Nature versus Nurture – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Visionary”

derek the bluegold to blue

“I kind of always assumed it was genetic,” shrugs Stiles, when asked by Peter if he knows why some werewolves have golden eyes, and others have blue.

ep 8 funny stiles

This week on Teen Wolf, we learn that, unlike human eye color, the hue of a werewolves’ peepers is borne out of life experience.

life sucks get a helmet

In fact, much of “Visionary” deals with the theme of “Nature versus Nurture.”

born into greatness

In addition to offering up some pretty meaty back stories for Beacon Hills’ most notorious heroes and villains, this uber ambitious Teen Wolf installment also aimed tackle some of the series’ longest running mysteries, like:

Was Derek Hale always such a sour wolf?

ep 9 go derek maria-ackles

Does he know how to play any other musical instruments, apart from his washboard abs?

derek dream 1

Was Peter Hale always such a creepy stalker type (or is this a new “post death” habit he’s developed)?

looking good peter hale

Was Dead!Ennis ever capable of human speech beyond just grunting?

dying ennis

“Grrrrrrrrr .  . .”

Is Deucalion faking his blindness, or what?

the deuce

see or not

Does telling the fable about the scorpion and the frog three times in one hour make the story less annoying?

2 16 damon says stop talking

And yet, as informative as this season of Teen Wolf has been, I fear there are some questions about this show to which we might never learn the answers.  For example:

What the f*&k is up with the Teen Wolf timeline?

how old

Are Derek and Peter Hale secretly older than the Salvatore Brothers on TVD?

as young as

If werewolves age more slowly than normal humans, how come they are the only characters in flashbacks that consistently get older, while the human adults always look the same?

chris argent

sheriff thinksession

funny face grandpa

Frustrating, isn’t it?

verbal keyboard smash

Anyway .  . . onward, to the RECAP!

[As always, special thanks to our resident recapping genius, Andre, who I know would totally be kind enough to squeeze my hand and take all my pain away, if I ever started drooling black goo .  . .]

About a Girl

For a good looking guy, Derek Hale sure has SH*TTY luck with the ladies . . .

hot derek

Up until this point, we’ve all assumed that it was saucy sociopath Kate Argent, who converted Derek into the cliched Lone Wolf, by seducing him, and then summarily proceeding to BURN DOWN HIS HOUSE, AND KILL EVERYONE HE EVER LOVED . . .

ep 5 kate der

As it turns out, Derek’s experience with Kate only further cemented his belief that love sucks, and almost always ends in horrific untimely death . . .

ep 12 dead kate

Meet Paige.  She plays the oboe(?), and wears Mom Jeans.


mom jeans

staring at

She’s also about to ruin Derek for women for all eternity . . .

torn up derek 1

(Well .  . . at least women, who don’t have magic coochies .  . .)

talk to hot english

When Paige who almost looks too much like Miss Magic Coochie for it to be a mere coincidence accuses young Derek of interrupting her “Band Practice” . . .

basketball in gym

. . . he proceeds to shove his balls in her face . . .

balls in face

. . . well . . . more like one ball, actually.

eye roll

Derek Hale – DE-NIED!

blue balls

Round Two of the Mating Game:  Paige offers to tell Derek her name, if he can play her a musical instrument.  Derek’s choice?

plays triangle

(Personally, I think the drums would have been a more manly selection.  But the triangle wins on snark value, as it is pretty much the most useless musical instrument ever invented . . . No offense to all you Concert Trianglists out there . . .)

hate you

mackin time

kiddy kisses

Thank you for playing the Mating Game, Derek and Paige!  You may now proceed to grope and fondle one another in dark, creepy abandoned places, where teens like you tend to get killed in horror movies . . .

its perfectly safe

“Come grope me in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house.  It’s totally safe!”

making out in caves

you love me dreams lost in water

Speaking of killers, this episode marks the return of Young!Peter, a character wh0 heretofore only existed in Lydia’s wacky hallucinations . . .

lose something

staring at you

What’s interesting about this portion of the episode is that Derek’s flashback is told entirely from the point-of-view of Peter, even though Peter seems to have NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THIS STORY.

chillin pete

“I’m just cool like that.”

So, basically, we get to watch a bunch of scenes with Derek and Paige, during which Peter is inexplicably lurking in the background, doing absolutely nothing of importance . . .

lurking pete


lurking 1

lurking 2

In other words, it’s kind of like what happens in every episode of this season . .  .

peter says hi luceateis - Copy

Some fans have speculated that this is because Peter is lying to Cora and Stiles.  And that HE and not Derek was the true heartbroken lothario in this story.

perfect combinations

He’s even shown to have golden (and not blue) eyes himself, when the story begins . . .

peter with golden eyes

But what would Peter gain by lying about something as seemingly unrelated to the main narrative as this?

stefan shrug

Since we are on the subject of Peter, it’s important to note that his presence in the story is our first shred of evidence that all is not what it seems, when it comes to werewolf aging.

what century

After all, in present day, Peter appears to be a good six to seven years older than Derek, whereas in the flashbacks, he looks to be only a year or two older tops . . .

no one will ban

To further complicate things, Flashback!Derek makes a comment that Peter isn’t supposed to be on school grounds.  Since we already know from previous episodes that the latter graduated from Beacon Hills as a basketball star, this little tidbit of information would seem to suggest that Peter IS much older than Derek, and DID graduate about six or seven years earlier than him, but still LOOKS the same as he did in high school.


Speaking of playing basketball . . .is it a mere coincidence that both Peter and his nephew excelled in the sport?  Or is this yet another hint that Derek’s “Doomed Love Story” with Paige was actually Peter’s own?

He’s also a tad pathetic for continuing to hang out with high school kids, despite being well into his mid twenties . . .

teen wolf 12 eye roll

Then again, the same could be said about Derek and Peter, in present day . . .

Anywhoo, if we are to believe Peter’s narrative, even though he is the first to plant the seeds in Derek’s head that he must turn Paige into a werewolf, or risk losing her forever . . .

turn her

bite is a gift

So is herpes, buddy . . .

 . . .  it’s ultimately Derek who arranges for Ennis to attack Paige at school, and give her “The Bite.”  (Of course, this so-called agreement between Ennis and Derek happens off-screen.  So, we can’t be too sure.)

2 16 lie

So, a bite is exactly what Paige gets.

stranger danger

magic eraser

Talk about someone who should be banned from school grounds.


playing hard to get

“I love it when girls play hard to get.”

gotcha en

“Hey there, Little Girl.  Ever had a hickey from a Big Bad Wolf?”

And then she BITES THE DUST . . .

sterek comfort

“I am the Angel of Death.”

hand grasping


But not before a heartbreakingly agonizing scene during which she tells Derek she pretty much knew exactly what he was, and loved him anyway . . . thereby making this whole biting thing completely unnecessary.

know who you are

She could have lived, DAMMIT!

draco malfoy facepalm

Let that be a lesson to YOU, people who like to hire strange men to bite their significant others .  .  .

naughty naughty

Paige then, more or less, asks Derek to kill her fast, because she is unable to cope with the pain of the slow, painful death of her body rejecting the bite . . .

he killed her

So, Derek gives Paige the “Hug of Death,” which I assume breaks her spine.

And that’s how Derek Hale first became a murderer, or more accurately a mercy killer.  He saw an animal in a lethal amount of pain.  And he put that animal to sleep . . .  kind of like a veterinarian . . .

the vet ac

That was cold.”

Of course, like I said, most veterinarians don’t hire grunting gorilla types to bite people’s pets, and make them die .  . . no matter how much that would help their business to thrive . . . at least I hope not.  Almost immediately after “killing” Paige, Derek gets a shiny new pair of colored contacts . . .

derek the blue


“Worry not, Sonny Boy.  I still love your murderous ass.  Too bad I’m about to suffer a horrible death, like every other woman in your life . .  .”

Peter tells Cora and Stiles that wolves’ eyes turn from gold to blue, after they take an innocent human life.  (As a blue-eyed person myself, I find this highly offensive and “color-ist”)

listening to story 2 three

“I’m not a colorist.  Some of my best friends have blue eyes!”

It also poses more questions than it answers.  Jackson’s eyes turned blue, when he became a wolf, presumably because of all the people Matt had him kill as a kanaima . . . most of whom did little more wrong than attend a party where a little boy fell in the pool and almost drowned.  Sure, laughing at a drowning kid is mean, but it doesn’t make a person sufficiently “not innocent” to deserve untimely death . . .

blue eyes

On the other hand, Jackson only killed while under the control of Matt, and arguably should not be “blue,” for actions over which he had no autonomy.

matt and ma

kanima tatt

too soon haha - Copy

The case of Peter, who’s beta form also includes blue eyes, is even more intriguing.  Peter killed a crap load of people as the Alpha in season 1.  However, each of those people played a significant role in the fire that killed his family.  And therefore, arguably none of them were “innocent,” like Paige.

peter pan

Perhaps, Peter secured his blue-eyed beta form when he killed Laura Hale to become an Alpha. . .

crying chick

teen wolf chewed body

But was Laura Hale, herself truly innocent?

At the time we first heard about her, we all assumed that Laura inherited her title of Alpha, when her shapeshifting mother Talia (who we now know was Alpha prior to Laura) died in the Hale family fire.

