is what her official illustrated guide (not that many illustrations actually) has on the Children of the Moon:

        The Children of the Moon are creatures similar to the traditional werewolves of myth.
        They phase, or change form, in response to the cycles of the moon. In their changed form, they do not entirely resemble actual wolves: Their forelegs are more powerful than their hind legs, and they still have usable hands with opposable thumbs. In addition, their stance is more upright, making their movement somewhat apelike, rather than entirely canine.
        While in their werewolf form, Children of the Moon are not aware of their human selves; they are feral rather than rational.
        Children of the Moon change form only at night, and during the fullest phase of the moon. While in their werewolf form, Children of the Moon are not aware of their human selves; they are feral rather than rational. Usually, they run alone, or with one companion of the opposite gender. Children of the Moon cannot breed in their animal form; they can spread their species only by infecting other humans through a bite. Infected humans who have children do not pass their abilities to their offspring.
        In their animal form, Children of the Moon have heightened strength and speed that make them both deadly and difficult to kill; contrary to legend, these werewolves cannot be killed with a silver bullet, nor does silver repel them. Their amplified abilities make them capable of destroying a lone vampire; however, the vampire generally has the advantage due to the fact that he retains his logic and intelligence. One advantage the werewolf has in both his human and animal forms is immunity to vampire venom, both the transformative properties and the pain producing properties.
        Because vampires and Children of the Moon share the same food source and because each is an exception to the other‘s near indestructibility, they are natural enemies. Over time, however, the vampires have hunted the once populous werewolves into near extinction.

        Actually this is even less thought through than her vampires, I mean if these creatures cannot control themselves in animal form, do they bite others in human form? Not to mention that if they were so numerous there should have been all over the place and feature heavily in legend and art all across Eurasia and Africa. And due to their strength they would cause massive destruction, it is basically as shallow as the werewolves in TVD.

        Ps. I think you should not refer to the Quileute werewolves as shapeshifters, but as werewolves since that is what they are. If at all, do it the other way around, because despite Meyer’s claim her Children of the Moon are very far removed from the folkloric werewolves, unlike the Quileute werewolves. So basically what Meyer said is as flawed as what this guy says:

        Both seem to be unaware of the effect movies had on them and mistake movies for actual folklore.

        I admit I had some thoughts as to how you can justify having such power houses running around in Meyer’s world and them not building vampire kingdoms. I mean what could humans have possibly done to vampires, especially since they do not tire according to Meyer? Her “Volturi-explanation” wasn’t really one.
        I can think of an explanation as to regarding the imprinting, it would be coupled with the death of the “third wife”, why her name is forgotten, the werewolves are so aggressive and why imprinting is suddenly so common.
        I would also know one as to why the three main Volturi came to the idea of controlling the other vampires, why there are none south of the Sahara and East of the Ural Mountains as well as why the Children of the Moon didn’t run amok.
        Wanna hear it? 😉

      • Johan

        Actually there have been alot of talk both in the papers and TV news because our racist party claims that racism and xenophobia is increasing in Sweden. Unfortunally for them the facts told another story. Acceptance for immigrants has increased.

        Her Children of the Moon doesnt sound right. In her books several vampires are confusing Jacobs werewolves with teh Children of the Moon, but how could that be if they were;

        “In their changed form, they do not entirely resemble actual wolves: Their forelegs are more powerful than their hind legs, and they still have usable hands with opposable thumbs. In addition, their stance is more upright, making their movement somewhat apelike, rather than entirely canine. ”

        That doesnt sound like how Jacobs wolves look. They look exactly like wolves, only bigger.

        “Wanna hear it?”

        Now returning to topic:
        Teen Wolf rules. Derek is hot, Stiles is cute.

        We will get more Sterek next season, Jackson money will bring him trouble. Jackson will not join Dereks or Scotts packs. He will disapoint Lydia. Danny will save them all.

