A Good Day to Be an Underdog – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “We all go a little mad sometimes”

So many really great pornos started just like this.  Except, if this was a porno, Damon would be wearing a fireman’s hat or a Superman cape . . . and nothing else . . .

“We all go a little mad sometimes,” Fangbangers.  It’s a movie quote that I thought originated from the 90’s horror classic, Scream.


But apparently, it’s even older than that . . . like, Psycho OLD . . .

The promos for this week’s episode (and its title) were misleading . . . in a good way.  What many of us thought would be a rather annoying episode about Elena’s Trip to Wacky Town  . . .

. . . actually ended up being less about our female protagonist’s episode-long psychosis, and more about the series‘ underdogs finally getting their time to shine, whether that meant getting the girl, saving the day, or making yet another hybrid’s head into a Pez dispenser, just to add some ink to their arm tattoos   . . .

Then again, whether Damon and Klaus could actually be considered underdogs on this show, is likely a point of contention among fans . . .

Nonetheless, “We all go a little mad sometimes,” was definitely a “game changer: of an episode, more of one, perhaps, than any of the episodes that preceded it, this season.  So, hold on to your heads, your hearts, and your sunscreen rings, because it’s time for another TVD-cap . . .

Why you should always think twice, before stabbing people in the carotid artery . . .


JEREMY: “If you didn’t want me to make you waffles for breakfast, you could have just said so.”

You know what sucks about hallucinating that every single person you know looks exactly like That Dude You Killed?

“I must just have one of those faces . . .”

Well, aside from the obvious, there’s a really good chance, you’ll end up murdering your baby brother in the kitchen, by jabbing a steak knife into his carotid artery.

Sh*t happens . . .

First of all, you’ve really got to hand it to Elena Gilbert.  I mean, I’ve heard of people who sleep walk, sleep talk, sleep eat, even sleep drive, but Sleep Kill?  Now, that’s impressive . . .

The episode begins with Elena awakening from a bad dream, and heading to the kitchen for a hot drink, only to find Hotty the Ex Vampire Slayer, standing before her all broody and bloody.  For a guy who got knifed in voice box, Dead Connor sure is chatty. He’s yammering on and on to Elena about how he has a brother, and how he died in an unmarked grave, and Boo Hoo Hoo WAHHHH.

Could you really blame Elena for wanting to shut him up again, by poking a fork in his kneck, like a chef testing how well his meat is cooked?  Except, there’s one slight problem.  Connor doesn’t exist anymore.  And Mini Gilbert just so happens to be standing in his place . . .

“If you people don’t stop poking holes in my body, every time you go temporarily insane, or are just in a really bad mood, I’m going to compel myself back to Denver . . .”

That makes a whopping THREE deaths for Jeremy, who had his neck snapped by Damon, in Season 2, and was shot by Sheriff Forbes at the end of that same season.  This new death, at the hands of his own sister, doesn’t quite land Jeremy in Alaric territory . . . I mean, that guy died like 580 times .  . .

. . . and lord knows how many times Rebekah and Elijah have met the sharp end of that White Oak stake.

However, it still gives Mystic Falls’ resident Scrappy Doo a one up on his sister, who, so far, has only croaked twice . . .which, on this show, is like a walk in the park . . .

While Elena waits for her brother’s Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality to kick in, she calls Damon for moral support.  After all, if anyone knows what it feels like to temporarily kill Jeremy Gilbert, it’s Damon.

Also, Saint Stefan’s vampire buzzkill ways, coupled with a few recent fibs on his part, not to mention the surprise resurgence of his obviously sexual relationship with one Klausipoo (Come on, those two aren’t fooling ANYBODY!) have been enough to move the younger Salvatore brother down one notch on Elena’s Emergency Contacts list . . .


STEFAN: *whistles uncomfortably*

But then Damon calls Stefan to come over . . . I think because the poor blue-eyed vamp has become so used to getting denied nookie on this show that he’s started to cockblock himself . . .

Except Elena doesn’t want to talk to Stefan, she wants to have We Both Killed Jeremy Gilbert Once, But that Doesn’t Necessarily Make Us Bad People Sex with Damon! take a shower, thank you very much!



This would be a great commercial for dishwasher detergent.  “Look NO DISHPAN HANDS!”

Unfortunately, for Elena, once she’s alone again, her hallucinations start kicking back into high gear.  What’s a baby vamp to do?

“Eat my feelings?”

Elsewhere in Mystic Falls . . .

There Ain’t No Party Like a Headless Hybrid Party . . .

Tyler, Hayley, and the rest of their Wacky Woof Pack have apparently spent the night repeatedly toasting to the life of That Random Hybrid that Got Blown Up Last Week, but not to the life of That Random Hybrid Who Got His Head Chopped Off Two Weeks Ago, thus proving that, much like high school, every Wacky Woof Pack has it’s jocks that people actually care about, and its mathletes that they don’t.  Sucks to be you, Headless Hybrid Number 22!

Then, Hayley does this thing where she seductively feeds Tyler booze from her finger.  And I guess it’s supposed to be sexy.  But as anyone who’s actually been up all night partying knows, all-night partiers’ fingers are the last places you want to be licking (well, almost the last places), because you have no idea where they’ve been . . .


“Contrary to popular belief, my mouth is NOT your sink.”

Caroline comes flouncing in at that moment in a huff to engage in the ex-girlfriend ritual of “returning ex-boyfriend’s belongings in a box.”


I don’t know . . . taking the time to pack your exes crap in a box, just so you can hand deliver it to him . . . it seems like a lot of work to me.  Personally, I like to throw all my ex-boyfriends’ sh*t in my cat’s litterbox, and let her do the rest of the dirty work.  But that’s just me . . .

“I knew my hat smelled funny.”

It sure makes Klaus happy though, who just so “happens” to walk in at the moment all this is going down.  The Original Hybrid wastes absolutely no time giving Caroline those trademark googly eyes that say, “When you’re done playing FedEx Delivery Girl with Tyler, come play Naughty Nurse with me.”

But it looks like the joke might be on Klaus.  Because, the minute the blonde vamp exits stage right, Hayley and Caroline are patting one another on the back for a ruse well-played, and Tyler and Caroline are tonguing one another, like it’s their job.  (Be careful, Caroline.   Tyler’s tongue just had Hayley’s all-night party finger all over it.  Can you say, Germ Party?)


Turns out, the whole scene was just a ruse to throw Klaus off the gangs’ Master Plan to free all the hybrids from their Master’s Sire Bond.  In fact, one hybrid named Chris is already a success story.  Sorry Chris.  We all know what happens to hybrids who get a name that isn’t “Tyler,” don’t we?

Enjoy having a name, and partying with Sexy Finger-Sucking Hayley, while you can.  Because it looks like you just got a first class, one-way ticket to the Hybrid Pez Head Hall of Fame . . .

Adventures in Babysitting Elena Gilbert . . .

After paying his hybrids a visit, Klaus calls his boyfriend Stefan for a quick booty call.  I can’t tell you exactly what he says.  But I suppose it goes something like this:


“Hey my Ripper Stud!  How’s it hanging?  Has your not-nearly-as-good-in-the-sack-as-me girlfriend started going all loony tunes from killing a vampire hunter yet?  She has?  So, in other words, both my love interests’ significant others are misbehaving, and making me look gooooood.  This must be my lucky day! Pull down your pants.  I’m coming over.”

Klaus explains to Stefan that part of the Curse of the Five is that, when a vampire kills one of them, the dead hunters spirit haunts that vampire until he or she offs herself . . . you know, permanently.  Klaus wants Stefan to lend him Elena to make sure she doesn’t rid the show of it’s main female protagonist.  Stefan is understandably leery of his boyfriend’s promise.  After all, we all know what happened the last time Klaus “borrowed,” Elena . . .

Unfortunately, for Stefan, Elena chooses this exact moment to mistake Damon for Dead!Connor.  And, within minutes, the latter rushes right into Klaus’ waiting arms . . .


All of the sudden, this show just became one of those “zany” sitcoms, where the main character loses the kid he’s babysitting for, and has to go on all these CRAZY adventures, to find the kid, before The Parents get home . . .

A Christmas Carol – Mystic Falls Edition

Klaus locks Elena in one of those elegant-looking dungeons that all civilized super villains seem to have built into their homes.  It’s there that Crazy!Elena starts morphing into Mystic Falls’ version of Ebenezer Scrooge.  And just in time for the holidays!

We’ve already seen Elena be visited by the Ghost of Vampire Present, a.k.a Hot!Dead Connor. But now it’s time for Elena to get a glimpse into her vampire future, a.k.a Katherine.  I have to say, though I was initially annoyed that the writers took the time to bring back Elena’s Vixen Doppelganger, only to have her be little more than a figment of Schizo!Elena’s warped imagination, I kind of enjoyed watching Nina Dobrev so expertly turn her own alter ego to mush, with some awesomely biting insults.


