Worst Vacation EVERRR! – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Motel California”

this place is great

“Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

The Glen Capri Motel:  Come join us at this 1.5 star, home away from home!  Our accommodations are so spectacular, the guests would literally rather kill themselves than leave!  (198 suicides and counting!)  Amenities include nicotine-scented towels (Mmmmm!) . . .


cable TV . . .

turning on channel

static on tv

a buffet-style continental breakfast . . .


hungry boyd

and, for those workout buffs, a gym, right in your bedroom!


So, give us a call today!  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to arrange your death . . .er . . . I mean, your stay!

This week on Teen Wolf, our friendly neighborhood Darach got a bit lazy.

sleep talker

kind of dead

It was bound to happen sometime.  I mean, the guy was clearly over-exerting himself  . . . killing three victims a week, THREE TIMES A PIECE (when one would suffice).

dead bullet guy

dead life guard

dead heather

But this week, the Darach decided to rest on his laurels, and let the werewolves KILL THEMSELVES!  You know, because, if this series has taught us anything about werewolves its that they ALWAYS succeed at everything they try to do . . .

no idea what im doing

The plan failed . . . MISERABLY.  (Werewolves: 4, Darach: 0)  Imagine, an entire hour dedicated to suicide, and not a SINGLE DEATH.

seriously so messed up honour in revenge

Let that be a lesson to you, kiddies.  If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself . . .

dark allison 2 erisaac

Pack your bags, Werebangers!  Because it’s time to check-in to “Motel California” . . .

motel for wolves

[As always, special thanks to Andre .  .  . the greatest screencapper in all the land . . .]

That 70’s Show

1977 is the year

Whenever television shows do 70’s flashbacks, I’m always struck by the bizarre nature of sideburns.


They make everybody look like werewolves, which, I guess, in this case, is kind of fitting . . .

gnarly scar

full moon

Nice knowing ya, Random Argent Relative . .  .

killing me softly

“I’ll miss you Burt Reynolds’ mustache!”

alexander argent

The Usual Suspects

Meanwhile, over on the Beacon Hills Cross Country Team Bus . . . actually, I shouldn’t say, “meanwhile,” because it’s 36 years later .  . .which reminds me, why 36 years?  It seems kind of random, no?

nodding oh yeah

At first, I thought, perhaps, Jeff Davis had ole “Uncle” Argent croak on his birthday.  But according to Wikipedia, Jeff Davis was actually born in in 1975, not 77 . . .

big gift

I guess we’ll never know . . .

Anywhoo, Scooby Gang ends up being forced to spend the night at the same hotel where Sideburn Guy ate the business end of his revolver.  Needless to say, Lydia is not pleased . . .

no me gusta

i see dead people

While in bed with Scott . . .

attractie to gay guys

 . . . sorry, I mean, in the bed “next” to Scott, Stiles helpfully reviews with us his chief suspects in the “Druid Sacrifice” killings.

thinking about suspects

“Previously on Teen Wolf . . .”

They are . . .

mr harris

Mr. Harris, because he’s ALWAYS a suspect

derek dream 1

Derek, because “Sterek” hasn’t exactly been going as planned, this season . . .

cora hale

Cora, because she’s related to Derek (see earlier comment about “Sterek failure”) . . .

cryptic vet

Mr. Deaton, because Stiles is creeped out by that whole “Obi Won” thing he has going on . . .

ep 6 youryodai will be gravytrain

 . . . and Lydia, who is basically the female version of the kid from The Sixth Sense . . . except the kid from The Sixth Sense, doesn’t suffer from blackouts, and never poisoned all his friends with wolfsbane.  (Then again, that’s probably because the kid from The Sixth Sense didn’t have any friends except Bruce Willis, who, spoiler alert, was already dead.)

lydia and punch

lyd screams

Stiles also posits that it’s entirely possible that the killer is someone completely random like the English Teacher good ole Kanaima Master Creepy Matt, from last season, who Stiles (AND I!) suspected as being bad news, from the get go . . .

drowning matt

too soon haha - Copy

Honestly, though, I was surprised that Stiles didn’t through Peter in the mix, as a possible suspect.  After all, he’s been a Big Bad before.  Not to mention he seems way smarter than both Derek and Cora . . . just sayin . . .

ep 6 alpha

smirky peter

After all, didn’t Lydia note last week that these sacrifices seemed designed to build the killer’s strength for impending battle?  And we all know Peter has hasn’t quite been back in fighting form, ever since his awakening from the dead . . .

scared peter - Copy

Personally, I’d be bummed if Sassy Uncle Peter ended up being the Bad Guy again.  I’m just putting it out there . . .

In other Villain News . . .

Get in MY BELLY!

get in my belly!

BOW CHICKA WOW, WOW!  Ethan and Danny are putting this creepy hotel to good use . . . a use that involves nipple licking . . .

cuddles dan eth



“Nom, nom, nom, nom . . .munch”

Talk about making the best of a bad situation . . .

getting laid dan

the scar

Mid-foreplay, Ethan and Danny discuss the latter’s scars, which Danny has had since he’s a child.  Ethan basically offers to heal them for Danny . . . but he does so in a casual enough way, so as not to make Danny think, “My boyfriend’s totally a werewolf, who occasionally gets fisted by his brother, and merges into this big ugly Shrek-looking thing . . .”

offended shrek

Danny, however, likes his scars.  They make him feel like a survivor.

another shot of danny

“Where’s the scar?”