But according to “Ye Olde Wise Hale Family Guide” Deaton (with the exception of Special Snowflake Scott) Alphas only become Alphas by killing their predecessors.  So, did Laura kill Talia?  And, if so, under what circumstances?  Had she euthanized her mother due to injuries she sustained in the fire?  Or was the murder something a bit more malicious?

wachu talking about deuchy

“Whatchu talkin about recapper?”

I found it noteworthy that Laura Hale appeared nowhere in this flashback, despite her presumably being around the same age as Peter and Derek at the time all this “Paige Stuff” was going down . . .

dont understand

Have I confused you enough yet?

awww stilesy

Here’s another question?  What happens to a pack whose Alpha dies for reasons entirely unrelated to homicide?  Do they just wander the Earth Alpha-less?  Because that seems like a pretty piss poor way to run a species . . .

wolfy adrixu00

“Will YOU be my Alpha?”

Upon determining that Sassy Uncle Peter is full of sh*t, Stiles decides to go to the source, and ask Derek himself, what really happened between him and Paige.  So, maybe we’ll get some answers from him.

sterek next to eachother

“So, do you wanna talk about it?”


“All righty then . . .”

But somehow I doubt it.  Derek has never exactly been the eloquent type .  . .

ep 9 no fit gravyjones

This is your brain.

walking with brain

This is your brain on Teen Wolf . . .


Meanwhile, elsewhere in Flashback Land . . .

Beware the EYES of March . . .

Peter Hale isn’t the only Teen Wolf villain doling out bedtime stories.


In exchange for some magical hand fondles from Scott, that sexy Drooler of Shoe Polish, Gerard Argent decides to tell Scott and Allison the story of how Deucalion first lost his sight . . .

hand shake

this hurts me worse

“This feels kind of like an orgasm . . . only really, really sh*tty.”

It all starts when Ennis . . .  yes THAT Ennis . . . loses a member of his pack, presumably after that member is killed and cut in half by Gerard himself.

soon to be dead


“So much for being the first talking Asian wolf on this show . . .”

If we are to believe Gerard’s story, before they became the Alpha Pack, Ennis’s Pack, Kali’s Pack, and Deucalion’s Pack all live in the vicinity of Beacon Hills.

damn you ennis

*lots of hot extras, who we will unfortunately never see again*

the douche

For example, I’m really liking the guy to the left of the douche who ultimately tried to kill Deucalion . . .

(Also if we are to believe Gerard’s story, the Argent family lived in Beacon Hills long before they supposedly “moved in to town” during the episode pilot.)

teen wolf hunters

Commence retcon immediately . . .

Ennis somehow arranges for all the packs to convene in Beacon Hills to discuss the “Hunter Situation.”  Specifically, he wants to meet with Derek’s mom, because she’s a naked chick, with the power to turn into a “Real Wolf,” as opposed to those bizarre wolf-headed man things into which everyone else on the show turns.

pissed ennis

full happy wolf

Happiest wolf ever . . .

nakey lady

Happiest Wolf Ever after a good shaving . . .

But then, of course, once everyone arrives at the meeting, Sneaky Ennis decides to engage in some graffiti.

cave painting ennis

Apparently, doing this makes everyone in the room wolf-bound to help him in his plan to get vengeance on the hunters.

this guy sucks

BETA 1: “Dammit, I knew I should have gone to the bathroom.  Now, I’m stuck on this stupid Revenge Death Mission . . .”

BETA 2: “Ennis is an ass.  He’s the kind of guy who would kill his own pack, just to gain their powers.  We are so lucky we have a nice, level-headed Alpha like Kali leading us.  She’d never do something awful like that.”

KALI: “Whistles.”

Long story short, pretty much everything bad that’s ever happened in this series is Ennis’ fault . . .  No wonder they decided to squash his head like a melon . . .

melon head cat

Gerard and the wolf pack ultimately arrange a “peaceable” meeting, and, from Gerard’s telling, the wolves turn on him, as is their “nature.”


There goes that pesky Scorpion / Frog story again   . . .

However, as viewers, we have the benefit of SEEING flashbacks.  So, we know that Gerard is full of crap, and lashed out against the wolves first, by gassing them with wolfsbane . . .


“I swear I thought it was the air conditioner . . .”

lots of gas

“All right, which one of you wolves farted?”

 . . . and then wacking them on the noggin with this weird club thingy that makes him look like a REAALLLLLLY OLD version of Bam-Bam on the Flintstones . . .

bam bam

bam bam bam

better bam bam

Of course, it’s Gerard who ultimately blinds Deucalion . . .


“Care for some Lasik Surgery?”

its electrifying


oh my eyes

“I knew I should have just stuck with contacts . . .”

 . . . but not ALL of him  . . . as one ill-fated power hungry beta soon learns, when he tries to use Deucalion’s newfound blindness as an opportunity to take control of his pack . . .

you are done

“I’m not being beta to a blind wolf again.  They are always making me walk into walls.”


“See ya in hell, Douchebag!”

You see, Deucalion may be blind as a human, but as a wolf, he still has his full sight.  (And that, my dear Wolfbangers, was the first part of this story that actually made sense to me.)

nodding oh yeah

Nice knowing ya, Guy Who Strangely Resembles Marcel from The Originals.  See ya next lifetime . . . when you become a vampire in New Orleans.

how you like me now

So, now we know Deucalion wasn’t always such a douchebag.  In fact, he probably would have ended up being a nice, peace loving Alpha, with a penchant for old man sweaters straight out of This Guy’s closet . . . .

better mr. rogers sweater


“Won’t you be my beta?”

 . . . were it not for Ennis and his cave paintings . . .  He also, apparently, wouldn’t have had that accent.  (Because I’m pretty sure he didn’t have it in the flashbacks.)  Because suffering and loss have the power to make you British . . . who knew?

demon wolf

Like Stiles and Cora, Allison and Scott also happen to think their bedtime storyteller is full of crap . . .

dont believe you

“Why should I believe you when sh*t LITERALLY comes out of your mouth, every time you speak?”

But to really learn the truth about what happened back then, Allison and Scott will probably have to ask Deucalion himself

destroyer of worlds

. . .  which seems like a monumentally BAAAAD idea . . .

Speaking of Bad Ideas, guess who has decided to take up cave painting?



no no on

Silly Sour Wolf!  Revenge Plots are for people who want to end up with their heads squashed . . .

Next week on Teen Wolf, we finally get to learn what Lydia is probably a banshee, and the true identity of the darach probably Magic Coochie.



shirtless male review

more shirtless male review

(It’s like Magic Mike . . . only hairier)

magic mike

Annnnnd here’s the trailer(s) . . .

Until next time, Wolfbangers!

stiles with wolf hat

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25 responses to “Nature versus Nurture – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Visionary”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Well Jewls, I have to stop you there. Scott WILL become an Alpha said Jeff Davis though whether he remains a true Alpha is in question meaning he could always kill one of the Alphas which I hope is Kali since you would think from her POV. ”A snot nose kid like you, killed me?” The bitch deserves it and pun intended since female canines are known as such. 😉 Though what exactly is the mechanism for changing into a true Alpha? Some emotional trigger because Scott still has his beta form?

    A lot of things did not make sense, who was who and who did what. We know Gerard is the one who wanted war and Deucalion peace. It really again reinforces the old trope in the supernatural genre of the human antagonists being more monstrous than the monsters with fangs and claws. I really do hope Scott follows up on his threat, it was so refreshing see some spine from our snowflake…speaking of which I think he was at Allison´s to take back his balls from her.

    I think Lydia is a Banshee a very prominent figure in Irish folklore and she does have red hair often associated with the Ireland and most of the British isles.

    Mama Hale can shape-shift into a wolf? That´s kinda cool though I prefer the half monster look of the werewolves. They did say it is rare so I hope we don´t see that for a while. Interesting lore on the werewolf origin though they probably will come up with something different next time.

    I think werewolves age somewhat slowly. Peter hinted Paige if she became a werewolf she would stay younger longer and yeah somehow the werewolf characters look different in flashbacks than our human characters but alas.

    • Andre

      One “short” comment:
      The age thing was inconsistently done here. For one we have the statements by Cora and Peter about “17 how you measure years” and “she will stay younger” but on the other hand we had Peter saying “a 15 year old boy against a giant”. Also there is the fact of their clothes in the flashbacks. I mean I am not very knowledgeable in regards to fashion but does anyone here think that fashion is older than the late 1990s earl 2000s?

      By the way a reviewer was of the opinion that the kid playing young Derek looks kind of like Hoechlin, I don’t know:

      PS. Yes that is Ashlee Simpson pre-surgery, you know when she actually looked like a real human being.

      In many ways this episode was very well done, e.g. had they portrayed Scott and Allison the way they portrayed Peter and Paige I would believe the “true love” stuff, but Deige makes Dennifer even more OOC. Think about it, only a few years, possibly only 3, after he killed his first love his second one will use him and get the majority of his family killed and his uncle turned into a sociopath, no way would someone like that simply jump in bed and fall in love with some random woman. Would she look or act like Paige I might believe it but she doesn’t. Sadly this was, while probably the best executed episode so far on this show, also one that probably gave me more bitter tastes than even the season 2 finale, but you will see what I mean when I do my comment, which might take a while, the geek in my won’t shut up and I have to silence him first. *blush*

      • Now that you mention it Andre, Paige’s mom jeans, and Derek’s flanner hoodie and tight jeans seemed a bit early 90s to me. Such a timeline would actually add additional credence to the theory that the flashback was Peter’s and not Derek’s. Putting aside the “slow aging” premise for a moment, Peter LOOKS to be in his early to mid 30s, the same age as Jeff Davis himself. Someone in that age bracket would have been in high school around the mid 90s. So, perhaps, Davis chose to have the characters dress similarly to the way he and his friends dressed in high school, as a hint that the events took place during PETER’S adolescence, during which Derek would still be in elementary school.

