Don’t Wanna Be Your Monkey Wrench – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “A Novel Approach”

read the book

more you know

The problem with supernaturally “gifted” do-gooder heroes like Scott McCall, is that they tend to be a bit boring judgey. There are only so many times one person can vanquish the Big Bad, sacrifice his safety for that of the group, rescue the helpless, rally the troops, mentor the naïve, and champion the misunderstood, without it going to his head . . . without the hero starting to believe that everyone he cares about must live by his rigid moral code, or else.

scott dog dishBack in the early seasons of Teen Wolf, Scott McCall was a character who was still figuring things out. He struggled with violent impulses toward his adversaries, as he managed his new wolf-like temper. He battled with lust, and found himself giving in to temptation with Lydia, even though Stiles was in love with her. His pride kept him on the lacrosse team, despite the fact that his superhuman strength gave him an unfair advantage against most of his teammates and opponents. And Peter’s seductive offers of power, made him seriously consider turning to the darkside, on more than one occasion.

baby scott

bad scottNow, in Season 5, Scott McCall is a different animal (pun intended) entirely. He’s even-tempered, virtuous, unfailingly loyal and almost monk-like in his incorruptibility (except for that one episode where he wore a bear mask for ten minutes, but we don’t need to get into that). Alpha Wolf Scott McCall’s world is a 1950’s monochrome. Everything is either good or evil, black or white. There is no in between.

trust scott

Unfortunately, for Saint McCall, his pack mates still reside within the shades of grey. They recognize that some people can’t be trusted, and aren’t worth saving. They understand that there are some times when good ends are justified by bad means. They are unmistakably human in mind and spirit, even if not entirely in body. And it is that flawed humanity that is throwing some serious monkey wrenches into Scott McCall’s plans to Save the World from the Dredd Doctors.

works in progressAnd, in the case of Scott’s bestie, Stiles, this just happened to come in the form of an actual monkey wrench. . .

stiles car

This week on Teen Wolf, everyone’s favorite Naked Garbage Man makes another pickup. Malia continues to confirm every bad stereotype that ever existed about female drivers. Third Eye guy becomes, Just Some Middle Aged Dude with a Hole in His Head. And Kira confirms her suspicion that electrocuting one’s boyfriend truly is the best form of foreplay.

Let’s review, shall we?

nodding oh yeah

Very Superstitious

As if we needed any more confirmation that the superstition stating that it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder is 100% true, Teen Wolf proudly presents . . .

The Not So Tragic Death of Donovan . . .

more impale

I gotta say, as cold opens go, this one was one of Teen Wolf’s stronger submissions. I mean sure, unlike the typical Teen Wolf open, where a character we’ve never met before is put in peril, and we are legitimately uncertain as to whether they will live or die, Stiles’ surviving this “hand with a mouth drawn on it” mauling . . .

tuna helper

. . . was not in question here. And yet, despite that, Dylan O’Brien’s ability to silently (apart from some seriously heavy breathing that seemed in desperate need of an inhaler) convey Stiles’ utter terror, as Donovan tracked him from the car to the library, his impulsive decision to use the monkey wrench to loosen the screws on the ladder nearest to the one he was ascending, and his conflicting feelings of guilt, horror, relief, and even a slight bit of satisfaction at Donovan’s gory demise at his own hand, was riveting to watch.

watching scared running stiles

Also, let’s face it. Some people in this world just deserve to be made into a human shishkabob.

impaled dies


Then, we get to the part where Stiles calls 911 to report the dead body, and returns to the scene just seconds later, only to find it scooped up by our Naked Garbage Man. (Who just so happened to be wearing clothes this week. What’s the fun in that?)

body walk

So, now we know that Naked Garbage Man doesn’t just retrieve bodies, carry them to the Nemeton, and burn them out of existence with his hot bod, he also cleans up crime scenes like a champ.

Clearly, Parrish is much better at his Naked Garbage Man job than his cop job . . .

donovan dead

But it does beg the question, of how Parrish got there so fast.   Do the Dredd Doctors have him on speed dial? Does the playing card with Lydia’s face on it scream at him, banshee style, whenever he needs to pick up a new corpse? (Typical nagging cardboard girlfriend!)   Does he just hang around Scott and Stiles, knowing that these guys are pretty much guaranteed to produce a supernatural corpse in the cold open of every episode?

terrifiedMore importantly, does being a Naked Garbage Man come with a 401K plan?

