How Ya Like Me Now? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Originals”



Now there was a time when you loved me so.
I could have been wrong, but now you needed to know
See, I’ve been a bad, bad, bad, bad man.
And I’m in deep.  Yes I am.
I found a brand new love for this man 
And I can’t wait till you see.
I can’t wait
So, how you like me now?

-Lyrics to “How ya like me now?” by The Heavy.

How ya like me now?  It’s the song that sexy villain vampire Marcel sings in a karaoke bar in New Orleans, to introduce himself as Klaus’ charming, but intensely arrogant, new nemesis, in the early moments of this week’s episode of TVD.

how you like me now


It’s also the question chief in the minds of the TVD writing staff.  The crew undoubtedly watched the episode with their fingers crossed, silently praying that you’ll still “like” Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Hayley (though, let’s face it, no one ever really liked Haley), now that they’ve packed their bags and left Mystic Falls in exchange for a swankier (and much more culturally diverse) NOLA address.

From a strategic perspective, it seems like the perfect time for a spinoff like this.  With nearly four seasons behind its belt, TVD is quietly creeping toward middle age.  (By this time next year, it will be eligible for syndication!)

overage creepy


And a well-executed spinoff might be just what the doctor ordered to breathe new life into a franchise that’s been struggling of late.  Plus, it’s not like these characters are untested newbies.  Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah are all TVD veterans, each with substantial fanbases of their own.  (Klaus and Elijah have both been around since late season 2, and Rebekah, since early season 3.)

original respect

Yes, The Originals certainly has within it the makings of a great show.  The question is: did its backdoor pilot deliver?

stefan shrug

Let’s review, shall we Fangbangers?



Have Gumbo, Will Travel . . .

sitting at table


Still on the hunt for her dead family, Hayley day drinks at a bar in New Orleans, where the chef notoriously puts a piece of her soul in every pot of gumbo she makes.  (You know, kind of like Voldemort and his Horcruxes.  And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not eat a horcrux.  Thank you very much.)


“Mmmmm Soul Food . . .”

Bar Tender Jane Anne gets a little touchy feely with Hayley, when she shows her a map to a location in the bayou, where werewolves supposedly used to frequent.  We find out why, after the werewolf leaves.  Jane Anne promptly walks back to the kitchen were Soul Food Sophie is slaving away.  She’s clutching a massive clump of Hayley’s hair, like it’s a trophy of some sort.  (Yuck!  I hope they aren’t planning on mixing it in the gumbo, with all those horcruxes!)

Then again, they are probably just using it for this spell . . .

The Originals

Hey, Soon-to-be-dead Jane Anne uses candles and salt to do spells!  Just like that OTHER witch we know . . .

all the candles

I wonder how she avoids those pesky nosebleeds . . .

2 18 imperial bedrooms kat nose

I guess now we’ll never know . . .

Anywhoo, Jane Anne’s spell is rousing success, in that it gets Hayley’s car to break down, and causes her to temporarily DIE.  (Though, I suspect Klaroline fans are wishing that death was permanent, after this episode . . .)  Just as she falls to the ground, the witches magically appear just in time to catch her, and drag her into the bayou.  Bonnie could use some serious tutoring from these girls . . .

Marcel’s Rules

hugsies km

KLAUS: “I’m going to break your neck, and then rip out your spine”

MARCEL: “I’m going to chew off your shoulder, and then eat your face off.”

RANDOM NEWSIE CAP-WEARING GUY: “Geez, get a room you two.  Your PDA is making me uncomfortable.”

Upon learning from a witchy fortune teller that Marcel has taken over New Orleans, in Klaus’ absence — rendering the town’s witch population essentially powerless against him — Klaus just has to see this for himself.  So, he heads off to a Karaoke bar, where Marcel is auditioning to be on the cast of Glee . . .

how you like me now

“If that Puck guy can play a highschooler, so can I!”

Klaus and Marcel do that thing Alpha Males do, where they threaten each other, than act like it’s all a joke, and they really love one another, when actually the threatening part was closer to the truth . . .  Klaus, apparently, is Marcel’s sire, which immediately tells us a few things.  (1) Flashbacks are inevitable.  (2) Even if Marcel found some magical witchy way to kill Klaus, he wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  Because a dead Klaus means, not only a dead ENTIRE TVD CAST, but a Dead Marcel as well . . .

i am immortal


I mean, all vampires SAY this.  But Klaus is the only one who can actually mean it . . .

