Are You Ready to Rumble? – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season 3A Finale “Lunar Ellipse”

im the alpha

alpha now

im the alpha

stiles alphabet 1 allisonargents

When I was little, my dad used to love watching WWF Wrestling.  I never got the appeal, personally.  The fat ugly guys dressed in weird costumes . . . the fake fights . . . the ridiculously badly written skits the various fighters would be forced to act out prior to each match . . . the fact that every match began with a pre-ordained Designated Loser, thereby taking all the intrigue and guesswork out of the entire viewing experience.

rip my blouse


One thing I did enjoy about WWF Wrestling was the announcer . . . and how, before every match, he’d say in this booming voice, “Let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEE,” always carrying out the last syllable of the word “rumble” for as long as humanly possible.

Now, that guy was awesome!  In fact, I spent a good portion of my childhood, trying to be That Guy.  So much so, that I’d been known to run around my house repeating those words, ad nauseam.  “Are you ready to rumblllle?  Are you ready to rummblllllleee?  Are you ready to rumbllllllle?”

stop hounding me

In case you haven’t guessed it by now, I was kind of an annoying kid . . .

In WWF Wrestling, every once in a while, they’d have these events called Cage Matches, where pretty much the entire cast . . . Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Designated Losers . . . would get thrown into the ring at the same time.  Sometimes a few of the fighters would form alliances with one another . . . good guys versus bad . . . plotting, strategizing, taking turns at fighting, so as not to tire themselves out.

dancing derek and ennis

But most of the time they all just beat the crap out of one another, with no rhyme or reason at all . . .

not sure how to stop

“Lunar Ellipse” kind of reminded me of one of those Cage Matches.

In a season that contained more villains than any one preceding it, this week’s finale had the unenviable task of deciding what to do with them all.   Putting them in the same room, and letting them beat the crap out of one another, must have seemed like the most logical solution . . .

kung fu fighting - Copy

This is not to say it was a bad episode.  It wasn’t . . . at all.  “Lunar Ellipse” offered a ton of action, some solid fight scenes, and a neat little conclusion, which, while providing the kind of closure fans need going into a four-month hiatus, also paved the way for some intriguing future story lines.  I just suspect that the episode appealed a lot more to people who are fans of say . . . WWF Wrestling, than fans like me . . . who spent half the length of her last recap dissecting a 15-second long kiss between Stiles and Lydia . . . which this episode never mentioned, by the way.  It was almost as if it never happened  . . .

sex me now

[Of course, I must thank my good pal Andre for working tirelessly each week to provide me, and the five people who read this, a collection of some of the best Teen Wolf screencaps you’ll find on the internet.  And I can say that, without being conceited, because I have no hand in their creation, whatsoever. You rock, Andre.  And I’d totally want you at my side, if I ever found myself in a cage match . .  .]

crying stiles

And so, without further adieu, “Let’s get ready to RUMMMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLEEEE!”

The Wet Nap

When we last left our heroes, Stiles, Scott and Allison had decided to cope with the prospective loss of their parental units by taking baths.




This, coincidentally, is the solution Trusty Veterinarian Deaton suggests for all all major problems on this show.  It’s his deus ex bath-shina.  Then again, maybe he’s just really into hygiene.

cryptic vet

magic eraser

When the episode opens, the threesome awaken, surprised to find that their bathtubs have been moved to some random empty office building with a big ole tree stump in the center.  Basically, this whole scene can serve as a PSA for the dangers of smoking too much weed, before taking your deus ex bath-shina.

in tub

office space


the tree

Sorry . . . I just couldn’t help myself.

Stiles, Scott and Allison each touch the tree, triggering their memories of the time they first encountered it, which, coincidentally, happened to all three of them on the same night.

touching the tree

Of course, I’m referring to the night from the pilot episode.  You know, the one where Scott and Stiles went out into the woods in search of a dead body, the night before the first day of school.  Then, Scott ended up getting bitten by Werewolf Peter Hale AND almost hit by a car driven by Allison Argent’s mom.

baby scottdead girl

“Remember me?”

big eyes

goofy stiles

why do i

Why do I look significantly older than everyone else?  Oh yeah . . . because my scene wasn’t shot three years ago.”

i love youuuu

“I love you Allisssssssssoooooooooon!”

You all recall seeing a big fat tree stump in that scene, don’t you?

memba tree

“Remember tree?”

look confused

No?  Well, that, my friends, is what we in The Biz ” (I’m not really in The Biz.  Being in The Biz would require me to actually get paid for doing this.) call RET-CON.

(I do, however, remember Scott almost getting hit by a car. And I’m intrigued by the notion that Davis always planned to have the Argents play the role of Hit-and-Runners.  If so, that was some pretty crafty story boarding on his part.  If not . . .)

stefan shrug

Upon waking up back in Deaton’s office, the kids learn they’ve been snoozing in their bathtubs for SIXTEEN HOURS!  SIXTEEN HOURS . . . that’s almost an entire day!  I thought they’d be more, you know, brain dead, from lack of oxygen . . . or at least a little pruney.

dont get it wet

Before . . .

wet gremlin

After . . .

Actually, the whole “out for 16 hours” conceit really seems like nothing more than a plot-manufactured time jump to get us closer to the time when the Lunar Eclipse is meant to occur.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved the way the Surrogate  Sacrifices concept was portrayed in the last few moments of Alpha Pact, and the opening moments of this episode.  It was poignant, visually appealing, and compellingly morbid.  I adored how each hero carried a totem of his or her parent into the water, and how Stiles, Allison and Scott each literally put their lives in the hands of someone they cared about.  It was all very Inception-esque. . . in a good way.

inception water


But there was one teensy tiny problem with this whole design .  . . THERE WERE NO ACTUAL SACRIFICES!!!!

verbal keyboard smash

By temporarily suiciding themselves in bathtubs, Stiles, Scott and Allison did not, as was initially suggested, free their parents from the Darach’s clutches.  Instead, it just made them into Human GPS’s for a big ole’ tree stump that, honesty, didn’t look all that hard to find in the first place.

ep 9 obviously stiles

And since I’m nitpicking, what exactly did Isaac, Deaton and Lydia do for those sixteen hours, while their friends were “dead?”  Sleep?  Pray?  Marathon the entire first two seasons of Teen Wolf?  (Without commercials, of course.)

ep 5 not watching notebook again

I’m just saying there were probably at least one or two more efficient ways the Scooby Gang could have spent their time, during the last sixteen hours before the Druid Apocalypse, than Bath Time with Rubber Duckie . . .

rub my ducky

pissed at sleeping

“Couldn’t you have put an alarm clock in there or something?”

Also sleeping on the job, since last week?  Der Bear.



