Suck and Blow – A Recap of Vampire Diaries’ “Memorial”


Sure, Damon’s Hand may seem all sweet and caring, while your sucking on it.  But will it call you the next day?

Poor Elena!  We’ve all been there, haven’t we, Fangbangers?  You’re hanging out with friends, having a few drinks, enjoying life, when, all of the sudden . . .


I don’t know about you guys,  but whenever I feel like puking, the first thing I do is find a mirror, so that I can watch myself do it . . .

Ahhh, yes. thee sure was a lot of binging and yakking, in this episode.  Fortunately, we got to wash it all down with a heaping helping of minty fresh vampire sex, and hand sucking.  So, while we may have ended the hour a bit weaker and paler-looking than we began, at least we left satisfied . . .


Let’s review, shall we?

Bambi’s Mother is TOTALLY judging you . . .

Somewhere deep in the forests of Mystic Falls, a group of happy woodland creatures are laughing their asses off at Stefan and Elena . . .


I mean, sure, I suspect when the big bad OLD Vampire, and the Temperamental Baby Vampire first started making tracks in the woods, the woodland creatures were suffering from some serious anxiety.


But when Elena started weeping in the woods, after failing to complete her kill . . .


And then the two started humping one another against a nearby tree . . .


And then Elena, left mid-hump to yak up poor Bambi’s mother all over the soft lush grass . . .


 . . . leaving Stefan with a massive case of THESE . . .

I’m thinking that those formerly terrified bunches of bunnies, birds, and assorted wildlife probably all rushed to tell their furry friends about their run-in with the LAMEST ANIMAL-ATARIAN VAMPIRES OF ALL TIME!


Elena must be the owner of some seriously strong breath mints.  Because upon returning home from their hunt, she somehow managed to suck face with Stefan, without him having any clue that her stomach contents contained a few less Bambi parts, than they had twenty minutes ago.  Ignorance was bliss for Stefan, who bought a bottle of champagne, so that the two perpetual minors could toast to Elena’s first taste of SUPER raw venison.


Elena didn’t want to alarm her beau about her new-found weak stomach, so she kept her mouth shut.  Well, except for the sucking face, that is . . .

Unfortunately for Elena, much like undigested deer parts, secrets have an uncanny way of “popping back up,” when you least expect.

“Hi!  I’m April, Jeremy’s destined to die in under four episodes quirky new love interest!”

Hey Fangbangers, I’m going to make a suggestion here.  I know she’s “adorable,” with her big doe eyes, and “quirky” fast talking tendencies.  And it doesn’t hurt that she kind of looks like a slightly younger version of Zooey Deschanel . . .


 . . . but lets not get too attached to April Young, mmm-kay?  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I liked her!  (I know some fans didn’t.)  It’s just that every time she opened her mouth, I couldn’t stop seeing the words “Won’t Make it to Winter Hiatus” tattooed on her forehead.

Special delivery for APRIL!

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  Let’s backtrack to April’s first appearance on the show, which came about sometime around the first ten minutes of the episode.  April has an “adorable” run-in with Matt and Jeremy, because she has “adorably” came back to Mystic Falls High, after her father “adorably,” blew himself up, along with eleven of the communities’ most revered members.

“The roof . . . the roof . . . the roof is on fire.  No, seriously.  . . it’s on fire.”


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the time your dad is outed as a wackadoo cult leader, who is responsible for the death of dozens, the exact time you should be transferring out of your public school, and . . . oh . . . I don’t know . . . hiding under a really big rock?  It’s a good thing April’s adorable.  Otherwise she’d be bait from serious TORTURE.   You know, like some crazy hunter might chop into her, and let the scent of her blood tempt all the monsters in attendance at her dad’s funeral . . .

Because even 170+ year-old vampires can have imaginary friends . . .


Poor Damon!  It must suck to be repeatedly wrongfully accused of brainwashing a sizeable portion of the town to char-grill themselves into oblivion.


Though, I must say, you’re not exactly helping your case for “sanity” by saving a seat at the bar for a Man Who Isn’t There . . . or is he?


By the way, did anybody else get childish glee out of the fact that Elena, in taking the “reserved” seat, basically sat on Imaginary Alaric’s lap?  I bet old school Elenaric Shippers had a field day with that one . . .


Speaking of shippers having field days . . .

In which Damon lends a very horny helping hand . . .


Delena fans definitely got their delicious just desserts when a certain newbie vampire confided in the elder Salvatore Brother about her “little digestion problem.”  To me, at least, it makes perfect sense that Elena would turn to Damon over Stefan when she found herself to be a bit lacking in the vampire prowess department.  For one thing, Stefan feels guilty enough having been the cause of Elena’s eternity of vampiredom in the first place, Elena probably didn’t want to make him feel worse, by showing him how sick it was making her.

Secondly, I’ve always gotten the impression that Stefan puts Elena up on a bit of a pedestal, viewing her as almost godlike in her innocence.  That’s got to be a lot of pressure for the doppelganger.  And I think a part of her feels like Stefan would be disappointed in her, if he knew she couldn’t abstain entirely from drinking human blood.

Case in point, recall how much more accepting Stefan was of Caroline’s early baby vampire foibles than he was of Elena’s.  I think that was because Stefan knew Caroline to be a flawed being, in a way he never expected of Elena.


Now, Damon, on the other hand, is probably the least judgmental guy on this show, probably because he’s such an unapologetic screw-up, in so many ways.  And yet, that’s a big part of his charm . . .

So, of course, Elena’s going to come to Damon when she’s sick, hungry, and horny at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, and in desperate need of some HAND SUCK SEX .  . .

This was the moment us Delena fans have all been waiting for, since last week’s promos.

And it really was everything I wanted it to be and more.  I loved how Damon noted that, for vampires, the exchange of blood was more personal than sex.  I loved how minutes after the hand sucking began, Damon became so overcome with intense pleasure, he needed to hold on to the wall.

I loved how Damon gently caressed Elena’s hair, during the blood drinking, in a way that was oddly gentle and affectionate, given how raw and intense the exchange seemed to be.

And, perhaps most of all,  loved the way Damon’s eyes rolled back in his head, when the blood drinking reached it’s exciting “climax.”


Stefan was right to be jealous of this moment, shared between two supposed non-lovers.  It was pretty hard core . . .

Speaking of naughty hands . . .

Coitus interuptus . . .  via handshake?


