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Ten (and a Half) Things I Learned from This Week’s Episode of New Girl, Entitled “Normal”


Who said television can’t be educational?

 This week on New Girl, Jess brought her new Silver Fox boyfriend, Russell, into the fold, by  letting him play with her Nick . . .


Also, Winston got a new job.  And Schmidt  . . . um . . . got laid some more . . .

But this isn’t a recap.  It’s a “teaching post.”  So . . . let’s get down to learning, shall we?

(And don’t worry.  I promise there won’t be a quiz, afterwards . . .)

Lesson Number One: A corn holder (So, THAT’s what those things are called that hold your corn!  Clever!) can double as a Gentleman’s Shiv!  Talk about getting a good bang for your buck!



Lesson Number Two:  Is your sink or toilet bowl acting up?  Just stick a bat in it.  And hit that bat with a frying pan.  Works like a charm!


Yeah . . . because THAT doesn’t look phallic at all . . .

Speaking of phallic . . .

Lesson Number Three: Putting your balls in someone’s milkshake is apparently a “Guy Thing” that I wouldn’t understand . . .


(possibly because I lack balls . . .

. . . and am occasionally lactose intolerant.)


Lesson Number 3 and 1/2:  I guess I should probably take “typing” off of MY resume . . .


What about “blogging,” guys?  Is that still cool?


Wait . . . don’t answer that . . .

Lesson Number Four:  Nick has an Idea Book, which he really hopes no one will ever steal.  *clears throat, winks suggestively*




Lesson Number Five: In other Nick Miller News – 1/8th Cherokee . . . who knew?


He’s my TV Boyfriend.  I NEED to know these things, OK?


Lesson Number Six: Apparently, there’s this amazing new drinking game out there called True American.  And now, I know how to play it.  (Actually, New Girl didn’t really teach me how to play this game.  But the lovely folks who took the time to write the rules down on Wikipedia did!)


Lesson Number Seven:  This is REALLY the most surefire way to win True American.  (But it’s probably more fun for the loser than for you . . .)


Of course, with any luck, you’ll be too drunk to care . . .


Lesson Number Eight: When Kareem Abdul Jabbar fears for your life, you should be afraid .  . . VERY afraid.


And NO, he will not let you sit on his shoulders . . . (no matter how politely you ask).

Lesson Number Nine:  This one is for all you guys out there.  I’m looking at YOU, Nick Miller.  If you want to be Jess’ lover, you have to get with her friends.  (And, yes, that IS a Spice Girls song.)


And finally . . . (drumroll please)

Lesson Number Ten: Who needs Vacation Days, when you can have Sexcation ones?




And there you have it . . . Ten and a Half things I learned from this week’s episode of New GirlWow . . . shortest . . . post . . . ever.

Consider yourself SCHOOLED!

Until next time, my fellow New Girlians!


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The Vampire Diaries’ Drinking Game

Ahhhh drinking . . .

It can make you do STRANGE things.  Like dance . . .

 . . . or pass out WAY TOO EARLY . . .

. . . or .  . . well .  . . YOU KNOW 😉 . . .

And SOMETIMES . . . things can get REALLY crazy .  . .

Here at TV Recappers Anonymous, we CERTAINLY are not ones to promote excessive drinking . . .

. . . particularly to those of you who are not yet of legal drinking age . . .

However, if any of you were to . . . hypothetically . . . play a drinking game that was somehow related to The Vampire Diaries (say while watching the September 9th Season Premiere), here are some things you MIGHT consider doing . . .

You MIGHT want to invest in some “good” red wine . . .

 . . . because bags of blood are hard to come by, these days . . .

. . . and violence NEVER pays (Plus, it’s very messy.) . . .

Once you’ve got your wine in hand, here are some situations that MIGHT occur during the Season Premiere, to which you MIGHT want to drink in celebration:

1) If Elena and Katherine appear in the same scene, say, “Let the doppelganger hijinks ensue!” and take a drink.

