Hold on to your heart! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Killer”


“With all the stress of My First Murder, I forgot to clean my bathroom, this week.  Do you think anyone will notice?”

Greetings Fangbangers!  This week’s installment of TVD was all about the things we do for love!

For example, Connor Jordan loved his Presto Chango / Invisible Ink tattoo so much, he spent all his spare time feeding it with dead vampires . . . even though doing that meant he had to live in a lame trailer, have no friends, and never ever get laid, despite being massively sexy, in a psychotic sort of way.

Klaus Mikaelson loves his hybrids so much that he is willing to send them all to certain death, in order to protect Elena (his hybrid-making machine) Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Damon loves Stefan so much, that he is willing to actually stick his hand inside his brother’s chest, just so that he can hold on to the latter’s heart, while the two are engaged in casual conversation . . .


“I don’t know, Stefan . . . I kind of thought it would be . . . bigger.”

So hold on to your heart strings, watch out for trip wires, and try not to let your imaginary friend bloody up your bathroom, because it’s time for another TVD-cap . . .

Fun with Hypnosis . . .

Here’s something new!  Meet Professor Boo Radley Shane.  He is a freak of nature in Mystic Falls, because, unlike any other male character on this show, he actually gives more craps about keeping Bonnie alive than Elena.  So WEIRD, right?

*text messages writers, and orders them to kill off Professor Shane in three episodes*

Last week, TVD fans were shocked to learn that Professor Boo Radley and the hot-yet-destined-to-die-in-four-episodes Connor McVampire Killer were in COHOOTS with one another!

Oh no!  Not COHOOTS, anything but COHOOTS!

Actually, we weren’t all that shocked, because we could generally care less about Professor Boo Radley and his snoozy classes at Fakey McFake University.  But that’s neither here nor there . . .

Anywhoo . . . this week, Professor Boo Radley and Muscles Van Trailer Park chat cryptically about their plans for our Scooby Gang.  Muscles’ plan involves basically murdering them all, so he can finish his Magic Body Maze, and learn his character’s own back story.

“It would be a shame to die without ever knowing why God made me look so good naked  . . .”

Professor Boo Radley’s plans are a bit more hazy.  In fact, we still have no clue what they are, beyond the fact that, in order for them to work, Bonnie has to be not-dead.

To be honest, nothing much happens in this part of the story.  Basically, Professor Boo Radley uses Jedi mind tricks, boring speeches about “not fearing your witchy powers,” and his complete lack of personality to  lull our resident witch into a comatose stupor for seven hours.  This way, she’ll forget to be the plot device that rescues all the more important characters on the show!

No need to be embarrassed, Bonnie.  Most of the audience fell asleep during this part too.

And guess what?  His EvilGenius! Plan works!  P.S. Bonnie also lit some candles with her MIND, which is SUPER COOL . . .

Yeah, because THAT’S not a fire hazard at all . . .

. . . or, at least it was super cool . . . You know, before we discovered electricity, and stuff  . . .

Speaking of mental manipulation . . .

Sorry, April Young!  It looks like we are going to have to erase your brain again, this week!

It’s characters like April Young that make me wonder about the cumulative effects of vampire compulsion on the human psyche.  Have you ever pressed so hard, while using an eraser, that you poked a hole in the paper?  That’s what I fear is starting to happen to April Young’s brain.


I mean, think about it.  Girlfriend has been compelled at least once in every single solitary episode in which she’s appeared.  She’s already lost at least five days of her life.   Possibly more.  How much longer, before her brain just gets tired of being erased, and starts staying empty, as a form of self defense?

It wouldn’t be the first time . . .

When we first see April, this week, she’s paying a visit to the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls to inquire after her good buddy, Rebekah.  You guys remember, Rebekah, right?  Cute . . . blonde . . .  met the pointy side of the Nap Time for Originals Dagger, last week .  . .

Matt doesn’t have a clue where Klaus Barbie is hiding.   And he doesn’t care, thank you very much!  In fact, Matt’s much more concerned with the whereabouts of a certain Mini Gilbert, who is (gasp) 30 minutes late for work . . .