You’ve really got to hand it to the editors of this episode.  The way they transitioned from Damon’s and Elena’s metaphoric vampire sex to Tyler’s and Caroline’s actual sex was pretty genius.  Also genius?  The fact that Tyler and Caroline’s sex was literally interrupted by a guy who wanted to shake Tyler’s hand.  (I wonder if he washed it first . . .)

Meet Connor, the Vampire Hunter, and his magically coated fingerless vervain gloves.


If you’d like to get an idea of how Tyler felt when this hot bald dude shook his hand, imagine those cheesy joy buzzers you get at Halloween shops, and multiply how they feel on your fingertips by about ten thousand . . .

But that’s not all.  Connor wasted no time, before immediately shooting Tyler up with special bullets explicitly designed to kill “regular” vampires on contact.  Ah!  But Tyler is not a regular vampire.  He’s a hybrid.  So, instead of, oh, you know dying, Tyler, quite literally, takes a flying leap out the window and runs away, while Mom looks on, aghast, and a nearly naked Caroline dashes off in hot pursuit . . .

Later at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Jeremy remarks about Connor’s massive arm tattoos, which, oddly enough, Matt can’t see at all . . .


At first, I thought this was just another one of those “Jeremy sees dead people,” things, except . . . well . . . Connor is very much alive.  Now, I’m thinking that the ink was a secret way that ancient vampire-hunting families, like the Gilbert’s, recognized one another, without blowing their cover to the rest of the world.

Just a thought .  . .

Damon Salvatore . . . Germaphobe?


Later, at the funeral for Pastor Young and all those other dead wackadoodles . . . well . .  . “memorial” . . . no coffins to bury, because all of the bodies were . . . um . . . cremated . . . perpetual-do-gooder Elena is comforting “adorable” April, when she feels herself starting to blow chunks again.  Girlfriend dashes into the bathroom, where she makes a huge mess, and ruins her clothes just as . . . dun, dun, DUNNNNNN . . . Connor knocks on her bathroom door to see what’s wrong . . .

This sounds like a job for . . . wait for it . . . Damon Salvatore, who Elena calls a second time, for help, while her “boyfriend” is over at Bonnie’s investigating the “special bullets” that shot Tyler.

Just like the BAD ASS MO FO that he is, Damon immediately recognizes Connor intentions and not only refuses to shake his hand, but also manages to get Elena a clean dress and steer her clear of the Big Bad Vampire Killer’s clutches, despite her clearly fragile vampire-in-starvation-mode state . . .

Outside the church, Damon, noting that Elena has now rejected both animal blood and vampire blood, offers her a bag of human blood, which she promptly yaks up as well.  (SO MUCH VOMIT, IN THIS EPISODE!)

I loved the sweetly sexy and emotionally-emotionally charged exchange Damon and Elena shared by the tree, during which Damon looked at Elena with such loving concern, and yet confidently reassured her she wasn’t dying . . . again . . .


Damon suspected that perhaps Elena’s doppelganger blood was rejecting the transition, and, therefore, Elena could only extract blood from the human vein . . .  Hmmm . . . interesting . . . I’m thinking this is an idea you might want to run by that other doppelganger . . . considering how,  if this is true, she would have experienced the exact same thing . . .

Just a thought . . .

As Elena scampers into the funeral . . . well . . . more like stumbles . . . (This is the second episode in a row, where she’s rocking the deathly pale “looks like sh*t” look . . .  Kudos to the makeup artist for that one) . . . Stefan happens by, just as Damon is pocketing the un-drunk blood bag . . .


Stefan, of course, is super pissed at his brother for bringing Angel Elena down the PATH OF EVIL . . . So, Damon, in responds “kindly” clues his little brother in, on the fact that, not only is Elena rejecting every source of blood imaginable, he and Elena have also been intimate . . . in the vampire sense.

RUH-ROH!  I smell a Salvatore Smackdown coming on . . .

Worst . . . Funeral . . . EVER!!!


The first thing Vampire Hunter Connor does, upon entering Pastor Young and Co’s funeral is stab Adorable!April in the tummy repeatedly.  Ummm . ..  Connor . . . I hate to break this to you, but April is NOT A VAMPIRE!  Ahhh . . . but wait . . . Vampire Hunter Connor has more important uses for Adorable!April, i.e. vampire catnip . . .  As her scent wafts through the church floor, all the vampires in attendance are suddenly on edge, none more so, than Elena, who, after trying to speak on Pastor Young’s behalf, loses it, and is carried off the stage by Stefan, as a highly suspicious Connor, watches on from above . . .

In a scene I was actually hoping would happen last week, Matt — whose life had been so easily exchanged for Elena’s by Stefan, in the season finale — offers his own vein up to Elena for a secret funeral drink, which is cleverly disguised as a mournful cuddle.


And though that solves the immediate problem of Elena’s re-death, it doesn’t get rid of Vampire Hunter Connor, or Adorable!April’s tantalizing bloody smell.  And so, in a surprise move, Tyler, who has already been a target for Connor approaches the stage to say a few words about “taking one for the team” . . .


 . . . and then, he, quite literally . . . takes one for the team . . . as Connor shoots him again . . . enabling all the other vampires in the room, an easy avenue for escape, as the entire church clears out . . .

This leads Damon to finally have a tussle with Vampire Hunter Connor . . .

It doesn’t go so well . . .


And Stefan certainly doesn’t help matters by PUNCHING HIS BROTHER IN THE FACE . . .


Oh, yeah . . . that whole Delena SEX blood-sharing thing . . . I almost forgot . . . let’s relive it again, shall we?

Mind Control 101: It works better, if you don’t eat your subject’s brain, before you try to “wash” it.

Caroline’s and Elena’s daring campaign to save Adorable!April runs into a bit of a snag, when Hungry Elena tries to  . . . um . . . eat her . . .

Caroline calmly informs Elena that eating fellow orphans is big NO-NO.


She instead encourages Elena to try out her new-found compulsion powers on the girl.  Elena somehow musters up the inner strength to do this, without eating April, but her compulsion message leaves a bit to be desired . . .

“It was a beautiful funeral,” Elena says.  “People said really nice things.”

Riiiight . . . because no one in town is ever going to let slip in front of April that her dad’s memorial was broken up by an INSANE GUNMAN!

Poor Adorable!April.  Now, everyone is going to think that, not only is her dad a wackjob, but she’s a moron . . .

Just like the In Memoriam part of the Oscars . . . only with Japanese Lanterns


After laying into Elena a bit about the whole lying / Damon blood sharing thing, Stefan decides to gather the gang for a poignant . . . “look at all our dead cast members” memoriam using Japanese Lanterns to represent the dead.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  But, of course, just like with the Oscars, some poor dead shlub is always getting left out of the festivities . . .

