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“See you soon! I hope not sporadically.”


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Scott McCall has turned over a new leaf, this year. He no longer spends every waking moment thinking about his girlfriend, Allison. Instead, he spends every waking moment thinking about how Allison is no longer his girlfriend.

busted salison

He’s got a brand new ride . . .


Hey may or may not be able to FLY . . .

flying posey

He still wakes up early to do pull-ups on that random bar in his bedroom, every morning. But now, he does it one-handed . . . WHILE READING BOOKS . . . REAL ONES!

call of wild

It’s a new school year, Wolfbangers . . . and a new season . . . a time when everybody — characters, cast members, and staff writers — get to start fresh, with a clean slate and a positive can-do attitude. Together, they vow to be better than they were the year before. And some of those changes really do stick! The rest, unfortunately, are destined to be . . . wait for it . . . ephemeral.

teen wolf 12 eye roll

But that’s later. Let’s focus on now . . . when everything in Beacon Hills is just perfect . . .

nodding oh yeah

. . . well . . .unless you’re a deer . . . or a bird . . . or a cat . . . or that chick who tried to save Isaac’s life . . . or Isaac . . . or Boyd . . . or Erica.

omg cat

Scratch that. It’s a new school year, and everything already pretty much sucks in Beacon Hill for almost everybody . . . except for the people with the really hideous toenails. Those guys are living pretty large right now . . . On with the recap, anyway!

stiles with wolf hat

(Special thanks to my main man, Andre, for all the kickass screencaps. His generosity and talent is DEFINITELY not ephemeral . . .)

This could get ugly . . .

It’s odd to think that Isaac got the most intense action sequences of all the main characters, this week . . . especially when you consider that he spent about three quarters of the episode either completely unconscious or seriously doped up.

puppy love

Case in point . . . in the opening moments of the season, he’s nothing more than a seemingly lifeless, carved up body, being dragged along the streets. A mysterious leather-wearing teenage biker chick is doing the dragging . . . a biker chick, who just jump-started Isaac, by electrocuting his nipples. (Now, that’s not very nice!)

friday yet nipples

2 19 weird puffy pyramid nipples burytheworries

Girlfriend is uber petite. So, I’m thinking she’s probably some sort of supernatural something, to be able to so easily bear that load. She’s no wolf though . . . that’s for sure. Presumably, Not Wolf Girl hijacked Isaac from the folks who are currently chasing him . . . the ones that sliced his tummy into bacon strips . . .

2 3 bacon

. . . a process which somehow stole his memories. Memories, schmemories . . . I’m more worried about his ab muscles. Those grow back, right?

isaac wolf

Anywhoo, Not Wolf Girl tosses Isaac on the back of her motorcycle, like he’s a rag doll, and rides off into the night.

relaxing ride

Not a good time for a nap, Isaac . . .

But wait! Someone’s coming! It’s those twins who played Felicity Huffman’s kids on Desperate Housewives . . . except, now they are much buffer . . . possibly, because they stole Isaac’s ab muscles . . .

magic mike wannabe

more strippling

magic mike

The twins run much too fast to be human, which makes them instantly formidable. Unfortunately, they don’t seem too bright to me. I mean, if you are chasing someone, who is on the back of motorcycle, with the intent of re-kidnapping them, wouldn’t it make sense to . . . oh . . . I don’t know . . . ACTUALLY SLAP OR GRAB THEM OFF OF THE MOTORCYCLE?

surrounded by idiots

Instead, the brothers just keep slapping the motorcycle with their hands, and occasionally keying it with their nails. It’s fun to watch. But as far as strategies go, it’s pretty lame.

We arrive inside some warehouse, where we find out, once and for all, why the Scavo Carver kids seem so lame brained . . . it’s because they only have ONE brain, between the two of them! (Not even a Word-of-the-Day calendar can help you there.)

ephemeral haha

In what was decidedly the SECOND most disturbing scene in the entire episode (I’ll get to the first, in a bit), one twin shoves his hand into the other twins back. Somehow, doing this causes them to become this monstrous being, that, honestly, looks more ogre than wolf. (Sorry, Shrek!)



offended shrek

smash 2

Neat trick. The jokes about this one pretty much write themselves . . . My pal Andre what happens to the boys’ poor pants, when they do this? (As we know, the brothers have already helpfully taken off their shirts, like the good little teen TV show stars they already are.) I mean, I guess they rip, along with the rest of the wardrobe. But which brother gets the luxury of keeping his own crotch?

blaine crotch grab

Another thing I wondered . . . how exactly does one learn that they are capable of doing something like this? Were the two kids just sitting around, playing on their play station, when, all of the sudden, one said to the other, “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat, if I shoved my hand into the back of your spinal column and merged, bodies’ with you? Let’s try it! If you die, I’ll know not to do it so hard next time . . .”

first stabbing

But back to the show . . . Not Wolf Girl takes out this massive stun gun thingy, and blasts the werewolf version of Megatron out of the present, and into the future . . . i.e. a later point in the episode.

electric - Copy

bzzzz - Copy


All Tatted Up . . .

In quieter news, Scott is hoping to get himself a brand new tattoo on his arm . . . of an equals sign?

tatt done

3 15 wtf can i

(Stiles is right. He definitely should have gone with a kanima tatt! Now, that would have been awesome!)

kanima tatt

too soon haha - Copy


Speaking of Stiles, he’s not too big on the whole needles thing . . . bludgeoned bloody, kanima and alpha ravaged bodies . . . NO PROBLEM . . . needle pricked Scott Arms though? EW . . . that sh*t’s gross . . .

teen wolf stiles - Copy


Poor Scott. He spent all that time in the operating chair, and it turns out, his tattoo is only . . . EPHEMERAL. (You knew I was going to do it, didn’t you.)

it healed

thank god - Copy



His super wolfy skin heels right over the damn thing. It appears Scott is going to have to find another way to show he’s “over Allison” and “bad ass,” might I suggest purchasing a teen-life crisis motorcycle?

Now you see me . . .

Later that same night, Lydia and Allison are in a car headed for a double date with NOT Scott and Stiles. And because it is with NOT Scott and Stiles, it will most certainly not be an ORGY, as Lydia helpfully reminds us . . .

not an orgy - Copy

Speaking of things Lydia helpfully reminds us . . . erm . . . Jackson’s GONE. He went to the TV series Arrow “live in London,” which is television series code for, “You left us in the lurch, you bastard . . . no proper Departure Plot explanation for you!

ep 10 jackson cries

Coincidentally, Scott and Stiles are also in a car, driving home from the tatt parlor . . . and that car happens to pull up right next to Allison’s and Lydia’s at a stop light. It looks like this “double date” may end up becoming an orgy after all . . .

awkward meet - Copy

Or . . . maybe not . . .

drive away - Copy

Lydia and Allison can’t avoid Scott and Stiles forever though . . . Rabid Bambi’s Mom makes sure of that, by ramming herself right into Lydia’s front windshield. It’s touching the sacrifices our animal friends make for our ships . . .

something coming

friday yet again


Scott feels up the dead deer, and cleverly notes that it was “terrified,” moments before dying. Now, I know that’s supposed to be one of his nifty wolf powers, being able to instantly discern animal moods, by fondling their boobies. But really, I could have told you the animal was frightened, the moment I saw it FLYING INTO GLASS TOWARD ITS INEVITABLE DEATH!

duh told you so

Meanwhile, over at the hospital . . .

It’s SCOTT, DAMMIT! SCOTT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW! (Even though most of you thought it was Derek or Stiles.)

The writers are mad at you, Wolfbangers! For two seasons, they have tried to beat it into your brain that SCOTT IS THE HERO OF THIS SHOW . . . SCOTT IS THE HOT ONE . . . the one you are supposed to love. And yet here you (and I) am, week after week, gabbing on about “Derek this,” and “Stiles that,” and “Sterek the other thing.”

derek dream 1


sterek next to eachother

And we are all “Scott who?”

trust scott

So, Teen Wolf is going to prove this character’s worth to you once and for all! Laid up in a hospital bed Not Wolf Girl is calling for an Alpha’s help. Scott’s night nurse mom, helpfully offers to snatch up Derek . . . because, honestly, what self-respecting cougar wouldn’t want to hit that?

mamas proud enter cece drake

But Not Wolf Girl shakes her head, looks directly at the camera and says, “NO, YOU BITCHES! I’M TALKING ABOUT SCOTT! SCOTT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW!”

scott important

Later Mama McCall is tending to Isaac’s bacon stripped abs, which are starting to look like garden variety abs, thanks to Isaac’s presto chango bad boo boo erasing wolf powers. (SEE! THE ABS DO GROW BACK! THANK GOODNESS!) Mama McCall is wondering how she is going to explain to her fellows Grey’s Anatomy buddies, how the guy, who, just seconds ago, had a bloody, mashed potato tummy is suddenly in perfect health.


