Death Takes a Holiday – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Walking Dead.”

greetings dead


Impending Apocalypse notwithstanding, our Mystic Falls Scooby Gang seemed to be having a pretty good day, in this week’s “The Walking Dead.”  Old friends were reunited . . .

not every ghost

ones like me

idiot best friend


Old scores were settled . . .

kill big


And lots of liquor was imbibed . . .

drink fancies


Not for Bonnie, though.  Her day kind of sucked.  Apparently, all dark magic expression and no play, make Bonnie one dead witch . . .

omg dead


And let’s not forget Silas.  In the course of a single hour, the guy  went from being Caroline to Stefan to Alaric to a statue of Alaric, stolen from Madame Tussaud’s museum of frozen celebrities . . .

wax head


He kind of looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle . . .

Raphael in the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles is due in 2013

Let’s review, shall we?

stefan salvatore fist pump best

The Homicidal Maniac Workout Plan

3 6 warrior elena

Personally, I’ve always really admired Elena Gilbert’s dedication to fitness . . .

3 6 spotting ipromiseyou-delena

I mean, here is a girl, who, as a human, took down a supernaturally strong, ridiculously buff, vampire hunter, just because she was REALLY PISSED OFF.

connor jordan

killer headline

This is one scrappy special snowflake!  Throughout the course of the series, quite a few episodes have been dedicated to Elena’s take-no-prisoners workout regimen.  I smell an exercise video in the works!

3 8 hungover delena fight 1

This week, Elena begins the episode in workout mode once again.  She’s breaking cement blocks with her feet, and doing chin-ups on the ceiling.

chin up


Stefan hopes all this exercise will make Elena forget she wants to murder Katherine . . .

focus on hate

Yeah . . . not so much . . .

stefan shrug

Caroline is on Distract Elena Duty too.  But instead of fitness, she opts to involve Elena the Orphan in Graduation Invitation Stamping?

stamp licking


Damon eye roll

Great idea, Caroline.  Reminding Elena that her family members are dead, and can’t attend her graduation, when some of those family members are dead because of Katherine, is DEFINITELY going to keep Elena from wanting to kill Katherine.

sarcasm sign

The Scooby Gang really should have considered putting Damon on distract Elena duty . . .

sexy delena 2

delena sex big

Just saying . . .

Meanwhile over in the Forest Where Bad Things Always Happen . . .

Stuck on You

12 witches

13 point


Foreshadow much?

Bonnie and Katherine each have something one another want.  Katherine has a big ugly rock from Silas’ grave.  Bonnie has the power to make Katherine invincible.  (Sounds like a fair trade to me!)

Not trusting that Katherine will give up her precious Big Ugly Rock, on her own volition, Bonnie does a spell that physically links Katherine and Bonnie together.  This means neither can go more than 25 feet from the other, without being shocked, like a dog running up against one of those electric fences.  It’s kind of like a Restraining Order in Reverse.

frustrated kat

Now, personally, if I was Katherine, I would have used this to my advantage . . . and told Bonnie I hid the big ugly rock at a five-star hotel in Aruba.

katherine ing

This way, at least I’d get a good vacation out of the deal . . . even if it meant having to share a hotel bed with someone who probably mutters in Latin, and suffers from bloody noses, in her sleep .  . .

2 22 bloody nose bonnie

“Can you ask room service to bring up some extra tissues?”

Instead, Katherine just gives up the Big Ugly Rock.  Lame!  You’re going soft on us, Kitty Kat . . .

ponder kat

Silly Rabbit, Blood Bags are for Vampires . . .

When I was a kid, I always assumed that the real reason you left cookies and milk for the fat guy in the red suit, on Christmas Eve, was so that, after he broke into your home through your chimney, he’d be full and happy enough not to make off with your valuables and eat the family pet.  Pretty morbid huh?

santa klaus

For the same reason, I always thought that taking the blood bags out of Mystic Falls Hospital was a terrible idea.    You’re not protecting the hospital from hungry vampires, you’re just taking away their cookies.  And when Silas doesn’t have his cookies (particularly when he needs them to Bring About the Apocalypse in 24 hours), he’s just going to change his face into the pretty nurse from the reception desk, and eat all your patients.


Now, you’ve got this whole stockpile of blood bags, and no one to use it on, except the population of vampires you were hiding it from in the first place.

draco malfoy facepalm

Let that be a lesson to you about leaving Santa his cookies, Lizard Forbes . . .

