Sacrificial Wolf – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Currents”

awkward death

“Well this is awkward . . .”

One of the downsides of being a lead protagonist on a supernatural series is that the mere act of being your friend, relative, lover,  or random acquaintance literally causes people to DIE.  Elena Gilbert, Buffy Summers, Sam and Dean Winchester, Sookie Stackhouse, the folks from Being Human, Arya Stark . . . these folks actually share very little in common with one another, apart from the impenetrable cloud of death that follows them wherever they go . . .

the effing angel of death

Unfortunately, the same goes for Scott McCall and Derek Hale, both of whose friendships are not unlike some venereal diseases . . . incredibly painful and deadly, if not properly treated.

going to die

All of this is basically my long-winded way of saying, R.I.P. Vernon Boyd.  If only you had been wearing protection . . . like a bullet proof vest, or a body condom . . .

condom 2

Thank goodness, Stiles already has one of those . . .

condom 3

But if I were Isaac, I’d probably be wearing this over my clothes every week .  . .


Is that a toilet plunger he’s holding?

This week, on Teen Wolf we learned all about currents . . .

the current

 .  . . and why, no matter how badly you want to be kissed on Christmas, it’s a bad idea to eat Mistletoe . . .

puking danny

 . . . also this week on Teen Wolf, I was reminded why I’m petrified of moths . . .

lots of moths

Let’s review, shall we?

[As always special thanks to my amazing screencapper Andre, to whom I would absolutely lend my body condom (never used . . . don’t worry), if I thought, for a second, that being my friend was harmful to his health . . .)

It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp Nurse . . .

Mama McCall is having a rough night.

having a bad day

sad mom

It’s as if she went to bed a supporting character on Teen Wolf, and woke up the star of Grey’s Anatomy . . .

ep 10 yay mom

“Doctor McDreamy is so steamy!”


 .  . . which would be great for a swinging single lady like Mama McCall, except for one small problem . . .ALL THE HOT DOCTORS ARE EITHER DEAD . . .

dead guy on floor

 . . . or out catching butterflies . . . with their mouths . . .

eating the moth

“Nom-nom.   Got one!”

Talk about warped priorities!  Then again, what do you expect from a woman stupid enough to pick up a hitchhiker who looks like THIS . . .

hitchhiking no no

“Could I possibly trouble you to drop me off at the Gates of Hell?”

(I guess they don’t teach you about Stranger Danger in Med School.)

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Scott takes away some lady’s pain, just by fondling her boob wrist.

touch me

veiny hand

I thought he was only able to do that with puppies!

Then, because everybody needs a little Christmas (right this very minute), Ethan carries Danny into the hospital.  And the latter proceeds to vomit SO MUCH Mistletoe (definitely an entire wreath’s worth) all over the hospital floor . . .

puking danny

mistletoe kisses

Ethan must eat poison mistletoe all the time, because he knew exactly what it was the minute Danny spewed . . .

you rock

“My boyfriend is a total lightweight . . .”

(It kind of reminds me of that time, back in fourth grade science class, when I had to dissect pellets of owl vomit, and determine, based on the types of bones I was pulling out, what the bulimic bird had for breakfast.  I wish I was kidding about this . . .)

stiles grossed out

I’m just trying to figure out how the Darach managed to get Danny to eat all that plantlife, without him even knowing what he was consuming.  Of course, I have my theories . . .

mistletoe weiner

Christmas weenie?

(Speaking of kissing, if we are to believe what Ethan told Scott this week, now that the Alpha Twins know that Scott doesn’t give two craps about Danny, the “love” between this computer hacking, musical instrument-playing, science nerd / former best friend of Jackson and the Gay Alpha Twin could actually be 100% legit.  And they say romance is dead!)

i promise

cuddles dan eth

From Showmance to Romance . . .

When Danny stops breathing, due to an allergic reaction to the mistletoe, Mama McCall saves him by stabbing his chest with a syringe, to allow air his escape his lungs.  I was impressed to learn that the medical science presented in this scene was actually real . . . at least the part about the deflated lung, and the syringe.  I’m not really sure about the whole “Mistletoe Thing.”

Mama McCall is hero!  (Though, in hindsight, wouldn’t it have been easier for Scott the Messiah to just fondlle Danny’s chest a little bit, like he did with that lady?)

in pain

“Now you tell me?”

Speaking of ladies in pain,  did you ever hear the expression, “You are what you eat?”  Because apparently, that doctor chick from earlier in the episode turned into a moth, which made driving her car highly inconvenient . . .

found moth

Driving Ms. Mothy . . .

I’m just kidding, of course.  Moth eating lady, and that Other Doctor are both taken (and ultimately killed) by the EEEEEVVVVIIIIIL DARACH.  I just happen to think transforming the doctor into a bug would have been much funnier, than hanging her from the ceiling (like MISTLETOE!) and murdering her off-screen . . . DARACH FAIL!


“I get no respect.”

Window Dressing

Speaking of fails, Kali the Werewolf may be tops, when it comes to grabbing foreign objects with her toes, and murdering people.  But when it comes to Threats Disguised as Window Art, she’s kind of one-note.



“I think it’s beautiful.”

If I were her, I’d probably go for something a bit more personal, like “KALI & ENNIS 4 EVA.”

dying ennis

Rest in Peace guy who had no lines the entire season (and who eventually had his face squashed like a rotten melon).

Speaking of window dressing, how adorable were Scott and Isaac, when they kept bedside vigil by Mama McCall’s bedside, so she wouldn’t be kidnapped by Lord Voldemort and his band of Evil Moth-Loving Tree People?

sleepy mommy

So what if they ended up being the Worst Bodyguards EVER?  It’s the thought that counts, right?

woah shes up

“We were just resting our eyes.  We promise.”

mom wakes up

“I don’t remember anyone telling me this kid moved into our house.”