Isaac has the answer. He looks directly at the camera and says, “NO, YOU BITCH. GET SCOTT TO HELP! SCOTT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER ON THE SHOW!”

Well, they sure schooled us . . . Speaking of school . . .

Objects in your classroom window are closer than they appear . . .

Was I the only one that thought Lydia’s bedroom boy toy was nothing more than a figment of her imagination . . . kind of like the dead guy she spent half of last season flirting and locking lips with?

sex again

good sexx

lydia smirk

Because if he IS real, then why isn’t he going to school with Lydia? And, more importantly, where the hell are Lydia’s parents?

lydia brave tatikatelena

My mom was pretty low key, when I was in high school . . . but not SO low key that she’d let me spend the morning before my first day of junior year shacking up wanna-be Justin Bieber . . .

bieber fever

Speaking of The Biebs, at school, Lydia notes that she doesn’t want a boyfriend, but is very interested in sex with young boys . . .

fresh men

In context, it’s an acceptable comment, because “Lydia” is only 16. So, it makes perfect sense for her to have interest in 14-year old boys.

fresh boys


But coming from an actress who is 26 . . . I have to admit it comes off sounding a little creepy . . .

In addition to all the incoming freshman, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Hot Abs are also matriculating at Beacon Hills high this year. They walk the halls in slo mo to pop music, of course . . . because, why not?

slo mo

In English class, the new teacher show’s everybody how “cool and hip,” she is, by sending the entire class a text message containing the final words from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I’m disturbed by the fact that she had all their cell phone numbers.

heart of darkness

It’s a neat idea, in the new, “media” age. But, honestly, if girlfriend REALLY wanted to fit in, she should have texted them passages from something a bit more contemporary . . . like . . . say . . Fifty Shades of Grey?


Scott and Allison make a plan to talk later in the day, before Scott is called out of the school on Important Werewolf Duty, because . . . wait for it . . . SCOTT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW . . .

Meanwhile, Stiles and Lydia discuss the recent strange behavior of the animals in Beacon Hills.

discuss 1

something coming something bad

Deer are throwing themselves into cars. Itty Bitty Purse dogs are BITING LYDIA . . .


. . . cats are committing suicide, as we find out later (remember when I told you the mighty morphing twins was the second most disturbing part of the episode for me, THIS WAS THE FIRST!)

suicide dont do it

It’s like that awful M. Night Shlamalamadingdong movie with Mark Wahlberg, where the trees make everyone kill themselves . . .

plastic plant

Lydia refuses to believe anything weird is going on, which is why an entire flock of birds has to fly through the school window, in order to prove her wrong!


birds 2 - Copy

dead bird

scary birds

Silly Lydia! You should have listened to your purse dog! The entire cast of Angry Birds had to die because of you!

angry bird

Meanwhile, back in Scottland . .

Derek Hale makes an appearance (and instantly, I forget everything they just told me about “Scott being the most important person on the show.”)

I begin to wonder about the hiring policies at the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, when I notice that half the staff walks around with massively untrimmed fingernails and hideously ugly bare monster feet. Now, that’s just unsanitary!


ew face

One such foot fungused person puts sleepy juice in Isaac’s IV drip . . .


dopey again

Like I said, Isaac gets to spend most of this episode in a stupor . . .

Another Unhappy Feet candidate wolfs out on Scott in the elevator, just as he’s managed to escape, with a now fully healed, but also completely unconscious Isaac. And I must say, it’s not looking too good for our hero . . .

wolf guy


down boy

supposed to be in school - Copy


I’m sorry . . . you just can’t keep trying to convince me that “Scott is the most important person on this show,” when Derek’s around being all . . . Dereky . . .

ep 9 yeah derek just teenwolf

Off to the hideaway, they ride . . .

Derek’s Hideaway of Hotness

Scott, Stiles, Derek and Isaac gather at Derek’s “training pad,” to discuss what most of us already knew from watching last season finale, and this season’s trailers. (1) There’s a pack of Alphas in Beacon Hills.(2) They’ve kidnapped Boyd and Erica;


(3) They leave weird marks on prospective Alpha Pack joiners doors, prompting Derek to paint HIS red, in order to hide the evidence. (Should have gone with black, buddy. Red isn’t really your color.)

red door

Even though Isaac’s stomach is looking as wound free and sexy as ever, Derek rips off the younger man’s shirt and covers him with plantlife to “heal him on the inside.”

Damon eye roll

Nice try, Derek. But you can’t fool us . . .

Speaking of “hidden wounds,” Scott reveals that the reason he wanted a tattoo so badly was to reward himself for pretending not to care about being broken up with Allison . . . you know, even though he spent half the episode talking about how bummed he was about being broken up with Allison . . .

bad scott

So, Derek gamely offers to attack Scott’s arm with a blow torch . . . He says he’s doing this to allow Scott’s tattoo to reemerge from beneath his skin. But honestly, I think he’s just doing it so his bud will SHUT UP ABOUT ALLISON!

blow torch

held down

“OK, OK .. . I’ll stop talking about Allison. Just STOP TORCHING ME!”

Back at school . . .

Alls well that ends . . . not so hot . . .

Recent Hospital Escapee, Wolf Girl races through Beacon Hills High looking for Scott, while there she grabs hold of Lydia’s and Allison’s wrist, leaving a strange mark on them. (Some type of protection spell, perhaps?)

marked together - Copy

In hindsight, she probably should have “marked” herself. Because girlfriend ends up getting attacked by the ENTIRE ALPHA PACK, we met earlier in the episode. (I guess they are still really sore about the whole Isaac’s Abs thing. Then again, maybe they are just upset, because none of them have ever had a pedicure, or used a toe nail clipper. That would make me pretty mad.)

mad girl

Interestingly enough, she manages to fight all of them off, without even using her crazy stun gun thingy . . . pretty darn impressive.



Except, then that Pretending to Be Blind Wolf Leader dude . . .


cool guy

see or not

. . . with the cane has to come by and ruin everything, by murdering the most badass chica on the show (sorry Allison!), before we even got a chance to learn her name . . .



Now, that’s just bad manners . . .

Right before he does it, Pretending to be Blind Guy admits that this is all part of his MASTER PLAN to rid the world of Super Wolf Scott, by getting Hot Wolf Derek to kill him somehow . . .

ep 9 yeah shirtless derek


Stiles would most definitely not approve . . .

stiles sad 1

And that was “Tattoo” in a nutshell . . . Next week on Teen Wolf, Stiles FINALLY gets some nookie, and Sassy Peter Hale returns . . .

See ya then, Wolfbangers!

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23 responses to “It’s like . . . ephemeral – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Tattoo”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Come on Jewls, you´re hard on poor Scott, I think that´s the appeal this ordinary teenager becomes a hero for the people something like that, the one that will save the world but no of course he´s not the most important they are all important. After all Scott is the leader of his own pack they will help him.

    I suspect Scott innately becomes an Alpha, there is a scene in a trailer where his eyes suddenly turn from yellow to red in an instant. Though I wonder what the plan of the British supposedly blind werewolf is?

    Although the female Alpha sure is sexy. I suspect Derek might take her to bed, the bad guys are supposed to get humanized later on.

    • Andre

      I think the main problem is how much the episode shoves it into our face how great and important Scott is when doing nothing of establishing that potential in the previous two seasons apart from that weird second season finale. 4 months are just not enough to justify such a character change or even investing so much in him.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I agree with you 100% about the appeal of an ordinary teenager becoming a hero. Hey . . . it worked for Spiderman. 🙂 The problem with the way the writers deal with Scott (for me anyway), is that they keep beating us over the head with the idea that he isn’t ordinary . . . that he is, in fact, special, secretly brilliant, and an excellent leader destined to be a hero. To me, its a bit too much “tell” and not enough “show.” I suspect that will change as the season progresses.

