Road to Perdition – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Frayed”

help me

“Sweet English Teacher, I have decided to show my love to you by finger painting on your car.”


“Life is a journey, not a destination,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

school bus

Who knew Emerson was a fan of Teen Wolf?

the wheels on the bus

“The wheels on the bus go round and round.  Round and round.  Round and round.  The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town!  Come on, Scott, sing it with me!  The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish . . .”

In “Frayed,” the Scooby Gang had two destinations they needed to reach, before the end of the hour.  There was the literal destination of the Lacrosse Cross Country(?) meet, and the more abstract destination of “Derek’s Death,” an event with which the writers mercilessly teased us throughout the episode.

dancing derek and ennis

“Recapper say WHAT?”

If the success of “Frayed” merely depended on the characters reaching their respective destinations, it would been a HUGE failure.

failing awkward jawline thewinchestrs - Copy

After all, the Scooby Gang never actually made it to the Lacrosse Cross Country(?) Meet.  And, as most of us suspected early on in the episode, Derek didn’t actually die . . . at least not literally.

ep 9 no fit gravyjones

But “Frayed” wasn’t really about these destinations at all!  Rather, it was about the journeys each of the characters took in reaching them.  It was about Allison and Derek being forced to choose between “family” and pack . . . Derek’s fall from grace, in the eyes of both his enemies and his allies . . . Scott’s begrudging embrace of his “Destiny” . . . Stiles’ impressive, and much coveted, ability to make his teammates vomit on cue . . .

mischeivous stiles

So, pop a couple Dramamine, and keep your eye on the horizon.  Because we are in for a bumpy recap ride . . .

drive away - Copy

As always, special thanks to my super talented, kickass screencapper Andre.  He’s the kind of stand-up guy you could definitely trust to stitch up your psychologically-induced mortal stomach wounds with a knitting needle in a public restroom .  . .

teen wolf stiles - Copy

[WARNING: The non-linear structure of this episode made for a really unique and exciting viewing experience.

Unfortunately, it also made it a b*tch to recap.

verbal keyboard smash

I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should review the various scenes from the episode in the order in which they appeared on screen, or stick to a more “chronological” form of recap.  Ultimately, I opted for the latter.  Hopefully, it all ends up making some sort of sense . . .]

ep 6 youryodai will be gravytrain


Getting Handsy

One of the benefits of recapping this episode chronologically, is that I get to start my recap with a sex scene.  And you all know how much I love my sex scenes . . .

sex again - Copy

sex me now

Apparently, so does Lydia . . . which is fitting, because she’s the only one on this show, who seems to be getting any action, these days.

awesome lyd pic

lydia smirk

Well  . . . that’s not true.  I assume Danny is getting some action.  He has seemed a bit . .  .um .  . . happier lately.  You know what they say . . . once you go Alpha . . .

ep 10 shirtless danny

another shot of danny


ill do it

Lydia is in some  abandoned classroom getting fondled by Aiden.  But while the dude may be an Alpha in a brawl or on the cross country field, he’s clearly a Beta, when it comes to boning.


put someplace useful



I mean, honestly, you would think a guy who spent his entire childhood fisting his brother would be able to come up with more inventive ways to use his hands than boring butt squeezes.  Isn’t he supposed to be like a Top, or something?

3 14 up the butt kmcgeezy

Then again, perhaps I have this whole Fused Being concept all wrong.  Maybe the fusing happens up the center of the body, instead of across its middle.  This would mean that Aiden and Ethan actually only have experience using one hand a piece (not to mention the fact that they each only possess half a brain).

twins - Copy

Of course, it’s possible that Aiden was just trying to be a gentleman, by not getting too handsy with his new girlfriend .  . .

nodding oh yeah

Nahhhhh .  . .

As for Lydia, I may be a traitor to my sex, by saying this, but I kind of like that she’s become a bit more . . . ummmm . . . loose.

teach - Copy

At first, when Lydia started sleeping around this season, I worried that the writers would subtly chastise the character for it, by inferring that this is her “unhealthy” way of coping with Jackson’s departure.

distraction - Copy

But, actually, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all!  Lydia’s sexuality doesn’t come from a needy place.  She’s empowered by it!  As far as I’m concerned, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an intelligent, strong-willed woman, who loves sex, for sex’s sake . . . a woman who understands instinctively that sometimes a non-sexual relationship (like the one she has developed with Stiles . . . so far) can be even more personal and meaningful than a sexual one.

lydia brave tatikatelena

If she was a guy, we’d call her a stud.

stydia big 2

Speaking of studs and empowered females  . . .

Getting Handy 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Did you know Allison and her dad ditched the home they had just moved into less than a year ago, in favor of a swanky apartment, this season?

trademark scott face

Me neither . . .

I love when Teen Wolf surprises us with little changes like this . . . like when the entire Lacrosse Team magically morphed into a Cross Country Team, without anyone noticing .

ep 5 more oral fixation stiles tyler

Anywhoo, Scott pays Allison a visit at her new apartment to slap her on the wrist for using Derek and Co’s Brilliant Beta Trapping Scheme last week, as an excuse to live out her lifelong dream of becoming Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

scolding - Copy

Allison blithely shrugs off the scolding, Scott having lost his Disciplinarian Daddy Privileges the day the two “former” lovers agreed to admire one another from afar for a few episodes“see other people.”

sassy allison

“Bark your commands to Isaac, Scott. This little lady is not your b*tch anymore.”