I’m looking at you Uncle / Father John . . . I was thinking the guy who literally gave up his life for Elena merited at least a mention.  But NOOOOO . . .

Refusing to take part in the festivities is Damon, who, contrary to popular belief, is not actually Japanese . . .

Because even in Heaven, Alaric Saltzman still drinks bourbon straight from the bottle . . .

In what was definitely the fan-favorite moment of the episode, we see Damon sharing a heart-to-heart with Alaric Saltzman’s gravestone, while, unbeknownst to him, Ghost!Alaric listens on with a mixture of comradery and wistful sympathy.


The scene is really just too beautiful not to post in it’s entirety . . .

And so Damon and Alaric got to share one last bottle of bourbon together from beyond the grave.

And I’m still tearing over it 24 hours later . . .

By the way Alaric’s “birthdate,” at least, according to his tombstone, was February 4, 1976, which is two years older than the actor who played Alaric, and probably about 5 or 6 years older than the character was supposed to be on the show.  It just goes to show you that it’s not only the vampires that are ageless in Mystic Falls . . .

Next week on The Vampire Diaries, more torture of Punching Bag Matt . . . more Damon the Cannibal references . . . oh, and Klaus returns . . .

Oh, and I’m sorry Rebekah.  It looks like Matt Donovan is “just not that into you.”  Until next time, Fangbangers!

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21 responses to “Suck and Blow – A Recap of Vampire Diaries’ “Memorial”

  1. I was seriously doubting TVD after the season premiere but here it is, rolling its eyes at me for even doubting it. This episode was so great, chock full of awesome moments that I thank the heavens for the pause function because I need to pause it at times just to catch up with my breathing. Fanflippintastic!

    I had a big issue with the length of Stelena make-out scenes but lookie here, I got a much better Delena scene so I don’t freakin’ care anymore. Haha! Minor gripe would be that April looks a bit like Anna. Sorta pale, the height, the hair. I guess Jeremy has a type but JerAnna forever! I’m indifferent to her so I don’t really care if she dies on the next episode haha!

    And the new vampire hunter in town is hot! Heehee and what’s with Tyler Lockwood ??? paper in his trailer? Why does every plotting person need cue cards and whatnots lying everywhere? And I am so curious who he is!

    But really, that Alaric-Damon scene at the end just killed me! It was the best. Gah, next episode please!

    Thanks for the as always wonderful recap! ❤

    • Hey whoopeyoo! I think a lot of people are in agreement with you about this episode far surpassing the premiere (myself included). 🙂 In fact, I actually think, with the help of a bit of extra narration, the writers could have actually made THIS the season premiere instead.

      The new evil vampire hunter is kind of sexy. How many episodes do you think it will take for them to make up some excuse to have him take off his shirt? It is TVD, after all. And this is definitely a show where the male actors are encouraged to flaunt what they’ve got . . .

      • He could be shirtless and Jeremy would see tattoos when there’s nothing and HEEHEE, go make it happen, Julie Plec! Haha!

        True, this episode would have made a much more compelling pilot especially when we saw Elena not having the crisis of her life to feed or not.

        I laughed so much with what you said about Elena watching herself vomit. It totally doesn’t make sense except for the dramatic flair it would give for the show but HAHAHAHAHA.

        So happy now that they’re past killing Klaus for now and so Tyler’s life isn’t in danger (more than normal I mean).

        Excited for the next episode so much! But bummed that I’ll be away from civilization by then and I won’t be able to watch VD until Wednesday. UGH

  2. East Coast Captain

    This vampire hunter is definitely not your normal vampire hunter. Stefan seems to know the bullets he used on Tyler expertly saying if Tyler was a normal vampire he´d be dead. I take this Connor knows nothing about the hybrids. But if I´m correct this Connor will be dead before episode 10 for many reasons usually something bigger comes along. An ancient group of vampire hunters? Interesting and there´s this Pre Original Vampires thing going around. Esther was taught the vampire making spell from Ayanna and Ayann was taught that spell by another witch makes me wonder if someone didn´t make the first true vampires thousands of years before.

    I have to agree that Stefan is somehow trying to make her retain her innocence or something I also hear that maybe Vamp Elena won´t attract Stefan as before. But I do agree with Damon about the diet, eventually she will kill someone that is a fact for all new vampires.

    I do agree that Damon is a screw up. His father thought so obviously in fact if this whole vampire thing never happened in 1864 Giuseppe would have made Stefan the head of the family over Damon because Stefan was responsible probably got good grades in school and behaved. But Damon is still cool.

    Though Jewls you know how much I love analyzing pairings and relationships? I think the reason Katherine chose Stefan over Damon is because Damon is boring (great in bed) but boring because he provided no challenge, too submissive while Stefan was the most innocent of the brothers, she had to corrupt that innocence and he rejects her which only serves to make even more irresistable in her eyes I LOVE pairings like that opposites do attract Delena followers sure know about that! 🙂

    This Forwood pairing. All they do is have sex and sex and sex! I like a relationship based on more than just sex.

    Finally the hand sucking sex scene I mean hand biting scene…I believe Plec called it akin to naked cuddling for vampires. I never understood for vampires feeding on someone is better than sex?

    • Hey East Coast Captain! It will be interesting to see this vampire hunter’s origins. Because, you are right, those arm markings seemed pretty old. It would be interesting, for example, if Connor’s family DID date back pre-Originals, and fought against other creatures, like werewolves, prior to hunting vampires.

      Hmmm . . . somehow I find it difficult to imagine Damon ever being “submissive.” But I do think Stefan likely offered Katherine more of a challenge, in that he initially needed to be compelled to not be horrified by her vampirism. Now, that Elena is having so much trouble keeping down other blood sources, and that trouble is being attributed to her being a doppelganger, I am even more curious as to when they will be bringing Katherine back in the mix. If nothing else, she might be able to help Elena cope with her consistent need for “fresh blood supply.”

      She can’t use Matt all the time, can she?

  3. East Coast Captain

    Oh PS
    In the World of TVD just because someone is dead does mean that they are gone as evidenced with Alaric telling Damon he´ll be looking after them.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode, more than the first one. I tend to like episodes that you consider too talky—perhaps it comes from watching so many period pieces. Some of it made no sense. (Sharing blood is suddenly a big deal? Elena babysat April though she’s hardly older than she is? Hasn’t Stefan’s “animal blood only” diet been proved a massive failure?)

