Very Unsanitary – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Ouroboros”

unsannSo, I’ve been thinking a lot about this, this past week. Do you want to know what I’ve decided makes the Dredd Doctors so terrifying?

It’s not the fact that I can never understand what the heck they are saying . . .

Or that they consider scuba masks with trench coats a fashion statement . . .

chatting with dreddyIt’s not even that they enjoy finding creative ways to murder teenagers, because every villain on this show does that . . . (bo-ring!)

Honestly, the Dredd Doctors freak me out, because they are such unbelievable pigs!

You want to know why all your little medical experiments are such “failures”, Dredd Doctors?

Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that you operate on your “patients” on top of cars . . .

zoinc. . . or on dirty floors and rusted operating tables . . .

trac wolf

. . . reusing the same bloody medical equipment over and over again . . .


. . . after “sterilizing” it in murky gross vomit water with little (but not cute) creatures living inside it . . .

nasty stuff

. . . and then, after you operate, you leave all these kids’ wounds exposed, gory and festering . . .

dirty tabblood wound

They have these things called Bandaids now, Dredd Doctors. Maybe it’s time you learned to use them . . .


As if it wasn’t frustrating enough that the Dredd Doctors’ MO is murky at best: (Make the best wuzzle ever? Kill all the teenagers in Beacon Hills? Make everyone hallucinate for no conceivable reason? Turn Scott into a whiny b*tch?), they don’t even seem to be particularly good at their job!

A nice young studly doctor in a white lab coat, with a hospital full of sterile medical equipment, (not to mention lots and lots of bandaids!) would make way better wuzzles than these Dredd Dorks . . . just saying . . .


Anywhoo, let’s review, mmm-kay?

[As always, a special thanks to Andre, who somehow manages to make an episode that, to me, looked like a big ole ugly infected wound, into a work of screencapping art!]

Deaton Goes on Spring Break

Possibly because flights to Disney World, Vegas and Hawaii were too expensive (Since no one in Beacon Hills lives long enough to get themselves a pet, the vet business in Beacon Hills isn’t what it used to be.), Deaton decides to take his annual vacation to . . . a water treatment facility somewhere in Europe that is seemingly identical to the one in Beacon Hills?

Talk about a waste of frequent flier miles!

cryptic vetApparently, the Dredd Doctors were there too. The Dredd Doctors just looooove water treatment facilities, which makes me really glad my liquid diet consists entirely of Sugar Free Energy Drinks and wine. Water is dangerous!

We know this particular water treatment facility is a hang out for the Dredd Doctors because it has their logo on it, the Ouroboros, which is basically a snake eating its tail. I don’t about you, but if I was a Franken Doctor, I would choose a mascot that inspired a bit more confidence . . .. like, for example, ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

ouroborosEating your own body parts is just a bad idea generally. I mean, I bite my nails on occasion, but you don’t see me listing it as a skill on my resume . . .

At the water treatment facility, Deaton meets Malia’s mom, the Desert Wolf, who helpfully kills Deaton’s Russian-accented friend, so that the two can have a “private conversation.” Why is Malia’s mom hanging out at a random water treatment facility in Europe? I don’t know. I decided to stop asking logical questions about this show around the same time Dead Peter became a ghost teenage version of himself, so that Lydia could dig up his grave and make out with his rotted corpse.

Anywhoo, Malia’s mom wants to kill Malia, supposedly, but hasn’t been able to do so for 18 years, even though she’s supposedly the best hit woman in the whole wide world.

kill againNice to meet you, Desert Wolf. You are going to fit right in on this show!

Meanwhile, back in Beacon Hills, Scott is frustrated, because Baby Wolf Liam has been kidnapped, and his Alpha Wolf nostrils can’t smell the kid anymore.

disturbedDamn you, Old Spice Deodorant! DAMN YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!

At the Adult Table . . .

Mama McCall is quickly becoming my second favorite character on this show. (First, is Stiles, obviously.) This makes me feel old and very uncool, but also like I have good taste, because Mama McCall is awesome. (Giving birth to Scott, notwithstanding.)

wordShe calls her soon-to-be boyfriend, Sheriff Stilinski over to her house to help her with a rather pressing matter. “You’re a strong man, aren’t you Sheriff Stilinski?” Mama McCall inquires coyly. “Think you could help me move this monster teen’s corpse with Kira’s sword in it off my kitchen table for me? It is really hard to serve pot roast on top of her, as the murder weapon keeps getting in the way.”

suspic“You do realize I have to report this dead body to the rest of the police department, don’t you?” Sheriff responds judgmentally.