      • Andre

        What you say about the racist party claims and what is the truth is reminiscent to me about what is presented about Turks in media, from time to time, over here and what a recent study actually showed. According to such sensational articles Turks don’t want to integrate, but according to a recent study, those under 30 do want that and become more religious, whatever that means since there seem to be European specific branches of Islam, and those that are older rather want to return to Turkey when they have retired.
        Other ethnicities are not so often in the picture but I remember some English series where the Netherlands were portrayed as so great for Africans but my country as totally dangerous and racist. Yeah, never mind the huge population of Africans and mixed people over here that goes back all the way to before the First World War. *rolleyes*

        Anyway, back to a topic more in line:

        First Teen Wolf: I doubt that Sterek will happen, not considered how much werewolves have come to represent heterosexual macho-males. In real live Jackson would be bound to disappoint Lydia, but the question is, if she didn’t leave him already despite his actions even before all this, why should she do it later? I think the best we can hope is that in this case it won’t be romanticized again. It would be great if Jackson’s money brings him into trouble. But Danny… I doubt it, in a mainstream show the non-straights are still kept at the margin.
        You know it recently occurred to me that Teen Wolf went TVD with the Kanaima, just like with TVD it was never shown that the Kanaima was hard to kill. I mean and arrow to the head? Pah. Bullets in the chest… so what. Derek survived being stabbed in the back, right through the chest. Seriously they didn’t even try to behead the Kanaima or catch it and cut it in half.

        Now Twilight:
        I had similar thoughts as you had regarding the werewolves when I read that, since those two look significantly different. The Children of the Moon thereby look like the werewolves in Ginger Snaps. Which either means that Meyer has no idea what she is writing about or deliberately made Caius an idiot. And personally I think it’s the first option.
        Meyer’s guide is full of errors and unnecessary information which readers already knew from the books. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it were only a small part and the rest was new, but quite frankly it isn’t, not on a big scale.
        She can’t even calculate as it seems. Example:
        NAME: Aro
        DATE OF BIRTH: Around 1300 B.C.
        DATE OF TRANSFORMATION: Around 1260 B.C.
        Aro was born in Greece just after 1300 B.C. All his life, he was ambitious; power was always his primary goal. It was in the pursuit of this goal that he was transformed into a vampire in his mid-twenties.

        Wow, someone really has problems with calculation doesn’t she? Well and if there was an editor that person really sucked.
        She also lacks knowledge. She wrote that Jasper had to lie his age (he was 17) to get into the army, at a time when the army already took 16 year old. The Volturi and the Romanians both existed prior to Italy and Romania, so their names don’t make much sense. There are other cases, like the justification for the unnoticed of the Southern Wars:
        “The resulting disappearance and death toll was so alarming to the humans in the area that supernatural causes were suspected and reported (though the epidemic was later blamed on cholera).”

        Yeah, that makes sense, blood-drained and ripped apart bodies are caused by cholera *rolleyes*
        A fight of criminals would have been a better excuse.

        ” However, if something suspicious—something that might indicate the existence of vampires—was known widely enough to appear in the human news, or even in human fiction, the Volturi would hunt the rumor to its source.”

        Wow these Volturi really sucked at protecting their secret didn’t they? 😀

        Speaking of them, here are my thoughts, all still hazy and sketchy:

        The only reason for Vampires in the Meyerverse not to run amok and establish kingdoms is to be kept down by someone else. This “someone” is a rogue faction of a separate vampire species that rules Africa. These “vampires” are blood-drinkers as well but they are neither immortal, just long-lived (and produce sexually), nor stone-hart but shapeshifters in every way, thereby they are nearly a complete opposite of the lets say stone vampires and they might be their evolutionary progeny (actually the scientific advancements of the last century are a boon to them since it showed them new ways to experiment with their condition). They are every bit as strong and fast as the stone vampires but neither have this intense blood thirst nor this competitive nature and are the reason why vampires are rare in Africa. The few that live there are kept as mobile phones or spyglasses of some sort. These shifter vamps are telepaths all and use such vampires as windows to the stone world. Well the rogue faction does, the main population has no interest in them.
        Now this rogue faction practically farms the stone vampires for their venom, but not as sustenance (there are far too few in the world for that) but as a drug source. These flesh vampires get an enormous and strongly addictive high from stone vampire venom and practically turn rabid and chaotic when they do so. Their shapeshifting nature plays into the chaos they can wreck under such circumstances. While they cannot increase their mass, they can change their density and so can become e.g. whirling masses of flesh, plus the material their teeth and nails are made of can cut through vampire skin and they can in theory form it anywhere on their body, down to armor. Also there is their strength and that coupled with the form of a predator is truly frightening an aspect. This is the reason why the main faction of these flesh vampires tries to put these rogues down.
        Now the question is of course why these rogues don’t feed openly all the time. Well one part is that the stone vampires can’t breed fast enough (due to the whole frenzy thing) and it was decided that if these monsters (that is really what most of them are) should be left unchecked they would quickly diminish their food sources and so the rogues (let’s call them the mad flesh) would have no supply anymore. And this could happen very fast. So basically the time of a great harvest is only once every couple of centuries (smaller ones are far more frequent), since then the stone vampire population has reached levels that are deemed sufficient for mass harvesting.
        Now the problem for the mad flesh is a) the main part of the flesh vampires and b) a way to control the stone vampires. Well they cannot do it openly since they have to deal with their non-addict brethren and as such the Volturi serves as their agent of some sort. Not openly however and not with the Volturi knowing, since that would attract the attention of other flesh vampires. Basically Aro’s desire as well as the whole “stay hidden” thing is an idea of the mad flesh as well as Caius’ campaign against the Children of the Moon. Via the simply decree to stay hidden the stone vampires control themselves and thereby don’t diminish their food source and thereby the mad flesh’s long time supply and the mad flesh has the time to address the problem of the other flesh vampires.
        Now the pogrom against the Moonchildren was actually based on a spontaneous idea. Caius was not attacked by one of them but by mad fleshs and they simply planted that false memory in his head, that is also how they can select future stone vampires for breeding (choosing the ones with strong will), they plant false memories in their heads. This was, like I said, spontaneous and based on the fights between the two species, which would further diminish the mad flesh’s supply.

