Come Closer – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Unleashed”

sex me now


As human beings, we can’t help but crave intimacy . . . a warm touch . . . a loving look . . . some kind words of reassurance.  We thrive on these things.  They can make a life, less lonely, and more worth living.

ep 11 salison


hugsies isaac
But intimacy can be as dangerous, as it is seductive.  Allowing people into your life . . . letting them “come closer,” leaves you vulnerable to rejection, hurt, and pain.  It also makes you about ten times more likely to get bodily dragged under your car, while your dog watches, and brutally murdered by a villain who seems to change his murder victim stereotype about as often as most people change their clothes . . .

going to die

Yes . . . three people died this week on Teen Wolf, adding to the season’s already aggressively gruesome body count.

i see dead people

But, more than that, “Unleashed” was about the benefits and unexpected dangers of physical and emotional intimacy . . .

toss out

So, rev up that motorcycle, avoid cleaning supply closets like the plague, and, for heaven sakes, hold on to your puppies, because it’s time for another Teen Wolf recap . . .

stiles with wolf hat

enjoy the show


(Special thanks to my screencapper extraordinaire Andre, who I know would bravely rid Stiles of his pesky virginity, if the latter asked nicely.)

Number One with a Bullet

Mistletoe.  Apart from being the impetus behind a few unwanted kisses around Christmas time, it always seemed like a pretty harmless plant.  Right?

mistletoe kisses

ep 7 kissy face

WRONG!  It turns out, Mistletoe is poisonous to adorable pups like Bullet and Secret Teen Werewolves like Scott . . .


It also ultimately brought about the brutal murder of this Poor Schmuck . . .

whois your daddy

“He knows who the Alpha is,” Not-Yet-Dead Guy muses to Scott the Dog Whisperer, after the latter extracts the offending bite of Mistletoe from pet Bullet’s body.


(And just in case you didn’t catch the OBNOXIOUSLY OBVIOUS FORESHADOWING in that statement, both Scott and the Vet spend their next three minutes of screen time winking at the television screen, until you do . . .)


It’s a bit unusual to me that a guy who believes himself to be a “military man,” would (1) own the type of dainty dog that looks like he’d be right at home in a socialite’s designer purse; and (2) be so incredibly lousy at teaching that dog obedience.

bullet dog

“Here Puppy  . . . Puppy,”” Not-Yet-Dead Guy calls out ineffectually, as his unleashed dog runs out of the veterinary office and into a back alley.

here doggie

Bullet: “I’m not your B*tch.”

Clearly, Bullet knows who the Alpha isn’t . . .

Believing his dog to have run under a trash compactor, Not-Yet-Dead-Guy makes the genius move of STICKING HIS HEAD UNDER IT . . .

come closer 1

no no on

Already I’m cringing at my TV screen, while I wait for Not-Yet-Dead Guy’s face to get flattened like a pancake.  Fortunately, for Not-Yet-Dead-Guy he gets to survive long enough to make TWO MORE REALLY STUPID MISTAKES.  

owww bit


draco malfoy facepalm

“You bit me!” Not-Yet-Dead guy yelps in accusation, as he removes his hand from beneath the compactor, only to find his dog waiting patiently behind him.

look at my bite

stupid human

“Stupid Human.  I ought to send this in to America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

But wait . . . if it wasn’t Bullet that bit not-yet-dead guy, who could it possibly be?

stefan shrug

Perhaps, it’s the creepy guy that’s weirdly chanting “Come Closer” from underneath the trash compactor . . .

Pop Quiz, Wolfbangers.  It’s the middle of the night.  You and your dog are hanging out in a dark alley.   You hear the voice of the unidentified thing that JUST BIT YOU telling you to COME CLOSER.  Do you:

(a) Grab your dog, and run away fast

(b) Grab your dog, and run away faster

(c) Grab your dog, get in your car, and drive away fastest or

(d) Stick your head back under the trash compactor, like a schmuck, and kiss your ass (and potential for recurring guest star status on Teen Wolf) goodbye.

I’m sorry, Owner of Bullet.  D was not the correct answer.  As a consolation prize, you get to have your head separated from your body.  But, hey, you weren’t really using that pesky brain much, anyway, right?

you can be my new dad

“You can be my new daddy.”

pick up dog

“But first you have to learn to hold me correctly . . .”

pick up dog 2

“Oh Brother!”

Thanks for playing.  Better luck next life time.

The Part Where I Weigh in on the Derek Hale New Love Interest Controversy . . .

Let’s get this one out of the way, shall we?

nodding oh yeah

So, here we have our adorable English Teacher, with a penchant for inappropriately texting students, and hanging out in school boiler rooms at 3 a.m. . . .

scared teach

“Just because I am always in danger, and completely incapable of protecting myself, doesn’t mean I’m a Damsel in Distress.”

She hears a noise outside.  And like any good damsel in distress grabs onto the nearest phallic object to protect herself . . .

holding stick

But fear not, English Teacher!  That noise was nothing more than your Neighborhood Sexy Wolf, who has come a-courtin’!

im the alpha cameronbaum

English Teacher immediately starts babbling on about how her therapist thinks she’s crazy.  Because nothing turns a hot twenty something male on more, than a woman, who likes to talk about her mental and emotional problems with people she just met . . .

big bitch crazy

Start talking about your period, now, English Teacher.  That will really make him swoon!


moony look

“She’s Dreamy!”