Ethan replies that he hopes Danny will be a survivor . . . a statement I’m sure Danny found sweet, but sounded kind of threatening to me, under the circumstances . . .

Don’t you hate when you are just about to hook up with a guy you really like, and indigestion appears?


“Sh*t, not again.”

let me out

“Can’t a guy get a meal in here, every once in a while?  Danny’s weiner only has so much protein in it.”

I don’t know about you, but when I find a bald guy growling in my stomach, I reach for the Pepto Bismol.  Chainsaws are just too messy . . .



Then again, it’s possible that Ethan just has a distaste for pink drinks . . .

cutting it out

“This is how Real Men deal with getting the runs . . .”

Fortunately, Stiles and Lydia arrive just in time to stop Ethan from giving himself an emergency tummy tuck.  Unfortunately, the mood has definitely been killed.  No sex in the dingy motel room for Danny and Ethan . . . at least not tonight.


im not ready to be a dad

“Was it something I said?”

Dark!Scott Returns

So remember how last week, I made this comment about how I sort of missed Edgy Scott, from Season 1 . . . the-not-yet-in-control-of-his-wolfiness guy, who tried to pork Lydia, even though Stiles was clearly in love with her?

bad scott

Yeah, he was kind of a douche.  But dude was fun to watch!

Anywhoo, the writers of Teen Wolf must read this blog have heard my prayers, because guess who made a surprise return to TV, this week?

mcrapey 2

hide your kids

It’s Scott McRapey!

Walking in on Allison in the shower?  Grasping for her, even though she asked him to leave?  Telling her that sex “as friends” would solve all their relationship problems?  Then, magically “snapping out of it,” and claiming he “forgot what just happened?”


fonde fondle

janet leigh pyscho scream


Scott just became the male star of every Lifetime movie I’ve ever seen . . .  It was awesome!

In other news, the Red Eyes were back.  Alpha, shmalpha!  Get this boy some Visine, STAT!



Come Play with Us!

It was a busy week for Team Human, this week, who pretty much had to do all the heavy lifting this week, while our supernatural friends were . . . you know . . .  out of their minds and trying to find increasingly creative ways to off themselves . . .

all the articles

Downstairs in the lobby, trying to complain to an old lady with emphysema, because the towels in her supposedly smoke-free room smell like ASH, Lydia stumbles upon some unpleasant history about the motel where Coach Crackpot has willingly forced his students to spend the night.  As it turns out, the Glen Capri hotel holds the record as the “Motel that hosts the most Suicides.”


It’s an admittedly dubious distinction.  But Emphysema Lady is proud, nonetheless.  I mean, people could choose to end their lives ANYWHERE.  But the fact that 198 depressives chose the Glen Capri motel, of all places, as the last place on Earth they will ever see while among the living, must be kind of touching to the motel owners . . . in a totally creepy way.

more hanging

newspaper articles

“Prayer circle?”

In fact. Emphysema Lady is so “touched” by the deaths, she’s decided to convert each room into an unofficial suicide museum, helpfully hiding newspaper articles about each of the suicides in the King James Bibles of the room in which they occurred!

Having 198 corpses on your premises, also makes you about 10 times more likely to be haunted than your average Best Western or Motel 6 . . .

In fact, it kind of reminds me a bit of that Other Hotel . . .

shining girls


This might explain why Lydia keeps “overhearing” suicides, in presumably empty motel rooms.  You know, like those two kids who shot one another in the head simultaneously, Romeo and Juliet style.

Speaking of Lydia, this isn’t exactly her day.  As if it wasn’t bad enough having 198 people wanting to play with you, Stiles informs her that she might very well be the evil Druid killer. It makes sense, a bit, considering how wacky all the resident werewolves are acting.  The last time we saw these guys act like that, was the type Lydia, possessed by Peter, poisoned them all with wolfsbane at a party.

thanks buddy

“I think I liked you better when you worshipped the ground I walked on, and didn’t accuse me of being a serial killer, each week . . .”


Downstairs in the lobby, the sign touting the hotels 198 deaths, seems to have magically increased to 201 . . . a number we keep seeing pop up throughout the episode.

201-198 = 3

2 15 forever

The question is, which lucky trio will get to check into Suicide Motel . . . FOREVER?

Insert “Yo Mama” Joke Here

“Ring, ring!  Hey, Scott!  It’s your mom calling.”

seeing mom get butchered

“Just wanted to let you know I’m about to get my throat slit by your nemesis, while you watch.”


“Also, I hope you brought a sweater to your track meet.  I hear it’s a bit nippy outside.”

ep 10 yay mom

“Just kidding.  I’m not really dying.  I’m just a metaphorical representation of your fear that your Wolf Life will ultimately cause the inevitable demise of everyone you love.”

trademark scott face

“But I meant what I said about the sweater . . .”

Ice, Ice, Baby .  . .

