Game of Groans – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season Finale “Status Asthmaticus”

good cover shotAfter watching 5 seasons of a show, the characters in it become sort of like your friends.

stydiaYou know them pretty well.

stiles and scottYou care about them . . . most of them, anyway.

more of that stuff halestilesYou want to see them succeed . . . again . . . most of them.

ep 8 stiles excited jeff bernbieYou want to shake them by their little scrawny shoulders, when they do things that are just so friggin stupid, and counterproductive to their leading long, healthy, successful lives, that you can’t fathom how they’ve survived this long in the world, without accidentally running headfirst into moving traffic, while wearing a red Superman cape, and/or drowning in a 3-foot deep kiddie pool.

no idea what im doingWhile you were watching Teen Wolf this week, you may have heard some strange sound effects in the background that you couldn’t quite place. That was me . . . groaning, grumbling, and vigorously shaking my head, at these teenagers, who, just seasons earlier, continuously stuck together, while each and every one of them took a turn at being temporarily evil, but now, for no conceivable reason, have decided to alienate, lie to, and occasionally try to murder one another, all because some good looking guy suggested it would be a good idea.

die in blinkin8In short, the Beacon Hills Scooby Gang has somehow become the kids in the slasher film, who you are supposed to be rooting for, but who make it kind of hard for you to do so, when they are constantly, walking alone into the scary basement with no lights and only one exit, when they should instead be running to the car outside, and booking it the hell away from the Cabin Where All Those People Got Murdered Last Summer.

Let’s review, shall we?

[A big ole thank you to my pal Andre, who convinced me that it was worth it to recap this series this summer, if only so it would give me an opportunity to enjoy his awesome screencaps of it.]

“Suck on My Girlfriend, Please?”

dying hayWhen you are in werewolf “family,” you are guaranteed to experience some really awkward life moments. . . like when you have to beg your father figure to give the new love of your life a hickey, that will make her really hormonal and hairy, so that she won’t die a horribly painful death.

give her bite

So, THIS exchange happened on the show:

Liam: “Suck on my girlfriend now! Chew on her really good!”

Scott: “Honestly, I just had dinner, and I’m not really hungry right now? Also, she’s really sweaty. I feel like eating her will make me break out. Thirdly, if I chew on her she may get rabies and die . . . but, like, in a different way than she’s dying right now . . . a wolfy way.”

full moon scott

Liam: “All that stuff didn’t seem to bother you when you were sucking on my arm last season, like it was a chocolate Tootsie Pop!”

mad liam

Scott: “That was different. You were about to become a main character on the show. And you weren’t as gross and sweaty as she is now. You have really great skin, you know that? Like baby soft, and no pores, whatsoever. You were an absolute pleasure to suck. Your girlfriend will taste like ass.”

Liam: ????

Scott: “Also, you were hanging from a building and definitely going to die. Your girlfriend only has a 99.99% chance of dying.”

Liam: ????!!

Scott: “Look, I don’t want to get to first base with your girlfriend’s gross neck, OK? End of discussion. Now, if you’d excuse me, I have to go further emasculate myself, by sucking on this fake inhaler.”

fake inhalerThen, the crew take Dying Hayden to MIA Vet, Deaton’s office, so Melissa McCall, who is neither a doctor, nor a veterinarian, can fail miserably at saving her life. Hayden, who knows she’s a goner, having placed her life in the hands of a bunch of bozos, repeatedly makes the dying request to see her sister before she inevitably croaks. It’s a request that everyone in the room blatantly ignores, because they are total assholes.

werkinAt one point, they actually send Scott out to pretend to go fetch the sister, but he goes to visit with his friend Lydia instead. And, of course, no one thinks of calling this woman on her cell phone, or trying to contact her at the police station WHERE SHE WORKS, because she is not a main character, and, therefore, unimportant.

Meanwhile, inside Stiles’ Jeep Roscoe. . .

Bummer Man

sad stilesRemember back in Seasons 1 and 2 when Stiles was fun? He was the comic relief of the show! The one who wore adorable tee shirts with cute sayings on them, or pictures of muffins . . . the one who had a quippy comeback for every line uttered on the show . . . the one who somehow managed to find a silver lining inside the death trap that he and his friends found themselves in every season?

sarcasm defenseDon’t get me wrong, Werebangers. Dylan O’Brien is still the best. He acts rings around pretty much everybody on the show, no matter what material he is given. He even pulled off being the best villain the series has ever seen. And he’s tugged at my heartstrings more times than I can count.

