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Bad ABC! Walt Disney would not approve . . .

“I’m ashamed to be working for these people.”

When Walt Disney originally built the Disneyland Theme Parks, he didn’t want to charge any admission to them.  Rather, he wanted all families, regardless of income, to be able to enjoy the parks at their leisure, for free.  “Disneyland is a work of love,”  he said.  “We didn’t go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.”

For this reason, Walt Disney would be absolutely appalled at the current conduct of its company, ABC.  The network has pulled its signal from the airwaves of millions of New York and Northern Jersey Cablevision customers.  ABC took this harsh action,  after it failed to reach an agreement with the cable company regarding ABC’s request for a $40 million fee increase.  The Evil Signal Snatching came about  this morning, just in time to deprive me and millions of other unhappy customers of the right to watch the Oscars on our television screens.   

It was like something out of a Disney movie, with the Walt Disney Company playing the role of villian . . .

“I don’t care about the viewers.  I just want my new FUR COAT!”

Ostensibly, ABC did this to light a fire under Cablevision’s ass, hoping that they would pay up or risk losing viewers.  (It sounds like extortion to me.)  But the real losers here are not Cablevision or ABC, but us, the fans, who will be forced to either watch the Oscars on our computer screens, or not at all.  And if this isn’t resolved soon, who knows what other programs we will miss!

ABC’s actions have shown that, unlike their founding father, Walt Disney, for the network, IT IS, in fact, just about the MONEY . . .

Shame on you, ABC!  Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave right now . . .


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