The Hunted – A Review of The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Premiere, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

better i know what you

Welcome back, Fangbangers!  It appears we have a lot of catching up to do . . .

long summer damon


So, tell me, how did you spend YOUR summer?  Did you travel to far off places?

traveling kat


Meet some new and interesting people?

girls making out


Get healthy by starting a new . . . um . . . workout routine?

delena sex wow

delena sexing



Change up your look a bit?

matt possessed by maenad

Black eyes are the new orange . . .

Perhaps, you just spent the summer relaxing by the pool?

more drowning


To be honest, it’s been so long, I’m just hoping that none of you DIED, and are merely carrying on the facade of living to spare my feelings.  (Please let me know if you are.)

omg dead

Regardless of what . . . or who . . . you were doing this summer, sometimes it’s just nice to return home and connect with old friends.

door kiss


This week’s TVD Season Premiere saw most of our favorite Mystic Fallians heading into uncharted waters . . . sometimes literally.

drowning stef


For Caroline and Elena, this meant going from vampires at the top of their high school food chain, to freshmen in college, who can’t attend frat parties, because no one will invite them in . . .

chapter in our lives


For Damon, this meant staying home and having to babysit unruly humans, while his girlfriend was off having fun, and his brother was .  . . taking a really long bath.

nothing to worry


For Stefan, this meant interminable and repeated death by drowning . . . all while suffering from the knowledge that his brother and former lover were boning, and his shadow self was off wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls, while wearing his face . . .

beating up stefan

Katherine was forced to relearn the ignominy of running in high heels, and seducing men with her hot body and sexy smoker’s voice, as opposed to merely compelling them to like her like she used to do . . .

god you are hot fyeah katerina and damon

Matt had to endure .   . .  whatever the f*&k happened to him at the end of the episode . . .

poor matt sassquatch 24

And Bonnie had to remain virtually ignored and invisible, while all her friends were out having storylines of their own, barely acknowledging her existence . . .  which, if you think about it, is not too different from what Bonnie does every season.

3 12 bonnie klaus knew youd catch me

In a show where more than 3/4’s of the characters are supernatural, there tends to be a lot of focus on predators and hunters, those with the power to feed on the weak and innocent.  But, at least at the start of Season 5, our Scooby Gang is feeling a lot more vulnerable and unprepared than usual.  They are the prey . . . the hunted.

2 11 run bonnie

Let’s review, shall we?

happy elena

Summertime Blues

Poor Stefan and Bonnie!  All their friends have been so busy having sex with one another, that nobody seemed to notice that they both “died.”

stefan crying gif

That’s the trouble with being a broody loner, Stefan Salvatore.  When you fall off the face of the Earth, everybody just assumes that you need “space,” and not that your evil doppelganger buried you in an underwater tomb for all eternity . . .

elena free stefan

As for Bonnie, her situation is arguably even more pathetic than Stefan’s.  By following said friends and family around unseen, while engaging them in one-sided conversations in which they will never take part, and shouting at them unheard, Bonnie has taken her usual sidekick status to a whole new level:  She’s become a TVD viewer .  . .  a fangirl!  The writers might as well put her on a couch, in front of a flat screen, for all her plot significance.

bonnie not included


Those of you who have lost someone special in your life, can probably relate to the belief that that person is up in Heaven somewhere looking down on you, doing his or her best to protect you and keep you safe.

always look after you faery in wonderland day after that

And yet, you kind of hope they aren’t watching you ALL the time, right?

privacy important


I mean, I don’t know how you picture YOUR Heaven.  But in my version, there’s a lot more to do there than simply watch the television channel tuned in to Your Loved Ones broadcast network.  My Heaven is happening place.  The people there party, socialize, and engage in hobbies.  They have LIVES in death.

heard party

So, as much as I think it’s “swell” that Bonnie is spending her ghost moments making sure her friends are happy, and aren’t missing her too much, I also think the writers have painted themselves into a bit of a corner with the character.  They need to either write her a storyline that puts her ghostly tendencies to good use, or write her out of the show.

burning bonnie

Because, honestly, if I wanted to watch someone scream at Damon and Elena completely unnoticed, I’d just put a camera on myself . . .

