Last Weekend at JerBear’s (Part 2): A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Stand by Me”

the walk out


Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.  These are the five stages of grief.  And they were all on display, during this Very Special Episode of The Vampire Diaries . . . each with their own supernatural twists, of course.

not crazy just passionate


So, break out your hankies, Fangbangers!  Because this one is going to be a tearjerker . . .

damon soulful crying

(Oh, and please don’t forget to checkout my informal tribute to Jeremy Gilbert in Part 1 of this recap!  JerBear needs your support today!)

broken picture

[As always, special thanks to Andre for all the kickass screencaps you see here.  He claims he’s going to not read this recap in protest of it’s inevitably schmaltzy content.  But we don’t actually believe him, do we? :)]

shakes head


she's michael jackson


“There’s absolutely no way that my brother is dead.  I am NOT in denial.”

It’s Elena who first discovers Jeremy’s limp and lifeless body, covered in his own blood.

hugging dead jer


Poor guy!  Dumped unceremoniously on the floor, while Katherine escaped to lord knows where . . .

the kat thank me brought cure

 . . . and “Silas” sauntered off to literally “put on his new face.”


A body like that deserves better . . . Ugly, decrepit, thousand plus year old Silas got his own entire tomb.  Sexy Jer Bear should have at least gotten a small mausoleum, complete with a life-sized marble statute etched in his likeness . . . kind of like Michaelangelo’s David . . . except maybe not as tall . . .

photograph body

steven tattoos

pictures of jer bear

She carries him all the way home from Nova Scotia swaddled in a blanket, like a baby.

swaddled jer

thats not a casserole

“That’s not a casserole!”

Trust me, if Jeremy was alive to see that, he would have hated it.  But Elena can’t help but baby Jeremy.  He’ll always be her little brother, no matter how old or supernaturally buff he gets.  Besides, he’s not really dead .  . . just taking a supernatural ring-induced nap . . . right?  RIGHT?

stefan shrug

Damon stays back in Nova Scotia to find the still-missing Bonnie, and break the bad news  about the cure to Rebekah.  This leaves Stefan and Caroline to deal with Elena, and pass one another “She’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” looks, as Elena straddles the dead guy in his bed, and cups his ringed hand in her own, like she’s about to propose marriage.  Jeremy would have hated that too!


take it and get out

Morbid as these scenes were, I have to laugh when Stefan tries to prevent Elena’s vampire ears from hearing him talk about her to Caroline by . . . TURNING ON THE SINK.  Is this guy for real?  This is even more ridiculous than his TURNING ON THE MOTORCYCLE last week to prevent Klaus from overhearing him.

Damon eye roll

I am proud of Elena for putting those two in their places.

happy elena

She isn’t going nuts.

big bitch crazy

She has good reason to believe Jeremy is still alive . . . sort of.  After all, this isn’t exactly the first time Jeremy Gilbert has laid lifeless on his bed . . . In fact, it’s probably the fourth or fifth.

don't die jer

elena and jer

And besides, JerBear lost his manly tattoos in the caves!  That should make him human again, right?  And humans wear rings of immortality that actually work, in this world . . . even if wearing them eventually turns their minds to mush.  (Sorry Alaric.)

2 22 more drinking alaric vocal-masturbation

Elsewhere, in Denial Town, Caroline is hoping that a nice casserole will make everything better.  Stefan is finally coming to grips with the fact that his ex-girlfriend might just wind up remaining a vampire bonded to Damon for all eternity.  As for Damon, he’s in the forest, trying to convince himself he stayed behind just to find Bonnie . . . not not because he dreads having to face an utterly bereft Elena, and fears that he won’t be able to take away her pain.

damon dont judge

But then poor Jer’s body starts getting grey and stinky.  And for a girl with a vampire nose to avoid that, her denial has to not only exist, but be pretty darn deep.  Is there a doctor in the house?

vampire emergency


3 6 warrior elena

“NO!  It’s NOT science.  Where was science when you used vampire blood to save my life?”

Someone calls Doctor Meredith, who has to perform double duty as a coroner / undertaker, when she tries to convince Elena to “release the body to her.”  (Shouldn’t she be wearing gloves, a lab coat . . . a surgical mask . . . something?  Talk about unsanitary.)

2 11 best drunk hanna

Meri-DEATH drops a medical text book babble-filled truth bomb on Elena.

sad mer

“Blah, blah, blah, bloodloss, bloating, blah, blah, blah . . . lividity . . . YOUR BROTHER IS A CORPSE!  GET THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!”



And honestly, I can’t blame the newbie vamp for going full on Mean Girls rage fest on her ass. . .

strangle regina

After all, when has TVD given two licks about SCIENCE?  Never!

We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

“I like science!”


This is a world where Mythological “Rules” are made to be broken, and science just plain doesn’t exist .  . . (which likely explains why the students at Mystic Falls High only seem to attend classes in history and gym).  Meredith, herself, probably had to get shipped off to Nova Scotia just to attend Med School.

hold back

Stefan immediately leaps into Hero Mode, in order to prevent Elena from murdering his wife The Only Doctor / Coroner / Undertaker / Supernatural Shrink in Mystic Falls.  But he need not worry.  All it takes is for Matt Donovan to pop by with his Cry Face, and Elena melts into a warm puddle of goo . . . as do we all . . .

Maybe this Matt Kid has superpowers, after all!

will be fine


Elsewhere in Anger Town, “Shane” breaks the news to Bonnie that JerBear has taken off his shirt for her for the very last time.  Girlfriend is so pissed that her hookup prospects have just been limited to . . . that guy who’s sort of/ kind of her brother, that she starts to burn down the ENTIRE FOREST WITH HER MIND!  Smokey the Bear would definitely not approve . . .

At this point, part of me was REALLY hoping that Bonnie would turn into the Lost smoke Monster and eat “Shane” ass . .  .


But alas, it was not to be . . .

soap dish smash

Also angry?  Perpetually Cockblocked Damon!  Damn that Stupid Bond for making him feel perpetually guilty about getting laid by the woman he’s loved for our seasons!  He’d like to KILL that sire bond, if he could.  But he can’t.  So, instead, he uses Rebekah as a human shield to block the arrow heading for his heart.  He then beats that Vampire Hunter Vaughn Guy, within in an inch of his life.

stabbin me

By the way, I’m still trying to figure out what that guy’s purpose on the show is exactly.  Has JerBear’s death and Tyler’s “disappearance” left an opening for Window Dressing on the TVD Casting Roster?  If so, why is Vaughn always wearing so much clothes?

dont understand


3 2 damon please

“I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Bonnie . . . Bonnie . . . Bonnie.  Everybody needs Bonnie.  She’s been the magical answer to seemingly every supernatural kerfuffle into which the gang has got itself embroiled in the past.  Why not this one too?

bonnie shane 2

The problem, of course, is that Bonnie doesn’t want to be found.  She wants to curl up into a ball and die, thank you very much.  So, “Shane” has to take drastic measures.  He has to get his eyes all wide and buggy, and mesmerize Bonnie into believing she could bring JerBear and his hot bod back to life.

ring around

When that doesn’t work, he literally brings back the dead .  . . albeit temporarily.  Suddenly, JerBear is on the floor asking Bonnie for help.  Nevermind that he is actually back in Mystic Falls stinking up the Gilbert house . . .

fake jer


Bonnie doesn’t question it.  She’s still enamored with the memories of her hand running across that delicate firmly muscled skin.  She’ll do whatever it takes to get that body back.  Fortunately, “Shane” has the solution.  Bringing JerBear back to the world of the living?  It’s easy.  All you have to do is murder twelve innocent humans.  No biggie!

drinking shane

Just when Damon is about to return home Bonnie-less, the intrepid witch literally runs right into his arms.  Bonnie and Damon hugging?  Without trying to strangle one another, in the process?  Clearly, the apocalypse is upon us!

hug bonnie 1

hug bonnie 2



Speaking of the apocalypse, since when did “Silas” become Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects?  From the character’s mythological “too bad to be true” beginnings, to his masquerading as that doofus nerd, Professor Dumpy Dork  . . . They even had the temporarily incapacitated Vaughn borrow a line straight from that iconic film, when he was warning Rebekah about the big bad’s inevitable escape.  “How do you run from the Devil, if you don’t even know what he looks like?”

Yeah, I don’t know about you.  But I wasn’t all that shocked when the soon-to-be-dead Shane revealed that Silas had somehow assumed his form, in order to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls.

funny shane

“Anybody have a toothbrush I could borrow?”

I was only surprised he didn’t do it sooner.  That said, I have to say that”Shane” is much sexier as Evil Silas, than he ever was as that annoying, boring mythology spewing, Professor Dumpy Dork.  So, there might be hope for this character yet . . .

funny face shane

“You like me?  You really like me?”

Meanwhile back home, Matt brings Elena to school, to show her that it’s OK to still have hope for her brother’s survival.   And why not? School is a pretty hopeful place for the Scooby Gang.

school is rad

“So this is what our high school looks like.  I forgot!”

Think about it.  They haven’t been there for months, and yet no one has ever been expelled!

ok to have hope

ok to have hope 2 thistvd


It kind of makes me wonder what the writers are going to do with the inevitable “college” transition for this group.  I mean, these guys are seniors, right?   Have they even applied to colleges at this point?  Have they taken their SATs?  I guess the crew is counting on compelling the admissions officers of the colleges of their choice.  Otherwise, I sincerely hope that Mystic Falls has its own community college . . .

tyler caroline laptop

Tyler: “I’m a Phoenix!”

Caroline:  “No you aren’t, Loser.  You’re a hybrid.”

Tyler: “No, I mean the online colle . . . never mind.”

Anywhoo, Damon brings Bonnie back home, and she explains Silas’ Wackadoo Plan.  Crazy TVD Mythology Alert!


So, here’s the deal . . . Bonnie’s Desperate Loony Ancestor apparently somehow created this separate purgatory for all dead supernatural beings, all so that, when immortal Silas took The Cure and died, his Vampire/Witch self would be separated from his human beloved forever.  But if Bonnie murders 12 humans, that Other Side will somehow cease to exist.  This means that all currently dead Supernaturals come back to life, and all soon-to-be dead supernaturals, like Silas, can go to Heaven (or Hell) just like their human counterparts.

got to be kidding

Sounds great, right?  Except for the fact that some of these supernaturals are SERIOUSLY BAD DUDES .  . . folks like the Hidey Hole Vamps, Esther, Mikael, Kol, and those hot Vampire Hunters from the Original Five to name a few . . .  folks that the Scooby Gang REALLY doesn’t want to see come back to life.  Let’s not forget the fact that doing this involves KILLING MORE PEOPLE.

i told you so


Aside from that, I’m pretty sure Silas/ Shane is full of sh*t.   I don’t think he has any plans for bringing these people back as anything but evil zombies, primed to do his bidding . . . but that’s just me . . .

nodding oh yeah

Except, maybe it’s not just me.  Because while Bonnie is spitting her Silas-imbibed Crazy Juice all over the Gilbert Kitchen table, Elena is getting this look on her face.  It’s a look of understanding . . . of realization . . . of knowledge . . . of  . . .


the match


“There is nothing here for me anymore, Stefan.  Every inch of this house is filled with my love for people who have died.”

