Damon Salvatore is a Babe Magnet . . . Literally – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”

sex y delena 1


Greetings Fangbangers!  So, I’ve been cooking up this theory that I’d like to share with you.  You see, I think that the characters on TVD are like superheroes, in that every one of them has a special magical power, that they can use to combat their enemies.

paul super

Jeremy sees dead people, and is really good at lifting beer kegs . . .

3 10 hot jer mem

Bonnie has the power of magical nosebleeds, and unintelligible chanting.  These powers alternatively gross her enemies out, or leave in them in a bored stupor, rendering them helpless against attack . . .

2 18 imperial bedrooms kat nose

Caroline has the Power of Perkiness, which makes it difficult to dislike her, even when she’s doing unlikeable things, like complaining about Damon, for no good reason . . .

2 16 caroline j baker

Elena has the power to make anyone and everyone completely disregard their own self-interests, and risk their lives and happiness to save her, even when she doesn’t seem to really need saving .  . .

bloody elena

Matt has the power of Magical Waitering.  I’m not quite sure how it works.  I just know he’s a really good waiter, because that’s what we see him doing 95% of the time he’s on the show.

The Last Day

Tyler has the power to make you forget what a douchebag he was in Season 1 . . .

tyler points

Ripper Stefan has the power to eat however many people he wants and never gain weight . . .


Why am I telling you all this, you ask?

Simple.  It’s because this week, we finally got to learn Damon’s magical power.  Interestingly enough, it’s one he shares with the actor who plays him.  That’s right, boys and girls.  Both Damon Salvatore and Ian Somerhalder have the power to render any woman they “sink their teeth into” helplessly under their thrall, forever and ever . . .

damon eternal stud

After all, that’s what this controversial “sire bond” storyline is all about, isn’t it?  It effects your bodily responses, not your brain.  It’s basically a slightly less intense, but more long term, form of perpetual compulsion.  At least, that’s what they’re  telling us this week.  Back when Tyler was first sired, it was something completely different.


And who better than Damon Salvatore to be the one vampire who, just like his alter ego, Ian Somerhalder, seems to convert every woman he “turns” (and some fangirls that he doesn’t), into his willing love slave?

Let’s review, shall we?

[Again, special thanks to Andre for the spectacular screencaps you see here . . . even if parts of his comment on my recap from last week did make me cry a little bit. :)]

Delena Sex 2.0 – Now with more belly kisses!



I find it a little ironic that of all the sex songs in the world, the producers chose “Eyes on Fire,” the unofficial Twilight theme song, as the soundtrack to Delena’s Morning Sex.  Considering how much the writers of this show, and its cast, hate being compared to the “Bedward” Franchise, you would think they would run screaming from this particular little ditty.


Now, if they start playing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song, every time Jeremy comes on screen, I’ll know they are just f*&king with us . . .


Anywhoo, we ended last week’s episode with Damon and Elena having sex.

stayed for the show

And that’s how we started this week’s episode.  I like to imagine that this is because Damon and Elena have been screwing like bunnies, nonstop, for an entire week.  Way to show off that vampire sex stamina, kiddies!

In reality, I imagine, in Mystic Falls, just a few hours of passed, which is still impressive, I guess.  But, you know . . .

Whatever the time duration, it was White Hot . . . like almost hot enough to pay us Delena fans back for last week’s blue ballsy, Caroline and Stefan sponsored, coitus dotheyevershutupus . . .

delena sex


I don’t know about all of you, but I look craptastic, when I sleep.  Messy hair, bags under the eyes, drooling open mouth, a stupid expression on my face.  To combat this potential embarrassment, whenever I have company over, I tend to sleep with a bag over my head.

1 21 bag head pics

Trust me, it’s better for everyone this way . . .

Fortunately for Elena, Damon doesn’t have that problem.  That close up shot of his naked bod, his blissfully peaceful closed eyes, and his smiling-in-his sleep expression, was phe-f*&king-nomenal.  In fact, I’d very much like to tape it to the inside of my eyelids, so that I could look at it, while I sleep  . . .

sleeping damon yum

wake up damon


Things only got better from there.  Elena pops up in Damon’s black button down, and matching panty and bra set (Come on!  We all know she woke two hours early to brush her hair, put on makeup and plan out that “just woke up” ensemble).

bed fly


They smile at eachother, with this look that says, we just f*&ked eachothers’ brains out, and all is right in the world.

im happy


And, before you know it, they are at it again . . .

more sex


Honestly, I haven’t seen these two individuals seem so happy, and so at peace with themselves in  . . . well . . . ever.  Sire Bond, Schmire Bond.  If it feels this good, I say you should keep doing it.  After all, you only live once . . . or, in this case . . . once FOREVER.

From the sex moans, to the titillating neck kisses, to the part where we focused on Damon’s ecstatic expression, as Elena DEFINITELY went below his belly button, and, as the song says, “blew his whistle, baby,” I continually wonder how this show manages to keep it’s 8 p.m. time slot, without massively pissing off the censors.

more dex


Not that I’m complaining, or anything . . .

And let me tell you, that sex must have been awesome.  Because, after one day, Damon and Elena have already seemingly settled into matrimonial bliss, with him handing off her lunch bag, and tying her scarf, as the kiss eachother adoringly and bid one another adieu at the door.


Elena’s so happy with Damon, she is even willing to go to school with Sex Head, as Caroline and Bonnie not-so-lovingly point out to her, later in the morning.

But then, just as Elena is leaving, Stefan pops by, because he happened to be “in the neighborhood.”


awkward post sex

Here’s a hint, Damon.  If you want to hide your morning wood from your brother, your hands should be lower .  . .

By the way, is he bunking with Caroline now?  Because, based on those opening scenes, it seemed as though Damon and Elena weren’t the only vampire duo to spend the night together, after the events of the previous week.  Personally, I hope we later find out that the two of them let their Elena-sized frustrations get the better of them, and boned off screen.


Now, that would be an interesting twist!  Just imagine what Klaus would do, if he found out the two loves of his life “knew one another” in the biblical sense!

klaus tums

“My heart is a-fire with sadness!”

We need to talk . . .

Smug.  That’s how I would describe Stefan Salvatore’s expression when he tells Damon about the whole “siring thing” that he and Caroline spent the WHOLE night discussing.  In fact, he is so smug that part of me wants Damon to jump on of his chair and shout out, “ELENA AND I HAD SEX,” just to wipe that look off of his face.

stefan shrug

But, alas, Damon restrains himself.  And so Stefan assigns his elder brother a little “test” to confirm his hypothesis regarding the existence of this all-powerful sire bond.  (Those guys from The Big Bang Theory would be proud!)  Damon has to tell Elena to drink from a blood bag, something she had previously been unable to do.  If she can do it, she’s sired.  If not, not.  It’s that simple.

thinking damon bitemesomerhalder

Or is it?

Because, if I recall correctly, Damon never told Elena that she wouldn’t be able to drink his blood.  And yet, “Sire Girl” went and yakked that up too.  I also don’t recall Damon telling Elena to run off in a huff, after the two engaged in a bit too much “Snatch, Eat, Erase,” at that frat party.

damon and matt

Let’s not forget about the time Elena beat the sh*t out of Damon for trying to kill Matt . . .

leave him alone

So, Elena doesn’t always do everything Damon says.  At least, she hasn’t up until this week . . .

Long story short, Damon heads to visit Elena for her once-a-month trip to school  And what Elena thought was going to be a surprise Coitus Session, in Alaric’s old classroom (R.I.P. Big Guy!), ended up being nothing more than an impromptu “bottle feeding.”

blood bag

blue balls

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the experiment works.  Elena, of course, is thrilled.  Now, that she can drink Soccer Mom from a juice box, our newest resident fanger can once again be the “Moral Vampire” she’s always assumed she’d be!

school hug

“Now, can we have sex?”

Plus, I don’t know who she’s been drinking from all this time.  But my guess is that Bar Boy Matt has developed a serious Iron Deficiency.  Now, when he and Jer Bear get high together at the Gilbert house, instead of stumbling around Mystic Falls, muttering, “Dude where’s my truck?,” he just sort of collapses on the floor and plays dead. . .

2 16 matt wtf face

Damon, of course, looks terribly depressed.

damon soulful crying

And when Damon is depressed, we’re all depressed . . .


Of course, the scene also serves as a reminder of how much this character has changed since Season 1.  I’m thinking Old Damon would have had a blast with this siring scenario.  In fact, I strongly suspect he would have said something like this.  “Hey Elena.  That’s great that you can drink from blood bags now.  That means you can drink from me . . . no wait, try sipping from my other head . . .”