This is bad . . . especially when you consider the fact that Matt and Jeremy seem to be the only two people who actually work at this bar.  Seriously, I’ve never seen a manager, another waiter, or bartender . . . not even a dishwasher.  Nobody ever seems to lift a plate in this place, aside from CinderMatt.  If anyone is in need of a Fairy Godmother, it’s this guy!

Sorry Matt, it turned back into a pumpkin at midnight . . .

Little does Matt know that JerBear is currently being held at gunpoint by Baldy Vin Sexyvillain.

The latter then promptly takes Matt and April hostage too, right there in the bar.  Now, that’s just inconsiderate!  What the heck are the town’s resident alcoholics going to do, when they see the sign outside the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls that says : Closed Due to Hostage Crisis.  Come Back Later?

Alaric Saltzman must be rolling over in his grave!

I hope, for their sakes, that the Only Liquor Store in Mystic Falls opens early . . .

Connor then sends out a text message to Klaus, Stefan, Damon and Tyler, warning them that if they don’t retrieve their pet humans by sundown, HEADS WILL ROLL . . .

“Yippee!  I can add them to my collection!”

Hmmm . . . I’m just curious how Connor managed to get all these guys’ cell phone numbers.  Do they come free with the tattoo?

Back home, it’s time for another Pow Wow of Sexiness and Plot Development, courtesy of our Scooby Gang.  We haven’t had one of those in a while, have we?  True to form, both Damon and Tyler are all, “Let’s kill this Hunky Bastard!  Villains on this show, who aren’t Klaus, are only supposed to live three episodes.  He’s already had four!  Dude is on borrowed time, Man!”

“Don’t be greedy, Connor.  It’s time to let the next bad guy move into the Villain Timeshare Trailer.”

Also true to form, Stefan is all, “Let’s not kill the Big Bad Vampire Hunter, because killing is bad . . . except, when I’m the Ripper, because then killing is awesomeP.S. My boyfriend Klaus evoked the “Save Elena” clause in our F*ck Buddy contract, rendering me puddy in his Big Burly Original Hybrid Hands.

“Oops, wrong season.  What I mean to say is . . .”

Humans are blessed creatures, even the ones who like to chop off our heads and use them as hat racks.”

Though Elena’s fierce love for her brother, and new-found vampire-y killer instincts, make her more partial to Damon’s and Tyler’s point of view, she ultimately decides to support Saint Stefan, and his lame, non-violent, approach to hostage rescue . . . at least, for now BO-RING!

Speaking of Elena, for someone who supposedly LOOOOOVES Stefan . . . only Stefan . . . always Stefan . . . she sure was quick to find an excuse to jump Damon in bed, straddle him, and taunt him with a phallic object, wasn’t she?


Some of my favorite Damon and Elena moments, last season, featured them aggressively fondling one another, while trading grunts and moans of ecstasy “training to fight vampires.”  So, it was really nice to see that sexy, rough and tumble, aspect of their relationship revisited this week.

“For someone who doesn’t want to be like me, you sure are good at it,” Damon notes, with a mixture of admiration and apparent arousal, as Elena hovers breathlessly over him, a tantalizing prelude to something more . . .

Later on in the episode, Stefan will complain that he doesn’t “recognize” the person post-vampire Elena has become.  But, to me, Damon’s and Elena’s flirtatious fight scenes are proof that Elena’s fierceness and aggressive nature existed long before she drowned, underneath the Wickory Bridge . . .

Speaking of aggressive . . .

Tyler Lockwood . . . not quite as big of a male slut as we once thought . . .

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Caroline’s kitty claws come out, in defense of her man.  But that’s exactly what happened this week, when she came face-to-face with Hayley, i.e. the werewolf who watched Tyler get naked and sweaty repeatedly for six months, while he “broke his sire bond.”  (Now, if that doesn’t sound like a euphemism for sex, I don’t know what does!)

Now, of course,  I always am, and always will be 100% Team Caroline.  That said, I couldn’t help but grudgingly respect Hayley for refusing to engage in a girl fight with Caroline, despite being provoked to do so.  “I don’t do Girl Drama.  Talk to Ty,” she said coolly, before exiting, stage left.

Later, Caroline’s “I’m being cheated on” senses start tingling again, when she spots Tyler and Hayley embracing over the shared lost of a mutual hybrid friend.  (More on that unlucky bastard, later.)