    Always laughing out loud at your recaps. Woah, I never thought about how Jeremy could see the tattoos because he was from a vampire hunting family. The card proves it!!! Maybe. Seeing Elena struggle with self-control and grief, ironically acting like a NORMAL person would, is refreshing. Season one Elena was a feisty but practical young girl. Season two and three was… I had no idea what her personality was, other than being ridiculously self-sacrificing and understanding.

    I LOVED THE FUNERAL. It was so surreal. No one cares about the community figure, the insane Pastor Young. Blood drips from the ceiling into holy water; the vampires strain to keep their cool. An angelic choir sings while Matt comforts Elena. Oh wait, while a human willingly allows a vampire to suck his blood in public—a church, no less. Tyler interrupts the choir to make some statements before getting gunned down. What on earth? Awesome, is all I can say. This take-no-prisoners vampire hunter is so much more effective than the council, Alaric, etc. combined.

    Ahaha I forgot about Uncle John. I’m glad they acknowledged that everyone dies all the time and they need to take a breather. Damon’s pining over Alaric was heartbreaking, and then when Alaric returns the feeling… too much! I thought Bonnie and Stefan shared a sweet moment, though she even pointed out that he never visits her without wanting something. Sigh. To be honest, I ship Bonnie and Damon more than Elena and Damon, even if as friends, with or without sexual tension. I like their dynamic. Their common confusion when waltzing up to the Japanese lantern service (I laughed plenty at Damon’s comment) reminded me of that.

    And stern Papa Stefan is really annoying. He’s often judgmental, but often justifiably so. (For example, in the first season, he believed that killing a stranger who had loved ones was no better than killing your own loved one.) Here it’s like, did he get amnesia? Remember not so long ago you killed and tortured everyone and terrorized Elena? Now he’s mad at Damon for trying to help Elena, no matter how intimate?

    On another note, I completely agree with East Coast Captain about Katherine/Stefan. She enjoyed corrupting and chasing after him. Except Forwood is not just about sex! They’ve known each other for years, and supported one another through REALLY bad times.

    • Hey Noelle,

      I agree with you. While this episode might not have been as “action-packed” as the first, it was definitely more poignant and memorable.

      Good point about April. At first I assumed she was Jeremy’s age (16). But if she isn’t, she can’t be much younger than 14. Though 4 years is a much more sizeable age difference when you’re a kid than when you’re a teenager, it’s hard to envision a situation where Elena would ever be old enough to babysit April. (Maybe when Elena was 13 or 14, and April was 9 or 10?)

      I love the way you describe the funeral. It did seem like a rather trippy, surreal event, when you think about it. Also, I felt kind of bad for the other dozen or so council members who died. At least Pastor Young got a few about-to-puke kind words from Elena, and a sentence or two from Tyler. The rest of them? Not a peep!

      I’m with you about Stefan being much too judgmental regarding Elena. If anyone should be understanding about how hard it is to avoid human blood, it’s Stefan. Maybe this is what it will take for Stefan to finally take Elena off that massively high pedestal on which he always places her, and finally start to view her as real.

  5. Maddy

    Hey 😀

    I LOVED this episode. I destroyed the rewind button, oh there were so many amazing moments. This absolutely cinched this new season for me, it was so much better than last week – I can’t wait for the next instalment.

    I’m glad you pointed out that Tyler was being smart and taking one for the team – that didn’t occur to me so I just thought he was being a douche and getting himself shot again because he’s thick. Turns out I’m the one who’s thick. Ahh, bless Tyler. His mum seems to do an awful lot of standing around looking horrified and not much else….well, she is a puny human and with a few exceptions humans are always pretty useless on this show.

    I assumed that the ‘seeing the tattoos’ thing was just an ‘I’m a weirdo who’s come back from the dead’ power but your hunter theory sounds bang on, especially judging by the promos for next week. Yay now maybe Jer can start being an actually useful character! How about Matt as well then? Maybe? Hmm?

    I actually thought the memorial service was really lame and awkward, because it really seemed like no-one in the town wanted to be there. The Mayor’s opening speech was SO AWKWARD. Awkwardness increased when Tyler interrupted the singing, and when he got shock, I could just HEAR the sighs of relief as they all thought ‘Thank god, now to escape from this weirdass service!’ How did no-one in the nearby pews notice that Elena had fangs and Matt’s blood all over the place?! (Oh ten squillion points to Matt for doing that – you were right Julie – and this just makes me love Matt even more!) And I totally picked up on your point about Elena’s compulsion – how awkward will it be if that girl is there like ‘Ahhh thank you all for giving my loving daddy such a lovely send off’ and they’re all like ‘Er but you got tied up by a dude that shot the mayor’s son and everyone ran away and there was blood all over the floor…’

    Yeah she was stupidly ‘adorable’, the ‘I don’t do grief’ scene was extremely awkward, made me think that her Dad had treated her really badly or something, so that didn’t really work when all it turns out is that he sent her to boarding school and they didn’t get on amazingly well. SO no deep evil family secrets then thus far…. but in the end I quite liked her. I actually think she might be here to stay, but A) she’s way to old to have been babysitted by Elena and B) enough with the random Jeremy love interests seriously. Well anything’s better than Jeronnie. 😉

    I liked Bonnie’s bit in this episode, we actually got to see some character instead of her only being a plot device. Plus her little mutual shrug with Damon was great – I love those two together. Just not anywhere near as much as Damon and Elena. 😉 Nice also to see some Damon/Sheriff bromance. I just can’t get over the fact that they are good friends, I think it’s brilliant and so unlikely.

    The scene with Bambi and the Lurve in the Forest made me rofl. Stelena in general makes me rofl, out of sheer hilarity. It’s like watching ‘You’ve been framed’. This has got to be the first time they’ve been cockblocked by vomiting though (thank god, I really, really did NOT want to see them doing the deed in a bloody FOREST)! ;D On the other hand there were SO MANY AMAZING DELENA scenes in this episode that once again all the Stelena just pales in comparison – I don’t know HOW you can see it as not being glaring signs saying ‘Helloooo! THIS is the most important couple in the show! THEY are the ones who are going to end up together! Forget about Stefan! D’uh!’