Unwilling to admit defeat, Scott tries another tactic.  He dusts of that old high school flirting trick, where guys manipulate girls into wrestling with them by bragging about how much stronger than them they are . .  .


remember sex

good sexx

Word to the wise guys, us ladies are well aware of this trick.  And any girl who seems to be falling or it, is only doing so because she wants to manhandle you just as much as you want to manhandle her.

more battle

As for Allison  . .  . she REALLY wants to manhandle Scott . . .

look sexy 2342342

Mere seconds later, Allison and Scott are going at it like . . . well .  . . a couple of wolves.  And for all my jab at Scott’s milquetoasty take on heroism, it must be said . . . this guy is much more inventive with his hands than Alpha Aiden.

wolf sex

So, you know how, back when we were kids, our mom’s would always say to their kids, “It’s all fun and games, until someone pokes an eye out?”

eye patch

Well, foreplay with a teen wolf is all fun and games until you accidentally sprain your wrist, during a failed attempt at doggystyle.

doggy style - Copy

Oops . . . it looks like someone doesn’t know his own strength.  Talk about killing the mood.

buzzkilled - Copy

*licking wounds*

scott wolf

blue balls

Speaking of mood killers . .  .

There goes the neighborhood . . .

Have you ever run into someone on the elevator, who you REALLY didn’t want to talk to?

awkward peg

awkward post sex

Of all the high rises in Beacon Hills, apparently Deucalion the Demon Wolf, and his Alpha Pack decided to move in right above the Argents.  What are the odds, right?

deucalion in elevator

elevator encounter

“Dammit!  I knew I should have taken the stairs.”

Perhaps, this building has the most lenient policy on pets?  (It sure beats living in an abandoned bank.)

You know what bugs me about Deucalion?  He talks too damn much.

demon wolf

destroyer of worlds

2 16 damon says stop talking

All these ponderous speeches to Scott, Derek, and anyone else who will listen about “living up to one’s true potential,” and this guy is starting to sound like a motivational speaker gone postal . . . No wonder it only takes a few minutes in the elevator with This Guy for Scott to decide he wants to kick his ass . . .

bad scott

Kick his ass . . . but not kill him . . . yet.

Scott rushes off to Derek’s digs to tell him about Deucalion’s new homestead, only to learn that this news is SOOOOOO yesterday!


“Bored now . . .”

He finds the Hales .  . . and Boy . . . pouring over the floor plans to Allison’s apartment complex.  (These guys seem to just magically have floorplans to building in Beacon Hills.)  It seems Derek has decided to put down the Deuce and his pesky minions the following night!

going to die

Killjoy Scott thinks this is a bad idea.  But no one with the last name Hale gives a sh*t what Scott thinks, not even Sassy Peter . . . who has the coolest Alpha form of the whole bunch, but still never fights with the pack, for reasons that haven’t yet been explained . . .

ep 7 alpha gym

“I’d love to help you kill your enemies today.  But, unfortunately, I’m already scheduled for a mani-pedi.”

That reminds me, we still have yet to see Deucalion’s Alpha form . . . possibly because it looks something like this . . .


I’d be embarrassed too!

Back at La Casa de Argents, Allison wants her dad to help her stick some phallic objects in some Alpha wolves, for old times sake.  But Papa Argent echoes Scott’s sentiments of non-violence, even if it leads to the entire cast of the show being murdered by a blind guy who talks WAY too much . . .

talking with daddy

Now, that’s just cold . . .

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting . . .

The following night . . . at least . . . I think it was the following night.  Scott makes some awkward comments to Isaac about going out for “Mexican,” and it totally seems like  Euphemism for sex . . .


“I would very much like to put my chimichanga in your burrito.”

Especially, when the scene directly following this conversation features the two bromantic buddies snuggling up to one another on Scott’s motorcycle . . .  (Sounds like another happy couple we know . . .)


Fun fact . . . Scott is officially the third person to whom Isaac has snuggled close on a motor bike.  In other words, Isaac is a TOTAL motor bike whore!


Arriving at some weird warehousey place (with two randomly placed escalators to nowhere?) that may or may not be part of the Argents’ apartment complex, Scott warns Isaac that he is just there to “talk” to Deucalion . . . not fight him . . . or kill him . . .

eye roll jackson

“‘Just talk’ to the self-proclaimed Destroyer of Worlds.  That sounds like a great idea!” Said nobody ever.

the deuce

“Blah-blah, blah-blah, blah blah blah blah blah . . . DEMON WOOLLLLLLF!”

Plus, the last thing we need is to listen to Deucalion talk more  . . .

Fortunately, it’s a trap/ ambush!  Derek’s pack pops up, seemingly out of nowhere.  And the Alpha Pack follows shortly thereafter!

i want you

i want you too

Let’s get this party started!

kung fu fighting - Copy

Cue the pop music and wolf outs all around.  It’s pretty much your garden variety gang fight amongst hairy teens . . . But then this happens . . .

alpha closeup


That’s right, boys and girls, drop kicking Ennis gave Scott a temporary case of the Red Eyes . . . the Alpha Red Eyes.  Don’t worry, Scott.  No need to embrace your destiny just yet.  A little Visine will clear that eye problem right up!