April calls looking for Jeremy, and Elena admits that he can’t come to the phone. . .  because he’s dead.  She admits it to April, at the same time that she admits it to herself.  There is no more denial.   No more anger.  No more bargaining.  All that is left is the stench of death, rising from Jeremy’s bed . . . and depression.

hes dead


As the rest of the Scooby Gang looks on in horror, Elena impulsively drowns the house in kerosene.  She tosses Jeremy’s sketches, and his X-box on the floor, along with the dearly departed Alaric’s bourbon.  She gives Damon Jeremy’s immortality ring (a foreshadowing to Damon’s eventual inadvertent transformation back into a human?).

the ring


She’s crying and babbling like a woman who has officially lost all of her family.

no more room

scaring me


She’s scaring Caroline, who has made a vampire career in Keeping up Appearances . . . who hasn’t been able to reach Tyler to tell him what is going on, and who is being eaten up inside by grief, guilt, and concern for her friend.

broken down matt

Outside in his car, Matt has just dropped Wackadoo Bonnie at home, and has finally allowed himself to experience the loss he has been holding at bay for Elena’s benefit.  His wrenching release of emotion is arguably more heartbreaking than anything we’ve experienced throughout this entire emotional episode . . .

matt car breakdown


Back in the Gilbert’s house, Elena is inconsolable.  She’s screaming and crying.  She’s in pain.  Suddenly, it’s as if all the familial losses of the past three seasons, that she’s kept at bay, in order to soldier on, have suddenly revisited themselves upon her, with a vengeance.

i hurts


It’s one of the curses of being immortal.  You are doomed to watch the people you love die, over and over again.  And you can never join them.  It’s something Stefan and Damon have inevitably had to cope with in their long lives.

miss being human

But Elena is not 165.  She is only 18.  And she has already lost more loved ones than she can count on her fingertips.  She’s not sure she’ll be able to survive this . . . and, quite, honestly, neither are her friends.

im not enough


Damon and Stefan both love Elena, in their own ways.  And it literally kills them to see her in this much pain.

big comfort

Stefan tells Damon to do what he has to do to help Elena, even if it involves invoking the dreaded sire bond.

help her


I’ve actually given this a lot of thought.  I’ve tried to determine whether Damon had any other options available to him, to help Elena, aside from doing what he ultimately did.  Had he done nothing, but comforted her, and allowed her to cry on his shoulder, would she have eventually soldiered on?  Or would she have become so bereft that she ultimately took her own life, by meeting the sun?



In terms of evoking the sire bond, was there some other command Damon could have given, aside from the one he ultimately gave to ease her pain?  My first thought was that he could have told her to simply substitute her sadness for feelings of hope and comfort.  But I suspect that would not have worked.  After all, though rooted in  love, the sire bond actually only effects actions, and cannot be used to CHANGE emotions, in and of, itself.

act not feel

A more practicable solution would have been for Damon to tell Elena to FORGET . . . FORGET that Jeremy had died. . .  FORGET all the loss she experienced.  Heck, he could even tell her to believe that Jeremy had stayed in Denver. And she would have believed it, if she thought that believing that would have made him happy.


But would that have been a better solution, or an even more inhumane one?

intense damon

So, Damon did what I believe he truly felt was his only option.  He told Elena to turn off her humanity, and her emotions, even if it meant that her love for him would cease to exist.  He did it to spare her pain . . . possibly to save her life.  He did it to give her the gift of . . .

turn it off

want you to do

stone faced elena



after the turn off

no feelings no attachments

“I’m not enough for her.  Not this time.”

Outside, for their very last Porch Scene, Damon and Stefan come to, if not necessarily a truce, at least an understanding of one another.  Damon explains to Stefan why what he did for Elena was the only possible solution in his eyes.

know that 1

know that 2

know that 3


Damon assumes he will eventually be able to use the sire bond to bring back Elena’s humanity, when the time is right.  But, honestly, I’m not so sure.  If the sire bond is seeped in Elena’s preexisting love for Damon, what happens when she no longer feels that love.  Will he still have the same hold on her?  That remains to be seen.

3 2 hello brother damon

Anywhoo, the loss of Jeremy, in a weird way, brings these two brothers together, who, despite their differences, are grateful to still have one another, even after all these years . . .

Inside, Elena gives her brother one last look, before coldly lighting the match that will ultimately incinerate her childhood home.  In telling Elena to reconsider her decision, Stefan is appealing to a humanity that Elena no longer has.  She answers dispassionately.

kerosene spill

jeremys drawings

What a waste of good artwork!

A home fire is the best excuse for Jeremy’s untimely demise.  So what if April Young, who was told Jeremy was dead hours ago, asks questions?  She could always be terminated . . .

april 2

In the final moments of the episode, Damon, Stefan and Elena leave the Gilbert House in a Slo Mo sequence that manages to be both Bad Ass and Utterly Depressing at the same time . . .

walking away


It’s kind of like watching the opening scene to Reservoir Dogs over again  . . . after you’ve seen it before, and know that pretty much everyone is going to die . . .

Back inside the Gilbert household, Jeremy burns to a crisp, along with his drawings, his sneakers, his X-Box, and let’s not forget Elena’s diary.  Don’t fret, JerBear.  Other Side or No Other Side, you can rest assured you are going to get laid like a champ in the Great Beyond . . . Dead or alive that body of yours is just too good to resist!

burnt jer


I’m burning up for your love, JerBear!

Next week on TVD, Evil Elena eats some cheerleaders, joins a nudist colony, and engages in a foursome with Stefan, Damon, and Caroline.  In other words, “Bring it On” is going to be the best fanfiction ever written!

See you in a few weeks, Fangbangers!


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17 responses to “Last Weekend at JerBear’s (Part 2): A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Stand by Me”

  1. Meri-DEATH! Bwahaaa! So many feels. And lest we forget, one of my favorite characters, Elena’s mini-Woobie, it toast (unless some guy that’s in love with her had smuggled it into his bed pre-blaze)! I personally think the wise thing would be to give the GerOutOfDeathFreeRing (not) to Matty–he deserves it after his tear-jerking performance this week! Loved the 5 stages of grief–BRILLILANT! And I bet Andre leaves a comment (he HAD to read the recap in order to screencap it–lol)! I’m calling the new-old resident of Mystic Falls Shilas–possibly he’s a shapeshifter, even though it’s been suggested to me that he’s just influencing Bonster’s mind to “see” Shane and very careful nobody else saw him. Vaughn was a set-up tool for ‘The Originals’–how ELSE would we have known Katherine caught up with Hayley in New Orleans? lol I don’t think the Bermuda Expression Triangle of Death is actually gonna work–after all, it would not only bring Jer back, it would bring QETSIYAH back, and who wants her? Shilas has some other master plan than just going to the afterlife with his dead human lady-love. CharKol was right–if Shilas’ plan works, it would be the End of the World–death by population explosion! Great two-parter–loved it!

    • Oh, that adorable teddy bear! How could we forget about him? It is possible he survived the Gilbert fire! After all, Elena had been sleeping at La Casa de Rich and Awesome fairly frequently, once JerBear started trying to murder her on a regular basis. I’m suspecting she took the bear with her in her overnight case. 🙂 This way, on those rare nights that she couldn’t sleep with the Real Thing, at least she had a surrogate.

      You bring up a really good point about no one, apart from Bonnie having actually seen Professor Dumpy Dork (aside from Rebekah, who seemingly saw “The Other One.”) So, there is a good chance that this is just another example of Silas manifesting himself as another person, like he did back when he was in the crypt. There was just something about the way that scene between her and Damon in the forest was shot, that seemed to suggest as much.

      Personally, I’d love to see a bit of a “Fight Club Ending” for this storyline, wherein they replay all the scenes between Bonnie and Shilas, to show that the wackadoo has actually been talking to herself this whole time. (Now, if only she’d then start kicking her own ass a la Tyler Durden! I’ve been wanting to see Bonnie literally beat herself up for about three seasons now.)

  2. MarLin

    Reading your recaps is almost as much fun as watching the episodes! I recently discovered The Vampire Diaries and watched all seasons up to (of course) this episode. After that I read all your recaps (love them!! And I totally agree with the hotness that is Damon Salvatore, oh my…. Rose was oh so right when she said that the man / vampire is almost literally dripping sex!).

    Anyway, this was a very emotional episode…. In the beginning I had my doubts about Jeremy whether he would be really really dead, but as it turns out he is. And how sad that may be, I had a bit of a laugh when Stefan said “[Jeremy] was starting to decompose”. Lol.

    I kinda like Bonnie’s (VERY BAD) plan to drop the veil of the Other Side and by doing that releasing every supernatural creature ever. I think it’ll give the show a needed boost, plus it gives our Scooby Gang something to do while the Originals are leaving town in the foreseeable future.

    Oh and I LOVED Damon’s and Rebekah’s bad cop / worse cop approach. So awesome! They should do that more often.

    Regarding the “turn it off” bit…. Yeah, I gave that a lot of thought too… I agree with you and I also think that Damon was a bit out of his dept there. Re the forgetting part, I don’t know if that would’ve worked, forgetting sounds more like compelling and, as we know, that wouldn’t have worked. However, I found that scene very moving. They have been through so much and I liked the paralell there. Damon switched his humanity off (the season 1 Damon), Elena brought him back, now Elena switched her humanity off and Damon is now possibly the only person who can bring her back. But maybe I’m too much of a romantic 😉

    I also found the porch scene between the brothers very moving and fitting. Good to see them bonding, they’ll need that with Elena on the loose and becoming a Katherine 2.0 (which I think will be awesome btw).

    Regarding the Gilbert house….. I’ll miss that house!! So many important things have happened there, it was almost a character in itself (ha! The Gilbert Kitchen of Death!!). It was also very symbolic, the burning of the house and Jeremy.