    The scene with the hand sucking, phwooarr that was hot. Trust Damon to try and sneak one in there even when he reckons he ‘Didn’t get the girl.’ Of course it was wrong of him to take advantage of Elena’s state to get one over Steffie like that but who’s saying he’s perfect? It’s why we love him. 😛 And it has to be prophetic that when Elena’s in trouble, it’s automatically Damon who she calls. The scene by the tree was so cute and touching. The look in his eyes…. Awwww! And is it just me or was she looking back at him with something way more than friendly affection? As if they got cockblocked by churchbells. I mean seriously, is there anything left in the world that hasn’t cockblocked them? People phoning, Rick coming in, John coming in, Jeremy coming in… I swear it’s a running joke.

    I liked the lantern scene; it’s nice to know we fans aren’t the only ones who remember the dead characters. I mean, Uncle Zack and Lexi, there are names I never thought I’d hear again! 😀 Bit awkward though since Steffie was looking straight at Damon at this point…who just so happened to have killed both of them…. oops! (Defo some of my least fave things Damon has done.) Oh and poor John, not even getting a look in. :L That’s unnecessarily harsh, it’s not like he didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter or anything… It was however extremely depressing to be reminded quite how many people have died in this show. Seriously why has everyone not just moved out of town yet?!

    The Dalaric scene. OH MY GOD. I cried. I’m still crying. It was so sweet and tender and emotional and funny in a bittersweet way (‘Newsflash! We’re not Japanese!’) that ggaaahaahh! I love Alaric so much, he was my second favourite character. Oh it cuts me up that Damon went to talk about his feelings to his gravestone after refusing to set off a lantern with everyone else. To quote Elena, why does he always insist on being the lone ranger? I wish he’d open up to someone alive. I just want to give him a hug so much. 😥 And I love how totally understanding Dead!Alaric is – just takes everything Damon says and kinda shrugs – to be fair that’s why he and Damon got on so well while he was alive. He accepted Damon for who he was, and didn’t complain, just kinda stated his counter opinion in a friendly way. Since I believe with a passion that Alaric secretly ships Delena, I was overjoyed to see what (if I remember correctly) is the first explicit mention of his feelings of Elena that Damon hass given Alaric. Alaric’s reaction was silent but sympathetic. I’m going to take that as #RICKAPPROVES. God, he so would have been best man (not squirrelface) at the wedding of Damon and Elena (which is inevitable) if he was alive. ALARIC I LOVE YOU.

    I didn’t like the behaviour of Stefan or Elena in this episode, though I do have sympathy for both of them. Elena’s behaviour was very much that of someone who doesn’t know what she wants and can’t choose – ie, which Salvatore. Now I’m not complaining that she clearly loves Damon but since she made her choice she has a duty to actually act like it! It’s not fair on Stefan or Damon – it’s selfish and Katherine-y to go between them when Damon still loves her and every move she makes closer to him, even ones which she protests are just in friendship, are going to hurt the two brothers. It was wrong of her to lie to Steffie and wrong of her to go to Damon for help, so Stefan had good reason to be cross. However I still think his behaviour was also douchey, it was very much that of the jealous boyfriend who’s extremely paranoid that he’s losing his girl. Now I’m 100% convinced that he is losing his girl so I don’t blame him for acting worried but I still find his square jawed ‘I’m angry with you Elena’ face exceedingly obnoxious. Clearly something is not right between them that they even got to the situation where Elena was lying to his face; maybe he should be trying to address that problem (THE PROBLEM THAT SHE LIKES DAMON MORE) instead of just taking it out on Elena. You’re right he did seem to be a lot more understanding to Caroline during her transition than to Elena. His expectations are too high of what he wants from her, though I agree with his positive outlook more than Damon’s fatalistic ‘She’s going to go off the rails some day!’ attitude.

    I also didn’t like how Elena assumed that Damon would be the one to kill all those people. Really? After three seasons he’s her first suspect? I mean honestly, even I think that killing that many innocent people in one go would be more than a little bit out of character for Damon as he is now. He’s unable to shake his ‘evil murderer’ tag, which is ridiculous when you think that the most recent person to be running around killing people at abandon was… oh wait for it… Stefan! I hate that everyone treats him like a saint when he and Damon are no better than eachother, Stefan just likes to act self righteous and ‘noble’ about it the whole time and thus gets away with it.

    Stefan saying that ‘Elena will be destroyed because her compassion is her Achilles’ heel’ and all that jazz also peed me off. Why does Elena always have to be Miss Holy Holy Nicey Nicey cares for everyone? How is Elena any more compassionate than, say, Matt or Caroline? Car was strong and got over it! It’s ridiculous that Stefan treats her like such a goddess, seriously, we all know she’s an unrealistic Mary Sue so you’d think the writers would at least have the decency not to shove the annoying melodrama of her character in our faces all the time.

    I reckon the pastor was just a loony (Pastor Hope, how ironic) who decided that the council was corrupt, and that’s why he killed them. So that they could start fresh…and anew…and clear the town of vampires and vampire sympathisers properly …. but he killed himself as well so that doesn’t make any sense… er…. yeah I’m just going to go with the ‘He was a wackjob’ theory. I would say, maybe he was clearing the way of the vampire sympathisers for Connor to pick the vampires off, but he killed all the wrong council members, and Connor doesn’t seem to know about it (unless he’s had his memory wiped but that’s just going too far.) OH MY GOD. Idea. Idea. Pastor Hope KNEW that the mayor and the sheriff wouldn’t be there because HE’S the one who arrested them, so unless he’s a certified moron he DIDN’T WANT THEM TO DIE. So maybe I’ve been looking at this the wrong way the whole time — maybe he’s not a vampire killer — maybe he’s ON THE VAMPIRES’ SIDE. Because think about it – he conveniently got the two biggest vampire protectors safely out of the way and then killed everyone in the town who’s working AGAINST vampires! Maybe he has some master plan for vampires to take over the town – he could even be working for one of the Originals, or some big baddy vampire we haven’t met yet! Why didn’t I think of that before?!

    Quite liking the badman Connor so I’ll be interested to see what he gets up to next episode. Mean of Matt to drop Bex in it, I’m hoping if Klaus does turn up he’ll be fun and not annoying because I found it really refreshing that this week we got a whole episode without those stupid originals. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing Elijah again. Soon. Hint hint.

    See ya next week! 😀

    • Hwy Maddy! How’s that fanfiction coming along? I’d love to read it.

      Haha, you are right about Tyler’s mom. She does seem to spend most of her screentime, in silence, wearing a perpetual “OMG” face. Then again, I guess it’s hard to blame her, considering she has the misfortune of being the mayor of a town with a higher death and mortality rate than pretty much anywhere, EVER. Also, her son and his girlfriend pretty much get tortured and shot up, every week.