It’s hard being That Girl in the show or the movie, with whom all the hot supernatural creatures are madly in love, who always seems to need saving, and who is inadvertently responsible for most, if not all, of the untimely deaths in the series.  Because, as much as female fans might want to be you, a lot of them will also want to shove pointy objects up your ass, or, at the very least, feed you lard, and make your face break out in lots of pimples.  Just ask Bella Swan and Sookie Stackhouse . . .

So, while loving Vampire Diaries means, at least to some extent, loving Elena Gilbert, we all also hate her a little bit too.  And the part of us that hates her, got a real kick out of hearing our complaints about the character emerge directly from the mouth of Katherine Petrova . . .

In which I hope Professor Boo Radley doesn’t end up being this Silas Guy (because then I won’t be able to call him Professor Boo Radley anymore) . . .

Our Scooby Gang always seems to be searching for some “cure,” don’t they?  Just last week, they were hunting for a cure for vampirism, now they are seeking out a Cure for Crazy.  Their Pal Bon-Bon suggests that Professor Boo Radley might be just the guy to give them the answers they are seeking.

Worst Show and Tell EVER!

For the second time this season, we are subjected to another one of Boo Radley’s boring lectures about the occult . . .

.  . . except this one is about a seriously pissed-off dude named Silas, who literally lives under a rock.  It also raises some questions.  Could this Big Bad Silas guy be “the cure” to vampirism everyone is talking about?  Is Professor Boo Radley his alter ego, a la Clark Kent and Super Man?  Does this mean, I’m going to actually have to start listening to Professor Boo Radley, when he talks instead of sleeping, or taking a bathroom break, because his words might actually be important to the show’s mythology?  Man, I hope not . . .

As Matt cleverly pointed out, during his random chat with Damon at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls (Damon is still ordering drinks for Alaric, by the way.  How adorable is that?) . . .


 . . . anyone who knows anything in this town is just assumed creepy, until proven otherwise.  And Professor Boo Radley sure does seem to know a lot about The Five.  Not only was he IN CAHOOTS with Hot!Connor, he also seemed to have been IN CAHOOTS! with that wackadoodle Pastor Young from the premiere episode.  Did I mention it was Professor Boo Radley, who conveniently clued in the rest of the Scooby Gang to the information they needed to secure Jeremy Gilbert’s status as a new vampire hunter?

Something smells fishy about Professor Boo Radley, and it’s not just all that gel he uses in his hair, or that his hippy dippy candlelit office probably reeks of patchouli.  It’s something else . ..  something BAAAAAAD . . .

In which we continue our trend of senselessly murdering hybrids, and Caroline takes her turn as the romantic lead . . .

Armed with the information they received about The Five, the Scooby Gang formulates a new two-pronged Save Elena plan.  First, free her from Klaus clutches, with the help of no-longer-sired-to-Klaus-hybrid Chris.  Then, get Jeremy to kill a vampire, thereby activating himself as a new member of The Five, and simultaneously breaking the hold DeadHOT! Connor has on Nutzo!Elena before she kills herself . . . again.

The first part seems like it should be easy.  After all, with Scooby Gang sympathizer Chris guarding her door, all Stefan really has to do is walk right in and free Elena, right.  Except, like I said, Stefan  is the Worst Babysitter in the World!

So, of course, two minutes after Stefan walks through that dungeon door, Elena is all, “Stefan, when did you turn into a hot bald black man who’s trying to kill me? AHHHHHHHH!”

She runs out.  And he loses her, AGAIN . . .

I know I shouldn’t be laughing at Stefan’s pain, and Elena’s psychoses, but I totally am . . .

Over at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Klaus flirts some more with Caroline.  And she uses her feminine wiles to get the Original Hybrid on board with the Scooby Gang’s plan to “activate Jeremy” and “save Elena.”


Whether your Team Klaroline or Team Forwood, you have to admit, Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan are fun to watch on screen together.  Their chemistry is just so different than the one that exists between Caroline and Tyler, that it makes this new love triangle, which could come off as stale or cliche with lesser actors, something fresh and interesting . . .

That said, I couldn’t have been the only one rolling my eyes, when Klaus told Caroline that if Tyler was still sired to him, the baby hybrid would never hurt the Vampire Barbie.  REALLY?  Says the guy who, just last season, used his sire bond to get Tyler to POISON CAROLINE WITH HIS SALIVA and almost kill her, just so Klaus could come to her rescue?

Here’s some advice, Klaus:  when trying to woo your lady love, play toward your strengths: buying expensive jewelery and dresses, offering up exotic vacations, doing that panty-dropping smirk thing you do, drawing ponies . . .

Save the “Honorable Guy / Hero” stuff for your adversary, Tyler, because it just doesn’t work for you . . .

Shortly thereafter, in a scene that upset me more than I thought it would, Sort-of Anonymous Hybrid Chris runs into Klaus, just moments after helping Team Scooby and paving the way toward his freedom.  The Original Hybrid stabs the poor guy, and then steps aside while Sweet Little Jeremy hacks off the head of yet another hybrid, in order to . . . wait for it . . . SAVE ELENA . . . the only difference is that, unlike the first one he killed, this one was genuinely a nice guy.  Too bad the writers had to go and give him a name . . .

I know a lot of people were disappointed in Tyler for throwing that glass at the wall in anger, upon learning that, not only had he pretty much hand delivered his fellow pack member to certain death, but that Caroline agreed to go on a date with Klaus, in order to ensure that it would happen.  But personally, I think that anger was kind of justified, under the circumstances.  Old Season 1 Tyler probably would have broken a heck of a lot worse than a wine glass, had that happened to him . . .

In which Damon Salvatore saves the day (AND quotes an 80’s movie), all in the same hour!


Damon uses his expert knowledge of Elena to conclude that her wackadoodle self ran off to Wickory Bridge, i.e. “the place where it all began.”  But before he can find her, we get a fun little scene where The Ghost of Elena’s Vampire Present (Hot!DEAD! Connor), and the Ghost of Elena’s Evil! Vampire Future (Missing! Vampire Katherine) team up with the Ghost of Elena’s Not-So-Vampire Past (Mommy!) team up for a fun little game I like to call “Get Elena to kill herself.”

Now, if Connor Ghost was creepy, and Katherine Ghost was intellectually satisfying, Mommy Ghost was just frigging hilarious, though,  I suspect the last was not entirely intentional.  Come on . . . the blank expression she had on her face . . . the Stepford Wife smile . . . her complete lack of irony, as she told Elena, “Hey, you were an awesome human daughter, but as a vampire, you suck.  You should totally throw yourself off the bridge, honey, and join your underwater parents, whose corpses might still be there.  It’s what a Good Daughter would do . . .


“Hmmm . . . I wonder what I’m having for dinner tonight.  I’m so tired of fish.”

Dramatic music blares in the background, as Elena stares over the bridge, and THROWS AWAY HER SUNSCREEN RING . . .

Now, that’s just a waste of perfectly good jewelry, not to mention environmentally unsound.  Just think about all the fish with insanely small heads who might choke on that ring . . .

Fortunately, Yummy Damon appears just moments after Jeremy chopped off Poor Chris’ head, thereby breaking the Suicide Spell on Elena FOREVER . . . or, at least, until the show comes up with another Spell That Puts Elena’s Life in Danger . . .


The two of them exchange A LOOK . . . you know, the one.  It’s a look that says.

DAMON: “Hey sexy.  I’m so glad your still dead, but not, you know . . . DEAD, DEAD.  I’d really like to have sex with you right here on this bridge, where you keep almost dying.”

ELENA: “Hey hot stuff.  I’m so glad you came to see me at the exact same spot where I chose Stefan over you, and was punished for doing so by DYING.  Also, I’d really like to have sex with you right on this bridge, because why not?

Then, the SUN COMES UP, which would normally be poignant and romantic . . . a metaphor for LIFE AND HOPE, except . . .

Well . . . this is a dead chick we’re talking about who just threw her sunscreen ring in river, so . . . OOPS.

Worry not, it’s Damon to the rescue!  He grabs Elena, and jumps into the water with her like Superman, saving her supernatural jewelry, just like he saved her vervain necklace, back in the day.


Except, this time, Elena is SUPER APPRECIATIVE .  . . so appreciative that when Damon comes to see her in her bedroom the following morning she . . . wait for it . . .


. . . fondles his . . . fingers.


DARN . . . so close, right?  But wait . . . there’s more.

“It’s not you, it’s me . . . and my vampire sex urges for your older brother.”