And yet, while Klaus may have Marcel beat in the game of Eternal Living.  Marcel has one thing that Klaus has always desperately wanted, but never seemed fully able to obtain (even though he created an ENTIRE RACE OF BEINGS just for this purpose): FRIENDS!

utterly alone

As Katherine astutely notes, later in the episode, Klaus’ Achilles Heel is his loneliness.  He has nobody to play with but himself. . .

self five

Marcel, on the other hand, has an Entourage so large that it makes the guys from Entourage look like losers . . .

punch entourage

Marcel is literally friends with the entire city . . . though I guess he’s friends with them in the way girls in high school are friends with that b*tchy head cheerleader.  They are deathly afraid of him.  But they have to at least pretend to like him, so he doesn’t literally chew off their heads  . . .



That said, I instantly like Marcel.  I actually think he’d be kind of fun to hang out with, in the way that douchebaggy, evil, sort of people, can sometimes be fun . . . particularly douchebaggy, evil people who like karaoke . . .

Klaus instantly covets this kind of loyalty.  But before he can steal all of Marcel’s newsie-cap wearing, hipster friends away from him, he has to deal with the little problem that sent him here in the first place . . . the witches that supposedly want him dead.  Marcel, being the generous guy that he is, is more than happy to help his old friend Klaus solve this little problem . . .

You killed Jane Anne!  (Bastards)

killa marc diicaprios


Death By Tree . . .

Oh Jane Anne, we barely new thee . . .  You made pretty designs with salt, and played with Hayley’s hair.  And then you died with a goofy expression on your face, after being interrogated by Marcel on a dark city street, in the company of his entourage.  Jane Anne wasn’t about to give up her reasons for using the heretofore forbidden magic . . . certainly not to the guy who forbid her from using it. And for that, she paid the ultimate price.


Fear not, Jane Anne.  You’ll live to die again . . .

As far as deaths go, being impaled by a tree branch, isn’t the one I’d choose.  I mean, on one hand, it leaves you with a pretty pristine corpse, apart from some unsightly neck hickeys.  On the other hand, YOU WERE KILLED BY A TREE BRANCH.  And that’s just sad, sad, sad .  .

tree fresh


Even Klaus seems sad for Dead Jane Anne.  Though, I suspect his sadness has less to do with him actually giving two craps about a bartending witch, and more to do with the fact that he feels he might have lost his chance to figure out why these witches seem to want him dead.

Marcel is sorry, but not sorry, about literally killing Klaus’ lead . . .

show force


3 10 klaus best respond to violence westhalder

So, Klaus heads to the Gumbo Bar to ask the grieving Soul Food Sophie about what exactly her sister’s beef with him was . . .  Sophie’s well acquainted with Klaus from bedtime stories her mother used to tell her.

witches tell bedtime

Now, I don’t know about your bedtime stories.  But mine generally didn’t involve a guy who EATS people.  Sophie’s mom must have hated her guts to tell her bedtime stories like that.  Maybe that’s why she puts horcruxes in people’s gumbo . . . bad childhood.

Anywhoo, Sophie stays mum about the whole magic thing with Klaus, because they are being watched by members of Marcel’s entourage.  Klaus responds to the secret stalking in a surprisingly gentlemanly way, by offering to buy his stalkers expensive Scotch . . . after threatening to remove their spines.  This act of kindness enables him to earn an adorable nickname from the cute new bartender, who conveniently appeared in town, just as the ORIGINAL bartender lost her neck . . .

hundred dollar guy

I hope they enjoyed that Scotch.  Because it’s the last they will ever have . . .

A Man Who Knows How to Make an Entrance . . .

Though initially ambivalent about helping his younger sibling . . .

find move

find move 2 margaery petrova

find move 3

find move 4


 . . . Elijah ultimately decides to do the brotherly thing, by murdering Klaus’ stalkers when they attempt to silence Sophie  . . .  And no one has a more artistic flare for murder than Elijah . . .

3 12 elijah klaus


Suave Elijah . . . he sure knows the way to a woman’s heart, doesn’t he?  That bludgeoned organ was like a Valentine’s Day card to dear Sophie.  All that was missing was a poem, and the words “Be Mine.”

brothertobrother elijah honor in revenge

Then, he got the second stalker impaled against a wall!  Color me turned on . . .

elijah 1

heard of me


I wonder what kind of bedtime stories Sophie’s mom told her about Elijah . . .

She’s having my baby!

not gumbo


“Dammit.  I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all that gumbo.  Is there a bathroom around here?”