    • Thanks so much, MarLin. You bring up an interesting point about Bonnie’s plan to drop the veil between this world and the Other Side potentially being successful. In fact, if I recall correctly, there was an episode back in Season 3, where they did something very similar. Remember, the Hidey Hole Vamps returned, along with Anna, Vicki, Lexi and Pearl?

      Part of me wonders if ACTUALLY physically bringing back the dead (as opposed to just bringing them back temporarily as ghosts) would result in the “Pet Cemetery” problem, of having them all be evil zombies. 🙂 Now, that would be a kick to watch. I think I’d particularly enjoy seeing a zombie version of Useless Aunt Jenna. 😉

      I also liked your idea / prediction that Damon would be the one to ultimately rescue Elena’s humanity, just like she did for him, earlier on in the series. In fact, many have predicted that Damon will somehow end up becoming human toward the end of this season. Wouldn’t it be cool if a HUMAN Damon was the one to save Elena’s humanity? 🙂

      You also bring up a good point about the difference between the sire bond and compulsion. I actually think, when it comes to direct commands, there’s a very fine line between the two, which is why Damon’s been so cautious / hesitant with regard to how he speaks to Elena, ever since he learned of the bond. Just like with compulsion, when Damon tells Elena to do a particular action, she does it, without really questioning it. The difference between this and compulsion is that the root of the action is different. A compelled person mindlessly obeys, whereas Elena obeys, subconsciously because she wants to please Damon.

      Depending on the nature of the command, I think using the sire bond still raises some of the same ethical concerns as compulsion. And I suspect that this is something with which Elena and Damon will have to grapple with, once she returns to her true self.

  3. Hi Jules! I was disillusioned with TVD for a while. I skipped a few weeks before catching up, which was surprisingly enjoyable. Then disappointed. Then this episode hapened. “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” In spite of a few weirdnesses (why was Caroline on the phone all the time? why did Stefan say Elena feels grief more powerfully than anyone?), this is one of my favorites. I STILL am hoping for Jeremy’s return, but, damn, making characters comment on his rotting scent and showing close ups of his burning corpse? Cold.

    I had the exact same thought as you re Keyser Soze. I had to laugh out loud when I heard Vaughan’s delivery. He was so earnest, but I thought, what is this, The Usual Suspects?? For me, the episode had a real (or almost real) death (I was hardly affected by the others because they were fake or so drawn out), characters reacting to one another, and no Klaroline. I keep trying to like the ship, but when the two of them share a moment I feel confused and physically repulsed.

    ANYWAY, I realized I’ve actually been most intrigued by the Bonnie/Shane/Silas storyline this season. It was pretty boring and repetitive at first, but apparently I’m drawn to boring aspects of TVD (Stefan, Finn, Connor, anyone?), probably because they’re more mysterious. Looking back, I’m actually impressed that Shane told lies lies freaking annoying lies in almost every scene he was in. And I’m interested in how Bonnie hasn’t had a mentor since Grams, and her friends (apart from Caroline) aren’t too concerned about where her new powers came from and about sharing knowledge about shady Shane.

    So Bonnie turns to the person who is there for her. Shane ostensibly wants her to be independent, but in fact he wants her to be completely dependent on him, to the point that she could die without him. Yikes! And where was Bonnie when she got the bad news about Jeremy? With Shane/Silas and only Shane/Silas. There are also echoes of Quetsiya/Silas in that he’s using her for her magic in order to be reunited with his wife. After all the manipulation and hypnotism, Bonnie finally went over the edge and appears to be semi-possessed like Shane was.

    I was stunned (but shouldn’t have been) when the gang decided to let Matt drop off Bonnie so she could sleep off her plans of mass murder. It looks like the next episode will focus on Elena being a bad girl, because a partial apocalypse is less important than a teenage vampire. I hope they don’t diffuse the Silas/veil storyline anytime soon, because every supernatural show seems to need a “the earth is doomed” storyline.

    [Also, I had an alarming realization that I once had a crush on a youngish teacher with curly black hair who was inspiring but turned out to be shady. My friends didn’t tell me because they thought we were too close. Coincidence?? D:]

    The rest of the episode is just too sad. :,( Thanks for your recaps, Julie! Good to be back.

    • Hey Noelle, I think, like you, a lot of fans experienced a sort of mini-breakup with TVD over the past few episodes. The use of telephone calls as narrative recapping devices pissed the heck out of me. And yeah, the Scooby Gang’s insistence that Special Snowflake Elena “hurts” more than anyone else, was eyeroll inducing. That said, I agree with you that this week’s episode had a lot of the emotional resonance that the three previous ones have lacked.

      I also agree with you about Poor JerBear’s death being probably the least classy in TVD history. He literally stunk up the joint, and then was burnt into oblivion . . . not the way most of us envision our final moments, that’s for sure That’s why part of me is hoping we at least get one ghostly JerBear visit, if for no other reason than that it will allow me to wipe his grey-faced visage from my memory.

      You bring up a good point about Bonnie and why she’s taken a sudden detour to crazy town. In a way, I liken it to joining a cult. Cult leaders are charismatic, like Shane/Silas, and prey on the lonely and vulnerable. Whereas, in the past, Bonnie has been portrayed as a strong, relatively intelligent character, lately the focus has been on her aloneness. Whereas the rest of the Scooby Gang is quick to worry about Elena at any sign that she might be the least bit sad, or acting out, Bonnie has been spending hours alone with creepy Shane for weeks, and though everybody seemed to distrust him, nobody thought to give Bonnie the intervention she so desperately needed. If it had been Elena, in Bonnie’s shoes, you know they’d all be waiting on her doorstep, the minute she said the word “expression.”

      I’m also with you on next week, most likely being a bit of a “filler episode,” more memorable for its satire and comic relief, than for any lasting plot developments that might occur within the hour. The fact that the episode is being called “Bring it On” (a nod to the Disney franchise) seems to suggest as much. Actually, from what I’ve read, a good portion of the regular cast won’t even be featured in the next episode, which will focus exclusively on Elena, Damon, Stefan and Caroline. I guess the writers feel like fans need a breather, after the emotional heaviness of “Stand By Me.”

      I can’t say I disagree with them, in that regard. 🙂

  4. Andre

    Julie I didn’t say I wouldn’t read it out of protest I said “I cannot guarantuee that I will have the strength to read a recap to this shitty episode.” And quite frankly I am gonna have to gather a lot of strength to do this and thankfully the next TVD episode won’t air before the 14th March.

    This episode was one of the worst I have ever seen and it was a classic example of everything that is wrong with this show and to adequately address this I will have to take a hiatus of my own until the weekend. Then I am gonna comment on this show and the recap in full. Until then it’s not possible for me. I have to really and 100 % cool down because this episode was just such a giant fuck-up it was unbelievable.

    For me to enjoy this show, I would need to create an immense amount of suspension of disbelief, based on simply consuming what the show feeds me without questioning anything and making one excuse after another for their constant plotholes and calling it theories and explanations.
    How you people do that. How you can seemingly just ignore the show’s constant flaws. I simply cannot conceive. To deal with this I will need time.

    And quite frankly one thing I can say already:
    You, and I mean all Delenas, give the show credit it simply does not deserve in my eyes. Not just with all the stuff regarding Bonnie and all the other secondary tools of this show. But with your main reason for watching this show: Delena. Why do I say this? Because I think you Delenas got screwed. You got screwed big time. For more than 2 seasons the writers teased you, and the way you reacted to it looked to me like starving jackals devouring every piece of meat that got tossed to you and treat it like a feast. And now they gave you this crap. After all this time and all this teasing they gave you this total crap on the level of a preschooler and sold it as gold to you. I have no idea whether they produce this bullshit on purpose or have no idea/or no possibility of storytelling. But in either case: Man they screwed you so much!!!

    I will explain why I think that in my full post as well but like I said not now. Too early for this.

    So since this comment is not much good for this recap I can just as well use it for some other stuff that might interest you and your readers:

    Also I started to read the fourth book of the Mortal Instruments series. For all their, many many, flaws the first three books were at least relaxing, most of the time. But number four…
    So far I would say don’t read it. It is just so melodramatic, it is like watching Delena over and over again so far. The main male lead is the same ass as always, the main female is starting to become as annoying as Elena and nobody really calls them out. Also even for YA standards this “love” (seriously they have been in a relationship for only 6 weeks) is ridiculously fast and overdramatic. And as for Clare’s “gay characters”, same problem. That was already ridiculous in book 2 and 3 but now…. I am currently at page 108 or so on my ebook and I already rolled my eyes so often at it I lost count. And there is no reason for creating this ridiculous teen angst. Should the book lose its relaxing effect on me completely I will stop reading, plain and simple.
    Seriously, so far I would say, you missed nothing when you don’t read it. Absolutely nothing.

    • MarLin

      I will only speak for myself (obviously), but I would like to comment on your post. Just to shed a little light on how some people watch TVD.

      For me, TVD is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Yes, the show has plotholes you could drive a truck through. Yes, the show has a lot of flaws. Yes, the show doesn’t handle every storyline as good as it should. Does that bother me? No. Nope. Never have. Never will.

      TVD is brain-off television. It’s entertaining enough and it doesn’t require a lot of working braincells (always nice after a hard day of work 😉 ). The eyecandy is top notch. The acting is (very) good. There is humour. I don’t take the show very serious. And, admittedly, my expectations have always been very low regarding TVD, so I’m never disappointed 🙂

      The thing I’m more curious about is why you seem to get so upset with this show. I mean, that’s not worth it, right? It’s just tv…. 🙂

      • Andre

        You at least seem to know what you are doing there and apparently can see at least some of the show’s flaws. But why do you watch it then? If you just want to relax why do you watch a show like this? It’s not as though you have to look for the flaws, they get thrown right into your face. And I doubt that even those that defend it are not on some level aware of this. It must hit some nerve or people would not get so upset when you criticize it. Seriously I came across some weird “fans”, I don’t know whether you know it, but this show attracts a lot of A-class nutjobs. So while you don’t seem to take this show serious, others definitely do.
        Even some say this show is unpredictable. Why I cannot fathom. Seriously this show is totally predictable. They basically do the same thing over and over. In each season there was a vampiric entity of one form or another suddenly occurring mid-season. In each season a “twist” occurs around mid-season. In each case Elena is in the center of it and the two males have to deal with it. In each season they basically graft Damon the way they want to make him look like the “hero.” And in case of Elena, for three seasons now do they adapt the universe to her and not the other way around. You can really predict that each new twist will involve Elena. Furthermore nearly every new black character is a witch or somehow connected to it and in each case when it is a witch (no matter what skin color) they actually end up serving/helping vampires instead of going against them. Every new threat so far turned out to be no actual threat at all, seriously who here did not predict that the hybrids would be whimps?
        There is definitely some more stuff that is repetitive, like the whole triangle thing or that barely any new blood survives (so why fans are hoping for actually new love interests is a mystery to me), but I want to keep it short now.
        And no matter what situations they create they always chicken out when it gets tough and difficult (erasing Jeremy’s memory, having Tyler leave, shutting off humanity, never dealing with the effect of Caroline’s tortures) as if they cannot deal with that. This they have done for 4 seasons and so no one can just say “it was right what the characters did” and put that forth as an argument. The writers did that too often to still have that be a plausible explanation.

