“And I will try to fix youuuuuu.” – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “My Brother’s Keeper”

delena sex big

really happening


Oh yeah, Caroline . . . it’s happening, all right!

Oh, my dear sweet Fangbangers!  How I’ve missed you, during this one week interminable hiatus.  And what an episode to come back to!  Let’s see, there was another Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Mini Gilbert hopped a ride on the Crazy Train, Klaus got all mushy gushy over a teeny tiny bird with a big nose, and . . . wait . . . I know I’m forgetting something.  Hmmm . . . what could it be?

thinking damon bitemesomerhalder

Was it about Nosebleed Bonnie?

2 22 bloody nose bonnie

Nahh . . . she wasn’t even in this episode.  Good riddens!

How about that dead hybrid from last week?  Did he return as zombie to exact revenge on our Scooby Gang?

finn zombie

Nope . . . not him either.





lively elena



elena watch 2

stayed for the show


I’ve really gotta lay off on the capital letters . . . and the caffeine.

not sure how to stop

Anywhoo . . . let’s rewind a little bit, so we can see how it all went down.  [By the way, welcome back, Andre! Many thanks for the rockin’ screencaps . . .]

Stefan and Caroline: Gossip Girls

sad stef

“She dumped me, Bro!  And now I have this strange urge to write bad poetry, and cheesy diary entries, while showing off my muscular physique to no one in particular.”

gossip girl

“Wait . . . don’t you do that every week?”

Everybody needs a good girlfriend.  And I’m not speaking in a romantic context either.  We all need someone we can call, after a bad day, who will listen to us, while we bitch and moan about our mean teachers, our awful bosses, and our inconsiderate significant others . . . someone who will say to us, “Hey Girl!  You are SO right.  That guy of yours is total toolbox.  You can do so much better than him” . . . even if it isn’t exactly . . . like . . . true and stuff.

that betch

“That bitch!  I’m going to totally kick her ass.  How dare she dump one bloodthirsty vampire for another one?  I’m going to really give her a piece of my mind . . . once I get back from my hot date with the evilest, most bloodthirsty vampire on the planet.”

Damon used to have that with Alaric . . .

team bad ass

. . . you know, before Alaric went psycho and started trying to murder Damon on a regular basis.  Stefan sort of had that with his boy toy Klaus.


“You can be my bodyguard.  And I can be your long lost pal.  I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can CALLL MEEEE KLAUUUUSSSS, call me Klaus.”

But, let’s be honest, their relationship was always more homoerotic than it was mutually supportive.  So, as much as I was annoyed by Caroline’s and Stefan’s “Mean Girls” act this week, seeing Stefan bitch and complain about being dumped by Elena to Caroline was probably the most “human” thing I’ve seen the guy do in about three seasons.

iron pump

Make that the second most Human Thing.  Looking goood, Steffy!

For once, Stefan wasn’t busy being either “good and honorable” or “ravenous and psychotic.”  He was just the girl who didn’t get asked to the prom by the high school quarterback.  So, instead, he stayed home crying to his girlfriends (who also didn’t have dates), while shoving Ben & Jerry’s ice cream down his throat.

stefan crying gif

Well, except for the fact that given how ripped Saint Stefan is, it’s pretty clear to me that Paul Wesley has never met Ben or Jerry, in his entire life.

stefan shrug

But hey . . . it’s a start right?

Speaking of Mean Girls, whoa Caroline!  When exactly did your Season 1 self come back to literally bite you in the ass?  For someone who spent the entire episode bitching about how much Elena had changed, since she went full on vamp, Caroline sure was acting like someone other than the Perky Little Vampire Barbie we had all come to know and love.  Perhaps, Bonnie’s absence left an opening in the show’s obligatory “Judgy Girl / Cockblock Quota.”

2 16 caroline j baker

Whatever the reason, Caroline was 100% Regina Georging Elena for most of the episode, disregarding her choice of men, her choice of clothes (more on that later), and even her personality.  Honestly, I kept waiting for Elena to show up at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant wearing sweat pants, so that Caroline could banish her from the lunch table.

mean girls really pretty

Oh wait . .  . I forgot, these kids only actually attend school once every two months.  So, lunch tables are not an option . . .  In other romance news . . .

Klaus whispers sweet nothings in Stefan’s ear, causing sexual frustration  in our “hero”


That Klaus sure is one kinky vamp, isn’t he?  Here we have Stefan, in his tight bodice-busting wife beater tee, just brooding, and minding his own business.  Then, out comes Klaus to put his big manly arms around Stefan, place his lips near his neck, and whisper in his ear, all the naughty things he will do to him, if Stefan doesn’t obey the elder vampire’s desires (i.e. make Jeremy a mass murderer so the Etch-a-Sketch on his arm produces more of those pretty pictures Klaus adores so much . . . but no ponies, unfortunately).

klefan 2 katerinawesley

Talk about tough love!  A ridiculously small part of me really did believe that these two were going to hump, right there in the woods like the sexy savage beasts they are.  But instead, Klaus leaves Stefan with a massive case of these . . .

blue balls

Dumped by his girlfriend, denied by his gay lover, can you really blame Stefan for being a little snippy with his brother, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome?

pissy face

DAMON:  “You’re bitchy today!  Who crawled up your ass and died?”

STEFAN: “Not Klaus or Elena, that’s for sure.”

DAMON: “Bummer, you should see if Matt Donovan is free . . .”

My how the tables have turned!  This time around it’s Stefan, offering up the half-cocked, impulsive plan that’s going to put everyone’s lives in jeopardy, while Damon is being the more conservative one, opting in favor of protecting Jeremy’s life and his sanity, over the quick fix of using his hunter mark to rescue Elena, no matter how many people get hurt in the process.

damon face

“I know, it kind of surprised me too.”

And while for three seasons, Damon has bore the brunt of his Elena-sized rejection with quiet broodiness, and pleasant self-deprecation, Stefan is just one big ole’ sour grape about the whole thing.  “Don’t pretend like this isn’t the best day of your entire life,” Stefan remarks snidely, when Damon expresses sympathy toward his brother over the breakup.

douchebag jar misomeru

In Stefan’s defense, while Damon might look calm and collected on the outside, upon hearing this news, on the inside, I suspect he’s doing this . . .


 . . . and this . . .


. . . and maybe even a little of this . . .


Meanwhile, back at the pageant . . .

This is your brain on Professor Boo Radley (and these are your muscles on Vampire Hunter Steroids) . . .

more big muscles


big muscles


hey ladies

Matty LIKE!

Apparently, having a new nifty new tattoo has turned Jeremy into the frat party version of a super hero.  He LIFTS HEAVY KEGS with a single orgasmic grunt.  Matt pretends to be concerned about Jeremy’s “mental health” and stuff.  But you know that deep down he’s impressed, kind of jealous, and a little bit turned on . . .

Meanwhile, even feuding femme fatales, Caroline and Elena, agree that Professor Boo Radley is mega creepy, and always seems to be putting his annoyingly curly head of hair where it isn’t wanted.  Therefore, it’s a kind of a good thing Damon wants to kill him, right?

annoying shane

He even has serial killer eyebrows . . .

Speaking of making a killing . . .

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, MURDER!