        This would also reconcile Derek’s behavior with Kate Argent. Having not had his heart broken by Paige, Derek would be more susceptible to Kate during his ACTUAL high school career, which (in REAL TIME) should have taken place a good six years after Peter graduated . . .

        That said, after Kate, the ease with which Derek latched on to and trusted Jennifer still seems a bit of a stretch. While Derek’s relationship with Kate seems to go against the theory that HE was the one who fell in love with Paige, his relationship with Jennifer actually seems to support that theory, in that Derek could have fallen for Jennifer so quickly, solely because she reminded him so much of his childhood sweetheart.

        Then again, maybe she just hypnotized him with the “innocence” power she scalped off of those poor dead virgins . . . 😉

      • Andre

        I hope Dennifer is due to magic, if not Davis definitely lets it go downhill now.

        Also, I think I might be able to figure out what the show so far represented in terms of timeline 😉

    • Hey there, East Coast Captain! This comment pretty successfully predicted a lot of the main points of Monday’s episode. Nice job! For example, you were right about the real “battle” that will take place in the final episode, not being Darach versus Alpha Pack versus Scooby Gang, but rather Scott versus himself. Will Scott be able to reign in his anger enough (most likely when Deucalion turns on Scott’s mother) to maintain his True Alpha gifts, or will he, as Deucalion says in those annoying previews “become a killer?”

      In terms of what will trigger Scott’s True Alpha state, I suspect that will end up being a double edged sword. Based on what we’ve seen, it seems as though Scott’s final transition into True Alphadom will come from him finally accepting that genuine wolfy side of himself. And yet giving into that wolf is also what’s going to make it that much more difficult for him NOT to commit murder. . .

      Speaking of Scott, I loved everything about this line of yours: “I really do hope Scott follows up on his threat, it was so refreshing see some spine from our snowflake…speaking of which I think he was at Allison´s to take back his balls from her.”

      On to Lydia. It looks like we all correctly guessed her true identity as a banshee. I think Davis underestimated his fans a bit by waiting so long to reveal this piece of information. Had he done it, say, last season, back when less hints had been dropped, I think more fans would have been surprised by the reveal. But by this point most of us had already figured it out, making the moment Jennifer finally calls Lydia out as a banshee a bit anti-climactic.

      That said, I like that Davis chose this particular massively underrepresented creature to be featured in his supernatural world. As the Soul Screamer novel series proved, there’s actually a lot that can be done with this type of supernatural being. And I look forward to seeing how Davis utilizes the banshee in future seasons.

      As for my alternate universe where Stiles is the main protagonist werewolf, I’m with Andre in not thinking he would be a Mary Sue. It’s true that Stiles’ faults as a hero would be different from Scott’s, but he would still be a flawed character. On the positive side, Stiles would clearly be a more intelligent hero, one better at logic, planning, and the use of strategy to defeat his enemies. I also think, as you mentioned, that, due to his naturally knowledge-seeking nature, Stiles would have taken much less time than Scott did to learn about the species, and its strengths and weaknesses. This, perhaps, would have enabled Stiles to more quickly locate his anchor, and be less susceptible to the “Dark Wolf” shenanigans Scott endured in early seasons.

      That said, as a human Stiles is smaller, and physically less strong and coordinated than Scott. Because of this, I think a new wolf Stiles would feel less comfortable in his own skin, and therefore, clumsier, at least initially, when it came to physical fighting with enemies, and other uses of brute strength. I also think it would be more difficult for Stiles psychologically to rely on his strength, as opposed to his smarts, in certain situations. As a little guy, Stiles is more used to running away from and outsmarting his enemies than Scott. So, a wolf Stiles would have to consciously will himself to inhabit that sort of “Alpha Male” role more often.

      Speaking of Alphas, as much as us fans tend to prefer Stiles to Scott, on the show, the former is much less innately popular than the latter. There is something about Scott that seems to naturally inspire loyalty from folks like Isaac, Boyd, and even Alpha Twin Ethan. Stiles doesn’t inspire confidence in others quite so naturally. That means Stiles would have to work that much harder to gain the loyalty, respect, and obedience of the Scooby Gang.

      Oh, and as for love interests, I doubt Wolf Stiles would be as “smooth” as Wolf Scott. Have you ever had a dog hump your leg? Part of me suspects that a newbie wolf Stiles would behave a bit like that around Lydia, until he gained better control of himself. 🙂

      • Andre

        Actually this Scott inspires loyalty stuff is in my eyes one of the most poorly handled elements of the show since it a) doesn’t work like that and b) there is nothing ever presented to support this, he doesn’t come along as particulary capable or intelligent in general, he doesn’t fiogure stuff out, doesn’t do effective planss on average, if any plans at all, except when Davis suddenly wants him to. But stioll people just follow him.
        Him inspiring loyalty is more like magic then anything else. Therefore I think Davis hellbent to get Scott there as quickly as posssible and doesn’t seem to realize that the Scott he has in his head is not the one he presented on screen.

  2. Johan

    I hate Kate even more after this episode. Poor Derek.
    Arent that Alphas must kill to become an Alpha only for turned werewolves and not born? I thought Laura had inherited the Alpha after the fire.

    I loved that we got so many answers this episode, and a couple new questions.

    • Hey Johan. You know I’m not sure anymore, based on these last couple of episodes whether Alpha-ness can be inherited. It certainly would make more sense if it could, given the information presented to us about the Hale family in early episodes. Alpha-ism as a potentially inherited trait would also dovetail better with the “real wolf packs” on which werewolves are supposedly based.

      Then again, if Alpha-ism CAN be inherited, that raises other questions: (1) Why Laura? I mean, yeah she is a direct descendant of Talia, and, presumably older than Derek. But Peter is also a blood relation of Talia’s (her brother?). And, given current appearances, he’s significantly older than Derek and Laura, which, at the time of Talia’s death, would make him a potentially more mature and seasoned leader than his niece . . .

      Another issue raised by inherited Alpha-ism is that it makes Scott’s “True Alpha-ism” seem much less special. After all, inherited Alphas wouldn’t necessarily have to kill to earn their powers. Therefore, they would be just as “good” and “pure” as our dear Scott.

      Oh, and thanks for the kudos on my references to Lydia as a banshee and Jen as the darach prior to the reveals. As for Lydia, I pretty much pegged her as a banshee, after her “screaming psycho shower moment” during the Season 2 premiere . . . but only because I happen to have been reading the Soul Screamer series at the time, so I had banshees on the brain. 🙂

      With Jen, I was a bit later catching on . . . I didn’t trust her pretty much from the moment she came on screen, as she seemed much to milquetoasty to be true. However, I wasn’t fully convinced she was the darach, until I saw the promos, during which the sleeves of a shirt she was seen wearing in one scene, were clearly the ones shown strangling Lydia in a subsequent one . . . 😉

      • jmae

        I’m guessing that Laura got the Alpha-ness because a) though we haven’t actually seen her I’m guess that Laura will be portrayed as being more mature than both Peter and Derek b) If Talia died in the fire then Peter was comatose when she died.
        Also, let’s face it Peter might be cold and calculating, but he’s somewhat of a loose canon. Sure the murders that he committed during season one can be understood, but in order to get the power he lures his niece to kill her. Pretty sure that all that didn’t come as a result of the fire.

  3. jmae

    God this episode was just so sad. Why must they give us two sad episodes in a row? It was nice to Stiles and Cora interacting, still not sure what’s up with her though. How long has it been sense Cora saw Derek. She said that Derek wasn’t like he is now when she knew him and then Peter goes and tells some story about Derek and Paige in high school. I was expecting a story about Derek and Kate sneaking around.
    As far as the eyes thing goes I wasn’t really surprised, but I had somewhere else that people were speculating that blue eyes had to do with shape-shifting because 2 out of 3 werewolves that we have seen with blue eyes could shift into something besides the run of the mill werewolf. Then there is that wolf in the opening sequence.
    I was happy to see young Peter Hale back although it wasn’t really necessary.
    As far as the aging goes it makes sense that the werewolves would age funny, because even dogs have their own “dog years”. I really hate to mention this, but maybe werewolf aging is like in Twilight where it depends on their shifting ability. That might explain why Peter looks so much older that Derek now as opposed to in the flash backs. The only thing that I could see making sense is them doing another episode where someone explains werewolf aging to everyone else. It is strange that Ennis, Deucalion, and Kali didn’t age either. Technically only werewolves that we have seen age were Peter and Derek.
    Anyone else wondering where was Kate in all of this. As far as the Argents moving in at the beginning of season 1, I’m pretty sure that the Argents have been in and out of Beacon Hills over the years, because Kate lived there back when the fire happened. At this point I couldn’t really see Derek dating her, but hey maybe they were just friends with benefits.
    Peter and Derek’s relationship really reminded me of Allison and Kate’s. I love that they were best friends, which makes Peter killing Laura even worse. I believe that the story that he told about Laura was mostly true because just like with Gerard’s story the characters are only getting word of mouth, while we got to see where the lies were being told.
    I’m not sure how everyone feels about spoilers, but Orny Adams, the guy that plays Coach Cupcake, tweeted that “You can’t die if you don’t exist#currents” then MTV made him take it down, thank god for screen caps. Now the question is who doesn’t exist.