But man, has this character been a Charlie Brown with a rain cloud on top of his head all season!


raining on your parad

Somebody get this guy on Wellbutrin! Also, get him to a mechanic whose willing to fix his jeep for free. I mean the thing was literally flipped over and set on fire, and Stiles is still driving the thing. You would think his cop dad, might have a problem with that, seeing as there is absolutely no way Roscoe passes inspection, which means his son is violating about a million traffic laws, every time he gets behind the wheel.

stiles and jeepAnyway, Stiles in understandably bummed that his friend Scott is acting like such a turd, and, you know, because, he killed that Douchebag with the weird teeth. So, he throws a wrench at the window of poor, broke down Roscoe the Jeep, which is a total example of Kick The Dog Syndrome.

throw it

broken jeep

“I don’t like it when you hit me with tools, Stiles.

“When Malia picks him up (because, apparently, she’s a really great driver now), Stiles is being unusually uncommunicative, so Malia, being the good girlfriend that she is, attempts to break the ice, by telling Stiles it’s totally cool that he’s a murderer and stuff. “You killed some people, as Void Stiles. And killed Weird Teeth guy, as yourself,” Malia explains. “I thought I killed my adopted family. And now I actually want to kill my mom. We are a Killer Couple . . . like Bonnie and Clyde . . . if Bonnie was a werecoyote.”

stalia 1 stalia 2

“Um, can we talk about this after I witness my father having yet another brush with death that could have been prevented, if Scott didn’t suck so badly at being a hero?” Stiles asks hopefully.

“Sure, no problem,” replies Malia. “I’m just going to go hang out in the hidey hole where I lived and pooped for eight years, fondle a baby doll, and ogle unnecessarily naked Evil Theo, who, P.S. is part coyote, and is trying to steal me away from you, so you can go be with Lydia.”

my best friend

“Try not to look at the naked man in the hallway, baby. You are too young to see such things. Me, on the other hand . . .”

nakey the

“Sounds great. Bye soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend!” Stiles calls out over his shoulder, as he heads to the police station.

At the police station, Stiles finds out his father is out of the office. He’s actually at the school . . . with Hayden’s sister, and a large, as of yet unseen chimera, who must really hate Beacon Hills High, and, of course, those pesky not-very-good-at-speaking English Dredd Doctors . . .

broken beaconRuh-roh!

Also at the police station with Stiles, but not his dad . . .

Naked Garbage Man Finally Gets a Clue . . . Actually Lydia Gets it For Him . . . Because Thinking Makes His Brain Hurt

With bars between them, so they can no longer beat the crap out of one another as a form of foreplay, Lydia and Parrish are relegated to pretending their fingers are sex organs, and poking at one another through the bars.

fondle 1 fondle 2“Is life easier for you, now that you know you are a banshee, and can finally stop waking up dirty and naked in the woods?” Parrish inquires conversationally.

“Not really,” Lydia replies. “I mean, it would be if Jeff Davis could get a handle on what banshees actually do, but my powers and skills tend to change week to week, so I never really know what I am until I read the script.”

“Hey, I wake up dirty and naked in the woods sometimes, and seem to really have a thing for manhandling corpses,” Parrish muses. “Does that mean I’m a male banshee? It would explain why we are hot for one another, despite our obvious age difference, and the fact that I am a mental midget compared to you, so we couldn’t possibly ever have any interesting conversations with one another, that go beyond a third-grade reading level?”

more carrying“Nah. We are only attracted to one another, because we are both attractive people. And teen shows demand that all attractive people must eventually pork one another,” Lydia explains. “Also you aren’t a banshee, you’re a hellhound.”

hell hound“I thought I was a phoenix. Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense, given the hints that were thrown out about me last season?” Parrish wonders.

“It would. But then all the fans immediately pegged you as a phoenix. And that pissed Jeff Davis off. So, he decided to throw a curve ball and make you something else that he randomly found on Wikipedia,” Lydia responds.

“OK. But what exactly makes me a hellhound, as opposed to something else . . . like a phoenix?” Parrish presses.

