A Life Lived in Shades of Grey – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Fireflies”

bloody with purity ring

“Let [Scott] be the hero of his Black and White World.  Real survivors, you and I, we live in Shades of Grey.”

Ah, sweet Moral Ambiguity!  It’s a touchstone of every supernatural tale.  After all, these characters live in a world where monsters have the capacity to be heroes.

my hero

Heroes sometimes turn out to be monsters.


And, no matter how much evil you’ve done, during the course of your lifetime, your character’s likeability is almost always directly proportional to how good you look with your shirt off.

derek dream 1

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much true of every show I watch . . .

“Fireflies” saw four of the series’ main characters struggle with issues of morality.  Derek, Allison and Chris Argent each grappled with their instincts toward self-preservation, and shielding their families from harm, versus an obligation to protect innocents, and serve a cause greater than themselves.

allison bamf heir of slytherin

As for Stiles .  . .Poor Stiles!  Not only has his sixteen or so years of chastity left him incredibly sexually frustrated . . .

verbal keyboard smash

blue balls

 . . . now it might actually get him killed!

going to die

What’s worse?  Stiles responsible decision to get a condom last week, might have actually ended up killing his old friend from PRESCHOOL!

condom 2

Geez, writers!  What kind of messages are you sending these young impressionable Teen Wolf watchers?

sex better

Throw in some very smart fireflies, a couple of very unlucky in love lesbians, and the worst place ever to store a school supply cabinet, and you’ve got yourself another banner hour of Teen Wolf, wolfbangers!

stiles with wolf hat

Let’s review, shall we?

nodding oh yeah

[As always, special thanks to Andre for the kickass screencaps.  He truly knows how to capture the hidden beauty of dead virgins . . .]

Thug Bug Life

In a town comprised of werewolf packs, suicidal cats, servile psychopathic lizards, and kamikaze birds, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Beacon Hills has a Bug Mafia . . .

If nothing else, the first two scenes of this episode illustrated that the insect organized crime contingent is a force with which to be reckoned . . .

bug mafia

It’s 10 p.m.  Do you know where your children are?

your children

Because rest assured, if I was a parent of young kids in Beacon Hills, mine wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house after 5 p.m., at least until they turned 30.  I’d use straitjackets if necessary . . .

hide your kids

The moon is high in the sky.  Two young kids we’ve never seen before (and, most likely, will never see again) are “innocently” catching fireflies in jars.


better fly catch

It would be an adorable and relaxing scene, if we didn’t remember what show we were watching . . .

Sure enough, here comes the Big Bad Boyd Wolf . . .

big boyd wolf

Hey, did they change Boyd’s Wolf Look, this week?  He’s looking a bit more Mr. T than usual.  Perhaps, they’ve been feeding him this in bank jail . . .

mr. t cereal

Run into the poorly constructed shed, kiddies!  It worked for the Three Little Pigs!  Oh . . . wait . . . nevermind!

straw house

HIding kid


Boyd is just about to say, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff.  And I’ll blow your house down.”

huff and puff

But then he decides, “Screw it.”

house toss

He lifts up the dinky shed, and tosses it aside like yesterday’s trash . . .

Fear not, kiddies.  Help is on the way!  It’s that stealth band of fireflies you captured, and nearly killed, coming to your rescue!  (Talk about a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome!)


While Boyd is literally distracted by shiny objects, the kids make their getaway.

hug strange man

“I’m sure it’s perfectly safe to hug this strange man we found lurking in the woods late at night.”

Elsewhere in the woods, a pair of amorous young lesbians on a camping trip aren’t quite as lucky .  . .


Not to criticize or anything, but if you knew your significant other was deathly afraid of snakes and bugs, why oh why, would you choose, THE WOODS, of all places, as the locale for your first sexual encounter?

no no on

Gee Lover, is that a hideously disgusting spider crawling out of your crotch, or are you just happy to see me?

making out

another bug

A couple of voyeuristic bugs appear on the side of the tent (Free Porn!), and the ill-fated (Emily?) is out of that tent, faster than you can say, “Are you a top or a bottom?”

lots o bugs

Very smart, Emily.  You found a couple of bugs in your tent, so you decided to run outside WHERE ALL THE REST OF THE BUGS ARE!

draco malfoy facepalm

What happens next is pretty darn disgusting . . . but also oddly impressive.  An entire swarm of creepy crawlies completely engulfs poor dumb Emily and LITERALLY MAKES HER DISAPPEAR . . .

creepy crawlies

ghosted shot


Just like the scene with Heather, I’m pretty sure hallucination was at play here.  Last week, whatever took Heather, used her fear of broken bottles and glass stabbed bare feet to lure her to the window, where she was promptly snatched up.  This week, the same supernatural force seemed to use Emily’s fear of bugs to lure her outside her lover’s tent, using the classic “divide and conquer” strategy.

thinking damon bitemesomerhalder

It’s what happened after that, which confuses me a bit . . .

this is me thinking

What kind of creature has the power to make a person evaporate into thin air?  And why wasn’t the same thing done to Heather, who was bodily yanked from her home by something that, at least based on Heather’s expression, was at least partially corporeal?

stefan shrug

We all remember, from last season, the Stilinskis’ trusty rule.  “One times an accident.  Twice is a coincidence.  Three times is a pattern.”

sheriff thinksession

Pattern . . . here we come!