We find him in his loft, being lovingly coddled by a no-longer-spewing-black-goo Cora.  Meanwhile, Peter Hale screams at him to hurry up and actually do something heroic, and/or run and hide under a table from that wacky lady with foot fungus, who seems intent on murdering them all . . . whichever he prefers . . .

lizard people, geriatric psycho

Hiding under the table is looking like a more attractive option, by the minute . . .

Breaking and Entering

Back at the Vet’s office, Ethan . . .


gay one

. . . pops by to see Lydia.  And I’m wondering how he knew she was there.  Is her scent so strong that it could be tracked after sixteen hours?  That’s a LOT of perfume . . .

what are you doing here

DEATON: “Why is he here?  I thought you were dating the other one?”

LYDIA: “Beats me.  I’ve been screwing the guy for months, and I still can’t tell the two of them apart.”

Perhaps, he popped by her mom’s house, and asked if the red-headed teen could come out to play.  Then, Mama Martin replied, “I’m sorry Sexy Teen.  Lydia isn’t home.  In fact, she hasn’t been home for over 24 hours.  Last I checked, she went to visit that creepy veterinarian at his office, after hours.  Hmmm . . . I wonder if I should be concerned for her well-being.  Probably not.  I mean I did her hair this morning, and she looked so cute.  Girls with cute hair NEVER get murdered by creepy veterinarians who have no friends their own age, right?”

harm a hair lol

Lydia and Ethan head to Chez Derek to confirm for him, what he pretty much already knows . . . that Kali Toe Jam is coming to his house to kill him.

lyd back

chatting together

So, now would be a good time to run screaming like a little girl.  Lydia helpfully notes using her Banshee-Spidey Senses that she feels like she’s standing on a graveyard, which the Hales immediately take to mean that if Derek stays at home he’ll die there.  But, I don’t know . . . didn’t Boyd die in Derek’s house?

boyd kicking ass

too soon haha - Copy

Back in “Scott-Land,” McCall and Co. are skipping around to their various homes, so that the wolf can smell Allison’s and Stiles’ dad’s personal items, and “follow his nose” to the Darach’s lair.

in home

“Don’t worry Stiles.  I won’t mistake your underwear for your dad’s.  I’ve sniffed your boxers before.  They have a very distinct scent . . . particularly after lacrosse practice.”

Wait . . . what?  Don’t they know where the parents are already?  Isn’t that what the 16-hour wet dream was for?  Is there a plot specific purpose for Scott’s inexplicable desire to sniff Chris Argent’s boxers?


smell something

Oh . . . now I get it . . . they had to run back to Allison’s house, so that they could have a run-in with This Guy . . .

daddy o

. . . a.k.a. FBI Douche . . . a.k.a. Scott’s Dad . . .

not you

ALLISON: “Is that what you are going to look like in 25 years?  Because I could live with that.”

ISAAC: “Me too.  He’s kind of a DILF.”

How did he get in?  I hope he has a warrant.  Nevermind.  This is Beacon Hills we are talking about here.  The only laws that matter here, are the Laws of the Jungle .  . .

Jungle Boogie

How many Alpha Males do you know that let girls fight their battles for them?

ep 9 yeah derek just teenwolf

So, Derek goes to hide under a rock somewhere, leaving Lydia and Ethan to house sit for him.  (You know, because he has so much expensive furniture for people to steal.)

ill get you

“I’ll slay you with my snide comments about your poor personal hygiene, and uninspired fashion sense.”

A few seconds later, that car alarm Derek installed in his wall, goes off, and in comes Kali Feet-for-Brains . . .

kali here

“Bored now . . .”

. . . along with Aiden . . .

and aiden

straight one

Aiden starts off fighting at Kali’s side.  But his alliance shifts quickly when Kali starts talking smack on his showmance girlfriend Lydia.  Do I smell a Character Rehabilitation?

mad ethan


“Smells like Jackson’s replacement.”

Something is missing from this little party.  What can it be?  Oh, wait, I know . . . an Evil Druid in tight leather pants!

came through ceiling

That’s better.  Now, we can REALLY have some fun . . .

stiles dancing at gay bar melchiors

Cue the 80’s Video Game Theme Music.  It’s time for a Girl Fight!

Now, as much as I usually snooze through extended battle scenes, I have to say, this one is pretty awesome.  There is something elegant, and almost graceful about the well choreographed way Jenny the Darach and Kali attempt to kick one another’s asses.

dancing kali and jen dancing jen 2 dancing 3 dancing 4 dancing 5

lets put our heads together

“Let’s put our heads together and strategize.”

not happening

“Not so fast, Siamese Lunkhead Twins.”

(I guess they should have merged by Aiden fisting Ethan, like they did last time . . . These guys brains are clearly not their strongest organs.)

And then, all of the sudden, they stop fighting, and the music gets all cheesy and romantic.  Jenny is talking about how much prettier she is, now that she has her Magic Coochie, and doesn’t have to look like Lord Voldemort 24-7.  Then she starts levitating, while Kali gazes at her lovingly.  And I’m thinking, if this were another show, these two chicks would make for some really hot lesbians . . .

looking loving

looking loving 2

Then, Jenny throws some glass from the ceiling in Kali’s face, and she dies instantly.

opens ceiling glass blower glass in face

dead kali


Wait . . . WHAT?  Did I miss something?

Please tell me that Jenny Darach didn’t murder virgins, soldiers, philosophers, and countless birds, just so that she’d have enough strength to shove a one-inch thick shard in someone’s face.

Solstice Sunglass Boutique - Safilo USA at the HBO Luxury Lounge In Honor Of The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Day 1

Should have worn these . . .  could have saved her life.

I’ve seen carpenter ants that are harder to kill than Kali .   . .

Anyway, nice knowing ya, Wolf Girl.  I hope they find a coffin for you that’s large enough to fit your massively long toe nails . . .


Worry not, Lydia.  It’s Shrek to the rescue!

shrek to the res

offended shrek

. . . or . . . maybe not.

neck snap down on floor

You know that old adage about always wearing clean underwear, so that, if you die, you don’t have to be embarrassed about the state of your skivvies?  Well, I’m pretty sure the same goes for wearing YOUR OWN PAIR OF PANTS . . .

Sensitive chick that she is, Jenny Darach tries to cheer up a bereft Lydia, by quoting, the always Hilarious Coach Crackhead . . .

bigger bigger

“The bigger they are . . . the harder they fall the bigger they are . . . indeed.

Where there’s smoke, there’s a screamer.

Boys and their toys .  . .

sitting showing weapons

Allison cleverly uses her impressive knowledge of advanced artillery to mesmerize Scott’s dad, before gassing him with a grenade, and using the diversion she created to escape with her harem of wolf men . . .

can of whoop ass

“And this weapon is what I like to call a Big Ole Can of Whoop Ass.”