“I don’t know. Let me go to the school library, and put myself in harms way to find out, even though I could probably just Google Hellhound on my smart phone and get the limited information we need to satisfy this plot point,” Lydia answers as she walks out of the police station, completely ignoring Stiles, who is there too.

stiles-15“I’m going to break out of here, steal some more bodies, and maybe accidentally kill some people, if you aren’t here to babysit me,” Parrish calls out after Lydia, by way of warning.

“I know and don’t care,” Lydia responds, as she closes the door behind her.

Moments later, Parrish breaks out of his jail cell, all red-eyed and dangerous looking. Stiles, who is a kid, and not a cop, tells all the cops around him not to shoot at the clearly violent Parrish. So, they don’t, and, instead just let Parrish go out into the world and potentially hurt some innocents, without going after him in their cop cars, or calling for backup.

dont shoot he leavesLaw enforcement in Beacon Hills is the best!

News Flash: Beacon Hills Officially Has a Vampire

shock and awe face

It was only a matter of time folks . . . just a matter of time.

Also, Braeden’s back, and fully confused by what happened to this show during the half-season she’s been away having 24-7 sex with Derek Hale.

what the hell was

“So, the guys in the black suits that talk funny? They are the Oni, right?” Braeden asks Malia, with whom she has never before exchanged words, but who suddenly seems like her best pal.”

“No, that was season 3. These are the Dredd Doctors,” Malia explains.

“But they kind of look and act like the Oni,” Braeden muses.

the girls“I know, right?” Malia replies.

“And Parrish . . . he’s a phoenix?” Braeden continues.

“Hellhound,” Malia corrects.

“What the heck is a hellhound?” Braeden asks.

Malia shrugs.

“What about the douchey good looking evil guy that hits on everyone in the cast, male and female? That’s Jackson?” Braeden asks.

theo“Nope,” Malia replies.

“Aiden then . . . or Ethan? I always get those two confused.”

“His name is Theo,” Malia answers.

“But he kind of looks and acts like Jackson, Aiden and Ethan . . .”

twins - Copy“I know right?” Malia replies again. “Anyway, enough about them. Come help me kill my mother, before she kills me.”

“I thought you’d never ask!” Braeden responds.

I know Malia and Braeden are both supposed to be straight and spoken for, but, honestly, wouldn’t these two be like the best lesbian couple ever?

More Violence Against Women (and Stiles) Ensues . . .

Theo finds Lydia in the library, and punches her in the face, knocking her unconscious, because he’s afraid she will clue in the Scooby Gang to the fact that she “senses death.”

going to dieBut clearly, he just punched her in the face for the fun of it, because, obviously she senses death, because like 50 teenagers died this season! So, why would that implicate Theo at all?

Theo’s basically been walking around this entire season, twirling his villain mustache, sporting his “I am Evil tee shirt,” everyday, murdering puppies, and eating babies everywhere he goes, in plain sight.  And yet, still, no one, but Stiles, ever suspected him of wrong doing . . . . probably because the entire Scooby gang has apparently spent the summer drinking Moron Juice, which prevents them from engaging in logical reasoning of any sort. So, why punch a girl in the face now, and ruin all this undeserved trust you’ve built up all season, right when your Evil Plan is finally starting to come to fruition? Because it’s the season finale, obviously . . .

real faceScott takes the bait to come find Lydia, when he should be off collecting Hayden’s sister and taking her to Hayden’s death bed. This was yet another super dumb move on Scott’s part. So, of course, evil Theo has to lock him in the library using mountain ash, and reveal himself as a villain to SCOTT TOO!

in library“P.S. Your inhaler is fake and filled with wolfsbane,” Theo explains helpfully. “P.P.S. I’m a chimera, who is going to steal your pack from you, even though I’ve been going around punching them all in the face, which would indicate that I have poor leadership skills. P.P.P.S. Liam is going to kill you and take your Alpha powers to save Hayden, and then I’m going to kill him and take those Alpha Powers from him. Now, I’d love to stay and chat, but I gotta go punch Stiles in the face, and hope that it will turn him on enough that he will have sex with me. P.P.P.P.S. I’m secretly in love with Stiles. See ya!”

void stilesTheo finds Stiles outside, and the two roll around on the ground for a little bit. It’s sexy in a Fight Club sort of way. At least Stiles is fighting back, so it doesn’t give off that domestic abuse sort of vibe we got when Theo was beating the crap out of Lydia. Then, Theo admits to Stiles that both Scott and his father should be dying by the end of the episode, and Stiles can only save one of them.