You ever see that commercial, where the football player is really hungry, so he temporarily turns into Betty White?


Well, Boyd’s definitely hungry.  But I’m not quite sure Betty White would be able to do this?

hungry boyd

boyd kicking ass

punched glass

“Care for a Kit Kat?”

(Fun fact.  At the vending machine, Boyd selected candy number 201 . . . you know as in 201 DEATHS in the motel?  Could he be one of the lucky three?)

Later, while getting some ice, Boyd finds a prize inside the icebox . . .

want ice

kid in ice


Later in his hotel room, Boyd can’t seem to stop hearing the taped transcript of his police interrogation, following his little sister’s abduction at an ice rink, after which she was apparently murdered.

sad boyd

listen to it

In all seriousness, this actually explains a lot about the heretofore enigmatic Boyd . . . a loner, who relives his sibling’s abduction each day, by working at, of all places, an ice rink, and driving a Zamboni.  Not only does this appear to be Boyd’s way of punishing himself for losing track of his sister on that fateful day, it’s also a way for him to make sure that no other little kids at the ice rink suffer the same fate his sister did.

Feeling sorry for himself, Boyd decides to take a bath . . . with a safe?



just chilin

“Glug, glug, gurgle, fizzzzzzzzzzz”

Fortunately, Lydia’s ability to converse with dead people,  apparently extends to the future dead.  Because Lydia predicts Boyd’s future drowning, just in time for her and Stiles to finding him taking a nap in the tub, sans Rubber Duckie.  Upon determining that heat could be used to break the werewolves out of their suicidal trances,  Lydia instructs Stiles to get some signal flares from the (unlocked?) bus.

He waves one in Boyd’s face and . . .


wake up bud

“How dare you interrupt my water aerobics session!”

Phew, that was a close one.  Fear not, kiddies.  It looks like Boyd will get to live to be a not-particularly-well-developed-character (save for the dead sister thing) another day . . .

But Boyd isn’t the only werewolf hanging out around ice boxes tonight . . .

Get in the Icebox!

Since there’s nothing good on television  .  . .

turning on channel

“Why are all the werewolves on True Blood such inbred douchebags?”

Isaac decides to take a walk down memory lane, with his dear old dad . . .

bored isaac

“Hey dad, remember that time you locked me in the icebox, because I gave you the wrong-sized tool?”


“Good times!”

Isaac actually seems more scared than suicidal, when Stiles finds him hiding under the presumably grossly dirty hotel bed . . .

hiding under

But Stiles decides to put a burning flame in his face anyway.  (That’s what friends are for!)

stiles rescue

Speaking of friends with benefits . . .

Sex Heals All Wounds . . .  Apparently

When we last left English Teacher, she was huddled over a nearly-dead Derek in the school parking lot . . .


So, she does what any woman would do in such a situation: takes him to a hospital   uses a first aid kit on him in an attempt to staunch the bleeding  makes some cheesy jokes about what a hot body he has, and then proceeds to have sex with him, as his gaping, gross, open wounds rub all up on her privates . . .




Not that Derek is complaining . . .

more mackin

Did I mention that English Teacher has a magic coochie, apparently?

fondle corpse

One roll in the hay with this chick, and he’s CURED!  It’s a MIRACLE!

teen wolf allison argent stiles

“Thank you, Magic Coochie!”

English Teacher has officially become my hero!  Too bad it’s looking more and more likely that she’s evil.

Gas Pains . . .

Speaking of Magic Coochie, Scott could probably use one of those, when Suicide Motel motivates him to douse himself in kerosene, while holding a signal flare . .  .


Team Human watches in horror, as Scott threatens to kill himself, thereby putting a premature end to a series that has clearly been written around him . . .

we are losers

“Goodbye Cruel Television Show!”

OK, so most of the fanbase KNOWS the writers wouldn’t really kill Scott, smack in the middle of the season.  But still, it’s an emotional moment . . .

harsh man

Then, Scott starts telling Stiles what losers and nobodies they used to be, before Scott turned into a werewolf . . . the implication being, obviously, that Stiles is STILL a loser and a nobody.

3 15 wtf can i

OUCH!  If I was Stiles, I might have been tempted to let him die for that  .  . . just sayin . . .

mischeivous stiles

“If I’m such a loser, how come YOU’RE the one who smells like gas?”

Obviously, I’m kidding.  But seriously!  Show Stiles a bit of respect, Scott!  He pretty much solves EVERY CRIME COMMITTED ON THIS SHOW!  Not to mention, he’s constantly getting Scott’s dumb ass wolf side out of trouble . . .


But Stiles is clearly a better person than me.  Because rather than telling off Scott,  he gets all teary, and offers to die with him . . . calling the Teen Wolf his best friend and brother . . .

lets die together

“It gets better.”

Once again, Dylan O’Brien hits the scene out of the park, almost making me forget how annoyed I am at Suicidal!Scott for dissing him . . . almost.

When Stiles pulls Scott out of the fire, Lydia gets a surprise glimpse at Voldemort from Harry Potter!  Talk about a cool cameo appearance!


ugly guy

“Was the signal flare a horcrux?”

Thar she BLOWS!