Scott McCall’s Book Club

Having already read all the books in the 50 Shades of Grey series, including that astonishingly bad one from Christian’s perspective, Scott’s wolf pack decides to read something a bit more relevant to their lives . . . that book about the Dredd Doctors they stole from Now-Dead Tracey’s house! Kira kindly offers to make a photocopy of the darn thing, which, anyone who has ever tried to photocopy a teeny tiny soft cover paperback will tell you, is pretty much the most mind-numbingly awful job ever. (No wonder she electrocuted Scott later in the episode, to get him back for making her do it.)

kira mode


“If you want to be in our pack, you have to participate in our book club,” Scott tells Theo, in no uncertain terms, as he shows him the copy of the Dredd doctor book.


“Wait, you guys are in a book club? But I thought you were all virtually illiterate,” Theo wonders out loud.

“Malia and I are virtually illiterate,” Scott explains. “But Stiles is only illiterate when he’s void Stiles, and everyone else can read to us just fine. Lydia even does these really great character voices, which make me giggle. Do you do character voices, Theo? Because you will be much more likely to get into the pack if you can.”

“Hey check out the back page of this book,” Theo demands, as he laughs maniacally and winks at the camera.

“Why?” Scott asks, flustered. “Nobody reads the acknowledgement page in a book, except the people being acknowledged, because it’s basically the book equivalent of the boring part of Oscar acceptance speeches, only without the pretty dresses and manufactured tears. I’m a functioning illiterate, and even I know that.”


Theo rolls his eyes. “Look, it’s imperative that you read the acknowledgement page of this book, read Dr. Valack’s name on it, and go visit him in the mental hospital, because he wrote this book, and my bosses, the Dredd Doctors, need you to see him, for reasons.”

tells them book worked

“But if he wrote the book, why didn’t he put his name on the front cover, as the author?” Scott question. “This way I would absolutely read it, unlike the acknowledgement page, which nobody reads.”

“Whatever, Scott,” Theo replies exasperatedly. “Just do what I say mindlessly, and leave the thinking on this show to the smart characters like Stiles and Lydia. I’ve got to go worship the Devil, torture some live puppies, and brainwash Malia into being my loyal sex slave. Peace out.”

When Something is Lost, Always Consult Your Fox Costume . . .

Later that night, Scott and Kira are sleeping together, because Kira’s parents think there is absolutely nothing wrong with their only minor daughter sharing a bed with her werewolf boyfriend, and are not at all worried that she will one-day wake up to find she’s given birth to a litter of were-fox babies, who will ruin her young life. (Note: Scott’s mom would probably be bothered by this, but, seeing as she’s the only nurse / anesthesiologist / coroner / doctor / sometime surgeon left alive in Beacon Hills, she works 24-hours a day, and hasn’t been out of her scrubs since approximately 1996.)

sad mom

“If I think really hard, I can still sort of remember a time when I used to get laid . . .”

Kira starts speaking Japanese in her sleep, and Scott appears totally turned off by it. But, of course, he has to pretend he’s not turned off by it, because being turned off by it most probably makes him a racist.

Later, when Kira’s ugly ass belt (seriously, that thing is hideous) goes missing, she asks Scott to look at her with his red hangover eyes to help her find it. When Scott turns on his Creepo-vision, he sees Kira’s fox head (which looks oddly bear-like for a fox, no?) helpfully pointing out the belt’s location for Scott.

pointing at beltUmmm . . . so basically, this was the writers’ clever way of illustrating that Fox Kira and Kira-Kira aren’t the same entity? So Fox Kira knew where the ugly ass belt was, but Kira-Kira didn’t? If so, why didn’t Fox Kira just tell Kira-Kira where the ugly ass belt was, instead of going through Scott’s Creepo-vision?

Anywhoo, Kira now has her belt. And they all can live unfashionably ever after . . .

Driving Miss Crazy

Because Malia used to be a mental patient at Eichen House, and could possibly decide she likes it better in the nuthouse where she had a better haircut, than at Beacon Hills, if she returns, our sassy were-coyote isn’t invited on the pack’s Journey into Evil this week.

insanity and death

Instead, she is stuck reading that crappy book, into which the author nonsensically inserted himself into the Acknowledgement page. “Hey, Malia, want to ride my car?” Theo asks, looking so shady as he confronts her, that he might as well be curling an evil black mustache, and strangling an angel child with his bare hands, as he speaks.

