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Accepting the Monster Within – A Recap of Being Human’s “There Goes the Neighborhood Part 2”

Welcome back, fellow Humans!¬† (If that’s what you REALLY are . . . ūüėČ )¬† This week’s installment of¬†SyFy’s newest hit series (ONLY hit series?), definitely wrapped up some of the storylines presented in the pilot episode.¬† However, it also presented our favorite supernatural roommates with some new, very interesting, problems . . . ones that will surely plague them for many episodes to come . . .

SHE is definitely going to be a problem!

If tonight’s episode had a “theme” to it,¬†I’d say¬†that theme¬†had to do with the acceptance of one’s true nature.¬† For some, that acceptance can have negative consequences.¬† For example, Rebecca became an Evil Super B*tch, once SHE accepted her¬†new bloodsucking nature.¬† And, we suspect, the same thing would happen to Aidan, if he decided to go back to his old vampiric ways.¬†

For others, acceptance of who you are, can lead you to a better life (or lack thereof).  Once Sally gave up trying to be heard as a human, she realized that being a ghost allows for other, more unique, methods of communication.  It also saves a TON of money on airfare!


As for Josh, his refusal to come to terms with his wolfy nature, has kept him isolated from the people he loves —¬†first, his parents and fiance, and now, his own baby sister . . .

The only thing hotter than a brooding werewolf, is a naked one . . .

Come on, Josh!  Be OUT . . . and PROUD (and stop covering your crotch, we wanna see)!

But enough of this philosophical mumbo jumbo, let’s get on with the episode, shall we?

Home Improvement for Dummies

Is that a pool of blood behind your head, Sally?  Or are you just happy to see me?

Ghost Sally spends much of this episode having funeral flashbacks, pining after her fiance (Does EVERYONE have a Long Lost Fiance on this show?), and breaking sh*t in the apartment, because she is feeling moody.  (I wonder if ghosts still get PMS?) 

After a whole lot of begging on Sally’s part, Aidan and Josh finally relent and invite their landlord, and Sally’s once fiance, Danny,¬†to fix the clogged sink in the apartment, which Sally broke on purpose, precisely for this occasion!

“That’ll teach you to be cheap, and not get homeowners’ insurance!”

Sally gets pretty darn frustrated, when the man she loves LITERALLY doesn’t know she’s alive (because she . . . um . . . ¬†isn’t).¬†¬†When Danny¬†arrives at the house for the first time, since Josh and Aidan moved in,¬†Sally’s emotions go heywire.¬† This, of course, results in all the lights in the house EXPLODING!¬† (Nice one, Sally!)¬† Josh, who actually LIKES having working light fixtures in his home, is not amused, by this new development.

“Seriously!¬† You need to find some new hobbies!¬† Why don’t we invite over that kid from the Sixth Sense, and you two can hold a seance, or something?”

For his part, Danny can’t understand why in the world ANYBODY would want to live in this Ghost-Infested Death Trap he used to call home.¬† Clearly not a particularly savvy business man, Danny actually goes so far as to ask Aidan whether the apartment is as creepy as it seems.¬† “Every home has an echo of the people who used to live in it.¬† There’s a good echo here,” explains Vampire Aidan, causing Sally’s ghostly panties (not to mention, mine)¬†to fall to the floor, as a result.¬†

*sings* “He really likes me.¬† He thinks I’m sexy.¬† He wants to date me.”

“Damn, I’m gooooood!”

 This, of course, brings up an important question:  Can ghosts have sex?

I didn’t think so . . . (Sorry Sally!¬† It looks like the vampire is MINE!)

Aidan, who is clearly angling to get supernaturally laid, throws Sally another bone, by asking Danny how his fiance died.¬† Danny, who is officially the WORST landlord and realtor EVER, not only explains in¬†explicit detail how Sally fell down the steps and broke her brain, he even points out the SUPER CREEPY spot on the floor where she croaked!¬† In fact,¬†Danny all but drew a chalked outline of Sally’s¬†decaying body on the floor for Josh and Aidan to keep as a souvenir!¬† Now, if that doesn’t make a house fell like a home, I don’t know what does!

The next day, while the guys are out, Danny returns to the apartment to fix the sink.  He comes prepared, carrying a trusty Home Improvement for Dummies book under his arm . . .

Product Placement Alert!

But as good as Home Improvement for Dummies may be at teaching dummies like Danny to unclog a sink, I’m willing to bet there’s no chapter in it on “Ghostbusting” . . .

“Who you gonna call? (I ain’t afraid of no Sally!)”

And when Danny ignores Sally’s ghostly pleas for him to hire a plumber, Ghost Girl gets so mad, that she breaks the pipe beneath the sink, causing Danny to become soaked with water.¬† (But, hey, at least it’s not clogged anymore!)¬† Aidan arrives home, just in time to see Wet Danny escaping the apartment, like a bat out of hell.¬†

Later, Josh and Sally commiserate with one another, over the fact that they can’t be with their respective fiances anymore, because according to Josh “[We] are monsters, and [they] are not.”

Though things may look grim now, Sally’s romantic life may actually be starting to look up!¬† WAY UP!¬† Because, toward the end of the episode, Sally learns that SHE CAN FLY!¬† And you know what this means, don’t you?¬† She may actually be able to LEAVE THE HOUSE at some point (which is kind of essential, if you plan on getting laid, ever) . . .

See ya, Boys!¬† I’m off to Victoria’s Secrets to buy some lingerie.¬† I’ve been wearing this outfit for SIX MONTHS, and it’s high time I slipped into something ‘more comfortable.'”

So, I mentioned Josh, earlier¬†. . .which, if you watched last week’s episode, may have caused you to wonder, whether he ended up actually eating his sister, Emily,¬†after being locked in a room with her, during his werewolf transformation.¬† Well, allow me to fill you in, on THAT part of the tale.

All Bark and No Bite

“I smell a cliffhanger!”

So, as I mentioned, when we last left Josh, he was getting all werewolfy in a locked room beneath the hospital where he works, and his baby sister was locked in there with him.¬† He tried to call Aidan to rescue him, but Aidan was “eating dinner” at the time at Fangtasia Bishop’s Dungeon o’ Vampire Love,¬† and couldn’t come to the phone . . .

Fortunately, however, Aidan finished eating just in time to catch Josh’s frantic telephone message.¬† And so,¬†the¬†Sexy Vamp¬†races to the “dungeon” and rescue’s Emily, just moments before Josh becomes a full-on Beast.¬† Realizing, the poor girl probably just had the worst night EVER, Kindly Aidan then takes Emily to a local diner¬†for some coffee . . .

At the diner, Aidan explains to Emily, that Josh is “going through some stuff right now” (Understatement of the Year), but that he is going to be OK.¬† He just needs some “time” to eat more poor defenseless deer¬†figure things out.¬†

However, when Emily confronts Josh after the traumatic event, offering him her help and support, Josh rebuffs her.¬† “My life is different now . . . You don’t know me . . . you can’t help me . . . Leave me alone,” He tells his own flesh and blood, in front of her new girlfriend¬†(who, according to Emily is a¬†Shiksa Goddess) . . .

Now THAT had to hurt!

Speaking of danger, you might be wondering what happened with Aidan and that “dead girl,” who police suspected him of killing (because he DID kill her) . . .

There’s a¬†New Vamp in Town

Aidan learns that his one-night stand, Rebecca, is not so much dead, as undead, when she tries to EAT HIS ROOMMATE . . .

Fortunately, for Josh, Werewolf is not exactly¬†Baby Vamp Rebecca’s new favorite food.¬† So, she ends up sparing his life.¬† But Josh still has quite the bone to pick with his roommate about his most recent brush with death.

“What’s the point of doing all this . . . playing house . . . and joining CostCo . . . if you are just going to keep killing all of our friends!”¬† Josh exclaims.¬† (The dude’s got a point, Aidan!)

When¬†Aidan confronts Rebecca about the whole “We Used to Screw, Until I Killed You” Thing,¬†he learns that¬†his sort-of ex¬†holds a MAJOR grudge against him, for leaving her for dead on that fateful night.¬† (Apparently, Jacob from Lost Bishop turned her into a vampire, and “oriented her to the lifestyle” the following morning.)

Aidan offers to help Rebecca cope with their mutual “curse,”¬†and “be good.”¬† But Rebecca would prefer to be BAD, and EAT HER FAMILY for fun.¬† So, Aidan and Rebecca don’t exactly share the same “moral values,” which . . . I¬†guess . . ¬†is as good a reason to break up as any.¬† (Then again, being MURDERED by your boyfriend is also a¬†fairly good reason to end a relationship.)

At work, Quirky Nurse Cara tries to hit on Hot Aidan, by making a very dated 90210 reference (not the new 90210, mind you, the VERY OLD one).

When Aidan doesn’t exactly appear to be wowed by Cara’s Dylan McKay joke, Little Miss Quirky gets very embarrassed, indeed.¬† “Oh my gosh, I’m older than you,” she mumbles.

“Oh . . . I don’t think that’s true,” replies the centuries old Aidan.¬† “I just never watched 90210, because I am a STRAIGHT MALE.”

But¬†Majorly Obscure and Dated Pop Culture references are not enough to deter Cara.¬† So, she asks Aidan out on a date to the local bar, which is located¬†nearby.¬† Aidan is obviously enticed by Nurse Cara’s scent.¬† (Then again, maybe he¬†just REALLY likes red heads, I still can’t tell . . .).¬† However, Aidan¬†fears that, if given the chance, he will eat Cara, just like he did Rebecca.¬† So, he tries to let¬†the girl down easy.¬† “Oh, I’m not that much fun,”¬†the actually SUPER¬†FUN Vampire¬†demurs.

“Me NEITHER!”¬† Cara responds excitedly.¬† (Woah, this Quirky Nurse is RELENTLESS!)

After work, Aidan heads to the funeral home where Big Bad Vampire Bishop conducts his daily business.  (How appropriate!)

Aidan gives Bishop the business about turning his ex-girlfriend, who Bishop obviously is using as a bargaining chip to bring Aidan back into the Vampire Fold.¬† “You don’t screw up often.¬†¬† So, when you did, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.¬† [Rebecca] is¬†quite a find,” remarks Bishop.

Once again, Aidan reminds the Head of the Vampire Recruitment Agency that he is no longer interested in that particular line of work.  (Cleaning up bedpans, is WAY more his style!)  And yet, the conversation with Bishop stresses out Aidan enough, that he finds himself in desperate need of a drink.  And so, off to the bar he heads.  Of course, the ever-persistent Nurse Cara is there, waiting for him . . .

As soon as Aidan gets one whiff of Cara, he’s ready to drain her dry.¬† And so, Aidan calls his Vampires Anonymous sponsor, Josh (who, does, after all, owe him, for the whole “Sister Rescue” Thing) to come to the bar, and save Cara from becoming dessert.¬† But, before Josh can arrive, Evil Rebecca comes over and TOTALLY cock blocks Aidan, by telling Cara, in no uncertain terms, that¬†she and the closeted vamp used to bang.

