Vampire Group Therapy – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “After School Special”

After School Special

“Stefan, I believe you still have unresolved issues, regarding your father’s death.”

“Why?  Because I ate him?”

Given that they are all basically immortal serial killers,  it makes sense that our vampire friends would have a bit more baggage, than your average high school student.

killer headline

After all, they all have more to feel guilty about (dead bodies, broken hearts), and more time to think about how guilty they feel.  For a long time, I’ve been secretly hoping our Mystic Falls Scooby Gang would get some serious therapy.  And now, thanks to “After School Special,” it seems they’ve all been forced to do just that!  (Thanks Rebekah, Klaus, and That Annoying Witch Doctor Guy!)

2 15 orgasmic couch

“I had a therapist once.  She was tasty.”

As an added bonus, when the TVD Gang gets therapy, we get therapy!  So, pull up a chair, compel yourself to sit in it, and let the healing begin!

Unnecessary Fun-ness

Another day, another memorial.  This time it’s for poor Carol Lockwood, who spent her final moments, with her head upside down in a fountain, getting the Worst Swirly Ever, at the hands of one Klaus Mikaelson.

klausy smirk

The attendees are doing that thing you do at memorials, where you take one candle flame, and pass it around the room until everyone’s candle is lit.  It’s a nice gesture .  . . or, at least, it would be, if you momentarily forgot about all the Mystic Falls residents, who died by LIGHTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE a few weeks back . . .

pastor young

. . . not to mention the one who got blown up, back in Season 1 (like Tyler’s dad).

Tyler can’t handle it.  He gets up right in the middle of the assembly and leaves.  I can’t say I blame him for being leery of memorials.  I mean, not only is this one for his poor mother.  At the last one he attended, he made a bad speech . . . and ended up getting SHOT MULTIPLE TIMES IN THE STOMACH.

giving yourself up for the sake of

Elena leaves too, but that’s just because she’s rude.  She thinks she sees the heretofore-daggered Rebekah, in the crowd, and needs to investigate.  While she’s roaming the hallways, we meet the new interim mayor.

bonnie's dad

“She gets her nosebleeds from me.”

It’s Bonnie’s dad . . . who’s last name, oddly enough, is not Bennett (It’s Hopkins.).  This doesn’t make much sense, considering that Bonnie lives with her dad, and not her mom. So, you would think she would keep his last name.  No matter .  . . He’ll probably be dead, in about three episodes anyway.  So, we won’t have to bother remembering him.  It just occurred to me that Bonnie is the only character on this show, who still has a father.    That’s got to make her worthy of some award, or something . . . The Last Dad Standing Award . . .

Anywhoo, Rebekah’s new b*tch, April the Brainless, acts as bait for Elena.  She sobs and whimpers in the hallway, so that Elena, being the “Sweet Vampire Girl” we know her to be, will not be able to resist comforting her.  This gives Rebekah the perfect opportunity to come from behind, and literally, break our heroine’s neck.

neck break big


“Was that necessary?”  April the Brainless (whose already gotten so used to watching people get temporarily murdered in front of her, she doesn’t even bat an eyelash) asks.

not but fun


“No, but it was fun,” Rebekah replies, as she drags “dead” Elena to the library for some impromptu Detention Therapy.

Sex, Lies and Detention

Meanwhile, Stefan’s at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, getting day drunk, and feeling sorry for himself.

all alone drink


He’s also gabbing on the phone with Caroline, whose bitching about how her boyfriend hasn’t been making time for her, since HIS MOM AND 98.6% OF HIS FRIENDS WERE MURDERED, IN THE COURSE OF A SINGLE EVENING.  That Tyler . . . SO SELFISH!

tyler points

Stefan gets another call.  It’s Rebekah.  She is holding Stefan’s Not Girlfriend captive in the library.  “Come and get her!” She instructs

Everybody knows, even Single Mopey Stefan can’t resist the tantalizing allure of playing yet another round of the Save Elena Games.  So, off he goes to his “maiden’s rescue,” but not before inviting Caroline to come along for the ride.

Next thing you know, Caroline and Stefan are at the high school.  And it isn’t long before Rebekah’s kidnapped THEM too.  She’s got them all holed up in the library, where she’s compelled them not to leave, and to tell her “the truth and nothing but the truth,” no matter what she asks.

bitch mode activated


It’s just like that film the Breakfast Club!  Rebekah will be playing the pot-stirring role of “the Rebel,” Stefan is “the Jock,” Elena and Caroline are both “Beauties,” and April is “the Moron.”  (Funny, I don’t remember that last character from the movie.)

(By the way, that trailer TOTALLY spoils the WHOLE MOVIE!)

Drill Sergeant Damon and Jeremy’s Arm Muscles

matt and jer

Meanwhile, back at Sexy Cabin, Jeremy and Matt are showing off their massive arm muscles . . . er . . . I mean . . . “training to kill vampires.”  Coach Damon is sitting off on the sidelines, looking Too Cool For School, in his leather jacket.  He’s got a voicemail from Elena on his cell phone, that he listens to, whenever he needs “inspiration” for all this sitting he’s been doing.  When he gets bored of looking cool, and listening to Elena’s voice, he beats the crap out of Jeremy, just because he can.

rawr damon

When the “Hot Pizza Delivery Girl” makes an appearance, I’m thinking this could be the start of a really great Old School Porno!

pizza girl one

pizza girl 2


But alas, Damon sends her away.

Old Damon would NEVER have done that!

3 8 dance

*insert sound of Elena cracking a whip on his behind*

Then, Klaus pays them a visit.  He wants to know why Jeremy hasn’t killed anymore vampires yet.  After all, that’s the point of all this time spent in Sexy Cabin, isn’t it?  To have sex with anonymous pizza delivery girls and sometimes eachother teach Jeremy to kill vampires, and grow his Map Tattoo to the Cure, without accidentally / on purpose going batsh*t crazy, and ripping off his sister’s head.


Ever the patient teacher, Klaus gives his errant students an impromptu lesson in simple mathematics . . .


one purpose


Damon explains that Jeremy’s “not ready.” This causes Klaus to give his younger pal / nemesis, a free therapy session of his own.  He says Damon is subconsciously trying to keep Jeremy from killing, so as to impress Elena with his “newfound” goodness.  Klaus believes Damon needs a more “healthy” outlet for his sexual frustration.

delena sex real

So, Damon shoots Klaus in the stomach . . . Now, that’s what I call “catharsis!”

shoots klaus


Truth, Dare or Mope

trollop elena big


Now, don’t forget, Rebekah’s been daggered a while.  So, she’s missed the whole “Elena’s in love with Damon / sire bond / Stelena breakup” thing.  She compels the gang to give her a little recap, and looks legitimately turned on, when she finds out that Damon and Elena have been boning, and Stefan knows all about it.

broke up ok

broke up

slept with damon haha


Elena, who mistakenly thought she could trust her so-called bestie Caroline to keep her little sex secrets, shoots Vampire Barbie a death stare for spilling the beans to Stefan.  Personally, I think she should have taken a page out of her new boyfriend Damon’s book, and shot the girl in the stomach.  But that’s just me . . .

shoots caroline

Things start to get really interesting, when Rebekah compels Elena to explain WHY she slept with Damon.  She unblinkingly tells the group that she did it, not because of that LAME PLOT DEVICE sire bond, but because she LOVES Damon.

slept with damon because i love him


We interrupt this recap, so that I can do a little DANCE OF JOY . . .

the dance

schmidt dancing love


Thank you.  We now return to your regularly scheduled programming . . .

More Truth Bombs from Elena:

(1) When she’s with Damon, she feels unpredictable and free!

sexy delena 2

delena sex on dance floor

(2) When she’s with Stefan, she feels like a broken toy that needs to be fixed.

broken toy

Look at our little Elena, being all metaphor-y!  Good for her, I say!

Ah, decisions, decisions . . . to be a broken toy, or a hot sex kitten.  We can certainly understand why this choice would confuse Elena . . .

this is me thinking

Here, Elena is eloquently expressing an issue many fans have had with the Stelena relationship, ever since she turned vamp.  Stefan seems to be more interested in trying to fix Elena, than in actually being with her.  He seems to love the idealized version of Elena he has in her head, more than he loves the real thing.

fine with her either way

Consequently, Elena’s love for Stefan has similarly taken on a “past tense.”  She still loves Stefan.  But she is no longer in love with him.

Understandably, this comes as a major blow to Stefan, who has always comforted himself with the notion that the “sire bond,” and only the sire bond, was to blame for Elena’s change in heart.  But, as it turns out, Elena’s reasons for falling out of love with Stefan, are not only chemical and emotional, they are also rational and logical.  Compulsion doesn’t lie.

stefan tears

Cue the brooding . . . and the Angry Tears . . .

