Scott versus The Paperback – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Required Reading”

cant read at all

Throughout the seasons of Teen Wolf, Scott McCall and his wolfpack have battled numerous formidable enemies . . . and the Alpha Pack, which was totally lame, obviously.  They have fought Evil Alphas, Kanaimas, Daraches, Berserkers, and a really grumpy-old man, always ultimately reigning victorious.

funny face grandpa

But now, Scott McCall must face down a new evil, one much more terrifying than all the rest.  And that evil is . .  . a paperback novel at a fourth-grade reading level!

4 4 derek zooland

As a recapper who regularly joked about the thinly-veiled illiteracy of Scott and his wolf pack, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel mildly vindicated by the fact that Jeff Davis and co made this into an actual plot point.  Let’s put it this way, of all the main characters in this series, the only one who was actually able to finish that crappy dimestore novel without taking a break for “naptime,” was the one who spent half her young life, eating roadkill and sh*tting in the woods . . .

deer eat

But what really made Dredd Doctors: A Novel so horrifying, at least to our characters, was not that it was simply “too hard” for our heroes to comprehend (because it was!), it was the memories that attempting to read it brought to the surface of each of the main characters’ minds . . . (none of which actually had to do with the Dredd Doctors, like they were supposed to . . . but hey, why mess with a formula that works, in order to do something as silly as advance plot , right?)

nodding oh yeah

That’s right Werebangers. “Required Reading” was this season’s “Motel California,” and “Party Guessed.” Like these two previous episodes, which, in my mind were two of the strongest in the series’ history, “Required Reading” utilized (though not quite as successfully as its predecessors) a mixture of hallucination and repressed memory to illuminate aspects of our characters’ (like Lydia and Stiles) psyche that wouldn’t necessarily be evident at first blush.


They also made Scott look like an even bigger doofus than usual. . .

no idea what im doing

Let’s review, shall we?

[As always a special thanks to Andre for all the awesome screencaps you see here.  Without them, this recap would probably as much fun to read as Dredd Doctors: A Novel .  . .]

Digging up those HOLES

The cops find eight holes dug up on the football field, and Sheriff Stilinski thinks they each represent new chimeras, i.e just enough freaks of the week for each new episode of this season.  “Though in some episodes, we will probably have to double up on freaks, so everyone on Team Chimera gets a chance to play,” the Sheriff Muses.

I, on the other hand, think Shia LeBeouff dug up those holes, as part of his juvenile delinquent sentence, after he was falsely accused of stealing some sneakers that fell on his head .. .

digging holes


The Sheriff and Malia then helpfully recap our past freaks of the week, by literally X’ing out pictures of their faces with red marker a la Emily Thorne from Revenge.  Excluded from this board is that creepy black-faced guy from the premiere, because he is not an attractive Abercrombie-model looking teenager, and Teen Wolf, therefore, would like you to forget he existed.  Or, if not forget he existed, at least forget what he looked like . . .

Donovan is hot and young enough looking to be included in this list though!


Sheriff S wants to put an X over his nemesis’ face, but can’t because he hasn’t seen is corpse yet.  And he hasn’t seen his corpse yet, because our Friendly Neighborhood Naked Garbage man has already converted it to Evil Tree Fertilizer.  “Every horror movie ever has taught me that ‘no dead body’ equals ‘no dead teenager,” Sheriff S helpfully offers.

no sharpie

“That’s generally true, except for those situations where said dead teenager, gets made into a shishkabob by a falling ladder part, and his innards erupt into a puddle of grey goo,” mutters Stiles under his breath.

on the board

“What?”  Sheriff S and Malia ask.

“I said ‘I’m really hungry for shishkabobs, and I love you too,” replies Stiles.

Then Stiles pees in his pants, because his continued guilt over this asshat’s death is essential to the plot, even though it was totally done in self-defense, and if his dad had watched him do it, he probably would have cheered him on . . .

on the board

ep 8 stiles dad hug fyeah

Briefly during this scene, the characters pose the question of what the chimeras have in common, that makes the Dredd Doctors seek them out, when they are still human.  My theory . . . they’ve all had organs removed  / transplanted.  But more on that in a bit . . .

Punch me if you are horny, baby

orgy face

“Oh, I know, it hurts so good, baby! So good!”