Elena and Stefan have a heart to heart on the porch, after self-sacrificing brother extraordinaire Damon finally came clean to Elena about the whole “vampire cure” thing.  But for those of us who assumed we’d be subjected to YET another Stelena makeup scene, BOY were we wrong.  In a confession that literally caused my jaw to drop, Elena admitted to Stefan that her feelings for DAMON were growing stronger, and that she was not the same person with whom Stefan fell in love.


And in a confession that dropped my jaw further, Stefan AGREED.

And then, they BROKE UP!

Holy crap!  For four years, Delena fans have been waiting for Elena to FINALLY recognize and give in to her romantic feelings for Damon.  But we never expected it to happen like this . . . It all just seemed so . . .matter-of-fact?

In a way, it’s the perfect time for the writers to explore the Delena relationship.  Not only does it give a nice nod to how Damon and Elena came together in the book series, it also makes sense.  While Stefan’s adoration of Elena remains largely fixated on the person she was . . . Damon has shown her, time and time, again, this season, that he loves, not only the young woman she was, but also the vampire she’s becoming . . .  His love is without condition or judgment.

It is accepting of Elena’s new-found impulses and flaws.  And while Elena is learning to accept her new self, she needs to be with the kind of man who can accept her too . . .

If I had to express one gripe about the way all this went down, it would be that, in the context of the season, it seemed to come a bit out of left field.  I mean, sure, Delena fans have all spent long hours analyzing scenes that show Elena fighting her unresolved passions for Damon.  But if we are to believe now that Elena feels MORE passionate about Damon, since becoming a vampire, I would have liked to have seen a scene or two, before she made her confession, which illustrated this . . .

Because aside from that one that one scene at the frat party . . .

. . . and a very short scene, in which Elena appeared to be checking out Damon’s shlong, we haven’t really gotten much of that so far this season.

Then again, I strongly suspect that the best is yet to come.  After all, anyone who’s ever had a secret crush knows that it’s when you actually verbalize it to your friends that it becomes the most real.  Suddenly, those feelings are out there in the world, and “playing it cool.” is simply no longer an option.

Just in time for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. . .

Until next time, Fangbangers!


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33 responses to “A Good Day to Be an Underdog – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “We all go a little mad sometimes”

  1. Linn

    Hmm, allthoug obviously happy with this new plotline, I was also a bit miffed with how it came about. The whole break-up conversation was all about how Elena’s feelings for Damon were heightened by her vampirism, rather than what it should have been about: How Stefan didn’t really fancy her as much now that she’s a vampire and not a saintly human. Which is a pretty shitty of him. It’s like dumping someone because they’ve gained a few pounds (not really, but almost).

    Besides shouldn’t Elena’s vampirism also heighten her feelings for Stefan and thereby making everything like it used to be? It’s like saying she onsly fancies Damon because she’s drunk (not really, but almost).

    I was really not impressed with last season at all, and still sitting on the fence about this one. The episodes are so hit and miss! The first episode was awful, yet the second was awesome! And is it really a good chess move to introduce those annpoying diaries again? Really? I also HATE the new introduction (this is my home, And mine… etc) Less lameness please!

    But yes, very excited to see where they’re going with this new development 🙂 If Elena runs back to Stefan three episodes from now, I’ll be really annoyed 😉

    PS: hope you’re ok, and glad to see you back to good old blog form 🙂

    • Hey Linn! You bring up a really good point. Given how obvious Stefan has made it to EVERYONE, Elena included, that he disapproves of / is possibly less attracted to the vampire Elena is becoming, I think a lot of us would have expected / wanted to see a bit more resentment on Elena’s part, in that porch scene.

      The only reason I could think of, as to why Elena wouldn’t be resentful at this point, is that she still defines herself by the way Stefan sees her . . . which is sad, and which, hopefully, Damon will be able to break her from, in the coming weeks. I think a lot of the hallucinations Elena experienced this week illustrated the negative view she has of herself as a vampire. “Connor” called her a monster. “Katherine” said she was becoming just like her, and that Stefan would grow to hate her. “Her mother” said that the Elena she loved and raised was already dead.

      Because Elena feels that way about herself now, she’s not blaming Stefan for feeling the same way. However, I suspect that as Elena comes to accept herself as a vampire, and realize that she’s still fundamentally the same person she was, when she was alive, she will gravitate more toward people who are supportive of her new self (Damon, Caroline), and move away from people who don’t.

      I’ve always been down with vampirism being a form of perpetual PMS, during which you’re always really hungry, and all your emotions (both good and bad) are heightened. But the “heightened” personality trait / feelings thing always kind of confused me, at least how it’s presented on TVD. Is it that ALL of your personality traits are heightened, or just the ones that most represented the person you used to be? I feel like TVD flip flops on the answer to this question, depending on which one is more convenient to the plot at the time. 🙂

      For example, in “By the Light of the Moon,” Stefan seemed to suggest to Caroline that only your primary traits would be amplified. So, for Stefan that was his empathy (though, I’m not quite sure where the Ripper came from ;)), and for Caroline it was her “Type A personality / control freak nature), which would explain why she’s supposedly such a “better” vampire than everyone else. But later in the season, Lexi told Stefan that ALL his traits were amplified, meaning that he could LOVE stronger than he used to be able to love.

      If EVERYTHING about Elena is heightened, than, yeah, she should probably have stronger feelings for Stefan too. But, of course, as a Delena fan, I’d like to think that it’s Elena’s passion and fighting spirit that have been amplified. And that those qualities are more characteristic of her passionate, intense, adversarial / but in a good way, relationship with Damon, than they are of her . . . “comfortable / even-keeled / dull” relationship with Stefan.

      That said, I can definitely commiserate with your frustration about this season. I think the show is still trying to find some of the magic, excitement, and intensity that characterized its first season (well, except for those first three episodes zzzzzzz), and the first half of its second season. Here’s hoping that the writers FINALLY exploring a romantic relationship between Damon and Elena will be a step in the right direction.

  2. hahaha I look forward to reading this every week! your too funny! not to mention you totally sum up how i feel about each episode 🙂

  3. Andre

    Interesting start for a recap I must say. And it makes me state one question:
    How much porn have you actually watched? 😉

    And what sort actually?
    Albeit I guess that this sort would be totally your type:

    You know the promo for this episode was one of the few so far that have not been misleading in my eyes. I guessed that Elena would go mad, albeit it was clear that it would be only temporarily (like always), that someone else would save her, that Katherine would only be a hallucination and that they would have a side character to serve Elena again.
    I also don’t understand how this was a way for the underdogs to shine. Neither Damon nor Klaus are underdogs in anyway. And Jeremy doesn’t count. I mean did anybody really think that a bit more spotlight for Jeremy would mean anything different than the old “For Elena” line? After all if it would be any different Jeremy would be out of this house in a second, never to return, but since he still does things “for Elena”….
    And isn’t Jeremy supposedly supernatural already? So how could the ring work? But you know there is at least one more inconsistency and I have to say I am a bit disappointed, because I thought you would have spotted that one already. But more to that later.

    And kjewls… how can I say it… the Originals had been DAGGERED, not staked, it is the white oak DAGGER, not the stake. That is a big difference.

    Personally I think that Stefan’s closeness with Klaus has nothing to do with Elena calling Damon first, that may be what the writers want people to think, but seriously Stefan did worse and Elena didn’t “dump” him. They just want Elena close to Damon now, but more to the ridiculous explanation for that later. Actually, that is another inconsistency, albeit this one has a looooonnnnggggg tradition on this show.
    Actually Damon calling Stefan pretty much proves that this whole charade is just there to have more “triangle drama” going on. After all that was the only reason Elena became a vampire in the first place.

    Wow that “break-up” sounded so lame. No one who watched this show for longer than one season would believe that to be other than a ruse. At least I hope so, I mean when did main couples on this show ever had a break-up? A true break-up not these one episode “break-ups” that are supposed to make it exciting.
    The only thing that was good for was to point towards the inconsistency in this show. But I won’t tell that now.

    As for Chris, totally agree with you. Why do they even bother with such stuff if it’s gonna fail anyhow and everybody knows it? Would anybody still be fooled? None of the plans ever seem to work prior to the season finale three episodes and I think you must be pretty dumb to still fall for it. This freeing of the hybrids will fail anyway and like I predicted Caroline is showed into Klaus’ arms, the way they portrayed Caroline so far she can easily fall for Klaus. If not it is only another one of the show’s sudden twists without sense. No sense from a character development point at least.

    And since Klaus is still around, this Curse of the Five doesn’t seem to be very powerful at least I don’t see Klaus dead or at least hallucinating and trying to off himself.