Rebekah, of course, is THRILLED with this turn of events, as most of us are, when the people who have dumped us, end up getting dumped in return . . .  And in her honor, I proudly present to you, the Former Dumpee’s Anthem . . .

In other news, Rebekah learns that Shane, a.k.a. Professor Numb Nuts, is the key to finding the CURE to vampirism.  This information isn’t nearly as fun as the gossip about Stefan and Elena.  But it’s probably a bit more useful . . .

In which Shane and April BOTH almost die (YAY!), but neither of them actually does (BOO!)

Bonnie hasn’t much to do these past few episodes, aside from sit in Professor Brillo Pad Head’s apartment and “light candles with her mind.”  (Despite what it sounds like, that’s not a euphemism for anything fun.)  In the beginning of this episode, she’s not even doing that.  She’s just b*tching about her dad, and how he doesn’t appreciate her witchiness, or whatever.

On a positive note, I really liked her outfit!

horny klaroline


Professor Shane decides to “Yoda” Bonnie . . .

yoda force

. . . by telling her “the force is with her,” and giving her some ugly ass necklace that vaguely resembles soap on a rope to prove it . . .

Then, he kicks her out of his apartment, so that he can have sex with his new hot vampire boyfriend Kol.

hot kol 2

Just kidding!  Kol actually kidnaps Shane, and takes him to Rebekah’s Detention Therapy Thingy.

When Bonnie figures out what happened, she rushes to Professor Douchenozzle’s rescue.

3 9 bonnie

“Come on MAGIC!  Hurry up!  I have a Silas Professor to save!  Maybe if I start picking my nose, it will bleed faster, and I could be done with this in time to watch Dowton Abbey.”

Meanwhile,  Tyler is rushing to Caroline’s rescue, after a call from Rebekah, about her “kidnapping.”

And that, my friends, is how shows on the CW save on production value.  They get the entire cast in a single room, containing nothing but some books and a few chairs, and shoot the entire episode there.


But I digress, back to the Mikaelsons . . .

Like brother like sister AND brother!

fanboy 1

fanboy 2


Upon learning that Professor Weinerhead can’t be compelled, Kol and Rebekah decide to torture information about the cure out of him, by repeatedly dunking his head in water.  “Blah, blah, blah  . . . Big Bad Silas glug, glug, blah blah blah,” is basically what I get out of this scene.

silas will raise the dead


Then, Bonnie comes, and tries to “protect” Shaney-poo with her ugly soap on a rope necklace.  But like most of Bonnie’s spells, this one ends up being a dud.  Bonnie accidentally links Professor Little Prick with APRIL of all people!  And she starts coughing up water and turning blue.


Wait.  Did I say this plan was a dud?  I mean, it’s AWESOME!  We get to kill two pain in the ass character’s in ONE FELL SWOOP!

ian says awesome

Can I get a hell yeah?

Things get even better, when my new hero, Kol Mikaelson, stakes Shane, and he and April both “die.”  WOO HOO!


But alas, Stefan saves April, by giving her blood.  And Professor Mush Mouth just “wakes up” from his would-be fatal stabbing.

soap dish smash

Better luck next time?

Meanwhile, back at Sexy Cabin . . .

The Return of Hot Pizza Delivery Girl

Hot Pizza Delivery Girl is back on Jeremy’s doorstep, because her “truck broke down,” and her “cell phone is out of juice.”  Yeah, we’ve all heard that one before!

k bell winks

So, here I am getting excited, and thinking, maybe I’m going to get some porn, after all.

jeremy arm


eat pizza

But alas, this is just Klaus compelling a newbie vampire to walk herself into certain death, in service of Jeremy’s Hunter’s Mark.  Hot Pizza Delivery Girl shows her fangs.  And Jeremy has killed her, before she can say, “Did anybody order the Extra Pepperoni in my pants?”

stefan shrug

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Fang

erased memory

Here’s a question for you to ponder, Fangbangers.  If you had the choice to erase a particularly painful moment from your memory (a breakup, the death of a family member, a particularly traumatic experience) would you do it?  If a good experience ends badly, is the pain of that loss so insurmountable, that it is worth erasing that experience entirely?

so much time


We know, from past experience that Damon Salvatore would answer those questions in the negative.  We’ve heard him tell Elena that he would gladly re-experience all his suffering over Katherine, because this suffering ultimately brought him to her.  Damon is someone who believes that his negative experiences define him, just as much as his positive ones do.

Damon has always worn the battle scars of rejection, heartbreak, and bad decisions, if not necessarily proudly, at least with dignity.  It’s something his younger brother, has never really been able to do.  Stefan has always been ashamed by his Ripper past, which is something he buries deep within himself.  It’s why he seems doomed to repeat it, whenever things don’t go his way.  Denial is a tantalizing drug, to which Stefan has always been addicted.

freaking hungry

Given this, it makes sense that Stefan would choose to ERASE all his memories of Elena, rather than live each day with the knowledge that she chose his brother.  Conversely, Damon willingly bore a similar pain of rejection, first with Katherine, then with Elena, for well over a century.

damon soulful crying

And to be honest, I was kind of disappointed that Rebekah didn’t give him his wish.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Stefan who did things other than pine over Elena.  And if I recall correctly, non-pining Stefan was a pretty fun guy, denial, or no denial . . .

Remember that time, when Ripper Stefan walked in on Damon and Elena sharing a moment together, and had this to say?

carry on

Now THAT’s what I’m talking about!

But, of course, Rebekah isn’t about to let her ex-boyfriend off the hook that easily.  So, she’s going to let him suffer.


But perhaps not for too long.  You see, Rebekah just compelled Tyler to turn into a werewolf, while locked in a room with Stefan, Elena and Caroline.

tyler were

So, maybe Stefan will die, before he has to spend more time moping about Elena!


Nahhh . . .

Of course, Tyler’s Big Scary Werewolf Transformation ends up being much ado about nothing.  Tyler locks himself in a room, while he endures the change.  Elena and Stefan run the halls for a few minutes, before its all over.

scared tyler

Then, of course, Elena wants to “talk” to Stefan about the whole “not loving him anymore” thing.

But Stefan’s had enough therapy for one day, thank you very much!  He’d much rather go home and mope .  . . and/or research “do-it-yourself frontal lobe lobatomies” on the internet . . . or, you know . . . stare it his abs . . .

stefan abs

Tyler’s not done with therapy though!  Caroline finds him curled up in a ball, post-transformation.  After weeks of penting up his emotions into manly rage, Tyler finally cries over the loss of his mother and his friends, and his feeling that he somehow let them all down.  Caroline comforts him, and, in doing so, becomes more likeable as a character than she’s been in weeks.

taroline sex

Speaking of things I LIKE!

In which Damon Salvatore FINALLY catches a break . . .

im happy

happy elena

After her therapy session, Elena rushes home and calls Damon.  She’s realized something about their relationship.  She LOVES Damon . . . I mean, really loves him . . . not sire bond loves him . . . or wants to have sex with him loves him . . . Elena GENUINELY, 100%, LOVES Damon Salvatore.  And after three years of dreaming about it, Damon finally gets to hear Elena say those three words, eight letters to him.

love you damon


Damon is ecstatic.  He’s blown away.  And there’s a beautiful moment, in which he actually looks up at the sky, and thanks the Heavens for his good fortune . . . and the pain and battle scars that made that good fortune possible.  Then, after weeks of pushing Elena away “for her own good,” Damon finally tells Elena to come and be with him.

look at sky


In that happy moment, Damon also becomes more determined than ever to find a cure to Elena’s vampirism.  Why?  Because he still believes that this will make Elena happy.  Also, let’s face it.  Dude is a SERIOUS glutton for punishment.

Damon eye roll

Kind of gives a brand new meaning to the phrase, “Last Call.”

klaus cheers


wouldnt find

After getting a call from Klaus, Damon, Jeremy and Matt arrive at a bar FILLED with vampires in transition, more than enough to enable Jeremy to complete his hunter’s mark.  Klaus wants Jer Bear to kill them all.  Jeremy looks up at Big Daddy Damon with uncertainty.  But the Elder Salvatore brother AGREES WITH KLAUS.


Something tells me this isn’t going to turn out so well for Mini Gilbert . . .

wall jer

In the final scene of the episode, Stefan surprises Rebekah, by agreeing to join forces with her in search of a vampire cure.



Remember when I said earlier in the recap that I wanted to see Stefan doing something other than pining after Elena?  Well, it looks like I may have finally gotten my wish.  Until next time, Fangbangers!