2 16 delena up closer

All kidding aside, at this point, the poor vampire has got to be feeling like the World is out to get him . . . or at least to Cockblock him for All Eternity . . .

Teen Wolf Tyler versus Kim the Barbarian

With the exception of a tie-in scene that occurs later on in the episode, Tyler and Hayley’s plotline seemed distinctly separate from the rest of the episode.   So, I’m going to summarize it as such.

tyler crack

Considering how hybrids on this show are killed as easily as ants crushed under foot, it’s kind of a miracle that Klaus has managed to keep Lucky 13 of them alive, as long as he has.

If I recall correctly, last week we were told that “Kim” was the last of the sired hybrids.  But apparently, another one has magically appeared.  And when that hybrid gripes about the painful un-siring process, Kim rides to his rescue, asserting the moderately attractive male hybrid’s God-given right to be Gay for Klaus FOREVER .  . .  Talk about democracy at it’s finest . . .


kim and guy

“I’m calling PETA!”

At first, Tyler only seems mildly annoyed by this recent turn of events.  And this prompts Hayley to Lady MacBeth him into asserting dominance over Kim and the rest of this Rag Tag Hybrid Crew.  It was all very Derek Hale in Teen Wolf to me, which probably made me enjoy the storyline, more than I would otherwise.  They even tossed around the term “Alpha,” this week, with as much frequency as Stefan says the words “emotions are heightened.”

im the alpha cameronbaum

(By the way, if I ever decide to make a Talking Stefan Salvatore doll, remind me to include “emotions are heightened” as one of the phrases that comes out of his mouth, when you pull the string in his ass.  Other Stefan-y sayings include: “I’m doing it for Elena,” “You’re wrong, Damon,” “I had to know her,” and, my personal favorite, “I’m freaking hungry!”)

freaking hungry

Later in the episode, we learn the reason why Hayley is so intent on ALL of the hybrids breaking their bond.  You see, apparently, she promised Good Ole Professor Boo Radley sex TWELVE hybrids, in return for information about her “missing parents.”  (Geez!  Is EVERYONE on this show an orphan?)  And if she gets all the ones that are Not Tyler to fall in line, Ty-Ty can live, while his dozen packmates fry like bacon.

2 3 bacon

Now, that’s what a call a Nice Girl . . .

teen drama


Seriously though, I was happy to hear a solid reason why Hayley would choose to be . . . wait for it . . . IN CAHOOTS . . . with a creeper like Professor Boo Radley.  Now, that I know the reason, I can go back to thinking she’s awesome . . .

In slightly less awesome news . . .

Another Brick in the Wall . . .

As much as I adored seeing Damon and Stefan in 40’s hair and military uniforms (one word: SMOKIN!) . . .

period piece damon 1

period piece damon 2


. . . part of me felt like the writers could have had a lot more fun with the New Orleans / Louisiana backdrop than they did.  For starters, Louisiana has always had a rich history, when it comes to belief in the supernatural.   It’s the Home of Voodoo, for crying out loud!  I would have thought the TVD staff would have had a field day with that little tidbit.

Aside from that, HELLO!  MARDI GRAS!  FAT TUESDAY!  That sort of decadence and debauchery has got to be a veritable smorgasbord for vampires looking to bite a neck (or a boob), in exchange for a cheap beaded necklace or two.

3 8 dance

Additionally, I feel like Plec and co. totally wasted the opportunity to include at least ONE deliciously meta True Blood joke . . .

must be thurs

I wanna do real bad things with you . . .

But enough griping.  Let’s focus on what actually happened.  Shall we?

Damon and Stefan decide to road trip to New Orleans, because it turns out that Elena isn’t the first newbie vampire to catch the Sire Disease from Damon.  Apparently, some chick named Charlotte got it too.

made a meal

Odd right?  Because Damon seemed genuinely surprised when Stefan broke the news about Elena’s sire bond to his brother.  You would think, given his past, Damon reaction would be something more along the lines of “Oh crap!  Not again!  Why do I have to be so gosh darn irresistible?”

Anywhoo, Sire Charlotte isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.  And apparently, back in 1940, when Damon tried to get rid of her, by telling her to count bricks in the wall and wait for his return, she did . . . FOR SEVENTY FRIGGIN YEARS.

not that into you

oh hell to the no

You know what that tells me?  Charlotte doesn’t know how to count . . .

You would think girlfriend would be totally pissed about being dissed like this. I mean, this was a girl who KILLED A SAILOR just because he spilled Damon’s drink.  Talk about someone with anger management issues.  But it turns out she’s POSITIVELY THRILLED to see Damon.

Charlotte, I suspect, is meant to be the poster child for why siring is BAAAAAD.  But I strongly suspect that Charlotte’s bizarre behavior had just as much to do with the kind of person she was before Damon sired her as it does with the supernatural bond.  Case in point, had the sire bond worked like this on Elena, she’d still be over at that frat party from a few episodes ago, “snatching, eating and erasing,” until her lips fell off . . .

vampire elena

Charlotte’s behavior must have freaked out Damon pretty badly back then, because he was willing to visit some Witchy Lady and KILL 12 people, just because the Crazy Lady told him it MIGHT break the sire bond.  Talk about the power of suggestion!

Oooh . . . wait a second . . . TWELVE PEOPLE .  . .the TWELVE HYBRIDS that Professor Shane needs for his spell . . . I SMELL A PARALLEL!


As it probably already figured out, it doesn’t work.  And Damon skips town as a result . . . well, not entirely.  He also skips town, because LEXI tells him that he’s a BAAAD influence on Stefan, and that his mere presence will make his baby bro go full-on Ripper again.  I’m starting to think that Caroline is actually Lexi reincarnated . . .

lexi shortcake

Oh look!  It’s Lexi Fruitcake!

strawberry shortcake

I’m actually not going to go into too much more detail regarding this brotherly un-bonding, except to say that, like many of the occurrences on this show, it made me mad, on Damon’s behalf.  I mean, come on!  How many times are we going to have to see this guy, give up his happiness, and pretend to be a dick, for the “greater good?”  It’s exhausting . . .

Speaking of exhausting . . .

Would you like a side of judgment, with that Bourbon?

Girls night IN at La Casa de Rich and Awesome for Elena, Bonnie and Caroline.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen these three have anything resembling a good time with one another.  So, it was kind of refreshing to see it happen here, even if it was only for a short while.

friends cuddle

Also, was it just me, or did Bonnie seem way more chill this week, than she’s been in about three seasons?  Put it this way, in this episode, BONNIE was telling CAROLINE not to be judgmental and obnoxiously mean about Damon.  Go figure!  Maybe all that “Spirit Tea” (Come on TVD!  Call it what it OBVIOUSLY was, MARY JAY!   Not one of those girls picked up a teacup the entire night.), coupled with her 18 hour long hypnosis sections with Professor Boo Radley have finally mellowed her out . . .

sleepy bonnie

Now, if she could just do something about her mumbling and perpetually bloody noses, I could maybe learn to appreciate her more as a character . . . NAH, I still probably wouldn’t.  But it would be a start.

Anyway, we get a nice little montage of the girls all drugged up and dancing around the apartment, not unlike Damon famously did with the tragic Victoria Donovan, back in Season 1.  Elena even did that trademark Damon Dance Move, where she flew up on the furniture and gyrated to the music, like an undead female Elvis.  Bonnie recorded it on her cell phone for posterity . . .

girly dance


speed dancing


But things take a turn for the worst, when Elena starts lounging in Damon’s empty bathtub, prompting Caroline to joke that you could probably get STDs from sitting in there.  (Can vampires even get STDs?)

love bathtub

The comment infuriates Elena.  And Caroline’s insistence that she only loves Damon, because she’s sired to him pisses her off even more.  Elena then proudly admits to boning Damon .  . .

admits to sex

rough sex

. . . before excommunicating her besties from the premises.  YEAH!  YOU GO GIRL!  YOU DEFEND THAT DELENA SEX TO THE DEATH!  I know I will . . .

need to leave

Unfortunately, they don’t get very far in their  exile.  Because, as it turns out, Elena has some company . . .

Alls well that ends witchy . . .

Back in New Orleans, Damon meets with a VERY well-preserved witch lady, who ends up being the daughter of the Original Witch Lady who made him kill all those people.  AWK-WARD!

witch lady

witch mom

Want to see things get more uncomfortable?  Next she tells him that the whole “killing people to break the sire bond,” thing was a total crock of sh*t.  Mommy Dearest only told him that, so that she can obtain power from his murders to practice EVIIIIIIIILLL magic.  Hmmm . . . is that what Professor Boo Radley is up to?  Maybe . . .