“Oh, don’t be such a stick in the mud!” Mama McCall complains. “Teens on this show have the lifespans of fruit flies. Who is going to miss another dead one? This one didn’t even get a name. Now, move her, so I can eat my dinner!”

the deadbody in kit“No!” Sheriff Stilinski retorts. “This girl is dead and your son’s girlfriend killed her. I’m going to make sure she gets the death penalty, and try to get your son thrown in jail too, for having such awful taste in women. I’m not sure that’s a crime per se, but I’ll find a way to make it one.”

“Are you just behaving this way, so viewers will understand why Stiles is so freaked out about telling you he killed that punk who wanted to murder you in self-defense?” Mama McCall inquires.

“Pretty much,” responds Sheriff Stilinski.

moving slapSo, Mama McCall does what any woman would do while hanging out with a corpse and a cop in the kitchen, she smacks Sheriff Stilinski in the face. “And to think, I was going to have sex with you on this murder table!” She mutters under her breath.

Mama McCall isn’t done having foreplay with Stiles’ dad yet though. She pops down to the station later on to file a police report about the dead body that is basically a recap of Seasons 1 through 5 of Teen Wolf.

“You know, I can’t file this, Melissa!” Sheriff Stilinski scolds. “There are way too many plot holes and inconsistent character development. Plus, who the heck is this Danny character? He’s around for four seasons, then he just disappears and everyone forgets he existed?”

sassy momThen, Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski start having hot angry hate sex right on Sheriff Stilinski’s desk . . . or at least they would if I wrote this episode . . .

Out on some random street, Kira is wandering around in a daze. So, Hayden’s sister tricks her into getting into the back of the cop car and arrests her for murder. Of course, she doesn’t read Kira her Miranda rights, so the arrest is totally invalid. But hey, at least they got the police code right. It’s 187 for homicide, like that 50 Cent song!

187 homicideKira’s dad confesses to the murder in Kira’s place, even though he totally thinks his daughter is a psycho fox killer, who will most definitely strike again. This makes him a good dad (better than Stiles’ dad!), but a bad member of society.

kira modeMeanwhile, over in the most unsanitary water treatment facility ever . . .

“Her condition worsens.”

The adorable Hayden and Liam are lying on matching operating tables, so that the Dredd Doctors can inject them with dirty water, and chop little pieces out of them for no logical reason. When the Dredd Doctors are done doing this, they leave the two teens on the dirty floor. They do this even though the operating tables aren’t in use, and it would make more sense to keep the teens on the tables, separated from one another, so they can’t (1) plot their escape; and (2) DIE FROM NASTY FLOOR INFECTIONS!

gross floorLiam tries to take Hayden’s pain from her by squeezing her hand in his own, but it doesn’t work, because his hands are not where Liam’s strength lies. (As we will find out, by the end of the episode, there are other parts of his body that are much stronger.)

mad about tLiam and Hayden are then taken to another room, where they meet another wuzzle, whose name is Zac, but whom, for purposes of convenience, I will call Exposition Chimera. Exposition Chimera helpfully tells Liam and Hayden that this is where the Dredd Doctors take all their failures, so they can morph into monsters, bleed silver, and then be subsequently murdered.

Exposition Chimera then shows Liam and Hayden his back, where he used to have wings, before the Dredd Doctors inexplicably chopped them off.   We know they used to be wings, because the Dredd Doctors are terrible at using scissors, and only cut off ¾ of the wings, so that two p*nis-like stubs can stick out of Exposition Chimera’s back.

my beck wiggle ing

Having given us all the information we need for this episode, which, honestly, isn’t much, Exposition Chimera starts bleeding silver, and is subsequently dragged away by the Dredd Doctors.

“Don’t worry,” Liam reassures Hayden. “Scott will save us before we bleed silver.”

“Scott?” Hayden inquires. “Isn’t that your loser friend who took a nap, while we got kidnapped, and has asthma, but needed you to growl at him so that he could remember how to use his inhaler?”

huh law“Yeah, that’s him,” Liam responds.

“We are SOOO dying!” Hayden replies.

