Redemption Maybe? – Vampire Diaries Season 4 Revamped Part 3 – Klaus Mikaelson

klausy smirk

“If you want to be bad, be bad with a purpose.  Otherwise you’re just not worth forgiving.”

These are the iconic words Damon utters to Klaus Mikaelson, during a mid-season conversation that’s about as “Meta” as TVD gets . . .

One could probably imagine a similar conversation taking place in the TVD writers’ room, around the time Plec and Co. got their greenlight to film the back door pilot to “The Originals.”

3 14 originals party photo

After all, Klaus had been the series’ main Big Bad for three seasons know, roughly 75% of the life of the show.   And now, there was a good chance the Original Hybrid would be blessed with a series of his very own . . . a series where the character would be featured, not as the show’s antagonist, but as its protagonist.

santa klaus

how you like me now

It was a tall order.  Fortunately, the writers  already had two templates as to how such a feat could be accomplished.  The first was another blonde villainous vampire, by the name of Spike, who made a similar journey from Season 2 Big Bad, to Season 4 Questionable Ally on the critically acclaimed TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The second was Damon Salvatore himself, the ultimate TVD Bad Boy MOSTLY Redeemed . . .

big bad vampire out here

Step 1 – Make the Villain Fall in Love . . .

Everyone remembers the first time Spike spied Buffy at a party, and was instantly plagued with an intense desire, both to kiss her, and kill her.  Damon felt the same way about Elena, the first time he laid eyes on her   . . . his brother’s girlfriend, who bore the same face as his lost love.  She seemed to be the ultimate pathway toward Sweet Revenge.

the almost kiss

So, too did Klaus experience this conundrum, firsthand, when, to get revenge on his errant sire hybrid Tyler, he compelled him to lethally bite his girlfriend, Caroline . . . potentially ending her new vampire life, before it even really had a chance to begin . . .

3 11 klaroline savior

When Klaus first arrives at the Forbes household, his motives are unclear.  Is he planning to let Caroline die, to teach Tyler a lesson in obedience?  Is he hoping to seduce her, thereby taking from Tyler, the one aspect of his life, over which Klaus, up to this point had no control?

klaroline lovers

Whatever Klaus had initially planned to do, it’s clear from the way he looks at Caroline, lying vulnerable on the bed, that he’s changed his mind.  Seeing this young woman, on the cusp of young vampire life, lying helpless before him, does something to Klaus.  It changes him imperceptibly.

2 19 klaus petrovacaptures

So, Klaus tells this dazzling woman, what no one else would, that vampirism, while “dark” and “monstrous,” can also be beautiful, because LIFE is beautiful.  And then, he gives her a choice . . . immortality or death.  This insanely powerful vampire, who has done nothing that wasn’t directly in his selfish interest, from the moment he set foot in Mystic Falls, for the first time, relinquishes control of his life and his Master Plan to Caroline, for reasons he may not yet entirely understand.

3 13 shh klaus rupertgrint

The result is a scene that remains one of my favorites in TVD history . . . And this is coming from a staunch Damon fan . . .

Klaus may have begun his wooing of Caroline back in Season 3, through expensive gifts, vacation promises, and pictures of ponies . . .

3 14 klaroline dances

3 11 klaroline gift from klaus 1 loveablesins

But it wasn’t until Season 4 that Klaus really started making headway toward winning Caroline’s heart.  And he did it in a way that the Klaus of earlier season’s would never have even considered.  He did it by listening to her, opening up to her, and by not taking advantage of her when he had the opportunity to do so  . . .

klaroline truce

Like, for example, when he was in Tyler’s body, early on in the Season . . .

Sure KlausiTyler comes off like a bit of a cad in this scene. But he’s also surprisingly chivalrous!  Michael Trevino does a great job conveying Klaus’ emotions during this season.  He’s clearly turned on and pleasantly surprised that the woman he loves is FINALLY attacking him sexually.  And yet, as much as he wants Caroline, there’s a part of him that can’t bear to have her under false pretenses.  So, he exposes his true identity, and, in doing so, loses the opportunity for Hot Hybrid Sex . . .


blue balls

It’s the second “half-way” decent thing he did for Caroline in Season 1.  (Rescuing her from that anti-vampire cult, being the first.)  And there’s plenty more where that came from . . .