You Can’t Get Blood from a Stone . . . or Can You?

It’s getting mighty windy at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls . . .

rain 1

rain 2


This couldn’t have something to do with the whole Drop the Veil / Apocalypse thingy, would it?

shakes head


Elena may have her humanity back, but she’s still being a heinous b*tch.  She tells Rebekah that she’s not her friend.  And she refuses to apologize to Caroline for calling her repulsive last week.  At least Humanity Free Elena liked to party . . .

dancing elena

Homicidal Elena just plays darts, and pretends the board is Katherine’s face . . .

3 4 happy to know kat

Someone get this girl a Midol please, because this Vampire Period has gone on way too long . . .


When the power goes out in Mystic Falls, starting from the three points where all those people died, the Scooby Gang figures out that Bonnie is triggering the “Expression Triangle” and dropping the veil, BEFORE the Full Moon.  They race to the center of the triangle to find her, which, of course happens to be right in that magical place they never go . . . SCHOOL.

high school 1

Elena can give two craps about Bonnie and her Apocalypse Schmocalypse.

sad bored hobby

She just wants to kill Katherine.  But then she finds out Bonnie is WITH Katherine.  And she’s ready to go in, all guns blazing.

3 6 warrior elena

Warrior Princess Mode Activated . . .

She even provides the Gang with a key piece of information, which helps them to get underground where the spell is occurring.  Who knew Elena had such an intimate knowledge of the school’s underground passageways?  It looks like someone’s been spending science class making out in the boiler room . . . You go, Elena!

happy elena

Underground, Bonnie’s hugging a rock and making it bleed.

bloody rock

Personally, I prefer my magic tricks to be of the Cute Fluffy Rabbit Pulled Out of a Hat variety.  But that’s just me.  Anywhoo, I guess the veil is down now.  At least around Mystic Falls . . .

Back upstairs, Damon tells Elena that she isn’t allowed to play in the Stop Bonnie / Potentially Kill Katherine games.

end of world crap


So, she stakes his ass.

damon pull stake lylyord tumblr

This is becoming a highly abusive relationship . . .

Fortunately, Damon gets a helping hand from a surprising source . . .


locker 42


Whether you are Team Delena, Team Stelena, or Team Klaroline chances are you are still on Team Badass . . .

team bad ass

This bromance knows no bounds.  And the fact that Matt Davis’s “other” show has recently been canceled, means that this relationship just might live to see another season . . .

ian says awesome

How sweet of Alaric to keep a watch over his errant vampire buddy from the Great Beyond!

not every ghostones like me

idiot best friend


Alaric helpfully explains that, at this point, the “Veil” to the “Other Side” is only down around Mystic Falls.  This means that while, theoretically speaking, every supernatural dead creature CAN cross over to the Land of the Living, only those still on contract with the CW actually do it . . .

kind of dead

Sorry Megan Fox.  That doesn’t include you.

And while Damon is thrilled to see his long lost buddy, he can’t help but be a wee bit skeptical.  After all, Silas has been wandering around impersonating literally everybody by Damon’s mother.  So, why wouldn’t he impersonate Alaric too?

single tear alaric

Alaric is a bit hurt that Damon would accuse him of being Silas.  But he’s more than ready to prove he’s the Real Deal.  Would Silas know about the duo’s Secret Alcoholic’s liquor stash at the high school?

locker 42 2

“It’s really YOUUUUU!”

Actually, I hate to break it to you Damon.  But . . . yeah . . . Silas would totally know about Locker 42.  That’s what he does!  He gets into people’s heads, and uses their inner most thoughts against them.

damon soulful crying

So, while I’m totally with Damon in wanting Alaric to be real.  There are some things that happened later in the episode, which made me question the veracity of this reunion.  Let’s just leave it at that.

Meanwhile, over at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Matt and Rebekah are trying to have a Romantic Candlelight Apocalypse Dinner, when they get cockblocked into engaging in an Undead Family Reunion of their own . . .

hot kol 2

That Kol.  He really is one perpetually pissed off dude, isn’t he?  He makes Big Brother Santa Klaus look downright congenial . . .

klaus cheers

“Thanks for making me look good, Kol.”

Theoretically speaking, the untimely death of Jer Bear, should have rendered Kol free of that pesky “Unfinished Business” that seems to plague so many miserable ghosts these days.  But nooooo!  Kol has to get greedy and kill Elena.  He even makes a shiv out of a liquor bottle and stabs Matt just for sh*ts and giggles . . .

matt car breakdown

“Why is everybody always making me bleed?”