Stefan’s scouring the hospital for humans with a very specific set of medical conditions.  At first, I assume that this little hunting trip was brought on by breakup-induced stress eating . . .

freaking hungry

But nope. Stefan’s looking for “bad people” to turn, just like Elena was looking for “bad frat brothers” to much on, during her campus excursion with Damon, a few weeks back.  After all, everyone knows that Bad People taste better (much more flavor!).

eat him for sport

Stefan finds what he’s looking for in a hospitalized killer who completely lacks remorse for his misdeeds.  You know, kind of like Stefan and the rest of the Scooby Gang, when they killed Poor Hybrid Chris to cure Elena of Night Terrors.  Stefan promptly turns Killer Guy, into a vamp, in hopes that he can later force Jeremy kill him.

force feed

“You will MAKE OUT WITH MY ARM, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, BITCH!  In case you haven’t heard, my girlfriend dumped me, and I haven’t had sex in two weeks.  I’ll take what I can get.”

And hey, if doing that just so happens to transform Jer Bear into a raging lunatic, so be it.  Because . . . let’s all say it together now . . . WE’RE DOING IT TO SAVE ELENA!

happy elena

Except, here’s a new wrinkle in that plan . . . This time, Elena doesn’t really need saving, you know, being IMMORTAL, and stuff . . .

Because unlike CRAZY!DERANGED! Elena, Caroline doesn’t have a thing for Bad Boys at all . . . does she?

Oh Sweet Caroline!  You aren’t fooling anyone with your “Go away I’m busy,” “Don’t buy me dresses,” act with Klaus.  Everybody knows you want to hit that hybrid booty, and hit it HARD.

hard to get

“Do you think he’s looking at me?  He’s TOTALLY looking at me.  Play it cool, Caroline.  Maybe he won’t notice that you’re reading your clipboard upside down . . .”

And hey, none of us blame you for looking.  That smirk of Klaus’ could melt the polar ice caps.

3 1 klaus smirk tbtvdgifs

But you know what they say.  Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t pick on Elena for lusting after a bad boy, when you are lusting after a worse one.

3 2 caroline not prost - honorinrevenge

Wait. . .  that’s now how it goes . . .  Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t . . . be hypocrites?  No, that’s not it either.  Ooh nevermind.

But my poor analogies have purpose!  They actually bring me to two rather interesting, and oddly parallel, scenes in our story: one featuring Lady Elena, and the other starring none other than Caroline Forbes herself . . .

The Tale of the Tell Tale Dress and the Phallic-Looking Bird

look at dress

“Hey Caroline.  We’re supposed to be helping April pick out a dress.  Stop staring at my boobs.”

April Young is running for Miss Mystic Falls, like Elena and Caroline before her. I suspect we are supposed to like care or something.  But I’m still having difficulty getting invested in April.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I keep waiting for her to get brutally murdered.

april 1

Also, I want Matt to be with Rebekah.  There, I said it.  Matt is just such a “nice guy,” and April is such a “nice girl.” And as “nice” as it would be if they were a couple, it would probably  . . . no, definitely  . . . put me to sleep watching them on my screen.

rebekah heart

But I’m not here to talk about Matt and April, or even Matt and Rebekah, for that matter.  I’m here to talk about Elena, and her reaction to April’s choice of dress.  At first, she agrees with Caroline, and is all about the blue.  Then Damon swoops in, and suddenly she’s agreeing with him, and she’s all about the red.

red dress

“Because Red is the color of Blood.  And if you look like Blood, everyone in this town will want to eat you.  And, in case you haven’t noticed, we all equate eating with sexual attraction around here . . .”

want sandwiches and sex nickmillerfixed it

Now, of course Caroline is morally aghast by the whole situation.  Later on, she’ll use it as evidence that Elena is “sired” to Damon.

Damon eye roll

I don’t know, I just see it as evidence, that Elena doesn’t have many strong opinions about fashion.  I mean, Caroline certainly didn’t accuse Elena of being sired to her, when she agreed to her choice of dress, did she?  Beyond that, I’d just say that Elena was acting like a girl who’s recently discovered she has a crush.  We’ve all been in those first stages of puppy love, before, haven’t we?  Suddenly, everything this person does is friggin adorable, and every word out of their mouth is pure gold.

worst crush zoe kazans

There’s nothing supernatural about it.  Sometimes a dress is just a dress . . . Now, a hummingbird . . . that’s another story . . .

Remember that time when Klaus told a dying Caroline this beautiful, inspirational, story about the perks of being a vampire, and that same story inspired her to LIVE?

3 11 klaroline thousand b days faerywonderland

3 11 klaroline allyouhavetodois ask faeryinwonderland

Well, this hummingbird story wasn’t that.  So, wait, let me get this straight.  Big bad Klaus decided he envied humanity, all because some bird with a big schnoz looked at him cockeyed?


Shake that ass, humming bird!  Klaus loves you!

Really?  That’s funny, because, last I checked HUMANS AREN’T BIRDS!

And yet, as Klaus’ date to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, Caroline just ate that stupid hummingbird story up, like it was delicious blood-covered chocolate brownie.  And why?  Because puppy love can make you approve of some very stupid things . . .

stupidist thing ive ever heard

“That bird story is the stupidest crap I ever heard.”


“But you’re so yummy.  Wait . . . tell me that amazing story about the bird again.”

Think about THAT the next time you are Judgy McJudgersoning Elena, CareBear . . .

Speaking of puppy love . . .

Elena confesses!  Damon swoons!  Professor Boo Radley cockblocks!

you all you


Yes, yes, yes.  It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, since we saw it in last week’s promos.  Elena calls out to Damon from the top of that romantic spiral staircase.  She meets him at the bottom, and finally confesses to him the words that this vampire has arguably been waiting to hear for about 150 years, from the girl who looks like Nina Dobrev, and whose name is alternately Katherine and Elena.  She has FEELINGS FOR HIM!

ian says awesome

She dumped STEFAN for him!

damon eternal stud

She may even . . . wait for it . . . LOVE HIM!  And just in time for the holidays too . . .


I just loved seeing Damon’s expression, upon hearing this.  I love how he didn’t even really try to play it cool, and casual,  like he usually does.  Damon was overcome with emotion.  He was ecstatic.  He was . . . just like every Delena fan watching at home . . . minus the girly screams, and the screechy choruses of “OH MY GAWWWWWWWWD!”

happy damon

And then that bastard Boo Radley had to come and frack it all up.  KILL HIM ALREADY, WILL YOU WRITERS!  I don’t care if he’s Silas!


“Look, Damon and Elena are having a Moment.  This looks like a job for COCKBLOCK OF THE WEEK, MWAH-HA HA!”

Damon leaves to have a little conversation with Mr. Creeper Man.  And it’s a pretty typical scene, where the pair shower one another with innuendo, and thinly-veiled threats.  YAWN!  Professor Boo Radley bores me.  More Delena please . . .

In, more exciting, non-Boo Radley, related news . . .

Mini Gilbert pops his vampire killing cherry . . . again.

funny face

“Why can’t I just have wet dreams, like normal teenage boys?”


“In my dreams, this was much bigger . . . just like my weiner.”

Poor JerBear . . . he’s having dreams about murdering his sister.  I wonder, maybe if the Scooby Gang kills a hybrid, they can cure him of these night terrors.  Oh wait . . . we only do that for Elena.  When it comes to Mini Gilbert, we do things to make him MORE crazy, not less.  To his credit,  Jeremy definitely seems morally aghast by his own unfulfilled desires.  But then his “bro” Stefan texts him.  And he ditches out on the Miss Mystic Falls pageant to go see him about killing a newbie vamp.

meet me

“Remind me to delete this asshole from my contacts list.  He’s always getting me into trouble.

Stefan was a real jerk, in this scene, wasn’t he?  The way he manipulated Jeremy into making the kill, knowing full well that there was a major possibility that doing it would turn our mild mannered former emo kid into, as Damon cleverly put it, “Connor 2.0?”