But don’t hate on Witchy Lady just yet.  It turns out, she’s on Team Delena!

go team delena

After all, she DOES tell Damon and Stefan that sire bonds among vampires only arise when the bonded pair ALREADY has strong romantic feelings for one another.  Take that, VAMPIRE BARBIE!

human feelings

But then Witchy Lady quickly falls out of my good graces, by telling Damon that the only way he can break the sire bond to Elena is by telling her never to see him again.  I don’t know.  That sounds like a bit much, don’t you think?

nodding oh yeah

You would think a Master of Compulsion like Damon would find a more “direct” way of accomplishing this goal.  Like, for example, “Hey Elena.  Here’s a thought.   When I tell you to do stuff, you shouldn’t do it, just because I asked you.  You should stop, and think long and hard about whether you ACTUALLY want to do it.  Then do it or don’t do it, based on that . . .  You know, kind of like you’ve ALWAYS done, up until these past two episodes . . .”

Of course, that probably wouldn’t make for a very good story, now would it?

shakes head

And so, we leave Damon in New Orleans to ponder his BIG DECISION.

Meanwhile, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome Hybrid Kim and her Adequate Looking Henchman crash Elena’s party, despite the fact that they are vampires, who have never been invited inside the house.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve completely done away with this “rule” on this show, by now, right?

party crashers

“Hi neighbor!  We brought STEAKS . . . wait . . . did I say steaks?  I meant STAKES!”

Anywhoo, they kidnap Caroline  .  . . because, next to kidnapping Elena, that’s the Second favorite past time of villains on this show . . .


“If deja-vu happens multiple times, does it become deja-vu-vu-vu-vu?”

Also, well, they know it will royally piss off Tyler.  And you wouldn’t like Tyler when he is angry . . .

3 2 tyler vampire bittenby

Elena and Bonnie try to help, by growling, and making constipated faces, respectively.  But, alas,  it is to no avail.  Elena then calls Tyler for help.  And, wouldn’t you know it?  Tyler’s on Team Delena too!  (TAKE THAT CAROLINE!)  He tells her that sire bonds affect how you ACT,  not how you feel.

act not feel big


And though I like that idea,  because it reaffirms that the love between Damon and Elena is real . . .

happy elena

. . . it does kind of seem like a fine line to me.  I mean, I imagine, for someone going through the siring process, it must be really hard to tell the difference between their thoughts and their actions, hence the Delena Dilemma . . .

Dominance and Submission

During what I suspect will go down in TVD history as the Great Hybrid Standoff of 2012, with Stefan and Damon MIA, Tyler and Elena are forced to split Hero Duty right down the middle.  For her part, Elena offers herself up to torture, instead of Caroline, claiming that the destruction of the Big Bad’s precious doppelganger will hurt him more than that of his teenybopper love interest.

take me

3 1 jealousy caroline facenodefeat

To which, Caroline inevitably responds, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!  Elena!  Elena!  Elena!”

lucky air

Just kidding, she’s thrilled to get a reprieve from having her ass kicked.  She gives Elena a hug, and suddenly all is right in the world between them . . . sort of.

As for Tyler, he literally gets a hold on Kim’s heart, and forces her to bend a knee.  Next thing we know, triumphant music is playing, and all the hybrids are on their knees.  (KINKY!)


all on knee

“Shhh.  We’re not really supporting Tyler.  We’re just sitting down, because Klaus always makes us stand around, looking fierce.  And our legs are tired.”

 It’s all very Game of Thrones to me.

game of thrones funny

In fact, a part of me keeps expecting the Khaleesi to pop out and start screaming about her precious dragons . . .

Later, Hayley pops by Professor Boo Radley’s casa, to tell him that ALL THE HYBRIDS are sire free, which means HOORAY Tyler doesn’t have to be one of the twelve dead ones.  And Boo Radley replies, “Haha, jokes on you.  Your parents are dead anyway.  So, I basically got you to work for free.”

eye roll

Then, he makes some offhand comment about Hayley still being able to SEE her parents.  And at first, I think he’s saying that, because he’s going to kill her.  But then I remember the Fro-Haired Prof blathering on about Silas “coming back from the dead,” a few weeks ago.  And now, I’m thinking Boo’s prophecy might be more literal than Hayley suspects . . .

Back in New Orleans, Damon tells Charlotte he’s “just not that into her,” so she should probably stop, you know counting bricks and stuff, and go get a life . . . or at least a more well-rounded undeath.

have a girlfriend


After he returns home, Damon’s face bears the pained expression of someone who is, once again, being forced to do the “unselfish” thing, for the woman he loves.  He’s looking down the barrel of another eternity alone, and it kills him.  You can see it on his face.  He sees Elena, who’s all happiness and smiles, despite, you know, almost getting killed.  And, whereas earlier today the sight of her made him the happiest man on Earth, now he can barely look at her.

fighting for 2

But here’s a surprise.  For once, it’s Elena whose pulling Damon closer, as he tries to push her away, “for her own good.”  It’s Elena whose convincing Damon that they are RIGHT for eachother, RIGHT NOW.  It’s who knows about the sire bond.  And doesn’t care.  And it’s Elena, who cups her hand lovingly across Damon’s cheek, and asks rhetorically, does this feel wrong to you?”

feel wrong

And how does Damon respond?

Tune in next week to find out, Fangbangers!  Haha, sucks doesn’t it!

Perhaps, this little preview will make you feel better . . .

Until next time!


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  1. I’m taking the Caroline Forbes pledge this week, apologize for being a jerk last week, and promise to never again judge, ever (if I’m not banished forever). Super-Babe Magnet? Absolutely, positively, sired to Ian/Damon for life (just sos you know)! I was eternally upset that they couldn’t have just ONE secret, selfish day! I personally saw no reason why Elena didn’t just DITCH school–why did she EVER get outa that bed! lol Moving on–they actually DID slip in a TrueBlood joke–Nandi the 80-50 NOLA witch? TARA’S MOTHER from TrueBlood! Bwahaaa! Oh, and that magic number 12 her mom conned Damon into killing so she could tap into the world-swallowing ‘Expression’? Professor Boo has already done that–he’s the one that orchestrated the Council on Fire–12 humans died. So he’s tapped into it already. What he needs with 12 unsired hybrids is anybody’s guess. You gotta know it has to do with the Silas tale! Every time we get a Lexi flashback, I’m beginning to think SHE’S more responsible for Stefan’s dysfunctional mentality than Damon ever was! Damon never wanted his brother to deny his nature, just learn how to control it. Lexi insisted on the bunnies-only diet, and drive an ambulance hauling semi-amputated Private Benjamins as penance? Is that tough love? Charlotte was bat-shit crazy, Bonnie was a breath of fresh air, Stef’s definitely bunking at Caroline’s, Tyler should have broken into a rendition of “Who’s Bad” after taking over the pack, Caroline needs Klaus back in the picture so she’ll stop interfering….this it too long-winded, as usual! I’m gonna go count bricks! Great recap!

    • Hey mak! No offense taken here! 🙂 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Hey, I’m sure there are Bonnie lovers out there who have voodoo dolls of me stuffed with painful pins for some of the things I say on this site. (It would explain all the tummy aches I’ve been having lately.)

      And you are right about Elena. Girlfriend NEVER goes to school. And today of all days, she decides to do it. Silly sire bond! See, now Season 1 Damon, not even KNOWING about the sire bond, would have ABSOLUTELY kept Elena in bed all day. Then, Stefan couldn’t talk to him about the sire bond. He wouldn’t go to New Orleans. And the whole episode would have just been one spectacular hour long porno. Mommy like a lot! 🙂

      Crazy thing. I recognized that witchy actress from Newsroom, but could not, for the life of me, see her as Tara’s mom in True Blood. I was shocked to find out they were the same person. She looked so YOUNG here . . . AND SOBER. 🙂

      Hmmm good point about the Council members constituting his 12 HUMAN sacrifices. That actually makes Pastor Young’s speech at the end of the premiere make a lot of sense. Boo probably told him, if he gave his life, and the lives of 11 others “Silas” would come and rid the world of all vampires.

      Now, I’m thinking that bringing back “Silas” requires a RECIPE, much like Klaus’ turning hybrid did: 12 humans, 12 HYBRIDS? But yeah, it does seem like a strange kind of recipe to require considering that hybrids supposedly haven’t existed pre-Klaus.