    So Hallo-Katherine told Elena what is wrong with her… a step by the show to rid Elena of her damsel in distress status? Definitely not. This can only be when Elena becomes bad, good girls in this show are never really independent, they only pretend. You know like when Elena trained to become a slayer without putting on any muscle, or the pseudo-confidence of Caroline, or the important sheriff Forbes, or the smart Dr. Fells, or the powerful and independent Bonnie, etc.

    Now this new professor is obviously another dude the characters don’t know and they just believe everything….
    I don’t know what to say to this stupid move by the writers… Wow, that must be a first.

    So the triangle between the potential rapist who suddenly lost all his anger management issues (albeit according top vampirism they should be even stronger now), the thousand year old diva and the dumb blond is interesting and refreshing…
    Seriously? Never mind that it’s totally sick?
    You know stuff like this made fans want to kill Plec for refusing to have Bonnie with someone else but Jamie (where is he by the way?) and “justifying” this with Bonnie’s beauty and strength. Yeah that makes sense. The two white girls get one guy after another but the black girl has to be content with little brothers and stepbrothers. If there would be no Klaroline (a very sick relationship) people might have let Plec get away with this but since stuff like Klaroline and Delena is possible on this show there is no logical reason not to have Damon fall for Bonnie or even a sick Bonnie Kole relationship.
    Man, I miss this:

    At least back then Bonnie stood up for herself, especially against Damon. And it is still true what Bonnie said back then. Everything is Damon’s fault. But today if you say this, you are the bad guy and hated by the Damon fans for it.
    Today Bonnie is just a sideline character with no justification for existence apart from serving the white characters. Matt is only the next tool and Jeremy just the victim for everything.
    And apparently, it was really good for me not to see the last episode:

    By the way, was the hybrid Chris black or white (other colors have no airtime on the show)? If he was black his violent death was assured from the start.

    And you know:
    ” REALLY? Says the guy who, just last season, used his sire bond to get Tyler to POISON CAROLINE WITH HIS SALIVA and almost kill her, just so Klaus could come to her rescue?”
    This is the reason why I am a bit disappointed with your skills.
    Explanation: According to this season a werewolf’s poison is in its saliva (definitely stolen from Underworld). So… Caroline should be dead already, as should Katherine. All of them had kissed carriers of the venom, more than once, but they are still around. Inconsistency.

    Wow, lucky I didn’t see that bridge scene. It sounded as though it sucked major ass.

    “…until the show comes up with another Spell That Puts Elena’s Life in Danger”
    I doubt that this will take long.
    And according to Wikipedia a witch cast the Curse of the Five. Wow, these witches are so powerful and versatile. Klaus must be really smart to avoid their wrath for centuries.

    And… would that river actually be deep enough to filter all the sunlight out so Elena won’t be fried?

    And your jaw seriously dropped at Stefan’s just agreeing to the break up? It was clear that this would happen in this season. The writers want to keep up the “tension” with which to capture fans, no idea how that works.

    And as you can probably guess:
    I disagree with you on Damon. It doesn’t make any sense, at least not for the reasons you mentioned. Damon is even more judgmental than Stefan. He simply has a free reign with Elena now, typical for the gothic villain that he is, fits totally. That is why he is all over Elena and that is also the reason why you Delena’s are infatuated with him (since Gothic villains are portrayed as the better choice [and also because nice guys are portrayed as boring on average]) and why he will ultimately destroy Elena one way or another. Unless the writers come up with another nonsense plot twist without any sense and change that once more. Possibly by bringing the Ripper back. Either way if he follows the Gothic villain trope it will end in “tears” again.
    And speaking of that: has anybody here read Wuthering Heights? I already pointed out the similarities between Dracula and The Vampire Diaries but since I never read Wuthering Heights I cannot really say, but what I can say is that in the novel there is a guy called “Lockwood” and considered how often the show copied stuff from others I doubt that it is coincidence that book-Tyler is called Smallwood and show-Tyler Lockwood. The symbolism would also fit since Damon’s hair and demeanor is usually darker than that of Stefan.
    So does anybody here know the novel?

    And all this “Elena is hornier for Damon than for Stefan because she is a vampire” makes no sense either, I agree with Linn. Not that it surprises me since the show never treats its rules consistently but the way they always state vampirism to be, Elena should still be all over Stefan and not Damon, since vampirism only magnifies your already strongest traits and doesn’t switch you totally. So it would only make sense if Elena would have already chosen Damon a long time ago but not like this.

    Someday you really have to explain to me why a woman like you who enjoys Game of Thrones so much actually has such a hype for TVD.

    • Hey Andre. Haha, you asked about my relationship with porn. 🙂 I had a guy friend back in school who was actually a “collector,” of really old school / cheesy porn . . . 70s and 80s stuff that our parents probably watched. (Well, YOUR parents . . . I, of course, don’t like to think about MY parents watching porn. :)) He used to hold late night “screenings” of the most ridiculous of them. My personal favorites were: (1) the one that involved puppets that vaguely resembled the Muppets; (2) one that involved Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz; and (3) one that was loosely based on The Exorcist . . . do the math on that one. 🙂

      But enough about porn, let’s talk about TVD. 🙂

      As for my comment on underdogs, I agree that neither Klaus or Damon could really be considered “underdogs” in the true sense of the term, since they are both leads, and have both been victorious in their various Master Plans at many points throughout the series. But from a romance perspective, both Klaus and Damon could be considered underdogs on this show, because, up until this point, neither has really had much success, when it comes to getting the woman (or man, in Klaus’ case ;)) that they desire. Damon has lost out to Stefan on both Katherine and Elena on multiple occasions. Ditto for Klaus, when it comes to Caroline and Stefan. (Because we all know Klaus is secretly in love with Stefan, more so even than Caroline, I think.)

      As for Jeremy, yes, his Vampire Hunter plotline, at least up to this point, has been solely an afterthought of the “Find a Cure for Elena’s vampirism plot.” However, I’d like to think that this is about to change. Just as Elena’s vampirism has altered Elena’s personality and desires, and caused her to struggle with her humanity, I’d like to think that we will get to experience a similar transformation in Jeremy. In previous weeks, Connor told Jeremy that he had this strong desire to kill vampires. Alaric said the same thing, after a few deaths / reawakenings allowed his Jamaican Me Crazy ring to take its toll on him.

      As a Jamaican Me Crazy ring wearer, with three deaths under his belt, a now-supernaturally inclined vampire hunter with super strength / immunity to compulsion / and, let’s not forget, the ability to see and talk to the dead, Jeremy is going to be susceptible to some pretty dark urges in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the writers will at least spend some time focusing on the way in which Jeremy reconciles his new-found killer instincts, with his love for his sister, and friendship with Stefan / Damon / Caroline and Tyler.

      Speaking of underdogs, Matt’s been becoming a bit less useless of late, hasn’t he? He did, after all, come to Damon about the connection between Professor Boo Radley and Pastor Young. 🙂

      Eh, stake / dagger / dagger / stake . . . it’s all about sticking phallic objects into others, isn’t it? 😉

      Continuing on the subject of your nitpicking about my recap (You know I still love you, right? ;)), I think the werewolf venom actually comes from the wolves’ gums, on this show. So, I guess saliva might not be the proper term. (But it sure is a heck of a lot simpler / more eloquent to write than “the crap in Tyler’s gums”) This would explain why werewolves can KILL vampires, without consequence, but their bites are deadly.

      Oh, and you think DAMON is more judgmental than Stefan? HOW? WHY? HUH? Please clarify. 🙂

      Because I’d argue that Damon is the least judgmental character on this show. This is not to say that Damon is without flaws. Is he impulsive? Yes. Morally loose? Absolutely. Alcoholic and a little bit slutty? Definitely. But judgmental? Uh-uh. I just don’t see it.

      Hmmm . . . why do I enjoy both Game of Thrones and TVD? Well, I guess there are a lot of reasons for both shows, some similar, and some different. Generally speaking, I’d like to think that my TV tastes are kind of diverse. I watch “gritty” adult dramas like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and American Horror Story. Less “gritty” adult dramas, like Revenge, Girls, and Newsroom. I watch teen fare, like Teen Wolf, TVD, Glee, Degrassi, Awkward, and Gossip Girl (though this season of the latter has been legitimately terrible). I watch fantasy fluff like Once Upon a Time, and comedies like New Girl.