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19 responses to “Vampire Group Therapy – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “After School Special”

  1. Andre

    Ok, my full comment on your recap and the episode will come later but one thing I have to say now:
    Is it just me or are the actors that play Kole and Elijah the only ones among the Originals that look as though they are related?

    • LOL. Good point. Kol and Elijah have strikingly similar features, but bear little resemblance to Finn, and even less to Rebekah. As for Klaus, he’s only a half-sibling to the Mikaelsons. So, maybe he takes after his father’s side of the family?

      I will say that Rebekah had similar facial features to her mother, Esther. And Finn kind of looked like his father, Mikael. So, maybe they were on to something there.

      That little kid, Henrik (remember him?), looked like NONE OF THEM at all. 😉

      • Andre

        Actually Klaus and Rebekah were the only ones that by real life standards looked like Michael and Esther. I mean two blond parents and four of their children are brunettes? Very unlikely.
        As for Klaus. He is supposedly half “Indian” (that is how Elijah referred to them) and … I think I don’t have to go on on that.
        And yes Henry looked like none of them. It is the old bad background of the show. I actually think they did this whole Viking stuff to have a convenient reason for Klaus to stay in Mystic Falls prior to the whole Elena vampire stuff.
        And on the whole Stefan part I totally agree with East Coast Captain. They are really not doing a good job and I wondered myself a few times what certain scenes were actually good for. But more on that in my own post. I guess I won’t be able to finish it today.

        In the meantime, should any of you be tired of pseudo-homo stuff this show throws at you and that will not go anywhere, you might want to check out the show DTLA:

  2. East Coast Captain

    You see Stefan is acting OCC to suit the storyline I wish they did a better job with that some people are criticizing Stefan the way I see it, its him being not Stefan because the Stefan we came to know since S1 would not act that way, this is some drama ploy to extract even more drama I hate triangles especially this one and I don´t want to ruin your party but eventually they have to seriously mess with Delena to get Stelena back together it sucks!

    To be fair he didn´t eat his dad, his dad died from the wound inflicted by the stake, Stefan offered to save him with vampire blood but poor old Giuseppe refused and died, I read it in the novels but what is cannon these days?

    I wish Katherine would come back, she needs to show Stefan how to have a good time. Shame but with Klaus she isn´t coming back.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I think there will always be people out there who criticize Stefan. But I think he actually got a lot of support from his fandom for his behavior in this episode. Stefan fans who are angry at Elena for her treatment of him, these past few episodes, cheered on the message boards, when he finally walked away from her at the end of the hour.

      And, this might surprise you, but . . . I cheered too.

      Yeah, I think Stefan was being weak and a bit immature, when he asked Rebekah to erase his memories of Elena. But I also think it was callous and manipulative of Elena to expect “friendship” from Stefan, so soon after she broke his heart.

      Like you, I think it will be fun to see Stefan with another woman, for a change. And while I don’t see a real romance brewing between Rebekah and Stefan, I think they could have some self-destructive fun licking one another’s wounds for awhile. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Stefan take a shot with Caroline.

      As for Katherine, I do suspect her character will return in April, once the Originals are safely ensconced in their spinoff in New Orleans. Mystic Falls will be in need of a new anti-villain by then. And she will be just what the show needs for a little pick-me-up.

      • Andre

        I think you are on to something there. Plec said that once Klaus is gone Katherine will be back. I just hope they do something better with her than have her with Stefan again. Even for Plec that would be unoriginal.
        Speaking of Original. I already met criticism from fans regarding the Spin-off. The whole thing shouldn’t be in the present and what reason would there to have Haley there?

    • JenSteph

      Hi East Coast Captain!

      I agree with you and wish Katherine would come back too 😦

      I gotta tell ya tho..
      Stefan kinda did eat his dad….here’s the scene from season 1 if you don’t believe me…”finger lickin’ good”

      And I would argue that season one of any of these characters wouldn’t act the same way they are now. I think that’s the beauty of this show…how all the characters are either evolving or, as in Stefan’s case, peeling back the layers of what lies beneath.

      • Andre

        Sorry, to drop in again but I definitely cannot let this stand:
        The characters are either not evolving at all or are just written to suddenly act in a way not in line with their previous portrayal. There is no peeling back or anything.
        Elena has learned nothing regarding sense of danger or thinking ahead. And no matter how all you Delenas try to justify it, her current relationship with Damon is inauthentic since it straight clashes with all the rules regarding vampirism they had previously established and the fact stands that if she wouldn’t be a vampire she wouldn’t be with Damon. Jeremy should be on meds right now and just as much want to kill Damon the way he wants to kill Elena. Matt should have long been gone and Bonnie should have never let her be treated like the slave and Magical Negro that she is right now. Caroline goes back and fourth like a drunken butterfly in regards to characterization and Klaus was introduced as this uberbad and is suddenly a perpetulant child prone to hissy fits of whom we are supposed to believe that he has spent 50 years of madness and is deep down just alone, apparently through no fault of his own. No way. Damon is basically no different than season 1 the only difference is that he now wants to please Elena and not Katherine and Stefan is suddenly overly jealous and acting totally OOC.
        Seriously character evolution is one of the many things the writers do not seem to care about. The other things are realism and timeline. And you cannot even justify this by saying this is fantasy, since this world is in 99 % identical to our own, so there is no justification of applying different rules of psychology.

  3. JenSteph

    Loved your recap Julie! Would you mind scooting over so I can do the dance of joy with you?
    I know it won’t last but for one brief moment the heaven’s shone for Damon. I loved it and I loved that it was on their porch and a great balance to the rotten phone call of 3×22.


    • Hey Jen Steph! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and for all your support. 😉 And of course, I’ll scoot over, so that we can Delena Dance for Joy together. 🙂 If nothing else, it will make me look less ridiculous, if I’m not the only one shaking my ass to Snow Patrol’s “New York”, which, unfortunately, is a challenging song to shake one’s ass to. 😉

      I did find it interesting that Damon looked up to the Heavens, upon hearing those three special words from Delena. TVD is an almost aggressively secular show, and this was really the first nod to any sort of organized religion (aside from some tangential church attendance) that we witnessed. And from Damon, of all characters! Who knew?

      Other viewers have suggested that Damon was not necessarily thanking the Man Upstairs for Elena’s love, but, possibly giving the proverbial fist pound to the dearly departed Alaric and Rose, both of whom would have undoubtedly been happy for their pal Damon in this moment.

      I’m not sure which idea I like better . . . maybe a mix of both. 🙂 Whoever he was thanking in the sky, it was a nice moment for Damon. I mean, the character is just so used to getting crapped on by fate, that it was really uplifting to see him catching a break, for a change. 🙂

  4. JenSteph


    But tell me, truthfully. How do like the show? 🙂 Honestly, I get it but have a little heart for the fact that the majority of people who read these recaps are fans, which means we really like the show. The recaps here are also pro the Damon and Elena pairing so, of course, I would think the majority of people who read them, read them because they also enjoy the pairing and want a fun place to go

    I comment here mostly because I want the recapper to have some positive feedback for all her hard work and yes, I do think that the characters have all been following logical trajectories. I read your argument, appreciate where you are coming from but simply do not agree and, as a huge fan of the show, I don’t think I have to justify my love for it any more than I would make a Trekkie justify their feelings.

    I also love Arcade Fire and hate Taylor Swift; love mayonaise but hate Miracle Whip. You may not agree. That’s what makes the world a diverse and beautiful place to live in and you could write entire novels about these subjects and I might find your view point interesting but I won’t change my mind because love and hate are often simply a matter of personal history, culture and taste. And given that, I’ll hope you’ll understand why I typically save my gushing/fan girling about TVD for the websites that promote it.

    I do enjoy your opinions as well as your screen capping and I accept responsibilty for your agressiveness given my rebuttal to East Coast Captain. I shouldn’t have formed what I thought about season 1 characters as an argument when it was only a personal opinion…. I still say Stefan ate his dad, tho…you can’t make me change my mind 😛

    • Andre


      I understand that most here are Delena fans and that is the very reason I do not understand why you accept this pairing in its current state.
      What is there about this that goes beyond physical appeal for you?
      Fact is if Elena wouldn’t be a vampire she wouldn’t be with Damon. Everybody here knows that this whole “her emotions for Damon are now stronger than for Stefan because she is a vampire” makes no sense. It is a cardinal sin against storytelling to not follow your own rules. And the whole siring thing.,.. that was a very widespread topic among Delena fandom and its like Plec just read one of those. Not to mention as long as it is there it would, in good storytelling. Always be a shadow. I guess that is why they made the witch in New Orleans say this stuff about siring only happening for vampires if prior to transition the human had real feelings for the vampire.
      Small problem, we had at least six vampires now where this was the case and there was nothing of that sort prior to this season. If it is true what the witch said there should have been plenty of examples of siring before that, even with Stefan and Damon. But there was nothing.
      Not only is this current Delena totally OOC and just drawn from out of nowhere but it is nearly as bad as Klaroline. Prior to this Delena Damon had made no real amends whatsoever for his behavior. He was barely even told off for it. These two didn’t grow together, there was no development. It was just as though a fairy came along and dropped a spell on the two.
      And all you have to say now is that you don’t think that you have to justify your love for the show. Well that is not what I was asking for. I was and am asking for reasons, for explanations. Because I simply do not understand why you are accepting Delena the way it is? If you want an actual love story, an actual relationship between the characters that would last, why are you accepting this state it is in?