    • Andre

      Personally I would not read anything into the apparent agelessness of Kali, Ennis and Deucalion in the flashbacks since not only were they the exact same age, but so was Deaton, Mr. Argent, Gerard and Sheriff Stilinski, I guess we were supposed to suppress our disbelief in that regard.

    • Hey jmae. You bring up a good point about Cora. In “true” age time, she’s about seven years younger than him. So, if Derek was a sweet perky guy, who became dark at age 15 or so, Cora, who would have been just a little kid at the time, would have been too young to notice the difference. . .

      Boy, the writers really screwed things up with this whole “age” thing.

      You bring up a good point about Twilight though . . .The “Twilight” aging rules would work well with the physical appearances of the characters at least, even if it wouldn’t necessarily dovetail with the timeline of the story, for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

      If I recall correctly, in Twilight, werewolves aged normally until they hit puberty at around 18 or so. That’s when they first underwent the “changes” of werewolfism. According to Stephenie Meyers, immediately upon becoming a true werewolf, Jacob went from looking like a 16 year old boy to looking like a 25-year old man, even though, in actuality, he was still only 16. Thereafter, Meyers explained that, like dogs, grown werewolves kept their “young man” look for most of their lives, aging incredibly slowly, until they “chose” to grow old.

      This theory would explain why Cora described herself as 17 in years (she’s still aging normally), but Peter was more cryptic in his response, because he and Derek might be slightly older than they look. Twilight theory would also explain why Peter looked so close to Derek’s age in the flashbacks, despite being much older than him . . . It’s possible that, having gone through puberty already, Peter’s physical aging had already slowed down, while young Derek was still aging at a normal rate.

      But why does Peter look so much older now? Perhaps, that has to do with choice? Maybe around the time Peter usurped the position of Alpha, it made sense for him to allow himself to age more naturally, to make him seem like less of a suspect in the murders that followed?

      Or maybe I’m looking too much into this .. .

      As for Orny Adam’s comment, since it took place after “Currents,” maybe he was responding to Boyd’s under use as a character. That would be a pretty controversial jibe against MTV, which would explain why they forced him to take it down.

      If the comment was made during any episode other than “Currents,” I would think he was hinting at Jennifer being the Darach, since she doesn’t seem to fully “exist” on the human plane, since, arguably, her true self has already been murdered. But because the comment used the hashtag “Currents,” it seems more likely that Orny was talking about Boyd. Just my theory . . .

      • Andre

        Well supposedly Davis does not want to take a step into Twilight territory, but I have my doubts about it, since what he does already has so many similaritie to other titles.

      • jmae

        It could possibly be both based on this weeks episode. Plot wise Boyd doesn’t exist, legal wise Jennifer doesn’t exist.

  4. east coast captain

    Hey just one more comment. If stiles had received the bite instead of Scott he would not be as popular because he would have been a Mary sue he would master his abilitiesmfaster , he would solve the mysteries faster and it would take everything we like about him. He is us, the audience, what makes him so popular is his everyman character, he’s the one the main guy can count on.

  5. Johan

    Congratulations Julia. When did you first guess?

  6. Andre

    This recap was great; I think you captured this episode quite nicely. And you used way more screencaps than usual.

    Now most things about this episode were really great and I agree with a lot, but there are a few things that I really did not like. It was on one hand incredibly well done, but on the other hand such a giant mess that you have to wonder how much was really background and filling of plotholes and what just pure plot convenience again. After all I think I speak for everyone here when I say: We know that Davis uses plot convenience a lot. I mean look at our late token black guy Boyd. If that guy wasn’t full of plot convenience then what was he?

    But first things first:
    You know if you ever start drooling black goo I might not hold your hand, because black blood or at least very dark blood coming out of your body, was supposed to be a symptom of the Black Death, so I would probably check for boils on your body first.
    Actually ever since Gerard was shown with that I was thinking about the Black Death because of that. And speaking of that, if he does produce that stuff, why aren’t there any people studying him? Is the medical system of the USA that bad or is it plot convenience again?

    Now I instantly thought when seeing Derek/Paige:
    And had they done Scott/Allison the way Derek/Paige were done, I would believe this “great romance stuff” because here I actually felt the chemistry. But Scott and Allison had none of that, so their whole relationship will for me ever be forced.
    But Paige brings us to another problem. After Paige there would be Kate, so this whole episode as brilliant and beautifully executed as it was actually made Dennifer even more OOC for Derek. If Jennifer would look or act like Paige I would understand that, but she does not, there are no known similarities between them besides hair color.
    Why is Davis doing this? The show can be so good but then suddenly they do such crap. Why I wonder, just why? Or did Jennifer actually use magic? Even if yes, that is still a pretty crappy way to handle this if you ask me.

    And speaking about Derek and Paige: the abandoned building in the middle of nowhere. Man the economy of this place must really suck for a long time if they have that many abandoned buildings makes you wonder why the Whitmores have never been robbed. But at that moment I wasn’t really questioning that. Maybe the people of Beacon Hills (why is it called that way anyway I mean “beacon” was that some sort of hint for all the “lunatics” coming to town?) follow the domestic policy of Angel Grove (Power Rangers), so that there will be some abandoned building whenever it is needed, you know for normal stuff, like mass murder or just smashing things.

    In other words, it’s kind of like what happens in every episode of this season
    Yeah that is really one giant plothole of this season and also one of the many things I asked myself about this episode. Where is Peter all the time? And why are Stiles and Cora so ok with him? He is a murderer for God’s sake? He killed Laura.
    And you know this episode brought a question to my mind:
    What if Stiles still being so nice is not a sign of character strength but rather of the show working more and more with stereotypes? The nerd stereotype is about being smart, always nice, but never getting the girl and rarely ever the spotlight. And Stiles fits three of four points.

    By the way I would disagree that Stiles as a werewolf would be a Gary Stu/Marty Stu, since while he has a troubled background he lacks the muscular physique and asshole attitude of these characters. Also his character quirks were plaid too often to make him a Gary Stu/Marty Stu now, well unless you don’t care about consistency of course.

    But what would Peter gain by lying about something as seemingly unrelated to the main narrative as this?
    There is also speculation that Peter is lying to himself, which would at least be better than a later reveal about him being the Mastermind behind it all.
    What I found interesting was that Peter already had a psychotic streak back then, seriously that was pretty obvious the first time he talked. The actor played that well. Which makes you wonder what sort of family the Hales were, sure Talia seemed nice and well balanced, but broody or not Derek and Cora are pretty stupid and Peter was already creepy back then.

    But it also reminded me of something else:
    What I don’t like in shows like this is that when a character is shown to talk turkey about unpleasant matters they are nearly always portrayed as assholes. But such a thing is not a trait of an asshole, not when the person wants to help you, it is the trait of an actual friend, because what would friends of yours gain from you lying to them?

    If werewolves age more slowly than normal humans, how come they are the only characters in flashbacks that consistently get older, while the human adults always look the same?
    Good one, I was also asking myself why the human adults looked exactly the same age. I mean couldn’t they have applied some more make-up?

    After all, in present day, Peter appears to be a good six to seven years older than Derek, whereas in the flashbacks, he looks to be only a year or two older tops . . .

    I blame Davis for this mess.
    And yeah the age stuff was messed up and apparently already contradictory in itself here. I think this is a sign that Davis might start to take on more than he can handle or simply doesn’t care about consistency when it clashes with his plans.
    I don’t like this “werewolves age slower” stuff, because that a) doesn’t fit the clothes Derek and Peter were wearing (do these clothes actually fit the late 90s or early 2000s?), it doesn’t fit the picture of young Peter back in season 2, doesn’t fit Derek’s confirmed age in the flashbacks (15) and b) is a very stupid thing to do when you have a show that runs slower than real life, like this one. This way it gets ridiculous. I mean none of the normal cast of “teens” still looks like a teen.
    Even if he gave a different time measure for werewolves it is still too much for him to handle in my mind and is actually totally useless. These werewolves are not fit for that. They are too close to humans and show no actual sign of a truly separate culture. All they have are some signs and some rules, but that is it, an actual culture is more than that, what they have are customs, at most.
    And when you add useless stuff just to show off, what is how this comes along to me, and that doesn’t even fit what you presented previously you make a fool out of yourself. Not to mention that if the werewolves are aging slower and have been in Beacon Hills long enough to own such a house and even gather at such numbers, people would have noticed a slower than usual aging and viewers will object. Only those that constantly suspend disbelief will continue watching. But those are the people that scream for every TVD episode, every Clare book, every new YA heroine and those people on average tend to be crazy. Of course if you have people that suspend any disbelief you can make money more easily with even less effort, so from that perspective attracting such people is very lucrative.

    And one thing:
    Also if he does the age slower stuff he is officially copying now, since nearly everyone does that no matter what supernatural being. Actually a lot from this episode was just lazy and bitter for me. Yeah despite much being so well done, there is also a lot of crap, that is how this episode was too me.

    And by the way: Peter’s attitude caused this reaction now: “Hi, Jackson, there you are again, haven’t missed you at all. Quite frankly I hoped that you would have hooked up with a dumb nurse, went on a rampage and got shot in cold blood.”

    And really what was up with Peter and having Derek turn Paige? Why did he even do that? Was there something behind it or pure plot convenience again?