In the Big Reveal of the evening, Elijah brings together Klaus and the NOLA witches for a Peace Treaty of sorts.  As it turns out, the witches aren’t out to kill Klaus, at all.   Rather, they are hoping that Klaus will save them from King Marcel and his tyrannical Magic Free rule . . .

wanna be a king

King Klaus, huh?  And the witches think this will be a SAFER alternative for them?  Seriously?  Did they only watch the Klaus/Caroline parts of Seasons 3 and 4 of The Vampire Diaries.  Did they miss the part where Klaus brought to extinction an entire RACE of hybrids . . . a race that HE CREATED?

surrounded by idiots

Logic notwithstanding . . . the witches have an ace up their sleeve, one they think will win them Klaus’ loyalty.  And out pops Hayley . . .

klaus sex 2

Klaus scoffs at this.  Clearly, the witches didn’t watch the Klaus/Caroline parts of the show either.  “I don’t give a sh*t about Hayley!”  Klaus says, more or less.   “It’s not like the sex was THAT good.  And, besides.  Everyone knows I prefer blondes.”

3 14 klaroline dances


“Not so fast, Klaus,” the witches warn . . .


Clear Blue Sophie . . . the only pregnancy test for your knocked up teen werewolf

Detecting pregnancies . . .well, now that’s a nifty magical power!  Some might argue it’s even cooler than playing with salt, and lighting candles, without suffering from a nosebleed  . . . (Then again, after about three months, MOST people can “sense when a woman is pregnant.”  It’s called WEIGHT GAIN!)



Damn straight, it’s impossible!  1,000-year old hybrids and werewolves making babies together?  What’s next?  Sparkly vampires impregnating humans, who have to be turned into vampires, after they give birth to creepy kids who reach adolescence, by the time they are a year old?


Being a typical guy, Klaus immediately wants a paternity test, accusing Hayley of slutting around with someone else in Mystic Falls.  (How hilarious would it be if the baby actually ended up being Tyler’s?)

tyler points

But Hayley says, “Nope, all you, Big Guy!  No one else on TVD liked me enough to sleep with me.”

Klaus uses his vampire hearing to detect the baby’s heartbeat. And he is briefly touched by the notion of an unborn Mini Klaus in the tummy of his one-night stand.  But then, he quickly reverts back to petulant child mode.  “Kill the girl, and the baby.  See what I care,” Klaus shouts, as he stomps off into the darkness . . .


“But Daddy . . .  I thought we had a Moment!”

Elijah follows Klaus to try to get him to reconsider.  He tells him that a baby can be just what the broken Mikaelson family needs to get a fresh start on life .  . . a path back to their humanity.  (Silly Elijah, don’t you ever watch Lifetime Movies?  The baby never saves the failed marriage .  . . not even magical babies, like Mini Klaus.)

But Klaus’ pride will simply not allow him to do the witches’ bidding, not when he feels like they manipulated him, and underestimated his intelligence . . .

3 15 too smart seduced summer


command me


In other family news, the Honeymoon between Klaus and Marcel is clearly over.

marcel klaus


Furious at Marcel for having him followed, Klaus threatens to bite one of the King’s little boyfriends.  And later, when Marcel starts getting all territorial, and calling NOLA his city, Klaus makes good on that threat . . .


Awww . . . Newsie Cap Guy!  You’re too pretty to die!

Death by Klausi-kiss.  Now, THAT’S a much better way to go than Death by Tree Branch . . .

cannot be killed

Message sent and received.  Marcel may have his rules.  But those rules simply don’t apply to The Original Hybrid . . .

Artsy Fartsy

camille and klaus

Always a sucker for a spunky blonde and some good artwork, Klaus begins to reconsider the whole Daddy Situation, after engaging in a rather loaded conversation with Bartender/ Psych Major Camille about a street vendor’s art, which seems to literally speak to Klaus’ soul.  (Another horcrux, perhaps?)  Camille describes the painting as done by someone who is angry, dark, lonely, and doesn’t like to be controlled . . .

stop hounding me

It probably didn’t help that the painting in question kind of looked like this . . .

pile of poop

Every King Needs an Heir . . .

every king needs eir


Whether it was the poopy painting, or the Caroline lookalike who talked to him about it, something about the experience causes Klaus to have a change of heart . . .

rebekah heart


Klaus and Elijah wax nostalgic a bit, about their youthful days spent in New Orleans.  (And by youthful, I mean they were only in their 600s.)  Klaus admits to his brother that he wants what Marcel has . . . power, friendship, family, loyalty, and a kingdom to call his very own.