Was I the only one who was cheering just a little bit, when Jeremy, not only didn’t show Stefan his pretty new tattoo, but immediately turned on the vampire, and staked his ass?   Come on, admit it, dude had it coming . . .


beating up stefan

I find the way the writers dealt with Jeremy’s Vampire Hunter transformation interesting.  It was as if, the minute he killed vampire number 2, the guy became a completely different person . . . like he was a man possessed . . . like he had an alter ego . . . like his former self lacked free will over him . . . like he was Evil!Alaric . . .

And it kind of makes me wonder what kind of guy Connor was, before he became a vampire hunter . . .

big connor

While Jeremy’s Presto Chango Personality Transformation made for good television drama, part of me wished for a little more subtlety, and gradual metamorphosis, on the character’s part.  I find this is a frequent complaint I have with the show.  I recall having made similar comments about Stefan’s “ripperness” and Alaric’s “psycho-ness,” not long before.  And here is my general feeling.  When you give a character an “alter ego,” you enable him or her to disclaim complete responsibility for all acts committed while in that state.  And that gives your characters a sort of moral “easy out” clause, that I don’t necessarily think they deserve.

she turns into the devil tendermercies

Part of me would much prefer to see Jeremy gradually struggle with his feelings about vampires, and the ways they conflict with the love he has for his family and friends.  But that’s just me . . .

And the winner is . . . zzzzz

red dress april

Meh . . . I would have gone with the blue dress.

April won.  Jeremy bailed at the last minute, because he was out being “naughty,” just like Stefan was, back in Season 1.  Matt then stepped into Damon’s Season 1’s shoes, by acting as April’s last-minute Knight in Shining Kmart suit.  Plotwise, it did little to advance the main story.  But it was a kind of clever way to send up, one of the most popular episode’s in the show’s first season.

delena dancing

Not to mention, those looks that Damon and Elena were giving one another, as they recalled their days of Unrequited Passion / Mating Dance past?  PRICELESS . . .

Breaking Bones and Taking Numbers

bored now

“Hurry up and break your sire bond, already.  I want to watch Honey Boo Boo!”

I like Hayley.  I really do.  I know I’ve bitched about not warming to April.  But I started enjoying Phoebe Tonkin’s part in this series, almost as soon as she appeared.  Maybe it’s because I liked her in The Secret Circle.  Maybe it’s because she’s just a good actress.  Or maybe I like her tension with Tyler and Caroline, and feel like she’s the type of “tough girl” we don’t see enough on this show.  Whatever the reason, I thought the scenes where she boredly “coached” that hybrid chick through breaking her sire bond were pretty darn hilarious.


Not for this chick though, I imagine . . .

And I was disappointed at the end of the episode, when I learned that she was in CAHOOTS (love that cheesy word), with the detestable BOO RADLEY.  And no, the fact that she begged for “Tyler not to get hurt,” did little to endear her in my eyes.  You know what they say, you lie down with creepers, you start giving people the creeps.

eye roll

So, I hope they redeem this chick soon . . . and not just by making her die a dramatic death, as they tend to do on this show.

Speaking of Boo . . .

Shane, Shane, we know your name “It’s Silas Professor Boo Radley.”

funny face shane

Evil eyebrows at work again . . .

So, now we have a reason to keep Boo Radley alive . . . umm yay?

So, basically his whole connection to this thing is that he can make Bonnie Bennett regain her witchy powers, so that she can help find the “cure” to vampirism .  . . because apparently the Map Tattoo and pretty stake aren’t enough.

steven tattoos


Ugh!  So, in other words, we’ve yoked a character I don’t like to another character I don’t like.  And had that same first yucky character (Boo) taint a character I actually DO like (Hayley).


So, much for that whole “not murdering your sister” thing, huh, Jer Bear?

Things get pretty tense when Elena finds her brother at the Salvatore mansion, all bloody and stuff, from killing That Guy.  Long story short, she vamps out, he stabs her neck .  . . (perhaps as payback for the time when she killed him last week).   Matt comes to save the day, which was nice of him, I guess, since Elena’s saved him quite a few times.

damon and matt

All kidding aside, I thought the scene was pretty nicely done, in the sense that it was TRULY shocking to see Jeremy revert to a character this depraved, almost on the drop of a dime.

At the end of the episode, Jeremy plans to leave town, so he won’t, you know, kill his sister and stuff.  But Savior Matt convinces him to stay, and promises to “watch out for him.”  Personally, I think that’s a terrible idea.  Matt Donovan couldn’t “watch out” for a half-empty beer keg, and he’s supposed to prevent Jeremy from murdering all the undead in Mystic Falls?

3 1 high matt tbtvdgifs

It will make for a good story though, I guess . . .

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (if you are a Delena fan, at least)

dancing yeah

So, with Jeremy staying at La Casa Gilbert, Brush-with-Death Elena finds herself without a home.  And though she could probably just check into a hotel, or stay with Bonnie or Caroline, she decides to make an already awkward situation that much more awkward, by moving into the Salvatore House, with the guy she dumped, and the guy she wants to bone, both under the same roof.

3 14 threesome raquel durarte

It’s like that old 70s show Three’s Company, only with lots of biting, and less Suzanne Somers . . .

But then Stefan decides to move out, thereby giving Elena and Damon about 20 free rooms, not to mention a ton of bathrooms, in which to screw at their leisure.  I LOVE IT!

3 19 delena fingers of lust tvblog

Damon and Elena sit by the fire, where they’ve had many an intense conversation in the past.  She makes a really good point, when she notes how all her so-called friends have been judging her, telling her she’s not as good of a person, as a vampire, and trying to cure her of the person she’s become.

welcome club

welcome club 2

But it seems like, finally, whereas Elena spent the first few weeks of her vampirism mired in self-loathing, she’s now coming to terms with who she’s become, and is OK with it.  It’s like she said to Stefan in an earlier scene.  “You don’t have to love me like this,” because, at least it’s implied “I love myself.”

more alive


Who would have thought it would take vampirism to convert Elena into a role model for positive teen self esteem?  I think that’s what Damon means, when he tells her that he’s never seen her more alive.  Things get romantic and sticky sweet, when the pair decide to relive their EPIC Mystic Falls dance.  Only whereas last time, the pair weren’t allowed to touch one another, this time, the dance ends with a dip and a passionate kiss.

lively elena

And then they pretty much bone one another’s brains out . . .

In short, it was F*&KING AMAZING, after 3 years to finally watch these two F*&K.  LONGEST FOREPLAY EVER.  And while certain “other things,” happened during the scene to taint it’s “purity.”  I choose to view it the way the person who made this video did . . .



Yes, yes, I know, the REAL SEX SCENE was inter cut by a high strung Caroline and smug Stefan chalking Elena’s newfound vampire urges up to a “sire bond,” but I’m trying not to let that get to me.


Blah, blah, blah, interrupting my Delena sex blah . . .

To me, chalking up Elena’s inability to drink blood from a bag to her supernatural connection with Damon, as opposed to her status as a vampire, is simply replacing one far-fetched mythology for another.  It doesn’t change things for me.  Many vampire tales, the TVD book series included, have posited the “blood bond,” as a reason for closeness between vampires and their mates.  And this supernatural anomaly hasn’t managed to foil the genuine closeness of the couple, in those situations.  And I hope the writers won’t cop out, and allow it to do so here.