Stiles chooses his dad, because his dad is awesome, and, at least lately, Scott, is the worst.

stiles and dad saveIt’s the first good choice anyone has made all season . . .

So Many Zombies, So Little Time . . .

Liam has now arrived at the library, and he’s doing a pretty good job of beating to death Scott, the supposed “True Alpha.”

fightinWe are told that Liam is doing this because the Super Moon is making his Irritable Bowel Syndrome Act up, so he’s gassy, and really grumpy about it.

moonDid I say Liam had IBS? I meant IED. I always get those two confused . . .

Liam is so busy beating up Scott to save Hayden, that he totally misses Hayden’s ACTUAL DYING. (Also, no one ever answered Hayden’s dying request to see her sister at her death bed, so that sucks. Mason just barely stops Liam from killing Scott by informing him that Hayden, is in fact, already dead, which sort of defeats the purpose.

mad liam again


Then, Theo pops by, and is really pissed at Mason for stopping Liam from killing Scott, so he . . . wait for it . . . punches Mason in the face, just so the new pack member won’t feel left out, since he’s already done it to everyone else.

mason shcokYou would think now that Theo is totally screwed, right? Because he’s alienated his would-be pack by beating them all up. Plus, he can’t take Scott’s True Alphaness from him directly, as he’s a chimera, who wasn’t bitten by Scott, and Liam didn’t do it for him.

That would be logical. But this is Teen Wolf, where logic left the building two seasons ago. So, Theo kills Scott . . . for a few minutes at least.

killing scott

chest compress wake up

And then, he suddenly has the Alpha powers he needs, to do that neck fondling thing to Lydia, where he finds out where the Nemeton is located . . . because, again, big ole trees covered in dead bodies are near impossible to find otherwise.


This inexplicably renders Lydia catatonic, even though it hasn’t had that effect on anyone else who has been neck fondled on the show . . .

head fondle

Then, Theo takes the heroin mixed in cocaine and dirty water that the Dredd Doctors were using on themselves, and injects it into Hayden, Corey, Tracey, and that kid he killed on the roof a few episodes back, who liked eating electric wires. This act has the surprise effect of bringing them all instantly back to life, as mindless sycophants, who follow him, just because he’s good looking, even though he ACTUALLY MURDERED ONE OF THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE . . in other words, they act just like our Scooby Gang acted all season, only they have a slightly better excuse for doing so, because . . . ZOMBIES.

tracey is up corey up“Come with me if you want to live . . . my new pack, who are my second choice, because I punched everyone in my first pack in the face, and they no longer want to play with me,” Theo explains in his best Arnold Schwartzenager from The Terminator voice.

he walks they follow

Elsewhere, the Dredd Doctors finally reveal their true plan . . . and it involves . . . wall renovation, and really ugly artwork?

wall break


See ya next season, Werebangers!


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2 responses to “Game of Groans – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season Finale “Status Asthmaticus”

  1. Going forward, Game of Groans is the only way I will refer to Teen Wolf…

    Excellent recap of the most illogical season ever, brought to us by the letters W-I-K-I-P-E-D-I-A

    *sighs and takes an aspirin*

  2. Andre

    Gosh what a bad finale, possibly even worse than the one last season… in fact your “presto chango” fits this one pretty good if you ask me, they just change tons of things because of reasons. Because they already handled what they introduced so well.

    And it’s incredible how this show made me not give a damn about any of the characters over the course of this season. It is all so contradictory, forced and inconsistently written that I find nothing to route for.
    Nothing here made any sense, and as consistent as Scott’s idiocy is, even what he did made no sense. This was all just style and no substance and the choice of episode title encapsulates that. You see “status asthmaticus” is nothing more than a different term for “acute severe asthma,” you know the stuff that Scott suddenly had again, albeit it never bothered him before, not even when his best friend and mother were in mortal peril. But here he apparently is back at it again. And acute severe asthma is defined as follows:
    an acute exacerbation of asthma that does not respond to standard treatments of bronchodilators (inhalers) and steroids. Symptoms include chest tightness, rapidly progressive dyspnea (shortness of breath), dry cough, use of accessory respiratory muscles, labored breathing, and extreme wheezing. It is a life-threatening episode of airway obstruction and is considered a medical emergency. Complications include cardiac and/or respiratory arrest.
    Is this supposed to be a reference regarding how dangerous everything is now? Because I felt nothing of it. Every conflict here would be easily resolvable.