We Interrupt this Important Plot Point to Bring You Deputy Parrish (a.k.a your friendly neighborhood Naked Garbage Man), in a Towel . . .

cleaned up speak up wearing a towel

You are welcome . . .

Reading is Fun. . . damental

Teen Wolf continues its war against literacy, when Kira angrily throws her Dredd Doctor book against the wall. “Mom, I’m supposed to read this book for Scott’s book club. But it’s a really sucky book with boring villains, so I can’t finish it. Also, I’m illiterate this season, because I’m dumb as a fox. Get it? Dumb as a fox? See, that was a clever play on a well-known saying the likes of which you’d never read in this crappy book,” Kira complains.

cant read kira“You should read the book backwards then,” Kira’s mom offers.

“But then I won’t understand it,” Kira argues.

“Which is exactly how fans feel about this Dredd Doctor plot . . .” Kira’s mom notes wisely.

bookKira reads the book backwards, and it causes her to remember that time in the premiere episode, when the Dredd Doctors experimented on her right in the middle of a traffic jam on Highway 115, in front of thousands of people, but nobody cared or tried to stop it, including her parents, because most drivers are selfish bastards.

best expWe interrupt this important plot point to bring you the first initial of Stiles’ real name

m stil

It’s “M”. Even though a few seasons back it was “G”.

genimYou are welcome . . .

Finding Liam

Desperate to locate Baby Wolf and Little Miss Baby Wolf, an increasingly desperate Scott rapes the back of chimera Corey’s neck to tap into his memories. Evil Theo watches him do this, and silently reminds himself to wear turtlenecks every day for the rest of the season . . .

neck tap liking neck tapOnce Corey’s neck has been successfully impregnated, Scott draws what he was thinking about during the whole neck fondling incident. It looks a bit like this . . .

drawingnow kiss cartoon

Just kidding. He draws the water plant! Scott, Malia and Mason immediately head there to find the baby wolves, while Theo continues to grill Corey on the information that was conveniently left out during the whole neck rape thing, like WHERE IN THE HUGE WATER PLANT CHIMERAS ARE ACTUALLY KEPT.

Long story short. Scott, Malia and Mason wander around the water plant aimlessly for hours, while Scott cries for his mother, and puffs on his inhaler. Then, Theo rescues both Baby Wolves in about the amount of time it takes someone to take a leak after they drank a small glass of soda . . .

open sesameIn the car, on the way home, Liam the PLAYA has come up with another idea on how to remove Hayden’s pain. He’s going to do it with his p*nis! Just kidding . . . it’s with his tongue. But still. Smooth, Liam, very smooth!

the mack daddTheo creepily watches the pair of baby wolves eating each others’ faces off in his rearview mirror, and contemplates canceling his internet porn subscription. Between this, and his front row seat to the neck raping earlier this episode, he’s totally covered in the sexual desires department.

creepin on

A Naked Garbage Man’s Job is Never Done

Back at the morgue, Parrish successfully mists an entire police force to steal yet another body, and is back on the job before you can say, “These cops are terrible!”

another body

Parrish acts so shady throughout the whole episode that it’s pretty much as if he’s wearing a t-shirt that says, “The Naked Garbage Man: Carrying Dead Bodies to a Tree without Wearing any Underwear Since Episode 2.”

soking dub

“I knew I should never have smoked those twelve doobies before coming to work. So incredibly baked right now.”

But just in case you happen to be illiterate like Kira, he also leaves his nametag at the scene for Lydia to find.

“For most people, this would be a total dating dealbreaker,” Lydia explains. “But if you’ve met any of my previous boyfriends, you’d know that psychopathy, multiple personality disorder, and a generalized fear of wearing clothes are pretty much my three biggest turn-ons.”

lydia smirk

Scott has a Major Case of the Sads

Good news, Kira’s dad fans . . . or should I say, the one person who really likes Kira’s dad . . . who is probably Kira’s mom? No dead body equals no murder, so the cops have to let him go.