      I guess I’m just drawn to shows with interesting characters, fun dialogue, and story lines that keep me amused, entertained, and occasionally surprised. 🙂

      • Andre

        I am pretty sure my parents didn’t watch porn. They grew up in former East Germany so there wasn’t much porn around. 😉
        And those porn flicks you mention sound kind of creepy. I am sure todays are better and there is lots of gay porn that you can enjoy, I am sure of it. 😀

        Now Klaus x Stefan… won’t happen. As a friend I give you an advice:
        Don’t put your hopes high on any POC or non-straight characters on this show. It’s wasted and it will leave your heart bleeding out. The only character category they ever treat well are heterosexual, white characters, nothing else.
        Chris is the best example. It was clear from the start that he would die simply because he was non-white. It happened with every POC on this show except Bonnie (Tyler doesn’t count, calling Trevino a POC is already bullshit it my eyes, Mexican or not the man is a white guy and nothing else) that they are all gone now one way or another and most of them died: Pearl, Anna, Harper, the Non-white tomb vampires, Greta, Luca, Jonas, Grams, Lucy, Connor, Ayla (by the way why did Bonnie’s ancestor had to be black?), the non-white female hybrid from season 3, and I am sure the list will go on and one. And none of them even died a heroic or elegant death, not one.
        Now this can’t be a coincidence. Therefore, please do not invest any hope in them, it won’t turn out well. 😦

        As for Jeremy… maybe it will, even a blind dog can find a stick but just like Klaus was never shown to experience any side effects of killing hunters (and possibly never will) so it’s possible that neither will Jeremy, or at least that it will be glossed over, like the whole thing with Bonnie and her magic. Now to fix her problems she was just hypnotized. Why didn’t she contact Lucy? Seriously, why not?
        And you are totally right, Jeremy could just have searched for some unknown badass vampire and kill that one. And think about it, Klaus said last episodes that he wants to keep his hybrids safe but since then he already killed two. What crap.
        And they did so little with Jeremy apart from using him as a tool that I doubt it will be any different now. Ever since the start of season 2 he never had any independent storyline. So I don’t think it will be different now.

        And when you really think about it, the hybrid stuff is glossed ever as well. Basically they are just a slightly different version of vampires; apart from that they have no werewolf traces. I mean why didn’t Klaus just threaten to let his hybrids transform and run loose? They could do that. But they didn’t.

        And maybe some writers realized they could use Matt, but seriously, most actors on this show are too good for it, they deserve better than being given this crap.

        And sorry, but the dagger and the stake are two different things on this show, so that distinction is crucial in my eyes.

        Actually it makes no difference whether the venom is in the saliva glands or the gums, because it would still mix with the saliva and therefore a kiss should still be deadly. It is another one of the many inconsistencies on this show. That’s why I don’t invest any excitement in this. Why should I? It just keeps piling up.

        Damon doesn’t use words as often as Stefan does but he is at least just as judgmental. Also don’t forget that judging is not simply condemning.
        Damon kills all sorts of people just because they are in his way, he pretty much insults everybody when they do not act the way he wants it, he also threatens pretty much everybody who doesn’t act the way he wants it and that is a pretty high number now you have to admit that. Not to mention his decades long vendetta against Stefan. With Elena he does the same right now in that he now judges her to be worthy of more woeing and that she has to act like him. Really he is judging people all the time the difference between him and Stefan is simply that he acts much quicker, uses less words and basically has only three basic judgements:
        You are worthy of my attention,
        You are not worthy of my attention
        You are not worthy to live.

        “I guess I’m just drawn to shows with interesting characters, fun dialogue, and story lines that keep me amused, entertained, and occasionally surprised.”
        And that is the reason why I don’t understand why you still like TVD. There is nothing interesting anymore in my eyes and nothing surprises me. They dragged this “love triangle” for more than 70 episodes now and I am sick of it. The sideline characters are not even characters anymore, they are just tools. And the main three are only defined by their relationship. The show is sexist and racist as well in my eyes. I want to see at least one strong woman but this show only gives me female crybabies and every strong woman is either distant background, gone away or dead. Whenever they introduce something you know that the writers are gonna drop it soon anyway, so why bother in the first place? You know every new characters gets killed off soon, so why starting to like them? You the show is heteronormative and arguably white supremacy together with revisionist history and an unwillingness to deal with hard topics although the vampire concept was very often used for that. But they simply don’t do it. They cannot even work with the rules they themselves created.
        There is simply nothing entertaining, amusing or funny anymore in this show for me. Nothing. Not one bit.

        PS. I hope you like the picture in the mailbox. Actually I was thinking for a long time to do a Sterek one 😉

  4. East Coast Captain

    I got a kick out of Katherine even if she was a hallucination taunting Elena about the things that are true look at how many characters have and are still being sacrificed at the altar of sweet Elena and then Elena says she is nothing like her ancestor I´m afraid she is fooling herself she IS like Katherine even if she doesn´t consciously know it.

    Glad Stefan broke up with her, he is right about everything. Hopefully it can stick for a season or two. They should give Stefan a love interest while they are it develop his character as more than just Elena´s personal hero that she calls whenever she needs to be rescued because let´s face it even as a vampire she still needs to be saved gimme a break!

    This Silas may be a precursor to the vampires, the original model for immortality except the powers and bloodlust.

    • Hey East Coast Captain. I think the writers are leery of bringing Katherine back to the show, for good, because they are concerned that Nina Dobrev won’t be able to pull off the now, much more subtle, distinction between the two characters. Before, Katherine was the tough, impulsive, manipulative vamp, and Elena was the sweet, unassuming damsel in distress. Now, that we are meant to believe that Vampire Elena is tough, impulsive, and driven by darkness, at least to some extent, as well, it will be much more challenging to highlight the differences between them.

      That said, it was fun seeing Katherine again. Nina clearly has so much fun playing the character. And that is evident, whenever she is onscreen.

      As for whether Elena is just like Katherine, I’d say that the difference between them is in their intent. While both women have succeeded in getting men to fall for them, and sacrifice on their behalf, I think Katherine is conscious of her feminine wiles, and uses them to get what she wants, whereas Elena is willfully blind to the impact she has on the people she loves. And, when she manipulates them, she does so unintentionally.

      It will be interesting to see whether this particular aspect of Elena’s personality will become more like Katherine or less, as she grows into her new vampire persona.

      I don’t know if I necessarily sided with Stefan during his porch breakup with Elena. However, I definitely agree that the couple was right in deciding to take a break from one another. If Elena is experiencing strong feelings for Damon, and is at the point where she trusts him more than Stefan, than she definitely owes it to both her and Stefan to end their relationship, while she figures out the person she’s become. As for Stefan, he’s right in telling Elena that they can’t have a relationship, if she doesn’t trust him. On the other hand, I feel like, just as he did when he was a Ripper, Stefan has been pushing Elena into Damon’s arms by being so very obvious about the fact that he doesn’t approve of her as a vampire.

      That said, if they aren’t bringing back Katherine for a while, I’d actually really like to see a relationship between Stefan and Caroline explored. After all, Stefan always seems so much more laidback and fun around Caroline than he does around Elena. I think these two could be a good match, in the future. Of course, Caroline kind of has her hands full now in the male appreciation department. 😉

      • Andre

        I will respond to the reply to my comment later. And don’t worry we are still friends and you will find a drawing in your mailbox you will surely like 😉

        But I am here for something else now. On Youtube I read that supposedly “Julie Plec talk about that and said this: “When Klaus gone, Katherine will appear again”

        My response was:
        To be honest that sounds like crap. I bet they are just gonna ruin that once again. That is one of the reasons I quit: Katherine is the only sexually and socially independent woman on this show that is still around and she is one of the bad characters. The good ones are so whiny and either margin characters or basically defined by their relationships. I wish Pearl and Lucy were still around

        Note: Lucy was Bonnies cousin from season 2 who told her that Bonnie could call her for help and ever since then she was never mentioned again.

  5. Natalie Robertson

    You hit the nail on the head with your comment that there haven’t been enough emotionally charged lingering glances from Elena toward Damon this season. If Elena hadn’t freaked out and had actually acknowledged her feelings after the trip to the frat party, it would have been more believable. She has been in denial this season and I wanted her to see Damon’s selfless commitment to her several episodes ago (like season 3 finale, episode 4.1, or honestly, anytime would have been fine with me!) and start to return those feelings.

    Great episode, full of info. More fun to come, for sure!

    Thanks for your fun recap!

    • Hey Natalie! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, who was looking for a little more evidence of unrequited passion on the part of Elena this season, prior to her BIG CONFESSION, this week. (To be honest, I feared fans would want to revoke my Delena Fan Club card for spouting such blasphemy. :)) And you are right, the frat party would have been an excellent opportunity to illustrate that. Or, perhaps, we could have seen Elena come close to kissing Damon, when they were holding hands in bed, the morning after he rescued her.