        Now there is the question of course why the Moonchildren didn’t wreak havoc on the world, the stone vamps aren’t widespread prior to the invasion of America and what keeps the flesh vampires down. Well one thing first: I couldn’t come up with an actual good reason for all those species to stay hidden, simply that there is a pact struck between them due to their destructive potential which keeps them from constant fighting.
        I also thought pretty early that with the vampires Meyer created you basically would end up with a barrage of super-powered beings all over the world. And try to justify their secrecy. Unless you come up with the magic dues ex machina.

        Now the reason why the Children of the Moon and the stone vampires, as well as the flesh vampires don’t rule openly or wreak havoc is also due to the foxes and the dogs. The foxes basically rule over India, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, often as gods (due to their shapeshifting nature) and as such they have no use for such blood-thirsty beasts. The dogs rule huge parts of Australia and Central Asia and keep mostly the Moonies out, the vampires are usually no matter for them, but the Moonies tried to establish own territories and I guess that is nothing that sits well between canines. Also the ravages of the Moonies led to the food supplies of the dogs becoming scarce in the regions, well the food supply of any carnivore or omnivore for that matter, and so they were usually eradicated on sight. The dogs can be seen as a complete version of the Quileute werewolves, who are not really giant wolves the way the dogs are giant dogs, but they are materialized wolf-shaped human spirits and as such not only stuck but prone to mental manipulation due to their mental instability.

        This leads me to the whole imprinting issue. You have to be pretty rose-colored glassed to not see that it is basically enslavement and very weird that it is so common now but supposedly so rare in the past. Well the reason is this: it has nothing to do with passing on genes and is in fact not fate. It has the same source as their anger management issues. Someone else is also in their heads and that thing is their mad progenitor. You see back then when the “third wife” died he never again resumed human shape and so is still around and influenced every generation of werewolves afterwards. But as mad as he is he became mentally more skilled. But first things first. Back in the days his “love” for his third wife was basically pure obsession and he was a very “abusive” husband (his obsession resulted in a similar enslavement as imprinting), the only thing keeping her alive was the fact that this one son of hers (the one dying in the village when the female vampire arrived) was the only one that didn’t turn out like his father despite having transformed. And when that one was dead she killed herself out of grief and desperation (seriously if it was to distract the vampire, why kill herself?) and the whole distraction was just a side-effect. Now the surviving sons were equally as thick and macho as their father was (not even realizing what had happened to her mother all this time) and so they spun this little tale and over time her name got forgotten, partly due to the patriarchal nature that runs so strong in the current pack.
        Now imprinting is basically a copy of his own obsession which he induces in his descendents and it is now more common due to him perfecting the tactic as well as his descendents knowing more about the world and with more of them, more will have a reason to leave. The imprinting is a means to keep them around and the old fart is anything if not observant. He chose the women/girls who in his eyes would be less likely to leave the tribe territory and thereby keeping the wolves there too. Sam would have left the tribe, as well as Paul, Jacob and Jared, they hated their condition. Quil liked it too much and would have become too bold and eventually makes his way on his own, especially with more werewolves coming along there would be the line of thought “there are enough of them”. This is the reason why Jacob got imprinted on Nessie, the old fart knew that Bella and her lot would be very unlikely to leave anytime soon, in addition it would keep them from attacking the tribe.
        Now the rest, even Leah, would be very unlikely to leave in his eyes so there was no reason to imprint them on anyone. Especially Seth and Embry wouldn’t do it, they adored Jacob too much and Leah’s feelings would keep her close no matter how hurt she was. That didn’t stop him from putting some chains on her will though. You know this whole alpha-wolf rule and mental links stuff only works when you accept someone as your leader/pack. Leah would have been the most likely to figure out that you can go on your own, out of sheer frustration and the will to get rid of their heads. The rest of the pack would force her anyway to keep her anger to herself and never lash out at Sam or Emily. By the way, this imprinting… well the scars on Emily are only a mere ember when compared to the flames of agony that await her. Having someone like Sam seems fine at first, but after a few years it becomes torture.