And yet, Derek seems to find all of this “quirkiness” adorable.  Possibly because he was mesmerized by her perky boobs, and didn’t actually hear the annoying words coming out of her mouth.    Intent on impressing his lady love, Derek even offers up some information he read off the inside cover of the Cliff Notes from The Crucible, to show English Teacher what a smart, well-spoken guy he can be!

ep 9 no fit gravyjones

Before he leaves her, the two exchange names, in hopes that they will have the opportunity for at least one roll in the hay set to pop music, before English Teacher meets her inevitable demise .  . . or, in a “surprise twist,” is revealed as the Evil Mastermind Behind Either the Alpha Pack or the Druid Sacrifices . . .

bitch face

she turns into the devil tendermercies

All right, so here’s the thing.  Contrary to what some might think, I’m not bothered by the fact that the writers have given Derek a love interest that isn’t Stiles . . . or Allison . . . or ME.  In fact, if having a love interest on the show, means more shirtless Derek, or more moony-eyed, lusty-looking Derek, I welcome the storyline with open arms . . .

ep 9 yeah derek just teenwolf

internet derek 3

let me love you

I’m just having trouble getting behind the idea of English Teacher as the love interest.  Yeah, I get that she’s “hot” or whatever.  She’s just so milquetoasty!  And beyond that, she just seems void of any of the sort of personality traits (edge, spunk, a sarcastic sense of humor) that would make for an interesting pairing with a brooding strong silent type like Derek.

sarcasm defense

Long story short, from a plot perspective, I understand the need for this couple.  They look “pretty” together.  And I’m sure younger fans will eat them up, for that reason alone.

happy elena

But from a writing perspective, I feel like, if the sole purpose of English Teacher’s character is to be a love interest for Derek and/or future victim / surprise villain, she needs to be written in a more dynamic way, so that the developing couple is more appealing, and “shippable.”


Since we are on the subject of new characters, let’s talk about those twins.  Shall we?

Taking One for the Team

Over in the boys locker room, Coach Crackpot tells the kids that they are flabby and out of shape.

fat asses big

hot men no shirts


Apparently, Deucalion isn’t the only blind guy on this show . . .

number of fingers

Meanwhile, Stiles propositions the entire lacrosse team for sex, upon learning that another possible virgin joined the ranks of the definitely dead in Beacon Hills, last night . . .

threat life

sex me now 2

Any volunteers?

ill do it


Danny offers to be a hero, and take one up the butt for the team . . .

Stiles thanks him for his generosity.  And in the inevitable porn version of this series (bonus points to the commenter, who comes up with the best porn name for this series), that’s when things get really interesting . . .

ep 5 more oral fixation stiles tyler

But alas, this is just MTV, not Pay Per View.  And Danny’s gallant offer was nothing but a big fat lie.  What a cock tease!

blue balls

Speaking of cock teases . . . these two . . .

twins - Copy

OK . . . OK . . . I know that one is gay, while the other is straight, and that they occasionally “talk” now.  But I still can’t tell these two doofuses apart, or determine whether they possess actual personalities.

look confused

Perhaps, the costume department should have them wear these to avoid confusion . . .

gay one

straight one

Isaac . . . being an open-minded, non discriminating kind of guy . . .  doesn’t particularly care which one gay, and which one is straight.  He wants them both equally dead.

isaac running

twins running


The three men mutually agree that the absolute best place to wolf out, and have a gang fight is in the woods right in the middle of a mandatory cross country run.  This way, the only people who could potentially see them, and learn their Deep Dark Wolfy Secrets, are THE ENTIRE LACROSSE TEAM!

roar 1

roar 2

roar 3


Fortunately, Brutally Murdered Bullet’s Owner, appears literally out of nowhere, to protect these three dumb-dumbs from themselves . . .

dead bullet guy

tears from stiles

homeless kid

wasnt on the team

Talk about taking one for the team!

Speaking of taking one for the team, do you remember the scene from that old Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp, where the two twin Siamese cats made a total mess of the house, and then expertly got poor Lady to take the blame?

Twin 1 beating up Twin 2, and letting Isaac take the rap for it, kind of reminds me of that . . .

beat self up




you are a monster

Except, since I still can’t tell the twins apart, watching Twin 1 beat up Twin 2, was kind of like watching Ed Norton beat up Ed Norton at the end of Fight Club . . .

hit me as hard as you

beat two

Also taking a hit to the face this week was Stiles, who learned the hard way that there is no tactful way to ask the grieving girlfriend of a guy who was just brutally murdered, if her military-loving boyfriend had the opportunity to bone her, before he went off to that Big ROTC in the Sky . . .

talking to widow

too soon haha - Copy

But hey, Stiles!  Look on the bright side.  At least that pesky serial killer isn’t offing virgins, anymore!

teen wolf allison argent stiles

Coming out of the Closet

Because Isaac gets detention for not “beating up” one of the twins . . . and the writers need Allison to have detention too for “romantic reasons,” we get THIS random scene . . .

sleepy baby

*insert loud snores*

 . . . in which Allison falls asleep in class, and mistakes the French teacher / Guidance Counselor / Vet’s Friend / Possible Evil Alpha-Loving Ninja for her mother . . .

sees her mother


You can understand Allison’s confusion.  I mean, these two look EXACTLY ALIKE!

7 4 twins

 In detention, Allison and Isaac get paired together to do something in the supply closet that I don’t quite remember, but it sounds awfully kinky . . .

Allison sort of / kind of apologizes to Isaac for . . . you know . . . trying to kill him, and stuff.

stabbed me twenty times

stabbed me

multi stab

Foreplay . . .

And Isaac sort of / kind of forgives her, because he would very much like to know what she looks like naked . . .

flirting 1

flirting 2


I love the obvious chemistry these two actors (who were dating in real life, back when this was shot) have with one another on screen.  And, for that reason, I’m much more willing to get on board with them as a future couple, than I was with Scott and Allison.  But just as I have trouble believing Derek would fall for a Mary Sue like English Teacher, it’s difficult for me to see Isaac, a child of abuse, falling for  . . . really . . . his only male friend’s ex, who so gleefully brutalized him, just a few months ago.  Likewise, I have difficulty understanding why Allison would hit on another werewolf, so soon after she supposedly swore off the entire species, for good . . .


Maybe she’s just really horny . . .

Anywhoo . . . SOMEONE locks Isaac and Allison in the closet, which gives Isaac PTSD about all those times when his dad locked him in the icebox . . . which causes him to wolf out .  .  . which puts Allison’s life in danger . . .



If I recall correctly, of the three newbie wolves, Isaac was the best at controlling his rage, because he used his rage over his father’s abuse as an anchor, to prevent him from ever becoming an abuser himself . . .

anchor found

Given the volatility of this moment, it’s interesting – if not exactly surprising, given all the ad nauseum foreshadowing of Scott rising to Alpha status – that Scott is successfully able to replace Isaac’s own father, as the anchor to Isaac’s humanity.  Upon freeing Allison from the closet, Scott literally “Alpha’s” Isaac into submission . . .


vulnerable isaac

“Does this mean I’m grounded?”