      For me, the ultimate Ordinary Guy with the potential for heroism is Stiles. Imagine if, all this time, everybody is blathering on about Derek and Scott saving humanity, when, all of the sudden, the one TRUE human on the show, comes out and saves Beacon Hills, just by pure smarts and will. Now, that would be a great story!

      Then again, maybe I’m just partial to Stiles as a character . . . 🙂

      • Andre

        If I am allowed to throw my two cents in:
        I think we all don’t want Marty Stus on this show. For those who don’t know, that is the male equivalent of a Mary Sue.
        Also despite certian shows, series and films being so popular, only very few people can actually stand such characters or these types that simply cash in on the bad boy/woobie combination, because when we actually see them in detail, we notice how much they suck.
        And Scott, despite everything, has gotten too much exposure already for that to work, so if he suddenly is sooooo great, most people who are beyond simple consuming will just not buy it.
        So I really hope the character Deucalion talked about is not Scott or any other of the current wolves because then not only would Davis suck but this whole Alpha Pack. Think of it in the last episode alone they would have had several chances to kill each of the resident Teen Wolves and they are still alive. Saying that they need Derek to kill one of them is the equivalent of … The only equivalent of unnecessary complicating things I know of would be the detective in the Cat Woman movie with Halle Berry, where he could never tell that it was her and need a DNA sample for that despite her costume barely covering anything, and… but not spoil anything, if you want to know just watch:

        Believe me having Derek just to kill Scott would really be stupid.

  2. I was smh at the books Scott was reading in his summer of Smarts. All those seasons of LOST made me try to read some great, deeper meaning into the titles and the fact that Scott was reading them, but I think the writers were more, “SCOTT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON ON THE SHOW AND ALSO USED TO BE SMART BEFORE GIRLS AND WEREWOLVES AND OTHER #TeenageProblems.” Or something.

    Not ashamed to say that getting a notification for this recap made my day!

    • Hey 1lostone! I agree. Had this been Lost, we’d all be rushing out to analyze Call of the Wild and White Fang (screencapping the other books, of course, so we could get a full “reading list”, in hopes of getting some hidden “Big Picture” answer to the season. And then it would all end up being “Purgatory” anyway. 🙂

      But you are right. In this case, I suspect the books had no deeper meaning than, “Hooked on Phonics Worked for Scott!” and “Haha, look at all those books about wolves on the typical high school reading list.” 🙂

      And I’m honored to have made your day. Your kind comment made mine.

  3. Great recap as usual, Jewls! Thanks so much for doing them, since Thomas Galvin won’t be, and I need my supernatural fun to read recaps! Also, thanks for following my blog.

    • Happy to follow you, Nina. If I had known about your blog earlier, I would have done it way sooner!

      BTW, not to advertize the “competition,” but it looks like Price Peterson is back doing Teen Wolf Recaps on . . . just in case you are seeking a “second opinion.” 😉

  4. jmae

    I loved this episode, especially the twin who have yet to say anything.
    With the memory stealing and transferring thing though, Isaac’s neck was scratched and Not Wolf Girl said that that was for the transfer or stealing of memories. If you remember in the first season after Jackson got that scratch from Derek on the back of his neck he started having dreams about the Hale fire.
    Also I think that the twins might have been born werewolves, which would explain how they knew about combining into one. However, I think that the combing is probably possible with identical twins, since they identical twins come from one egg that split into two. The good thing about them is that they realize that even though they are werewolves they can run really fast on two legs and don’t feel the need to do that weird crab/ four legged run that Scott, and occasionally Derek, does. As much as I know the Lacrosse was used to show Scott’s increased athleticism after becoming a werewolf I would have loved to see the twins, Scott, and Isaac playing horrible werewolf Lacrosse. It seems that the writers have finally gotten a clue though and realize that Lacrosse is a spring sport.
    To me Scott’s tattoo is the writers and make-up department’s way of telling Tyler Posey that he needs to stop getting tattoos that are visible while he’s shirtless. I sort of figured that it would heal, but when it did I was just like what a waste of money. I think that a werewolf tattoo shop needs to be opened with all the werewolves currently residing in Beacon Hills
    Am I the only one that thinks that the guy in Lydia’s bed looked like Jackson. Also, Lydia’s parents don’t seem to really pay attention to her so her mom probably didn’t realize that she even had company.
    I thought that the bike scene was priceless though. Scott thinks he’s so cool with his bike, then he realizes that he parked right next to two identical bikes that look way better than his.
    I couldn’t believe that Gerard not only had his sword at the school, but also left it there.
    Even though they were playing up Scott in the hospital scene he only got called in as Isaac’s back up emergency werewolf contact since Derek wasn’t answering his phone.
    Speaking of phone’s am I the only one wondering where Boyd and Erica’s parents are. They have been missing for four months, but it doesn’t seem like their parents are looking for them because the phone numbers on both missing posters are the same, unless their parents banned together in the search that doesn’t make sense unless the numbers belong to the police station, which I doubt. Seems Derek, Peter, and Isaac are the only ones looking for them.
    That class room moment with Lydia and Stiles was really good too. I love that Lydia actually knew Stile’s dad’s once, twice, three times thing.
    I’m still trying to figure out why Scott didn’t sense the blind alpha. He touched him for crying out loud. He sensed Ennis while he was trying to run off with Isaac, but maybe that was because Ennis was somewhat shifted even though it was just his nails.
    Speaking of Blind Alpha I actually do believe he’s blind
    1) Look at his eyes, the iris is clouded over while the sclera is red I’d guess chemical burn with some type of wolfsbane, either that or he’s a bitten wolf that went blind before he was bitten.
    2) He actually uses his cane when it’s just him and his pack
    3) The blindness could have something to do with how he is able to know that Scott will be a future threat, like maybe he get glimpses of the future.
    Also, I think he has a connection with Chris and Gerard Argent, because when he said almost the exact same thing about Scott that Gerard said about the Kanima, and he said that someone once told him that so it’s possible.
    I like how after everything that happened in the past two seasons Allison’s dad decided to give up the hunting thing and stay in Beacon Hills, that way his daughter will have some semblance of a normal high school career, now the question is how long that will last.
    Recently I learned that with Teen Wolf you might as well look up everybody’s name. Like he did with the Argents, Jeff Davis gave us a name clue at the beginning of the series. Danny’s last name is Hawaiian, Mehealani, and means heavenly moonlight. Of course Danny was just overlooked as Jackson’s gay best friend so few probably caught the hidden meaning in his last name until this past off season. Also, according to the Teen Wolf tumblr Danny gets with Ethan, still don’t know the difference between the twins so I don’t know if he is the fister or the one getting fisted.
    Speaking of names, creepy barefoot female alpha is named Kali. Kali is the name of the Hindu goddess who brings about the death of the ego among other things.
    Blind Alpha’s name is Deucalion. In Greek mythology Deucalion was the son of Prometheus and the Greek equivalent of Noah.
    I looked up Ennis just to be safe, but that just means one choice or the only choice, but that could have significance too.

    • Hey jmae! You are right. Neither of the twins have yet to utter a single word. (Neither did the other wolf, Ennis, if I recall correctly . . . though he did snarl a few times.) It will be interesting to see what each of their first respective first words are. They better be memorable!

      Good point about the transferring / stealing of memories being a recurring theme on the show. Presumably, Issac’s memories were taken, so that he couldn’t report back to the rest of his pack, what he saw during his kidnapping. That said, I suspect that gradually Issac’s lost memories will return. And he will be the one to lead Derek and Co. to the Alpha’s lair, resulting in the release of . . . at least Boyd.

      You are also right about Lydia’s “room friend,” sharing a similar look to Jackson, just as the twins do. As Andre has mentioned, I think these similarities have more to do with Jeff Davis’ personal male preferences than anything relating to the story. 😉 The guy definitely has a type . . . though Scott and Derek, who are clearly also meant to be portrayed as “sexy man meat” on the show, don’t necessarily fit it . . .