      I guess we’ll see.

      Haha, Tyler singing Who’s Bad? I kind of love the idea of TVD having a musical episode. Maybe they could bring on that villain from Buffy who made it happen on THAT show. TVD has been sorely lacking in intriguing Big Bads lately. Just a thought.

  2. LG

    I now have to freely admit that the only reason I still watch TVD is for the Delena moments. OK, maybe for every moment that Damon’s on screen. But I wish the writers would pick a freakin’ set of vamp rules and stick to them! Did you notice, Lexi was out in broad daylight and she DOESN’T HAVE a daylight ring? OK, she was in some shadow, but still …. wouldn’t she have had to go outdoors to get there? If vamps sleep, eat people food (in addition to people), drink, get horny, get laid, go outdoors whenever they want to, maybe enter any premises they want to without an invitation, and have the added advantages of incredible strength and speed, the power to compel people, and, oh yeah, essentially ETERNAL LIFE, why wouldn’t just about everyone want to be one? At least everyone young and attractive. Even the so-called blood lust can be controlled fairly easily, apparently. And now we have siring?! Then, even though Damon knows that even if Elena is sired it doesn’t affect her feelings, why try to reject her anyway? And in what world is there a spell calling for 12 unsired hybrids when the only hybrid for a thousand years was Klaus? I’m assuming Prof. Boo R. wants them for a spell — maybe I’m wrong there.

    The writers are really starting to frustrate me. Can you tell? 🙂

    Good recap, as always!

    • Hey LG! My blogging pal Amy over at Imaginary Men and I were just saying how Damon’s murder of Lexi in Season 1, actually makes a lot more sense, in light of this episode . . .

      I kind of wanted to kill her too. 🙂

      And you are absolutely right. As long as your local hospital has an unlimited supply of blood bags, and you know a witch or two, who can spell a ring for you, being a vampire in TVD verse really has very few downsides. It kind of makes you wonder why Stefan is such a wet blanket about the whole thing. Just because he’s a bloodaholic, doesn’t mean all vampires have to be. 🙂

      You ask a good question. Why should Damon have to reject Elena, if this whole sire bond thing confirms their love for one another, rather than the other way around? The answer is he shouldn’t!

      However, I think Damon, being Damon, and having been rejected by Elena and Katherine all his life, will always be left to wonder whether Elena’s actions toward him are true, or a result of the sire bond. I also think Damon, being Damon, will worry, when he’s with Elena, that he will accidentally give her a command that will hurt her. Something like saying, “go take a long walk off a short pier,” if they get into a fight. Or, “Stefan’s annoying, let’s kill him.” Or, “go count some bricks.”

      Given Damon’s sarcastic sense of humor, these sort of literalisms are likely to come up all the time. I just don’t believe for a second that THIS is the only way to break the sire bond.

      So, yeah. I’m frustrated too. Stefan and Elena at least had 1 season, of relatively unfettered coupledom. Damon and Elena had half an episode. How’s that fair? 🙂

  3. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    IMO, Tyler didn’t go through the same thing because he’s not a vampire. He’s a hybrid werepire. So while the bond is similar, it’s not going to be exactly the same because the genetics involved is different. Otherwise,breaking the bond would be the same.
    As for Elena, I believe that when she first woke up from being turned (OK, second time, actually, because there *was* a shot of her waking up on a mortician’s slab or something, which the show conveniently forgot so they could have her wake up in her own bed with Damon and Stefan hovering over her protectively), Damon and Stefan argued over how she had to feed, and Damon said something along the lines of her needing human blood from the vein. That leaves out blood bags, vampire blood from the vein, and animal blood.
    And since the blood doesn’t affect feelings, moral Elena’s horror at what she’d done at the frat party overrode any command given her by Damon, which, IIRC, weren’t actually commands.

    • Hmmm good point. That made me curious enough to watch that scene again.

      Damon does say, “You feed or you die.” However, the verb “feed” could theoretically also imply any of those other methods of blood drinking. Interestingly enough, Elena’s FIRST “feeding” was not from the vein, but from the floor, which would seem to imply that blood bags should have been fine from the get-go. Check it out:

      Was there maybe another scene where he said this?

      You’re probably right about Matt though. I watched that scene again too. And Damon never says “let me kill him.” But I do wonder whether siring only applies to literal commands or a “general desire to please the master.” Because if the latter is true, than Elena technically should have let Damon kill Matt, and should not have ran away from him at the frat party.

      With Tyler, when he was first sired, he stuck up for Klaus, when the group first plotted to kill him, and bit Caroline, even though Klaus had never EXPLICITLY commanded him to do either.

      In short, I think the writers should probably get their facts straight on the complex mythology around siring. It’s all much too confusing. I think a book of some sort needs to be written.

  4. East Coast Captain

    You have nothing to be ashamed about Jewls, Delena is perfectly in their right to have sex as many times as they wish but knowing Plec it might not last long but Delena fans should enjoy it while it lasts and launch a thousand more fanfics about it.

    Oh yeah today is the 8th, Ian is 34 years old today.

    Steroline fooling around? I wouldn´t hate him for that, it would be awesome plus they have tons of chemistry.

    But they should really get rid of that pesky Sire Bond.

    • Launch 1,000 fanfics. I love it. Interestingly enough, it’s always been my experience that when a shipped couple actually gets together, the number of new fanfics about them decreases drastically. Since fans writing consistently with canon can no longer craft those ever popular “How they got together” fics.

      I know that’s how I am. 🙂 Maybe I’m wrong though.

      Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder. Wow, 34! He doesn’t look a day over 27! 🙂

      Oh, and I’m with you about the Sire Bond. Ditch that plotline immediately, so that Damon and Elena can resume boning without coitus willtheyevershutupus! 🙂

  5. East Coast Captain

    Oh yeah next episode Klaus proclaims he is Stefan´s best friend and I don´t disagree with that notion since they are comrades in arms despite everything they are like Spike and Angel.

  6. uniquegirl17

    Hey, great recap Julie 😀
    Haha, you can sire me to Damon/Ian any day, I wouldn’t care a bit! Just one thing though, I think that even Damon Season 1 would want to break the sire bond. Because as bad as he was in Season 1, he still wanted the trip to Georgia to be real 😀
    Which means that all he ever wanted was someone to love him for him, not just because of some freaky Sire Bond 😛
    That said, I absolutely loved when he immediately searched for something to break the sire bond as soon as he confirmed Elena is sired to him 🙂 Now that’s true love ❤
    As for Elena, I know that the sire bond affects how we act, and not how we feel. I have no doubt that Elena would break up with Stefan at some point during the season, but I don't think that she would readily jump into bed with Damon TWO days after the break-up. We all know that Elena loves Damon of course, the sire-bond doesn't affect feelings, but would the real Elena be so fast as to 'act' on her feelings for Damon if it weren't for the Sire Bond? Somehow, I don't think so. I think she would just go so far as to kiss him while they danced at the fire-place, and nothing more. Trust me, I'm happy they made out 😀 It's just that the sire-bond made it somehow not real ! I just pray that WHEN the sire-bond is broken, Damon gets to hear the real 'I Love You' from Elena .. Awww ❤
    My favourite scene of the episode? Of course when Damon tried to let go of Elena! Maan, that was so heartbreaking to watch 😦
    This scene just shows how Damon still thinks himself as the bad guy, despite ALL the selfless things he has done. When he said he has to do the right thing by Elena, my heart just melted ..
    That scene really echoed Season 2's Rose. Even the bad guy that he is, he is greatly selfless when it comes to Elena.
    And then, when Elena put his hand on her chest and asked 'Does this feel wrong?', I could see tears brimming on Damon's eyes! Oh my god, what a GREAT actor Ian Somerhalder is !!!
    Really, every time I cry on this show, it's always because of him.. During Rose's death, Alaric's death in The Departed, Damon at Alaric's grave in Memorial and in this episode, where Damon left Stefan because he wants the best for his brother, including the exceptionally heartbreaking scene of him and Elena. Seriously, even I can't count the multiple times I laughed because of him 😀
    Such a wonderful character, portrayed by the most amazing actor! That said, I hope that the sire-bond breaks because I want everything between them to be real! Damon truly deserves that 🙂
    Truth to tell, if compared to the Stelena momentary break-up in Season 2's Plan B, this was wayy more tear-inducing. Maybe I'm being biased, when Stelena broke up, I didn't feel a thing. But when this scene came up, I was just speechless, with tears running down my face 😦 And that's why I think Delena should be endgame. To make even the viewers feel their love and chemistry, that's a TRUE couple 😀 Mostly, I love Damon and Elena together because of these rare but sweet and heartbreaking moments together. I don't get that with Stefan and Elena. Oh no, I think this post wouldn't be finished if I go on much longer! Sorry 😀

    All in all, this is one of my favourite episodes of the season. Jose Molina should write more of TVD, because Memorial, who he also wrote, is one of my favourite episode of the SERIES! A pity the ratings have gone down, they don't know what they're missing. Tip to the writers though, I think it's high time to focus on the plot, rather than just the love triangle.
    Don't get me wrong, I love me some Damon and Elena 😀
    It's just that I prefer a story with and on-going plot with the love triangle at the sidelines to complement it, rather than the other way around. But that's all in my opinion 😀

    • Hey uniquegirl17! You bring up an excellent point. For an eternal stud, poor Damon does seem to suffer from cripplingly low self-esteem. And why not, with folks like Stefan, Lexi, Katherine and Caroline constantly telling him he’s the “bad guy,” whose not worthy of real love, it’s no wonder the Elder Salvatore has developed a bit of a complex.