Omigod, you killed a Jonas Brother!  (You bastard!)

dead life guard

You know, everyone assumes this season’s serial killer is committing its crimes, because it hates virgins.  But maybe it just really, really didn’t like Camp Rock 2.


jo bros

Poor Lydia!  Apparently, all her screaming has given her just as bad of a headache as it’s given all of us . . .


She calls out to her mom, to tell her that she’s going to the pharmacy.  But her mom, of course, doesn’t answer.

lydia parents

No surprise.  I mean, this is the woman who failed to notice her daughter had a tatted up man in her bed, on the first day of school.

sex again - Copy

My new theory is that Lydia’s mom is actually dead, and has been for quite some time.  I think Klaus from The Vampire Diaries killed her . . .


klaus cheers

En route to the pharmacy, Lydia ends up taking a detour to the local pool, where the lifeguard is still on duty . . . sort of . . .  This is how you know Jeff Davis and co. have pretty sick senses of humor.  You see, this “guard” may have been a pro, when it came to guarding chastity.  But guarding lives?  Not so much . . .


“If only he had screwed me.  I would have turned into a Real Boy just like Pinocchio.”

Lydia immediately calls Stiles for help . . .

not ok 1

not ok 2

not ok 3

not ok 4


 . . . causing Stydia fans the world over to cheer . . .

teen wolf allison argent stiles

As for Stiles, he’s just jealous that she dialed 911 first.  Damn those pesky authorities!

911 1

911 2

911 3

911 4


Stiles may have missed that first call.  But he’ll be damned if he lets some slimy 911 police escort walk his lady up to her bedroom . . .

ep 5 blow job

That’s a job for Stiles, and Stiles alone . . .

The writers tease fans into thinking Stiles wants to ask Lydia a “Relationship Question,” when he really just wants to know why she still seems to be drawn to dead bodies like a firefly to a rabid werewolves face . . .

face 1

face 2


Stiles and Lydia both wonder if Lydia is being controlled by Peter again.  But I’m pretty sure this a red herring.  On one hand, I do believe that Lydia’s “connection” to dead bodies Banshee .  . . she’s clearly a banshee. is what enabled the then-dead Peter to possess her, in the first place.  However, the kills she was drawn to last season, weren’t Peter’s kills, they were the kanaimas.  Likewise, I’m pretty sure this season’s victims were murdered by something other than Peter  . . .

looking good peter hale

That said, there does seem to be some connection between the fear hallucinations the victims are experiencing prior to their deaths, and the hallucinations the Scooby Gang experienced at the party, care of Lydia’s Mysterious Wolfsbane Juice . . .

lydia and punch

Speaking of jumping to conclusions, Stiles immediately assumes that the Lifeguard was murdered by rabid Boyd and Cora.  So, he warns Scott, that the two must be taken down, ASAP, or more innocent people’s lives will be at risk.  Though Stiles’ conjecture ultimately turns out to be wrong, the assumption that Boyd and Cora are already cold blooded killers is necessary to make the rest of this episode work.  It raises the stakes, and makes the characters’ decisions seem bolder and more impactful than they would otherwise . .

stiles dancing at gay bar melchiors

Werewolves and Hunters Unite!

Poor Isaac!  The guy has been chopped up, freeze-dried, nipple fried, and pretty much tortured in every way imaginable, these past two episodes, for the sake of “the team.”  And he’s still seems to have red shirt status, among his ever dwindling pack . . .


Scott doesn’t even consider Isaac to be “real help,” when it comes to subduing Boyd and Cora.  Then again, perhaps, that has something to do with Isaac’s insistence on wearing that oh-so-fashionable scarf, on the escaped werewolves trail.  This is Werewolf Hunger Games, not Project Runway, honey . . .

scarf man


look sexy 2342342

Still  . . . I must admit, the scarf does look pretty damn good.

Anywhoo, Scott suggests the wolf pack commandeer expert werewolf hunter, and erstwhile enemy, Papa Argent to help with the search.  Derek doesn’t think its a good idea.  So, he lingers behind Scott in his new, uber intimidating, Soccer Mom Minivan, to make sure Argent doesn’t try any funny stuff.


“Pimp my ride, please?”

Come on, Derek.  You’re 24.  What’s with the 45-year olds car?  At least get an option for a sun roof, so you could stick your head out the window, while in wolf mode?

Isaac hopes to use these precious in-car moments with Derek to talk about their “feelings.”  Needless to say, it doesn’t go well . . .

your sister 1

your sister 2

your sister 3

your sister 4

your sister 5


Though his attempt failed miserably, I respect that Isaac tried to get Derek to open up about his sister, Cora.  If anyone can relate to have complicated feelings about your blood relations, it’s the guy whose dad used to shove him in an icebox, but suffered an untimely death, due to lizard mauling …

As for Papa Argent, after giving Scott a warm welcome . . .

gunpoint 2


I’ve seen that facial expression somewhere before . . .

ep 6 uh oh no


He tells his daughter’s ex, who his wife tried to have killed, in no uncertain terms, that he is OUT of the hunting business.  Of course, as Papa Argent is about to learn, the werewolf hunting business is like the mafia.  Everytime you try to get out, THEY PULL YOU BACK IN . . .

pull me back in

. . .  you know by casually getting you to drive by teenage corpses, wearing purity rings . . .

dead save

sees it

Now comes the educational part of our program, where we learn all about hunting werewolves in the woods . . .

cool men walking

 . . . you know . . . just in case any of you viewers have an interest in taking on that sort of career.  (By the way, was that Papa Argent’s full time job?  I wonder what one gets paid for catching-but-not-murdering-unless-they-REALLY-ask-for-it supernatural creatures that most of the world doesn’t believe exist.)

trained like me 1

trained like me 2

trained like me 3


In other not important to anything other than this show news, did you know that fireflies in California (at least the ones not involved in insect organized crime) don’t typically glow?  They have no “fire.”  I guess that makes them just . . . you know . . . flies.