Rebekah quickly jumps to offer Matt some of her vampire blood.  But Matt politely declines.  “My position as the sole human character left on this show, makes me so much less likely to get killed off.  So, I’m going to stay away from the Big Bad Vampire Juice, if you don’t mind,” he explains.

Beks heads off in search of a first aid kit . . . a HUMAN one.

Doppelganger Hijinx Etcetera

Katherine asks for slack on her Bonnie leash to investigate a noise she hears in the basement.  Surprise!  It’s Elena.  So, are these two kicking the sh*t out of one another going to become like a weekly thing?

but kick

Meanwhile, Bonnie’s down the hall, screaming and moaning, because Elena is hurting her “feelings twin.”  That’s what you get for linking yourself to someone who everyone wants dead, Bon-Bon.  It’s the reason she wanted invincibility in the first, place, HELLO!

surrounded by idiots

Plus, since Bonnie already used that Big Ugly Rock to bring down the veil.  She doesn’t really need to be linked to Death Trap Kat, anymore, now does she?

not that i know guildens fern

While “Caroline” convinces Bonnie to break the link, Stefan heads off to intervene on yet another fight between his two ex girlfriends that has absolutely nothing to do with him . . .

stefan crying gif

“When did everybody stop loving me?”

Homicidal Maniac Elena is not the least bit amused with Stefan for ruining her murder games.  And the fact that he did it to prevent Elena from inadvertently killing Bonnie does little to diminish girlfriend’s rage.  “Dead Bonnie, meh,” Elena shrugs the idea off.  “Here, Stefan.  Have a date with my fist.”

beating up stefan

Now, Elena, if you keep beating up your boyfriends they won’t worship the ground you walk on, anymore!  (Who am I kidding?  It’s your show.  They will ALWAYS worship the ground you walk on . . .)

3 finale happy ponytail elena

Meanwhile, back at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Rebekah finds Caroline in a bit of a psychological pickle . . .



But wait . . . isn’t Caroline with Bonnie?

3 12 confused damon

SILAS, YOU RAT BASTARD!  You’ve done it again!

So, while Beks is gently breaking Real Caroline out of her Silas-induced Mind-Mush . . .

keep cut 2

keep cut 3


Bonnie is being taunted by FAKE CAROLINE / REAL SILAS.  Who dances around her in a circle, turning into a different face, every five seconds.  Silas helpfully explains to Bonnie that the ugly Uncle Fester / Voldemort mug was nothing more than just a ruse, to make Bonnie believe he couldn’t get into her head anymore.  You know what that means, don’t you Fangbangers?  Silas is hot.  Just like everybody else on this show.  SURPRISE!

3 12 klaus eyeroll

Just once I’d like for there to be a villain on this show whose truly hideously deformed.  It might make for a nice change of pace, you know?

my precious

I hear this guy is available . . .

Silas also throws in a piece of mythology we all might have forgotten about . . . The Hunters Curse.  Theoretically, Silas should have been suffering from it, after he drained Jer Bear of Blood.

dead jer 2And yet, it makes sense that the Beautiful Mind Guy, who gets into people’s brains and impersonates others, like it’s his job, would be able to easily defeat a curse that involves . . . someone getting into your brain and impersonating someone else .  . .

nodding oh yeah

So, much for that useless piece of mythology . . .  Silas hears Damon in the distance.  So, he decides to turn into Alaric, and make Bonnie believe she’s suffocating.  Like I said, it’s a bad day for Bon-Bon . . .

Meanwhile, over at the Special Snowflake Cemetery for dead Gilberts . . .

Welcome back, Jer Bear!

Unable to murder Katherine, Elena is stuck with dealing with those pesky emotions, she’s been trying to bury for a third of the season .  . .

cant feel


Uhhh . . . Elena?  Not to be insensitive or anything, but haven’t you only been feeling like “this” for the past two minutes?  Before that you were all . . .

dont feel anything

Fortunately, for Elena, yet another distraction is conveniently heading her way . . .

hello my dumplings


Yes, that’s the nice thing about impending death, it prevents you from being depressed about the deaths of others.  And Suicidal Elena seems more than ready to meet her Maker.  After all, most of her friends and family are already on the “Other Side.”  At least they were, until that whole “veil dropping thing” that happened about five minutes ago . . .

how many times

jer bear


Hey, remember back last season, when Kol and Jer Bear were batting cage buddies?

kol bat

Those were the days, huh?  Now, Kol is in a murderous rage all the time, and Jer Bear is . . . well .  . . doing this . . .

shot kol


Except, it actually ends up being Stefan, who breaks Kol’s neck just when he’s about to finish his oh-so-cliched villain line:  “Kill me once, shame on me.  Kill me twice. . .”