      I haven’t read the spoilers relating to Scott’s tattoo. I assumed that the two bars across the arm were character related. And though Scott SAID he was getting them to reward himself for showing such “restraint” as far as Allison as concerned, I suspected that, later on in the season, we would come to learn that like the other symbols on the show, those bars signified something related to werewolf mythology. But, as you said, it could just as easily been a situation where Tyler Posey had the tattoo, and like many a female actress with a baby bump, the writers decided to include it into the script, rather than taking the time to “makeup” over it, each time Scott appeared shirtless or in a tank top.

      Interesting intel on the name Deucalion. I agree with you that the writers wouldn’t have chosen a name as bizarre as that, without it meaning something “important” to the overall storyline.

      • Andre

        Well we will see with the names. I already doubt that “Kali” will keep up with the original in any way. After all the Kanaima didn’t exactly fit the original and these werewolves are rather based on The Wolfman than any actual lore.

        Now the Ennis guy actually did talk, when he had Scott in his hands and shortly before Derek stabbed him. That was one of the chances they had of killing Scott I was referring to. I mean right there all he would have needed was to squeeze and be done with it but instead he started talking.

        And as for Davis’ type… yeah that doesn’t really fit his claims about racial equality if you ask me. I mean would anybody here say that this guy isnÄt attractive? Even if a little young:

        And actually the only difference Derek has is his black hair, apart from that he fits.
        Scott seems rather the oddity in that, to some extent, since his build definitely fits the type now.

  5. jmae

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the marks that Not Wolf Girl left on the arms of Allison and Lydia match the symbol on the floor of the place where Boyd and Erica are being held. So she could have possibly been leaving a message because she knew she was going to die once the twins spotted her.
    Also, I think that the way they revealed Kali and Ennis was funny, funny but dumb. We could have put two and two together and realized that they were part of the pack by the way they were going after Isaac, without them flashing their claws.
    One last thing that has nothing to do with Teen Wolf though. I don’t watch Arrow, but I know enough about the comics to know that Roy Harper is a red head, I got all excited about a Roy Harper I could love that wasn’t a cartoon and of course his hair isn’t red. I wanted to see of Colton Haynes would actually die his hair for the role, but of course he doesn’t.

  6. Andre

    Now this is a response to both Julie and Jmae:

    First to Jmae (the rest comes later):
    Also, according to the Teen Wolf tumblr Danny gets with Ethan, still don’t know the difference between the twins so I don’t know if he is the fister or the one getting fisted.
    You might better not use such language in a gay context, could be misunderstood. 😉
    Believe me it can really be misunderstood very easily. 😀
    But on a more serious note, I do wonder whether there is some symbolism, in the gay community there is a strong current of associating being the bottom (for those not familiar with that term here, the few that there might be [yeah I know what you girls like], this means the receiving partner during sex) with being passive and maybe, just maybe that is the same in the melding thing.

    Now to Julie:
    Well the show that must not be named is over for the season and hopefully gets cancelled due to its poor quality and low rating and I think (even with the danger of insulting people) who still keeps watching after that finale is nuts. I am happy I only saw two scenes out of it and that was enough to lose even the tiniest bit of respect I had left for the Plecosaurus dumbicus sexismicus racismicus. I know the Klarolines are all over the stupid “rescue” scene but for me it was Caroline not just pissing on the graves of Klaus’ victims (two of them she grew up with), but it’s already pissing on their fresh corpses. She is worse than those women falling in love with murderers since they at least do not know the murder victims, but she knew at the very least two of them and still she falls for this murderer. And from what I know Delena is not any better:

    But you know I didn’t just bring this up to state my opinion that to keep watching that show means that you are nuts but also because together with the season 2 finale this first episode of Teen Wolf season 3 made me fear that Teen Wolf goes down the same road as TVD and pretty much every Roland Emmerich movie. You know justifying lazy, crazy and stereotypical writing with the phrase that it’s “just fiction” and/or making it “more entertaining.”
    That is how I often felt during this episode. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad episode but I was very ambivalent about it.
    This episode was kind of like Spider-man 3, what it did well it did really well, but what it did wrong it did really wrong. To give an example:
    In Spider-man 3 we had very good scenes like this:

    But then we also had totally ridiculous scenes like this:

    And this is how this episode was to me. While the episode was overall well done, maybe it was a bit overdone. They already showed a bit too much from the trailer if you ask me and often seemed to just show off. Way too much and I don’t think this is a good sign.

    Now to the whole deal.
    There of course was the word “ephemeral”… I am not sure whether that was to make Scott look smart, trying or simply stupid, because even though I am not a native speaker I am sure you do not use the English word “ephemeral” in the contexts he used them. And I often asked myself why Davis did this and that also.
    And the whole thing with Allison… Yeah, more on that later.

    First there was the intro… I thought Posey looked silly and the symbolism wasn’t even remotely subtle, Scott rises, Scott changes, while the other four pretty much got the same intro as last season, only Lydia’s is slightly changed, so the message is clear: Scott will rise above, Lydia will get nuts and the others are pretty much the same. And connect that with how often Scott is mentioned in this episode for no good reason, is even called an Alpha, and is stated to have and wanting to change in such a short time (Scott saved for a bike in just four months? How much does he get paid? And where did he get his new clothes from?), Davis seemed to have no problem to shove him into our faces, the same with many other things.
    Not a good start for a new season if you ask me. Really not a good start.

    . . . well . . .unless you’re a deer . . . or a bird . . . or a cat . . . or that chick who tried to save Isaac’s life . . . or Isaac . . . or Boyd . . . or Erica.
    Yeah that all was… a bit too much at once if you ask me, I hope Davis does know what he is doing. I really hope he doesn’t turn into an albino walrus that totally ruins an otherwise ok show by making impulsive serial killers and mass murders prone to hissy fits its main love interests, reducing the fan-base to people that are quite frankly nuts and care about nothing than their ships and thereby turning the show into an embarrassment for storytellers, romance and fantasy. But hey it’s all ok as longs as said fans get what they want and the makers can make lots of money, although they should be thrown into jail for unleashing such an abomination on the screen.
    Let’s hope it will never come to this.

    As you surely noticed it was good that I did not watch the rest of the show that must not be named or my brain would have been severely damaged and I would have turned into this:

    Just think of these people being the writers of the show.

    Now to the first scene of this Teen Wolf episode, you know … at first I thought it was quite nicely done and although the houses rush along the bike a bit too fast, it was good.
    And although this girl might have a connection to Isaac, he has his memory stolen after all; I would not guess that she is a supernatural creature. It is quite common to have girls/women who physically should not be able to do all sorts of stunts and lifting all sorts of stuff do exactly that. It could very well be the same here and be based on the old integral sexism that states that muscular and hairy women are simply too gruesome to behold to the patriarchal and internalized sexist eye.
    But either way you can give her credit for being tough.
    Now like I said the scene was good with its lighting and atmosphere, albeit Beacon Hills seems to get bigger and bigger doesn’t it?
    But either way the scene started to fall apart once the first “twin” arrived, or better the CGI model. Although I agree with Jmae that this running on two legs is better than on four, the problem is still that when seen from afar the CGI doesn’t look like running.
    Now I know they have a limited budget so I can forgive the obvious blue screen but when you have a CGI model at least let it look like it is running. That think looked rather like halfway between jump and walk, like here:

    So there is still the same problem, the CGI models of them all (Alpha in night school episode, Scott/Kanaima running on all fours, the twin) look as though they are jumping, not running in any form.

    Like you said the twins don’t come along as smart and while I did think of the grabbing topic you mentioned, I mean even if Isaac should stay alive he would survive that fall anyway, I also noticed that them striking at the bike was not only kind of pointless but also quite unrealistic, considered their strength the bike should at least have some balance problems when stricken.
    And that first standoff when the girl rushed towards them and one jumped into the air was kind of lame. Sure it looked good but that maneuver of the two was so dumb, of course she would dive.
    And then there was the scene in the… what building was that? Anyway, while this was by far the best and most organic looking performance of the twins in this episode it still felt to me as though Davis wanted just to show off. I don’t think that Jmae’s hypothesis about the twins being born werewolves explains how they found out about this ability. And technically these two aren’t identical I think, the differences in face are small but they are there, but I guess they are supposed to be identical. Of course it’s weird to think about how these two discovered their powers but I think it’s even weirder that they fuse in the first place here. And it is again plain dumb. Not only do they have no reason to since Isaac already fell from the bike and the girl is on the floor, by doing that they wasted precious time which the girl used to prepare and ultimately defeat them. And even had they waited, when remaining separate she would have been only able to hit one and not both. And where did they suddenly disappear to? Did someone drag them out? Did they run? That is a pretty obvious plothole.