The writers aren’t quite clear on what it was about this specific moment of fighting that made Scott “go Alpha.”  I mean, sure, the drop kick was a cool move, I guess.  But last I checked to become an Alpha you actually had to . . . you know . . . kill someone.

ep 8 kill someone popopop

The only thing Scott seems to have killed is Ennis’ self esteem . . .

Also, since when did Alpha-ism become the kind of condition that flares up, only on occasion, like hemorrhoids or herpes?

butt wiggle

Speaking of Alpha “flare-ups,” Derek’s probably wishing his Alpha would go away, when the Alpha pack commandeers Boyd and his sister, thereby forcing him to face the Ultimate Existential Werewolf Question: Family . . .

dying cora


. . . or Pack . . .



this is me thinking

Saved by the Bell!  Or should I say, the Katniss Everdeen Allison.

shooting everyone

my eyes


Annnnd we’re back to fighting!


Scott comes in for the assist.

the assist

“Haha!  Got your toesies, tickle, tickle, tickle!”

Hey, look!  They are flying . . .

dancing derek and ennis

Derek, this isn’t really the best time to take a nap.  Wake up and finish him!

dead men

Derek?  Wait . . . is he . . . DEAAAAADDDDDDDD?

i see dead people

cry 1


Don’t you just hate it when you are on a long bus ride in traffic, and you get hit with a massive bout of motion sickness?

scared jared

How about when you are on a long bus ride in traffic, and you are suffering from a MASSIVE STOMACH WOUND?


“I knew I shouldn’t have eaten Isaac’s burrito last night.”

In the aftermath of Derek’s “death,” everyone seems a bit on edge.

growly boyd

Boyd and Isaac want to beat the sh*t out of Ethan .  . .

Ethan keeps nervously checking his cell phone .  . .

peeking - Copy

“Are we at the stage of our relationship yet, where I’m obligated to ask you about your feelings?  Or can we just continue screwing in silence.”

Danny is secretly wondering why Ethan seems so distracted . . .

Stiles is secretly wondering whether Danny knows why Ethan seems so distracted . . .

peeky stiles

“I wonder if Ethan thinks I’m attractive.”

This guy is about to puke . . .

jared the puker - Copy

“I knew I shouldn’t have eaten Isaac’s burrito with Scott last night?”

And Scott’s like DYING and stuff . . .

Did I mention that Allison and Lydia are following behind the bus to stalk Dying Scott?


Car Stalking is the new Cyber Stalking  .  . .

In what is probably my favorite sequence in the entire episode, Stiles Twitter attacks Danny into finding out why his boyfriend keeps checking his phone.

find out why - Copy

stiles dancing at gay bar melchiors

Boyfriend must be an OLYMPIC texter!  Because, Danny’s phone is going off literally every second, for about three minutes.  You know, kind of like This Guy . . .


You would think a supposed “computer hacking whiz” like Danny, would be smart enough to silence his phone,  as soon as the first couple of texts came in . . .

number of fingers

Ultimately, Danny relents and asks his boy toy what’s up?  As it turns, out Ethan is worrying about his “friend,” who “might not make it through the night.”


2 2 zombies don't text katie-cassidy

Somehow, I don’t think he’s talking about Derek .  . .

It’s interesting how much loyalty these Alphas have toward one another, considering these people all literally MURDERED their entire original pack . . .  I don’t know about you, but that’s not the type of person I’d feel comfortable having on MY TEAM.

hide from elijah

Meanwhile, near the back of the bus, Scott’s Alpha-induced wound still isn’t healing.  And his health seems to be in rapid decline.  Stiles tries to ask the coach nicely to pull over the car.

blow whistle

ok gif

But when that fails, he opts for more desperate measures . . .

mischeivous stiles

Sorry Jared!  But hey!  Look on the bright side.  At least you aren’t motion sick anymore!



Remember that popular children’s game, which taught five year olds that “surgery” simply means yanking small items out of a body with a pair of tweezers, and basically requires no training or experience whatsoever?


Med School, Schmed School!  I learned everything I ever need to know about the human body from a naked guy with a red nose, and “water on the knee.”

Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it inspired this scene in Teen Wolf, where Allison Argent — the girl who once needed a tutor in biology — dragged her dying ex boyfriend into a dingy public restroom, and “saved his life,” armed with nothing but a needle and a thread . . .

bloody scott

Step aside doctors from House and Grey’s Anatomy, because you just got served!

music greys

Once the gang finally manages to get off the School Bus (thanks to Puking Jared), they are able to focus on the REAL problem at hand: Scott’s Tummy Trouble.

sculder mully

It’s Lydia who determines that the reason Scott’s usual healing powers aren’t taking effect, is psychosomatic.


In English . . . that means that Scott’s guilt over the accidental hand he played in Derek’s possible demise is LITERALLY eating him up inside.