A bit intimidated by Rebecca’s Mean Girl attitude, Nurse Cara eventually leaves Aidan, and¬†heads back to her friends.¬† So, Rebecca¬†decides to use¬†this Alone Time to make another play for Aidan’s affections.¬† (Seriously, who DOESN’T want to bone this guy?)¬†

When¬†Aidan rejects her, Rebecca gets even, by enticing a silly male human to go back to her place, and (we assume) die a very painful death, by draining.¬† Interestingly enough, Aidan “rescues” the guy, by beating the crap out of him, so he can’t leave the bar with the hungry¬†female vamp.¬† This pisses Rebecca off, so she takes a bite out of Nurse Cara instead¬† . . .

Josh arrives just in time to see Cara nearly bleeding to death.¬† In the alley, just outside¬†the bar, both Josh and the lurking Rebecca, plead for Aidan to turn Cara into a vampire (though they both, obviously, have very different reasons for wanting him to do this).¬† But Aidan refuses to turn Cara.¬† So, he and Josh rush the poor girl to the hospital instead, for a bit of “old-fashioned” human healing¬†. . .

JOSH:¬† “You should have turned her.¬† Now she’s going to die because of you!”

AIDAN:¬† “Nah, she won’t die.¬† Because you are in SERIOUS need of a love interest on this show.¬† And so far, unless you plan on banging your sister.¬†she’s the best option you’ve got!”

While the two supernaturally-inclined roommates await the¬†still-human, Cara’s fate, Aidan gets pulled aside by Big Bad Vampire Bishop, who ALSO wants to know why¬†he decided not to turn Nurse Cara into a vampire.

“Maybe I am sentenced to a lifetime in hell with you, but here, and now, I choose them [humans],” Aidan explains eloquently.

Eventually, Josh also comes to terms with Aidan’s decision not to turn Cara.¬†¬† This is evidenced by his conversation with Ghost Sally, in the final moments of the episode.¬†

“We take for granted how good Aidan is . . .¬†and how he¬†must struggle every day not to be like THEM,” remarks Josh.

¬†“Do you think he should have saved [Cara]?”¬† Sally inquires.

“I think he did,” the Werewolf replies.

Eh, I don’t know about all that.¬† Personally, being a vampire, always seemed like¬†kind of¬†an awesome Lifestyle Choice¬†to me.¬† Then again, what do I know?¬† I’m only “human.”



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Vampires, and Werewolves, and Ghosts, OH MY! – A Recap of Being Human’s Pilot Episode “There Goes The Neighborhood”

OK . . . so let me get this straight .¬† . . It’s a show about vampires . . . and werewolves . . . and ghosts . . . where almost the ENTIRE cast is in their twenties . . . AND there was male frontal nudity in the first TWO MINUTES of the pilot episode?¬† You had me at¬†HELLO!

A few nights back, the Syfy channel debuted it’s U.S.¬†incarnation of the hit British supernatural horror¬†comedy series Being Human. (Well, more accurately, it’s a Canadian incarnation.¬† Though the show is meant to take place in Boston, it is¬†obviously¬†filmed in a place where people are more likely to¬†say “oot and aboot” than “pahk your cahr in a Hah-vahd yahd.”)¬† As a lover of all things supernatural,¬†who had never watched the British version of this series, I was excited to get a fresh and unfettered glimpse at the show, when I finally got around to watching it this evening.¬† (For better or worse, Monday is a crowded night for me in TV Land.)

Though comparisons between this series and its U.K. incarnation, as well as other television shows of supernatural bent (most notably, The Vampire Diaries¬†and¬†True Blood) are inevitable, and not always favorable, I, for one, enjoyed this pilot.¬† In fact, once the producers iron out a few of the “freshman kinks,” I think this has the makings of a pretty awesome series — one that has the potential to stick around for a long time.¬†

Freshman Kink #1 – Is that supposed to be a werewolf, or a leprechaun wearing cheap dentures?

So, what are we waiting for?¬† Let’s bite into that pilot episode!

I’m really “torn” about this screenshot.¬† (No pun intended.)¬† On one hand, I’m loving the Dirty Naked Dude!¬† But the Butchered Bambi’s Mother?¬† Not so much . . . Next time?¬† Let’s stick to Bloody Humans, and leave the Furry Woodland Creatures ALONE, shall we?

Meet Josh.¬† He’s a lonely twenty something, who’s desperately in need of a female influence in his life . . .

Worst . . . Walk of Shame . . . EVER!

For the most part,¬†Josh leads a normal, if slightly dull and unfulfilling life.¬† But once a month, he really “lets his hair down.”¬†When that happens, his¬†Freak Flag flies¬†at full mast.¬† You see, two years ago,¬†Josh was bitten by a werewolf.¬† This¬†event¬†caused him to leave all his family and friends behind, and seek¬†shelter in the vast city of Boston.¬† Now, he spends his¬†nights¬†alone in¬†a forest, and his days rightfully feeling pretty sorry for himself . . .

This is Aidan.¬† And, no, he doesn’t always look like an extra from the Maenad-induced Orgies on Season 2 of True Blood.¬† (True Blood fans know EXACTLY what I’m talking about here.)

There . . . that’s better.¬†¬†Aidan is a REALLY OLD vampire.¬† And, unlike his friend,¬†Josh, he is not exactly unlucky with the ladies.¬† In fact, he gets lucky with one in his very first scene . . . a bit TOO lucky, some might say.

Don’t let this image fool you.¬†¬†Aidan is not a BAD vamp.¬† In fact, he’s trying to go “straight,” by cutting living human blood out of his diet,¬†entirely.¬† He just has a bit of an . . . “addiction problem,” one that has been fueled by many years of unadulterated feeding.¬† Sound familiar, TVD fans?

Unfortunately for Aidan, dead humans aren’t quite as readily accepted by the human population as Dead Bambi’s Mother.¬† And so, Aidan is forced to call upon one of his former vampire “friends” to clean up his mess for him, while he heads off to work.¬† On the way there, he picks up Josh.¬† The latter is still clad in that ridiculous dress (which fits him perfectly, by the way) that he pulled off some old lady’s clothes line to cover up his nakedness.¬† (Really?¬† Has anybody actually used a clothes line, since 1952?)

I read that,¬†in the British version, Aidan (a.k.a. “John”)¬†and¬†Josh (a.k.a. “George”)¬†are “hospital cleaners” by trade.¬† But here, in the American version, they seem as though they might be low-level orderlies, of some sort.¬† The job is convenient for Vampire Aidan, obviously, because it gives him ready access to a non-living blood supply.¬† Josh’s rationale for taking the job is a bit more murky.¬† However, we suspect it has something to do with him having been “pre-med,” during his “pre-werewolf” days.¬† It’s also a fairly anonymous¬†job — one¬†where he likely won’t have to work through too many full moons.

Throughout the day, Aidan keeps trying to convince¬†Josh that they should shack up together.¬† By doing so, they can help one another satisfy their sexual urges¬†“be more normal.”¬† (Honestly, I’m not really sure how sharing an apartment with another “freak” makes one less “freaky,” but I guess, there wouldn’t be a show, without it, right?)

Let the Bromance BEGIN!

Though initially skeptical, Josh ultimately agrees to live with Aidan.  (And why not?  After all, we never got a chance to see where either guy was living to begin with.  So, for all we know, they may both have been homeless.) 

“I don’t cook (or eat).¬† I don’t clean.¬† And my credit sucks,” explains Aidan, before the pair head off apartment hunting.


Inevitably, the first day of apartment hunting,¬†Josh falls in love with a little duplex fixer-upper apartment, close to where the guys work.¬† It’s current owner is a young skittish-looking guy, who seems VERY eager to rent out the place.¬† “You can keep all the furniture, and move in today.¬† And, honestly, I don’t need a credit check,” says the landlord nervously.

As it turns out, this guy has good reason to want to be rid of the apartment.  You see, his fiance DIED there. (Insert Dramatic Music Here).

But, as we know, Dead Stuff doesn’t phase these two in the LEAST.¬† So, into the apartment they go!¬†¬† There’s just one problem.¬† They aren’t alone . . .

“BOO!¬† Haha, scared ya, didn’t I?¬† Get it?¬† Because I’m a GHOST . . . yeah . . . never mind.”

Remember how the landlord said his fiance died in the apartment.¬† Well . . . she’s still there!¬† Except, now she’s in “ghost form,” and can only be seen and heard by . . . wait for it . . . supernatural creatures.¬† Ghost Girl (her name is Sally, by the way) is just THRILLED about the prospect of finally having a two-sided conversation.¬† So, she just starts talking the boys’ ears off.¬†¬†Aidan doesn’t seem too phased by the idea of bunking with a ghost AND a werewolf.¬† But¬†Josh is PISSED!¬† He wants to have sex with Aidan alone time, DAMMIT!

The problem, of course, is that Ghost Girl Sally CAN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE.¬† You see, she still has “unfinished business” on Earth¬†(as most ghosts do).¬† Specifically, Ghost Girl Sally isn’t quite sure how she died.¬† And, until she figures that out,¬†Aidan and Josh are stuck with her . . .

Friggin Ghostly Cock Block!

But our boys have more problems than just coping with a third-wheel Casper of a roommate.¬† As for Aidan, there’s that little problem of the coworker he killed . . .

The police have been milling about the hospital where he works, asking questions.¬† And everybody seems to know that¬†Aidan and “Rebecca” were kind of an item.¬† As if that wasn’t bad enough, Aidan’s call to a “vampire friend” to “clean up his mess” resulted in him being tracked down by THIS GUY . . .

That’s Marcus.¬† He’s a Vampire Henchman of some guy named Bishop, who you will meet, in just a bit.¬† He keeps talking to Aidan about “coming back.”¬† Apparently, like in True Blood world, the vampires in Being Human are, at least somewhat, organized.¬† They have a leader.¬† They have a social structure.¬† And Blood Bank¬†Sipper Aidan . . . well . . . I guess that makes him a bit of a deserter.

During lunch, Aidan gets cornered by a policeman, who seems to know WAY TOO MUCH about Aidan’s relationship with Rebecca.¬†In fact, he all¬†but accuses Aidan of murdering the girl.¬† And, just when I’m starting to yell at the TV screen, “YOU’RE A VAMPIRE!¬† USE MIND CONTROL ON HIM ALREADY, YOU MORON,” the cop sitting next to him does exactly that.

That’s right, boys and girls!¬† Big Bad Vampire Bishop is Jacob from Lost.¬† How’s that for a coincidence?¬† Now, don’t get me wrong, casting a Metaphor for God Character from a successful series,¬†to play your¬†show’s main (religiously named) villain¬†is not a bad idea, all things considered.¬† And yet, if Stunt Casting was, in fact, the ultimate¬†goal, there¬†are a few other actors I think might have served this purpose even more effectively:

A girl can dream, can’t she?¬†

Anyway, Jacob Bishop mind controls¬† . . .¬†or compels . . . or glamours (whatever you want to call it) Mr. Policeman to think Aidan is innocent, and leave the premises.¬† But he doesn’t do it out of the kindness of his heart.¬† He wants Aidan “back.”¬† (Here we go again, with that “come back” stuff, which sounds a bit sexual, if you ask me.)¬†

From flashbacks, we learn that Aidan used to be quite the naughty beast — crashing weddings with his pal, Bishop . . .

 . . . and proceeding to EAT the entire bridal party . . .

 Mmmmm, that Vince Vaughn is TASTY!

. . . well . . . except for THIS GIRL . . .

¬†.¬† . who we just KNOW is going to be important later, don’t we?