    Ps. For a werewolf their joined form looked pretty rat-like don’t you think?

    And of course what is up with the pants? Did Davis get angry letters? In season 1 he clearly showed the CGI Alpha’s naked human but and there was the Jackson scene last season:

    (I still think the douchebag should have died)
    He had no problem there, so why does he have them have their pants on here? I know this show has occult topics, but this is ridiculous.

    Not to mention that while the power was interesting, I don’t think it is good to power your werewolves up so much or give each special powers (that was also my objection to Isaac’s healing powers in season 2), also not to show it so early. Davis should have saved that for much later, after giving us some hints, this way the twins look rather stupid.
    If Davis isn’t extremely careful now, he will end up with werewolves like the Meyerpires and you have to wonder why they haven’t taken over the earth by now. Or everyone has special powers, which of course means that none is special in that regard.
    So I really hope the Alpha is not some sort of psychic, albeit he is definitely blind.

    Now the whole scene in the tattoo shop was similar to me. The visual was even better (the “Kanaima” was nice) and the acting also, but why does he have to have Stiles faint? Does he want to continue with what he did with him in the end of season 2? Like you said, all that stuff he has seen and gone through, but stitches make him pass out? That makes no sense characterwise. It is useful for comic relief, albeit completely unnecessary here, and to squash Stiles into the background but apart from that it is plain useless, and of course stupid. Is he trying to cash in on the woobie type? If yes he seemed to have forgotten what made Stiles popular in the first place and what makes people want to see him. Stiles is not popular because we feel or are supposed to feel sorry for him like those many assholes on TV, but because Stiles is human, has no special powers but nonetheless he had and despite everything happening to him, still has the guts to stand up against the danger and getting out of it either by luck (but so is Scott) or his wits. And that is what we like about him. Although he has no powers, no fame and is hyperactive apparently, he stands up for himself, uses his sarcasm and solves the stuff the others are too dump or lazy to figure out for themselves. This is why Scott and thereby Davis partially annoys me: Stiles does the work and Scott gets the credit (there is a pretty good example later).

    And apart from the fact that at least Stiles should have guessed that tattooing might not work, why did it take so long to fade? Tattooing needs quite some time with such a tattoo even if it’s pretty simple. So it should have partially faded already.

    PS. Can you get a tattoo just like that when you are underage?

    And since the “Kanaima” was a reference to Jackson: speaking of the nomore resident whiny douchebag. One reviewer speculated that the “American werewolf in London” reference is towards a spin-off, which I hope not, because we really don’t need another series, either film, digital or print, about a rich white model guy with problems – not that I will ever get what is so attractive about Colton Haynes. And while it was in character with Jackson (running away once again like the coward he is) I think your hypothesis is the more fitting one. They have him being gone and I think that is the best. And if Davis was having a fate for Jackson in mind where the statement of Lydia about “An American Werewolf in London” is true, that means that Jackson will find a new girl (of course, after all prior to end season 2 Davis did a hell of a job to show that Jackson doesn’t really care about Lydia) that is drawn to him because he is a blood-thirsty monster and have an affair of sorts with her, he will become rabid, go on a rampage:

    and be killed in cold blood:

    So in other words, he would finally become an interesting character. But let’s not give the cry baby more than he deserves, I think the show is better off without him. He was just there to cash in on the actor+power+bad boy+woobie formula. And something else but more on that later.
    Of course the whole London thing could simply be fan-service. You know in season 2 when Peter said that in his time they played basketball was clearly a reference to the original Teen Wolf film, while in the latest episode Jackson’s fate is definitely a reference to the film An American werewolf in London.

    Now the car scenes were a bit over the top, albeit Davis finally shows how crazy Scott and Allison are with each other.
    Now shame on you Julie, you are subject to the other species effect, this was not Bambie’s mom, it was his dad. Female deer have no antlers, unless they are intersexed.
    And here again Davis once again wanted to show off and shove Scott in the foreground. When a deer runs into your car and goes through the glass, you should be pretty fucked. But neither girl has any scratch and what was that with Scott and his hand on the deer? Did he smell the deer’s panic? Did he feel it? Who is he? Yoda?
    So again, pretty pointless and only there for the two mentioned reasons and get the drama in.

    It was nice to see Mrs. McCall, she was one of the strengths of the episode (together with Stiles and Lydia), in full energy, I just hope that they don’t kill her off soon.

    Yeah, the hospital. It seemed again as though Davis wanted to show off and introduce the Alphas as quickly and blatantly as possible. No subtlety anymore.
    Seriously, why was Kali barefoot there? Shouldn’t a woman walking barfoot draw attention? And what is with all the claws? Does he think we are idiots? For Kali the eyes would have been enough and with the other guy we would have got that he is a werewolf the moment Scott noticed him. So no point for having the claws out already.
    As for Deucalion: Isn’t touching a teenager without that one’s consent technically child molesting?
    Not very subtle showing who is the bad guy.

    The fact of Scott’s seemingly missing/active Alpha sense might also be a sign of Davis sacrificing continuity. Just like with the one Alpha having perfectly fine clothes despite being stabbed in the back by Derek. And when a Beta’s wounds don’t heal when done by an Alpha, what happens when two Alphas fight? Apparently flesh and clothes heal instantly.
    But of course the hospital scene was pretty ruined by the constant Scott references. I mean we are not idiots, there is no need to tell us over and over again.

    No idea whether the guy in Lydia’s bed was a figment of her imagination but it didn’t even occur to me, neither did I ask myself what about Lydia’s mother. After all her mother had nearly no role whatsoever in the show and probably never will, so I doubt that Davis actually takes her into consideration (the same with Erica’s and Boyd’s parents, again not a good sign). I noticed more that the guy is of course too old (way to old, he might even be too old for college) for school, and is a Jackson look-a-like (so no Jmae, you are not the only thinking that they look alike). Thereby Lydia taking responsibility over her own sexuality is basically screwed by suggesting that she is looking for a Jackson-replacement to screw.
    And that shows in the school scene. Apart from the fact that the guys they introduce as 14 year old freshmen (if they are fourteen I am a native of the Congo) are all at the very least, we don’t see them close-up so who knows for sure, in their early twenties and that is just glossed over with “some are more mature than others”. But no, these guys are too muscular for that. Seriously. Passing 20 year olds as 16 can be idiotic enough, but as 14 is really ridiculous. At least get those that are below twenty to do that, but twenty-somethings as freshmen is just wrong. Or at least totally silly.

    And speaking of that:
    The twins intro here… that was just silly, I guess it was supposed to show them as attractive and cool and the like, but these two looked totally blant and bored. That is not attractiveness, and I do wonder so far what Davis was thinking about what he was doing there. Ok, he needed to show that they enrolled at school but he could have done better. They were introduced earlier in the episode in a much better and more organic, also more authentic way. Here they just stare into space and walk. Why don’t they do it better, give them some lines, some facial expression, because when the two have that they come along as attractive:

    But here… their faces just looked odd. And to me they put me off totally. They looked like caricatures.

    And of course they are Jackson copies and this show, even the pack has that now. The twins, Danny’s ex, Lydia’s hook up, the leader of the pack and also Isaac. They are all of the same type as Colton Haynes. If that is a coincidence it is a very weird coincidence. A really weird coincidence.
    Also they are werewolves, muscular and their bikes say “we are rich”, which I am sure will never be addressed again. And yes they are obviously there to show Scott that someone else is richer (again), and the bikes had a better introduction than the twins, it had humor. But basically these two are Jackson-copies. So in accordance with Danny’s ex, does that mean that Danny actually did want Jackson? That is plain cliché and way overdone.

    So Jmae I am not surprised at all that Colton did not dye his hair for Arrow, whenever American TV can get some variant of blond they don’t usually change it, they favor that sort of color and so does Teen Wolf, that is why I quite frankly don’t approve of Davis’ casting choices. He can scream colorblind all he wants I am not buying it.