Pop quiz:  Scott has an injury that’s at least partly in his mind.  How should the gang solve this problem?

awww stilesy

Should they:

(a) ask around to see if there’s a Werewolf Shrink in the house;

(b) slap him around a bit, and tell him to “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

(c) call his mother, a registered nurse who knows he’s a werewolf, and tell her to get her ass to her local rest stop to save her son; or

(d) have Allison, a teen with NO medical training, sew up his not-really-genuinely injured stomach with a knitting needle.

stiles and the new pack

“We’re waiting.  . .”

If you chose any answer but (d), I’d call you a logical  being.  But this show isn’t called Logical Wolf.  It’s called Teen Wolf!

ah screw it


So, without further adieu, I proudly bring to you, “Sewing Tummies for Dummies,” starring Allison Argent, and Scott McCall . . .


 . . . and Special Guest Star . . . Dead Mama Argent!

scary mom

Step 1 – Sterilize the needle.




no no on

Don’t worry about that, Allison.  Maybe fake injuries only engender fake infections .  . .

Step 3 – Try to keep a steady hand . . .

thread the needle

Having the ghost of Allison’s mother, Ice Queen Mama Argent, talk Allison through dispassionately stitching up Scott’s wounds made for a powerful viewing experience, particularly for us viewers, who have experienced the loss of a parent.  Kudos to Crystal Reed for really pulling off the pathos and anguish of this scene.

what do do

Watching this scene, you could almost forget that Mama Argent was a sociopathic wackadoo who once tried to MURDER the very same person she’s helping Allison to stitch up . . .

teaching to sew

big bitch crazy

Almost . . .

After the surgery, we are treated to not a very convincing fake out, during which Scott “plays dead” for a horrified Allison for about three seconds, before “waking up.”

sleeping scott

peekaboo haa


But the real action is going on outside, where Isaac has started WHALING on Ethan.  Might as well, right?  I mean he already got blamed for beating up the kid.  At least this time, Isaac can experience the satisfaction of knowing that it was his fist causing the bleeding.

beat self up

beat up

happy isaac“And that douche got beat up twice, HAHA!”

Not that I condone violence, or anything . . .

2 11 drunk hanna

Scott, once again, pulls rank on Isaac, getting him to “stop the insanity.”

kill joy

Kill joy!

Personally, I could have gone for a few more minutes of ass kicking myself . . .

Back in the barf-fumigated bus . . .

jared you suck


 .  . . a now stitched-up Scott is sitting with Allison, who has inexplicably ditched her car in the middle of nowhere, just so that she can in a smelly bus with her bloody ex boyfriend.  Scott thanks Allison for not listening to him, when he told her to stay out of his business, thereby saving his life.

allison bamf heir of slytherin

“You’re damn right,” says every girlfriend ever.

Further up on the bus, an increasingly chummy Mulder and Scully Stiles and Lydia do the heavy lifting of tying the two seemingly disparate storylines of the Big Bad Dark Oak Druid Killer and the Alpha pack together, by determining that Big Bad Dark Oak Druid Killer might be making all these kills in order to build strength for its inevitable battle against the Alpha pack.

murder thoug

In other words, it’s Alien versus Predator all over again.  Who’s side are YOU on?

Speaking of the Alpha Pack,  let’s check in on them again, shall we?


Given the former’s tendency to turn into a gorilla-like thing and mind-control gingers, and the latter’s complete absence from the series for the entire first two seasons, it’s entirely understandable that Sassy Uncle Peter and Cora Hale are a bit leery of one another.  But with Derek dead(?) / missing, and possibly dead, and the entire rest of the cast trapped in Bus Hell, the two decided to combine forces and engage in a bit of super sleuthing.

smirky peter

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why the Hales immediately assumed that ONLY one of the two bodies that fell from the scaffolding, Ennis or Derek, could have possibly survived the fall . . . especially considering the fact that they are BOTH Alphas, and BOTH of their bodies had been removed from the scene.

dont understand

Desperate for answers, the pair decide to head for the Trusty Vet’s office for guidance.

Geez, who knew some glorified dog groomer’s office would end up becoming the most happening location on the show?  I mean, this place is basically the Teen Wolf equivalent of the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls . . .

ep 11 vet man


Dr. Deaton (whose first name is Alan, by the way . . . I didn’t know that until this week) must be the richest vet in the WORLD!  I wonder if he charges by the hour . . .

cryptic vet

Unfortunately for Sassy Pete and Cora, SOMEONE has beat them to Deaton’s office.  (Should have made a reservation . . .)

dying ennis

I think it’s a bit odd that Deucalion and co. (AND Ms. Morell . . . who apparently is Deaton’s Sister from another Mister?) would choose Notorious Derek Pack Ally Deaton to repair their beloved Ennis’ boo boos.  But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.  Of course, Deaton is able to repair Ennis to his strong and stupid silent type greatness, with nothing more than a few simple magical remedies.  (He didn’t even need Mama Argent and a knitting needle to do it.)

But then Deucalion comes and SQUASHES ENNIS’ HEAD LIKE IT’S A ROTTEN MELON .



stiles grossed out

(In fact, I’m pretty sure they used an actual melon to pull off this stunt.)

melon head cat

The moment was simultaneously, gross, horrifying and awesome at the same time.  Though I suspect Ugly Toenail Chick would disagree with me.

sad kali 1


sad kali 2



Hmmmm . . . I wonder if these two were boning.  That’s not the kind of mourning you do for a casual acquaintance, if you catch my drift . . .

sex girl boy

Of course, Sassy Uncle Peter and Cora see this reaction and immediately assume that because Ennis just died Derek must already be dead . . .

teen wolf 12 eye roll

Logic Fail.  I thought you were smarter than that, Sassy Uncle Peter . . .