Scott helps out the cause by putting little strobe lights everywhere  (Because werewolves like disco?), and doing completely random flips in the air, for no logical reason whatsoever.

flip plop


But at least he’s not doing that ridiculous crab walk thing anymore.

crab man



As for Allison, having been traumatized once by chilling in a cleaning supply closet with this . . .

dead erica


And again by learning that her mom nearly succeeded in murdering her boyfriend . . .

mom bat

Allison decides to cope with her Massive Case of the Sads, by doing what she usually does when she’s feeling blue . . . namely shooting up sh*t .  . .

dark allison 1

The difference is that NOW she’s shooting sh*t for GOOD, and not for evil . . .

Perched high above the world, Allison uses her bow and arrow to lure Crazy Cora and Boyd right into the Scooby Gang’s trap . . . an “empty school.”  You know, because the Scooby Gang has had so much luck battling baddies at the school, in the past . . .

sarcasm sign

Isaac notices Allison’s handiwork, and is impressed . . . almost impressed enough to lend her his awesome scarf .  . . but not quite.




now kiss cartoon

They kill Virgins, don’t they?

dead look

Back at the hospital, Stiles makes a not entirely unexpected, but still massively depressing, discovery . . .

dead heather

Dylan O’Brien knocks it out of the park in this quiet moment that is truly heart wrenching, yet understated, and oddly beautiful   . . .

cry 1

cry 2


A lesser actor would have chewed the scenery here, breaking down into loud sobs.  But Stiles knows that emoting won’t bring his friend back.  And he doesn’t feel as though he deserves pity from Scott’s mom, who happens to be with him at the time, or anyone else.  I imagine a part of him might even feel partly responsible for what has happened . . . and wonder whether he could have somehow prevented it . . .

condom 3

Yet Stiles doesn’t dwell on these things.  Instead, he composes himself quickly, and focuses on the matter at hand.  Upon examining the two dead bodies, which, by the way, just seem to be lying around the hospital . . . Stiles immediately determines that the way in which they were killed is inconsistent with a werewolf mauling.  Rather, the deaths, both of which having resulted from a blow to the head, a strangling, and a gutting, seem almost ritualistic.

And then, of course, Stiles figures out what these two sorry corpses have in common . . . THEIR ADVERTISED VIRGINITY.


That’s right folks, in Beacon Hills the new rule of  to live by is apparently f*&k or die . . .

sex girl boy

Sure enough, our poor bug hating lesbian is revealed to be a virgin as well  . . . a dead virgin.

is it

“Is it Friday yet?’

Though virgin sacrifices are nothing new in horror fare, they actually fly in the face of the teen slasher trope of virgins being the sole survivors of the story.  The sluts always die first .  . .

abide by

never have sex

Needless to say, I’m betting Poor Stiles wishes he was in a slasher film right about now .  . .

stiles sad 3

MTV’s Favorite Antihero Becomes More Hero (and less anti)

Meanwhile, the decidedly non virginal Peter and Derek meet outside the school to discuss the whole Boyd and Cora situation.  An apt pupil of the “Save Your Own Ass” school of thought, Peter advocates letting Boyd and Cora “kill a few homeless dudes” to work off their rage.  Doing this will prevent Derek from having to murder members of his own pack, in order to save virtual strangers.

peter says hi luceateis - Copy

Derek seems to seriously consider Peter’s argument.  After all, saving his own ass first, has worked OK for him so far . . . it helped him to become Alpha.

im the alpha

But when the crew manage to successfully trap Boyd and Cora in the boiler room, just a few moments before sunrise, it seems as though Derek might just be able to get away without making the choice.

close door

And he totally would have been able to do it too, were it not for two ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS PLOT OCCURRENCES . . .

(1) The new English teacher for, some reason, feels the need to hang out at school ALL NIGHT grading papers, despite the fact that school has only been in session for about two days   . . . and   . . . on the first day a flock of birds destroyed her entire classroom . . .

scared teach


(2) Some genius thought it would be a great idea to put the school supply cabinet in the BOILER ROOM.  You know .. . because it’s always wise to put large stacks of paper near things that have a tendency to EXPLODE and/or CATCH FIRE . . .

paper girl

So, long story short, Mrs. McDamselinDistress winds up locked in the boiler room with a very hungry, very pissed off Boyd and Cora.

What’s a Sexy Derek to do?

ep 9 yeah derek just teenwolf

Ultimately, Derek does the “right thing,” by allowing Boyd and Cora to tear him from limb to limb, so Professor Future Love Interest can live to inappropriately text her students another day . . .

torn up derek 1

torn up derek 2


Then, this happens.  And suddenly, I feel like I’m watching a commercial for Axe Body Spray . . .

hand grasp

hand grasp 2hand grasp 3


So, yeah, it’s pretty obvious these two beautiful people are eventually going to bang one another.  And I’m glad, for the sole reason that Derek Hale is simply too pretty NOT to be getting laid on a regular basis.

ep 9 no fit gravyjones

Of course, right about now, getting Stiles laid is much more important.  Screwing Stiles has officially become a matter of life and death.  So, what do you say, Wolfbangers?  Anyone ready to take one for the team?