        Like I said, sketchy.

      • Johan

        Yeah, I dont think Sterek will happen either but I think, and hope, that Jeff will tease Sterek fans. Remember that the Sterek scenes in season 2 was written before Jeff knew about the massive numbers of Sterek fans. I dont think Lydia completly innocent , she treated Jackson horrilbe the first parts of season 1. SHe only treated him better after he dumped her. Of course Jackson is also guilty as he flirted with Allison while still dating Lydia. I think they deserve eachother.Regarding Danny, the packs need someone that knews computers and Danny is the guy. He is nice and everybody (not counting that xboyfriend of his) likes him.

        I dont get you reference to Vampire Diaries, dont watch it much. I guess you talking about teh vampire/werewolf hybrid?

        Perhaps we should continue talkiing about Twilight and other non Teen Wolf subjects privatle so we dont take up space for kjewls. Here is my email:

        I am curious to find out what a potential child between Jacob and Renesmee (stupid name) would become? I wonder what the Volturi would make of that? Or the other vampire covens? Do you think witches exist in Twilight? How did the Quileute learn astral projection?

      • Andre

        We can do that. However one Teen Wolf related thing first:
        I was referring to the fact that on TVD it was always stated that the Originals are nearly impossible to kill, but it was never shown, never even mentioned that stuff had been tried. All that was tried were stakes and one flamethrower at Elijah’s body. But that was all, no beheading, not TNT, no acid, no stealing of the daylight rings, no cutting in half, simply nothing and basically that was what Teen Wolf did with the Kanaima, they didn’t really try stuff. I mean with a regeneration rate like that of course a simply arrow to the head wouldn’t kill it. But they didn’t try anything else, not even capture it or something.

        Also if you haven’t watched TVD, don’t worry, kjewls is a major fan of the series, and she herself said that plenty of the stuff on the show sucks.

        Actually I did wonder whether people noted the sexism on the show (the racism was already found) and found this on tumblr and I think the anonymous author has a good point:
        1. Why do you say that vampire diaries is sexist? They have lot of hot female characters.
        Uhh this is going to be a long one.
        Let’s start with this – What defines sexism and misogyny?
        Dictionary definition for sexism:
        o attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles.
        o discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex, as in restricted job opportunities; especially, such discrimination directed against women.
        Dictionary definition of Misogyny:
        o hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.
        So let’s look at Vampire Diaries shall we, at the same time not forgetting those definitions.
        First of all, TVD clearly segregates character roles according to gender – all female vampires have been all about manipulation, subterfuge, romance, while male vampires showed more violent tendencies, more strength, fought more.
        Then you have the roles female characters are denounced towards. Every female character, be it Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, MelissaMeredith or whoever else is on that show are devalued into one of following plotpoints:
        o Angst over love triangle.
        o Being kidnapped and being a damsel in distress.
        o objectification.
        o support of male figures.
        Let’s look over the “main” female characters of the show, shall we?
        o Elena Gilbert – characterless, personalityless, useless. No character development. Not to mention obvious mary sue characteristics and the fact that she is an object of desire in a love triangle, with focus on both male figures instead of her.
        o Caroline Forbes – a good characterization(because of her ensemble darkhorse status), which was completely and utterly broken in the latest season, in order to objectify her into yet another love triangle. Even in her “better days” she was a subject to victimization, damsel in distress situations and the like. AT the same time, the show also completely overlooks and excuses the fact that one of lead males, Damon, raped and abused her for weeks. And if that is not enough, the show portrays the stalker-like tendencies of show’s supposed main villainand the abuse he delivers to her as “romantic”? I am sorry, I can’t.
        o Bonnie Bennet- a token black character, used for plot-hole solving and out-of-nowhere spell casting. Most important character plotlines have happened offscreen and she is also a victim of TVD’s overtly racist tendencies.
        o Meredith Fell – doctor. Well, that’s it. No, really. That’s all the characterization she has got. Oh I guess she also has been a love interest to male character too. Yep, that’s it.
        o Katherine Pierce – an object of affection in the love triangle in the flashbacks. A plot device in the present portrayed as manipulative, obsessive and conniving
        o Rebecky – all the plots she got so far was her pining over one lead male figure or the other, being vindicative of the fact when they deny her affection and being sheltered and vain.
        People might say that its due to show being based on the books and lack of creative freedom. Wrong. The book versions of those characters are portrayed as far more independent and far more interesting female figures capable of making decisions, saving those they care about and having strong character arcs. So what happened? The show writers intentionally degraded the characters when adapting the show to focus on male characters.
        There are no other real feasible plotpoints for female characters there by now.
        Men are portrayed as “protectors”, the “capable ones”, the “knowledgeable” ones, while women are generally treated as scummy, manipulative obsessive courtesans(notable examples Katherine, Becky), who need to be “taught” and “put into place”(most notable examples being John’s letter to his daughter, which basically can be simplified into “stay in the kitchen and birth babies”)
        Ask yourselves – how many times did a male save a female from certain danger in that show? and how many times vice-versa?
        Also, which gender is more dominant in the cast? Which gender gets to advance storyline more?
        Also let’s ask ourselves – was there any sort of character development for the supposed “lead heroine”, Elena? the answer is a firm no. Elena got a Bella Swan treatment and is continuously objectified as this flawless idol of affection and holiness
        There’s notable disbalance of genders in the show, with women being treated as “inferior” and “less important”. In 66 episodes of the show so far, we had a total of one scene of female empowerment, in the first few episodes of the show and even that scene ended with a male figures saving the female from certain danger.
        Let’s not forget that its also the show where subject of rape has been played for laughs twice already.
        So yes, Vampire Diaries is an incredibly and horribly sexist and if anyone cares for gender inequality of present day, then they might as well avoid this show.
        Vampire Diaries embodies everything what is wrong with overabundance of sexism in present day culture and female portrayal in television.

