We interrupt this normally (semi) intelligent blog for a brief foray into shameless fangirling . . .

Nick and Jess kiss


Have you ever watched a video on YouTube so many times that, by the time you were finished, you could see vague indentations on the virtual button, from where your mouse had repeatedly clicked?

2 17 danceyou little bastards d0liphineeyes

Well, that’s what happened to me about a half hour after this week’s episode of New Girl, entitled “The Cooler,” (otherwise known as “THE ONE WHERE NICK AND JESS HAD AGGRESSIVE MOUTH SEX!”) aired on television.

Those of you who know me at all, know that I’m a shameless shipper.  And you also might know that I have a particular soft spot in my heart for that grumpily loveable law school dropout / bartender known to the world as Nick Miller .  . .

look sharp nick

no nick

dont dance

couldnt dance

the dance

new girl president miller of earth


I mean, honestly, ladies, what’s not to love?  He’s smart, funny, sarcastic . . .

fork to kill self

.   . . handy around the house . . .

jess and nick plumb deathrayzorcher

. . . a wee bit broken . . .

ruin things

aging into


 . . . and just sentimental enough not to be nauseating . . .

want sandwiches and sex nickmillerfixed it

Nick and Jess have been dancing around one another on screen for two seasons now . . .

punch kicker nick and jess

nick jess groceries

jess nick sad smile cluiz


So, really, it was only a matter of time before the two of them put their respective quirky lips together and started to blow.

just kiss

And yet, the way it actually ended up happening was wholly satisfying . . . for me, anyway.


I mean, a lesser show would have done the typical “They got drunk and had sex,” thing.  Or the, “They got into a huge fight, and their passion took over” thing.  But New Girl was a bit smarter than that, in that they addressed the issue head on.

go nick go

First, they built on the couple’s traditional sitcom-esque Will They / Won’t They sexual tension, by establishing that the pair were not-so-tacitly aware of their attraction to one another . . .

come back for

crazy about

Then, they threw in a bit of foreshadowing, for good measure . . .

forgive me big

And this week, quite literally, they sealed the relationship with a kiss.  But it wasn’t just any kiss.  Why?  Because Nick Miller, our closet romantic, wouldn’t have wanted it that way . . .

kiss kiss kiss

Not like that


Any doubts the fandom had that Nick Miller had been dreaming for two seasons about sharing the perfect kiss with Jess Day . . .

sleeping nick


. . . were completely eschewed, when he aggressively avoided kissing her during a drunken game of Strip True American, only to impulsively grab her at the doorway, and plant one on her, in the final moments of the episode . . .



I loved everything about this kiss!  The way it was spontaneous, and yet, in a way, totally planned out in Nick’s mind, possibly from the moment he first met Jess.  I loved that it was LOUD, breathy, and punctuated by moans and panting, in a way that literally sent tingles throughout my body.

god you are hot fyeah katerina and damon

I loved that both Nick and Jess absolutely owned what they were doing, through aggressive arm grabs, fondles, and hair tugs.  No halfsies here!  And I loved how, even after the couple pulled back from one another, and came to grips with what they had done, they went back in for more . . . only this time, their kiss was sweeter, more delicate, and, in a sense, more meaningful.

more romantic

So, what if Jess’ current boyfriend just so happened to be sleeping in the next room?  I mean, nobody’s perfect, right?

stefan shrug

In conclusion, please forgive my trespasses into nonsensical fangirl ogling . . . But I’m going to have to watch this one again . . . and again . . . and again . . .

Thanks for listening!

tvb nick finchelobsters

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8 responses to “We interrupt this normally (semi) intelligent blog for a brief foray into shameless fangirling . . .

  1. Andre

    Here I was looking through my E-Mail when I see the notification and I ask myself. “Hm, what could it be that has her so agitated?”
    And so I came here and watched and read and I must say:
    *entering sissy mode”
    “Seriously girlfriend? This is what gets you hot and bothered? That little peck? Honey, let your personal sister show you what real kisses and hotty scenes are.”

    Fisica o Quimica:


    Summer storm:


    Bangkok Love story:


    And I can produce more sister 😉

  2. Debbie

    I saw this post and again had to catch up four episodes.. but it was definitely worth it! In this last episode I was waiting.. waiting.. and almost thought: What’s Julie’s post about? There is no kissing!
    But I was rewarded thousandfold (can you say that?). I’m really excited to see what happens next.

    I have to admit that I’m always dreaming about a kiss like that (I turning away.. he is pulling me back and starts to kiss me) since I was… I don’t know.. 12? 😀

    Thanks for sharing your fangirling!

    PS: Will you continue to write PLL recaps? I would be really glad about that. 🙂

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