As for Josh, he’s having his own problems.¬† For starters, he’s getting all tongue-tied around the Cute Quirky Future Love Interest New Girl at the Hospital . . .

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met.¬† My name is Poor Man’s Claire Danes.¬† Nice to meet you!”

He’s also been spotted by his baby sister, who was visiting her girlfriend there, because she conveniently had a broken bone, or something,¬† (Yep,¬†Little Sis is¬†gay!¬† Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)¬† Now, Emily (that’s her name, by the way) insists on knowing where Josh has been for two years, and why he ran away in the first place¬†. . .

Of course, Josh¬†ultimately¬†decides NOT to¬†come clean to his sister, a decision¬†he will soon come to regret.¬† That night, Josh heads back to the hospital, to seek out the new conveniently located dungeon therein, where Aidan suggested that Josh could “safely change.”

Sounds good, right?  Well, it would be . . . . except, unbeknownst to Josh, his sister has followed him down to the dungeon.  And now, she is LOCKED IN THERE WITH HIM.  (Again, sound familiar TVD fans?)

When Josh finds out what happened, he starts FREAKING OUT, understandably.¬† His poor sister, who mistakenly thinks he’s sick, keeps trying to comfort him, only to finally get shoved violently out of the way.¬† Josh uses his cell phone to contact to Aidan, who has the key to the dungeon, and has promised to help out in situations like this.¬†

Unfortunately for Josh, Aidan has been swept up in a little intrigue of his own, having been practically kidnapped by Jacob Bishop and brought to some sort of Vampire Brothel . . .

(Unfortunately, it is not named Fangtasia . . .)

Once there, Aidan is taken into some seedy back room, where a slutty-looking girl slits her wrist, causing Aidan to become totally aroused, vampire-style . . .

(Something tells me, he won’t be answering his werewolf friend’s text messages any time soon.)¬† Josh also calls Ghost Girl Sally.

Unlike Aidan, Sally really WANTS to help her new roommate!¬† Unfortunately, her ghostly hand keeps going through the phone.¬† So,¬†she can’t pick it up.¬† (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

The episode ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, with Aidan voyaging “back” toward the Dark Side, and Josh beginning his wolfy transformation, as his defenseless little sister looks on in horror . . .

SOMEONE needs a manicure!

And that was the Pilot Episode of Being Human in a nutshell.  Did YOU watch?  If so, what did you think?  Was it good enough to find a place on your permanent TV roster?  Or was it just a One Night Stand? 


Yes, I do recognize that using this picture again (especially in this context)¬†was in poor taste.¬† It didn’t stop me from doing it, though!



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And the EYES have it! – A Celebration of the Small Screen’s Dreamiest Peepers


They say that the “Eyes are the window to the Soul.”¬† And that may very well be true . . .¬†¬† But, lately, I’ve come to realize that a nice pair of peepers might very well be a window into something else . . .


(Get it?  Because when I look at guys with beautiful eyes .  . . nevermind.)

There’s just something about an actor with really large, intense, and expressive eyes that makes you fall instantly¬†in love with¬†whatever character he’s playing.¬† You’ll fall for him, regardless of what selfish, evil, dumb,¬†or generally douchebaggy thing he happens to be doing at the time.¬† Because even when the character is behaving badly, his eyes make him look like he’s feeling really¬†guilty about it . . . Or, maybe they don’t make him look guilty at all.¬† But you’re so charmed by those pretty irises, you just plain don’t give a damn!

Today, I’d like to honor (in no particular order)¬†some fabulous television¬†actors, whose¬†mesmeric eyes have the power to make me forgive them for¬†all¬†their evil deeds, and, occasionally, make me forget my own name . . .

[Note: As always, not all the YouTube clips included in this post are embedding-enabled.  So, if you want to watch them all (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do!) just click on those internal links, and AWAY YOU GO! :)]

(1) Ian Somerhalder  (Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries)

If you thought that I would be capable of writing an entire blog post about TV Eyes, without including Ian Somerhalder somewhere in it, you’ve clearly never read this blog before.¬† (WELCOME, New Friend! :)) In his role as Damon Salvatore, Ian’s eyes literally have the power to make thousands of women do his bidding.¬† (And I’m not just talking about the Fangirls at home, either . . .)

And yet, even without all that vampire mind control magic behind them, Ian’s eyes still have a very sensual power that’s entirely their own.

With them, he can charm you . . .

 . . . or make you fall in love . . .

 . . . or make you cower in fear . . .

. . . or break your heart . . .

Not bad for a single day’s work, right?

Cheers, You SEXY BEAST!

(2) Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman from True Blood)

Unlike Damon Salvatore, True Blood vampire, Eric Northman doesn’t have the luxury of¬†simply using his hypnotic eyes to get a drink, save his loved ones,¬†or get the girl.¬† After all, he’s the SHERIFF of AREA FIVE!¬† He’s got a community to run . . .¬† a business to keep afloat . . .

¬†. . . a “child” to keep in line . . .

. . . and enemies to vanquish . . .

But that doesn’t mean our favorite Viking Vampire can’t have a little fun along the way . . .

This is a guy who understands his power over women, and KNOWS how to use his eyes to get what he wants . . .

But with stares like these, can you really blame women (and men) from becoming puddy, under his gaze?

I’ll take your silence as a “NO” . . . ūüėČ

(3) Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural)

Dean Winchester may not be a vampire — like his eye-catching compadres, Damon and Eric —¬†but he has¬†staked a few of them, in his day!

If demons spy these intensely determined baby blues¬†heading their way, they better run FAST!¬† Because Dean Winchester has¬†a Take No Prisoners attitude, when it comes to protecting his family, and a No Tolerance Policy when it comes to EEEEEVVIL!¬† He’s tough.¬† He’s snarky,¬† He’s super BAD ASS!¬† And yet, he’s very HUMAN.¬†


So, when Deam falters, or cries, or when those big saucer-sized eyes of his beg you for forgiveness, it will melt your heart . . .

(4) Mark Salling (Noah “Puck” Puckerman from Glee)

Noah “Puck” Puckerman doesn’t DO vampires.¬† He isn’t one.¬† He doesn’t fight them.¬† And I strongly suspect that¬†he thinks that the entire Twilight series is for pussies.¬† And yet Puck shares one very important thing in common with undead bloodsuckers and debonair demon fighters.¬† His sexy eyes¬†have power.¬† And they MEAN BUSINESS!

Oh, and Puck can do something those supernatural boys CAN’T!¬† He can SING!¬† Check out how¬†Puck’s¬†Eye-F*cking /Neil Diamond-crooning combination makes the typically uptight Rachel Berry turn to complete mush, in this next clip . . .

(5) David Boreanaz (Seeley Booth from Bones)

Lest you brown-eyed girls and boys¬†think this article is biased toward men with eyes of blue and green, I’ve included a smoky eyed gentleman in this list, for your personal viewing pleasure.¬† We first met David Boreanaz as that bleeding-heart romantic bloodsucker with a soul, Angel, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer . . .

A few years later,¬†“Angel” got his own show.¬† As¬†a result, Boreanaz’s chestnut-colored orbs were rewarded with¬†significantly more screen time, to meet¬†their brood and smoulder needs.

Then after years (centuries?) of traversing in the Land of the Undead, Boreanaz was converted to “mere mortal” status, when he landed the role of FBI Agent¬†Seely Booth on the crime procedural show Bonens.¬† Sure, Booth might not be as dark, broody, murderous¬†or tormented as the eye candy previously mentioned on this list, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a catch!

*clears throat, loosens collar*

Booth is smart, tough, funny, a tiger in the bedroom, a charmer with the ladies, and a major fan of Classic Rock.  Did I mention he wears cool socks?

Woah, he has a Magic 8 Ball on his desk TOO?  I really have to start watching this show!

And if all that hasn’t sold you yet, this next clip most certainly will.¬† (And remember, focus on the EYES . . . just the EYES! ;))


(6) Julian Morris (Wren from Pretty Little Liars)

Julian Morris and those GORGEOUS peepers of his have been breaking my heart ALL YEAR!  I first encountered him in the role of Wren on Pretty Little Liars . . .

*Sigh*  He was just so ADORABLE . . .

and CHARMING . . .

and BRITISH . . .


And then, suddenly . . . POOF . . . he was GONE!

Then Julian Morris landed a role on the new ABC mockumentary, My Generation . . .

 . . . which got canceled after two episodes . . .

And so, with Pretty Little Liars returning to ABC Family in January, I would like to use this part of my post as an unofficial plea to bring Julian Morris’ eyes back to my TV!¬† Consider the following clip as¬†evidence in support of my argument . . .

So cheesy, and yet, so VERY HOT!

(7) Chace Crawford (Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl)

Dear, Sweet, Nate Archibald!¬† Of all the scheming, conniving, lying and backstabbing characters on Gossip Girl, he is probably the most¬†innocent and honest (some would say naive).¬† Sure, he was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth.¬† But that doesn’t make Nate arrogant, or cocky, or shallow . . .

At his core, Nate is a bleeding heart.¬† He values honesty and friendship.¬† But, above all else, Nate values romance.¬† And to understand the extent of¬†Nate’s innocence, kindness, and capacity for puppy love, all one needs to do, is look into those¬†translucent baby blue eyes of his¬†. . .¬†

Admittedly, Nate’s probably not the smartest guy on this list.¬† But he’s definitely one of the sweetest.

(8 ) Michael Pitt (Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire)

By the time I started watching Michael Pitt as the Ivy League college kid, turned grizzled war veteran, turned hardened gangster, Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire, ¬†he and I were already rather well acquainted . . .¬† After all, he was the guileless freshman football player, Henry, who won Jaded Jen Lindley’s heart on Dawson’s Creek . . .

Then, I got to see even MORE of him in the admittedly bizarre, but compulsively watchable, independent film The Dreamers, during which Pitt spent most of the film’s two-plus-hour running time butt naked, and engaged in kinky sex with an odd, but very attractive brother / sister duo . . .

I bet your wishing YOU saw it now, huh?

(I also saw him in M. Night Shlamalamadingdong’s AWFUL film The Village.¬† But we need not bring up such atrocities.¬† This is a TRIBUTE post, after all.)¬†

Please, don’t shoot me!¬† I promise not to bring it up again!

 When I revisited Pitt a few years later, in the role of Jimmy Darmody, I was impressed by how much he had grown, both as a human, and as an actor . . .

Who knew that cute little twerp,¬†Henry, would grow up to be such a Rockin’ Bad ASS?

Yet, through all that growth and change, and despite all the diverse roles that comprise Michael Pitt’s impressive repertoire The Village, notwithstanding, one thing that remains a constant are his¬†boyishly innocent puppy dog eyes¬† . . .

 .  . . even when those eyes are looking at you, like they want to put a cap in your ass .  . .

(Warning:¬† The following clip contains violence and offensive language.¬† But it’s REALLY AWESOME!¬† Viewer discretion advised.)

After all, if your life is destined to be cut short by a cold-hearted gangster, staring into those cobalt blue globes is definitely the way to go.  I mean, it could be worse . . .  Your last vision could end up being THIS . . .

(9) Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy)

OK .¬† . . so you’ve just been shot by Jimmy Darmody, and lived to tell the tale.¬† But now you have to go to the hospital.¬† Who’s face would you most like to see peering over you, as you lay half-conscious¬†on the operating table?¬† Because I know what MY answer would be .¬† . .