3 6 do what you need delena

3 3 delena favvvvvvv

Aside from which, this so-called sire bond between Damon and Elena, is clearly very different from the one Klaus has with his hybrids, as Hayley explains, earlier in the episode.  Tyler and company yoked to Klaus, not because they wanted to get into his pants (though some of them might have), but because they “appreciated,” his freeing them from the pain of monthly transformation. And yet, they must not have “appreciated” him all that much, because if they did, they wouldn’t be so intent to break the sire bond, in the first place.

tyler points

“HAHA!  Gotcha writers . . .”

Elena “appreciates” Damon too.  But she does so because he’s been accepting of her new self, when no one else she cares about has.  She appreciates how he loves her, unconditionally, whether she’s human or vampire, pristine or monstrous.  And she also appreciates him because well . . . he’s hot and sexy.  Let’s be honest.

wet damon 2

So, if Stefan wants to make himself feel better about the breakup, by chalking it up to a once-in-a-lifetime siring, good for him.

stefan shrug

But I for one, hope that Elena and Damon see this through to the end, sire bond, or no sire bond.  And that, if such a bond does exist, that Elena finds a way to break it, so that she can prove to herself that her love for Damon is pure, just as Book Elena and Sookie Stackhouse have done before her . . .

But hey, enough about all this mythology crap, Delena fans.  Let’s just bask in the glory of the fact that our SHIP FINALLY HAD SEX.  HOORAY!  Next time on TVD .   . .

Until then  . . .


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  1. East Coast Captain

    Bravo Delena, almost four years of foreplay culminated on thursday. Don´t be so hard on poor Stefan remember its for Elena!!! Its always for Elena!

    They really took the vampire hunter to a little extreme now. Magical vampire hunters?

    Looks like Stefan has done this before, I wonder if we might ever meet a vampire turned by Stefan it would be a great episode maybe his past comes back to haunt him and it seems Stefan was fighting Nazis in WWII.

    But Stefan has a right to criticize Damon he knows him better than anyone but Damon doesn´t know about the sire bond so there is that.

    I hope they grant Paul´s request for a love interest for Steffy, he is certainly less boring now. Elena hinders him.

  2. LG

    Nice recap! Can I tell you how pissed I was with that sire bond sh!t? Like Delena haven’t been hot for each other since day 1. Of course it will turn out that Elena is “sired” to Damon, but so what? They should have gotten together long ago. The writers better let this Delena deliciousness go on for awhile longer because I will not be given this gift of them boning only to have it taken immediately away! 🙂

  3. 3dognightinacathouse

    Great recap! This is my first time saying hello, but I look forward to your posts after every episode. I just had to say thank you for posting the video of Damon and Elena without the rude interruptions. And thanks to whoever made it, too! Now I don’t have to relive those moments where I was screaming at my TV “you’re ruining it, shut UP Caroline!”

    I sure hope this sire bond is not the real deal, and I like your point about a crush changing your point of view. It’s the reason there was a 2 month period when I rooted for the New York Yankees.

    If there is a sire bond, why wasn’t Elena able to drink Damon’s blood when he told her to drink it?

    Poor Damon, he’ll be so disillusioned if he finds out that Elena didn’t really choose him.

    Thanks again!

  4. Two of my fave captions of the week: “You will MAKE OUT WITH MY ARM, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, BITCH! In case you haven’t heard, my girlfriend dumped me, and I haven’t had sex in two weeks. I’ll take what I can get.” and “Remind me to delete this asshole from my contacts list. He’s always getting me into trouble.“ Bwahaaa! I have to admit, after you floored me with the deadly cahoots last week, I used the SAME WORD in my recap this week to describe the Shane/Hayley plot! Stefan was a complete ass most of this episode (but he’s getting pretty good at it), and I still say kill off Airhead April who serves no appreciable purpose! lol Hayley can stay…that she-bitch is going places, and I’m not so sure she’s permanently chosen a side yet! And am I the only person in the world that thinks Klaus looks like a pedophile? I mean, from day one, I have said “Nuh-uh! That’s NOT the Klaus I pictured!” And a pony in unicorn’s clothing? Lord, I think I’ll have to disown Caroline if she ever taps that! Now to the good stuff. Yeah, I wanted to decapitate the editors for cutting up that scene we’ve been waiting 3 1/2 years for–so I also went to youtube and found a scene spliced back together at stuck it at the end of mine! And the sire thing? Well, I feared this when I saw last season’s finale–nobody seemed to pick up on the fact that it was Damon’s blood that turned Elena, and it’s taken them 7 episodes to finally DO something with it. It kinda lessened the impact of the hot-as-hell sex, like they were throwing us a bone was made out of plastic….but we’ve been waiting so long, as long as the plastic plugs in…..

    Great recap! 🙂 My screencapper is holding mine until Monday. *sigh*

  5. Kaleigh

    Amazingly hilarious recap as always 🙂 I must admit the whole Damon/Elena sire bond thing did bother me but not for the reasons you and the commenters mentioned (though it still peeves me that when finally Elena confesses her love for Damon it’s like oh wait! It’s not real bc Elena’s just sired to him. Like what a way for the writers to totally f*ck us Delena fans). But I feel like the writers have almost given Stefan and Caroline an excuse for being terrible friends and totally turning their backs on Elena just bc she’s changed. Stefan spent the entire episode trying to fix her and change her back into the person he used to love (and creepily worship and pressure to be so perfect that when she shows any signs of being, oh idk, HUMAN, and NORMAL, she disappoints him like she is now as a vampire) and was even willing to risk Jeremy’s humanity to do so, while Caroline just spent the entire episode being judgmental and hypocritical and totally turning her back on her friend, but that’s all gonna be ok bc it’s not the real Elena and she’s just under the influence of the sire bond. Even though we (Delena fans) all know that she’s totally wanted to get in his pants since at least the end of season 1 (maybe even longer, who knows), and as a HUMAN she was the first person to initiate that amazing motel makeout sesh, their first really intimate scene on screen ever. And we all know that she’s always had a darker, sassier, more Katherine-like side to her personality, that’s always been bogged down by Stefan and his unrealistic standards for her behavior, but that’s also always been brought out by Damon and his carefree ways (and piercing blue eyes and gorgeous washboard abs – there I said it ;D), but all her actions and behaviors now have NOTHING to do with any of that bc Elena’s being brainwashed by some mythical sire bond. And the minute she finds out, she’s probably going to flip out, try to break it, and then go running back to Saint Stefan who doesn’t seem to care that the minute he turns her into a human, Klaus is gonna keep using her for his hybrids. And Caroline is going to get to continue her irrational reverence for Stefan and hatred for Damon, while simultaneously dating the biggest baddie, Klaus, of all time. Such a cheap shot the writers took. And sorry this is one big rant. I honestly loved the episode and the writing is still fantastic, but man, we just cannot catch a break. Oh well, here’s to hoping for next week! 😜🍺

  6. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    That video/scene between Damon and Elena had *two* intercuts. One is Stefan and Caroline (who I’d like to see get together). The other couple getting sexed up is Haley and Atticus.