Half naked, Parrish and Lydia, get hot and sweaty together to pop music under the guise of “jujitsu training.”  The lessons don’t go particularly well, because every time Parrish tries to disarm and take down Lydia, she feels the need to sigh amorously and nuzzle her head into his neck.  And he feels the need to take a break so he can sniff her hair and fondle her breasts.

marrish 1

Apparently, all this foreplay somehow managed to transform Lydia into the badass ninja we saw in the season opener.  I suspect this is because Parrish transferred his ninja powers to the banshee by infusing them into her boobs, while the two were getting to second base .  . .

marrish 2

Mid nipple tease, Lydia gets a Dredd Doctor flashback of some sort, which totally turns her off to future sex acts . . . er . . . I mean “martial arts training” with Parrish.

Don’t worry, Parrish.  I hear bursting into flames on top of a corpse encrusted evil tree is a great cure for blue balls . . . better than cold showers and a self-inflicted hand job, even!

phoenix parrish

blue balls

Scott McCall’s Book Club for Kids Who Can’t Read Good

cant read kira

words disappear

Scott’s entire Scooby Gang meet to read the Dredd Doctor book together, while laying on top of one another on the couch, because apparently reading is contact sport in Scott McCall’s world.  It’s also exhausting, obviously, because after reading exactly two pages a piece, everyone falls asleep.  I suspect this is because most of the crew’s idea of “reading” is doing this . . .

(Kira, at least has an excuse, according to Mason, because foxes are like soooo illiterate.  Everyone else is just dumb and/or lazy.)

sleepin stiles sleepin

Once the group is safely comatose, Theo helpfully changes into his “I am Evil” t-shirt, grows a black mustache from his baby face, so he can twirl it malevolently, and creeps up to Kira’s bedroom, so he can leer over her for a few minutes like a child molester, and tape her sleep talking with his iPhone.

creeper watch

“Hey Scott,” Theo says to his new/old pal the next morning.  “You don’t know this, but while you were passed out last night after an excruciating  twenty minutes spent sounding out the word ‘Doctor,’ I went up to your girlfriend’s bedroom and dry humped her while she was unconscious.  Does that bother you at all?”


“No, should it?”  Scott inquires, clearly confused.

(Other things that confuse, Scott: sneakers that come with shoe-laces instead of Velcro, double-sided tape, and doors that have the word “Push” written on them, even though they have handles . . .)

“Cool, well, I also taped her pillow talk, and then typed what she said into Google Translate.  It turns out her and her fox costume want to murder us all!”

kira mode

“Dude, you are so racist.  Not every phrase in Japanese automatically means, ‘I want to murder you all.  Only like 95 % of them do!’” Scott retorts.

“Did you hear me, Scott?  I said I found it on Google Translate.  And Google Translate never ever takes sentences out of context, or attributes to them American meanings that don’t jive with what they actually mean in other countries!”  Theo argues.

“Oh . . . well, in that case, I hate Kira now.  She is evil, and we are totally breaking up,” responds Scott.


“Then, you won’t mind if I have sex with her then, me being secretly evil, and really sh*tty at hiding it and all?  I think we’d be a good love match.”  Theo muses

“Didn’t you already have sex with her last night?”  Scott asks.

“No, we just dry humped . . .” Theo offers.

“OK then, be my guest,” replies Scott.

“Thanks, you are the best!” Theo responds, before heading off to the gym to corrupt and steal Stiles’ girlfriend too!

Obligatory Shirtless Scene in 3 . . . 2 . . .

takes off evil shirt

In the school gym, Theo sees Malia coming to visit him, and quickly disrobes, so that he can hypnotize her into submission with his sexy man nipples.

theo shirt off

“I think I’m supposed to be having a conversation with you about how I’m lying to my boyfriend about how my mom, the desert wolf, killed my adoptive mom, but I am too intoxicated by the smell of your man musk, and the way your pecs look covered in sweat to really concentrate on what’s being said in this scene,” says Malia.


“Mwah-hahahaha,” Theo laughs evilly, wishing he didn’t have to be naked for Malia, so he could put on his ‘I am Evil’ shirt again.  (How else will Teen Wolf fans realize this guy is up to no good, if they aren’t reminded of it every three seconds?)

her face

That Will Teach You to Read Books!

see it

Now is the part of the episode, where our main characters get punished for trying to be scholarly.  First up is Lydia.  While helping a fellow student, who she thinks is a chimera, but who actually just suffers from trichotillomania (Google it!) . . .

hair pull

. .  she flashes back to a time when she accidentally walked into Eichen House to find her grandmother bleeding in a tub, after having supposedly drilled a hole in her own head.  (Though based on the scene where the Dredd Doctors threaten to do the exact same thing to Lydia, Poor Grandma might not be entirely responsible for her own mutilation.)

the grandma drill

“They are coming for us, Lydia.  They are coming for us all,” Grandma warns ominously.