“Is that a euphemism for sex?” Malia wonders, as Evil Theo not-at-all subtly undresses her with his eyes.

“Absolutely, but I’d like you to almost murder me in my own car, before we sleep together, just to make sure we really like one another,” responds Theo.

driving together

In Theo’s car, he tries to impress Malia with how not frightened of death he is, by instructing her to speed, and drive with her hands at the bottom of the wheel, like she’s a pimp in a rap video. Because everybody knows that those who are incapable of driving like “normal” people are always the absolute best at driving like “cool people.”

(This reminds me of the time when I was learning how to drive, and my dad instructed me to do it by resting my knees on the steering wheel only. Basically, I think he just wanted to take the piss out of my mom, who was in the backseat at the time, clutching the armrests for dear life. . .)

huh face

Inevitably Malia goes into her usual PTSD mode, and nearly crashes the car, only to have Theo, inexplicably, roll out of the car on top of her, so he can “stare lovingly into her eyes.”

love bug

This time, however, Malia actually remembers a useful piece of information during her fourth traumatic brush with death-via-motor vehicle of the year. “Hey, my evil mother shot at my adopted mom and sister, the day I thought I turned into a were-coyote and killed them inside the family car. This makes me potentially innocent of murder! It also means my parents are even more despicable humans than originally imagined!”


chillin pete

Eichen Louse

Though Stiles was once a mental patient just like Malia, and is clearly experiencing PTSD, himself, from that one time earlier this episode when he murdered a dude, he still decides to accompany Lydia to see Dr. Valack, because he luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuves her. (Which is totally cool by the way, because sex between Malia and Evil Theo is inevitable this season, obviously).

not going without

I like how Lydia recognizes immediately that something is up with Stiles, and that he is injured and sad, lets him know that she knows, but doesn’t judge him or press him for information until he’s ready to talk about it. She instinctively understands that he needs to be there for Lydia, while they do this, just as much as Lydia needs him.

those two pretty good

This, when Scott, who has been friends with Stiles for way longer, is completely clueless . . .  so clueless in fact, that he “confides” in his friend, that he thinks Kira might be turning into a terrible person, because she almost killed the evil scorpion thing that was trying to murder them all at the Random Dancing night club.

“Ummmm . . . maybe she did it in self-defense?” Stiles offers, hopefully, as he contemplates telling his friend about his own dalliance with freak-of-the-week murder.

self defense justif

“No way,” responds Scott. “All murderers deserve to rot in hell for the rest of eternity. Now, what was it you wanted to tell me earlier? Something about you and Donovan?”

Stiles whistles uncomfortably, as he, Scott, Kira and Lydia enter Eichen House.

Once inside the nuthouse, Kira is immediately forced to take off her hideous belt, so it doesn’t frighten the mental patients with its ugliness. Then, Scott and Kira learn that they can’t cross into Valack’s chamber, because it’s protected by mountain ash, and they are supernatural creatures. (Not sure why Lydia wasn’t kept out too, seeing as she’s a banshee and all, but . . . details.)

remove belt

“Hey Third Eye Guy,” Lydia and Stiles begin conversationally. “What’s up with this crappy book, you wrote, but pretended you didn’t, by writing your name on a page of it that nobody will read?”

“I wrote it so you crazy kids would remember the Dredd Doctors, and how the last time they came to Beacon Hills, they gave you all anal probes, and made you bark like dogs, for five straight hours, just for fun. Oh yeah, and then they buried a bunch of teenagers in holes, and turned them into Wuzzle Killing Machines.”

the cell havent read

“Ha, joke is on you,” responds Stiles. “Because Lydia and I are the only people in Beacon Hills who know how to read.”

“Hey, can you do me a favor?” Third Eye Guy asks. “Scream into this tape recorder, Banshee, so I can press it against the glass holding me in this cell, shatter it, and escape.”

stydia protect

“But if I’m screaming in front of your cell, won’t that break the glass anyway, without the tape recorder?” Lydia wonders out loud.

“Oh, absolutely, but this makes it way more dramatic,” Third Eye Guy Explains.