Let’s not forget that Klaus came as Caroline’s date to the Miss Mystic Falls Dance?

Just as Buffy reawakened the quiet poetic side of Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Elena awakened the selfless side of Damon, so too does Caroline seem to bring out an oddly lighthearted cheeky version of the usually single-mindedly power hungry Klaus.

klaus cheersHe smiles, he jokes . . . he makes a good show of pretending to care about things that Caroline cares about . . . things that would otherwise have no meaning for him whatsoever, like pageants, proms, and party dresses . . .

stole prom dress

And what girl wouldn’t appreciate a guy with the unique ability to be the Fairy Godmother to her Cinderella, while still looking like Prince Charming?

the dress

(Even if it does make you wonder what happened to all the girls who used to wear the dresses he stores in his closet?)

klaus dinner

3 10 klaus best respond to violence westhalder

3 12 bonnie klaus knew youd catch me

Of course, every budding relationship hits a bit of a snag.  And Klaus finds himself relapsing into old habits, when he, once again, is responsible for Caroline’s receipt of a lethal werewolf bite . . . a bite he issues himself, out of anger at Tyler, and Caroline’s brutal rejection of him . . .


klaus tums

And yet, when all is said and done, Caroline and Klaus make amends, and end up parting as “friends (?),” with Klaus temporarily ceding the love of his life to the same young hybrid that’s been a thorn in his side all season .   . .

first love 2

in love 2

love saved 3

You know what they say, “if you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, due to series cancellation, it was meant to be.”

So, why the ultimate change of heart, with respect to Tyler?  Especially, considering how intent Klaus initially seemed on keeping these two lovebirds apart indefinitely . . .

klaus moving on rebekahmkaelsn

I suspect it had a little something to do with Step 2 of our Redemption Plan . . .

Step 2 – Find a New Big Bad, So the Old One Can Unite with the Scoobies Against Him . . .

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike joined the Scoobies after the ultimately corrupt initiative put a chip in his brain, preventing him from hurting humans.  This made Spike no longer a threat to Buffy and her gang.  It also gave him impetus to fight on their side, as it enabled him to kill the only type of being he still could . . . demons.


Likewise, in Season 2, Damon promptly put aside his differences with his brother, so the two could battle a mutual, and much more powerful enemy . . . Klaus, himself . . .

2 20 damon klaus headnods laurenhoward

The writers must have had quite a difficult time coming up with a Bigger Bad than Klaus.  After all, we are talking about a 1,000-year old virtually unkillable vampire, who also possesses full werewolf powers.    But it wasn’t Silas’ strength that made him such a threat to the Scooby gang, it was his impressive ability at mental manipulation . .  .

silas big fat problem

Not only could Silas impersonate any person or thing, he could also see inside people’s minds, and expose their deepest darkest fears and secrets.  As a result, Klaus found himself reluctantly found himself in a role entirely foreign to him . . . that of VICTIM . . .

American Gothic

Sexy buff shirtless, victim . . . but victim, nonetheless . . .

Ahh yes, the infamous bloodline . . . another nifty way to align Klaus to the Scooby Gang, was for the writers to literally tie his survival to their own.  Thanks to some crafty mythology, Klaus can no longer die, because killing him would effectively demolish the ENTIRE CAST OF THIS SHOW . . .

laughing klaus

I bet Spike is wishing he thought of that one.  It sure beats his method of maintaining character relevance . . .

torture her

While, in previous Seasons, Klaus was the Ultimate Enemy, like Spike and Damon before him, Klaus suddenly found his own personal interests aligned with Damon, Stefan, Caroline and co.  And so, he helped them, in their quest to defeat Silas, by solving the key to the Hunter’s Map that would lead to the vampire cure.  (He hoped to use that cure on Elena, so her human blood could produce more hybrids.)

3 5 eleklaus

“Human blood bag for all eternity . . . BFF . . . same difference.”

A vulnerable, lovelorn, character, fighting on the side of good, to defeat the Big Bad, who sometimes becomes prey to the ultimate predator . . . Season 4 Klaus sure sounds like a hero to me . . .

3 1 klaus smirk tbtvdgifs

except when he isn’t .  . .

Step 3 – Keep the Former Villain Behaving Badly Enough That He Doesn’t Lose His Edge . . .