      You know what? I am gonna be totally honest to you, even if you might hate me for it:
      All the people that think Delena is so great the way it is now and are so thrilled that they got it after more than 3 years of show look to me like starving dogs that greedily devour every piece of meat that is tossed to them, no matter how wrotten it may be.
      That is how this represents itself to me.

      And I cannot understand it. No matter how hard I try to get my head around it I simply cannot understand this. Because each time there are always the mentioned flaws of the show. And these are big flaws. Very big flaws.

  5. JenSteph


    I usually don’t get into why I like a pairing as opposed to so and so and so and so….but you seem geniunely curious and…*ruff ruff bark bark*…sorry, had a bone stuck in my throat…;)

    I can only speak personally (I know my obvious observation is obvious) and I fully realize that once I explain my thoughts you are probably still going to roll your eyes and sigh in pain but …eh…that’s what honest discourse is all about…and I just poured myself a cup of coffee and am procrastinating from what I should really be doing. Aren’t we all?

    First of all, I love stories where the two protagonists distrust/hate each other and then, slowly over time grow to understand each other/fall in love …ie: Pride and Prejudice, Bringing up Baby, It Happened One Night, Beauty and the Beast…hell, I’ll throw in Dirty Dancing. If there is a triangle involved it’s my nature to root for the underdog and never Mr. Perfect because Mr. Perfect is usually too good to be true and, quite frankly, bores me.

    Some of my bias may rooted in the fact that my husband (of many years…I won’t tell you how many because then you’ll realize what an old lady I am) and I couldn’t stand each other when we first met, he has a lot of Damon’s wit and directness which I mistook as arrogance until I got to know him….So it’s a given that Damon’s snarky personality appeals to me. As for Ian Somerhalder’s looks you might be surprised that I don’t dream about him (I actually think my man is better looking) So what’s attracting me is the push and pull, the sparks and tension that occur between Damon and Elena whenever they are on screen.

    Alot of their romance has been in the gesture, the hand hold and the meaningful pauses and looks of realization. So if you’re a literalist, I could understand why it’s a mystery. The show could also teach a class on how “what the dialogue is saying is actually contradicting what is going on”…ie: “He’s a monster.” While Damon is stroking Elena’s cheek etc.

    Elena didn’t JUST fall in love with Damon…the hotel? where the only thing stopping her was Jeremy. That kind of intense sexual passion is typically tangled up in love, especially when you have a “good girl” who would never do that. So why is she jumping him? Because her feelings are growing to strong to handle. Also, “He consumes me.” I have never heard/ read the word consume in this sense where it didn’t mean deep feelings of love. Matt even knew she loved him, why else even give her the choice?

    My own fanwank (personal opinon warning) is that Elena chose Stefan as a human because she knew he’d honor her eventual choice to move on and have a human life with a husband and children (she actually told him this in Season 2) while she thought that Damon would never be able to let her go. Now she knows differently and now the choice is moot.We shall see what the show eventually reveals.

    As for the bond? First off, the sire bond between Damon and Elena is canon in the books that is why everybody was guessing it would happen. Second, it ain’t over til it’s over. Sun and Moon curse anyone? That turned out to be a big red herring and I’m not so convinced there’s even a bond when there’s a big bad in the vicinity that can perform mindcontrol and hypnosis at the drop of a bone necklace and some juju tea. Just saying. And why would you begrudge Damon an I love you? Damon goes out of his way to save …you know what? See my opinion about underdogs.


    • Andre


      the problem is that Delena didn’t fall in love the way you described it. Elena chose Stefan because of her feelings and once she became a vampire that was all gone. That is not development.
      Also Damon is not simply snarky and so. He is an impulsive killer. Will you tell me your man would have ever done what Damon did?
      I am not a literalist. I see the gestures, but I also see the actions and I hear the words. And it all doesn’t add up.

      Also this “consuming” is basically portraying obsessive love as something good. And this whole thing with Damon… What did he do to gain heri trust? When did he ever make amends? And if he did, was it enough?
      And seriously, how can you just forget what the guy has done? How?

      And sorry, but you seem to assume that the writers portray Elena as someone knowledgeable. Based on what? She learns nothing. She makes bad decisions time and again. She has no real character development and is basically the price the brothers fight over.

      And you make it sound as though the whole stuff with the curses and spells turning out somethin different was a good thing. They never made sense in the first place and when they were answered they made even less. E.g. why didn’t vampires like Sage and others older than 500 years point out to the flaws in the curse?

      I do not roll my eyes. I am baffled by your statement and the fact…
      He is a monster not an underodg. Have you forgotten what he has done? Do you just overlook that? Because for me it seems that you do.

      • JenSteph

        You’re a fast typist! And thinker!

        From my POV, Damon didn’t commit all his bad deeds in a vacuum and from what I remember, he did apologize and ask for forgiveness more than once. (2×03..not good enough, 2×21…still too soon, 2×22 …the guy was dying). He’s been on a redemption arc ever since 2×01 with the occasional backslide. [off the top of my head…forgiving Sheriff Forbes after she tried to kill him, intervening for Caroline with her mother, telling Elena to forgive Stefan over and over again basically, jumping in front of Tyler to save Caroline, taking care of Ric and sitting with him when he died, turning Abby so Elena and Bonnie wouldn’t blame Stefan, going with Stefan to rescue Caroline from the werewolves, making sure Rose died peacefully, saving Matt from Kol, saving Rebekah from Evil Ric…] if you need a quote to exemplify the show’s intention with his character then we have.. “Why don’t you let people see the good in you?” The show is also very careful to not have his deeds recognized, with the exception of Rose, to even have him villified (ie: attacking Kol over Matt was seen as him being a loose canon) because then it makes Damon misunderstood and more sympathetic. It works for me because this is the kind of story I like and I’m well aware that it probably hasn’t worked on you the same way. Just as if someone were to explain to me what the author’s intentions were behind Twilight I’d give them the fisheye of indifference because I thought Edward was a teddy bear with fangs…the end.

        Because you don’t seem to have an issue with Elena being with Stefan (I may be assuming this, if so I apologize) I have to point out that Stefan has committed several atrocious acts as well and has never apologized…Yet Elena readily forgave Stefan for his abuse during the latter half of season 3 when he was uncompelled and merely a vengeful d*** and she wasn’t that angry with him for starting Jeremy’s slide into being a hunter this season. And I’m okay with that. Because Elena has always been empathetic and a little too forgiving with both the brothers…she’s young and doesn’t take loss easily, that’s consistent. That hasn’t changed. (And it has the advantage of moving the plot along. Otherwise, if Elena didn’t have this character flaw, both brothers would have been kicked to the curb in Season 1, Stefan after the “let’s have sex/oops didn’t I tell you you look like my ex/ I’ve been stalking you debacle” and Damon would have just been kicked for being Damon. Period.)

        Consuming love/passion is always used in the romantic sense in english literature/entertainment…even if it’s a bit Wuthering Heights, it’s still considered a romantic word. And besides that, Elena is saying she is the one who feels consumed by her feelings not Damon and I wouldn’t consider her obsessive.

        As for my murderous husband (well … Ask my son what he’s capable of if he hasn’t done his homework)…I only told you why I typically root for the TYPE of character Damon is regardless of his/her species/monster catagory (will a grumpy ogre also be wrong to root for romantically? Cause I love me some Shrek and he eats his own ear wax). If I’m only allowed to root for the non murderous men in a romantic pairing on this show then I’m only left with Matt…and maybe Bonnie’s dad…and Sheriff Forbes. I think I’d rather watch the Amazing Race…so what’s a viewer to do? I guess I’m just glad it’s a vampire show and not a series about serial killers on ID :).