  7. serendipity

    Hey Jules!
    Okay. I like Caroline and Stefan’s… friendship? I’d almost call it a bromance (except for Caroline not being a bro of course); their interaction has that kind of feel. I don’t know if it is because of her good connection to Stefan that Caroline goes all sourpuss on Elena. Because I totally agree with you on that. Caroline never used to be a hypocrite, but she started annoying me not even halfway through the episode with her judgy-ness. So Elena’s changed (although I can’t really see it). Why would that be such a bad thing? People change all the time, especially if you were to live through what Elena has. Besides, growing fangs just made insecure control freak Caroline grow into her own. So quit the hypocrisy already. It’s not like the ripper of Monterey is ideal boyfriend material, but Caroline keeps selling him to Elena as if he is. And I might like Klaus, but someone “on a hot date with the evilest most bloodthirsty vampire on the planet” (to quote you 🙂 ) isn’t really in a good position to judge Elena for wanting Damon…

    Besides, being single is good for Stefan. I like him that way. Single Stefan is driven, ruthless and badass (also, kind of sexy lol). Okay, so he’s kind of crazy too, but at least that’s way more interesting than his Elena-whipped ‘good’ alter-ego.

    But yeah. What WAS Elena thinking, moving into the boarding house? Kind of shows poor taste on her behalf. She could just as well have gone to Ric’s (still empty?) flat, right? Or Jeremy could have, although I kind of like Matt and Jeremy shacking up together. Much cheaper that way. Do you realize that now Matt is the only bonafide human on the show? Because I’m guessing Jeremy has turned into something supernatural by becoming a Hunter, with all the strength and protection against compulsion…

    And yay for a little dance as a prelude to Delena sex… Now where did I see that before? I don’t want to brag, but I totally called that 😉 Remember this http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7466818/1/ ? Nonetheless, I was quite bummed by the way they intercut the Delena scenes with the conversation between Caroline and Stefan, for more reasons than one: not only did it break the flow of both scenes (you can guess which scene I didn’t want broken lol) but also because I feel like us Delena fans deserved at least one week of oblivious happiness before they threw us another obstacle.

    Your explanation about why Elena agrees with Damon was spot on IMO! She’d just discovered she has a crush and is willing to cater to the object of her affections by agreeing with everything he says and being totally adoring the rest of the time (like last week when she fawned all over him for ‘saving’ her). That said, I’m sure they are going to go down the ‘sired’ road…

    Do you think Damon knows? I’m hoping he didn’t, because if he did, that would make him the villain again. First off, why do you think she’s sired to him? It’s apparently a very rare condition for vampires. The hybrids are grateful that they don’t have to undergo the painful transformation into werewolves every month. But what triggers siring in a vampire? And how do you break the bond? Could it be like learning to fight compulsion perhaps (another foreshadowing with Bill Forbes)?

    And so what if she’s sired? She’s just supposed to fall in with his suggestions (like the dress), but siring doesn’t make you have any special feelings for your sire (apart from loyalty). We all know Elena already had ‘feelings’ for Damon when she was still human (trip to Denver anyone?). And it’s not like Damon ordered her into his bed…

    So, even if I’m not thrilled with their timing, I’m still kind of okay with this 😉 There has to be a show of course. I just hope they’ll give us some more quality Delena time while they are sorting this out 😀

    • Andre

      I think you forget something when it comes to the siring:
      The writers never use their concepts consistently. They didn’t do it with vampirism, not with magic, spirits, werewolves, hybrids, relationships. Not ever.
      So I would be surprised if they actually had used it consistently.

  8. ami

    i was expecting more delena happiness in your review.

  9. I’m not gonna talk endlessly about the crazy high level of awesomeness contained in the “finally they have incredibly intense fierce sex” scene I had the pleasure to watch, courtesy of 3 seasons of waiting.

    I’m not gonna talk either about the fact that If they really ride the “Elena is sired to Damon” train I’ll put a contract on the writers head.

    Caroline and Stefan are beyond annoying right now. Caroline should threesome with Stefan and Klaus (A way for them to enjoy each other pretending not to be gays 😀 ) and Tyler should Doggystyle Hayley in the woods on a full moon, she’s hot and they fit well together.

    April Young is too much on the naive side, what leads me to believe that she’s hiding something and will reveal herself as a villain, it’s just impossible to be that clueless…

    I’m happy we didn’t see Bonnie during this episode, whom biggest power is to annoy me so much.

    Can’t wait for the horrible haircut professor to die.

    And.. as always, I love your recaps. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the episode when it’s over, I enjoy it almost as much as the episode itself, thank you for that. 😉

  10. Oh and DELENA is EPIC Caroline, not Stelena.. obviously she didn’t watch the show all these years 😉

  11. Andre

    First, I will say what I think about your recap and then what I think about this episode and what the heck the writers might have been thinking.


    I knew from the start that you would be thrilled about finally having Delena sex even if it is done in such a way. I think it was just stupid, rushed and total crap when considered who is in the relationship and what exactly they have done there. And I just wonder: Why did you fell for what the writers are doing?
    Why do you fall for something so cheesy and stupid? You are an intelligent women and yet you like this. Everybody here knows I will never be a Delena or Stelena or anything. But if I would be a Delena I wouldn’t have wanted it like this. This sucked. And I am not the only one who says this:

    I think he has a point with the whole Hunter being a Buffy rip-off and the whole siring thing. You know his video of course but I have a question on what he says and maybe you know, or someone else here. Is this “siring” stuff he talks about really that prevalent in fan-fiction?

    I agree that Stefan complaining about Elena was finally something normal and way overdue. Just like what Caroline said. Albeit it is still done in the typical TVD way. You know: saying this and that but not doing anything about it. All the time. Especially when it comes to Damon.
    So basically, it will lead to nothing. As usual. Damon will be forgiven and given spotlight. Been there done that and burned the shirt after I bought it. Nothing to be excited about.

    Now, I don’t get what you were saying about Caroline and her reaction to Elena. It is true that in many ways she acted more like herself from previous seasons, but was what she said about Damon wrong? No. Not one bit. Is it simply because she is in the way of Delena?

    And this whole thing with Damon and Stefan… seriously, why are you so thrilled about this? It is so obvious what this really is about, everything about these three lamers is. Later more.

    It was a good thing that you pointed out how little remorse the people showed about Chris’ death and that they “WE’RE DOING IT TO SAVE ELENA!”. What I think about the rest of the whole “turn murder” episode I will say later.
    So Kudos for pointing that out.

    PS. You will read “later” quite often in this comment.

    “And hey, none of us blame you for looking. That smirk of Klaus’ could melt the polar ice caps.”
    Please tell me you are not really shipping Klaroline now.

    “Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I keep waiting for her to get brutally murdered.”
    Well that is what I wait for in Haley’s case as well. I am not on track and IMDB is not reliable, but since this is the seventh episode, have these two crossed the 5 episodes barrier?
    I am not sure. If yes, they are long overdue for a stupid death like Connor.
    And before I forget that: Was he shown to have superpowers like Jeremy now? Can’t remember you mentioning that and considered how hot and bothered you were for him I guess you would have mentioned that.

    And you seriously want Matt with Rebekah? Klaroline is bad enough and… wait is Rebekah even running around right now or is she back in the coffin? I lost count.

    And sorry but this whole Delena thing is not a crush. It might have been back in season 1 or maybe even 2 but not now, definitely not. There is nothing presented whatsoever that would even hint at a crush.

    “Well, this hummingbird story wasn’t that. So, wait, let me get this straight. Big bad Klaus decided he envied humanity, all because some bird with a big schnoz looked at him cockeyed?

    “That bird story is the stupidest crap I ever heard.””
    Yeah I pretty much agree with you on that. That was the direct opposite from season 3. And what a lame ass story. I think the reason for this lame story is clear, but more to that in the second part of my comment.