Next time on Teen Wolf . . .

next on


See ya then, WolfStilesbangers!

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12 responses to “A Life Lived in Shades of Grey – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Fireflies”

  1. Johan

    I did think of your Banshee theory when Lydia screamed.
    I miss Danny. I hope he isnt a virgin…

    • Hey Johan! You are right. It definitely seems like they are going the banshee route with Lydia. I know, now, she just seems to keep screaming, and digging up dead bodies. But banshees can actually be really fascinating creatures . . . ones that you don’t see too often on supernatural series. If the writers treat this storyline the right way, it could be a really interesting one for Lydia, in the way the kanaima storyline was for Jackson. (Of course, I had issues with the “Matt” aspect of the kanaima storyline. But I think the treatment of the “creature” itself was done quite well.)

      You also bring up a good point about how many other characters on the show could potentially be affected by this virgin storyline. They’ve established that Lydia, Allison, Scott, and Derek (presumably Peter too) are definitely not virgins. But every other character on the show is a big ole question mark. Are virgin sacrifices only applicable to humans, or could Isaac, Boyd, Cora, or the Alpha twins potentially be at risk as well?

      As for Danny, I suspect his virginity or lack thereof will definitely be addressed this season, as he is courted by one of those Alpha twins. He did have that long term boyfriend, last season, didn’t he? 😉

  2. jmae

    This episode was good.
    I’m still surprised Isaac managed to remain clean during that whole fight. He didn’t have a spot on him after running through the woods.
    I love that Sheriff Stilinski knew that there had to be “something” in the woods and that it all wasn’t just a hallucination. I wonder what is going to happen when she describes Scott in her report I figure they should be able to put two and two together, or at least I hope that they can.
    Stiles needs his own detective agency because he just proved how awesome of a detective he was even without the werewolves doing all the heavy lifting for him. Even though I am partial to his team-ups with Peter.
    Speaking of Peter I would love to see him become an alpha again and go up against Deucalion, because they seem to think the same way.
    I’m pretty sure that Isaac was asking permission to hit on Derek’s sister.
    Anyone else notice that a lot of people have been getting new cars. Papa Argent now drives some sort of Toyota truck instead of the Denali, Derek no longer has his Camaro, and Scott now has that pathetic excuse of a motorcycle, pretty sure that that isn’t there for product placement though.
    I loved the conversation between Scott and Papa Argent though. Even though it was unnecessary for Scott to get driven to the crime scene. All he had to do was tell Papa Argent about the bank incident and that Alison was there and he could have easily gotten help.
    Is it me or do the teachers at Beacon Hills stay at school way too late. In the first season that’s how the creepy chemistry teacher almost got attacked by the alpha, now the English teacher does the same thing, and of course they both got saved by Derek.
    Scott’s mom being a nurse is really proving to be beneficial to the Scooby Gang though, makes me wonder if werewolves have done this in the past to cover up for injuries.
    Papa Argent has a job, he’s an arms dealer. In Wal-Mart of guns Alison told Scott that her family sold guns to law enforcement.
    As much as I dislike the idea of Isaac and Alison having ‘moments’. I understand it, because as much wrong as she has done, she still went against her family to try and save his life last season and this season she helps him lure Boyd and Cora into the school, which means that he doesn’t have to get injured in the process. Not very good reasons, but I’m guessing that he’s still pretty emotionally damaged from his father. On the bright side this will hopefully cause a big enough rift with Scott and Alison that their break up will be permanent. Not likely, but I can dream.

    • Hey jmae. Great point about Isaac. It’s interesting how the costume and makeup department is always so quick to rip up Derek’s shirts, and cover his face and body with scars, blood, sweat and tears, while Isaac spent the entire episode looking like he fell out of a J Crew catalog. I think it’s because, as sex symbols, the two characters, appeal to two distinct audiences. Derek has that sort of tough rugged look, that’s always sexier, when it’s covered with dirt. But Isaac’s more baby-faced and clean cut, despite his tortured home life.

      Interesting take on Isaac’s one-sided conversation with Derek about Cora. He did seem to give her that weird smile, the first time the two encountered one another. But I interpreted that more as an eagerness to fight, than a sign of attraction. After all, Isaac has only seen Cora wolf form. And while the actress is clearly very attractive, as a wolf she’s pretty darn hideous to look at. That, and the fact that the writers seem to be pushing Isaac toward Allison, were what kept me from interpreting Isaac’s inquiry as a come on. But it very well could have been.

      I guess we will have to wait and see if anything develops between Isaac and Cora. Who knows? Maybe Cora will end up taking an interest in Stiles? Wouldn’t that just royally piss off all the die hard Sterek fans? 🙂 (I’m a fan of the ship myself, though I’ve pretty much given up all hope of it ever developing on screen.)

      I do like how Sheriff Stilinski seems to finally be opening his eyes to some of the supernatural things going on in his town. I think it’s probably only a matter of time before he gets fully into the loop, like Scott’s mom . . .

      Good catch on Papa Argent’s actual job. Arms dealer, huh? We don’t see nearly enough arms dealers on teen television shows nowadays. 😉

  3. East Coast Captain

    Yes and in a world where the human antagonists have the capacity to be more monstrous than the monsters with claws and fangs. I like that line very true. Hell Peter is less of a monster than Victoria, Kate and Gerard.