“Why is my boyfriend dry humping the mean witch from The Secret Circle?”

Tyler, of course, assures Caroline that he and Hayley are “just friends.”  (We’ve all heard that one before, haven’t we?)

But Tyler takes his defense one step further, explaining that he and Hayley are actually plotting a Hybrid Revolt against Klaus, whereby they will teach other hybrids to break the “I am Klaus’ B*tch” hold he has over all of them.  He claims to have allowed Klaus to believe he was cheating on Caroline with Hayley, in order to throw him off the scent of what was really going on . . .

Do we believe Tyler?  For now, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Then again, it’s possible that the fact that Tyler looks so great with his shirt off is clouding my judgement.

Mmmmmm . . . pretttttttttyyyyyy

I guess we will soon find out, either way . . .

Stefan Salvatore . . . proving once again that you don’t actually have to be a hybrid to be Klaus’ b*tch . . .

While Klaus is away playing Find the Majestic Penis Sword, his boyfriend Stefan keeps himself busy, by carrying out the former’s Super Secret Plan to extract Villain-of-the-Week Connor and his Magical Maze tattoo from the hostage den.  This way, Team Ripper can use Connor’s hot bod to Cure Elena of Icky Vampirism.

Klaus and Stefan . . . saving The World . . . one Brokeback Mountain at a time . . .

Klaus gets his hybrids.  Stefan gets his “angelic girlfriend” back.  And Elena can stop writing massively depressing diary entries, like the one she wrote at the beginning of the episode.  Everybody wins, right?


Now, remind me why this “plan” had to be kept a Super Secret, again?  Because it seems to me that both Damon and Elena would have been a lot more amenable to following Stefan’s lead, had he actually TOLD them why he was doing things this way.  Instead, Stefan just acted shady, ignored both of their phone calls, and . . . oh yeah . . . STAKED DAMON WITH VERVAIN, AND STOLE HIS SUNSCREEN RING!

This is probably one of those situations where plot necessity gets in the way of character consistency and logic, right?

I thought so . . .

Unnecessary secrecy aside, Klaus’ and Stefan’s “Master Plan” to “save” Connor seemed kind of . . . how do I put this nicely . . . dumb?  I mean, come on, here is a guy who loves killing vampires so much that he’s WALKING AROUND WITH THE DECAPITATED HEAD OF THE ONE HE KILLED IN THE LAST EPISODE, and using it’s spit to make explosives.  (By the way, do decapitated heads really continue to produce saliva?  Creepy!)


We’re not exactly talking garden-variety evil here.  This dude is f*&ked up with a capital “F.”  And he’s got three people you care about,  in his clutches.  (Well . . . two people you care about,  and one April.)

Now, I’m no army strategist.  But to me, when you have soldiers in danger, in a room, that is likely rigged with explosives, sending in one of your men to basically get himself, and everyone else in the place, blown up (Sorry, random hybrid with the literal gaping hole in your heart!), seems like a BAD IDEA.

Meanwhile, back in the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Current Vampire Hunter Connor continues to flirt with his hostage Future Vampire Hunter Jeremy, in what I imagine is some form of Reverse Stockholm Syndrome.  Hunky McCrazy brags to Jeremy that he is so gung ho about killing vamps, he even killed his best friend, after she became one.  Aww, what a sweet story!


Elsewhere, Matt, i.e. the second-to-last-person-in-Mystic-Falls-to-learn-that-vampires-exist, tries to tell April, i.e. the-only-person-in-Mystic-Falls-to-not-know-vampires-exist that this hostage situation is perfectly normal, and has absolutely nothing to do with supernatural creatures, NO SIR!  In the back of the bar, Matt manages to find the opening to some underground railroad tunnel, which, conveniently enough is the route by which our  Scooby Gang is planning its rescue.

“I mean, seriously April, how could Stefan be a vampire, when he doesn’t even sparkle like that Twilight guy?

Hovering over a still unconscious Damon, Elena sees an explosion go off at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, and becomes restless to save her baby bro.  She tells Damon that even though she is a week-old vampire, she should TOTALLY be able to take on a supernaturally-endowed Vampire Hunter who has already beaten the crap out of multiple hybrids, not to mention, Damon, himself!

