Once Upon a Time Season 2 Retrospective – The Ones with Regina’s Mom and that Annoying Cult that Hated Magic


“My GPS says, ‘Recalculating route . . . when possible, make a legal U-turn.’  My horse says, ‘Naaaaaaayyyyy  . . . . I think I just pooped.'”

While recapping Season 2 of Once Upon a Time for Happy Nice Time People.com  the following three things dawned on me, in no particular order:

(1) every season of Once is actually separated into two distinct sub-seasons, each with its own stand-alone plot;

are you

(2) if I fail to come up with a conceivable relationship between the whole Regina’s Mom Wreaks Havoc on Her Daughter’s Happiness plot line of Season 2A, and the Magic-Hating Cult Come to Blow Up Storybrooke and Kidnap Young Henry for a Mystery Man We Later Learn to be Peter Pan plot line of Season 2B, there’s a good chance this recap will suck;

hide behid

and (3) I still really hate Mary Margaret’s short haircut, and can’t for the life of me understand why she didn’t grow it out in Season 2, especially after learning her true identity as the fabulous-hairdo-having Snow White . . .

scared snow

hang on

Nonetheless, recap Season 2, I did . . . and read it, you shall . . . well . . . at least, if you feel like reading it . . .  which I hope you do, because I have a very fragile ego.  And affirmation from total strangers is pretty much my bread and butter . . . 🙂

not feel

Anywhoo, travel back to Storybrooke, and get Hooked by Sexy Captain Hook, by clicking here.  You know you want it!

broody hook

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