        Ever since season 1, the show has been hinting/pointing out that the brothers were on pretty equal footing. One brother is the villian reconciling with his inner desire to be the better man, and the other is the good guy reconciling with his inner darkness.

        And at the end of the day the show is soap opera set around a love triangle. It doesn’t bother me at all that Elena had to become a vampire to admit her feelings for Damon…because her vampirism is really just a metaphor for growing up.
        She’s learning that she doesn’t have to please her friends and do what the world thinks she “should” do. She just needs to be happy with herself. And if it is the only the sire bond causing her to act this way then, really how crappy of Stefan and Caroline for villifying her over something beyond her control. If she’s doing this because she really loves Damon (and I think that’s why Stefan is so hurt) then it’s about time she acknowledge it and let Stefan move on.

        I’ve enjoyed our conversation!

      • Andre

        Jen, from my POV it doesn’t matter that Damon did all these horrible things in a vacuum or not, he still did them and even if he asked for forgiveness he didn’t act like it and made no amends. And although the writers screwed Stefan over in season 3 he at least kept his humanity on. But they never had that with Damon, they constantly had him not caring. At the start of this season alone he was so selfish and caught up in his own pain over Elena’s near death that he was about to let it all out on Matt. Not caring that Elena wanted Matt to live, it was her choice, her sacrifice to make and he didn’t care one bit about this. Had he killed Matt Elena’s sacrifice would have been totally pointless. And right now I am not going into all the other stuff he has done to her. Damon is someone great as an antiheroe and/or an antagonist. But not as a love interest!!! He has done too many horrible things to Elena for that.

        Damon’s stuff at the end of 2×03 “Bad Moon Rising” was an excuse, one that in no way fit the crime. He said that Katherine pissed him off and he snapped, that he didn’t see the ring (but only after lying until the end of the episode) and than he bitches about friendship. He killed Jeremy just because he was upset and he thinks a simple “sorry” is gonna solve that? I don’t know about you but I have a little sister and I actually still remember her as a child, and apparently a few stuff was stuck unconsciously because I tend to cheer up my nephew the same way I did her back then. Had Damon done to me sister, or my nephew, or anybody of my family what he did to Jeremy, I wouldn’t have led him even near my porch. I would have told Bonnie to go ahead and burn him alive if she can. And that only because I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself since I have no magic. What he did there was murder. Plain and simple. And he didn’t do anything to atone for that, not even remotely. All he did was saving his own skin and than he has the nerve to ask for friendship? No way, not even remotely. There is a strict line between understanding and forgiveness. And that is one the writers continiously cross for no reason apart from feeding you fans and giving you Delena.
        In 2×21 and 22 “The Sun Also Rises” and “As I lay dying” he was supposedly dying, not that I ever believed that. That was an extreme situation. He was on his death bed. Supposedly. In such situations most people tend to overlook things, so I do not hold it against Elena for cutting him some slack, but kissing him? The guy that killed her brother, had sex with her mother and turned her into a vampire, who raped and abused her best friend, who is responsible for the death of the grandmother of her other best friend. The guy who killed another friends uncle, the guy who killed the best friend of his brother, the guy who killed countless innocent people over the course of the season up to then which let to all this crap happening in the first place, who turned the sister of her ex-boyfriend into a vampire ultimately leading to her death. the guy who made out with said ex-boyfriends mother. Do you want me to go on?
        For that guy to ask for forgiveness is not enough, Not considered all he has done.
        And all the examples of his “redemption arc” are in my eyes rather examples of onesided POV. These are not just “occasional backslides” they are often the effects of his own stupid mistakes and cruelties. And referring to these atrocities of his as “occasional backslides” is in my eyes playing it down.
        Damon was the one who gave Caroline his blood, knowing full well the potential consequences and prior to that what you mentioned did nothing to take responsibility for that, for Caroline, leaving it all to Steafan. Saying that Katherine killed Caroline doesn’t matter. It was still his blood and he gave her that willingly.
        And when exactly did he tell Elena to forgive Stefan? When?
        When he jumped “in front of Tyler to save Caroline” that was the same episode he forcefully fed Elena his blood, again not respecting her choices. Something you Delenas forgave him also as it seems.
        Ric may not have had to die, had Damon not snapped his neck before we first noticed that there was something wrong with his ring. Maybe than Ric might have had some more time. And remember for that he gave Ric the same lame ass statement he gave Mason Lockwood about that he sometimes does things he doesn’t have to.
        Turning Abby resulted in her abandoning Bonnie and Jamie. And would he have had to turn Abby had he not attacked Kol? And why was Elena’s live more important anyway? And why didn’t Damon simply try to contact Lucy? He couldn’t have forgotten her. Well that is the inshow question. Outshow there is no question. The writers simply forgot about her.
        He wouldn’t have needed to rescue Caroline from any werewolves if he hadn’t killed Mason in the first place. And he is also responsible for Rose’s death. It was him who anatgonized Jules and thereby causing her to attack him in which Rose was the victim. He merely eased her passing but he was the author of her demise in all this.
        Why was it so good to save Rebecca from Ric?
        Seriously I think what you are doing here is the same Delenas seem to do all the time. You highlight and romanticize the stuff you think speaks for his goodness and ignore or downplay the evil things he has done. And that you consider Edward a teddy bear with fangs seems to me like further evidence for this. First Edward didn’t have fangs. Lets look as to why people think Edward and Bella are in an abusive relationship: (–edward-are-in-an-abusive-relationship)
        “According to the National Domestic Violence hotline, these are some signs that you may be in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.

        Does your partner:
        * Look at you or act in ways that scare you?

        * Control what you do, who you see or talk to or where you go?
        “Stay away from the werewolves. I love you.”

        * Make all of the decisions?

        * Act like the abuse is no big deal, it’s your fault, or even deny doing it?
        “If I wasn’t so attracted to you, I wouldn’t have to break up with you.”

        * Threaten to commit suicide?
        “I just can’t live without you. In fact, I’ll run to Italy and try suicide by vampire if anything happens to you.”

        * Threaten to kill you?
        On their first date.

        These are some more signs of an abusive relationship.
        Has your partner…
        * Tried to isolate you from family or friends.
        Bella doesn’t have time for anyone else!

        * Damaged property when angry (thrown objects, punched walls, kicked doors, etc.).

        * Pushed, slapped, bitten, kicked or choked you.
        Does tossing her through a glass table count?

        * Abandoned you in a dangerous or unfamiliar place.
        “We’re breaking up. And I’m leaving you in the forest.”

        * Scared you by driving recklessly.

        * Forced you to leave your home.
        She had to run away with him to flee from the other vampires in the first movie, and she had to drop everything and run to Italy in the second.

        * Prevented you from calling police or seeking medical attention.
        Check. Even in the hospital, nothing is a big deal.

        * Views women as objects and believes in rigid gender roles.
        Well, they are Mormon… (I know, I know, cheap shot.)

        * Accuses you of cheating or is often jealous of your outside relationships.
        Check, wolf-boy.

        Now I’m pissed. According to the NDVH, “If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship.” This list is fifteen.”

        Note: Your beloved Damon fits more than one point on this list as well, so do Stefan, Tyler and Klaus.

        Some stuff might be a bit over the top, but most isn’t. Also he blatently infantilized Bella (evident by composing a lullaby for her and craddling her), never tells her everything she would need to know about the vampire world right away. ripping out the engine of her car, making Alice guarding her and restricting her choices while he was gone in Eclipse. Telling her whom she was able to see or whom not. Never even considering to ask what she thinks when he finds out she is pregnant, not even considering the possibility. Offers to trade her over to Jacob in the same book. He watched her sleep without her consent, which is stalking.
        And you think he is a teddy bear? In Twiverse maybe, but try applying that to real life. And as much as I despise this fact. Most people especially YAs get their information on relationships from pop-culture.

        Actually I do have an issue with Stelena, because Stefan is too dangerous, even if it is not entirely his fault. However like I also said the writers completely screwed him over in season 3. But still he was written so that he kept his humanity on all the time, unlike Damon who just chose not to care. BUT there is this weird stuff the writers did at the end of season 3 with him coming back too easily and I am sure that was another sign of them feeding Delenas. Personally I think they stopped caring, if they ever did in the first place, about mid season 2 and they had Elena forgave Damon murdering her brother, not even they are that dumb to have her now be angry about the hunter stuff. But I doubt that they care about that. They are too caught up in feeding you Delenas in my eyes and as such they care even less about characters and consistency.
        And in my eyes Stefan vs. Damon is the same as Edward vs. Jacob. It is not about the choosing the better option but the lesser evil.