Damon, who’s strong desire to get into Elena’s vampire pants, seems to have clouded his judgment a bit this week, says “Sure!  Go ahead.  Put yourself in harms way, and battle the murderous psychopath, who already almost killed you with werewolf venom, once.  No problem!”

“Doh!  Must . . . stop . . . thinking  . . . with . . . weiner . . .”

By the time Elena arrives at the Only Bar . . . etc. a hostage standoff is already in progress.  Stefan is trying to convince Connor to “turn himself in” so that he can “learn his backstory from Klaus.”  Elena overhears this, and is furious.  She enters, pleading for Jeremy’s life, and, when that fails, vamps out on the vampire hunter’s ass.

Elena gets so invested in her own fighting skills, she fails to notice that (1) Connor has shot Jeremy; and (2) Stefan took Connor out of the room five minutes ago.  Elena has been fighting with herself the whole time.  HAHA!

*texts writers, instructing them to kill off the mean, snarky, TV Recapper within three episodes”

While curing her brother with her vampire blood, Elena learns about Jeremy’s recent Nude Art Escapades with Connor, and how Stefan compelled him to forget it all.  Furious, Elena heads out in pursuit of the Guy-Who-Almost-But-Didn’t-Quite-Kill-Her-Brother-Ex-Boyfriend-and-Some-Chick-Named-April . . .

Meanwhile, Damon meets Stefan in the tunnel for a little heart-to-heart . . . and by heart-to-heart, I mean, Damon grabs a hold of Stefan’s heart inside his chest, and starts wiggling his hand around, while the two engage in conversation.  Stefan thinks to himself, “Hey, that tickles!”

He also thinks to himself, “Now would probably be a good time to tell Damon about the whole “Cure for Elena’s Vampirism” thing.


This convinces Damon to give Stefan back his heart.  But it would have convinced me to PULL IT OUT!  I’d be so pissed off, if I were Damon.  I’d be bashing Stefan’s heart with a sledgehammer, while screaming at the top of my lungs.  “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.  IF YOU DIDN’T DO THIS, WE COULD HAVE SKIPPED OVER NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE ENTIRELY, AND GONE STRAIGHT TO THE MISS MYSTIC FALLS ONE!  I WANT TO GET MY DANCE ON, DAMMIT!”

Oh, and I almost forgot . . . Elena killed Connor.  . .

That’s right . . . first she bit him, than she broke his neck, then she tried to bury him, with his dried blood still caked across her mouth.


Honestly, I’ll never understand that.  What exactly do vampires have against napkins?

“Don’t worry.  This isn’t blood.  I’m just really bad at putting on lipstick.”


Damon and Stefan find a very distraught Elena in the woods, and silently marvel at her uncanny ability to screw up all Scooby Gang plans, even the ones she isn’t aware exist.  They decide not to tell her about the whole “cure for vampirism” thing.  You know, because keeping secrets from one another has served the SO well, in the past . . .

DAMON:  “Hey Stefan, you have a little something on your shirt.”

STEFAN:  “Yeah, and whose fault is that, ASSHOLE?”

In other “secrets” news, Mini Gilbert’s got a bitchin’ new tattoo!  I guess Connor was right, when he said, once he dies someone new will take his place.  And we all know how much fun Jeremy had wacking off the noggin of that hybrid, last season, right?  He’ll complete the Magic Maze in no time!

“Why do I have this sudden urge to murder my sister?”

Oh, and Jeremy also gave April Young his vervain bracelet, to keep her brain from turning into cottage cheese, as a result of all of that compulsion.  (You might remember it as the bracelet Jeremy received from Anna back in Season 1.  This only serves to remind me of how much cooler Anna was than April.  *sigh*)


Apparently, hunters who descend from The Five are immune to compulsion anyway, so he won’t be needing it anymore.  Still, it’s a pretty significant sacrifice to make for a guest star, who will probably be dead in three episodes, anyway.  Then again, I guess, once she dies, you can take back the bracelet, Jer Bear.

In which Damon Salvatore loves Elena Gilbert just the way she is . . . even though she forgets to wipe her mouth, after she eats

In what was probably my second favorite scene in the episode (the first, obviously being the Delena Straddle Sex one), Damon agrees to help Stefan continue to search for the cure for Elena’s vampirism.  During their conversation, Stefan admits to being not all that crazy about the fanger Elena is becoming.