        I personally think with your smileys and your last sentence you showed what I regard the ultimate flaw in reasoning.
        Many say, it’s just a show or it’s just TV. If it is just that, why is it that the show is so popular?
        Shows or TV are never “just that.” They show what works and what many people want. A successful show promotes itself by at the same time giving viewers what they want and at the same time creating the need in viewers to want what is promoted. And that is what TVD does. It drags the Twilight hype out as long as it can and at the same time promotes the attractiveness of its main cast and advertizes for new viewers by its over the top pacing and opening scenes.
        And saying that “it’s just TV” is the same as saying “it’s just fiction.” But Fiction does not have to be illogical. Within a fictional world there are rules of structure that make the world seem tangible. Logic does exist within it because without it there would be no plotline. And here the only plotline now is “For Elena.” Nothing else matters. Elena has to be in the center no matter what and even that they are not doing in a good way. Also the importance of fiction is seriously underestimated. Think just for a minute about history. Think how much was just fiction and what effect they had, and I am not talking about Twilight, I am talking of all these films created by Hollywood that promoted one stereotype and prejudice after another.

        Also in my eyes this show promotes racism (think about it, how many POCs on this show have survived so far in comparison to the overall non-statist POCs, and how many of them died actual noble deaths and whose sacrifices had positive consequences) and sexism (how often had males rescued females here and how often vice versa? Not even vampirism could get Elena out of her dumbass in distress status). Also its blatant disregard of history is a slap in the face. You could say that this is a show of vampires and witches so it doesn’t have to be historically accurate. Well, wrong. Because it is based on our world, with references to our world, so it has to play by the same historical rules and not portray the antebellum south as a paradise without slavery, not gloss over the bloody civil war and especially not eradicate its natives by making the Originals, and especially Klaus, white.
        Also think about it: How big is the chance that Bonnie would ever claim that Mystic Falls is her town and not that of the others (her claim is even better than Klaus)?

        In addition I see no humor in this show. Not one bid. Only lame ass wannabe jokes.

        I cannot ignore the flaws of this show; they are way too obvious to that. Like I said they are

        And this is what bugs me: Why is this crap so popular? It’s flaws are legion but people are not driven away by it? They are drawn to it. They make excuses and simply seem to forget it. Or like in your case they simply watch it.
        But why? Is there really nothing better in American TV when you simply want a brain-off show? Is that the best your media industry can produce?
        Or is the cast so visually appealing that nothing else matters?
        And why should the acting matter if the stories are crap? And seriously, when was the last time they handled a story actually well?
        Did you ever ask yourself what that means that such crap like this with so many issues gets so popular and is regarded as progressive and good?

  5. Debbie

    Andre, I’m just really, really curious… why exactly do YOU watch this show? No offence, really, but I don’t get it. Everytime I read what you wrote it’s just about how crappy this show is and how you don’t get why people like it – but why are you still watching it? Because you wait for it to get better? Or just because you like to get upset about it? I would really like to know you reasons not to stop watching. 🙂

    • Andre

      The short answer is:
      I want to know what these people, whoever is responsible for this crap, are thinking.
      And also, why this stuff is liked, successfull and even stated as progressive when its so obviously sexist, racist, over the top and as MarLin puts it “has plotholes you could drive a truck through.”
      And I also wonder why people either don’t see it when it practically flies into their face or are not bothered by it at all.
      Take this season so far:
      In all previous seasons they stated time and again that vampires are also people and deserve to be happy and now they kill them left and right to get what they want and none of the characters has any problem with it. Another reason why Elena was so badly written and Dobrev’s performance so annoying, apart from the fact that her face was way too smooth for actual crying out of despair. She whines about how she would not sacrifice people to get her brother back but apparently she had no problem to kill who knows how many people just to get to the cure. This would be not so bad were it intentional. Elena could be a really good villain, a self rightuous, manipulative, dumb, androgynistic and whiny bitch that lays waste to everything she touches and blames everybody else. But she is not that, worse she is the girl we are all supposed to relate to.
      And despite what some people here state about Damon accepting her as she is. He puts her on a pedastal as much as every other of her friends. Elena is supposed to be this figure of righteousness whom we should fell sorry now.
      Well I can’t. And I mean that literally. I can’t fell sorry for her.

      • Debbie

        Thank you for your answer. So you still hope that someday everything will make sense, or rather you yourself try to make sense of it. 😀
        I have to admit that I feel the same way about Elena. I do not relate to her and I do not see her like she is probably supposed to be seen (i.e. the way you describe it). I feel sorry for Jeremy, for Alaric, etc… but I, too, can’t feel sorry for Elena.
        However, I still enjoy watching the show. I don’t know why. If you would ask me to ‘defend’ the show, I probably couldn’t do so – or rather I’m not keen on discussing or explaining myself. Nevertheless, I respect and in some aspects understand your point of view. 🙂

      • Andre

        Actually what you say I heard very often and that is why I think that this show is only successfull because of its marketing. Because what else is there? Character development? Barely and if at all its rather to fit Elena and “drama.” Is it surprising? At least in my eyes no. Unpredictable? Surely not. If I would find myself saying that I like something and have no idea why I would wonder whether I haven’t fallen to advertisement.
        Basically the show promotes being rich, attractive, white and stereotypical gender roles. And it simply overexposes the three main lamers. And not in a good way. I mean how often did they do what normal couples do? When was the last time they didn’t stumble from one crisis to the other? Thinking about it, where they ever truly couples?

      • Debbie

        Well, at least in my case, I can’t be advertisement. I’m not living in America, and although now and then I see some advertisement here, too, I don’t think that is the reason for watching the show. Maybe Jules is my advertisement. 😀 When I see that she posted a new blog entry, I watch the show so I can read her recap. However, I still want to know how the show continues.
        I just can’t imagine Elena having breakfast with Stefan or Damon, who sipp on a bloodbag, talking about gossip and what they did yesterday.. and then perhaps going to minigolf (does that word exist? But I think you know what I mean). I guess Caroline and Matt/Tyler were more of a couple than the main characters.

      • Andre

        Having couples do actually normal things is important to show why they are a couple. After all, take all the “drama” away, all the supernatural stuff, and what is left off the main three?

        Ok, I think you misunderstood me and I guess that is my own fault. I didn’t really explain the marketing topic.
        This show isn’t so much advertized via the regular channels, it rather advertizes itself via its content. I think it does so by following four very simple rules:
        1) Follow the current trend
        2) Avoid any difficult topics or play them down
        3) Pay lip service to at least some difficult topics to keep minorities silent enough and create the illusion of including everybody and dealing with those topics
        4) Assign everything not normative to ambivalent and evil characters, preferably those that die or leave quickly

        Examples for the three rules would be:
        1) the vampire craze, the bad boy stereotype, the story of the good girl saving the bad boy, romanticizing of obsessive feelings and sex (advocated as love), advocating wealth you do nothing for, romanticizing teen age
        2) slavery, domestic abuse, anger issues, obsession, racism, divorce, growing up too fast, death, complexities of the wider world, complexities of relationships, the werewolf transformation, sexism
        3) Bonnie, Sheriff Forbes, Bill, Sheila, Matt, Vicky, Elijah, the hybrids, the werewolf transformation, Jeremy, Pearl
        4) Sage, Katherine, Lexi, Lucy, Jamie, Bill, Connor, Kim, Pearl

        Especially examples of point 3 and 4 can easily overlap. There are more examples but I wanted to keep it short. I think by following these rules, they basically make everything right to sell itself to an audience that wants things kept easy despite the danger this poses. And as to not bore them quickly and get new viewers the show at the same time creates the illusion of being deep by having a fast pace and throwing one needless element in after another (e.g. Michael’s cannibalism, the hunter’s curse, the witches as servants of nature, spirits etc.).
        Thereby the show is basically advertisement and nothing more. Advertisement that works. They are bad storytellers per excellence, but advertise the show they can.