        And in what way is Elena not taking loss easily? If that were true she would have a nervous breakdown by now. Her parents are dead, so are her uncle and her aunt, technically her biological mother as well, the grandmother of her friend and the dad of another friend are dead. The uncle of yet another friend is dead. The sister of her ex-boyfriend, who was also the first crush of her brother, is also dead. Alaric is also dead. And still Elena is sane and functioning. What exactly is the evidence here that she doesn’t take loss easily? Do you really think someone like that would react the way Elena did?
        I agree that she is too forgiving (and that this is a consistent portrayal [so far]) but that is never shown as a flaw in the show. Quite the contrary.

        Elena was completely unable to kick any of the two brothers to the curb. How exactly is that not obsessive?
        And simply because a word is used in literature often doesn’t change its meaning. Maybe there is something wrong about how love is portrayed in literature.

        Also Damon is neither an underdog, e.g, that is a participant in a fight, conflict, or game who is not expected to win. But that would be Jeremy here and not Damon. Damon is expected to win.
        Also Shrek is not Damon. Shrek is grumpy and rough around the edges, while Damon is impulsive, whiney and violent.
        And what you say about this show makes me think you don’t really want to watch this show. If you don’t like watching murderous men, watch something else. Or read books. Write books, watch older series etc. etc.
        And have you actually kept in mind how many people died due to Stefan and Damon so far, often by their own hands? These two are serial killers.

        And what hints where there that Damon was on equal footing with Stefan and “reconciling with his inner desire to be the better man” because he seemed to take the violent path with open arms.

        “And at the end of the day the show is soap opera set around a love triangle.”
        And that is its main flaw. It always about this love triangle that they drag out for 76 episodes now. Everything there is about this show is love triangles and what sort of soap opera is so crazy and out of touch with reality than TVD is?
        According to this show vampirism only enhances feelings, it doesn’t make you realize them. And in what way is falling in love with a serial killer that, again, places her brother in mortal danger about growing up? Everybody, she herself, knew she had feelings for Damon, but why on earth would they need siring for that now? I tell you why. So they can rush it again. So you Delenas won’t notice how much they drag this stuff out.
        And you last comment is for me only further evidence that you Delenas really accept everything the writers throw at you. The writers broke all the inner show rules for all this stuff. So why is that acceptable. It is not even good storytelling and in my POV only leaves me with the conclusion that you Delenas like Damon because of physical appeal and because in Western cultures Byronic heroes like him are shown as desireable and having him on screen allows you to have him safely contained while in the real world such people would ultimately end up abusing you.

        And also: Stefan won’t move on. Not for a long shot. So far this show has been about the triangle. To change that now the writers would have to do a complete 180.

  6. Andre

    Wow, the promo looks like it’s … typical for this show. So it’s basically useless.

    Before I start one video (believe me you are going to need it):

    Now I have to say something first:
    I can’t be positive about something that I think is wrong. There have been a few comments of mine here already now and maybe people read them and therefore might be able to guess what is coming now. I really try to look for the positive things in this show and occasionally there are. But they always get sacrificed to serve the main three. Always, the good stuff never has any lasting effects. And that bugs me.
    Since I respect the people here, I will not hold back and tell you exactly what I think and I can guarantee you that lots of it won’t be nice. And I do remember well for being told off by one other commentor not to spread my “negativity” around here, simply because once again I didn’t agree with the praise for this show.
    So remember, you all have been warned. If you don’t want to read criticism of the show and this recap, don’t read any further. It is going to be uglier than this:

    At least this show passed, somewhat, the Bechtel Test. No wait it didn’t. Because the first and only talk between more than two women ultimately involved men. Well looks like Gandalf was right:

    Julie, you know ever since you showed me the preview of the scene with Matt and Jeremy I was thinking whether the writers are just plain incompetent at storytelling or don’t care about fans but only about getting new people on board. And you know what, this episode strongly suggest the latter option to be most likely.
    Also you once wrote that you do not feel a need to justify your interest for this show. You know I never asked you for “justification” but for reasons and the only things you ever said came down to two things:
    1) Chemistry between characters
    2) The look of the actors
    But never anything more, never anything deeper.
    I get the appeal of an attractive actor. Seeing Aiden Turner in the Hobbit:

    Made me give Being Human (British version) finally a chance:

    But should the show turn out to be bad I will stop. Plain and simple.

    But all you said was that you don’t feel a need to justify what you think of this show. Have you any idea how that sounds to me?
    Julie, for me that sounds crazy. If you would ask me to say why I like this and that or ask me to justify it, I could and would do it in a second. Because everything has reasons and I would feel honor bound to tell you the truth and be open about it.
    And also I am worried. The way you recaps-parts that include Delena have become more and more obsessive in my eyes (as evident on how you react to Stefan and how you seem to romanticize Damon more and more); that reminds me of the development of spideysense’s posts. Her posts became more and more Forewood advertisement and her statements more and more crazy, going so far as to totally ignore Tyler’s douchebaggery in season 1, always choosing the interpretation to a situation that is the Forewood friendliest even if not most probable and going so far as to accusing Matt of being abusive. And while you are not there, I do find myself more and more often asking me whether you aren’t there yet, ever since this season started.
    And it is not as though you can’t see the show’s flaws, you apparently can. So why are you acting like this? Are you really happy with this show and with this version of Delena?

    I wouldn’t call this episode a group therapy. I think “Breakfast club for Dummies” would be better.
    With your comment on the candles and with Elena leaving showed that you still got it so your JPAs (Julie Plec antibodies) must still be working. 😉 Had you also commented on how stupid it was to have the assembly in the school it would have been perfect. Carol Lockwood was the mayor and not the principal. What are these writers thinking? Do they think they have to remind us that these are high school students?

    Elena doesn’t seem to learn one bit here. Seriously this is the same old same old. Couldn’t they at least have shown her to carry some sort of weapon or at least get into a fight ready pose?
    Maybe this whole thing with Rebecca and her stupid terrorizing and hurting of Elena is not only there to get Elena in the spotlight and for using Rebecca as a plot device but also, once again, is a symptom of this unhealthy fixation on the show on family. You know they can’t have Rebecca going against Klaus because she is a female and therefore in the moral code of this show simply has to suck it up and not show anger the way men are allowed to, but more importantly because “Klaus is family.” Remember how they tried to drive the “importance of family” home last season no matter what? That surely didn’t just disappear not the way this show presents itself and the current trend of romantization of the Victorian Age among Anglo Americans (the show’s main demographics). Klaus is family, family is important and family ties must never ever be severed. But would Rebecca pay Klaus back for the way he treated her that family bond would be ultimately shattered and that can never happen on the show and so Rebecca is basically set on Elena. Whether that is done consciously or unconsciously I cannot say but I think this is what they are doing here, apart from using Rebecca as a convenient plot device of course.

    The whole thing with Caroline bothers me the most. I know that smart people can do stupid stuff. But this makes no sense. Why do they have someone who can figure out emotional states so easily, even back in season 1 when she had it right that in truth the Ms Mystic Falls is founding families only, fall for Klaus? And why is she reduced to supporting figure for Stefan?
    You once wrote that whether every female character has to be super woman. Well of course not. But when a show has all of its main female cast acting in a way that is sexist then something is wrong (how often did plans of females work or did they rescue males and vice versa?). Also remember that Williamson once claimed that he wanted everybody to be represented. Well, he failed. Big time. At best this show ended up with tokenism time and again.
    And this is one of the reasons why I think this show is sexist. Every main female character, be it Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, April or whoever else is on that show are devalued into one of following plotpoints:
    1. Angst over love triangle/romantic relationship.
    2. Being kidnapped and being a damsel in distress.
    3. objectification.
    4. support of other figures.

    Ever since Jeremy we didn’t had somebody that was angry about being compelled. All others just shrugged it off. Would be good if it was something with lasting consequences and not be gone in a minute again.

    The whole stuff with Elena talking to Damon on the phone, saying that her feelings are real blablabla. There to feed Delena’s and to make people more sympathetic towards Damon because he “set her free.” Yeah…
    Let me quote what the witch in New Orleans said:
    “You want her free? You have to set her free. Tell her to live a life without you. And never think of you again. To stop caring about you. And then leave her. That’s the only way around the sire bond.”
    That was not what Damon did, not even remotely! In episode 9 Damon said this:
    “You’re gonna go home.[at that moment there was some “ringing tone in the background marking the power of siring] I’m gonna stay here with Jeremy. I’m gonna help him complete the mark. I’ll teach him how to hunt. I’ll protect him. And we’ll kill vampires, without you… I’m setting you free Elena.”