To which, Damon gallantly responds . . .


Who would have thought the nefarious Damon we met back in early Season 1 would end up being the Salvatore brother more capable of unconditional love?

As I mentioned earlier, I find it hard to believe, and a bit disconcerting, that Elena has been a vampire for only about a week, and already Stefan is complaining that he “doesn’t recognize her.”  Really?  Because, aside from the occasional vamp out, she doesn’t seem all that different to me.  In fact, I kind of wish the writers would be bold enough to explore her darkside more, not less . . .

If there was ever any doubt in my mind that Stefan idealized and put Human Elena on a pedestal, it’s gone now . . .

Speaking of gone, it appears that Elena’s mind is taking a little detour.  In the final scene of the episode, she envisions her bathroom bathed in blood, and the word “Killer” etched on her bathroom mirror.

Is this merely a psychological manifestation of the guilt Elena feels over her first kill?  Has she accidentally stepped into a straight-to-video version of the I Know What you did Last Summer film franchise?

Or, is something more sinister afoot.

Tune in next week to find out.  Until then, Fangbangers!

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12 responses to “Hold on to your heart! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Killer”

  1. Andre

    Before I comment on your recap I have to say this:
    I think I won’t be watching Glee for some time. I wanna give this show a try:

    I mean hey, at least this time Sinbad is played by a guy that actually looks as though he could be from the Middle East. And he is a sight for sore eyes isn’t he? 😉

    Ok to your recap. I think it should be more snarky. This many inconsistencies deserve even more than what you dished out.

    Don’t worry, I am sure this interest in Bonnie and her feelings is probably temporary. If it isn’t tied directly to it, Bonnie will sure be back to be the witchy tool when needed very soon. I mean for the whole last season she was only “the witch” and everything she did was just for the three main lamers. She is a servant and that she probably will be. Mark my words, soon she will be used as a tool, otherwise she wouldn’t get spotlight on this show. And apparently the episode suggested as much.
    Maybe she has something to do with Jeremy’s tattoo.

    And no worry about April, apparently they didn’t care about the long-term effects of glamour in True Blood so they definitely won’t care about it in TVD, unless it serves Elena, so until then, April will be fine.

    Same with Matt and the bar, as long as no manager is needed for an Elena connected story or some other lame romance. No point dwelling on that.

    You know your question regarding the numbers of these people made, to me, again clear the stupidity of the writing of this show. He knows numbers, but he didn’t know Jeremy to be in league with vampires? Yeah that makes sense…

    The round with the guys and the girl not only sounds boring it also sounds, again, like it’s another episode of “Elena chooses a guy.” Been there, done that.
    And it again raises the question that was never answered:
    What is so great about Delena?

    All in all it sounds as though Elena’s virtue is again at stake. BBBOOOORRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!!
    The whole Damon likes her either way (as if he was ever picky) and Stefan wants her human again is along the same line.
    So no, this is not “unconditional love” on Damon’s part, that concept is stupid anyway, he is just getting his Katherine back this way. And Elena would have humped it anyway. So sorry, your rose-colored Damon glasses again in my eyes.
    Also the writers won’t really explore her dark side. They are either not allowed or not capable of doing that.

    So, sorry I think Elena’s “aggressive nature” was only introduced now to make the show “exciting.” In my eyes it’s only exciting if you are into shallow, one dimensional characters.

    A revolt hm? Is that supposed to be realistic and believable? I would have believed that if they had actually have witches that are not slaves or at least a vampire civil war against the Originals long ago or at least when all of Finn’s descendents suddenly dropped dead. But no, nothing there. So this “revolt,” if it happens at all considered the death rate of hybrids on this show, will only be a stupid excuse to get to another “love drama” again.

    So the diary is back? Did it sleep with the producer as well to get back into the show?

    The reason why the “Plan” had to be kept secret is simple: there needs to be drama and Elena needs to be pushed into Damon’s arms.

    And no, decapitated heads in this show, especially of the undead, would dry out and therefore no longer produce venom. It is just convenient for the writers to ignore that. If they are even aware of that problem that is.