3 13 salvatore groupie klaus hissyfit

Heroes are great and all . . . but they can be SUPER boring.

4 10 nod off

So, when writers are tasked with redeeming a Bad Boy, they always must make sure he remains just evil enough to still be interesting.  (Plus, there’s the ever present issue of character consistency.  A guy like Klaus doesn’t just automatically start shaking hands and kissing babies, just because he fell in love with a pretty girl!)

shoots klaus

And so, for every kind, romantic, or selfless act Klaus committed in Season 4, he had to do something truly awful, just to balance things out . . .

klaus sex 2

Revenge Sex with Hayley . . . definitely not your finest hour, Klaus . . . (hot triangle tattoo notwithstanding)

No act was more awful than the Christmas Massacre Klaus committed in episode 9 of the Season.  Betrayed, once again by Tyler, and the hybrids, who Tyler systematically taught to break themselves of their bond with the Original, Klaus is BEYOND pissed.  This single calculated act has painfully exposed the Original Hybrid’s two Achilles Heels’ his pride and his loneliness.

utterly alone

And so Klaus lashes out in the only way he knows how, by ripping from Tyler everything he cares about.  Murdering 13 people in a single episode,  one of whom is a completely harmless human.  It doesn’t get much more villainous than that . . .

And yet, as Caroline once said, “Anyone who can love, is capable of being saved.”

3 11 klefandiaries love never dies

Can New Orleans be Klaus’ salvation?  Can Caroline?  How about that ridiculous plotline spawn in Haley’s belly?

stefan shrug

Throughout Season 4 of TVD, Klaus has shown himself to be capable of both exceptional good, and horrifying evil.  But is it enough to make him a relateable protagonist on his own series?  A series without Caroline . . . the woman, who made all this sort-of redemption possible?

itsdelenalove klaus caroline

Only time will tell . . . and for an immortal like Klaus, time is definitely on his side . . .

3 11 klaroline thousand b days faerywonderland

Speaking of everyone’s favorite Vampire Barbie, she’s next on my Re-Vamped list.

3 3 caroline petrovadiaries

See ya then, Fangbangers!

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9 responses to “Redemption Maybe? – Vampire Diaries Season 4 Revamped Part 3 – Klaus Mikaelson

  1. East Coast Captain

    I seriously you get to each main character before the summer is up. My potential favorites are Stefan, Silas and Katherine.

    Joseph Morgan came out and said he is in favor of the pregnancy plot.

    • Silas . . . now that ought to make for an interesting post, East Coast Captain. What do you write about the villain who WAS everybody . . . literally? 🙂

      (Personally, I think Candice Accola was the best Silas. Evil Caroline gave me chills!)

      I can see why Joseph Morgan would be psyched about the pregnancy plot. I think it will give him the opportunity to play a side of Klaus we haven’t seen. And good actors always like to challenge themselves with meatier roles. That said, I’m personally not excited about the plot, since I tend to hate pregnancy and baby storylines, as a rule. (Sappy, boring, cliche, etc.) Maybe The Originals writers will prove me wrong.