        So believe me, if you don’t watch the show, you miss absolutely nothing.

    • I’m with you about Stiles, Maddy. As much as Jeff Davis tries to convince me to the contrary in his interviews, I view Stiles Stilinski as the heart and soul of this series. As a character, I find him much more interesting, complex and sympathetic than Scott (Not to mention, Dylan O’Brien is a MUCH stronger actor than Tyler Posey). So, when the writers force Stiles to take a backseat to the action, in a way that feels inauthentic to the story, it frustrates me.

      Judging by fan responses to the show, it seems like a lot of fans feel the same way we do. So, it surprises me that Jeff Davis hasn’t adjusted the series accordingly. I guess in a way, he has, as Stiles was much more of a central focus in Season 2 than he was in Season 1. But still, I want MORE! 🙂

      That said, I think you bring up a good point about Stiles’ helplessness and obvious depression toward the end of the season. We were introduced to it initially in his session with the therapist, and it continued through the finale. When you put it that way, I actually think Stiles’ speech to Lydia, about other people suffering, as a result of her lack of concern for her own life, had just as much to do with him, as it did with her. I think Stiles, to some extent, had given up on his own life, at that point in the story. And his exchange with Lydia, coupled with his discussion with his father, gave him the will and strength to continue on, despite the fact that he knew he wasn’t going to get the girl or be the “hero.”

      If Jeff Davis is telling the truth, next season we are going to get to see the Winged Kanaima, and learn why Derek never turned into a gorilla. But I agree with you, that each season should be more self-contained, and that these things shouldn’t have been brought up in Season 2, if the writers didn’t plan to address them in that season.

      And, of course, I loved this . . .

      “A small rant about Scott at the end being ‘I’m all alone’ when Stiles is there like ‘Er, you have me, I’m only your BEST FRIEND!’ It’s really sad that Stiles is clearly stuck being best friends with a douche bag – how lonely must he have been as a kid that he didn’t make friends with anyone nicer? Scott’s a nice guy really but he’s so selfish and thick! :”

      This was one of the few ways I think in which Season 1 was superior to Season 2. In Season 1, Stiles actually addressed the fact that Scott was a pretty crappy friend, who always seemed to put pretty much everyone else before him, when Stiles regularly put Scott first in his life. This Season, Scott never changed, but Stiles seemed to just let it slide. I guess this goes back to my initial frustration with the writers continuing to poop on Stiles. 🙂

      So, yeah, it wasn’t a perfect finale. But Teen Wolf still ended up being my favorite summer show, this season. It beat True Blood by about TEN MILES. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

      • Johan

        Also we will find out why Jackson were coming out of the water in the begining of the season.