Elsewhere in town, an abnormally thick fog causes Stiles to get into a car accident, and Lydia screams . . . though the two events aren’t necessarily related.

driving stiles fogcrash

lyd screams

Derek hears Lydia scream, and decides to return to town, which kind of seems counter intuitive to me.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Derek running away like a little wussy, BECAUSE Lydia sensed death?

ep 9 no fit gravyjones

And since she’s a banshee, isn’t Lydia’s scream supposed to signify that someone’s death is imminent . . . someone like Derek?

nodding oh yeah

Do they not teach logic in Werewolf School?

View to a Death

All over Beacon Hills, heroes and villains are preparing for their battle royale.  Allison and Isaac FINALLY find that damn root cellar, where all the parents are being held . .  .

find cellar 1

find cellar 2

Scott reluctantly agrees to join forces with Deucalion against the Darach.

with deuc

Derek inexplicably links himself with Jenny once again.  (That must be one SERIOUSLY POWERFUL Magic Coochie.)


And Stiles . . . Stiles?  Bueller?

sleeping stiles

Back in La Casa de Ineffective Alpha, Cora and Lydia watch Shrek morph back into two teenage boys, each with their own pair of pants.

find boys

find boys 2

“These two are so much more likeable when they are unconscious.”

They decide to bring the pair to Vet Deaton.  Maybe he’ll make them take a bath, like he does with everyone else . . .

magic eraser

And then, because this episode hasn’t satisfied its product placement quote, Scott sends the Evil Darach a message on her Android phone . . . you know, because villains use Androids and heroes use iPhones, just saying . . .

revenge sign

reading text

“Is he for real with this sh*t?”

Who’s Your Alpha?

It’s fitting that the final Cage Match between all our characters occurs right under the revenge sign Ennis made, back in “Visionary.”  The Same Vengeance Sign that led to Gerard blinding Deucalion, which led to Deucalion creating his Alpha Pack, which led to his Alpha Pack killing their emissaries, which led to Kali not-quite killing Julia Baccaria / Jennifer Blake.   This was the Vengeance Sign that started everything.  And it would be a great place for everything to end, except for the fact that Scott and Derek are both under the delusion that being a “Good Guy” means having to be a “Doofus.”   But we’ll get to that soon enough . . .


Anyway, our chance to see Death -Destroyer-of-Worlds Deucalion’s Alpha Form has finally arrived.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

cyber smurf

Interesting . . . he’s kind of like a cross between an Evil Cyborg . . .


.  . . and a Smurf.


Or, maybe like a blue version of Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask.

jim carrey mask

Sure, Peter’s Gorilla-Alpha, and Jackson’s Kanaima were scarier.  But Demon Wolf gets points for making a fashion statement.  Blue is, after all, the new black.  Smurf-Borg does to a pretty good job of kicking Jenny the Darach’s ass . . . at least until Scott creates a familiar diversion . . .

come at me bro

come at me bro! noo hahahah familiar diversion

Annnnnnnd then comes the Lunar Eclipse.

luna r e

Welcome back, Lord Voldemortette.  We’ve missed you!


“Wait . . . let’s talk about this Jenny the Darach.  Before you kill Deucalion, don’t you want him to see how ugly you look in the morning without your makeup on,” Derek offers hopefully.

your adorable prettylittlegossipgirl

Come on, Jenny.  You’ve been a fairly intelligent villain up until now.  You aren’t going to fall for this one, are you?

But she does!  Perhaps, the Lunar Eclipse not only deprives werewolves of their powers, it also makes television characters into morons.  Knowing that she only has 15 minutes to kill the guy she’s been waiting eagerly to kill since 2002, Jenny the Darach suddenly decides that it’s more important to (1) fix his eyesight, so that he can WATCH her kill him, and (2) play pattycake with Derek!

eye fix

der and jen

Villains the world over, are hanging their heads in shame . . .

draco malfoy facepalm

I like how the writers analogized Derek’s endurance of his Stage-Five-Clinger Girlfriend’s ineffective punches to his human form, to Derek’s endurance of his errant werewolf children’s scratches, back when they went all rabid batty, early on in the season . . .

torn up derek 1

Then, the Lunar Eclipse is over, and everyone’s back to Werewolf Cage Fighting . . . except for Jenny, who has a meme to share with all of you.

mountain ash

“I know you like cages, so I put a cage in your cage,” she says.

And I bet you’ll never guess what that cage is made out of?  That’s right!

mountain ash

This annoying ass brown dirt is fast becoming a lead character on this show.  It’s the deus ex dirtshina.

making mountain ash

Now, Scott is miming again.  Get it?  He’s the man outside the box.  We’ve been here before . . .

more bubble

bubble pop 1

Jenny calmly tells him he should probably be thinking more about saving the parents, who are stuck underground in an avalanche, than putting on a show.  But Scott will not be deterred from his performance.  Besides, he knows that, as per usual, “his pack” will do all the dirty work of saving lives, while he pops bubbles with his mind  . . .

That’s right.  It’s Stiles . . . in the root cellar .  . . with his trusty bat.  How’s that for an answer in the game of Clue.

im batman haa

batman catwoman

im batman

(P.S. I’m so glad he didn’t die in that car accident.  I hope the massive head injuries he suffered from his airbag not deploying have no long-term impact.)

Speaking of not-dead, Deaton puts gas masks on the Alpha Twins, and they magically come back to life.  You know, because gas masks heal broken necks all the time!


I’m teasing Mr. D.  In all seriousness, I’m proud of the guy.  At least he didn’t throw the twins in an ice bath, this time . . .

Back in the Cage Fight, “True Alpha” Scott finally pops that pesky bubble.

bigger bubble

And Deucalion easily dispenses with Jenny Darach, by gently nipping at her neck with his nails.  That’s embarrassing . . .

neck swipe 2

Surely, Scott and Derek are going to kill the Son of a B*tch now aren’t they?

done trying to kill

NO?  NOOOOO??? They are going to let the guy live, because they heard that one time, back in 2002, for a few days, he was a nice guy?

im a moron

“I’m a moron.”


smash 2

soap dish smash


verbal keyboard smash


haha losers

“See ya in Season 3B, SUCKERS!”

I’m kind of relieved this season is over.   This show increases my blood pressure . . .

Back at the Argent house, Allison has chosen a new credo for the Werewolf Hunters, “We help those who can’t help themselves.”

help those

Nice right?  Except, the old credo: “Only kill werewolves that murder innocent humans,” was pretty nice too.  The problem was that NOBODY FOLLOWED THE CREDO, EXCEPT CHRIS ARGENT.


Here’s hoping the Argent’s improve their reading comprehension in Season 3B . . .