Meanwhile back at the school . . .


English Teacher is innocently heading to her car after school  . . . What’s the matter?  Don’t feel like spending another night in the boiler room? . . . when she encounters a friendly surprise  . . .


Geez Derek, I know you’ve been out of the dating game a while.  But here’s some friendly advice.  It’s really not necessary to mutilate yourself to the point of near death just to get your lady love’s attention.

help me

Most of the time especially for people who look like you a clever text message will suffice.  Just sayin . . .  Anywhoo . .  . Derek’s alive.  Obviously.  SURPRISE!

die in blinkin8

And that was “Frayed” in a nutshell.  Next week on Teen Wolf, the ENTIRE CAST SLEEPS TOGETHER . . .

not an orgy - Copy

. . . in a motel . . .

See ya then, Fangbangers!

stiles with wolf hat

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5 responses to “Road to Perdition – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Frayed”

  1. East Coast Captain

    The force is strong within Scott, looks there is another way of becoming an Alpha how did Laura become one you think? We see a preview of the season of Scott´s eyes turning red from yellow, he probably innately evolves into the Alpha stage almost like a super saiyan. Though badass dude really stepped up.

    Dr. Deaton is not to be trifled with. You forgot the part where he made Lady Alpha back her stuff down when she threatened him. Oh yeah somehow is supposed to get their fangs this season ”the bite”.

    I think Deucalion´s alpha form is probably scary and badass looking if he is ”Demon Wolf”

    I sure liked that moment where Mama Argent really helped Allison maybe she´s her subconscious talking or a ghost or whatever.

    • Andre

      If he just becomes an Alpha that would be the problem actually. Because in that case, he is one because he is just special for no reason and such a thing is always a problem. What you end up is a Marty Stu then and that is not something good, not with a main character.
      It also would totally ruin this “normal boy” stuff they started with and make him a character in line with people like Bella Swan or Clary Fray. So far his skills seem more based on magic in my eyes then actually Scott himself.

  2. jmae

    Not even going to lie I’m very sad that Ennis is dead. Strategically from Deucalion’s point of view killing Ennis was the best way to avoid a coup. Ennis and Kali could have teamed up and taken on Deucalion, but Kali and the twins not so much. Maybe not even Ennis and the twins could have taken out Deucalion.
    I didn’t like this episode as much as I did Come Closer, but it had its own good parts. I like that we got to see the interrelationships between members of the alpha pack, without having to do an entire episode that goes behind enemy lines. It was obvious the twins cared about Ennis or at least Ethan did and Kali and Ennis were most definitely boning. I still liked her grief howl for him, though I’m wondering how the residents of Beacon Hills felt about it. I think that Deucalion has some sort of inferiority complex that stems from his blindness and he feels that he needs to prove himself in the same manner of when he killed his entire pack.
    I didn’t on Come Closer, but am I the only one that noticed that the twins weren’t mentioned as having killed their own pack. It could be because they weren’t there or because they didn’t have to as part of their initiation. I feel that it is possible that they are Deucalion’s version of Isaac. Also, I found it shocking how long the Alpha pack has been together, or at least Kali and Deucalion. They both knew Derek’s mother way back in the day, so maybe the prophesied hero isn’t Scott like we have been led to believe and maybe it’s Derek.
    I loved Peter and Cora’s interaction while trying to find the bodies. I think that the reason they assumed that only one lived to get up was because either Derek or Ennis was bound to get up first and the general assumption would be that whoever got up first would kill the other person that was still lying there. Speaking of Cora I liked the small little side burns that she had.
    I am wondering why Ethan keeps getting beat up, he should have been able to take Isaac. Unless he was just trying to make Isaac out to be the bad guy again, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Coach Cupcake won’t care about Isaac beating up Ethan.
    I loved Allison’s speech to her father about needing friends, and going to help everyone out. I would love to see her, Stiles and Lydia team up with the rest of the Beacon Hills werewolves to take the twins down. Also, she left her car at the rest stop because she had no gas left, so instead of being stranded she hitched a ride on the bus.
    On a side note Peter doesn’t fight, because he is not at his full strength after being resurrected. Strange as it seems I like this point, because it gets rid of the idea that a werewolf could just die and keep coming back to life at the same power level or stronger like the Saiyans on Dragon Ball Z. And BTW that last bit was inspired by East Coast Captains comment about Scotts Super Saiyan-esque transformation into an Alpha.

  3. Johan

    Actually, Scott becoming a Alpha answers some questions I had from season one. What happens if several Betas come together without a Alpha? Scott now has Isaac following him around, Issac probably has to acknowledge Scott as his Alpha for Scott to turn 100%.