In other window dressing news, I know Deaton’s a vet, and loves animals, and all.  But his idea of curtains leaves much to be desired . . .

window treatment

“I wanted my drapes to match my carpet.”

Upon seeing the moths hanging out outside his window, Deaton calls Scott, and tells the werewolf he’s about to require a rescue.

calling you

“Is this 1-900-KILLDARACH?”

can you hear me now

“I can’t talk right now.  My English teacher keeps texting me about not taking calls during class.”

I thought this was particularly insightful on Deaton’s part.  I mean, if I saw moths outside my window like that, I’d probably just call the exterminator.  Or, more likely, I’d tell whoever was in the house with me at the time to go kill them, while I cowered in the corner with my hands over my eyes.  Yeah, I’m THAT Girl  . . .

I hope you have flood insurance . . .

I’m not exactly sure how much time passed between the events of “Motel California” and those of “Currents.”  But I did find it odd that Boyd and Isaac never said boo to Derek about how he more or less faked his own death, devastating the pack, while he hid out in a hole boning the English Teacher . . .

thank you for being a live

“You are pretty much the worst packmaster ever.  But we still heart you.”

I also find it strange that Derek seemingly had no problem with flooding his whole apartment, just so that MAYBE he could electrocute one barefoot wolf lady.

sounds like a terrible idea

“Your idea is kind of terrible, to be honest.”

Granted the guy has no furniture in his apartment, apart from  . .  . sometimes a table.  So, it’s not like there was much property to be damaged.  But still . . .

P.S.  Where is Peter during all this?

smirky peter

“You people are idiots.”

Sassy Uncle Pete would have totally talked some sense into this crew, if he were here.  Maybe Boyd would even still be alive!

Daddy Daycare

Stiles, I know things are tough for you right now.  But its high time you came out to your dad about how pretty much all your friends are werewolves, and your future girlfriend is most likely a banshee  . . .

it gets better

Like they say in those commercials . . . “It gets better.”

Speaking of getting better, Team Parents was a roll this week.  Not only did Mama McCall save Danny’s life, and manage to make it through the entire hour without getting eaten by moths, she also, along with Sheriff Stilinski, pretty much solved the entire mystery of the episode.  The nurse and the sheriff basically took on the roles typically embodied by Stiles and Lydia on this show.  Like Stiles before her, Mama McCall was responsible for determining the way in which the Darach murdered the “healers.”  (Asphyxiation by hanging).  As for Sheriff Stilinski, he not only ended up being the first on the scene, when Scott’s father figure Deaton first went missing, he was also, ultimately, the one who ended up saving his life.  (More on that later of course . . .)

whos your daddy

Speaking of smart cookie characters over the age of 30 (a rarity in teen TV), Papa Argent also played a part in solving this week’s mystery, which I’ll get to in just a bit . . .

Knock, Knock . . . (Who’s there?)

Meanwhile, back at school, Lydia is getting laid by Aidan again.


“He still hasn’t learned where to put his hands.”

(What’s with these two hooking up in classrooms all the time?  Why can’t they do it in the car, or their parents’ basement like normal teenagers?  Then again, I’m not even sure the Alpha Twins have parents.  Perhaps, they used to have them, but they ate them . . .)

let me out

“Son, have you done your homework?”

Someone pulls the fire alarm at this point.  But no one really seems to go outside . . .

stefan shrug

Then, Cora appears out of nowhere, which I guess means she pulled the fire alarm?  That reminds me, does Cora even go to school?  I hope so, because I’d hate to see what kind of education one would get by being home-schooled by Derek Hale . . .


Cora tells Lydia that Derek doesn’t want her to date Aidan anymore.  Derek’s sudden concern for Lydia is pretty adorable, especially considering that the only real interaction these two have had with one another was that time that Lydia blew wolfsbane in Derek’s face, and brought his “evil” uncle back from the dead, who she sort-of / kind-of made out with once . . .

glitter blow

Not exactly a match made in Heaven when it comes to these two . . .

Now that I think about it, having dated both Kanaima Jackson, (almost, but not really) Peter, and now Aidan, Lydia has swapped spit with nearly every season’s Big Bad.  Who’s next?  Deucalion?

demon wolf

The Darach?


Hey, at least if Lydia started making out with Gerard, he’d finally get some of that black crap out of his mouth . . .

mountain ash

Anywhoo, on Deaton’s sister, Ms. Morell’s advice, Stiles and Cora decide to “inspire” Lydia to find where the Darach is hiding by playing with Ouiji Boards and letting her draw stuff . . .

no no on

Silly Stiles!  Haven’t you figured out by now that Lydia can only “communicate” psychically with the dead, and Vet Deaton is still alive?

verbal keyboard smash

I was also kind of surprised that Stiles didn’t recognize that, by drawing a tree, Lydia might actually have been communicating with the Darach, after all.  Wasn’t he the one who translated the word Darach to mean “dark oak?”

draw a tree

“It’s like the writers forgot you were smart?”

I fear that perpetual virginity is starting to eat away at Stiles’ brain.  It’s time to fix that problem.  I’m looking at you, Lydia . . .

sex me now

Elsewhere in school, Scott hears the annoying sound of a tapping cane.  Sigh . . .  am I the only one who thinks this Big Bad needs a new prop?  The blind jokes are getting kind of old . . .

deucalion in elevator

Choose your adventure . . .

In yet another abandoned classroom, Deucalion commandeers Scott for a game of “Cane Keepaway,” which, from the looks of it, is kind of like Monkey in the Middle . . . only for blind people . . . with no friends . . .

the deuce

After that fun is over, Deucalion helpfully tells Scott that he can find is little Vet friend by “following the currents.”  The only problem is, if he does that, Derek will probably die, because Kali will kill him . . .Choices .  . . choices . . .