Meanwhile, out at the entrance to Eichen House, Kira is starting to short circuit, and the electric currents she shoots out of her body, totally screw with Eichen House’s security system, allowing the Dredd Doctors to enter, as was their original plan.   Scott carries Electric Kira to safety, suffering severe burns all over his body in the process.


bigger carry

“Hey, I remember I told you I loved you in last week’s episode!” Scott exclaims.

i remember

“Glad all it took was an electrocution to get you to recall something you said less than 48 hours ago,” replies Kira. “Just be thankful you are pretty.”

Inside Eichen House, the Dredd Doctors extract Third Eye Guy’s third eye, immediately converting him from somebody cool, into just some dumb schlub who doesn’t understand that no one reads the Acknowledgement page on books.

in walk

“Now, the party don’t start, til we walk in!”

Then, now Boring Two-Eyed Valack plays the tape Lydia made for him about ten minutes ago, and her scream from the recorder, breaks the glass of his cell, even though her scream in real life did not. He escapes into the night, rendering the population of Beacon Hills just a bit more filled with crazy-eyed insane-os than it was at the beginning of the episode . . .

cat one eye

Until next time, Werebangers!


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2 responses to “Don’t Wanna Be Your Monkey Wrench – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “A Novel Approach”

  1. I love how you always state the obvious in dripping sarcasm on your review. Reading this in just a few hours before the said episode aired at my country but still looking forward for it just for Stydia ❤

  2. Andre

    Well done recap, however I personally do not give as much credit to the writers except to check whether Jeff Davis wrote the episode or not because his tend to suck pretty much. So I was not thrilled for episode 6.
    Luckily this one here was not written by him and so the first half was actually pretty enjoyable, but once they bring more Scott and supernatural in we have the same old problem and from there we come to what you say about Scott being a do-gooder with a strict moral code.
    I don’t think he is, none of them is. Would they actually care about what happens in town they would have burned down the nemeton a long time ago or at the very least have a sort of patrol system, but yet we are still supposed to believe they, and especially Scott, are all and all good people. Which of course doesn’t make for good storytelling most of the time and Scott is a big example. He has no rigid moral code, in fact in his case it’s incredibly easy to spout out this stuff all the time since he never had to pay for the stupid decisions he made and he never had to make a tough decision on the show. The plot always made it so that there were no consequences even though there should have been some (e.g. Deucalion) or that someone else was doing the dirty work for him (Chris, Gerard, Peter, Kate, Jennifer, Derek, Stiles etc.). So all his speeches and moralizing comes along as incredibly hollow. You could use it to tell good stories but they don’t do it, they don’t seem to be interested in it. Which is really weird because this is supposed to be a horror story. And of course Scott is pretty easily corruptible when you think about it. And he sure as hell is not planning anything.
    The reason the character is the way he is now, what you called boring and judgey, is because that ever since the start of season 3 they want to portray him as some sort of messiah figure (and ignore how dumb he still is) and not only does that not fit his portrayal in season 1-2 but like I said such characters are boring. They work as supporting cast but usually not main cast.
    And of course the problem remains that he is basically the same idiot he was back in season 1 and 2, except of course when the plot demands it and people see through this. Sure you will have lots who fall for it especially with all the marketing and fan interaction this show has (more on that later) but others will catch on.
    They notice that this show doesn’t break any stereotypes, they know that Scott is just a tanned white All-American guy and no Latino of any sort. They know the story has tons and tons of plotholes and doesn’t make much sense.
    And I really think this is due to the direction this show is supposed to take, and that damages the writing also, as we could see here.

    The show started well enough (like you said it was one of the show’s stronger ones), in fact both by the way it was written and shot as well as O’Brien’s acting made it look like an actual horror show and even though you knew Stiles would survive you would not know how exactly and there was actual suspense. We had a good fight, good suspense and good acting. Also Stiles’s reaction was very convincing, in fact it was better than usually. Usually these deaths are morally not very questionable on the show. Questionable in the sense who does what. None of the good guys ever had to truly kill anyone. Stiles is the first one ever. If not, please tell me. When did any of those who didn’t start out as bad boys ever had to do a tough decision or kill someone?

    However as good as the first part was, there are some weird elements in it. The first is the purpose of Donovan’s attack. It seems to be completely disconnected from the rest of the plot, it sure as hell doesn’t appear connected to finding the three-eyed doctor. And it is barely brought up again. So why was he let loose on Stiles? Just to create drama apparently. At least I cannot recognize any connection.