  6. Andre
    Wow!!! It took nearly two weeks to truly respond to this recap, and even now I am not sure whether I got all the spelling and grammar errors out. First I had to make sure I could be as calm as possible about this and then there were other things standing in the way. And I think it was right to wait so long, because even now this whole Elena crap makes my blood boil occasionally and had I wrote this right after the episode my comment would have been a giant book of swearwords, some of them I would have had to make up myself. This comment probably will anger some people, possibly even you. And maybe some people will be angry because I barely say anything positive about this show now. Well if there is nothing positive in my eyes I cannot say anything positive and in this episode, well I have only one thing to say: This episode was the worst episode of this entire show and that includes the crappy last few episodes of season 2 and the pointless bodyswitchings and the continuing “pity Klaus” line that we had seen since early season 3 as well as all those plothole filled “twists” and the constant “family is important no matter what” shit. I immediately had the bad feeling that the Delenas will be all over “this great love” and “how Damon is so right” for Elena and all. And it looks like I was right. But then again, many Delenas are so crazy they would never do anything different than cheer about even the smallest Delena scraps as it seems. Seriously apparently most didn’t even notice that they got screwed big time in this season. This whole episode was so obnoxious, all of it. The start was already so desperately trying to be dramatic. You know with normal shows I might have been emotionally affected, but not with this one. Even if Jeremy dies and stays dead, hopefully so McQueen can do actual acting jobs, I would not care. When it comes to this show I am pretty much emotionally spent with all its melodrama, constant focus on the whiny dumbass in distress called Elena and the giant plotholes. And seriously how can I buy the death of someone who died 4 or 5 times already and actually believe he will stay dead? And speaking of plotholes: So suddenly the ring will no longer work. You know you really had a point there. If Jeremy’s tattoos are gone you could argue that this means he is no longer a hunter and therefore not technically supernatural. After all becoming an actual hunter means the tattoo is there and the first hunters came into being with/through the tattoo and technically, at least according to typical retcon, their purpose was in finding Silas (originally it was supposed to kill all vampires) and Jeremy did, so technically he would no longer have to be a hunter. If he was still due to him being always a potential hunter (Buffy rip off big time) then the ring should have never worked in the first place. But apparently, that either did not occur to the writers or it simply did not fit their plans and so they ignored it, as usual. Actually both options are probably true, just for different writers. When these people can’t get drama they apparently can’t be happy. Not that I get any drama from this crap, but at least they could make a musical out of it. Hey when a show is so over the hill and jumped the shark so many times they at least could use it. Maybe even with an evil witch ala Ursula: [youtube] But not here of course. That would be far too original and actually would require to really leave the Mystic Falls bubble and that is something the show avoided as much as possible for more than 3 seasons. And despite what people say this show doesn’t even have good jokes. Not even stuff like this they can do: [youtube] The video of Ursula in comparison to the witchcraft of this show also highlights another flaw: The witchcraft doesn’t really cost anything anymore. Think about it: the nosebleeds and need of drawing energy are gone and how often do the spirits actually act? They apparently had no problem with Bonnie helping vampires time and again and only when she suddenly turned “dark” did they “take it out on grams” instead of doing anything against Bonnie. Man these spirits are toothless. Only now when there is suddenly “expression” does it “cost” something again. And apparently not even that on average. Seriously, black magic is black because it’s dangerous to the wielder as well. But what danger is Bonnie actually in so far? Nothing as it seems, absolutely nothing. The first hint in this episode alone that Bonnie is still the same. She is still plot device, seriously except for the stuff with her parents and Silas even the new supporting cast had more screentime and her most important developments happen off screen. One thing though: It was Esther who, no idea how, turned Alaric into a killer (which is at odds with the fact that those Gilbert ancestors did, since for that they should have died due to supernatural reasons in both cases and only John Gilbert did and he apparently was not affected, then again Esther was an idiot and so are the writers) and not the ring itself. Good that you pointed out the stuff with the running water. Another example that they throw consistency out of the window whenever they like it, no way would that have an effect. That is a pipe and not a frickin’ waterfall. ” Bonnie . . . Bonnie . . . Bonnie. Everybody needs Bonnie. She’s been the magical answer to seemingly every supernatural kerfuffle into which the gang has got itself embroiled in the past. Why not this one too?” The answer to that is very simple, even if it was probably meant rhetorically: because the writers don’t want to. And apparently they again, can’t do it right. Seriously, in this stupid episode they stated that you can’t bring back the dead. Out of Bonnie’s mouth of all people. It’s like they completely forgot that she technically brought Jeremy back from the dead in season 2 and that this is exactly what the ring does (and when exactly had he been dead for a full day? Can anybody remember what death of his that statement of Elena was referring to?). That is why I think that clearly Jeremy is the tool here to get the magical negro that is Bonnie to cooperate in a “different way.” Of course it isn’t different since it’s ultimately again “FOR ELENA!!!!” Yeah anybody surprised about that? Maybe they, consciously or subconsciously, noticed that a direct “For Elena” would be too obvious and so they disguised it as a “For Jeremy” just like before they disguised it as a “For Grams.” This is actually the second obvious hint that Bonnie isn’t dark now. She is the same as always. And you know what occurred to me during workout and Elena’s “where was science” popped into my head? Apart that it sounds like another attack on science common in supernatural shows, you could ask, “where was magic?” In that sentence Elena basically bashes science but puts her hope in magic. But where was magic when her parents died? Where was magic when Jenna got killed? Actually John died willingly due to magic. And where was magic when Jeremy died? Nowhere to be seen. Of course that will never be said, not even anything remotely similar, on this show. I just wanted to point it out. “Yeah, I don’t know about you. But I wasn’t all that shocked when the soon-to-be-dead Shane revealed that Silas had somehow assumed his form, in order to wreak havoc on Mystic Falls.” And why should you have been? Seriously, it was clear something like that had to happen, after all, they gave dead Silas a mask to hide his face and can anybody here really think of a good in-show reason for that? Clearly it was only there so they can keep Silas “hidden” for a while until the “big revelation”. And why is Shane sexier as Silas? Because so far he did nothing Silas didn’t do already. So why is he sexier? ” Has JerBear’s death and Tyler’s “disappearance” left an opening for Window Dressing on the TVD Casting Roster? If so, why is Vaughn always wearing so much clothes?” Good point about that guy. And the actor was only supposed to be on this show for 4 episodes (not the next one, the one on 28th March). Again, why introduce these characters anyway? Why bother? He is probably gonna leave town without mentioning or is gonna be killed. Like pretty much every other new character. Except for the uberwhite and history revising Originals. Well not all of them, technically only Klaus and Rebekah, the most dysfunctional of them all. At least Kol was not such a pussy, well until the writers took away his super strength and had the show’s biggest dumbass in distress and punching back kill him. No the ones that stay are Klaus and Rebekah or in other words the whiney ever teen and the whiny hissy fit prone child that is suddenly into Caroline. And that is also something that pisses me off. Not only was the way they handled Klaus and Tyler leaving shit, they also never explained what Klaus actually wants with her. Not even a song ala Frolo: [youtube] Seriously, Klaroline came out of nowhere. Why does there have to be Klaroline? Suddenly Klaus wants Caroline and apparently a part of Caroline wants Klaus too. Why? Seriously, what is the reason? Klaus just wants her and Caroline gets charmed by a view nice words? We were never given a reason for this. And yes even for love there is a reason. Don’t these writers, or whoever makes the decision, see what a fucked up thing this is? And why are Clarolines so obsessed with this? What are they? Stupid teens that cannot deal with the complexities of life and need mind-fucks like this? Would it be like the Joker and Harley Quinn, fine, at least these two were never portrayed as some sort of good role model. But apparently many think that about Claroline. Why? Just why? And in case anybody answers, please not again something ala “you can’t answer that” or “it can’t be explained”. If you like something you know why and if you don’t you should seriously ask yourself whether you still know what you are doing. The people here are adults Julie, were you serious when you wrote “she starts to burn down the ENTIRE FOREST WITH HER MIND?” I am asking because a) there was nothing and b) it didn’t exactly read like your typical snarkiness. And come on, you really hoped Bonnie would attack Shane? Julie come on, you think we would buy that you really believed that? Of course she wouldn’t attack him. Angry Bonnie smashes cups out of hands and start small fires. She is the show’s Magical Negro, she would never attack or feel actual anger at her white master who is responsible for this shit in the first place. And in case you don’t believe me, look at this: [youtube] She is not such an obvious example as the guy in Green Mile but can anybody here say that Bonnie is more than a magical plot device or whether there is any storyline where it is about her as a character and not her as a witch? Seriously, you could replace the word “Bonnie” with “witch” and it would make no difference. Not that I can’t understand the wish of her attacking Shane, because that would have been realistic, had she at least attacked him and then he would have talked his way out of it, but no, nothing at all. You said it in your previous recaps, he led them (and remember she thinks its Shane) to that island like pigs to the slaughter and still she just lets him talk. That is the dark and dangerous Bonnie? This is supposed to be this dangerous “expression?” Whenever Bonnie was starting to lose control all we ever had were some cheap effects and fire. No one actually got hurt or anything except for April when Bonnie saved Shane (again an act of service). And technically, where is the difference between expression and common day magic? That they don’t speak pseudolatin? Some spells didn’t require words before already. Because think about it, they say the power of sacrifice is out of this world and dark. But why? Because it takes a beings full life-force? That is not really different. In previous episodes they had “channeling” which was basically using another’s life force as your own energy, and using everything is only a logical extension of it. Nothing new so far about this “expression.” And who here also thinks that “expression” is a stupid name? And if all of this is Bonnie sad and angry, what is she when she feels nothing? Is she not only a witch but also a Vulcan? No wait, that can’t be, according to Star Trek Vulcans suppress their emotions because they are so strong. Maybe Bonnie is secretly a borg. I mean it could be, she has no free will and always does what the master tells her. And the other black witches have no free will as well and are easily disposable. And they even say the same. [youtube] No wait, that can’t be. Would she be a borg she would actually be dangerous. So I guess she is really just a Magical Negro. Either way would Bonnie be dark she would be like this: [youtube] And speaking of dark: I am thinking of April. She is like a stage 1 Carrie without the superpowers as one reviewer called it. Everybody is dismissive of her, everybody is treating her as if she is stupid and lies to her. She is being used, the wallflower, the perpetual victim and the writers can’t even put her to good use. Remember the whole stuff with Rebekah and when she nearly got killed? How long does it take to get a drawing board or something in a school? Seriously she should get some Carrie powers and kill some motherfuckers on this show. So far she is a pretty sad character. ” Aside from that, I’m pretty sure Silas/ Shane is full of sh*t. I don’t think he has any plans for bringing these people back as anything but evil zombies, primed to do his bidding . . . but that’s just me . . .” With this badly written show it can be hard to tell but I am sure this current official plan of his will never be revealed as real. It’s not gonna happen. Or if, the writers will just find another way to make an easy exit, like always with difficult situations. ” It kind of makes me wonder what the writers are going to do with the inevitable “college” transition for this group. I mean, these guys are seniors, right? Have they even applied to colleges at this point? Have they taken their SATs? I guess the crew is counting on compelling the admissions officers of the colleges of their choice. Otherwise, I sincerely hope that Mystic Falls has its own community college . . .” I wouldn’t be surprised if they just do it like that. After all a few episodes back Shane gave Bonnie a graduation gift as he called it and next episode they will be back at cheerleading, even if they should be all over final exams by now. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they just ignore that. I mean the whole second season was not even 4 months long in the show. ” If the sire bond is seeped in Elena’s preexisting love for Damon, what happens when she no longer feels that love. Will he still have the same hold on her? That remains to be seen.” Don’t worry, the writers will simply do a retcon if their story, again, doesn’t fit. You know I think you missed a good chance to make fun of the show with Meredith’s diagnosis. No doubt, she should have worn gloves and the like but her whole diagnosis seems to have been totally screwed: Think about it: How long does it take you from Nova Scotia to Virginia? Because seriously, suppression or not, shouldn’t Elena have shown some signs of realizing that the ring isn’t working? Damon and Bonnie needed “a few hours” to reach Mystic Falls, so how long was Jeremy dead already? And didn’t Jeremy look surprisingly rosy for a corpse drained of blood? Had they had him pale Elena’s denial would not have been so melodramatic and have more impact. Basic rules of filming, but nope. Not here, not at all. And you know there are certain signs of death or strong indications that an animal is no longer alive and these are: Cessation of breathing Cardiac arrest (no pulse) Pallor mortis, paleness which happens in the 15–120 minutes after death (See what I mean?) Livor mortis, a settling of the blood in the lower (dependent) portion of the body Algor mortis, the reduction in body temperature following death. This is generally a steady decline until matching ambient temperature Rigor mortis, the limbs of the corpse become stiff (Latin rigor) and difficult to move or manipulate Decomposition, the reduction into simpler forms of matter, accompanied by a strong, unpleasant odor. And not to mention that suddenly vampire noses are super alert… they weren’t last episode, or the many episodes before that. Plot convenience. You know why? Because Decomposition begins at the moment of death, caused by two factors: autolysis, the breaking down of tissues by the body’s own internal chemicals and enzymes, and putrefaction, the breakdown of tissues by bacteria. These processes release gases that are the chief source of the unmistakably putrid odor of decaying animal tissue. And there are five general stages that are used to describe the process of decomposition in vertebrate animals: Fresh, Bloat, Active and Advanced Decay, and Dry/Remains. The fresh stage begins immediately after the heart stops beating. Since blood is no longer being pumped through the body it drains to the dependent portions of the body, under gravity, creating an overall bluish-purple discolouration termed livor mortis or, more commonly, lividity. Shortly after death, within three to six hours, the muscular tissues become rigid and incapable of relaxing which is known as rigor mortis. From the moment of death, the body begins losing heat to the surrounding environment, resulting in an overall cooling called algor mortis. Jeremy is apparently not even dead a day and rigor mortis is already over? Bullshit, rigor mortis gradually dissipates until approximately 48 to 60 hours after death (maximum stiffness is reached 12 hours after death). I guess the skin discoloration Meredith talks about is liver mortis, which starts twenty minutes to three hours after death and is congealed in the capillaries in four to five hours. Maximum lividity occurs within 6–12 hours. But would that occur with a body drained of blood? Because “livor mortis is a settling of the BLOOD in the lower (dependent) portion of the body, causing a purplish red discoloration of the skin. When the heart stops functioning and is no longer agitating the blood, heavy red blood cells sink through the serum by action of gravity.” The writers can’t even write an actual doctor. Meredith’s whole talk was bullshit. And speaking of “medicine:” Shane healed Bonnie’s backwound with herbs and the like? Seriously? We are supposed to buy that even though he is just a mortal? Are they serious or is that another lame diversion to say later “Silas did it?” (After all this was Silas) And what did Silas do with Shane anyway? Heal him or raise him from the dead? If Silas is just a vampire how can he bring back the dead? And if he needs Bonnie why not take her right away? Why this lame pseudodrama with Shane? So Silas can remain a “mystery?” Apparently. The same thing they did with Klaus. I wonder whether Silas will be the next drama queen. And as long as I am at it: What stupid story was that with Silas needing blood? If Silas needed blood so desperately why didn’t he drain Bonnie? Seriously, a bleeding half dead human and ravenous vampire who doesn’t drink the blood? What could possibly be wrong with this picture? So Silas was supposedly on the island still … wow what suspense isn’t it? And as to Vaughn’s question: When you deal with a man that has been frozen for about 2000 years, he should be pretty confused and therefore easy to spot over the first few weeks at last. Are the writers that dumb/shallow that they really can’t think past looks? And the biggest bullshit was this: “Take the cure and die in there of old age”. WHAT???????????? What kind of lazy ass writing is that? Would he have been mortal he would have starved in the cave long before he would die of old age. Or do they intentionally write these characters so stupid? You know Julie, your recap showed the major problem this show and especially this season has: FOR ELENA!!!! Seriously, this is what ruins absolutely everything and makes the bad stuff even worse. Not only do they have the characters do everything for Elena no matter how gruesome it is or how much it costs them, but they also change the rules of their universe to suit Elena. Remember? The first example, or one of the first, in this season was when Elena saved Matt from Damon. She was a fresh vampire and Matt was bleeding all over the place and she wasn’t affected by it at all. Caroline was so ravenous even days after her transition that she couldn’t be near Matt but Elena is not affected by it? Because she is a compassionate? So was Stefan and look what happened to him. And although Damon wasn’t a good guy as a human already and Caroline was pretty shallow they weren’t exactly compassionless shrews either and look how they reacted. The same with Abby, she nearly killed Jamie. But nooooooo great Elena gets special rules. Once again for a show that supposedly does not want to be associated with Twilight they make Elena suspiciously similar to Bella Swan. It was the same with the hunters curse or the whole siring thing. Damon already had a vampire sired to him so he should have recognized the signs. And they switched the siring thing once again to suit Elena. An obvious retcon you Delenas apparently bought into simply because it gave you Delena. Not to mention siring should be all over the place according to the “rules” presented in this season. The same with the rings (the problems you mentioned), the same with Bonnie, with basically everything. Everything is molded to suit her storyline, not the other way around. The siring really is a good example for this when you actually look at how the hybrids were portrayed: Vervain and wolfsbane affects them They have to be invited into a house They can be compelled by originals They can compel non-supernaturals They can walk in sunlight They have a venomous bite They only drink blood Killing one makes the tattoo grow Everything vampiric about them was exactly the same as in run-of-the-mill vampires. Everything except for siring, hybrid siring is different than vampire siring for some way. Why is siring an exception? Werewolves don’t have to be invited so why should hybrids? Why can’t they get nourishment from blood and food? Why aren’t they immune against Original compulsion? Why does killing them count the same as killing a vampire? The answer in my eyes is simple: It suits the writers for their Elena worldbending. This is what this show is doing right now, it is “We will sacrifice everything we have set up in order to get Elena to the best situation possible and then create more crap in her life.” And nobody should come with “but she is the protagonist”! It doesn’t matter whether she is the protagonist or not. A good storyteller adapts the characters to the created world and not the world to the characters. The whole thing with the changed Elena and all was in the same shoe. Remember how in regard to her sudden feelings towards Damon she was all “I am different, I am changed, the old Elena is dead?” Well when she argued with Jeremy later the same episode because he tried to kill her she was all “I am still the same, I am still your sister, I would never kill you, I would never hurt you.” She already killed him shortly before and she killed Connor (the best thing that happened to this show this season and they just killed him off early on). Do they write these characters with such short term memories on purpose, do they write them purposely as hypocrites or have the brains of the writers gotten so screwed? Plec once stated that they don’t care about timeline, well this is more than just not caring about timeline, it’s not caring about consistency at all. And you know what is also hypocritical now? Her whining about being a vampire. How it is/was so wrong. Most of her friends were vampires and for them it is ok, to be respected or at least tolerated but apparently not for her. She doesn’t even have enough compassion to sympathize with Caroline. Your stages denial, anger (unsurprisingly the writers are fine to have Elena go at Meredith but not on a more likely target, but to that later), bargaining (albeit for me it was like the white mistress cries for her slave), depression (albeit this came far too late in the show) are valid but… acceptance was not there, not even close, so I personally would not have put the question mark there. Elena didn’t accept it, her emotions supposedly got switched off, they will be back soon no doubt (when is ever something permanent on this show, except “drama” of course), and that is not accepting. Acceptance is based on your own will. And I guess you could tell that I would disagree with you on the whole “what could Damon have done” part because I quite frankly think it was crap. It was just the writers chickening out again. Nothing more, nothing less. They had denial and anger. Depression is rather debatable. And you know what I think about the acceptance part. But Damon definitely could have at least tried to have Elena deal with the pain herself, but no. It has to be siring, apparently Elena is once again too weak to get out of something herself, she again has to be saved; fuck not even vampirism can cure this dumbass in distress. And people just accept that “she wasn’t going to make it” because the show states so. Seriously you, and I mean all Delenas, give the show credit it simply does not deserve in my eyes and therefore I must say you are responsible for what you yourself don’t like about Delena as well. You think these writers actually think this through and what the characters say truly has meaning? But based on what? When was the last time anything they said turned out to be fitting and actually be of lasting effect? They could at least have shown something maybe an actual suicide attempt or a fit, but noooooo, they just say that she would not have made it and so her emotions have to be turned off to save her. But on what basis? What was there? And that is not the only problem with this. Now they suddenly turn her emotions off because she was in mortal danger. But you know what a better use of this concept would have been? To switch her emotions off back on the bridge when she wanted to kill herself because of the curse that drove her crazy with guilt. Then she should have turned off her emotions, it was the perfect situation, but nobody talked about this. The curse would have nothing to work with and they would not have to kill an innocent hybrid just to cure Elena. Of course this victim of hers was neither the first nor the last. And that is another problem with this season and the episode. Over 3 seasons they tried to drill it into our heads that vampires are people too, that they have souls, that they have hearts and that they deserve to be happy and have a live, but not now. Now they can be killed without remorse (that they didn’t show at least some of Kol’s line dying fits this perfectly, this way there will be no controversy), but Elena bitches about not wanting to kill some humans. Suddenly it is ok to kill thousands or even millions of vampires to get what you want, despite the fact that so many would never have been necessary – and if the writers think it would have been necessary they clearly are no longer jumping the shark but the blue whale. And no one here can just say “well everybody in this show is a shade of grey.” No, a clear and simple no. Not here. This is not moral ambiguity it is simple a case of “good for Elena” or “bad for Elena”. Nothing else, that is all there is right now in this season. It was bad enough in the latter half of season 3 but this is just downright hypocritical. In all previous seasons fear of vampires was equated with racism and xenophobia, but not now. Not that this equation of fear of vampires with racism/xenophobia really works, or is even tried that way. Because if they want to use vampires (the rest are just crops) as a metaphor for why discrimination is bad, then they should dig deeper as to why humans fear them. But that can never truly work, because quite frankly it would not work. It cannot work. Dig deeper and it all falls apart (because these vampires are actually dangerous), that is the trouble with this show. Despite it trying to be all deep and meaningful it downright fails. And it failed here with Elena and her “pain”. It was not able to deliver a consistent and convincing story. And that is one reason why I would not pity Elena, why I cannot pity this whiny little bitch. Especially