      • Andre

        Hm… I agree with Jule, stuff like that, especially so far back shouldn’t be revealed in a seperate season that comes out after such a long time between seasons :/

      • Johan

        Really. I love it. I suppost it is a matter of taste. It reminds me of Jo’s writing. Something mentioned in passing in the first book returns in last book being important.

      • Johan

        Joanne Rowling.

      • Andre

        Oh her. Well there is a difference between books and TV, first is that with books you have more time and you can explain things or look them up. Not so with TV

      • Johan

        Well usually I rewatch episod often to catch things I may have missed at first viewing. Of course I only do this to shows I love and where things may be hidden.

      • Andre

        Well I have the same opportunity, but I doubt that we belong to the norm in that regard. And especially when so much time passes between seasons, people are very likely to forget.

      • Andre

        It seems that True Blood wasn’t so well received.
        Well we will see about next season of Teen Wolf. I admit I am a bit cynic. The new werewolves this season weren’t great and personally Scott got a bit too much exposure in my eyes.
        In addition Davis stated about last season that there would have been a full episode focussing on Danny, but I wouldn’t have called that focussing.
        And I think they could have handeled the stuff with Derek’s hubris better. In that regard as well as the “Kanaima can’t be killed” stuff was for me reminiscent of TVD, you know just saying but never showing. I mean who says that the Kanaima couldn’t have been killed via decapacitation?

      • Johan

        You didnt like Issac. I adored him. Though I do wish we get alot more Danny next season. Scotts pack needs a webhead.

      • Andre

        Well it’s not as though I hated him and the other newbies in Derek’s pack, but I often asked myself what they were actually there for during much of the season. Why give Erica and Isaac backgrounds when you pretty much ignore that afterwards? Especially in Isaac’s case his abusive background was never mentioned again until and after the full moon episode.

  9. Personally, though it would obviously be better to see more ethnic characters on the show (Posey can barely be counted and Haynes can in no way be counted) I get the feeling that an unfair proportion of white ‘alpha’ males is something of a given when it comes ot mainstream TV.

    This is definitely not Davis’ fault, and he’s not doing anything wrong, in fact as he says, he works hard to make it ‘idealistic’ – I think the industry is sadly just like that. We should roll with it on the show, and tackle it as a wider problem in the TV industry, rather than getting hung up over it in one particular show. It would be very difficult/inconvenient for the Teen Wolf writers to try and break that unfortunate mold. 🙂 Rather we should see it as a universal problem that need addressing.

    Another thing that occured to me – didn’t anyone else find it weird how adamant Peter was on the power of ‘young love’? Okay, I get that they need a little bit of good old cheesy ‘Love beats hate!’ stuff…but seriously. Next it’s going to be
    ‘Arrgh, a giant wolf, what do we do.’
    ‘Hug the big bad wolf and he’ll suddenly discover his humanity and become GOOD!’
    I think not… World just ain’t that nice, I’m afraid! You’d think that a big badass Alpha like Peter would be a bit less sentimental.

    As for the adoption thing, I don’t think the show meant to present it in a way which condemned adoption. Rather it was more about the fact that Jackson himself was a mardarse and pushed away from his parents. The show makes it clear that his relationship could have been good with his adoptive parents, but through his own pigheadedness and lack of self esteem, he almost created his identity crisis on his own.


    • Andre

      I simply can’t resist opening my mouth. *rolleyes*
      Ok, I understand your point regarding ethnicity but I think you try to tackle the problem from the wrong direction.

      First, I think you fell into the same trap Davis and so many others do:
      You don’t consider “White” as an ethnicity, or at least not referring to it as such. Well technically it isn’t an ethnic term (neither is black/African, Native American etc.) but from my point of view when US-Americans (no matter what “race”) say “White” they are referring to or at least associate it with Anglo-Americans for the most part and Anglo-American is an ethnicity and this is usually ignored. You can see that with other white ethnicities, like Greek-, Belgian- or German-Americans. All are white in the usual mind but also treated as other, as an ethnicity (if their existence is acknowledged that is) but Anglo-American is not and this is part of the problem in my eyes. Anglo-American is regarded as the standard, the default, and not necessary to mention and also equal to “White”.