      I’ve always been a big proponent of the “show don’t tell,” method of storytelling. So, far, Elena has TOLD Stefan she has stronger feelings for Damon. And, judging by the upcoming promo, she will TELL Damon the same thing, in “My Brother’s Keeper.” The real question is, how will the writers SHOW that Elena’s feelings have changed. It still remains to be seen . . . 🙂

  6. fauvish

    Honestly, I’m getting less and less invested in TVD. It’s not like I ever thought Elena wasn’t a Mary Sue, but this last episode just has me shaking my head. It was boring and predictable. Everything rotates around Elena. At least in season 2, Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy had their own side plots. Now they all just serve to guide Elena back to her inevitable switch back to mortality.

    There is no justification for killing a random hybrid just so Elena can be freed from the curse, especially since this show strives so hard in telling us that vampires are not monsters, but even more sensitive and guilt-ridden than we are. But I guess that only counts when it’s the main vampire characters. Now this wouldn’t be a problem to me if this show showed us the ramifications of these actions, but when it comes to saving Elena, the end always seems to justify the means. This show tells me that’s okay (except for Tyler, thank god!): when you love someone dearly, you are allowed to do anything (even horrible things) and still be the good guy in the end because you did it for love. Which isn’t true imho. If Elena gets to be human again, as I’m sure she will, I hope they will keep the darkness that she has supposedly gained while being a vampire. Maybe that will save this show a bit for me, though I doubt it.

    • Hey fauvish! You bring up a really good point about Chris. On one hand, if Jeremy truly believed that, if he didn’t kill another vampire, Elena’s death by suicide was imminent (as in, she’d be dead by dawn), you could sort of understand why he did what he did. And yet, Elena’s death WASN’T imminent. Klaus survived with the curse for decades. And, I suspect that, even if Elena wasn’t cured, when the sun rose, Damon still would have saved her on that bridge. Surely, Jeremy would have had a couple of days at least, to find a “bad” vampire, worthy of killing in exchange for Elena’s life. I mean, isn’t Mystic Falls infested with them? 🙂

      But more disturbing than the fact that Jeremy killed Chris for Elena, was the fact that NO ONE, with the exception of Tyler and Hayley, showed any remorse, guilt, or even conflicting feelings over Chris’ death . . . not even CAROLINE, who knew the guy a bit better than the others. And I got the feeling, based on how Chris’ death was written, that the writers didn’t expect us fans to care much about him either.

      The problem was that I DID care about Chris. He was a good guy, who put a lot on the line, for a bunch of people he didn’t know. He was the first hybrid, apart from Tyler (and that kid from Seventh Heaven) that we really got to know personally. And I think he would have been an interesting character to develop, at least for a few more episodes. (And yes, to answer Andre’s question from earlier, he was also our first African American Hybrid, if I’m not mistaken).

      When Jeremy chopped off the head of that first hybrid last season, it was a clear act of self-defense. Yes, it was gross, and impulsive. But this guy was an immediate threat to Elena’s safety, one who was certain to come after the Gilberts again and again, until he succeeded. And, yeah, he was a TOTAL DOUCHEBAG. But Chris wasn’t. And I hope that in the next episode we at least see Jeremy acknowledge that fact, as he begins to cope with his new Vampire Hunter Status.

      • Andre

        Well if Chris was African American it was clear he would die on this show. Bonnie is the only POC who is still alive on this show, everybody else gets killed soon. Just like Connor. I think we all can agree that this just sucked.
        Stuff like that is the reason why people call the show racist.
        By the way I think you would like this guy:

      • fauvish

        ” And I got the feeling, based on how Chris’ death was written, that the writers didn’t expect us fans to care much about him either.”

        Definitely. I think if this were a more insightful show, they could really use it to highlight the moral ambiguity that we’ve been seeing for 4 seasons. So many characters have died for Ele.. eh the greater good. There have been so many deaths of characters we came to care for that I feel we have all become desensitized, and maybe the writer’s as well when they gave Chris’s death so little consideration. Or maybe, they are actually insightful and the writers used this death to lampshade this very thing: we (including the characters) have all become too used to all the casualties.

        I was also thinking about all the things Bonnie had to do to save Elena on a regular basis. Ghost of vampire future (aka Katherine) had a point when she said Bonnie must secretly hate her (which I’m sure she doesn’t, but if she did, it would make sense). I think it would be good to see characters around her at least consider that maybe Elena isn’t worth all the bodies/sacrifices.

        I agree on the lack of imminence. The writers rushed it, and gave Elena an easy way out. I would have liked her to have struggled with what were clearly personal demons for a longer while. The whole “potential needs to kill a vampire to get rid of the curse” feels like a cop-out. Yes, the suicidal tendencies were supernatural, but I think the storyline would have been much more fulfilling if we saw Elena conquering the ghosts by herself.

  7. Always love your recaps! Elenaneazer Scrooge and the spirits of Christmas Past and Present–does that mean the future sex has to be imaginary? NO! lol And Adventures in Babysitting? Priceless. I was waiting for the inevitable first-name comment, since you’ve been calling him Professor Boo Radley since he showed up–Atticus? I was screaming at my TV “HE’S NOT MADONNA ANYMORE–HE HAS A NAME!” And what were the odds that it would be another To Kill A Mockingbird character–ATTICUS! lol Can’t wait for the next epi, even though we have a holiday hiatus. As a fellow recapper, I’m SO thankful for a week off! lol

    • LOL mak! You know, believe it or not, I didn’t even REMEMBER that Professor Boo Radley’s real name was Atticus. 🙂 That’s awesome! See, more proof that Julie Plec and co. read OUR recaps too, and not just Price Peterson’s, Carina’s and Mandy Bierley’s. 🙂

      So, wait a minute, this guy’s name is ATTICUS SHANE? What a terrible-sounding name! Like nails on a chalkboard. I mean, Atticus Finch, at least has a dignified sounding ring to it (as does Boo Radley, of course). But Atticus SHANE? YUCK. What were the writers thinking?

      You know, up until this point, I always assumed Shane was the Professor’s first name. You know, like when you were a kid in preschool, and all your teachers were referred to by “Miss” and their first names, because you couldn’t pronounce their last? (My preschool teachers were Miss Chris and Miss Fran. :))

      I guess I need to pay more attention, when I’m watching.

      No matter though, he will always be Professor Boo Radley to me.

      Oh, and yeah, I was totally thinking of recreating the Adventures in Babysitting poster, by super-imposing Elena’s head onto the little girl with the Thor hat. (Damon would be Elizabeth Shue!) But, unfortunately, I didn’t have time. Maybe next week . . . 😉

  8. serendipity

    Hey Jules! That was a somewhat surprising episode…

    Just tell me one thing… If Elena’s feelings for Damon have been magnified by her transition, what happened to her feelings for Stefan…? Isn’t EVERYTHING supposed to be magnified? Of course, Vampire Elena is Dark-ish Elena, so logically she should be more attracted to Damon, but she did luuurve Stefan before, so how about that love now? Where did it go? Are we supposed to believe she suddenly loves Damon more?

    And yes, I too was kind of surprised that the Stelena break up was so sudden, and even a bit unexpected at this point… I’d expected some stuff to happen before the inevitable break-up, stuff that Elena would need to open her eyes to the truth (like you said, many more hot and bothered moments with Damon, more annoyance with Stefan, more introspection from Elena’s side, etc)… but it seems Stefan beat her to it. Because honestly, would she have broken up with him now if he hadn’t said what he did on the porch of truth? And she can’t really be intending to tell Damon about her feelings next episode? Come on, that would be so fickle, especially after all her dilly-dallying last season. And quite unbelievable too.

    So what’s going to happen next? Because I can’t honestly believe that they’ll rush into Delena now after all that build up. My guess is that Damon is going to keep to that very high and (according to him) annoying road, and he’s going to refuse her somehow. Or even try to bring his brother and Elena back together, like he did in this episode. Because he feels guilty for driving them apart, and maybe because he still feels he doesn’t deserve her like his brother does (or maybe he’s just so used to being denied nookie lol). Oh, they will have their moments, and Damon may be tempted, but I think he’s going to be ‘noble’ about it for a while. At least, that’s how I see it right now. Then again, I’ve been wrong before, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see (for two weeks, grrr).

    BTW, did you ever read that one-shot I posted about the missing scene from 401 (the conversation over Elena’s dead body)? Because I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on that 🙂

    And I totally agree with your comments on the nutty professor… I can absolutely not listen to anything he says/lectures about, but I’m sure it’s going to prove essential… because JP did say we were going back to the origins of the original witch and all that, so this Silas thing may very well be connected…

    • Hey Serendipity. As excited as we all were after three seasons, to hear Elena FINALLY choose Damon, I think you are right to be doubtful as to whether this will happen right away, especially considering how suddenly this whole breakup thing came about. It’s hard not to wonder whether the writers are once again toying with us. 🙂

      Based on the promos, and spoilers I’ve read, it definitely does seem like Elena isn’t going to waste any time telling Damon (and everyone else on the show, for that matter) about her supposedly new-found feelings for the Elder Salvatore, which does seem highly uncharacteristic of her. Perhaps, this is the “passionate impulsive” Elena we’ve been hearing so much about lately. That said, it would be kind of realistic for the writers to have DAMON express some misgivings about Elena’s sudden 180, given THEIR history.