    This whole conversation between Damon and the Professor… well “YAWN” as you said but I think I wanted to do that for a different reason.
    It was the same lame old crap. Damon comes in and tries to use threats to get what he wants. Makes sense I guess, since it worked with Anna, Pearl, Mason, Jules, Rose, Elijah, Klaus, Grams, Bonnie etc. It worked with all of those people… No wait.
    IT DIDN’T!!!!
    Threats only worked with people who couldn’t defend themselves, like with Jeremy. With everybody else it always bit him in the ass. But still the guy does it and still Delenas fall for him. Why, I wonder, just why? The rest on my thoughts about this later.

    “Stefan was a real jerk, in this scene, wasn’t he? The way he manipulated Jeremy into making the kill, knowing full well that there was a major possibility that doing it would turn our mild mannered former emo kid into, as Damon cleverly put it, “Connor 2.0?””
    That is one of the best examples on why I think you fell right into the writers’ poorly concealed trap.
    This whole stuff with Jeremy… it ruined Connor. They introduced him as someone with a good reason for what he does but now it looks as though he was rather reprogrammed or something.

    “While Jeremy’s Presto Chango Personality Transformation made for good television drama, part of me wished for a little more subtlety, and gradual metamorphosis, on the character’s part. I find this is a frequent complaint I have with the show. I recall having made similar comments about Stefan’s “ripperness” and Alaric’s “psycho-ness,” not long before. And here is my general feeling. When you give a character an “alter ego,” you enable him or her to disclaim complete responsibility for all acts committed while in that state. And that gives your characters a sort of moral “easy out” clause, that I don’t necessarily think they deserve.”
    Totally agree. In general this is too much of an easy exit. And especially in Stefan’s case it again straight clashes with what they stated about the nature of vampirism on this show. It was the same with Tyler. Ever since he turned from human to werewolf it seems as though this is his easy exit. You know that it is the werewolf (or in season 3 the “hybrid”) and not him. Such stuff can be used for good storytelling but not like this.

    As far as I know you are not the only one saying that Tonkin is a good actress. But I doubt that she can save this show anymore than the other sideline characters could. Because the show is always about Elena. And let’s face it, if you would kill Elena, all problems on the show would be solved. And that will never happen because the writers don’t seem to be capable, or allowed, to do anything like that and move on from Elena.
    And yeah, the scene in the barn (or whatever that was) was bad. What the hybrid-chick said was pretty much what I thought “this is bad enough, take it outside.”
    Sadly the whole think with Tonkin reminds me of the actress playing April, or the other sideliners. They are good actors, very good; the show could be really good with them. But no, the writers won’t do it. Never. It always has to be the three lamers. The show is oversaturated with the three and they are totally overexposed.
    I personally wasn’t disappointed by the scene showing Haley in league, or better in service, to Radley. It was just damn annoying, because it again showed the sexist nature of the show. Again a woman/girl who can’t stand on her own feet. Nope, they either have to google for guys or be in their service.
    As for her redemption/death… will probably be the same. Like I already asked, has she crossed the 5 episodes barrier yet? I think she first appeared in episode 3 so she could die next episode.

    “So, basically his whole connection to this thing is that he can make Bonnie Bennett regain her witchy powers, so that she can help find the “cure” to vampirism . . . because apparently the Map Tattoo and pretty stake aren’t enough.”
    Of course they aren’t enough. But one thing: So Bonnie has no magical powers now or just not enough juice?

    Now to the part that you might hate:
    I was absolutely not thrilled with the whole Delena sex thing or even that she goes to him in the first place. I knew what it was and I will tell you later.
    Your recap about that scene just reminds me of how crazy you always seem to me when you write about it. You are all “this is so great,” but what exactly is great? That Elena is suddenly a 180 without any reason? That she turns into a female version of Damon? That she alienates all her friends for this impulsive cliché Byronic hero? That was not Elena coming to terms with herself in the last scene; it was Elena molding herself to suit Damon. So of course he would make compliments, she is how he wants her now.
    I think what you and others did there is falling for the same crap that Twihards fall for when the werewolves imprint: You confuse enslavement with love. Although Elena being “sired” is not the same as with the hybrids (another inconsistency you rightly pointed out) it is at least a better explanation for this sudden change than just vampirism, but it is still not love. I personally would never accept that, not even temporarily.
    Your statement “Many vampire tales, the TVD book series included, have posited the “blood bond,” as a reason for closeness between vampires and their mates. And this supernatural anomaly hasn’t managed to foil the genuine closeness of the couple, in those situations” doesn’t resolve this problem one bit. It only shows how widespread this crap is and how many people fall for it. Instead of portraying love as something that develops and needs to be worked on, they portray it as some sort of magical force that just comes along. And for that they use stuff like these “bonds” which have nothing to do with love but rather with obsession and compulsion and words like “mates” when they actually mean slaves. Elena is not a partner to Damon, she is a slave to his needs and wants and nothing more.
    All your talk about “accepting of her new self, when no one else she cares about has. She appreciates how he loves her, unconditionally, whether she’s human or vampire, pristine or monstrous” sounds to me as just an attempt on your part to justify this stuff. Not to mention that it is basically saying “I love you no matter what so do what you want I won’t stop you.” This is not love and certainly nothing good, it is giving someone a free ticket to do whatever that person wants and that never ends well. It is the same thing Spideysense did at her place when she demonized Matt and romanticized Tyler. It seems you do the same with everyone standing in the way of Delena, as you clearly show when making Stefan the bad guy. And on the same hand you romanticize Damon and his relationship with Elena (obvious when you talked about Elena’s “pure” love). You said yourself that all the things I accused Damon of were true. But still, despite all this, you just forgave him without the character ever making any amends and went on to the next topic as quickly as possible. No matter what the character does, ultimately you are always fine with it. And so are the writers as it seems, as a matter of fact Plec said herself that she wonders how much they can let Damon do until the viewers will no longer forgive him. And it appears to me that some will always forgive him. I doubt that you are among them since I am sure you wouldn’t forgive him outright abuse, but still it worries me how much you just seem to overlook.
    And not only this, you seem to devour the tidbits of Delena the writers toss at you, no matter how little they are. It won’t be that suddenly there is all Delena and nothing but, so what are you hoping for? Just like there was always not just Stelena. It is because the writers are fucking with you, they are always fucking with you, like they do with all the Delenas and Stelenas, Forewooders and Klarolines. They do this constant back and forth because that is all the show is really about and they need the viewers to keep watching. And they will never do anything different. The show started in 2009 and is in its fourth season, had they wanted it to be different they would have done it by now. But they didn’t and so they never will. Why are you so accepting of this? Would I be a Delena I would never accept this crap the writers are cooking up, not one bit, and I surely wouldn’t regard this siring as some sort of prequel to actual love. And neither would I be annoyed at Stefan or Caroline for their behavior, since they are right and have a good reason to be concerned. Would I be a Delena I am 100% sure that I would say the same about this stuff I said now. This stuff the writers are throwing out is unacceptable.
    And due to this fact I have to say this: You don’t sound like a fan when it comes to this Delena stuff, you sound like you are close, very close, to a crazy shipper. You seem to be accepting of even the tiniest bits and even stuff like this “siring”. More and more and this was what has been worrying me for months now.
    That is how the Delena related part of your recap came along to me.
    When you are writing about Delena you really aren’t at your best. Really, I like your style, but I think, just as with the show, Delena has the strong potential to totally mess up and ruin your recaps. 😦

    Now to my second part of my comment. The one I always referred to when I said “later”:
    The analysis of the episode:

    “What in all hell did they smoke?”
    That is what I asked myself time and again when seeing the episode.
    Seriously who could not see this lame ass manipulation?