For me, Jesse William’s Dr.¬†Jackson Avery has been the BEST thing about this season of Grey’s Anatomy, HANDS DOWN!¬† He is brilliant and¬†cocky.¬†

He can be heroic. 

And he’s a loyal friend, who is more than willing to punch out the lights of the boy, who treated you badly.

Did I mention that he looks like THIS?

One thing I’ve always liked about Grey’s Anatomy, is that the show NEVER shies away from male objectification.¬†¬†Those Grey’s writers, Boy!¬† When¬†they’ve got it, they FLAUNT IT!¬† In fact, this season, there was an ENTIRE episode dedicated to Jackson Avery’s eyes and body, and their almost vampiric ability to get women to cater to his every whim . . . Not that there’s anything wrong with THAT!

(10) Matt Lanter (Liam Court from 90210)

This brooding bad boy of West Beverly is the Dylan McKay of 90210‘s next generation.¬† Like that other Lusty Lothario, Liam is not exactly the best at vocalizing his feelings.¬† He also has some MAJOR daddy issues, and an intense temper to match.¬†

And yet, beneath all that angst, when it comes to the girls he loves, Liam really is just an old softie . . .

With his supple skin and chameleon-like eyes, who’s hues range from grey to almost purple, Liam definitely has no trouble getting the girls to take notice of him.¬† And what nubile¬†young high school student¬†doesn’t want to reform a Hot¬†Rebel with a Cause?¬† Especially, when he looks like THIS, beneath the sheets . . .

So, there you have it, 10 fabulous TV stars, and 20 amazing and awe-inspiring¬†eyeballs!¬† What more could a TV Fangirl ask for? ūüėČ



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True Blood Has Cast Its Claude: Did they make the right choice? (Contains some spoilers)

Inquiring vamps want to know . . .

¬†After months of radio silence, the producers of HBO’s supernatural ratings darling, True Blood, have FINALLY begun to pony up some details about the show’s upcoming fourth season.¬† If prior seasons are any indication, True Blood‘s Season 4 will likely premiere during the Summer of 2011.¬† It should also¬†be at least somewhat based on the fourth book in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse fantasy novel series, Dead to the World.

As both a die hard True Blood fan, and an avid reader of the aforementioned book series, on which the show is based, I am always¬†curious as to which¬†actors will end up playing the characters I have read about, and obsessed over, for the past three years.¬† One of the characters in whose casting I’ve had the most interest was Sookie’s fairy cousin, Claude.¬† Claude just so happens to be the¬†twin brother of the elegant fairy, Claudine, who we met toward the end of True Blood‘s third Season .¬† . .

Lara Pulver as Claudine.

In the books, Claude is described as being six-feet tall, with wavy black hair and a flawless physique.¬† With his chiseled jaw, soft brown eyes, and sensuous pouty lips, Claude’s looks literally take women’s breath away.¬† Unfortunately, for those women, he is also VERY gay!¬† In the human world, Claude started off working as a stripper, but eventually¬†transitioned¬†into the dual careers of modeling and night club ownership.¬†

¬†In terms of¬† his personality, Claude is kind of an ass.¬† He’s rude, arrogant, shallow,¬†super snarky, and massively self-absorbed.¬† And yet, Claude displays a soft spot for his sister, over whom he is extremely protective.¬† Later in the series, he develops a friendship with Sookie, and allows her a rare glimpse into his softer, more vulnerable, side.

Recently, the producers of True Blood have announced that the character of Claude will most definitely appear, during the show’s fourth season.¬† The role will be played by actor, Neil Hopkins.

Lost fans will likely remember Neil from his portrayal of Charlie Pace’s drug-addicted older brother, and fellow Drive Shaft band mate, Liam.

While certainly not a bad choice, by any means (Hopkins did an excellent job playing Liam on Lost, after all), I found the producers’ decision to cast Hopkins as Claude surprising, and a bit off-putting, for a number of reasons:

(1) Age:¬† Now, fairies¬†are basically immortal.¬† So,¬†age shouldn’t really make a difference.¬† Admittedly, however,¬†Hopkins looks a bit older than the baby-faced Claude, who’s features stopped maturing at around age 20, in his book incarnation.¬† Then again, True Blood has been known to “age-up” its cast from the book to the small screen, particularly when it comes to¬†its supernatural characters.

The 41-year old Stephen Moyer plays Vampire Bill Compton, who supposedly “died” around his 30th birthday.

34-year old Alexander Skarsgard’s Viking Vampire, Eric Northman, was purportedly turned into a bloodsucker¬†by his maker, Godric, when¬†the former¬†was around 21-years old.

44-year old Kristen Bauer’s Vampire Pam joined the world of the undead, during the Victorian Era, when she was just 19.

Perhaps, an older-looking Claude was cast, so that he would be more believeable, as a twin for the mature-looking actress who is currently¬†playing Claudine (see above).¬† Yet,¬†part of me was definitely¬†looking forward to True Blood roping¬† more¬†“young blood” (or, at least, more young-looking blood) into its cast dynamic.

(2) Hair Care, Eye Color, Skin Tone:¬† While it’s nothing a trip to the hair-stylist, some colored contacts, and a little makeup¬†can’t fix, I always pictured Claude as having jet black hair, ivory skin, and dark eyes, since that was how he was described in the book.¬† This image contrasts starkly with the light brown-haired, blue eyed, and tan complected Hopkins.

(3) Personal Appearance: Claude, as he was described in the books,¬†is an¬†impeccably groomed, assiduously shaved (assuming fairies even¬†HAVE body hair, which they probably don’t), metrosexually dressed, and slightly effeminate¬†male.¬† Hopkins, at least in the roles he has inhabited thus far, strikes me more as an overtly-masculine, rough-around-the edges, low-maintenance hombre, with a perpetual five-o’clock shadow.

(4) This is how I’m hot: While Pretty Boy Claude¬†is drop dead gorgeous, in an almost feminine¬†“he’s so beautiful it physically hurts to look at him” way,¬†Hopkins strikes me as more of the “ruggedly handsome” type.

And finally . . .

(5) Drive Shaft, Drive Shaft, Drive SHAFT!¬† I’m actually really¬†worried that, every time Claude appears on screen, I will instinctively begin belting out the words to “You all, Everybody!”¬†

(Those of you who were Lost fans probably¬†know what I’m talking about here.¬† Those who weren’t . . . well . . . watch THIS . . .)

Then again, it’s possible that the reason I’m being so VERY nitpicky about the producers’ casting choice for Claude, is that NONE of¬†MY top three choices for the role made the cut.¬†¬†If you know me well enough, you can probably guess who those three choices were.¬† But I’m going to tell you them, anyway . . .

Now, let’s see . . . a tall, dark-haired, insanely attractive,¬†smooth-faced¬†male, who looks like he’s in his 20’s, is capable of playing a homosexual, and can exhibit a snarky, rude, and mean-spirited, persona, while still being inherently loveable.¬† Who on Earth could fill that tall order?¬† Oh .¬† . . I know . . . THIS GUY!

Of course, I’m talking about Ian Somerhalder!¬† Based on their respective¬†physical and personality descriptions, it seems entirely possible that¬†Claude and Damon Salvatore were separated at birth.¬†

¬†And those of you out there who doubt that a “ladies man”¬†like Ian can play a convincing homosexual, need only watch the below clip from the 2002 film, Rules of Attraction, to be proven wrong .¬† . .

Sure, Ian’s a bit busy now, what with his STARRING role in The Vampire Diaries, and all.¬† But, considering that True Blood airs during the summer time, during his signature show’s hiatus, I’m sure the producers of both shows can work something out!¬† Then again, I love Ian so much, I’d probably cast him in the role of Sookie’s GRANDMA, if I thought he had a shot¬†at getting the part . . .

R.I.P. Adele Stackhouse

So, Ian would probably be my first choice to play Claude.  However, if he was busy, my second choice would do a great job in the role as well . . .

Like Ian, Ed Westwick fits Charlaine Harris’ physical description of Claude to a tee!¬† Dark haired, dark eyed, with a sculpted physique, and the smooth baby-face of a guy in his early 20’s (Westwick is 23.), Ed effortlessly embodies the look of this magical¬†character.¬† As Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, Ed has also proven himself very capable of pulling off Claude’s unique and multi-faceted¬†personality.¬†

Like Claude, Chuck can be rude, snide, arrogant, spoiled, and ever-so-slightly effeminate, but he can also be fiercely loyal, clever, and inherently likeable.¬† It also¬†doesn’t hurt that Westwick is British, especially considering that all the “fairies” we’ve seen on True Blood so far, seem to possess a British accent.¬† (I’m not really sure what being British has to do with being a fairy.¬† But, apparently, the two are related in True Blood world).

My third and final Dream-Pick-that-Just-Wasn’t-Meant-to-Be for the role of Claude is Jason Dohring . . .

A few years back, Jason melted girls hearts the world over, as spoiled rich kid / brooding bad boy / hopeless romantic Logan Echolls, in the television series, Veronica Mars.¬† Logan had this special way of always being two things at once.¬† He was both¬†snide and sweet; mean-spirited and kind-hearted, good-humored and ill-tempered, arrogant and insecure, popular and lonely, a lover and a fighter, a romantic and a cynic.¬† But above all, he was a guy fans¬†loved, desired, and rooted for,¬†no matter what jerky or douchebaggy thing he happened to be doing at the time.¬† If Claude was straight, and human, I suspect he’d be a lot like Logan Echolls . . .

But Claude is not just a loveable¬†scoundrel, he’s also sophisticated and an impeccable dresser.¬† Can Jason pull that off?¬† YES HE CAN!

After the unfortunate, WAY BEFORE ITS TIME, cancellation of Veronica Mars, Jason Dohring landed the role of wealthy vampire Josef Konstantin in the short-lived CBS drama, Moonlight.  There, Jason showed himself to have a knack for fashion, as well as a penchant for silk and leather, two fabrics of which Clothes Horse Claude would DEFINITELY approve!

But, as I’ve mentioned, the casting directors at True Blood have already chosen their Claude, and it’s neither Ian Somerhalder, nor Ed Westwick, nor Jason Dohring.¬† It’s Neil Hopkins.¬† Therefore, I guess¬†us fans¬†just have to trust that they made the right decision.¬†¬†

So,¬†in THAT spirit (and to¬†show there are no hard feelings), I’ve decided to end this post with a highlight reel from Neil’s portrayal of Liam Pace on Lost.¬† And I have to say, it’s pretty darn impressive . . .

Well, at least that’s my take on it.¬† Now, I turn the discussion over to you, fellow Fang Bangers.¬† Do you think Neil Hopkins will make a good Fairy Claude?¬† If not, who would you have chosen to inhabit the role?



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When Bad Dancing Happens to Good TV Stars . . .

When you’ve resorted to “ass-slapping,” it’s never a good sign . . .

Ahhhh, dancing.¬† We all do it on occasion.¬† But only a few of us can actually do it well.¬† But, even if you aren’t exactly the “Life of the Dance Party,”¬†perhaps, you can sleep better tonight, knowing that¬†you are not ALONE.¬† In fact, there are many, otherwise, very cool, talented, and debonair television stars out there, who undoubtedly dance just as bad as you do!¬†

Anyone who watched television during the 90’s, undoubtedly remembers The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

If you ever watched The Fresh Prince, you probably know that, regardless of what an AWFUL dresser he was (see picture above), Will Smith, who played the titular character on the show, was a VERY GOOD DANCER!  His cousin, Carlton (played by Alfonso Ribeiro), however?  Not so much . . .