    Human sacrifices who happen to be virgins well according to lore being a virgin is very powerful stuff for many types of rituals it sweetens the magic in vampire lore being a virgin is like Kobe Beef for vampires they are tasty as hell for the undead. I think of any number of entities usually demons that require human sacrifices to enter this realm my guess its the antagonist for the second half of the season according to Jeff Davis, each part is self contained.

    I think Scott has this idealist view on the world black and white. One day he´s going to understand what Peter just said.

    Cora looks pretty cool in wolf mode.

    • Very true, East Coast Captain. No one on this show was more of a monster than that wackadoo Gerard.

      Interesting intel on virgin sacrifices in fiction, East Coast Captain. Apart from my fear that this storyline will give little kids nightmares about their virginity, I’m actually really excited about this storyline. Actually, I’m more excited about it than the Alpha Pack storyline, which hasn’t really piqued my interest, just yet.

      I like how each time a virgin is murdered on the show, you hear that chanting in the background, which was a prominent feature in the trailers for the season. That chanting presents the possibility that perhaps some sort of human cult is offering up the sacrifices, in an effort to placate some other supernatural deity or creature we have yet to meet.

      Have you all seen Cabin in the Woods? 😉

      • Johan

        Yes, I too thought of Cabin in the Woods. Am I the only one that have trouble thinking of Cora as a good person. That name has a evil feel to it. (Thanks to Once Upon a Time)

  4. Andre

    I guess I can be lucky that I usually pay no attention to the title of these episodes, because think about it, why is this episode called fireflies? The “fireflies” (which supposedly aren’t any) played only a small part so what is the reason? Is Davis a fan of Sam Tsui?

    Well Sam looks European and pretty enough, so maybe… I mean if anybody here thinks Davis doesn’t take looks heavily into account, I think that person needs counseling.

    Now, you recap was really good and I must say you brought a few things more to light that I in my eagerness had overlooked. But of course I will throw my own bucket of cents into it.

    Now, it’s official, Davis does the Emmerich. Well not completely but to a large degree, especially when it comes to Scott. The visual and the audio of the episode was again great, well apart from the blue screen effects but I can get along with that as long as they don’t do the running on all fours again.
    The morgue scene with Stiles was very well shot as well as the corpses and the camera at the scene of Boyd and Cora running over the field was good. So apart from the blue/green screen no problem there.

    But, like I said he does the Emmerich whenever he goes to Scott in that there is too much style and not enough substance.
    And he breaks the three fundamental rules of storytelling:
    1) Don’t corrupt your characters for the plot.
    2) Don’t break your cannon laws for the plot.
    3) Adapt your characters to the universe and not the other way around.
    You all should know these rules. TVD broke them all the time. And whenever Scott is there Teen Wolf does it as well.

    It is no secret that Scott is not the most famous character on the show, so why Davis bends and breaks the rules to fit Scott I have no idea.
    In this episode alone I think Stiles and Lydia had the best scenes. Scott none at all, and certainly not Allison.
    And you know could Peter have a mustache to play the “villain” better? I mean geled back hair and a mustache are often villain traits.
    And how does Peter know Deucalion’s plan?
    I just hope the actual plan is a bit more complicated than what we have seen so far or otherwise something like this will happen:

    You know, I knew something was off with these fireflies, except that I thought that it’s not the right time of the year for their mating.

    And connecting likeability to looks without a shirt is extremely shallow and really bugs me about the current trend. Thanks to this shallowness we have assholes like Damon, Klaus, Jace and Magnus and all the others as romantic leads. Because of their looks their fans forgive them absolutely everything.

    Derek, Allison and Chris Argent each grappled with their instincts toward self-preservation, and shielding their families from harm, versus an obligation to protect innocents, and serve a cause greater than themselves.
    That part of the episode seemed mostly stupid to me. They seemed to behave to OOC, I guess that was due to the fact that Scott was involved, but you will see what I mean.

    Geez, writers! What kind of messages are you sending these young impressionable Teen Wolf watchers?
    That is what I keep asking myself time and again. It seems that Davis takes the “entertainment” part to literally and forgets what a responsibility he actually has.

    It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?
    You have a point, are we to assume that the parents forgot all the killings that fast? I mean the last of them were not even 6 months ago, so they simply let those kids run around in the forest?

    And speaking of running:
    Didn’t we establish already that werewolves can run faster than humans? Because even if not, why can’t Boyd catch up with two little kids? I mean a normal human of that age could.

    And the “werewolf” peaking through the hole was not the guy playing Boyd (why do people call him that? Vernon is not such a bad name). The skin was too light. Boyd has really dark brown skin but that one did not, it was barely even brown.

    “I’m sure it’s perfectly safe to hug this strange man we found lurking in the woods late at night.”
    Yeah, this is again shoving into our face how good a guy Scott is. If he just had the same energy and time for his friends I might actually believe it.

    Not to criticize or anything, but if you knew your significant other was deathly afraid of snakes and bugs, why oh why, would you choose, THE WOODS, of all places, as the locale for your first sexual encounter?
    Truer words were never spoken. And finally the lesbians were there, was about time. At least they are a bit more than a token as it seems.
    And speaking of lesbians:

    And here you see how straight guys react to gay porn:

    And also the gays are here:

    Just like the scene with Heather, I’m pretty sure hallucination was at play here. Last week, whatever took Heather, used her fear of broken bottles and glass stabbed bare feet to lure her to the window, where she was promptly snatched up. This week, the same supernatural force seemed to use Emily’s fear of bugs to lure her outside her lover’s tent, using the classic “divide and conquer” strategy.
    How does it know that? Seriously? What is that thing? Professor X from the X-Men?