Now, Scott is REALLY pissed.  The Alpha Twins have officially messed with his ex girlfriend, his bromantic buddy, and . . . Lydia?!

lyd and twin


Jealous much?


Sweet Vengeance

gotcha al

In what was probably my favorite scene in the episode, Scott, Allison and Isaac band together to exact perfect justice on those doofy Alpha Twins, by throwing that Siamese Cat Framing Trick the Bad Guys pulled at the beginning of the episode, right back in their faces.  All it takes is a little motorcycle sabotage .  . .

bike parts

. . . a hot cell phone pic . . .

looking hot on bike

. . . and a sexually tense lesson in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for Dummies . . .

throttle 1

throttle 2

throttle 3

throttle 4


Considering Isaac spent his first time on a motorcycle, half unconscious, with a sliced open tummy, and a pair of painfully electrocuted nipples . . .

relaxing ride

. . . I’d say he does a pretty good job instantly figuring out how to maneuver it into the school, while making just enough noise to spark the Evil Alpha Twins attention . . .

riding around school

Isaac slips away quietly, just as one of the two Evil Alpha Twins rushes out to save his precious bike.  (How did he know it was his?  Aren’t both the bikes identical?)

see ya

“By the way, your engine sounds like it could use a tune up.”

I also like how, even though everyone in class, including English Teacher, heard the sound of the motor, before the Alpha twin ran out into the hall way, everyone immediately assumed the twin was somehow responsible for getting the bike into the school . . .

busted ha

“Maybe he moved it with his mind?  Perhaps, I should ask my new hunky werewolf boyfriend if this is possible.  After all, he’s REALLY smart, and read The Crucible.”

Regardless, it was awesome . . .

ian says awesome

But the twins’ Bad Day isn’t quite over . . .

For starters, that one twin has to get fisted again.  (If it’s the same twin who got the beating earlier in the episode, I’m crying foul.  Being a bottom is one thing.  Being a b*tch to yourself is quite another)


Then they both have to turn into this ugly thing . . .



yuck face

ISAAC: “So, let me get this straight.  Lydia and Danny would rather bone THAT THING than you and Stiles?  That’s just cold . . .”

SCOTT: “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, just when the twins are finally ready to give Isaac and Scott the beat down they’ve been waiting to give them the entire episode, Big Bad Blind Alpha Daddy pops up seemingly out of nowhere, and emasculates them in the worst way possible . . . by literally giving them a spanking . . .

sad boys

“But Daddy, they started it!”


sad boys

Backaches and Heartbreaks

Speaking of Big Bad Alpha Daddy, he and his little clan of Evil Alphas interrupted Derek’s and his sister’s workout session, to pay a little house call . . .



“Is this because I didn’t offer you any coffee?”

Gross Chick Kali still can’t be bothered to wear shoes.  But at least this time, she gave herself a pedicure . . .

painted toenails

While Derek is like BLEEDING TO DEATH and stuff, Deucalion drones on conversationally about how cool it is to murder your entire pack, because it allows you to absorb their magical powers.  Apparently, doing this has enabled Deucalion to become . . .

destroyer of worlds

demon wolf


 . . . a Massive Over-Actor . . . kind of like someone else we know . . .

mountain ash

(How great would it be to just put these two in a room, and let them scream at each other?)

OK, so I have a question . . . if Blind Deucalion gets to take the best parts of all the werewolves he kills, why didn’t he bother murdering a wolf with 20-20 vision?

see or not

Deucalion generously invites Derek to murder his entire pack, so that he can join the Big Bad Blind Guy’s Merry Club of Personality-Free Psycho Killers.  Derek would politely decline, except, he’s kind of unconscious right now.  Sorry!

tired now

Then The Deuce and his awful crew exit stage left, leaving Maid Cora to mop all the blood off the floor, all by herself . . . Rude Sexist Bastards!

Fearing that his own bloodlust and fallibility as a leader will put his pack in danger, Derek “White Fangs” poor Isaac, kicking him out of the apartment, without explanation . . .

go back to your kind

white fang me

care about

And when Isaac refuses to go quietly, Derek does the one thing he knows Isaac can’t forgive.  He evokes the painful memory of his father . . .

hit 1

hit 2

hit 3

hit 4


This moment of poignant betrayal sends a sexy, wet t-shirt wearing, Isaac right into the arms of . . . you guessed it . . . Hero Scott.

wet t one

wet t two

wet t three


jack's complete lack

But hey, if this means more communal showers for these two, I’m totally game. . .

ep 8 more shower scott 2

Three is the Magic Number

Meanwhile, in their seemingly completely separate Murder-Sacrifice Plotline, that zany crime duo, Stiles and Lydia, get a lesson in druid tree worship from that wise Vet Guy . . .

crime duo

“We are totally the new Mulder and Scully from the X-Files, Lydia. You are even a ginger!”

Apparently, like Deucalion, the Druids (in addition to worshipping trees, and the number three), believe that certain types of individuals have natural power that can be harnessed and absorbed . . . people like virgins . . . and soldiers.  But when they can’t get real soldiers they will settle for ROTC kids who name their dog Bullet . . .


Having always had a creepy talent for finding dead people banshee, Lydia is surprised to find herself mindlessly sketching oak trees in the music room, with no memory as to how she got there . . .

not art class

Danny: “Personally, I prefer to sketch nudes.  But trees are cool too, I guess.”

When the Music Teacher doesn’t show up for class, Lydia plays a recording on his desk, and is horrified when it is overtaken by that now-familiar chanting sound that seems to precede all the sacrifice deaths we’ve seen on the show this season . . .


Either that, or she’s listening to Kanye West’s Yeezus, for the first time . . .

Stiles had warned Lydia, last week, that she should call him, before she calls 911, whenever she thinks she’s discovered another dead body.  And it’s a good thing she does.  Because, within five minutes of entering the music room, Stiles finds what he’s looking for . . . evidence that the Music Teacher was a military man . . .

