Things that Make You Go, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!” – A Recap of Once Upon a Time’s “Poor Unfortunate Souls”


Once upon a time, a sweet little mermaid named Ariel dreamed of walking on land, so she could get laid by a hot human prince.

names ariel

It’s not exactly the most heroic of Life Goals, is it?

This week on Once, we learn that you can’t judge a man by the size of his (ahem) ship, or a hero/villain by his or her chosen happy ending.

The episode “Poor Unfortunate Souls” posits the idea that heroes and villains may not be all that different in terms of the type of things they desire: love, happiness, family, sex with rich studs, etc. What sets them apart is the way they go about getting those things. So it stands to reason that maybe a villain doesn’t need to “find The Author” to get his or her happy ending. He or she simply needs to take control of his or her own fate . . . and stop acting like a total asshole, of course.

make people happy

In an unexpected twist, the hour actually offers up happy endings for a number of erstwhile villains: Ursula, Ursula’s kind of douchey dad, Captain Hook . . . and the metaphor for Captain Hook’s penis . . .

jolly ro

Let’s review, shall we?

You can check out the rest of this recap HERE!

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