DAMMIT STEFAN!  I wanted to hear the end!

stefan shrug

Cue the Gilbert Family reunion . . .

elena stabs jer

No, not that one!  More like this one . . .

undead gilbert


Back underground .  . .

Be Calm . . . Kill . . . SILAS?

Bonnie thinks she’s suffocating.

bonnie shane 2

But Grams pops by to tell her  . . .

crazy gram

“Just kidding!”

This episode actually contains within it a surprisingly inspirational message about mind over matter.  All these big strong supernatural characters are repeatedly being undermined by the limitations of their own brains.  In other words, ending the World’s Apocalypse really comes down to nothing more than good old fashioned “positive thinking.”

b positive

And positive thinking is exactly what Bonnie does, when she sees “Alaric” and makes believe he’s turning to stone.  And then, that’s precisely what he does . . .

wax head

“Kind of feeling a bit stiff here!”

Did I say Alaric?  I meant Silas . . .

clap for bonus

At least we are meant to assume that it’s Silas.  But I’m still skeptical . . . more on why in just a bit . . .

Happy Happy, Joy Joy?

get the girl youre undead to me


I actually really hope this scene is real, because it was one of my favorites in the episode.  Alaric and Damon spend Alaric’s final moments, pre veil re-lift hoisting “Silas'” cemented body into a trunk, and getting toasted on cheap liquor.  “I thought you were cutting back,” Damon chides.

“I thought you were going to protect the children,” Alaric retorts.

Touche, Alaric!  And when Alaric gives Damon the cure he found in Silas’ pocket, and tells him to “get the girl.”  I’m cheering!  How sweet!  How fitting!  How perfect!  Especially when you consider how long it took protective pseudo dad Alaric/ Chunky Monkey to come around to the idea of a Delena Courtship .  . .

damon and alaric

But then I thought:  “How do you get something out of the pocket of a person who is encased in cement?”

thinking damon bitemesomerhalder

And then, I started to wonder if the thing encased in cement was really Silas, or just poor Alaric, who can’t seem to catch a break, even on his Dead Guy Holiday?

dalaric 2

And if Silas is skulking around Mystic Falls, maybe that thing he gave Damon wasn’t the cure at all, but something else entirely. OR . .  . maybe it is the cure.  And he’s planning to pretend to be Elena or Stefan, so that when Damon gives the cure to them, he can take it for himself.

soap dish smash

But that doesn’t matter, right?  Because in order for Silas to do what he plans to do, the veil needs to be COMPLETELY down, not just partially down like it is now .  . .

Cue Bonnie’s descent into magic fueled Dark Willow Madness . . .

dark willow

Down goes the veil.  And Bonnie goes tumbling right after it . . .

omg dead


I wonder if ghosts still get nosebleeds . . .

In happier news, Damon wasn’t the only Salvatore who got to make nice with his Bestie, this week . . .

take a hint


Good ole, Lexie!  Always telling it like it is, and clearly shipping Delena from the great beyond.

go team delena

Speaking of ships, it makes sense that Lexi would stamp her seal of approval on the Staroline relationship, be it platonic (like Stefan’s and Lexi’s, or otherwise) . . .

replaced other blonde


Not only are they both blonde, perky, vampire barbie types . . .

3 3 caroline petrovadiaries

Both Lexi and Caroline seem to bring out a surprisingly light-hearted humorous side of Stefan, we don’t often get to see on the show.  In short, he actually SMILES when he’s with these two.  And even broody Stefan deserves a laugh every once in a while . . .

steroline 1

steroline 2

steroline 3


Now, whether that spells a romantic future for these two in Season 5, remains to be seen.  It also depends largely on This Guy . . .

klaus moving on rebekahmkaelsn

And This Guy. . .

klausityler sex 2

Speaking of romances up for grabs, Beks and Matt get yet another romantic romance cockblocked.  This time the culprit is Rebekah’s ancient ex with the distractingly long Fabio hair . . .


rebekah heart

“Why do I suddenly feel like I’m on the cover of a bad romance novel?”