I guess it’s pretty obvious why someone would want to repress an effed up memory like that, am I right?  I mean, seeing your grandma naked?   YIKES!  But also the “hole in head” thing . . .

What’s interesting about this hallucination is that it actually tells us quite a bit about why Lydia might have subconsciously been hiding her own intelligence in the first season or so of the series.  We all assumed she did it to be popular.  But, perhaps, there was a part of Lydia that took her grandmother’s terrifying warning to mean that she should cover up those things that make her different from others (i.e. her genius IQ, her banshee powers, etc) at all costs, or risk being persecuted, or worse, hurt, for it . . .

Speaking of Lydia’s banshee powers, after hearing the name of Liam’s love interest chanted during one of her hallucinations, and seeing the gory operation done by the Dredd Doctors on this week’s nameless freak of the week, Lydia figures out that she is somehow able to tap into the memories of other chimeras.


So, Lydia inexplicably gets new powers every week that have absolutely nothing to do with her being a banshee, which makes her Super Girl, basically.

In other heartbreaking hallucination news, Stiles remembered a time when his mother, suffering from dementia caused by a brain tumor, tried to jump off a roof, because she was convinced that Stiles, who was only ten at the time, was trying to murder her.  She even attacked Stiles when he tried to confront her.

stiles crying trying to kill

Up until this point, we’ve heard bits and pieces about Stiles’ mother’s illness and subsequent death, while getting hints that Stiles felt somehow guilty or responsible for it.  (A perfect example of this was his hallucination during “Party Guessed.”)  However, this is the first time all those pieces are finally put together.

Clearly, there’s a part of Stiles that subconsciously wonders if his mother was right . . . if there is something in Stiles that is inherently wrong or bad.  This part of Stiles may have been what made him such an easy target for possession by the Nogitsune.  It also may explain why Stiles is so wracked with guilt over the part he played in that dirtbag, Donovan’s, death . .  .

he and mom

In Which Liam Appears to Be On a Completely Different Show Than Everyone Else . . .

While the rest of the cast is suffering from identity crises caused by violent hallucinations, Liam is making googly eyes at new love interest Hayden, while he practices lacrosse, and she inexplicably practices soccer two inches away from him, because, apparently, Beacon Hills High only has one sports field left, after the other one became infested with chimera birthing holes.  Isn’t that . . . like . . . dangerous . . . or something?

kicking ball lacrosse swat wathin

Speaking of dangerous?  I bet you all have been losing sleep at night wondering why Love Interest Hayden “hates” Liam.

You haven’t?  Well, too bad.  Because I’m going to tell you, anyway.  Apparently, Liam got into a fight with someone at school, tried to punch him, and accidentally punched Hayden, so her picture for the sixth grade year book was all jacked up.

nose pic

Why does Mason still have Hayden’s sixth grade yearbook picture on his cell phone after all these years? That’s just weird . . .

I get it.  I mean, it’s totally understandable that Hayden would vow vengeance against Liam for life.  After all, your sixth grade yearbook photo is the most important photograph you will ever take in your entire life . . . aside from your wedding photo, and your graduation from high school photo, and your graduation from college photo, and your “I just had a baby” photo, and your EVERY PHOTO YOU’VE EVER TAKEN AFTER THE AGE OF TEN!

During this episode, we also learn why Hayden needs money so badly that she’s whoring herself out as a bar wench every night at the local gay club.  Apparently, she had a kidney transplant, and the medication she needs for it costs $200 a bottle, which she hopes to repay her sister, who is footing the bill.

and sis

So, Hayden is incredibly good at kicking balls, and vain, and poor.  “She must be a chimera,” Liam decides for no reason whatsoever, as he heads to the club to eye screw her some more and pay her back for knocking over her glow sticks a few episodes ago.

(Actually, Hayden’s kidney transplant might actually indicate that she’s a chimera, as evidenced by the fact that according to her sister, she’s suddenly no longer taking her medication, yet experiencing no ill effects from it . ..)