  2. I applaud your process of ‘revamping’ this character. I could not have done it, as I am in the (admittedly) small minority that is not a fan of ‘this’ Klaus. By way of explanation–I’m one of those insufferable ‘book people’. Klaus was a mere blip on the radar (i.e., only a TEENSY part of the storyline, aka the maenad in ‘True Blood’ that they based an entire season on, nearly killing the show) in the book series, who never deserved an entire season of viewing, much less the better part of three. Additionally, my head cinema (again from the books) saw a VERY different Klaus. He was supposed to be extremely tall, rank malodorous, with white-blond hair that stands up all over his head like it was blasted by an icy wind. Electric blue eyes like a razor-frosted sky. The devil incarnate, in a natty old threadbare raincoat. I’m getting off point, here! The Klaus that was presented to us was never the Klaus I had envisioned, This Klaus only lived up to his true evil rep in two epis, as far as I’m concerned. During the sacrifice in ‘The Sun Also Rises’ and the hybrid Christmas massacre. Otherwise, they’ve castrated him to the point he should have no belly button anymore. There should never have been any ponies, paintings, tears, or [OMG] giggling. At any rate, I was hoping for a new Big Bad in Mystic Falls, but it appears (even though interesting with the new Shadow Self/doppelganger) that we’re now going to be stuck with Silas for unending (or until show cancellation) seasons. Speaking of doppelganger–IF Katherine is indeed human again, her blood is once again a source for hybrid-making for Klaus. The writers are walking a very thin line in tying the two shows (TVD-Originals) together, unless they sever a lot of those ties in the early next season epis. Matt-Rebekah, Klaus-Caroline, Katherine-Klaus, yadayadayada. If these connections remain and flourish, it will get cra-cra how and in what order the shows air, as it looks like they’re aiming for not only a few but FREQUENT crossovers are going to abound. I also suspect (and apparently you do, to, from the strikethrough you put in), there may be some validity to [due to series cancellation]. Would be a handy way to get some main characters out of ponderous contracts, move the ones that want to stay to another show, and nobody loses face. I hope not. Anywho! I’m one of those that is thankful that this ‘moonstone’ and his family are leaving town–and hoping permanently. Yes, I’ll be watching him castrate himself in NOLA (for fear of crossovers), but won’t be NEARLY as invested in The Klaus and Newbies show as TVD. Sorry so long, you did a great job analyzing what we’ve been given! xoxo

    • Hey mak! I too always envisioned Klaus as being OLDER, as in REALLY Older, not just “I’m supposed to be 1,000, but I act 25, like everyone else on this show . . . older.” 🙂

      Something like THIS maybe?

      (By the way, I totally forgot the character from the DaVinci Code’s name was Silas! Go figure!)

      That would have certainly made Klaus a lot scarier! That said, I like what Joseph Morgan did with the role, especially in the early episodes, where Klaus was written as a one season villain destined-to-die. A lesser actor would have likely made a comic book villain out of Klaus. But Morgan made the character a lot more complex and nuanced than he could have been, which I think was why Julie Plec kept him around as long as she did. (Also, I think she has a major crush on Joseph Morgan.)

      You bring up a great point about the two series being possibly too closely linked. With Matt and Rebekah, I think they can write their “summer abroad” trip off as a one time fling. But Klaus’ need for Katherine’s blood to make more hybrids . . . particularly now that he’s trying to battle Marcel and his cronies, and can use all the “sired help” he can get, will be more difficult to sever. Perhaps, we will see Klaus take a chunk of blood from Katherine in the Season premiere of either show, and that can “hold” him, until mid season at least. After all, I think we only saw him take blood from Elena twice, and he got two batches of hybrids out of her . . .

      Oh, and never apologize about a long comment. I always love talking TVD with you!

      • I had another thought, which I’ve had for half the season…what if The Cure was a giant hoax, and it either does nothing, or is really instant death? That would take care of the hybrid bloodbag issue, and give one less nuanced role for Nina to play–I mean, she’s going to have to personify a ‘human’ Katherine, if Kat is alive. Just a thought. We only have Silas’ word for what The Cure really is/was.

  3. Julie

    As cheesy as it may have sounded… his line “He was your first love… I intend to be your last. However long it takes” was IMO my first step towards accepting Klaus as a possible love interest for Caroline. What can I say… You know I’m a die hard Forwood fan. But maybe, just maaaaaybe I liked Klaus a little, for a minute, right there chopping the witches/ghost’s head off. All very romantic 😉

    • That line got to me too, Julie. Immortality makes for REALLY patient lovers. Look at how long Damon held a torch for Katherine!

      I also like the confidence inherent in Klaus’ statement. He’s not being the “Jealous Guy.” He’s probably had thousands of lovers in his past. So, he’s willing to accept Caroline’s relationship with Tyler, and allow it to play out, knowing that she will come back to him, in the end.

      I’m a Forwood fan too. But I do agree that it’s not entirely realistic for Caroline and Tyler (both immortal) to date one another for all eternity, just because they happened to find one another in high school. I think it’s more realistic to assume that Caroline and Tyler will truly love one another, yet occasionally take other lovers. Ditto for Caroline and Klaus. Because monogamy is one thing, when you have one life to live. But when you are eternally young, it just doesn’t seem realistic.

  4. Whycat

    Will you be recapping any more characters before Season 5 airs? Please!

  5. chloe

    when’s the next recap? pretty please?

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