Once this happens, Kira and her family decide to skip town, so that Kira won’t accidentally murder someone and leave her dead body on his boyfriend’s mom’s kitchen table. (I mean, obviously, she’ll keep murdering people, she’ll just leave them on kitchen tables that don’t belong to her boyfriend’s mom.)

poor kira

Kira’s fox self has been hitting the steroids hard, since it first appeared on the show . . .

old fox

Kira says goodbye to Scott, and the Lord is so sad about this that he cries raindrops down on them from Heaven. I’m not talking one or two tears here either. This is some serious ugly-face cry, bawling that’s going on here.

mackin in the rainpeace

We end the episode with Scott sitting in a closet, holding the leash of a dead dog. The pathetic scene is pretty much a metaphor for the character’s super crappy life right now.   “I am the worst True Alpha ever,” Scott mopes.

dead dog leash

“Yeah, pretty much,” Mama McCall agrees. “Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to see if I can find Sheriff Stilinski on Tinder, so I can right swipe his ass all night long.”

climb that like a tree badelaI love Mama McCall! Until next time, Werebangers!


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9 responses to “Very Unsanitary – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Ouroboros”

  1. “I decided to stop asking logical questions about this show…” …the words of a WISE Teen Wolf fan. This recap is perfection. That is all.

    • Thanks brothasoap! 🙂 I’m always a bit worried when I put out a particularly snarky recap like this one, that I might somehow turn off or offend fans. So, of course, I’m thrilled to find other like minded viewers, with good senses of humor, who can appreciate this series in all its glorious ridiculousness.

  2. Stiles first initial was never a G. First off, there are no adjoining lines to disappear under the finger, so it’s not a letter being partially obscured. It was definitely a lower-case I (or possibly a J, but I doubt it, because there’s no real tail). And why would someone assume a hard to pronounce Polish name is only five letters long? And if it was a G, that would’ve meant we really saw the whole name, and it was “Genem”. Which isn’t a name at all, much less a Polish one. I’ve always figured the first half of the name was just obscured, but there are no Polish male first names that end in “ienem”, either. And supposedly (although I couldn’t find it), Jeff Davis has said he just wrote some random letters on that folder, because even he hadn’t picked a name yet. I have a few ideas on Polish male first names that begin with M that fulfills the other hints that have been dropped, tho.

    • Jeff Davis should really know better than to choose random letters to tease one of the series’ biggest mysteries, and not think fans would pick up on or remember them. It really does look like Genim, with a capital G, in that picture. Perhaps that’s his middle name?

    • Andre

      I tried to look up names that end with “ienim” as well and I did not find anything that was not Teen Wolf related and that is really odd when not even google can find it. I also searched for “Mienim” and that one was some random facebook page about music. So it probably does mean that Davis just chose random letters. And true, a name as short as that from Europe cannot be so hard to pronounce for a native English speaker.

      Also a pretty easy Polish name with “M” at the start would of course be Marek, which is also a Czech and Slovak first name, and I actually had a gym teacher who had it as her family name.
      Technically Stiles’s family name could hint towards a descend from at least 4 ethnicities: Polish, German, Sinti and Polish Roma (albeit the last one is not the name of an ethnicity I just don’t know which Romani ethnicities Poland has, I guess Kalderasch is a safe choice). However I am pretty sure its supposed to be Polish since I doubt Jeff Davis has spend any effort on this topic. The way I know this show he thinks giving Mrs. McCall the family name Delgado makes her “Latina” albeit by that logic she could just as well be German or Fillipina, or from a dozen or so other countries/ethnicities. And of course by that logic Scott would be Scottish because it would not be easy to find a more stereotypically Scottish name than Scott McCall. Not only does “Scott” basically mean “The Scott” but McCall is the most common Scottish name.

  3. My thought? Stiles real name is pronounced DE-NIM Stillinski! Yes, “Denim.” Like Toni Braxton’s son… because sheriff loves her music. But it’s spelled M’Denim. And as with Django’s “D”… The M. is silent 😉

    • Now, M’Denim is an awesome name! Part of me feels like if Stiles had a name like M’Denim he would rock it proudly. That’s a celebrity kid name. 🙂

  4. Andre

    Oh Julie, I know I said it before, but I have to say it again:
    If just you would write that show.

    Now as to our favorite Magical Negro:
    I would bet that the place Deaton is in, is either in Russia or generally a former Soviet place, based on the signs. Why that place? No idea. Stereotypes I guess.
    Now that Ouroboros symbol can be interpreted as something that continuously recreates itself, however considered that the Dredd Doctors are “scientists” ala Frankenstein, I don’t think that meaning fits them in any way. But when has Teen Wolf ever bothered with getting mythology right?
    And true, no idea why Malia’s mother is there. Seriously, if she had heard about her daughter, why would she think he knows anything and why doesn’t she try to check on Malia’s father or anything? I think they made this “her mother wanted to kill her” up during the seasons without thinking it through, like so many other things.
    Plus you were spot on: If Malia’s mom couldn’t kill her so many years ago why should she be able to now? Could it be that she is actually Scott’s biological mother? They seem equally pretentious and incompetent.