Is that a boner in your pocket or . . . is that a boner in your pocket?

Unable to decide between saving the boss who pays him minimum wage, and the hot guy who always lets him down, Scott heads on over to Allison’s apartment.  Because while Big Scott can’t even decide whether he wants cereal or pancakes for breakfast, Little Scott always seems to know exactly what he wants . . .

boner in frontboner in back

is that a boner

Now, admittedly, I’ve never exactly been a Scott and Allison fan.  That said, I absolutely ADORE Allison and Little Scott.  Check out how much chemistry these two have with one another in the closet?

In fact, with the exception of Stiles’ Weiner, Scott’s Weiner might very well be my favorite character on this show . . .

hot dog costume

After their close encounters of the closet kind, Scott and Allison head to Papa Argent’s lair, where they learn that the now-out-of-retirement werewolf hunter, has not only been closely mapping the Darach kidnappings and murders, he’s also been predicting where subsequent ones will take place!

showing the light

I told you Team Parents took home a win, this week . . .

I dream of Stilinski

Speaking of winning, my favorite scene in the entire episode was the one where Stiles visits Danny in the hospital, and tries to convince the latter, he’s dreaming, so he can snoop in peace . . .


looking in your bag

shh go sleepy

*whistles a lullaby*

Stiles correctly assumes that the Darach poisoned but didn’t kill Danny, in order to prevent the latter from important information about the other sacrifices.  Lo and behold, Stiles finds a term paper in Danny’s bag about . . . wait for it  . . . currents.

Did someone say “Currents”?  (That’s the title of this episode!)

There goes Teen Wolf trying to make us learn again . . .


Upon comparing Chris Argent’s Murder Map of Beacon Hills with the one from Danny’s research paper, the Scooby Gang discovers that all of the kidnappings, murders and body discoveries each took place at specific places in town where electrical currents were most powerful.  The explanation actually reminded me a bit of the whole “expression triangle” bit the writers used on TVD this past year.

location found

That said, I give the writers of Teen Wolf a bit more credit for actually basing all the supernatural occurrences that take place in the fictional town of Beacon Hills on something resembling actual scientific principle.

Also . . . they didn’t call it a ridiculous name like “expression triangle.”

taking the heart bonniegraham

It’s actually Cora who takes the final logic leap to determine that the Darach is most likely holding Deaton in the same vault where she and Boyd had been held captive at the beginning of the season.

skeptical cora

(Congratulations Cora!  When it comes to intelligence, you might just take more after your Sassy Sociopathic Uncle Peter  than your pretty, and very good at punching things, but not particularly bright, brother Derek.)

And so the group decides to split up, with Scott heading to the vault to save Deaton, while the rest of the crew head to Chez Derek, upon learning that Boyd’s plan to electrocute Kali by flooding Derek’s apartment ended up being . . . wait for it . . . all wet.

teen wolf 12 eye roll

Even Magic Coochie can’t save you now . . .

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, Kali  kidnaps Miss Magic Coochie, herself, and drags her to Derek’s apartment, in hopes of getting him to toe the line and join her Big Bad Alpha Pack.

got your coochie

“Got your coochie!”

Derek looks forlornly at Magic Coochie, hoping that she will help get them out of this mess.  Unfortunately, the Magic Coochie remains powerless unless her pants are down . . .

better got your coochie

“Coochie, coochie coo?”

And so, as they do every episode, Derek’s pack, and the Alpha pack begin beating one another up in a warehouse like space . . . only this time, due to the flood in the apartment, the fighting looks more like water aerobics than anything else .  . .

water aerobics

Speaking of aerobics . . .

Scott shows off his talent for miming .  . .

OK .  . . OK . . . I get that it is supposed to be this “Huge Triumphant Moment,” when Scott finally realizes what most fans figured out in week 1 . . . that this Special Snowflake would somehow manage to become an Alpha, without putting in the hard work, and/or coping with the mental anguish of ACTUALLY KILLING SOMEONE.

red eyes

I just wish the moment of realization was . . . oh I don’t know . . . A LOT COOLER?

Think about it, Scott spent his Big Red Eye Alpha Day making constipated facial expressions and knocking up against an INVISIBLE WALL.

pushing the wall


constipated look wall


“I’m in a box.”

He couldn’t even save Deaton!  HUMAN Sheriff Stilinski had to do it for him, using something as common place as a gun to shoot down the ropes from which  the vet was suspended.

hanging deaton


shot down

“That was easy.”

Superhero Origin stories are supposed to be epic.  Everyone remembers the first time Spiderman threw a web from his hand, and climbed up a skyscraper.  As kids, we ooohed and aahed to see Superman Fly “faster than a speeding bullet.”  We all wanted to ride in the Batmobile with Batman, smash a building with The Hulk, wield a hefty hammer like Thor . . .

smash 2

I understand that Scott’s “Magic Power” comes from him being such a “nice guy.”  I just kind of wish he was a “nice guy,” with the ability to do cool sh*t, like say manipulating electric currents with his bare hands . . .

trust scott

It would make Big Bad’s like Deucalion’s interest in him make a lot more sense . . .  Just sayin . . .

Bad Vibrations


Good news: the Scooby Gang managed to turn back on the power in Derek’s house!

electrocuted better

draco malfoy facepalm

Bad news: they totally electrocuted the wrong people!