    The only similarity between the two statements was the words setting/set and free. Damon didn’t even do ¼ of what the witch told him. Elena isn’t free, the sirebond isn’t broken he isn’t the hero and her love is certainly not pure or her will free. We are exactly where we left off in episode 8 and nothing has changed. So I don’t get at all why you are cheering about Elena’s confessions of true love.

    And what is it with Stefan and drinking suddenly? Is the show doing the whole role reversal with him and Damon now? Or transferring traits? You know how they did with Tyler and Klaus (both “abusive dads”, into art, just misunderstood and basically just need the right girl, which “happens” to be the same girl).

    At least it was good that they had Stefan suggesting to finally kill Rebecca. But I couldn’t enjoy it because there was zero chance that she would actually die. Would be great but it wouldn’t happen. The writers rewrote history and ignored Americas first people to suit these characters, so they won’t kill them now. Maybe Kole, since he wasn’t part of the flashbacks but the rest are surely safe.

    Kudos for saying that the new mayor will be dead soon, after all why hold back with something so likely? I personally think the only reason he might survive is that so he is another Bennett plot device (that was the first thing I thought when finding out that Bonnie’s dad will suddenly appear).
    Maybe he is just there because the show is reacting to the accusations of racism that were targeted against it. And personally Julie Plec deserves that and worse. Think about it, it took them more than 3 seasons to get Bonnie’s mother to show up and that was only for magic and then she was gone. I am sure it will be similar here. After all what black character on this show has ever been more than a plot device? Anyone?
    Bonnie’s situation is bad and so why should her dad’s be any better?
    “The Vampire Diaries: Okay, so far this season we’ve left one of the most poorly used tropes–The Civil War–behind. Unfortunately, that hasn’t helped Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham). We’ve talked about her precarious situation on TVD before, so here’s a quick update on where she stands now:
    We still don’t know who’s taking care of this poor kid. At one point, in the beginning of the season, she’s shown sitting alone in her house, still traumatised over the events from last season with no guardian to speak of.
    Her (white) friends are gaining all kinds of power left and right (and angsting over it), while Bonnie has seemingly sacrificed the use of her witchy abilities after using them to save Elena and company over and over again. (Remember, last season her mother was turned into a vampire, also because of Elena.) What’s more, she keeps making sacrifices, big and small, for this group of–frankly horrible–friends. I just about died when Elena and Damon announced that they were crashing Bonnie’s trip to collect her dead grandmother’s possessions for their own personal needs and finally fell out when I realised that no one had asked Bonnie once how she was feeling throughout the whole trip. The trip that was supposed to be focused around her dead grandmother.
    That plotline did lead to a potential romantic entangle for Bonnie that I wanted to be excited about (since, because Bonnie’s life just bites, none of her romantic interests ever work out), until it was revealed that the character (a college professor) is most likely some kind of evil. Bonnie Bennett, eternal sacrificial Black Best Friend and Magical Negro, cannot catch a break.
    We’ll tackle Connor, the angriest and most violent Black man Mystic Falls, Virginia’s seen since 1865, in another post.–KJ” ~Source:

    And yeah, why in all hell is his name Hopkins? And he is a “Travelling pharmaceutical rep”? Really? I guess that is the show’s lame ass attempt to justify the fact that they pretty much ignored him for more than 3 seasons and use Bonnie as a constant Magical Negro. Never speaking about it and you will be fine and you know what is the worst part? No one of the main fandom will actually speak about it. Fans will just shrug it off. But hey what can you expect from a douchebag like Plec who justified her neglect of Bonnie with her lame ass excuses, which can be found here:
    (in a show where you have dysfunctional relationships like Delena and Klaroline you cannot excuse the lack of one for Bonnie by saying she is “strong and beautiful”)
    “As for Plec? Well, she calls Bonnie “strong and beautiful” in her Twitter statement. My question for her then is, if she’s such a strong character then why does she continually need other people to speak for her? Caroline is the one to continually express to Elena how angry Bonnie is with her. We find out, through lazy exposition, that Bonnie’s mother is going through her transition to becoming a vampire while neither of them actually appear in the episode. Characters are forever delivering messages for Bonnie rather than letting her speak for herself. Even if Plec’s issues with Bonnie aren’t racially related, it’s time for her to finally admit that she does not like Bonnie Bennett’s character.” ~Source:

    And the guy knows about Bonnie’s powers suddenly? Wasn’t that the same guy who said Grams was just nuts in season 1? Where was he again? Oh yeah, he was non-existent. Think about it, of the main characters with still living parents at least one was introduced for each but not with Bonnie. Only her grandmother was there, but she died soon. Possibly also a victim of the show’s sexist nature. Remember Grams was a woman who stood for herself and could actually be a threat to the vampires. Would she still be alive she would have roasted the whole Originals already.
    And him not being able to handle witchcraft is the reason why he travels all the time? Wouldn’t he have to know this for not being able to handle it?
    Oh and an African American who has a neglectful father and mother. Yeah absolutely not stereotyping:

    No Shane is the father figure. Bonnie’s dad didn’t even mention Bonnie graduating. And suddenly after nearly four years the characters are graduating suddenly? How did they do homework with their lives constantly in danger? And how is Jeremy’s absence from school explained?

    At least Tyler’s reactions to Rebecca’s phone call and his mom’s death was realistic, but that was just one of the very few scraps of realism in this show and for me that is not enough. If you do it crazy, at least do it right, like this:

    One thing: Is he off age? Does he need a guardian? And shouldn’t there be another Lockwood still alive?

    And Klaus is doing Rebecca’s bidding all of a sudden why exactly? And speaking of that. Since when did Rebecca become independent and smart?
    And Shane picked up a trick in Tibet… stereotyping. What’s next the cure is in an Egyptian tomb or somewhere in a cave guarded by an old Native guy or maybe in a Mayan temple or Aztec?

    ” “Blah, blah, blah . . . Big Bad Silas glug, glug, blah blah blah,” is basically what I get out of this scene.”
    I think there was no way to say it better. Man, these Originals are lame. Wasn’t Kole supposed to be this psychotic mass murderer similar to Klaus? But then again, he is similar, he is just as pathetic.

    So Jeremy staked a vampire. Wow that was a weak one. Matt could hold her off. Strange she isn’t even anorexic. Maybe there were some chemicals in her dye that affected her brain. And wasn’t the tattoo bigger already? It looked like it just grew for the first time.

    Wow, April just spills the beans. Not gonna comment on that, except that this… No, not gonna comment on that.

    Wow Bonnie can suddenly to save lives again but still doesn’t use that power to at least combat the Original? Well, that is a trademark of the Magical Negro. Look it up if you don’t believe me:

    And Silas is the first immortal being? Who here thinks that he will be white? Or better who here thinks that he will not be white? That should be less people.

    And how do Becky and Koli actually know Silas? Did their mother tell them or that Bonnie ancestor that was her servant? Ups, her friend of course.

    And April is still alive? Has she passed the 5 episodes limit yet?

    Now to my chapter I call “The Parade of pointlessness:”

    Pointless scene number one:
    What point was there in having Jeremy attack Damon? The stuff before that you correctly pointed out already. It was just there to show off bodies. So again Kudos for pointing out that lame marketing ploy.
    They should just do this and get it over with:

    I am sure that is a porno you would rather watch. 😉

    But back to the topic: Not only was Jeremy not even able to kill his sister, he is nowhere near as strong and fast as a werewolf in human form and Mason couldn’t even beat Caroline back in season 2, neither could Tyler. Every fan would know that so what was the point? Not to mention that this is the same line like last episode when you pointed out how dumb it is to give a compulsive vampire killer lots of wood around. It is the same here. Putting Damon next to Jeremy and Matt would be like giving an arsonists matches. Damon is responsible for killing Vicky. Jeremy’s first girlfriend and Matt’s sister. And both of these guys are ok with having him around? Why does it need to be Damon anyway? Why not Stefan? After all Damon is not really training him and if Caroline could fight the tombvamps/ghosts and Mason she can take on Jeremy. Or maybe send Tyler there. Get him out of town or so. Or even Stefan. If Damon wants to stay away from Elena there could be plenty of places to do this. So what was the point in that scene? To make Jeremy look stupid or to show stuff to new viewers? Or, once again, force it on us that Damon is soooo great? Maybe I would believe that if the plans of most characters on this show wouldn’t constantly fail and this wouldn’t be the same vampire who led his victims lie around everywhere in season 1 and thereby set the whole crap in motion, something the writers either can’t or won’t admit or even realize. Or the guy who when accidentally turning his brother into a blood-thirsty monster, well knowing the effect it had in him last time, didn’t even bother to try and stop him. Or the guy who killed Jeremy because he was upset. Or the guy who forcefully fed Elena his blood. Or the guy who killed Bonnie’s mother. Speaking of that, and the whole threat by Klaus. Remember her?