    So yeah, that makes them appear like the group of kids in a cliché slasher flick, aka the only thing this show has somewhat in common with the horror genre.

    And all that was what made me groan when I saw this piece of crap.

    Of course from there we get immediately to the first forced conflict of this episode. And it was traditionally totally predictable. It was clear they had set this up as a conflict between Scott and Liam, and if you didn’t see it coming right away I think the “flashback” in the first episode and the sudden claim that only a Beta made by Scott could drain his power even though nothing like that was ever mentioned before would have been some pretty good clues.
    This whole dialogue and Liam wanting to change Hayden is so stupid because the actor not only doesn’t act as if he is so desperate that he wants to try and change her (after all she is arguably not even human anymore so who says this would work?), but that they need Scott to tell them it might kill her and they have not tried any other method of purging her system (not that she looks bad later on in the hospital and all, or when she dies, seriously in the hospital and as a corpse she looks better than at the start of the episode). And of course this brings up the entire thing why they had Scott be generally opposed of turning people. With Liam he was forced, literally forced, to do it. And in this entire season he had so little agency he could as well be a clichéd YA heroine.

    And Hayden’s requests to see her sister (who apparently has a different last name than Hayden because Wikipedia gave her name as Romero the last time I checked and her sister is called Clark here) had no impact whatsoever, so I actually overlooked it. I didn’t notice, not in the slightest.

    On the other hand the whole thing with Stiles’ jeep seems like overexposure. The thing is clearly a metaphor for the broken relationship between him and Scott, except that it was broken since the start of the season… funny how a car that drove to Mexico twice last season is so damaged now at the start of this already. But either way, just with his relationship with Scott we have not been made privy for any logical reason as to why it is broken apart.
    And sure O’Brien manages to act pretty well, as always, but where does this depressed, broody Stiles come from? His instincts were always right, so why on earth does Scott not trust him from the start with Theo? Scott is really giant, hypocritical asshole this time. Stupid he is anyhow. However, Stiles always took it with a good deal of humor so why is he acting like it this season all of a sudden?

    And Malia’s pep talk… it not only makes her come along like a sociopath in terms of killing, but the fact that she basically tells Stiles, who is deeply troubled about having killed someone in self-defense, that it is ok to murder people and that it doesn’t matter to her, makes their relationship even dumber and creepier than it already was!!!!
    Does she actually know her “boyfriend” so little, after more than 6 months of relationship that she doesn’t know how he ticks? She is that incompetent at observing people?
    I guess it’s probably due to the character once again being what the plot needs at the moment but it still is creepy as hell.

    And the whole “Malia trusted Theo first because he is part werecoyote” is not only something I cannot remember happening since Scott trusted Theo right away until Stiles pointed out the obvious holes in his story (well as much as the forced plot allowed), but this is bullcrap. Apart from Derek we never saw any supernatural creature trusting another because they are of the same kind, and even in Derek’s case it was rather treating humans like at best second class people (unless he wanted sex of course) and not downright trusting werewolves because they are werewolves. In fact, can this “we trust each other because of same DNA” be considered racist?

    And from one bullcrap couple to the next:
    It really would be nice if Jeff Davis would not treat being a banshee as a convenient plot device so maybe Lydia could stop providing plotholes and canon-breaks all the time.
    Sadly you are right, these two characters are only in this because they are supposed to be attractive people. Thankfully for me Parrish is just another Jackson-rip off when it comes to his looks so it never worked for me in any way. I am more interested in guys looking like these two:

    Btw. This are the new male Power Rangers apparently posing for the pin-up calender.

    But back to the Jackson-rip-off:
    I agree with the assessment of yours. I think I mentioned hellhounds once a while back when we discussed the possibilities of what Parrish is and I said that it really would not make sense since they do not burst into flames and do not heal and all, heck a djinn would probably make more sense since they actually often are associated with fire and they are shapeshifters. Not to mention that I would not be surprised if Davis changed it at the last minute since in all previous episodes Parrish’s eyes were yellow/golden and now they are suddenly red for no reason. There is nothing at all to indicate that anything caused this change, this is dumber than last season when Scott suddenly developed different teeth for no reason.
    Not to mention that by making this guy a canine of sorts, he basically made him even more like Jackson.