And yeah, if that kingdom just so happens to include Hayley’s spawn, so be it . . .

4 2 gonna make a baby

In his first boldly political move to regain power over the Treme, Klaus makes peace with Marcel.  He rescues Newsie Cap guy (YAYYYYY!!), by feeding him his blood, and politely asks his former vampire kid for permission to stick around awhile.  Marcel accepts Klaus’ apology, but is smart enough to know that this detente between the two is only temporary, as the town is certainly not big enough for both of their massive egos . . .

santa klaus

Elijah too makes plans for a more permanent stay in Spinoff Land, by boldly cutting off ties with that sex kitten, Katherine Pierce, in the final moments of the episode . . .

so much life

our turn

What’s the matter Elijah?  You have something against getting laid?

3 13 family business rozzy

dont know family 3

Look, I get it, Elijah.  Family is important.  But I don’t see why you can’t have your family, and eat Katherine out too.  Just sayin . . .

the kat monster

Speaking of liaisons . . .

Sweet Caroline?

So, remember when Klaus promised Caroline that he’d be her personal travel companion, and willing cosmopolitan tour guide, for all eternity?

rome paris


Apparently, so does he!  A deep appreciation for art and culture is always something Klaus and Caroline shared.  Even though Klaus had the opportunity to travel the entire world, whereas Caroline’s existence, up until this point, has been limited to the confines of a sometimes stifling small Virginia town.  So, it’s natural that Klaus would think about Caroline, while traveling in a city as rich and culturally unique as New Orleans.

great world

share with you

And given the general easing of relations between the two, of late, it’s hard to imagine that Caroline would be able to keep the smirk from her face, as she listened to this message.

caroline on phone

I may be in the minority here.  But I’m one of those people who think Caroline would be better served as a cast mate on The Originals (with the option to return to TVD, if the series went south, of course).  For starters, for the past two seasons, Caroline hasn’t had a solid plotline that didn’t involve Tyler (gone) or Klaus (also now gone).  Though her friendship with Stefan is “cute,” I don’t really see a strong character developing future for Caroline on TVD, as the series stands.

caroline cryin

Another reason, I’d like to see Caroline head off to NOLA is for the simple fact that girlfriend is GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL.  And given her clear desire to travel, and strong appreciation for art and beauty, it seems natural that Vampire Barbie would want to head to college somewhere outside the bounds of her hometown.

3 14 caroline looks at klaus pic raqueeel duarte

Get on that pony and ride, far, far away, Caroline!

But will she take Klaus up on his offer?  Sadly, I suspect not.

American Gothic

TVD has been hemorrhaging characters, left and right, of late.  And I suspect the loss of one of its few remaining leading ladies would be too much for the show to  bear.

kids cry

But hey, you never know . . .

So, Fangbangers?  Tell me, what did you think of The Originals.  Were you relieved to see these ancient jet setters FINALLY seeking out some classier digs?  Does Sexy Marcel make for a more intriguing villain than that Identity Thief Silas?  Are you glad Gentleman Elijah has started eviscerating people again?  And yeah . . . how about that BABY?

baby simba    Fangirls Forever


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7 responses to “How Ya Like Me Now? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Originals”

  1. Julie

    Hey Julie! Long time no read 😉
    I watched the episode last night and rushed to read your recap this morning.
    I’m a bit torn… imo series are way better than their pilots. I think TVD didn’t kick off until eps 4 or 5 (you can see it clearly in their haircuts), and this pilot/episode was kind of like that: it was bad, because it wasn’t that bad… so I’m not expecting a great series. The good thing about having low expectations is that I might end up being surprisingly pleased with the new series if it’s good, and tell everyone “I told you so” if it’s bad. I really wish to be wrong but I’m having a hard time with getting excited for The Originals (which ultimately is TVD’s first cousin). Here’s why:

    1st. TVD has gotten so many plot lines and characters, it’s become hard keeping track of everything (for example, the spell to unleash the dead for Silas to be able to die… what happened with that? Didn’t they have to complete the three massacres and that was it? What’s with the face… Where the hell is Tyler and why does he come and go? Running away from Kalus is a lousy explanation. And the triangle? And this “new” plan to kill Klaus?) Lots of lose ends and little development. I think the writers are biting off more than they can chew, and in this aspect I think the spin off couldn’t have come in a better time. [+1 for The Originals / -1 TVD]