*gingerly steps off soapbox*

In happier news . . .

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Last season’s TVD finale marked the blossoming of two (sort of) new romantic relationships.  After an entire season characterized pesky sire bond concerns, humanity switches in the off position, arguments about Silas and The Cure, and crippling cases of Survivors Guilt, Damon and Elena FINALLY declared their love for one another the night after Elena’s graduation from high school.

kissing delena

As for Matt and Rebekah, their courtship was much less complicated: a few longing looks, and sexually suggestive comments, culminating in a decision to spend a summer on the road engaged in a good old fashioned no-frills Screwfest . . .

laughing bek

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I tend to prefer my TV relationships unbearably sexually tense, and frustratingly unresolved .  . .

damon soulful crying

What can I say?  I’m a girl who loves the chase?  Romantic bliss bores me . . . at least when it’s of the fictional variety.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by how Damon and Elena and Matt and Rebekah behaved as couples.  I liked that both of these couplings seemed to make all parties involved better versions of themselves.

love you


The typically straight-laced Elena and Matt seemed happier, more carefree, and, of course, more sexually adventurous under the romantic tutelage of their naughty vampire counterparts.

As for Damon, he remained every bit of the snarky, sex-crazed, vampire I fell in love with three seasons ago.  And yet, finally obtaining the woman of his dreams has given him a certain maturity that his 170+ prior years on Earth never did.  In this episode, alone, we saw him take genuine fatherly concern in the well being of Jeremy Gilbert, the same kid he killed in Season 2 in a drunken rage fueled by romantic rejection.  Now, that’s progress!

damon and jer

damon jer


What’s more, Damon was willing to put aside the wounds of a 145 year long crush to help an ex-girlfriend in need, no sexual favors required.

help me please


As for Rebekah, apart from the discovery that she might be bisexual, we learned little about what a summer of European sex with Matt has done for her personality.  But she did seem a bit less bratty than usual, don’t you think?

smirking blondes


Summer romances are easy.  The weather is hot.  The workloads are lighter.  And we’re all slightly more naked and carefree.

long distance


The real test of these two functional couples will be weather they can survive the blustery fall and the long bitter cold of winter?  With Elena off having coed college adventures  . . .



 . . . Rebekah embarking on TV spinoff territory, and Matt possibly turning into a Demon spawn, can these loves last through Sweeps Week?  Only time will tell . . .

Vampire College Hijinks

love college

I know comedy is not the main purpose of this show.  But am I the only one who thinks that the writers missed a real opportunity for hilarity by killing off Megan, a.k.a. The Unwanted Third Roommate so quickly?

new megan

I mean, think about it.  These Mystic Falls vamps are so used to living around folks who think it’s totally OK to guzzle from a blood bag, require formal invitations to enter establishments, brainwash pesky teachers and neighbors, and occasionally nibble on a neck or two.

eat her


Imagine all the fun that could be had by pairing go-with-the-flow vamp Elena and Type-A hyper vamp Caroline with a TRULY CLUELESS college coed (which, I suspect we will learn, Megan actually wasn’t).  I can already picture Elena and Caroline putting scrunchies on the door, to fend off Megan, not when they are having sex like most dorm mates do, but when they are engaging in a blood binge.  (Megan would probably think they were secret lesbians, as opposed to secret vampires.)

catch blood

Caroline’s and Elena’s differing opinions about how to handle Megan also seemed ripe for situation comedy.  I can already see Caroline regularly compelling Megan (once she got her off the “protein” vervain water, of course) to do her bidding, and then going to ridiculous lengths to hide that compulsion from the more gentle-hearted Elena . . .

megan shower

“I swear, Elena.  She just did all my laundry, because she REALLY, REALLY wanted to . . .”

run to college


But alas, Megan was destined to be Senseless Death Patient Zero in this show known for introducing seemingly important characters to provide product placement, and then die quick and painful deaths 20 minutes into the series . .  .

dead megan

That said, Megan’s odd connection to Elena’s father (suggested by the picture on her cell phone), her seeming knowledge of vampire lore (illustrated by her ownership of vervain, and her casual refusal to get Caroline and Elena invited into the frat party), and the way that her death was clearly perpetrated by, and promptly covered up by a vampire (bite marks . . .  fake suicide note), made for an intriguing introduction to this season’s college-based storyline.