      And while it would be super hot to see Delena fly right into bed together, I think the Damon fan in me, wouldn’t blame him, if, at least at first, he said something to the effect of, “I’ve waited for you for 3 years, and had to listen to you say, ‘It will always be Stefan,’ over and over again. Then, suddenly, yesterday, you decided your feelings changed. So now I’m supposed to be all WOO HOO let’s Screw, and Stefan who? Forgive me, if I’m a little bit skeptical.”

      THAT I’d accept. (Plus, it would be super fun, and satisfying to watch Elena chase after Damon, and try to prove the genuine nature of her feelings for him, at least for a couple of episodes.) But if Damon tries to push Elena back into STEFAN’S arms, like he did this week, I’ll walk right into the television and beat the crap out of him. 😉 Leave the self-loathing to your brother, please, Damon Salvatore. 🙂

      Ughhhhh . . . Professor Boo Radley, and his Silas story. I totally tuned it out, which is why I absolutely glossed over it in my recap. Mythology has never been my strong suit. Learning it, kind of feels like homework to me. But you are right. We are probably all going to be forced to re-watch that boring lecture, when the inevitable “vampire cure,” ends up being lodged right inside Silas’ grave (or, if Professor Boo Radley ends up being Silas, maybe it will actually be inside him, a la the horcruxes in Harry Potter.)

      *rushes off to read your fanfiction*

    • Julie

      hey Serendipity! I’d very much like to read the fanfiction you’ve mentioned about the conversation over Elena’s dead body…. is there a link you can leave to it or your blog? Thank you!!!

  9. Andre

    Damn, I totally forgot. I wanted to share this with you:

    At least these hybrids look better. 🙂

  10. Julie

    Hey Julie! It’s been a while.. even though i haven’t been leaving any comments, i’m still a loyal reader of your recaps!

    Don’t know if you remember (probably not, it was a loooong time ago) that I said i was hoping for elena to chose stefan since it was the logical and consistent-with-character thing to do…. and you said something about her changing after becoming a vampire… I’m here to tell you YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Ever since the season started i’ve been feeling a little bit odd about stelena.. and i LOOOVED them, but it’s not the same anymore. He still puts her up on this pedestal which seems even more unrealistic now (i could get that he felt she was perfect as a human, she was everything he wanted to be), and i got sick of it.

    And for what you said about all of us hating elena a little bit.. well yeah.. I know she is the lead, and wonderful, a beautiful, and nice, and caring, and compassionate and blah blah blah… the way she’s been treating stefan.. what can i say.. poor puppy-faced stefan didn’t deserve it. Thus my happiness when he finally grew a pair and AGREED with her… elena and damon’s feelings have been SO obvious lately, i felt it was embarrassing the way stefan didn’t to something about it. And he did 🙂 Didn’t expected it, but was certainly hoping for it. On the other hand, I think it’s healthy he recognizes that she is not the same girl (and quoting matt on one of his bright moments) “it’s ok to let her go”.

    Can’t wait to see some delena time.. damon’s line “i’m fine with her either way, brother” gave me chills hahaha. I’ve always been more of a stelena shipper just because i felt he loved her better… but now he is in love with the idea of elena, whereas damon loves her just as she is. Couldn’t be more happy about it, it was time for a change!

    Regarding Klaroline/Forwood i have to agree with you on the chemistry they all have… and i wouldn’t mind some hayley-tyler affair… always minding he’ll go back to caroline.. since he luuuvs her so much. Can’t help beeing a dye-hard forwood fan.

    Is it possible that bonnie get even more annoying with time? Hope they keep her on the down low, even though i read that this was HER season… too bad.

    I was kinda hoping Proffesor Radley would become the next alaric, it would’ve never been the same, bot he’s got the looks at least 😉 Can’t see it happening though… i have a strong feeling we are looking at our rival villain to say the least.

    As for your writing (which deserves a whole different paragraph) it’s been as pleasant as usual… i was laughing so hard at connor’s different nicknames my little bro came in asking what was going on.
    Both the dramatic chipmunk and stefan and klaus picture on the motorbike always crack me up… I missed your recaps throughout the winter, it’s so nice to have you back!

    ps. I’ve just noticed there’s a hiatus coming! What am i going to do?!?!? Delena love scenes can’t come soon enough
    ps.2 After re-reading my comment i’ve noticed i go back and forth on my likeness of characters…. first it looks like i hate stefan, then i feel for him, then elena is a horrible person, just to ask for the greatest love story for her minutes after hahaha the same with caroline and tyler… i love them, but a chance for klaroline and hayler (is that a thing?? haha) wouldn’t bug me AT ALL… my head is a mess, but i think that’s what this show does to you…. you love and hate and care and wish them a stake to the heart every other minute, oh well…

    • Hey Julie. I absolutely adore your analysis of the evolution of this love triangle. In a way, it actually makes the scenario seem a bit more realistic.

      After all, very few of us end up living “happily ever after” with our high school sweethearts for one very specific reason: We don’t remain the same people we were in high school all of our lives. We change, and grow. And, sometimes, that means growing apart. Granted, becoming a bloodsucking vampire is a more substantial change than most of us will make, but, metaphorically speaking, those “type” of changes do occur.

      Damon once famously said to Elena about their relationship, “It’s right. Just not right now.”

      I think he really hit the nail on the head at that point. As a 170 + year old vampire, Damon’s pretty much done all the changing and growing he’s going to do. Ditto for Stefan. But Elena is more of a work in progress. And I think, in saying that statement, Damon recognized in Elena, a potential for a love and kinship with him, that was hiding just beneath the surface, waiting to emerge. 🙂

      Oh, and as for this being “Bonnie’s season,” meh, sounds like a lot of mumbling and nosebleeds to me. I’ll take Damon’s season, Caroline’s season, basically anybody’s season over Bonnie’s any day (and twice on Sunday). I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels that way.

      Anywhoo, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Your insights have caused me to look at the Stelena and Delena relationships in entirely different lights.

      • Andre

        Personally I have to totally disagree on this last statement. If this had truly been Bonnie’s seasons I might have watched this show again. But I knew from the start that it wouldn’t be. Bonnie started as the only powerful female character, and she technically still is, and ended up as a convenient slave wo comes whenever the old slave owners come along and demand her services. Actually I think the only reason she is still there and not aleady replaced by a white witch is because than the writer’s racism would be totally obvious and they could no longer hide behind their token black character.
        Damon and Caroline had their time, Damon in fact had it all the time, so I am totally sick of these two. Bonnie was the only character who had a realistic reaction to Damon and his ways. Caroline’s “you suck” wich many seem to love and see as way of female empowerment was ridiculous. The guy raped her, abused her and feed on her and this was all she did? This is not strength, its basially the old trope that females have to suck it up and carry on.
        It fits the show of course, since everybody forgives Damon everything. Why people? Seriouly? Why?
        I know I am repeating myself, but seriously, what is good about this show? The statements I got was that it was exciting, surprising and interesting. But Julie, even from your recaps I get quite a different message. Its rather that you see it all coming miles ahead also, so what is exciting and surprising about?

        PS. Just in case anyone here plans to:
        Do not watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 in the theater. If you have to, rent the DVD later or watch it via some other channels. That people actually liked this is a mystery to me. To make it short: Klaus makes a better Villain than Aro. I think this should say it all. Or better for me it means I should stop here, because I could write a whole recap on itself just to say what was wrong with the “fight scene” (LLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEEEE).

        PSS. I didn’t watch it in the theater, so I didn’t reward the makers and Meyer for making this crap.

  11. Karen

    I always love your recaps and look forward to them every week. They are always entertaining and they always make me laugh. Yet I have to disagree with you on this revelation of Elena’s being forced. I think that something in Elena had changed after what she had just been through. She could think a little more clearly about where she was and who she was and what she wanted. She more or less accepted that fighting her true desires and wants would get her nowhere and she was able for the first time to accept that what she wants is Damon. Or at least to explore those feelings for him that have grown and been magnified since she turned. I also think the fact that Stefen teamed up with Klaus caused her to loose a lot of trust and she no felt close to him.

    • Hey Karen. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words and support. I love what you said about Elena’s confession regarding her feelings for Damon. Perhaps, you are right. It’s not necessarily that Elena’s feelings for Damon have changed. It’s that she always had these feelings for Damon, and being a vampire has finally enabled her to recognize them, and have the courage to pursue them.