Worse news, the Alpha Pack took this electric opportunity to stake Boyd using Derek’s OWN claws as a weapon.  Talk about traumatic!

sad boyd

Quick, Boyd’s hurt!  Someone bring over the Magic Coochie!  Seriously, if anyone needs to get laid on this show, it’s Boyd . . . possibly even more than Stiles.  At least Stiles can SMILE sometimes through his virginity.  Poor Boyd has always been a perpetual sourwolf.  And now it looks like he will be a sourwolf for all eternity . . .

All kidding aside, as tragic (and arguably useless) as Boyd’s death was, the scene was exceptionally done.  Everything from the brief flashback of Erika going down swinging . . . to Boyd’s final words . . . to the poetic use of the concept of a lunar eclipse as strength in death . . . to the quiet way Derek allowed Stiles to comfort him, when his entire life seemed to be going to Hell in a Handbasket . . . was beautifully shot and painstakingly directed.

erika rising to the occasion

erika dying

sterek comfort

As much as I tease the writers of this show sometimes, it’s moments like these that remind us why we, as fans, keep coming back, week after week to watch .  . .  which, of course, brings me to . . .

A Spoilery Sneak Peek into Teen Wolf’s Future . .

Normally, at this point in the recap, I offer you a link to next week’s trailer.  But this week, I was much more intrigued by the SUPER SPOILERY Comic Con trailer.  So, I’m going to post IT instead . . .  (Warning:  While I’ve never been a TV fan who shies away from spoilers,  this particular trailer gives away SOOO much information, that I would advise anyone who is even the slightest bit spoilerphobic not to view it.)

3 10 go away crazzyfruit

This is the part of my recap, when I give spoilerphobes a chance to click away from this website . . .

Are they gone yet?

gone looked big

OK  . . . for the rest of you, please enjoy the trailer, which, if you watch carefully, provides you with, not only the true identity of the DARACH (or at least one of it’s key henchmen), but also a MAJOR MAKEOUT SCENE, featuring one of the series’ most popular will they/won’t they couples . . .

In other news from Comic Con, apparently next season of Teen Wolf will feature a kitsune, the very same supernatural creature, whose television debut Andre and I have been rooting for, for about two years now.


(Jeff Davis referred to it as a “Japanese shapeshifter,” but we know better . . .)

Annnnnd, that’s all she wrote, Wolfbangers!  Please feel free to drop me a line in the comments regarding your thoughts on “Currents,” “Comic Con,” “the Darach,” and kitsunes . . .

stiles dancing at gay bar melchiors

Until next time!

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5 responses to “Sacrificial Wolf – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Currents”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Oh Jewls, I love how hard you are on poor Scott but that´s because he´s the protagonist. But I wouldn´t worry they will inevitably write in more True Alphas because initially our protagonist is the ”Chosen One” the one who will fight evil then more ”special” people come out of the woodwork until we have like six characters with the same specialness. Like Elena, she was a doppelganger only special to her lineage then came Stefan another doppelganger or Buffy who by the time the show ended had millions of slayers so don´t fret he will become less special when they introduce another True Alpha. I knew there was another way of becoming an Alpha its essentially like being a super saiyan if you are familiar with the mythos of Dragonball, Goku trained under heavy gravity but only when someone close to him was killed, he triggered the change becoming more powerful. I believe Scott will undergo something like that so there will be hard work to it perhaps Mama McCall dies (since Melissa Ponzio is recurring in the Walking Dead which films in Georgie while Teen Wolf films in LA) now that would be powerful moment. I heard about the Kitsune and other variations of weres including a weretiger or werecat something like that.

    Poor Derek while he was a terrible alpha, he liked those kids. I hope Kali gets what´s coming to her and I think Ethan might switch over to the Scooby gang.

    Now I´m getting a little ahead of myself but I think Scott might sire his own little werewolf eventually think about it, he loses control during a full moon for whatever a reason bites an unsuspecting someone and voila! You have more character development for Scott handling a werewolf.

    • Andre

      Ok, first to the shortest part of my comment, which as we all know can already be quite long, the trailer:
      I think the trailer is symptomatic for what is good and what is bad about this show. The trailer is very well done, good music and visuals, Stiles and several other let say “Non-Scotts” have the opportunity to shine (although I am a staunch anti-Stydia since Stiles deserves better and a Stydia would be a step backwards for him and not forward) and thereby the actors can show what they can do. BUT: the old problem again. The trailer/show is too fast and far too focused on Scott and what he does, without having him doing anything to justify this focus. Also it is still not even remotely as feminist and sans-racism as it claims and tries to point too much with male nudity.

      Hm, I wonder whether Davis was like Zordon back in the days:

      And as for Davis and the Japanese shapeshifter:
      There are two things I doubt:
      1) That it will be played by a Japanese American or even a general Asian American, it will probably be a white person again. And if not it probably won’t be handled well. It is a fact that so far Davis has not written non-white character well, even if you consider Scott a non-white person.
      2) He will probably not use its full potential and quite possibly make it another mutation of werewolves again. Just like he did with the Kanaima. Which is actually a cat and not a reptile-man. Arguably you could say it is also an act of colonialism, since an indigenous myth gets transformed into originating in Europe.

      So whether it will be Kitsune:

      I have my reservations about this. Davis has to proof that he can do it right, I will not applaud him or anything in advance. Not after all the other broken promises this show had so far.

      Now to the longer part of my comment:

      Your recap was great, much better than this episode which was severely lacking in my eyes and I think we mostly had similar opinions about this. Especially about Scott’s Alphaism and the revelation about why he is that way.

      Like the trailer the episode was beautifully shot and the actors were very good, but it was severely lacking in consistency, had several plotholes and was simply disconnected from the last episode. It was as though the vast majority of what had happened last episode never happened. Except for Dennifer, it was the only connection and it was the most useless, forced and cliché part of the whole … I wanted to say episode, but no it was the most useless, forced and cliché part of the whole show so far.
      It was like the Digimon Movie:

      Short: The Digimon Movie claimed to be kind to the uninitiated but wasn’t even remotely, had no coherent story (it was actually 3 movies in one without any connection), totally rushed and lacked any charm of the original show. And as cheesy as the show was it had its charm. Kind of like Power Rangers.