The next day on the bus, Lydia steals Coach Crackpot’s whistle, and finds out that someone filled it with wolfsbane, which would explain why the wolves were acting so wacky on this little trip.

the evil whistle


Except, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t EVERYONE . . . wolves, humans, and kanaimas alike . . . effected by the wolfsbane, back when Lydia slipped it into her punch at her birthday, last season?  Why was it so much more selective, this time around?  I mean the Coach blew that sh*t RIGHT IN STILES’ FACE!

blow whistle

ok gif

Also, how was Coach able to  get any sound out of the whistle, with all that purple crud in it?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Logical reasoning aside, the gang determines that the Darach .  . . and not the Suicide Motel . . . was responsible for all the almost-murders . . .  If I was the Suicide Motel, I’d be massively offended by this . . .

verbal keyboard smash

Also, on the bus,  Ethan thanks SCOTT for saving his life.

thank you scott

dont understand


Scott was out playing in the gasoline!  STILES AND LYDIA saved your life, Ethan!

lydia brave tatikatelena

Why is everybody crapping on Stiles, this season?  Correction, why does everybody crap on Stiles, EVERY SEASON?

stiles sad 3

Makes me mad, is all . . .

Anywhoo, to thank SCOTT for “saving his life,” Ethan tells the Scooby Gang that Derek is still alive . . .

charming derek

However, the Alpha’s plan on killing him . . . again . . . to avenge the death of THIS GUY . .  .

dying ennis

derek watche


Something tells me that the Magic Coochie won’t help Derek, this time around  . . .

Can I Get You a Tissue . . . GERARD ARGENT?

Back in Adult Town, Papa Argent figures out his daughter flauted his authority by attempting to murder Alpha’s Katnisss Everdeen style, without daddy’s approval.  So, he punishes her, by letting her rot for the night in the same hotel where his Uncle, shortly after turning werewolf, decided to off himself . . .

she did it

“What’s this random escalator doing in here?”

At the end of the episode, Papa Argent pays a visit to a familiar face . . .

chris argent

“Hi honey, I’m home!”

smirking gerard

“Miss me and my massive over-acting?”

That’s right, Kiddies, it’s the MOUNTAIN ASHHHHHH guy . . .

mountain ash

snot nose

(who, apparently,  after all these years,  has never learned how to blow his nose)

the gift of tp

And he’s got some interesting intel about who bit Uncle Argent, back in 1977 . .  . It was . . . wait for it . . . THE DEMON WOLFFFFFF!

demon wolf

Next week on Teen Wolf, Deaton becomes the Maggie Grace character from the movie Taken (which, I guess makes Scott, Liam Neeson?)

See ya then, Werebangers!

stiles dancing at gay bar melchiors

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11 responses to “Worst Vacation EVERRR! – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Motel California”

  1. Johan

    I wonder if Jeff have background stories to every character and tries to put it in when he can?

    Was the form in the fire that Lydia saw the evil Druid or Death? Is Lydia connected to death somehow? What is Lydia?

    Do Ethan hate/disliket his merge with Aiden and that is what he saw? How is the relationship between the twins?

    Would Isaac have killed himself or would he have hidden under the bed until he had the wolfsbane purged out of his body? Was that why it turned to 201 suicides instead of 202?

  2. East Coast Captain

    I noticed Scott´s fears about being normal essentially a loser in his eyes to one of Peter Parker´s storylines. He echoed that same sentiment that he was a nobody before the spider bite granted he was super smart but the jocks picked on him, he couldn´t get a date and all. I think Gwen or Mary Jane broke him out of his self deprecating mood. But Scott is someone, he´s someone to someone.

    Kali was definitely Ennis´ mate wolves mate for life…

    I liken Stiles as the underdog, the average joe who is the audience. The Watson to Sherlock Holmes, every hero needs a sidekick right?

    I think there might one way other than killing an Alpha to become an Alpha…

    • Johan

      [quote]Kali was definitely Ennis´ mate wolves mate for life…(/quote)

      Yeah, DemonWolf is manipulating his Alpha pack. Perhaps he feared them taking over the pack or them leaving.

      • Andre

        Or he killed Ennis to absorb his power. Although I hope not since that way absorbing power would be way too easy in my eyes.

    • Andre

      Ok, apparently I need to throw some wolf-related info here:
      Wolves do not actually mate for life. It is true the Alpha pair often stays together until one dies, but that doesn’t have to be. In addition on average that is so since no other mates would be available anyhow since the basic structure of a wolf pack are the parents, the previous offspring and the current offspring. Also there are recorded cases of a male having several females and females mating with several males, not just in just wolves from a pack, usually non-related, but also leaders and wolves from neighbouring packs. So “wolves mate for life” is not quite correct. Not to mention that these werewolves have next to nothing in common with wolves, they sound more like lions, they look rather like goblins and they act human and not canine. If at all they are rather like what many think wolves are, but that has about as much to do with real wolves as Disney’s lion king has to do with real lions and hyenas.

  3. Andre

    The start of your recap would have fitted that hotel so much I tell you, it would have been perfect.