      And you are right, even Season 1 Damon wanted Georgia to be real. But his relationship with Elena IS real, in that, regardless of her actions, she truly loves him and wants to be with him. I’d like to think that would be enough for Season 1 Damon. 🙂

      Hmmm . . . interesting argument about an unsired Elena not necessarily jumping right into bed with Damon. Of course, I’d like to think that Elena’s first time with Damon had nothing to do with the sire bond. So, here’s my counterpoint. 🙂 Elena’s been battling her lust for Damon for years. Always keeping it at bay, out of loyalty to Stefan. Now, she’s single, and finally free to explore those intense passions.

      Plus, I think Elena was overwhelmed with emotion for Damon due to all the things they had been through, over the past few episodes . . . the way he saved her life, the way he supported her when no one else did, the way he was there for her, and accepted her, when everyone else made her feel like her vampire self was somehow less than her human one.

      Given all that, I think Elena’s reaction of wanting to sleep with Damon was pretty natural, especially when you consider she almost did it, before ANY OF THIS happened, back last season, when the two spent the night together in that hotel . . .

      Then again, maybe I’m just justifying because I want it to be real. 🙂 And you are right. That final scene between Elena and Damon was one of the most hauntingly beautiful Delena moments I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to Ian and Nina for pulling it off so flawlessly. This is definitely a situation where the actors’ real feelings for one another shine through.

  7. serendipity

    Hey Julie! Awesome recap, with some lovely (and droolworthy) pics, as usual 😉

    Now you know I love Caroline, right? However, I like her season 1 personality a whole lot less… Calling Damon a man-slut? Yes, he had some flings over the seasons, but the guy was single. And Caroline’s record isn’t all that far behind (because yes, Caroline, why DID you jump into his bed as soon as you laid eyes on him?). Then there was Matt (at least she can’t blame Elena for getting it on with her ex without pots and kettles coming into it) AND Tyler. And now she might be moving on to Klaus (so playing the biggest baddest evil card is going to be out soon too). One season, one boyfriend for Caroline?

    The opening sequence was steamy (although again with the – how did you call it? Coitus dotheynevershutupus? LOL). Even in spite of that, I loved it (of course 😀 ). And it has to be a first in this show that a character actually says he’s happy. So of course that can never last for long…

    At least now we know what triggers a sire bond in a vampire: Elena already had feelings for Damon before she turned, and her vampirism only heightened (there’s that word again) those emotions. Duh. Knew that already, but at least now it’s out in the open, and Elena can no longer deny it. I actually felt a bit sorry for Stefan: you saw his face when he heard the witch? Turning Elena back human might not give him everything he wanted after all…

    Do you think Elena would have been sired to Stefan if it’d been his blood that turned her? If not, that would mean (1) she either didn’t love him (enough) to be sired, or (2) not all humans who love the one who turned them, automatically become sired. It ought to be (2), suggested by Stefan’s remark that vampire siring is fairly rare, which I guess it wouldn’t be if all humans turning into vampires for someone they love, would automatically be sired. Remember Finn and Sage: she waited for him for 900 (!) years. And shouldn’t Damon himself have been sired to Katherine (150 years of chasing her)? And maybe Stefan too? So I guess it’s not an automatic thing then. Does make you wonder what is so special about Damon (apart from the obvious 🙂 ) that he gets this not once, but twice? A lot of questions, that probably don’t even have an answer.

    And suppose Elena had been sired to Stefan? Do you think he would have been so quick to break the bond? Would Caroline have insisted so adamantly? I’m not so sure anybody would have seen it as such a big deal as they do now. Caroline might even have found it epic (I’m beginning to hate that word). But Damon of course will be found lacking if he even so much as looks at Elena again, even if breaking the damn thing is akin to ripping his own heart out.

    In True Blood they break the bond by just saying so. But that would be too easy on this show, of course. If I understood correctly, Damon has to tell Elena that she doesn’t have to wait around for him any longer, and then he has to leave, never to come back. But does that really break the bond? You just tell them not to mind it, but if you stay or come back, they will never be free of you or it. Or did I get that wrong? I’m guessing the only sure way to break the sire bond is to turn Elena back human… Quite a clear incentive to get Damon firmly on the cure-finding bandwagon, not just for Stefan, but mostly for himself. Or he’ll never know if it’s REAL…

    One more thing. You mention the hybrids just coming into the Salvatore house without being invited, but I think they are consistent in that rule at least. Nobody who lives there is human, so no invitation needed… Now if they’d just apply all their other rules just as consistently 😉

    Till next week! Just one more episode before another (long) hiatus…

    • Hey serendipity! You’re right about Caroline. In fact, I got the impression, in Season 1, that she had quite a bit more sexual partners than even we know. “Girl likes Boy. Boy likes girl. SEX,” indeed.

      Season 1 Caroline was a highly insecure person, who, I suspect, often took guys to bed, to make herself feel loved, something she wasn’t getting from her absentee father, and, at the time, rather distant mother. In short, she was a cleaner, perkier, version of Vicki Donovan. And yeah, she’s changed her ways since then. But still, given her past, she has no right to judge anyone.

      This whole sire bond thing, does make me reconsider the relationships between other vampires we’ve met. Sage was definitely sired to Finn. And there’s strong evidence to suggest that Damon might have been sired to Katherine, though I don’t think Stefan was. She made quite a few demands of the younger Salvatore brother, that he rejected outright, whereas Damon ONLY was able to reject Katherine, after she told him she never loved him.

      In my dream world, ELENA finds a way to break the sire bond. And then runs off to find Damon, wherever he’s escaped, to prove that her love for him, is, in fact real. In the True Blood books, Sookie did something like that, if I recall (assuming that TVD sire bonds, are more akin to True Blood “marriages / multiple blood exchanges” than True Blood sire relationships).

      But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen. 😦 I do think Elena is going to have to become human again to break the bond. In fact, I suspect that Season 4 will end with her becoming human again. And then we will have to wait until Season 5 to learn who she chooses. What a royal pain in the ass, right? 🙂

  8. Andre

    Before I start, something for all of you to drool over:

    And speaking of drooling, I make a prediction Julie.
    In the next episode you will be drooling and forget Damon, at least for a while, because you while see Jeremy Gilbert in a tight white shirt that shows his full arms. Mark my words sister, it will happen.

    And speaking of the Promo:
    Mid-Season finale? Did I miss something? Since when is episode 9 midseason? Shouldn’t it be teen or eleven? Or will this season be shorter?

    And I don’t know why they keep up this show with the Promos. Seriously, as long as the writers keep with having Klaus being the ancestor of all the lines, what chance is there for him to be dead? Not to mention that the hybrids would all die. Or is there suddenly a spell for that as well?
    So why do they try to pretend that it will be exciting?
    And who here really believes that there will be a big showdown or something?

    And you don’t seem that unhappy about my last comment. On the other hand, you still haven’t answered to that one.

    Ok now to your recap:

    I admit it was less Delena trenched than I expected. So I am positively surprised. To some extent since I still think it clouds your judgment.

    Now I like your take on the superhero powers but I think it doesn’t go far enough. Not only do the characters have their own superpowers they each have their own superweakness:

    Jeremy has the weakness of incredibly instable intelligence.

    Bonnie’s weakness is a complete lack of recognizing the powers that shape her into a mixture of the magical negro and the token black girl.