    And Paige’s little confession to Derek made her more sympathetic than Allison, I mean they are close to the same age but in comparison Allison is a moron. She never guessed that.

    At least someone actually died from the bite, about time, since so far this element was pretty much ignored and the whole bit stuff really sugarcoated.

    You know while I considered the explanation given here for the blue eyes to make sense somewhat I never believed that this was the original reason for them. I am pretty sure they were there to show someone is special in a good way. Davis shows a clear preference for certain types of men and he gave Derek and Jackson blue eyes from the start, so I think the original plan was something else entirely and he is simply filling the hole Heynes’ departure left in his heart, ups I mean show of course.

    At the time we first heard about her, we all assumed that Laura inherited her title of Alpha, when her shapeshifting mother Talia (who we now know was Alpha prior to Laura) died in the Hale family fire.
    That was probably the original concept since Laura turned into an “actual wolf” (or better a bad wolf costume) instead of these let’s say hairy elves. And you bring up some very good points about Jackson and his murders during his Kanaima phase. He is guilty for not fighting against Matt or restraining himself sure, but when under Matt’s control he was this time clearly not in control.

    So, did Laura kill Talia? And, if so, under what circumstances? Had she euthanized her mother due to injuries she sustained in the fire? Or was the murder something a bit more malicious?
    Chances are good we will never know.

    I found it noteworthy that Laura Hale appeared nowhere in this flashback, despite her presumably being around the same age as Peter and Derek at the time all this “Paige Stuff” was going down . . .
    I totally forgot that, good point, where was she? Shouldn’t the older sister look out for her brother? Did Davis forget her? Is he sexist? Well he does show a preference for men and this is a werewolf show so it is a wonder any women are in it.

    What happens to a pack whose Alpha dies for reasons entirely unrelated to homicide? Do they just wander the Earth Alpha-less? Because that seems like a pretty piss poor way to running a species . .
    This is good 😀
    Trust me I have some more piss poor stuff for you that the werewolf geek in my dug out of the episode.

    Upon determining that Sassy Uncle Peter is full of sh*t, Stiles decides to go to the source, and ask Derek himself, what really happened between him and Paige. So, maybe we’ll get some answers from him.
    That was good. Another example why Stiles should be the main character and not Scott the dumbass.
    What I liked about this episode is that at least Stiles shows an effect of the happenings in the motel, unlike Scott who is back to before and I think we can call him an asshole for that. Seriously, he cares more about Deaton than his best friend who risked his life for him. What a dick. Of course that is probably not the reason but rather Davis again shoving Scott into the foreground and using way too much plot convenience to accomplish that.
    Scott is supposed to be the big Alpha, but it is Stiles that actually reacts to the things that happened, but Scott is the hero, the smart one, the…. seriously why should I care whether these werewolf morons live or die? They are so stupid, they deserve to die.

    Trust me Scott is once again the same dumbass he always has been, I don’t consider him badass at all. The bursts of smarts that Scott has aren’t that smart and they still come totally unsteady. Stiles is the one that is smart and actually thinks logically, Scott just has gotten some physical advantages.
    He only had suspicions about Gerard because of his superhearing and werewolves on this show are very aggressive anyway (well when it’s convenient for the plot) so it doesn’t take much to make them see red, literally. Giving Scott credit for this is to me like giving Spiderman credit for listening to his Spidersense. Stiles was the one actually being badass and smart here. This was another sour reminder as to why I don’t want Stiles to become a superbeing. He is too smart. The way Davis is bent on portraying Scott, he would make Stiles dumb then so not to have him surpass Scott, I am sure of it and that is just wrong.

    You know what Peter said about teen-Derek really fits Scott, which is why I don’t get why Scott gets the powers, in real life he would be someone that breaks under the weight of such things. Heck not even his ethics adapted to his new status.
    Albeit there seem to be a lot more differences regarding social status between Scott and teen-Derek. Then again Derek had been a werewolf all his time and in this universe that gives you social status.

    By the way, the actors playing Page and teen Derek actually do look like teenagers.

    that sexy Drooler of Shoe Polish

    So much for being the first talking Asian wolf on this show . . .
    Actually I think that is the first Asian werewolf on this show period. Or the first talking Asian, although he could be latino of course, so he would be the first talking Latino and the first Latino werewolf, after all the rest so far clearly were not Latino, despite what Posey claims.
    And you know what thoughts this brought to my mind? This:
    Look how Davis tries to create a world without racism, by throwing in random non-white characters and let them get killed as quickly and or as much in the background as possible. Non-white characters that have active and crucial roles apart from being supportive? Not on this show.
    By the way there was an Asian werewolf in Deucalion’s pack as well and while Gerard slaughtered them he died first. By the way, why would that simply spiked club be deadly to them? Our current wolvers survived worse. And why did that smoke have such an effect on them? I know it was probably toxic to werewolves but shouldn’t at least some have gotten away? Oh right, plot convenience again.

    And of course the non-white werewolves were the cause of the trouble in this show, isn’t it great how progressive Davis is?
    Black people helping out white people… yeah so progressive.

    You know I get that the majority of the werewolves would be white since they recruit their members from the US population, but this is only ok if that is the actual reason for this casting and even then, that would only excuse background wolves. They are the average, the run of the mill, the normal ones. The people in the foreground are never the normal ones, they are the ones standing out, so it makes no sense what Davis does there unless he has a bias towards White people.

    And of course we have the claim of matriarchal leadership again, yeah, always told never shown. Even though Mrs. Argent was shown to be active back in season 1 but only as the non-fighting part of the couple and more as an equal and that is not matriarchy. Matriarchy is in popular view (which is the one Davis clearly seems to want to adhere) defined as: a society in which females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property.
    And that was never shown for the Argents, the most important decisions where made by men, their fighting values adhere to what are considered male qualities and Mrs. Argent was rarely ever shown to be at an investigation site or control any of the soldiers actions. So no, this is not matriarchy that the show presents us, it is rather patriarchy.

    If we are to believe Gerard’s story, before they became the Alpha Pack, Ennis’s Pack, Kali’s Pack, and Deucalion’s Pack all live in the vicinity of Beacon Hills.
    Isn’t that convenient? And you know what is also convenient: They already had that high-tech back then.
    Of course the scorpion story was unnecessary, could have been said easier and with less purple prose.

    Commence retcon immediately . . .
    Another very good point. Why does no one remember them?
    Seriously I think this was the first time we ever heard about that.

    Derek’s mom, because she’s a naked chick, with the power to turn into a “Real Wolf,” as opposed to those bizarre wolf-headed man things into which everyone else on the show turns.

    Derek’s mom (I knew she was a Hale before it was stated and her name Talia means “dew from God”) was to me a bitter reminder of how little this show has in common with actual werewolf lore. Because apart from the eyes, the look and powers shown by her in this episode match the folkloric werewolves more than any other (the size was a bit unusal but pony-sized werewolves were sometimes reported).

    And her powers made her a leader? Oh great, foreshadowing/mirroring for Scott, yeah as if we didn’t had that already.

    And what is up with Davis and nudity? Why was Talia nude when the Alpha twins can keep their pants on?

    Why on earth a European descendent werewolf would change into a North American timberwolf is of course as usual, due to the incompetence and ignorance of the makers.
    European wolf:


    See the difference? Even the skull shape is different.

    And although the hunters are portrayed as the villains here the fact that the hunters killed that one Beta makes sense, since “accident” was also what Peter said about killing Laura back in season 1 and do you remember the Omega back in season 2? He feasted on human corpses. These werewolves are dangerous and apparently once they kill one human it never stays with just one. Sadly this horror aspect of them is often forgotten by Davis. One of many things he ignores. I have to be honest; this stuff has the potential to make me quit this show. Because more and more it seems to require suspension of disbelief to make the story work and that is a bad thing.

    Apparently, doing this makes everyone in the room wolf-bound to help him in his plan to get vengeance on the hunters.
    Maybe the mark is some signal to the hunters and now they will attack and everyone is screwed. At least I hope that is the reason, I am losing more and more faith in Davis. Another problem is that the pack stuff here doesn’t fit the representation of Derek’s pack, since as you remember Boyd and Erica did not hesitate to kick Derek to the curb. So they weren’t a pack? Here packs are told to be so tight… sorry but that doesn’t fit how packs or werewolves in general were portrayed so far. Again we are just told and what we were shown doesn’t fit. I get the suspicion that Davis seems to want to rewrite it and we all know he is not averse to doing such things.

    What is consistent is that apparently Ennis is as incompetent as ever. Makes you wonder what criteria there are in this show for becoming an Alpha, I mean are we to assume that werewolves always follow whatever idiot happens to kill the old idiot that led them? At least Ennis’ case suggests that, I mean, he has superstrength, speed and senses, so he should just have broken into the morgue/hospital but instead he makes a huge show in front of dozens of people.

    It was interesting how different Deucalion was but I do wonder whether that wasn’t just a cheap gimmick to make his current behavior seem more evil and all, I mean would a generally good and mature character actually go crazy and homicidal that fast? Seriously, Peter killed less rabidly back in his homicidal days. Sure it was cruel and all but for the most part that fits since he was out for revenge, Deucalion however simply snaps here and not only kills his Beta out of self-defense (back to that topic in my next comment on the current episode) but downright drives into him in a fashion more akin to a robot on overdrive. And that is… odd to say the least. The scene was again well acted, you buy that Deucalion is crazy and the camera close-up delivers that well but it was all so quick and perhaps even OOC.