    That story off Connor sounds so bullshit. I guess it was there to make him less sympathetic (you know in the show only evil people want to get rid of bloodthirsty monsters) and therefore more easy to kill. Albeit I wonder the necessity of that. Whoever didn’t already object of the high percentage of dead black people, when compared to the overall black show population, surely won’t object now so what’s the point in making him less sympathetic?

    An underground railroad tunnel? Does it lead to a nudy bar?
    Seriously, where did that come from? Oh right, from the same place as Matt’s shooting and burglary skills.

    And… Connor is dead, another black guy dying a violent death on this show. Probably in service to a white guy.
    Seriously, no one here ever noticed that black people on this show never had a peaceful or honorable death?

    And you are totally right, in realism Elena should have died or at least be seriously wounded. It is just another plot inconsistency to get her into the spotlight and get rid of the current token black guy.

    So Jeremy was compelled again? Wow, he gets dumber and dumber. After his near death in the last season you should think that the writers would put him on vervain again. Ok, forget that, this was a really stupid comment of mine. They would never do that.

    No idea why you get so invested about Stefan not telling Damon? That you wouldn’t object to the unnecessary violence I expected since it was Damon who did it (you can say what you want over me I am straight to the point and honest) but why so bothered about Stefan’s behavior?

    And that both didn’t tell Elena about the “cure” (why that is such a big thing I don’t get anyway) is no surprise at all. After all when did the writers ever do different? And the whole thing is gonna be done over the course of the next ten episodes anyway.

    So Jeremy had the vervain bracelet but didn’t use it? This is so lame.
    And why exactly did he have the tattoo? Does he have to start all over with it again or does he only have to go on from where Connor left?
    Or did he kill a vampire (which one actually) without knowing it?

    Ok, Hunters who descend from the Five are immune against compulsion? Then why could Jeremy be compelled in the first place? Shouldn’t he have been one from the start? And from what line does he actually descend from the hunters? Mother or father?
    That is the same as with Elena. Remember how back in season 2 Elijah said that the doppelganger is a supernatural entity and therefore could not use the ring? If that is the case, then why could Elena be compelled so often? If she is supernatural she should be immune.

    Now to the end of my comment:
    That trailer is just as lame. So now there are consequences…
    Oh really, all of a sudden? Well they can’t be lethal can they? And didn’t Klaus kill more than one? What did he experience?
    And Katherine… right now I suspect that she is a hallucination that embodies Elena’s fear of becoming like her.
    Either that or the writers made up some dumb reason to have her back, possibly to have her have some new and “crucial” information for Elena. Or anybody else.

    • Karen


      If this show is so beneath you, why not only do you watch it enough to clearly understand the storyline, but take the time to reply to this recap? Why even read a recap? It doesn’t make any sense. I would think with all you have going on, you wouldn’t have time for such silly things.

      I happen to love these recaps and find them to be light hearted and funny. TVD is a guilty pleasure, a fantasy, entertainment. For the first time in 10 years, there is something on television that I can’t wait to see every week. Why don’t you take your negativity somewhere else. I am sure your time is best served elsewhere.

      • Andre

        1) I do not watch this show anymore. And the fact that kjewl’s recaps is enough to keep me on track doesn’t speak much for the show in my eyes, since kjewls herself said time and again that she cannot recap everything of an episode.
        2) I read this recap because kjewls manages to deliver it entertainingly enough so that I can discuss what it means without being annoyed by the show, and more and more often she is annoyed at the same things I am. Anybody having read these recaps and my comments for some time knows that I also had good things to say, but over time the negative things became too much and basically the show repeated itself. And I am not the only one here and elsewhere noticing that. Even long term fans are often annoyed on how especially supporting cast is treated .or how the show handles storyline. Connor’s death was just the recent example.
        3) The fact that this show despite all its obvious flaws manages to attract and keep such a large fanbase is something one shouldn’t just ignore and so I keep commenting.
        4) Commenting and corresponding with other commentors is fun. And I must say I learned alot due to this.

  2. East Coast Captain

    The writers did say Stefan would not be as attracted to vampire Elena so there´s that.

    You got to admit Stefan´s method did work 99.9 percent except Jeremy being injured but nothing some vampire blood couldn´t solve.

    I expected at least two more episodes from Connor so much for ”Highly trained killing machine.” It was pathetic how he died really the writers overhyping these allegedly badass characters and a few episodes later they die in a very pathetic way.