    PS. Hellhounds have nothing to do with the wild Hunt outside of Britain, or at least not the old germanic/nordic variations, which this episode seems to want to reference.

    Plus with “hellhound” Davis once again chose a “cool” and “popular” example of mythology. Apparently dragons, salamanders and sprites are not cool enough for him and he cannot handle it that fans found out what one of his “creations” was supposed to be right away.
    And how does Lydia figure that out anyway? Like you said, what exactly makes Parrish a hell hound of all things compared to a phoenix? Heck considered how many characters came back to live at the end of this episode a phoenix would make more sense than a hellhound since hellhounds are not associated with any sorts of rebirth.

    And if this weren’t enough stupidity, trained policemen listen to Stiles and don’t shoot Parrish because the plot says so. Because let’s be honest, this is the USA and if these would be realistic, Parrish would have been shot already. Or is he supposed to be unharmed because he is white even by American media standards? You know the standards that think Scott is a Latino.

    And btw. why did Liam just give Hayden’s corpse to red-eyed Parrish? He didn’t know anything about that. Are we supposed to think he was so in grief that he didn’t register something was off with Parrish and so he just gave the good policemen the corpse?
    Actually, did these two ever even met before? If yes I cannot remember.

    And form one stereotype to the other:
    It truly was only a matter of time before Beacon Hills would introduce a vampire, after all Jeff Davis showed no evidence to be creative enough for anything else. I don’t care that this one has bony protrusions, he looks malnourished/corpse-like and apparently sucks blood, it is a vampire. Albeit unlike the other chimeras, this one is not killed. For some reason. And he is clearly not the success the doctors were rambling about earlier.
    Not to mention that the whole idea of vampires with spikes is not that new:

    Plus, why exactly did Braedon not kill him? Neither she, nor the show, ever had problems with killing nameless characters.
    I mean the fact that she talks so familiar with Malia, whom she never spoke to once, shows she is just once again what the plot needs for some reason, aka she is definitely magical negro number 4 of this show I am just confused why this time it was not considered ok to just kill the random monster of the week. And how did she find Malia, how does she know her mother is looking for her? How does her mother know her daughter is still alive, it all raises too many questions…

    And boy what would I give if we get some guys described as hot who do not look like Jackson for once. It is really annoying what sort of fetish this show has with them.

    Ps. Malia and Braeden might be a good lesbian couple if Braeden would be an actual character. But she is not so….

    Speaking of finding people, how did Theo know Lydia was in the library and how long was she there considered that Theo was in Malia’s cave deep in the woods, naked (apart from the trunks he was obviously wearing) and apparently able to move very quickly as in the first shot of him talking to Malia he was clearly illuminated by light and in the next he only steps out of the shadow… great editing and directing.

    Btw. Of course we had the whole BS “Scott won’t help you kill your mother” again, but why exactly does Malia want to kill her? Because she is convinced the woman in her flashback was the Desert Wolf? Why does she know that again? They never even had her say “I think it’s her,” no, they directly stated that it is her.

    And not just that, but this whole “I want your pack” thing is so idiotic in so many ways. Why does he think anyone of those would follow him willingly? Why should Lydia follow him? Also he wants the “Dark kitsune” as part of his pack? And also “Void Stiles”? You know apart from the fact that this term was never used in the show in any way but only outside of the show, apparently the writers are that dumb, and “Void Stiles” was actually never Stiles but that riddle-demon inside of him, but there is one other big flaw in this incredibly stupid plan:
    These two are uncontrollable. What we have seen of Kira’s “kitsune” side as shown it as being out for blood every chance it gets and all the bloodlust was directed against chimeras, aka what Theo is. And why would “Void Stiles” follow him? That entity that feeds on pain and chaos? Why would it follow Theo instead of straight up possessing him? Theo is about as dumb of a villain as Jonathan and Mortmain from Clare’s books are, and that is saying something.

    And you know what this whole Theo and Stiles thing might also hint at? That Stiles believed Theo’s charade. The only character to suspect anything, might have fallen for this cheap trick? Seriously? They want us to believe that?