    You know the picture of the dead “soldier” made me remember something:
    Shouldn’t there have been some more victims? I mean there was just him and Harris and that was it. Or did the Darach switch the tactic because they were on to him? You know because normally in such rituals in shows the correct order of the sacrifices is important as well.

    Well in either case, these three sacrifices were the first that actually made sense since these werewolves are occult by nature and therefore it could be assumed that sacrificing them releases some sort of power. The other guy was no warrior in any way and being a virgin is nothing special outside of patriarchy and even there only for girls.

    And you really hit a good point there with the werewolves and their competence:
    They are fucking morons. Seriously, Teen Wolf is so much in line with classical fictional werewolves it is sickening. Like I said about last episode Derek and his pack made the werewolves of Underworld 4 look smart and these were the guys that got killed all the time:

    How is it that these guys are still running around? If these examples so far are the norm than the whole species should have died out due to sheer stupidity a long time ago. With these morons in the show we at least know why they are still alive, but I will get into detail on that later when I comment on a very special scene and I am sure you know exactly which one I am talking about.

    You know when I heard that 70s guy speaking French I thought it was another hint towards Gevaudan. I was partially right it seems since the guy turned out to be an Argent.

    Since you brought up Stiles in bed with Scott, I think you will be happy to hear that I have at least 4 smut stories planned that I got out of this episode. One is Dethan, since Davis didn’t bother to give us something and the rest are, sadly dreams, but you know you have to work with what you get (like Stiles having to be a virgin) and don’t worry the way I know you, you will find one dream very hot, the other hot and one at the very least funny, but I will not say more.

    Also it seems like the months of therapy, electro shock and deprogramming

    Have worked and I am able to write Jyler smut again. The trauma from TVD scenes like this:

    Seems to have lost its power. There is still not much to work with, but I think I can make due.

    Back to the topic at hand:
    The whole Matt thing and the rest of the scene with Scott and Stiles only reminded me that Scott is such an incredible idiot. He didn’t listen back then, doesn’t listen know and apparently heavily modifies his memory to the point that he cannot tell apart what he thought and what others thought. Together with the gasoline scene later makes me wonder what else this character has modified in his memory. Or Davis in his memory for that matter.

    And why doesn’t Scott know what “Obi-Wan” refers to? Even if you have never seen Star Wars (which is quite a stretch since the character is in all six movies and the Clone Wars series) you at least heard of this stuff and know what it means. Was Scott even raised in California? Or was he born and raised in the Gobi Desert? Seriously, why doesn’t he know anything? And what where all these books and the stupid word of the day thing for if he is the same dumbass he was the other two seasons?

    And that is what he is, in that scene he had dumbass written all over his face.
    He was surprised at pretty much every suspect, although suspecting them makes perfect sense. The bad thing is that considered how infatuated Davis is with Scott he will either make Scott right, again by pure chance I bet on it, or give Scott the credit should Stiles turn out to be right, you know just like here. And Stiles’ suspect list still makes sense, actually he is the only one smart enough to consider it and ask himself what all these people they barely know as it seems are doing. Scott never asks these questions. He is just a gullible idiot who is supposed to be the hero and leader. What Davis seems to want to have is Martin Luther King Jr. but what he gives us is Fred Flintstone.

    And I think Peter wasn’t in the suspect list because either Davis wants to lead away from him because Peter is the Darach (which would be lamer than the villains in a Cassandra Clare or Stephanie Meyer book) or the whole idea that Peter could be the Darach is so ridiculous that they don’t even bother to write that in. So fingers crossed that he has nothing to do with that or otherwise we can be sure Davis finally lost his marbles.
    And as for Peter being smarter than Derek and Cora… well considered what we saw of these two so far, are you sure that it is saying much when someone is smarter than these two?
    Maybe “Cora” should become an evil cyborg again:

    First, you are right, the show apparently had another continuity error considered that Danny has a scar on either side of his ribcage so we should have seen it before. This is a problem when writers don’t think about continuity.

    I had some problems with Dethan. One was probably because I am not a native speaker and so I didn’t understand some of Danny’s words (voice was too low). And for all the hype Davis did, this “sex scene” was pretty tame; seriously that was barely even foreplay.

    And what was this “#Dethan” that appeared on the screen next to the MTV logo? Seriously what is with these “#” messages?

    But seriously I saw better. And it kind of is a bit odd, considered that last episode they barely spoke with each other and this episode they share a room and start to make out. Also that Ethan hoped Danny is a survivor is probably rather a hint that Ethan might want to change Danny into a Beta.

    But anyway, considered what we saw of Scott and Allison and also Dennifer he really could have shown us some more. But apparently there is still double-standard regarding gay sex:

    Ethan’s stomach hopefully points to something better than what Deucalion so far gave us. That becoming these “super Alphas” involves at least some form of cannibalism (therefore the stomach-face), because if just killing your Beta is all that is required, it would have happened a long time ago. It didn’t take much for Isaac to attack Allison so a Beta attacking an Alpha and an Alpha killing said Beta can’t be anything new.

    And you could ask yourself a) how Styles was capable of even moving the chainsaw away from Ethan and b) why did he save him anyway? This guy is a murderer as it seems. Did Derek really not tell anybody? Is Stiles too nice for his own good? Because both options are equally plausible.