Also, there’s the little fact that Hayden’s eyes get all ghostlike under a blacklight . . .

her eyes

Speaking of chimeras, we meet another one at Club Cinema.  (The Dredd Doctors must really like the gays.)  Did you catch him?  He was the one that complained to Hayden that his glo-stick burned out, then proceeded to effect the electricity of the entire town, by repeatedly eating electric wires, everywhere he went.

his face

Dude! Just buy a flashlight, and be done with it . . .

wasnt me

We’ll talk more about this week’s Freak in a moment.

But first . . . we must talk about how much Scott sucked at life, this week . . .

True Alph-Failure

Sleeping on the job again . . .

Sleeping on the job again . . .

While attempting to sign a drop form for his AP-Bio class, Scott, like Malia, Lydia and Stiles before her had a hallucination about a memory from his past.  In the memory, Scott was attacked by a pack of wolves (who murdered his dog, Roxy?) and it caused him to have his first asthma attack.

sad scott dog leash

Unlike his friends’ hallucinations, Scott’s says nothing at all about his psyche.  It merely notes the irony that a wolf attack initially brought on Scott’s asthma, and a wolf bite cured him of it.

Did I say cured him of it?  Because, apparently, much like herpes, Scott’s asthma is back . . .

Immediately sensing through Pack Mind that his Wolf Daddy is having an asthma attack, despite the fact that Scott has never had an asthma attack in the entire time Liam has known him, Liam rushes to offer Scott an inhaler from a classmate.

Of course, Scott is too dumb to save his own life, so Liam has to go all wolfy on his ass to get him to take a puff in front of a ton of students, possibly blowing his cover as a werewolf in the process.

scott and liam wakes up

In other Scott fail news, at the hospital, a Dredd Doctor crushes Scott’s pilfered inhaler, and he proceeds to lay on the floor and take the abuse like a b*tch, forcing Malia and his own human mother to fight his battle for him . . .

malia fight kick bbox grab kick

“We should never have read that book,” Scott exclaims, as he is cowering in the corner of an elevator like a toddler.

Sure, Scott.  Blame “reading” for your problems . . .

Meanwhile, on a roof somewhere . . .

R.I.P. Electric Wire Eating Guy.  We barely knew ye . . .

yellow eye

If Scott is a failure at life, Stiles fails at luck.  I mean, the poor guy can’t even have a good old-fashioned traumatic hallucination from his past, without his life being put in danger once again.  Stiles awakens from the memory of his own mother attacking him to find Electric-Wire Eating guy doing the same thing.

scared stiles

Fortunately, Evil Theo arrives just in time to quickly and brutally murder Electric Wire Eating Guy, like it’s no big thing.  (Take note, Stiles!)  As we know, most werewolves eyes turn perma-blue after they commit a murder, but Theo’s stay gold, indicating that he might be a chimera as well.  “Don’t tell Scott about my chimera murder, and I won’t tell him about yours,” Theo promises Stiles.  “You can trust me.”

attack theo

bloody hand

“But you are wearing an ‘I am Evil’ t-shirt, drinking blood and murdering a tiny puppy with your bare hands while we are having this conversation,” Stiles muses.

“Yeah, but I’m attractive,” responds Theo.  “And everyone knows that hot people are always honest.”

dont say

“Works for me,” replies Stiles, as he shakes the devil’s bloody paw.

And that was “Required Reading” in a nutshell.  Until next time, Werebangers!

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One response to “Scott versus The Paperback – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Required Reading”

  1. Andre

    If just Teen Wolf could write as good as you can. It really says something when a Disney original movie has better written plot and characters than a 5 season show:

    Actually that movie made me realize something else regarding this show’s casting, but more on that later.

    First I must say that you forgot a lame enemy: The antagonists of the week of this season and the last.
    However based on how they reacted to reading such a really short book makes you think they had to sit through a Cassandra Clare “novel.”
    And for some reason Malia has no problems, but still fell asleep, which again makes no sense. I smell a lip-service for feminism, you know like with Kira’s place on the lacrosse team that is now ignored.

    And you have a point, apart from maybe Lydia’s hallucination, none of it advanced the plot. Not really surprising considered that Jeff Davis co-wrote this episode.
    And considered that “Party Guessed” was a lot better than what we got recently from Davis shows how much he himself may have deteriorated as a writer.