Remember one is an accident, two is a coincidence, and, of course . . .


dead teach

Oh creepy Professor Harris!  It seems like only yesterday, I was suspecting you as both the Alpha, from Season 1, and the Kanaima from Season 2.  It’s too bad your tenure on the show had to end with you tied to a tree, begging for your life, after hastily scrawling an important clue on the last papers you will ever get to grade: “DARACH.”


But hey!  Look on the bright side!  At least you won’t be suspect, this season!

Until next time, Wolfbangers!

hi stiles


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10 responses to “Come Closer – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Unleashed”

  1. East Coast Captain

    What a douche, Scott is cheating on Stiles with Isaac.

    Yeah Allison and Isaac WERE dating they just broke up but they were during the shooting of this scene. So they have chemistry I admit that.

    Soldier dude in the beginning really broke some rules. ”Do not follow dog into dark alley where all sorts of supernatural creatures could be lurking especially some sort of ancient Celtic creature.

    I say the DARACH is probably a shapeshifter of sorts like the Kanima was. 3 virgins, 3 soldiers and 3 ??? There will be a third set of killings. I think they could be trying to summon something.

    So Blind dude killed his pack and gained their powers If that´s true I think Scott might become Alpha without killing an Alpha. In the trailer you can see his eyes turn from yellow to red probably one of those ”become super powerful at the last second type of thing when all seems lost.

    I think Scott might become the leader he was meant to become. Kinda like a superhero allegory. Dumb kid gets superpowers but needs to learn responsibility first speaking of which is Scott going to become a vet in the future? I know its probably a first job type of thing but I figure with all that he´s doing….?????

    I hope it never happens but what do you think if Scott gives Stiles the bite in the last minutes of the series like 2 or 3 years from now, they did say a Season 5 could be the last.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! I hadn’t heard that Season 5 would be the last season of Teen Wolf. I actually like when creators set a pre-defined end date on their series. It helps the series keep its freshness throughout the run. It also makes the story arcs more streamlined.

      There’s definitely something to be said for ending your series on a high note. Otherwise writers are often forced to repeat storylines, create problems that aren’t there, break from canon, or, sometimes, just plain go off the reservation with plot points. *cough True Blood Season 5 cough*


      As for Stiles getting the bite, I kind of like him staying as the resident human, at least for the run of the show. For me, Stiles is the moral backbone of the series. He’s the guy to whom we all can relate.

      That said, I would ABSOLUTELY watch a spinoff series of Stiles as either a Veronica Mars-type PI in college, or even possibly an “awkward college wolf,” if, say, Stiles got the bite during the final episode of the series.

      It could happen!

  2. Been looking for this; was beginning to wonder if you were OK. The other “power” people Dr. D. mentioned were healers (potential for Scott’s mother to be in danger) and philosophers (potential for Ms. Milquetoast to be in danger).

    • Sorry about that, Nina. Sometimes my real life intrudes on my blogging life. It was easier with TVD, since the episodes aired on Thursdays, so close to the weekend. But with my new schedule, recapping a Monday show on time is a real challenge. I’m working on it though . . .

      Hmmmm Ms. Milquetoast (love that name, by the way) as a philosopher? Perhaps . . . lately all she seems to do is stare google-eyed at Derek. But maybe she will surprise us all . . .

      . . . just in time for the writers to kill her and /or make her the big bad. 🙂

  3. Johan

    Was Isaac and Scott showing empathy for the Alpha twins when they were reprimanded or was it in my head? Is it possible that the twins arent evil?

    When Harris was tied around the tree and screamed that he had done everything he was asked to do and didnt deserve death I imagined he was screaming it at Jeff. 😉 How many times does the guy do bad things before realising that it wont end well for him? First “helping” Kate and now this…

    • Andre

      If the twins aren’t evil Davis should better have a damn good explanation for that. Since Kali and Ennis both killed their packs for power it stands to reason these two did as well and I hate it when shows play such things down.

    • Hey Johan! Some have speculated that Mr. Harris was not killed by the Dark Druid, but rather, by Gerard, in a copycat killing. Davis has been quoted as saying that we haven’t seen the last of Mr. MOUNTAIN ASHHHHH!

      Come to think of it, having Gerard be the Dark Druid would be a nice way to tie together the Alpha Pack storyline with the Druid Sacrifices, since it would jive with Gerard’s desire to rid the world of all wolf kind .. .

      Just a thought . . .

  4. Andre

    Now this was a really well done recap, I must say, one of the best so far.
    Just one thing I found odd:
    While the shirtless scene of Danny and Isaac was a hot picture I did think you would take that picture of mine where Danny’s face is only half concealed and his body already slightly bent. Well that or a gif.

    And by the way, right away, the gay twin is Ethan and the straight twin is Aiden and I can tell you how to tell the twins apart. The gay one is the one with less well developed and smaller chest and arms. Also in this one the gay one wears dark clothes and did not show his arms so often. There is more to these two, but more on that later.

    Oh, but before I start: The title of the show was once again totally not fitting. “Unleashed” would have been better for last episode. Seriously, what is with all the writers and these nonsense titles? It seems like ever since Supernatural started it, everyone does it.

    But now to the episode, and partially your recap.

    Maybe you should write the Teen Wolf parts for Scott and Isaac, I think you would do a better job than Davis does. I think when you would do it; it would feel natural and not so forced.

    And let’s face it, you would probably rid Stiles of his virginity, but you would prefer something like this to happen:

    This you could film and enjoy over and over.

    I remembered that Mistletoe was used against werewolves in some Belgian legends I think, according to Elliot O’Donnell.
    Also mistletoe isn’t simply poisonous to dogs and werewolves but actually anybody:
    It is a poisonous plant that causes acute gastrointestinal problems including stomach pain and diarrhea along with low pulse. The genus Viscum is not native to North America, but Viscum album has been introduced to California. It supposedly spread North of San Francisco.
    So despite the show making it kind of mysterious and occult it actually is not that unusual apparently.

    I totally agree that foreshadowing in the Vet’s office was so stupidly obvious; you would have to believe that the writers think we are stupid. I mean they already shoved it into our face in the first episode, so only three episodes ago. Do they think the average viewer has such a bad memory?
    Also, I checked something and once again Davis sucks at canine behavior, adult dogs don’t address their “Alphas” like that in a normal situation. The stuff shown in the episode is similar to active submission and that is rather used to avoid aggressive conflict, not as a general greeting and confirmation of social status.