megan and dad

(Speaking of faked suicides, rumor has it that if your college roommate offs themselves during the semester, you get straight A’s for the year.  If Elena’s and Caroline’s attendance records at Whitmore College are anything like the ones they had at Mystic Falls High, that perk is going to come in mighty handy for them this season.)

high school 1

In other college coed news, Caroline is seemingly suddenly single, after her boyfriend Tyler, once again decided to dump her by voicemail, opting to defer his freshman year at Whitmore, in exchange for “helping out a werewolf pack that needs me.”

scared tyler

Yeah . . . because that worked out SOOOO well for you last time, Tyler.

As for everyone’s favorite Vampire Barbie, with new dude Jess clearly keeping his eye on her, and Klaus just a couple hours away in New Orleans, I suspect she won’t be single for long . . .

crying caroline


itsdelenalove klaus caroline

Meanwhile, back home . . .

Mr. Mom and The Juvenile Delinquents

Damon’s promise to Elena that he’ll be a good little house husband, while she’s off getting her learning on hits a bit of a snag, when he gets an unwanted visitor in the form of a newly human Katherine Pierce.

go away


One of the problems with spending your 500 years on Earth pretty much pissing off, breaking the hearts of, and/or eating everyone you meet, is that eventually Karma will come back to bite you in the ass in pretty major way.

blisters damon


Such is the case with Katherine, who has such an impressive talent for losing friends and alienating people that, by the end of the episode, she literally has an ENTIRE TOWN of people out to get her . . .

the kat kiss me or kill me

Katherine may have lost her ability to run in high heels without getting blisters, drink 3 bottles of tequila without getting drunk, compel enemies to do her bidding just by staring at them, and appear perfectly clean despite rarely being seen showering, or brushing her hair . . .  (Seriously, Girlfriend was downright dirty looking this week . . . Thank goodness for Damon’s magical bathtub, or we’d probably be able to smell her through the TV screen.)  But her snarktastic sense of humor, seductive talents, and supremely selfish sense of self-preservation remain refreshingly intact . . .

im a survivor

As difficult as it must have been for Elena’s doppelganger to ask Damon, of all people, for help, she did it without batting an eyelash.  And, in doing so, she succeeded, at least temporarily, in gaining herself a powerful vampire ally in a world where it has literally become almost impossible for humans to survive through midseason .  .  .

everyone die

Of course, by the end of the episode, she screws that up too.  But she still gets points for trying . . .

Speaking of navigating rough terrain, as if being the Creepy Kid Who Sometimes Talks to Dead People didn’t make him enough of an outcast, JerBear now has to add “came back from the dead” and “burned down his childhood home, just because he wanted attention” to his social resume.

talk to ghost

i see dead people

The character’s inherent weirdness aside, I find it hard to believe that any self-respecting high school student would be stupid enough to attempt to beat up Jeremy after getting a look at those crazy muscles he’s sprouted in the past year in a half.  Seriously, DUDE IS JACKED UP!

jer 1

Also, people rumored to have burned down their house?  Their usually not the kind of people you want to mess with.  Just saying . . .

And yet, on Jeremy’s first day back at school as a “real live boy,” he gets picked on by not one, but TWO ridiculously stupid teens.  So, he proceeds to wipe the floor with both of them . . .

beat 1

beat 2beat 3


Now, I’m not generally a proponent of violence, but those two douchebags had it coming.  No one gets between a 16 year old boy and his cell phone . .. NO ONE!

Under normal circumstances, I suspect Damon Salvatore would be proud of his surrogate baby bro and law for sticking up for himself.  But Jeremy’s impending suspension spells trouble on the horizon between Elena and Damon, the latter of whom PROMISED to keep JerBear on the straight and narrow, while she was away at school .  . .