      In theory both Scott and Stiles could be Non-Anglos since Scott could be Hispanic/Latino (Posey would have the necessary background to work with and by what I perceive Hispanic is the same as Latino for US-Americans) and Stiles could be e.g. a German American or a Polish American, respectively some other ethnicity from Central or Eastern Europe based on his name. But so far they aren’t, as a matter of fact Posey was asked whether Scott is an All-American boy (look in my response to Johan for the link to the interview) and in a way that shows that this is what he is perceived.

      Now the problem is that you cannot tackle the problem by just ignoring it on TV shows and “tackle it as a wider problem” because they at once create the problems and are a sign of it. People of what Americans term “of Colour” respond to seeing “themselves” on TV, e.g. Whoopi Goldberg stated Lt. Ohura as a role model and so could other characters be. In addition if a Latino or any other Non-Anglo ethnicity would be the lead in Teen Wolf it could be regarded as a further step in acknowledging their existence as more than just sidekicks, the same with a non-heterosexual character. This is how changes are made in the industry. Someone has to start it and take the risk in the mainstream and personally I think the audience is ready for it but the industry is still stuck (another example is that most movies are targeted at a male audience although more than half of the moviegoers in modern USA are female as far as I know). And if Davis couldn’t do it because of the industry he could have said so when he was asked regarding the underdevelopment of Boyd in contrast to Erica and Isaac (who both didn’t exactly provide much to the story) but he claimed time constraints. Boyd is especially problematic because the casting call was not color-blind as with Erica and Isaac and even if it wasn’t Davis’ intention the current situation is problematic at best with the only African American and female werewolves pretty much out of the equation and another werewolf that looks like the stereotypical all-American boy being still there.
      Furthermore he stated that his “boring suburban white middle-class” background prevented him from dealing with issues of race and sexuality, but the problem is that he nonetheless regressed to the “default white” in the show. And his background didn’t stop him from writing about divorced parents and prematurely dead parents.

      And by pointing to such problems you are addressing it, this is how these things work. I mean why couldn’t the main role be an actual Hispanic/Latino or an Asian American? The demographics of California (Davis also stated that he wanted realism) would have allowed that.
      Yes he stated that he wanted to create a world without racism, homophobia and sexism. But except maybe for homophobia he failed. Erica is in no way progressive and the situation of the Argents as a matriarchy was only stated but never shown, not even remotely.
      And here is another problem of the show: patriarchy. This is both true for the human side, where female leaders are still rather an oddity, especially violent ones, as well as the werewolf side. With werewolves it is even more pronounced since they have come to represent the heterosexual, brawny male. Female werewolves are usually flukes at best and often shown to be especially dangerous and troublesome. This is another problem that is connected with it. But I won’t go into detail about that here since I do not want to repeat myself. I will address it in my response to Johan.

      Now as for the adoption thing, the problem is that it was never addressed that the whole Kanaima thing was Jackson’s own fault; rather it was represented as though he was the victim. It was never even hinted that he himself was responsible for it. So even if Davis didn’t meant it that way that is how it came out. Sure most people possibly won’t see it that way since they probably won’t think about it, but referring to Jackson as an orphan and to his biological parents as his real parents and not to mention showing him with no identity in hallucinations sends a pretty clear message in my eyes. You can’t deny that in mainstream US media on average biological parents are regarded as the better option, especially via the inherent link myth. I mean what evidence is there in the show that the whole thing was Jackson’s own fault?

      Now I totally agree with you regarding the “young love” thing. It was cheesy with a capital C. What I also think regarding the whole stuff I probably don’t have to repeat.

      • Johan

        [quote]You can’t deny that in mainstream US media on average biological parents are regarded as the better option, especially via the inherent link myth.[/quote]
        I really couldnt as I am from Sweden. But here the blood doesnt count as much as love and care. Though even some of adopted Swedes have wanted to find their birthparents to find out where they come from and why they were adopted.

        [/quote] Now I totally agree with you regarding the “young love” thing. It was cheesy with a capital C. What I also think regarding the whole stuff I probably don’t have to repeat.[/quote]

        I must have missunderstood it, a chance when your dealing with another language. I thought it was based on the True Name that is part of werewolves mythology, also based on when Jackson woke up after Danny called Jackson before the game.