    Your joke about the dead kid and how one more doesn’t make any difference fits as usual. How many teenagers have died so far on this show? Does the population of Beacon Hills bread like rabbits to replace them? Are they even missed by anyone?
    Plus, I think you are right: The only reason the sheriff is suddenly so adamant about not bending the rules (even though he did it all the time) is to have a reason for Stiles’ behavior, of course since, as we have seen in episode 9, Scott is judgmental enough for all of them, I don’t think this is needed.

    “You know, I can’t file this, Melissa!” Sheriff Stilinski scolds. “There are way too many plot holes and inconsistent character development. Plus, who the heck is this Danny character? He’s around for four seasons, then he just disappears and everyone forgets he existed?”

    However, what you said about Danny could also be true for Derek, I mean when was he mentioned the last time? Or Isaac.

    Plus: How did Kira find that random chimera?
    What the heck, I don’t even get why anyone things Scott is capable in anything anymore.

    Sadly the whole thing with Kira and Noshiko sounded to me like the typical Asian mentor stereotype who spouts nonsense masqueraded as wisdom. Noshiko could just have told Kira to read the book backwards right away instead of first saying “don’t try to understand it”
    All that is needed is for her to look like this:

    And since we are at Kira and the Doctors:
    Let’s assume they did the stuff they did with Kira to get into Eichenhouse. Why didn’t they just take her with them then? Why let her run around later after she has served her purpose?
    Not to mention that she absorbed tons of electricity in season 3 and it did not make her fox become so strong.

    But whatever. I am not sure Stiles’ name started with a G in season one, albeit it could, but either way, I could not find any name with “ienim” in it that and actual person uses. Davis made the name up and now probably did the same.

    And from one idiocy to the next:
    Why does Scott get so desperate for Liam that he just rams his claws into Corey’s neck without warning? And why did Lydia scream “Scott no!” when he wasn’t doing anything yet? Plus, they claim it looks dangerous but Corey looks rather as if he gets a blow-job and back in season 1 the whole thing looked way more painful.
    Was it so hard to just ask the guy? Well apparently it was since the three dofuses run around in the plant and scream their heads off (and overlook the oruborous symbol) despite shutting up and using a search pattern. Not to mention if they already scream on the top of their lungs Scott should just try to use his roar to make contact with Liam, like he tried at the start of the episode!
    No wonder Theo is the only one finding them, of course that he does it so quickly, even with Corey’s description is no reason to worry at all apparently.
    And maybe I would give more about their rescue if not for two simple facts:
    1) Getting electrocuted cannot be overcome by willpower or anything since it disrupts your muscle functions
    2) Both Theo and Liam could just have used anything around them and throw it against the fence, Liam seemed pretty fit when he touched it the first few times, but apparently when Exposition Chimera was dragged away he was mysteriously unable to stand up suddenly.

    And then the whole “relieve the pain by kiss”… no comment.

    Let’s rather go to the current example of incompetent cops:
    You know the episode suggested that the water was coming out of the roof due to high water pressure caused by heat. However if it is so hot it would have given all of them severe burns. But apparently not.
    And apparently Sheriff Stilinski has finally succumbed to WSV (Werewolf stupidity virus) since he doesn’t immediately notice that Parrish is acting mind-controlled.
    So mind-controlled that he leaves his nametag…..

    No dead body equals no murder, so the cops have to let him go.
    Really? I thought it would make him only more suspicious.

    And the later, totally unemotional goodbye scene (btw. Smart idea to put the girl with electric powers into a car) was incredibly cheesy. They even have exploding lamps, because reasons.

    And then Scott is sad, holds the leash of a dead dog we never heard about prior to this season and Scott is so self-centered and dumb he doesn’t get what the problem is and that not everything is about him.
    Aka, if he would wear glitter, colorful clothes and fall for every pale, black-haired, blue-eyed or tanned, blond, blue or golden-eyed white guy he would be Magnus Bane. Pathetic and dumb enough he is, just not so arrogant, narcissistic and abusive-

    I think we can safely say that this episode was a waste of time. Luckily I have video games.

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