At school, everything seems to have gone back to normal, except everyone seems to have coupled off.  And Scott and Stiles have to pretend they don’t care that they are the only two people out of their entire group of friends, who aren’t getting laid . . .

aid lyd better eth dan better isal stiles and scott

blue balls

never have sex

Also, Derek left town with Cora .  . . a major plot development that will probably last until about 10 minutes into Season 3B.

left town

. . . which brings us to our final scene, and it’s flashback . . . to about ten minutes ago in the episode.

Jenny Darach is ALLLLIIIIIIIIVE!  She’s crawling to her precious Nemeton . . . hoping it will save her a second time.

save me

But Magic Tree is having NONE of Magic Coochie.  Not when she had this great chance at World Domination and blew it so royally.   Nahh, Nemeton is going to grant its power to a WINNER this time around.  A winner like THIS GUY . . .

out on top


always been the alpha


And that’s all she wrote folks.  Thanks for sharing Teen Wolf with me this summer.  It’s truly been a blast.  See you January 6th!

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10 responses to “Are You Ready to Rumble? – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season 3A Finale “Lunar Ellipse”

  1. Antonia

    Wow, this episode was…I don’t know how to explain it, maybe a little disappointing, but still awesome?

    First off, all the annoying things that happened here: 1. As you said, what exactly was Lydia, Deaton and Isaac’s part in bringing the other three back to life? I thought the ’emotional connection’ would be better displayed? Instead of Stiles/Scott/Allison waking up after 16 hours and suddenly rushing around like normal…like they didn’t just die…
    2. Stile’s car crash was a bit of a let down. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want him to die or anything, but what was the point of it if all he got was a little scratch after being knocked unconscious? I suppose it was to make him late and save the day for his dad and pals. Still, they could have made something bigger out of it, no one bothered to find out where he was.
    3. Jennifer slamming Derek against the wall countless times, which had no effect on him whatsoever. I liked the flashbacks, but I didn’t understand them.
    4. Lydia and Aiden (or Ethan…) are going out! Whaat! She didn’t have to go straight out with Stiles or anything, but still! She kissed him! She knows what Stiles feels about her! Enough said!
    5. Oh and at the end, does that mean Allison and Isaac are together now or what? Cos I thought she still liked Scott?

    The good things from this episode :D:
    1.The Demon-wolf’s form was freaking hilarious. I liked your descriptions about the smurf xD (Btw, you actually make me laugh out loud to myself plenty of times!)
    2. I was so sad when Jennifer killed the twins, because all in all, they are actually quite nice, so was happy that they lived! But I’m glad Kali’s dead, she and her disgusting feet were mega annoying.
    3. Jennifer’s real face just gets to me everytime it pops up. I mean seriously…It’s kinda like when you used to put Laura Hale’s half body on every recap. It’s freaky…but funny. Make sense? (Gerard’s MOUNTAIN ASH is freaking hilarious too, your GIF has set me off xD)
    4. Scott’s dad is here to stay! Yay! However, I remember (correct me if I’m wrong) in the first episode of Season 1, Scott had just moved back in with his mum after spending the summer with his dad? So I’m not sure why he hates his dad or anything.
    5. Stiles’ father finally knows and believes! 😀

    I got scared for a minute at the end, thinking that Tyler Hoechlin (I think that’s how you spell his surname) was leaving the show! But when I read what you put, I began to think that yeah, that’s unlikely…I hope.
    PETEEERRRRR! Does this mean that he’s been evil all along?!! I actually thought he cared for Cora and Derek, I mean, they’re family! I wanted him to care…
    I’m not sure how I feel about Deucalion to be honest. I mean, he was good before Gerard stabbed his eyes out, and now maybe he’ll be good again because he has eyes? Hang on….this whole Darach vendetta against him and his Alpha pack has gotten me sidetracked…what was the purpose of him being in Beacon Hills again?

    I’m sorry this is so long! But I figured I should review so that you get more reviews and know that at least one more person reads this 🙂 Plus, none of my friends or family watch Teen Wolf, so I guess I have no one to chat to about this 😦 Can’t wait for the next half of this season! 😀

    • Hey Antonia! Thanks so much for your awesome comment. I know I’m replying kind of late. But I figure, hey, if we have to wait until January for a new season perhaps drawing out discussion of the last episode will make the time pass just a bit quicker. 🙂

      I’m with you 100% on Deaton’s “pairing” off of the couples prior to the deus ex bathshina being inspired in theory but totally pointless in execution. Lydia, Isaac and Deaton didn’t even physically pull the three out of the water. They just kind of . . . sat there. Also, what was the point of pairing Stiles with Lydia, and hinting at a romantic connection between them if, in the end, they ended up completely ignoring that connection, and pairing her with Aiden anyway?

      Perhaps, the writers are just purposefully prolonging the will they / won’t they of Stydia to keep fans guessing. But a little bone thrown to Stydia fans and some continuity in the finale in that regard would have been nice.

      Like you, I also thought Jenny Darach looked unintentionally hilarious in her Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations Dress and Voldemort Face Mask. It was as if she was deciding between two villains for her Halloween costume, couldn’t choose, and ultimately decided on both. 🙂

      You bring up a great point about Scott mentioning in the pilot that he spent the summer with his dad. Hopefully, the writers remember that and address it next season. Perhaps, Scott’s father having already screwed things up with Scott’s mom, even further alienated his son during their summer together. Or, maybe, during the summer Scott found out the real reason his parents split, and found his father to be completely in the wrong. Whatever the reason, I find the dynamic between Scott and his dad (and Scott’s dad and Stiles – what was up with those two?) pretty interesting, and look forward to seeing it play out next season.

      As for Peter, I do suspect that his alliance with the Scooby Gang was part of his VERY LONG CON to get back to Alpha status. It was the reason he manipulated Lydia into bringing him back in the first place. That said, what I like about Peter is that he’s layered, and not a comic book villain. I do believe his care and concern for Cora is genuine. I think he has an affinity toward Stiles (who he sees as somewhat of a kindred spirit, and a grudging admiration for Scott). I’ve also read in some spoilers that Peter’s connection to Lydia is very real. And that we will get to see that develop in Season 3.

      As for Peter and Derek, I think their relationship is a bit more complicated, seeing as Derek KILLED Peter. They have a family history together, but I absolutely think Peter would be willing to kill Derek, if he thought that was his only way to become Alpha. That said, I think Peter is relieved that he has, at least temporarily, gotten Derek and Cora to leave town, and that Derek is no longer an Alpha. This means Peter doesn’t have to kill Derek to get his power. He can kill Scott instead! And though Peter respects Scott, he’s not family . . .

      So yeah, this season finale definitely was not without its problems. But I do have high hopes for next season. 🙂 Here’s hoping its a good one.