    You know I didn’t think of that but you have a point with the little dog. For a military guy a dog of that size would rather be a Jack Russel Terrier or the original types of Yorkshire terrier that used to kill rats.
    And yes he probably would teach a dog like that obedience, especially considered that the conventional wisdom is that such small dogs are more aggressive than bigger ones, which is probably simply because people allow little dogs more. But either way, someone like that probably would have trained the dog sufficiently.

    The whole scene with the guy was so stupid. Couldn’t have Davis made it look as though the dog was controlled or something? That would make more sense.
    And would make more suspense for later when Stiles mentions his newest hypothesis to Lydia.
    The way it was the whole thing looked downright idiotic. And lazily written.
    And the guy doesn’t recognize a dog like that? It’s not exactly generally canine like in appearance and as could be seen its furry ears and white fur patterns are clearly visible in the darkness.
    And something that tells you to come closer… and is probably canine-like in a show about werewolves … what is that thing? A crocotta?
    Pliny in his work Natural History (VIII.72 and 107) variously described the crocotta as a combination between dog and wolf or between hyena and lion. Of the hyena, Pliny writes that it “is popularly believed to be bisexual and to become male and female in alternate years, the female bearing offspring without any male,” and that “among the shepherds’s homesteads it simulates human speech, and picks up the name of one of them so as to call him to come out of doors and tear him to pieces, and also that it imitates a person being sick, to attract the dogs so that it may attack them; that this animal alone digs up corpses; that a female is seldom caught; that its eyes have a thousand variations of color; moreover that when its shadow falls on dogs they are struck dumb; and that it has certain magic arts by which it causes every animal at which it gazes three times to stand rooted to the spot. When crossed with this race of animals the Ethiopian lioness gives birth to the corocotta, that mimics the voices of men and cattle in a similar way. It has a unbroken ridge of bone in each jaw, forming a continuous tooth without any gum.”

    And speaking of that scene, Davis not only has no idea about dog behavior or military behavior, but also no idea about people working for Vets. Scott would be handling dogs and cats all the time so he should know how to properly hold them.

    You know you have a point with the current Damsel in Distress as well. Shouldn’t there be something better in a classroom for protection than a thin stick?

    Maybe Davis let her talk about her mental problems to try and appeal to the female demographic by suggest stuff like that turns guys on, or girls on, or anybody.
    And seriously, this is Derek’s way of seeing whether she is ok? Wow, that was asocial, awkward and totally creepy. Guess she will fall in love with him. You know, like normal people, on teen romance shows.
    And has he ever heard of just asking her to give up the stick?

    Hopefully English teacher is not the Darach. And I personally am not so thrilled about giving Derek a love interest because it would just suggest that everyone needs one as fast as possible. Well everyone but Stiles apparently. For some reason the guy who is loved the most for both brains, character and body (or will anybody here deny that?) gets nothing.

    And you really have a point considering her personality. The way she is now she would be the girl Derek wants to protect. And thanks, I don’t need another Edward and Bella, or Damon/Stefan and Elena or Clary and Jace or [enter random YA straight pairing here].

    So the whole “they look good together” stuff is irrelevant to me. It must make sense writing like.

    You know, since I mentioned Danny’s and Isaac’s shape. I get Danny, but why does Isaac look that way? You know technically proportionally stronger muscles like the ones of the werewolves would cause your muscles to become smaller. You would have to run faster, and train with heavier objects. Workout would neither get easier nor harder in terms of physical stress; it would still burn like hell.

    By the way Danny is an ass for joking with Stiles, I can see why he was friends with Jackson. Apart of course from him being non-threatening to Jackson since Danny would never hit on any of Jackson’s girlfriends and might have been into Jackson, I mean based on his boyfriends.

    Ps. So Danny is at lacrosse, a computer hacker and he plays a music instrument… Don’t the last two make him a geek? So why again doesn’t he like Stiles?

    And since we are at Danny: Yeah would it ever happen he probably would be the bottom. Unless he had been a total top before, which would lead to some problems. The reason is that bottom is slightly more difficult than topping, unless you know what you do. But, I am sure there will be lots of slash now. Maybe I should write one. I guess it could start like this:

    And let’s see, what would be a good name for a porn version of Teen Wolf… How about a trilogy:
    Part 1 – Up and never down again – a Stiles’ journey to bumville
    Part 2 – The revenge of the Stiles – no cock unsucked no pussy unlicked
    Part 3 – The Stiles ultimatum – fuck him before he fucks you

    As for the porn version in general… To be honest bisexual porn seems to be rather a subset of gay porn currently so I am not quite sure whether there would ever be something in that particular niche. Gay porn… no idea whether they ever parodied a teen TV show and straight porn… forget it, they would rather make Danny straight and Allison and Lydia lesbians than do guy on guy. Remember they are usually made for straight men; straight women watch and film gay porn:

    You know in the scene with the four werewolves there is not only the fact that in theory everyone could see and hear them, seriously who would not hear that loud roaring (which makes it difficult for me to see them as werewolves and not werecats), but also … where are they running? Are they so fast that everyone is way behind? Do they run a different track, which would probably be against the rules? Did the twins chase Isaac somewhere? If yes, the editing sucked.
    Seriously, Davis should keep track of this, but when it comes to his werewolves he doesn’t seem to care.

    PS. Not to be mean, but where did those girl suddenly come from? I thought the training was just for lacrosse players.

    Let’s hope Davis did his job and made it so that the fact that this fourth victim could be found so easily means that the murderer has a plan. If not he/she is really sloppy. And that sucks. Sure there is no such thing as a perfect murder but when the film murderers don’t even try it just sucks.
    Considered that guy number four was not only not a virgin but also strangled with the dog leash would suggest that the murderer either looks for something else or the victim is there to throw the police off guard. I would prefer the latter because it would make the murderer actually smart.

    And now:
    They wait for Scott to say the final word? The biggest dumbass of the trio?