    And I wouldn’t call this Scott Dark-Scott or anything, rather robot-Scott. And these scenes gave me rather some more questions:
    They are not together anymore? Since when? Seriously, did these two ever really break up?
    Also Allison sees Scott in her shower, behaving weird and totally unlike Scott from her point of view and despite her hunter background and Lydia’s earlier reaction she does not put one and one together right away? Weren’t creepy Lydia and Scott not warning enough? Only when Allison finally believes Lydia is going nuts/psychic, can she figure out that something is wrong with Scott? That was… slow.

    PS. So Lydia can sense psychic impression left by death… sounds like Danielle Moonstar.

    And of course we have the Alpha stuff again, and again Scott won’t do anything about it. And what is so bad about it? Peter came back from the dead, and technically Scott did not kill Derek. What is wrong with this kid? He is supposed to be this big leader and hero but so far he comes along as a whiney little toddler when it comes to the hard stuff. He is so melodramatic. I don’t blame Posey for it, but Davis, is he writing this on purpose or does Scott look totally different in his head?

    Now to the motel and all:
    The rate of suicides per year is according to Lydia pretty average, but what is really creepy are the owners of the motel. Think about it a motel with the highest record of suicides and not only does that lady tell a customer that, there has also never been a closing of this place or an investigation? No one stayed away from it?
    And they have newspaper articles of the suicides in their bible? I would probably be out there in a minute, who knows what these weirdos might do to me.

    And thank god the whole killing of Mrs. McCall was just a hallucination by Scott. But isn’t it interesting that a) Mrs. McCall barely appeared the last episodes and b) that Stiles has never been in any of Scott’s angst hallucinations? I mean last season it was Allison and this time it was his mother, but the person closest to him that has been in more life-threatening situations than Scott himself never appeared in any of them. Scott never even gave Stiles an “I want you to be safe” speech like he did with Allison last episode. And no, an “he did it offscreen” doesn’t count. A series has to be measured its worth by what it shows not by what is in the head of some writer or viewer, even if the makers say it at some press conference, what most people will know are the episodes so they count.

    Now, while it was nice to see Boyd get some sort of character development the problem is that the facts you mentioned were only presented in season 2, so shown more than a year ago, never talked about again and therefore easily forgotten. Also it still doesn’t elevate Boyd out of the token black guy status and I fear what we saw here was about all we will get to see of him and that Davis once again messed it up. Instead of listening to the criticism he received for that role he simply continues down the path he already wandered and comes with stupid excuses. Sure his “I have no time” excuse (which is kind of a mute point now since he has 22 episodes and still has the same pace as before) is in no way as lame as Cassandra Clare’s latest rantfest against a critic where a short critic (no bigger than my previous paragraph) caused Clare to rant a five times longer text where she seems to blame misogynism and double standard as the reason why people don’t like Tessa and the ending of Clockwork Princess (which she defends by saying that Tessa deserves both guys and that she is the hero and doesn’t know that she is a character in a book). Trust me, misogynism and double standard is clearly not the reason why people disliked that ending and the character. But I digressed, so Davis’ excuse is not as lame, and to be honest scary (trust me that Clare woman starts to really scare me, more so than Klarolines), as Clare’s is, it is still bad and I really wonder whether Davis will ever learn and keep his promise that this show is without sexism and racism. Because like I said it doesn’t look that good so far. Of course nowhere near as bad as the situation of the Red Power Ranger:

    Notice something? Awful lot of white guys isn’t it? And not only that, considered that this is based on the Japanese Super Shintai series you would think that at least one red ranger was played by an Asian guy. But nope. Not ever. And just for the record, they had no such qualms with any of the other colors.

    But back to Teen Wolf:
    Lydia actually didn’t predict Boyd’s death it is simply that they saw what happened to Ethan, kind of makes sense that he would be the strongest affected considered what he has done, and split up and when Lydia heard the drowning of the child she said that someone was drowning and they put one and one together. Since Allison was looking for Scott, Lydia and Stiles went to Isaac and Boyd and simply found Boyd in the bathtub and Isaac under the bed.

    And before all of this happened and Boyd got the safe I just thought about that scene:
    They don’t need to show Boyd’s feet first, we know it’s him, there was no other black guy in the entire episode. If they do such stuff they should have made it some other one to fool us. Had they wanted to bring along how creepy the situation is they should have used a close-up of his face. Seriously, this is the wrong colorblindness. This treats us like idiots.

    PS. Are the werewolves on True Blood really inbred?

    PSS. I hope the hallucination of Ethan and all is not used to make him less of a murderer or do it like the current vampire shows.

    Ok, now the best scene of it all:

    Well apart from the fact that no one with a brain would ever think that Scott would be dying, the whole scene with him and Stiles was definitely the best scene ever on this show and had it not been for Ethan’s later behavior and the damn Dennifer it could have been one of the best episodes I have ever seen.