    And I should have noticed before, but these “chimeras” emerge from the ground as new beings:


    What is probably not a coincidence is that the sheriff notices Stiles’ discomfort before Malia notices. So the middle-age human notices that but the “teenage” werewolf with heightened senses of smell and hearing, that by canon can pick up emotional states immediately, doesn’t notice that? Jeff Davis truly cannot work with his own canon.

    Then again he doesn’t seem to care or know about medical procedures either… sounds like Scott actually, since I am pretty sure than when your stitches still need to be covered up medically it is probably very unwise to have jujitsu training. Not that this looked like such training or you would do it in this way. But whatever.
    Let’s be honest, it’s just another excuse to force Parrish/Lydia on the viewers. After all if it were anything else she would have just told him about her “memory.” After all there is no reason for him not to know.

    And apparently neither of them knows books since apparently not even half of it makes them tired. Seriously, I can read a book that size with such big letters pretty quickly.
    Furthermore, Malia smells Stiles’ blood (how is that still bleeding anyway? If it’s still bleeding even normal people should have noticed) and Theo hears her and Stiles’ conversation but Scott doesn’t notice anything?

    Also, is that just me or is it a pretty dumb idea to have all of them reading the book at the same time without anyone staying guard when they believe that it can cause dangerous behavior? I mean what if it had turned all of them into this:

    (the girls will be the crew filming it all)

    And Kira’s explanation as to why she can’t read it is basically crap. True, foxes cannot say “Mochi-mochi” according to an old belief but they are tricksters and so word plays/tricks are surely not a problem.
    Perhaps Mason spouts the exposition not just because he is black but also because Seth Gilliam (the guy playing Deaton, whose first name on wikipedia is Alan and not Alexander as in season 4) might have some other problems:

    And from one plot device to the other:
    How bad must a writer be to write someone like Scott who doesn’t think it odd that Theo basically told him he went up the stairs to watch his girlfriend and record her sleep-talk? Theo didn’t even say “I heard her from below” or anything.
    It would be better if we were supposed to think he is dumb, but the show clearly wants us to belief this moron is smart.

    Plus, I know I stated this two times already but with Kira’s “I am death” (or whatever) talk this whole stuff sounds even more like a Naruto-ripoff. Also, why don’t these idiots just ask Kira’s mother? Seriously, no one is that dumb in real life.
    But whatever, let’s get to the next stupid decision of the season.
    The casting of Theo. Seriously, that actor cannot really pull it off to look friendly and harmless. Not even remotely. Couldn’t they have casted someone else? Like the guy playing Ben on the above film?

    This guy looks so harmless he could easily make it work both ways. Plus he might be one of the few medium brown haired guys with ungeeled hair this show has.
    But no, they cast someone looking like Theo, who screams schemer even more than Jack Nicholson screams scary.

    And speaking of the Jackson rip-off number 2001, like I said in my E-Mail, Jeff Davis doesn’t seem to know what gay porn is, or porn in general or otherwise his fan-service would not be so blatant and be pore plot relevant. And like you can see above, finding porn on the internet is really not difficult. Even when you want to watch hot guys outside of your own ethnicity, see:

    See? Tons of it. So the show doesn’t have to use such blatant tactics.

    And again, Theo’s routine is not exactly hiding the fact that he is evil. He might as well sing this song:

    Or this while he is at it:

    Plus: What reason is there for Malia to not tell the others about her flashback?
    Also since when is she stronger than Theo? Or are we supposed to believe it’s the machine that causes this? Because that thing sure as hell does not have enough weight to hinder a werewolf that much during work-out. Plus this is one of the cases were more is less. Back in the days with Derek we did not know how long he worked out or with what:

    But with Theo we know and so it shows how little the writers understand of what Jeff Davis created/introduced/ripped off.

    And your comment towards how often we are reminded that Theo is evil is pretty spot on. The show is treating its audience like idiots now. Thankfully I saw a few glimpses into Penny Dreadful and so I will give that definitely a try, sure they have vampires (so not very creative) but at least the writing looks more competent:

    And did you recognize the student Lydia was trying to help? She was featured in an earlier episode with a pretty blatant camera shot on her. However if she has trichotillomania of this magnitude without treatment she should look pretty different now, trust me.
    However why that would make Lydia flashback to Eichenhouse is weird, just like a mother who screams at her daughter that she told her to stay in the car instead of, you know, getting her daughter out of there.
    However I cannot really understand why you think that has to do with her hiding her intelligence, especially since I never got the impression that she was hiding her intelligence to anyone but Jackson because he was a giant whiner baby.
    And to be honest, even back then I had the suspicion that her intelligence was a convenient plot device just like her banshee powers are now. You are totally right in that she inexplicably gets new powers every week. This is not sensing death or anything; this is full grown precognition and telepathy. And not even the scene with the freak of the week brought us anything.