    Isaac has a point? Stupid! He has no point; he is just too stupid to think of any other explanation. It is convenient for him to blame it on the twins and fitting his shoot first, ask questions later approach. Investigation doesn’t work like that. These idiots should listen to Stiles; he is the one with the appropriate background. The problem is, the way Davis is hellbent to present Scott as a smart leader this misjudgment will never bite him in the ass.

    And as funny as the coach is, you really have to ask yourself who lets someone like that be a teacher. I mean this is California and not Texas.

    I never saw Fight Club, so are you sure it wasn’t Edward Norton beating up Brad Pitt?

    Also these two twins… what they did there in the hall speaks for quite a driven character. Werewolf or not that stuff hurts. And you know, what happens if an Alpha hurts another Alpha? Do the wounds heal fast or not?
    That chemistry teacher is starting to be creepier than the coach. Where do they get these weirdos?

    And shouldn’t these idiots in class have heard that beating before? I mean fist on bone isn’t exactly silent, neither face on metal. Also everyone would have been able to tell by the lack of bruising on Isaac’s fingers that he couldn’t have done it just like that. Not to mention that Isaac didn’t even break a sweat or that they should have seen the other twin just walk away. Does Davis write these guys consciously so idiotic or does he simply not care enough?

    And speaking of violence:
    Stiles getting slapped reminded me that he is the one that takes the risks but he gets no benefit. Nope, everyone else gets it but not Stiles.
    Actually Stiles and Lydia are kind of Mulder and Scully, apart from the fact that Stiles is not crazy and Lydia is in denial and not skeptical. Stiles is rather like later Scully in the season when Mulder had disappeared. He is not crazy rather a scientist that has seen much.
    And you know, he does the smart stuff, he plans, he investigates and all, but the heroes are these stupid ass werewolves? Why? Seriously, why?

    Seeing Mrs. Argent makes me wonder whether that was her big comeback from the dead. As for her and the councellor looking alike, well:

    You know this whole Isaac/Allison pairing is weird, to say the least. My objections were the same as yours but also more. I mean was that supposed to be flirting between them in the episode before or is Isaac afraid of Allison?
    So does that mean that Isaac watched this strangely at Allison because he was afraid of her? If yes Sherman really sucked at acting. And what Allison said there was an apology?

    Ok, they bring Isaac’s troubled background in; gosh I hope this isn’t another “romance” again. You know those sick disturbing things where they basically put two damaged people together and claim that the “love” (which is usually something else) will fix it all.

    Not to mention that this “it is not his fault” is troublesome in my eyes since they never clarified how the werewolf state is mentally. I mean is it like multiple personality disorder? That when Isaac is in emotional stress that other personality takes over or is it there all the time, that desire to attack and kill? If the latter, it definitely is his fault since it is part of his personality. And if you then say it is not his fault you are basically excusing it and technically let yourself be open to an abusive relationship.

    I think Isaac used not the rage over his father’s abuse to control himself but actually memories at earlier times.

    And why couldn’t Isaac just bust the door open? Because of the wending machine? In season 2 we saw Stiles trip one of those things over by accident and now Isaac can’t bust it away?

    Also, why does Scott care about an Alpha dating Lydia? I mean he doesn’t look concerned, he looks pissed and possibly jealous. So why does that affect him that way?

    Somehow the whole thing with the Alphas and the bikes was funny in that they are so immature that at least one was able to be tricked by it. But the tricked one was the straight one and actually, where was the gay one’s cheek injury? That should have still been there since it was all over his cheek.

    I am not surprised that these idiots didn’t notice what happened, the first trick worked good enough. However, to give them credit that in this case the bike could not be heard before the straight twin was way out of the room.

    But I stay with it. Every time they throw in Scott as the leader the plans and show gets stupid.
    Because that was definitely not Scott’s idea.

    And yes the twin being the fisted one was the one getting beaten up before, you see it by the clothes and musculature. And isn’t it kind of stereotypical that the straight twin can’t control himself when his bike is in trouble and that it’s the gay twin who gets beaten up? In addition the gay twin is the “bottom” and the “receiver”. Yeah Davis definitely likes to play in stereotypes.

    And the whole thing with the transformation was not only pretty pointless, since these two are Alphas and the other Betas so what is the point? But also you know the first time I might have said “they were stunned” but this time these two idiots should have attacked them while transforming, at least Isaac. Why is it that none of these “heroes” actually thinks of that? The merging takes several seconds and considered the werewolf speed they would have had enough time.

    And speaking of Alpha fights:
    Well obviously Cora is currently supposed to be good. You can tell it by her face. The show’s sexism doesn’t allow for good female werewolves to show their wolf faces when they are morally right. On the side of the good guys only males are allowed to that.

    Also Cora was so stupid that she thought she could take on an Alpha of that size? She is only a Beta, no way would she have that power. Well I guess idiocy runs in the family.

    At first the whole fighting with your clawed feet thing … I thought it might look cool. But it looks ridiculous. These aren’t claws; these are long nails and not even that long. Werewolf or not, these would break.

    And when you look where Kali pushed the pipe through Derek’s back, you see that she pushed it through right in the middle. Wouldn’t that have broken his spine and thereby killing him?

    I am totally with you with Deucalion. That was just overacted and cheesy. A second class comic book villain and drawing comparison with the first atomic bomb doesn’t make it better:

    And apart from the fact that given what Peter regenerated from, Deucalion should long have regained his eyesight considered that Peter was a Beta and an Alpha later and Deucalion was an Alpha already, are we supposed to believe that no Alpha before him noticed that you can absorb another pack members power? I mean not only did they knew already that becoming an Alpha can be done by killing one but also considered how violent and aggressive these werewolves are, there should have been confrontations with similar outcomes already.
    Destroyer of worlds? That is from India (or Dr. Who?) and would fit better to Kali and not Deucalion.
    And “Demon wolf?” Seriously? What sort of lame-ass title is that?
    And what was with the lightning again?

    Oh gosh the apex predator stuff again. This guy is nothing like that. He is just sociopathic maniac.
    I hate it when they try to add depth with this silly stuff.
    To me his speech about being the demon wolf sounded more like:
    “I have the biggest wiener of them all. My wiener is so big that each time I get a hard on the blood leaves my brain. My wiener is so big it makes even Kali’s wiener look like a shriveled pickle. I have a giant wiener. I am a giant wiener. Yes that’s right, I am a giant dick.”