      Of course, when it comes to looking “forever surprised,” the Botox probably doesn’t hurt . . .

      Ahh, poor Jeremy, and his endless parade of soon-to-be dead love interests. You are right, anything is better than Jeronnie. But it might be nice to have the character paired with someone else a bit more permanent, like Rebekah or Caroline . . .

      I love your point about Alaric having come around to the idea of Delena, from beyond the grave. Alaric always knew the extent of Damon’s feelings for Elena, even without the latter mentioning it. I remember quite vividly that scene from last season’s “The Hybrid,” where Alaric warned Elena against playing fast and loose with Damon’s heart. “I hope you know what you’re doing there,” he said to her.

      I imagine that now, more than ever, Alaric roots for his best bud to find love and peace, so that he can be less lonely, now that his drinking buddy is gone . . .

    • Hwy Maddy! How’s that fanfiction coming along? I’d love to read it.

      Haha, you are right about Tyler’s mom. She does seem to spend most of her screentime, in silence, wearing a perpetual “OMG” face. Then again, I guess it’s hard to blame her, considering she has the misfortune of being the mayor of a town with a higher death and mortality rate than pretty much anywhere, EVER. Also, her son and his girlfriend pretty much get tortured and shot up, every week.

      Of course, when it comes to looking “forever surprised,” the Botox probably doesn’t hurt . . .

      Ahh, poor Jeremy, and his endless parade of soon-to-be dead love interests. You are right, anything is better than Jeronnie. But it might be nice to have the character paired with someone else a bit more permanent, like Rebekah or Caroline . . .

      I love your point about Alaric having come around to the idea of Delena, from beyond the grave. Alaric always knew the extent of Damon’s feelings for Elena, even without the latter mentioning it. I remember quite vividly that scene from last season’s “The Hybrid,” where Alaric warned Elena against playing fast and loose with Damon’s heart. “I hope you know what you’re doing there,” he said to her.

      I imagine that now, more than ever, Alaric roots for his best bud to find love and peace, so that he can be less lonely, now that his drinking buddy is gone . . .

  6. Serendipity

    OMG, I loved this episode! It’s been a long time since an episode of TVD was this inspired. Great writing; loved the music (especially during that hawt scene at the grill 🙂 ). But don’t get me started on Saint Stefan. He’s such a sanctimonious b*stard, and a hypocrite to boot! Honestly, who’s he to be preaching to Damon and Elena, begging her to drink baby animals and not feed on people because she might accidentally kill her food source – when he’s just gone on a months long binge annex killing spree? Did he actually ever apologize to Damon for killing Andie? Or to Elena for terrorizing her (I only ever heard him apologize for almost running her off the bridge)? Or – IDK – for letting her DIE? And now he’s breaking out the champagne glasses and the bubbly to celebrate that she’s ALIVE (yes, he actually went there, because if she’s alive, it’s no thanks to him). For all his own flaws (especially as a vampire), he has very little understanding for hers. Amazing, because like you said, he was so much more accepting of Caroline’s mistakes when she grew fangs. No wonder Elena turns to Damon for help when she runs into problems. I loved his automatic response to that, the way he’s just there for her, no questions asked, not just at the grill, but also with the dress. Although that was kind of funny too: did you ever ask a man to find you something in your closet, and have him actually find it too? Points to Damon for that anyway LOL

    And, okay, there was a cuddly Stelena scene, as well as some groping against a tree, but I can live with that. Because not only did it end rather quickly with Elena running away and puking (lol – it does make me wonder why Stefan didn’t follow her? Is it logical that your girlfriend suddenly up and leaves in the middle of sexy times for no obvious reason? You might want to see if she’s okay… that way, he would have known she wasn’t all a-okay with the animal protein shakes…), but also because we had quite a lot of awesome Delena scenes…

    Because that hand sucking scene at the grill’s restroom (what a place for sexy times 🙂 remember Jeremy and ghost Anna? And Damon and Elena in Daddy Issues? And Caroline must have been there at least once too 🙂 ) was hawt. I know, Damon was kind of sneaky, getting her to drink from him like that, but come on. It’s not like he didn’t first offer her an alternative (human blood), AND warn her that she better not tell Stefan because ‘blood sharing is personal’. Elena isn’t stupid, and she’s been around vampires for more than a year now. Did she really not suspect that Stefan wouldn’t like it? IMO she knew very well what she was doing… and I don’t blame her for doing it anyway. Did you notice that it kind of mirrored the wall slamming during their make-out scene in 3×19? You could totally tell that she liked the taste just as much as he liked the feel 🙂 Pity we didn’t get to see the aftermath though… That awkward moment when you realize you’ve just participated in the ‘vampire equivalent of a naked cuddle’ (Julie Plec’s words, not mine)?

    Not that I understand how it works with Elena. I can understand the animal diet not agreeing with her, but why does she need ‘warm blood from the vein’ as opposed to microwaved soccer mom from a bag? What’s the difference? It’s human blood. You did mention Katherine but Katherine drinks bagged blood now. So maybe it’s just a newbie vamp phenomenon? Of course when Katherine transitioned, the problem didn’t exist: seeing that there was no bagged human blood, she had to drink it warm from the vein. Only if it’s a newbie vampire thing, why then didn’t Caroline have the same problem? Strange…

    Luckily there was Matt. I just knew that she’d be drinking his blood. It’s kind of canon for the books too, only in the books Elena drinks from Matt to complete the transition. I was actually regretting that they didn’t go that way last week. But this was awesome too: he just fed her in the church in front of a hunter and the entire congregation with no one the wiser. LOL Oh, and BTW, how much did you love Damon’s entry into the church, crossing himself the old way (well observed, writers!) with holy water while wearing an unholy smirk. It totally had me swooning 😀

    Damon’s rant and Alaric’s appearance at the end was another awesome moment! Loved it, even if it got me all teary-eyed. God, I miss Ric, and I love how they showed Damon’s mourning him all the way through, from keeping his ‘sacred’ chair at the grill to drinking over his gravestone. It had the feel as if that was something he’d done before (even if it was rather quick for the stone to be there already – Alaric’s been dead, what ? Three days now? I keep forgetting how slow the time passes in MF)

    And Connor? While I like a villain who’s really ‘villainy’, I guess we’re not supposed to feel any sympathy for him. Why else would he just stab one of the few humans roaming around MF just to lure out the supes? That’s not cool, man. And those tattoo’s? I’m with you on it being some kind of ancient sign to recognize vampire hunters… only, didn’t Connor seem very surprised about Jeremy’s remark? It looked like that to me… Maybe it’s the sign of some secret order, passed down the generations? Maybe one of the originals will be able to shed some light on this. I’ve heard there’s a flashback coming up…

    Here’s to hoping for many more episodes like this! Talk to you next week, Jules!