    Short step back:
    Isaac might not have tried to kill himself because there is nothing in his past, despite all the abuse, that would justify that level of guilt. Technically neither is in Scott’s but Scott once again had dumbass and drama queen written all over his face and that is simply not the trait of a leader. But this time it fit, it gave us these awesome scenes and, once again, showed us why Stiles is the most loved character and not Scott. Because Stiles is the most awesome character, not because Scott is a “POC” like some people claim (I am from the continent where whites are the natives and I can guarantee you that Scott is white).
    An actual leader knows the strengths of his pack, but Scott doesn’t, or he chooses not to follow them.
    And “Fight back?” This guy barely ever fought back anything. Either that is Scott’s usual martyrdom complex or we are supposed to assume that the motel/wolfsbane made him crazy. The latter option would have been better, since like I said, how often did people actually get hurt because Scott fought back? Mostly he was concerned with himself and becoming famous at lacrosse. Most stuff was done by everyone else but Scott.

    So I am on the same side as you regarding Scott’s speech. It sounded rather like mocking Stiles since when has he become popular? Sure there was that one lacrosse game, but since then we saw no hint that anything had changed for Stiles. Not even remotely.
    And Scott seriously says “We?” What bullshit, based on what we saw over more than 2 seasons so far Scott actually means “him”.
    Not that he did much or anything. Which only proves that without people to support him Scott is nothing.

    And what is wrong with him?
    Scott didn’t even say thank you afterwards. Not only was the line of him “every time I fight back someone gets hurt” pretty drama queen since how often did that actually happen so far in this show? But also considered what Stiles did Scott better kiss his ass for the rest of the season now. I fear the show might forget that being werewolf is not normal, Stiles could have no chances of surviving the fire, he would have been dead. And it doesn’t end with Stiles, without Allison, Deaton and Mr. Argent all these werewolves would probably be dead by now already, but do they ever so much as utter a thank you? No!!! Well sometimes. But usually they just come in and assume that the humans help them out. You know if the werewolves of these show are really supposed to stand for something, maybe race, then the makers are not doing a good job of promoting the eradication of racism and white privilege.

    As good as this scene was to show that Scott actually cares about people other than Allison and his mother, note it was not Allison who had the courage to take the risk, it was Stiles, I fear that it will be glossed over pretty quickly so Davis can go back to make Scott an Alpha. Actually I do fear now that this “you are awesome” speech might have been there for that very reason, to once again drive it into our heads that Scott is so great. Damn it Davis, you made me find flaws in Stiles’ speech. Damn you and your crazy Scott obsession!!!!

    So I can guarantee you, if Scott is back to normal and all about himself again next episode we can officially label him as this season’s biggest asshole. He was never in a situation that was as dangerous for him as it was for Stiles at that time. And no Mrs. Argent doesn’t count since that was still less dangerous since Scott could have counted on help and time. All Stiles had was to trust Scott would not kill him, but just one wrong move and he would have burned to death instantly. No help, no time, just pure chance.

    Stiles might really be too nice for his own good. Or too smart for his own good and not ugly either… why was this guy not laid again in a scene like this?

    Or this?

    Even this would be better than nothing:

    You know, now that we saw the Darach… a reviewer noted that he thought “Hexenbiest” from the series Grimm (I could kick them in the balls for the rape of my native tongue these assholes, most of these names would ever be used by any German with half a brain cell) and I don’t think that fits:

    (PS. These transformations are plain stupid)

    And considered that Lydia saw him can we assume that she is his enemy? Is she maybe a druid?

    And I had the same doubts about the whole wolfsbane you had. I had remembered of Lydia’s party the moment the hallucinations started and so I asked myself why only the werewolves were affected by the wolfsbane. In season 2 at the party all were affected.
    And wouldn’t the werewolves have reacted sooner or anybody else also for that matter?

    By the way, in the upcoming Smut the wolfsbane has an effect on the none-werewolves.

    Why is everybody crapping on Stiles, this season? Correction, why does everybody crap on Stiles, EVERY SEASON?

    Exactly, what is Davis doing?
    Why is Ethan addressing Scott? That makes no sense.
    And no, it would explain anything to say that “he addressed them both” because he clearly did not, otherwise he would have at least glanced in Stiles’ direction, that is Davis’ doing, once again shoving Scott in the foreground. Stiles once again does the work and Scott gets the credit, the longer Davis does this the more sick and ridiculous it becomes. Scott didn’t even say thank you, despite Stiles saving his fucking life.

    Does Ethan not consider Stiles a being? Does he think Stiles is Scott’s slave and so Scott deserves the thank you? At least that would be some good explanation. If it was just another “joke” by Davis he doesn’t know when to stop. Because like you said, Stiles doesn’t get any credit and we all know it affects him, which was an obvious point when Peter offered the bite.
    Or is Ethan plain racist like Derek?
    And just in case someone thinks Derek and Ethan can’t be racist because they screwed with Jennifer and Danny, let me tell you that not only has neither not talked back to them even once, but also she is a female and Derek obviously straight and Dethan are both gay, or at least bi. You know most colonialists and invaders had been blatantly xenophobic and full of superiority feelings throughout history but that didn’t stop them screwing around with the women and men they considered to be beneath them, well more than women in general. Of course all of this assumes that these pointless Dennifer scenes as well as Derek’s and Ethan’s general behavior are actually thought through.