    Not to mention that the whole chimera thing seems to be just another deus ex machina to have them have powers and features regarding whatever the plot demands at the time. They are not supposed to be supernatural to have mountain ash not affect them, even though it doesn’t seem to affect Lydia or Parrish, done. Theo needs to be able to steal alpha powers from Liam, done. Malia needs to immediately trust him, done. He needs to be able to access the memories of others via the claws and it immobilizes Lydia (despite it never affecting anyone else that way), done. Plot devise in every way, and that is just Theo, the other chimeras are the same. This is just so lazy.

    It is just like the wolfsbane, it does whatever the plot needs it to do. Here alone we had Scott never noticing that he was inhaling wolfsbane, when at the start of the show wolfsbane was actually drawing his wolf-side out, remember how violent he got in the car just because Stiles kept the wolfsbane flower? Nothing of that here. He was inhaling it directly and he felt no effect? Also since when does wolfsbane actually weaken werewolves instead of outright poisoning them? Remember Derek in season 2 who nearly died because of it? Where is that now?

    Naturally, Scott the idiot cannot get out of the library apparently. And damn he is so dumb when he tried to attack Theo, who was obviously going to step outside of the mountain ash barrier right away (btw. When did he have time and possibility to do it in the entire library?), instead of throwing something at him. You know like the many chairs in the room. He is so dumb he must be the son of Ash Ketchum

    And even if Theo’s little device would truly hinder Scott’s phone from using it to call anyone, you know how else Scott could have tried to get out? By breaking the glass, setting something on fire and activating not only the sprinklers, which could potentially wash away and break the mountain ash barrier, but in both cases it would set of an alarm most likely, or he could just press the alarm button. Every library in the US probably has something like that, a button you can press or something. A general fire alarm, anything really. And that is of course not all, he could have just roared to alarm Malia, or if that fails, use his strength to throw something against the closed door of the library (was it even closed) to open it and make the line free to aim at the device for crying out loud. This trap was so easy to get out off but no, we do not get that. This dumb show wants us to think Scott is smart but he is so damn stupid even after 2 years, inside the show of course, of being a werewolf that he comes along as so incompetent that he could just as well be a Shadowhunter.

    And speaking of dumb thinks:
    Liam being affected by the super moon? Yeah right, he acts the same as always, and sure as hell much more controlled than a guy, or even a werewolf, with IED.
    And wolfsbane or not, Scott should be able to beat Liam anyway, of course he would be, by drawing on experience, if the writers and producers would care about writing characters instead of only caring about moving the plot in a certain direction.
    And you know what? I had wished Scott would die, permanently, I know it was dumb, but I really wished that. Just get this idiot out of the show, maybe then they are forced to write smarter episodes when they cannot use brute strength to solve anything.

    PS. Mason this episode… he cemented his status as the show’s fifth magical Negro in my mind, no doubt about it. He can do, can know and can be wherever and however the plot needs him to be. Nothing else.

    At least, thanks to you, I now know who that one kid was at the tree. I seriously didn’t remember him anymore. And not only is that one’s ripped out throat suddenly regrown, just like the others have no wounds anymore, but here is a problem:
    Wasn’t Tracey at least burned already?
    We saw Parrish carry her to the tree and having her in his arms when he was starting to burn. In fact there were lots of other corpses around so why are these all still here? We saw the tree burning more than ones and not just in dreams and flashbacks. Not to mention these are brought back, even the sociopath, but Lucas is not? Sure, absolutely no favoritism what writers?
    And they follow him? And here is the thing, based on their reactions when awaking, they are actually not zombies. Especially Hayden’s reaction suggests that they are conscious for their actions and yet they just follow him like that?
    And how did he know that fluid would do that in the first place? Does that mean the doctors are undead or something?

    And speaking of them and their artwork. I have the same question that I had back in season 3 with the corpse behind the wall: Why is it there?
    Why is that picture behind that wall? Did the doctors put it there? If yes, why? For what purpose?
    And does their mumbling of “success” mean that at least one of those creatures depicted is their chimera? Is that the thing that was referenced in the show but never shown?
    Or is the one with the flames possibly a hint towards Parrish?
    Well either way, those two things are incredibly generic! There is no creativity in that picture, it looks like pretty much every other monster you have ever seen. See:

    And I am serious here, all I did was google “monster” at google images and I found those pretty quickly.

    Luckily I am not reading any more of Cassandra Clare’s god awful trilogies or otherwise I am sure I would not have recovered enough in January to even attempt to watch Teen Wolf again. Because I doubt the rest of the season will be better.
    Why is this still running? Where is the appeal in this?

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