    And now the last scenes:

    Why does Derek care about Isaac and not Boyd (actually why does Boyd just appear and nothing else?) and where does he think Isaac will go? I mean isn’t he putting him at more risk now?
    And least that part of acting was well done by Shermann.

    As for the Scott Isaac scene… come on, Isaac comes in, wet from the rain and you only think of communal showers? I am sure there are tons of slash fiction already.

    So Harris is in league with the Darach? Is the Darach Gerard and doing the sacrifices? The guy is still on the show and he would have the knowledge I guess.
    And there isn’t that much known about druids:
    Very little is known about the ancient druids. They left no written accounts of themselves and the only evidence is a few descriptions left by Greek, Roman and various scattered authors and artists, as well as stories created by later medieval Irish writers. While archaeological evidence has been uncovered pertaining to the religious practices of the Iron Age people, “not one single artefact or image has been unearthed that can undoubtedly be connected with the ancient Druids.”[3] Various recurring themes emerge in a number of the Greco-Roman accounts of the druids, including that they performed human sacrifice, believed in a form of reincarnation, and held a high position in Gaulish society. Next to nothing is known about their cultic practice, except for the ritual of oak and mistletoe as described by Pliny the Elder.

    Also the whole thing with the druids and being closer to nature sounds rather like fiction and nothing more since nearly nothing is known about the function of the druids:
    According to historian Ronald Hutton, “we can know virtually nothing of certainty about the ancient Druids, so that—although they certainly existed—they function more or less as legendary figures.” However, the sources provided about them by ancient and medieval writers, coupled with archaeological evidence, can give us an idea of what they might have performed as a part of their religious duties.

    Societal role and training
    One of the few things that both the Greco-Roman and the vernacular Irish sources agree on about the druids is that they played an important part in pagan Celtic society. In his description, Julius Caesar claimed that they were one of the two most important social groups in the region (alongside the equites, or nobles) and were responsible for organising worship and sacrifices, divination, and judicial procedure in Gaulish, British and Irish society. He also claimed that they were exempt from military service and from the payment of taxes, and that they had the power to excommunicate people from religious festivals, making them social outcasts. Two other classical writers, Diodorus Siculus and Strabo, also wrote about the role of druids in Gallic society, claiming that the druids were held in such respect that if they intervened between two armies they could stop the battle.

    Pomponius Mela is the first author who says that the druids’ instruction was secret, and was carried on in caves and forests. Druidic lore consisted of a large number of verses learned by heart, and Caesar remarked that it could take up to twenty years to complete the course of study. There is no historic evidence during the period when Druidism was flourishing to suggest that Druids were other than male. What was taught to Druid novices anywhere is conjecture: of the druids’ oral literature, not one certifiably ancient verse is known to have survived, even in translation. All instruction was communicated orally, but for ordinary purposes, Caesar reports, the Gauls had a written language in which they used Greek characters. In this he probably draws on earlier writers; by the time of Caesar, Gaulish inscriptions had moved from the Greek script to the Latin script.


    Greek and Roman writers frequently made reference to the druids as practitioners of human sacrifice, a trait they themselves reviled, believing it to be barbaric. Such reports of druidic human sacrifice are found in the works of Lucan, Julius Caesar, Suetonius and Cicero. Caesar claimed that the sacrifice was primarily of criminals, but at times innocents would also be used, and that they would be burned alive in a large wooden effigy, now often known as a wicker man. A differing account came from the 10th-century Commenta Bernensia, which claimed that sacrifices to the deities Teutates, Esus and Taranis were by drowning, hanging and burning, respectively (see threefold death).

    Diodorus Siculus asserts that a sacrifice acceptable to the Celtic gods had to be attended by a druid, for they were the intermediaries between the people and the divinities. He remarked upon the importance of prophets in druidic ritual:
    “These men predict the future by observing the flight and calls of birds and by the sacrifice of holy animals: all orders of society are in their power… and in very important matters they prepare a human victim, plunging a dagger into his chest; by observing the way his limbs convulse as he falls and the gushing of his blood, they are able to read the future.”
    There is archaeological evidence from western Europe that has been widely used to back up the idea that human sacrifice was performed by the Iron Age Celts. Mass graves found in a ritual context dating from this period have been unearthed in Gaul, at both Gournay-sur-Aronde and Ribemont-sur-Ancre in what was the region of the Belgae chiefdom. The excavator of these sites, Jean-Louis Brunaux, interpreted them as areas of human sacrifice in devotion to a war god, although this view was criticized by another archaeologist, Martin Brown, who believed that the corpses might be those of honoured warriors buried in the sanctuary rather than sacrifices. Some historians have questioned whether the Greco-Roman writers were accurate in their claims. J. Rives remarked that it was “ambiguous” whether the druids ever performed such sacrifices, for the Romans and Greeks were known to project what they saw as barbarian traits onto foreign peoples including not only druids but Jews and Christians as well, thereby confirming their own “cultural superiority” in their own minds. Taking a similar opinion, Ronald Hutton summarized the evidence by stating that “the Greek and Roman sources for Druidry are not, as we have received them, of sufficiently good quality to make a clear and final decision on whether human sacrifice was indeed a part of their belief system.” Nora Chadwick, an expert in medieval Welsh and Irish literature, who believed the Druids to be great philosophers, has also fervently purported the idea that they had not been involved in human sacrifice, and that such accusations were imperialist Roman propaganda.


    Alexander Cornelius Polyhistor referred to the Druids as philosophers and called their doctrine of the immortality of the soul and reincarnation or metempsychosis “Pythagorean”:
    “The Pythagorean doctrine prevails among the Gauls’ teaching that the souls of men are immortal, and that after a fixed number of years they will enter into another body.”
    Caesar remarks: “The principal point of their doctrine is that the soul does not die and that after death it passes from one body into another” (see metempsychosis). Caesar wrote:

    With regard to their actual course of studies, the main object of all education is, in their opinion, to imbue their scholars with a firm belief in the indestructibility of the human soul, which, according to their belief, merely passes at death from one tenement to another; for by such doctrine alone, they say, which robs death of all its terrors, can the highest form of human courage be developed. Subsidiary to the teachings of this main principle, they hold various lectures and discussions on astronomy, on the extent and geographical distribution of the globe, on the different branches of natural philosophy, and on many problems connected with religion.