      And based on their behavior in this show we can call Scott officially King of assholes and Lydia Queen of Suppression now, Isaac and Boyd are the pawns of Suppression. Because all acted as though last episode never happened, this episode could have very well been one before the motel episode. Scott’s behavior is exactly the same towards Stiles, when he should be kissing his ass now. But nooo, this can’t be apparently.

      And during this episode I often asked myself what Davis was doing there. What was already bad about the show he made worse and what made it good he pushed into the background. All that (you will see what I mean) is a very bad omen in my mind and it looks as though David might bring this show on the same level as TVD:

      Now, let’s do this step for step, for convenience in the same structure as your recap:

      Don’t worry Isaac will not die any time soon. Davis said he had “big plans” for this character (whatever that means) and since Isaac is male, white and considered attractive his survival chances are very high especially since he is apparently Davis’ type and we all know that he is into pale, muscular dirty blonds, especially with blue eyes. Or does anybody have a better explanation for this cast?

      When seeing the first scene of this episode I was thinking that the Darach had gone full battle and establishes his reign of terror, but apparently not. So where do all these victims come from? Is this normal?

      PS. At least this time the sacrificial victims are actual healers and not virgins (which is really nothing special) or wannabe soldiers.
      And speaking of that, are we supposed to assume that the Darach could not have found some actual soldiers? After since WWII the USA has been in one armed conflict or another about every decade, heck they had several over the last 20 years already, there must be plenty of actual soldiers around in Beacon Hills alone.

      And speaking of the Darach: Why was his face shown blurry? Why was it shown at all? I mean we are not stupid we know what the moths mean and we saw him in bigger detail already last episode. So what was the point? They should have shown him completely clear and not like that.

      Yeah Scott and his healing abilities… I asked myself why we hadn’t seen that sooner ever since last season. I think that scene was there to serve the later revelation of Scott’s moral status. Or maybe some obscure reason, but I think it’s the most likely. And in that case: It sucks!!!
      If Scott is so virtues, then why doesn’t he do that with more people? Why not regularly sneak into hospitals and relieve people of some pain? With the mortality rate of this town (do they even remember Peter’s rampage?) they could use some good angel. But nooo, Scott is way more concerned with himself. Which makes the later claims about him even worse.

      The whole Danny and Ethan thing was one of the few examples of this show that actually makes sense, well apart from the fact that there is no mentioning of the two addressing Ethan’s weird behavior last episode, which the two seemed to have reconciled last episode off-screen already… That isn’t actually having Danny in the spotlight, but more on that later.

      Also the whole romance between Danny and Ethan… I am not convinced that Davis won’t go the Damon route with him. You know making him the good guy without any sort of atonement.

      In cases of medicine Davis seems to have done it right. But his knowledge on animal behavior still sucks massively.

      And now to Kali and her goons:
      How did they get up there and had the time to paint that symbol without anyone noticing? And in that case, why did she later come through the fucking door? Or why didn’t she kill Derek for that matter? For a woman roaring so much because of Ennis’ death (he had some lines in the show in episode 1) she was a bit too accepting of Derek belonging to her pack. Are we to assume that joining the pack will erase all tension because of Ennis’ death.

      And since we are at the topic of acceptance:
      Why has Mamma McCall no problem with Isaac living with her? Isaac’s whole legal status is one giant plothole. Just like Boyd’s family situation. Or Ericas. Were are their parents? Why don’t we know anything. Also their son had been missing for 4 months so why do they even let him run around everywhere? What did he tell the police? Davis supposedly doesn’t want tokens, well congratulations Davis, this is exactly what you created: tokens!
      A token character is a character in a work of fiction who only exists to achieve the minimum compliance with assumed normality for the environment described in the story.

      A token character can also be used by writers to pay lip service to rules or standards, when they otherwise have no intention of doing so, such as by obeying anti-racism policies by including a token ethnic minority character who—despite being present often—has no function in the overall plot, does little or nothing, and is often a stereotyped character.

      In fiction, token characters may represent various groups, which vary from the norm (usually white/heterosexual/physically attractive, frequently male), and are otherwise excluded from the story. They can be based on ethnicity (Black, Hispanic, Asian…), religion (Jewish, Muslim…), or be overweight or otherwise conventionally unattractive, non-heterosexual or a female character in a male-dominated cast. Token characters will usually be relegated to the background. Such a character may also be disposed of relatively early in the story in order to enhance the drama while “conserving” the normal characters.
      Now can anybody here deny, that this does not fit Boyd and Erica perfectly

      Not to mention that the bedroom scene once again proved what idiots these “heroes” are. I know they are teenagers but come on, this is serious stuff they are dealing with here, but they don’t seem to be learning one bit. Does werewolfism freeze your brain on a certain level and afterwards you can’t get smarter anymore?

      And speaking of intelligence:
      Sure Deaton was smart in realizing what was about to happen, but it was incredibly stupid of him only to be contacting Scott. You know for someone having worked with Scott for quite some time his insight into Scott’s mental capabilities are incredibly screwed.