      Also, just as Stefan put human Elena on a pedestal, perhaps Elena did the same thing with non-Ripper Stefan. And his dishonesty and judgment of her, caused her to see him in a more realistic light. Relationships are messy and complicated. And part of the fun of watching shows like this, is that we all bring our own knowledge and experiences to our understanding of the characters and their actions. 🙂

      This means there are countless different ways to interpret various scenes and lines of dialogue. And really, all of them are absolutely right. Thanks for helping me to see that. 🙂

      • Karen

        I completely agree with you about Stefan putting Elena on a pedestal, I think they both did with eachother. I also think peer pressure has played a role in Elena’s initial decision of choosing Stefan. But his latest betrayal and not trusting her with the truth about a cure really opened Elena’s eyes. He’s been trying to force her to be this type of vampire and deny what she truly is now. The attempts at forcing her to drink animal blood were a prime example. That wasn’t for her that was for him. His desire to find a cure wasn’t for her but for him. In contrast to that you have Damon, who accepted her either way. Damon has been realistic and tried to show her she didn’t have to be ashamed of what she is but to embrace it. After the torment of Conner and with Katherine and her mother verbalizing her worst fears about herself, she came out the other side and was able to see Damon accepted her in a way that Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie didn’t. They are trying to force her to be something she isn’t and after what her and Jeremy just went through, all because Stefan didn’t believe in her enough to tell her the truth, she realized that lying to herself wasn’t what was best for her at all.

      • Andre

        In what way is Damon accepting her they way she is? He is practically seducing her, trying to turn her into a minime of him. He isn’t accepting her the way she is, not one way.
        And when did Stefan actually force her?
        In what way is Damon not a force of destruction that messes everything up? Not to mention the”wise words” he is dishing out are on stereotype after another. All he does is providing Elena with convenient excuses to feast and acting as crazy an impulsive as him.
        Seriously, why are you so infatuated with this serial killer?

  12. One more week until the next TVD. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving! Killing Chris was a new low for our gang, but I gave up on any sense of morality sometime in season 2. Let’s face it, all of our heroes really should commit suicide considering all the mayhem they’ve caused and will cause. I guess the excuse is that some big bad comes in and they save more than they screw over, but those villains will either die after a few episodes or go soft. When they decapitated Chris because Elena was having day terrors, I laughed — these characters are such DICKS. At this point I’m just accepting that.

    I’m interested in Bonnie’s comment about how the oldtime lady witch was badass and Shane was all “not as badass as Silas!” Why is Shane so sexist? Or are the writers sexist? Or are they actually thinking ahead and foreshadowing some sort of showdown? I’d like to see more sexual tension between her and Shane because sleeping with a professor is nothing compared to most of the shenanigans these kids get up to.

    It’s funny that Stefan said he couldn’t deal with Elena’s feelings for Damon now that he wasn’t a ripper. I think her feelings for Damon are a far lesser strain on her and Stefan’s relationship than whatever he did with the numerous women on his and Klaus’s road trip. However, it seems that Stefan is breaking up with Elena partly to set her free. He noted that he couldn’t enjoy life with her without reverting to his ripper self. Damon can.

    Caroline’s foreshadowed date with Klaus also cracked me up. First of all, Klaus agreed to killing one of his precious hybrids just for one date with an 18 year old girl? Second, Caroline agreed to this whole murderous debacle and then date? Third, Tyler got pissed about THAT? I choose to believe it was that on top of the death of his buddy, but, again, your girlfriend going on some date because she has to is not on the same level as her conspiring to kill a friend. Fourth, people are mad at Tyler for having a heart? Seriously, dude! Suck it up! It’s just DEATH.

    All that said, I’m still enjoying this season. Just going with the flow and laughing along the way, which is usually really difficult for me to do.

    • Andre

      I know I am probably annoying and sounding like a broken record but I think that the writers are planning ahead and are sexist. A while ago I found this and it still holdes true:
      “Why do you say that vampire diaries is sexist? They have lot of hot female characters.

      Uhh this is going to be a long one.
      Let’s start with this – What defines sexism and misogyny?
      Dictionary definition for sexism:
      attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles.
      discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex, as in restricted job opportunities; especially, such discrimination directed against women.
      Dictionary definition of Misogyny:
      hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.
      So let’s look at Vampire Diaries shall we, at the same time not forgetting those definitions.

      First of all, TVD clearly segregates character roles according to gender – all female vampires have been all about manipulation, subterfuge, romance, while male vampires showed more violent tendencies, more strength, fought more.
      Then you have the roles female characters are denounced towards. Every female character, be it Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Meredith or whoever else is on that show are devalued into one of following plotpoints:
      Angst over love triangle.
      Being kidnapped and being a damsel in distress.
      support of male figures.
      Let’s look over the “main” female characters of the show, shall we?
      Elena Gilbert – characterless, personalityless, useless. No character development. Not to mention obvious mary sue characteristics and the fact that she is an object of desire in a love triangle, with focus on both male figures instead of her.
      Caroline Forbes – a good characterization(because of her ensemble darkhorse status), which was completely and utterly broken in the latest season, in order to objectify her into yet another love triangle. Even in her “better days” she was a subject to victimization, damsel in distress situations and the like. AT the same time, the show also completely overlooks and excuses the fact that one of lead males, Damon, raped and abused her for weeks. And if that is not enough, the show portrays the stalker-like tendencies of show’s supposed main villain and the abuse he delivers to her as “romantic”? I am sorry, I can’t.
      Bonnie Bennet- a token black character, used for plot-hole solving and out-of nowhere spell casting. Most important character plotlines have happened offscreen and she is also a victim of TVD’s overtly racist tendencies.
      Meredith Fell – doctor. Well, that’s it. No, really. That’s all the characterization she has got. Oh I guess she also has been a love interest to male character too.
      Yep, that’s it.
      Katherine Pierce – an object of affection in the love triangle in the flashbacks. A plot device in the present portrayed as manipulative, obsessive and conniving
      Rebecky – all the plots she got so far was her pining over one lead male figure or the other, being vindicative of the fact when they deny her affection and being sheltered and vain.

      People might say that its due to show being based on the books and lack of creative freedom. Wrong. The book versions of those characters are portrayed as far more independent and far more interesting female figures capable of making decisions, saving those they care about and having strong character arcs. So what happened? The show writers intentionally degraded the characters when adapting the show to focus on male characters.
      There are no other real feasible plotpoints for female characters there by now.
      Men are portrayed as “protectors”, the “capable ones”, the “knowledgeable” ones, while women are generally treated as scummy, manipulative obsessive courtesans(notable examples Katherine, Becky), who need to be “taught” and “put into place”(most notable examples being John’s letter to his daughter, which basically can be simplified into “stay in the kitchen and birth babies”) Ask yourselves – how many times did a male save a female from certain danger in that show? and how many times vice-versa?”

      Now considered Chris. He is also a victim of TVDs tendencies.
      Nearly every witch was black and Esther was on a whole different power level than the black witches. Also every black person that died on the show died a violent death. So personally I think everyone is right to be pissed at Chris’ and Connor’s death. Especially in the first case you ask yourself why they gave the character background to let him killed off by Elena. And to be honest, that curse sounded lame. I mean what good is a curse that just stops once a new hunter is called? Why not one that lasts for ever.

      And actually I couldn’t have said it better than this recapper:

      Beware explicit language and gestures!!!!

    • Happy belated Turkey Day to you too, Noelle! You are right, killing Chris to cure Elena of a few headaches and nightmares, without the slightest show of remorse, is definitely a low point for our Scooby Gang. You would think at least Caroline or Saint Stefan would have at least given the idea some pause. 🙂

      As for Shane’s comment about Silas being a bigger badass than Bonnie’s witch ancestor, it seems more and more like Shane will, in fact, turn out to be Silas. Remember back in Season 2, when Klaus had possessed Alaric, and Damon, not yet aware of the possession, told “Alaric,” that he was unimpressed with Klaus as a villain? Shane’s reaction smacked of the same kind of comedic defensiveness AlarKlaus showed in that scene. At least, that’s how I interpreted it.

      But, yeah, TVD is a little bit sexist 🙂 It’s female villains are never as formidable as its males. (Then again, it could be argued that it’s male villains aren’t all that formidable either. :))

      I’d like to think Tyler’s anger at the end of the episode also came from his frustration over Chris’ death, and the unwilling part he played in it. If I was in Tyler’s shoes I’d feel like, I went through all this trouble to break this sire bond, and yet, somehow, me and the people I love are still at this douchebags beck and call.

      Either that, or he’s just afraid Klaus will draw Caroline another pony. 🙂

  13. East Coast Captain

    You think TVD is sexist?

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