    Poor Lydia! Apparently, all her screaming has given her just as bad of a headache as it’s given all of us . . .
    When I saw that scene I asked myself, why does she take those drugs? Ibuprofen is only for light to moderate pain; it doesn’t really help with sleeping.

    My new theory is that Lydia’s mom is actually dead, and has been for quite some time.
    I guess Davis can’t really handle her, convenient for Lydia and Daviss, no consequences with her mother.

    I liked how Stiles yelled “Yes” at Lydia, one word and all the frustration was in it. Maybe now she will stop being in denial.

    The writers tease fans into thinking Stiles wants to ask Lydia a “Relationship Question,”
    Are you telling me that there are people out there who did not catch right away that Stiles would interrogate Lydia?

    Likewise, I’m pretty sure this season’s victims were murdered by something other than Peter
    Let’s hope so, because it would not only be stupid but also way too obvious.

    That said, there does seem to be some connection between the fear hallucinations the victims are experiencing prior to their deaths, and the hallucinations the Scooby Gang experienced at the party, care of Lydia’s Mysterious Wolfsbane Juice . . .
    I don’t think so, those were rather current fears, these others seem more close to general phobia. This would, again, beg the question as to how “it” knows that. Is that just magic that works automatic, does it research or is it a telepath?

    Though Stiles’ conjecture ultimately turns out to be wrong, the assumption that Boyd and Cora are already cold blooded killers is necessary to make the rest of this episode work.
    The problem here is of course that the episode only works with this error, but also that it wasn’t due to Stiles but due to Scott. Sure Stiles came up with it, but he didn’t know how far Boyd and Cora had been away. It was Scott’s insistence that it was them and Scott should have known that the two could not have run that fast. Derek was right, no way could these two be that fast, but Scott doesn’t listen. Of course not, since he is Scott. And why does Derek listen to this idiot? I knew that this “conclusion” was bullshit, but instead of acknowledging that they made it as though Derek was somehow in denial. And actually even Stiles was stupid here, I mean just because the murder looked “werewolf” to him and the others doesn’t mean it has to be Cora and/or Boyd, it could have been any of the pack of Alphas running in town.
    And again, they need Scott to think of the Argents? I knew Derek is an idiot but I hoped that at least Isaac would have some brain. Well actually sometimes he does but in this season whenever Scott is around, Scott must always have the last word now as it seems.

    And you know I originally said that Allison is the girl but now I think its Scott. I mean it does fit the current damsel trend, he isn’t really smart, doesn’t really change, is supposedly ordinary but at the same time good looking, is always perfectly styled and despite how dumb he is everybody listens to him. But since he is carrying a Y chromosome he can’t be passive. But still Allison is the guy helping the damsel out. Or maybe hero and damsel aren’t that different to begin with.

    And there was one other thing that came to my mind:
    Wasn’t there something in early season 1 that when you are bitten it is harder to be a werewolf? That you are more unstable? So shouldn’t Cora be more resistant to the full moon than Boyd?

    And why did Derek never wolf out? We saw him do it in season 1 during Scott’s second full moon. In episode 9 if I remember correctly.
    So why is there so little now? Is it some sort of symbolism, you know the human conquering the “beast?”

    And also, what is wrong with Scott and Derek? They had two rabid werewolves out there and they wasted their time talking with Allison and getting Erica’s corpse out there? Talk about priorities.

    And I must say: people, take a good look and Cora’s werewolf face. Unless she turns out to be bad this will be the first and last time we see Cora’s werewolf face. Unless there is a full moon and she is temporarily bad. Trust me. Sexism is so strong that TV cannot deal with a female werewolf wolved out, last season you kjwels yourself objected against Erica’s wolf face because it wasn’t sexy.

    And this whole hunting thing early on shows that, again, Scott is not smarter or has higher morals, Davis just makes everybody else dumber and have lesser morals. There is the thing with Derek and the speed of Boyd and Cora, but there is also Mr. Argent. He has two rabid werewolves running around and he hesitates? He needs to be “persuaded” by Scott? Why? And why does he say no right away? Messed up family or not, he must have been a hunter for more than 20 years, if not even 30. No way would the moral obligation disappear in just 4 months.
    And doesn’t the hunter code say that once a werewolf killed a human she/he must be brought down? That was a thing that was pretty big in season 1 and 2, so why does he ignore it now?

    And I checked some things mentioned in Mr. Argent’s talk. As the dog freak I am, I have stuff about wolves as well and so I checked the biggest book on them that was published in the last 10 years and guess what:
    There is no mentioning of tracking over 100 miles, on Isle Royale they covered 226 miles and killed 11 moose during that time, but that was all put together. Tracking refers to a single prey. Also nothing that they can track a scent by two miles; by the way, why do these werewolves need Mr. Argent to tell them to track by scent? Are they that stupid? It can’t be their fighting against the full moon because their heightened senses are always on.

    Ps. So Derek has x-ray and infrared vision now? Hm… I wonder where I heard red eyes giving you infrared vision comes from… Oh yeah, the Forgotten Realms books, all sorts of species have it there: elves, dwarves, gnomes, orcs, goblins, trolls, Halflings etc.
    Not to mention that this really stinks. When you throw in powers like that out of nowhere your supes become Swiss army knives, convenient for the plot, you know like TVD witches.

