Once Upon a Time Recaps and Retrospectives By Yours Truly at Happy Nice Time People.com

young and adult snow

“NOW, she suddenly decides to recap us? Where the heck was she the first three seasons? I was so young and beautiful back then . . . sigh.”

If you haven’t been stopping by the positively brilliant recapping website, Happy Nice Time People, daily for their hilarious snark-filled recaps of every television show under the sun, you should start now for the following reasons:

(1) They are TOTALLY FRIGGIN awesome!

(2) They were crazy enough to hire me!

Starting today, I will be posting weekly recaps of ABC’s hit drama Once Upon a Time (which premieres Sunday September 28th, at 8/7 central on ABC), including retrospectives of Seasons 1 to 3, to get new viewers caught up on the insanity that is Storybrooke, Maine, and the almost-criminal sexiness that is Captain Hook . . .

broody hook

You can check out my first post, RIGHT NOW, by clicking here.

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