  4. Andre

    Wow I had no idea I was that good and could heal psychological wounds. 🙂 Maybe I should become an alternative doctor, you know claiming this and that and stealing money from people. Like tele-evangelists; I mean look at the crap they spit out:

    And just for the record:

    But enough about the average American, rather listen to this while you read my comment:

    I liked this episode, a lot, but at the same time it had the same problems this show had for a while and I doubt that they will ever resolve it since the makers are not even aware of them as it seems, or they don’t care. Also there were a few things that gave me a bad feeling and made me dread what will happen later on because I was right with so much I predicted already and I don’t like it at all. This show had potential and I fear that they will ruin it, just like TVD got ruined and we both know what a fuckfest that turned out to be.

    The title of this episode already it was “Frayed”… Well it somehow fits, although “Patches” might fit better. Seriously, who makes the titles for this?

    You know for this episode I can tell you that I can sympathize with Allison and I can admire Stiles, unless when he was dumbed down to serve Scott, but not with Derek, or Scott. These two are just morons.

    I like Stiles, he was just such a genius as always, he gets things done, he is smart, he puts himself at risk, he sucks it up, everything. Which makes it even weirder why this guy is still a virgin and was never liked much. Sure teenagers are often stupid dicks, but come on, no one ever tried to fuck Stiles except Heather and Erica? Especially considered that he seemed to fit in just right in the gay bar? Seriously would Lydia or Danny ditch their Alphas to screw with Stiles no one would have a problem with that, that is how likeable Stiles is. Yeah Stiles is a bit odd and hyper but considered that Lydia fell for an asshole like Jackson that openly assaulted her and Danny is best friends with said asshole, I would say these two are in no position to judge anyone.

    Then there was of course Lydia who seems to get over Jackson and I definitely agree that Lydia is the only one having sex… and they ruined it by having her lusting after a Jackson double. Why? Is it so difficult to acknowledge that a teenage girl as sexual urges and needs and is not automatically a slut?
    Well at least Jackson was not mentioned this time like the first time we saw her with a guy. That at least gives her a sort of flair of someone being independent and being sexually active in an energetic way and not as passive as is typical for teen show girls, or even TV women in general.
    We will see how it goes, after all having a woman be a stud is rather rare on American TV and so far despite claims to the contrary Teen Wolf wasn’t that progressive regarding gender and ethnicity.

    And I think we can be sure that Danny won’t be laid until next episode, otherwise him and Ethan would probably be closer. Either that or Davis sucks at showing non-straight couples, which would be even stranger considered everything so far. By the way, why did we never see Danny kiss anybody? Even Stiles got at least that. Well maybe Danny should to this:

    But then again, maybe Ethan is holding off until the test results are back from the lab. I mean who knows what werewolf STDs do.
    And what happens if both are power-bottoms? Does Ethan and Danny have their double-headed dildos with them?

    But then, you know what they say about becoming a good top:

    You non-gay women here could use that for your boyfriends as well. I mean what do they know about taking it?

    Or maybe Ethan has a secret:

    And maybe you are on to something about Ethan and Aiden only having half a brain each. I mean, is it just me or do these werewolves get dumber and dumber?
    And if these two merge, to they get a new personality or do they share that? And if yes, do they share memories? I mean how would that be if you are, supposedly, on two opposite ends of the sexual spectrum and have each other’s memories of sex?

    And the whole Cross Country Team thing… maybe they take the coaches insanity as an explanation. I mean who here thinks, that this guy is right in the head? He makes Sue Silvester look moderate… Now that I think about, could they be related?

    Now this whole first scene between Allison and Scott was… partially very well acted and with good atmosphere. But maybe I would buy it if they had made Allison put some effort into beating Scott. Seriously, I would have been able to deflect her slow moves. I buy that her being helpless again would affect her like that based on how she was presented so far but that “fight scene” was just silly. Any grandpa could have beaten her at that. And you know in real life in such a fight my money would be on Allison and not Scott. Scott only survives all this because he has plot armor. But more on that later.

    Hm… you do have a point there about Deucalion’s speeches. While he was more badass this episode, Davis still doesn’t seem to understand the whole “show don’t tell thing.” Stop telling us and start showing us!
    But apart from that Deucalion somewhat absolved himself from that “I have a giant wiener” speech of last episode, this time he actually seemed truly dangerous and not so comic book villain like. That murder and playing his pack against the others does add more badassery to Deucalion, but not more. He had layers and I start to buy why he is actually dangerous, not like Klaus on TVD. Well better not talk about that, I am traumatized enough by that show.

    And now that were at the Hale mansion. If Peter doesn’t fight, why is he there anyway? And why doesn’t it occur to anybody that maybe the Alphas wanted to be found? Gosh these guys are so stupid. And if they can get these building plans, why can’t they get weapons (which would seriously heighten their extremely low chances)? Seriously, this is the US of A, there must be some gunshop somewhere in the area.
    And why does only Scott think that killing Deucalion might be a bad idea? Sure he comes with that poorly handled Hydra reference, possibly to show off again how “smart” he now is (like the word of the day at the start of the episode). And you know would Davis really know how to handle this stuff he would not only have known that the Lernaean Hydra was defeated by fire but also that killing Deucalion might set the other Alphas loose. I have no idea whether Scott is in on what Kali, Deucalion and Ennis did, since he is such a moron it’s hard to tell, but Derek does and such people are dangerous. Maybe Deucalion has them on a long leash and by killing him they release them and everything gets worse. How can they be so stupid? The rest on why they are stupid, comes later.