    When I saw the intro I was like “what the fuck is this?” I have no idea whether it is the same each episode but man it sucked. At first it was a revision of the history of Mystic Falls by suggesting that supernaturals had lived among them for centuries, which they didn’t, but also by that “Viking village” scene they are suggesting to new watchers that the town was settled for so long by White people, also not true apparently. But most obviously it showed whom the episode is about. The voices were (by character): Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Klaus. Thereby they clearly stated that this episode is about them. They are the main focus and considered that all are in relationships with one another is another pointing towards the importance of the “romantic” relationships in the show.
    Not to mention that the mentioning of werewolves and witches by Caroline and especially the “and even hybrids” line of Klaus were there to make these epic failures somehow important, to “show” that they have an important place in the show instead of being the lame ass fillers and plot tools that they are.
    It could be that at the small scene with Bonnie in the opening it was Graham’s voice but if that is so, as usual her role is small so she is easily overlooked. It felt as though it’s the same lip-service the show always pays to her role.

    Now the whole thing with Caroline’s and Stefan’s conversation was I think just another attempt at using realism to manipulate the viewers by doing the opposite later on. By pointing out that Stefan is the better option, via Caroline’s statements, the show tries to make him later look worse and Damon better, thereby making you more sympathetic to Elena by suggesting that Caroline’s judgment is flawed.
    It is the same concept as in season 2 when Caroline’s true statements of Elena’s incapability to be a vampire was used as a simple distraction. The same in season 3 with Meredith’s statement about Elena dating vampires or the whole enemies thing when regarding Forewood. Same old shoe, not working for me one bit. You can see that coming a mile away.
    The scene of Stefan leaving the house and Damon acting all “noble” or whatever that was, was the same strategy I already pointed out: it is to portray Stefan as worse and Damon as better, nothing more, the first step, the next comes with the cellar related scene. A simple bait that apparently gets taken time and again. The way they had usually portrayed Damon doesn’t fit this scene at all. The Damon so far would gloat about it respectively play the victim, especially when Elena is not around. It is all simply because the writers want to feed you Delena and in this episode it was mostly about that while at the same time keeping Stelenas on board.
    You see; the whole thing with Stefan and the murderer served the same purpose, as well as feeding Stelenas. By having Klaus forcing Stefan to choose fast and by changing a murderer they lifted some guilt from him, making him look redeemable. However he is still portrayed as the worse choice by forcefully injuring a reluctant Jeremy and feeding his blood to the vamp although there was no reason to do so to make him kill the vampire or even complete the transition. He could have fed him blood from a blood bag to make the transition and simply tell Jeremy the story, Jeremy’s urge to kill the vamp, or simple self-preservation, would have worked as well. Stefan could just have lied about that vampire and saying that he had been a vampire all along So that scene was just another step on the way to make Stefan look bad and get Delenas to cheer, because that way Stefan is less and less a good choice and the writers can show Damon as a good choice. Jeremy’s sudden change in demeanor after the cellar episodes basically serves the same purpose. By showing the consequences (the supposed danger Elena was in) Stefan can be portrayed as less desirable than Damon, especially considered how fast Delenas tend to forget Damon’s flaws and actions it could be reasonable assumed that it would work perfectly.
    The scene with picking the dress and the subsequent winning of April was basically another step of portraying Damon as the better choice. Perhaps there was a slight message that you don’t have to be thin to win, but even then it would only be lip-service again. Also the dance scene was not just a flashback of sorts to the first season for the Delenas but also another championing of the shows romanticizing of the Victorian era and its customs. And having “black girls” in it is another attempt to hide the racism of the show. Also it was the same as with the earlier scene when Caroline talked turkey with Elena. It is to feed Delenas. This might also be the reason why the suddenly introduced Klaus, to make people think “Caroline has no right to judge.” Which would than result in the attitude that Caroline must be wrong, also it victimizes Elena (just like Stefan obsessive behavior) and so Delenas can feel better later on and for them Damon’s “acceptance” would be highlighted and the opinion of the other two downplayed.
    The last scene with the dance and the sex was than the climax, the “acceptance”, the “love”, the moment Delenas have been waiting “for 3 years.” This is especially underlined with the music even when Caroline’s theory is revealed the sickening music doesn’t stop, possibly to keep Delenas in the hope that it could be more. And of course from there it can only go down and for that, and possibly to explain the sudden shift in Elena’s personality that straight clashes with the concept of TVD vampirism, and to feed Stelenas they introduce Caroline’s reasoning about siring. And although it isn’t a good explanation, when compared to the siring of the hybrids, it is much better than the whole “stronger feelings” or the supposed “love” between Elena and Damon. Caroline’s reasoning is very sound, due to Elena’s behavior and the fact that a case like hers (regarding blood) was never encountered in vampire history (and doesn’t fit the portrayal of vampirism at all), but the holes in that (Elena was never shown to be able to be grateful about becoming a vampire) reveal that it is ultimately not there to explain anything, but to keep Stelenas on board and so, again, drag the whole triangle thing once more.
    The whole siring thing is also just a convenient way for the writers to rush everything, so that they don’t have to write an actual development of a Delena relationship since this time the whole concept is closer to the one in True Blood, something I bet the writers are counting on, since they simply copied stuff very often. All in all this whole development in the episode was good for the following things:
    To lure Delenas and toss them something (“sex sells”).
    To keep Stelenas on board.
    To cash in on the ridiculous concept of the Byronic hero.
    To cash in on the “blood bond” you mentioned as a convenient way to avoid actual relationship development.

    The first scenes with Caroline and Klaus are actually a good example of why I ask myself whether the writers know what they are doing.
    Caroline without Klaus in this episode was fine; actually her performance was much better than the rest, except for Jeremy’s. And despite what Delenas think, the character came along as someone who actually cares for her friend and sees that Elena’s way of copying Damon is not good. However the moment Klaus comes in it’s as though the characters get switched by the writers.
    I am aware of the concept of double standard and alike but this is just ridiculous and an example of very bad writing. Everybody here knows that Plec turned Klaus into a … my English is simply not good enough for that, but let’s say a spoiled and bratty child prone to hissy fits. Having Caroline simply overlook that he is such a mass murderer is the epitome of out of character. There is no way a character with her past would ever fall for that. She has been tortured twice already (I am waiting for the third time) but she still can’t see what Klaus really is? She actually falls for the whole hummingbird story? Seriously it is as though you would switch Buffy with Bella Swan.
    This story of Klaus about the hummingbird and all his teenage like behavior was clearly just there to make him more likeable and somehow more “reasonable” for Caroline to fall for him. And sadly, many fall for this. And I just have to wonder again: Why? Have these people no memory? And what is the appeal of these sick and boring relationships anyway?
    That they chose a hummingbird instead of, let’s say a baby, probably is due to the creatures frailness (the heart cannot be any smaller as far as I know) and its high energy need. Perhaps by saying that he envied such a tiny creature (to some extent, I think Andean hummingbirds are bigger than their lowland counterparts) they do the same they did with his drawings and by portraying Michael as some sort of bad guy (again something never explained). By these attention is drawn away, effectively as it seems, from Klaus behavior and his abuse of his sister and other siblings. Basically portraying him as the “Misunderstood child” instead of the spoiled bratty monster that he really is.
    So, what the heck are the writers thinking? Do they want Klaroline so much? And why I wonder.
    Do they want to cash in on the topic of “the right girl saves the bad guy?” Actually I think that is most likely, given the nature of this show. And basically they make Caroline into one of those girls/women that fall in love with murderers and the like and we all know how that usually ends.
    Also the episode, and the others before, send a clear message: It is acceptable for a young girl to be with a much older man, but not the other way around. Katherine and Anna were the only exception but not only was Katherine never portrayed as so romanticized, both were also physically younger than Damon, Stefan and Jeremy, so they don’t count. This sounds as though women get bad with age and considered the shows focus on high school I think that is a valid hypothesis.