And his sexy vampire hunter friends . . .

shirtless con

not shirtless vaughn

Oh these three probably had quite the Hot Gay Dance Party over on the other side . . . Kind of wish I was there to see it . . .

new girl think i understand hunting

But now, it’s all about the VENGEANCE!

focus on hate

Ruh-roh, Scooby Gang!  It looks like your graduation party just got a lot more crowded . . .


Until next time, Fangbangers!

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8 responses to “Death Takes a Holiday – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Walking Dead.”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Well looks like the finale is shaping up to be awesome. I hope everything ends well but this is Mystic Falls after all. Elena deserved that butt kicking, she´s been insufferable most of the season. I actually hope Steroline is end game.

    • I definitely think there will be some Steroline developments next season, especially now that Klaus is “otherwise engaged.” Though, I suspect now, the whole “Stilas” thing will complicate matters . . .

      As for endgame . . . part of me hopes Stefan finds an entirely new romance. Meredith perhaps?

  2. Ah, another brilliant recap! I find your theory that Stone Cold Silas is really Alaric intriguing. Yes, I too wondered how you got an object out of the pocket of a statue, myself, but what the hey! I’m still holding on to the theory that The Cure is really The Kiss of Death Serum–that nobody but Qetsiyah that created it knows what it really is. I’m hoping it’s Love Potion No. You Can’t Escape From My Evil Clutches That Easy. Anywho! I’m not believing Bonster is really 86’d–they let her be dead for a whole commercial break way back when we had Kalaric, and we all bought into it, so I’m remaining skeptical until Thursday (or beyond). Maybe she should eat her turnips, because we all know ‘you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip’, either! And how many of The Five will return–you gotta know there were more than we saw ‘on film’? Will they become “The 300”? Will they form a new boy band? Will they open up a tattoo parlor in Mystic Falls and EVERYBODY can pretend to be something/someone else? I’ve lost my mind. There’s a TON of stuff to be answered (or not) in the last epi: Who takes The Red Bull, when is Bex gonna change her mind about going to NOLA, is Elena gonna switch back to Stefan again, wny does Matty always end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, WHY are they bothering with truant graduation when there’s so much other crap going down, how is the hospital performing surgeries without a blood supply, how can Bon be a ‘returnee from The Other Side’ AND a dead body at the same time (doppelganger central), does ANYBODY really believe Bon could make Katherine ‘truly immortal’, what’s up with this ‘partial veil drop’–what did Bon do, the Dance of the 3 veils? I may not survive until Thursday night, and it’s for sure I won’t survive after! lol Bring on The Shirtless Hunter Calendar, and why aren’t there any WOMEN hunters? lol

    • Ahhh, but there is a woman hunter, Mak. 😉 Her name is Buffy. 🙂 It’s interesting when you think about how, on BTVS all the “potentials” were female. And here they are all male. Why can’t vampire hunting ever be a Coed (Naked) sport?

      Personally, I feel like the whole veil dropping thing ended up being a bit of a Macguffin (and an excuse to bring on all those guest stars). All that fear of the apocalypse, ended up amounting to five minutes of Matt on a skateboard attached to explosives. 🙂 Especially when you consider the fact that Silas could have just dropped Stefan into the lake in the first place, once he was awoken to avoid Quetsiyah, rather than messing with Bonnie for EIGHT episodes. 🙂

      In some ways, this mythology was a bit of a repeat of the whole Fake Mayan Curse. Though, at least, back then, Klaus actually DID perform SOME ritual, involving dying vampires, werewolves, and a moonstone . . . He just didn’t do it for the reasons we thought he would.

      All that said, I’d totally buy a Vampire Hunter Calendar . . . even if just for Jer Bear and Connor alone. That reminds me . . . we never did get to see Vaughn shirtless . . .