    • Hey Serendipity! I’m with you. This was the strongest emotional reaction to a TVD episode, I’ve had since Damon’s and Elena’s last little road trip, toward the middle of season 3. 😉

      LOL about Damon and the dress. I think it’s safe to say that the elder Salvatore brother is quite familiar with Elena’s wardrobe. We’ve already seen him fondle her underwear drawer, and compliment her PJ’s after all. 🙂

      You bring up a great point about Stefan. I don’t think he’s had to apologize nearly enough to Elena and the rest of the gang for the havoc he wreaked, during his last stint as Ripper. If anything, he’s become even MORE sanctimonious since then, not less . . .

      Stefan’s treatment of Elena reminds me of one of those parents who are SUPER strict with their kids, never letting them eat candy, or stay up past 8 p.m., or date before they are 18 years old. These are the kids who usually the most destined to rebel and end up in some SERIOUS trouble. It’s actually a really good thing that Elena has Damon and Caroline to support her baby vamp foibles and curiosities. Because if she had to abide by Daddy Stefan’s rules all the time, I suspect she’d snap and go full-on Katherine Petrova by the middle of the season. 🙂

      It will be interesting to see whether Connor ends up being a “layered, vulnerable” victim, like Klaus, or a one-dimensional super villain, like Elena’s mother, or Brady the werewolf . . . I guess that will depend on the length of his guest star arc. Character development requires at least 4 episodes. 🙂

  7. Always my favorite recap! Didn’t make it over here last week–took too much outa me writing my own to read ANYONE elses, but wanted to make sure I got over here this week–annnd again, someday I wanna grow up to recap like you! Fabulous funnies, fabulous analogies. My favorite part about the whole episode? We did not even hear the word ‘Original’ for an entire hour! lol

  8. Andre

    Hi kjewls,

    It took me a “bit” longer than usual to respond because I had to finish an insanely long E-Mail to an Australian dingo researcher. But I am here; I am queer, now tremble with fear.

    This episode seems to have been, in some cases at least, a prime example of modern day media conditioning, or reflection of what is considered sexy in western culture. Not only this whole triangle thing there is also the whole violence is sexy and bad boys are so great.
    Not to mention that this sound exactly like what Plec stated after season 3. The guys no “educate” Elena about how to be a vampire. Man these guys are predictable. Just like with the stuff Williams said, that a witch created the vampires. LLLLAAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!

    That first picture you have of Damon looks as though the guy is getting a blow job or his nipples licked but not as though someone is feeding on him. And speaking about it: isn’t something like that cannibalism? I mean never before was it even stated that vampires can drink each other’s blood prior to Michael, and he stated that he had learned that, as though it was rather something special. Did that go the same way the term “Ripper” did? You know first it was a classification and suddenly it was a title of Stefan alone? Doesn’t make much sense, because shouldn’t the Tomb vampires have preyed on each other then? Sure someone could say that they did, but in that case nothing in season 1 suggested that.
    But back to my main point: the picture clearly illustrate the common notion these days that being bitten, technically being violated, is something sexy. Not really surprising, considered the appeal of the bad boy, which this show clearly exploits and which many fans seem to like with their constant adoration for Stefan, Damon, Tyler and even Klaus. It is than usually stated that being bitten is something erotic, I doubt it unless you think it would also be sexy is it is not a vampire biting into your hand, but a cougar.
    The episode clearly shows and further promotes that myth with this whole “more personal than sex” stuff. Does that mean that Michael was a sex-offender of some sorts? And why was that never mentioned before? Not even hinted at? And if the exchange of sex is so personal, why was the exchange between Damon and Vicky so casual? Because she was human? Would the explanation be the old “vampires are not human” stuff? If yes that is at best a strawman argument I think. Because these vampires are humans through and through, there is nothing in them that is any stranger as to what you can find among humans.
    The whole “personal” stuff is probably the same as the siring stuff, introduced as a big deal, but soon to be out of the picture.
    Not to mention that no one so far could tell me what is sexy about that.

    Now all this puking stuff of Elena:
    Seriously, in all three season before that vampirism was portrayed as being defined by a constant craving for blood. This was so strong that it could become an addiction, well a worse one than it already is, and that a vampire robbed of conscious though would kill everything in sight and drink its blood.
    But in Elena’s case she can’t keep it down? That makes no sense. Other vampires had killed without wanting to and they didn’t puke. Or is it because she is suddenly so moral? Wouldn’t surprise me, considered this inconsistent writing of idiocy of the show. And let’s face it, how else can you make someone like Elena and her two lamers (you know Louis 2.0 and Jack the Ripper) interesting?
    And other vampires had drunk animal blood and they didn’t throw up; not even a hint about it, simply that it wasn’t that satisfying. And why don’t these two try blood-bags? Why didn’t Caroline suggest it?
    Where was the useless blond anyway (Rebekah and Caroline)?
    And the crap Damon talked about, you know Elena being the doppelganger and therefore she is only able to drink from the human vain. Come on, would you really put it past these writers to do exactly stuff like that?
    And Matt’s blood she can drink and keep it down? What is he now, her living blood bag? Damn he is such a tool.

    Of course Jeremy’s new love interest won’t make it. She is a new character that is not in a love triangle and not connected to Elena, those never make it longer than 5 episodes. At least I can’t remember any of them ever doing it past that. She is probably just some random and shallow plot device that the show could have done without. Like Caroline’s dad. Speaking about him, why did Steven never call?
    Oh yeah, because he doesn’t exist. Not really, he is just a name and nothing more, no hint whatsoever that the writers even thought of an actual person existing in the Universe they created. And when was the burial of Caroline’s dad?
    And where is her mom?

    And did Bonnie even appear in this episode?

    And the fact that April’s father is the wacky Priest probably means that she is a plot device, possibly to get Jeremy in danger and the like. Like always. You are right about what would usually happen in such cases (transferring and the like) but not here, so we can be pretty sure that she is a plot device. She is not Bella and her lame kid-lovers … ups Elena and her interesting adult suitors of course, so of course she must be if she appears for longer than ten minutes in an episode.

    When I saw your comment regarding Damon’s imaginary friend and the picture with Alaric, I thought they had brought him back as a ghost; they would have been capable of that.
    And they were. Gosh, can’t they at least try to get rid of overused characters when a season ends? Will Alaric be a ghostly mentor now?