    Caroline’s weakness is that she is basically cheap, everybody can have her.

    Elena’s weakness is a complete lack of realism and self-preservation.

    Matt’s weakness is his lack of protection against being used as a tool.

    Tyler’s weakness is his inability to think for himself.

    Stefan’s weakness is his inability to follow good advice.

    Damon’s weakness is his inability to evolve past “gothic villain” status.

    You also forgot to name Damon’s actual super power:
    Making everybody forgive him for no good reason.

    “After all, that’s what this controversial “sire bond” storyline is all about, isn’t it? It effects your bodily responses, not your brain. It’s basically a slightly less intense, but more long term, form of perpetual compulsion. At least, that’s what they’re telling us this week. Back when Tyler was first sired, it was something completely different.”
    My thoughts exactly. Seriously, does anybody here have a clue why the writers even bother with this crap again if they can’t keep in line with rules? Seriously, couldn’t they at least have come up with another curse? Surely it would be more believable that Damon pissed of some witch once than to do this stuff with the “sire bond” wouldn’t it? Well you will hear the rest of my thoughts on that later.

    “I find it a little ironic that of all the sex songs in the world, the producers chose “Eyes on Fire,” the unofficial Twilight theme song, as the soundtrack to Delena’s Morning Sex. Considering how much the writers of this show, and its cast, hate being compared to the “Bedward” Franchise, you would think they would run screaming from this particular little ditty.”
    I didn’t know that they hate being compared to that franchise. Strange in my eyes, I mean if they didn’t want that why on earth did they turn Elena into a Bella Swan? And why make this lame vampire-werewolf “war”?
    But either way, when I heard that song, I was like “are they serious?” Do they want to cash in on the popularity of the films? At least it could be. I mean when they need music to that why not use … well any other song?

    “Now, if they start playing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song, every time Jeremy comes on screen, I’ll know they are just f*&king with us . . .”

    I think they already are f*&king with us. Not with Buffy stuff, but basically everything else. But speaking of that:

    I think some people might not know this. If it just had been this way…

    As you probably could guess, the sex stuff didn’t interest me. I mean why invest something if you know that it won’t last longer than 2-3 episodes anyway?
    When seeing the morning scene I was more like “don’t they ever have bad breath?” I mean all that blood probably gets stuck between the teeth from time to time, especially considered that Elena can never clean her mouth after eating.
    Of course the stuff with Elena breaking Damon’s skin and drawing blood was just the same old trope of portraying pain as something pleasurable. As if only violent sex is good. Yeah right. I think that stuff like that is one of the reasons Twilight is successful. Or can anybody here tell me that they would want sex like that?

    And seriously? You simply accept this sire bond thing because they have sex? I said it once and say it again. Would I be a Delena, I would not accept it. Actually I would accept nothing of the Delena stuff of this episode.

    “I continually wonder how this show manages to keep it’s 8 p.m. time slot, without massively pissing off the censors.”
    Because it’s straight sex. Would this be same sex like this:

    Or this:

    (ok maybe this would still be 8 pm)

    Or just this:

    (It’s from Suicide Room, I recommend the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myPqBS2_320 )

    It surely would be aired much later.

    And the whole thing with the two having settled. Well as Plec once said: the writers don’t care about timeline. Actually what do they care about apart from Stelena and Delena?

    ” Personally, I hope we later find out that the two of them let their Elena-sized frustrations get the better of them, and boned off screen.”
    Unlikely, that would piss of Stelenas, Forewooders and Klarolines. And I guess not even these writers would ever do that. Not after the threats they once got. Seriously, this show really seems to attract some weirdos.

    At least it would be fun if Klaus would die because Stefan and Caroline had sex. Albeit it would still be like inbreeding. But then again, since when did that stop anybody on this show. Speaking of “inbreeding”, where did Jamie go?

    In what kind of way was Stefan’s face smug? And Damon seemed rather immature, typical Damon, to me. Stefan had to literally appeal to Damon’s ego to get the guy to even consider that something was wrong. After all everybody could see that something was wrong with Elena, everybody except Damon that is. But of course he will be forgiven and excuses will be made for him.
    Just like you did with saying that Damon never told Elena that she couldn’t drink his blood. No but he told her that she can only drink fresh from the vein. Or the stuff with the frat party. I guess that was rather meant to be a shock in the writer’s minds, a shock of Elena about what she had done. Similar to her behavior after killing Connor. Of course this all assumes that the writers did keep something consistent and did not come up with this on a day to day basis. Although it often looks that way.

    And the whole attacking Damon thing in an earlier episode. Considered how much the writers spent on this episode on the sire bond we can be sure that this is another inconsistency. So to be honest, I think you should stop with making in-show explanations. On this show they will get you to nothing in my mind.
    So I also don’t think that the writers put much thought on whose blood Elena drank all the time.

    Now Damon in school… I thought “why does no one ever notice the guy running around there?”
    Like Peter:

    ” And when Damon is depressed, we’re all depressed”
    Not me 😉

    Also I doubt that Damon has changed much. Season 1 Damon wouldn’t have cared for Elena because he was all about Katherine. He is still the same guy. No development whatsoever. He is the same egoistic, narcistic, bloodthirsty and impulsive idiot he has ever been.

    ” Considering how hybrids on this show are killed as easily as ants crushed under foot, it’s kind of a miracle that Klaus has managed to keep Lucky 13 of them alive, as long as he has.”
    You know what I consider a “miracle”? That the guy hasn’t noticed that some of them go missing for some time. Seriously did the writers now make the numbers of necessary turns suddenly lower to justify this? Should any fan ever be bothered to ask. I guess the ones that notice the sexist and racist nature of the show together with its many inconsistencies have already left:

    And don’t get me started on the whole Tyler vs. Kim crap. Not now at least.

    Sorry Louisiana is not the home of Vodoo. And I personally think they chose New Orleans rather due to the whole Southern charm stuff and possibly due to New Orleans link to the Vampire Chronicles and Anne Rice.

    ” You would think, given his past, Damon reaction would be something more along the lines of “Oh crap! Not again! Why do I have to be so gosh darn irresistible?””
    The whole thing with Charlotte makes Damon’s character look even dumber and the writers even more incompetent in my eyes. Shouldn’t the idiot have noticed the signs of siring sooner than Caroline? Nope, apparently not. Hey, this is Damon, the favorite of the writers and the Underworld goddess Julie Plec so of course he can stay innocent.
    So again, don’t look for in-show explanations, look for out-show ones. The answer is simple: Damon needs to look like the victim here. You know: “he didn’t know better.”

    And actually Charlotte’s reaction came along quite different from Elena’s behavior and more in line with Tyler’s from season 3. Another clue that the writers pick and choose what they like without any regard for consistency. Clear evidence that they should be fired.
    So I think your explanation regarding Charlotte’s behavior is not valid. And speaking of her, what is with all the child actors on the show? Do they need spotlight so much that they degrade themselves to be working in this show?

    Spot her?

    And the whole “breaking the sire bond spell”…
    Seriously did anybody not know that the witch would be linked to Radley when she spoke of 12 sacrifices? And speaking about that crap: In normal life Damon would be an ass for not only killing 12 people but also not checking on whether the spell actually worked. But since this is TVD that is never mentioned, never hinted and Damon can be the hero Plec and Company want him to be. That and of course this way they can avoid answering the question why Damon didn’t knew about the dark witch and the like already.
    And the “Expression”, who wrote that? Steph Meyer? Couldn’t they come up with a better term? Or at least a better backstory?
    Oh and did you notice that Nandine is still alive after this show? A black witch who is not a Bennet and she is still alive? Are the nutjobs right? Is the world coming to an end? Or will she appear once again?

    ” I’m starting to think that Caroline is actually Lexi reincarnated . . .”
    And just as I predicted. You would go against Lexi even though she is totally right. Or can you come up with at least one example where having Damon near was good for Stefan or anybody for that matter?

    ” How many times are we going to have to see this guy, give up his happiness, and pretend to be a dick, for the “greater good?””
    What do you mean with “pretending” and when did he actually do that for the greater good?

    ” Now, if she could just do something about her mumbling and perpetually bloody noses, I could maybe learn to appreciate her more as a character . . . NAH, I still probably wouldn’t. But it would be a start.”
    Why do you let it out on the character? Let it out on the writers. They are responsible of turning her into a magical negro with their racist attitudes.

    Well I won’t. The whole scene was just annoying. Seriously everybody on this show that says anything against Delena is instantly vilified. It’s like reading “the Host” all over again.