    And speaking of guns: What is up with Mr. Argent? I know that they have to give Allison a story to grow and all, but in this episode that happened on the field trip when her dad wasn’t there anyhow. Why couldn’t they do something during the fight and he simply tells her to follow them?
    Seriously, the guy hunted werewolves for at least 20 years, no way would he be so passive about the whole Alpha pack thing.
    Also Mr. Argent shows what is the current problem when shows like these have shades of grey, it is always just an excuse to save your own ass. This is not moral complexity; it is just a lame excuse.

    And a quick flashback again:
    Maybe the Mexican reference was there to appeal to the Hispanic demographic and make it somehow look as though Scott is a “latino” instead of the All American Anglo boy he clearly is. Not that such a thing is needed since most morons that already belief that Scott is a Latino/Hispanic would ever need that since they have no idea about what makes a person Latino/Hispanic. You know the people who are so dumb that they think Scott is not white (yeah right look at his skin colors when the sun in the bus shines on him) and that Hispanic/Latino refers to biology instead of culture as it actually does.
    But you know that is not the problem with this scene. The problem is: Where is Mrs. McCall? Does Isaac hide under the bet, in the closet or under Scott’s sheets whenever he gives him a browjob and Mrs. McCall comes in? Does no one question why he apparently lives there? What is it with Davis and not thinking of parents? Seriously, we have no idea how Boyd’s parents reacted to their sons 4 month dissappearance.

    And since these two idiots head to a guy that clearly has no problems maiming and killing them I must say you bring a very good point. That is a totally idiotic idea. Why on earth does Scott think Deucalion could be talked out of this? Again does he not know about his plans? Is he simply too stupid? What braindead idiot would ever think that this would work? And why does he introduce Isaac? Doesn’t it occur to him that Deucalion already knows of him?

    And then Derek’s posse is just there. Suddenly in full view, just there. What are the makers doing? Was it too much to have them appear in a place that is actually dark enough for them to hide? And why did they ever think this could work? Of course Deucalion would not come alone and why did they think they had any chances to begin with? That pack is all Alpha and they have only one Alpha. This is like letting a pit-bull and a lion fight against each other, the pit-bull could never win.
    Derek and his pack were so stupid this episode they made the lycans from the last Underworld movie look smart. How could they ever think that this would work? Peter doesn’t fight and Scott is unwilling. So their numbers are not high enough and they have only one Alpha, the others have 5. There is no way they could have won this with teeth and claw, and every idiot would have seen Deucalion’s back up coming. And why does Ennis not heal instantly? He must be more powerful than Derek. And why are Boyd’s and Isaac’s wounds healed already after not even a day? Alpha wounds need to heal normally. Davis is dangerously close to breaking his cannon laws. And that is something I don’t understand. It is not like TVD where I knew these asses never cared, but Davis does and then he doesn’t. The show is sometimes so incredibly well done and then they do stupid stuff like this. Why? Just why?

    A problem was once again Scott. Now Scott can be a hero, no doubt, he is nice, he is relatable, he has super powers, he tries to better himself, but he is not particularly smart (new words don’t change that, not when they are just synonyms) and not leader material. Not the way Davis presented him and sadly he already has the Alpha thing now, too soon. Scott had a martyrdom complex, which makes no sense for the reason you named as well as Derek’s own behavior, he takes Stiles for granted, he never asks the right question and he actually thinks Deucalion & Co. can be reasoned with. These people have killed their packs to get where they are, what did he think what sort of people they are? Did Derek not tell him what he knows about them? I just don’t get why people listen to Scott, I would never listen to him in my life. And I fear Scott being special will be an excuse for having a character in the spotlight and use him for all sorts of developments. Which is, let’s face it, very common in teen supernatural fiction these days.
    I guess they once again had to make it about Scott being morally right no matter what…
    And of course Scott needed to have his plot armor, you know that no matter what he always gets out even if his own stupidity should have gotten him killed already. But nope the plot and the resulting character corruption are on his side.

    Do you remember how I predicted that Scott would be made an Alpha in five episodes? Look how right I was, again. This totally takes the drama out of the whole concept. Simply pushing Ennis back gives Scott red eyes? It is that easy?
    And you have a point, again: Why is the condition only temporary? Is it because Scott is “special?”

    And If Deucalion wants to kill Scott why doesn’t he do so already?

    Why exactly was Boyd the one to be open for sacrifice? Why not Isaac? Oh yeah, because Davis is either racist or into Sherman’s type or he has no idea what to do with Boyd, so therefore he killed Erica (after all why can Jackson come back and not Erica?), and so Boyd can be used as the random guy. After all he is just black and therefore can be killed. Remember since this world has no racism according to Davis. Yeah right. You know after the backlash last year he should actually work getting his credit back in that regard instead of continuing like he always does. You know you can have lots of bland and token straight male white people, because each mainstream show has plenty of them, but with everybody else you should better watch your steps because they are way more likely to be taken as representative.

    And of course Allison has to save them. How can that be, their plan was so flawless.
    And you know not only do the twins have magical pants, but apparently they can fuse without fisting suddenly and their connection can be broken so easily. Why exactly are they dangerous again?