Around the same time Carlton was “getting jiggy,” on The Fresh Prince, another, very different, comedy sitcom¬†was also gaining popularity . . .

Seinfeld had always been a show known for its crazy characters, and ridiculous occurrences.¬†¬† Of all the characters on that show, Elaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was probably the most “normal.”¬† That is . . . until she stepped out on the dance floor . . .

But that all happened during the 90’s.¬† And we can’t really blame television stars for dancing badly during the 90’s, right?¬† After all,¬†in the 90’s, our idea of “good dancing” was this . . .

So, in order to make YOU feel better about YOUR bad dancing, we need to show you some television stars who dance badly, in this decade!

Josh Holloway, a.k.a. Sawyer from Lost

*Sigh*¬† How I miss Sawyer, let me count the ways.¬† Not only did he have the best body EVER, he was also¬†the quintessential “Bad Boy,” and a closet romantic, who was pretty gosh darn hilarious, to boot.¬† Honestly, who wouldn’t want to get a slightly insulting / highly stereotypical nickname from Sawyer, after¬†joining him¬†a rousing round of Bear Cage Sex?

And yet, Sawyer, as much as I adore you, your dancing skills leave a bit to be desired.  Allow me to draw your attention to Bad Dancing Example 1:

And Example 2:

Then again, can you really blame a guy who’ s been stuck on a deserted island with Psychotic Others and Killer Polar Bears for six years for never learning how to “Dougie?”

Ryan Kwanten, a.k.a. Jason Stackhouse from True Blood

Jason Stackhouse’s half-naked body is a sight to behold, FOR SURE!¬† And yet, just because you look good half-naked, doesn’t mean you dance well half-naked too.¬† Then again, perhaps, Jason instinctively¬†understood this.¬† Why else would he be wearing that Creepy Ex-President Mask?

Speaking of True Blood stars . . .

Alexander Skarsgard, a.k.a. Vampire Eric Northman on True Blood

Eric Northman.  Now THAT GUY is the epitome of COOL!  Not only is his body flawless . . .

. . . but he always seems to know exactly what to say to make the girls’¬† hearts melt . . .

That vamp is like a Human Panty Dropper!

That being said, I’m not quite sure what exactly he was trying to do here:

Speaking of Super Cool and Sexy Vampires doing ambiguously gay things . . .

Ian Somerhalder, a.k.a. Vampire Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries

If you’ve read this blog before, you already know that I am OBSESSED with Ian Somerhalder, in general, and his character Damon Salvatore, on The Vampire Diaries, specifically.¬† Not only is Damon Salvatore, a Brooding Bad Boy . . .

 . . . the Life of the Party . . .

 . . . and a Hopeless Romantic . . .

¬†. . . he’s also a FABULOUS DANCER.

So, why, you ask, is HE on this list?¬† Remember what I said earlier about “Half-Naked Dancing,” not necessarily being “Good Dancing?”¬† Well . . .

 . . . I rest my case.

In other Bad Dancing Vampire news . . .

David Boreanaz, a.k.a. Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel), and Booth on Bones

David Boreanaz . . . he’s a pretty cool guy, right?¬† I mean, this is someone who KNOWS how to wear a suit!¬† And yet, he also looks fairly amazing wearing NOTHING AT ALL . . .

Perhaps, we know him best now as the smart, loveable, and¬†adorably snarky Booth on Bones.¬† But, like Ian and Alexander¬†after him, David Boreanaz is no stranger to donning THE FANGS.¬† On both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel, David played¬†the sometimes sweet, sometimes evil “Angel”¬† (although, when he was evil they usually called him “Angelus,” weird right?).¬†

Whether Angel was trying to kiss Buffy, or KILL HER, he always looked like a true gentleman doing it . . . except, of course, when he was dancing . . .

GIF provided courtesy of my AWESOME blogging pal Cherie, over at myspideysenseistingling.

Ummm . . . Booth?¬† Perhaps, you better stick to your Day Job of playing with¬†skeletons.¬† Because I’m guessing Dancing with the Stars is not in your future.

Hey, you know who used to be on Angel with David Boreanaz?  Vincent Kartheiser!

What a coincidence!  Because he made this list too!

Vincent Kartheiser, a.k.a. Pete Campbell on Mad Men

A lot of people don’t like Pete Campbell on Mad Men.¬† They find him slimy, manipulative, whiny and insecure.¬†¬†¬†Well, ¬†they are RIGHT!¬† He’s all of those things!¬†

¬†(Although, in his defense, he’s gotten A LOT kinder and gentler, this past season.)¬†

I, for one, have always LOVED Pete.¬† And a lot of that has to do with Vincent Kartheiser‘s¬† amazing acting ability.¬† I just find him so intriguing, and fascinating to watch.¬† Whenever, he’s on screen, I just can’t keep my EYES OFF OF HIM!¬† Unless, of course, he’s dancing.¬† Then, I have to look away . . .

Speaking of Mad Men¬†stars who can’t dance . . .

Jon Hamm, a.k.a. Don Draper of Mad Men

Don Draper, I am very disappointed in you!  You just got engaged to Megan! 

What the heck are you doing, getting jiggy with Betty White?

I hope you don’t plan on dancing like that at the wedding . . .

Elsewhere in Manhattan . . .

Chace Crawford, a.k.a. Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl

Spotted:¬† A gorgeous rich white boy, teaching us that, just because you were born with¬†a “silver spoon in your mouth,” doesn’t mean your parents ever¬†paid for you to have¬†dance lessons . . .

And, of course, who could forget . . .

John Krasinski, a.k.a. Jim Halpert on The Office

If John Krasinski wasn’t already married to Emily Blunt and if I looked anywhere near as pretty as Emily Blunt, I’d totally marry him.¬† This guy is the WHOLE PACKAGE!¬† He’s smart, sweet, funny, caring, and, perhaps, most importantly, a bit of a goofball.¬† Did I mention that he makes this face ALL THE TIME?


In fact, John Krasinski is almost TOO perfect.  I mean, what would I bring to the relationship? 

Aha, now I know what I would bring!  Two right feet, for his dual left ones . . .

So, you see Fellow Bad Dancers, you are in VERY GOOD COMPANY!¬† There are plenty of successful, attractive, and powerful people, who don’t know there mambos from their cha-chas.¬† Heck, our very own¬†President¬†might be¬†one of them!

But even if your the Worst Dancer in the World, that’s NO EXCUSE not to be dancing!¬† Dancing brings people together.¬† It makes them happy.¬† It gets their hearts racing, in a good way.¬† In short, dancing makes the world go round.¬†

So, don’t worry about looking silly.¬† Just strap on your party shoes, hit the dance floor, and EVERYBODY CUT FOOTLOSE!

(Grrr!¬† Pesky Copyright Requirements ūüė¶¬†. . . Click on the embedded link, if you want to¬†DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!)



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What Lies Beneath – A Recap of True Blood’s Season 3 Finale “Evil is Going On”

Tonight’s Season Finale dealt mainly with the¬†types of things that are hidden beneath the surface.¬† They can be¬†“hidden”¬†in the literal sense,

Oh hi, Russell!¬† I didn’t see you there!

 . . . the geographic sense,

Welcome to Hicksville, U.S.A.

 . . . or the internal sense.

Inner Fairy

Inner Dick

However, perhaps, the most pernicious things hidden beneath the surface are secrets.¬† And it was those secrets that truly drove tonight’s episode.

Another F&cked Up Fairytale . . .

“Beam me up, Fairy!”

The episode opens with yet another one of those trippy fairy dream sequences that have become so prevalent, during the latter half of this season.  Sookie is frolicking in the forest, when she comes across what appears to be a giant chandelier, descending from the sky.

Don’t buy it, Sookie!¬† The monthly electric bill alone would kill you.

Sookie looks in awe at the beautiful alien chandelier for a few moments, before closing her eyes.  Then, unfortunately, the beautiful image is replaced by a much less attractive one . . .

No, this picture is not inverted.¬† That is actually how Bill’s head looked in the screencap.

Sookie is not at all happy to be woken up from Fairly Land, and she lets Bill know it.¬† “You f*ckin betrayed me again,” she growls at Bill.¬† (Damn straight, Sista!)

“I wuz jes¬†trah-ing to pro-tect yuuu, AGIN!”¬† Bill replies.

They spar a bit longer.¬†¬†¬†However, when Sookie learns from Pam¬†that the future love of her life (Eric) is outside getting one hell of a sun tan, she leaves Bill’s mopey butt, and dashes out of Fangtasia, to save her man.

What’s with Sookie doing so much running in this episode?¬† Can’t fairies fly?

They have wings, don’t they?

Sookie finds Eric, whose massive¬†sunburn makes him look a bit like a teenager with a really bad case of acne.¬† In fact, it was probably the first time in Alexander Skarsgard’s life that he didn’t look the least bit sexy.

Don’t worry, Eric!¬† A few dabs of Proactive will clear that right up!

While Sookie pouts, and tries¬†to figure out how to move the six plus feet of pure sex that is Eric’s bod, Russell taunts her mercilessly about not using her Fairy Glow Fingers to save him.¬† Though not AT ALL in a position to threaten, Ballsy Russell tells Sookie that he will kill everyone she loves, if she doesn’t use her magic.

I use this picture of Russell, because it’s the only I could find to show him burning.¬† But this screencap MASSIVELY overestimates his appearance.¬† Here is a more accurate represenation . . .

While all this is going on a delirious Eric is talking to the apparation of his daddy . . .

. . . who has taken time out of his busy Angeling Schedule to lecture Eric about being good, kind, and forgiving, and blah, blah, blah . . . I almost fell asleep typing that.

Papa Killjoy

Finally, Sookie figures out how to be a fairy!

She¬†uses her Glow Fingers to toss Russell against a fence, and break the silver chains encircling Eric.¬† She then drags him inside.¬† As Eric is in desperate need of blood, Sookie has Bill bite her arm to release some.¬† She¬† instructs Bill to keep watch on Eric to make sure he doesn’t accidentally drain the life out of her, like Bill did a few episodes ago.¬† Ever, the gentleman, Eric maintains his control, taking just enough blood from Sookie’s arm¬†to clear up the acne on his face.¬† The feeding scene is sweet, and VERY sexy.¬† MOMMY LIKE!

Yes, boys and girls, arm sucking is the Gateway to Sex!

Once Eric is back to his gorgeous self . . .

¬†. . . he informs the group that he has to go save Russell, because Ghost Dad told him to do so.¬† Pam, is not cool with that AT ALL.¬† “He killed your family.¬† Rip off his f*cking head,” she says.¬†

I love Pam.

The only LIVING being in the bunch, Sookie, reluctantly runs outside AGAIN, to grab Russell . . .

 . . . and bring him back inside Fangtasia.

But, alas, just when the party is really getting started, the vampires realizes that they must “go to ground.”¬† Eric asks Sookie to watch Russell, since she is the only human-ish person he can’t glamour.¬† Sookie does not care for this idea one bit.¬† “I’m not babysitting this f*cker, while you all take a nap!”¬† She whines.¬† (Have you ever noticed that they say f*ck a lot on this show?)