    And the whole how to circumvent the sire bond thing was about as intelligent as the dirt under my shoes. The two idiots needed a witch to think of that? And the writers think that is a good solution? I could have thought of that half-way asleep. And so could everybody else here. From that moment on I knew Damon wouldn’t do it in this episode. It was just there to create “drama.”

    “Hey Elena. Here’s a thought. When I tell you to do stuff, you shouldn’t do it, just because I asked you. You should stop, and think long and hard about whether you ACTUALLY want to do it. Then do it or don’t do it, based on that . . . You know, kind of like you’ve ALWAYS done, up until these past two episodes . . .”
    Forget it, that idea is too good for the writers to use.

    “… despite the fact that they are vampires, who have never been invited inside the house. I think it’s safe to say we’ve completely done away with this “rule” on this show, by now, right?”
    While this is true, this is not one of the examples to illustrate this. They had that in season 3 when Abby asked the same and they said that the house no longer belongs to Elena because she died temporarily at the end of season 2.
    This is however a good example of the idiocy of the writers. The house would be safe had they made Matt the owner of the house now. But nooooo, that would be too smart. With Matt it’s the same as with Bonnie now. They made him a tool and not even a good one.

    ” Also, well, they know it will royally piss off Tyler. And you wouldn’t like Tyler when he is angry..”
    Actually it would piss off Klaus even more and the fact that they had these hybrids do this ridiculous stunt makes me again wonder what the writers are thinking. If they think at all. And it’s not as though these hybrids could ever kill Klaus, so what are they thinking?
    And why in all hell do they have Bonnie do her stupid spell anyway? She points at the lamp and looks as she is constipated instead of just giving the hybrids headaches. Seriously, can’t she not even do that now as well? These writers get dumber and dumber.

    ” And though I like that idea, because it reaffirms that the love between Damon and Elena is real . . .”
    And your judgment is clouded because you get Delena. Earlier in the episode, with the whole grateful of Klaus stuff, they stated that the siring of a hybrid is different from that of a vampire, but now it’s the same? It doesn’t affect the feelings? Pick and chose if you ever saw one. Also that makes no sense again. Tyler was totally affected by the siring in season 3, he said himself “Klaus would never do that” several times. That is affecting the feelings if ever there was one. Damn writers, they should be:

    ” . . it does kind of seem like a fine line to me. I mean, I imagine, for someone going through the siring process, it must be really hard to tell the difference between their thoughts and their actions, hence the Delena Dilemma . . .”
    Not gonny happen on this show. Never.

    And this hybrid standoff, considered the rest of the show and its attitude towards women we can safely say that this was another example on how the show beats down independent women into submission. After all, what reason was there to act so violent on both Kim’s and Tyler’s account? The old thing of having a woman as the leader who then turns bad (or crazy in this case) and has to be physically subdued by a macho male to have her be good again was evident here. Clear message when considered the rest of the show: women have to be in subordinate roles. Or do you know any female on the show now who isn’t?
    And this sudden stuff with “hybrids are werewolves first”… first: how would Haley even know that? Or is that “lore” now? You know like when Connor talked to Radley and Radley claimed to have lore on the hybrids. Not to mention the whole “wolf” crap again. You know where this an actual wolf pack Tyler might have made the first step towards the same fate as she-wolf 40F from Yellowstone. Two make it short, she was very aggressive and dominant, especially towards her sister and during mating season when she chased most female relatives away. Long story short, her sister formed an alliance with the rest of the pack and killed 40F, or to be precise 40F died of her wounds and her sister became the new leader of the pack.
    Basically Tyler is the same as 40F right now since he currently rules due to pure violence and in what way does that make him better than Klaus? Not that this will ever explored on this show. And so far the hybrids have always been portrayed based on vampires. But no, these are “werewolves” suddenly. Well I said for some time now, and you as well in your recap so I definitely agree on you with that, that these are vampires. Seriously, what does the werewolf side really change in them that couldn’t have been had by any other means? Shapeshifting? They never used that so far and even it is still damn slow and a smart vampire (not that there are any on this show) could just use the time to behead them. Sunlight? Not really there are enough rings around. So there is only the bite… yeah as though that was ever an efficient method of killing (considered that you wonder how much Esther actually messed it up). So they are vampires and nothing else. Considered the beheading and staking stuff, well… isn’t that the safest route to kill a vampire? So yeah, they are vampires and nothing else. Perhaps they would be “hybrids” if they could live on human food as well, but apparently not.
    This whole “alpha” and Kim’s rebellion crap was just there to show all the hybrids and lead to the “showdown.” Also since Tyler is the most physically powerful the whole Alpha stuff is just plain cliché again. And the hybrids are gonna be dead soon, I mean why else should there be so many of them. They even had their token girls and blacks in the group. Clear sign. They are gonna be dead soon.

    ” But then I remember the Fro-Haired Prof blathering on about Silas “coming back from the dead,” a few weeks ago. And now, I’m thinking Boo’s prophecy might be more literal than Hayley suspects . . .”
    Great, another ghost, what’s next a ghost army and Elena as a ghost?

    ” After he returns home, Damon’s face bears the pained expression of someone who is, once again, being forced to do the “unselfish” thing, for the woman he loves. He’s looking down the barrel of another eternity alone, and it kills him. You can see it on his face.”
    Seriously, why do you always paint Damon in the best light possible? In what way does it kill him? In what way was he acting “unselfish”? They ended it with a cliffhanger (what a surprise…:/). And I could see that coming miles away, don’t tell me you couldn’t.
    Also the whole scene at the end was about as heartbreaking as an episode of Spongebob. And in either case this is TVD, there is no way they are ever gonna do a final thing on the whole “triangle” thing. It will always be back and forth.

    • Hey Andre! Yeah, I may enjoy me some Jeremy bicep action every once in a while, but never enough to get me to forget Damon Salvatore. 🙂 It just doesn’t work that way.

      TVD Seasons comprise 22 episodes. So, yes, episode 9 is not technically mid-season. But since most fall shows are forced to take a break from the week before Christmas to a few weeks after New Years, it’s typical for a series to call the episode they air prior to the break the “Mid Season Finale,” just due to it’s ease of use.

      I didn’t actually reply to any of the comments from last week. Nothing personal. But the week got away from me. And since most of the commenters’ also replied to this week’s blog, I figured a lot of my responses would end up being redundant. Plus, the events about which I would be responding had already changed by the time the subsequent episode aired.

      But speaking of my last week’s comments, did you notice that, in the same blog where you complained my writing was TOO much Delena, another person complained it wasn’t “Delena Happy” enough? It just goes to show you, you can never please everyone.

      You really wouldn’t invest in watching sex on TV, just because you don’t think the relationship will last? What about porn? What about movies with casual sex in them? Can’t sex just be hot for sex’s sake? I thought the Delena sex shown in this episode was really hot (in a Rated T for Teen kind of way). And I suspect I would have thought that, regardless of my Delena feelings. In fact, I suspect that had I never even watched the show before, I would still find it hot, because:
      1) Ian Somerhalder is attractive and has a good body
      2) Nina Dobrev is attractive and has a good body
      3) Ian and Nina have good sexual chemistry
      4) the sex scene was well-choreographed, and focused on female and male erogenous zones that I personally enjoy

      After all, sex scenes are really more about the viewer’s vicarious participation than they are about anything else.

      If I stopped making in-show explanations as to why things on the show happen the way that they do, my recaps would be laughably short. 🙂

      Speaking of which . . . 😉

      Hmm, I always assumed Damon would be able to walk around the school freely, despite him looking 30ish, and clearly not being a teacher, because he compels anyone who would question his presence there to forget they saw him or think he’s a teacher. We actually saw Stefan do this in the pilot episode. It was how he was able to enroll in school, despite also looking 30ish, and having no previous education history predating the late 1880s . . . 🙂

      Everyone’s jumping down my back on the hybrids entering the house being A-OK. Sheesh! My comment was just meant to be snarky. All I’m saying is that considering that the entire town is virtually human free, the writers have basically completely abandoned any need for one of the most key “rules” of vampire lore, one that used to be a key aspect of this show. I guess it’s nice that everyone is so intent on defending the show’s honor though .. .

      P.S. I always felt Plec’s explanation as to how Elena’s “temporary death” in Season 2, made the house revert back to the Salvatores, even though she was only dead for 2 seconds, was a bit convenient, and dippy. Especially considering that the house was still in human Elena’s name. Actually, now that Elena’s an actual vampire, the fact that anyone and everyone can walk in at will makes more sense than it ever did before.