So, Damon tries his hand at the “Dad Thing” offering Jeremy a surprisingly paternal lecture, and getting him accepted back into public school with the help of a little good old fashioned compulsion.  As for the unruly Katherine, he offers her his protection and a much-needed bath.  And so peace at La Casa de Rich and Awesome is restored . . .

damon eternal stud

For about five minutes, anyway . . .

no no on

Dr. Stefan and Mr. Silas

Even underwater and about three-quarters dead, Stefan Salvatore can’t help but be his brooding, mopey self, hallucinating conversations with Damon, in which the latter instructs him to turn off his humanity (just like he told Elena to do last season), and conversations with Elena where she tells him to keep his humanity ON.

Meanwhile, Doppelganger Silas is having FUN!



He’s wearing (gasp) un-ironed shirts!

unironed shirt

His hair is less Christian Bale as Batman, and more Jim Carey in the Ace Ventura movies.

villain hair

ace ventura

He drinks police women’s blood out of styrofoam cups, and then reads their minds, just because he can  . . .

unkillable immortal psychic

psychic 2

psychic 3


He knocks directly into Jeremy’s recently-healed over Hunter tattoo at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, silently daring the the former killer to recognize him as Silas.

He gets all flirty with Katherine in the bathtub, and then, mere seconds later, tries to strangle her, like its the most natural thing in the world.

human better on you



When she slashes his face with a straight razor, and runs away from him he seems more amused than annoyed . . . the Devil’s version of foreplay.

cut and run

Whereas Klaus’ villainy came from a place of impulsivity, a hunger for power, and a subconscious need for love and attention, Silas is much more purposeful and single-minded, always appearing to be at least one step ahead of his adversaries.

3 1 evil stefan look

When Damon instructs Jeremy and Katherine to drive far away and not tell Damon where they are going (so that Silas cannot lift that information from Damon’s mind), Silas cleverly offers up the whereabouts of Stefan (who, up until this point, Damon did not even know was missing in the first place), in exchange for Damon turning in Katherine.

3 4 partner in crime kat hump

But Katherine’s pretty single minded too, when it comes to saving her ass.  And she orchestrates her own escape at Jeremy’s expense, by crashing Baby Gilbert’s car, while she and Mr. Muscles are still inside.

(OK, people REALLY have to stop murdering this kid.  It’s getting old . . .)

taking care of you


It’s Daddy Damon to the rescue!  He lovingly holds JerBear in his arms, and nurses him back to life, by feeding him his own blood . . .

wake up kill you

jer bear hug

How sweet . . . and kind of gross . . .

By the time all this is happening, Katherine, of course, is long gone . . . but for how long?  And what exactly does Silas want from her anyway?  Methinks it has something to do with that annoying ass Cure they kept babbling on about last season .  . . the same Cure that now courses through Katherine’s veins . . . making her vulnerable, yet, at the same time, valuable.

the kat thank me brought cure

In other words . . . she’s Elena 3.0 .  . .

Ain’t No Party Like a Mystic Falls Party . . .

If I lived in Mystic Falls, one thing I would never ever do is attend a party, or memorial service, or period-themed dance, or graduation ceremony, or film showing of the movie classic, Gone with the Wind . . .

know how to party

In fact, I’ve become entirely convinced that Mystic Falls parties are part of a suicide pact among Mystic Falls residents.  They attend out of some mutually held agreement to regularly thin out the population, kind of like that short story I had to read in school called The Lottery, where spoiler alert, the winning townspeople got stoned to death . . .

This year’s “End of Summer” party is no different.

Matt meets up with the pretty lady Rebekah made out with in Europe at the beginning of the episode.  The good news?  She flirts with him, and gives him back his much coveted Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality.  The bad news . . . Matt has officially become one of the ill fated Bon Temps residents from Season 2 of True Blood.  Anyone whose seen the show knows exactly what I’m talking about . . .

matt possessed by maenad


This is what happens to you when you let strange men sneak up behind you and give you scalp massages while chanting in Latin, Matt!

behind you

Silly boy!

So, who the heck is this Nadia check, anyway?  And why is she giving Matt the black-color contact treatment?


Feel free to post your guesses in the comment section.

In other news, this Mystic Falls Party had a super special guest speaker . . .


killing the mayor

Silas’ first order of business?  Kill the Mayor?  Why?  Because it’s fun!

stefan shrug

Also, because the Mayors on these types of shows pretty much always have to be brutally murdered.  It’s like Supernatural Teen Show Rule Number 1.