with her self-righteous “does that make me a bad guy”, “I wouldn’t do it” and “I don’t know” whiner orgy she had this episode. No idea whether the writers are that incompetent or think that this is good storytelling. At its best its cashing in on the still ongoing Twilight craze, except that thanks to Meyer’s childish attitude there won’t be any more Twilight books, while the nightmare that is TVD just goes on and on. But let’s just assume that this is genuine. Than they have in this season alone Elena now act as though it’s too much to sacrifice 12 humans to bring the dead supes back, including friends but she had no problem to kill God knows how many vampires to get her cure. And still she is presented as the epicenter of morality. The show still tries to shove it down our throats, they even made it look via Damon as though it’s Matt’s fault Elena died back at the start of the season. Everybody who thinks that this bitch is in any way a hero apparently does not realize who in this show the blood sucking monster is. This might be good storytelling were it intentional but this bloodsucker is supposed to be this good girl next door we are all supposed to relate to and like. I am serious; Elena would be an incredibly good villain. She is hypocritical, whiny, refuses to actually look truth into the eye and accept consequences, acts like she is the center of the world and at the same time things she is selfless, she manipulates two guys all the time but things she has no part in their craziness, discards men as she pleases (Jeremy, Elijah, Matt etc) and basically destroys everything she touches. She doesn’t deserve to be pitied. At most she deserves a quick death. Get it over with and you have one giant engine of destruction less. You know whom Elena currently reminds me of also? Not Bella, not Clary, but him: [youtube] Would this be realistic writing, or at least good writing, Elena would have become the show’s next villain already. But noooooo, she has to be the center and the supposedly heroine here. She is still treated as some sort of saint, no matter what she does. No matter what, everything revolves around her and it’s not even good. Note: I know many here think Damon is soo great now, but this episode again had him state that he is doing the things he is doing for Elena and I know the writers and many viewers see this as something good. Well I don’t. Because the problem with this is that he “becomes better” basically to please Elena, not because of himself or because it is the right thing to do. Basically once Elena doesn’t want him anymore or when he wants to please someone else he will then act according to that one’s wishes. He should do good things because they are good, not because Elena would want it. He might be even worse than in season 1. At least he was somehow badass back then but now he was basically a douchebag and a jerk. And this is one of the reasons, but far from the main one, why I think you Delenas got screwed. But back to Elena and her “dire situation:” The whole thing with Elena’s “pain” is not only completely ignorant regarding vampirism, to say that she feels grief more than anybody else is a slap in the face of anybody who ever lost somebody. Elena feels grief more powerful than anyone else? She barely shed a tear when Jenna and John died or Isabelle burst into flames in front of her. And now this “breakdown”, it totally spits on Jeremy’s grave. He lost the same people she lost (Isabelle wasn’t even mentioned in this episode) and more and didn’t react that way. It is the same thing as in season 3 when Elena lamented about having enough of vampires. Only Elena is allowed to feel that way on this show, only her and nobody else. And not even that these stupid and cowardly writers, or whoever is responsible for this crap, do right. I said it once and I say it again: She is a fucking vampire now!!!! They had time and again stating that vampirism comes with extremely strong emotions, but nothing; they only, if ever, use it when it suits their whims. This is not superstrong emotions, that was normal human emotions and nothing else. They could at least have her throw stuff through the room or show some fangs, but all we get are some whiny monologues and this far too smooth face. This is not how people look when they are close to mental breakdown or overwhelming grief. And no one has to come with the excuse that “people grief differently”. In this very episode they said Elena feels more grief than anybody and if they say that they should fucking show it and not again do the easy exit via this lame scene and the turning off of emotions. At the end of season 2 I said that they would never kill Jeremy because they could not get away with Elena having a mental breakdown. Man I was so wrong. Back then I still thought they would have the sense of right and wrong to actual show the aftermath of such things, at least in that case. That would be really hard stuff and they should deal with that, maybe even use some of Elena’s grief and anger as a weapon against Silas. But no, they can’t or won’t deal with it and so they take the easy exit, once again, and fans credit them for it. The fans like it. You liked it, some of it at least. And in case you don’t believe me that they once again took the easy exit and this is only another example in a long line: 1) They made Jeremy forget in season 1 because he supposedly would not have been able to handle it. 2) They made Tyler leave in season 2 instead of making him clarify things with Caroline the hard way. And no, no excuses ala “he had to leave so she could calm down” or “they dealt with it in the dungeons”. That stuff was just plain chickening out. Caroline got tortured, so her just recuperating after a month is not a sign of her being badass or the two making up, it is just plain bad writing. 3) They never again had Jeremy do a drug addiction relapse despite the constant deaths around him he faced. He just carried on. 4) The whole hybrids thing. They had Klaus do all these things to get them and talked as though he wanted world domination and in the end it was nothing. He just hung around Mystic Falls. 5) They just ignored the effects of Stefan’s second ripper phase, despite all the things he did. 6) They never even mention how often Caroline has been tortured and she shows no signs of even been affected by it. 7) The death of Tyler’s mom. He lost his dad, his girlfriend, his uncle and his mentor and now his mother. And this is all the reaction the guy shows? 8) The fact that Jeremy saw his dead girlfriends again. 9) Matt’s complicity in “resurrecting” Vicky was never mention again. 10) Bonnie lost her grandmother, her mother abandoned her twice and now her grams gets tortured. And this was all they gave us off her reaction? None of the other characters even reacted to this. 11) Caroline lost her father and she gets over it far too quickly. 12) Speaking of that: where is Steven? Where is he? Shouldn’t he have showed up by now? 13) The whole situation with the wider world. Despite all the “word gets out” there is no reaction to what is happening. No witches showed up, no werewolves banded together and got armed, no vampires tried to subdue the originals to make sure not more of them would die and maybe wipe out all vampires. This is by far not a complete list (e.g. there would be Matt’s situation), there is more. But I think it shows pretty well how often they just take the easy exit one way or another. And this humanity switch, the way they used it, was and is the biggest lazy ass writing of it all. Instead of working through issues, they just switch them off. Time and again and not even that they can do consistently (see what I wrote about the difference between humanity less Elena and humanity less Stefan). And so I do not believe that in this episode Elena’s mental walls came down and that she had just kept on a strong face all this time. The authors showed nothing to suggest that and should they really think that, it only shows how bad they are. Elena didn’t even get angry. None of the three main girls in this show ever get angry about losing anybody. All they do is cry and all do it the same way. What is it with this show that they cannot have violence in their main female cast? The men can get violent because of grief but apparently the women can’t. And as Bonnie did not attack Shane, so did Elena not attack either Stefan or Damon. I know you Stelenas and Delenas would never want that, but that would be realistic. In both Elena’s and Bonnie’s case they had the assholes (technically they are serial killers) with whom all of it started directly in front of them and even if all the crap is not their fault (which in Damon’s case it was his fault to a very big degree) this is simply not how people tick. Many get angry and leave it out on those that are not directly responsible. And no one here can say “but what Elena did was right”, no it wasn’t. Because it is a fact that if these two assholes had not come into her live all of it would not have happened. I know some would say that Katherine would have come anyway and so the rest would have happened. Really? Let’s say Damon had not turned Isobelle or outright killed her, would Katherine have known about Elena than also? And nobody can say “Michael knew” because Michael would at most have killed Elena and that was it, he didn’t care about the rest of them. And even if Katherine had come, in that case she most likely would have taken, at the very most Elena, Mason, Lucy and some random vamp. And even if Klaus succeeded in breaking his curse, he would have killed Elena and would not have been able to make more hybrids. So we probably would have less problems now. And now this using siring to turn off Elena’s humanity in the episode. Yeah, I guessed right away that Damon and Delena fans would come with the “he did it for her” and “he did it out of love” or “to ease her suffering” crap. Never mind that he again forces his will on her, like he did in season 2. Never mind that this turning off never ended well on this show. I only thought that in normal situations this would only add to her pain, because now she would probably attack and kill innocent people and so she would have to deal with that as well. But this is TVD, and what the show, of the many things, cannot do is deal with difficult situations any different than taking the easiest access. And why, again, didn’t they use that when she had her hallucinations? Seriously even if they are still there once Elena’s humanity was switched off they could no longer harm her because she has no conscience. So they could wait and find same bad vampire to kill instead of killing an innocent hybrid. Something, apart from Tyler, no one had any problems with in this show. That makes no sense, again, the writers had tried to hammer it into our brains, and sometimes still do, that supernaturals are people as well and not just monsters, but here they kill this hybrid and of course later Kol’s entire line and nobody in the show says anything about this hypocrisy? And humanity has nothing to offer when you have no one to care about… So the two Salvatores count as nothing suddenly? Caroline, Bonnie and Matt count as nothing? How self-centered must somebody be? How bad of a writer? And of course shutting of emotions is best because it keeps Elena alive. You know, they know that death is not the end, so why act like this? And this is again total inconsistency. Elena acts like a robot. Supposedly Damon had his humanity turned off in season 1 and Stefan did so in season 3 and they acted nothing like this, not even closely. And this blank stare Elena had. What was that? Was that supposed to represent her being emotionless? That looked like she was on strings. And no one will ask questions when a house burns down? A house that only has two teenagers and has been under attack by one crazy vampire after another? Yeah, nobody would ever ask questions. And where are the fucking firefighters and isn’t it convenient how the fire doesn’t spread to anything else? And suddenly, when all her humanity is off and she is not really “their” Elena anymore do the brothers let her do what she wants. Yeah that is smart, it’s not as though every vampire with off-turned humanity didn’t do anything but shit. Again, why do these idiot writers even bother with this and why are so many fans excited about it? It is clear as the next sunrise that blood will flow and people die and that there will be drama and the characters act as though they can’t believe Elena acts like this and that. That happened all the time so why don’t all fans see that? Do they have no memory at all? And speaking of bothering: No idea why they even showed the diary burn, after all they had ignored that for nearly 2 seasons anyway. The same with Caroline talking about Damon earlier this season or in this and the last episode with stating that Bonnie hates Damon. Small problem: this was, in all cases, the first time they even stated that for 2 seasons. And they surely never acted upon it for that entire time. It seems as though they forcibly want to show “this is still the same show, these are the same characters.” But why if this really is still the same show and these really are still the same characters? If they are the same, why throw that in without any consequences now if they haven’t bothered for such a long time? And why only this? Why not bring all back? Remember when Caroline earlier this season tried to talk Elena out of the Delena crap and how she reacted when she first heard it? All she did was “juck, Damon, Damon icky, Damon bad” instead of… well what is there? Oh yeah, reminding them of the following points: Turned and dead Vicky, countless victims, compelled, raped and abused Caroline, dead Sheila, mind-controlled Jeremy (something Elena is responsible for as well), compelled Elena, Stefan’s ripper rampage, dead Mason… Should I go on or is the point clear? They don’t even bother mention this as though all of it never happened. They just don’t deal with it. Not in the least. And not just Damon, all of it. Same with Bonnie, they only say “doesn’t she hate him?” Duh, with good reason. But they act as though it’s totally unreasonable and for someone who supposedly hates him, Bonnie