    —Julius Caesar, De Bello Gallico, VI, 13

    Diodorus Siculus, writing in 36 BCE, described how the druids followed “the Pythagorean doctrine”, that human souls “are immortal and after a prescribed number of years they commence a new life in a new body.” In 1928, folklorist Donald A. Mackenzie speculated that Buddhist missionaries had been sent by the Indian king Ashoka. Others have invoked common Indo-European parallels. Caesar noted the druidic doctrine of the original ancestor of the tribe, whom he referred to as Dispater, or Father Hades.

    Also I found nothing to something akin to a Darach, except for the fact that the word “Darach” is a surname.

    So whenever you hear someone stating this as fact, remember that person. We have enough conventional wisdom born out of fiction as it is, we don’t need more.

    Well that was “Unleashed” for now…. Same strengths and same weaknesses as usual if you ask me. :/

    PS. This comment came also a bit later since I had visited my family as well as my nephew and sorry kjewls you are no match for the cuteness of an 8 months old. 😉

    • Hey Andre! Thanks so much for the recap kudos! 🙂 That made my day. I’m relieved to see after all these years I haven’t totally lost my touch. ;

      As for shirtless Danny, you are right. I didn’t give his abs their full due in this recap. I did manage to pay proper tribute in the subsequent recap, however. 🙂

      Good call on the tips as to how to tell the twins apart. Now, I’ll know what to watch for in subsequent episodes. Davis had mentioned, when introducing the twins that Aiden, a.k.a The Straight One, was more aggressive and headstrong of the two. Personally, I’d almost rather the writers flouted the stereotype and made Ethan more aggressive and headstrong. But hey, at least they plan to differentiate them in SOME way.

      Based on the preview for “Motel California,” I suspect that at least Ethan will get a bit of character development this coming week, as he and Danny will get the opportunity to share some scenes alone. Speaking of Danny, apart from that great scene with Stiles, Derek and him, his characterization has been more scene driven than consistently character driven. I’d like for the writers to develop Danny a bit more this season as well. Perhaps, giving him a love interest will do just that.

      I’m with you on the title of the episode. “Unleased” is just so generic. Following “Fireflies,” “Unleashed” was the second episode in a row that gleaned the title of its episode from the first scene. MTV tried to help matters a bit with those lame hashtags they put forth, throughout the episode (Isaac Unleashed, Alphas Unleashed etc.). But still, I would have tried to come up with an episode that was a bit more reflective of the episode themes. Then again, it could be argued that my title, “Come Closer,” wasn’t much better. 🙂

      I’m honored that you think I would be able to write Scott and Isaac in a way that’s more believable than their current incarnations. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but I’d love to try. I think this is the kind of series for which writing a spec script would be a lot of fun. Then again, when writing a spec script, you have to stick with the current characterizations of the characters

      If I was writing, I’d be tempted to make Scott a bit darker (more like he was in the early season 1 episodes, when he was constantly battling the “angry wolf” aspect of himself). I understand that they want to differentiate Scott from Derek. But I think making Scott a bit more “manly” and “flawed” as a character, might make his strength and inevitable rise to heroism a bit more believable.

      As for Isaac, his dark past makes him a fun character to write, I’m sure. The writers have done a really good job using flashbacks and hallucinations to show how his abusive relationship with his father continues to affect him. That said, I agree with you that Isaac should be a bit more guarded and have more trust issues, considering what he’s been through. If Isaac initially came off as more guarded, I think the eventual lessening of his guard around Scott and Allison, and his developing relationships with them would seem more well-earned and meaningful.

      But what do I know? I’ve never written a TV show. 🙂

      Oh, and yeah . . . Stiles would have lost his pesky virginity at the end of last season, if I had my way . . . 😉

      What can I say I’m a sucker for a good sex scene? And Stiles deserves one more than any character on this show.

      Once again, thanks for the awesome videos. 😉 You never fail to amaze. I’d love to view your YouTube queue some time.
      Speaking of, are you still writing slash for teen wolf? This season has posited some excellent opportunities for story premises . . . just saying . . .

      As for the girls shown running in this episode, it seems like the writers have switched sports on us. I guess Lacrosse is a spring sport, and Cross Country is a fall sport, which is apparently coed in Beacon Hills. It still seems a bit odd that EVERYONE on the LACROSSE team is also on Cross Country. Perhaps, Coach Finstock forces them to do it, so that they remain in shape for the spring?

      I laughed at loud at your “translation” of Deucalion’s speech. You are absolutely right. If this series was on Showtime or HBO, they absolutely would have had the DEUCE whip it out and pee on his adversaries . . .

      I’m very eager to hear your thoughts on this past week’s episode . . . 🙂 I suspect you will have a lot to say. 😉

      • Andre

        Well as long as you don’t recap TVD I am sure you will never lose your touch with recapping.
        And I really hope you stopped watching that show, I mean seriously, how could you respect it after that awful finale. I saw only a few clips and it was enough to lose even the last shred of respect for Caroline.

        As for Ethan and Aiden… to be honest I think they are part of the fact that this show is far from being as progressive as is claimed. Davis still seems to think mostly in stereotypes. Either that or he still hasn’t quite gotten it into his head that this is a visual medium and so the rule is “show, don’t tell”.

        Well I no longer give previews much credit, although so far Teen Wolf ones have not been bad, but I have seen too much bullshit being taken as great and it was just plain horrible.

        And true Danny is rather scene driven, not character, which is why I thought for two seasons that he is just a token, and to be honest so far he has not been much more. I just hope there won’t be any happy ending for him and Ethan, because let’s face it, how could the twins be in that pack if they are not murderers?

        The characterization of the characters is the reason why I think you could do Scott and Isaac better then the show, since I see no reason why these two should spend time and trust together. Not to mention that Scott seems to be a piss poor friend.

        Oh yeah, Scott’s rise to “heroism”… Well you will read more about that in my comment to your other recap, but so far I must say: forced, that is how I see it. Scott is becoming leader because Davis wants it that way no matter what.

        So look out for my next comment.

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