      • Antonia

        That’s totally what I was thinking – why do they have the other half of the season so far away? 😦

        I guess it’ll be an intriguing start of the 2nd half having to deal with Peter again, and if anyone will find out about his evil status soon. I don’t want him to die though because he is so sassy :p

        Also, there does seem to be a sort of tension between Scott’s dad and Stiles…Maybe he’ll try to get to Scott through Stiles? Or maybe there’s been a past between Papa McCall and Papa Stilinski? Scott’s mum and Stiles’ dad seem to be getting awfully close!

        I find it funny that a kitsune will be introduced to this show, because in the vampire diaries’ books, they have to face an evil kitsune, but show no signs of this in the tv show. Sorry that was a random point xP

        I actually only started watching this show last year because I came across a poll on favourite gay pairings or bromance and Sterek won. I sort of have a love of bromance so I was like ‘okay, i’ll try this’ (and I love everything to do with fantasy/sci fi) and loved it from the first episode – Mainly due to Stiles’ hilariousness. But I’ve no idea why Sterek won because I was surprised to find that there is no actual STEREK whether gay or bromance. I mean, sure, they have banter, and will protect each other, but I’d have figured Stiles/Scott would have been a choice or something :p

        Sorry for straying from this episode!

  2. East Coast Captain

    It was not a terrible episode though it was lackluster and underwhelming.

    Yeah I always notice that the humans seem to save the day like 65 percent of the time, the werewolves usually fight the supernaturals but they aren´t the sharpest character.

    Demon Wolf? More like Demon Smurf although the Alpha form is a bit creative if you ask me.

    I expected more of Scott´s transition into an Alpha something epic…

    Deucalion definitely has that Sith going for him, he could be that visionary once again.

    Well summer see ya next year can´t wait for the Winter premier hope you guys have your mittens and snow boots ready.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! Team Human indeed. Though the wolves win, in terms of sheer muscle power, with the exception of Peter Hale, their stategizing skills leave much to be desired.

      Speaking of Peter, I still feel like his Alpha form trumps everyone elses, 100 times over. Derek didn’t even really have an Alpha form! As for Scott, I’m hoping we haven’t seen his True Alpha self yet. After all, he’s just accepted himself as “leader of the pack.” I think developing an Alpha form comes with being completely confident with yourself as an Alpha. It would explain why Derek never expressed an Alpha form, and Scott hasn’t yet.

      That said, showing Scott’s Alpha form would have made for a more exciting finale . . .

      Though I hated that the Scooby Gang let Deucalion live, I kind of hope that he “becomes a good guy” again, if for no other reason than that I don’t want to see him as a big bad ever again. He made for a pretty boring villain. The Kanaima, The Darach, and Alpha Peter had him beat hands down. Here’s hoping the kitsune does the same . ..

    • By the way, East Coast Captain, are you still planning to write that fanfiction featuring Stiles as the “initial bite receiver?” 😉

  3. Antonia

    I always enjoy your recaps. xoxox

  4. Andre

    Plothole: A plot hole, or plothole, a play on the word “pothole,” is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story’s plot, or constitutes a blatant omission of relevant information regarding the plot sometimes even contradicting itself. These include such things as unlikely behaviour or actions of characters, illogical or impossible events, events happening for no apparent reason, or statements/events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

    This episode was full of them.

    So, this comment took a bit longer.

    This recap of yours was:
    a) far too nice
    b) a bit weird to be honest

    At first it seemed like you were all over this episode and found it totally great, especially the pairings at the end, but in the other 75% of the recap it is obvious that you did not like this episode. And that is odd, since these two parts seem so totally different.

    The wrestling match analogy was fitting for the most part since here it was mostly all show. It reminds me of City of Bones, book and movie, and Clockwork Angel, all show and no substance, heavily copied and ripped off, as well as recycling old ideas that have not been good to begin with.

    So I definitely do not think that this episode had a neat little conclusion, which, while providing the kind of closure fans need going into a four-month hiatus, also paved the way for some intriguing future story lines.
    The ending was the most forced, plothole ridden and downright nauseating part of this whole damn episode and finally convinced me that I was wrong in thinking the makers of Teen Wolf really care about storytelling. All they apparently truly care is cashing in on the same sort of idiots that enjoy crap like The Vampire Diaries and the Mortal Instruments, who believe Keanu Reeves looks Asian because he is 1/32 Chinese (I am not kidding trust me), who think that Danny, Kali and Scott are not white people and Scott a Latino although all of them fit the phenotypic range of native Europeans and Scott doesn’t even show a hint of belonging to any Latino or Hispanic culture.
    And Julie, I know you like this stuff, but one part of me is honestly pretty disappointed in you while the other one is very proud. What you said about the ending sounds as though you are not able to look past things like faces and abs and did get caught in this obvious manipulation and sloppy episode that is an embarrassment to storytelling. But then the rest of your recap suggests otherwise. That you didn’t not fell for it and looked past this jumbled mess of an episode and saw how much they screwed up here. As a matter of fact, this coupled with all your snark about this episode makes me think two completely different people wrote this recap.

    Sure this episode had some good elements in it, but this does not make it good. Quite the contrary, this episode was 90 % disappointing (the other 10% were simply “Ok”) and a giant mess of plotholes, retcons, inconcistencies and plotconvenience and finally convinced me to try and write for racialicious and do a whole series of Teen Wolf related spoof pictures, because that is what this deserves. Because this is not like reading a Clare or Meyer book, or watching a Shyamalan movie. In my eyes these people have long proven that they are incompetent and even should they become better it would be too late in my eyes since they had thrown all constructive criticism over board and are way over their heads apparently both as writers and based on Shyamalan’s and Clare’s own statements, e.g. when their movies don’t work out as they planned they quickly jump ship, as can be seen in Clare before:

    And after the film came out:

    So like I said with these people, like with Julie Plec, I expect no different and so I am not disappointed, at mostly annoyed by how stupid they write their characters (the latest Bane Chronicles made Magnus even dumber and more Mary Sue than Clary in my eyes), when they write such crap. But here on Teen Wolf that is different. The makers proved that they can utilize the capabilities of the actors, that they can create stories that make sense and are captivating. So the fact that they chose to make a season finale like this is even worse. When someone is not capable to do something it might be bad but it is nowhere as bad as those that can do better but chose not to.