Bill offers to stay with her while she watches the Russell Steak thaw, but she denies his ass.

Adventures in Babysitting

In a fun, but slightly disturbing scene, Russell attempts to bargain with Sookie for his release, while she boredly reads the latest issue of US Weekly.¬† Interestingly enough, she requests: $7 million, Russell’s home in Mississippi, and¬† . . . the DEATHS of Bill and Eric.

But then she changes the subject, turning her attention to Russell’s prized container of Talbot Soup. . .

I taste delicious when sprinkled with some oyster crackers.

Sookie inquires why Russell has been carrying Talbot Soup around so long.¬† He admits that he hopes that Sookie’s fairy blood will help to restore Talbot from the viscous liquid he is now, to the adorable, fashion advice-giving stallion he was a few episodes back.¬† So, Sookie, laughing maniacally the whole time, POURS TALBOT DOWN THE SINK!

“Ick!¬† When’s the last time Eric had his pipes cleaned?¬† This place is rank!”

And that was when any hope I had of an Eric / Talbot Revenge Sex Reunion literally went right down the drain . . .

Sam’s Grand Redemption Tour

If you recall, during the last episode, a drunk and belligerent Sam made a buttload of enemies, by more or less insulting all of Bon Temps.  Then he screwed Tara . . .

Apparently, there is nothing like a good roll in the hay with someone just as f*cked up as you are, to help you see the world in a new light.¬† The following morning, Sam is all happy, perky, and well-adjusted.¬† He’s making his hot cakes, with bacon grease.¬† Because, “it’s all about the bacon grease.”

See, personally, I think hot cakes are all about the syrup . . . but that’s just me.

In fact, Sam is in such a good mood, he decides to give Tara a pep talk about starting a new life, and banishing the demons of her past.¬† (Because those who CAN do, and those who CAN’T teach . . .)¬† Sam¬†also confesses to Tara that he is a shapeshifter, to which she responds “Shut the f*ck up!”

Coincidentally, “Shut the F*ck Up” just so happens to also be the title of Tara’s upcoming autobiography . . .

Once Sam is done rocking Tara’s world, he heads over to Terry’s house to apologize for calling him a headcase and firing him the night before.¬† When¬†Sam finds Terry crying on the porch, he immediately thinks¬† its because of his own¬†drunken rampage.

“You’re so vain.¬† You probably think this tantrum’s about you . . .”

As it turns out, Terry is crying tears of JOY!

Oddly enough, Terry seems to be the ONLY person living in Bon Temps who is GENUINELY HAPPY!¬† (Weird, I know.)¬† He shares with Sam his good news about his Devil Baby still being alive, and his future stepkids being OK.¬† But what pleased ME most was¬†Terry’s¬†positive report on Felix the Armadillo, who I have been worried about terribly, since he was mentioned once during Season 1 and then never again . . .

It lives!  Hooray!

Sam goes to visit Tommy next . . .

. . . but¬†the little¬†Doggie Dude is¬†missing, and seems to have ransacked his living quarters.¬† At Merlotte’s, Sam learns that Tommy has also emptied out the ENTIRE safe of all cash.¬† So, Sam hunts down Tommy in the forest with his trusty gun.

¬†Talk about handling things the WRONG way!¬† It was so very obvious that Tommy took the money, because he had no other way of supporting himself, but dog fighting.¬† The kid can’t even READ for crying out loud!¬† All Sam had to do to get his money back, was rehire Tommy, and ask him to come back home.¬† But he didn’t.¬† He just threatened him . . . with a GUN!

So, when Tommy told Sam¬†that the latter¬†didn’t have the guts to shoot him, and walked away cash in hand, Sam called his bluff¬† . . . and shot him.¬†

Now, I know we are supposed to believe Sam KILLED his own brother over a bit of petty cash and some lame insults.¬† However, the scene didn’t fool me for a second.¬† I’m thinking Sam shot Tommy in the foot to incapacitate him.¬† This way, he could get back his money, and bring Tommy back home.¬† But, I’ve been wrong before . . .¬† (By the way, if both Sam¬†and Tommy wanted to out run eachother, why¬†didn’t¬†each just shapeshift into a fast animal?)


“Is this thing on?”

Speaking of guns, up until this episode,¬†Self-Righteous Witch¬†Maxine Fortenberry was just about the last person I would have¬†expected to purchase one.¬† That is, until the end of the episode, when she DID.¬† If you recall, last week, Maxine and Summer banded together to “save” Hoyt from the clutches of Vampire Jessica.¬†

Because Hoyt and Vampire Jessica are currently the cutest vampire / human couple on the PLANET . . .

¬†(remember, Sookie and Eric aren’t technically together . . .¬†yet), we hope Maxine’s PLAN fails miserably.¬† So, far ait has.¬† Maxine’s Big Idea was to stage an “intervention” at Hoyt’s job . . .

Most Pathetic Attendance at an Intervention EVER!

Heading up the intervention is Hoyt’s high school guidance counselor, who has NO experience in psychological counseling whatsoever.¬† Hoyt, who, by the way, is looking INCREDIBLY sexy and buff, this episode . . .

¬†(maybe it all that vampire blood he ingested) . . . told the Intervention Crew in no uncertain terms that he loved Vampire Jessica, and anyone who didn’t approve of that, might as well get out of his life.¬† Mama Maxine tried to win him over with threats of disownment.¬† However, seeing as Hoyt is now financially independent,¬†and has his own place, there was nothing Maxine could say to change his mind.¬† The fact that Maxine is such an odios poopyhead, certainly didn’t help matters .¬† . .Hoyt then gallantly told Summer that he wished her the best, and hope she met the perfect guy one day (a male¬†porcelain doll, perhaps?), before stalking off.¬†

Later, in a very sweet scene, Hoyt surprises Jessica, by inviting her to live in a brand new apartment that he rented just for the two of them . . .

When Jess comments that she can’t live without him, Hoyt replies that she’ll never have to.¬† (Ummmm, yeah, except she’s IMMORTAL and your NOT, so . . .)¬† Logistics of vampire / human relationships aside, the way that statement was made, while the camera lingered on a strange item on Hoyt’s new living room floor, and the way the scene immediately shifted to Maxine and her “target practice” made me worry about Hoyt’s fate in a way that I haven’t before . . .¬†particularly, since, another fairly major character¬†from the books, unceremoniously¬†bit the dust this week.

“My name is Jason”

Jason Stackhouse: Guardian and Protector of all things trailer trashy

After seeing the DEA piling into to squad cars, right outside the police precinct . . .

 . . . and speaking with Andy, who inadvertently revealed that there would be a raid on the trailers at Hotshot that day, Jason jumps into action.

He and Crystal head to Hotshot, to warn the all the inbreds to hide their meth and V stashes . . .

. . . though initially skeptical, the “Hotshots” eventually agree to hide their stash.¬† But then, a hopped-up-on-V, Crazy Felton leaps into the scene, inexplicably shooting Calvin Norris dead.¬† He then threatens to kill everyone, if Crystal doesn’t go with him, and leave town with the massive V stash.¬† Jason pulls out the classic, “You’ll have to kill me¬†first,” line, but Crystal has other plans . . .¬†

I’ve gotta say, sex with Crystal must be FABULOUS.¬†¬†

How else could she possibly get Jason to agree to become King of the Trailer Park?  Because that pretty much looks like the WORST JOB EVER.    Nevertheless, the position does have ONE job perk that Jason might enjoy.  This will probably be the only workplace on the planet where Jason Stackhouse is the SMARTEST GUY IN THE ROOM  . . .

In Other News . . .

Before I get back to Sookie, and the Main Event, lets get some of the less important (and less interesting) storylines out of the way, shall we. 

“Just keep smoking up, Tara.¬† Because if ANYONE needs to loosen up, it’s YOU!”

You know your character is going through a storyline dryspell, when it’s the SEASON FINALE of a show, and the most exciting thing you do during the ENTIRE HOUR is give yourself a bad haircut, one that makes you look a bit like Vanessa Huxtable from The Cosby Show.

 . . . which would be fine, if it were still 1988.

(Based on some of the message board comments, I know some of you out there¬†really liked the new¬†‘do.¬† But it just really didn’t work for me.¬† Sorry!)

After not-so-subtly saying what sound like final goodbyes to Sookie and her mother (What?¬† NO Lafayette?), we last see Tara driving off into the sunset.¬† Hopefully, she’s just going to the beauty salon to FIX THAT HAIR, and isn’t gone for good . . .

Speaking of Lafayette .  . .

. . . he’s still tripping on the aftershocks of that V he took with Jesus.¬† And now, it’s making him see auras (?), secrets(?), hallucinations(?) — it’s hard to tell exactly what.¬† All¬†I know is his visions involved Sam with blood on his hands, and an evil murderous Rene strangling, Arlene and warning Lafayette that he is INSIDE of her.¬† The fact that both visions are ostensibly TRUE (Sam shot his ex and her boyfriend, and, possibly Tommy.¬† And¬†Arlene DOES seem to have a Devil Baby.), just makes this whole storyline even stranger.

Fearing he is going schizo like his mother, a very freaked out Lafayette seeks help from Jesus . . .

 . . . but THIS GUY comes instead . . .

The OTHER Jesus explains that Lafayette’s visions will calm down once Lafayette learns how to use MAGIC to control them.¬† Yes, apparently, Jesus is a WITCH . . . .

 . . . meaning, maybe, Lafayette is one too.  Geez, is ANYONE just plain human on this show, anymore?

Sookie de-friends ALL vampires on Facebook / joins Fairy Group.

“It’s complicated.”

Back at Fangtasia, Sookie is babysitting Russell still, when Alcide ARRIVES!

¬†. .. and he is looking so INSANELY GORGEOUS that Ginger can’t help but scream like a fangirl at the sight of him.

¬†.¬† . . OK .¬† . . that wasn’t why she screamed.¬† But that would have made a lot more sense.¬†

Alcide wasn’t even in werewolf form.¬† What the heck is so frightening about a modelesque hunk with perfect abs?¬† Seriously, Ginger.¬† Overreact much?¬† Did you forget you are working in the same room with someone who LITERALLY looks like this?

Anyway, apparently, Eric invited Alcide over to watch Sookie.¬† (This also didn’t make any sense, seeing as Eric himself appeared, just moments later.)¬† But, hey, no complaints here!¬† Alcide and Sookie flirt a bit, which is always fun to watch.¬† “You in trouble again?”¬† He asks wryly.

“When am I not in trouble,” she replies smirking.

Alcide REALLY turns on the charm.¬†¬† And Sookie, who, at this point, is pretty much pissed at every other man on the show, is not immune.¬† “Why do you have to be such a good guy, right now?”¬† She asks.

“I am always a good guy,” replies Alcide matter-of-factly.

“I may be a GOOD GUY, but I can still do BAD THINGS with YOU, Miss Stackhouse!”

Unfortunately, Sookie’s and Alcide’s brief hot moment is interrupted by the return of the vamps, who have come to take Russell to his “final death.”

Still pissed, Sookie makes a point to rescind all preexisting vampire invites to her home.¬† This causes a smug smile to erupt on Alcide’s face, and causes Bill to glare at his would-be werewolf¬†replacement.¬† “When you two are finished eye-f*cking eachother, can we go?”¬† Eric inquires impatiently.

(Honestly, I’d take a good eye f*ck from Alcide, any day!)