    Even if she is a hallucination its great to see her again. I want her back and messing with Stefan. I have to say again and again she has way more chemistry with Stefan and they are played by the same actress its weird.

    I really wish they would give Stefan more stuff to work with, Paul has asked Julie to give Stefan his own storyline and love interest outside Elena but they keep him stale. Some fans actually bashed him for criticizing the writing and that ”He should be grateful and stop whining” But he has made a lot of good points so he´s ungrateful for having an opinion?

    • Andre

      Good to hear that Wesley is not just accepting what Plec dishes out. I have also my doubts whether Graham, Roehrig and McQueen are so happy with their roles. Of course one could ask, why they would continue working then. But have no idea on that.
      Either way, your comment made me remember something I read from fans that had become critical on how the show was running since the half of season 3. Supposedly the show had become so obsessed with the main three and all those, often unnecessary, love and romances since KW left and Plec took over.
      Could there be truth to it?

      As for people telling Wesley to “stop whining”… Fandoms are often crazy, frightening in fact and after those threats the makers got I do wonder whether they ever asked themselves what it means if their show attracts such nutjobs.

  3. You got me laughing out loud several times, as usual! Cahoots?! lol Yeah, you would have thought Stefan’s heart would have left a gaping hole big enough to drive a Volkswagen through! lol Dry humping the bad witch from Secret Circle? 😉 And as for April needing to be saved from her brain being turned to cottage cheese…um….too late. She arrived in town that way–what an airhead! Well, they’ve set Jer up for a HUGE plot device. ‘They’ need the map (as soon as Klaus can get his baggage back from customs). Jer’s all blank canvas ready to be revealed–but he’s gotta kill vampires in order to get to the inevitable final clue. Maybe this would be a way to destroy the rest of Klaus’ wimpy hybrids, otherwise, turn Damon loose in a sorority house and let him turn a map’s worth! Yeah! I like this idea! And was I the only one getting this weird Scruffy Ezra Ftiz vibe off of Professor One Name? That dude is shady to the core, and not sharing his big fat secrets with anyone!

  4. Nina in L.A.

    Connor didn’t know the numbers. He made Jeremy give him his cell phone.

  5. you should recap Hart of dixie. it also has lot of shirtless moments.

  6. Andre

    Well… how can I say this…
    Just watch this (or jump to 1:46 if you can’t wait):

    I am sure it will fill you with passion. Either lust or an intense hatred (or anger) for Jeff Davis for denying you all this. 😉

  7. Stefan’s definitely a downer this season (more than usual, though you know how much I like him), and it doesn’t make perfect sense–but the writers have done weirder things. I’m sad to see Connor go but still happy that he lived a couple episodes longer than I expected. I like the sexual tension between Bonnie and Professor Boo Radley (still cracks me up).

    Why does Bonnie always get involved with dudes who want to use her, other than Jamie? I usually dislike story lines like this, but I hope that he becomes genuinely fascinated with her even as he is manipulating her. I liked it with Anna and Jeremy, at least. Also rooting for Matt and Rebekah. It’s funny that April (I almost forgot her name) and Rebekah are noticing Matt’s hunkiness. Kind of makes me happy because/though he has so much to worry about.

    To me, vampire-Elena is not out of character for Elena, but I do find her different, namely more interesting. I also mentioned earlier that I could not even describe Elena’s personality in the past few seasons (other than “selfless”). Now she is all sorts of messy. This is one reason (of many) why I didn’t really ship her and Damon. She just seemed too smart to get caught up with someone like Damon and also different but not in the opposites attract sort of way, but in the “why does he like her, she’s pretty boring” sort of way.

    I know I’m in the minority on that one. As for Stefan not recognizing her, in my mind he doesn’t want to acknowledge this is her for the same reason he can’t come to terms with his life as a vampire. He can’t enjoy it the way Damon, Katherine (not a role model, if you don’t want to kill your loved ones), and maybe Elena do.

    This might be for the best considering his blood drinking problems. This makes him and Caroline such a good team. As for Klaus’s secret, Klefan shipper that I am, I just assumed it was Klaus’s way of getting Stefan back into his grasp, haha. “Don’t ask why JUST DO IT this is between us and only us, Stefannnn…”

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