    However, as viewers, we have the benefit of SEEING flashbacks. So, we know that Gerard is full of crap, and lashed out against the wolves first, by gassing them with wolfsbane . . .
    You know I was just: “Why is he doing that?” I mean are we to assume that he has been doing stuff like that for a while? No way, would any organization let a loose cannon like that run around. Ok, the average werewolf of this show is a moron but even they are smart enough to do a mass bite and overrun the hunters.

    You see, Deucalion may be blind as a human, but as a wolf, he still has his full sight. (And that, my dear Wolfbangers, was the first part of this story that actually made sense to me.)
    I asked myself, why isn’t he a wolf all the time then? I mean we see here that he doesn’t need to transform fully, so why not stay partially shifted?

    Now the whole Deucalion and his Beta thing also felt lazy to me. We know how the full moon affects freshly turned werewolves, even older ones might lose it and something like Deucalion never ever occurred before? I don’t believe that for a second, not the way these werewolves were portrayed. The scene was very well down, you really feel the pain and the craziness but for me it was once again Davis telling us one thing while having shown something different than before, like at the end of season 2.

    Nice knowing ya, Guy Who Strangely Resembles Marcel from The Originals. See ya next lifetime . . . when you become a vampire in New Orleans.
    Please tell me that this was not a hint that you continue to watch these awful Julie Plec shows?

    He also, apparently, wouldn’t have had that accent. (Because I’m pretty sure he didn’t have it in the flashbacks.) Because suffering and loss have the power to make you British
    I think he really didn’t have that. What is going on? Do they stage a war against England again?
    I mean I know average Americans need an enemy but that is ridiculous.

    Silly Sour Wolf! Revenge Plots are for people who want to end up with their heads squashed . . .
    You think he will start a vendetta? Sure it won’t go anywhere since Derek has the mental capacity of Duffy Duck, but is it likely that he will act this way?

    the true identity of the darach
    Some youtuber theorized it is Paige since she was killed under the druid tree. Or better near it’s roots.

    Ok; now the werewolf Geek stuff I promised:
    Davis could not think of something better than Lycaon? Heck I could do better than that. Apparently his research is very limited if that is the best he can come up with. So I was wrong in applauding him back in season 1 and 2 since mountain ash and the kanaima seem to have been rather the exception instead of the rule in case of divergence from werewolf stereotypes.
    The stuff with Lycaon was just lazy for me, not only is he believed to have established the cult of Zeus Lycaeus (so no titan worship, which are gods as well unlike what the show suggests, again revealing Davis’s ignorance), the whole myth was also apparently a mix of 2 of the 8 or so myths about Lycaon and the human sacrifice. And nearly everybody does Lycaon, seriously he is mentioned one way or another all the time. Not to mention he would have needed to travel to Gaul to find druids which would be quite some way considered that Arcadia lied roughly in what is today is situated in the central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. And between there and Gaul (which nearest borders would be in modern Northern Italy) there would have been many magic users between the two countries that they could have asked. Davis really could have spared some more lines for that.
    Of course the story is also crap in that Lycaon actually survived that long. In those times there were so many wolves he would have been killed by that time. After all a wolf could hardly hire a ship and even if he and his sons travelled together their survival chances would have been unlikely since not only would they get attacked by wolves every chance they get, but 51 wolves (that is the number given for Lycaon’s sons in some myths) would attract the notice of people and they would be driven off or killed at every turn. But as usual Davis is pretty ignorant in regards to canines so I can’t really expect this guy to put something halfway decent on the screen in that regard.
    And let’s just say they would make it to Gaul or find some druids before that (maybe he travelled the other way to Galatia), are we really to assume that these nature loving, balance obsessed druids of the show would actually go against the decree of one of the three highest ranking gods of the Greek pantheon? Come on.

    And this is just the problem I have with the idea of Lycaon and the background of that scenario. The scenario itself is already totally lacking in… well… everything. A mix of wolf/man/druid would not produce what we see on this show so this whole story doesn’t really explain anything.
    Seriously, it explains nothing except shapeshifting, and only that to an extent. I show what I mean in a minute but for now focus on the basic werewolf powers.
    The story does not explain their regenerative powers, it doesn’t explain their ability to ease pain, it doesn’t explain their eye colors, doesn’t explain their ability to share and steal memories, doesn’t explain to steal power, or the merging of the twins, it doesn’t explain the light show Isaac and Deucalion caused, neither the effect of the moon, nor the bite, or the effect mountain ash and wolfsbane have on them. It doesn’t explain their pack structure, their power levels, the fact that Alpha wounds supposedly don’t heal fast or any of the tricks Peter did. It doesn’t explain the Kanaima either, the effect of electricity or anything else for that matter related to their biology. Heck it doesn’t even mention these traits.
    And while it somewhat explains shapeshifting there is the problem that shifting between human and wolf would not result into the werewolves we are shown. Wolves are smaller on the weight scale than humans and even if weight were maintained they would not turn into Peter’s giant man-wolf form, not even an increase in body mass would allow for that since it’s proportions fit neither human nor wolf, nor anything in between. They also would not gain these demonic looking faces of their Beta forms since a wolf without fur has a rather smooth face compared to that. Their growl is nothing like a wolves, neither is their howl, which is rather a roar, and yes, they roar, no canine ever roars, even most felines don’t do that. The average wolf looks, sounds and acts nothing like these werewolves. Heck the average werewolf on the show looks nothing like a wolf. A partial shift between human and wolf would not result in these hairy and rabid demon elves that we see here all the time.
    What Davis did there was a total waste of time and dialogue.

    And just like back when the Kanaima was introduced and I speculated that they had the look either from the cryptid Reptilloids or from the design for the lizard of the last Spiderman film I do wonder here also whether the whole druid werewolf thing is really as original as some might claim since parts of it sound familiar to me.

    Actually the whole druid/shapeshifter/nature thing sounded to me so much like World of Warcraft that it is hard for me not to think of a rip-off.
    You know the thing is that from little we know of the actual druids there are no accounts of shapeshifting, that is completely made up and now ask yourself what Warcaft druids do:
    Druids are keepers of the world who walk the path of nature, following the wisdom of the Ancients and Cenarius, healing and nurturing the world. To druids, nature is a delicate balance of actions in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies. Druids draw their power from this wild energy, using it to change their shapes and command the forces of nature.
    Does that sound familiar? Of course it could be coincidence since most people tend to belief this about druids. But the similarities do not end there and you know what the power is that sets them apart from all other classes the most? Shapeshifting:

    Now I chose this particular video because it featured a playable worgen. Unlike the unplayable version the playable Worgen of the game have the ability to shift back and forth between their human form and their Worgen form:

    Also there is their general nature when the human is gone:

    The similarities between werewolves and Worgen are obvious by look alone but it goes deeper, and this is where more similarities appear:
    You know originally the Worgen in WoW started out as a group of elven druids who took the form of big wolves by channeling the power of the wolf demi-god Goldrinn. Now this demi-god (demi-gods were also called Ancients) was known for his honor and nobility but also for his incredible rage and that rage transferred to the wolf forms the druids took and often they lost all sense of themselves and lost control over their actions, this was so much that many over time never again took elven form and even when in elven form they often retained that raged mindset.
    Now a big leader among them who called himself Alpha Prime (originally he was called Ralaar) decided that the form was simply too aggressive to be of any use. Therefore he and a fellow priestess used a connection the demi-god Goldrinn had with the moon goddess Elune. Elune always had a desire to tame Goldrinn’s rage and by channeling her power into a scythe forged from a staff and a fang of Goldrinn they tried to tame the wolf form’s ferocity. However the energies and thereby the wills of Elune and Goldrinn clashed inside the wolf bodies and the result of that violent transformation was the man-wolf form you see in the videos above. However while this form was more powerful it was just as crazed as the previous one and the Worgen eventually turned on their fellow elves and due to their infectious bite, an element that was never explained, they transformed many elves in mere seconds and due to this danger they were locked away in an enchanted sleep.
    Now thousands of years later they were reawakened for reasons that have no consequence for this and began to spread the “gift” to the humans of a kingdom called Gilneas. And here the similarities really become evident. The bite no longer had its previous strength, for unknown reasons, and took much longer and was therefore more painful and nerve-wracking, but when transformed the form easily overtook the newly created Worgen and you needed strong willpower to remain as calm as possible, something many did not manage and so they began attacking everything that was not a Worgen. Until a group of elven druids came along and via elixir and ritual taught them to keep balance and confront their deepest fears to let the “man conquer beast and the beast conquer man” and thereby being able to shift back and forth and remain in balance between their two sides.

    Now these similarities are eerily close and considered that the comic depicting this came out 2 years ago I think it is reasonable to take the possibility of rip-off into consideration.