    And Cora and Boyd are totally rabid but they still have the instinct/reason to mask their scent? Do I really have to say what is wrong with that “logic?”

    And this primal Apex predatory satisfaction was the biggest bullshit. Yes there is surplus killing, yes there is enjoyment in killing as it seems among predators. But they don’t go running around and searching for something to tear apart. That is not the sign of an apex predator, it is the sign of a living killing machine.
    You know I am not far away anymore from being convinced that Davis doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    Scott doesn’t even consider Isaac to be “real help,” when it comes to subduing Boyd and Cora.
    First what is up with that scarf in summer and second Davis told that Isaac would have a big role this season, typical, but where is it so far? And remember that there would be Stiles, childhood friend? Well, now she is dead. Wow what a surprise. Apparently a minor role was again totally highlighted. I have the fear that it will happen again with the whole gay sex thing.

    Though his attempt failed miserably, I respect that Isaac tried to get Derek to open up about his sister, Cora.
    But as the bully and idiot that he often is, Derek intimidates Isaac into silence. No wonder Boyd and Erica left the guy. Seriously what are the writers thinking with such guys, how is a guy like Derek inspiring the loyalty Isaac has towards him? Could you be right with your hypothesis in that Isaac is searching for a new daddy?

    That is exactly what this and many other stuff of the episode was, I totally agree with you. The lifting of the cabin was already showing off, since Boyd could have just ripped open the door or smashed it in. Considered that he is supposedly so rabid that would make more sense.
    And since when do lightning bugs attack? And why would Scott think that this would work?
    Also of course gymnastics during the placing of the signals were pretty useless. I think it was Davis again claiming that Scott is soooo special. Yeah well maybe he would convince us if Scott actually would become special and show actual development. I mean does anybody here think he will read another book this season? I am currently reading A Love in a Fallen City and *shudder* the third part of the Bane Chronicles, but what does he read?

    PS. Does somebody here know what is “nonindentirtation” and “nonindentirt”? It can’t be Nanoindentation because that is a variety of indentation hardness tests applied to small volumes. Seriously I couldn’t even find these words on google.

    You know, because the Scooby Gang has had so much luck battling baddies at the school, in the past . . .
    Yeah, this was a really stupid plan and this was another example of people dumping down so Scott can be the hero. I mean Mr. Argent has been hunting werewolves for decades, so why would he think that would work? None of them took into consideration that these two might be going over the roof of the school? Not only was Derek standing in there so of course they would take the roof, but we also saw Derek jump on a roof with ease in the pilot and also later on we saw Scott doing long jumps in season 2 first episode.

    Isaac notices Allison’s handiwork, and is impressed . . . almost impressed enough to lend her his awesome scarf . . . but not quite.
    Yeah nothing quite like the love for a girl that slashed you right?

    Dylan O’Brien knocks it out of the park in this quiet moment that is truly heart wrenching, yet understated, and oddly beautiful . . .

    By the way, you think the eyes were make-up or acting?

    Yet Stiles doesn’t dwell on these things. Instead, he composes himself quickly, and focuses on the matter at hand.
    Unlike the rest of the cast; they rather run headlong into everything. And like I said, thankfully we have O’Brian’s acting because otherwise there would be no reaction to the death of… oh yeah, it was “Heather,” thankfully Stiles said that. See, no idea who she was. Killing off random people usually has no impact on viewers. Especially not when in a case like this viewers knew beforehand that people will die and therefore killing barely introduced characters has no actual emotional impact. It is not as though we actually knew Heather or knew off her. Not like Grandma Stackhouse:

    That’s right folks, in Beacon Hills the new rule of to live by is apparently f*&k or die . . .
    That is not entirely knew. Will it make the rounds and lead to orgies?
    If the whole virgin killing thing turns out to be occult it would again be the old “virgins are special stuff” and I think we all know what that usually means, that they are better. And that just enforces that old trope, further concealing the fact that this demand is born out of patriarchy and that many of those purity rings and purity balls are actually patriarchal events where boys and fathers control the sexual urges of their girlfriends and daughters.
    But you can give them credit for making lesbian sex count. I mean we all know that this sketch holds more truth to this topic then many would like to admit:

    Seriously for some girls even anal sex does not count as loosing virginity.

    But it reminded me of one thing:

    If this film would not have been so hetero they could have made it really funny and the lesbians would have it the easiest to lose their virginity. Think about it, no stress to get or stay hard, no lube, nothing. Just a bit drinking from the furry cup and you are safe and gay guys and straight girls have to do most of the work. That would be funny. 🙂

    But to be serious:
    Someone kills virgins… well we know whom of the main characters will be in danger. And I think due to this Stiles will stay a virgin so he can be a bait later on in one way or another, so I think you will not get your deflowering of Stiles. Sorry, no scene like this:

    And damn what was wrong with the make-up. O’Brian looks like spray-tanned.

    And now we are at the last scene:
    Wow, was anyone here surprised that the school was not empty?
    Yeah I not only thought what the teacher was doing there at night, not that I was surprised, but also why the papers were in the boiler room. And how big is this boiler room?
    By the way I guess she will be Derek’s love interest.