    Also, that crime scene wasn’t just cleaned up, it was nearly perfect (btw. Scott smelling the blood was part of a better writing than what Davis usually writes) in how it was all repaired in what? A few minutes? Does Parrish have a wand to fix stuff or something?
    Plus I have to agree with the show, he doesn’t appear to be connected to the doctors. In fact the doctors appear so messy it’s probably due to bad writing that they haven’t been caught yet. I know I know, the episode says they can make people forget things, the problem is, if they can do that, why haven’t they done so already?

    And from there we come to the book about the doctors… and is it just me or is that where the episode was going downhill? I mean such a book just happens to exists and just happens to be in the room of a victim?
    This is even more suspicious than Peter’s behavior at the end of last season?
    And not even Stiles points that out? The guy who two episodes ago immediately noticed something was different about his father because he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore?
    Sure he wasn’t there when the rest of them made that stupid plan, but shouldn’t Lydia have noticed that?

    And good point, barely anyone looks at an acknowledgement section of a book. So even if the doctor didn’t want to get caught by the other doctors (no idea how putting your name in the acknowledgment section would help with that), shouldn’t he have put the name somewhere else? Maybe before or after the direct text? You know, on the pages people would definitely read?

    Now we get to Kira, apart from the fact that I agree that her belt is ugly and of unknown origin, it’s weird that so far Scott had been in Allison’s house making out with her, in Kira’s house, but how often have these two girls be in his room? I think Kira was once in Scott’s room at night right?
    But whatever, apart from the fact that I doubt whether Kira’s mom will be of any help or even be contacted due to Kira’s powers, the whole thing reeks familiar to me.
    If the “fire-fox” pointing towards the belt really means that thing is separate from Kira than this is something I not only saw several times already and almost never done right, but it means these people might truly be ripping off Naruto.
    First things first, to say that such a supernatural being has “a wolf inside” or a “dragon inside” (respectively any other animal) or just generally “a beast” or “a creature.” Is pretty damn common e.g. in romance novels of that sort, as if “that thing” is something separate, which makes sense in the case of created beings that were once human but not in beings born that way. In fact mostly it seems to be used as some sort of excuse to make the characters act violent or as some poor way of “character development” which sadly isn’t unlikely with Kira as the character doesn’t seem to develop gradually but rather, if at all, in sudden jumps. And considered the record of Teen Wolf and generally how the concept of such a “beast soul” is used, my hopes are pretty low. In fact the only time where I would say such a concept was used well was in the so called “Kuei-Jin” of the RPG line “Kindred of the East” from the game company White Wolf:

    And there concept is basically that they are revenants whose human souls have been split in two in the Underworld and when they managed to return to the world of the living they have two souls in them (Hun and Po) that were both one once.
    However the whole thing with Kira reminds me more and more of Naruto and the nine-tailed fox sealed inside him:

    The two are separate and when he uses its power the more power is used the more he loses control and that seems to be the same thing with Kira. And after the nemeton-hell mouth rip-off I think another rip-off is quite likely. So you see, I wouldn’t call it clever what the writers did there.

    PS. Why does Kira need to ask Scott to look at her? She should just make a picture of herself in front of a mirror or do a selfie or something. We know that thing can be seen on pictures. Makes you wonder why no one noticed that so far… oh right, the writers are incapable or unwilling to consider that.

    And from one writing incapability to the other:
    Why was Malia not brought with them to Eichenhouse? Was there any reason specified?
    Sure the reason is “because she needs to have flashbacks that should have occurred way earlier” but they could at least make up a reason inside the show.
    And as plotholey as the flashbacks are, how on earth would she know that the woman with the guns was her mother? Seriously, how would she know that? You could of course say that she just jumped to that and that it is not true, but let’s be honest here, Teen Wolf never acted like that so why should they start now?
    Not to mention that this opens a whole more can of worms: After all, why didn’t she take Malia with her?

    PS. I wondered also whether they try to push some “Theo tries to seduce Malia” crap.

    Sadly once we got to Eichenhause the story was on a downward spiral. Styles and Lydia’s scene in Stiles’s house was the last good scene, it was well paced, well acted and well written, if the rest of the episode would have been like that it would have been a good episode, but sadly we didn’t get that. Because that would be a calm episode you see and Teen Wolf must throw one action scene at the other at us apparently.