    And speaking of high school: the characters barely visit it. So why have them as high schoolers still? High school serves no purpose anymore on this show. And most viewers are not in high school apparently, so what’s the point?

    Jeremy’s storyline. Still puzzling. Perhaps the result of those rare instances when a writer actually has a good idea. They even had the thing with the ring (after they said nothing about it in this season [whose to say that Esther isn’t still there?]). But it will be dropped soon, no doubt about that. And of course it will serve Elena. And maybe it is really just there to give Roehrig and McQueen something to do, since unlike Bonnie they cannot label them as magical Negros and then discard them as they please.
    The fact that Jeremy suddenly has strength never shown with Connor is in my eyes just a convenient tool to make him look more threatening and thereby, uselessly, add to his danger towards Elena. I say uselessly because this is not Game of Thrones, they will not kill off the protagonist. Also no one who watched this show for longer than one season, in my eyes, would fall for that. None of those people would believe that Elena was ever in danger. She had been in “dangerous” situations all along and always the writers used some way to get her out of it, either by actual cause (e.g. having her linked to evil Alaric) or with some lame excuse (e.g. backwards headbutting Rebekah). Her chances of actual dying and any action were zero. So why do they even bother with that? Are they that stupid that they think people would fall for that? It is the same as with the “end of the love triangle” it just won’t happen.
    The fact that Jeremy was suddenly shown as programmed, and thereby Connor as well, in my eyes serves the overall concept of the show in portraying vampires as just a minority, on par in US society with let’s say African Americans, Korean Americans, Italo-Americans and the like. The show clearly says that there is no reason to want them gone on principle; only the bad and misguided think that. In essence vampires are the same as any other minority.
    Now, as part of a minority I want to do this to the writers for doing this:

    Being a vampire, especially like the ones on this show, is not the same. The fear people have of them is not the same as yellow peril or homophobia. These are usually based on ignorance and superstition. Not with the vampires, their thirst for human blood, their urge to kill, is real, in every sense of the word. The show itself stated time and again how strong it is, but still it portrays vampires as essentially good and just misunderstood and by having Jeremy turn into this hunter and portraying his actions as wrong they make sure that vampires are seen this way.

    The whole scene in the barn is one of the scenes in the episode that puzzle me most as to what it was good for. Not only did its info about siring (the whole gratitude stuff) clashes straight with the portrayal of Elena as being sired it also clashes with what Tyler said and how werewolves were portrayed. You could say of course that hybrids are different and thereby “explaining” why their siring is different and their transformations can lessen in pain but it would actually not explain it, especially since they never mentioned the possibility before the whole siring thing.
    But let’s say a werewolf triggers the curse and afterwards lives for another 20 years. That would on average be 240 turns. With that number of turns it should be known that the pain can lessen but prior to Mr. Forbes stating so, there was no hint whatsoeever. Also they stated in season 3 that Tyler changed much more often to break the bond, not just twenty or so as here. Was that another “lie” again? Also when you think about it, why should all hybrids stay after being freed?
    Now the scene was good for showing the show’s attitude towards naked skin as well as acceptable femininity by US standards. Despite the statement, the woman never turns and barely shows any more change than the eyes and actually, if she really turned about 20 times at the start of the scene, her clothes should at least be damaged, after all they had Trevino be naked both times. This sends the clear message of “decency” (unless you are have sex while being “in love”) it also enforces the notion that women can never be hairy, the same was with Jules (Jules – Julie, coincidence?) and her slowed transformation in season 2, not one hair in sight. Basically the hybrid had the role of the female werewolf: she cannot be shown transforming, not when she is one of the good people, were she bad she would be shown with more hair and the like, as a good character she would be too horrific with these characteristics.

    The scene with Damon interrogating Radley and Bonnie’s absence was just a convenient way to have the professor there and look important. After all, suddenly Bonnie has no spell (or couldn’t make one up) to locate a potential hunter or whatever they would ever be looking for? Makes no sense.
    And why on earth do the writers still have Damon threaten people when it practically never works? Is it to build up “tension” or something? Or are they unable to show actual investigation?

    Hailey’s little talk with Tyler on how she became a werewolf only seems to serve to get them closer together and create “Forewood tension.” After all not even the writers can be that stupid to think anybody would buy that lame story. Had Haley really changed in her living room she would have screamed her ass off for hours and later killed her family.
    It was probably along the line “poor little girl all alone, finding rich guy with different family and gets a place to belong.” You know kind of, “look girl Tyler had it better and he will take you into his family.”
    Also her statement that she has “claws” was another lame attempt and lip-service at women’s equality. She doesn’t have claws, not even remotely, and even in wolf form they would be useless as weapons. By having her stating this they just want to portray her as strong and the like, possibly to let her connection with Radley not appear to master-servant like or to somehow heighten her assured death.

    This is basically what I thought about this and I while I don’t like Katie Parry I think this song of hers fits the episode and the show in general very much:

  12. You finally got your Delena sex! 🙂 I’m happy for you. You know how I feel about ships on this show; I am absolutely not a long term Delena shipper, but I like their relationship now. Which was partly why I thought it so strange that they said Elena was sired to Damon. First of all, when else has that happened? How do they know how siring works? They indicate it’s more than just a connection, it’s like a form of hypnotism. Second, if that’s true, why is Elena acting relatively normally? Sure she’s been erratic, but she’s a freaking vampire. And why is it that she doesn’t deserve any support in what she’s going through? Not to mention, we’ve established that Stefan is no longer on a higher moral plane than Damon.

    But, I still love Caroline and Stefan’s friendship. Even though I kept rolling my eyes at Caroline’s ridiculous judgments, I prefer season one Caroline to all her other incarnations. I like it when Caroline, in spite of herself, is kind of a bitch. In recent seasons, she became an almost flawless fan favorite, always saying the right things in the most chipper way. When she cries, you cry. When she stands up for yourself, you cheer. I missed the person who fucks up sometimes, like we all do. That’s part of why I liked her. She had amazing heart, but she could also be completely wrong.

    Stefan’s just being an idiot this season. I guess they gave him a lot to play with in the previous season, so now they’re making him look genuinely dumb. Interestingly, Damon and Stefan are switching roles in what they would do for Elena. They still have their personalities, but Stefan is the one trying to “save” Elena (?) while Damon is supporting her wishes.

    You know how much I like my Klefan. So that scene in the woods made me very happy. Those two.

    Klaroline though. I try to understand. I believe it’s the second most popular ship. Yet I actually have a physical reaction to them. I feel almost nauseous. Klaus’s much mocked (hilariously) hummingbird speech actually saved me because I felt like it was the only moment between him and Caroline that was in character. He was describing a biological function, not something sentimental (okay even though it was a cute little bird). He didn’t say “oh I wish I had a home” or “I wish I had a normal life.” It was just, “hm, I guess me life IS kind of boring, and maybe power and strength can be too easy and thus empty.” Maybe I’m the only one who liked it lol.

    Otherwise, why was Caroline giggling because he held some papers from him? Does she have short term memory loss? Is this some amazingly charming move I’m missing out on? If Klaus likes this girl so much but doesn’t mind slaughtering other girls who are exactly like her, is this because we are supposed to believe Caroline is more *valuable* the way Elena is? It just boggles my mind.

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