    And shouldn’t the guys be after Scott, since it was him bringing Ennis to fall?

    Ps. And it looks like the make-up artists thought of keeping a blue eye for Ethan this time, unless the missing cut cheek. Apart from the fact that the blue eye doesn’t appear prior to the bus scene.

    At least Mr. Argent is back in the game, although it seems a bit cheap. And I was asking myself whether Gerard was bleeding constantly and shouldn’t that reaction back then have killed him?
    But also I asked myself:
    How old is Deucalion when he was already an Alpha in the 70s?
    Deucalian bit Alexander in 1977? So how old is he? And I really hope they don’t suddenly say that werewolves age slower, because that would be a definitive breaking of canonrule since we already saw that Peter aged normally.

    Unlike you I left Dennifer for the very last. Because that is what that was in this episode. The worst and as we in Germany say “der letzte Scheiß”; for you non-Germans that means “the worst shit.” I had feared that you would be all over that stupid scene but thankfully you seemed pretty immune to that shit.
    This piece of dung was entirely useless. It did not serve anything for the plot, the characters or anything. It was totally out of synch with the rest of the episode, it destroyed Dennifer to be a normal ship, it… It was shit. And plus to what I just said I think it was there to cash in with stupid fan girls and it reminds me of Twilight and the awful Mortal Instruments. Because that was what this whole “oh Derek you are so sexy” reminded me of. Seriously, most people watching this stuff are already there since season 1 and they have eyes for god’s sake, we do not need to be reminded that Derek is oh soooo sexy. The ones that find him sexy already know and the rest of us, like me, don’t give a shit.
    Seriously all the Dennifer scenes were plain annoying and made me groan like I haven’t groaned since the Vampire Diaries.
    And they were so moronic. I mean we were supposed to belief that these wounds were serious or anything to Derek? These wounds don’t even go through his muscles, no way would they be fatal.
    And Derek has “black blood?” Where? Apparently they didn’t bother to change red to black, you can clearly see that the stuff is red.
    And oh gosh, they are worse than Allison and Scott. At least these two dated and had some time together. But these two morons… So she actually fell in love with some strange creep (that is how it comes along when some guy suddenly stands in your classroom) and has sex with him. What is she desperate?
    She didn’t even try to clean him up, I mean there must be towels in that loft at least.
    And it not only made no sense storywise it also let Derek look like an idiot, again.
    Think about it:
    Derek has a pack of Alphas in town, knowing what their claws can do and he has no bandages or something.
    He barely knows her, so why is he even telling her this? Oh yeah, because she is “special.” (See the similarities with Mortal Instruments?)
    A moment before Derek was dying and then they suddenly had sex.
    Derek has the same martyrdom complex as Scott, that is why his wounds would not heal. Either that or Jennifer has a magical vagina.

    They should have left this out of the episode and show more of Boyd and his sister, get him out of the token status at least for one episode. Or give us the Dethan scenes they did not give us, you know Ethan comes in, Danny wants to know what happened, Ethan says shut up or says “please no question” and they make out. Which would make more sense for the morning afterwards when both are next to each other again, seriously after such a sudden burst out what normal teenager is suddenly at the said guys side again? Dennifer should have been next episode together with an Argent storyline to show more Hale and Argent backstory, e.g. to explain the whole thing with Alexander and maybe how Deucalion got blinded. They have 22 episodes this time, they can slow down and give some more character background instead of pushing Scott into the Alpha status.
    What was Davis thinking?

    • Johan

      [PS. So Lydia can sense psychic impression left by death… sounds like Danielle Moonstar.]

      Actually Danielle Moonstar could see those that would be claimed by Death. A ability she got after spending time with the Valkyrie in Asgard. Later she attacked Hela.

      [Does Ethan not consider Stiles a being? Does he think Stiles is Scott’s slave and so Scott deserves the thank you? ]

      Actually I tihnk Ethan looks at them as part of Scotts pack. THey arent individuals but Components of the pack. And as Scott is the Alpha Ethan assumes Stiles acted on his orders. I assume that Ethan and Aiden are born Werewolfs.

      Regarding Dennifer; I think it comes from orders from above. The people in charge probably didnt like Sterek becoming canon and when Jeff said Sterek was a possibility they probably ordered him to put in a girl for Derek. The scenes doesnt fit the rest of the story arcs. It feels tacked on. Notice that contact between Derek and Stiles has been minimum this season.

      • Andre

        Like I said I hope that these werewolves are racist or something, because that would actually be an explanation that makes sense, if it was all just a joke on Davis part or another of his attempts to shove Scott into our faces then he clearly doesn’t know when to stop.

        I was personally always against Sterek since Derek doesn’t treat Stiles with even an inch of respect, actually how Ethan treated Stiles here is the same way Derek treats Stiles.

        The problem with Dennifer is that, well like you said it feels tacked on from the start as though Derek has to have a girlfriend, and whenever shows go that direction they tend to get bad. They should have saved Dennifer for next episode if they had to make it so fast, the best of course would have been to wait a few episodes and maybe even have some dates. I mean what difference would it make? If she is just human she will be in danger now anyhow…. That just occured to me. What if she is just there to be a damsel in distress?

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