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True Blood Minisode 2: Vampire Jessica is Hungry! (Parental Discretion is Advised)

Hey fellow Fang Bangers!  The second True Blood minisode has finally hit the airwaves, and it’s a doozy!  This one features Newbie Vampire Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) on a night out at the local casino.  By the way, if you haven’t viewed the first minisode yet, you can do so, by clicking here.

If you recall, Jessica was a god-fearing teen from an abusive family, who Old Vampire Bill was forced to turn by the Vampire Council at the end of Season 1, as his punishment for killing one of his own kind.

Vampire Jessica started off the show as your typically bratty and rebellious teen, a real thorn in Vampire Bill’s side.  But then, during Season 2, she met the sweet and virginal Hoyt Fortenberry (played by the adorable Jim Parrack) . . . and the two entered into a relationship that was about as healthy and innocent as a coupling between a human and a bloodsucker can get!

Unfortunately, toward the end of Season 2, things went sour for these two, when Jessica sort of / kind of tried to eat Hoyt’s closed-minded vampire- hating mom.

So, Hoyt dumped Jessica.  And, although he would eventually reconsider, it seemed to be too late.  Our Scorned Newbie was already off on a TOTAL blood rampage!  Presumably, this minisode kicks off where Season 2 left off, with a hungry Jessica out on the prowl.  There’s some REAL strong language in this one, so put the kiddies to bed before watching, please . . .

(By the way, if for any reason they disable the below video, you can also catch this new minisode at Movieweb, by clicking here or Daily Motion, by clicking here.)

What did you think?  Pretty intense, huh?  I don’t know about you guys, but I kind of preferred this one to the first minisode.  It was a bit meatier and more revealing.  Plus, the fun twist at the end was one I didn’t necessarily see coming. 

 True Blood returns to HBO on June 13th.  Be there, or be eaten by vampires . . .


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