    Now as to the burned bodies. Some should be there. Even at Hiroshima and Nagasaki there were plenty of burned corpses and especially the first city was in a firestorm. The same in Dresden after the Allies bombed it. So the explosion in the church should have left some bodies. But hey, when did this show ever deal realistically with death and its aftermaths?

    Now Tyler being the hero… clearly they only did that to introduce some shit he will do or has done next.

    Personally I don’t share your reasoning regarding Elena and her confessing in Damon, if anybody knew how it was to be not able to abstain from human blood and what power it has it is Stefan and not Damon. The reason she was with Damon is simple: to feed you Delenas. Nothing more.
    When it comes to asking about restrained a serial killer like Damon who eats people because he is upset (remember his rape of Andy?) is the least person to go to. And since when did it make sense when the writers had Damon to be the better judge? When you really think about it, the whole stuff is just as misogynistic as the whole stuff with Lexi was back in season 3. Back then Lexi’s approach was stated as the wrong one and Damon’s the right one, despite the fact that she was much older, more experienced, more in control than Damon ever was. Not to mention that she had much more experience with Stefan’s ripper state than Damon had, but no, it was Damon who had to have the solution, just out of nowhere. The dumb female doesn’t know what to do and the big mysterious bad boy has to have the answer. That is not only misogynistic, it is Mary Sue.
    And for being the last judgmental… you make that sound as though it’s a good thing. Someone would need to smash some sense into these idiots, so simply not judging and always forgiving is the worst thing to do in a world like that.
    And for him being least judgmental, I have to disagree on that as well. He just doesn’t do it with words that often, he does it with actions. Who was it that spent over 100 years to get revenge on his brother? Who was it that broke Jeremy’s neck because he was upset? Who was it that had a long speech about forgiving Katherine for what he did and later pushed her out of his bed? Who wanted to kill Tyler because he was in the way? Who killed Mason Lockwood because he attacked him? Who was it that was pissed at Emily’s ghost for slamming the door into his face? Who blamed Stefan for not making Elena a vampire in season 2? Who blamed Matt for Elena’s vampirism now? Who mocked the witches for not being able to open Esther’s coffin (which looked not even 50 years old)? Who blamed his father? Who mocked Stefan for his diet? Who tells Elena to drink from people?
    To all these questions and more the answer is one word: Damon.

    Now I also doubt that there will be much to this Hunter and his bullets and the like. Think about it: the witches, the werewolves, the hybrids, the Originals, all were introduced as sooooo dangerous but in the end they were whimps and with this hunter it probably will be the same. So what’s the point in being joyful and anticipating about it?
    These few hints of actual ingenuity in the show are not going to last.
    And his tattoo… if it was in the family, can Elena see it? She is of Gilbert stock as well.

    No good concept on the show was ever used for long or consistent, if it would this show would be high quality and not just the pure consumerism and advertisement for the “traditional American gender roles” it actually is.
    Seriously, go to and you get advertisement right in your face. That is why they make their promos like that, why they have the start of their episodes and this constant and sickening focus on the main three. They are advertizing, selling their product, nothing more is there to that. In this case advertizing to keep Delena fans watching, and I gotta be honest I think you are devouring it like starved jackals would a carcass.
    And for some reason I cannot fathom, it works, even when people know what’s wrong with the show, they make excuses and keep watching. Why not just quit if the show has so little to offer? And what does it have to offer anyway?

    • Hey Andre. Awesome and insightful comment as always.

      As for Damon getting pleasure out of Elena drinking from his hand, I actually think that, at least in TVD-verse, that had more to do with the fact that they were both vampires, than the fact that having your blood culled from your body, in general, is pleasurable. (Though in many vampire stories, all blood drinking is deemed pleasurable, if “done without malice, and usually with the help of compulsion, that doesn’t seem to be the case in TVD.) For vampires on TVD, sharing blood is akin to an exchange of bodily fluids, i.e. sex. And I suspect that, to that extent, we are supposed to believe, in this scene, that Damon was experiencing THAT type of pleasure from Elena’s mouth. (I’ll avoid being more descriptive than that, as this is a “family” blog. But, I think you know what I mean.)

      As for Elena’s puking, whether you buy the mythology or not, the explanation given for that was that Elena, as a doppelganger, was created specifically to remain human. Therefore, her body rejected all forms of blood, except for human blood in its purest form, from the vein. It actually had little to do with Elena’s morality, as one could argue that taking blood from any other source: animal, blood bag, other vampires, would be more “moral” than drinking from a human vein. Either way, I think a substantial amount of ret-con will be required to support this theory, as Vampire Katherine, at least, as I recall her, has been shown on at least one occasion, drinking blood from a bag.

      Now, of course, you know, I would disagree with your argument that Stefan would be more understanding than Damon of Elena’s need to drink blood from other sources than animal. 🙂 For one thing, Stefan as a vampire, is unique, in his complete lack of impulse control, once he falls off the blood wagon. In short, Stefan is the poster child for Bloodaholic’s Anonymous. While most vampires can indulge in drinking directly from humans, in moderation, without going full-on Ripper, Stefan cannot. It takes just one sip for him to freak out. And so, as a vampire “tutor,” we see Stefan trying to instill his own rigid philosophies on young vampires like Caroline and Elena.

      Caroline and Damon, as we know, are not “all or nothing,” vampires like Stefan. We will soon find out what type of vampire Elena will be. But, for now, Elena knows that, while Stefan sees all imbibing of human blood as a “gateway to Ripperism,” Damon is a bit less judgmental and more understanding. Aside from that, I think Elena knows that Stefan puts her on a bit of a pedestal, as this “bastion of morality.” I think Elena feared that Stefan would judge her for craving human blood, and that it would make him, somehow, think less of her. Again, it will remain to be seen whether or not her fears are well-founded.

      • Andre

        Well we definitely agree that the explanation for Elena’s puking is crap for the same reasons. And sorry I think Damon is the more judgmental one, he simply doesn’t use words. And this answer is so short because most of my comments and thoughts will be in the one of your next recap. That one will be my most snarky and meanest comment ever because most of it was not only cheesy in the episode but also would require some more ret-con (I just say: supernaturals cannot be compelled by garden variety vampires). But there will also some thoughts in it you mind find interesting:
        1) I am happy I didn’t see that episode.
        2) I think I know why Stefan and Damon came from the Civil war and why that time and its customs are so romanticized.
        3) I think TVD is just another retelling of the basic Dracula element.

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