      And talking about screwed:
      You are totally right about Isaac, Derek and Boyd. These two acted way too calmly considered what happened. Really as though it never happened. They thought that Derek was dead, Isaac even openly attacking Ethan and last episode both were driven crazy and Boyd nearly killed himself. This is not stuff you can just shrug off, it has consequences. There should be consequences. But none, whatsoever, they don’t even mention it, not a hint, not a look, nothing at all. What I Davis thinking there? Sure lots of fans would just swallow it but lots of fans would actually fall in love with mass murderers like Klaus even when he did exactly the same thing to them he did to Caroline.
      And why did these morons ever think this plan would work? First why is that water just standing there? What sort of building is that water proof from the inside? The whole liquid should be running down somewhere, by doing this stuff Derek practically invited all sorts of mechanical problems and fungi into his house. Also if they electrocute the water, wouldn’t the rest of the room also get electrocuted? Also why did they think this would ever work? The whole electrocution plan would only work if Kali and the twins are in the water at the same time, electrocuting Kali would still leave the twins and it would have been obvious that Kali would not come alone. You are right Peter should have been there and where was he anyway? There is no reason for him to stay away from all this, since these Alphas are a threat to him as well.

      The whole stuff with Scott telling Stiles that he needs to tell his father was normally smart, but here it seems as though Scott just has to have his will again, despite his decisions usually making everything worse, as we just saw lately.
      Also the problem was “resolved” way too easily. Would the sheriff know what is going on, they could at least do something. Maybe even make a cover up. Heck Angel Grove in the first Power Rangers seasons had special rules for dealing with monsters, so why not here? Even Sunnydale had officials dealing with this stuff. Heck even Mystic Falls.
      Let’s just hope the sheriff and Mrs McCall will have bigger roles than convenient victims and plot devices this season.

      And Derek and his concern for Lydia… where does that come from? Since when does he care about her? I mean she didn’t start fucking Aiden yesterday and suddenly he cares? I mean what could they do with her that would seriously affect him? He barely saw her, Isaac and Boyd don’t really care about her either. He ignores and abuses Stiles on a regular basis and would want Allison out of the way anyhow. Only Scott would have some interest in Lydia, so why does he care?
      And what if Aiden will use Lydia as hostage later on?

      And since we are at Lydia (wow the transitions go smoothly this time), let’s talk about her use as a supernatural compass this time:
      Sure Stiles not realizing the whole thing with the tree was a bit stupid but I am giving him the benefit of doubt for two reasons:
      1) Morell didn’t actually give Stiles much to work with so he has to start from scratch.
      2) Lydia was so annoying in those scenes that I wouldn’t have been able to think straight as well (O Brian did a good job in showing how unbelievable annoying Lydia was).

      If Lydia wants to make Stiles get sick of her she is doing the best she can. What was wrong with her and her whole “I am no psychic attitude?” I mean how would you call it if someone can hear the voices of the dead? You would think that the stuff last episode catapulted her out of her denial phase but apparently she is already in it again. Either that or she is just an ass.
      And the cocky way she acted. And Cora also. Lydia was a total bitch there. She constantly acted annoyed by Stiles’ behavior and actually seemed to pout a bit, but what did she contribute in any way? Or Cora for that matter. Nothing, both of them. They do nothing. But she complains about Stiles’ attempts? She who does nothing?
      Seriously, what is her problem?
      Or for that matter: What is Davis’ problem? Why let her go all Scully last episode to have her back into Kardashian mode now? What da fuck?

      And what “da fuck” is fitting to Scott’s and Deucalion’s little “confrontation” as well:
      First, how did Scott even sense Deucalion? This idiot could not put one and one together when “sensing” the twins but now he can “sniff out” Deucalion?
      And the little “stunts” Scott did there was impressive? That stuff of Scott’s was sloppy. Does Davis never get tired of shoving Scott into our face? The first battle between Scott and Derek was more impressive. Despite all Scott did a better job there then here. Deucalion did not even break a sweat. This was slow, badly executed and … hell I would have been able to avoid Scott’s attacks.
      These fights are impressive:

      Not what Scott did there. He should be way more advanced by now. But more on that later.

      And how does Deucalion know about the druid and why doesn’t he act himself if he knows all that? And if he wants Scott dead, why DOESN’T HE JUST KILL HIM?

      As for Allison and Scott in the closet:
      You can give the show credit for having a bit more mature stance on sex.
      Well, that was it. It was slightly funny, even if it again fed the myth that girls don’t have uncontrollable sexual urges, and only boys do.

      So forward to more important stuff:
      How does Mr. Argent know where to look? Has stuff like this happened before? Was he investigating the whole time and only pretended to be retired?
      And Beacon Hills is an energy center? Really? Seriously? They come with that? So not only is Scott special but the town as well? Shouldn’t stuff like this have happened before then? Seriously this is not Sunnydale, they did it right but not this show. It is too late for such stuff.

      PS. Those “currents” sound awfully like ley and dragon lines.

      Now the hospital scene with Danny and Stiles was really funny and actually well thought through, which of course makes the stupid stuff like Dennifer even worse. Stiles convincing Danny that he is dreaming make sense.
      But there is another problem:
      Why is Danny suddenly important? It’s like he is some sort of protean guy who is whatever they need.
      I mean why is it that last season that had him be the computer geek and now he does a thesis/dissertation/whatever on these currents? Why would he do stuff like this? Why would he care? Sorry, but this whole stuff screams plot convenience. It is like Danny becomes this show’s Bonnie.

      I am not gonna ask what an “expression triangle” is, if it is from TVD season 4 it cannot be good.

      Ok, Cora seems smarter than Derek, but unless you are Paris Hilton or George Bush you can only hardly be dumber; but why does she think that Deaton is in the vault? Why there? What is so important about it?

      And since we are at “important stuff:”
      Yeah Jennifer is the damsel in distress. What we see here in this show is the reason why Dennifer happened last episode. Davis sucks!!!
      Why? Why this? Why this joke of… well anything? Why?
      Couldn’t these idiots not just make Cora the victim again?