    2nd. The Pilot has dropped the bomb, meaning THE BABY, way too early. Ok, here I was literally talking to my screen saying “nooo puede ser, me estas jodiendo”, which is spanish for “noooo waaay, you are screwing with me” and then I started laughing. (Shameful confession, the “Listen” moment with the heart beat was kinda cute).Don’t get me wrong… I don’t think it’s a bad plot line, and lets face it, with so many hot people having sex on a regular basis, it was bound to happen sooner or later. My bets weren’t on the one night stand though… Anyway, I think they wasted a good bomb by doing this on the pilot, there’re only a few things more jaw-dropping than unexpected pregnancies. [-1 for The Originals / +1 TVD for providing us with all those half naked scenes that lead Hayley into motherhood]

    3rd. I LOVED Marcel. Hope they don’t kill him off halfway through the first season. I liked him for the same reasons Klaus hated him: he managed to be a great villain, not only a feared one. Plus he’s fun. As in Stefan-in-the-twenties kind of fun minus the killing sprees. (+1 for The Originals/ 0 TVD)

    4rth. It seamed a little forced the whole Elijah thing, meaning how many times does this guy need to be screwed over by his brother before realizing he’s NEVER going to change?? His line “depending on my mood” left a smile hanging on my face for a whole minute and made up for the lack of credibility the character’s been having lately. (the Katherine rejection is a good example of that, though it makes perfect spin-off-have-to-split-up-characters sense. (-1 for The Originals)

    So the count is The Originals: 0 / TVD +1
    And maybe that +1 is pure loyalty. The writers need to do some serious changes, they need to be more coherent (as coherent as you can be on a supernatural show), stick to 2 or 3 simultaneous plot lines tops and give the characters the opportunity to grow a little bit. There’s so much going on that they don’t even have time to stop and think where they are headed.
    This spin off, as you well said, might be the gush of fresh air that could give the writers and producers the clarity to focus on the now two fandoms.
    Whether The Originals succeed or not, it was time for a change… TVD was getting out of hand and now hopefully we’ll get to see two shows that are neater and more consistent.

    PS: Interesting thoughts on Caroline. And as sad as I think it is for her to leave Tyler behind, you are probably right. She could have so much more growth in The Originals and explore her leadership skills. She could be one of the leads, and instead she’s being left aside army-wife like, only waiting and worrying for her man to come home. I’d like to see the Caroline who takes matters into her own hands and has the power to keep Kalus on a leash, she is one hell of a girl. Maybe we could take Tyler to The Originals too and have a new triangle? Just saying… hahah my Forwood fan easily shows her fangs when threatened.

    • Hey Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I loved your insights into the series. You make a really great point about the baby storyline being introduced too early in the series. For one thing it presupposed that the fans care about Hayley in a way that they just don’t yet. And why should they, when her main claim to fame is shacking up with Silas and screwing over Tyler, Caroline and the hybrids?

      On the other hand, let’s say the writers re-introduced Hayley, by showing a bit more about her search for her parents, maybe even throwing in a few flashbacks of her childhood, and her friendship with Tyler. Then they had her on the run from strange witches, who are after her for reasons she doesn’t quite understand. She could have met with that fortune teller from the beginning of the episode, who would give her this cryptic warning that she carries within her the key to New Orleans saving or destruction. Then, Sophie and Jane Anne befriend her, maybe even offer her a job at the bar, and suddenly the witch stuff stops.

      All this time, Hayley’s remains sort of on the periphery of the series. Every few episodes she has some clever banter, maybe even sexually intense encounters with Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, who are embroiled in their own battle with Marcel. She becomes sort of likeable, in a non threatening way, because we don’t see her all that much. The premonitions and attacks of the early episodes are almost forgotten . . . until Hayley realizes she’s pregnant, sometime in the middle of the season.

      I feel like the baby storyline, introduced in the way that it did, threatens to overshadow what is potentially the most exciting aspect of this series: the battle for power between Marcel and Klaus. Because, like you, I think Marcel has spectacular potential to be a great, charming, and dangerous villain. Better than Silas. And certainly better than that Renesme thing inside Hayley. 🙂

      I also agree with you about Elijah. I kind of wish he shacked up with Katherine for a few episodes, and lived selfishly for awhile, coming to NOLA only after he found his brother to be truly in danger. Not only would that have been a more dramatic entrance for the character, it also would have restored Elijah a bit of the self-respect he lost from being beaten down and betrayed by Klaus so many times in the past few seasons.