    Now to the druids and what was said about them here. There is not much reliable information about druids since they left no written accounts of themselves and the only evidence is a few descriptions left by Greek, Roman and various scattered authors and artists, as well as stories created by later medieval Irish writers. So what Davis created here is most likely made up and as we saw not even original. What we have about the druids suggests a much more crucial role Celtic society than what they do here. According to historian Ronald Hutton, “we can know virtually nothing of certainty about the ancient Druids, so that—although they certainly existed—they function more or less as legendary figures.” But what little we have can give us some glimpse into their practices. What all sources agree on is that they played a high role in Celtic society. In his description, Julius Caesar claimed that they were one of the two most important social groups in the region (alongside the equites, or nobles) and were responsible for organising worship and sacrifices, divination, and judicial procedure in Gaulish, British and Irish society. He also claimed that they were exempt from military service and from the payment of taxes, and that they had the power to excommunicate people from religious festivals, making them social outcasts. Two other classical writers, Diodorus Siculus and Strabo, also wrote about the role of druids in Gallic society, claiming that the druids were held in such respect that if they intervened between two armies they could stop the battle.
    Pomponius Mela is the first author who says that the druids’ instruction was secret, and was carried on in caves and forests. Druidic lore consisted of a large number of verses learned by heart, and Caesar remarked that it could take up to twenty years to complete the course of study. There is no historic evidence during the period when Druidism was flourishing to suggest that Druids were other than male. What was taught to Druid novices anywhere is conjecture: of the druids’ oral literature, not one certifiably ancient verse is known to have survived, even in translation. All instruction was communicated orally, but for ordinary purposes, Caesar reports, the Gauls had a written language in which they used Greek characters. In this he probably draws on earlier writers; by the time of Caesar, Gaulish inscriptions had moved from the Greek script to the Latin script.

    In addition human sacrifices are reported, as something normal and also not just for criminals. Reports speak of burning, hanging and drowning. No others say that these sources are propaganda and that the druids were great philosophers and did not participate in human sacrifice, there is no one arguing against divination however. They also supposedly believed in immortality of the soul and reincarnation.

    In either case these “druids” here are a mere flickering shadow of that. Also, currently we have two African Americans in supporting roles that are into magic. Not to be mean or anything, but doesn’t that sound familiar? In case people here cannot guess: think of the show that has a black character whom most shippers and the writers hate because she dares to judge the sociopathic assholes that the main characters are.

    And let’s face it, are these druids really that different from witches?

    PS. Apparently the werewolves did do shit to safe the druids in the years towards Bouddica’s revolt. Great friends they have, there is no mutual relationship, the druids are just servants. Wow, another similarity to that god awful show.

    But to my last point for this already far too long comment:

    I would have preferred a connection of the werewolves to Ishtar. That would be new and makes much more sense. Ishtar was the goddess of love, war, sex and fertility and her father was the moon god Sin (also called Lord of wisdom) and the oldest werewolf tale is about Ishtar transforming a loyal shepherd into a wolf. A connection with her would fit the looks of the werewolves, their apparent sex appeal, their muscles and all, their rage, etc. the only thing you could not explain would be mountain ash and wolfsbane. It would even fit for the role of Deaton and the councilor since they could have been servants of Sin. Maybe even he would have granted some of the more positive traits or maybe even Ishtar herself. Since Ishtar is often a real bitch and connection with disaster:
    “Woe to him whom Ishtar had honoured! The fickle goddess treated her passing lovers cruelly, and the unhappy wretches usually paid dearly for the favours heaped on them. Animals, enslaved by love, lost their native vigour: they fell into traps laid by men or were domesticated by them. ‘Thou has loved the lion, mighty in strength’, says the hero Gilgamesh to Ishtar, ‘and thou hast dug for him seven and seven pits! Thou hast loved the steed, proud in battle, and destined him for the halter, the goad and the whip.’ Even for the gods Ishtar’s love was fatal. In her youth the goddess had loved Tammuz, god of the harvest, and—if one is to believe Gilgamesh —this love caused the death of Tammuz

    Listen to me while I tell the tale of your lovers. There was Tammuz, the lover of your youth, for him you decreed wailing, year after year. You loved the many-coloured Lilac-breasted Roller, but still you struck and broke his wing […] You have loved the lion tremendous in strength: seven pits you dug for him, and seven. You have loved the stallion magnificent in battle, and for him you decreed the whip and spur and a thong […] You have loved the shepherd of the flock; he made meal-cake for you day after day, he killed kids for your sake. You struck and turned him into a wolf; now his own herd-boys chase him away, his own hounds worry his flanks.

    Ishtar would make a perfect origin for these “werewolves”, their speed, strength, healing and rage can be considered to her warrior status, the sex appeal to love, fertility and sex. That they have weaknesses can also be attributed to her or her father. Actually the full moon could thereby be interpreted as to bring to light what is hidden, thereby ensuring truth. Ishtar could have done it just of a whim, since the writing and Ishtar is a crazy, broad hipped, big breasted warmonger who is constantly horny… Wait a minute… kjewls are you Ishtar? 😉

    PS. I hope you aren’t too busy at home right now.

    • Hey Andre, thanks for the recap kudos. I’m happy to see that even though I seem to have fallen into the habit of writing my recaps massively late (Silly MONDAY shows. I hereby propose that all supernatural shows should air on Thursdays. :)), at least they can still manage to be mildly entertaining. And yeah, I have been using more of your awesome screencaps lately, haven’t I? This is despite the fact that you just revealed to me that you would refuse to hold my hand, if I was dying of the plague. *sob, sniffle*

      As for my secretly being Ishtar, I’ve got the crazy and horny thing down, but I suspect there are few people in the world who would classify my B-cup boobies as falling under the category of “big breasted.” 🙂 I guess I’ll have to find a more flat chested mythological female to emulate. Medusa, perhaps? 🙂

      You bring up a good point about the werewolf powers in this series not being particularly well explained. Though I’ve seen werewolves in other series that can regenerate and heal like the wolves on Teen Wolf, the ability to heal others mind boggles me a bit. It made sense, at first, when we saw Scott and Isaac doing it just with other dogs. After all, it was established early on in the series that werewolves like Scott and Isaac had a connection to other canines, who instinctively viewed them as Alphas, and submitted to them. Taking that theory to the next level, it made sense that Scott and Isaac could appear to be “healing” the dogs in the vets office, when what they were actually doing was hypnotizing them not to experience pain. (If I recall, in the scene with Isaac, the dog in question still needed to be put to sleep, Isaac merely made it more comfortable.)

      But now the werewolf healing power seems to be much more literal, and applies to other humans, as well as animals. This sort of werewolf gift seems unique to this series, and definitely not in line with traditional werewolf lore.

      You also bring up a good point about Deucalion. If the purpose of the flashback was to make him more sympathetic as a villain, it fails, since his current incarnation is so completely different than the guy we met in the flashbacks. I guess we are supposed to believe that its the killing of members of your pack that drives you crazy with greed for power and bloodlust, thereby making Deucalion the victim of circumstance, and showing viewers how imperative it is for Scott never to kill a member of his own pack. But I always felt like the “turned evil” trope was a bit of a cop out in the world of character development. Check out the Wicked Witch of the West’s transformation in the movie “Oz the Great and Powerful” and you will see exactly what I mean . . .

      Speaking of movies, have you seen Fight Club yet? I’m only asking because in your comments to a previous recap of mine, you asked a question that implied you weren’t aware of the movie’s key twist. And not knowing will make the film that much more enjoyable for you, I think. Truth be told, it’s a bit too much of a “guy” film for my taste (TONS of VIOLENCE, and it’s pretty much one of the ugliest looking films I’ve ever seen, in terms of cinematography . . . that, and none of the characters look like they ever shower). But it’s smart, the acting is amazing, and I think the Alpha male in you will enjoy it quite a bit. The book was even better .. .;)

      I was fascinated by the intel you provided on Worgens and Druids, especially since, to be honest, I knew next to nothing about Druids prior to watching this series. (And, let’s face it, Teen Wolf hasn’t exactly taught me much about Druids either. :)) But I definitely see the similarities between Teen Wolf’s Druid / Alpha relationship mythology, and what you described. Maybe I have to start playing World of Warcraft. 🙂

      Oh and yeah, I still watch TVD. If I didn’t, I’d have nothing to recap. 😉

      • Andre

        Well; good to know that you haven’t lost your touch.

        Ok before I come to the important stuff:
        Why are you continuing to watch TVD? Just for recaps? Why? After that horrible season finale I lost even the last drop of respect for that racist and sexist albino walrus that is Julie Plec or for this horrible show in general, everything good about it they squeezed out of it in favor for their ridiculous and dysfunctional relationships. She totally ruined the show. What is there worth watching? That woman has run the same pattern over and over; the show had the same pattern over and over for all 4 seasons, and no it is not just a general pattern, there are plotpoints, season structure, character departure, character actions and development that repeat themselves over and over, it is a mess and an embarrassment to storytelling.
        Seriously, what is it that makes you continue to watch this crap? Are you telling me there is really nothing better to recap about? I don’t believe that, there must be something.

        And never saw Fightclub, no interest. I saw an episode in Torchwood that had a similar topic and this “back to the roots by fighting” was just plain stupid to me. And if Fight club is the same I am not interested, the closest I ever came to fight club was this:

        Now as for you emulating Medusa, well that depends on which mythological version. The very first Medusa and her two sisters had broad faces with big lips and high cheekbones, I think even fangs, they had wings and were not pretty in any way. Only later did they become more human like looking and even Ovid’s tale of her is a later development. The only thing all have in common is that they either have snakes in their hair or snakes as hair.
        So it depends on which version you prefer, albeit none were as bland and mostly reduced to seduction as Uma Thurman’s in Percy Jackson:

        Personally I don’t think the powers in Teen Wolf are explained at all, most of the explanations for anything mystical, if there are any, are pretty shallow and short. Last season I pointed out the kanaima is actually a werejaguar of sorts and not a reptile man, the book of Gerard showed the same image. However we were never given an explanation past the “orphan” and the “you sometimes turn into what you are inside”. And technically neither applies; neither is Jackson in line with any real or mythological snakes so why should he be a snake inside and he is neither an orphan since he is adopted – and there is no western system past or present where you are considered an orphan after adoption – nor does he actually have no identity as the season tried to claim. This guy has a clear identity, he lived in some sort of fantasy where he is this poor misunderstood boy who wants to proof himself and others that he is worthy of being loved and all and there was no reason to abandon him, no idea why since he pretty much had everything he wanted and his sires (which the show typically referred to as real parents as though his actual ones are fake, look how “progressive” Davis once again is?) died in an accident instead of abandoning him, his parents should just have told him what happened. Also despite being misunderstood in his own little world he was basically a douchebag and had to be guilted into doing at least something nice. But anyway before I start on this douche again back to the topic at hand.