      Kudos by the way for making fun of Dennifer in your recap, this ridiculous ship deserves it.

      I will speak about Scott later, because that part is really long and needs more exposition. First the fight:

      Yes it was very well done, but the story again sucked.

      These idiots did not think of the Alphas simply cutting the main power? That is the first thing you would do in such an ambush attack in the middle of the night. And why did the Alphas not smash the controls to prevent the later switching back on? Apparently the bad werewolves are idiots as well.

      As expected it doesn’t look very good for Davis in the race and sex department:

      1) What is with the aversion of showing female wolf faces? The guys always wolf out so why not the women? Showing wolf face means hard core business and that scene was supposed to be hardcore so what is their problem?

      2) As soon as Boyd actually got something to do he was killed. Yeah, apparently Davis doesn’t learn and his world without racism doesn’t exist. The structures of racism and white superiority that shape the USA are still in place in his world and he doesn’t realize that. He thinks that by taking dirty words and such out and having lots of “colors” in the background makes it ok, but it’s not. It is just pure tokenism.
      What we have is again that the black token guy dies so the white guys can become better people and have plot. And Boyd is clearly a token, if not we would have dealt with his parents and background way more than what was presented. And as the nice token that Boyd is, he is not even angry or fearful. Boyd even says that it is ok… just to show how noble Derek is and that Derek doesn’t have to feel bad.

      PS. Why is that small wound already deadly? The fingers didn’t go in that deep. No way would Boyd be dead already.

      And what was the whole scene with Erica good for anyway? And when she died she did not look 1 % as bad as her corpse did later. There wasn’t even blood. And why did Kali kill her?

      So yep Boyd is dead and supposedly Scott can become an Alpha without killing one because he has such a strong will and such high virtue…. No he doesn’t, he is an idiot. In season 1 he was more interested in getting famous as lacrosse then stopping the rampaging Alpha, he usually takes friends for granted, never stopped Derek from mistreating Stiles, never asks the right question, can’t distinguish between what he thinks and experience and what others do, thinks he is always right, is easily distracted and never plans ahead.

      So I am with you and Scott in the vault scene. Would Scott actually be capable it would make everything a lot more logical.

      This whole thing with Scott is so incredibly Mary Sue that it screams either incompetence or lazy writing. He doesn’t develop, he doesn’t get smarter, he simply is not the hero Davis wants him to be. He is not.
      Scott and his Alpha powers seem to me like giving a superhero new powers when you cannot develop him any further. It is the same with Derek’s sudden heat vision and the powers of the Alphas. Davis seems to be adding stuff to them instead of really using what he had given them so far.

      Now the problem with Scott and his stupidity here is that despite him being a teenager in show he has been a werewolf for 1 year now, he should finally know better, heck he even complained about it in the first season but he is the same idiot he has been at the start of the show when it comes to werewolfism and what comes with it. He is like a child that picks only the cool power but never really learns what comes with them or even hones them. To give an example: in Dragonball Son Goku worked on his weakness regarding his tail and overcame it, he also constantly trained for fighting. Scott did nothing in that regard, not even remotely, he never thought of ways to deal with wolfsbane and mountain ash. We don’t even know how he managed to stay so calm during the full moon, the last time we saw it in season 2 he was still struggling with it and now he is seemingly fine. We also never saw him train for fighting or anything. Nothing. And simply saying that it is off-screen is not enough since that is just lazy.
      This stupidity of his is another reason why I don’t want Stiles to be a werewolf. Davis is apparently so keen on shoving Scott into our faces and telling us that he is a hero and smart that he would not write werewolf Stiles in-character. Stiles is too smart to be left behind by Scott then. Unlike Scott Stiles would probably have used his brain and tried to break the ring of mountain ash by using his jacket and disperse some of it. Scott didn’t even try that. And Scott doesn’t even try that despite having seen that when the line is broken the effect is as well only three episodes ago.
      This is why I cannot get emotionally invested. He doesn’t even try. Instead he rushes in head on (literally) like he would have at the start of the season. Would it have been a last resort it would have been different but not like this.

      I am supposed to route for Scott, supposed to care about his efforts and congratulate him for it, but I can’t, because everything is handed to him. This whole stuff is basically throwing it into our face that Scott is more worth it than anyone else. And it isn’t really about Scott as a character but rather about him as a werewolf.

      This whole “Scott is so virtuous” crap even ruined the last episode for me, since it makes Stiles action not look as though Stiles is brave but as though he did it because Scott is sooo special (by the way, why does Scott have money for such fine clothes suddenly?).
      And of course that is another problem:
      Scott is just special, the old trope, doing nothing for it, just being born special or be at a special time, nothing more and we can be sure it won’t bite him in the ass.
      And what strength of character? What strength? The strength of idiocy? Because that is the only strength Scott has. It definitely is not brain or moral, since he is severely lacking in that regard. Would Deaton had said it for Boyd I would have been able to believe it more. Sure we know next to nothing about Boyd but what we did know made him look better than the rest of Derek’s goons, Erica and Isaac got into full bully mode instantly. Would Deaton say what he said about Scott about Stiles or about Mrs. McCall, even as humans, it would still make more sense.

      And if Scott can become an Alpha due to willpower and virtue, why did that take so long? Why didn’t he become one right away? Deaton said he saw it in him ever since he was bitten, so why not earlier? It is not as though Scott has higher morals now than he had since the start of the show.

      For accepting all this “Scott is so special” stuff I would have to totally suspend my disbelief, but suspension of disbelief is something that should be required as rarely as possible and never to make a story good. Only when the story is good is suspension of disbelief tolerable in my eyes, except for special effects since they are tight to budget and not story.

      So “Scott is special” sucks!!!!