Sorry Bonnie.  The bad news is that this show clearly hates you.  The good news.  Now you have a ghost dad!  Ghost Dads are fun!  Just ask Bill Cosby!


Next order of business, hypnotize the entire town to become your mindless Katherine Hunting Slaves .  . .

have attention 1

have attention 2

have attention 3

have attention 4

Now, admittedly that was pretty impressive.  But also kind of unnecessary.  Why didn’t Silas just brainwash Katherine, back when he had her in the tub?  She’s human after all, and presumably entirely susceptible to that sort of thing.

compelling kat

Then again, I guess if he did that the story would be over, and we wouldn’t have a show.  So, here’s to overly complicated plans for the murder of a single individual!  Cheers!

klaus cheers

Next time on TVD . . .

See ya then, Fangbangers!


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8 responses to “The Hunted – A Review of The Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Premiere, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Hey Jewls. How was your summer? Mine was awesome. Ate a lot of BBQ. So its that time of year again.

    Oh poor Stefan drowning and coming back to life and drowning again in a cycle over the course of 90 days must be an exhausting and terrifying thing. I hear Silas might stuff Katherine in a room with a hungry vampire my guess it might be Stefan who can´t discern what´s real or what´s a hallucination because of his three month underwater prison stay.

    But at least his brother and ex had tons of fun boning all over the mansion! 🙂

    Katherine is Elena 3.0 but without all the whining, she´s so awesome as a human.

    Poor Bonnie, she and Jeremy would have spectacular sex. Now she´s stuck in limbo watching everyone. 😦

    Great episode.

    • Lots of barbecue, East Coast Captain? That barbecue didn’t happen to include styrofoam cups filled with the local sheriff’s blood did it? 🙂

      Just checking . . .

      Bonnie’s super secret death has me questioning everything. 🙂

      Would Silas sick hungry vampires on Katherine? I’m not sure. Part of me feels like he wants to drain her blood and see if he can extract the cure from it, since that’s what he was after all last season. A Big Bad whose main purpose is to die. Unusual don’t you think, especially considering that the Scooby Gang wants him dead too. So, in that sense, they share a goal.

      As for Katherine, she’s now found herself in a similar, blood bag, type situation to the one Elena found herself, back in the early Klaus days. She has this blood in her system that she doesn’t particularly want. And if she knew for certain that giving some of it to Silas would get him off her back, and keep her safe, she’d probably gladly give it up. The problem is she rightly doesn’t trust that Silas will stop at just a few pints of blood.

      One thing I’m wondering is whether it would be possible for Silas to drain Katherine of the cure, and then make her into a vampire again, which is exactly what she wants. She expressed fear that if Damon did it, she wouldn’t be able to turn because of taking the cure, and would die anyway. But in the witchy world of “balance” one would think that Silas, for whom the cure was created in the first place would be the only person with the power to turn Kat back into a vampire . . .

      Just thoughts here . . .

      Interesting idea about Stefan coming back from drowning all loopy. I had read a blind item about a character from an established show getting amnesia. But part of me thought it might be Matt, who could be used in his demon or whatever state to do Nadia’s bidding, and then awaken blissfully unaware of what happened. Then again, that would be just a bit too much like Alaric’s ring induced descent into madness a couple seasons back. Having Stefan be a bit water logged all season might be more original.

      As for Bonnie, hey once she gets her ghostly telekinesis powers down, she can totally have sex with Jeremy. She just needs to be able to do it using common household objects? 😉

  2. East Coast Captain


    I loved how Silas got offended when compared to a vampire. But he drinks blood, is immortal and can´t be killed by normal means. You are a vampire though it might because he uses a cleaner way in drinking blood that might be it.

  3. Hey Jewsl, Awesome Sauce as usual. I missed you last season commenting on my random recaps of PLL I guess you been busy, you never write or respond to my emails, whats going on lady?
    Any way I loved your recap, I actually watched TVD this week, no promise I will every week I just happened to be in front of the TV wondering when Scandal was coming LOL, and I didn’t want to miss The Originals, so yeah I was just there in time to see it. Its more likely I will read your recaps actually cause I do LOVE them,
    I feel soooooo sorry for Bonnie, especially when I found out that Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder had personally wanted to have a BAMON coupling, it sucks she has been so abused.