    As for Stiles’ hallucination, ok might be great and all and well shot and acted, but not only did we know already that he blamed himself for the death of his mother, but it once again has nothing to do with the plot. I mean was the book supposed to be some sort of trap? If yes why did Malia and Lydia have no hallucinations that endanger them? Does the book unlock repressed memories in general? If yes they should have way more flashbacks.

    And since you mentioned Liam, why on earth does Mason know about the book and not Liam? The rest of the Liam Hayden stuff can be skipped. Except for one thing:
    Since the actress kind of reminded me of Selena Gomaz I suspect that this is probably another case of using white people who simply don’t look like English people as “Latinos” (whether the actress really is I don’t know, a name says nothing) but I stick with it, unless they show cultural traits that identify them as such these are plain white people of non-descript culture.
    Plus, what sort of petty revenge is that to be upset about one broken nose for all this time? I mean it doesn’t seem to have hurt her model looks, or is this the old “Ya’ll shall never hit girls no matter what”? You know were even self-defense counts as blasphemy.
    If yes, then this is pretty hypocritical considered the ways women and girls have died/been harmed on this show just over the past few episodes.

    And true, why on earth does Liam think she might be a chimera? Is “because the plot says so” that strong in the show? No way.

    And maybe you are right about the organ transplants being a hint, which means the doctors are actually doctors working at the hospital, which would mean they should be easy to find.
    However if Hayden’s eyes look like this under the light of a glowing stick, why did no one else even notice? In this episode alone she had several in front of her eyes.

    As for Scott’s flashback and asthma attack… plot convenience and nothing more in my mind, except maybe to shove Liam into our face (who is just as dumb as Scott if he thinks just giving Scott the inhaler will make him use it himself when he is obviously absent from it all).
    But this reminded me of the “an invasive species will change everything” of the biology teacher who cannot see the signs of distress on Scott for some reason and can apparently rise and sit down and rise again pretty quickly based on the scenes. However the English definition of invasive species is pretty generically used and One study pointed out widely divergent perceptions of the criteria for invasive species among researchers (p. 135) and concerns with the subjectivity of the term “invasive” (p. 136).[
    Just think of the term “Person of color” among progressives or “Kind” among creationists and you know how vaguely it is applied. So an “invasive species” might as well have no impact at all. Plus despite what she stated, cane toads are not the bane in Australia she claims and in fact has some natural enemies as Numerous native species have been reported as successfully preying on toads. Some birds, such as the black kite (Milvus migrans),[18] have learned to attack the toad’s belly, avoiding the poison-producing glands on the back of the head. Anecdotal reports in the Northern Territory suggest that a native frog, Dahl’s aquatic frog (Litoria dahlii), is able to eat the tadpoles and live young of the toad without being affected by the poison that often kills other predators.[19] This may account for slower than expected infestations of toads in certain areas of the Northern Territory, although later research carried out jointly by several Australian Universities casts doubt on these reports.[20] Some snakes species have been reported to have adapted smaller jaws so that they are unable to swallow large cane toads which have large quantities of poison.[21]
    In 2009 it was found that the native meat ant is immune to the toad’s poison and can successfully prey upon young cane toads. Whereas native frogs and toads have natural reflexes to avoid the meat ants, the cane toads do not tend to try to escape the ants, rather standing still when attacked waiting for the toxin to kill the attacker.

    She is not completely wrong, but still her way of talking is pretty typical and probably feeds into anti-immigration tendencies. Plus its one of the several ways the show wants to portray the doctors and chimeras as dangerous via tell and not show.

    And as for Scott having to be rescued… well, was Malia really not able to run faster to the elevator than the doctor? Who cares, the makers sure as hell don’t.

    And maybe Theo is a chimera or the writers just forgot the blue-eyes thing, so far I would not put it past them since they broke their own canon several times by now. We will have to see.
    However the whole Theo and Stiles being in one boat is such a thinly disguised plan it’s nearly embarrassing to admit that Davis and Stokes could once write good episodes.
    I mean maybe I am missing something, but I am sure they weren’t that badly written in season 1 and 2.

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