    PS. I said “season finale” on purpose since this episode was not a mid-season finale but a season finale. It had the same feel, make up and general tone as the other two season finales on this show. Actually with it pushing Stiles to the background, having Allison and Scott be separate and forgiving the Jackson clones just like that, coming out of nowhere for the straight one who also ends up with Lydia, this season finale was very much like the one of season 2. Downright to the fact that the “big bad” got away from the Scooby Gang, even in a similar scene where despite their enhanced hearing they did not notice that. Like Gerard. Sure Jennifer died, at least we think so since she died upon the Nemeton and since that thing is now active… naaaahhhh better not get any hopes up. I finally decided not to give Jeff Davis even two cents on credibility. And I am not sure whether I will return for next season to be honest, not after that disappointment. Maybe until then I will have seen and read enough good stuff to built up an armor but in werewolf related stuff it has been a while since I saw anything good.
    Now before I start with the actual comment on the episode I must say that episode 11 was a fitting mid-season finale, not this horrible mess.

    Now, the episode:
    I am convinced the style over substance crowd will have a great episode but for me it was one giant mess. I don’t care whether an episode looks good, we all know the look of the show definitely improved this season, when it is done at the expense of the story. And I said it once and will and do say it again: The biggest problem this season had was and is the werewolves. Whenever they are in the spotlight the season was dumb, shallow, sloppily executed and made no sense and had no justification apart from “the writers wanted it so” and that is not a real justification but a lame excuse.

    First, what is a lunar ellipse? Why is the episode called that way?

    And for fucks sake, this episode did not only treat the Stydia stuff, I am still against it but the way it was done here is ridiculous, to say the least, as if it never happened but it did the same thing with so much other stuff that I wonder whether Plec and Co. have taken over Teen Wolf. Since prior to this season this was not something Teen Wolf seemed prone to do, but The Vampire Diaries did on a regular basis. And thereby it seems to me as though Teen Wolf wants to attract the same crow. So basically the crowd that threatens the writers if they do not get their sick character pairings. Yeah great goal their makers, keep attracting those nutjobs.

    Oh yeah deus ex bath-shina, yeah that makes total sense. The whole thing with the ice bath is totally that. It… there is no better way to describe it. Not to mention that it revealed how ridiculous it is to let these guys play 16 and 17 year olds. I mean when they come out of the bath, look at Posey’s and O’Brians backs, they are totally broad and even O’Brian has packed up some muscle. Let these people graduate and don’t drag it out like TVD. These two actually started as teenagers and it is damn obvious.

    Now that retcon was so poorly done it was an embarrassment, you could clearly see that Scott rolled down a slope (or hillside I don’t know which English word you would use) and that there were trees all around him, just like lots of leaves. The area around the Nemeton was nearly barren and totally flat. For that to be the same area the whole area would have to be worked on with machines and so they would no longer recognize it, not to mention that no one would do such thing. Retcon alone is bad and a clear sign that writers, or here writer, cannot work with what they created. This can easily happen with a big group of writers that changes constantly, but that is not the case here so Davis has no excuse for this failure.
    Also I did not belief for a second that Davis had ever planned this. This is what he pulled out of his ass on a last minute to force some totally useless connection between the three and shove his style into our faces. Because what purpose does this “connection” really have? Why did they have had to be so close together back then? Was the full year prior to that not enough? Apparently not for Davis, so he just pulled one of the biggest clichés, three years after the show started. They could have used that time better, like so often in this episode and season.

    And correct:
    The whole “out for 16 hours” conceit really seems like nothing more than a plot-manufactured time jump to get us closer to the time when the Lunar Eclipse is meant to occur. I immediately asked myself why these people aren’t dead and why they weren’t revived immediately as was stated last episode. By which we have the first disconnect by the way. The whole thing screamed forced and plotconvenience to me. And considered how big the damn tree is and that Mr. Argent had that signal on anyway it was actually totally useless to do the whole hallucination thing. That said, this darkness in the characters’ hearts has a good chance to disappear also.

    And also correct:
    A problem we saw later on in the episode as well.

    Wait . . . what? Don’t they know where the parents are already? Isn’t that what the 16-hour wet dream was for? Is there a plot specific purpose for Scott’s inexplicable desire to sniff Chris Argent’s boxers?
    Nope, none whatsoever. It was funny sure, but apart from conveniently giving Scott a weapon for later on that scene was totally pointless.
    And to lead to him and his dad meet. Which is also useless since they would have met anyway. And by the way, how did that guy get in last episode when Scott was at the Vet’s and his mom captured? Doesn’t a divorce usually end in the exchange of locks?
    And I know this is post-Bush America where many laws no longer apply but unless they think Scott is a terrorist, the average American is surely dumb enough – hey they think Mariah Carey is black – to think that, but FBI agents? Why… oh right, forced plot convenience again.

    As good as the choreography of the fight scene was that one was one giant plothole and so much did not make sense.
    How can Julia suddenly be on par with Kali and the twins? She didn’t do the sacrifice yet, so was the thing in the hospital all a ruse? Could she do it all the time? Then why didn’t she kill the twins back then when they were separated from Kali and Deukalion? Why run? Or does she already draw power from the parents just for holding them hostage? If yes why not act soon also? Or wait until it is complete so she can take on Deukalion? This fight was shabby and a joke in terms of storytelling. Why did she even kill the twins? They had nothing to do with her fate. The only good thing was that finally someone had the sense to attack them while they merge, which our “super smart” werewolves were always too dumb to even try.
    By the way this switching sides of the twins is rushed and forced, they should have shown their development next season and not like this. Worse enough that plot-essential Dethan was shoved to mostly off-screen but this Aidya stuff is totally forced and what it also means you will read later.

    And all three werewolves went down far too easily. These Alphas are a joke, I come to why later.
    And yes apparently all that sacrifice was just there so Julia can throw glass at Kali. Which finally convinced me that these are not Teen Wolf druids they are TVD witches. Think about it:
    1) Supposedly about the balance of nature
    2) Serve even the evil guys for no reason
    3) The black ones are the faithful servants and the first most powerful one who also wants the bad guys dead as part of revenge is white
    4) Human sacrifice makes them stronger
    These are TVD witches. They even use levitation now. Slow levitation again, something Kali should have been able to avoid easily. Considered the twins’ speed at the start of season Kali should have been able to be out of there before Julia could even aim.
    And also:
    A shard in the forehead is fatal but a broken neck is not? It is rather the other way around. Not that I am surprised. It is the same as with TVD; if you are a white and straight guy you have the highest survival chances on Teen Wolf, especially when you are a bad boy who is sorry since that I apparently what the female demographic wants en masse so that they can romanticize the assholes they have to deal with in real life. Or has anyone a better explanation?
    And why would Cora want the twins to be alive? Why?

    And while I at first thought Allison’s little speech about weapons was smart now that I think about it: Shouldn’t an FBI agent have seen that coming? I mean aren’t these guys supposed to be professionals?

    And another plot convenience was the thick fog: Where did it come from? And to where did it disappear so suddenly.