    And regarding Scott, Derek and Peter:
    You know when a 16 year old has better plans than mid-twenties and mid-thirties that have more experience in the respective matter it doesn’t mean that the 16 year old is gifted it means that the other two guys are idiots:

    And you know, there were two things “odd” with Cora:
    1) Why does she refer to Scott as a kid, when she is at maximum 1 year older than him?

    2) We got to see Cora in wolf face… when she is one of the good guys? Did Jeff Davis get over his sexism?
    No wait, Cora acted against Scott so she was temporarily on the bad side. Well maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe it means that she will later betray Derek& Co. I will examine this in the episodes to come and see what will happen, after all Erica’s face was barely different from her human face and we have yet to see Kali’s wolf face. And female werewolves when on the side of the good guys barely ever transform and if they are “good” they are usually conflicted. And despite claims to the contrary, Teen Wolf hasn’t challenged that much and definitely is not what Davis claimed he tried to do.

    Now for the road trip:

    No idea so far why they needed to be in the bus or how on earth Scott’s wound could possibly kill him when he apparently has no infection and its apparently already healing. Would the wound have the effect they portrayed he should be bleeding all over the place.

    And since I already mentioned the word of the day:
    Using complicated and lesser known words doesn’t make you smarter; it will make sure that you get beaten up. Not to mention that expanding your vocabulary is pretty useless when the new words are just synonyms for other words. Because in that case you must know how and when to use them; something Scott apparently is not good at.

    There are a few things that make no real sense to me:
    Why is it that no one sees those fucking claws on this show? It made sense in the gay bar but not here.
    The black guy needs the white guys to stop himself? Yeah never heard that before. Boyd goes half-wolf on Ethan but Isaac who is actually doing the beating later is all human during all. And were was Danny in that scene?
    Why is that puking guy on the bus?
    And why are Scott and Stiles talking about all sorts of stuff when there are three other people in this bus that can hear them?
    Isaac’s wounds healed externally in less than a day, and Scott’s are still open? And what about bandages? At least Stiles points that plothole out. Then again it is pretty hard to be dumber than Scott, unless you are Derek this season.
    You are right, why does Danny not just silent his phone?
    If Danny doesn’t like Stiles, why do they have each other’s numbers?

    Friendship between mass murderers isn’t it great? First step to making them your love interest. Next step is falling in love with them after they killed people you grew up with.
    But to be serious.
    You know I am having a bad feeling with these loyal Alphas. A very bad feeling.
    I fear that the show making the Alphas sympathetic might go so far as to sweep it under the rug what they did. They are murderers and the show might use the whole werewolf thing the same why TVD used vampirism, as an excuse for murder. Many would think that thereby they are non-judgmental (no idea what is so good about that), but that approach is not making things a shade of grey but rather regressing to the intellectual level of a child. They then paint everything in black and white, with just being a bit sympathetic making someone a good character, I am already skeptical as to why Peter is so accepted. Hopefully the show doesn’t do it the TVD way and stays light years away from it, but it is a teen show and it could very well happen.

    Well you could say about the whole stitching up that it is just basically psychosomatic, but sadly the scene shows us, again, what is wrong with this show. Whenever it’s about Scott the characters are only smart as long as it doesn’t hinder Scott. When neither Scott nor Allison can think of contacting Scott’s mother I can understand that. Allison doesn’t seem to handle stress on her own well, at least not this season, and Scott is just plain right stupid, but Stiles and Lydia don’t think of that? Stiles already showed that he has a healthy survival instinct and can think logical and be observant under stress. So him not thinking of that is plain weird. Stiles thinks of the dangers, Stiles notices Lydia and Allison, Stiles makes the sacrifices and the plans, it is Allison who learns to function under stress… why is Scott the hero?

    Allison is finally coming out and maybe Davis can make up for screwing her over so badly in season 2. But it is weird that she sees her mother (which is a better concept than ghosts no doubt) and not Kate. The mother simply wasn’t shown to us in a way that justifies this I think. We mostly saw her as a ruthless crazy woman who scares even her own daughter. Wouldn’t Kate make more sense? That would also add some depth.

    And don’t worry, Allison’s car probably will not mentioned again.

    The search for Derek:

    That was also a scene with many questions:
    Why don’t Cora and Peter use their noses to try and track Derek? There were only two bodies lying there and that huge abandoned building (wow the town has a lot of them doesn’t it?) wasn’t exactly flowing with water or anything so the scent should still be there.
    Why is Derek going to the teacher?
    Why did they even bother to pretend that Derek is dead? He is a main character and this is not Game of Thrones. Was anyone here really buying that? What viewer could be so stupid to believe that? Derek had his ribcage stabbed by Peter when he was a Beta and survived it and Peter came back from the dead and we are supposed to believe that Derek and Ennis are dead?

    PS. I forgot to answer to the fanfic question on your other comment. Well I haven’t done it in a while because I had a) a lot to do and b) the show didn’t give me lots to work with. I usually prefer to write stuff that could actually fit, not just for my fantasy. That sad, next episode will probably spawn a sex scene since we can be sure Danny and Ethan won’t even come close to soft porn, maybe not even like Scott and Allison, so I will have stuff to work there. And if that hotel causes hallucinations I am sure I can do some stuff. I have some ideas that might work.

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