      It’s funny. I was just watching a program on VH1 about the 100 best child stars, and it had Madeline Zima from The Nanny (aka Charlotte) in it. Good to see she’s working again.

      LOL about your comment about an army of ghosts and Elena as a ghost. SPOILER ALERT. In the books, Elena spends a portion of the series as an actual ANGEL, with sometimes visible wings. 🙂 It made me laugh hysterically, when I read it, which I suspect was not the book’s intention. I really hope they don’t go that route here.

      A zombie army though? Now, that could be fun! Just imagine all the snarky one liners Damon Salvatore would spout, while battling the undead.

      I actually do think the writers will take the time to delve into the nature of the sire bond, and how there’s a fine line between acting like a slave, and actually being one in your heart. It’s the reason why Damon, despite having been told that Elena’s love for him is 100% real, is still questioning their relationship, due to the bond. I guess he feels like whenever she’s around him, he’ll never know if she’s acting a certain way, as a result of the bond, or because of her love for him. In that sense, Damon’s misgivings about the sire bond have more to do with his own feelings than with hers.

      On the other hand though, his desire to break the bond is selfless, in that he believes he’s doing it to protect Elena from herself, and from his accidentally asking her to do something, like count bricks forever, or kill someone for spilling his drink at a bar.

      Of course, as you know, my theory is that even a sired Elena wouldn’t be that literal, as she’s more intelligent than Charlotte. But that remains to be seen.

      I don’t know. I think Spongebob can be heartbreaking. I think it must be pretty lonely living in a pineapple under the sea . . . not to mention claustrophobic. Spongebob is also woefully poor, as evidenced by his only owning one pair of Squarepants . . . 🙂

      Until next time . ..

      • Andre

        Well, you will get the new screencaps tomorrow and I still predict that you will temporarily forget Damon while looking at Steve McQueen’s torso.

        But something more important first:
        I noticed that in the last episode it was stated that the brothers had last visited New Orleans in 1942 and that Charlotte had counted bricks for 70 years. So now it’s suddenly 2012 and the show started in 2009, with the same year Elena’s junior year started and now she is still in senior year. So apart from having four seasons per year, Mystic Falls also has two years in one. Or their junior and senior years have two years instead of one. Meaning the students leave at age 20. Man their school system must suck. Or maybe it is necessary since these people are remarkably dumb.
        Actually their stupidity reminds me of Scream:

        So the next episode will be the last until mid January. Thank God!!!!

        Too bad that you didn’t respond to my comment from last week, I would have liked to see your response.
        I stand to my opinion that you have too much Delena and far too Delena and Damon friendly, painting both in the best light possible. Also due to this overexposure you statements about them get rather repetitive.

        I have no problem in investing watching sex, or reading about it. After all I have to get inspiration for the smut you like from somewhere don’t I? By the way I am sure you will love “Under the Pink Moon.” 😉

        The problem with Delena is that it will not only not last it will also have no lasting effect. In a few episodes, max, Stelena is back. We all know that, so why get emotionally invested in that? It will be the same old, same old.
        And actually I would disagree with all your four points. Perhaps I would have agreed with point four, would the whole relationship not be so sick, even without the sire bond. The way it is, it totally lacks eroticism to me. I don’t even watch porn that has no eroticism, so I am not thrilled by stuff like that.
        It is the quintessential example of a stupid girl dating a dangerous older man that is destined to abuse her and cause her pain, which he already did several times. But each time she, and you, forgive him time and again or simply sweep it under the rug. Actually the scene in the bath shows that the writers do the same. Instead of the “get into your pants” stuff, they should have Caroline pointing out all the atrocities Damon has performed, remember my list?

        ” If I stopped making in-show explanations as to why things on the show happen the way that they do, my recaps would be laughably short. :)”
        I disagree with that. You could analyze why the writers do this and that instead of stuff that makes more sense. You could theorize whether this and that is just a ruse to mislead viewers. You could analyze the imagery and the fact that they never follow their own rules. You could state hypotheses on why they kill nearly every new face, why nearly all witches are black, Asians don’t exist, neither do Native Americans, why they show the Civil War era through rose-colored glasses, why they feel it necessary to rewrite history etc. etc.
        That would not be short, quite the contrary. Combine that with your snarky comments and your posts would be even longer.
        The thing with Damon running around in school would be an opportunity. You could do it in the way you did in season 3 when you stated under the crow picture that she slept with the producer to get back into the show.

        “All I’m saying is that considering that the entire town is virtually human free, the writers have basically completely abandoned any need for one of the most key “rules” of vampire lore, one that used to be a key aspect of this show.”
        Again, I disagree. They could have used Matt for that, but apparently creating a good tool even, is impossible for them. And can they really be that stupid regarding what they write?
        And the thing with the “explanation” involving Elena’s death is another example. It is far too convenient, sure such things always happen on shows (e.g. in Teen Wolf after Derek’s “training” session when he broke Isaac’s finger, the finger should have taken weeks to heal, since it was caused by an Alpha), but this show has so many of them, it’s ridiculous.

        As for Elena becoming an angel… to use Bill Maher’s words “I would put nothing past this stupid country.”
        And neither past Plec. I know Forewooders don’t like to have it pointed out, but Forewood came out of nowhere and probably just because it was in the books. The same with Elena becoming a vampire and now being tied emotionally to Damon, which makes no sense as many stated. Sure the books are different but that doesn’t mean that the writers won’t borrow from it. And considered all the other random stuff on the show I would actually expect them to have a ghost army and an Angel Elena.
        And a zombie army wouldn’t be much better. Not only is it proof of a lack of imagination, but I think the chance is high that it would be George A. Romero zombies and I don’t know about you but I think that would be one cliché too much.

        I guess there is a chance with the writers exploring the sire bond stuff. BUT there is the thing that this show keeps throwing stuff at the viewer with insane speed. AND there is the whole “triangle” stuff. So chances are good in my eyes that they will brush it off or break the rules once more, since they clearly seem to care about the “triangle” most.
        And speaking of this whole stuff, there is this from you “his desire to break the bond is selfless.” That I think shows what I think is also wrong with your recaps. When it comes to Delena and Damon you seem to paint them in the best light possible, either not choosing to mention other possibilities or not conceiving them. Who is to say that he really wants to break it? But still, no mentioning of it.

        And technically Spongebob would be extremely neurotic by real life standards. But Spongebob was never shown to be realistic, while TVD was and so the rules for that show are different. Also in regard to history and people’s behavior.

      • Madeline Zima was in “Californication” with a much better role than TVD’s Charlotte.

      • Hey vip3re! Believe it or not, I’ve never actually watched Californication. I’ve heard good things though. Would you recommend it?

  9. Fangtasia

    Regarding the issue of vampires entering a dwelling uninvited, i really don’t see what’s wrong with this week episode ? You should remember that back in season 2, when catherine brought damon the cure for the werewolf bite, she was able to enter the house freely, because Elena just died (even if she was later revived). And since Elena WAS the owner of the house (remember that scene in season 2 when she has to invite the brothers back in her house ?) and she died again and this time became a vampire, there’s no “non-invited” rules that apply to the Salvatore Casa de Rich and Awesome. We already seen that if a vampire inhabited a house then there is no need for a invitation.

    Regarding the issue of the vampire sire bond : be patient, it’s only been two episode since we learn of the vampire variant of the bond. There will be more explanations later. Julie Plec said that Damon and Elena will struggle with that for a couple of episode, and that a huge part of that will be figuring out what exactly the sire bond imply. So obviously they’re not going to give a definitive answer after only 2 episodes.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that, since the sire bond (for a vampire) comes from the feelings a vampire had in his human life and that everyone feelings are different, it makes sense that every vampire sire bond is different from another. Which explain the differences between Charlotte et Elena behavior, and may even account for the fact that Elena didn’t seam to be very much sire to damon in the begining (of the season). The answer is : because it doesn’t affect her the same way it does Charlotte (who’s also a bit crazy to begin with).

    That’s very different from the hybrids sire bond which is tied to a very specific (and unchanging) thing : their gratitude for being relived of the pain of monthly transformation. That something they all shared 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Fangtasia. While I’m personally not a fan of the Elena Sire Bond storyline, and kind of wish the writers went a different route with the Delena relationship, I do agree that it has the potential to be an interesting mythological aspect of the TVD world. I’d also like to think that it could ultimately lead to a genuine strengthening of the Delena relationship. Though three seasons of past history have made me a wee bit skeptical. 🙂

      I’d love to be proven wrong though! 😉

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