    And as for Gerard’s sword Jmae, the question is not only why it was there, but also how long. Season 2 was 4 months ago and no one cleaned out the desk? I guess it was there as a comic relief, but it speaks for the incompetence of the hunters not to clean the office. And wasn’t that the same guy that got tortured by Mrs. Argent?

    And now to the new teacher, I am sure she will come up again. And I was I think on the same side as you there. Except for suggesting that she should cite 50 Shades of Ass, wait I mean 60 Shads of turd, no wait it was 30 ways of Abuse, no wait it 80 pages of shit, … you know what abomination I mean. Anyway at once it was quite cool and impressive what she did there but at the same time it was quite creepy and actually downright crazy. I mean it was a good way to establish that she does not tolerate cell phones in the class and is not to be trifled with, which I hope the show keeps, but on the other hand the fact that she typed/downloaded all those numbers and even got them in the first place is so creepy. I mean ever heard of privacy laws? Is it even legal to use the private numbers of kids like that? And what kid gives the school its mobile number.

    By the way I happen to know 2 of the books of Scott:
    Call of the Wild is pretty cliché, both inside the context as well as the book itself and so is White Fang. And I think Davis just put them there to show off again. Because Call of the Wild and White Fang are completely opposite and really stereotypical regarding canines and native Americans; and both are totally opposite. Call of the Wild deals with a dog being kidnapped and shipped away and becoming a sled dog and later a wild dog living with a pack of wolves. The dog is named Buck and acts more like a human in many ways. In White Fang the protagonist is a wolf that is ¼ dog and gets raised by Natives, becomes a sled dog (the way that is described is plain ridiculous and just doesn’t make any sense), becomes a fighting dog and later gets taken to the South (the area Buck started possibly) and becomes somewhat of a guard dog. So I don’t think these two books would have anything to offer to Scott.

    The suicidal/aggressive animals (what are they now?) were on one way well done and at the other just weird. I mean why are they acting like this, how do they do that and why now and not earlier?
    If the animals reacted that way because of the Alphas (even back in season 1) why was there nothing the whole of season 2 and the majority of season 1?
    And how did the cats kill each other? Those cages are usually designed that you cannot hurt yourself so easily.
    Of course the crows are a reference to Hitchcock. Thankfully that scene was well delivered by the actors otherwise it could have been really like in a Shyamalan movie. Let’s face it the guy hasn’t done a good movie in 10 years so no point in wasting time to calling his movie bad.
    And speaking of bad Shyamalan movies:

    Do not watch the film After Earth, I don’t know whether Will Smith is responsible for this or M. Night Shyamalan, but the movie, typically for a Shyamalan, sucks.
    To enjoy this film you need to follow these three steps:
    1) Don’t pay for it
    2) Watch it with friends
    3) Drink alcohol

    If you do that you will laugh at this stupid film and that is what it deserves in my eyes, to be laughed at.

    The film is simply crap and even the trailer had scenes which weren’t even in the movie.
    The boy (played by Smith’s son, which was probably the reason he got that part), is supposed to be a son that wants to prove it to his estranged father but he comes along as a spoiled brat. The father (Smith) is supposed to have his fear under control but throughout the movie he barely shows any emotions (not even when his son is in mortal danger), he mostly acts like an ass. And although both are father and son in real life they show no chemistry on screen. If the coldness of the father was due to the death of his daughter it might be understandable but the first flashback of her shows that he was already so cold back then. And he doesn’t come along as any sort of father, but rather as a totally alienated trainer (usually referring to his son as cadet and saluting to him before embracing him in the end) with no knowledge of psychology and normal human behavior. And although Smith is the more experienced actor, his son, who was also not good, did the better acting job I think. And I saw the film in english so I know how they sounded.

    Or maybe that is how Shyamalan wanted it, I mean even if you like Signs you have to admit that is not how normal children act:

    Of course there is this “fear is a choice” crap, very reminiscent of scientology and just plain bullshit. And we all know how that turned out the last time:

    (You should really watch it if you saw the original film it makes the pain go away)

    Sadly the nonsense doesn’t stop there:
    Supposedly everything on earth evolved to kill humans, strangely during the 1000 years that humans were not there, but more than half of the portrayed animals have absolutely no interest in humans. Also supposedly humanity left earth because they wrecked the place. And I could understand if cockroaches, baboons or rats survived, but they show buffalos, condors and big sabretoothed cats. What???
    Oh and one of the condors literally drags the son out of one of the freezing zones and covers his body with his own, thereby sacrificing himself, to save the kids life. Yeah, everything evolved on Earth to kill humans… this was bullshit.
    And you know the suit of the kid changes color and the first time it did it turned black because it spotted a baboon coming nearer. And the father stated that this color change happened because the suit spotted a general life form. First: plants are life forms as well and second by that time the kid had already seen bird swarms, a giant buffalo herd and had a palm sized tarantula on his hand (which he strangely only noticed when it was already on the palm) and the suit didn’t react at all.
    And this “Ursa” alien… apparently this thing can sense nothing but touch and the smell of human “fear-pheromones” (and that is not a theory of my own the film actually portrays it as such), but how does it navigate then? And you know these Ursa have been genetically engineered by some “alien race” (which is never named, described or spoken about afterwards) to kill humans and in that case these aliens did a very dreadfull job. Their whole concept makes no sense, if they only locate humans because of the smell of fear it would be enough to cover your scent, attack them against the wind or just plain simply shot them from a distance. It would be totally unnecessary to learn how to suppress your fear (which is called “ghosting” in the movie). For genetically engineered killing machines these things are incredibly inefficient.
    That the weather and several animals and tools break the laws of physics I better don’t go into detail about.
    This film is not science fiction but badly done fantasy and although in that genre more would be forgiven, the film would still suck,
    Furthermore structure and editing of the film is bad and usually completely pointless… you know when the boy ran away from the baboon horde many people in the theater laughed, with good reason.
    This film is just a vanity project of Smith & Co. and proves that Smith is nuts and Shyamalan should no longer be allowed to do movies. Because like a typical Shyamalan the film has no idea about typical human behavior, several stuff is only there to shove the style into our face, show off and the “rules” only apply when it’s convenient for the plot, if not they are broken. So the film is not only unrealistic (e.g. Smith can just sense a coming meteor shower but the ships technology can’t) but it makes no sense in itself (e.g. when the kid is in a cave with the Ursa the Ursa doesn’t attack outright but actually “stares” at the kid first).
    The critics who say this film is bad are right, the ones who say it is good are nuts, and I think there is something to it if some viewers say that the film is as bad as Battlefield Earth.
    But despite being so bad there are still people who find it good and praise/excuse/justify the acting, if you can call that acting.

    But back to the episode:
    There is inconsistency in the whole Isaac’s wound and the sign on the door. So can Alphas control whether wounds heal on the inside or outside? And didn’t the Vet say that Alpha wounds need to heal normally?
    And wouldn’t Scott’s claws technically ruin the sign?
    And typically Scott doesn’t try to find out anything but Stiles has to do the job and nonetheless just because Scott stumbles about some small hint (the sign) and does a conclusion fit for a first grader he gets the credit and Stiles gets nothing.
    This sucks!!!! And again of course shoves Scott into our face. To which I say: “Show, don’t tell.” If Scott is supposedly so great and smart then Davis should have done a long time ago.

    In the same line there is this “be normal” line by Derek and the hunters. Again, visually and from an acting perspective very well delivered but it is plain dumb. The Alphas are in town and Gerard’s body is still not found. So I think the whole “stay out of it” is doomed to fail.
    So why do these guys think it is possible to go back to normal? I mean I don’t expect Derek to become any smarter, but I hope that Mr. Argent still has brain and continues the necessary fighting.

    And yeah although the scene in the burned down house and Scott’s little story was done well visually and well delivered by Posey the fact that he is so obsessive about Allison is actually creepy, kind off, and like you said doesn’t fit the rest of the episode. And he wants a reward for not calling or texting Allison this summer? When were these two ever portrayed to be that into each other prior to this episode. Again “show, don’t tell.” In such cases I really understand why you think that ScottxAllison is annoying. It would be ok if Davis had actually shown us something but so far their relationship, apart from the werewolf related stuff, is pretty normal.