Wouldn’t you?

Outside Fangtasia, Alcide announces that his father’s debt to Eric has officially been paid off, and his time being¬†Vampire B*tch¬†is DONE.¬†¬† Boy do we hope he’s lying, because we LOVE¬†our, Alcide!¬†

“Oh, he’ll be back.¬† Even the toughest of werewolves can’t resist the charms of a fairy . . .”

Bill and Eric drop Russell into a cement pit.¬† Russell threatens that, when he¬†gets out in¬†100 years (a “nap” for a vamp),¬†he will¬†wreak even more¬†havoc on all of them.¬† Bill and Eric don’t really¬†seem to care.

Eric is about ready to flip the switch, when Godric arrives AGAIN to bore us with his annoying pleas for peace and love.¬†¬† Did you ever see those cartoons, where the angel sits on one of the main character’s shoulders, and the devil sits on the other?¬†¬† But¬†the angel is always so self-righteous and lame, that if you didn’t want to see the character sin before, you REALLY want him to sin, after the exchange is over?¬†

¬†Oh yeah, that’s Godric, in this episode . . .

Dear sweet, Godric.  You were so much more fun, when you tragically sacrificed yourself to the Sun, causing Sookie and Eric to almost have sex, as a result . . .

Ever the petulant teen, Eric disregards his “father’s good advice” and he and Bill flip the switch, covering Russell in cement.¬† (Wouldn’t it have been easier just to bake him in the sun, when the episode started?)¬† Then Bill surprises Eric, by offering him a hand to shake.¬† However, when Eric takes that hand, Bill tosses him into the cement, and flips the switch AGAIN!

Not cool, Vampire Bill!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the so-called¬†“kinder, gentler” vamp, steals Eric’s cell phone, and orders a hit on Pam, impersonating Eric to do it.¬† Next, Bill visits Sookie, explaining to her that he has killed Eric. Furthermore, he will kill ANY vampire who has tasted her blood, or just knows that she is a fairy (like Pam), because none of these vamps will ever be able to resist her once they know.¬† (Ummm, Bill?¬† Doesn’t that definition¬†include YOU?)

(Why do I suddenly¬†feel like I’m watching a Lifetime Movie, and the crazy stalker boyfriend who’s just been dumped has uttered the oh-so-cliched “If I can’t have her, no one can!” line.)

But Sookie, ever the glutton for punishment, is obviously turned on by stalker / murderer types.  Because she rushes right back into his arms.  And then Eric magically appears . . .

 . . . looking hotter than ever, with strategically placed bits of cement on his face and in his hair. 

Question:¬† If both Eric and Pam (as we find out later in the episode)¬†could break through cement in a relatively short amount of time, aren’t we to assume Russell can too?

Eric has come to get back his phone, and to tell Sookie the truth about Bill.  Apparently, not only did he EXPLICITLY court Sookie, solely at the behest of Sophie Anne, who wished to procure a fairy for her collection.  He also orchestrated the whole vampire blood drainer attack from the pilot episode, to get her to feed him her blood, thus forging the initial connection between them.

WOW!¬† I really didn’t think Alan Ball had it in him, given his insane and irrational¬†love for Vampire Bill.¬† And yet, Ball has managed to make the Bill character EVEN¬†MORE DEVIOUS¬†than he was in the books!¬† Color me impressed!

And I have to say, my heart really went out to Sookie,¬†who was genuinely shocked and heartbroken by this admission.¬†¬†Our Favorite Fairy promptly¬†rescinded her¬†home invitation¬†to both Bill and Eric once again.¬† She then told Bill, in no uncertain terms, that she never wants to see him again.¬† “Go back to¬†Hell where you came from you f*cking undead piece of sh*t!”¬† She yells¬†tearfully.¬†

To his credit, Eric¬†does not appear the least bit pleased with his moral¬†victory over the Man Who Tried to Kill Him.¬† And it is Eric’s genuine guilt over¬†hurting¬†Sookie¬†that makes me KNOW¬†that those two¬†have a genuine shot together.¬† “It pains me to see you suffer like this.¬† I thought you had a right to know,”¬†the Viking Vamp¬†says¬†solemnly, before quietly leaving Sookie’s property.¬†

The episode ends with Vampire Bill, dumped, demoralized, and with nothing to lose, challenging Sophie Anne . . .

 to a . . . flying contest?

Something tells me Vigilante Bill is going to be WAY more fun to watch than Mopey Boyfriend Bill.  Just saying . . .

Oh, and then Sookie communes with the fairies, in the cemetery, while visiting her Granny’s grave¬†. . .

 . . . she then disappears inside the Giant Chandelier . . .

So,¬†that was it . . . That’s all the True Blood we’re going to get, until next summer.¬† I for one was expecting a more action packed finale, with a few more questions answered. Honestly, this didn’t really feel like¬†“season ending” episode¬†to me.

¬†And yet, there were parts of this episode I really liked¬† — most notably,¬†the return of Alcide, and the final confrontation between Sookie, Bill and Eric,¬†which, for me,¬†had¬†been a¬†LONG time coming.¬† Not to mention that if Season 4 of True Blood is ANYTHING like Book 4 of the series on which the show is based, then we have A LOT of fun coming our way . . . ūüėČ

Well, that’s all I have to say about “Evil is Going On.”¬† Now, it’s your turn Fangbangers.¬† What did you think of the episode?¬† Were you as underwhelmed as I was?¬† Or was there some brilliance to it all that¬†I missed?¬† Perhaps, more importantly, what do you think will happen to our favorite Bon Temps residents, next year?¬† And how are you planning to pass the time, until then?



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Trust me! I won’t bite! – A Recap of True Blood’s “Fresh Blood”

Eric Northman:  Making mouths (and other body parts) happy since 950 A.D.

Tonight’s episode of True Blood belonged to Eric Northman, and, by extension to Alexander Skarsgard.¬† He was the one calling the shots.¬† His lead¬†was the¬†one that¬†everybody followed.¬† His storyline was the only one that seemed to have any significant plot development.¬† Not that there is anything wrong with that . . .

And yet, despite Eric’s storyline being the most intriguing and forward moving, there WERE other things going on in this episode.¬† And if I had to tie them together somehow, I would say they all related to the theme of “Trust” (or, in some characters’ case, a lack thereof).¬† So, before we get on¬†to the MAIN EVENT, lets take a look at the opening acts.¬† Shall we?

Performance Enhancement

“Performance enhancement?¬† I don’t need any of that sh*t!¬† I’m Jason F*cking Stackhouse, and I PERFORM just fine, if you catch my drift . . .”

“Well . . . most of the time.”

When we last left Jason, he was coping with¬†a “wild animal problem.”

Crystal made for a pretty funky CGI-looking panther, didn’t she?¬† Those of us who read this books knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any less bizarre seeing it on the small screen.¬† And, I don’t know about you, but was I the only one who was hoping she’d be pink?

“Take me, Jason!¬† I’m a REAL sex kitten!¬† And I’ve got nine lives.¬† You know what that means . . .”

So, anyway, Jason is having a little bit of trouble wrapping his head around the whole “Werepanther Thing.”¬†

“Trailer Trash Barbie say WHAT?”

(Other things Jason has had trouble wrapping his head around:¬† the “addition thing,” the “subtraction thing”, the “reading books that don’t contain pictures” thing, the “having sex with more than one person in a 24-hour period makes you slutty” thing . . .)

Crystal is a bit insulted that Jason isn’t totally down with her offers of bestiality.¬† “I told you I had secrets.¬† You said you were OK with it,” she whines.

“I thought it was shoplifting or something,” argues Jason.¬†

Then the two resort to name-calling and petty insults.¬† Jason calls Crystal a “Meth Dealer’s Daughter”¬† . . .

¬†. . . and Crystal accuses Jason of not being a “man.”

“Oh no, you didn’t!”

But before any “catfights” break out, Jason detracts his claws, and apologizes for not being more understanding of Crystal’s “predicament.”¬† “I’m sorry, Crystal.¬† My brains feel like Scrambled Eggs right now,” he explains.

“Nice Jason!¬† Way to pick on the guy you just shot.¬† And I’m not ‘scrambled!”¬† The appropriate word is ‘decomposing,’ thank you very much!”

Then, Crystal begs Jason to help her stop the raid on her family’s meth lab, in order¬†to “save the children.”¬† Jason is willing to consider it.¬† But right now, he has more important things to do like head to the high school football field and re-live his Glory Days¬† find Sookie.

While Jason is driving around searching for¬† Sookie, he just so happens to wind up back at his only¬†high school football field.¬† (Riiiiight, because there’s nothing that¬†murderous bloodthirsty vampires¬†love more, than tossing around the ole’ pigskin.)¬† There, he spies his mancrush archrival highschool football star Kitch.

I’m sorry, but what kind of name is that?¬† Is that supposed to be short for “kitchen”?¬†¬†Perhaps, that was where he was conceived?¬† Whatever, it is, I don’t like it.¬† Fortunately, I’ve come up with a new name for Jason’s mancrush archrival, Douchey McTeen.

So, Jason watches Douchey McTeen toss around the pigskin for a while with his minions butt buddies friends, and figures out that Douchey’s “talents” can only be attributed to one thing:¬†excessive V usage.¬† Jason confronts Douchey, and¬†is all, “That’s not FAAAAIIIIR!¬† You’re a CHEAATTERRR!¬† I’m TELLING, you stinky Poopy Head!”

 Unfortunately for Jason, everybody already seems to know about Douchey McTeens steroids V problem.  In fact, his coach, the school principal, even his own parents ENCOURAGED it.  Plus, apparently, unlike other performance enhancing drugs, V is completely undetectable through medical screening.  Poor Jason!  Douchey McTeen is going to take his high school football record away.  And without his football record, what does he have?

I stand corrected!

Summer’s Days are Drifting Away . . .

Speaking of V . . . and perpetual V cards, the adorable Hoyt has just had a taste of both, thanks to the lovely Vampire Jessica.¬† “I feel muscles in places I didn’t know I had,” exclaims Hoyt.

Mmmmm hmmmm, we bet you do, Lover Boy¬† — strong, hard . . . muscles.

Coming down off her post-coital high, Vampire Jessica FINALLY confesses to Hoyt about her little “Trucker Snack” from earlier this season.¬† However, she promises Hoyt that she has since learned to control her feeding, so as to prevent the death of her . . . meals.¬† “I can’t live on True Blood.¬† I need human blood.¬† That’s how it’s always going to be,” she insists.

“So drink me,” whispers Hoyt, as he unbuttons his shirt, illustrating the extent to which he loves and trusts his dear sweet vampire lover.

And that was when the panties of the entire female fanbase of True Blood fell to the floor. 

Jessica straddles Hoyt, and begins kissing him gently, gradually moving up his stomach, toward his neck, where she finally moves in for a big bite.  The whole thing was so hot, I swear, I almost passed out.  Way to go, you two!  May you go on to produce many very attractive vampire babies . . .

Meanwhile, Summer . . .

¬†. . . whose offers of¬†biscuits, a nude body, her virginity, and lots of antiques and porcelain dolls, had failed miserably in winning over Hoyt’s heart, still had one more desperate trick up her sleeve.¬† And so, in the middle of the night, she runs crying to the doorstep of Hoyt’s MOTHER!