    Interesting . . . he’s kind of like a cross between an Evil Cyborg . . .
    . . . and a Smurf

    Oh gosh that “Demon wolf” was so stupid. Not only was Deucalion for too weak when you consider his giant wiener speech but that face… This is what they came up with? Ennis’ and Isaac’s faces are more frightening and demonic than that. This is the big “demon wolf”? This is neither a demon nor a wolf, Peter could have pulled that off back in season 1, this is a zombie elf. A rotting zombie elf, even if Julia’s face was totally unexplained at least it looked frightening (by the way did she get a few new slashes?) but this thing looked ridiculous. Where they on drugs or what when they designed this? I know the show spends most of its budget on giving the people playing werewolves steroids but couldn’t they squeeze out a few more bucks to design a decent demon wolf face?
    And don’t get me started on that voice.

    And why is Deucalion still so “strong?” His pack is dead so he can’t draw strength from them and his first pack was no bigger than those of Kali or Ennis.

    And from the zombie elf we come to Michelle Bachmann in leather aka the darach. What da heck?!?!?! I was the same as you on that scene, I was all think: KILL THE GUY YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!!
    What is she waiting for? And apparently all this forced Dennifer shit (the most useless and forced piece of trash of the entire season) did culminate in this crap? And if she is so powerful why did she need Derek to begin with? Just levitate a few guns around Deucalion and shot the guy from all angles while you are standing in safe distance, ever heard of traps you dumb bitch? No instead she fixes his eyes and all so he can see her. If she can fix his eyes why could she not fix her face? Someone being able to regrow nerve cells surely can do plastic surgery right? But nope, she just fixes him and he screams…. He fucking screams. Why? Why? He can still see as a wolf, he killed his pack, he must have seen bodies ripped apart and didn’t flinch; he did just that when he killed his beta, but that face makes him scream?

    And her powers had no effect whatsoever? Why? Zombieelf did definitely not come along as strong enough to simply withstand her power. Is he immune or something? And even if, just levitate something sharp and cut his Achilles tendons, that would hinder his movements significantly. Oh wait, right Scott must be the hero so everyone else must be an idiot so Scott looks smarter in comparison.

    And the Mountain Ash ring… bullshit!!!!
    Why was Julia suddenly so scared? Didn’t she prepare one bit. I thought she knew what he was capable of.
    Why did she create a ring of Mountain Ash? Why not use her magic to blast it into their mouths?
    She can do telekinesis and these are idiots anyway. Can’t these makers use what they created? Let Julia use her telekinesis to blow the mountain ash directly into their faces or directly all their orifices. That would have worked.

    PS. A lunar eclipse does not look like this.

    PSS. What was with the sudden costume change? The old clothes would have been better and would not came along as something out of Hansel and Gretel witchhunters.

    PSSS. If the lunar eclipse turned the werewolves human shouldn’t the eclipse have killed the twins?

    PSSSS. What was this crap about killing Julia affecting Scott’s eye color? She clearly wasn’t innocent and since when do Alpha eyes turn blue? If that would be the case Peter’s should have been blue the whole time.

    Oh yeah the parents… that was just plain melodramatic. Why was all that necessary? She needs a whole storm to kill them? Why? No such thing was needed the other times.
    Why wasn’t Stiles dad getting them out? He was in Mortal Kombat after all.

    Of course it’s understandable that he wouldn’t talk about being involved in that film.


    And yes Scott and Derek are total morons. They proved that time and again in this episode, like when Derek returned because he heard Lydia scream… what did he care about her, or when Scott came up with his “plan” which wasn’t a plan at all but again plot convenience and merely a quick idea.
    Also this “Predator not killer” is rather different from what Derek preached in season 1 and also being a predator usually means that you kill, you are just not a murderer. And Heck Deucalion is a murderer who turned on his pack in an instant; this guy is too dangerous, even real life serial killers are not that dangerous.

    It is typical: Scott is stupid, he and Derek mess it up and Scott gets rewarded and pushed into the foreground. And speaking of pushing, why could he break though the barrier? Peter could not cross mountain ash in season 1, why could Scott? Plothole.

    What did these writers smoke when they did this? This is the dumbest thing I have seen in a while and you know what the worst part is? Scott has so much plot armor that no matter what level of stupidity he shows it will never bite him in the ass, never ever.
    What arc did Scott even have? And why should he be special? What is there about him? When things actually got personal for him, meaning when either Allison, his mother or for some reason Derek was affected (God knows he doesn’t seem to care about his alleged best friend anymore) he was the first to whine and bitch out. He showed no strength of character, no morality, no strength of will necessary to justify him being a “True Alpha”.
    And why didn’t he just Alpha up? Seriously, what reason was there for delaying? He could have become an Alpha all the time and simply kick Deucalion’s ass, so why not do it? Just to not give Deucalion what he wants? Why not Alpha up and set a trap for Deucalion with Scott being the bait? Why not? If this show wants to be taken seriously they need to fill these plotholes they created and they get bigger and bigger.

    Nice right? Except, the old credo: “Only kill werewolves that murder innocent humans,” was pretty nice too. The problem was that NOBODY FOLLOWED THE CREDO, EXCEPT CHRIS ARGENT.
    Which really makes you wonder why they had that to begin with. And are the Argents the only hunters? At least Julia’s talk seems to suggest so, I that case: Where do they get their troops from? Where? It was never explained.

    Also, Derek left town with Cora . . . a major plot development that will probably last until about 10 minutes into Season 3B.
    Definitely, no doubt about that.

    And the ending… massive overacting. Of course it was convenient that Peter killed Lydia, just like it was convenient that Deucalion slashed her throat earlier so Scott doesn’t need to get his hands dirty.
    And this begs three questions:
    1) How can she even talk with a slit throat?
    2) Was that piece of exposition at the end really necessary?
    3) So this is the face Derek has when someone he supposedly loved dies?

    I promised two things to do later and here they are:
    1) These Alphas were not antagonists; they were nothing more than poorly done plot devices to get us another revenge storyline like in season 1 and 2 and to shove Scott in the foreground in total Gary Stu stile.
    2) Lydia hooking up with Aiden again proves that neither she nor the writers care about Boyd or any other people the twins killed. These two are murderers, but anyone is ok with them being around.

    Therefore again:
    This episode was a total mess and Davis stinks!!!!

    • True Story. I was a very negative little kid. I used to come home from kindergarten every day and bitch to my mom about the petty injustices of my little world. “So and so stole the toy I was playing with,” “I didn’t get to use the purple crayon,” “That mean boy pulled my pigtails,” “the teacher made us do boring addition.”

      Eventually my mom got fed up with my whining and made me a proposition. “You can tell me all the bad things about your day that you want. But first you have to come up with five positive things about your day.”

      At first, this request made me mad. I’d purposefully try to find the most banal, useless positive things to say about my day, just so I could get to the bad stuff. “I like my shirt.” “I’m glad school is over for today.” “I’m glad nobody murdered me.”