2) If Stefan and Damon appear in the same scene, pretend to faint from the hotness overload . . . then, take a drink.

3) If two characters kiss, makeout with your pillow (or the person next to you, depending on who that is), then . . . you guessed it . . . take a drink.

4) If two people “do it,” sing “Bow Chicka Wowwow,” while thrusting your pelvis rhythmically, and take a drink.

5) If Damon compels someone, hold your arms out in front of you like a zombie, say, “Whatever you wish, Master,” then, take a drink.

6) If Tyler turns into a werewolf, howl like one, and eat a steak.   Just kidding . . . take a drink.

7) If Damon does the eye thing, attempt to do it too, then drink.

8 ) If someone dies on the show, play dead for a few seconds, then drink.

9) If someone you THINK is dead, ultimately miraculously comes back to life, say, “IT’S ALIVE!” and drink.

10) And, finally, if something TOTALLY INSANE happens during the episode, that you weren’t at all expecting say, “Holy Crap!” – then drink.  (This will probably happen, without your consciously thinking about it, anyway.)

So, there you have it — a drinking game specially designed for the Season Premiere of The Vampire Diaries.  Just remember, moderation is key.  And please . . . don’t drink and drive. 😉

He’ll be watching YOU!



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“DUDE! It’s Me, Hurley!” – The Drinking Game!

Everybody loves Hugo!  Don’t believe me?  Just check out the episode title for next week’s installment of Lost.  And, really, what’s NOT to LOVE about Hugo “Hurley” Reyes?  After all, he’s cuddly  . . .

and funny.

He’s good with kids . . .

 . . . and dogs.

No matter where he is, Hurley can always be counted on to bring the party . . .

. . . and the good food.

And our main man Hugo is ALWAYS down for a good road trip (even if you forgot to take the Dead Guy out of your van).

Speaking of dead people, did I mention that Hurley sees (and talks) to them?

Or that he’s a lotto winner?

So, in honor of this week’s Hurley-centric episode, I propose, for all you Lost fans out there, a little Hurley-themed drinking game.  The game should last throughout the duration of “Everybody Loves Hugo” (assuming you don’t pass out before then).  All you need? An alcoholic beverage of your choice,

(Beer or wine will work best.)

a bottle of hard liquor,

and your favorite snack (or snacks).

Here’s how to play:

(1) Every time Hurley says the word “Dude,” you take a shot.  To get an idea of just how many shots you will likely have to take, check out this lovely video.

(2) Every time Hurley says “The Numbers,” or utters any of those ever-important numbers, recite the numbers out loud, and take a sip of your alcoholic beverage.

If you forget to recite the numbers, or fail to recite them correctly, take a shot.

(3) Every time Hurley is shown eating, take a bite of your snack and two sips of your alcoholic beverage.

(4) If Hurley is shown running, run in place for ten seconds, and take a sip of your drink.

If you FAIL to run for ten seconds, take a shot.

(5) If Hurley sees or talks to a dead person, take a shot.

If the DEAD PERSON is JACOB, take two shots.

(6) If Hurley makes a meta-reference to science fiction or the mythology of Lost, cup your hand to your chin, and say “Hmmm, verrrry interesting,” with a European accent.  If those comments are made to MILES, take a bite of food, and a shot.

(7) If a reference is made to Mr. Cluck’s Chicken, stand up, do the funky chicken for ten seconds, and stuff your mouth with a wad of food.  (Oh, and take a shot, of course.)  For those of you who don’t think this will come up, check out the faux-commercial that debuted at this past year’s Comic Con.

And for those of you out there who DON’T watch Lost, but suffered through this post anyway (There may be one or two of you out there.), here’s a little treat for YOU!  It’s those old school Muppet Babies, with a Hurley-inspired twist . . .

Happy Drinking!  See ya Tuesday, DUDES!

[Note: My pal, Amazon Annie, says, “Play ‘Dude!  It’s Me, Hurley’ at your own risk . . .”]


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