From the sound of it, Maxine Fortenberry was SO determined that her son NOT end up with the vampire that tried to eat her, she more or less¬†HIRED Summer to seduce Hoyt away from Jessica.¬† Is that sick or what?¬† When Summer tells Maxine that she was willing to give up her virginity to her son, Maxine doesn’t even flinch (or laugh, which was what I did, when I heard that).¬† “I’m sure the Lord will forgive you, even if you are a sinner,” says the self-righteous witch.¬† “Don’t give up hope yet.¬† This is not over,” exclaims Maxine triumphantly.

Talk about a Bad Mommy!¬† I think I liked Maxine better when she was possessed by the Maenad, and obsessed with Bill Compton’s Wii Entertainment System . . .

At least THAT was a game you could win, Honey.  Because you are going to LOSE this one!  Hoyt and Jessica Forever!

She’s STILL having a baby!

Speaking of Bad Mommies . . .

. . . Arlene has been so obsessed with getting rid of her Future Serial Killer Baby . . .

. . . that she seems to have completely forgotten about her other kids!

“Please help us!¬† We haven’t eaten or bathed since Season 1.”

I love how Arlene commandeered Holly to help her with her “baby situation,” because she doesn’t believe in abortion.¬† Yes, Arlene, the man (or woman) upstairs would much rather you perform some weird Wiccan ritual to magically kill your baby, than to do it in a doctor’s office.¬† After cutting out early from work, Arlene follows Witch Holly . . .

. . . out into the woods.¬† There, the two light candles, sprinkle salt in a circle, and talk to Mother Nature (?), as well as Arlene’s deceased mother.¬† To complete the ritual, Arlene is told to put her own blood in a cup, and drink this nasty tasting concoction four times a day.¬† “We did our best. But if the baby is meant to be born, it will be born,” cautions Holly.

“What, no 100% guarantee?¬† Can I at least get my salt shaker back, if it doesn’t work?”

That night, Arlene has a weird dream about going¬†fishing as a teenager.¬† In the dream¬†Arlene’s mother is calling to her, but¬†Arlene can’t see her.¬† She is woken up by Terry, who is freaked out, because Arlene’s nether regions are covered in a pool of blood.¬† When Arlene tells Terry she might have suffered a miscarriage, the poor man starts blubbering like a baby, which is so sweet, considering he KNOWS now that this isn’t his kid.

At the hospital, Terry continues to bawl, while Arlene, secretly relieved that her plan has worked, tries to prepare him for the worst.¬† But it’s Arlene who looks ready to cry, when the doctor comes in to deliver the news.¬† Future Serial Killer Baby LIVES!

Really?  With all that blood?  That is one strong baby! 

Maybe Arlene has been right about this whole “evil spawn” thing, all along!

Two Broken Souls = One Hot Screw

“Let’s make some dysfunctional shapeshifter babies¬†together!”

So, for whatever reason, the True Blood writers have decided that Sam should have a Dark Side.  It inexplicably resurfaced two episodes ago, when Sam, with little provocation, almost beat that meth dealer to death . . .

 . . . then, last week, we learned he was a thief, a con artist and a double murderer . . .

¬†. . . and this week, we got to¬† add “mean and belligerent drunk” to this lovely list of qualities growing under Sam’s name.¬†

(Speaking of Sam’s name, if he was running from the law, don’t you think he should have changed it at some point, rather than . . . I don’t know . . . NAMING A BAR after it.)

So, Sam stumbles into the bar, and starts insulting his customers and staff, like it’s his job.

“Man, you’re ugly,” slurs Sam to one of his patrons.¬† (How’d you like to be the extra who got saddled with THAT part?)

He then calls Sweet Terry a “Shellshocked” Loser, and Arlene a B*tch.¬† He also¬†FIRES his little brother Tommy, who’s crestfallen face breaks my heart, as¬†the latter¬†argues feebly that he has no where else to go.

“At least the Mickens always gave me dog bones to chew on.”

And then he told Sookie . . .

¬†. . . oh wait . . . he didn’t tell Sookie anything . . . because she wasn’t there . . . because she hasn’t worked a day since Season 1.

Eventually, Sam kicks everybody out of the bar, except Tara, because she refuses to leave.

Ummm . . . yeah, because that’s what I like to do on my days off from work – hang out at the office.

As it turns out, Tara’s been having a kind of crappy day herself.¬† She spends the whole morning crying in front of Eggs’ grave . . .

She then tearfully confronts Andy about his “taking credit” for Eggs’ murder.¬† After that, she drowns her sorrows in tequila, as her and Sam wax poetic about what not-nice people they are.¬† And, let me tell you, nothing says “lets bone” like a conversation in which both parties prove themselves to be total and complete a*sholes.¬† But bone they do, and it’s hardcore —¬†like something¬†straight out of a porno . . . Not that I would know ;).

“Oh yeah!¬† I needed a cigar after that one!”

Welcome to LaLa Land

“It’s OK.¬† We don’t understand our storyline either . . .”

So, while his cousin Tara was busy getting laid, Lafayette was busy . . . umm . . . NOT getting laid.¬† After that one trippy hit, his once holier -than-thou “Just say no to drugs”¬†boyfriend is all about getting more V.¬†¬†Jesus claims he wants to do it to “reconnect with his family.”¬† Right, just like those guys who¬†say they read Playboy just¬†“for the articles.”¬† But Lafayette, or, as he now calls himself, “LaLa” . . .

Lala?  But I thought Tinky Winky was supposed to be the gay one?

 .  . . is hesitant.  And that hesitation is only confirmed when he has a hallucination of Jesus looking like this . . .

Ummm . . . why is Jesus suddenly wearing the Shredder mask from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

More than a bit freaked out, “Lala” kicks Jesus out.¬†But soon after, his toys religious figurines start dancing and talking to him again.¬† That will teach you to¬†keep creepy figurines in your house, Lafayette.¬† You should have stuck with the Care Bears . . .

At least they won’t talk back . . .

And finally, the storyline we’ve all been waiting for . . .

Let the Sunshine In .  . .

Since you apparently lack experience in the whole sunlight thing, allow me to enlighten you.¬† Wearing black?¬† It’s only going to make you hotter.¬† (And you are hot enough, as it is.)¬† Might I suggest a certain Baby¬†Blue Panty Dropper Sweater for your next daytime stroll?

When the episode begins, Beeaaallll heads to Fangtasia in search of Sookehhhhh.  Instead, Bill finds Pam, who beats him up and sprays him in the eye with silver.

Bill whines about how much he loves Sookie and blah, blah, blah.¬†¬† But Pam isn’t having any of his sappy lovesick B.S.¬† “This isn’t about your relationship, you infatuated teen!”¬† She lectures.

Pam then admits to Bill that Eric plans to sacrifice Fairy Sookie to Big Gay Vampire King Russell in order to save his own life.¬† Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, to everyone’s surprise, the one who ACTUALLY rescues and unchains Sookie is YVETTA!

Sookie and Yvetta commiserate for a bit about what an ASS Eric is, and then they dash upstairs.  Bill then escapes with Sookie, while Yvetta absconds with the cash.  Poor Vampire Pam is left to drown her sorrows in the blood of Screaming Ginger . . .

Meanwhile, Eric is at the Jackson mansion, confronting Russell . . .

Silly, Screwed Up Russell!¬† Still clutching his Goblet o’ Talbot, he actually seems hurt that anyone would think to betray him in this way.¬† “Why did you kill Talbot?¬† He has done nothing to you!”¬†¬† Russell whines.¬† (Right, Russell . .¬†. as if that newscaster did anything to you . . .)

As someone who clearly has more patience, and less of an appreciation for the ironic than I do, however, Eric is willing to explain.¬† “You killed my parents, in order to obtain my father’s crown for your vast collection of meaningless sh*t,” he offers.

Meaningless sh*t, indeed.

Russell plans to kill Vampire Eric immediately, for his transgression.¬† However, Eric makes him an offer he can’t refuse.¬† The wise Viking entices Russell, with talk of vampires walking in the sun.¬† He asks for an extra day of life to prove he is telling the truth.¬† Russell agrees.¬†

That night, Russell and Eric literally hold up a car . . .

The car contains within it Bill and Sookie.  And the action thankfully interrupts the two from their cheesy conversation about what they would do, if they were a NORMAL couple.  (Bill as a school teacher?  PLEASE!  Mr. Compton can barely take care of Baby Vamp Jessica, let alone a classroom full of young kids he wants to eat.)

Sookie looks genuinely¬† freaked out that two¬† vampires are “high” jacking¬†her car.¬† Bill just looks bored . . .

Russell and Eric hop in the car, and the foursome head back to Fangtasia.  There, Vampire Eric stages a fake fight with Bill, so that he can inform the latter of his ingenious, but risky, plan to save Sookie and kill Russell, in the process.  Meanwhile, Russell drags Sookie inside. 

At Fangtasia, Eric explains to Russell that Sookie is part-fairy, and that fairy blood is, as Sookie so eloquently put it, some form of vampire sunscreen . . .

Eric also admits that he learned this important piece of information from Vampire Bill, who spent some time in the sun after ALMOST KILLING Sookie!

Sookie is not pleased about these recent developments, as they, once again, illustrate Vampire Bill’s penchant for lying to her, and keeping secrets from her.¬† Unfortunately, however, Sookie doesn’t really have a say in what’s about to happen to her next.¬† The Fairy Waitress is forced to lay flat on a bar table.¬† The oh-so-gallant Russell, waits for Eric to take the first bite.¬† However, Eric hesitates, undoubtedly, thinking about “other” things . . .

Eventually, Russell grows impatient and takes the first bite himself, with Eric reluctantly following suit.  So much blood is taken, that Sookie eventually falls unconscious . . .

Pam and Eric then head off to a backroom to set up the security cameras, and prepare Eric to take his first walk outside, thus proving to Russell that it can be done.¬† An unusually emotional and vulnerable¬†Pam cries tears of blood, at the prospect of losing her maker to the Sun.¬† “You know I love you more, when you are cold and heartless,” whispers Eric into Pam’s ear, as he brings her in for an affectionate hug.


With a final goodbye to Pam, Eric takes his first steps outside, and gets a bit emotional, as he meets the Sun for the first time in centuries.  Russell watches in awe and with anticipation, from the security cameras inside Fangtasia. 

Just as Eric’s skin begins to burn, Pam cajoles Russell to follow Eric outside.¬† Eric turns his head away, praying in an ancient tongue that Russell will not see that he is burning and ruin the whole plan.¬† When Russell DOES begin to burn, Eric handcuffs himself to the Big Gay Vampire King, and attaches them both to the floor, his once beautiful face now hideously scarred.¬† “Now we will die together,” Eric says ominously.

We hear Russell’s pitiful screams, as the final credits roll.¬†

(Wait, couldn’t Eric have just chained Russell to a post and ran back inside?¬† I don’t really get the whole “dying together thing.”¬† It seems a bit overdramatic, if you ask me.¬† It makes for a good ending though . . .)

So, there you have it, the last episode of True Blood, before the Season 3 finale, which is set to air in two weeks.¬† What did you think?¬† Are you a fan of the new Dark Drunk¬†Sam?¬† Are you as confused by “LaLa’s” storyline as I am?¬† Can you imagine a True Blood without Vampire Eric?¬† I mean . . . obviously . . . he’s going to¬†survive . . . right?

See, you in two weeks, fangbangers!



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