  3. Julie

    I was leaving a well thought reply and then my stupid computer went all crazy bitch mode and closed the tab. And I really can’t remember all I said haha
    So here I go again:
    Two weeks ago I was complaining about the direction the series was taking. I was really disappointed and was very reluctant on how the season finale was going to be handled.
    I have to say this was my kind of episode: the pace, not knowing if Bonnie is helpful or useless, Rebekah’s awkward attempts to being nice, the eternal triangle and who-loves-her-more pissing contest, the fact that Silas IS hot after all, and not as stupid and vulnerable as they made us believe he was, and last but not least, because I LOVE RE wait for it………….. UNIONS!!!!!
    There, I said it, I’m a sucker for long lost loved ones getting reunited with their family and friends.
    I remember sometime ago there was a pol on which three of the dead characters would you bring back to the show and here were my choices:
    JEREMY saving Elena from Kol, with that one line “How many times do I need to kill you?” MY GOD, he’s hot, he’s wonderful, we love him PLEASE JEREMY STAY. It was a very moving moment (there might have been some sobs and tissues involved).
    ALARIC! It was soooo good to see him back! He is that kind of mature presence, besides the useless and endangered species the parents are, that brings a sense of security to the show. AND he takes Damon’s mind off Elena; plus, they make the best bromance ever. You said it as it is: no matter which couple you ship, WE ALL ARE TEAM BADASS.
    And finally, Lexi… my beloved Lexi. She’s my personal favourite character, probably because of her personalty, but also because she brings out the best in Stefan, and I do love his character though he did become suffocating when was with Elena. He was so bummed in that scene at the grill (and Paul Wesley always delivers great sad faces…) I thought it was about Elena but NO! I was happily proved wrong. He was thinking about his best friend (now, all together 1..2..3.. AWWWWW) and all of a sudden “You’ve got to be kidding me” AND THERE SHE WAS! Now I assure you, there WERE sobs and tissues and laughs and giggles and more tears… What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic… I love LOVE in(on?) its every form.
    So there I was, thanking the writers out loud for such an epic episode with my three loved ones dropping by…
    Cue… the ending. WTF BONNIE?! I mean, I know I said horrible things about that girl, but you don’t speak ill of the dead. That was definitely a shocking moment, I didn’t see it coming. And this is why I love TVD… sometimes there are rough patches, but out of the blue they run this episode and you forget all those annoying things that made you question the quality of the show. I know they can’t have this type of eps airing every week (and I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about this already), but wouldn’t it be great? Maybe not… probably I wouldn’t appreciate it as I do now.
    (rereading this makes me feel like I should have the “fanboying” screen cap next to may name haha)
    Now to more serious stuff:
    With Bonnie’s death, that means the veil’s staying “up”? Because I’d sure looove that. Think of the upsides:
    – All of the above
    – Kol can join The Original’s series
    – More exploring on the hunters story, now that the originals are out.
    – Bonnie will be there as a supernatural wikipedia, but not as a witch anymore (if I’m getting how this veil thing works… she’s dead before she’s a witch, right?)

    I’m sorry, I think I’m overexcited 🙂 Probably I left really important things out, but I sincerely couldn’t focus on anything… I might just rewatch the episode. I usually have more insights on the series, but just this time I needed to ramble like a teen girl over her first crush.
    I also can’t believe we are almost done with the season! Time flies… I’ll definitely be reading you on Friday/Saturday 🙂
    Thanks Julie for another excellent recap!

    • I’m sorry, Julie. I hate when WordPress eats my words! Just last week, I wrote an entire blogpost and published it, only to find that WordPress randomly erased, HALF of the words I wrote. I had to unpublish it and try to remember what I had said, before re-publishing. And of course, by that time, you are so sick of writing, you don’t even want to go through it again. So, I applaud you for soldiering on, and leaving me a thoughtful eloquent comment, despite Evil WordPress trying to thwart your progress.

      I too was happy with the penultimate episode of TVD. It was definitely fun to see the “old guard” back together again. I’m just mad they didn’t somehow manage to keep Alaric and Lexi around . .. or at least Alaric. After all, the whole reason they killed him off was so he could star in Cult. And since Cult was canceled, I see no reason why he can’t be a series regular on TVD, even in Ghost form. He could be the “kids” Mommy to Damon’s “Daddy.” 🙂

      At least Jer Bear is back in the mix, though I hope they make good use of him, and don’t just merely rehash the whole “I see dead people” storyline we got back in Season 3.

      I know plenty of us expected more from TVD this season. But at least they ended on a high note, with a nice couple of episodes . . . and . . . of course . . . Delena. 😉


    Well, Silas’ body was turned to stone, not his clothes, rewatch carefully. It was possible to take the Cure out, but I like the twist you say about Alaric being the real Alaric… But that couldn’t explain how Original Alaric couldn’t overpower Damon. It seems Silas doesn’t have supernatural strnegth, only mind control…

    • Good point, bb. It looks like Alar-Silas ended up being Actual Silas after all. But we predicted correctly that he would be able to “escape” his frozen-ness . . .

      I just feel bad for the guy they “cast” as Silas. I’m sure he thought he was getting groomed as next season’s big bad, a la Klaus. All he got was a few lines in a Voldemort costume . . .

      That’s gotta suck.

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