    And since we are at it:
    How does the tattooing thing even work? Do they burn of the skin over the tattoo? Wouldn’t Scott have scars then, respectively wouldn’t it just grow over again? Also this is not how tattoos work, they are applied to in the layer of dermal tissue underlying the epidermis. So does that mean that Scott now has an exposed arm lacking epidermis? And why doesn’t heal? Fire doesn’t leave permanent marks on werewolves, so does Scott have to do it all the time? And if this was how Derek got his, who did it for him?
    I think this was once again to shove it into our face how important and tough Scott is.
    Also this was a scene from the Trailer and I personally had hoped that it would be something else.

    And I checked the meanings of “tattoo” in Samoan and Tahitian:
    Samoan: The word tatau has many meanings in Samoa. Tā means to strike, and in the case of tattooing, the tap tap sound of the tattooist’s wooden tools. Tau means to reach an end, a conclusion, as well as war or battle. Tatau also means rightness or balance. It also means to wring moisture from something, like wet cloth, or in the case of the pe’a process, the ink from the skin. Tata means to strike repeatedly or perform a rhythm. For example, tātā le ukulele means ‘play the ukulele.’
    I could find nothing that says that it means “wound” and as far as I know in Samoan society, the pe’a (male tatau) and the malu (female tatau) are viewed with cultural pride and identity as well as a hallmark of manhood and womanhood. So while this fits with the whole “Scott is so great” stuff, the translation of wound seems to be wrong.
    Tahitian: tatu, that actually seems to be correctly translated as mark.

    Really, Davis is getting sloppy. Werewolves are one thing, but other cultures are a serious stuff.

    Getting to the next topic:
    Now how could that girl leave that mark? And was it a “spell” or a “clue”? If yes that was a weird way of doing it? Or was Davis fooling us? Or applying unnecessary symbolism?
    How does the stuff with the bruises even work?

    Like I said before the CGI effects, the first action scene was quite well done, but considered how much the woman/girl could do there it is a bit weird she got down so easily later. And considered Davis’ record last year regarding his African American characters it might not have been the smartest move to just kill her off without at least giving her a name.

    And this scene put me off for some other reasons.
    First they should have saved Kali’s claws for now, that would have been smarter, less silly and have better effect.
    Also wasn’t Kali supposed to be the leader? Not that I am surprised that it is, again, a male, but didn’t they advocate differently?
    Also the Hindu goddess Kali is a bit more than just bringing the end of the ego like the advocates stated, often she is start and end of everything, but I think here she is just a killer.
    And why are the guys again such muscle mountains and the woman so skinny? Are muscles on a woman really that horrifying that even on a villain they are not allowed?

    The last scene was supposed to show the pack fully, I guess, but so far they don’t come along as particularly dangerous. Even if that girl was a supe, it still needed 5 Alphas to finish her off, so how can they be dangerous?
    And with them I am basically at the same situation as I was with Erica at the start of season 2. I am only not disappointed because I didn’t expect anything different.
    So far the pack is predominantly male and white. Just like I predicted at the end of season 2. This sucks.
    Sure Kali could be considered an exception but I looked up the actress Felisha Terrell who plays her and Wikipedia states her of being of African American and Caucasian descent. And I know many will say different and that she is black, but they way she looks the African parent might not have been that dark either, so she is a white woman. Her “dark skin” looks rather like tan if you ask me.
    And that again brings the topic up that Davis wanted to create a world without racism and sexism, but neither his characters nor casting reflect that. They all look heteronormative, none of the good characters have hobbies considered unusual for their gender, or even look the part. The gender roles among the good guys are clearly defined and even the hunter’s matriarchy seems rather like a cheap gimmick than anything else.
    I know some people would say “but what about Scott?” Sure Tyler Posey could be considered a latino/Hispanic, but not Scott McCall since being latino/Hispanic is truly not a thing of biology, so race, but of culture and Scott McCall has no trace of any sort of latino/Hispanic culture. And even if, Posey is still a white guy, he would be on the census considered a white Hispanic. That is what he is. So basically all the main characters are white again and that does not fit what Davis preached about his world.
    Davis is basically playing totally safe with his main characters. And there are of course all the Jackson look alikes. Why is that? Is he fancying that type?

    And I really hope the “teenage boy” they talked about is not Scott, or Isaac or Boyd, because that would be really stupid, since in each case they already would have had plenty of opportunity to kill each and every one of them. And why do they want Derek to do the killing? Is that boy protected by a spell or something, I really hope not, and hopefully there is no prophecy or anything, especially not saying that Scott is destined to be some great leader, because that is just another cheap way of shoving him into our face.

    So the episode overall:
    So I guess this comment/review came along as more critical than it seemed based on the start but this was really what made be ambivalent about this episode.
    The visual was great and so was the acting, it really improved. But I don’t think it was good to show us so much we already saw in the trailer this episode and all these other disasters. This makes me think that he will shove Scott into the Alpha status pretty quickly and that was my main problem with this episode. Davis tried to connect too badly to where he left of at the weird end of last seasons. Sure Scott’s scene in the Hale house was well delivered but it is odd to hear Scott use these deep words considered that his and Allison’s relationship didn’t develop much and also considered this extremely weird/creepy make-up/break-up at the end of season 2, actually Scott’s monologue kind of seemed out of place to me. And then there was the “hint” that Scott is soooo special and will be the Alpha and the like (already in the opening, I mean he was the only one that got a new one [which looked silly to me]), which seems rather forced and the episode seemed to want to force on us that this Scott is either so different or that Scott has always been this smart guy. And that is simply not what Davis portrayed in the previous seasons. Sure Scott was an overall nice guy and willing to help, but usually he seemed to take far too much for granted and was a bit too self-absorbed in my eyes to really be a leader. So if Scott is supposed to be a convincing leader, there needs to be some serious character development over this season.

    • Hey Andre! The point you made about the production department giving away too many of the hour’s best scenes in the trailer is a valid one. I think that’s a problem series run into often nowadays, particularly with finales and season premieres, where there is so much pressure to create a trailer that makes the hour of television its teasing look as awesome as possible. Considering that, you can understand why someone like Matt Weiner from Mad Men basically uses his trailer and episode synopses to make fun of people who care about trailers and episode synopses, by cobbling together the least interesting and most unimportant scenes every week for his deliberately useless trailers, which are only amazing in how little they have to do with the upcoming episode. Then he makes plot synopses that say things like. “Peggy makes a deal with Don. Joan goes to the beach.”

      It’s maddening, but also pretty humorous, when you think about it.

      Jeff Davis’ trailers could have used a little bit of Weinerizing . . .

      Or perhaps, alternatively, Davis could have foregone the “scenes from” trailers entirely, and merely stuck to the “This might hurt,” teaser trailers for each character, which I found to be particularly well done . . .

      As for the “new” intro, I agree 100% that Scott’s “flying bit” was totally cheeseball. There are a million different ways they could have symbolized his inevitable “Alphazation,” that would have been less “on the nose.” Perhaps, they could have shown his eyes change color, or had him appear in Derek’s place, directly after the Derek intro. And don’t even get me started on Stiles. Couldn’t they have had the guy do something more meaningful than walk in front of a truck?

      As for Lydia, I kind of liked her portion of the intro. For me, it only reaffirms my theory of Lydia as a banshee, an idea which is supported by the portion of the trailer, where she finds herself, once again, being drawn to a dead body. As for the “splitting” of Lydia into two, I think that symbolizes less, that she will go crazy, and more that the supernatural side of her remains separate from her “human” self, because she literally blocks it out of her conscious mind, and “loses time” whenever that part of her takes over. It’s the main reason everyone thought she was the kanaima last season . . .

      By the way, that Nostalgia Critic review of signs had me literally laughing out loud . . . I hated that movie. And I still think those water fearing, Wicked Witch of the West, aliens were the most ridiculous looking villains in movie history . . . So, thanks for the laugh.

      I actually never saw Battlefield Earth . . .

      As for the tattoo thing, I liked the explanation I read elsewhere, that the reason the blow torch worked was that it physically burned away the skin that healed over the tattoo . . . just like Isaac still possessed injuries from his time with the pack, but those injuries were hidden by a protective layer of skin that grew over them. It’s definitely a bit of ret-con from last season, as I definitely recall wolves last season healing from “internal” injuries, as well as external ones. But that explanation still made more sense to me than anything else I had read on the topic. So, I’m willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt on this one . . .