    Before we go to that train wreck, three things first:
    1) That Eichenhouse doctor is not only the same actor playing the professor in the search for a cure miniseries of season 1 (of course never mentioned here) but he is also played by John Posey and yes that means he is Tyler Posey’s father. I can proof it:

    And while Tyler apparently looks like neither of his parents (and next to his mother he looks even whiter than he already did) I think it’s pretty damn obvious that this baby is the same guy we see now.

    2) Remember when I send you an E-mail with that fanart contest Teen Wolf had for a new monster of this season? That “sluagh” in the Eichenhouse who shortly took Donovan’s likeness when Stiles passed him was the outcome of that contest. In fact the guy within that costume was the contest winner:!Teen-Wolf-Casts-Texas-Teen-as-New-Creature/cjds/551710420cf21933cd1d63a3
    Which not only makes this whole contest kind of a joke, but man is that design uncreative. The “sluagh” in the Legacy of Kain Defiance game were more creative than that thing-
    The “sluagh” in Teen Wolf not only has no resemblance with actual sluagh (which are just the souls of the dead) but that design is basically just a slightly modified Nosferatu vampire.

    3) My last episode had a minute or so of Wolf Watch that Posey hosts and I must ask: Does he always host this way? It sounded terrible.

    Now back to the terror at home:
    The whole thing with Scott, Stiles and the talk with Kira once again highlights how little the writers care about what they themselves have established. Not only have they completely ignored time and again that these two are allegedly best friends who know each other for years but now Scott doesn’t listen to Stiles anymore (and we are supposed to think Scott is right) but he claims Lydia once pretended to be stupid. Which she never did. She only claimed to not know certain things in front of Jackson, for whatever reason, but apart from that she constantly showed even in season 1 how intelligent she is, it was even brought up at the parent-teacher meetings.

    And I had the same question you had: Why does the mountain ash work on Kira and Scott (without the blue lightshow this time) but not Lydia? Are we supposed to believe her precognition and banshee scream are not supernatural? If not that we definitely have entered X-Men territory here not only with her usual scream but also the enhanced one from episode 1 since a scream of that power is more likely to rupture her throat than anything else.

    From here we come to the doctor with the third eye: Are we supposed to belief this role was planned from the start? Because I doubt it. I doubt even that the season was planned in any way like it is now. They probably changed because Hoechlin left.
    And speaking of missing cast members, I think I heard that the guy playing Deaton is possibly in jail.
    And since I am at him: Funny how third eye guy completely blames the teenagers and Deaton not at all isn’t it? You know, the guy that knew most about the consequences of activating the nemeton. Shouldn’t he be the one taking most of the blame?
    But then again on this show the recorder of a banshee scream apparently is more powerful than said banshee scream, as you rightfully pointed out.
    Well, I guess the plothole was not with Lydia this time.

    And speaking of plotholes, for some reason Kira’s electric powers go haywire, aka they are used effectively for the first time on this show, and it is all while she has no control over it, we have no idea why that happened (“the doctors did it” is no explanation) and she was basically just a tool for the plot. Yeah… never seen that before, Teen Wolf is so progressive and breaks sooooo many stereotypes….
    And speaking of her electricity. Not only would so much of it cause burns (and apparently shitty dialogue from Posey and his father) but you can bet that electrocution of that scale would prevent Scott from so much as voluntarily lifting a finger. If it doesn’t kill him it would give him uncontrollable muscle spasms.

    PS. What was Kira’s problem with Scott allegedly forgetting that he said that he loved her? Did she try and talk with him about it? Did he refuse? Seriously, why was she suddenly pissed?
    And why was it such a big deal anyway, these two are together for more than 6 months by now. Did he never before say that or what?

    But of course that wasn’t the only last nonsensical thing:
    If third eye guy is such a threat, why didn’t the doctors just kill him? Even if they need the eye for something, why would they need the guy to be alive afterwards?
    There would of course be the question as to whether all of this scheming was necessary to get into the asylum, I mean why no use another sort of electricity or use Kira directly etc. But that would be too much and I am drained enough from reading City of Heavenly Fire.

    So like I said before:
    I thought that maybe I would not need a GOT episode after this one, but sadly I was wrong.

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