    But back to your recap, so many awesome points that you made, there were unnecessary parts like killing off Rick Worthy(the Mayor) and Jeremy dying yet again, it gets very old, one of the reasons I am not quite a regular watcher of the show but I tend to catch up on the CW when I do miss it. Lucky for Rick Worthy he signed on for Season 9 of Supernatural he is coming back as the Alpha Vamp, just a bit of trivia.
    Any who, I agree with your comments about Megan she would have been sooo much fun as a roomie for Barbie Vamp and Elena but maybe she will return, who knows on these supernatural/paranormal shows people don’t always die and stay dead. I think Silas being Stefan its just weird, what they can’t afford to play another actor actually be Silas as another human/vamp? Too many people doing double duty on this show just makes it look like an actual High School production LOL. What is actually going on with Stefan, I don’t recall the finale, something about water/drowning, I might check on the CW video.
    Well it was great to read your recap, talk to you soon, I hope.


    • Hey there, sassy. Great to hear from you. Happy Fall TV Season Premiere Season!

      You sent me e-mails? When? I don’t recall receiving any, but I apologize for not replying if I did.

      As for PLL, I’m ashamed to admit my watching of this past season was spotty to say the least. Working 12 hour days can put a real cramp in your TV watching / recap reading and writing style. Your recaps of the series were excellent as always, but having not watched most of the season, I’m afraid I would have had little of value to contribute to them. I did watch the season finale, however. Good lord, now they’re making Ezra A? By the end of the series will EVERYBODY on the show be A? The A Team would have nobody left to taunt, as everybody would be “in cahoots” with them. (HAHA I love saying in cahoots. Such a funny phrase!)

      Part of me feels like the series is running too long, causing the writers to have to keep twisting back on themselves in an attempt to repeatedly write in “twists” and create new suspects / A candidates.

      It’s kind of like at the end of Gossip Girl, when the writers decided at the last minute to make Dan, Gossip Girl, and then just expected all the fans to retroactively forget all the times Dan was ALONE and seemed surprised to receive Gossip Girl blasts. Or the times he was alone an e-mailing HIMSELF Gossip Girl tips . . .

      If I was a writer for PLL, I’d probably pose that the writers do one KICKASS last season, where all the mysteries are solved once and for all. Then, I’d free up some of the awesome characters on the series for spinoffs. I mean, come on, Spencer Hastings was just MADE to become a college crime sleuth a la Veronica Mars. 😉

      As for TVD, I’m inclined to agree with you about the writers overusing certain plotlines. As challenging and exciting as it must be for actors like Paul and Nina, who are used to playing milquetoasty characters to change it up and play villains, the whole doppelganger thing is really just a souped-up version of the massively overused Soap Opera Evil Twin Trope.

      But I think that’s a problem a lot of shows find themselves in around their fourth and fifth seasons. This is the time when the writers are forced to come up with new and innovative plotlines in the same universe they have been working in for half a decade, or risk becoming parodies of themselves. It’s not an easy thing to do, and few shows have managed it successfully. But I still hold out hope that the shows we love will somehow get it right.

  4. Jewls! Missed ya! 🙂 Lovely analysis of the action, as usual! I was surprised Steflas outed himself so quickly, that seemed like a no-brainer it’d be a race to see who figured it out first. And what the hell does he want with Katherine? Does he just wanna kill her because he’s pissy she got His Cure, or is there some OTHER reason? I suspect it was him chasing her around over the summer (although they both pretty much apparently kept a low profile for 3 months–hers VERY low), and now by runnin off in a bathrobe (what HAS come of her fashion sense?), she’s on her own again! I was also surprised how quickly they resolved the issue of why Kat didn’t just get herself turned back into a vamp–she’s freakin scared? Kinda lame, but at least it’s an explanation. Now. Are we so sure Megan is dead? There was sure a lot of ‘hype’ for casting news bouncing her name around–if she flew off that roof with vamp blood in her system…just sayin. Maybe we’ll still get to play with faux-Mona Vanderwaal in the future. Beats the crap out of watching April stumble over her own feet. Did she look ‘younger’ in that phone pic with Grayson Gilbert or not? Is Grayson maybe still around? Did HE have an out-of-wedlock lovechild like his brother John? Bex still hasn’t made up her mind to jump-show…are they keeping that door open in case one or the other falls flat (and need a quick reboot)? Hopin Matty’s just zonked but still human, and not a demon, leviathan, spook, or whatever. We need a human in this mix! InstaJer doesn’t count. lol Although I was really pleased Damon actually showed some real emo for Jer, instead of just tolerating him because he’s Main Squeeze’s baby bro. Last thought, did Steflas slash Rudy for revenge because he somehow knew GhostBon was watching, or just to test his Town Square statuary’s mind control? Oh, hell, I had a hard enough time writing my own recap this time, so I’ll stop there. Glad you’re back!