      But eventually, this little Jedi mind trick my mother played on me, actually made me start thinking about my day in a more positive way, and I became a more positive person, as a result.

      Why am I telling you this? It’s my sly way of responding to your criticism of the seeming uneven tone of my recap. Whenever I recap an episode of a particular show, regardless of how I felt about a particular episode, I always try to find at least one or two things that were positive about it, and include those positives in the introduction to my recap. I do this out of respect for the writers of a show that, despite its imperfections, I enjoy enough to recap, and also out of respect for the people who read the recap, who obviously like the show, or they wouldn’t be taking the time to read a recap about it.

      There’s an old saying that goes, “When you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

      I take that advice in my recaps, which is why, when I can no longer find at least one nice thing to say about a series, I stop recapping it. It’s the reason I stopped regularly recapping Glee and Pretty Little Liars. I felt that it wouldn’t be fair to fans who still enjoyed the show to be subjected to my negativity.

      As for the snark of this recap illustrating my dislike for the episode, that wasn’t my intention. I consider myself more of a recapper than a reviewer. To that end, I’d like to think that all of my recaps are equally snarky, and poke goodnatured fun at episodes, whether I enjoy them or not. Now, of course, my biases are going to come through in my writing. I’m Team Stiles. I get frustrated by Scott’s milquetoastiness on a regular basis. I’m annoyed by the emasculation of Derek Hale this season. I think Peter Hale is awesome. But I’d like to think that I’m an equal opportunity snarkist against all characters, despite my personal opinions. Maybe I’m not . . .

      That said, yeah, overall I wasn’t crazy about this episode. I thought it seemed a bit haphazard, lacked focus, and failed to develop too many dangling plot threads from previous episodes. But I still think it had some positive things to offer, was visually appealing (particularly in that first scene, problematic as it was) and did the job of making me excited for next season.

      As for Jeff Davis, I think he’s a talented writer who shares a storytelling problem that many writers have. Heck it’s a problem I have, and I’m not a third as good a storyteller as him. Davis is not a closer. He’s great at crafting stories, introducing mythological concepts, and making fans eager for a conclusion, and then he sort of lets things fall apart at the end. We saw it with the season 2 finale. And we see it here. The Season 3 finale had all the ingredients to be awesome: The Surrogate Sacrifice Concept. The Darach’s completion of her final ring of sacrifices. The parents fighting for their lives. The development of Peter’s long con. The loss of werewolf power during the eclipse. The development of romantic relations between Stiles and Lydia, and Isaac and Allison. But none of them were really developed to the extent that they could have been, leaving us to speculate about better ways this could have played out.

      That said, I still have confidence, based on how things left off, that Davis can create an engaging Season 3B, during which Scott and his new expanded pack fight to keep at bay the hellmouth they created while taking a really long nap in a bathtub. 🙂

      • Andre

        I am so sorry for this insanely late reply, but it I just noticed today that I apparently didn’t follow the conversations to this recap, so it was pure coincidence I noticed it today.

        Now granted the episode had its good elements, like I wrote, but I don’t think they even remotely balance out the rest.

        I am not thrilled for season 3b exactly because Davis throws in so much stuff but never seems to go through with it when it’s not convenient for the plot. And that is the problem TVD had and probably still has, that is the problem of Cassandra Clare (and while I think the CoB movie was bad it was better than the book, by far).

        I personally no longer follow the “When you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” When there is nothing nice to say I think it’s the honest and respectful thing to do, to say the truth, otherwise you are basically lying in my mind and that is definitely disrespectful. If you don’t say what is wrong with something, how are people supposed to know what can be improved?

        So speaking of Glee, do you still watch that? I stopped a long time ago, I started doing a Sam – Blaine slash story, well technically a remake, past season 3 due to a request, but apart from that I am no longer interested in Glee. The bad stuff simply outweighed the little positive stuff there was and currently I need all my mental strength to not go insane from the Bane Chronicles, they are incredibly bad (the vampires in the last book made Derek look like Stiles, intelligence wise).

        And allegedly an actress like Arden Cho will be the Kitsune, to which I say this:
        A female Kitsune is as cliché and overdone as a male werewolf is. Also the first major “Asian” character is female is also not progressive but quite frankly the same stuff American television does all the time, so nothing progressive here in my mind.

        Many people are team Stiles, probably the majority of Teen Wolf fans (of course some people blame this on Scott being “non-white”, yeah right, Posey is a full blood white guy I can guarantee you), so why they decided to treat Stiles attempts at physically fighting back like a constant joke and had him be a virgin despite opportunity the last two seasons I don’t get and frankly if they did it for two seasons now I doubt they will change it in the next.
        So I doubt that Scott will get any smarter or that Derek will become better.
        One thing I must say is this: Dethan this season was better done than Allison and Scott in season 1. At least in the short amount of time there we see these two actually care about each other, when it wasn’t shoved aside for Dennifer stuff, which is still totally forced and pretty useless. And despite what Davis stated about Dethan, this was not done the same way we saw Dennifer or Scott and Allison making out, quite the contrary. There was a significant difference:


        Why not stuff like this:

        Or this:

        Seriously, is something like this too much for American mainstream?

        Season 3b… well maybe I can get enough fuel of good stories to fill the time, but I am not sure whether I can. Watching The Conjuring definitely helped:

        And I am giving the miniseries World without End a try:

        So who knows.

        And since I brought up this miniseries:
        Why is it that people like Indira Varma (Indian father and a Swiss mother who was part Genoese Italian) and Kostja Ullmann (one Indian Grandparent) can play historical English people but someone as undoubtly white, even by US American media standards, like Posey is mostly restricted to Hispanic roles and when he plays a role people seem to immediately assume the role is latino/Hispanic?

        As much as it pains me to say it, if Scott is actually supposed to be a latino/Hispanic then High School musical did it better then Teen Wolf, by having Vanessa Hudgeson’s character be named Montez, at least it points towards such ancestry, but not Scott. And even if he would be latino, he is still white, he could easily play historical European roles. Look at this making-of of “World without End”:

        It starts at 01:43 and if Aure Atika (Morrocan mother) can play a French Queen named Isabella, Indira Varma can play a 14th century witch (at 9:04, technically she appears at the start of the video but it’s pretty short) and Kostja Ullmann (shortly seen at 4:15 and 17:33, or the main role in a 2008 version of The Valiant Little Tailor: or this film playing in pre-unified Germany: , there is more, much more but let’s keep it with this), Tyler Posey could do as well.
        At least how he looked in Into the West suggests that:

        He is light olive I think, that is light enough to play several white ethnicities of Europe.

        So either way, my trust in Teen Wolf is nowhere near as strong as it once was.

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