    The whole threat would be empty if the writers would care for consistency. They don’t need someone for that job like you once suggested. They never cared about it in the first place I think.
    In each case it comes down to “been there, done that.”
    I won’t even go to the topic as to how Jeremy suddenly knows kick-boxing or why in all hell Damon is suddenly able to train anybody. *cough cough plot device cough cough*

    And by the way I once talked about in my Deviantart journal that I think TVD is just copying of others. And apparently I am not the only one:

    Considered how much of their mythology they already copied I think it’s safe to assume that this what they did here as well.

    Pointless scene number two:
    Stefan manages to overcome Rebecca? Or are we to assume that she let it happen? For what reason?
    And is April compelled as well or why is she helping Rebecca?
    And speaking of compulsion? Isn’t a basic rule that you have to do what is said? So why exactly were Elena and Stefan able to stay silent?
    If Rebecca had figured everything out anyway why the whole group session? Oh yeah, to “remind” us, more likely tell new viewers, that Elena and Stefan used to be epic and that Elena now “truly” loves Damon. Yeah right. So Rebecca was there to get information? Pah.

    And “Personally, I think she should have taken a page out of her new boyfriend Damon’s book, and shot the girl in the stomach. But that’s just me.”
    Nope. I think the same. That would have been way more entertaining than this whole crap. And what was Caroline doing there anyway?

    Pointless scene number three:
    Why is Klaus bothering with Damon? Did he run out of spare witches or what? No witch anymore who could simply put Jeremy on a spell? Or simply compel Damon? Oh yeah, so Damon can be the hero by avenging Carol’s death. Never mind that Klaus should have been too fast for Damon to shoot him. Even if Klaus couldn’t evade bullets, he saw Damon handling the weapon and still wasn’t able to prevent being shot. Yeah, makes so much sense.

    Pointless scene number four (wow and it isn’t even 15 minutes into the show):
    So this whole stuff with Rebecca was necessary for Elena to tell everybody that she loves Damon?
    We already knew that? And you had to be blind the last two seasons not to notice that.
    Was that necessary to assure Delenas of the fact that this “love is real”? I doubt it. I seriously doubt it. No Delena would need reminding of this. Even if (like stated elsewhere) this whole love thing is simply not authentic. Seriously would Elena not be a vampire she would not be with Damon. The siring supposedly doesn’t effect it (although it would mean that sired vampires are not rare, also it suggests that love makes you incapable of having free will) and that Elena’s feelings for Damon should be stronger than the ones for Stefan now makes no sense ever it is just the cardinal sin of rulebreak. Would that relationship have really grown and Damon someone being worthy of a relationship I would have at least given it a shot, but not this lame ass excuse of love that Plec and Company throw at us here. No way.
    And everybody who watched the last few episodes knew everything said in this scene already. So there was no point to it.
    At least they had Caroline pointing out that this has nothing to do with Rebecca being there. Even if that didn’t make the scene useful since Rebecca could have just compelled Stefan in private and ask him since he would be the one knowing the most.

    Pointless scene number five:
    Where was the point in the fire scene? That Damon wouldn’t do this and that to impress Elena was already believed by Delenas episodes ago. So what was the point?
    If at all it only shows that he hasn’t really changed in season 1 he killed and all for Katherine and now he does it for Elena, who just so happens to look just like Katherine and act more like Katherine now. Yeah, Damon is the one that loves Elena just the way she is.

    Again why not simply compel Damon? Oh yeah because he needs to be “the hero.”

    Pointless scene number six:
    The whole stuff with Elena’s confession was just plain stupid Delena fodder. Just there to say once again that Damon is right for her suddenly and that Rose was right and … well everything Delenas would have said already. If anyone here disagrees go ahead and tell me. Still doesn’t change one thing that the whole thing is a charade and nothing more than an example of bad storytelling. The fairy again, she not only bewitched Elena to be infatuated with Damon she suddenly erased her love for Stefan.
    Again: You Delenas seriously want this? This?

    And Rebecca bitches about her life again. Been there and done that also, long ago.

    Pointless scene number seven:
    Killing Shane. I so not saw that coming that he would survive.

    Pointless scene number eight:
    Shouldn’t Tyler turn immediately once compelled and not ask questions or fight it? Not that I would think any of those three would die. Seriously. This is not Game of Thrones, they would never kill a protagonist. Speaking of killing, how long did April take to get that board?
    And why didn’t Rebecca compel them to kill each other or themselves or simply did it herself? Oh yeah, because they won’t ever kill the protagonists. Seriously the stupid writers had this time and again. Why are they even bothering with this shit? They must really be writing this for people that just started watching because no one who saw this show for more than one season would be so stupid to fall for this. Not to mention that in a school like this there should be at least one fire ax or anything else you could use as a weapon. Which Stefan had but instead of using it for defense he used it for locking the door. Something that wouldn’t hold Wolf-Tyler back. Neither would that door. This wolf was able to pull of chains while being drugged with wolfsbane and break through metal bars but a wooden ax shaft and a locker door can hold it back?
    Oh and that is not how fighting wolves sound. This is:

    Tyler didn’t kill anyone and turned back without biting anybody. Proof that it was only a cheap plot device.

    Pointless scene number nine:
    Rebecca’s offer was just stupid. It was just there for Elena. From a realistic point of view it would be recommendable for Stefan since Elena is even more destructive than Katherine ever was. I think if given enough time she would be on par with Klaus. After all how many people had to die and suffer because of her. But nooooo. Since this is the “everybody loves Elena show” Elena has to be the good girl. While by the show’s totally messed up rules of course, but the good girl nonetheless.
    And I didn’t believe it for more than a second. Didn’t even consider it for more than that. Not because of Rebecca but of Stefan’s memories would be erased there would be no drama anymore. So it wasn’t about Rebecca’s revenge, not even remotely. She was just another convenient plot device. Would it be any different she would have compelled them to stay in school, because that way they would have to spend time with each other.

    Pointless scene number ten:
    The scene with Delena confessing her “love” to Damon. Simply Delena fodder again. Again to distract people from the ridiculousness of it all. Why? They don’t need to do that. Seriously if you Delenas didn’t turn away from the ship already why would you do it now?

    Pointless scene number ten:
    The bar scene. So Damon acts like the douchebag he is again. Yeah, so surprising. Drama remember? They need that. And Delenas will forgive it anyway. You already forgave him lost of stuff. You won’t be angry with him about that. And wasn’t it that you don’t count as a full vampire before you completed the transition?

    At the end of my comment a little anecdote from my live:
    A guy I correspond with on Deviantart about various topics, including recent supernatural shows, said this about the Vampire Diaries:
    “And having just read some of the stuff from the show’s fans, all I can say is WTF? It’s called “vampire diaries,” right? You know – creatures of the night, bloodsuckers, nosferatu. They do have to do vampire stuff, right? You know, feed on people, seduce virgins just to murder them, and generally terrorize the mortals. Since they sleep most of the day and only have 8 of darkness, it sounds like they should be awfully busy during that limited time. But not on the Vampire Diaries. It seems like the only thing that happens are constantly changing, dysfunctional romantic relationships. Am I right about this?”

    Yes he is. That is all there is now to the show. And these relationships are portrayed as something good. And that doesn’t worry you even one bit?

  7. Debbie

    Dear Julie,
    I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I really enjoy your recaps and I don’t think that you are writing obsessive. 🙂
    I didn’t read everything Andre wrote, because I think it kind of depressing and although I studied literature and humanities I do not like this overanalyzing of every single thing/scene/whatever. I understand his point of view according to I watch shows like TDV and True Blood because they are entertaining me. I think characters like Damon and Eric are hot because of the looks of their actors, their acting, and yes, to a certain extent because they are ‘dangerous’. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make me want to get me a serial killer myself. I read Twilight when I was what.. 16? 17? Still I did not think that the Bella/Edward relationship was really how a REAL relationship should be. I liked the parts about “love” and the thought of ‘being made for each other’, not the imposing of Edward’s/Jacob’s will on Bella. However, I’m not dating stalkers and I won’t let anyone – how sexy he may be and how much I may love him – forbid me to do something. But well.. in contrast to Elena/Bella/Sookie I’m not constantly in danger or need to be rescued from my own stupid ideas. 😀

    Anyway… Keep going Julie! I am always looking forward to your new recaps. 🙂

    • Debbie

      “according to the things Damon and all the other big bad vampires did/do and that many of these things should be seen as unacceptable and inexcusable….BUT…”

      sorry, I wanted to add a thought and then forgot to finish it 😀

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