did awfully nothing to get rid of him. This show only talks, but shows nothing. And why? It’s not difficult. You want to know how difficult stuff is shown with only a few scenes? Here is an example: [youtube] (also Jeff Davis should take this film by heart, then we wouldn’t have to deal with that ridiculous Jackson story line) and here is another one from the first movie to show how you can actually use humor: [youtube] or make good fight scenes: [youtube] (that was nothing they couldn’t have done as well). It’s not as though this show cares about realism so at least they could do it with style and originality. It’s like a bad telenovela mixed with Twilight and yes copyright violation: A Purgatory for supernatural creatures…. Hm, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah: [youtube] And you know this purgatory stuff kind of clashes with this: [youtube] In season 3 they portrayed the other side as a place where all the characters with unresolved issues were alone and then Anna met her mother. That doesn’t fit what was presented here. If this is the same other side, that witch who had the hots for Silas would have waited for all eternity because he would have been alone. And another stupid thing: “It’s not easy to run from Klaus but possible?” They make it sound as though it’s difficult. Seriously, how often did Klaus actually get someone on this show? I have seen kid shows that act smarter than this show. Don’t believe me? Watch this episode from the nineties: [youtube] Note: Just in case anybody thinks this is the same. Wrong, they have only two similarities: they have increased strength and during the day they are very vulnerable without magic. Apart from that they are the direct opposite. Their “danger” is usually based on the fact that most do not look pleasing to humans (unlike to other gargoyles of course) and so they are considered bad by default and their wrong doings get highlighted due to their looks. They are no more inherently dangerous than you or I. With the current vampires it is the other way around. They are usually presented as physically pleasing and therefore good, which I think you Julie once admitted, and people forgive them their wrong doings time and again because of their looks. Ask yourself: Would all you Delenas want Damon with Elena if he were ugly? Would you want him with Delena if you would not think him cute/pretty/good looking etc.? How much would you forgive him for what he did, if he would look like this? [youtube] All bark and no bite. Not just with all the stuff regarding Bonnie and all the other secondary tools of this show. But with your main reason for watching this show: Delena. Why do I say this? Because I think you Delenas got screwed. You got screwed big time. For more than 2 seasons the writers teased you time and again, and the way you reacted to it looked to me like starving jackals devouring every piece of meat that got tossed to them and treat it like a feast. And now they gave you this crap. After all this time and all this teasing they gave you this on the level of a preschooler and sold it as gold to you. I have no idea whether they produce this bullshit on purpose or have no idea/or no possibility of storytelling. But in either case: Man they screwed you so much!!! And you want to know why? Simple, look at what you got? Really look at it, at least try to shut of your Delena glasses and look at what they fed you. They teased you Delenas at the very least and its most conservative estimate for 1,5 seasons and this is what you got. One actual full sex scene, a few lousy “I love yous” and the siring bond that ultimately ruined your first sex scene. They could not wait five fucking minutes until that scene was over to have the big revelation “that it doesn’t count.” After that there was one drama after another, one danger and problem chasing the next. Barely anything of this “new” relationship was shown. And now Elena is basically a slave to Damon’s will and her emotions got turned off. And all this in not even 10 episodes. And regarding the whole siring thing, you Delenas seem to hide behind the retcon that it supposedly doesn’t change emotions although it’s very first appearance clearly showed otherwise. And even without it, the whole “stronger love for Damon” didn’t make any sense regarding vampirism and neither did siring because it had to be all over the place then. And you know what is also a problem with this relationship? It is boring. Sure many here would probably disagree and say that they have chemistry and the like. But where do these two characters have chemistry? Where is it shown? Remember not the actors, the characters? What do they even do outside of fucking and being in danger and having problems? With Stefan at least we had some things (dinner, lake, movies etc.) but with Damon there is nothing. Nothing at all since they are together. And this whole “she met him first” many fans seemed to have been thrilled about, maybe not so much here, but still. So what? I have to ask. It doesn’t matter whom you meet first but apparently on this show this means that supposedly Damon knows Elena so well and they are so right for each other. But you know what? There was nothing in this season so far to proof that. Not one thing. Had he known her really so well he, again, would have noticed the siring right away. He would have come up with something better than this whole “you have to drink fresh from the vein because you are a doppelgaenger”. And no simply saying that “he ignored it because he wished it to be real” or something is no explanation, because there was no reason he would have been so desperate in the first place. Basically this whole Delena is rushed, screwed, twisted, unauthentic, totally over the hill, without substance and the best thing is you Delenas don’t even seem to get it. When the whole siring thing was “revealed” you Julie just wrote that it is the way to someday show the true love and that was it. None of you Delenas here seemed to be angry at this, not even one bit. You all seem to think it’s great. And that to me is the biggest suspension of disbelief I have encountered in my entirely life. And since I had to deal with people that believed the crap Kent Hovind made up that means something belief me. In case you don’t know what crap he presented to gullible people and those that simply don’t know better, look at this debunking: [youtube] This first part already should make it clear. And Delena even beats this. For those that may not know the term suspension of disbelief: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the poet and author, called drama “that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment, which constitutes poetic faith …” Any creative endeavor, certainly any written creative endeavor, is only successful to the extent that the audience offers this willing suspension as they read, listen, or watch. An author’s work, in other words, does not have to be realistic, only believable and internally consistent. When the author pushes the audience too far, the work fails. As far as science fiction is concerned, viewers are usually willing to go along with creative explanations unless the show tries to use real science, at which point it’s fair game, though this is because Science Fiction is just that: Science FICTION. Attempting to use actual science to explain something you made up removes the story from it’s own fantasy universe and places it in the context of reality. That’s why people don’t criticize your wormhole travel system or how a shrinking potion doesn’t violate the laws of matter conservation. Suspension of disbelief can be broken even in science fiction when a show breaks its own established laws or places said laws outside of fiction. A common way of putting this is “You can ask an audience to believe the impossible, but not the improbable.” For example, people will accept that the Grand Mage can teleport across the world, or that the spaceship has technology that makes it completely invisible without rendering its own sensors blind, but they won’t accept that the ferocious carnivore just happened to have a heart attack and die right before it attacked the main character, or that the hacker guessed his enemy’s password on the first try just by typing random letters, at least without some prior detail justifying it or one of the Rules listed below coming into play. What is in Real Life impossible just has to be made the norm in the setting and kept consistent. Most action movies push this trope almost to the breaking point; for the sake of action, the heroes can do virtually anything, given enough Phlebotinum. As always, the Rule Of Cool, Rule of Cute, Rule of Drama, Rule of Funny, and Rule of Scary override nearly all other considerations. When the audience’s disbelief, which was suspended during the show, gets reinstated some time afterward, what you get is Fridge Logic. The MST3K Mantra is an exhortation to reinstate your Willing Suspension of Disbelief even if it’s been broken, because “it’s just a show”. Not only that, there is also the mentioned MST3K Mantra, used here as well I might add: “It’s just a show; I should really just relax.” Line from the theme song of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which encourages the viewer to not worry about picayune details that are unnecessary to the enjoyment of the program. Sometimes referred to as Hodgson’s Law, after Joel Hodgson, MST3K creator. Like Bellisario’s Maxim, it is employed in fan communities to ridicule or short-circuit all manner of Fan Wanky arguments and factual inaccuracy entries. The full quote, used more rarely, is this: “If you’re wondering how he [Joel/Mike] eats and breathes / And other science facts / Then repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show, / I should really just relax.\'” “Lalala”s optional. Take three deep breaths and recite when tempted to make a Justifying Edit. TV scribe Michael Reaves simplifies the sentiment even further: “It’s only television.” When we consider that the very point of MST3K was to itself mock and ridicule movies for breaches of logic and defective storytelling, we encounter a sort of MST3K Dilemma; a glib assessment of the situation would have it that the show was hypocritical with its insistence that the viewers subject it to less scrutiny than they themselves brought to bear against countless films, but a more careful consideration should lead us to discern that different subjects should be held to different critical criteria. Indeed, what passed for plot in MST3K was hardly more than a goofy premise to facilitate the mockery of bad movies, and labeling this as “just a show” does nothing to rob it of its value. On the other hand, somebody who hopes to promote a movie can’t insist it’s “just a movie” and critics should “just relax” while also expecting they take seriously any aesop, speculation, spectacle, or anything else of potential value from it. Anyone who expects another to be selective of a work in exactly their prescribed way is insulting the intelligence of the audience. This isn’t about critical appraisal, but what is necessary to tell a story. When criticism targets those things that were simply unexplained, that’s when you bring up Bellisario’s Maxim. At the same time however, one should be careful that they do not go too far and use this to justify saying that The Complainer Is Always Wrong. Yes, there’s no point in getting excessively worked up and nitpicky about something that, at the end of the day, is just a work of fiction. But using it as a way of brushing off any and all forms of criticism is an equally dangerous attitude to have, and in creators can be a possible sign of a Small Name, Big Ego at work. You know in addition to all this there is something termed secondary belief, coined by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien said in his essay “On Fairy-Stories” that, “in order for the narrative to work, the reader must believe that what he reads is true within the secondary reality of the fictional world. By focusing on creating an internally consistent fictional world, the author makes secondary belief possible.” Tolkien argued that suspension of disbelief is only necessary when the work has failed to create secondary belief. From that point the spell is broken, and the reader ceases to be immersed in the story and must make a conscious effort to suspend disbelief or else give up on it entirely. It seems to me that most fans of the show are those that constantly create suspension of disbelief because the show downright fails to be internally consistent. And it’s not just the few examples of plotholes that can come up in every show when its long running, this show started with it in season 2 already and since then the plotholes get more and more and they get bigger. This is not a handful of plotholes, its one plothole after another. For me to enjoy this show, I would need to create an immense amount of suspension of disbelief, based on simply consuming what the show feeds me without question and also making excuses for their constant plotholes, I would need to repeat the MST3K Mantra over and over again. Also I would only need to care about Elena, Stefan, Damon and Caroline. Over and over, only these four, just like the show does now, everything the same all the time. Either the main three lamers or Caroline with one guy after another. How do you people do that? How can you just ignore the show’s constant flaws? How? Do you not recognize it, are you subject to confirmation bias (remembering what fits your belief and don’t take notice of what does not fit) or do you just choose to overlook it? And if you chose to overlook, how do you manage to do that? Seriously, I just don’t get it. How does that work? My last part is a short answer to the question why I think shows matter although they are “just shows.” Because it is shows and general pop-culture that shape most of our attitudes and provide the basis for what we consider correct, desirable etc. It is not science, it is not philosophy, it isn’t even religion, they play into it, but ultimately its pop culture. Therefore shows have to be treated seriously and are never “just shows.”

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