      • Andre

        That’s no problem. It varies over here as well, but it’s still often shown also here that adopted children have a longing to find their biological parents because it somehow tell them who they are and the like. I cannot remember having seen a show or film where it was different except for that one time in Glee. I know of real-life cases where the “child” said that there was absolutely nothing, but in fiction its still often portrayed as though its vital.
        Cases like the one I am currently reading about don’t seem to make it to the screen, rather stuff like that movie Abduction, which I think plays right into it, with the main character stating that he thinks his parents are still strangers. Actually they were quickly forgotten and the totally absent father was suddenly a hero. :/

        Now as to the whole name of the werewolf thing:
        It was mentioned by Peter but stated as a myth and that it’s Lydia’s “love” for Jackson that can save him. Something I think comes from werewolf fiction, if there is such an element in folklore, I am not aware of it.
        However, that explanation doesn’t really explain why the wolfsbane drink and Danny had the same effect. I mean does Jackson love wolfsbane and has a crush on Danny? 😀

      • I always thought of Peter’s speech as a sort of over-simplification of what was actually going on with Jackson. (As writers, you have to dumb it down for the kiddies, sometimes. ;)). The way I saw it, Jackson was the kanaima, because HE felt he lacked identity, as many teens his age do. Sure, a part of it came from his lack of knowledge as to who his biological parents were, but I think mainly Jackson didn’t know who HE was as a person, beyond the basic generic descriptions: jock, popular, lacrosse team co-captain, rich, etc. . . . He felt alienated from his adoptive parents and classmates, and had difficulty forming genuine connections with the people around him.

        I think the reason, Jackson momentarily snapped out of his fugue state around Allison, Danny, and Lydia, was because these people were able to make real connections with him as a human. These are people who KNOW Jackson, and, in the case of Lydia and Danny, LOVE him, though I don’t think LOVE necessarily has to mean in the romantic sense. I believe that final scene with Lydia had less to do with TRUE LOVE SAVING JACKSON (gag), and more to do with the fact that Lydia was able to somehow find Human Jackson beneath his Kanaima form. By connecting with Jackson in this way, Lydia helped him to find his identity, which freed him from the kanaima curse. 🙂

        Or at least this is the way I just to interpret it, because (1) I’m a staunch Stydia fan; and (2) I refuse to believe that a smart writer like Jeff Davis would use such a banal plot device to conclude one of his otherwise most complex storylines. 🙂

      • Johan

        Yeah, the true love is not love in the romantic sense as we saw throughout the season. We see Scott, Allison, Lydia and Danny break the Kanima possesion. I doubt Jackson loves love them all. Remember just because a character have a theory doesnt mean that it is correct. Like that killing the Alpha that gave you the Bite will cure you, or that the Kanima venom wouldnt work on the Kanima.

      • Andre

        What you say about over-simplification makes me wonder what the writers think their demographics are. I mean with those bloody deaths they can’t be younger than 16. At least it would be in my country. The USA obviously has other ratings. Over here we are more concerned about violence than nipples and naked buds (you can see them with PG +12 films).

        Still what you said was never stated in the show and it doesn’t change one thing for me, because Jackson’s identity descriptions weren’t any more generic than those of the others. In addition, I think you might be making the same mistake you did with Tyler Lockwood: you forget what they did. Feeling disconnected is no reason to behave the way Jackson did, that was just pure arrogance and an inability to deal with not getting what you want. Seriously, this is the douchebag that told a homeless person to go die somewhere else. Speaking of which, just because he is popular doesn’t mean people like him, or maybe they did. Many confuse egomaniacs with leaders.
        Either way, I still wonder why Davis choose this route, sure it might be new but also kind of troubling if he really means it that the supernatural creatures should stand for issues in his show. Seriously, because someone somehow lacks idenity he turns into a monster that seeks a master? That is odd if you ask me.

        Perhaps you are right, but still, I guess both of us can totally agree that this was far too easy, the asshole should have struggled at least another season, when he actually did change for the better. The way it was now, was pretty cheap and yeah, starting the gag-reflex.

        Personally I have no problems believing that Davis would use such a cheap trick. It simply depends on what he wants and what he perceives as necessary. Or what he thinks people want to see.

      • Johan

        You think Jacksons troubles are over? I think he has alot of trouble ahead. His money will cause problems for him, he has blue eyes. I am very interested what is coming.

      • Andre

        I was referring to the wjhole Kanaima thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if that never shows up again. Also I think Jackson gets overexposed as it seems, another reason I think why more allegations of racism are coming towards Davis.
        Either way if Lydia was enough to get Jackson out of the Kanaima, it all was far too easy.

    • Johan

      Yeah, that is what I think.

  10. j.mae

    Okay so I’m not sure who else herd this but at comic con it was confirmed that Colton Haynes wouldn’t be in season 3 of Teen Wolf and being that the producer wants contiuity I’m going to go a head and speculate that that means no Jackson too. I have no idea how thay are going to explain it, but I hope it’s not crappy.

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