        First: There is no such thing as Alphas among canines, there are leaders, Alpha is a pretty outdated term that applies more to humans and apes then to canines.

        The powers are not only of unexplained origin they also don’t fit. Where does the power-transfer come from? Where the shifting, the telepathy (basically that is what it is, the mode of transmission simply is different), the regeneration, the taking away of pain, etc. Where does it come from and why do they have that combination of powers to begin with?
        It is not as though I have seen the combination of such powers before and technically I should have mentioned them, but perhaps it’s better to state them now instead of all in one giant comment. I saw that in the roleplaying game Werewolf The Apocalypse. Roughly speaking the werewolves (called Garou) in that game line are the warriors and protectors of the Earth, respectively the environmentally green earth called Gaia, against the forces of the weaver (standing for stillness and technology) and the wyrm (standing for pollution, corruption and destruction). Now they don’t only have shapeshifting but they have five forms: human, near-human, man-wolf, near-wolf and wolf. Here you can see a picture of all five forms:
        And you know that also sounds and looks familiar.
        Now in the game they had no vulnerability to wolfsbane but to silver and they were born, never bitten. But they had a lot of rage, some too much actually, outside of their birth-form they regenerated fast. They could use their rage to become faster and they were physically powerful albeit not supernaturally powerful, meaning not more than their muscles allowed.
        And here is the thing, their basic society is governed by the moon phase they were born under and one Moon phase (half-moon I think) granted the gift of healing others, actually healing. And one of the many tribes was called Children of Gaia and their tribal totem was the Unicorn. As such they not only had strong rites and gifts of purification, peace, speed and strength, they also had rites to reduce rage and very impressive healing gifts and rites that work not only on others but also themselves.
        Now in that game line it was handled well. There is of course the necessary suspension of disbelief to accept spirits and gifts and all in the first place, but apart from that it made sense. The enemy is strong and getting stronger, the Garou cannot rely on their strength alone and so they need more abilities and more powers and all the powers they have are either an advantage in battle, scouting, spying, healing, purification, cooking etc. All stuff that is important in a war fought on the literal and metaphorical battlefield of Nature’s balance. There it made sense outside of the game, to give cool powers, but also inside with the provided mythology. And Teen Wolf seriously lacks the latter.

        And speaking of that game line, I can’t believe that I forgot that last year but in that game line there is a species of shifters called the Naga. The Naga are weresnakes having five forms and the near human form is basically a scaly humanoid with claws and slitted pupils (sound familiar?), but without a tail. Now in the game they act as Gaia’s “secret police”, assassins and judges who target and eliminate those among the Fera who fall to corruption. Corruption is very loosely used in the game and basically means those that have failed any of Gaia’s laws. And that to me sounds very Kanaima like, since its basic trait was “justified revenge” as exemplified that using the Kanaima against this decree makes you a Kanaima. Now this game line started in the mid-90s, so again a lot of time. And once again, the similarities are a bit too much to not cause suspicion in my eyes.

        I think the flashback with Deucalion’s conversion is another sign of what I found odd about the current season: it still has the same pacing. After the 12th episode there is even gonna be a hiatus until January2014. If there is four months hiatus, why make it the same season? They could just have made two out of them. Anyway the pacing is still too fast, too much in-line with the previous seasons and since Davis at the same time pushes so much into these first 12 episodes scenes like the one with Deucalion turning evil appear. And that is not a good thing since the character does a total 180 in a few minutes. Also if killing your own pack supposedly turns you crazy with greed for power and bloodlust, then why are the twins given a sympathetic background and not acting that way? They slaughtered their pack as well. Or is it some other thing? Again, what Davis presents makes less sense then before and the consistency seems more and more lacking.
        Also it is possible that the whole scene was just there for Scott again, to show, like you said how imperative it is for Scott never to kill a member of his own pack or in other words: say that Scott must remain special. Same problem: it does not work. Scott is in my eyes the biggest flaw of the show, and he is the protagonist. If this goes on I am sure the show will go down and it looks like it will go on.

        So far all my points are just criticism, but they might turn into more when the show continues down that path.

        And the thing is that Teen Wolf was started in June 2009 and MTV announced that they would be adapting Teen Wolf into a new television series “with a greater emphasis on romance, horror and werewolf mythology”. Sure compared to the original film it could not go lower since that film had barely any of that. But not only that, but Davis also claimed: Teen Wolf, Like Archie Comics, takes place in a kind of ‘perfect world’ without racism, sexism, homophobia or classism.
        Well when you make such claims then you better live up to it. You would have to be blind to think that sexism and classism don’t exist in this show. Homophobia was also addressed. So for such a show he should come up with something better regarding background and filling of plotholes than what was presented. If he wants to be taken seriously for this show than he should better take it seriously and especially not sugarcoat and forget the horror aspects he himself created.

        And it is no wonder you don’t know much about druids, neither do I, simply because there is not much to know about them, they are more legend then fact, even archaeological evidence is no good here.

        Now as for World of Warcraft, well I like some books, comics and lore stuff, “Curse of the Worgen” was a nice comic miniseries, the general comic did not hold my interest, some other were good as well, like the one about the little Pandaren girl and all. There are good and bad books, I personally liked the War of the Ancients trilogy (this one had the only Mary Sue that I actually liked) as well as Lord of the Clans and Rise of the Horde. There are good and bad books in the franchise.
        However I never played World of Warcraft since I already am sitting in front of a computer quite much so I think it would have been too much, but I still like to watch videos and some walkthroughs. Especially trailers are often of very high quality and good storytelling stile.

        Especially the videos for the expansions were very good and they improved over time:

        Wrath of the Lich King:

        Now this one captures the story of the character you see there well and I think even a non-initiate might guess a lot of what happened to him.


        This is the third expansion.

        Mists of Pandaria:

        This one so far has the most artistic value if you ask me.

        The same with the patches:

        The Black Temple:

        This one can do it very well in telling a story in such a short time.

        Rise of the Zandalari:

        The Thunderking:

        You have seen this one in my last TVD comment when I said that I would quit the show forever and that WoW does it better with these small videos than TVD does in a whole episode.

        Even cinematic scenes within the game are very good and often show a deeper complexity then you would expect from a online roleplaying game:

        The Wrath Gate:

        Goblin cinematic:

        Battle at the Serpents Heart:

        There are even a lot of fanmade films and all.
        So the stories and their world aren’t perfect, some things might be considered offensive, but storytelling-wise some nice little pieces for me to look at and listen to. And as you can see the design is often very well thought through.

        Now as for you and starting the game, well why not. You would not be the only woman in the game, there are not many but far more than what many think:

        Of course this video is from 2010 so perhaps the percentage is higher than 20 % now.

        And there is still a gender inequality as this spoof shows:

        But I personally think that is not due to video games not marketed at girls like many think but rather that it is still seen as something “girls don’t do” despite the fact that the players of WoW and many other game lines have a very broad scope. So I think there could be a lot of fun in WoW for you.

    • jmae

      I just blocked out Gerard’s werewolf history speech, because it didn’t go with what was established in season 1. Hopefully that get explained more. Even though Peter doesn’t fit the werewolf myth presented in this episode he’s the only one so far that fits the picture of the beast of gevaudan presented in season 1. Which I really want explained. Why can Peter turn into this monstrous beast but so far other werewolves can’t. Was that the writers way of saying that he was more animalistic, but why hasn’t Deucalion turned into something like that yet if he’s so horrible.

      • Andre

        Well in season 1 that one picture of “the beast” (it didn’t really look like any depiction of the actual beast) in Allison’s book was not seen very well but it had red eyes, big ears and was bipedal so it was kind of like Peter.

        Now supposedly it would be explained this season why Derek never turned into that, however they originally also said Kali would be the pack leader and turns out she wasn’t also, they do a 4 months hiatus after episode 12 so who knows whether that will ever be answered respectively whether the answer will really be an answer.

      • Johan

        Werent it also shown that Gerard is a stinking liar and shouldnt be trusted? Not even Scott trusted him!

  7. East Coast Captain

    I had to reply to Andre he´s freaking awesome with the posts and stuff :). If Stiles had been the protagonist and the werewolf all the things that made him great would be gone think about it. This show was probably conceived in an office 4 years ago. If Stiles had been the Protagonist in the first place he wouldn´t be Stiles not like we know him he would be a victim to the writers inconsistencies and rapid retcons. Its a good thought wondering what if but it will just make our heads spin.

    • Andre

      I think he would most likely be a victim to the werewolf stereotype of having more brawn than brain, or can anybody here say that he/she has seen many fictional werewolves that are actually smart?

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