      It definitely seems like the prophecy is meant to refer to Scott . . . who is clearly the Harry Potter of this series. That said, as I mentioned in my reply to East Coast Captain, I’d love for that to be a red herring, and for Stiles (or Lydia) to end up being the “savior.” Wouldn’t that be a great twist?

      Hey, it could happen. Remember, Neville Longbottom in the HP series came about this close to being “The Boy Who Lived.”

      • Andre

        Is there really so much pressure to create action packed trailers and the like? Has that ever been studied? Because in such a regard mainstream media seems to reduce itself quite often to the lowest common denominator and just do what the makers think is the best and/or safest route.
        So would trailers like these really be necessary? Especially with scenes like the one suggesting that Scott died, when pretty much every fan would know that this could not be true?

        I personally think that Scott’s ascendance could have been shown by having him crawl out of the earth or roaring in front of a moon or so. After all it’s not as though Davis has ever been subtle about where he wants to go with Scott.

        And supposedly for Davis wanting O’Brien to grow his hair out, this intro of the character is really lazy. He visibly has a buzzcut in that one and in the show his hair is longer.

        And now Lydia… I say something to her when I see it, after all last season we never really got to know what was up with her apart from the whole Peter line, which she recovered from a bit too well if you ask me. So something, again, where Davis sacrifices believability for… I have no idea. What reason would there be not to have Lydia experience psychological issues?

        I guessed you would love the Signs review of the critic and it gets even better. Doug Walker is currently watching the first season of Avatar the Last Airbender to prepare himself for the Nostalgia Critic episode on The Last Airbender by Shyamalan. And I think he has a lot to work with, I mean look at the movie sin rating of that thing:

        And as for the Shyamalan Aliens, the Ursa in After Earth are not much better. Sure if you saw something for the first time you would be scared but considered how helpless they are when they can no longer smell your fear there is no way these things would be dangerous in the long run.
        Would Shyamalan be able to make actual dangers he would have the thing use hearing or sight when that no longer works, but apparently they can neither see nor hear anything. And the humans needed “ghosting” to defeat these things? Did they ever hear of automatic weapons?

        And if you never saw Battlefield Earth: be happy about it, even back then I thought the Aliens were stupid.

        Sure the torch burned away the skin but why did that skin stay away? Shouldn’t it have healed over again? After all Peter is no longer scarred.
        And so this ret-con… I think we should keep an eye out for those, because that is how things usually get downhill.

        If the “prophecy” is really Scott then this all seems ridiculously stupid to send Derek to go after Scott when Ennis could have killed Scott already. And it would be totally lame.
        And Scott has more in common with Harry:
        It was still Harry who got all the credit and not Neville and similarly to Harry, Scott is actually pretty useless without friends, when you think of it. Let’s face it, would he still be alive if he were a loner?

        So let’s hope the big hero is not Scott or Isaac or Boyd.

  7. Sumbal

    How could you forget to write about how Stiles now has normal hairrr ❤
    eeeeek. I think that was the highlight of this episode for me. Or the highlight of my day. Btw the were wolf nails seriously need to be changed because theyre not scary theyre just plain creepy and puke worthy like im sitting here eating my pizza do you want me to see this shit?
    Oh and in my opinion the new twins look like alpacas (kinda like Taylor Lautner) Dont they?
    Btw why on earth would Colton Haynes decide to switch to Arrow? I mean i started watching it and i love it but seriously? TRAITOR. He barely has a role in that show, at least in this one he was getting attention and love and marriage proposals. *creepy smile*
    Once again i LOVED your re-cap. You guys never fail to make me laugh 😀

    • Good point, Sumbal. I know the verdict is split on Stiles’ longer, non-Julius Caesar, looking – do . . . and I know that the haircut was more of a leftover from his latest movie role than anything necessarily plot or character-related. . . but I am definitely a fan. 🙂

      Haha . . . the twins as Alpacas.

      Now, that’s an image I’ll never get out of my head . . .

  8. Hey Julie! 😀

    It’s absolutely brill to be on your blog again after so long. I completely lost interest in TVD around Christmas time and I’m really disappointed with the direction the show has taken. It’s weird because I used to be so obsessed, and now it barely interests me at all and I haven’t watched it since episode 9… and funnily enough, apart from missing DxE, the only other thing I’ve been missing about the show is reading your recaps!

    So anyway, I’m finally back, and totally loving the start of season 3. First impressions: thank goodness Stiles has better hair now – and dayum he looks good! I hope they keep it. I’m seeing the trailer for that movie Dylan’s in everywhere and I’m tempted to go see it just for him. Scott flying in the air in the intro – what was that? Is he magical? It was like the exorcism or something. Ten squillion points to the show for keeping in everyone’s favourite clip of topless Derek wolfing out in the pond.

    This first episode is living well up to what I love best about the show: its self indulgent campy fangirly-ness which doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Obligatory Shirtless Scenes were packed in pretty quick at the beginning of the episode, maybe to hook the new viewers? 😉 I cried with laughter at those two twins when they morphed into Hulk/Frankenstein. And Scott reading… Scott can READ? I totally agree with your musings on how they try desperately to make Scott seem like the most important character when really the whole thing about him being a great ‘hero’ just seems like a farce. I mean, I’m very fond of him, but in an incredibly condescending way. Somehow Posey’s acting, and the way he delivers his (admittedly often ridiculous lines) have so convinced me of Scott’s sheer lack of intelligence that now whenever they make him do something Big and Clever, it’s as though the writers are secretly mocking him because actually they think he’s dumb too. Why else would they have put in that ridiculous calendar to teach him a ‘big word’?! How undermining… So yes, as other people have mentioned, while it’s possible his appeal is supposed to rely on the fact that he is ‘ordinary’ and used to be ‘uncool’, the extremely good looking Posey seems so far from ‘ordinary’ that five minutes into Season 1 I’d already written him off as my emotional anchor for the show in favour of the smart, sassy, and far more convincingly ‘uncool’ Stiles.

    Glad I’m not the only one who was creeped out by Lydia’s comment on fresh men. Ew ew ew. Though since all those ’14 year old’ extras looked like they were played by 20 year olds anyway, maybe it’s not so bad. It isn’t too great for the self esteem though, being blasted with unrealistically buff/hot ‘teenagers’. I’m not dumb enough to think that looking like Crystal Reed and Holland Roden is a realistic aspiration but I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t younger, more insecure girls (and boys) out there who take these these teenage TV shows too seriously and feel physically inadequate.

    I know it’s really judgemental of me, but when they endlessly put on characters who look like models, I immediately assume that their characters are a bit dumb – all brawn and no brain if you see what I mean. Hence why until they do something to prove me wrong I’m going to assume that the twins are really, really thick. Especially since as you mentioned they didn’t even manage to knock Isaac of that motorbike… I mean come ON!

    Very irritated by the apparent death of that girl – she better not actually be dead! She was also refreshingly a WoC; the show, like most shows, could do with some more WoCs and PoCs in general really.

    All in all, a very strong start, though I was disappointed by the lack of Boyd and Erica, and the fact that Derek didn’t turn up for quite a while. Can’t wait for next episode and Stiles getting a girlfriend! 😀 (though not Lydia unfortunately… or Derek…)


    • Oh oh oh I completely forgot to mention that I was gutted Scott doesn’t have his bike anymore. I thought that was a really powerful message to have the Cool Hero cycle to school, because I’m sick to death of seeing kids on US shows drive themselves to school…alone. THINK OF THE ENVIRONMENT. And who needs a car at that age anyway?!

      Also, Scott’s tattoo just because he broke up with his first girlfriend? What a dumb thing to do. Oh, Scott. *sighs exasperatedly yet fondly*

      Though I wasn’t too keen on Peter before I’m going to force myself to like him since he seems to be a keeper, otherwise it’ll end up like Klaus – aka, I hated him from the start and kept waiting for him to die, and then he never did…

      And finally, I can’t be the only one who thought it was really rude of Scott to scratch off all of Derek’s lovely new doorpaint, 😉

  9. Jo

    I thought I was the only one who saw Teen wolf as the Stiles and Derek show and was fustrated that they kept interupting it with scott. Wonderful recap again and not just because I agree with everything you said.

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