    And while I understand the reason behind the slashing scene and think it was a good performance, it was also anticlimactic. I mean earlier in the episode Mr. Argent spoke about that urge to tear and slash. But given that Erica and Boyd could have and would have wanted to rip Derek apart, but while he holds them at arm’s length all they did was slash him. That simply doesn’t fit what was stated.
    And also, Scott usually doesn’t listen, so why did he listen to Derek now and not help him. And also talk about selective hearing, he can hear three hearts but he cannot hear the growling and breathing of those to werewolves?

    So here we are where we started:
    The problem of this episode in my eyes was Scott; every problem can be traced back to him and Davis. This does not look good. 😦

    But I hope I got all the grammar and wording errors out of my comment.

    • I agree about the title, Andre. The fireflies seemed like more of a framing device than the actual focal point of the episode. I mean, yeah, we learned that there was definitely something supernatural about the fireflies, in the way they “attacked” Boyd, and by the simple fact that they LOOKED like Fireflies, despite supposedly being non luminescent. But really, this was just another instance of other species of creatures acting strange in Beacon Hills, as a result either of the Alpha Pack’s presence, or the presence of whatever it is killing the virgins.

      In a sense, calling this episode “Fireflies,” would be like calling the season premiere, “Birds,” “Buck,” “Suicidal Cats,” or “Random Tatted up Dude Who Just Had Sex with Lydia” 🙂

      Thank you for the kudos, on the recap, by the way. I was happy to see that we were, more or less, in agreement, this week, on the episode’s highlights and lowlights. Also, thanks for the videos. I really enjoyed “The First Time.” And your video reminded me how awesome Dylan O’Brien’s body is (the writers of this show hide it, to their peril, in my humble opinion) and what a good lover he must be, if those kissing / foreplay scenes are any indication. I mean, yeah, I get that it’s “just acting.” But being good at kissing and foreplay can’t be faked. I truly believe that.

      I hadn’t noticed the makeup on first watch. But you are right about the Spray Tan. He also seemed to be wearing a ton of eyeliner in that first scene . . .

      The video with Hilarie Burton was hilarious, as were the porn watch videos, though I, like many of the other commenters, questioned whether all those guys were actually as straight, as they claimed to be.

      You are right about there being a distinction between the abstract personal fears Lydia’s juice brought out in the various characters, and the ones used to draw out the virgins. Though both seem to have taken place solely inside the minds of the characters, Heather’s and Emily’s mental tortures weren’t quite as unique to them as the ones we saw in Party Guessed. While Emily definitely appeared to have a “bug and snake” phobia (she certainly seemed to react more strongly to them than her partner), that fear is far from unique (I have it as well). And as for Heather, I don’t necessarily think she has a particular fear of broken glass. Rather, she reacted the way most of us would if placed in that situation, i.e. she moved to a place where she presumed she would be safe from flying glass particles.

      I still don’t get why she was barefoot, though . . . 🙂

      Speaking of Heather, you bring up a great point about the way in which O’Brien’s reaction personalized and caused us to care about a character, we might not have had much feeling for otherwise. Though I guess my emotional reaction to that scene had more to do with my feeling bad for Stiles, than for Heather, herself, who we knew very little about. That said, compare fan’s reaction to Heather’s death, to their reaction to Emily’s who, likely had about the same amount of screen time to Heather, and the impact of O’Brien’s acting is evident.

      And yeah, I think O’Brien was really crying in that scene, just as he was in the scene from Party Guessed. That said, it’s possible some wetting solution was used to enhance the effect. (It’s one thing for an actor to make their eyes glaze and water on cue, but tear production is typically out of one’s control.)

      Great point about Papa Argent’s “Code of Honor” from Seasons 1 and 2. Chris Argent’s staunch adherence to that code was what set him apart from the rest of his crazy family. Season 1’s Chris Argent would have refrained from hunting Boyd and Cora, until he saw the dead body (just as he did here). But, once he saw it, he would likely have felt duty bound to destroy Boyd and Cora. So, why was merely temporarily disabling them enough for him here? The writers would argue that what happened to the rest of Chris’ family taught him what a corrosive influence murdering werewolves (or even just attempting to) can have on the psyche.

      It’s the reason Chris wanted to get him and his daughter out of the hunting game in the first place. But, I agree with you, that the turnaround was perhaps a bit too quick to be believable.

      The real test as to whether Chris Argent has truly changed his ways will be when the Alpha Pack starts making their presence known around Beacon Hills . . .

      • Andre

        I personally think that the fireflies are a bit more than just creatures acting strange, in their case it was rather creatures mutating. I just hope this leads to something and doesn’t just disappear like teen romances tend to do.

        Well, according to the maker of the video all guys were straight, after those videos he posted these two:

        Of course in this case the gay would be too obvious:

        And no, tear production is not really out of your control, the oldest trick in the book is thinking of something said. 😉

        Oh by the way; teen shows could use that:

        And you know the whole disabling thing reminded me of something else:
        Why didn’t Derek do that? Just last episode they had said the thing about wounds caused by Alphas. All Derek would have needed to do was hitting some crucial points and the two would have been out of the game.
        Stuff like this and Stiles’ scenes make me question why they do this stuff. They apparently can do good stuff where the actions speak for themselves, you know classic show don’t tell, but then they do this other stuff that is the direct opposite, kind of like “I am sad because that music/person said I am.”
        Just why?

        And one thing before I finish:
        I don’t like when they do the “shades of grey” stuff like in this episode. When it is not a hard fact of live but rather an excuse for wanting to save your own skin. Because that is how Peter’s speech seemed to me.

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