      But hey, as you said, TVD didn’t really hit its stride until episode 4 or 5. So, perhaps the same will be true for The Originals. And if not, well then we both have the joy of saying, “I told you so.” 😉

  2. I’m gonna try to get this reply in without accidentally deleting it this week! lol In no particular order–I like Marcel FINE now! He’s a great nemesis for Klaus–they can go toe-to-toe-testosterone with the best of ’em! He’s also reeeeally sneaky about whatever his secret is for keeping the NOLA witches under this thumb. Yes, I agree. Are the NOLA witches trading one tyrant for another? (That’s a rhetorical question–lol) Jane-Anne was SUCH a red herring–here we thought she’d be a prime player and she bit it like Janet Leigh in the first act! Death by air freshener was priceless! We still think alike–you went for the horcruxes, I thought, with the hank of Hayley hair more that Sophie was brewing up Polyjuice Potion! The blackbelt/barmaid/psych major reminded me of a Caroline lookalike, too, and she has Klaus’ personality nailed with only 2 brief encounters–think there will be more intimate meetings to come, and maybe there’s more than meets the eye to Cami. Hey, she got a name, more than a couple of lines, and is still alive at this point! I laughed my butt off when you captioned that one pic Clear Blue Sophie–I’d called it ClearBig Easy Witch’s Home Pregnancy Test! So now we just have to find out what Hayley’s carrying–human, werewolf, vampire, hybrid, or LITTER! They left it that Rebekah doesn’t want to go to NOLA, but that will be a moot point if/when The Cure gets decided. Either she gets it (hey, she’s still their sister even if she was the recipient), or there’s no reason (other than property values) to stay in Mystic Falls.

    As a stand-alone pilot, the epi was weak if you didn’t know any backstory. Apparently the network pitch was some modified version of what we saw, who knows? I’m gonna voice probably an unpopular opinion: I was relieved to see these ancient jet setters FINALLY seeking out other digs, as I feel too much of TVD has been used up on their story, possibly causing some of the dislike of the TVD storyline over the past 2 seasons. Just my opinion, please don’t shoot the messenger! My main worry is that the spinoff could kill one or both shows….hoping maybe for a reset a little closer back to the book story. *shrug–just me* I LOVE MY TVD!

    • Hey mak! I can totally commiserate with you on the lost comment. I’ve lost lengthy comments and substantial portions of blog articles on more occasions than I’d like to admit. I don’t know why WordPress insists on eating so many words. (Perhaps, it needs them to survive?)

      I love that we are so in sync in our thoughts on this episode. Clearly we are rubbing off on one another. Great Damon-loving minds think alike, after all. 😉

      I think you bring up a really good point about the spinoff potentially providing the TVD writers an opportunity to streamline their increasingly convoluted story, and “get back to basics,” as they say. They’ve been stretched a bit thin lately, trying to service the fanbases of both the core three AND the Originals. And in Mystic Falls, Klaus has become more of an Annoying Friend than a Big Bad. A New Villain is desperately needed. (And I’m not talking about Silas, because zzzzzz). Perhaps, the kitsune?

      I know that particular chapter of the TVD book series is much maligned, particularly as a result of what it does to Damon’s character. But I still think the kitsune, if done correctly, could be an intriguing villain, who can add an interesting layer of mythology to the series.

      And yes, Marcel ROCKS. Parts of the pilot left me ambivalent. But he gets an A++ from me. He had me at “How ya like me now?” 🙂

      • Yes to the kitsune! Most folks I talk to that stopped reading then were like, “too sci-fi, too unbelievable”–um, you believe in vampires? And google kitsune–real Oriental mythology, much older than Bram Stoker and vampires! What makes Western mythology more believable than Eastern? lol I think you’re totally right. WordPress is into cannibalism. Totally. lol

  3. East Coast Captain

    What an episode Jewls sorry I came late. Marcel is pretty awesome villain though I think they have to humanize him eventually. Though it makes me wonder how they overthrow Marcel even though they could do it by force Klaus and Elijah could easily wipe him and his entire entourage out and Klaus can´t be killed since it would mean the end of Marcel and many others.

    Yeah Hayley is pregnant, her boobs were bigger so she´s definitely lactating.

    I hope Klaus can pay child support but I think he can.


    I believe the child is fake. I hope it does. Half werewolves or not, hybrids are vampires, therefore dead. They can’t have children. Don’t make this a Twilight series…

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