      • Hey Andre! I’m still keeping my hopes up that the kitsune (1) will be played by a Japanese American (or at the very least an Asian American Actor; and (2) will be FEMALE. On the former point, I take as a positive the fact that Davis chose to introduce the character as a “Japanese” shapeshifter, as opposed to using the common name for it. Whereas, Davis could have easily cast an American actor, had he merely referred to the creature as a “kitsune,” a creature of whose origins very few fans are actually aware, calling the creature Japanese will adjust many fans’ expectations, to the point where they might be disappointed if the character WASN’T Asian. I think Davis is aware of this.

        Furthermore, I REALLY think the series will be better served if the Kitsune, particularly if she ends up being the Big Bad, is played by a woman, and I hope Davis agrees. Here’s why. Up to this point, most of our villains (both male and female) have used force and weaponry, as their main weapon (Kali, Kate, and Mama Argent Included). Since Teen Wolf is such a male-dominated show, I think it would be very interesting to put our males up against a villain whose main weapon isn’t force at all, but rather, cunning, mental manipulation, and, yes, sexuality. In the past 2.5 seasons, we’ve already established that our Scooby Gang is capable of physical fights. And when it comes to brain power, Stiles and Lydia have been able to reign supreme over every villain. But what about a villain, who is just as smart as Lydia and Stiles? A villain with the power to mentally manipulate even the smartest of Scoobies, and maybe even turn them against one another. Now, that’s something I’d like to see . . .

        But enough about villains, lets discuss our “hero.” You make a lot of great points about Scott being a less dynamic hero, than perhaps he could be. Let’s assume, for argument’s sake that East Coast Captain is right. And that, “strength wise,” Scott eventually proves himself to be strong, powerful, and a force with which to be reckoned, when it comes to big bads. The problem still remains that, as a hero, Scott lies more in the vein of the eternally kind and “perfect” Superman, than of more flawed and dynamic heroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman.

        It kind of makes me wonder what this season of Teen Wolf would be like with Stiles as the main protagonist. Now, don’t get me wrong, at this point in the series, I’m dead set against Stiles becoming a werewolf. We NEED him as a human on this show, his relatability . . . his humor . . . his cunning. . . even if his humanity renders him a perpetual sidekick.

        But imagine, for a second, that it was Stiles, not Scott, who first got the bite. Here would be a hero who is USED to using his brain and his sarcasm to defeat his enemies, but NOT his strength. Stiles would be more of a Spiderman or Ironman kind of hero . . . the kind of hero who would have to LEARN to use his strength, instead of his brains, when the situation called for it. He’d be the hero to concoct a 12 step plan for breaking into a steel-walled building, when just punching it would do. In short, it would be a completely different show!

        Speaking of smarts, you are right about the writers vacillating a bit with Lydia this week. The only possible explanation I could suggest to her stubbornness this week is that, like Scott, Lydia doesn’t want to admit that she’s a banshee. It freaks her out, just like Scott is freaked out by the responsibility of being a True Alpha. Hopefully, Lydia’s “origin” story next week will force her to finally accept her supernatural abilities and embrace her inner Scully.

    • Hey there, East Coast Captain. You bring up a good point about the “special snowflakes” in other series not ending up being so special, due to others popping up with similar powers. Heck, the series finale of Buffy was practically built on that premise, as you astutely mentioned.

      That said, I’m not entirely sure the writers will create another True Alpha, unless that person was (a) much older and (b) brought on to be a mentor to Scott. Reason being that, by definition, a True Alpha can’t be a Big Bad. This week we learned that taking any innocent life, even with good intentions (as Derek did in “Visionary”) irreparably “tarnishes” your inner wolf. Likewise any wolf that who ever killed (another Alpha or otherwise) probably can’t be a True Alpha. So, any True Alpha that exists in nature has to, more or less, be a Mary Sue or Matt Sue to fit the profile. And a Mary Sue or Matt Sue wouldn’t be a threat to our Scooby Gang. They would only be a potential threat to guys like Deucalion and Gerard.

      However, I think you are on to something about having the writers potentially killing off Scott’s mom, in order to give the character some of the gravitas and darkness he needs to be a three-dimensional, sympathetic hero a la Spiderman and Batman, both of whom suffered the loss of their beloved guardians, and aspired to greatness, at least partly based on principals of vengeance. Of course, I kind of adore Scott’s mom, and REAAALLLLY don’t want this to happen. But I can see how it would help the story, in the same way Allison’s mom’s demise, helped make Allison a more complex and sympathetic character.

      In fact, based on the previews, I would venture to guess that much of Deucalion’s final conversation with Scott (“become a killer”), and Stiles’ conversation with Scott (“there has to be another way.” “not this time”) are premised upon the notion that Scott’s mom is in mortal danger. After all, few other characters’ potential demises would cause such a strong reaction in Scott. (Also, Mama McCall’s fake death in “Motel California,” and Scott’s and Isaac’s watch over Mama McCall in “Currents” pretty heavily foreshadowed this being a significant turning point for Scott’s character.)

      In summation, I truly admire your unblemished faith in Scott, as both a hero and a protagonist. And, for your sake, I hope you are right about him being destined for Hero Worship Worthiness. 🙂

  2. East Coast Captain

    I think people need to get an open mind about things. Superman received his powers at birth or has them because of who he is but he had to work for them to earn them metaphorically, a Kryptonian. I think Scott is something similar, I don´t think being a True Alpha will automatically make him special, I think he will have to work for them when we are young, we think we know everything, we think we will live forever, the naivety of youth I think that is something that Scott is, he´s young, naive, not very astute, I think a good character development is killing Mama McCall like Pa Kent was killed or Uncle Ben was killed, it helped shaped Peter and Superman to who they are.

    Umm…Andre doesn´t Scott have a job?

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