    • Hey mak! Great to see you! Another fall, another TVD season, right? 🙂

      You make a great point about good ole Steflas. Considering the guy spent the entire season trying on the faces of the entire cast for no particular reason other than that he could, it was nice to see our new big bad be so direct this season. I mean the guy literally went out in front of the entire town, grabbed a microphone and declared himself the Season 5 villain. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

      That said, I do think it would have been funny, if Silas kept up the charade of being Stefan for just a little while longer, just to see how the rest of Mystic Falls would react to Mr. Broody Loner boy’s new, more carefree personality. Would they assume he flipped his humanity switch off again? Become an alcoholic? Was responding to his recent breakup with Elena by adopting a new I-don’t-give-a-f*&k attitude?

      I can actually envision a storyline during which Elena and Co. stage an intervention on “Stefan” for his recent bad behavior. “Stefan” would sit back and listen to the whole thing with a smile on his face. Then, when it was all over, he’d proceed to take on each of their faces in turn while announcing with pride, “I’m Silas SUCKERS!”

      I also like your theory about how Silas killed the mayor to get back at Bonnie for ruining his plans. I suspect we will learn later on in the season that Silas’ connection to Bonnie enables him to see her in a way that no one else, aside from Jeremy can. And with dead witch “Qetsiyah” supposedly playing a role in this season’s shenanigans, and Bonnie being connected to her too, you may have just figured out Ghost Girl’s role in this storyline . .

      I’m also intrigued by your theory about Megan (haha, she did look like the early “nerd” version of Mona vanderWaal didn’t she), possibly being Papa Gilbert’s secret kid. The Sheriff did mention that Whitmore College was wear Elena’s “father” fell in love with medicine. Maybe that’s not all he fell in love with. Of course, if the writers go this route, they are going to have to do some serious retconning with the timeline. After all, Elena real dad, Papa John’s Pizza ;), was significantly younger than Grayson Gilbert. And he and Isobel had Elena back when they were both in high school, and Papa Gilbert was already practicing medicine. So, it would be strange for Megan to be the same age as Elena, and yet presumably conceived back when Papa Gilbert was in college . . .

      The picture was also strange, because, you are right, Megan didn’t look much younger in it. At most, she looked like she was in high school, i.e. around the same age that Elena was when she lost her father. (Maybe Papa Gilbert had a doppelganger too?)

      The other strange thing was that Papa Gilbert sort of didn’t look old enough to be Megan’s dad. He kind of looked like Megan’s slightly older buddy who goes to college. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not. But perhaps there’s some time travel craziness a foot here . . .

      Probably not. 🙂

      As for Matt, I do think the show will ultimately keep him human. I think this black eye demon stuff is more like a temporary possession than anything else. Like Nadia and weird Latin chanting guy will use his body as a vessel for whatever shenanigans they are getting all up in, and then discard him when they are finished (a la Klaus using Alaric’s body back in Season 2). After all, if what I read is correct, Nadia’s “vengeance plan” has more to do with Beks and the Originals than with Bartender Boy and his friends in Mystic Falls. I suspect she’ll leave town once she realizes she’s on the wrong show. 🙂

      Anywhoo, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! *rushes off to read your recap*

      • Don’t rush too fast! My recap is still getting screencaps, so it’s not posted yet! lol Stop off for a cold one on your way (and I don’t mean Steflas!). 🙂

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